1. An Honest Review of Upside (GetUpside) App! (Cash back on gas)- Legit or Scam?
  2. The Upside App Review, Does it Really Save You Money?
  4. GetUpside Review: How Much I Made With GetUpside + Pros and Cons
  5. An Honest Review of GetUpside (Upside) App! (Cash back on gas)- Legit or Scam?
  6. Upside App Review – Legit Gas Savings App? Or Scam?
  7. How To Use The Upside Gas App To Save Money [Tutorial]

An Honest Review of Upside (GetUpside) App! (Cash back on gas)- Legit or Scam?

whats up guys its thechipster here,back with another video,and recently you may have heard me talk,a lot about get upside as a way to help,you get free cash,back on gas ive talked about a lot in,my videos lately so i thought i would,give you guys an honest review of git,upside and also show you kind of how the,app works and first off let me say im,not sponsored by git upside but i do get,a little bit of a kickback every time,somebody uses my referral link and by,the way if you sign up you actually have,the opportunity to make a little bit of,money they use your referral link but,this is 100 my honest opinion of what i,think about the app the complete pros,and cons of the app so this,isnt a fake opinion just to get you,guys to download it using my app this,truly is what i think and i really love,using this app because ive been able to,save so much money on gas through the,time ive already been,using it so before getting into it,obviously though if you do want to,download the app make sure to use my,signup link down below in the,description or my code down there,i really appreciate that and that helps,up the channel a lot my voice is a,little croaky today so first off lets,get into how it works,so the first thing youll need to do,obviously is create an account using my,promo code and its an easy process,all you need to do is use the link down,below in the description to click it and,it will send you to the place to,download it and once you download it and,create your account the first thing you,need to do is set up your credit or,debit cards into your wallet and the,wallet is really just how they verify,that the receipts youre going to upload,or the purchases youre going to make,are actually tied to you making that,purchase and a good thing here is that,they dont actually ask for your entire,credit or debit card information,they just ask for some of the first,digits and some of the last digits so,they dont actually have your entire,card so that keeps it a little bit more,secure,once you do that thats really it the,signup process is super easy so next,getting into how you actually use the,app once youve signed up for it from,what i understand theres,two ways that you can get cash back,through the app the first way thats the,most common is that youre gonna,claim offers buy gas and then youre,gonna upload the receipt to prove that,you purchase that gas,and the other way thats actually less,common is that some gas stations will,actually have your card,linked to the accounts so that theyll,automatically know that you made that,purchase and you dont need to upload,receipts so to claim an offer you just,need to look at their little map to look,at gas stations around you to see which,one has the best offer they show gas,prices here too so its really helpful,to compare which ones going to be the,best to go for now not every gas station,by you will actually be on the list and,different regions will vary on how much,they actually have but in my area,most of the gas stations are on there,and i can get cash back at them and more,importantly the gas stations already,used in the first place,are on there so i could just get free,cash back so at that point its,literally just like free money so after,you find a place you just need to click,claim offer and then go get your gas,make sure that you claim the offer first,though before you get gas thats very,important then you just need to fill up,and make sure that you get a receipt,because either way if youre doing the,automatic method or if its going to,make you do the receipt,you still want to have a receipt so that,if anything goes wrong you can prove,that you made that purchase,but in most cases youll need to scan,the receipt within four hours of,actually claiming the offer,after that you just wait in my,experience at least just a day,maybe two days and boom theres cash,back in your account its just free,money and from there youve got the,money in your account you can cash that,out on,a gift card at popular stores or even,better,you can just get the money sent to your,paypal or through a bank transfer so,thats it on how you actually use it if,you guys have any questions you can ask,me down below in the comments and i can,probably help you out,i dont work for them but i do use it a,lot so i can kind of know whats going,on so now lets get into the pros and,cons of the app starting with,the pros so the first pro is that this,is just free money if you were already,going to these places in the first place,i havent had to change where i went to,get gas anyway so i just get free cash,back anyway,also its your choice if you want to use,it or not so if you have a better way to,get cash back not using the app you can,do that too,for instance my gas station has a,rewards card thats a little different,that actually links to your bank account,so you can pay through it and that gives,you five cents off per gallon,so sometimes thats better than the cash,back that get upside is going to give me,so i just go ahead and use that and,dont use get upside but you have the,opportunity to choose if you want to use,it or not or just get gas like you,normally do,another pro is that theres many,stations that are on the app in bigger,cities at least from what ive seen it,seems like most stations are going to be,on there and a very big pro is that,cashing out doesnt just have to be,towards a gift card or something it can,be an actual cash payment to your,account,lots of apps make you cash out into a,gift card which is still free money but,its kind of annoying to not just have,the cash so its really nice that they,do this you can cash out as low as one,penny if you have your bank account,linked so that part is super nice that,theres no waiting to get like to a 25,threshold or something like most apps,make you do but keep in mind things,could change after i make this video so,that there could be some differences,between what im saying now and what,happens later,another nice pro is that filling up your,tank is currently up to 50 gallons you,can fill up at one time and this is,really nice if you have bonuses because,youre able to cash out those bonuses a,ton if you can do up to 50 gallons so a,little trick,here is you could fill up like two cars,at once instead of just filling up one,to use those bonuses even farther,and last one of the really cool pros of,the app is that you can refer others to,make a little bit of cash back from,their purchases,saving money anyway i love this because,you arent trying to sell them on,anything youre just trying to sell,people on the fact that,theyre going to save money what do you,think im doing right now its really a,pretty easy sell to say hey do you want,to make some free money and the system,set up a little bit like a pyramid,its a little bit schemey no im just,kidding it does somewhat look like that,but when you actually look into it its,not set up like that at all and thats,because referrals only go two people,deep that youll make cash back on and,the money comes from the gas stations,not from other people or from your,referrals so thats what actually makes,it work and thats what makes it work,pretty well,and the way that this all works is that,if somebody uses your referral link,youre gonna get one cent per gallon of,gas that they fill up to save on cash,back,into the future for as long as they use,it not to mention youll also get a,bonus of something like,15 cents per gallon for every person who,signs up using your referral code also,even better with your referral youre,gonna get half a cent per gallon of,every referral that they refer so you,get a little bit of cash back for every,referral you refer and then every,referral they refer but thats where it,ends this may be getting a little bit,confusing but long story short the,referral program is actually really good,and it can help you make a little bit of,extra money,while also helping your friends and,family get a little bit of cash back on,their gas purchas

The Upside App Review, Does it Really Save You Money?

was like dang it and i always get gas,when im here,and i cant even use the app to get cash,back this one time like,[Music],hey yall welcome back to another video,if you havent already hit subscribe go,ahead and do that now,todays video is about the upside app,formerly known as the get upside app um,ive been seeing hearing so many ads on,the radio about the app and im like you,know what i should do a video reviewing,it to let people know you know is it a,scam does it actually work ive,definitely used it before gas rates are,literally like skyrocket so this is the,perfect time to talk about it,so i do not currently use the app um and,i will explain why i did use the app for,two years and the reason why i stopped,was because,i moved to a completely different city,and the nearest,gas station that was on the upside app,was like five miles from my house and i,was like yeah no like this app isnt,worth me like driving an extra five,miles out of my way just to upload,a gas receipt and get cash back like,its really not um but i did love it,when i did use it for those two years,so,the way the ads describe it on the radio,is exactly what its like its very easy,the ads are not scamming you literally,you go to the gas pump take a picture of,your receipt upload it to the app get,cash back its literally that simple the,app is so easy to use and not just that,like theres so many different ways to,cash out can have it transferred to your,bank account you can have it transferred,to your paypal account or you can cash,out in like gift cards like starbucks,amazon etc etc,um like i explained in the beginning of,the video i stopped using it because i,moved out of the city,not all of the gas stations are on it,and that is literally what i hated,because when i first got the app i,literally had to like search,okay out of all of these gas stations,that are listed on the app which is like,four,in your area,which one do i want to go to all the,time so i could get the cash back um,luckily it was close like it was less,than a mile from my house so that it was,easy to decide,but once i moved to the other city i was,just like absolutely not it is not worth,it nope im not doing it,and,when i would go back home to where im,from,like once every three months,none of the gas stations in my area was,on the app and i was like dang it and i,always get gas when im here,and i cant even use the app to get cash,back this one time like oh so that was,annoying one thing that was really hard,for me to remember,was the fact that when youre on the app,you have to claim,the gas station before you start pumping,and literally they do check the date and,the time on the receipts when you upload,them like they are quick to say oh no,decline because you didnt claim it like,right before so there were times tons of,times when i was,going to the gas station,pumping,and then,get back in my car and have the receipt,and go to take a picture of it,and i forgot to claim it before i,started pumping so thats the only,downfall that was really hard for me to,adjust to,because whos like thinking,like oh before i get gas let me push,claim on my phone like nobodys thinking,that way so that was really hard for me,to get used to so,i dont want to say,that,the ads,on the radio are scamming you im not,going to say that at all what i didnt,like was how exaggerated they were well,for me they felt exaggerated because,ive used the app and i was not getting,those results that they were talking,about on the radio so on the radio it,was like this woman and she was like i,just got a hundred dollars this month,and cash back for gas and i was like,it took me,either six months or a year just to get,fifty dollars saved up,dead serious so but,maybe she had like a big truck,that was like guzzling gas compared to,me i had like a little camry,and i was getting gas once a week and i,was filling up but i guess for me i was,only spending like,30 dollars at the gas tank every week,maybe she was spending you know like a,hundred dollars a week and thats how,she ended up getting so much cash back,so just be mindful that,youre not always gonna get like all of,this money back sometimes youre just,gonna get like 35 cents back and im not,talking 35 cents back on each gallon im,talking,like four cents on each gallon so just,prepare yourself for that because that,will happen,yes they do have promo codes,um,but,when i,use the app we i was only allowed to use,one promo code and that was when i got,the app initially,but looking at the app now it looks like,you can keep putting in,promos every time one runs out so that,you can get more money,um i havent tried it out so maybe they,did change that or maybe not so be,mindful of that too,um just in case just be on the safe side,when youre downloading the app for the,first time be careful which promo that,you choose,to add to the app,because theres some wonderful promos,that are like oh get a dollar back on,each gallon and then theres other ones,that are like oh get 50 cents back on,each gallon which 50 cents is a lot just,be mindful of which one you choose,because you may not be able to add more,so would i use the upside app again,i feel like now that theyve upgraded,the upside app literally theyve added,restaurants and grocery stores so i did,look at the app um just to see do i want,to get back into it,um theres no grocery stores in this,area that are linked to the upside app,there are restaurants of course they,have like the burger kings and stuff but,they did have like a really nice,restaurant that was linked to the upside,app and i was like,hey guys,[Music],um and the nearest gas station on the,app is like,maybe one mile from here so i currently,dont go to that gas station but if i do,decide to use the upside app again then,i could just start going to that one,so i dont know,i would,i think for me it was kind of like,after you know a year or two of using it,i was just like im uploading a lot of,receipts and im really not getting as,much cash back as they said i would be,and you just kind of realize like is it,worth it like,being stressed when you forget to click,the claim button and then you know,uploading a receipt and,just to get like a little bit of money,back is it worth it i dont know,but i hope you enjoyed this video and if,you did go ahead and click the like,button and dont forget to subscribe and,remember success is a process not an,activity,bye,[Music]

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is the get upside app worth using in,2022,today were gonna find that out,hello everybody welcome or welcome back,to the channel and today we have a,special one okay i know this is an app,that weve spoken about on you know,previous videos but today i actually,want to give my honest review or my,honest opinion about the get upside app,now were gonna go ahead and break it,down just a little bit for you guys that,dont know what the get upside app is so,of course were going to start off with,the definition or what is get upside so,get upside is a free app on any any,phone pretty much i have an iphone but,get upside is free for everybody to use,and it is a cash back app okay so,its pretty much like a rebate for,getting gas purchases,for some grocery stores and also for a,few restaurants by using either my code,or my link that will be down below in,the description i do believe that,theyre still under the earth day,promotion so you might just get an extra,4.22,after your first purchase of ten dollars,or more so make sure to join this app if,youre interested join the app and,youll pretty much be getting your cash,back,from getting gas i know a lot of you,guys are either driving for work or,doing side hustles on the side,gas you at the gas pump at least twice a,week getting this cash back,you can actually save quite a few,dollars so after speaking about what,exactly is get upside i do have another,video that kind of explains how to,navigate through the app so if you guys,want to check that out ill probably,leave something up top or i might,actually leave it in the description so,you can watch that video right after you,watch this,but,how often do i use get upside and to be,honest with you i use get upside every,time i go to the pump okay i i always,use it i find the best deal or the best,cash back sometimes its 25 cents,sometimes it even reached up to like a,dollar cash back so i use the app all of,the time and i also have a cash back,credit card that allows me to get even,extra cash back on top of using the get,upside app so i kind of use all of these,things to kind of get the cash back and,just to have it back in my account you,know what im saying so get upside i,definitely think you should you should,look at it so i am sure if youre,watching this video youre going to want,to know how much actually did i get back,from using get upside okay and im,actually going to tell you that in this,video,right now okay so honestly my lifetime,earnings has been 157.81,now if you look at the screenshot that i,have on the screen youll see that i,have it where it says issues found,now dont be alarmed those issues were,found because i also have a i guess like,a,store,membership with i have the little alt,where you put your phone number in i,dont even im having a brain fog you,feel me but um when i use that to get,like five cents off and all that from,every shell,that is where the issues are found so,theyre still going to give me my rebate,but its kind of cut to a little smaller,fraction because im already stacking,another rebate on another rebate you,know what im saying,i hope i explained that well it sound,weird right now so hopefully it sounds,well when i uh when i edit this but,were just gonna go with that if you,have any questions please leave comments,down below and i will do a way better,job in explaining down below in the,comments,but um as you guys can see,we actually have,quite a few,times that we visit the gas station and,we have received a lot of cash back just,by using this app the cash back values,always range and of course you save more,the more that you share your link with,everybody else so,join my link get your free money then,promote your link and then,youll be set all right youll be set,thats pretty much how the app works now,after all that is said and done im,pretty sure a lot of you guys are going,to want to know,how fast does it take to cash out so the,get upside app is fairly quick when it,comes to paying out your cash back and,um i personally have only used paypal to,receive my funds so when it comes to,paypal it literally takes about like,three days for me,only three days and thats cool all,right im cool with that as long as its,not taking like a week or whatever it,might take longer if you actually put it,into your bank account when its time to,cash out i highly suggest just doing it,through paypal its smooth its easy but,there are other options of course for,you guys that want the gift card,selections if you still do want to link,it to your bank account then that is,totally fine whatever youre comfortable,with at the end of the day it is,whatever youre comfortable with but,from my experiences its been a quick,easy transition,and i have the funds in my paypal,quickly three days has been the most,that i ever had to wait on the get,upside app to give me my funds now were,gonna go ahead and talk about the,promotions now get upside does have some,cool promotions i feel that the,promotions are actually kind of fun when,you think about it so right now theyre,running the earth day promotion where i,believe its good until may 5th,and after may 5th thats it okay so,pretty much with the promotion that,theyre running right now is if you,either use my code or use the link down,below in the description youll get four,dollars and 22 cents on top of the,cashback that you get after using 10,or more on your first purchase so,promotions like that they had another,promotion where you had to shop and you,had to spend like 35 or like 50,at the grocery store and then you get,cash back from that so the promotions,are really cool i think that i would do,them more if they were just all gas,promotions i kind of have to drive out,of the way to use the grocery store ones,because it only supports the grocery,store shoppers and i only have like food,line and wegmans and everything else so,the promotions are cool if youre,looking for extra cash back then of,course do the promotions and youll,definitely get that now there are a few,things that i dont necessarily like too,much about the get upside app one of,them is that the app tends to run a,little slower sometimes i dont know why,theyre pretty good at kind of updating,and making the app run a little smoother,but sometimes it takes a little bit for,them to do that so just by the app,running a little slow kind of worries me,a little bit i dont want to sit at the,gas station waiting on the get upside,app to load so then i can get my cash,back between that and also having a few,problems with the app kind of being,complicated when it comes to,getting your cash back from using your,get upside at a grocery store i had,about three trips where i went to,shoppers i paid for all my items and,then i take a picture of the receipt to,send it to get upside,all of the pictures were crystal clear i,take multiple pictures just to make sure,that every number every day every,everything is seen and unfortunately,they couldnt give me my cash back on,three different occasions and,after you send the receipts and,they tell you that something an error,has occurred then you dont have a,second chance to taking the pictures of,the receipt so,i went out of my way to get a few items,to hopefully get my cash back,and i didnt,receive them you know what im saying so,that was my only issue those are my two,only issues i should say,with this get upside app but other than,that the app is amazing so if you were,to ask me does this app actually help,i would 100 say yes the app does help a,lot of the people in the gig economy are,using this app and i feel that not only,can you use the app in the gig economy,but you could also use this app as just,a,regular person if you have a vehicle,that you need to put gas in you should,be using get upside now the last and,final question on this video is would i,recommend,this app to you guys and of course ive,been recommending this app to you guys,and i will continue recommend this app,to you guys if you guys want to join my,comm

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GetUpside Review: How Much I Made With GetUpside + Pros and Cons

hey whats up everybody logan alec here,uh im at a gas station right now a,mobile gas station getting some gas,pumping some gas were basically on,empty,why am i doing this is to test out an,app called get upside that ive seen ads,for this is not sponsored by the way,good upside doesnt know that im doing,this um,however i do have my get upside,affiliate link and promo code in the,description below if after watching this,video you think it upset it sounds like,a good app for you anyway what is,getupside is basically an app that gives,you cashback at gas stations primarily,but theyre also starting to give you,cash back at grocery stores,and restaurants but im going to test,out the gas station feature here by,filling up my gas here at mobile,but first let me explain to you how it,works okay so what is git upside its,actually super simple you just download,the app in the app store or the google,play store you can sign up using,facebook or google or apple or simply,your email address during setup you will,be prompted to input a promo code after,youve created your account you will see,a screen with the participating gas,stations around you and how good upside,works is before you get gas you open up,you get upside app you look for the gas,station you want to go to you click that,gas station on the map and when you do,youll see an offer for example this gas,station that i was going to the offer,was 28 cents back per gallon now keep in,mind that 20 cents of that per gallon,was my sign up bonus so without the,signup bonus it would have been only,eight cents per gallon but thats still,pretty dang good this is free money you,cant really complain right then you,click claim to claim that offer,which basically means youre telling it,upside that youre going to go by gas at,that gas station and then how it works,is uh you need to actually go there and,get your gas and fill your tank within,four hours,then once youre at the gas station open,up the get app site app again tell get,upside uh that you made your purchase,its literally just clicking a button,ill show you how to do that in a second,now youre probably wondering at this,point how does get upside know that i,actually made a purchase and im not,just lying to them well heres how it,works you basically give get upside,limited information about your credit,cards or debit cards and by limited i,mean only the first six digits of your,card and the last four digits of your,card so not your entire card number and,what the upside does is it receives data,from the gas stations and theyll see on,that data from the gas station that you,used theyll see the transaction that,matches with the limited debit or credit,card information you gave get upside so,how do you give it give it upside this,limited card information in the app and,and frankly i would do this right when,you download the app like i did so you,dont forget,you click on the menu button in the,upper left then you click my wallet and,in my wallet you click add a new card,and then you input the first six digits,and the last four digits of your card,you can put several credit and debit,cards in here,if you have several that use for gas the,one i use of course is my american,express blue cash preferred which gives,me three percent cash back on gas link,to that card uh is in the description,below then you click done at the bottom,super simple now get upside has your,limited credit and debit card,information you only have to input these,cards in the app once obviously get,upside saves information you dont have,to reinput these cards every single time,all right so after i downloaded get,upside,after i inputted my limited credit card,information uh and get upside as part of,the setup process and after i claimed,the offer at the gas station in the get,upside app i drove over to the gas,station and i just got gas as usual i,paid with my credit card at the pump you,must pay at the pump with your credit,card or debit card dont pay with cash,dont pay with the attendant in the shop,you must pay with your credit card or,debit card at the pump okay so i filled,up my tank and then when i was done,while still at the gas station i opened,up the get upside app and clicked uh or,pressed check in at the gas station on,the map in the app i selected the credit,card i paid with and then thats it a,screen popped up that said youre all,done will notify you when you get your,cash back typically in two to four days,so thats basically it you download the,app use my promo code wffm8u to get your,bonus you add your credit or debit card,that yields that you will use to pay for,gas uh in the wallet section of the app,then you find the gas station youre,going to on the map you click claim,offer you go to that gas station you get,your gas,in the app you hit check in tell get,upside which credit or debit card you,used and thats it then you just sit,back and wait for cash back to hit your,account and sure enough the next day at,6 16 a.m,which was less than 12 hours after i,first downloaded the get upside app and,went to the gas station i got an email,from get upside saying,you four dollars and ninety four cents,through get upside sure enough i went to,the upside map and i saw my earnings in,the upper right hand corner i clicked,that number and i saw all the possible,ways i could cash out now there are,three ways to cash out with good upside,first way is gift cards,uh they have all sorts of places they,have walmart target amazon gift card,cash out start at a minimum of ten,dollars the second way to cash out is,via paypal uh if you want to cash out,via paypal i would recommend that you,wait until you have at least a 15,balance to cash out because with paypal,cash outs of less than 15,get upside charges a one,dollar fee okay theres no fee to cash,out to paypal for cash outs of 15 or,above but there is that dollar fee uh,for paypal cash outs below 15 so if you,do want to cash out the paypal id,recommend you wait until your balance is,at least 15,which you should be able to hit,relatively quickly if you get gas,regularly finally the third way to cash,out with get upside is via paper check,its probably my least favorite way,because its a paper check in the mail,right it could get lost theres that,delay uh you have to actually deposit,when you get it it takes more time,and plus with paper check the minimum,cash out to avoid the one dollar fee is,fifty dollars so just to recap your cash,out options here with get up get outside,you have gift cards that generally have,a ten dollar minimum to cash out uh,there are no fees to cash out to gift,card you have paypal okay there are no,fees to cash out to paypal if youre,cashing out at least 15,there is a one dollar fee to cash out to,paypal on amount below 15,and finally the third way is you can,cash out via paper check in the mail,there are no fees to cash out via paper,check if youre cashing out at least,fifty dollars theres a one dollar fee,to cash out via paper check if youre,cashing out an amount below 50,also referral program if you want to,refer,friends to get upside and make money for,doing so you can do that by clicking on,the get upside menu in the app then,clicking invite friends at the bottom,youll see your invite code that you can,give to others and youll make 15 cents,per gallon when they use the app for the,first time as well as one cent per,gallon for every gallon they buy in the,future you can track your referrals in,the my network tab now,one last thing about the app getupside,has recently started rolling out,cashback at grocery stores and at,restaurants unfortunately i did not see,any grocery store or restaurant offers,in my area at this time so i didnt test,that out but based on the gas station,cashback which is get upsides major,form of cash back it gives to users in,my experience great upside was great it,was simple it was easy to use and unlike,many other cashback apps i didnt have,to upload a picture of a receipt or,anything like that i am goin

An Honest Review of GetUpside (Upside) App! (Cash back on gas)- Legit or Scam?

in the last few months I earned over 250,dollars cash back using this app and in,this video today I am going to share,with you exactly what the get upside app,is and how you can download it for,yourself for free today and start,earning cash back on your everyday,purchases like gas groceries and dining,out hi Im Lindsay Sewell welcome back,to the channel today we are going to,review the get upside app I found out,about this app back in June of this year,and when I downloaded this app I,immediately started using it first and,foremost for gas this was when gas in my,area was nearing five dollars a gallon,and I was able to earn cash back on,every single one of my gas Phillips and,what I love about the get upside app is,that it shows you all the different gas,stations in your area and the amount,theyre giving back in cash,in cash a very wise decision where you,want to go to get your gas and how much,you can get back so lets talk about,some of the most important things and,questions that people always ask about,get upside first and foremost they ask,well who is this for well its for,anybody who is buying gas groceries or,dining out at restaurants now full,disclosure the grocery options and the,dining options vary from place to place,so I do have friends that say that they,have more or fewer restaurant options,available in their area but pretty much,everyone Ive talked to inside of the US,does have some gas stations that are,participating in this app in their area,so especially if youre a Lyft driver an,Uber driver a doordash a GrubHub or just,somebody like my husband who has to,drive 35 miles to work each way every,day this is a great opportunity for you,to get cash back from something youre,going to have to buy anyways with is,gasoline to fill up your car now as you,can see here there are a lot of,different places where you can use this,app its going to vary from location to,location and so it knows when you turn,on the app in your location whats,available where youre at another really,neat feature is that when you travel and,you open up your app in that location,the GPS searches for different gas,stations restaurants and maybe even,grocery stores in the area that you are,physically located in so weve taken,this on road trips and when weve,traveled weve filled up both gas weve,gotten discounts at restaurants and,gotten cash back Ive actually even been,able to type in some of the restaurants,in my area and find out that they have a,reward available that I can use for cash,back Ive seen anywhere from five,percent upwards to 20 cash back up to a,ten dollar value at certain places and,weve been able to use that and take,advantage of that and its really added,up very quickly hence the reason why,heres the proof Ive earned over 250,dollars in cash back just in the past,few months using this app and it was,free to sign up so whos it for like I,said if you have to do a long commute to,your job or you do professional driving,like Uber or Lyft or GrubHub or doordash,or shipped or any of the other delivery,services this is definitely money you,dont want to leave on the table but,its also great for you to refer your,family and friends because if you refer,people youre able to earn an extra 15,bonus when they fill up for the first,time and your referrals right now get an,extra 15 cents cash back on their fill,up and then every time that any of your,referrals fill up going forward on gas,youre going to earn one penny for every,single gallon that they buy which I know,were talking cents here but its really,neat when you see money hitting your,bank account every single day just,because other people that youve helped,out are filling up gas in their tanks,and just think about it if you were for,10 or 20 or 100 of your friends you,could potentially be earning a pretty,decent amount of money over time just,for helping them out the other neat,thing is that every so often Ive seen,get upside actually have like a referral,bonus period which is where theyll,offer some sort of incentive for you to,get referrals during that period of time,at one time I saw even upwards of seven,dollars per new referral into the app,Ill go ahead and put my referral link,below thats going to give you 15 cents,extra on every single gallon on your,first fill up and then you can get your,own app with your own referral and you,can start sharing that with your family,and friends and then just make sure,youre checking your app regularly to,see if theres any special bonuses that,you could get extra money simply for,referring others now the number one,question I get is when people say say,okay this is great Lindsay but can you,actually get the money I know theres,some other apps out there that people,say oh I earn all these points and then,theres no way for me to cash them in or,its just some like weird gift cards,that I dont even want so you can see,right here that youre able to get a,number of different gift cards if you,want to transfer your rewards into gift,cards but you can also get it directly,delivered into your PayPal account or,your bank account bank account is what I,like to do because I just want my cash,back in my bank as soon as possible so I,hope this answered your questions about,the get upside app go ahead click Below,download it today and start saving on,your gas on your dining out and your,groceries and getting that money back in,your pocket for the things youre,already buying Ill see you in the next,video,[Music],thank you

Upside App Review – Legit Gas Savings App? Or Scam?

in this video I am reviewing the upside,app and whether I think its a legit way,to save money on gas and groceries or I,think its a total scam weve personally,been using the app every time we fill up,our gas and just in a couple months,weve made over fifty dollars make sure,you stay to the end so I can share our,exclusive offer for you to get 25 cents,per gallon cash back on your first fill,up all right so lets talk about what,upside actually is its just a free app,that you can download and start earning,cashback on groceries gas and,restaurants on any participating stores,and businesses its super easy to,download there will be a link in the,description that you can use and its,going to bring you to your app store you,can download it its got 271 000 reviews,at 4.8 stars and like I said weve made,over 50 just using a couple months on,just cash back getting gas all right,going over some of the highlights of the,app it makes every day a little bit more,rewarding you earn cashback on gas,groceries and restaurants like we talked,about its very easy to get some of the,best cash back offers and you can just,watch your money grow over a million,dollars earned every week cash out,anytime lots of different ways with gift,cards PayPal bank account and you feel,good about every fill up I dont know,about that but it does help kind of,lessen the burn know how much gas is and,I love what they stand behind as you,earn businesses profit the ones that,participate theyre going to earn more,money because it kind of advertises to,come to their shop in their gas station,and then the communities Thrive I love,that all right Im going to walk you,step by step how to actually get started,with get upside so basically youre,going to go download the app and then,set up an account you can just use an,email or you can actually use your,Google account all right so once you,create an account with an email address,youre going to want to link one of your,credit cards or the one that youre,going to use at your gas station or,grocery store the most often and thats,used basically when you check in you,want to select which cards you use so,you dont have to upload a receipt and,makes it a lot faster then youre going,to open up your app youre going to go,to the map and look at all the deals,that they have so you can switch between,guests restaurants and groceries Im,going to go on gas right now these do,live updates So within every 10 minutes,or so they will update you can kind of,wait and see when the deals are gonna be,the best or the time of day but you can,see here Valeros got 11 cents to cash,back Speedways got a 17 and then all,you do from there is Click claim after,you click claim its going to pop up the,directions to get there and kind of you,can check in so its claimed right now,you have 4 four hours to go and fill up,you drive to the gas station you fill up,as you normally would you click check in,its going to use your phones GPS in,order to know that youre at the gas,station and which card you used you,click check in once you do that youre,going to select which card you link to,your account and thats it so you,basically claim the claim the deal click,check in Click the card done then youre,gonna sit back relaxing in one to two,business days its going to,automatically process and give you the,credit on your account so like you can,see weve made over fifty dollars with,this app just using a couple months this,month well probably make around five,dollars last month six seven so its,nothing crazy but it is cashback that,you can put towards other things that,you want to use and one of my favorite,things about upside is you can cash out,with a variety of different ways so its,not limited you can do Bank account link,you can do PayPal it lets you do Walmart,it lets you do Apple Starbucks uh,whatever you fancy and love as gift,cards you can do tons of different gift,cards to use for yourself or give to,others but I actually like the PayPal,method thats super quick and easy to,get that money right into our account,that we can use however we want so lets,talk about the pros of upside I love,that its free to use its easy to,download easy to set up an account and,using your everyday purchases whether,its gas or groceries and theres tons,of different participating stores so if,you live in a bigger city youre gonna,have more options if youre in a smaller,City like us youre gonna have limited,options but its awesome way to save on,those groceries gas and restaurants the,last big problem I want to talk about is,this is a cashback app that gives you,money back on things that youre already,purchasing so its not like some other,cashback apps that you have to buy,certain types of things or youre very,limited this is like gas and groceries,like stuff you actually need and youre,going to use it all the time so its,super fun and easy to use on stuff that,youre already going to purchase and,youre not going out of your way to,purchase and spend more money on another,thing I love is that you can refer your,friends and family and when you do that,and they start earning cash back youre,going to get a kickback as well so its,a nice way for everyone to get involved,and earn cash back together so some of,the cons are obviously theres not every,business is going to be participating so,maybe your favorite gas station doesnt,participate and you only have to use a,different one you can not use cash you,have to use a credit card or debit card,in order to get the cash back obviously,the offers are only good for four hours,so once you look on the app and you,claim an offer you have to go actually,make that purchase and then check in if,you do accidentally claim an offer you,can unclaim it so you dont waste any of,your time or anything like that and you,can claim a different one thats better,another con is the discount doesnt,actually come off of your actual,purchase it is cash back so youre going,to make a full price purchase at the gas,station then you will get a kickback for,that so its not like it takes its not,a discount app its a cash back app so,obviously there are a lot of other,cashback apps but upside is really the,only one that focuses on gas groceries,and restaurants other ones would be,Capital One shopping and honey those are,both online Chrome extensions and apps,that help you with your online shopping,we do have reviews on those on our,Channel theres also Ibotta which is,really focused on groceries and then,fetch rewards which is groceries and,shopping as well so you can check out,those ones as well but if youre looking,to make money on everyday purchases I,think upside is a great app to download,and use make sure when you download the,app you use our exclusive Link in the,description below and our discount code,Savvy couple25 thats going to give you,25 cents off per gallon on your first,fill up I will see you in my next video,where I share my favorite side hustle,apps to help you earn 25 to 50 per hour,have a blessed day dont forget to,subscribe share with a friend and well,see you on the next one peace,[Music]

How To Use The Upside Gas App To Save Money [Tutorial]

okay it is time to fill up my gas at the,pump,this is insanity,[Music],hello everyone this is liz with the,riser guy and in this video were going,to be doing a tutorial of the get upside,app for those yall that dont know the,get upside app is an app that you can,use to get cash back at various gas,stations across the country it can also,be used to get discounts on food at,certain restaurants but for the sake of,this tutorial were going to be focusing,on the gas cash back component as you,saw in the intro gas prices are,currently crazy right now but truth be,told even if they werent crazy its,always good just to save money on gas i,mean whos going to argue that right so,the first thing that you want to,actually do is to download the get,upside app and sign up you can download,the getupside app by clicking on the,link in the description below and also,in the pinned comment this will take you,to the place to where you can download,the app and youll also receive a,sign-on bonus for downloading it like,this well get into the sign-on bonus a,little further into the tutorial once,you download the app youll need to open,it on your phone and then youll be,greeted with the sign up or sign in,screen when signing up for the get,upside app you can just sign up using,your email or you can sign up using,google,or facebook any one of those methods,will work but youll need to complete,this portion of the sign up in order to,get started once youve decided what way,you want to sign up with youll then be,asked a few questions such as what kind,of gas do you use between unleaded,premium etc just select which one is,applicable then you can move on to the,next step once youve completed the sign,up process then youll be on the home,screen now before you do anything else,you want to make sure that you actually,get cash back once you spend money at a,gas station so you want to do the,following steps click on the bars in the,top left hand corner,and then you want to click on the my,wallet function when you click on my,wallet this will take you to the place,to where you can add a debit card this,is the key to getting your cash back,when it comes to using get upside so as,we read here we use the first six and,last four digits of your credit or debit,card to verify purchases and this way,they dont get your full information so,theres no fear of like anything,happening but you can receive cash back,using get upside so whatever card that,you use to get your gas wet you want to,add that card here just click on the add,a new card and then enter the,information and then youll be set once,thats done were gonna back out of that,and go back to the home screen you can,expand the gas map by clicking on the,map itself,and from here you can check out what,kind of offers are going on in your,market as far as food and gas when it,comes to cash back as mentioned before,well be focusing on the gas component,for this tutorial for the next step in,this tutorial ill need to go get some,gas so thats what im about to do,now that were actually at the gas,station you want to click the claim,offer you can do this before you arrive,at the gas station but you will be given,a 20-minute window to get your gas so,you can get your cash back so i like the,way to actually get here to claim the,offer once you claim the offer you want,to click on check in this will let get,upside know that youre at the gas,station theyll confirm it and then the,timer will officially start after youve,checked in youll need to select exactly,what card you want to use to pay,for your gas if youve already added a,card as weve shown in the earlier part,in this tutorial then youll be good to,go if you havent added it yet youll be,given the option to add a debit card,here once youve selected what card you,want to use to get gas you move on to,the next step you will then see the,countdown that we talked about before,which is the time limit you have to go,ahead and fill up at the pump so nows,the time when you want to actually go,fill up cash back typically takes,between 24 to 48 hours to hit your get,upside account so you want to keep an,eye on your account to see when the cash,back exactly hits when it does hit you,will get an email explaining how much,cash back that you got,now that were finished getting gas,lets head back home now that weve,officially gotten gas lets go over the,rest of the features that the app has to,offer so if we click on the bars in the,top left hand corner well see a few,things you can check out your,transactions that you have done using,get upside by clicking on the history,tab,this will show how many times youve,gotten gas how much youve gotten in,terms of cashback also this tab also,keeps track of your lifetime earnings,moving on from the history tab we have,the cash yall tab which will allow you,to cash out all your get outside,earnings now you can also access the,cash out feature by clicking on your,balance in the top right hand corner so,whichever one you want to do well go,ahead and click on the balance,and here youll have a few options you,have the option to cash out using your,bank information cash out on various,gift cards on the get upside app,or you can cash out using paypal if you,scroll to the bottom if you want to cash,out using your bank account information,just click on your bank account,it will then ask you to link a new bank,account if you havent done so already,and to agree to their terms and service,since i cashed out using paypal im not,going to link a bank account but if you,are just make sure that you have your,bank account routing number and account,number ready because youll need that,information to complete this cash out,were gonna back out of that,and use paypal,the way to cash out works when you use,paypal is they will need your paypal,email address so you want to hit enter a,new email and make sure you enter the,correct paypal email address because you,dont want to go to the wrong place in,my particular case its already on there,so im going to select it click on,continue,then its going to confirm is this the,amount that i want to cash out now if i,wanted to change the cash out amount i,would just click on change cash out,amount from there i can enter the amount,that i want to cash out in,i want to cash out the full amount so,im going to click on cash out,lets just confirm it again do i want to,cash out,and the funds will be in my paypal,account between 12 to 24 hours in my,experience it usually is under 12 hours,but just to take that with a grain of,salt and expect it to be 12 to 24 hours,next we have free gas and this is where,we get into get upsides referral,program so if you refer any friends or,family or anyone you know to get upside,up the first thing that youll receive,is youll receive a one-time bonus of an,extra 15 cent per gallon on the next,time that you fill up at the pump so,thats an additional 15 cents per gallon,cash back that youll receive just by,helping someone else save money on gas,which is pretty awesome it doesnt stop,there though the person you refer will,get the same one-time 15 cent per gallon,bonus that you got the first time they,fill up at the pump and every time they,go to a gas station and fill up after,this youll receive one cent per gallon,cash back off of their gas,so this is actually another form of,passive income so if you have any,friends or family that you feel could,save some money on gas you can always,invite them to use the get upside app,just click on invite friends and then,get upside can send an invite from your,contacts or you can click the little,share icon right next to your code and,copy it to your clipboard and paste it,to wherever you want to send it whether,it be text message your email etc you,can keep track of those that you refer,by clicking on the my network tab,exiting out of that were going to go,back to the menu you can click on the,invite friends but itll take you to the,same spot if you click on my referrals,itll take you to

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