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UTIs| Uqora Honest Review| Target and Control

hello everyone and welcome back to my,channel or welcome if youre new here,my names regan so i started this,series about a month ago and this is,wellness,wednesday where i talk about a,new or just in general a,wellness related topic whether it be,something thats like an activity or an,exercise,ive been doing a lot of supplements,because ive just been trying a lot of,this stuff for a long time,so yeah thats my first go with this,will just be like sitting here in,supplements and then i do want to try,some things like,that ive seen like float tanks and,stuff like that but anyway if youre,into that subscribe,and today were talking all about the,brand euquora,so i just want to give this disclaimer i,am,not a doctor and this is not meant to,like treat or give you,medical advice by any means i just want,to talk about my experience with these,products and like information that i,looked up,related to like why i started taking,these supplements so yeah,lets just roll in and start,okay so i purchased this bundle from,eucora so i got their control,and their target so their target,just the instructions say um mix one,packet of target with eight to twelve,ounces,of water and drink to flush your urinary,tract,so these taste like pink lemonade they,say like on their website and stuff they,dont say this on here that youre,supposed to take these after,sexual activity after intercourse,to help flash up flush out excuse me,your urinary tract and,heres just the reality of a product,like this its just not that realistic,for me,personally so this is the one that i,wouldnt really recommend,i actually would recommend the control,but ill talk about that the ingredients,of this are vitamin c,vitamin b true calcium magnesium,potassium,and then d-mannose,and d-mannose has actually been proven,that it does help,attack or break down the protein,in urinary tract infection bacteria,so ill talk more about the studies when,it comes to the control and then it does,have like some natural lemon flavor etc,etc,so just overall i probably wouldnt,recommend these unless like,its just not realistic like whos gonna,keep this by their bed and like a bottle,of water i mean maybe you do and thats,great but i just think its a little bit,hard to like,remember to take this after every time,you have intercourse,so yeah its just something that,theres better options out there like,the control this i wouldnt repurchase,just because,i only took it like two or three times,when i had a uti and i just,after i ill just say straight up with,this specific uti i did take,uh antibiotics and i was thinking like,okay like,you know lets rebuild you know my,system or whatever so i was taking this,in the control,after i was done with the antibiotics,and,i just kind of stopped picking that but,i did continue taking the control and i,have a lot of good things to say about,this one,so the control is more of a preventative,product against utis so the ingredients,in this,are vitamin d3 d man mousse and then,theres also,turmeric in this and black pepper powder,and yeah uh my thoughts on this because,i looked up some studies on dima moose,and turmeric and why,i think this one is a little bit,stronger of an option to buy so i did,take all of these you do have to take,two capsules at a time i took all these,for a month,and i do think they worked so there was,a study,that demand knows promising support for,acute urinary tract,infections in women and d-mannose is a,sugar that seems to reduce the,incident of recurrent urinary tract,infections and associated,bothersome symptoms it also leads to a,longer duration between episodes of,reoccurrence,and consequently improves patients,quality of life,d-mannose can be used as a supplementary,or alternative treatment for reoccurring,urinary tract infections its been,proven that d mannose has,been impr has helped improve quality of,life and significantly reduced recurrent,utis in both,catheter and non-cos that are users it,uh has lengthened time between utis and,has increased peoples quality of life,so i think thats pretty awesome,it definitely does prevent and then it,does help,with acute again acute so,i think the thing is is this is great,for prevention,and the way that the female anatomy is,just designed,we are much more likely than men to,get utis this isnt saying men never get,them but its just,the way that our like urethra and then,our vaginal opening like just the way,theyre positioned,and also our anus like it just is so,much more likely that youre going to,get that bacteria,in there and its not fun like you guys,suck and theyre painful yeah burning,pee and stuff,so also the tumeric in this i read about,a study on tumeric,um that was very promising,and its study on the antibacterial,effects of different fractions of,curcuma longitude which is,one of the names for turmeric against,urinary tract,infection isolates and this study,presents results,reveal the potential medicinal use of,turmeric as anti-microbial excuse me,agents here come longer turmeric may,provide a valuable tool for the,development of a therapeutic agent,against gram-positive,uti isolates so i really think,this is the best option of these two,super easy to take i took it in the,morning so they say that this cleanses,biofilm and strengthens your bladder,wall im not 100,sure on that strengthening the bladder,wall but we do know,from these studies that this d mannose,and the tumeric extract,actually do have some science behind,them,helping with utis so and prevention i,think thats the biggest thing,is these supplements are more for,prevention,and thats something i want to drive,home because i actually was asking,people on instagram like,what do i do i have a uti is there any,like more natural,remedy for this and people were,recommending like this d,manos and like some other things but i,had quite a few people say like listen,if you really have a uti,it probably is time to call a doctor and,get some,uh antibiotics to heal it,and then like i started taking this,stuff after to prevent future ones,so i just want to say that like if you,do have a uti,try and at least call your doctor and,tell them whats up,if youre getting them fairly frequently,that could mean,something like i was reading all about,utis with researching for this,it could mean that you have other health,issues and its just worth getting,checked out and like having a doctor,know your body like they know better,than some youtuber like me,i do think like overall that,its best again if you have a uti heal,the uti,with antibiotics and then go on this,control or something you know like it,to prevent future ones like thats what,im doing for myself,its just i had too many people sharing,really bad stories about like,utis that got to the extreme that they,had where it like affected their,kidneys and like they had all these,problems so,its something that you really do want,to take seriously and heal,um yeah so i just wanted to share that,because im definitely like,for using pharmaceuticals when need be,and i totally get like why im trying to,prevent future ones is i dont want to,have to take antibiotics all the time,in the future like id like to you know,be able to go really long periods and,not have utis so thats why i decided to,start taking these to prevent future,ones so i dont want to have that like,antibacter,antibiotic excuse me resistant,so yeah thats why im on this but,again i know im just like nailing this,in but,please speak with your doctor and get on,antibiotics because even the science,isnt there for these supplements to say,like oh if you have like a really,extreme,uti like take these supplements like the,science is more there,for prevention and for like very,mod like mild not even moderate like,really mild utis so,yeah alrighty guys so let me know your,thoughts down below,if youve tried yukora again i will be,repurchasing control,the target ill keep around i just,didnt think,you know its not realistic to use it,like every time after intercourse im,

Is UQORA Worth Your Money? RECURRENT UTIs | Rutele

[Music],hi,hello friends welcome to my channel and,todays video uh today i will be,discussing something very personal,and very touchy utis,but i wanted to share my story with you,talk about what i went through,how i healed it and how i have been,preventing it from happening so if,youre interested in knowing,everything to do with utis and,prevention and how to solve the issue,then go ahead and keep on watching i,would like to start by saying that this,video is sponsored by yukora they,reached out to me and sent me some,products to try out ive been trying,them out for two weeks and i want to,give you a little bit of a rundown about,the company and then also,kind of talk about what i liked what i,didnt like and give you a full in-depth,review but i first want to start out,with my personal story because if i,didnt have this personal background i,dont think i would be,as open to trying things um so,you know when youre at the steps of,hell you will do anything to try and get,out of it right,i have gotten utis ever since i was a,little girl i would say,i remember being like a child and having,a couple of utis and then i went away,for a hot minute,and then when i started being sexually,active they came back,when i dated my first long-term,boyfriend i had eight utis in one year,and that was,literally the worst time of my life it,really pushed me to,figure out what the hell is going on so,there was one night,where i dont know if this was like my,fourth or fifth,or sixth uti that i had but i literally,had stabbing pains down on my lower back,and i knew that i couldnt afford to go,to the emergency room so i kind of had,to suck it up and then the next day i,literally went to a gynecologist,and i didnt necessarily really like,what she said so i went to another,gynecologist and then i also went to a,urologist,and they all came back with were gonna,have to put you on a daily antibiotic,and i was like,how about no i said no thanks and,i figured out ways to fix that issue,myself and i thankfully havent had a,uti in a very long time,knock on wood i do a lot of preventative,measures now that ive like cured it,and um i will continue doing,preventative measures for the rest of my,life because,utis are just like the worst thing in,the world,one of the main things that i think,helped with preventative measures was,peeing before and after sex making sure,that whoever you are doing the stuff,with has clean hands thats really,important,washing up before and after washing up,after i used,any kind of public restroom and every,time i washed it up it would change my,underwear those i think have been really,really helpful,in making sure that im not getting it,but theres other ways that you can get,uti sometimes it just takes,being on a long flight sometimes it just,happens from like not peeing for a long,period of time for sitting for too long,for exercising too aggressively it,doesnt always have to come from sex,theres other ways i can be doing all of,these preventative measures,but it still wouldnt solve you know,the holding my pee for too long because,im too busy which i do all the time and,its really really annoying this is,where you cora comes into play,cora specializes in uti relief and,proactive urinary tract health,supplements um its a science-backed,supplement to promote better urinary,health,core has helped hundreds of thousands,people live with better urinary health,which is,a lot of people um sometimes just peeing,after sex and drinking cranberry juice,is not enough and actually dont ever,drink cranberry juice because that makes,your urine too acidic and its just a,big old mess dont do that alkaline,youre an alkaline urine,they have a couple of different products,so they have a complete system and then,they have a uti emergency kit first,lets talk about the complete system,so this is the like preventative,measures you can either purchase this,one time for starting at eighty dollars,or you can subscribe and save so you,would get this every four weeks and that,starts at 52,so you would take one capsule of promote,daily,two capsules of control daily and one,packet of target after sex or every,three days,but you can use this on a daily basis if,you feel like you need it target comes,in a box like this and,it is little um like drink packets,each packet is full of calcium citric,acid d mannose magnesium potassium,citrate vitamin b,and vitamin c like i said you can take,this as often as every day or just after,sex if youre dehydrated or have held,your pee for too long or you feel like,you exercise too hard or any time that,you feel like you might need that extra,flush,take this this is antibiotic free vegan,and gluten free,as well so control is a pill and this,actually cleanses the biofilm and,strengthens the bladder wall biofilm,is this um is this film that develops in,your urinary tract that basically allows,the bacteria to like hide itself nestle,into it and hide,from antibiotics or flushing everything,out of your system so control,breaks that down and it flushes it um it,includes things like black pepper powder,curcumin,d mannose green tea extract vitamin d3,antibiotic free and gluten free it is,not vegan because it uses vitamin d that,source from sheeps wool,so thats the only thing that makes it,not vegan and then you have,promote which is another little pill and,this,actually strengthens your vaginal,microbiome,it has chicory root fructooli go,saturates and lactobacillus acidophilus,lactobacillus remonsis,and lactobacillus ruderi this is also,antibiotic free vegan and gluten free,and then you have the emergency kit,which retails for 25 dollars,in here you get the clarify uti test,strips which is the same ones that they,would use at,doctor offices so also on the emergency,kit you also have the combat which is a,uti,infection control the pills look like,this,this is a way to slow down the infection,until you can or need to go see a doctor,the active ingredients in combat are,methanomine which is an antibacterial,and sodium,salicy which is a non-steroid,anti-inflammatory drug that,is a pain reliever and then lastly you,have,soothe and the pills look like,this and this obviously is a pain,reliever and the active ingredient is,phenozophyridine hydrochloride which is,a urinary tract,analgesic which is a relief from pain as,well,so lets talk about my personal,experience with the brand and the,products so i am obsessed with target,lets just start there,first of all its named after my,favorite store that takes all of my,money and second of all i think it,tastes amazing,and it totally has made me,pee many more times after ive taken it,which is really great,the more youre able to pee the more,youre able to flush everything,out of your system so i think thats,really really great i have taken it,multiple days in a row um and i havent,had any reverse side effects or anything,like that,so i do think that its safe for,everyday use it would probably get a,little bit expensive to use it all the,time so its definitely best to use it,when you need it or when you feel like,you held your pee for too long,or you had sex and i also really do,love control and promote i take vitamins,every day anyway so its pretty easy for,me to incorporate this into my lifestyle,i think,breaking down that biofilm which a lot,of people dont know that that is kind,of what causes those random,offbeat utis breaking that biofilm down,is so so important so to have a product,that does that for you,and strengthens your bladder wall is,great and i think its totally worth to,take this every day and then also the,promote,vaginal microbiome is so so important as,well,everything kind of lives there in the,same area,and all of it needs all the help that,they can get especially with us you know,like not always eating the right foods,and not always having the time,or the motivation to make sure that,were doing,all the other physical preventative,things so if i can take a pill every day,along with my vitamins,why not right and

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hello today Im going to talk about my,experience with UTIs which stands for,urinary tract infections and how I,finally was able to conquer it after a,long painful journey and what better way,to make this video than wearing a,sweater in the color that resembles,urine Im going to try to make this,video as comprehensive as I can so I can,cover all the bases and it may get a,little TMI Im going to go over my,history because when I was going through,all this people would often offer advice,like drink cranberry juice and pee after,sex and I always wanted to say I know so,I will list everything that I tried so,you know that I tried everything I,possibly could in order to resolve this,and there may be methods that I tried,that you havent and it may work out for,you a UTI is a bladder infection the,infection can also spread to other parts,of your urinary system like up your,ureters to your kidneys however this is,rare its more common in women because,our urethra which is the two of you,urinate through is shorter than a mans,common causes of UTIs are one sex the,bacteria gets pushed into the urethra,travels into your bladder where the,bacteria multiplies and then becomes a,full-blown infection to holding in your,urine,I started getting UTIs as a kid because,I would hold in my pee all the time so I,think that developed my predisposition,for getting them three hygiene ecoli,which is the most common bacteria that,causes UTIs lives in our intestines and,comes out with our poop if you wipe,front what is it if you wipe back to,front youre introducing that bacteria,to enter your urethra in your vaginal,area so you want to wipe front to back I,personally do it separately if I go,number two then I wipe that area first,and then make sure that area is clean,and then I move on to cleaning the,number one area like I just dont,understand the full swipe wipe hey I,also dont I dont think Im not even,flexible enough to do that symptoms of a,UTI are different for every individual,for me I experience feeling like a,needle had been poked into my urethra at,the end of a urination stream if I felt,that needling sensation then I knew I,had a UTI it was always at the end like,a I would also feel like I had to,pee all the time one time it got so bad,that I actually saw a blood in my urine,I know fortunate people who feel nothing,at all so the way to determine if you,have a UTI is going into the clinic and,submitting a urine test the lab then,tests your urine if there is a large,number of white blood cells present in,your urine which indicates that there,may be an active infection this is still,not 100% you then have to wait for the,urine culture test which takes two to,three days this is what determines what,kind of bacteria you have and which,antibiotics you can take in order to,kill that bacteria a UTI can usually be,resolved by antibiotics antibiotics kill,all of the bad bacteria but it also,kills all of the good bacteria I have,taken macro bed keflex bactrim cipro,taking antibiotics frequently messed up,my gut health which in turn made my skin,freak out and then I started getting,painful cystic acne I gained weight and,I was the heaviest Id ever been so Id,be in the thick of UTI and then Id get,a yeast infection because of the,antibiotic Im on and then sometimes I,get my period and I would just have the,ultimate trifecta for me I experienced,repeat UTIs from sex in one relationship,I got them back-to-back which is when I,learned to pee after sex then in my,previous relationship from June 2017 I,got a UTI every,goal month this is when it got really,bad I was in and out of my doctors,office and the ER for six months I was,finally referred to a urologist who,recommended that I take a low-dose,antibiotic every single time after sex,this did not work for me and I also did,not want to build a resistance against,antibiotics the urologist also checked,for any uterine / bladder prolapse which,was negative and sent me to have an,ultrasound to check my kidneys for any,hidden kidney stones which was also,negative gear are all the preventive,measures I tried to stop the madness,peeing before and after sex showering,before and after sex,feminine washes like vagisil and the,honeypot stopped taking birth control,changed out all my underwear to 100%,cotton underwear because cotton is bring,the ball started washing them and my,towels in a separate cycle in hot water,with natural detergent started taking,probiotics drank raw cranberry juice a,common mistake Ive seen is women,drinking cranberry cocktail juice which,is full of sugar which is what the,bacteria feeds off of took cranberry,gummies drank Korean corn silk tea which,has been used as an alternative remedy,for UTI this was briefly effective and,relieved the burning Bell some times I,didnt even wear underwear just to air,it out when to a naturopath who gave me,a tincture of marshmallow root and I,dont remember what else that didnt,work however I did learn from the,natural path that in traditional Chinese,medicine bladder infections are caused,from stress in the heart pouring into,the bladder I also read an article about,the difference between gram-negative and,gram-positive bacteria e.coli is a,gram-negative bacteria and as Ive said,before the most common bacteria that,causes UTIs the same article talked,about biofilm biofilm,is an accumulation of a various species,of bacteria along the surface of the,urinary tract and bladder this is very,difficult to get rid of and it causes,chronic UTIs because this was the case,for me I thought I had biofilm so I,started taking the recommended,supplements from the article for a brief,period I took interface plus which is a,biofilm disrupter that breaks it down,and gets rid of it I dont know how to,pronounce this word but I also took,Laurie Laura said in Laura sedin to,combat gram positive bacteria if thats,what I had however this was unsuccessful,I will link this article in the,description box because it may be,helpful for someone else so heres what,I did to feel better,number one hydration to this day if Im,the slightest bit dehydrated the burning,will begin and not relent until I gulp,down the Earths water if your UTIs are,being caused by sex this is the routine,that I did in order to combat UTIs,before sexy times I always make sure,that I drink about 8 to 16 ounces of,water right before okay,because you want to make sure that you,have liquids on its way down to your,bladder because when youre all done you,have something to flush out any bacteria,that was introduced into your urethra,during the Act number two key before sex,and pee after sex,number three shower immediately shower,right after you pee number four de Manos,de Manos is a simple sugar that is meant,to attract bacteria it will unhook from,the lining of your bladder and then hook,onto the de Manos so youre able to,flush it out if youre using de Manos in,powder form this is the one that Ive,used when my UTIs were really bad you,mix one teaspoon it usually comes with a,measuring spoon so it would be one scoop,and the key is to use just a bit of,water because you want it as,concentrated as possible drink it then,wait 45 minutes then drink as much water,as you can so youre able to flush,everything out then wait three hours and,then take another concentrated D mono,shop and repeat this process,I used to do it four times I had my,phone on a timer and everything so Im,at the point where I dont have to take,it every time so now if I feel a little,funny Ill just take a demon Os capsule,which is a lot more convenient for me so,this is my routine whenever God forbid I,get a UTI the most helpful medication,Ive used is asel which numbs the,ureters temporarily so whenever I felt,the early symptoms I would take the,first dose of azo and then within the,hour,I would I would feel great it would feel,like I didnt have a UTI at all this is,so you by yourself enough time until you,can get your hands on it on some,antibiotics and I buddy Onix take two to,three da

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Uqora Review: Does it prevent UTIs?

while not a pleasant experience urinary,tract infections are shockingly quite,common,they are one of the most prevalent,infections globally and affect more than,5 out of 10 women at some point in their,lifetime,a urinary tract infection can lead to,serious consequences such as kidney,malfunction and an elevated risk of,bladder cancer if left untreated,uti is often accompanied by painful,urination nausea fever and cloudy urine,several factors can cause uti,common causes include consuming certain,food items hormonal irregularities gut,imbalance hygiene etc,however the reason is often unknown and,treatment involves antibiotics,yukora is a brand that offers natural,remedies for uti prevention while,focusing on maintaining your urinary,health,eukora brand overview,yukora is a biotechnology company,specialized in designing products to,reduce the risk of urinary tract,infections utis,eucharist complete system offers the,maximum defense for urinary health and,includes three products target control,and promote,these products are intended to be taken,orally,they are easy to use and offer many,benefits including reduced risk of utis,no antibiotic resistance and long,lasting protection against utis,please understand these products do not,treat uti they help you prevent them,therefore if you are experiencing any,uti symptoms consult a healthcare,professional,benefits of eukora products,eukora products are designed to prevent,uti eliminating the need for antibiotics,based treatments,all of its products are gluten free and,some are vegan,yukora provides a 30-day money-back,guarantee,should a person not be satisfied with,their purchase they can return the item,and request a full refund within 30 days,the company offers free shipping on all,orders shipped within the united states,the only downside of yukora is that its,products are a bit costly,the excellent news is subscription plans,and bundles offer the products at a,discounted price so its customer can,save money in the long term,ukora also provides a student discount,program,how do you quora products work,eukora products help reduce infections,caused by e coli bacteria the bacteria,responsible for most of the,uncomplicated urinary tract infections,the main ingredient in eukora products,is d-mannose a naturally occurring sugar,found in cranberries tomatoes cabbage,and green beans,this sugar binds with the bacteria that,might cause your uti and helps flush,them out with urine,who might benefit from eukary products,it is common for uti patients to take,antibiotics for months at a time,however these meds can have side effects,so its imperative to ask your doctor to,examine you for the root cause of your,infections,if the source is e coli eukora could be,helpful,otherwise you may need to try another,method to focus on your gut microbiome,and vaginal health further menopause and,age can affect urinary tract health so,eukora could benefit older adults and,those undergoing menopause,next we explore various eukora products,target target is the first product of,yukora and most popular among its,customer base,it is a powdered drink mix with a mild,lemonade flavor,it is meant to be consumed after sexual,intercourse working out traveling or,anything that may put you at risk of,getting a urinary tract infection,mix a sachet of target with an 8 to 12,ounce glass of water and drink it once,every three days,the main active ingredient in this,powder is d-mannose,it also supports the immune system with,its vitamin c content,moreover it contains vitamin b6 a,diuretic that helps increase urinary,flow,control,control is a capsule designed to keep,the urinary tract clean on a regular,basis,it works by cleansing the biofilm and,strengthening the bladder wall,black pepper powder d mannose green tea,extract vitamin d3 and curcumin are the,active ingredients in this product,yukora recommends taking two capsules,each day,each bottle contains a month supply,promote,promote is a dietary supplement,containing probiotics to balance the,vaginal microbiome and protect you from,future uti,it includes three good bacterial strains,lactobacillus acidophilus lactobacillus,remnacious and lactobacillus rayu teriy,that balance the vaginal microbiome,it also contains chicory root,fructooligosaccharides,a prebiotic which helps lactobacillus,thrive,yukora recommends you take one capsule,daily and each bottle comes with a month,supply,can men use eukora products,although eukora products target females,males too have found their products,effective,however promote would not work for men,as its a vaginal probiotic,target and control are safe for men and,especially helpful for those using a,catheter,next we discuss the precautions to be,taken while considering eukora products,it is of utmost importance that you,consult a doctor before giving you,chorus products to a child,there hasnt been much research on how,the ingredients present in yukoras,products impact pregnant women or,lactating mothers,therefore expecting or lactating mothers,should seek a doctors opinion on,whether you chorus products are safe for,them,diabetics should also consult a doctor,before consuming eukora products as its,main ingredient d mannose is a form of,sugar,to conclude eukora offers a range of,products aimed at preventing utis,customer reviews are overwhelmingly,positive,however uti products are preventive,measures,if you are experiencing uti symptoms it,is best to seek guidance from a,healthcare professional,thank you for watching this video,content of this video is for,informational purposes only and not to,be substituted for professional medical,advice,please like comment and share this video,and subscribe to our channel for more,such content


[Music],so,[Music],hello friends um im liz,and welcome to my channel if this is,your first time it may be because this,is a bit of a different,video for me my youtube journey,channel experience is all about bringing,the whimsy,and noticing the magic in everyday life,and with that comes wellness,investing in yourself is a huge part of,finding that magic in everyday life when,you feel good,you can experience the whimsy on another,level,as much as this is a different video for,me im very very very excited about it,and this is a topic that im very,passionate about so this is,obviously like i said my first,please just fell this is,like i said my first my first video of,this kind uh,this is a review video of a brand well,spoiler alert a brand nice really love,yukora,this is a topic im very passionate,about im all about erasing the stigma,of you know talking about womens health,talking about menstrual health talking,about,sex and all of that and that is hugely,important to me so im really really,grateful for this opportunity,to work with a brand that is allowing me,to do this on such a you know wide,platform i am,currently talking about you cora they,sent me um two of their systems,i truly truly love them but ill talk a,little bit more in depth about why and,what i love about them and my experience,with their products so i connected with,the team at yukora,last year they they emailed me what,was last year yeah 2020. so yukoras,whole,brand is based around treating,preventing,helping women with utis i had to,research this when i was younger when i,started experiencing,symptoms of utis i had no idea what it,was i had no idea how to treat,it i had no idea what was happening in,my body i knew,nothing about it so the fact that,euphoria,is just spreading the knowledge reducing,the shame talking about utis and just,breaking it down to the science,and its its huge its massive in,womens health for me,i i know that you know especially,womens reproductive health womens,urinary tract health,womens menstrual health is something,thats not spoken about enough at least,i dont think,there are so many things that ive,learned throughout my life,by falling into situations in which i,had to educate myself on them,and so im just so pumped that theres a,brand like yokora out here that not only,has these amazing products but its also,spreading,education knowledge science based,information,science-based treatments for,women who are struggling with utis and i,know one of their big like,things is helping women get their lives,back and its so its so real because,if youve ever experienced uti it can be,really painful,and its kind of hard to do anything but,personally ive never,had an actually diagnosed uti part of,that is probably because i didnt know,what was happening in my body,um i didnt know that i was severe,enough that i probably could have gone,to the doctor shouldnt have gone to the,doctor but,now im more educated but i have all of,these amazing supplements and products,from yukora and i am,so so grateful so im gonna talk about,the products a little bit so you see,this,fabulously pink drink here this is the,yukora target this is probably my,favorite,of all of their supplements so this is,um if youre sexually active this is,something to take after you have sex,or just a couple times a week it helps,flush everything through your system so,it keeps everything nice and clean,it also happens to taste like strawberry,lemonade its,literally delicious i,had noticed such a difference in,just like my overall the overall feel,of my body once i started taking this,much more,comfort and less less,discomfort if that makes sense,especially around my period,i notice that i have a lot more going on,this is definitely something i take,during my menstrual cycle it really,helps,you know keep everything feeling,comfortable clean everything feels like,cleansed,um which is huge and they come in these,little packets,let me show you one so they come in,these little packets you just put it in,your water bottle,and you can even take it kind of like a,shot and a little bit of water ive done,that at times,if im feeling uti coming on i will take,this like,say i wake up in the middle of the night,this one always hits me which is weird,and annoying because i cant sleep ill,put this in a little bit of water,essentially take a shot but a boom i,feel great,within like an hour or so obviously,thats not always the case but the,majority of the time thats really,really helped me,so then this is another part of the,complete system promote,this your their vaginal probiotic and,then um,control this is another one that i have,used when i feel a uti coming on,um because it just seems to kind of,really help cleanse everything,and since starting you cora i havent,had like a full-blown uti i,like i said ive never actually been to,the doctor for uti but ive had,now i know that ive had like lasting,symptoms now knowing like when its,coming how to,recognize it and what to do these are,huge helps ive started taking,um the promote every day ive actually,just started taking both of these every,day,i didnt do that before when i first got,them i just kind of,took them as needed this one i used,probably a lot more often because i,could really feel the effects of it,but i want to continue having that,healthy microbiome again keeping,everything clean,keeping that bacteria at bay keeping,everything,functioning correctly these are,i love them and this is new to me and,im so excited they sent this to me,and literally it couldnt be more timely,this is part of their uti emergency kit,and let me tell you im so glad i like,had a need for this um because,i got this in the mail and then i,literally woke up the next morning and i,could feel a uti coming on and it,already felt really painful,i was like oh my gosh i should look at,the uti emergency kit,and this is so cool this is like being,i like felt really smart like i was like,playing doctor,um to myself um which im not a doctor i,have a degree in musical theater so i,started with the clarity its a uti test,trip,and again like i said i had never been,actually diagnosed with uti like,like legitimately um i probably should,have been but,so this is fascinating for me to learn,about because its a little test strip,um you use it when you go to the,bathroom and then theres two different,um like detectors on there and its,really really really self-explanatory,um because theres different color codes,and they tell you exactly what each,means and what your,your next step should be so did this,i took my target i took my control,and my remote because it was getting,painful i,also used the soothe which is uti pain,relief which,i again ive never really taken i,usually take cranberry supplements which,are great and have been helpful but like,thats about it ive never really taken,a pain supplement for uti,and let me tell you this got right down,to business the one thing i will say,that was,rather interesting is my trips to the,bathroom were rather neon after,um this which was shocking at first,but theres definitely you know some,things at work but i felt a lot better,and i didnt feel like i had any other,symptoms or any other reaction to it,beyond the fact,that i had a really fun neon orange,situation going on i feel funny seeing,urine on youtube but you know thats,thats what it is,again im trying to for me im like,unlearning a lot of stigma,and trying to release a lot of shame,from just,speaking factually about my body because,there shouldnt be any shame in that,theres there is no shame in that we,should be able to talk about it because,i think if i had,been had felt like i could talk about it,in my past i probably would have learned,a lot more,but this like i said the soothe was,great i didnt use the combat so this is,um uti infection control and this is,supposed to kind of,keep things at bay until you can visit a,doctor i was able to get everything,under control,um like within 24 hours barely,so i didnt

My experience with UTIs | I tried Uqora UTI relief & urinary health supplements

hey yall my name is sarah l miles and,welcome back to,another video so today im going to be,talking about,utis i know thats pretty personal stuff,but i have to pee yeah im gonna go pee,ill be back,okay i swore i peed before i started,filming i dont know why i need to go,again,but um anyways yeah its a pretty you,know,tmi subject but its like we all got to,know,and i need to go pee again,yeah ill get ill be back,the heck is going on,okay beauty eyes lets go ahead and talk,about it,why do i feel like i need to go pee,again,you know what ill be back,[Music],well good thing im making this video,[Music],hey yall my name is sarah l miles and i,hope you all enjoyed that little,dramatization you know acting,acting that i did for you guys um,but no today we are actually going to be,talking about utis because today,this video is sponsored by yukora,thank you so much for sponsoring this,video but seriously lets talk about uts,im actually happy that this brand,came and wanted to work with me because,uh,some of these products i feel like were,especially made for someone like me,ive talked about this to like one of my,friends tatiana youve heard me say this,a million times,um but i have had utis before,i just didnt know i had them um so im,someone who doesnt know that she has a,uti,until im told that i have a uti like i,feel like ive had symptoms before,but like i wasnt told about what the,symptoms are,and like why things are happening,down there and the reason why its,happening i think it kind of,depends on like how it was raised and,stuff,so but the one time that i definitely,knew that i had a uti was when i went to,the hospital,for a completely different reason and,they put me on antibiotics for uti and i,was like,wait what i have a uti and she was like,yeah,you have one so were giving you this,antibiotics im like wait what,like i was so confused like i did not,know,so yukora is a brand that specializes in,uti relief,and proactive urinary tract health,supplements and eukarya was created,from a uti sufferer herself her,experience with,ut eyes has inspired her to go ahead and,work with doctors,and scientists to go ahead and figure,this problem out,because like honestly this is a lot that,happens to a lot of people,and a lot of people dont be knowing,about it right now yokora is helping,over 100,000 people with better urinary tract,health,i am one of those 100 000 people you,know peeing after sex,and drinking all that cranberry juice is,not enough,the amount of cranberry juice i have,drunken,like the amount like there you dont,need to drink,two big old bottles of that like please,stop theres so much sugar in that like,theres not much sugar here,you dont know but yokora is a proven,effective way,to go ahead and deal with that so i,think like this kit right here,is for me so yokora has like these two,kits this one right here i feel like was,made,for me so this is the emergency kit so,it comes with,clarifying uti test strips it comes with,three,tests in the box it also comes with,compact com,compact wow combat uti,infection control and it has soothed,uti pain relief so,like i said for me or someone who just,does not understand or,like i just dont know whats happening,i definitely like to take these strips,and use it its actually super easy to,read,so on the uh which is the back,i guess this is the front so on the,front it has like the actual visual,where it tells you what the colors mean,it tells you how long you need to go,ahead and use it and how to use the,strip once again,its super simple anyways um and then on,the back,it tells you what each like color means,and the results and stuff like that so,that,is great if you need to know if you have,a uti,or not and if you do,there is the combat and the soothe,to help you with that its not to go,ahead,and you know like cure it its more to,hold you,over until youre able to go to the,gynecologist and be like,hey you know whats going on with me,because like i dont know whats going,on how do we fix this and with these,products i will suggest please read the,directions,and use them the right way um at first i,didnt read the directions i was like uh,im gonna just do whatever and then i,read im like oh im doing this wrong,um so with the combat you need to take,two tablets,um with a full glass of water three,times a day so make sure you drink your,water,and take take your thangs okay take your,thing,and then the pain one you have to,take two tablets three times a day with,water,or with or after a meal if,needed um i will say,with these two in particular,um dont be scared if your pee is,either bright red or highlighter yellow,because that was my experience,and i got so scared but come to find out,i think i was taking,way too many vitamins ha haha,good job sarah being proactive and also,something in here has beet root,so youre okay like and youre only,supposed to take these for i believe,two days so okay youre only supposed to,take these for about,two days any longer and uh yeah you,really need to hurry up and go see a,diamondologist,so i only took them for two days and,then like that the color,stuff after that it was it was done so,it was fine,so these come with 24 pills this is like,all that i have,left in the sioux box and then these,also come with 24 pills um,i only have this many left in here so if,you,dont need the emergency kit like you,good,like girl i dont need it like i i know,that im set,but you do want to make sure that youre,taken care of on a day-to-day basis,they do have their yukora complete,system,right here so i have if yall cant tell,ive actually been using,these products right here ive only got,like a little bit left in here they have,this complete system right here that,comes with these drink,mixes right here and its called target,and it also comes with these supplements,right here,called control and promote,so with the promote pills you only need,to take one a day and with the control,you need to take,two a day to make sure everything down,there is a-okay,and then with these drink mixes right,here they taste like pink lemonade which,is nice i like it,um im actually drinking im drinking it,here right now so the target is supposed,to go ahead and flush,that urinary tract okay make sure,everything is out and you actually dont,need to take this every day,you can take it once every three days,ive been slacking a little bit,um or you could drink it after you have,sex to make sure,its all gone because,control cleanses the biofilm i dont,know what a biofilm is but she needs to,be cleansed,okay and promote balances your vaginal,microbiome,keep it in balance okay let me balance i,need to actually work on my,actual balance because ive just been,falling over a lot like this video is,not about,me being clumsy also heres like some,fun facts,fun oh my gosh youtubes are not fun but,here are some facts and some stats about,utis that i just recently learned about,and ill go ahead and click the links,down below to go ahead and read these as,well,but utrs are one of the most common,infections,one in every two women and one in every,10,men yes men will experience a uti in,their lifetime,we learn something new every single day,utis,also results in 10 million doctor visits,in the us every year,10 million out of those 10 million how,many times was i supposed to go and i,didnt know i dont know,53 of women will get one uti,at least in their lifetime so uh,53 of us is you dont get it okay,you cant avoid it and its also,estimated that at least,one third of us women will be diagnosed,with a uti,by the time they turn 24. hi i am 24,years old and i got diagnosed with a uti,at day 18 or 19. i literally dont know,why a jazz hand,to that thats not,like i said you could go ahead click the,links down below,to read more about those stats i think,thats very interesting,also down below there will be a link,to yukoras website where you can go,ahead and get,20 off of your order of the kit,or the complete system all right so that,is it for this vi

The FYI on UTIs: All you need to know to treat and prevent urinary tract infections | GMA Digital

hi welcome to my medical office today,were talking about UTIs or urinary,tract infections Im gonna tell you the,most important things you need to know,about UTI is that even some doctors and,health care providers dont know UTIs is,an abbreviation for urinary tract,infections some people call them bladder,infections they are incredibly common,over 50% of women will have one at some,point in their lives men get them,children get them babies get them its,when theres some type of infection,usually bacterial but in some cases it,could even be caused by a fungus even,though thats much more rare overtakes,the bladder in many cases it can produce,symptoms but not in all cases we see,them in every age group sometimes one,sometimes theyre isolated for a woman,or a teenage girl and sometimes they can,be chronic or recurrent basic symptoms,of a UTI include urinary urgency so,feeling like you have to get to the,bathroom burning or pain with urination,or voiding and urinary frequency,sometimes there can be associated,feelings of fatigue or pelvic kram penis,sometimes radiating to the back and then,in rare cases if this infection spreads,up from the bladder to the kidneys it,can cause something called,pyelonephritis which is an infection in,the kidney the first thing you should do,is get a liter of water and start,drinking it if you decide to get,treatment and thats been given to you,by an urgent care provider or an,emergency room provider or even your,regular healthcare provider you want to,ask is this the right antibiotic and,again remember the gold standard or,either fosfomycin or bactrim are you,taking the right antibiotic and the,right dose for the right period of,its generally not necessary to treat,for seven full days or 10 days in,uncomplicated UTIs,so generally three or five days is,sufficient in most cases three my top,three things about UT is that I want,patients and everyone watching and,listening to know not every time,bacteria is found in the urine is,treatment with antibiotics necessary,we know that 40 to 50 percent of urinary,tract infections will disappear on their,own with no antibiotic that being said,the symptoms can be really unpleasant,and really uncomfortable you know we,want to encourage people not to self,diagnose not to self treat or,self-medicate but to work with a health,care provider so he or she can help you,decide if treatment is necessary and if,so what is the right treatment not every,antibiotic is appropriate for a urinary,tract infection I cant tell you how,many times Ive had patients say I,started to have symptoms,I googled UTI and I just took the,amoxicillin or zithromax or z-pak that I,had in my bathroom wrong thing to do and,actually can do more harm than good if,possible it is really important to get a,urine culture a lot of people will go to,urgent care centers or dock in the box,with symptoms and they get whats called,a urine microscopy and what this is is,an easy ii test to do on urine sample,that can give us clues as to whether or,not the person has a UTI or infection we,get all this information in seconds but,this is not a urine culture so if you go,to an urgent care and they test your,urine and come out of a room five,seconds later and say it looks like you,have an infection thats this test that,is not a urine culture a urine culture,takes about five days to grow out in a,laboratory and that will tell us what,the organism is and which an abaya,pets are appropriate for that organism,it is so important to try to get that,urine culture because if your symptoms,disappear and then come back and you,have to be treated again we really need,to know what that bacteria was that was,causing the infection there is no shame,in this game everyone pees everyone has,a bladder and most people have sex so if,sex is what triggered your UTI I would,say be loud and proud that thats how,you got it but there are some ways to,prevent it in the future number one we,have a saying in medicine and surgery,the secret to pollution is dilution what,does that mean bacteria when theyre,irrigated or hydrated or flooded out,have less of a chance of thriving and,multiplying and surviving so when you,talk about your bladder that means drink,a lot of water things that are more,sugary generally not good for your,overall body certainly can irritate your,bladder as well so plain water peeing or,emptying your bladder before and,immediately after sex and again thats,to kind of flush out any bacteria and,the other really big behavioral tip is,you can take any moistened wipe or wet,toilet paper or take a shower or a bath,and just make sure that the perineum,which is the whole area from the urethra,the vagina the rectum is as clean as,possible before sex we have to remember,when you talk about bacteria youre,oftentimes talking about things that are,microscopic that you cant see so if,youve had a bowel movement earlier in,the day you have sex later,trust me when I tell you if I took a,culture of the area around the rectum,100% it would pick up ecoli bacteria,cranberry juice myth or fact its,actually a fact there is actually an,elucidated mechanism so we have an,explanation for why and how cranberry,can work to reduce the risks of you,and it has to do with the adhesion of,the bacteria to the wall of the bladder,and cranberry juice in some cool way,really inhibits that that doesnt mean,its going to work for everybody and,data seems to suggest that its more,effective as a preventative measure than,as a treatment once someone already has,symptoms

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