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URBAN REVIVO Review – High quality Fashion – 4K

hello my friends and welcome back to,another urban revival clothes,haul,try on and review im very excited to do,this video because i have four items for,you and i have to say that i was blown,away i reviewed them,i i know it was before,or right after new years eve or right,before new years eve i did try urban,revival for the first time and i was so,so surprised about the quality and their,unique designs because they have like,the science that is,not,close to anything else that i have tried,so now i have four new things and im,very excited to show you so lets dig in,to todays review video,[Music],so starting with this,cute,cropped sweater,so their sweaters from my previous,review really blew my mind so i did,order two of them and then some other,things that you are going to see but,this one,its so nice in todays try on im,wearing everything with a black pair of,leggings and high heels and i can just,say like that is a look that i will,definitely go for like pure plain black,pants or leggings just simple and let,that sweater speaks for itself because,its so beautiful its so nice and,unique fabric i have never seen fabrics,like this before they even have like a,little bit of glitter in there like you,can even see like its some sparkle very,nice and i really love this little extra,details so this one has uh arms that is,long enough for me its a little bit,cropped as you see in the try on im,wearing this in size medium which is a,european size 38 a uk size 10 and a us,size 6. its with buttons in the front,but you can take it over your head if,you want to it has a lot of stretch and,i will say very true to size and i,really love this one i mean i,have nothing bad to say about this its,definitely something that will make you,stand out for sure and i am very very,happy that i tried this one i really,love the details on the buttons here,they look so exclusive and like,expensive even though urban revival is,in the middle its not super expensive,but its not like super super affordable,which i can understand because you,cannot get this good quality and good,designs and unique designs if they are,super affordable like barely nothing but,i also have a coupon code if you want to,save yourself money you can use the,coupon code and you can save yourself a,lot of money so i will put the,information about that here and in the,description box also in the description,box you also find my measures and the,links and everything so this one i,definitely love it definitely thumbs up,for me,just like,amazing amazing and,i do think that the next one is amazing,as well i do not know which one is my,favorite between them because they are,just awesome so this one is also a,little bit cropped but they are not,super super cropped its not like right,under my chest area crop they are a,little bit longer but still in the,cropped section which is super,flattering with high waist pants or,leggings or whatever you want to use to,it this one is kind of heavy all of the,their clothes is kind of heavy this like,luxurious heavy feeling to them which i,love this is also long enough in the,arms for me and have some details in the,end part of the arms which is super,gorgeous so if i dont,remember i took this in size medium as,well yeah so the same size and,everything goes the same its very true,to size a little bit thicker material as,i said you also have some sparkle in,here you have very nice buttons they,feel very nice and well made everything,feels so nice and well made and like,exclusive thats the word that i find,for like everything ive tried from,their brand is like it feels exclusive,and they have legit pockets here i do,think that you can fit like a phone but,it will be popping up a little bit but,it is a little like you have a pocket so,you can put something there if you want,to and in the back its plain definitely,loving this one i do not know which one,is my favorite out of the two sweaters,because they are both amazing i,definitely definitely definitely love,them and going to use them so much,ah,okay okay im very excited about the,sweaters but i did try some other things,this time from urban revival also and,one thing is this one so this i also,have a size medium so this is like i do,not know how to explain it i think it,might be supposed to be a dress ive,seen some influencers using this one,like a dress with a belt but i am pretty,tall im 178 centimeters and i will say,on me its a little bit too short to,wear as a dress but i love the look that,i created for todays try on where im,wearing black leggings heels and this,one ive also seen influencers using,this with a belt in the waist which i,think is going to be gorgeous i didnt,put any belt because i do think that,its kind of nice to have it without,belt also but if you want to have some,different variations you can definitely,put a belt in the waist so the fit is,perfect for me it is tight around my,booty but its a little bit fluffy,around my waist but i also have a little,bit weird body type i am a little bit,smaller around my waist have a little,bit of bigger booty and a little bit,bigger on my chest area so usually when,i have things like this that is not,super stretchy because this one has this,little more legit thicker type of,material that is not super stretchy i,always have this,problem that is a little bit loose,around my waist but i dont mind i think,like not everything needs to be super,tight around my waist and you do have a,zipper on the side here so its easy to,get in and out of this one,the zipper is not working with me right,now but you have a zipper here so you,can get in and out of this piece without,any problem and i mean the details that,you have its its very nice like you,can um clip this once which i dont,understand why you can do that because,you cannot do anything like you cannot,open it in the front but maybe it is,because they want it to be like a little,bit of an open feeling but still not,completely flipped out its fake pockets,in the upper part and legit bigger,pockets in the down part and here you,can definitely fit an iphone without any,problem its like bigger pockets so the,material is very nice its thicker and,you have like layers of material in here,nothing that is see-through or anything,you can definitely wear this without,anything underneath and youre not going,to see anything shining through so i,really like this one you have a little,bit of shoulder paddings here which is,also giving you a very nice figure and i,like the details i like everything its,definitely a thumbs up but for me im,not gonna wear it as a dress i am going,to wear it as im wearing it in the try,on because i think it looks very nice,like that so the last thing that i am,going to talk about is this,dress so i have been hunting for a,blazer dress in forever i have even been,doing some reviews of blazer dresses,here on my channel like vlog,versions i have ordered and ordered and,sent back blazer dresses because they,never fit me never first of all i am too,tall for blazer dresses so they are,always too short on me and second of all,i just never find anything that has good,fit in the front they are always like,lacking in some way or another but this,blazer dress my friends are fitting me,perfectly maybe it is on the tiniest,side when it comes to the length in the,try on im wearing it as a dress i am,going to wear it as a dress like that,but i am going to wear shorts underneath,in case of a wind or something because,it is on the tiniest side but i am 178,centimeters tall so im a little bit on,the taller side but i have it in size,medium and size medium is fitting me,perfect so it is a traditional blazer,dress but it has a very untraditional,and very trendy details in the lining,here in the waist lining and it is like,a cross over in the front you have a,little bit of shoulder paddings its,long enough in the arms for me and i,really really like this blazer dress you,have pockets here also that is legit,pockets its very hard to

Urban Revivo Clothing Haul & Review

[Music],i am equal parts,excited and terrified,mostly because,this could either be really good or,really bad,so honestly also sorry my hair is wet,but here we are,damp i should say,so,i just got a package in the mail,from urban revivo,and i think thats how you say it,this is a company that i have never,purchased anything from before and i,bought four things,i had already actually had my eye on,this company after i did my little,summer workwear video,and one of my recommendations was,wearing a shirt dress and they had a,really adorable shirt dress that was,like the perfect,jacomoose dupe and so i never heard of,it before so i clicked in and i was like,okay okay okay,and then what really sealed the deal is,i was watching a patricia bright video,and she had gotten a bunch of dresses,from there and even had a little,discount code which i think should still,work i will leave it below,and,yeah so i thought why not its like a,pretty well very good price point and,you know,sometimes youve got to take a little,risk to get a little reward in life so,and honestly i just like i wanted to be,full i think these are really great,transitional pieces for like the,september october weather where its not,super cold but,just a good fall outfit so i thought i,would see how this brand is and dive,right in,one morning they have a lot of options,so ill try to like leave a little edit,below of some of my favorite things,because,theres a few good things and theres a,lot of bad things in my mind things that,i would wear i should phrase it as that,everyones style is different so to each,their own but,things that i would wear there werent a,lot so i will definitely show the ones,that,i would wear below,but lets dive right into it,oh my goodness,this is the black shirt dress that i,talked about in my summer,workwear video which i will link above,and below,also this is a great reminder if you,havent subscribed to my channel please,consider doing so im very close to 1,000 subscribers which is super exciting,thank you thank you thank you,okay,oh,this has like a windbreaker material,kind of feel to it im not upset about,it though im not gonna lie for summer,yeah reminds me of the windbreaker,based on eyeballing these sizes i do,think these are going to fit me pretty,well i can usually tell that just by,looking at something,love the pointy collar,oh my god i cant wait to try this on oh,my gosh,and here this is the jacques moose,dupe,i will say,it fits it fits like its good theres a,little bit of bunching,which you cant really see in this light,but,around the hip area,it also might be because im not wearing,like the right underwear im honestly,wearing like period underwear im,and yeah but,you cant really get a good grasp of the,detail from here but it is really,really nice,yeah such a good giacomos tube it has,this weird like button thing though that,i think is meant to like attach,so if you want to show less of the belly,this really brings the two together,completely,so that you dont have any really skin,showing which is nice,i absolutely i would love this top,honestly in just a top its a really,nice fabric,like i said before its kind of like a,windbreakery feel,and i probably could have listened to,the directions and gotten this in a,medium they do tell you like what the,models wearing and i think the model,i dont was the model very medium,potentially i think so,uh put them on some heels,because this is more like a sexy dress,up,but i mean like this wall definitely,fits its just a little bit tighter than,im used to wearing and like i said its,got some bunching here that probably,wouldnt be there if i got the medium so,i will say the sizing on their website,very true to size its good,im so worried if this sorry if my,mirrors like dirty,its not thats gross,but yeah so i probably actually probably,would have gone with the medium in this,one everything else i got in a small and,i think it fits super well and very true,to size i do think this is still super,cute though and i will wear it as a,small and its fine,probably just wear better underwear with,it,but yeah this is a great like,summer hangout be very cute with my,little bottega flats as well,my little bag,so yeah this was a winner i mean its,not my favorite of the bunch but which,is funny because i thought it would be,but i really like it still its very,very,it looks,way better quality than the price point,i will say,got a little bit of color,but i feel like a blue is definitely a,neutral like its not like a yellow or,something like that,so this is a shirt dress you can see,kind of a,theme here,emerging,uh this is a shirt dress short sleeves,so like i said a good transitional piece,oh this one,really needs a steam,cute,could be a little see-through,i might have to wear a slip with this,but like thats expected for a 48 dress,wow,thats super cute,okay i did not think that i was gonna,like this,as much as i do,i mean obviously once again ignore,ignore the fact i havent steamed it,i mean this is just,so,easy breezy im not gonna lie and i,really loved pairing them with my new,little,gucci loafers that i,grabbed from the real real i love,pairing like,more,feminine fun little silhouette with the,more like masculine loafer,i actually tried this one with a blazer,as well and it looks so good honestly,its just so lightweight and so,comfortable and i really dont its not,like that see-through,like i wouldnt really mind wearing it,out without a slip to be honest as i,thought it was going to be but,ugh,yeah i just love a good shirt dress i,dont know about you guys,it just feels,so good and light and airy yeah its,such a good,transitional piece like i said i think,its so lovely with a black blazer over,it or like a black wool coat or even a,little vest that i have,and then pairing it with i mean,obviously you could easily put this with,tights,oh so cute,i will say,ive been having trouble figuring out,what to wear,uh my sapergas with and,now i every single one of these dresses,looks so good with them so im like,hello i should have had these all summer,long i feel like ive got a great little,summer outfit too,so good,this one im really excited about so,this is kind of im very into these like,prada kind of inspired things honestly,thats kind of the theme of this haul is,like fake prada in a way,and this is just a really gorgeous cream,little partial zip up with a collar,i think everything i purchased in this,haul has a collar,so yeah definitely going for that like,preppy minimalistic chic look i feel,like thats going to be my look for fall,really feeling that,really like this dress i think this,might be my favorite when i try them on,ah,this is so cute,it actually feels really nice,i love that its like not super fitted,also i will steam it dont worry,its a good length so it is longer than,the fingertips and,i just love the structured collar,this arm situation,i think this is so cute,i like the little,zippy things theyre very easy to get in,and out of which is nice,size small everything is made in china i,should say so it definitely it comes,directly from china but honestly the,ship time was really great i got this,stuff within a week of ordering it which,i thought was quite quick considering it,has to like clear customs and,make its way across the ocean,oh,okay,not gonna lie,the material feels a little bit stiff,polyester-esque but i kind of love that,like i love a structure in a white shirt,so,so far,so promising,i am gonna have to steam it,super wrinkled but thats okay steam it,once and then,wont deal with it again i kind of,wonder how this stuff is gonna wash,lets take a look see this,what is it it is 65 polyester 31 viscose,4 elastane and apparently the shirt is,100 cotton,love it cool okay then i take back what,i said about it feeling like polyester,clearly i know nothing about fabrics,okay i knew i knew they couldnt all be,perfect,this is great i think its super cute,obviously i love the structure,um a little bit of a problem here,its just su

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Urban Revivo Haul | Honest review (not sponsored)

foreign,[Music],this is the Lamb style so today I am,doing something that YouTube made me do,to be honest with you,um this brand Ive never tried it before,so I keep seeing it on every video of,every influencer and I was like let me,try it let me give you um,an honest review,and just let me,explain to you the whole experience that,went with us so,as youve seen on the title Urban revivo,is actually a brand that all influencers,have been collaborating with,the big influences on YouTube Im saying,I mean uh Ive seen them doing so many,collaborations and trying clothes and,saying oh yeah it looks like Chanel it,feels like Chanel but its cheaper than,Chanel,and Im like can that be that good you,know,um then I just decided to order some,stuff online,went to the website looked in the,in the in the section where like you,choose countries I couldnt really,choose UK I they had to show me the,price always in dollars so I ordered in,dollars and I took in the cost for my,order because when youre buying dollars,and then the cards kind of kind of,um added some fees for,um converting from dollar to pound or,pound to dollar anyway so I had extra,fees to pay first of all then I realized,that all the items were coming from,China,um so it took them forever to get here,took them around three weeks to a month,to get here,and then they didnt get hair all at the,same time in the same package everything,was coming in separate packages so I got,like two packages and,things were a bit weird anyway,also,uh yeah also I got like 800 pound worth,of things theyre not that cheap the Cur,the Coats were like 129 150 and I was,like is it really worth it but Im doing,this experiment here to show you what it,is like to shop at Urban review and this,is not sponsored I bought it with my,money so that I can show you so that I,can be honest hundred percent uh when,you are being sponsored by Brands you,have to actually be nice and say all the,right things and you know because youre,paid for that but I am not doing this,for the brand I am not getting paid for,it Im just doing it for myself oh my,God Im just like so loving my face at,the moment Im telling you this glow oh,my God if you have seen my previous,video this is Shanta guy and Ive never,had a look at it like this on camera,of oh that looks so good outside when,Im in the sun it looks so good also but,this is a different kind of glow never,seen this before anyway I love it just,to suppose on my makeup so,back to the subjects so Im bought so,many things let me show you I bought,around 800 pounds of stuff,can you believe that and then when you,hear 800 pounds you think that its,going to be a lot of things trust me it,is not a lot you know yeah two kids and,the rest are just jumpers and lasers but,anyway I made sure to buy stuff that,actually remind me of Chanel because,thats what the influencers were selling,on their videos so thats what I did I,bought stuff that actually look,expensive look like Chanel a little bit,of Tweed and stuff like that and see if,its really looks like Chanel in real,life,and um,so this jacket comes actually,and it came in the first package and I,was happy about it so let me show you,so it is,a nice,jacket a bomber jacket with tweed,doesnt look luxury this looks like,cotton its not tweet its not like,really real Tweed but I like how its,made I like the quality of it and its,quite warm Im telling you I tried it I,wore it it is quite warm and I also I,like how the bomber has this bit of,design it looks like buttons and its,very different from what you see in the,market on the High Street so this is,number one I really love that youve,seen it worn Im gonna maybe insert a,picture of here wearing it I really,really love it thats number one,just gonna put it here,number two,so Im gonna go to this Blazer,Ive got this Blazer online looks really,good Im going to insert a picture of it,online if I find it cute Blazer it its,supposed to be in Tweed or look like,Tweed it is quite noisy,I dont know if you can hear it its a,bit noisy and also looks cheap because,of the,glitter on it or sparkles on it and its,a bit it looks plasticy to me in real,life and this I cant try it for you,guys Im sorry because they sent me the,wrong size,are ordered as they sent me XS so,theres the first thing anyway,I I feel like this one doesnt feel Chic,it doesnt in the touch doesnt feel,like a good quality there are no buttons,but then I can say that the way they sew,it its quite nice,um,like you cant see uh faulty sewing or,you cant see like threats coming out,um I I its its nicely done to a,certain level but then the materials are,not,um that noise for the price that I got,it for,their prices are quite hard Im not,gonna lie,and then they send you in a package that,looks like this you know,um for that price Im expecting a good,package anyway,this one has to go because I dont,really like it next thing lets keep,looking at the Blazers,so next Blazer looks quite cute looks,like a Chanel has the buttons but does,it really feel like I should have oh my,God I have so much glitter on my clothes,see bad quality,so here is another,same feel,same feel to it,it does look cute but definitely the,same feel to it it is,it feels,yeah it feels plasticky feels a bit,cheap quality Im not gonna lie let me,just stand up for you,feels a bit like a cheap quality,uh very thick very thick though padded,inside,um,very cheap quality but you can see here,the details theyre quite cute I like it,I like the buttons they dont look cheap,and also the detail here with the gold,goes all the way I like it it looks cute,but,the feel the feel of the fabric is not,there yet,that is,one also to go back,I dont really,like to spend Im not gonna lie I like,to spend money on,bad quality of fabric,this one is actually nice weekend look,at that,and let me just open it,this one looks really nice oh I like the,fabric of this one its much better it,doesnt have that much glitter so maybe,its the glitter on the other ones that,make it feel plastic you know this is a,cropped jacket I like the way it looks,first you have a bit of velvet here,as you can see this details with the,Velvet looks really good,um,and then the buttons also look like a,good quality,I prefer this one this one the Tweed,feels a bit better,its not the Chanel Tweed but its way,better than what weve seen before the,buttons come and,um you cant close it but you can like I,dont know how you call these buttons,click in buttons I dont know how you,call them I need to Google that one,anyway let me try this this feels a bit,small,quite tight,this actually feels nice so Im not,gonna lie this is something I would wear,I have something pink like this from,mango but it is lets say,maybe Zara quality you know what I mean,well so it doesnt come true to size I,can tell you that it depends on what the,item is uh some look actually,synthesized and some of those are nice,so,that one also done gone and,what else,what else,oh yeah heres another jacket,have a look at this jacket,this is actually very long jacket so my,favorite part from Urban reviva is this,kind of jacket they make it really well,its a bomber jacket with,the color let me close it so that it,looks,put together and you can see what Im,talking about,so this one is also comes oh,so this faux fur collar its removable,you can take it off and then you end up,with no color actually,um but the jacket looks like this,and it has a bit of Tweed here again but,this time its a bit lighter Tweed a bit,of creamy bit of color but then its a,long one which I actually find really,nice I like it I like also the detail,around the Tweed so they have this bit,of small detail as you can see around,the Tweed which is pretty nice this,Fringe or something I dont know what,you call it pretty nice I like this one,too,it feels warm its not very thick its,quite thin,but it feels warm,Im sorry I need to put things back in,there like in their pocket because Im a,neat freak and I cant just be,unorganized and throw i

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Urban Revivo | Try On Haul | Honest Review | Not Sponsored (Vertical Video | Watch Full Screen)

hey guys welcome to my channel as the,title states i will be reviewing some,urban revival clothing,ive seen many youtubers rave how,great this particular brand is and,the quality is outstanding so i wanted,to go ahead and,see for myself,so,this is not sponsored this is my honest,review so i dont have any coupon codes,or,any links for discounts,ive already taken everything out of the,box i find,unboxings to be quite boring to be,honest,so to cut time i just took everything,out,i do want to apologize i had to take my,nail polish off,it was on for like over two weeks and um,my nails need to breathe,i got that yellowing thing going on,so let me take these out of the packet,and uh lets talk about the quality i,dont know what i did with the packet,for this one i took this one out first,because i wanted to see how long it was,and its definitely long for reference i,am,five foot one and change,uh so this is definitely gonna be long,on me which i kind of thought the model,she was probably like five nine so,lets check these out,okay so at a glance everything looks as,advertised and the colors are as vivid,as seen on the website i didnt pick up,too much just because i was afraid if i,didnt like it then id be stuck with,too much clothing so lets start off,with this one,this one is a pretty popular one im,sure you guys have seen it it does have,its matching skirt,which is a bit matchy-matchy for me,personally,these buttons are very blingy im not,sure if the camera is picking that up,but a lot of sparkle going on,first impressions of the material,its thin,its that,snag me type material your jewelry will,get stuck,your nails could get stuck so it is a,little bit on the delicate side but,still very pretty,the second one that i got,i like this one because of the multi,colors,i feel like i can match any shoe any bag,with this,i will say though these,buttons are,quite huge,for my liking but its acceptable,the material is thin as well,snag snag me material,and i didnt expect the multicolored,to be these furry little things that,seems like they just sewn them through,um i guess i really thought this was,going to be like almost like a tweed,material i dont know why i thought that,so if anybody tells you that,the cardigans from urban revival are,just like chanel tweed uh they are not,this third one i got,its a long sleeve these two are short,sleeve,this one,i was excited for because it just looks,so cozy and classy at the same time,the material is also as thin as the as,the rest the holes are a little bit more,closer i guess but still,snaggy material not sure how these are,going to hold up in the wash,so,i guess well see,i picked up this sweater dress on sale,because we are in the summer months and,im not going to be wearing it now but,it will be cute with a pair of boots in,the winter time,the material is sweater-like,in conclusion,these materials arent really nothing to,write home about,but,still very pretty,and,i definitely think that they will,make an outfit look super cute,and finally i picked up a t-shirt i,dont think anybodys ever bought a,t-shirt from urban revival but this just,i didnt look for it this just popped up,and it was on sale and i thought it was,super cute because i have these gucci,shoes that im going to be potentially,wearing them with i will say that the,t-shirt material is not good its a,little bit on the stiff side rougher,side,and it has no stretch so,im going to try these on for you guys,show you some mod shots of how i would,style them so lets get into that,so for this first cardigan im just,styling it with a basic blouse,some jeans,and my jimmy choos,i like that i can,add this to a casual outfit and it adds,something to it,a little bit about me im pretty basic,when it comes to styling my clothing im,usually not running after trends,if i like a trend then ill ill go for,it but for the most part i get clothing,that fits me well and makes me feel,comfortable i did get this in a size,small and i believe i paid about,44 something with a discount that i,found off of someone elses channel so,you can always find discounts on,somebody elses channel reviewing this,clothing,i will say that the fit,is just right,so this next one im pairing it with a,pleather skirt,my classic christian louboutins this,ones probably my favorite its so,comfortable gives a classic look and you,dont have to dress it up i,more than likely im going to be wearing,this with jeans as well i did get an,extra small in this one and the fit is,just right this one i also paid 44.90,with that discount,but,this ones definitely my fave,now this one youll notice that its a,bigger fit on me than the rest,and funny enough this is actually an,extra small its fine i will still be,rocking it i just paired it with a white,skirt and me my jimmies again,and i just noticed that my blingy,buttons are matching my bangs,again this is not a sweater that you,need to dress up just giving options,more than likely i will be wearing jeans,with these,i also paid the 4490 with the discount,on this one,so heres the sweater dress i did pick,this up in an extra small and it fits,just fine,i was a little lazy to look for some,boots but picture this with the right,boots maybe some stockings right now it,is the summer months where i live so i,wont be wearing this,i did find this at a discount i think i,paid like 29 dollars for it,the quality is actually really good from,what i,initially said it does have some weight,to it so its not like a light sweater,dress,situation and this actually does kind of,give me chanel vibes probably because of,this bow,overall i think its very cute,and last but not least the,cherry bomb shirt,it is a little wrinkly right now as i,mentioned before it is on the cheaper,side as far as the material it does feel,stiff theres really no stretch,i went ahead and i paired it with my,gucci cherry sneakers,clearly i have a thing for cherries,thats why i picked it up,this one was on super discount it was,9.99,i picked this up in a size small,im not sure if they had an extra small,if,there was that would be way too small,uh it it is short in length just have it,tucked in,overall,its cute,itll do the job but again,cheap material,final thoughts would i recommend,sure if you can get past some of the,little flaws that i mentioned and,pricing,i believe these are 49.99,[Music],this one i dont remember since i got it,discount over discount not sure if its,still available this one is 14.99 so,definitely a coupon code would help out,and ill link all of these down below in,case you guys are interested in any of,these pieces,i have seen some urban revival,wear go up to extra extra large so they,definitely have sizing options,if youre interested i would say go for,it,would i shop there again yeah if i see,something i like i would definitely pick,it up,personally i dont think these are worth,49.99 but thats just my personal,opinion no regrets in getting any of,these pieces,so i hope my little review has helped,someone out there if i left something,out if you have any questions,comments leave them down below,thumbs it up,subscribe for some good vibes and ill,check you guys in my next one,laters

Urban Revivo – honest reviews (not sponsored)

hello my lovelies welcome back to my,channel,if you are new my name is pk,and as always i love to create content,about shopping,online shopping,great find finding deals and put,together outfits i try on everything and,i let you guys know i give my honest,opinion and my honest reviews,if you havent already subscribe to my,channel please go ahead hit the,subscribe button below,like the video share this video it will,help me so much if you guys do,leave the comments if you have any,questions and if you have any advice or,you want any video requests,feel free to do so,if you are a victim of,social media ads that you browse when,you accidentally stumble across some,online store just such as some store on,instagram or facebook,im the victim of that im one of them,guys youre not alone im a sucker for,this i have been scammed so many times,but,fortunately i discovered several stores,and i it they became my favorite online,store as well,such as shein,cider um i actually saw a revolved ad on,instagram and i,explore i checked them out and theyre,pretty legit so i i ended up bought a,lot of dresses from them she and for,instance i found jin on facebook ads as,well and i you know like i found saffo,which,all those stores guys,i have seen a few couple of other stores,that im still curious about and in the,future i think im going to,shop buy something and im going to make,a video and im going to review them and,let you guys know,i am the person who is willing to take,it for the team and i will let you guys,know recently i came across this store,i have seen the ads pops up,several times when im on instagram,im not sure if you guys familiar with,this store its called urban revival am,i pronouncing it correctly,urban revival okay,so,anywho,after i have become addicted to cider,for quite some time whenever i browse my,instagram feeds,here we go guys urban revival,yes pops up again and again and i have,seen this for weeks then i found their,instagram page and i found their youtube,channel so i follow and then subscribe,to their channel and and all that i,start seeing people,in the us,actually,wearing their clothes and there were,features on their instagram page so i,was like oh they have pretty neat stuff,on there but i,uh i dont know i was skeptical but then,i came across this jacket guys its,really caught my eyes and i was like oh,hello gorgeous wait a minute but i was,like no no thank you i left instagram,and i went on facebook because somebody,tagged me,boom guys urban revival at pops up then,i just click on it,get sucked into it,after an hour and i went through the,rabbit hole,i saw reviews,there are reviews from real people maybe,like five six reviews guys and they,theyre photos of them wearing the,jacket so i start reading the reviews,and,they describe to the details and which i,like when i read reviews i just i dont,like when i see the reviews that oh love,it to die for,so gorgeous and they dont,give me any more details of the,the outfits or the items,the first review was described i hate,the material its heavy and its really,really well made and its soft its you,know like,that the length does fit the size true,to size and im like okay awesome then i,read the next review the ladies she is,actually wearing it and she kind of,styled it in many different ways and she,posted all the the pictures and like,great in the third review the fourth and,the fifth ah positive review,guys,thats it thats it guys i put this,jacket in the shopping cart and all of a,sudden theres another pop-up said sign,up with your email right now you will,get 20,off,if you purchase it today and you sign it,up right now,yes guys i did,i signed up i plugged in my email submit,to the request then i got an email from,them saying here you go 20 off,click on this link and you can continue,shopping and i just went on and on and,on and on guys i got that 20 off,and if you spend a certain amount of,dollars its free shipping im already,on the website so i was like lets check,it out what else do they have and then i,just start to get really really into it,they have the styles is very,simple,but elegant and its very very high,fashion,it has every style if you compare with,the designer i see,very max mara,very,prada i think i have enough tweed in my,closet so i think im good,but i still i in couple of chord sets,the shorts and the blazer and,or vest they are very very cute the,summer dresses are gorgeous as well,and,i bought basics items and i,since i go to work and i need uh to,rotate my outfit every day when i go to,work i start exploring and start looking,at their,basics which they have pretty good,selection as well but first item that i,wanted to show you guys guys its so,beautiful,i got the jacket and everything came,it takes a while but maybe because i,bought it during the holiday week i,bought it a few days before christmas,time,i think it took about two and a half,weeks for the package to get here,this is the jacket im talking about,guys,its so well made,it gives me very luxury design and it,looks,like moto jacket cross with aviator so i,cant really really tell,its like um,like a little like fur hair like like,this but its not super hairy,and the label is it made in china but,its a lot of instruction written in,thai im thai im originated from,thailand i can read and write thai,perfectly,not perfectly but i mean i can read and,write thai and understand hi,perfectly,anyways i got this one in size in a,small,and,sorry im still recovering from the cold,my voice is really really shaky but,i,im fine i can do this guy i can do this,okay,so the jacket it is thick and its,really heavy,and its so squishy and soft and let me,put it on okay,look at that,look at that,its so beautiful,i can dress up i can dress down great,with jeans dress i can wear with,trousers sneakers boots thigh high boots,oh you name it so this is the fit its,kind of like a boxy fit,if i close the button,and it has,pockets look at this guy and look at the,back,i felt like i hit a jackpot because i,was really nervous about this i got an,email confirmation about my order and,once its shipped i got an email but i,was unable to track the package for for,days i started getting really really,worried i still have faith in them i,have been doing this for a long time i i,shop online like randomly from the ads,that pops up,and eventually they turned up i remember,i bought this,sundress that i saw,i was an ad on facebook,and i bought it,i it took them like three months i,already forgot about the dress when it,came and i was like what is this when i,open it i was like the quality was awful,it wasnt even wearable and i ended up,just donating that dress,but with this store i just felt like,i have faith in them and i believe in,them i will get it eventually it might,takes a little longer and once i got it,i am super stoked super happy with it,the next item that i bought guys um im,wearing it right now actually im sure,you guys have seen all over instagram,those girls that wear grandpa vibe,oversized,vest sweater vest over like a dress,shirt and they were like chunky chelsea,rainbow with the platform heels,um,i saw them i thought they were cute but,i follow the trend but i dont follow,the trend you know what i mean um,by saying that means i just follow the,trend to know what is out there what is,really hot whats really cute whats,really in,but i have to make sure that it will,look good on me,it looks good on me it fits me it fits,my style and its not just a fast,fashion that only comes out,one season for only a few months and,then its gone so i have been looking at,those vests i bought one from my,daughter because you know shes 14 and i,have a dress shirt for her shes like oh,mom i love it can you get this for me,yes dear of course and i bought it for,her,she has never worn it,but anywho im rambling too much again,this sweater vest,i love it because its very plain and,its like very simple its not busy,doesnt have prints and the color black,is you know to

Fall Winter Try on Haul 2 – Urban Revivo, Club Monaco, Everlane, J.ING, Yesstyle

hey guys welcome back to another video,today i have another fall winter try on,haul for you guys and ive got some,newer brands and some old favorite,brands of mine so ill be trying on a,lot of knitwear a lot of items from,brands such as urban revival everlaying,jing clemonaco yes style so if you want,to see what i picked up then definitely,keep watching,[Music],first of all guys id just like to thank,all my subbies for helping me hit the 1k,subscriber milestone i know its a tiny,achievement in the grand scheme of,things but honestly im so grateful for,all of you that are watching my silly,videos and appreciate every one of you,so much,so the first brand that i purchased from,is a brand called urban revival and i,feel like they only recently popped up,on the radar and a lot of influencers,are starting to review their items so,they make these almost like very chanel,inspired tweet jackets these tweet items,and my shirts are actually from urban,review i did order a couple of pieces,this pair of shorts for example comes,with a matching tweet jacket which i,order now but they just havent arrived,yet in terms of the quality of these,shorts you can definitely tell that they,are,not,luxury right theyre definitely not,chanel because you can see the shorts,kind of curl up on the side,and the overall look is very chanel,inspired but in terms of the fit its,definitely lacking however the material,for these shorts and as well as these,tweet jackets that i picked up i feel,like theyre definitely on the thicker,end they feel a little bit more weighty,and more substantial,theyve got like for example this,cardigan here has got these fall pearl,trims and these full pearl details and,the details are actually not bad and the,material is quite thick i would say,my honest review of these items would be,that theyre a little bit of a step up,from zara you can tell theyre maybe,like borderline fast fashion and high,street somewhere in between for the,price i mean you can get some really,nice chanel inspired items so let me try,on this cardigan for you guys so this,cardigan actually ordered in an extra,small which i think is my size but they,shipped me a medium,so this is definitely going to be really,large its going to be a little bit of,an oversized look i did contact their,customer service about it and they ended,up sending me a store credit for this,item and just told me to keep this item,so ill share with you guys what the,medium looks like on me okay so this is,the cardigan so of course its,definitely a little bit oversized um i,kind of like the fit i think this is,nice if i just want to look very casual,very relaxed,like i said its got that tweed pattern,and its got the really nice pearl,details,so originally i bought this jacket,because i thought maybe it would work,with these shorts because i dont the,really stiff tweed jackets dont really,look that good on me i thought the,cardigan would be nice but now that i,have both of them i can realize that the,you know the gold hardware on the shorts,definitely do not match the silver and,the pearl from the top so the tweet,jacket that i ordered is going to,complete this set oh and i didnt incur,any customs fees with their orders under,100 usd i would say its a pretty good,budget-friendly chanel dupe if i really,want to dress it up i can and the weird,fit might be because i got it in a size,thats too big what do you guys think do,you think it looks expensive or looks,like zara,so this is the second jacket that i,picked up from urban revival and it is,in this blue and white contrast tweed,and its got these nice gold details on,the buttons so once again the fabric is,very thick very nice very weighty so it,definitely feels more expensive for sure,but if you look closely at some of the,edges of the cardigans for example the,ends here you can kind of see the,scalloping from the buttons and you can,also see that the ends are a little bit,messy and then if you button it up you,can also see that the edges of the,sweaters curl up which is something that,i mentioned in my how to tell if a,clothing looks cheap video so overall my,general consensus for these urban,revival pieces is that its definitely a,hybrid of fast fashion and maybe like a,little bit onto high street in terms of,the aesthetic and the just the chanel,vibes that is giving is kind of carrying,them but in terms of the quality and the,fit i would say theyre just mediocre,and its kind of like on the same level,as zara all right so moving on so the,next piece i picked up is from everlane,and it is this polo cashmere,sweater so im kind of into this whole,polo knitted sweater trend i dont know,i just think it looks very casual but,of course with the cashmere gives it a,little bit more of an elevated look a,little bit more of an elevated feel,you can kind of dress it up and down but,i just thought id give it a try so i,bought this during the everlane sale so,its actually really good price so ill,try it on for you guys so you guys can,see how it looks on me okay so here is,the everlane sweater on me,so,i think this is one of those pieces that,i thought looked better on the model or,i thought would look better,unfortunately its giving me a little,bit too much of like a school uniform,look um and less of a,fashionable vibe but more of like i need,to do my homework kind of thing,i would probably style this maybe with a,y-like trouser or maybe tucked in under,the skirt okay so here is the sweater,tucked in i think it looks a little bit,better this way,overall i think just because of the way,that the shoulders drop down and the,sleeves are a little bit baggy and also,the ends of the sweater its more of an,elastic band so its a little bit,tighter on the ends so just the overall,shape i think it doesnt look that great,on me but tucked in i think i can work,with this its just really more of like,a casual comfortable piece so the next,item i have is from club monaco and i,love this club monocle cow neck cashmere,sweater so i actually love the cashmere,line at klamonoco it feels so soft so,luxurious and this one isnt actually in,a recycled cashmere so its white with,these little patches of blue,incorporated into the fabric and i just,think this cowl neck sweater is just,perfection because it just looks so,elegant with the cowl neck you dont,often see that in a sweater form and,when you put this on it just instantly,polishes instantly elevates your outfit,even though its just a sweater it just,makes you look a lot more put together,so i love this so much but you can even,just throw it on with a pair of jeans,and you just look ready to go i,absolutely love clemonical cashmere,their cashmere line is a little bit more,expensive compared to say arizia or,everlane but i just feel like the,quality is definitely there and this is,something like an investment piece,thats just timeless and you just keep,reaching for over and over again so love,this piece so much so here is the,sweater on and i just absolutely love,the drape of this sweater especially,around the cowl neck you can kind of,change it up a little bit too and make,it however you like it to be i just,really like how polished this sweater,looks and i tucked it in under these wet,like trousers from arizia overall it,just its so comfortable and its just a,staple item i think in any wardrobe okay,so now lets move on to jing,so this sweater if you guys watched my,first fall winter clothing haul you,would know that i ordered this sweater,but it was kind of like back order and,it didnt arrive on time for the haul so,now i can finally show you guys in this,video so this sweater in terms of the,aesthetics i do like it but as you can,tell already in terms of the quality and,the fit its definitely a little bit,lackluster i say that their blouses that,i ordered in the past have been a little,bit better more silky more luxurious,feeling but this is my first time,ordering any sort of knitwear from them,so i wouldnt i dont think i would,order,knitwea

Styling Chanel Inspired Jackets with Urban Revivo

todays video Im doing a very exciting,try on and clothing haul this video is,sponsored by Urban Revival which is a,brand Ive been working with for about a,year now I absolutely love working with,them because they always send me the,most amazing pieces a lot of these,pieces particularly in this collection,are Chanel inspired pieces which is,perfect for the upcoming fall winter,season I am just obsessed when they,first sent me this collection I unboxed,it and I was literally swooning over how,amazing these pieces are they look so,similar to a lot of pieces from various,different Chanel Collections and if,youre someone that doesnt really have,the means to invest in a seven to ten,thousand pound Chanel jacket then this,is the perfect video for you because Im,going to show you some Flawless pieces,which are very much Chanel inspired and,so beautiful if youve been watching me,for a while youll know that Im a very,basic girl this is pretty much my,everyday get up a black T-shirt black,pants and Ill probably throw on some,Chanel belly flat slingbacks or even,like the little kitten heels however I,love to accessorize with either jewelry,or like a really funky or something,avant-garde on top or something exciting,on top because Im always very basic I,love Basics and theres nothing wrong,with liking Basics I love wearing my,core wardrobe collection I think its,the most important thing particularly,when youre petite finding clothes to,fit is actually very hard and,frustrating so this is pretty much my,everyday look however I want to spice it,up with something exciting Im going to,pick out one of these beautiful pieces,Ive honestly had my eye on this piece,ever since they sent it to me and I,think it is stunning its this gorgeous,cropped jacket dont tell me this,doesnt look like Chanel like how insane,is this its beautiful its in this,colorful Tweed and usually Im not a,colorful kind of girl but because this,has black in it as well as a bunch of,other colors it also has this really,gorgeous chain detail gold buttons Im,living for this jacket I also love a,colorless design it makes a thrown over,the shoulder look look so much better I,cant explain it but I feel like jackets,like this look so much better when,theyre thrown over the shoulder,compared to like jackets with collars,this is a uk6 I get the extra small and,honestly I feel like the fit of the,pieces is fantastic compared to a lot of,designer hauls I do I always find myself,feeling happier at the end of urban,Revival hauls because everything fits me,the way I want it to fit me see what I,mean shoulders are in place the sleeve,length is perfect the crop is perfect I,love that it just sits over my butt and,not like completely covered if I wanted,to wear something longer than I could,but I think its a perfect crop length,and it looks really elegant on with the,most simple of outfits I feel like this,could also work really well with jeans,and like a white T-shirt Urban Revival,is a very affordable brand I definitely,would recommend you guys checking them,out if you havent done so already,because this is a very classic me look I,do want to try on other pieces with this,particular look because like I said I,like Basics I want to be able to build,upon Basics not have to think about what,I should pair with my outer piece my,outer piece has to always be the star,piece of a look so they also have some,really cute cardigans and these are also,very much Chanel inspired so this is,what the little cardigan looks like on,I think its so adorable I love that,its not a thick knit its in this like,stretchy kind of material its not like,heavy knit and its not like something,which is going to keep me super warm,because obviously I live in Dubai I,dont want to be wearing a thick knit,every day to be honest even though its,freezing inside I feel like this is,perfect it does the job my arms are,covered my bodys covered I feel like,Im going to be warm in this but not,overheating I love these Cardigans,theyre very very much Chanel inspired,and Ive honestly been put off buying,Chanel ready to I recently prices are,honestly just ridiculous for what they,are like a lot of Chanel piece I bought,in the past are so basic so overpriced,thats a cute dog,doing office Vibes I would definitely,want this to work,I love the Pearl bottom detailing as,well it just adds a little something,extra to this cute little navy blue,cardigan okay my current go-to look,baggy jeans Air Force Ones tank top,and these really cool shades Im just,kind of obsessed with lets spice it up,this is a little bit of like a 90s look,almost I mean the pants are as low as,Im gonna wear them Im not gonna wear,them any lower and usually Im not a fan,of like low weighted pants because Im,small I feel like it just makes me look,even smaller even though the jeans are,like bunched up and like this whole,outfit should be considered wrong for,some of my height I dont care and,thats one thing Ive learned with,fashion is that you should just not care,because there are no rules there really,arent any rules so if someone tells you,you look bad be like cool Im like,really with fashion you just wear what,you feel like wearing and thats kind of,what Ive learned to do on a daily basis,and I feel like this is just one look,Ive always been wanting to try out,because it its just been all over my,Pinterest like whenever I type in Chanel,jackets someone is always wearing a long,line Chanel jacket with like baggy jeans,a tank top a t-shirt my hair is not,giving yeah what I mean its like this,look its like the undone I just,strolled out of bed but Im wearing like,a ten thousand pound,Chanel jacket just enough wire like if,you know you know throw it over the,shoulder of course or you could wear,this with a hoodie underneath love a,hoodie underneath the jacket lets do a,pop of color because why not there is a,little bit of color on this jacket Im,not sure if you guys can see it is this,beautiful black with blue yellow red,kind of like tinsel interwoven into the,Tweed its stunning it has silver,Hardware with silver buttons and Im,just obsessed I love this I think its,such a perfect look and I love that its,long line so this actually covers my bar,and it kind of goes with this look I,mean the proportions youd think theyre,all off I mean a short crop t-shirt low,waisted bunched up jeans,Air Force Ones Im just making myself,look shorter at this point its almost,like a dress coat on me,but I dont care I dont know what do,you guys think are you here for this,look or are you not here for this look,these yellow glasses are just me right,now Ive decided to put on my favorite,new gold Valentino chunky platform,sandals I love this look as a whole its,just so simple its so clean kind of,grungy I know its not really elegant,because my jeans are ripped Im wearing,like a tank top I look kind of like,Ive just thrown some random things on,my closet however to pull this look all,together Im so excited about this,little cropped gold frayed tweed jacket,this is like the chefs kiss to this,look this is everything I wanted it to,look like and more like in my head I was,like hoping this would look like this,and it actually does ignore the fact,that the jeans are slightly ill-fitting,but how beautiful is this jacket this is,in like a gold Tweed Im obsessed with,The Frayed detailing its very very,Chanel and I love that the color is so,neutral but it also has like pops of,different other colors in it,and I think it works really well,together with the,gold heels,do we dare with a gold Bottega,yeah this is so cute I think this is,potentially my favorite piece I say this,in every video all these pieces are like,my favorite pieces but this one has to,be my favorite right now I didnt,actually pre-style these pieces before I,did this video I thought I would just,play around because I always end up,having so much fun playing around with,these pieces because once I try them on,and see how they look,then I kind of get inspiration

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