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  4. V Rising Review – Over Hyped or Brilliant Game?
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V Rising First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

v rising is a brand new isometric,multiplayer vampire survival rpg with a,non-fixed camera thats recently,released on steam early access in this,game youll create your own vampire,freshly awakened from the crypt then,hunt down victims to regain your,strength as you progress youll build a,giant castle enslave humans with high,quality blood that you can then siphon,from them for buffs craft powerful,equipment and hunt down bosses to,extract knowledge of new abilities and,blueprints as a vampire your biggest,weakness is the sunlight standing in the,sun during daytime will see you burned,to a crisp within seconds so youll need,to confine your movements to the shadows,if you want to navigate the world during,the daytime v-rising currently comes,with four different game modes pve three,to four player pvp duo pvp and full loot,pvp in this video ill be giving you my,first impressions of the game from the,point of view of a mostly solo pve,player pros and cons list at the end of,the video but first sponsor bloodline,heroes of lithas the brand new strategic,card based rpg and hero collector thats,just launched on android and ios as of,june 23rd 2022 as you can see from the,visuals this is one of the few mobile,games of this genre that actually has a,traditional western fantasy theme with,realistic 3d graphics where not only can,you collect champions and build your,kingdom but youre also able to create,half blood heirs for your houses by,merging the powers of various bloodlines,such as orcs elves lichens and demons if,youve ever been curious what itd be,like to interbreed various fantasy,creatures then this game lets you,explore that when it comes to gameplay,bloodline heroes of lithus is exactly,the type of mobile game that i,personally like to play vertical screen,display so i can whip it out on the go,relaxing strategic gameplay thats about,positioning your heroes and building,complementary teams as well as afk,progression and gacha collection over a,long period of time,collect legendary heroes join a guild,progress through the pve campaign whilst,earning afk rewards every time you log,in take on guild bosses reach the,highest level of the spire of champions,test your strongest teams against other,players in the arena manage your kingdom,build your economy interrogate dungeon,captives until they fight for your,kingdom and create powerful offspring by,emerging bloodlines of powerful fantasy,races these are just some of the things,you can do in this brand new unique rpg,so click the link in the description,below to play bloodlines heroes of,lithus now and use code,bldhol1 to start your adventure with,twenty dollars worth of free rewards,download now,v rising vampire survival sandbags sand,backs sandbags multiplayer vampire,survival sandbox v rising multiplayer,vampire survival sandbox ive never been,a big fan of vampires but this games,from stun lock studios the creators of,battle right so hopefully the games,pretty fun well go to online play im,gonna choose pve servers because i dont,want to get ganked in full loot pvp and,comfy pve yeah that sounds like a good,one to learn the game decent connection,lets jump into it character,customization choice of male and female,as well as a whole spectrum of skin,colors eye color thats the most,important one few different hair options,lets go with,this one yes i want my vampire to have a,big beard accessories you can have,different glasses or big ears character,name peon and were straight into the,game so this is one of those isometric,games where you can actually move the,camera move around with w a s and d,spacebar kind of blinked me forward,testing testing so middle mouse button,activates push to talk jump down shift,hold to drag this is another player im,dragging whatever it is its going to,take a bit of getting used to your,character faces whatever direction the,mouse is in so we smash up the,environment and we can collect bones,left the crypt and now were outside you,can whack trees as well okay it seems,like you can whack everything [ __ ] it,just destroy the whole place so now ive,unlocked crafting a bone sword this game,seems really cool so far the gameplay is,buttery smooth straight away decent,audio visual feedback from the combat,try this ability big damage im not,seeing any weight limit in this game if,thats the case then im happy about,that oh wait im standing in sunlight,can i eat rats okay eat the rat [ __ ],delicious i leave this gate and i can,choose to start from the westwoods or,the eastwards lets go with the east,this is the world map it seems pretty,big oh whats this looks like a boss,its got a skull next to its name and in,mmos that means its very strong how,strong is it,too strong i was hitting ones on that,tree and definitely,need to get away from that oh i see so,different weapons have different uses,for example chopping trees with the axes,seems to be better whereas if you smash,rocks with the mace thats better for,gathering stone makes sense but you can,also do it with swords if you want to as,well so this is the point where i need,to start building if im going to build,my home base i should probably head,towards the center of the map a little,bit more its going to be a pain if my,house is here and then im exploring all,up here these are like vampire hunters,or something thief poacher we dont want,to go near them stay in the shadows i,think this area here looks like a brick,[ __ ] hell what scared me as a boss i,was about to say its a good place for a,base,maybe not that could have been the end,of me the sun is rising day 63 oh my god,the suns just rose and,i am not where i want to be at all oh,theres a boss there the suns out and,theres poachers around what do i do,what am i gonna do being a vampire in,the daytime is not easy oh god theres a,whole squad of hunters here pain the sun,is changing the location of the shade as,well good thing i collected all of this,wood ive almost got everything i need,to make my castle already brilliant so,now i can build a coffin now if i die i,can respawn here ill put the sawmill,right here who has a sawmill in that,house,me apparently bear oh level 18. its,just an animal maybe i can kite it come,on any little [ __ ] dodge surprise,[ __ ] sun is rising oh no sorry,mr bear this morning im gonna have to,say uh farewell got myself a new set of,gear now were looking a bit more,menacing so far im having a really good,time with this game ive just hit the,hour mark with my play time and the,early sense of progression has been,really enjoyable saying that though that,is usually how things go with survival,games early sense of progression super,strong but as you get further into the,game it typically becomes more and more,grindy so i guess well see how long,this game remains fun but so far so good,so ive just constructed the blood altar,hunts powerful blood characters drink,their blood and claim their power and,knowledge for your own they give,different structure recipes various,different powers this alpha wolf gives,me a power that allows me to turn into a,swift creature okay lets track the,blood of the alpha wolf its night time,im level 20 just upgraded all of my,stuff lets get out there and go hunt i,see so oh thats an alpha wolf level 16.,okay lets go this seems like a little,boss all of his attacks seem to be,dodgeable hes my skill shot,this is cool come on finish him there is,hold to extract blood and were going to,take his power new blood unlocked alpha,wolf yo,okay now we can travel throughout the,world much easier what is this leader,the chaos archer that seems like a boss,one two three shots of the arrow,oh,no,yeah,oi oh,dude these buses are no joke oh god im,just gonna [ __ ] i dont know if im,gonna die to the sunlight or to her give,me some shadow please shadows,oh no oh no oh oh my god im getting,scorched alive im just gonna [ __ ],die,the moon is rising thank you moon i was,so close to dying its actually almost,dead,hold to extract blood go,thats my bl

V Rising Early Access Review

this,was ours,we ruled this land,we found remember when count dracula,spent several sleepless nights,deforesting an entire hillside so he,could manufacture industrial quantities,of wooden planks to build his castle,yeah i dont either but in v rising,thats a big part of your vampire,lifestyle luckily its also got some,fast and exciting arpg combat to make up,for that thematic weirdness even fresh,into early access the variety of enemy,types to discover and challenging bosses,to face off against are ultimately worth,the drudgery of grinding for resources,starving,[Music],until now,as a newly resurrected vampire coming,into a world where humans have mostly,chased your kind into the shadows this,mashup of diablo and ark survival,evolved doesnt waste a lot of time on,storytelling the descriptions for its,varied bosses give some sense of how the,world is put together but theres not,really a plot to follow you build the,blood altar you get a list of special,enemies you need to kill to unlock new,abilities and better technologies and,youre off on the hunt this doesnt,bother me too much but i do occasionally,find myself wondering what my ultimate,goal is supposed to be part of that is,because a lot of v rising feels kind of,like a slog,gathering resources is slow going and,refining them at crafting stations takes,even longer thankfully if youre playing,solo you can set up a world where trees,and or veins yield more resources and,refining goes much faster this is,probably the only way to make the,experience tolerable if you dont have a,vampire clan to help with all of the,crafting chores,[Music],and even then theres a lot of waiting,around for ore to smelt or boards to be,milled you can go do other things while,this is happening but progression is,hard locked behind crafting recipes that,require these refined materials so,theres not much meaningful to do in the,meantime there arent even experience,points all of your power is tied to,crafted gear so youre mostly restricted,to gathering more materials im no,stranger to survival crafting games i,have hundreds of hours happily sunk into,valheim ark the forest subnautica and,factorio in fact you can go check out my,ign reviews of all of them if you want,to compare its just that none of these,tasks feel like very vampirey activities,you know i can understand having to mill,planks to build a house if im a naked,guy who woke up on a dinosaur island but,here it just doesnt quite fit with the,fantasy at some point i found myself,asking why i as a vampire with my own,castle wouldnt simply have minions to,do my wood chopping for me and it turns,out eventually you can charm npcs and,make them work for you just very slowly,the missions you send them on can take,up to a whole day in real time to,complete which is a bit steep and if you,have an offline save that timer is only,active when youre actually playing so,unless you set up a dedicated server or,leave the client running around the,clock those can take an absurd amount of,time still it was nice to eventually be,able to delegate a lot of the grunt work,playing on public servers allows you to,team up with other vampires and engage,in pvp including sieging enemy castles,on some server types but that introduces,its own set of problems for example i,picked a lower population server on the,second day of early access and found,that even there basically all of the,good castle spots were already taken,i had to go to a higher level area where,the enemies could almost one-shot me to,build my home base other players castles,can also block off convenient shortcuts,making the world harder to get around,and worst of all if there are like,50 gothic vampire fortresses in this one,little forest mine doesnt feel very,special its less of a living dark,fantasy world and more of a spooky,suburb at that point all of that being,said the combat is pretty good the broad,array of flashy fun and deadly active,abilities to unlock allow for some,awesome builds i particularly liked the,blood tree which focuses on healing,yourself throughout battle the one thing,that bugs me is that theres no mana bar,or anything like that so all of your,active abilities are on fairly long,cooldowns instead,this can lead to moments of,powerlessness if everything is on,cooldown at the same time which happens,to me a lot and i miss the in-combat,resource management and builder spender,abilities of more traditional arpgs in,those moments at least giving me more,than one use of my dash before i have to,wait several seconds or basing movement,powers on a stamina system maybe would,have been great,[Music],the bosses are really challenging and,well-designed encounters though theyre,definitely the highlight of v rising,from zealous human hunters to creepy,necromancers no two feel alike in,fighting style or personality which,really keeps things interesting and,served as a strong motivation for me to,see what else they could throw my way it,took me over 80 hours to take down all,35 of the main baddies in my solo file,and the later ones can be cleverly and,mercilessly difficult which is only a,good thing in my eyes while i might not,exactly feel like a badass vampire when,im running around doing chores the,survival mechanics do a good job of,making up for this there is a full day,night cycle and standing in the sun will,start to drain your health rather,quickly after a short grace period,[Music],moving about by day is still fully,possible if youre careful thanks to the,fact that anything that casts a shadow,in the environment can serve as a safe,spot thats a really cool touch shadows,even shift throughout the day so noon is,a more dangerous time to be outside than,dawn or dusk,[Music],keeping your blood supply topped up is,also appropriately essential as its,your main way of healing outside of,combat taking enough damage will,eventually reduce not just your current,health but your maximum health and,digesting blood is the only way to,restore it whats even better is that,the blood type of the last enemy you fed,on temporarily gives you a character,class which comes with handy bonuses,like increased critical chance for,rogues or damage resistance for brutes,how much of a bonus is based on the,blood quality of your victim which is,semi-randomized and encourages you to,seek out particularly tasty prey i,enjoyed how this system let me customize,my fighting style on the fly and,encouraged me to act like a discerning,hunter,customizing your personal castle is a,lot of fun too with tons of functional,and cosmetic items to unlock from eerie,floating candelabras to a hungry,treasure chest that recycles unwanted,items into their component materials you,do have to continue feeding your castle,blood essence to keep it active which,comes from just about any enemy you kill,this isnt much of an issue in an,offline game since essence will only be,consumed when youre playing and you can,save up several real world days worth so,youre unlikely to ever run out but on a,public or a dedicated server if you,dont log in at least once or twice a,week to top it off you will eventually,lose your spot so its kind of a needy,game,i really like the art direction overall,its a bit stylized and cartoony but not,in a way that detracts from the horror,aspects whether im exploring a misty,haunted forest slashing my way through a,skeleton-infested graveyard or sneaking,into a pastoral human village bundled,head-to-toe in rags yeah this isnt,suspicious at all everything is very,readable and eye-catching its never a,pain to figure out whats going on in,combat and the environment artists have,made great use of color to create a,range of moods and vibes this is only,helped by the soundtrack which does,generally fit what id call,stereotypical vampire music all mournful,strings and melodramatic piano melodies,but its executed well,[Music],while its time-consuming crafting,aspects can take the bite out of the,vampire fantasy v rising really does,rise to the occasion wit

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Кровавый приподнялся. Обзор V Rising.

вот такую,теперь ты по уши,ну вот это был,всем привет вы на канале касла games и,давненько мы с вами не слышались и я рад,вновь выходить на связь не ради того,чтобы рассказать какое же адское [ __ ],происходит в игровой индустрии а,поверьте делим а там с горочкой но,рассказать я сегодня хочу ни о нем а,оперой zen без преувеличения he те,последнего месяца эта игра уже сожрала у,меня больше сотни часов моей жизни и я,уверен заживет еще больше потому что,замок свой достроить надо чтоб,красивенько было и потому что это только,ранний доступ но не пугайтесь это ранний,доступ в таком виде в котором он должен,быть они какие-то обрезки механик,замешанные в куче дымящегося,недоделанного кода контента кот наплакал,и все прочее что вы привыкли видеть в,ранний доступ ах еще is sitting,подкупает лично меня довольно редко,выходит что-то годное про вампиров,казалось бы какая нафиг разница какой,setting вы животе но это комбинация,придает изюминки редко используемый,setting с выживал кой я вот больше ни,одной подобной игры вспомнить сходу не,могу если она вообще есть выживать про,вампиров да еще и механики используемый,в игровом процессе не самые обычные для,выживать и вид сверху смешанная система,прогрессии то есть у тебя не только есть,шмотки и лут хоть этой основная часть,новые прогресс твоего персонажа причем,это не прямое увеличение характеристик,потому что прокачка такого формата есть,и в архив conon exiles а тут это,получение новых способностей причем,получаешь ты их охотясь на и литников,очень интересная система крови которая,по факту определяет твое поведение в бою,вместе с клипом и выбранными,способностями формируя некое подобие,класса да и редко встретишь игру в,которой и ввп экшон круто интересно,вроде как более или менее сбалансирована,и в твоей есть чем заняться причем,настолько есть чем заняться что когда я,писал сценарий,есть чем заняться я написал капсом,но чад я уже долго чего-то тут,рассказываю а к делу мы еще так и не,перешли непорядок отвлечемся быстренько,на нашего сегодняшнего спонсора и,погнали кто бы как не относился к,линейке однако трудно спорить с тем что,это легендарная мрп в которую до сих пор,влюбленны многие геймеры и игра не,осталось где-то там далеко на задворках,истории она продолжает развиваться и по,сей день сейчас можно поиграть в,историческую моху в самой ее социальной,и хардкорной версии длинный g2 legacy,весной игра стала бесплатной больше,никакой подписки не требуется по этому,поводу даже открыли новый сервер валакас,до официальный русскоязычный сервер еще,и накатили вторую часть обновления к,сола файз с ежедневными квестами,коллекциями и многим-многим другим,включая замок монарха льда в котором,игроки сражаются с клаки сам хозяином,твердыни ну и конечно же никуда не,делась старая добрая зубодробительной,pvp со сражениями за самые сладкие forms,под и и рейдовых боссов ссылочка на,линейдж 2 legacy в описании там еще и,бонусы прилагаются так что если хочется,вернуться если хочется ворваться как в,старые-добрые или впервые опробовать вы,знаете куда наводить свои курсоры,начнем с понимания что же такое этот ваш,мир ayting grazing это изометрический,мультиплеерный выживать с открытым миром,самый ближайший его родственники не по,игровому процессу но по общей структуре,происходящего это конан экзайлес йорк,есть открытая карта на ней играют,несколько десятков игроков максимум,онлайна устанавливается везде разным но,в среднем это от сорока до семидесяти,человек поверьте этого вполне достаточно,для того чтобы устроить на карте адскую,кровавую баню в пвп только поначалу карт,окажется огромный но постепенно ты,открываешь новые способы передвижения и,понимаешь что добраться куда угодно,достаточно легко и пересечься с другими,игроками тоже довольно просто можно,играть на выделенном сервере своем можно,кастовать самостоятельно на своем пк и,это не будет так кастрирована как варки,например где ты не можешь отойти от,хоста дальше чем определенное расстояние,и есть твой с сервера пвп сервера и пвп,с полным лутом то есть выпадает все твой,и квип не только твое ресурсов в то,время как на обычном pvp только на фарм,ли на это что лежит у тебя в инвентаре,так вот пвп с полным лутом это что-то,для абсолютно адских хардкорщиков потому,что в why разин gi kraft и починкой,кировке это очень дорого я не говорю о,каких-то начальных этапах а где-то к,середине прогресса а тем более к финалу,потерять всю экипировку верой zengi это,далеко не то же самое что просрать,например клёвый лут варки обидно но вам,ничего страшного здесь тебе понадобится,фармить с большой буквы f чтобы вновь,создать то что у тебя было я посмотрел,на все это как все это за баланса на и,по итогу решил играть на закрытом сервер,и потому что хотелось какого-то,спокойного опыта начинается все с,коротенького ролика в котором тебе,объясняют небольшой и почти что,единственный кусок лора жили были,вампиры руль или ночью и владели землями,человеке восстали призвали свет на свою,сторону и корова сиси были загнаны под,усыпальницу но теперь вампиры,возвращаются и вновь начинают свою охоту,ты один из этих вампиров пробужденные в,гробнице самого начала у тебя есть,автоатаки когтями и две способности,убиваешь скелетиков крафть ешь начальную,кедровку и выходишь под открытое небо,где сталкиваешься с первыми двумя,необычными механиками во первых чтобы,существовать вампиру нужна кровь и она,постепенно заканчивается казалось бы,ничего необычного типичная выживали,ческая механика голода но кровь дает,бафы и баффи эти зависят от того какую,кровь какого типа кровь точнее ты пьешь,какого она качества поподробнее о ней,чуть позже расскажу главное запомнить,одну простую народную мудрость которая в,райзен ги актуально как никогда ты это,то что ты ешь а во-вторых ты встречаешь,механику солнце справа сверху можно,заметить идущие часы и вот там где,светлый сегмент там наступает день и,выглядывают солнышко как же она жарит,жопу вампиру а,потом тебя начинает натуральный,испепелять до позже ты можешь увеличить,сопротивление шмотками зельями бафами но,поначалу это такая засада и как же это,круто сбалансированная на мой взгляд,механика солнце очень сильная однако,везде есть какие-то укрытия тени о чик,навесик ты можешь спрятаться за тенью,которая отбрасывает камень например и в,чем казалось бы тогда интерес,передвигаешься перебежками и всё дело в,шляпе суть в том что почти всё что,укрывает тебя ненавистного солнца кроме,зданий огромных гор она разрушаемое,легко разрушаемое как твоими атаками,способностями так и атаками врагов плюс,пока ты не мега прокачен сражение,заставляют тебя быть мобильным и,постоянно двигаться потому что много,лучников чуваков что поджигают землю,кастует какие-то столбы света и так,далее и так далее и вот представь себе,сражение в котором ты бьешься с,четырьмя-пятью врагами тебе постоянно,приходится бегать уклоняться блокировать,атаки и при этом в то же время постоянно,следить за тенью потому что мимо вашей,поляны на которые вы сражаетесь может,проплывать облака и ты сможешь,воспользоваться случаем пробежать через,созданную облаком тени и ворваться в,лучника устранив угрозу для себя или,бывает ты бежишь клинику чтобы вот не,сгореть насмерть iv в последнюю секунду,дерево которое это тень отбрасывала,срубают и тебя зажаривает как курочку,гриль и как обычно чем сильнее враг тем,больше у него так по площади больше,урона а значит он проще ломает окружении,что делает днем подобного врага в разы,опасней в результате получается такая,ситуация что днем ты прям ощущаешь,угрозу но не настолько большую чтобы,вообще сидеть дома и не вылазить никуда,своего замка если тебе там надо что-то,собрать или найти под фармить ты можешь,выйти однако если есть возможность,позаниматься чем-то дома спешить некуда,то игрок чаще предпочтет по дома,хозяйствовать вот ты построил первый,свой небольшой замок привык потихонечку,к тому что происходит и дальнейший,прогресс лично я довольно условно но тем,не менее делю на три составляющие фарм,ресурсов и построение базы поиск хороший,кровушки и охота на элитных врагов,начнём с после

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V Rising Review – Over Hyped or Brilliant Game?

v rising is it worth a bye lets read,the words the words,of the developer,awaken as a vampire hunt for blood and,nearby settlements to regain your,strength and evade the scorching sun to,survive raise your castle and thrive in,an ever-changing open world full of,mystery gain allies online and conquer,the land of the living,im gonna jump into the game live and do,most of this review live but at the,minute i just want to kind of set that,up uh with a bit of an overview of what,this game is its one of the best games,ive played in a long long time,certainly one of the best games ive,played this year i mean the bars been,really low um but you know and i know i,havent played elden ring yet oh god cry,your eyes out more you know but i will,be doing that later on but um yeah its,the bar is is pretty low for gaming at,the minute but this is way better than i,would say the vast majority of games,thats come out this year um its its,really really good what it looks like,the developers have done with this is,take the good bits out of a lot of games,spanning over the last 10 years or so i,mean theres bits from valheim you can,see you can see definite valheim,influences here you can see definite,rust influences many many other,good games you can just see the,influence but they havent just copied,and pasted theyve added their own take,on a lot of that stuff as well and,improvised with things and made the game,really enjoyable ive been playing it,for two and a half days now and im,nowhere near where i should be ive had,a solo a lot of it because of im on at,a different time with most people on the,server so ive had a i have done a lot,of co-op as well but its been a mixture,of co-op and uh solo you can also play,this in pvp which is what ill be doing,next and ill be doing a video on that,um so its solo pvp and pve with up to,four players now its an open world game,you play a vampire you have to build up,a castle and youve got to progress up,through the ranks now i say ranks,theres no xp and levels as such you get,a gear score so basically the better,gear you have the higher your gear score,is going to be which will allow you to,take out the one of the many bosses in,this i think theres over 30 bosses in,this game and you can only take out the,bosses within your gear score so to,speak you track them down with the blood,you can smell them,now im going to pop into the game now,then ill give you a brief over overlay,of the game and im going to show you,some of the mechanics how the combat,works and everything so ill dive over,now and start playing so here we are,guys were in my castle at the minute,im just gonna wake up from my,coffin,and uh there i am in all my uh,yeah,um,theres casas coffin and this coffin,belongs to a servant um but somebody,some poor innocent little guy was,walking past me castle i mesmerized him,in and uh took control of him and turned,him into one of my minions you might see,him oh there he is hi malto thats in,there,so this is the lobby area theres not i,havent started in here yet but this is,the main part and if you notice the,clock at the top there,its daytime you can see it going around,its coming up to the when it gets to 7,p.m and youre looking at nighttime so,the castle,has a heart which is in here youve got,to keep that filled with blood,uh you can see the blood in there the,castle will start to decay if its not,and here im not going to go through,them while youve got your,chest youve got a lumbar milk like,sawmill crafting bench research tannery,mike you said you werent going to go,through them all work work benchmark,actually woodworking bench can i yeah uh,just a hundred crossbow i just wondered,if theres anything kind of new in that,a blood press,furnace a grinder and a place where you,make rats because you eat rats when,youre outside if you run out of blood,now if you look down the bottom here,this is me blood pool,now its said it says the quality is at,47,thats because i,ate the neck of a rogue who had 47 blood,every single person in the game mpc when,you mouse over them will give a,percentage of how pure their blood is,now,this is a great thing about the game if,theres many different types theres,warriors rogues creatures scholars all,kinds of stuff out there and when you,bite into them and feed off them you,obviously youre drinking their blood,and so you get whatever traits they have,so for example ive got um 47 which is,not great but its its you know its 47,so i get 10 20 chance of critical strike,on weapon attacks and 8 to 15 movement,speed but obviously youre after that,100 to fill them all up but thats no,not too bad a 47 percent rogue,and the blood drains down all the time,when it gets to the bottom youre gonna,start taking just damage for being out,of blood um so you have to keep filling,that up by feeding on people,um youve got your hotbar here and these,are your abilities now your abilities,ill just show you these these are split,into all these different groups and as,you take down bosses you will get,abilities off them um magic is the main,thing in this game about the fighting um,but you do have a sword so you know i,can do sort of spinny whirlwind attacks,and just basic slash attacks like that,but your main stuff is yeah,your well your magic like that and,uh,ive got a couple of them i can also go,under here and i can transform into a,wolf which is what i spend most of my,time at anyway to be honest um so you,want to be heading out and doing stuff,now im going to show you the open world,map,this is the area that ive been covering,at the minute but you can see how much,more of the world is out there now if,you if i zoom in because its fully open,world you can see theres these shaded,areas thats a banded copper mine you,can see the loot that you can get off it,you can also send your minions out that,youve taken control on looting,expeditions as well um so thats really,handy so you can see the different,things out there wolf dens graveyards,and if i go to,the,blood altar,you will see the bosses these are the,things that you can go after so theres,all of them in the game in early access,but only these ones here im able to go,and attack with my current gear score,ive taken down all the ones that are,shown up there im up to clive the fire,starter whos a level 30. so if i click,track blood,youll see theres the blurred line see,that thats me,self sniffing the blood it comes on,about every 30 seconds so i know hes in,that direction there which is,oh hes not that far actually,he might be in that bandit camp im,gonna put it actually i dont need to,ill just follow the blood follow the,blood and as it would happen its time,to go out anyway so hes over that way,so,hes uh,yeah well go have a look for this guy,um i wont have time to take him out in,the in the video but um well see where,we are so im going out now its still,um its still sunlight outside it hasnt,quite dinged so ill show you what,happens if you stand in the sun,no i want the moons just roasted so,see the paths here these are great these,paths link all of the the world together,and you have random patrols for example,they are poachers now if they ran across,some undead like skeletons thered be a,fight um ill show you some footage in a,second in fact ill show you some,footage right now ive made taking out a,boss thats being casted out of the boss,last night by luring the boss to another,boss and the bosses started to fight,each other and we just kind of sat in,the shadows waiting for the right time,to attack and then we dived in so the,whole worlds hostile to each other as,well,so im thats a castle,getting built by another player on the,server its still at the wooden stage at,the minute,uh but its uh it is actually over here,now,these are all minerals that you can um,so for example if i switch to me me miss,and thats copper,stone,uh trays you know you can just chop a,tree down if you need wood,so its all its all survivally its all,a very survivally open world,uh game theres

WTF is… V Rising | And is it Any Good?

so Halloween just came and went and to,celebrate the pumpkin season I felt like,playing something a little bit different,something that I wouldnt really,normally play and I landed on a game,called V Rising which recently came out,of its Early Access development period,on Steam and in this video Im going to,be answering two very important,questions what the fudge is the rising,and more importantly is it any good,well I went into this game a bit blind,because I didnt really know what it was,about I checked out a couple of,screenshots and briefly read about the,game on the store Page and then just,jumped in to figure things out on my own,but I quickly and rather disappointingly,discovered that the V in V Rising,doesnt stand for vagina so guys let me,just tell you right now you can put,aside any hopes of seeing any huge,benevolent rising up and flying,around the map causing all sorts of,Mischief but you shouldnt let that,little caveat take away from what is,otherwise and actually really fun game,no the V in V Rising actually stands for,vampire which if you think about it is a,lot more fitting for a game where you,play as a vampire you can suck people,though you know because vampires suck,blood but well cover the usefulness of,sucking people later in the video now,this game is an isometric role-playing,game where you play as a vampire,starting out with little to no skills no,decent weapons and nothing but a few,bones and a pile of live rats in your,pockets to get you started and from,there youve got to somehow grab,yourself some land Harvest a ton of,resources to build up a massive,multi-story Castle complete with coffins,servants and production machinery and,then level up your gear to take on the,most difficult bosses the world has to,offer in intense and punishing combat,but when I say the combats intense and,punishing its not quite Dark Souls,level though each boss will probably,kill you at least once before you learn,their moves but it does still feel,intuitive and accessible even for people,like me who arent really that used to,playing this kind of game,now as a vampire its important that you,always carry sunscreen but even then,youre still gonna need to stick to the,Shadows during the day because if you,find yourself caught outside in direct,sunlight during the dynamic day and,night cycle youll just set on fire and,start taking massive burn damage and it,doesnt take long to die from it,depending on the resistance your gear,gives you towards direct sunlight a bit,like me when I go out in a t-shirt in,the summer just without the added risk,of melanoma,now you can play it Solo in your own,world or in multiplayer by joining a PVE,or PVP server depending on what sort of,experience youre looking for if you,decide to play in your own world you can,either play it completely on your Billy,Lonesome or invite some friends to tag,along and obviously if youre playing it,solo then being hunted killed and looted,by other players isnt going to be a,problem unless your house is filled with,ghosts if you play it on a PVE server,like I chose to do then youre thrown,into a world with other players where,PVP and looting downed players is,disabled unless otherwise stated in the,server settings which you can see before,joining a server from the server list,finally the PVP servers as you might,expect allow pretty much anything with,full player Slaughter clan wars and,Castle destruction permitted no matter,which way you decide to play it though I,just think that having this many options,is pretty impressive for a game that,costs less than a couple of Big Macs and,a McFlurry and I should know because I,just had one anyway remember that world,I mentioned less than 10 seconds ago you,know you probably dont because no one,ever listens to me but its huge like,really really big thats what she said,and its all created using an awesome,blend of low poly but highly detailed,Graphics similar to something like,valheim that mixes smooth textures and a,soft color palette that exudes magical,goodness and makes you want to rub the,grass and lick all the rocks and,Shrubbery which is good since youre,forced to play it from a top-down view,where youre hovering above your dudes,head controlling his every move with a,push of a finger so having good looking,scenery to look at is pretty much a,necessity and they did a good job,pulling it off now the map itself is,divided into different areas biomes if,you will and each area has its own,unique set of resources that are spread,out between loads of different Bandit,camps and graveyards and other areas,which are filled with roaming trash mobs,that individually arent overly,difficult to take down unless you get,swarmed unexpectedly from behind and,something I really appreciate is that,you can see all of the loot dropped by,the mobs in each area once youve,discovered it so you can easily figure,out where you need to go to get the,resources you need like paper and,Whetstone before youre able to them,yourself in your Castle now that castle,building thing was one of the biggest,parts of the game I was confused about,when I first started out but it turns,out its actually quite straightforward,but really really fun to do basically on,the map theres a lot of flat mostly,empty areas that can be used to build,your own fort youll start out with a,simple altar surrounded by a bunch of,crappy wooden walls and then by,gathering resources and following a,steady supply of missions that help you,progress in the right direction,basically all throughout the game which,is really nice and before long youll be,upgrading your fort into a vampiric,looking Castle complete with huge stone,walls glamorous Mosaic windows and your,very own Stone coffin to call home the,plots of land you can build on can be,expanded by upgrading your altar which,acts as kind of like the heart of your,castle and it needs to be fueled with,blood to keep your walls and all your,buildings from decaying thankfully,bloods easy to come by though so it,doesnt take more than a few minutes to,kill enough people and gather enough,blood to keep your Castle warm and,toasty for five days or more,of the biggest reasons you need a castle,in the first place though is to house,all the different machines and factories,you need in order to upgrade your gear,your gear level is basically your,character level that is to say theyre,basically one in the same thing so when,you just start out your gear level is,low and most mobs you encounter even,simple bears and wolves will be quite,challenging because youre mostly naked,and the weapons you do have have the,attack strength of a stronger than,average twig but as you start Gathering,stuff and you build yourself a crafting,table you can create better and better,stuff going from wood and cloth to,Copper to iron and so on basically you,upgrade your character level by,upgrading that gear and youll see an,increase in your gear level each time,you equip a better weapon or piece of,armor or when you suck the high quality,blood of a passerby but well talk more,about sucking stuff in just a second the,different types of gear you can get,follows a pretty standard recipe for,this sort of game including chests legs,gloves cloaks helmets and whichever,weapon or weapons you choose to carry,like a sword a mace jewelry wheeled axes,a spear a crossbow and so on but it,feels like theres a lot of variety and,choice when it comes to the amount of,different gear that you can find and,craft not to mention the amount of,different crafting ingredients you need,to keep track of and keep organized,using an ever-expanding collection of,chests anyway back to sucking you can,suck stuff in the rising as weve,already established more specifically,you can suck people but just like with,the vagina thing at the start of the,video I caution you from getting too,excited right away because the sucking,is restricted to sucking the blood out,of enemies to refill your own blood,supply without which youll die

A Glorious Video about V Rising

hey guys welcome to v rising the new,vampire video game this video is,sponsored by verizon you can buy it on,steam for only 19.99 currently i am,making my guy all right hes perfect now,to just give him a cool intimidating,vampire,name yes professor anton evil scary at,your service now the way this game works,is you get dropped into the world and,you can just kind of do whatever you,want from there you can fight creature,and you can drink their blood for,sustenance you can break rock to get,stoned you can chop down tree to get,wood timber,but what im most excited about is the,fact that you can build your own little,vampire house wherever you want now its,time to find myself some real estate oh,look a mugger he thinks he can defeat a,vamp oh the sun its hurting oh my god i,hate the sun i have to stay in the shade,if the sunlight graces my flawless,purple skin ill die of death oh not the,sun not the sun the sun is stupid im,just trying to fight this tree man in,peace and the suns trying to,its stupid at least i can use my,vampire powers to heal myself at least,oh my god the sun no all right for real,though we gotta find a place to put our,house down okay it looks like if i go,out here to the left i think that might,be what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] the sun,man why do vampires have to take damage,from the sun its not fair morbius never,took damage from the sun oh wait a,second i think this is uh yeah yeah look,its peoples houses you can see it on,the map oh my god real gamers live here,like me hello there is anybody home,oh god oh the sun stop it i hate the sun,dude everyones built their houses,everywhere theres no real estate its,okay though cause ill plop down my,house right in the middle of these woods,next to that their bear see you later,son i wont miss you welcome to the,birthplace of our dynasty let me just,expand these borders a bit need a little,room for my activities all right yeah,this is uh its looking pretty good so,far kinda mr bear i love you but if you,could just just please just just get,just just a little bit out of the oh god,die bear,die,face my vampire powers,die,die now give me your blood your bare,blood is mine now i have a right to it,according to the second amendment i have,to drink from your bicep though you know,i think this house is looking pretty,good i mean the suns back which sucks,but at least now i have a house to,shelter myself in,my house has no roof ill have to work,on that now aside from building a house,we have to kill these people to gain,their vampire powers looks like were,going to start with rufus the foreman,his form and blood will showeth me the,way all right rufus the foreman prepare,to face my i should not have done this,during the day rufus deforming prepare,to face my vampire wrath,no youre looking a little dead prepare,to die rufus if that is your real name,wouldnt be the first thing he lied,about foreman please theres only one of,them now rufus please do us all a favor,and change your name to us and after,that please get killed by me and give me,your rufus blood oh my god,no way,hes summoning his rooflings to come,help ho ho rufus you think you have,strength in numbers do ya do you,honestly believe that i cant easily,defeat multiple enemies at once okay so,after some serious consideration ive,determined that i should retreat oh and,then ill have room to activate my,vampire healing,how are you gonna be the guy with the,powers of vampire he cant believe you,can die in this game very disappointed,in the developers for this just a,complete oversight how could they let,this happen well rufus you better watch,out cause im coming back the roofinator,is once again on your trail yeah back in,high school they used to call me the,roofinator because i used to kill people,named rufus it was kind of my thing i,guess old habits die hard hey rooster oh,[ __ ] so after some more serious,consideration ive determined that a,tactical retreat is in fact the best,decision i could possibly make here and,now ill once again activate my healing,powers,oh what the [ __ ] who the hell are you as,if some low-level enemy could kill me,who do you think you are rufus die,oh [ __ ] whered he go,[Music],okay third times the charm though,listen up rufus ive had just about,enough of fighting the same boss over,and over again a million times okay ive,had enough of it and i wont have it any,longer i just need to circle him i just,gotta dodge his attacks and hit him when,i can its simple you know what i think,im beginning to understand his,movements a little better i think im,doing it i just need to kill his,rooflings whenever i get an opportunity,and then when hes all alone i will show,him the meaning of pain yes this is,going wonderfully rufuss roof blood,will be mined soon enough nothing can,stop me now,what do you mean the suns rising what,the hell dude i thought this game was,called v rising not sunrising okay so i,i fear i may have made a tactical,mistake it probably would have been a,better idea for me to end this fight,before the sun came up,oh my god who the hell is that oh [ __ ],its another player fun fact this game,has proximity voice chat let us destroy,him together,take that as a yes i cant believe it,after all my training i forgot about a,vampires true power,friendship lets kick his ass,and now i take his blood for my own,yes rufuss blood is mine blood type or,rudeness i didnt even know that was,possible thanks for kicking his ass with,me,[Music],ah home sweet home after a long hard,battle its nice to its nice to come,back to my epic home and hide in the,shade okay now it looks like i need to,construct and interact with a research,desk,i need more planks oh i got to use the,sawmill,in broad daylight,okay,okay i can make it here i go oh [ __ ] up,hood,i can make it i can make it,thats the worst vampire death died,because he had to use the sawmill i just,had to use the [ __ ] sawmill all right,bro leave me alone okay so i killed,rufus the foreskin and i gained power,from his blood there it is power,installed next up gotta kill alpha wolf,well well well another liar alpha wolf,hes completely opaque for this lie i,must obliterate you,yeah,yes,yes wolf blood the perfect drink,and now i can do this,now thats [ __ ] cool humble requests,for people to make videos where they,photoshop me turning into a wolf please,[Music],with the powers of the wolf i can go,faster mode,oh [ __ ] look its the next guy just try,to [ __ ] catch me you stupid idiots,im [ __ ] wolfo mode dude youll never,catch me ever just give up idiots look,at me,okay so that didnt really work but its,fine cause im back,oh god damn it alright dont worry,though the sun means nothing to me ive,unlocked the ancient art of daytime,vampire combat its all about staying in,this very narrow corridor of shade and,slapping people who get too close very,good source of cardio okay i found the,best spot for a vampire to fight someone,during the day,inside let me go get her attention real,quick,hey peter youre looking a little hot,blooded no youre looking a little hot,blooded,oh keely you fool you think this tent is,your ally please you merely adopted the,tent i was born in it right in that,corner over there they locked me in that,chest if i cried too loud three minutes,in the ring keely just you and me may,the stronger gamer win hey what the [ __ ],fellas,in my tent,no way i cant believe shed summoned,the fella stellar fight i thought this,was a sacred one-on-one tent battle one,of the classic sacred one-on-one tent,battles that vampires are known so well,for but i guess ill just have to end,this right now instead give me your,delicious delicious blood,yes ive done it ive won the battle i,am the supreme vampire youre all very,welcome that you got to witness such,skill with your mortal eyes,oh wait theres still a guy all right,dont worry hell never be able to fear,not the eight foot tall man with the,very large sword fear the one inch tall,man with the very tiny knife that man is,a f

V Rising’s Tragic Death…

V Rising is a game that released May 17,2022. only six months ago from when,making this video this game was,lit okay let me let me tell you some,things about the rising this was a,vampire survival crafting game that took,ideas from so many different games Im,talking valheim Im talking Rost Im,talking Minecraft and on top of it they,added the most unique camera perspective,you could have for a survival game this,was a really fun ass game man especially,with friends and even though there,arguably are some problems with the late,game grind there is a plethora of,content to explore PVP and PVE both,supported over 45 bosses to fight the,game is is guaranteed 65 70 plus hours,of content and while you may be,satisfied with that and you may say why,why is this video even being made then,game currently has 3 500 players,actively on Steam and that might be,confusing for a game that is genuinely a,solid 8 out of 10 experience uh an indie,game and its only twenty dollars weve,seen other survival games that arent,even single player strive way better,than this in this game that has,multiplayer Concepts is more dead than,any of them so lets talk about the,downfall of V Rising,[Music],let me repeat again that this game is,good as it has very positive,reviews on Steam almost everyone who,plays it enjoys the game its not hard,to run its really really a fun unique,Survival game however the game failed to,execute one of its most important parts,of the game correctly and thats the,multiplayer its not ridiculous to,suggest that Verizon could have been a,only PVE game and would have still been,just as successful and it feels like,they made a PVE game first and then kind,of threw the PVP on top of it for the,Mass Appeal you see Envy ryzen because,of the excessive grind there is,definitely a massive power Gap that is,is pretty hard to get past Id relate,this closer to the power gap of Arc the,alphas on your server the alphas that,are super strong are almost unbeatable,and the game gives you the tools to be,unbeatable see Envy Rising you and your,clan can acquire Soul shards you see,Soul shards are Buffs that you can get,from killing the hardest bosses in the,game now theres three shards and,theres only one on each server but,guess who owns those three shards the,strongest person on the server,let me give you some of the statistics,for what these shards do Soul Shard of,the Behemoth increases movement speed by,5 and grants 20 increased resource yield,okay thats absolutely huge now youre,farming faster than anybody else in the,game Soul Shard of the winged horror,increases silver and Fire Resistance by,50. spell Power by 10 in critical spells,strike rate by five percent Soul Shard,of the Solaris increases Sun resistance,primary attack speed and physical power,literally making you just hit harder and,faster you see if youre going up,against someone with all three shards,its unlikely that youre ever going to,be able to beat them now the goal of the,game is to go after the shards you know,its you can see where the shards are on,the map allowing you to go attack the,people who own them but the actual,chances that you raid them successfully,and take the shards is not happening,this is a problem thats unique to,Survival PVP games many games have ways,of solving this power issue mostly by,wiping your server every couple weeks,but other games really dont and that is,frustrating for most players you have to,understand that not everyone has a ton,of time in the grind they set for this,game was simply too much and it was too,fast people got strong way too quickly,and took over everyone way too fast this,was the first issue with v Rising the,PVP is arguably not even the worst part,of this games downfall the developers,truly led to this games demise,CV rising at one point had a hundred,fifty thousand people actively playing,it on Steam that is a really good Peak,for a game thats only twenty dollars,that came out of nowhere and is an indie,game youre looking at pretty good,numbers from the start as of today in,early December there has not been an,update for Verizon in a month there has,not been One V Rising content update not,one the game has been out for six months,and we have not seen a drop of content,now you might be okay with this you,might be like okay theyre taking a,while but not any content at all all,theyve been doing is dropping a candy,little patch notes and not even often,the last patch was literally more than,30 days ago and the last pack before,that was another 30 days theyve dropped,us a DLC Furniture pack last month that,was it absolutely unacceptable from a,game that has literally still so much,going for it I talked about valheim on,my channel the other day and how they,took a while to get content out this,game is taking even longer,theyve given us some insights into what,the future looks like but they have not,given us any time of dates any type of,idea on when we could be looking forward,to this content leaving V Rising the,same game that it was when it launched,this is sad this game has awesome,weapons awesome spells and awesome,designs yeah we get nothing new with it,weve been using the same content that,weve been using since launch and that,gets bored this game has amazing spells,and weapons and yet theyve added,nothing new no new Mobs no new bosses,theres so much that you can tag on to,the end of the late game grind that,would just make the game more fun these,two things together have directly led to,the risings low player count and likely,its death if you look at the discussion,Pages under their posts you can see that,people are so mad Im glad I refunded,this game no new content since release,and these updates are just bug fixes and,minor additions pretty disappointing so,far any news about content updates let,us know please stop being silent about,that they have literally dropped nothing,did these developers really just drop an,indie project called it early access got,some hype got some money and then run I,almost feel as if Early Access,developers should be obligated when,theyre using a platform like steam to,sell their game to actually develop,their game to a complete State because,the fact that people can just kind of,make a a pretty solid game called Early,Access say that theres going to be a,ton more coming out and then just run,away with it and then you know you get,it maybe in 10 years I dont think its,fair that is the reason V Rising has,fallen I absolutely loved this,game when I played it oh my God it was,so fun to play with friends what a good,experience and theres so much potential,still there is but I do not see the,developers fulfilling in I think its,safe to say this game is a lost cause,overall so I hope you enjoyed this video,if you did make sure to like comment and,subscribe down below let me know what,you think of the rising without further,Ado guys Im treylo Ill see you in the,next one peace out

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