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[Music],okay welcome today were gonna be going,over Vaders streams which is a paid IPT,service but those of you who are getting,tired of finding the IPT services on,cody and not being able to stream live,TV like I said once again this is a paid,service this is also a build made by,Vader you can use your own build or you,can use their build,its totally up to you and you can also,add and take away things from the build,as well but what Im going to be going,over today is the IPT service so right,away as you launch it you could tell it,completely like your cable you get a TV,Guide and everything so we you can go to,your view options and you can select all,channels channels from Canada US UK or,premium movies lets go ahead and select,all channels alright by selecting all,channels now everything comes up I have,over a hundred and eighty channels that,I have access to now so NBC golf is on,right now lets lets check them out and,just like that it comes up and I tell,you that I think I can count on maybe,one finger how many times this dropped,out on me but they also do have great,customer service so once you if,something drops out on you and its not,working you can just email them and,theyll go ahead and put their team on,it or however their they work it out and,get it fixed before you favorite TV show,first 48 cant get mad at that and like,I said there you go so you you have its,just streaming you can even do it like,if you have a remote for your device for,you to fire stick or fire TV users or,Android box users you can bring the menu,up and you can use it just like that,and you can just go through the go,through the channels is like you would,as if you were watching them TV oh there,we go have all your sports on here and,everything else so its a pretty good,service Im not not too upset with it,but like I said they just the way the,build is it has the IPT service on here,but for those who still like to you know,go through exodus for your movies or,whatever once again your Exodus and all,your other stuff is still on here we all,know how that works and then you know,you still watch your TV shows has,everything else that the regular cody,has you have a music you can put your,own add-ons on here,whatever it is that you want to do they,have a one for stand-up comedy for those,who are in today and then you have your,favorite you can save your own apps on,here and then taping the favorites you,can put your information in for where,you are and look at the weather and to,bring up the weather in the area that,youre at you can only stream two,devices at a time for live TV but you,got the sports replays and so on and so,forth so the easiest way to hook up with,the guys from Vader streams I was told,to go on Twitter and contact the guy I,just typed in Vader streams and it comes,right up I just shot him with a message,and he told me how to access an account,you cant even log into Vader until you,get an account a name and password and,all that good stuff but I will say as of,right now it is completely worth it you,have an option to pay by month by three,months by six months a year as of right,now Im only doing the month,subscription just to see if its,something that Im gonna use or in the,meantime Im still going through other,apps free IPTV just to see if you know,if one comes out that might be better,thats free but for $15 a month you,really cant this comes right up,and thats that so there you go right,here Vedas dreams Ill put in the upper,right-hand corner right now the address,for those of you who do not know how to,install also later upload a video of how,to install it and thats about it,[Music]

How to install Vader Streams (IPTV) on Firestick 2019 Tutorial

alright guys I went ahead and,uninstalled beta streams to show you,guys how simple it is to install this,onto your fire stick so the first thing,that you want to do is go to settings,and go to my fire TV developer options,and you want to make sure that the app,from unknown sources is on,then you want to go back to the home,screen and go to the search button and,search for the app downloader,you,so I already have it installed but what,you want to do is quite an install,so in here you want to type an HTTP,colon forward slash forward slash beta,stream TV slash beta streams apk you,want to make sure that it is typed in,correctly or will not work so lets go,ahead and type this in V a de r s dot,t– v /v a de r s dot apk,you want to go ahead and click go and,this will start downloading the file,itll take about a minute or so so Im,gonna go ahead and push pause Ill be,back once this is done downloading so,Ill be right back,okay guys so were back so you want to,do now is click install,and once the app is installed click open,and click allow,so now you can login using the login,from Vader streams they will email you,this information so check your inbox or,spam because you do not want to lose,this information Im gonna go ahead and,type this in and Ill be right back,okay so there we go its authentic in my,account and there you have it guys its,that simple,so if you guys have any questions leave,them in the comments below and Ill be,getting to those as soon as I can and,Ill be providing any answers that I may,have so Im give it a try if you guys,like it already Im suggesting you guys,get the 12-month subscription since its,the cheapest for the price and if you,guys just want to give it a quick trial,Im recommending you guys get the one,month subscription its only about,fifteen to sixteen dollars and dont,forget guys this is not just for the,fire stick you can also get this on to,your web browser login and login just,like you do for Netflix you can also use,this for other streaming devices so,thats it guys if you guys liked the,video go ahead and subscribe and share,and well be back with more videos soon,thank you

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WTF Happened to Vader Streams?

[Music],[Music],you,[Music],what to do what to do what to do,everyone this is the digital TV so shoot,to channel my name is Eric yes Eric aka,the digital TV geek and I normally dont,make these types of videos but its been,a lot going on behind the scenes with,IBT services and applications and so,forth so I want to touch upon it today,there will be no video review today I,just want to put this one out here today,while things the dust settles of source,up behind the scenes lets touch on the,first one in hand Veda streams appears,to be down-and-outs from what Ive heard,from several sources they have received,a cease and a cease and exist letter as,I said basically from the feds stop the,[ __ ] and slap them on the hands for you,be fined and jail and all that good,stuff so so its really real serious,with that aspect of it theyre not the,first world nor will they be the last,receiving a letter about infractions,upon putting up content and I believe it,has a lot to do with video on demand so,a lot of services Im sure you were,seeing the near future if not sooner we,begin a getting read a lot of their VOD,stuff which is I guess in a sense a good,thing for saying from one they continue,your service and your livelihood of,sorts I guess that would be a good,reason to also if youre paying,attention as well the bigger,corporations companies out there the,Disneys the Netflix and ABCs and and,so on and so on 18 Ts and so who I mean,I couldnt even a lot of others off the,top of my head or I cant right now,but there are jumping into the streaming,genre arena and of course since theyre,big big companies you know big bank take,little bank so theyre going to knock,all the competition out like what we see,now and we continue to see because,theyre making room for their services,so which we will be seeing in the next,few months next few years and so on and,so forth this is a good thing its a bad,thing,of course not but it is what it is and,of course we will find a way for us core,cutters to find a alternative way to get,that streaming at a very discounted,price because thats what we do were,finding ways to cut the core without,coming out of our pockets with a lot of,money on our keys cable and satellite,companies want us to but anyway,also ES File Explorer has been taken,down off the Google Play Store because,theyre double dipping and posting ads,and spying on and so forth so theyre,taking down I mean again is a lot of,stuff going on behind the scenes that,makes you scratch your head and people,saying well theres ret TV legal of,course it is but at the same time again,you have these bigger corporations want,to take the smaller guys down so youre,gonna see a lot of things in the near,future weeks months to come years to,come about that unfortunately Im gonna,continue giving you guys the best,content I can on ways to cut the cord,I might have to restructure the way I,percent content to you but bear with me,guys I will continue to bring it to you,one way to other also give you a little,peek behind the curtain as well Im,working on putting together a website so,hopefully but for the next 30 days or so,Ill have a website where you guys can,come to look at various IPT services,with all the prying eyes other content,to look at hopefully I could pin that to,you rather sooner than later stay tuned,for that okay what else what else what,else is going on and its also yes I,also had to take down a few videos this,morning to I was walking my phone this,morning doing taking on the videos other,so I had to take down several several,videos so if you dont see them up up on,the digital TV story to page you know I,had to be taken down because again a lot,of these companies are a little scared,and rightfully so about getting their,livelihood taken away and sorry quite,understand so I took them down with no,trepidation whatsoever on my behalf so,but again guys we will find a way to,survive,hold your horses exhale well be okay,okay well ride it through like we did,it do everything else with it with this,capable alternative streaming finding,way to stream our content thats where,we can without paying all the big money,that they want us to um I guess thats,it for now Im not gonna rant and go on,about this any further if you have any,questions or comments please or you can,elaborate a little bit more please leave,down below in the video description of,this video,I really appreciate each and every one,of my subscribers looking forward to,expanding this and Im showing you some,more alternatives for cutting the cable,yeah definitely cutting the cable,alright guys you guys take care of each,other,nothing me ranting on next time you see,a video it would be me showing you,something something good right,alrighty guys until next time later ah,oh yeah before I go remember to like,comment and share and hit this Bell icon,by getting notified every time a new,nose,upstreaming,you

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hey whats up yall should may have,Bobby Washington listen Im actually in,the car driving making this video no Im,not at the wheel as you can see cej my,wife is driving so you aint got to,worry about us but I had to pull over,and let her drive because I put a,message on facebook about cheap TV I,asked the question how many people are,paying $39.99 for three thousand,channels like HBO pay-per-view and,Showtime if youre not then put I want,cheap TV and because of the overwhelming,response I said we pull over and make,this video now to explain to everybody,Im gonna inbox you guys personally this,video because I dont I dont want to be,able to have everybody waiting for me to,call this to me people call at the same,time but my number is always available,for you to call me but I want to make,this video to break this thing down to,show you how it works inside and out,with the free TV the first thing I want,to do is break down the legality issues,of this no this is not Cody so no this,is not any torrent so this is not an,illegal businesses or a legitimate,company who has an aggregation deal,their aggregate errs with cable,companies and theyre able to resell,cable TV for a lower price the same as,MetroPCS is under t-mobile and they can,sell the same service Im using the same,tiles at a cheaper prices with this,company is so right now youre coming in,at the ground floor this company is,brand-new and we have two different,options one is to be a customer and only,paying $39 and youre getting three,thousand channels and the second option,is to be a business owner or partner,like me and get the same TV channels,three thousand channels but the,opportunity to make residual income,every month from customers who paid $39,a month so theyre sharing the pie and,theyre getting you getting theyre,getting the chance that they want HBO,cinemax pay-per-view but not so right,now Im on the league at legality page,which is at the very bottom of the,website so you go to the very bottom,youll see the legality page you can,read through it and find out why its,legal for us to have live TV now we,dont have on-demand,kody and stuff like that theyre pretty,much on demand I mean they took out the,commercials and its just theyre,sitting like waiting for you to watch it,its old,programming and thats illegal because,your copyright infringement on somebody,elses recording recorded on the man,program so thats why we dont do that,its all live TV every channel all the,games all the fights Mayweather fight,UFC fights everything you can imagine we,watch and Im gonna go to that in a,second and show you my channels and,basically I want you to let you know,that with the 39.99 youre getting two,connections that means you can watch it,on any device it could be a smart TV it,can be a cell phone it can be a tablet,it can be a computer as long as it has,internet access youre able to get,online Im gonna get online right now,using my browser and log in and watch TV,right in front of you,were going to go through these channels,together but its two devices for $39 we,do have other packages I believe four,devices is like fifty one dollars thats,for different people using it whether,youre in the same house or whether two,people in New York and two more in my am,using the same login information it,doesnt matter as long as its only you,know two devices or four devices we have,a six device packages well just like,sixteen three six three dollars okay so,you cant beat the pricing you cant,beat the programming and Im gonna just,dive right into it and show you the,difference okay so basically were on,the front page of this and you cant,just go to the page and join if you see,IX q TV and thing you can go there and,watch TV you cant you have to be,invited into this company which I love,so it avoids people going around the,person who told them about it alright so,basically what you want to do is uh the,setup page is here you come to the front,you get your login if youre if youre a,business owner you press login right,here if youre a business owner if you,just want to know how to set up your,live TV you press setup so you press,setup here and they show you a page that,has all the different setups your,computer setup here how to do it on,computer and step-by-step how to put it,on a fire stick if you want to put our,live TV on a fire stick not Cody but our,live TV which is legal on a fire stick,these are the steps one through seven,steps if you want to put it on an,Android phone or tablet theres a half,in the app store they walk you through,the steps right here one two or three,steps or you can use the browser like,Im about to,to you the browser I love the browser,better its fast for me to get to it and,it seems to work a whole lot faster and,better with when Im outside driving and,not connected to Wi-Fi alright so right,here you have Android boxes so you can,have a box and put our program our app,on that box and you can plug into your,television now you got our live TV on,your television getting rid of cable TV,or you can connect your phone to your,television or your computer television,via chromecast any kind of mirroring,device to plug it to the television or,computer up will work okay hope Im not,talking too fast which is still down a,little bit but Im trying to get,everything in and we have the Apple,devices the iPhone we have a way to do,it on there as well and all these are,just different setups okay so now that,you know you have the setup option right,there right in front of you you dont,need anyone to do it for you you can,walk yourself through it to watch TV on,what to join all you do is press,subscribe press subscribe now right,there and you have two different options,the first option right here is to watch,TV three thousand channels plus live,channels to the six times and is login,an email of support okay for $39 right,you can sign up as a customer here okay,or you can pick the bottom one which is,$59 and GoPro and youll earn as much as,25 $20 weekly fast start bonus for the,referral for getting people to sign up,and youll earn up to $15 each person,every month so if you got 100 people,times 15 thats fifteen hundred bucks a,month why you sleeping while theyre,watching cable television all right so,its a great opportunity its brand new,its always good to be on top of these,programs and dont wait to in okay so if,you want to be a business owner make,some money and watch TV do what I did,pay 20 bucks more cuz its $39 for just,watching TV,20 bucks mortgage in the business and,watching TV to me it makes more sense,okay this is a monthly its a monthly,thing but youre gonna make the money,because people are watching TV like,crazy okay they want to get rid of the,cable they want to cut the cord alright,so basically if you sign up as a,customer here Im gonna try that one,first you see that they have the,information here two simultaneous logins,for $39 for logins $51 at me,you can have two people on two computers,in different rooms you can have somebody,on the TV in the outside in the living,room somebody maybe in the backyard on,their laptop and I mean four devices up,here you got dining you got six devices,for $60 a month just go backwards one,all right so now this order the business,we tried Pro today same thing applies to,connections plus youre a business owner,for $59 for $69 you got four connections,I dont need four connections I have two,kids but my son is only two years old my,daughter she pretty much tears on her,own phone and she has thats her device,and my wife and I normally watch the,same programming together right so she,my daughter has one connection we have,the second connection so my son is too,young to watch anything maybe when it,gets older we may step up to the the,four device okay so thats pretty much,that is now the six devices at seven,dollars a month and you get you get the,same money as far as residuals here and,all this stuff is still here okay so,thats basically what you want to do so,lets go

Vader Stream (IPTV) on Firestick and APP Installation 2019

hey guys you here with gizmos and,gadgets from HQ premium so how many of,you guys are paying way too much for,your cable service they give your,lemonade shows in sports and basically,forced you to pay extra for the TV shows,and sports channels you really want to,watch Im here to introduce you guys to,video streams IPTV for practically one,month payment of cable you can get off,for a year with video streams you can,get multi subscriptions or your list,descriptions other information is going,to be in the description below also you,can go ahead and click on the link below,and there we directed to various streams,IPTV and you guys can see their monthly,plans your yearly plans that they have,set up so with various streams you get,your favorite networks TV shows regional,channels sports pay-per-view events and,your movies on demand today Ill be,showing you guys a demo of Vater streams,IPTV so you guys can see how well it,works and hopefully itll be on a,journey for many of you like it has been,for me on cutting off that monthly cable,bill towards the end of the video I will,also be showing you guys how to install,this app on your fire stick so lets go,ahead and get this started so I start it,starts off by saying its fetching an,EPG and live TV data so basically what,its doing there its getting all of the,TV content from all the countries around,the world are available on this,streaming IPTV service so you want to go,ahead and wait till it says it has,completed before you go ahead and,proceed or else you will be missing some,stuff if you go ahead and act before and,there we go a completed fetching good so,lets go ahead and start by going into,the TV Guide so lets go ahead and look,into all these categories so basically,you get IPTV from all around the world,you have unlimited number of countries,also you get your sports movies your,regional channels 24 hour TV shows for,kids your TV shows that you want to see,music videos so lets go ahead and give,you another state region or try so I,come in here Im located in Los Angeles,I want to click that and there you go,guys you get your ABC Los Angeles HD TV,live,very clear picture very clear sound it,works great so lets go ahead and go,back and lets go to another category,lets do the United States so this gives,you all your other actual cable networks,a and E you got Animal Planet the T CBS,comedy central you get it off so you,come in here you pick any and you can,tell your guide is on the left hand on,the right hand side here so you want to,go ahead and it lets you know whats on,TV at that time so listen the Discovery,Channel and the list goes on and on we,can come in here all your sports just if,you like watching sports channels you,want to go watch you have your ESPN or,sports click on your sports just R,youre gonna find all your ESPN BTB in,sports all those sports channels all in,here so right click on any one of these,you get your sports channels HD hit the,back button scroll further down here you,go your SportsCenter ESPN San Diego so,lets go on to the next category over,here on the left-hand side another menu,so when you go to your live TV up here,it basically gives you the same thing as,a TV Guide except it gives you,categories on the left-hand side here,and then it lets you choose your,networks it doesnt actually tell you,whats on TV at that very moment but it,works just the same so this is,Nickelodeon Im guessing yes for espanol,so its for Spanish so you go guys lets,go ahead and go into the TV catch up,okay so if you guys miss anything you,guys missed the show you forget to hit,record obviously with this you cant hit,record but they pre they record all the,stuff for you so if you come in here,listen you missed,nice show I dont know whats one,annoying TV shows you come in here and,you want to go ahead and go to the,network select the day and here you go,guys Eyewitness News you mentioned it,was last night,you come in here you can watch the news,from last night,so my favorite from all these things,over here is the match Center the match,10 is going to show you everything that,is playing right now at this very moment,everything thats gonna come up so you,dont miss any game this is where youre,gonna find your pay-per-view events your,UFC all that stuff its all gonna be,here so you want to come in here and,youre gonna watch your NBA basketball,NBA basketball I know theres somebody,playing right now oh yeah here we go,Clippers doing i watch the Clippers you,come in here oh this game is actually,ended so lets go ahead and click,something else here we go lets do some,hockey like its on a break or something,going on your butt Oh,steroids how do I miss that one so,sometimes it gives you different sources,you know you want to watch it off the,NBA TV the one here I click that and,there you go guys,you get it all in here so last but not,least its the videos on demand,so heres we gonna catch all your movies,your TV shows on demand so you can,filter out by the title you can filter,by the rating you can filter out by the,year it all comes up right here your,movies your TV shows you can watch the,recently added so lets go ahead and,wait a minute for this thing to load up,real quick so all the TV show lets go,to movies,and here we go so you guys can come in,here and search for a movie you guys can,do by year so lets do something 2017,hes you know Im 47 meters down hit,play 40 centimeters down you hit play,and there we go guys you get your movies,started off just like that you want to,go ahead and fast-forward no problem go,ahead and fast-forward and it really,picks up that quick guys scene with the,TV shows coming here lets see whats,good right here,lets do American creed go ahead and,select your seasons season six episode,one and there you go guys there you have,it so thats basically all the rest to,this guys its very simple very,straightforward you basically get,everything you could ever ask for with,cable and much more alright guys so I,went ahead and uninstalled beta streams,to show you guys how simple it is to,install this onto your fire stick so the,first thing that you want to do is go to,settings and go to my fire TV developer,options and you want to make sure that,the app from unknown sources is on,then you want to go back to the home,screen and go to the search button and,search for the app downloader,you,so I already have it installed but what,you want to do is quite an install,so in here you want to type an HTTP,colon forward slash forward slash beta,stream TV slash beta streams apk you,want to make sure that it is typed in,correctly or will not work so lets go,ahead and type this in V a de AR s dot,t– v /v a de AR s the APK,you wanna go ahead and click go and this,will start downloading the file itll,take about a minute or so so Im gonna,go ahead and push pause Ill be back,once this is done downloading so Ill be,right back,okay guys so were back so you want to,do now is click install,and once the app is installed click open,and click allow,so now you can login using the login,from Vader streams they will email you,this information so check your inbox or,spam because you do not want to lose,this information Im gonna go ahead and,type this in and Ill be right back,okay so there we go its authentic in my,account and there you have it guys its,that simple,so if you guys have any questions leave,them in the comments below and Ill be,getting to those as soon as I can and,Ill be providing any answers that I may,have so Im give it a try if you guys,like it already Im suggesting you guys,get the 12-month subscription since its,the cheapest for the price and if you,guys just want to give it a quick trial,Im recommending you guys get the one,month subscription its only about,fifteen to sixteen dollars and dont,forget guys this is not just for the,fire stick you can also get this on to,your web browser login and login just,like you do for Netflix you can also use,this for other streaming devices,so thats it guys if you

Vader Stream Alternatives

hey hey everybody I apologize for the,little bit of delay Ive been,experiencing uploading new content to,you but hopefully Ill make up for today,here I have a few will not do me a few i,PT services I want you to look at since,theyve extremes as that thing has gone,down excuse me these are replacement of,sorts some of them I have looked at,before in the past and others I have not,but stay tuned well do a quick look and,review of these few IP to services I,have in store for you,[Music],[Music],[Music],hello guys looking for reliable IPT,service with minimal to no downtime that,cable/satellite feel without the high,prices and that long commitment of both,great customer service,phenomenal live TV channel liner for the,entire family along with video on-demand,movies and TV shows as well well look no,further,logic streams TV guys for less than,dinner at your local family restaurant,you know your family can enjoy countless,hours of watch TV movies and your,favorite news and sporting events,compatible on several platforms and,devices as well including iOS Android,Mac Windows and Smart TV as well,[Music],start today by using discount code,digital TV and take five dollars off,your monthly bill what you sitting there,waiting for guys,logic stream TV the right choice an IPTV,a rattle rattle right okay guys here we,have obey stream obey TV screen excuse,me,here on the website I leave all the,information down below this is where,youll get your 24 hour trial twenty,dollars a month three devices,simultaneously and you can download it,as well from the Google Play Store in,the Apple Store as well,theres only a few devices of your,liking so check that out,secondly we have IPTV ology yes $14.99 a,month gives you access to their a live,TV content and it will take a quick look,at that service as well 24 for two,connections and three connections for,$33.99 alright and last but not least,shout out to an oldie but goodie the,players club they were on the web page,again Ill leave all the information,down below $8 get you set up and one,extra connection there will be seven,dollars extra yes,dont kill the message guys Im just,bringing bringing you some content I,think you would like so do with do with,it as you please,alright guys enough with the website Im,information Im gonna throw this up on,my shield well look at all three real,quick and Ill be right,alright alright alright here we are,algae TV Players Club little bait string,TV up on this shield here were gonna,start with Paul allergy TV and work our,way from left to right and I like OSU TV,in here its really cutting dry simple,straight to the point,no VOD which is all well and good these,days,live TV there you go,not even 800 channels but again its,simple and straight to the point and,there you go your stations that little,bit of smutty some I dare for you if you,like playing on your preference all the,channels favorites my favorites here,close up and very quickly not bad,[Music],then again guys LD think he looks like,Im not gonna go there I dont mess up,the Gordons you can if you like,good luck there thats apology TV again,all the details would be in the bottom,of this video description lets go to,the players club this is their newest,ATK and this is deep but I call it the,XC IPTV player here races now with this,one I found out that to play regular TV,you would need player 1 and to play,video on-demand you would switch to,player 2,so I bear that a month,watch TV bing-bang-boom close right on,that some player won but if I want to,play movie its not gonna pull up later,- there – yes get on out of there go,back in and bing-bang-boom,there you go nevermind feel the man,player to fly TV,player 1 alright and thats the players,club relax and last but not least oh,babe TV string I like the way this is,set up,nice little background just a lot of TV,ETV got TV shows movies and ketchup,TV Guide its okay my favorites here,makes me a smarty zap APK died so love,for the kind of too bright to see for,said friendship if you like school i,like that first one right there its,nice movies TV shows and started catch,up here real quick Ill catch up us,about three days of a wave lets go,lets just dance my three days,oh no its a bait TV stream again guys,Ill leave all the information down for,these three wonderful services something,to keep you occupied since for the,strings is down this alternative for you,do as you please do as you want Im just,giving you a little content for me to,you hopefully hopefully this will,suffice,and filling that void percent are the,guys please definitely leave your,comment commentary comments feedback,below definitely love to hear it,again Ill leave all information down,for these three three wonderful services,also disclaimer Im not affiliated,affiliated with these services,whatsoever Im just doing review on them,so of any troubles you have please reach,out to the support customer service with,these services in this review video okay,alrighty guys keep on loving each other,most importantly happy streaming and I,will see you on the other side till next,time guys later,oh yeah before I go remember to Like,comment and share,and hit this Bell icon button to get,notified every time a new Vinos out,streaming,you

Vader IPTV review .


hey guys art family coming at you from,somewhere around the world I was gonna,uh you could preview about IPP TV,service known as a beta IB TV and Im,gonna be showing it as you can see its,on an Android box this is a mas mas Pro,4k just so you know what Im running on,and how its gonna form so were bet,dont big screen above the Android box,Im gonna come down here Im running,cody 16.1 and youll see what build our,money wants us to get started,there you go pulse Ive already,installed the Vader IP TV and you see at,the top I guess you cant see it its,not on the screen but right now its,loading the the PVR surface right there,for the guide you kind of missed that it,was at the top of the screen okay well,lets go to Vader I access it by just,going to systems well its gonna be,different with depending on what build,you have like I said Im not running a,Paul CCM so I usually just go to systems,and down on them Ive brought my new,drive video add-ons here Im gonna click,on that and you know we have my video,add-ons theres a few updates happening,but thats okay here is Vader right here,for some reason it doesnt come in,alphabetical order in the video add-ons,usually everything is helped about a,quarter but Vader comes in yeah,not enough political order whatever so,were gonna get this started here it up,here it is like Im gonna have to adjust,the camera there we go,when you first open up their add-on this,is what youre gonna see and Im gonna,go right to the guide,well Im just gonna shot a block youre,here okay yeah heres the guy yeah did,you see this oh theres plenty of,channels here like it uh its got a lot,of UK a lot of North American channels,uh here we go any ABC its the Animal,Planet and and what I like as well as is,its got a lot of Canadian channels as,well which is actually not covered by a,lot of IP TV services so lets uh lets,get something going here so you see this,actually works History Channel – lets,hit that switch bang gerbils turning,there you go thats pretty responsive HD,quality no buffering Thank You plane,okay I dont want to stay on that too,long keep on going down like that the,guy didnt works very very very,responsive see what NBC is going on with,HD tonight bang gerbils trading bang,thats very responsive and again click,HP Twilights bumper so if youre an old,school remote controller see this is,this is the the service for you our cam,Im a mouse guy and I dont necessarily,watch a lot of live TV but I know most,people still are into the remote control,wet and TV guy type of mentality and,and if you are this is definitely for,you I can keep on showing you more like,here spike,theyre all gonna work you know and,theyre all gonna be an HD thing for,what I dont even know what,Baders actually because they put their,prices in hounds and I dont know job,translation to Canadians but I know its,not very much compared to paying a cable,bill and and then as well like just,getting the paper views alone like like,in Canada the last weekend UFC 205 I,would have been 60 bucks Canadian for,the one program for the month yeah like,its not its no comparison if youre a,pay-per-view watcher remote-controlled,bandit that sits back browsing the guide,you know the you cant go wrong and and,if anythings down these these these IP,TV services are so cheap you dont have,to have one you know you can afford to,buy a couple and youre still not,spending anywhere near what theyre,asking for for cable so if once I got a,child down that you really need to watch,it Im sure theres another one thats,how its running so yeah you know Im,gonna give this thumbs up,good going all you guys is Vader keep up,the good work and yeah if you guys want,to hit him up ask him what theyre,asking maybe theyll give you a trial,you can see for yourself,I say check it out does art ban late and,Im out have a good one guys

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