1. Valanio.com Scam Review
  2. I Ordered 3 Dresses From Valanio.com. Was I Scammed?
  3. Valanio Reviews {Oct 2021} Is Valanio An Online Scam Site?Do Watch It! | Safelycart
  4. Saudi Arabias Line city will change the world.
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Valanio.com Scam Review

[Music],welcome to our valeno.com review in this,video we will share two things with you,one is valeno.com a scam two what you,should be aware of before you purchase,from this website if you choose to if,you stay till the end of the video not,only will you have enough knowledge to,make an informed decision but you will,also receive our free ebook on how to,make 100 a day why does valeno.com have,a very low trust score valeno.com has a,very low trust score which indicates,that there is a strong likelihood the,website is a scam be very careful when,using this website when our algorithm,automatically reviewed,we looked at many factors such as the,ownership details location popularity,and other factors relating to reviews,fake products threats and phishing a,trust score is created using all the,collected data although the website,seems to have a very low rating be aware,that our algorithm is not perfect it may,not be a scam but alleged and safe site,it is therefore always wise to do your,own research as well positive highlights,the website seems to be an online store,this website has received positive,reviews the ssl certificate is valid,source zolf and ssl check negative,highlights the owner of the website is,using a service to hide their identity,on voice this website does not have many,links to it this website may offer,high-risk cryptocurrency services this,website uses an internal review system,this web shop offers anonymous payment,methods this website is very young and,has a suspiciously high number of,reviews this website is very young this,website is not trusted by trend micro,company rating we see that the owner of,the website is using a service to hide,his or her identity this may be because,the owner does not want to get spammed,however it also makes it difficult to,identify the real owner of the website,as a result websites hiding their,identity get a slightly lower score.we,found a lot of reviews for this company,what makes us a little bit suspicious is,that the website is also very young,usually it takes a lot of time effort,and orders to get this many reviews we,recommend you to check the reviews of,this company manually to see if they are,real or fake webshop analysis we learned,that not many websites are linking to,this website it means the website has,little authority a website can gain,authority in search engines if many,other high traffic and quality websites,linked to it in this case we could not,find many other websites with authority,linking to the site this website seems,to offer cryptocurrency information,under services cryptocurrency services,like bitcoin exchanges crypto mining and,trading services are considered high,risk not only due to their inherent,nature cryptocurrencies are often,volatile compared to currencies like the,dollar and euro but also because many,scammers try to lure consumers into,investing in non-existing digital voluta,the domain has only been registered,recently we recommend you to be cautious,when buying or using services from a,website that is very young websites of,scammers often only last for a few,months before they are taken offline an,old website is no guarantee that the,site is safe some scam sites are even,years old most scam sites however are,taken down after a few months as the,number of consumer complaints rises and,the hosting company is getting tired of,the many emails and phone calls,technical analysis we discovered that,this website is using an internal review,system an internal review system allows,the owner of the website to edit,prioritize or remove reviews we consider,this less reliable than external review,systems such as trustbullet citajab or,reseller ratings we therefore give the,website a slightly lower trust score,this website is offering payment methods,that allow the buyer and seller to,remain anonymous while this may have,benefits for the consumer it also allows,the merchant to hide especially paying,with a wire transfer moneygram western,union and cryptocurrencies makes it very,difficult to trace back the merchant we,recommend you pay with payment methods,which offer some level of money back,guarantees such as the major credit,cards and paypal want to know more about,safe payment options a valid ssl,certificate was found professional,companies use an ssl certificate to,encrypt communication between your,computer and their website however there,are different levels of certification,and scammers also install a free ssl,certificate if you have to enter your,data never do this without checking if,an ssl certificate protects your,information source zolfan remember this,is our personal opinion so you always,want to make sure to do your own,research to see if you want to make a,purchase or not if you are interested in,our free ebook on making an extra 100 a,day please make sure to go to the,description and claim yours today as,always we hope you enjoyed this video,and please dont forget to like and,subscribe to see the next latest reviews,comment any other websites you want us,to review and hope to see you on the,next video,you

I Ordered 3 Dresses From Valanio.com. Was I Scammed?

i love clothes,and my closet is full but every season,i always like to buy a few new items,so this summer i decided i wanted to get,some,midi dresses some cool midi dresses with,a little sleeve maybe to the elbow or,you know almost to the elbow,and,i kept seeing these absolutely adorable,dresses on my facebook pages they would,pop up as ads now id already been,shopping at the department stores and,really i couldnt find,the right kind of dress,all the dresses were sundresses and i,really dont want that at my age i,wanted a little sleeve and these dresses,kept popping up that were just adorable,and it said that they were designed for,the mature woman wow perfect,but then again i know that ive had some,really bad experiences ordering online,especially when they come from china,sorry but the quality sometimes is it,what it looks like on the screen,but these were so cute,so,i took a chance and i ordered three of,them they arrived yesterday,was it a scam,or,did i get exactly what they advertised,im gonna let you decide,hi im sandy from sandiover70,thanks for watching,i hope if you enjoy this video youll,give me a thumbs up and consider,subscribing if youre new the company,was bolanio now id never heard of them,before,but you know how it is the more you,click on something on facebook,if you click on an ad it seems then it,appears more and more and more and,thats what was happening so every time,i signed on to facebook there were these,beautiful dresses they just know exactly,what youre looking at and they give you,more of it i mean there must have been,30 different styles when i actually,clicked on the beautiful dress picture,and i thought oh this is exactly what,im looking for but i have to be careful,because ive just had terrible,experiences,ordering,from china and the the problem is that,it takes so long to get the items,but,their page said,that they were made in england that they,had a warehouse in california,and that,you would be able to get it within a,shorter period of time of course not the,two-day amazon time but you know maybe,in a week or two,okay the other thing that i worry about,is,the quality,i have ordered things that look,absolutely gorgeous,in the pictures and the ads and then i,get them and they are,horrible,i just,i just didnt want to do that but i kept,studying the photos and they looked so,cute,and then on their website they had,evaluations by people who had purchased,it they were glowing,let me tell you about that later,and the final thing is,that the sizing is usually way off,because the chinese sizing is,much smaller than the u.s sizing and i,have in the past ordered items in a,medium which is my usual size and it,comes,i cant get a foot in it i mean tiny,tiny but they assured us on the website,that it was us sizing,okay,so,i considered it,and then,every item was slashed down and it was,on sale the dresses were marked down to,39.95 now thats not cheap but,they said they were originally 59.95,maybe,in any case there would be a shipping,charge unless i bought i think it was,over 79 well they were so cute that was,not even a second thought,i could easily find three of those cute,little dresses and order them and thats,what i did,and therefore i didnt have to pay the,shipping,and then i waited,and waited and waited,now you know how you usually get an,email verifying your purchase i dont,think i ever got an initial email at,least i cant find it in my,mail,but eventually after several weeks i got,an email saying we have shipped your,dresses and you can track them here and,there was a link so i went to the link,and it was for the united states postal,service and it said you know unable to,track well i kept clicking that link,over and over as the days passed,and i was never able to track that and i,dont know why but it just kept saying,unable to trap and i thought i have a,feeling i may have made a mistake here,since i cant find my original purchase,email,i would have to say,at least four weeks to get these dresses,and i was so excited to get them because,i thought this is going to be the,solution to staying cool in the summer,ill wear these dresses,in the house and maybe over to the,community center for dinner and itll be,so much fun and somehow in my head,i was imagining that these dresses were,cotton i dont know why because when i,went back and looked it clearly states,100,polyester,so,yesterday the dresses arrived by,normal mail in an envelope and i thought,oh thats strange three dresses in an,envelope,and when i opened them up,i found that they have been each,packaged very flatly,in,a cellophane,baggy type,item,and,they were all,flat and right away i thought if this is,cotton,how could it be that flat silly me you,know,they never said they were cotton,so i opened the first package,and i looked at the product and i was,horrified i was horrified,to me and maybe its just me it looked,really,cheap,and junky like something i would never,wear certainly in public,and not even around the house,it went all the way to the floor,and,very thin and obviously kind of a shiny,polyester,anyway,that was the first one i thought oh,so then i opened the next two and they,were of varying lengths,and,maybe,they look a little better,im not sure,but,i just dont know what to think,i modeled them for my husband and he,wasnt as horrified as i was,and he said well you know theyre not,that bad,but he did say that he thought they,looked kind of full when i stood,sideways and when i looked in the mirror,yes they looked kind of full and made me,look really,wide when i looked in the mirror,so,i dont know,like i said,the main reason,i ordered these dresses was because they,said they were made in england,and they would be sent from california,it said,nothing about coming from china,anywhere,but let me tell you,the envelope that arrived when i,received it from the mail person,i looked at it i had a feeling it was,the dresses,and there was chinese written,all over the envelope and i thought oh,no,that combined with the fact that it had,taken weeks and weeks to arrive,led me to believe that perhaps they were,not truthful,about where these dresses were coming,from,the return address on the package said,it was coming from,joe doe,springfield gardens new york really,they must have repackaged it in new york,now another reason i ordered from this,company because it said,that you could return it,i didnt read the fine print,now that ive gone back and read the,fine print,you can,return it but you must contact them,first and the only way to contact them,is by email and it said we will gladly,accept returns for,poor quality only,poor quality,i mean thats subjective i dont think,the quality is good they think the,quality is good im sure,so am i going to be able to return this,i didnt even try yet,i dont think theres a chance that ill,be able to,get a return i may try well see,in any case,what do you think,should i keep them,do they look like trash or are they,okay,or do you actually like them,maybe im wrong,let me know in the comments below,hello im back,its been about a week since i last told,you the story of the dresses,and i thought you might like a follow-up,as to what i decided to do,at first i was just going to consider it,a loss,give the dresses to goodwill,and just forget about the money,but the more i thought about it,that would be making it too easy for,them,so,i wrote an email to the company and said,that,i was not satisfied with the quality of,the dresses and i would like a refund,here is the email that they sent back,dear customer we are sorry that our,clothes didnt meet your expectation,we will refund you 15 as compensation,could you kindly keep the items even,they dont want the items,i wrote back and said no thank you i,dont want the items i would like a,refund,the next email said dear customer im so,sorry,we will refund you forty dollars and you,can keep the items is that okay,no,thats not okay,i thought id give it one more try,no,its not okay i would like a refund,

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Valanio Reviews {Oct 2021} Is Valanio An Online Scam Site?Do Watch It! | Safelycart

hey everyone welcome to todays video,hope you people are doing good do you,want to know about really new,reviews if yes then watch this unbiased,review that will help you to decide,either you should buy anything from this,store or not because the website,actually getting attention of the,customer from canada united kingdom and,usa,lets check out a deal it is an,e-commerce shopping platform knowing for,appealing summer as well as winter,collection for women,the address includes casual jackets,photos topped etc,lets check out the specification of the,website it is actually a gps qr website,they have shared their email address,physical address and contact details,they are dealing with women dresses,it has 30 days return policy,as far as refund is concerned the amount,will be refunded if it is cancelled,within 24 hours of purchase,as far as its content is concerned we,found the website have plagiarized,content similar to other fake website,lets check out the positive and,negative point of the website as the,legitimacy of the website can be,understood by analyzing the pros and,cons of the website,so you must check out the advantages and,disadvantages of any website to,understand about its uniqueness and,either the website is related or scam,so lets check out the positive point of,valencia.com website,the website deals with a wide range of,womens clothing it claims to have,discounted price on every product there,must be claims to have well-defined fund,and return policy of 30 days it claims,to ship its product throughout the world,the review streams should be good,customers claim to be satisfied with the,product the negative point of the,website the other website does not have,any honest information the reviews are,too good to be true the discounted,prices are too cheap to sell the,products for any seller life expectancy,is very short,as the website has a variety of women,products from summer to winter at,affordable price in addition the website,claims to provide free worldwide,shipping if the customer shop up to,a certain amount,so the question is is,millennium legit are a scam it was,founded on 15 july 2021 like it is just,three months and six days old website,they have not mentioned their payment,method but it claims to accept payment,from a wide range of countries,the website claims to be present on,social media,like instagram and facebook,easter score is alarming that is just,one percent and honest information is,hidden,the reviews available on the website are,positive,alexa ranking is missing the website is,suspected to have a high malware attack,due to the absence of meta,data in the website https protocol,detected,as far as reviews are concerned in our,ongoing research we found the customer,reviews,like majority of the customer of the,website have referred this website to,other people for shopping they have,found the website is easy to use have,good product with reasonable price rate,and shipping and return policies are,also good,so in our final verdict about really new,website is that the website have,excellent product and prices of the,products are reasonable,so,we are just recommending you to make a,thorough research on your own behalf,before making online shopping,from the store and if you have a,personal experience of shopping from the,store please share your views and,experience with us we love to hear from,you

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Saudi Arabias Line city will change the world.

Saudi Arabia is planning to make a 170 km long modern city,which will neither have roads nor any vehicles.,This is going to be the first and the biggest straight line city in the world.,And it is the Saudi king and crown Princes dream to complete it before 2030.,Welcome back again to Zem TV Videos.,Viewers, the Saudi royal family is among the richest families in the world.,According to the American business magazine Forbes and Wikipedia,Saudi royal familys net worth is about $1.4 trillion.,In local currency, it is one thousand kharab rupees.,Even if, still now youre finding it difficult to understand,lets make it easy for you.,Even if you accumulate the wealth of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,and other top 17 billionaires,then also they would not compare with this royal familys net worth.,Oil contributed the most to the wealth of Saudi Arabias royal family.,Before discovering oil, Saudi Arabia was only dependent on religious tourism.,But with the discovery of oil in 1938 the entire Saudi kingdom got transformed.,Today Saudi Arabia is the second most oil producer after America.,It produces more than 10 million barrels per day and sells them to 85 countries.,Sadly this is not going to continue for long.,According to a study at Stanford University,,researchers have found solid evidence that the crude oil we are using,for the past 150 years is about to run out.,That is the oil resources beneath the ground are about to exhaust.,In the research, it was assumed that by 2052 crude oil will get exhausted,or its quantity will remain so less,,that it wouldnt be profitable to extract it.,So after 2052 how the Saudi kingdom will survive?,Well, they will survive, but how they will keep up with this lavish lifestyle?,Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has already started the process,of freeing Saudi Arabia from the oil dependency.,Like Dubai, Saudi Arabia is promoting Western tourism,and the city which is being built for that,will be more advanced than Dubai.,This city will be very much different from other cities of the world,unlike other cities which spreads outwards from the centre,this city will be in a straight line and that too a 170 km long line.,This Line city which is named NEOM,is the first step toward diversifying the economy of Saudi Arabia.,Mohammed bin Salman son of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,,who is unofficially running the country.,And his master plan includes freeing Saudi Arabia from oil dependency.,NEOM is being constructed in the Tabuk province of Saudi Arabia.,Where the government has allotted a special zone for this new city.,It will be bordering the Gulf of Aqaba on one side and the Red Sea on the other.,Whereas from its coast Egyptian city Sharam al Sheikh is only 5 km away,,which is already a tourist hotspot.,Both the leaders of the country have plans,to connect NEOM and Sharam al Sheikh with the bridge.,This will not only help both the countries with tourism,and with this land connection, they will be able to bypass Israel.,The map proposed by the Saudi Arabia government is really interesting.,A line city has numerous benefits and will serve as a role model,for taking the world to the next level.,This city will have three layers.,On the ground level, there would be no road and no vehicles.,Rather it will be enriched with nature and pedestrians would take a stroll.,The second layer termed the service layer,,will contain all the shops, offices and malls.,this level will contain roads and vehicles.,The third level of NEOM will be the backbone of this city.,Because here ultra high-speed transport system will be made.,Which will transport people from one part of this 120 km city,to the other in just 20 minutes.,NEOM will be completely different from the other cities of the world.,Because the entire city, its electrical system, transport system,,industries everything will run on renewable energy.,That is the oil which is going to exhaust by 2052,,for NEOM itll end by 2030 only.,The city will pass through the coastline of the red sea but a majority of its portion,will pass through 4500 feet high mountains.,And Saudi government has named this portion TROJENA,no mountain will be damaged during construction,instead utilising the beauty of this natural landscape it will be further developed.,Where a vertical village, outdoor ski resort,,mountain to mountain transport system,,health centre and luxury entertainment centres will be made.,The geographic location of this line city is chosen in such a way,that the worlds 40% population can reach here in less than four hours.,And Saudi Crown Princes target is to attract,a population of 1 billion by 2052.,And obviously, such an ambitious project will have a colossal cost.,Saudi government has allocated a budget of $500 billion for the NEOM project.,Which is approximately 375 billion rupees.,The good thing is the work is already started.,Still now, lavish royal palaces and suites have been constructed on 1000 acre area.,Built on private beaches, surrounded by lush green lawns amid the desert,it is a place for relaxation for the Royals of the Saudi kingdom.,Which contains a private golf club and two private islands.,The whole area is given the name of NEOM palace.,Which contains two helipads too.,Lets again head towards the project.,A regional airport is built for the NEOM city.,Which is fully operational from 2019.,But at the moment, it is used as a commute for the construction team,and other staff from the Saudi capital Riyadh to NEOM.,Although Saudi rulers are very serious about this project,they also have to face a lot of challenges.,They are claiming that NEOM will run on a hundred percent renewable energy.,So the question is how the freshwater will be collected,which is now being filtered from the seawater with the help of fossil fuel.,Because we all know that there is no freshwater river in Saudi Arabia.,How they are going to operate electric appliances,with 100% renewable energy for 1 billion people?,And how they will be able to develop high-speed trains,running underground utilising green energy.,The answer to these questions is very simple,a new method will be developed to generate fresh water in NEOM.,A very big globe made of glass is being prepared,that will be filled with seawater.,With the help of solar mirrors, the glass globes will be heated and,with the help of evaporation and distillation,,the pure water will be extracted through pipes.,The CEO of the NEOM water sector believes that with this technique,every day 50 million litres of freshwater can be produced.,With the present-day technologies of reverse osmosis and desalination,,the cost is $1 per 1000 litres.,But with a solar dome,cost will drop down to 62%, that is itll only cost $0.38.,Now lets talk about the energy sector.,To meet the electricity demands of this future mega-city,100% renewable source will be used.,According to Saudi Arabias location, it mostly remains warm and,wind conditions remain better in hot regions.,So with the help of wind turbines and solar panels, such plants will be set up,which will convert the water and air into green ammonia through the electrochemical cells.,Which is a very effective fuel.,When normal fuel is burned it produces gases that contribute to pollution.,But green ammonia or Green hydrogen is produced with 100% renewable energy,therefore no toxic gases are produced when it is burned.,Like fossil fuel it is easy to transport or store green ammonia.,Now coming back to the most important question,I.e. the ultrahigh-speed train which is going to be first used in NEOM practically.,These high-speed trains will travel at the speed of 482 km/h,and will reach from one end of the line city to the another within 20 minutes.,The heavy magnets attached to the tracks will push or stop the train,with the help of green electricity.,Also, although the wheels will start rolling in the beginning,but after gaining a certain speed,,the wheels will get 4 inches above the ground.,And i

Dhaka to Singapore l Singapore Airlines – Flight Vlog

assalamualaikum viewers and welcome back,to my channel another erected journey,blog video to happen there – I got em,Java to the edge cameras are cheat hack,I take a Singaporean charger no economy,Hatta Rajasa International Airport day I,can rapture Hashimoto Bochy Obama mother,flight with Jared account of concern,immunity at scam by Singapore Airlines,the courage about hepatica Singapore a,to forge an attorney of Madurai Qaddafi,Bush a journalist for June to take the -,icicle chef not a video to enjoy :,[Music],[Applause],[Music],terminal wanna get the Embraer Porter,Petrovas Coraci it will mean settle a,book bag is your security chicken for an,empanada chicken corner tuna japchae,through a tachometer checking,agoraphobic chicken is Singapore,Airlines of chicken Joce minute so,children,[Music],shake him Kuryakin a mother luggage,Philomath here people so chicken,complete Cora charger boarding pass,spaghetti and a total for detail for a,shackled international job security,Phillip call immigration officer cadet,away with a coca-cola immigration and,evil so economists immigration Arjuna,Jacana cameras firms if the immigration,session our of militias with adults to,immigration company and deficit cj5,number guilty a mother keyboarding Gupta,a visitor to the diversion patch number,gate which lifts IDs,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],given a talker pop a a Canady comes a, who has arrived in country,newspaper stewardship Jackie the Java,ETA would she be money to a couple beta,colony with chip athe armored seek check,on an architect a pillow a blanket,rocket ship and a Madiba monopoly China,Southern Eric TV Mandela not a cheetah,it for Jabba,[Music],beeping the airlines they refreshment,or journals all day with issue but with,Dahle no singaporeans a technology,Taras absolutely refreshment or juice,with a cocktail OD a pocket and a year,fulfill another entertainment or channel,[Music],its really funny whiskey to magazine,structure litre disposal bag the pocket,only care bona fide by your stiffness of,the para charger natural katenka and,safety information carbon will ship,every Monday model would say Airbus a330,300,[Music],[Music],[Applause],j30 rocket flights ordinary German give,in to shoppers at with a kick to put a,menu card kitchen – a miracle drink,beverages episode charming a shop,teacher included cocky charge it apart,from the shaitaan interfering,according to menu screen a safety,instruction school Eric birthday Hideo,who chicken to the auto shopper motive,of the takeoff the eternal jerk to Devon,cabin crew shockwave ah Stephanie check,[Music],a be munteanu entertainment system,basically a cannabis pitcher for future,boom,Jack trilogy the pool journey to the,Barossa – Oh wish me to Channel movies,are air show show Veronica to include,karate,J too much other flight even under,Singapore vegetable for Bella starch,only a immunity kick to diversities and,socks toothpaste and toothbrush for a,check a concave in pure chocolate a,three-decade inner circle Juno Vesta,Appalachian Martita cry omotola shudder,food cook for a American dinner,cargo basket energy mealtime remain,seated as LM croquembouche are shot a,key to desert and other things watching,it is a – Bhishma delegates our culture,[Music],math Shutterfly table chocolate dinner,computer here today for a cabinet or a,light-blue Florida worship quite young,body perishable retreat from me ago,Roger,[Music],dictabird CJ armature Bob Tuschman show,my left arm under singapore and coated,singapore so my pastor conscious minute,doorbell am no closer look,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],be sure oh no Thomas wonderful touches,Singapore Changi Airport add it to,terminal on adorable onyx under,corrosion on Georgia no Bashar oh no,Thomas underlayer 40-73 temperature,gyrations a little Johnny ah Bushwick,and Yara a shanita atacama video dica,booster bar change Airport to owning,this is shoulder and her Tommy next full,of video they airport the Arabic to,basically kuliev Mandela that Kabul but,a schedule to a mock trial and Karachi a,bone show Bionic tire traffic authority,photo bouhanni judgment – Im her mother,immigration process to compete for a,variable to a map from Rama the,immigration complete college changes in,the cameras for initial target to a,mother baggage we will take another bag,full of chaos number,I wonder hotel at this is our airport,take this Nikita equatorial to I can,take a taxi to kilometer cajeta Habib,city PK I connect a fair chart they were,charged a airport take a CT digital bus,train city shuttle but taxi to the,collision mechanic chicken a Jetta,Cameron help hook the pallet to a mature,to Texas Nicaragua on deck another word,she utters ticket at $3 a motovlog bit,so that magic,[Music],though ima premier portable will save,on japchae Singapore sticky ticket,Singapore alternative to to Hulu foolish,undergo a shadow 90 days though,jaywalk ask a video to me Ignatius 40,articles Boudicca to have negative video,due to the paralegal issue like even,comment with the gorilla Ivanovitch,analytical subscribe Copacabana shall,hotel death next video to our the hell,with a personal journal other days,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Buy a Smart TV Online or Offine Which is better for you? Hindi

foreign,foreign,[Laughter],foreign,foreign,thank you so much,you and i what do we have to lose,you

Ironman Return Confirmed in Multiverse of Madness ? Explained in Hindi

कि एक आइस तो स्वागत है आपका कैप्टन,वीडियो के चैनल में जहां आज हम बात करने,वाले हैं कि क्या सच में और डीजे ऐड मैम,से में वापस आने वाला है या बस यह एक फेक,न्यूज़ है जिसको सिमर का नाम दिया गया है,जिनको नहीं मालूम मैं बता दूं कि हाल,फिलहाल में नेहरू मजा हैं जिनके मुताबिक,आरडीजे का आयरनमैन वापस आने वाला है,डॉक्टर्स मल्टीप्लस आफ मेडिसिन के अंदर,जिसकी वजह से फैंस के बीच में थोड़ा सा,रिपोर्ट आ गया है ऐसी कई लोगों को लगता है,कि डीजे के चेयरमैन की कहानी एमपी में,कंप्लीट और चुकी है एनडीए में उनके डेथ के,साथ तो कई लोगों को लगता है कि आयरनमैन को,वापस आना चाहिए क्योंकि ऑफ कॉस्ट और अपने,फेवरेट करेक्टर को बड़ी स्क्रीनें नहीं,देखना चाहेगा तो सबसे पहले तो फीलिंग्स को,थोड़ा साइड करके देखते हैं कि क्या उनके,आने की पॉसिबिलिटी है या नहीं बट उस पर,आने से पहले अगर आप हमारे चैनल में पहली,बार आई है तो चैनल को सबस्क्राइब कर दें,क्योंकि हम ऐसे टॉपिक के ऊपर बात करते,रहते हैं प्लस टू चेक कि पिछले वीडियो के,आयरनमैन पांडे इस वीडियो को देख रहे हैं,कि नहीं इस वीडियो को लाइक मार दी में का,और लाइटर की 230 केप्लर सी होगा क्योंकि,लास्ट वीडियो में जो मैंने कहा था कि,फ्रेंड्स इस वीडियो को लाइक कर दीजिएगा तो,30k गया था तो अब इसलिए इस बार तो टट्टी,कैसे ज्यादा होना चाहिए तो विदाउट,वेस्टिंग एनी टाइम लेस्बियन सबसे पहली बात,तो मुझे यह बताने की जरूरत नहीं है कि,आयरलैंड का जो कैरेक्टर है वह हमसे में,कितना बड़ा और अहम रोल अदा करता है तो ऐसे,में जो पेंडिंग उनको दिया गया था इन स्किन,के अंदर वह वेस्ट है उसको और बेहतर मेरे,हिसाब से तो नहीं किया जा सकता लेकिन अगर,ऐसे ही कट इसको साइड कर दिया जाएगा तो एक,समय ऐसा आएगा जब मार्बल वालों को म्यूट ही,मारना होगा पट फिलहाल हम सूजी पीठ में है,वह 2030 तक तो रिपोर्ट नहीं होने वाला,क्योंकि अ भी MS Word का जो थ्रेट लेवल है,वह प्लेनेटरी से कॉस्मिक एंड मल्टी वसल,हुआ है तो ऐसे में वह क्या कर सकते हैं,जिससे कोर्ट तो खुश रहेगी बल्कि न्यू,फ्रेंड्स भी खुश रहे और पेंसिलीन,ऑस्ट्रेलिया से बड़ा हिट कुछ नहीं हो सकता,जिसका बेस्ट एग्जांपल नो में हो मी टू बी,और एंडी को दिखाना था जिसके परिणाम स्वरूप,को भी डेट सिचुएशन एंड चाइना में रिलीज न,होने के बावजूद इतना कमा लिया कि वर्ल्ड,में अभी उस स्ट्रिप पोजीशन में कमाने के,मामले में और अगर यह नॉरमल सरकमस्टेंसस,में निकलते हैं तो शायद तक टू बी एन भी,आराम से वह क्रॉस कर जाते अब टोनी स्टार्क,के मरे 3 साल हुए हैं तो यहां पर,नोस्टेलजिया कंबल की कमबैक,रिस्पॉन्सिबिलिटी और डीजे की बहुत ही,ज्यादा हीट करेगी उनके फैंस को लेकिन उनको,यह दिखाने से पहले वह लोग टॉम क्रूज को,अलार्म में दिखाएंगे ताकि इनक्रीज टॉम,क्रूज का हरड़ पसंद ना आए तो उनको शांत,करने के लिए ढूंढता आयरन मैन मूवी के एंड,में ही हमें दिखा दिया जाएगा अब जैसा कि,आपको याद होगा कि मैंने बताया था कि टॉम,क्रूज का आयरनमैन कॉस्मिक स्फीयर एंड वेन,पर बेस्ट होगा प्लस 3 इंफिनिटी स्टोंस,उसके पास होने वाले हैं सातवें स्थान अपना,कटा हुआ सर और उसने सक्सेसफुली आयरन लीजिए,बालों को बना हुआ है तो उसका दबदबा ऐसा,पावरफुल करेक्टर यहां पर आप देख ही सकते,हैं सुनने में आया है कि शुक्रिया में का,कैरेक्टर के जैसे ही टॉम क्रूज का आर्म के,मोरल्स नहीं होंगे इससे उसको पसंद करने की,पॉसिबिलिटी और भी ज्यादा बढ़ जाती है,क्योंकि आजकल लोग हीरो से ज्यादा विजिलेंस,एंड एंटी हीरो को पसंद करने लगे हैं प्लस,वो टॉम क्रूज है और मुझे बताने की जरूरत,नहीं है कि वह कौन है लेकिन जब आप एक आयरन,मैन का ऐसा वैरीअंट देख रहे हैं जो कि,मल्टी वश में थोड़ा डार्क है तो उसको,काउंटर करने के लिए आप मरी ब्रैडमैन को,जिंदा नहीं करेंगे उल्टा आप उसके वैरीअंट,को यूज करेंगे जो कि आरडीजे के जैसा दिखता,है जिससे आरडीजे की आयरन मैन की लेंगे इसी,जो कि एमसीडी बनी है वह बनी रहे प्लस आधे,रेनु मल्टीवर्स में वापस आ जाए इससे जो आर,रहमान के पेरेंट्स दो ग्रुप पर बट रहे हैं,उनमें से किसी की भी फीलिंग्स हट नहीं,होगी ऐसा आप ही बताओ एमसी में जब इंफिनिटी,वॉर में लू की अपनी जान दे देता है थोक को,बचाते हुए तो क्या उसकी वैल्यू लौकी सीरीज,के आते ही खत्म हो गई थी नहीं ना क्योंकि,लोगों की सीरीज वाला लोग की एक वैरीअंट,हैव बीन टाइम लंका शो उसके कुछ भी करने से,आपके अंदर जो कि ने जो भी किया उसका मान,नहीं पड़ता तो अगर हमें मल्टीप्लस आफ मैन,उसके अंदर DJ का एल्बम दिखेगा तो यह किसी,भी तरह का ड्यू रिस्पेक्ट नहीं होगा एंड,गिव में उनके द्वारा किए गए f-35 का,क्योंकि जो आर्म DJ का आर्म में दिखाया,जाएगा वह एक वैरीअंट होगा जो कि दूसरे,यूनिवर्स से बिलोंग करता है अभी तक तो,मैंने आपको यह बताया कि वह कैसे एंड क्यों,आएंगे जिससे उनके एंड स्किमिंग दिए गए,सैक्रिफाइस पर कोई भी असर नहीं होगा अब,बात कर लेते रूमर के अलावा कुछ सॉलि़ड,प्रूफ की जो कि इस बात को सपोर्ट करते हैं,जिसमें सबसे पहले तो हाल फिलहाल में,मार्बल द्वारा निकाले गए मल्टीप्लस आफ -,की मर्चेंट डिवाइस आती है जहां पर,उन्होंने यह लिखा हुआ है कि मार्बल डॉक्टर,स्ट्रेंज इन मल्टीप्लस आफ मैंने इस,अवेंजर्स लोग ओपिनियम टीशर्ट जो कि यह इन,करता है कि मूवी के अंदर एक अवेंजर्स थीम,वह सकती है अभी तक मूवी के अंदर इलुमिनाटी,के होने की खबर थी बट अवेंजर्स की होने की,नहीं थी प्लस उनको एक नया लोगों भी दिया,कि जो कि डॉक्टर स्ट्रेंज मल्टीप्लस आफ -,के नाम पर बेकरार है तो मेरी मूवी के एंड,में एक अवेंजर्स टीम हमें बनते हुए दिखे,जो कि वांडर को रोकने में लगी रहे क्योंकि,बहुत वांटेड बिल्कुल पढ़ने के बाद जिस,लेवल में पहुंचेगी उसमें डॉक्टर स्ट्रेंज,उसको अकेले नहीं आ सकती है और अगर वह डरा,देते हैं तो समझ जाइए कि डॉक्टर स्ट्रेंज,से पावरफुल पूरे इसमें कोई भी कैरेक्टर,नहीं है बट ए सेट की पॉसिबिलिटी है कि हम,एक नई अवेंजर्स की टीम देखने को मिल सकती,है जो कि अलग-अलग यूनिवर्स से हो जैसा कि,व्हाट इसमें गार्डियंस ऑफ़ मल्टीवर्स को,बनाया गया था अगर आपने मेरी लास्ट वीडियो,ऑन आयरनमैन देखी है तो उसमें मैंने बताया,था कि ट्यूमर की माने तो जिस यूनिवर्स से,आयरन मैन आ रहे हैं उसी वर्ष में आयरन मैन,की जगह डॉक्टर स्ट्रेंज स्नेप करते हैं,एंड वह मारे जाते हैं तो एक पॉसिबिलिटी,यहां पर यह हो सकती है कि उस यूनिवर्स में,आयरन मैन डॉक्टर स्टेज के कुर्बानी के पास,जादू सकता है अनुष्का रिवर्स का स्वरस,सुप्रीम बन जाता है जिसके बाद से मल्टी व,मैंने इसकी अंदर जब फाइनल बैटल के दौरान,डॉक्टर स्टेज वांडा से भिड़ रहे होते हैं,तो वह दूसरे यूनिवर्स इस रस सुप्रीम के,लिए दरवाजा खोलते हैं तो उसमें से आरडी,जैड्ड आयरनमैन सुप्रीम आते हैं कॉमिक्स के,अल्टरनेट अर्थ में टोनी स्टार्स कॉसस,सुप्रीम बन चुके हैं तो उसको लाइव एक्शन,मिनट तक ना बहुत ही दिलचस्प होगा अब,टी-शर्ट में अवेंजर्स लिखा गया है तो मैं,भी हम यह बाकी अवेंजर्स भी दिख सकते हैं,जैसे कि स्टेशन रोज और जो कि उस पॉइंट से,बिलॉन्ग करते हैं जहां दो कैरेक्टर्स को,मिला दिया गया था इनस्क्रिप्शन रोजर्स नाम,सुनकर यह आप समझ गए होंगे यह डॉक्टर,स्ट्रेंज और कैप्टन अमेरिका के कॉन्बिनेशन,से बना है तो ऐसे ही करके एक अवेंजर्स की,टीम बन सकती है जिसमें सारे स्वास्थ्य,सुप्रीम हो जिनको मैजिक आता है जिससे यह,झंझट भी खत्म हो जाता है कि वरना जैसे,पावरफुल बीन से एक सुपर सोल्जर अटैक,जीनियस कैसे लड़ता और दूसरी यह मूवी,डॉक्टर स्ट्रेंज की है तो इसमें वही सेंड,करेंगे जैसे टू बी एंड जो की होते हुए भी,टॉयज का spider-man मूवी हम निशान करता,गैंग उसे याद आया कि अगर डॉक्टर स्ट्रेंज,दूसरी ओर से आए में सुप्रीम को देखेंगे तो,उसके अंदर जो एक दिल था कि उसके वजह से इस,यूनिवर्स का आर्म मारा गया वह कम हो जाएगा,ठीक वैसे ही जैसे नो वे उनके अंदर एंड इवन,ए एम जी को बचाकर खुद को इस दिल से आजाद,किया था क्यों वैन को नहीं बचा पाया था,डॉक्टर स्ट्रेंज का आयल में सुप्रीम से,मिलना आयरनमैन सुप्रीम को भी इस गिल से,आजाद करेगा कि वह अपने यूनिवर्स के डॉक्टर,स्ट्रेंज को नहीं बचा पाया था अब आते हैं,दूसरे सॉलिड पॉइंट की ओर जो कि यह है कि,हम सभी को पता है कि ऑलमोस्ट आने वाले 45,साल तक में ऐसी कोई भी थर्ड नहीं आने वाली,है जिसके लिए पूरे अवेंजर्स की टीम को,एकजुट होना हो clash अभी तो डार्क,एवेंजर्स थंडर बोल्ट यंग अवेंजर्स मिडनाइट,चिल्ड्रन न्यू अवेंजर्स एक्स्ट्रा जैसी,टीम को भी को दिखाना है तो ऐसे में एक,मेगा इवेंट जिसके अंदर सारे मीन,कैरेक्टर्स को जिसके हर एक सीन में किसी,ना किसी का पेट करेक्टर हो वह बन सकता है,सीक्रेट वाकई कि जिसके आने की बहुत ही,ज्यादा वूमंस है अब आप ही बताओ सीक्रेट और,जैसा बड़ा इवेंट को एंड उसमें फायरमैन यह,कैप्टन अमेरिका ना हो तो क्या मजा आएगा अब,सिगरेट बार होगा तो हर कैरेक्टर का डबल,रोल में देखने को मिल जाएगा क्योंकि,अलग-अलग यूनिवर्स इससे कैरेक्टर्स को,उठाया जाएगा तो ऐसे में कंफ्यूजन हो सकता,है कि कौन सा कैरेक्टर के सीनियर से,बिलोंग करता है तो इसमें सबसे बेस्ट यही,होगा कि जो अलग-अलग यूनिवर्सिटी से,कैरेक्टर्स आ रहे हैं उनके लिए अलग-अलग,एक्ट्रेस को कास्ट किया जाए जैसे कि हमें,लोग किसी इसके अंदर को देखने को मिला था,जहां पर लौकी के वैरीअंट उनके जैसे ही,नहीं दिखते हैं इन फैक्ट कोई तो उनके,जेंडर का भी नहीं रहता है तो ऐसे में हमें,मल्टी व सौंफ मैंने इसकी अंदर सबसे पहले,तो टॉम क्रूज का आयरन मैन एस सुपीरियर,आयरनमैन इंट्रोड्यूस

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