1. My Reaction after watching Valimai Movie || Valimai Review
  2. Valimai Movie Review by Vj Abishek | Ajith Kumar | H Vinoth | Yuvan | Open Pannaa
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My Reaction after watching Valimai Movie || Valimai Review

today i saw valli my movie and honestly,speaking i must say first thing first,producer bonnie kapoor has found out,that his son is fit for nothing he is,giving flops after flops after flops,after flops,and they are not just flops they are,disasters disasters not even mosquitoes,are coming to watch his sons film,thats why,to save his uh production house from,getting bankrupt he has gone to chennai,and thats why he has roped in one of,the biggest superstar in tamil film,industry that is,his production house is now depending on,talajit kumar stardom that is the,reason why he has made walimei movie and,thats why hes producing south movies,because he knows that only so film,industries can save his production house,from getting bankrupt this is the first,intention of the film so now talking,about the movie first of all,this movie can be turned into two types,of movie one is a hollywood movie like,hollywood type of movie where a police,is chasing the thief corpses chasing the,thieves,and full bike action then bus action,full high voltage action is there,and full investigation is going on in,details that one portion of the movie,that is the hollywood style of the movie,is all right fine and another is a,typical indian types of film having,mother sentiments family sentiments,brothers sentiments every type of,sentiments its having that melodrama,that you can consider now talking about,the movie the action sequences in this,movie is simply superb man action,sequences before the interval especially,where the villains are doing that,villains gang is doing wheelies after,wheelies of the wheeling wheelies then,in the sky they are doing the release is,simply superb in the chair sequence,where talajit kumar is chasing the gang,in the forest and everything in the,roads and everything that is simply,superb then after the second half also,that the bus chasing sequence that bus,chasing,action sequence is simply breathtaking,man especially where the gang will,switch from bike to roller skates and,everything,so action sequence is simply superb in,this movie action sequence and the,investigation part of the movie the,police department will track down the,gang then how they link them from chain,snatcher to drug mafia to robbers and,everything everything that link up link,up investigation is done executed,properly,and one more thing is that the,performances tala ajit kumar this role,was taylor made for talajit kumar,basically he suited the role of a police,inspector perfectly that acp really,suited perfectly and the bike sequences,he has done is simply superb man simply,exceptional performance he has given as,a bike bike scenes along with talajit,kumar,i think,the villains performance,whether in the bike sequences or,in the roles where hes very aggressive,and everything he has done a pretty good,job because hes called as a south imran,hashmi because whichever films i have,seen of him he is kissing the female,lead left right or center thats all,kissing kissing kissing kissing kissing,so hes called as a south imran ashmi,this is a different role hes trying out,as a villain role hes trying out so he,has done a pretty good job for the first,time being a villain he has done a,pretty good job other parts of all you,is just a lover boy thats it in,whichever films i have seen but theres,a new type of role for him he has done a,pretty good job so these are the,positives aspect of this movie now the,negative aspect of the movie is that,first stop was very very engaging,because the bike sequences were there,the investigation part of the movie were,there then the mass scenes were there,and everything is the positive that,first stop but in the second half,after that bus sequence after that bus,sequence simply the director has bought,in,the family,the full family the talajit kumars,family is there full family he has,involved in that and,tried to gather the family audience,because this movie is basically for the,youths the youngsters was riding bikes,or the boys basically so just to gather,family audience and everything so that,people come to the theaters to watch the,movie in the theaters they bring their,family and everything to just cater to,those audience he has bought in the,family sentiments and honestly speaking,the family sentiments,didnt work at all for me the family,sentiments simply it made the film more,lengthy man this,movie could have been easily 2 hours 30,minutes movie with the full,investigation and the bike chasing,sequence like a hollywood flick this,could have been but simply by mixing,this amma tambi family sentiments,director made this movie three hours,long easily this movie could have been,chopped down by 20 to 30 minutes it,could have been chopped down it it could,have been more compressed and it could,have been more engaging this amma tambi,sequences are simply exhausting talking,about the music of the movie there is no,music only in the movie only one song is,there vera mari is there that song ma,song is there but bgm and all those,things are ordinary there is no bgm only,in the music the bgm is only the bike,noise from from from from that is only,the bike nice so i think the producer,boni kapoor didnt pay to the music,directors any money thats why there is,no music in the movie basically so there,is no background music or anything only,rather that that background music is,there so hardly there is any background,music only vroom vroom noise is there,thats it and songs only one song is,there so music i cannot talk much,talking about director h vinod i think,this is the second original movie hes a,new director second original movie as,directed another one is pink remake he,has directed that i cannot consider in,the filmography because thats a remake,now this is the second film which he has,directed written and everything he has,done,so this movie that first film which he,has directed that is theoret movie that,was far more engaging because that was,only 2 hours 40 minutes long and it,didnt have any melodramatic elements no,melodr melodramatic elements only,romance was there which was unnecessary,that they have removed only five six,minutes romance is there but here around,20 to 30 minutes of amma tambi amma,tambi that family sentiments is there,unnecessary family sentiments and comedy,also is not up to the mark or anything,only here on that comedy is there,only the action sequences are simply,superb,and,the performance of talajit kumar and the,villain is the cat and mouse race is,very good,and,the,message that is giving to the society,saying that,just because something is bad is,happening at your home,some bad youre not studying well or,youre not getting job or anything,so you should not go and take heroin,cocaine lsd and all those drugs you,should not take and you should not,become alcoholic and become one useless,fellow so that is the social message,only for these three factors i think you,can watch this flick other than that if,you are expecting very high and keeping,very high expectation that whoa what a,movie and everything then you will get,disappointed very much

Valimai Movie Review by Vj Abishek | Ajith Kumar | H Vinoth | Yuvan | Open Pannaa

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Valimai Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | H. Vinoth | Ajith Kumar | Kartikeya Gummakonda

[Music],for all the latest reviews interviews,and everything entertainment in tamil,kannada malayalam and,telugu to film companion south now hello,and welcome to film companion south in,this episode we are going to be talking,about h vinods valimay starring ajit,kumar as a cop named arjun now there are,two films in volumai the first film is a,hollywood style thriller where this cop,that is ajayd tries to bring down a gang,of biker criminals the second film is a,big tear-jerking indian style melodrama,mega serial type thing,where we see ajits family getting,involved in the war between the hero and,the villain played by karthik umakanda,and the two films that is this hollywood,style thriller and this indian style,tearjerker mega serial melodrama they,just dont come together now its not,that action films cannot have sentiment,we had ajits own yanaya in dal where we,had some beautiful moments where he was,more of a family man than a cop but the,writing here in the family scenes is,super generic and super dated and there,is not one fresh idea the amma sentiment,and the crying baby sentiment these are,things that would have been cliched in,the mohenjo-daro era after the hero,intro fight where his face is first,shown as lit by lightning,we get a random song where they sing,naga vera madhuri and i wanted to tell,them,i will seem like the film runs some,three hours and it would have been much,better without these scenes about ajits,family now i see what vinod is trying to,do here hes trying to show us,that ajit has domestic problems as well,as the problems that hes facing with,the villain in other words hes trying,to give a personal touch to ajit,investigation but the whole thing is,undermined when the writing is so,generic for example what is the fact,that ajits older brother is a drunkard,after the narrative well yes it gives us,this one point that rajit has this,particular personal problem as well but,then why not give this brother a better,character arc instead of just making him,a caricature the one scene that i liked,in fact the only scene that i liked in,these family episodes is when this,drunkards wife walks out on him thats,one nice thing about walimai i mean none,of the women have significantly written,roles but they all help ajit in some way,theyre not just decorative items the,computer experts who help ajits,investigation they are smart young women,the humor qureshi character gets a solo,action scene and without her ajit would,not have been able to bring down the,villain at the end maybe nir kunta parwa,was not an accident maybe ajit is trying,to in whatever small way trying to,empower the women in his films anyway,back to the problems in value now if you,ask the industry people theyll say oh,you are city people these family scenes,are needed for the bnc centers they,really enjoy them but ill bet you that,if you send a questionnaire to these,very same so-called bnc center people,they will probably say please bear us,just leave out this mother leave all,this brother leave her this everybody,else because guess what they have,started watching all these fast and,furious movies and shanxi and all these,other movies dubbed in tamil and thats,the way their mentality is this old,style of showing things thats not going,to work anymore but the hollywood movie,in bali that is the investigation part,that works to an extent the screenplay,here is crisp and clean and the heroes,here are the cinematographer neerav shah,the editor vijay velukoti and whoever,did the amazing location rookies because,the locations are just like i said,amazing and when you put an action scene,in an amazing location it kind of,doubles the effect like the fact that,how some bikes are sent into a quarry,and then later theyre fished out uh by,you know investigative powers,these are really mind-blowing scenes,ajit is in commanding form as the cop,though not so much in the dramatic,portions but one thing that vinod,understands is that you cannot have the,hero always keep winning otherwise then,the power of the movie that is the,movies ending where the hero actually,wins the drama there isnt as much,therefore we have things like ajit being,demoted in his profession he is demoted,to being an inspector but ajit is,defeated by his younger brother in a way,that dont want to spoil for you but it,is this set of defeats that make his,success at the end more satisfying at,least in theory but for some reason that,doesnt happen and the film doesnt have,much of an emotional connect and i think,one of the reasons is the exhausting,three hour run time there simply isnt,that much emotional material to kind of,you know hook you in and take you,through these which is why the best,scenes in the movie are the biker stunts,choreographed by dilip subrah in a,typical tamil movie you get only fist,fights thats the hero will give a punch,and the henchman will then go and land,five feet away that happens here too,especially one in slo-mo which is the,hero intro fight which is like the same,old cliche thing,but the stunts with the vans and the,bike are superbly choreographed they,have really taken an effort to make this,a hollywood style production and the,effort shows up there on screen and the,scale of the production also shows up,there on screen i wish future filmmakers,who want to make these supposedly slick,movies take the fast and furious films,as an example there is no amma sentiment,in those movies uh their hero doesnt,have to look at the audience and give a,message about society they have a,reasonable run time and theyre not,flabby and some of that happens here too,for example we dont waste any time with,the romantic track for rajit but the,generic sentiments keep dragging the,movie down now vinod made the same kind,of mistake indira nadigara mundra where,the rakul preaching and cut the,sentimental portions kept interfering,with the investigation but at least in,that movie the rakul character was,quickly dispatched you know and then the,rest of the movie was super intense it,was super super super super intense i,wish something like that had been done,here as well because by the end we are,left with the movie that is neither,intense nor thrilling it lies somewhere,in the middle vaguely watchable i would,just say its the kind of oakish movie,where the characters are less,interesting than the stuntmen who,operate the bikes so thats it about,volime if you like this video do,subscribe to film companion south and,ill see you soon at the movies,[Music]

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Valimai Movie Review by Filmi craft Arun | Ajith Kumar | Huma Qureshi | Kartikeya | H. Vinoth

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Valimai Official Trailer | Ajith Kumar | Yuvan Shankar Raja | Vinoth | Boney Kapoor | Zee Studios

All the murders around Madurai are apparently being planned from inside the jail,Where is Arjun bro mom?,In 10 days how did he catch the gang thats being searched for 10 years?,Poverty dragged us into crime sir,Dont insult the hard working poor people,These guys should be executed on encounter sir,We dont have the right to kill Zahir,Welcome to Chennai sir,Last night, lot of people fainted out of the blue,A boy called Naveen was found hanging in his room,This doesnt look like just another suicide to me,I suspect theres a crime behind this suicide,Before each BLACK DAY,Using a single phone number theyve purchased 8 to 10 bikes,More than 6000 cases in total,This is the most terrifying gang our department has ever dealt with,DOG SNIFFED US,Nobodys gonna ask how we earned,Nobodys gonna research how we succeeded,We must succeed, we must earn money,Thats enough,The POWERFUL takes whatever he wishes,POWER is to save,Not to destroy,You seem to have planned it all,The department decides to dismiss you,My belief has eroded,As a mother, Ive lost,From now on, Arjuns life should be hell,Youll see the rage of a dutiful guy, who has his mental balance tipped off,TRESSPASSERS TO BE SHOT AT SIGHT,Games isnt over yet,We take it to the next level

Valimai Movie Review By Sudhish Payyanur @Monsoon Media

Dur,bakalım Sağ ol,şu anda polis kahvelim az kayıtlarını,Instagramdan mı,e-postatwitter pop bir ip,ilave atayım mı,bu kongrenin filmi kredi kartına kayıt,ol,o zaman aşkım ayaklı yemek Anam hazret-i,[Müzik]

Valimai Review In Tamil – Marana Honest Review | Ajith Kumar | H. Vinoth | Enowaytion Plus


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