1. Why Do People Love Vanquish So Much?
  2. Vanquish is WAY better than I thought
  3. Minelab Vanquish 440 Metal Detector | MODERN PARK Metal Detecting VDI Test Review
  4. Metal Detecting Tips | Minelab VANQUISH Metal Detector Review
  5. Vanquish Video Review
  6. Vanquish remaster is ACTUALLY INCREDIBLE!!
  7. Vanquish Review

Why Do People Love Vanquish So Much?

despite mostly positive reviews,Vanquish is a game that few people,bought not even in its home country of,Japan and yet the game has a dedicated,group of fans that champion it as a lost,classic it seems Sega has finally heard,their cries because vanquish has been,given an honest-to-god PC port available,today which means the game now has the,second chance it deserves to impress all,the people that pass by the first time,along with any newcomers enough I go so,why is vanquish so beloved at face value,its a third-person cover based shooter,with a muted color palette that came out,during a time when the market was,oversaturated with these kinds of games,and being created by a Japanese,developer some saw as an example of a,studio westernizing to appeal to a,larger audience but the reality is that,vanquish is a game that uses the,framework of a cover based shooter,something that everyone is familiar with,as a Trojan horse for its own unique,take on the genre,all clear,this game is a collaboration between,Shinji Mikami best known for Resident,Evil and Platinum Games the studio,behind Bayonetta and thats really the,best way to describe this game you have,a shooter that blends its mechanics with,the sensibilities of a character action,game the fluid chaining of movements,together to avoid damage while also,dishing it out yourself and the,all-important scoring system you can try,and play vanquish like Gears of War,sitting behind chest I cover popping out,to shoot some dudes and get some head,shots but its far more exhilarating,when you take the games two main,mechanics the rocket slide and the,time-slowing,a are mode and begin to combine them in,all sorts of ways hop over cover and go,into AR mode to get that guy you,couldnt hit before rocket slide around,the field to flank a boss,throw a grenade and then slow down to,shoot it at just the right moment and,then try using your rockets to but slide,into a robot kick him in the face,and then you shoot them when you begin,to take advantage of everything you have,available you really start to take in,the spectacle and how it just never,slows down,vanquish is a game where you feel cool,playing it,enemy transport should mirror your,position,and while Vanquish is a top-notch,experience to play its wrapped in a,narrative that I can only describe as,wonderful Japanese b-tier Kitsch eyes,must be looking to get swatted Bravo and,recycling,the story involves Russians and their,army of robots capturing a massive Space,Station colony and using it solar energy,as a makeshift weapon to fry America,cities so the President of the United,States sends in a task force of Marines,along with protagonist and Solid Snake,wannabe Sam Gideon to stop them,Sam is equipped with the augmented,reality suit which is what allows him to,but slide to his hearts content all of,this happens within the first 10 minutes,which may seem like a lot but the,majority of the game is a simplistic,trek through the station from one set,piece to the next with plenty of,action-packed cutscenes and cheesy,dialogue reminiscent of 80s action,movies the two characters who talked the,most Sam and Lieutenant Colonel Robert,Burns spend the whole time trying to out,gravel eachother,vanquishes tongue-in-cheek nature was,really a wonderful contrast at the time,to all the games that took their stories,very seriously getting good at this,falling out of transports thing dont,you think,more like getting good and looking like,an [ __ ] Vanquish comes with a style,that sounds really dumb on paper but the,best kind of over top in its execution,the rocket-powered butt slide is the,most obvious example of its quirky,personality but subtle stuff as well,like the way your gun transforms or a,button that lets you smoke a cigarette,and that cigarette actually becomes an,important tactical option in later,difficulties because it draws enemy fire,away from you its stuff like this that,makes vanquish so beloved it represents,a type of Japanese v game that had been,slowly dying during this time to see it,so poorly meant games like vanquish,would become more of a rarity which is,why its so exciting that the game has,been given a second chance on Steam,while the port may not be a true,remaster being able to experience,vanquish past its original 30fps limit,at a now unlocked framerate only,increases the sense of chaotic speed and,allows for better handling and precision,Vanquish was never going to take the,world by storm when it first came out,but now in 2017 speed and mobility in,first-person shooters is back with games,like titanfall – combining wall running,and fast gunplay to make an exhilarating,game and vanquishes slide and shoot,style fits right at home as a third,person shooter equivalent its really,telling how much vanquish was ahead of,its time in that in the seven years,since its release its unique mobility,and breakneck pace has never really been,copied by other games which means it,holds up really well now is the perfect,time for vanquish to make the comeback,it deserves,[Music]

Vanquish is WAY better than I thought

so some of you may have heard of a,little old game called,well after experiencing the majesty that,was,memes,i decided to get more i thought hey,maybe theyve got a more recent game,thats similar so i looked into platinum,games recent releases but found only,death oh and near automata well with,that i traveled back a solid 12 years,and came across another absolute speed,demon quick time event-filled bloodbath,called vanquish and well,its everything i wanted it to be this,is gonna be fun casual auto casual,normal hard i cant not,i cant not vanquish when you run,backwards the lv,what is that ive never seen that in a,game before okay boost,oh i can get used to this,whoa,thats so weird that it like zooms out,like that and then you have a rocket,launcher okay,all that camera angle is going to,drive me nuts,all right,wow,people are definitely going to die oh,you just know its going to be a heck of,a ride were using the platinum games,logo pretty dang good graphics for 2010.,how much you want to bet that bridge is,gonna blow up huh all these pathetic,mortals just living their everyday lives,when they dont realize that theres a,giant space laser focused right on the,earth,why is it always san francisco oh no,oh no,oh,[Music],well,a lot of people are about to die i think,theyre literally microwaving san,francisco,oh no they just,theyre fruit gushers is the bridge okay,though thats the real question,the bridge is not okay,i repeat,do not use the,we bridge,our newfound strength once again,but on a city there is that people,actually care about it,im kidding im kidding thats a joke,thats a joke san francisco will never,be the same the bridge is being,destroyed,again the last time this happened,x-men were involved we will not,negotiate with those who wish to destroy,do we have a space fleet our strength is,unmatched do we have a space fleet,they microwaved a city miss president oh,i guess we do have a space fleet,what is this game,providence is currently under the,control of those responsible for the,coup in moscow oh yeah this is sam,darpa sent him to come along with us,sam,remember why were here,to fund metal gear rising revengeance,this the toy youve been working on,just holds up freaking woody from toy,story,whoa,okay,okay,youre not allowed to smoke on the ship,sam just got put in his place okay here,we go now were on a real mission you,know what we gotta do,[Music],slide,out of my way marines,i didnt do that did i we here we go,hang on marie,microwave activate,so far theres been about a 15 minutes,of cutscenes and two minutes of gameplay,oh thats a guess that is a death and,you cannot convince me otherwise this,isnt even a video game this is just uh,this is a movie what the hell is going,on down here,im off to vanquish the enemies see,thats a vanquish reference,yeah its literally the guest look at,them,i sure am excited for when i do get to,play the game oh is this me is this me,im going in,i get to play now,nope the cutscenes gonna play for me,okay thats fine,russians have complete control of this,place,those are russians i thought those were,robots ive killed the guest once and,ill do it again oh wait thats one of,my marines the camera angles are really,difficult in this game all right this is,incredibly difficult to control at times,i am dead marines focus fire on the,giant eggs if you go there you should be,able to flank the enemy from behind okay,okay you know what im gonna do exactly,what you just said you wanna know why,because you said it lets go laser,cannon laser cannon,kill the oh,i am dying very quickly but i will,punch this guy in the head wait you can,slide kick confirmed friendlys kia,34. wait a minute did i kill more,friendlies than i did actual oh boy,dont look at that dont look at that,its wrong oh we got some metroid prime,action going on here,a little warmer,than i was hoping for yep true all my,men are on fire it appears that they are,dead hold on if i can just can i shoot,through the wall,i can i love being able to shoot through,walls and enemies get out of my way,marines,the cover system is amazing in this game,shoot the drivers of the eggs that man,just fell very dramatically,hold on im coming to save you me,imagine being saved by such a giga chad,such as myself,can i drive the egg good question,yes i can,the answer of,no nope i can just explode it oh,that man self-destructed on my man repel,the enemy forces hold on let me destroy,this egg real quick here good,lets go oh wait no i can drive the egg,mecha egg activate hold on i think its,overheating oh no its dead wow,why did i just like teleported you guys,arent even gonna be able to leave man,look at them,no,a heat source is coming up from within,the substructure i need a bit more intel,than that knrb0 argus robot thats been,at the center of the arms control,egg,wait a minute this is the isnt that,[Applause],all right,well i have a turret uh are you,regretting it yet im going to destroy,all your legs,oh shoot,im sliding im trying to slide,i do indeed maam thats the generator,okay so let me get this straight if i,just stand behind this cover i cant die,oh yeah i think hes dead i think its,dead,you good marines,im sure theyre fine hey i got more,enemies killed than allies this time,thats thats a victory royale in my,books this is a,pistol oh that is strong this is so like,this feels so much like mass effect all,right i think im lost i will find my,way back to civilization,dont fall for those pathetic humans,no let me do it get out of there marine,stop being so,lazy you can get one of those things on,ebay whoa an ebay reference,look at that ship what is it trying to,do here these ships have no idea where,they want to go here these guys are just,jumping over that to their desks look at,them,marines get out of the way,youre looking the wrong,theres no enemies that way dude marines,you guys need to learn,how to use cover properly,marine get on the other side of,these marines are the worst what is okay,im coming back its the underminer its,got a weak spot frick and so do i i,guess,my body that does not seem like it does,a whole lot of damage to that thing,maybe a little bit maybe it doesnt an,okay amount hes just sitting there he,just sat there for most of the fight,oh good i bet this is an escort mission,okay i just picked up this gun i have no,idea how to use it oh its like shooting,rockets at him i love it more rockets,that is a giant jellyfish this is doing,nothing these explosives are doing,nothing against these things,what i dont know what this gun is,either,do damage,its not doing anything to them the apc,is still stuck,hold on i cant the game is targeting,different things i cant see what im,doing,what is happening theres so much,happening,how do they fly it,spawn a ship in a cave and then the ship,flies up and explodes on the roof,oh never mind it goes through the roof,no no no,no no no no no now they got ships flying,into me here were gonna lose were,gonna lose because this freaking,jellyfish is no no no no no no no,are you kidding me you know what i think,this mission needs more jellyfish bombs,i am trying my best here sir there are,many many enemies in these caverns here,its okay,its okay theres just a giant demon bot,in the cave as long as long as i,can stay right here,and then boost get gum oh youve been,bamboozled,uh you made one simple mistake i have,what the heck,its mr dr russia,[Applause],you really think that could do anything,against mr doctor russia,that will be fun,ouch,okay so does he have a weak spot it,looks like he has the neon powers from,infamous,he is kind of glitching all over the,place here,yeah,uh you spoke way too soon oh shoot oh,shoot,uh knee side get away,oh i out sniped them this gun is not,effective im taking back my other gun,the lfe,oh my goodness im pressing hes a,problem right now,i thought i just flipped him off,thats a solid punch i give that punch a,10 out of 10. our business here is done,yeah no,space normandy look even the,achievements are mass

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Minelab Vanquish 440 Metal Detector | MODERN PARK Metal Detecting VDI Test Review

so im curious there it is,oh hello,uh,[Music],but back to a pin i found a bunch of,these things,never find the front were going to do a,little walk along here just to,see what it takes to find a target,when its ringing low like that thats,likely going to be a piece of aluminum,so im shooting for like eight the,number eight and higher,eight through i dont know 14 or 15,would probably be gold,could be any number but,sounds like iron,twelve thirteen,did,still 12 in there,here it is,[Music],whoa nice we hit on something here,this is a 12. finally a pin with a back,attached to it,nice thats a nice little find there,a little uh starfish it looks like,starfish pin,the backs still on it i just found the,backing to one of these things here and,i,just said i wish i would find the pin,actually attached to it so,thats pretty cool guys a little star,pin there,first decent jewelry find of the day,lets keep on going hope we can hit some,gold huh,on to the next guys,29 30.,pretty solid 29 30.,there it is right there if you guys can,see that,its just a quarter its like a modern,quarter,crusty old modern quarter nothing too,special its 25 cents side of the total,in there too,put on the all metal mode see how it,acts all right lets dig it see what we,got under here,wasting too much time,flip it back a little there huh,its still in there i dont hear it,anymore though,oh its probably a piece of junk,usually if you dig the plug out and you,cant hear it it uh,the tone has changed so,i dont know i cant find it easily you,know and when that happens a lot of the,times ill just give up on the signal,and move on to the next,you dont want to spend too much time,searching for,likely junk i mean it could be gold you,could miss up gold when you do this but,the likelihood of that happening is slim,right over here next to it we got a 13,14.,those are the numbers i like to see,pretty solid,thats what i was just saying sometimes,you gotta just move on from the target,find a better target,you dont want to spend too much time on,those,you know iffy signals but i like to,still dig them sometimes because,those iffy signals can be good,nice loud 1314 here,should be in here huh,got it here oh just fall out oh yep,there it is,pull tab sometimes the good signals,though the ones that sound good,you know arent always good so,you cant rely too much on the metal,detector itself you have to learn,the sounds and theres no guarantee even,if you think you know the sound it could,be something completely different so,always be curious always dig those iffys,and,you know just try to dig them quick,kind of 24 25 right here,first one of those ive had today so,lets dig it up see what we got under,here,its out of the hole,here it is just a penny,looks like a copper though huh yep 1981,penny,first copper penny of the day ill take,it,see you guys in the next,[Music],gopro oh were still on theres another,right next to that dime,2526 right here,24. fell back into the hole,yeah there it is didnt even need my,pinpointer it wasnt a dime it was a,penny,copper penny 1961.,is that almost a wheat i guess huh,huh all right guys 1961 d,penny were on to the next,got a 21 over by that copper penny and,dime i just found,looks like we might be on a little coin,patch here,i know in these parks a lot of the times,there used to be a bench or a picnic,table where,some of this stuff was so you can find a,patch here,you might be onto something might,increase your chances of finding some,jewelry,huh this thing almost completely,disappeared which makes me think,its probably underneath my plug,like in the wall over here,lets see,no,its just a solid 21 22.,put it back over see if we can find it,ah,sprinklers just turned on im gonna have,to get out of here,vanquish aint waterproof i dont know,if it will squirt over here but,we might have to get away from this,target i dont have the cover on my,vanquish anymore so,i aint trying to get it room just yet,we still got to go out and do some beach,testing with it,lets dodge the oh we got a quarter,signal,29 right here try to dodge the,sprinklers get this quarter before they,come our way,dig a quick little plug here,flip her over,still in there,that sprinklers coming my way i dont,know,ah this quarter no,sign of it yet if it is a quarter that,is,put the detector over it one more time,definitely sounds like its right there,could it be deeper,sorry about that guys having a little,trouble finding this,all right,i guess lets walk through this,sprinkler i dont know what to do,lets walk through it ah,i think weve got a little water on it i,dont think its gonna hurt it,theres a bottle cap,junk get back to this hole i dont want,to lose it,i think im probably just off,i dont see what else it could be really,i dont know yeah it was just off,just felt it there it is,a quarter popped out of the hole,man 1966 quarter it was pretty deep in,there,this could be an older patch maybe i,found that 1961 penny too,lets keep hunting around here guys,were getting closer,still have not pulled my first silver,coin yet but,where our senses are tingling we could,be getting close,i got a really low number here but,its ringing three times when i swing,across,tomato,[Music],11 12 in the sand its a bottle cap,janker,sketchy sound in 11 12.,13 14 maybe,jumping all over the place but im,curious,there it is oh,hello another piece of jewelry here huh,its a piece of junker oh,just broke it i mean its a piece of,junker jewelry but,its jewelry nonetheless see if theres,any more down in that hole huh,i think there is put this down here,i think i might have just cut it in half,yep heres some more of it,huh i think those are little hearts huh,anymore i have to scan back over it and,see,but its pretty neat guys something,different,uh let me pull those ones out here,heres my pouch so far looking like a,bunch of junk huh,we got some coins in there got this,weird thing,i think its a piece of some type of,melted uh,melted metal solid 14.,from both sides,see whats under here thats right,what even is this thing,well i found it whatever it is,i dont have much of an idea of what it,could be,huh just reading up a solid 14 i think,on the vanquish 440 interesting little,piece of something,piece of junk on to the next one,i think this is another bottle cap here,see this angle,its jumping all around from eight one,it was in the 20s,now this angle,just doesnt sound good overall you know,lets see make sure its a bottle cap,and then we wont dig those anymore,its just such a sketchy signal that i,doubt its going to be anything good,[Music],yes it was theres another bottle cap so,when the golden bottle to cap,the elusive golden bottle calf another,next,9 10.,thats out oh,is this gold,no thats not gold what is that though,huh fooled me there for a second i had,the gold color,thats always a uh a tease,its an interesting little piece of,something though its like a,a cufflink i dont think so but,let me know if you guys know what that,little thing is huh i appreciate it,see you in the next one,whats going on everybody just wanted to,do another quick wrap-up here for the,day,out with the vanquish 440 we got,three quarters a dime,[Music],1961 penny heres our best find for the,day,its a little uh star pin,pretty cool we found uh this guy with,the backing on it and we also found a,separate backing,this looks like a piece of junk jewelry,might have been a,a bracelet at some point maybe,it looks like it used to be able to,bend but thats the second time ive,done that just broke it again,so ive got some junk jewelry a little,bit of change,almost a dollar eighty five sixty seven,eight nine,ninety two cents our best find for the,day,like i said was this little star pin,its pretty interesting its got,i dont think this back actually went to,this thing it doesnt fit on there right,and it says epgi,on the back of it i think it might be,copper theres no crust on it or,anything,so pretty cool little find for the day,im happy with it,the vanquish did pretty well again,did

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Metal Detecting Tips | Minelab VANQUISH Metal Detector Review

[Music],welcome back,its going to be an awesome day and its,going to be an awesome day because were,reviewing,the mind lab vanquish metal detector,today,ive been getting a lot of messages,about people wanting me to review this,metal detector,and that really doesnt surprise me,because theres not really a lot of,videos,on youtube about this metal detector and,thats really surprising,the vanquish comes in four different,models the 340 the 440,the 540 and the 540 pro pack today,i chose to do the 440. and the reason,for that is is because,i really didnt need the bluetooth,headphones with it because the 440 comes,with wired headphones,it comes with a rain cover it also comes,with a 10 by 7 cool,that was the big thing for me that i,wanted to review because i do a lot of,park hunting,a lot of school hunting where its just,super trashy and im dealing with a lot,of modern trash and iron,so i needed the coal that was not just,too big or too small,so therefore the 440 was just right,check it out,now one of the awesome things about the,440,its only 279. thats right you heard me,279 dollars and in my honest opinion,also the vanquish is based on the same,technology as the minelab equinox,the multi-iq technology of course in my,opinion its a much simplified version,of the multi-iq technology,however youre still running multiple,frequencies with the mind lead vanquish,so youre getting a metal detector for,279 dollars,or even if you went with the top model,which is like 499,youre still getting a metal detector,thats running multiple frequencies,simultaneously now one of the main,differences like i said its its the,multi-iq technology,however with the equinox series youre,running like,for example if youre running like park,mode its weighted a little bit towards,the lower frequencies or if youre,running,the gold mode its weighted a little bit,more towards the higher frequencies,now with the vanquish like i said youre,running multiple frequencies,but each mode is exactly the same,as far as which frequencies are running,so whether it be,coin mode jewelry mode relic mode or all,metal,youre still running the same,frequencies so like i said just a,simplified version,of the multi iq technology now one of,the other,similarities of the vanquish and the,equinox,is the processing speed the recovery for,an entry level metal detector the,vanquish,has a super fast recovery speed if you,wanted to compare it to the mind lab,equinox,it would be like for example in coin,mode it would be like the equinox on a,recovery speed of five,in the jewelry mode it would be like,equivalent to,the equinox on recovery speed four relic,and all metal go down to recovery speed,of two,so probably because youre gonna get,more depth all right enough talking,lets get to it all right the vanquish,is very simple to use,just turn on,look familiar yes thats a noise cancel,just like the equinox does,you have your sensitivity right here,lets adjust the sensitivity a little,bit turn the sensitivity down,were going to get the volume right here,turn it up as high as it will go now,this is your mode,so its in coin mode relic mode,jewelry mode and thats a,custom user mode and if you want to,activate,all metal in any of these modes you,press the horseshoe button,however were going to leave the all,metal mode off right now because like i,said were in a park and were just,demonstrating this detector,you have your pinpoint button and your,notch button where you can accept and,reject,any of the targets all right folks as,simple as that,you dont even have to ground balance,this machine its ready to go,so lets go all right folks weve locked,on to another target,and im pretty sure this is going to be,a dime,its hitting on the 2425 range anytime,its in that area,solid its a dime every time,[Music],[Music],i told you its a dive every time all,right off to the next one,all right folks im out here im having,an awesome time,ive locked on to another target and i,know this is either going to be a clad,quarter,silver quarter or a silver ring either,way we go,were going to score on this one lets,get to it,[Music],as you can see the vanquish has locked,on to this one,hitting at a 29 30.,[Music],bam it locked out of that quarter with,no problem and thats the same way it,reacts to uh,silver rings silver quarters so,hey cant go wrong with a quarter it,adds up,all right im having an awesome time out,here with the vanquish,and as you all know i am the original,urban gold miner ed huffman,hey anytime it hits on that 14 15 range,that could be a gold ring or it could be,a pull tab,so anyway around theres no way around,it you got to dig it if youre going to,look for gold rings,check it out,[Music],come on gold ring,[Music],stealing the plug,ah its our old friend the pull tab hey,like i said you got to dig them if you,cant if you dont dig pull tabs youre,not going to dig a gold ring,off to the next one all right folks i,think weve scored again,it was hitting on it its kind of,jumping around between a 24 25 even down,to a 23.,now on the vanquish what ive noticed if,he hits on that 25,jumps up to like 26 27 thats a dime,every time quit could be a silver dime,clad dime or even a silver ring,now when it hits on the 25 and kind of,drops down instead of going up,its more its its leaning more towards,a copper penny when i say copper penny,that is a,penny that is 1982 or older,all right you seen what i was talking,about 25 dropped down to 24.,that that is either a copper penny or a,silver ring check it out,[Music],come on silver ring,stealing the plug come on silver ring,oh,ah its the copper penny but hey it,could have been a silver,ring but anyways youve seen how the,vanquish locked onto that,cant pass up those pennies they add up,too now,no complete demonstration is going to be,done without showing you what trash,sounds like if you get a vanquish,and youre getting a lot of tones like,this,dont dig it its going to be trash,[Laughter],as youre saying the detector was just,going crazy because its a super trashy,area,and it wasnt locking on to any target,and it wasnt solid it was all broken,tones,those are trash targets dont dig them,youll be wasting your time,because you will definitely know when,the when the vanquish locks onto,something,just like that thats a target you want,to dig all right now we found a handful,of coins today,and lets put those coins down and well,see just how fast,the vanquish is at processing,all right thats pretty impressive lets,see if we can move those coils,to where all three of them are under the,coil,at each time it swings by and see if we,can pick those targets out,okay as you see all three coins are,under the coil,so if we can pick these out this is,going to be pretty impressive,for a metal detector under 500.,theres the dime the nickel,and the quarter,thats pretty impressive for a metal,detector thats 279 dollars,thats really fast processing speed,recovery speed whatever you want to call,it,i have not seen another metal detector,on the market for,279 dollars actually under 500,that can do that all right folks there,you have it,the monday vanquish i hope you enjoyed,this video,i like the metal detector i mean for a,metal detector under 500,you cant beat it i mean youve seen,what it could do you know the technology,in it and if you want to find out more,check out the link in the description,below once again thank you for watching,if you havent subscribed,please go ahead and subscribe see you,next time

Vanquish Video Review

[Music],heres a challenge for you try to keep,track of everything happening on the,screen at one time during an intense,firefight and vanquish its pretty hard,but thats okay because this,third-person shooter from the mind of,Shinji Mikami creator of Resident Evil,is a chaotic sort of fun players will be,shooting boosting sliding and,occasionally smoking through spectacular,action set pieces in vanquish all while,using some very slick guns and although,the story and characters lack the same,punch and polishes the combat vanquish,is one of the best shooters to come out,of Japan in a long time,Vanquish puts players in the,hyper-advanced thruster boots of Sam,Gideon a researcher for DARPA that helps,develop high-tech battle suits and power,systems for the United States a Space,Station developed in part by DARPA is,taken over by a Russian extremist group,and Sam is sent in to test out a suit,and secretly rescue professor Candide,this might sound complicated but all you,need to know is there a crapload of bad,Russian robots attacking and you have to,tear them apart the visuals in Vanquish,are spectacular I think Sams ours suit,deserve some kind of reward because the,number of moving pieces and glowing,lights on that one in-game prop her mind,blowing the environments are also quite,eye catching with some sweeping techno,vistas that seem influenced by Western,sci-fi projects like Halo and Gears of,War the music and vanquish doesnt stand,out too much but it works well to,complement the action on screen more,impressive is the number of language,tracks available to the player you can,hear Sam and his Ops support Elena,shatter away in English Japanese and,Italian to name a few I must admit the,French Sam Gideon is pretty badass just,Sam Koenig soccer mum,you needed SOE so they do it on sector,contact Anakin,Vanquish is a very special kind of,shooter although there are traditional,cover mechanics in place and plenty of,recognizable weapons to use the beauty,of this title is the manoeuvrability of,Sam on the battlefield Sam can boost,around at breakneck speeds at the risk,of overheating a suit which makes field,traversal way more enjoyable than those,tears Sam can also use a suit to slow,down time and pull off some fantastic,shots against the Robo Russians while,debris and bullets slowly into the air,in a sea of total awesome vanquish also,lets players upgrade their weapons as,they go upgrading the weapon improves,its maximum ammo capacity and it can,also increase its attacking power this,gives players something great to work,towards besides a high score so they can,hunt down their favorite weapons and max,out their stats another great thing,about vanquish are the set pieces that,hold all the action youll be,controlling Sam on giant Hills moving,trains crumbling roads and more the,amount of stuff going on at one time on,screen is truly amazing and its one of,vanquishes strongest parts but vanquish,has a few problems theres a pretty,harsh learning curve here which is,obvious when you face the very first,boss and he kicks in your throat this is,something you can get used to of course,but I was more concerned with the games,plot line and character development,theres very little story here to enjoy,and the characters dont really grow,over the course of the action I say this,game needed more badass girls but thats,just me,[Music],even though the story in hero is a,vanquish lack the same level of polish,as the rest of the experience the combat,in the shooter will keep gamers,thoroughly entertained from start to,finish and if the action gets too,intense you can always stare lovingly at,Sams suit its really pretty cool,for more on vanquish dont forget to hit,up ign.com,[Music]

Vanquish remaster is ACTUALLY INCREDIBLE!!

[Music],what youre about to hear is an excerpt,from our weekly podcast you can find the,full finger on our channel every,Wednesday and if you want to gain access,to next weeks podcast a whole week,early you can do that by supporting us,on patreon head on over to patreon calm,for a pretty good game and help support,us pretty content every single day real,giveaway Vanquish was about vanquish,2010 shooter from Platinum Games – see,you got ported to the PC week just gone,so armed its [ __ ] incredible like I,was going to here buy it well like its,a its a cover shooter yeah but,Gears of War but gives a wall run yeah,well its a harsh Gears of War,yes but Im harsh no joke so we run a,better answer,you play as like a government agent,called some Gideon and youre in a like,experimental mech suit kind of are not,quite Mac but its like a combat suit a,lot of metal involved there is a lot of,very futuristic synthetic material yeah,and like you have rocket boosters in,your knees because palm and its,incredible um its like its like what,if you took a third-person shooter,filled it like bullet hell elements yeah,right well its essentially that isnt,its a third-person shooter made by plan,and games so yeah its a space yeah very,fast-paced and so like the whole like,premise of the game is the Space Station,been taken over by like Russians they,have an army of robots because you know,its incredible but theyre robot armies,yes,and so you literally you and a team of,Marines who have some of the best,one-liners in the game like um youve,got to take back of a space station from,the Russians basically yeah and it just,its like all-out balls to the wall,action from start to finish,never let perform I feel like if anyone,was to ask you Liam what would your,dream game be mm-hmm it would be a,third-person shooter from platinum games,set on a space station in the Russian,army of Russia knows very well the only,way you could get it better is if it was,like written by Hideo,and I remember Id be the best game ever,made get a giant space whale in there,yes if you did that it was in the best,game ever made right so vanquish is,Platinum Games and Segas seconds yep,resuscitation of a game from some years,ago the last gen Bayonetta be in the,last and that did really well actually,thats number one on Metacritic PC games,tied would be over fast paced bullet,hell shooter what remains of you defense,yeah slow on from right there and but,compared to Bayonetta end because that,thats got incredible of vanquish how,does that marry up is it just as smooth,or and so yeah like gameplay wise its,incredibly responsive maybe not as,complex as bayonet like being a is like,combos for days vanquish is pretty much,its like theyre couple going and shoe,and stuff for me personally I think,vanquish is probably my favorite,platinum games game and its like I know,Bayonetta gets a lot of love but just,something that strikes me about vanquish,that just its like the perfect,combination of all these elements they,just meld well together its just great,its great it seems to have done exactly,what it is aiming to do wearing like,its just rekindled your love for this,game a lot Im gonna say you know I was,going to ask like is it as good as you,remember it but I dont need to ask it,up because its apparent already that as,soon as you as I remember it and it,seems like theyre on a hot streak do,you think that theyre going to be able,to get hat-trick and rejuvenate end of a,serie different theyre going to be,after it whilst of it gone um they could,do Mart world Anarchy Reigns they,already did Metal Gear Rising not on PC,feel like vanquishes going a little bit,under the radar like not Im getting uh,but you know its kind of one that you,might forget and then when its when you,learn that is coming on PC you might go,I remember liking and then–oh you know,well it feels a bit underrated almost,fun fact GameSpot gave it their best,game nobody played award in a thousand,sound okay so yeah it kind of it,definitely flew under the radar,yeah more like rocket slide it on the,right,ah well its Im more interested in it,now than ever because its yeah its,everywhere I dont know what the charge,of a vanquish been others quite fairly,priceless yeah I think 1499 again if you,own boner and you actually had 25%,discount on it I really do this and no,ones mad like no ones you know people,well fastens Creeds and they brought up,that we mattered Ellens and moanin and,that button everybody is you know lovin,a tart yeah wewe actually compared it,favorably in a video to we compared the,beignet re-release to when Bulletstorm,was it yeah yeah how they handle down,below storms for price and all this and,Bayonetta was nice and simple 15 query,and blue NPC in scene resolution and,stuff are you can you know theres,incredibly well up and I you know they,did the basics really well with day now,and thats the way to do it and thats,why there is no negativity towards it I,dont I cant imagine anyone having any,reason to be upset about the fact that,its not those been re-released on PC,the way it has whereas Bulletstorm has,so many things theyre like oh come on,its just like squeezing and milking,your audience anyway the beta it doesnt,its been that feels like servicing your,audience and so the service one question,and the fact that we can be discounts,for buying the two and even you can buy,you vanquish champagne air for cheaper,than you could buy Bulletstorm and that,came out you know yeah if Im to,remaster so made humble re-releases and,theyre not shipping it is like gaming a,decade edition and Im gonna add in a,bunch of tasks that it seems like they,just focused on polishing an already,great game that they believed in more,than everybody else by the sounds of the,bottom thats called farms Liams,selling it to me you know I mean Im,interested in it where I wouldnt be so,thank you very much listen to this,podcast excerpt remember to leave a like,if you enjoyed the video subscribe if,youre new around here check out some of,our contests shell be available right,now on the screen and for watching well,see you next time,you,[Music]

Vanquish Review

[Applause],[Music],[Music],the seventh generation of video games so,the uprising of the over-the-shoulder,cover-based third-person shooter their,quality varied from title to title but,usually they were plotting slow-paced,Affairs that had you sitting around,waiting for the opportunity to pop out,behind bits of rubble dekappa for ironic,that the supposedly exciting action,games these shooter sell to be a lot of,the time were deriving that over the,shoulder shooting style from Resident,Evil for a game that had pretensions of,being a slow-paced spook of up,because when the director of resevoir,Shinji Mikami decides to make his own,action shooter that wasnt also trying,to be a horror game this was not the,pace he went for,its been seven years since the rocket,propelled adrenaline infused vanquish,launched on consoles and now finally it,makes its debut on the PC with the,unlocked framerate it was meant for,earlier this year we also got a PC port,of Bayonetta while it was satisfying to,see it go from its original unstable 60,frames per second to a rock-solid PC 60,frames per second,seeing the 720p Baddeley texture,filtered unstable 30fps console game,vanquish was become this Titan with an,unlocked framerate and unlocked,resolution on the PC is breathtaking the,first time I viewed it up it really did,feel like I was playing a whole new game,the textures from the original pop out,and shine way more with this new crystal,clear picture but of course just a heads,up I dont expect you to bitrate to keep,up with this game so no matter what,youve seen this video just be assured,the game looks great not only that but,vanquish as a shooter also benefits from,being playable with a mouse and keyboard,the fast paced action is now,complemented by the lightning quick,precision of a mouse pointer its an,awesome port of an old game but for,those of you who maybe dont know much,about vanquish let me get down to the,nitty gritty Shinji Mikami wanted to,make vanquish to create a game with the,style of the old seventies anime,casshern which was a show about a cool,Android boy in his robot dog who go,around beating the [ __ ] out of robots,but since he had already directed the,beat him up godhand he decided instead,to use the framework of a shooter to,bring to life his idea while keeping a,sense of speed and fast paced action,though the robot dog unfortunately never,made it out of the concept phase to that,end of creating a far shooter map we,have protagonist X American football,player Sam Gideons augmented reaction,suit which allows him to touchdown his,way across the battlefield at super high,speeds while also slowing down time,usually after dodge rolling voting over,cover after a melee attack or while,doing that tubular slide notes that,boost sliding and slowing time pulls,from the same resource bomb when it runs,out youll be caught with your pants,around your ankles forced to wait for a,cool-down process this is where the main,strategy of vanquish comes into play,timing and managing your suits heat bar,to get in and around the battlefield as,quickly as possible while devastating,your enemies with precision slow-mo,attacks this is a cover shooter where,taking cover should be your last resort,here the skilled player can be out in,the battlefield dancing with enemies,without even touching cover,this all feels fairly well balanced the,only area works a bit unforgiving is the,melee these are some of the most fun,attacks in the game power sliding into a,foe and then raining death from above,the thing is a melee attack that makes,contact with the enemy will completely,drain your energy gauge and leave you,stranded needing to recharge its a,really big punishment for going for the,melee attack and if you trigger slow-mo,after its done well theres no reason,not to make use of it until your energy,bar drains because in a moment its,gonna be drained anyway perhaps the,melee moves could have been nerfed in,exchange for not losing your entire,boost gauge upon use then maybe there,could have been an option to use more,gauge in a follow-up slow-mo attack or,two can service otherwise though theres,a lot of opportunity here for creative,gameplay bounced off one enemy and shoot,a bunch of others on the comedown,throw a grenade and Volt over cover to,shoot at it at the right time ever had,trouble in a shooter throwing grenades,at flying targets,how about chucking your grenade slowing,time and then triggering it at just the,right moment to ensure maximum blast,radius if you do wind up behind cover,hey smoke a [ __ ] and distract your,tomaten enemies with it slide into a,wall and bounce off it to trigger an,aerial attack etc the score system is a,bit mediocre though in terms of rating,your style ranking you with a more,traditional hack and slash grade when it,comes to time kills ratio of cover used,I think would be a little more easy to,interpret when it comes to gauging your,skill in the level rather than this,points tally did I do goods I mean I got,this many points but you know what is,that relative to how about some bonus,upgrades to incentivize stylish play,come on platinum weve done this before,looking at vanquish at the moment I see,way more potential to be explored here,for further in-depth gameplay well what,you have here certainly beats out the,likes of most third-person shooters I,see so many more venues of possibility,for this gameplay yeah I know you guys,just made this amazing new third-person,shooter combat system but could you just,do a little more for me you know yeah,just say the levels are pretty confined,youre trapped in enclosed spaces with,lots of invisible walls and while there,are slopes here and there to mix things,up youre always dealing with very,regimented spaces they may look,different but a lot of the time it,essentially feels like playing in a,bunch of cubic level boundaries with,set-dressing you cant just run off a,ladder in gameplay you have to hit a,prompt to get off them when I see the,levels and visible parameters of my,third eye more than the actual drawing,in walls,the level in a game about movements I,feel a little restricted and that,theres more that could have been done,with the environments,Ive played games where its way worse,but I cant help but feel like in,vanquish specifically the level should,be less confining and we look at a game,like Dark Souls were just tumbling off,buildings and rolling through grates,everywhere imagine just clattering,through a bunch of destructible objects,while careening across a level let the,ragdolls have defeated foes get caught,on me as I fly around theres no,dedicated jump button I think with just,the addition of something like that,while lifting the restrictions placed on,each levels strict boundaries the,gameplay could be taken to a whole new,level speeding up and launching into the,air to rain fire from above in more,versatile ways than just fun angling,yourself up there all cheeky with the,melee kick may be variable terrain a,little more accessible to play around,with I want to see Sam Gideon launching,himself off walls war running to mount,an offensive bouncing between buildings,and low-hanging signposts and debris to,cause chaos all over the place I never,felt like vanquish was all that varied,environment wise plants and street signs,may delineate different sections of each,part of the massive Space Station the,entire game takes place in but you cant,ever really visually escape the gray,walls and paneling that remind you,youre always in a big gray cylinder the,Vanquish has really fun gameplay but at,times it seems almost too odds with how,serious and sort of standard the rest of,the set dressing is oh dont get me,wrong some of the environments that are,here for a giant grey Space Station are,impressive save me throughout yet,appropriately epic in places but stuff,like the premise story in the score,feels like it was made for a way more,generic war shooter than this first off,music is serviceable nice action tech

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