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  2. Anki Vector – Smart Home Security Robot?
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Vector Security Review – Linda

hi im linda i live in north carolina,and um,my husband was interested in vector,security because there were some,break-ins in our neighborhood many years,ago and,he,he bought us a contract and weve been,with them ever since,ive been with vector for for about 13,years,and uh,liked them a lot they were always secure,very consistent,in,in their service,however they were changing uh,things and i needed to update the system,and,because there are break-ins now in this,neighborhood i started looking at some,other,companies,like cove and blink,there was,i did a lot of online research and it,just seemed to be,complicated some of them you had to set,up yourself and,being past the computer age i,i just didnt trust myself to do,everything correctly i called vector,again to see if they had cameras,that i could add to my,system and because i had been such a,long time customer,they,offered me free cameras as part of a,contract and,they came out,they not only set everything up they,helped me update my,my own system so that i have,enough,wi-fi and all of the power that i need,here,and,it really only cost me about fifty seven,dollars for,uh,for that installation,and he actually came twice,because i had to,do some work in between uh to get a new,modem,and uh,then he came out and it took him maybe,oh an hour to finish the job and,uh,and now i have a brand new system with,three new cameras that i,dont have to pay i didnt have to pay,for,my,my monthly fee didnt even go up,in terms of the purchase process it was,very simple for me because i already had,the service,they explained,how it would be changed and how it would,be upgraded,and,they,actually did not add anything on to the,monthly price,and uh i like knowing that there is,someone on the other end of my line,rather than just having cameras so uh,ive been ive been very happy with,their customer service,uh when i call theres always an answer,theres always people there to uh,to respond,when they come out to the house no,matter who they are,theyre very professional and uh,very very helpful,so the gentleman that came out to help,me upgrade the system this last time was,extremely knowledgeable,and,so helpful so kind and it was quite a,complicated process he took two visits,to come and help me and,set up the camera so theyre perfectly,uh im envisioning my entire front yard,backyard and my front porch i have i can,talk to the people on the front porch,now so,uh its really uh very helpful and very,um,i feel a lot safer in my home,so i feel very um,happy with my purchase,and uh that ive that ive chosen to,stay with vector to go with vector,originally to stay with them theyre,consistent and they are um,very very professional the company,is run,in an excellent way and the customer,service is wonderful so,i feel safer in my home i feel safer,knowing that i could look out into the,driveway if i hear a noise and,or the backyard,and its its been an excellent process

Anki Vector – Smart Home Security Robot?

good boy good boy good boy,Victor youre a good boy arent you good,boy good boy whos the good boy whos,the good boy,whos taking boy,[Music],hello everyone its me once again today,Im gonna share my discovery about a,vector now what happens if you have to,show a selfie to your vector of as you,being the owner thats something I want,to show you because it kind of shows the,ability of recognition of how much of a,vector could recognize yourself so I,thought it would be a quite a good,experiment so let me just show you this,experience so this is my selfie and Im,going to show a vector and see how he,responds whether he recognized me purely,by the image of myself so here goes hey,Victor what is my name,okay those who so its kind of showing,that he adores me so that they have,actually done some a bit of an upgrade,on how he interacts with you and so on,so let me just show you on the other,side hopefully Victor will discover me,on the other side hey Victor what is my,name okay chase that around a bit to,show you one more time,okay now Im going to show you how he,reacts to my smiling face okay so lets,see how he responds to that hey Victor,hey Victor Oh see,so you can see that he recognizes your,face even though youre smiling as well,okay I see if he goes back to that same,thing again so it seems that you can,technically fool your AI robot with this,quality of a robot its quite clever but,lets say if vector is synchronized with,your security system nest or or if,youre expecting vector to actually,trigger the alarm,if stranger walks same I dont think it,will be a good method because we already,cracked the code that if you have as,long as you have the total of the owners,photo the new classy full vector like,the way how hes responding here lets,see what he says yeah there you go hope,that helps you to understand more about,vector if youre quiet he used Victor,for recognizing someone especially,linked up with the security system,please dont because the camera that,vector has I hope he doesnt get annoyed,is not as good and qualified for,security purpose someone already asked,me that question and I just wanted to,clarify that technically some burglars,could actually hack someones account if,they know the owner of the property they,can actually show vector the the Selphy,of the owner or any possible photo to,vector and victor will recognize that,person and call the name and hell be,youll be very happy about it so I just,thought that might be worth mentioning,on this video so thank you very much for,watching this video,this is ljp and Victor saying goodbye,[Music]

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USA Fire & Burglar Alarm / Vector Security Product Demo

hello guys Christopher here with USA,fire and burglarm and Vector Security I,would like to take some time to give you,a little information about the Smart,Security system that we are offering to,our customers today and before I do so I,want to give you a little bit of,information about myself Ive been in,this security industry for a little over,38 years in fact I was raised in this,industry by my father who naturally has,been doing this a lot longer than I have,and during my time in this industry Ive,worked for various alarm companies Ive,also worked for various,security manufacturers and while I was,working for those manufacturers,I worked as a National Technical trainer,and it was my job,to educate the installers and the,security companies on the proper usage,of those security systems and the its,how to install these security systems,and it is my opinion that this is the,best available security system I have,ever seen on the market and the reason,why I say such a bold statement is not,only because of what it can do but also,because of how easy it is,now my experience in this industry Ive,noticed many systems out there that,claim to be very easy to use but,unfortunately for those people that are,terrible with technology they really,cant grasp it and what happens at that,point is you false alarm your system and,next thing you know it youre being,charged by the police department,now,with this security system,when I go out to someones home and give,them information regarding the system,that we use I always take a live demo,and this live demo,I would turn on in front of them and,then I would ask them what button they,would press to arm the security system,and it never fails they always select,the correct button which is this green,padlock here,when they select that they will see two,options,to arm and stay mode when theyre home,or to arm in away mode when everyone has,left,down here at the bottom you will see,a button here that button,will take you to the Panic buttons,you will have police fire medical silent,police so it doesnt trigger the alarm,or silent medical so it doesnt trigger,the siren as well if you inadvertently,press this button here dont worry just,select this gray area down here it will,go away,to the right you will see active and all,active just simply shows any locations,such as doors or windows that are opened,the all button will list all of your,protected locations all of your doors,all of your windows and so forth,to the left you will see,your the temperature the weather you,click on that and itll just tell you,the next four days weather forecast,now just like any smartphone or pad if,you drag your finger down it will take,you to some of the settings here such as,your volume level,your brightness,additional settings,messages and alerts which Ill get to in,a moment photo frame that allows you to,add your own photos,so that when youre not using it it will,display your family photos there,this button will allow you to clean your,screen so you can remove all those,fingerprints without worrying about,pressing buttons like these panics and,then here you can change the language,now during,my time in this industry one of the,problems Ive always seen is whenever a,security system has a trouble such as,communication problems to the monitoring,facility,it displays a warning light a trouble,light and unfortunately,customers tend to ignore that light,because they dont know what it means,and if theyre able to arm it,with that trouble light still on,they usually fail to call the monitoring,company or the alarm company to let them,know about this trouble,and this trouble could be something very,important like failure failure to,communicate,so the manufacturer that made this,system decided this was not going to do,they needed to find a way to get your,attention to make sure that you know you,have a trouble and for you to look at it,to see what that trouble is so rather,than putting a troubled light they put,what we are all now used to that you see,on your smartphone and thats a little,bubble here so you notice it has a,number one,now after a study was done that 72,percent of people with a smartphone,cant stand to see these little bubbles,on they decided this was the best way to,do that this would get your attention,all you simply do is click on that and,then you will see it displayed right,here underneath alerts and alarms if you,select that you will see any kind of,alarms or malfunctions in this case it,says malfunction,at that point you can call the alarm,company and we can get it serviced when,you have cleared that trouble you can,click on this,and then press OK and then it clears,that bubble,now another thing that Ive found is,that those that are terrible with,technology they forget,or are confused about how to use their,system and they,seem to always either lose or throw away,their users manual and for those that,are like me who have ADD reading,something a lot of times does not help,we have problems with comprehension and,the manufacturer that manufactured this,system they understand this they,understand that people lose users,manuals and some people have,comprehension problems and for that they,decided to put a video tutorial tab,right here that you can select and this,will teach you how to use the system for,example if I click on this button it,will teach them how to arm the security,system,you can lower the volume so you dont,hear the music play in the background,and it would just simply teach you how,to arm that security system once youre,done viewing it select the screen and,click on back,now I mentioned earlier that this is a,smart system,and the reason why it is a smart system,is because it allows you to add up to,134,smart Z-Wave devices,now let me stop there and tell you,Z-Wave is not a manufacturer it is a,technology type such as Wi-Fi but in,this case it is not Wi-Fi uh Z-Wave is a,more secure,manufacturer smart technology its a,radio-based technology similar to,Bluetooth,but not exactly Bluetooth,it programs to this system,very easy if you know how to program a,Bluetooth headset to your phone this,system allows you to program a Z-Wave,smart device that you can get on Amazon,and other websites just as easily to the,system,if you did program those smart devices,to it you will have additional screens,that you can swipe over to for example,these are lighting devices,anything with a bar means that it can be,dimmed okay now the security system can,control these smart devices based on an,alarm or a door opening,but it also allows you to control it,with your smart phone on the same app,that you control in a security system,also on with your voice,or if you have an Alexa,or a Google home or a Siri,and you can also control it with your PC,if you have any smart locks they will be,displayed right here as you will see I,have two dots here that means I have two,smart deadbolts these are Z-Wave,deadbolts any Z-Wave deadbolt or,lighting device will work with the,security system as long as it says,Z-Wave,so when I scroll up youll see it says,front door unlocked,if I want to lock it I click on the key,[Applause],front door locked and it locks the door,right here well show the battery,percentage for each one of those,deadbolts since they run off of double a,batteries,if I have a smart Z-Wave thermostat you,will see the settings here this will,allow you to change,the temperature right here on your touch,screen as well as on the app that works,with the security system,it will also show you the current,temperature as well,now this security system has one thing,that many other security systems dont,have it has a built-in camera now I want,to stop here and mention that this,camera does not allow for you to,remotely look through the camera to see,inside your home it was purposely,designed that way because we dont want,anyone to be able to look inside your,home this is a standstill type of camera,I like to compare it to some of those,Hunter cameras you see

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Vector Home Security Smart Mobile App Demo

whats up everybody lou vegas super home,yoursuperhome.com and today were going,to come to you with another video,specifically around controlling your,smart home from your mobile device so as,a demo today well be showing you the,ipad this works similarly from the,iphone and im excited to show you guys,what we have lets get right into it,alright guys so lets go ahead and get,started so we are here with the vector,security smart home demo house,this is being shown on the ipad because,the screen real estate is a little bit,larger i wanted to be able to give you,something easy to see here instead of,just using it on the iphone however it,is the same on the iphone and android so,youll get the same experience were,just doing this for visualization,purposes alright so here on the left,youll see your main menu bar where you,can get all of your options,all of the main options for the app are,available here and then on this home,page here you can actually customize,what you see and how it looks,in this example we have scenes our,security system status locks garage,doors and then we have some videos here,ill tap on these pre-loaded,demo videos here so you can kind of see,them this is what a doorbell would look,like if you were leaving for work in the,morning for example moving down here we,have your videos different preloaded,videos that the the app has has given us,here for demonstration,all right we can tap on this here,record a clip as its streaming you can,actually record a clip which is pretty,cool,all right,and then you can obviously full screen,if you wanted to,come back switch cameras very cool the,ui is very nice i really do enjoy uh how,theyve laid everything out its very,clean easy to read and intuitive,next up we have our lights and our,thermostats and some account information,weather etc so this is just your main,home dashboard if you will on mobile all,right so lets jump into scenes,our scenes are very cool so scenes are a,collection,of automations lets dive in into home,here so in our home scene you can see,that we have when you arrive home you,can tap on that scene and it will disarm,the panel,unlock the door and turn on lights and,from there you can manage like what,lights uh get turned on you can check,them on and off so example we want the,back door light to just come on and make,sure its on the on status hit done save,boom now turn back door light on so you,can see thats what happens when you,enter from home,again you can create new scenes,we can call this test what kind of,devices do we want to control all right,so we want our panel to,go our panel here,and we want to put the panel on,away for example,lets do silent army,and well hit,add we also want our garage doors to,close,tap close,and what else do we want to happen for,this scene we want all of our doors to,lock both bam cool lock lock done,so you can see its super fast at this,guys you can do this really easily,and well hit save,and let it do its thing,all right so here we have our test scene,if you notice this is what it does and,we can run that scene so ill go over to,our lets see lets go over to our home,and we can see that right now the,security system is disarmed and the,front door is unlocked im gonna go back,to our scenes and trigger our test scene,here,we want it to become a way and then lock,everything else so lets go to our home,and youll notice that we have the,system arming and the front door locking,so as you can see you can create and,customize,your scenes to be exactly the way you,want them for your particular use case,for your home so very cool stuff,all right so lets go over to our,security system here um this is where,you can arm and disarm the panel or mark,it into different modes you can also see,what sensors are available every,everybodys house is going to be,different everyone will have different,sensors labeled in different locations,and thats something you can customize,if you have more windows on your first,floor than someone else then youll,probably have more sensors here,listed if you have more doors for,example and windows youll have them,listed,and obviously any motion sensors that go,along with that so,this is where again youll arm and,disarm your system so we can,we can check that out,all right,so lets go to locks,i really love smart locks because,this is kind of that peace of mind thing,along with the cameras anything thats,related to security,thats thats a huge thing right being,able to know that your doors are locked,and you you can see around your home,especially if youre not there youre,going away for example huge benefit now,so here you can see your locks you can,tap on them lock or dis unlock them so,lets go ahead and unlock the front door,just so you can give you a demo there,boom now your front door is unlocked,very cool,all right well go down the garage doors,same thing close and open nothing fancy,there,your doorbell camera,okay,load it there,very cool you can actually talk from,here,you can also,take action so lets say for example you,have somebody come up to your front door,and its a family member and you need to,give them access to your garage for,example because you left a package in,there for them but youre not home you,can actually take actions right from the,doorbell and even open your garage for,example from here,very cool very convenient a lot of apps,do not offer the same functionality so,something to consider,all right well go down to video just to,give you again an overview again these,are saved kind of demo videos you tap on,them um you know we can we can load them,up here so you can see just a very clean,view and on the phone it will show up,vertically obviously but very clean view,of everything thats kind of going on in,your cameras,then we have our lights,lighting i think is one of the most,underrated things that people dont,incorporate into their home in terms of,a technology so lighting really does,create and change everything when it,comes to your how you experience your,home the vibe of your home,totally different experience,when you are able to change the dimness,the color temperature the color,completely in my home i love having you,know different colors you know if im,going to watch the eagles game i can,make,philadelphia eagles philadelphia right,we can put,all the lights green during game time i,can set a scene or set a,a particular rule a smart home,automation rule with a voice assistant,to turn all the lights a certain color,or turn them off or turn them on so very,very cool and convenient um you know,being able to do that these are,switches and then you have some dimmable,bulbs that you can you know change,change the brightness level so,very cool uh and then we have our,thermostats in this particular example,we have two thermostats if you have,multiple zones in your home you might,have two thermostats and you can control,those from here as well,everything that you would expect from,the the modes to,uh the temperatures and and any,schedules that you want to have for you,know maybe you youre on a specific,schedule during the day you wanted to,have it come on at certain days or night,um certain temperatures you can,completely manage that schedule from,here where you have different um,different times right so,at this time of night i want it to go,down to 77,this time during the day i want it to be,75 you can increase it so you can pick,and choose how you want that to go which,is i think super awesome right,particularly with the heat schedule as,well,in the winter time you can you can,schedule this as well so very cool stuff,and then last but not least we have your,basic account settings,we are a demo account so look you know,thats going to act a little funny but,um on your custom account youll have,all your custom account information,there your reports for your thermostat,any users that you want to add,so if you want to have you know multiple,people with different user access levels,you can do that as well,you have you

Vector Security Automated Solutions-Interlogix

hey this is Kirk McDowell Sales Leader,dinner logics here for the inner logics,dealer programs these experience,security professional are committed to,helping you find the best system to keep,your home and family safe and secure,coming up is a look at some of our,latest innovations that are redefining,home security with enhanced features,perfect for modern lifestyles these,products were recently featured on the,home improvement show,lifetimes designing spaces so have a,look at how were helping keep families,connected protected and a whole lot more,were designing spaces this show thats,all about you and your space your home,and surroundings Im Debi Marie and Im,David Jones on designing spaces we take,a look at all aspects of your home and,property including lifestyle so theres,plenty to interest homeowners everywhere,so stick around and see it all right,here on designing spaces,did he ever hear of an automated home no,but that sounds interesting yes it does,in fact heres art Edmonds with the,story the world we grew up in is not the,world we live in now the Information Age,and digital technology have touched,every aspect of our lives homeowners now,have this technology available to create,an automated home where comfort and,security can be controlled with the,touch of a button to get a better,understanding of this life enhancement,technology we here at designing spaces,are visiting a home that not too long,ago would have been considered a house,of the future but this is now and homes,like this are more safe more secure and,more comfortable than ever here on,designing spaces we love to do makeovers,but how about a home makeover that gives,your house a central nervous system but,this house has had exactly that done to,it nothing out of the ordinary looks,totally normal right but just wait and,see and to show us designing spaces met,up with Kirk McDowell an expert on,residential security systems so Kirk,tell me a little bit about the concept,of the system and how it functions,within the house well the heart of the,system is really the central unit which,is in the center of the home all the,doors and windows of this home are tied,into that so when the door the window,opens the homeowner knows if someones,come or left and when you look at the,specifics it becomes clear this system,is impressive when it comes to,protecting windows and doors,we manufacture wireless security devices,and they can take the place of a wired,device so if the door the window changes,a wire is cut you simply put one of,these sensors up and it sends a message,back to the control panel,now what about the exterior of the,property are there any measures in place,for security that way yes this homeowner,is off to to putting cameras both front,door and back door,these cameras can see in total darkness,how about if somebody in the unlikely,event breaches the exterior security and,gets inside the house what measures are,in place to protect the home then we,manufacture a passive for a team that,works on a principle of body heat and,movement and when that beam see somebody,moving it goes into alarm I will also,tell you that the greatest thing about,these is that they can be set for pets,whether or not you have a 20-pound pad,for an 80 pound pet so we can adjust,those okay weve got the bad guys,covered but theres other dangers water,life safety alarms and how do they work,twenty-six hundred people were killed,last year in structure fires and the,majority of those fires the smoke,detector was not operating usually a,battery was dead at that point our smoke,detectors do two things number one is,that in case of a fire they emit a loud,siren to get you out of the home but,they also send a message to the central,monitoring station so the fire,department can respond but if the,battery starts running low the Central,Station will call you seven to 14 days,before that battery dies and lets you,know that the battery is about ready to,go so how important is Co monitoring,carbon monoxide monitoring and are they,required by the government yes they are,as a matter of fact thirty states now,require Co detection in the home very,very important we call CO detection or,Co gas the silent killer now with a CO,detection you should have two or three,in the home and the best place to have,it would be in the bedroom at what we,call pillow height on the wall mounted,on the wall so you can hear it if it,goes off another aspect of security is,the ability to know whos in the house,coming and going being able to check on,pets seniors and children well we call,this our 2-way talking touch screen and,it enables me to install multiple coats,for users in the home so,lets say you have a dog sitter coming,in to walk your dog you know exactly how,many times they entered your home and it,matches with what they said its a great,way to keep track of people it is and,then if I ever change dog sitters I can,simply remove that sitters coat and put,in a new coat so run us through the,paces of this you know activate it,deactivate it show us around sure well I,go to bed at night or in the system in,the morning I get up I walk downstairs,and I want to look at the four-day,forecast so I simply press a button on,here on the touchscreen wow look at that,and a four-day forecast comes up telling,me what the weathers gonna be like here,now what I want to do is I want to go,ahead and arm the system and leave the,home all I have to do is to press the,button here arm the whole system walk,out the door and the doors are,immediately going to lock for me well,Kirk weve talked about the security,aspect of the system and the life safety,aspect of the system now were here in,this office in front of a computer tell,me about all the things that we can do,Justin temperature is turning our lights,turning off lights what else well you,know at 3 oclock in the morning art I,want my system to act as a security,system but at 3 in the afternoon I,wanted to act more as an information,system so here on my desk computer you,can see were looking at my home right,now I have three cameras set up,throughout the home two outside one,inside but theres a privacy button so,my wife can simply press that privacy,button on the inside camera I can also,change the temperature at the home I can,do that from the computer or I can,simply do it from my tablet the,temperature right now my home is 74,degrees its a little warm so I like to,put it and change it down to 71 degrees,so I simply press the down to 71 press,the done button and now all of a sudden,by the time I get home my temperatures,down to 71 degrees that is great and,everything you can see either on your,computer or your tablet you can see it,on your smartphone as well thats,correct so everything I can do here I,can do on the tablet or I can do on the,phone and actually look in to see whats,happening in my home why is the camera,again you can see it right on your,smartphone that is amazing now a system,is sophisticated as this must cost an,arm and a leg to install and maintain No,well I have to tell you in terms of an,ongoing fee for monitoring and being,able to have,access to look in online its really no,more than your average phone bill now,how do we get ahold of you well we have,hundreds of authorized inter logics,dealers across the United States that,are trained and authorized to install GE,branded security products and youd find,them by simply going to our website,which is inner logics comm Kirk has been,great having you on the show today and,thank you for showing us so much about,stuff that we we didnt even know was,out there its just amazing pleasure art,well you can learn more by visiting our,website designing spaces TV and well,have links to all the information that,we talked about today you can look at,this show or any other past designing,spaces shows online thanks again Im art,Edmonds from Lakewood Ranch Florida,well see you later all right I dont,know about you David but my house could,use everything we saw

Before You Buy a Home Security System… WATCH THIS!

hey its george here with silver hammer,surveillance today its time for a new,entry into our security 101 with mr,silverhammer series,where i give you tips on how to help you,protect your home,your family your business or your staff,today were talking about,old-fashioned burglar alarms or,perimeter security alarms,are they a good way to secure your home,not so great,lets find out,the burglar alarm system you got your,keypad,youre arming and disarming when youre,leaving or youre arming a different way,when youre sleeping,you got your window and door contacts,you got your glass break,you got the loud siren if somebody,breaks in,is that a good way to secure your home,my personal belief,no it is not not so great anyway,why is that well as a security guy and a,guy thats been catching crooks for 20,years,in that time ive had the chance to talk,to these criminals and,interact with them and sometimes theyre,not bad people sometimes theyll chat,with you and give you information,and i ask questions and they will all,tell you that they do not worry about,burglar alarms anymore,back in the day they were a little,preventative you know if a burglar alarm,saw the sign in your yard they have a,security system,or knew you had had one somehow theyd,go to the next house,nowadays not so much normally they think,you just bought the sign in your yard,and put it there,and dont even actually have a system,but even if you do have one,they know they can be in and out with,your stuff before the police even leave,the parking lot,so why is that a problem its a problem,because thats a reactive way to secure,your home,when you want to be proactive people ask,me all the time,why dont you sell more security systems,why dont you have a monitoring,service every month or somebody that can,call and,monitor your home and call a police for,you thats because i dont believe in,them,i just dont believe in those systems i,think theyre outdated i think theyre,on their way out,why do i think that i think cameras are,eventually going to replace all those,features,plus having the addition of the actual,video plus having features like two-way,audio,different alerts so why thats different,is youre getting alerted before,somebody actually comes in your house,my biggest problem with a security,system or a burglar alarm,is the persons already in there theyre,already in your house its time to throw,down,its time to call the police time to get,the dog time to street justice i dont,recommend the street justice,but its time to take action because,theyre in your house,i dont like that id rather be,proactive so the camera system thats,why i concentrate on camera systems,is you can have these alerts you can,youve got facial recognition theyll,tell you when somebodys in your yard,youve got an alert when somebodys at,your door with video doorbells,youve got all these different things,that can tell you that somethings,happening before the person gets to your,house,so with two-way audio you can yell at,him and tell him youve got the shotgun,youve got the,dog youve called the police even if you,dont you can scare him into thinking so,and scare them away,a burglar alarm doesnt do that theyre,in your house,youve got to figure out what to do but,theyre in there so the only benefit to,it really,is that if youre home sleeping yeah,its going to make a loud siren and wake,you up,but thats really the only probe in my,eyes youve got too many other cons,so number one its reactive instead of,proactive,number two it costs you a monthly fee,and thats a whole nother,situation youre paying somebody to call,you,before they call the police so why not,just call the police yourself,get yourself a do-it-yourself alarm,system get yourself a camera system,get yourself something where you can,call the police yourself youre going to,get notified yourself call the police,yourself,skip the middlemen youre calling them,to call you,before they call the police if its the,type of service that calls the police,without talking to you first,then youre opening yourself up to false,alarm fees depending on where you live,if you get a false alarm on your alarm,system the police have to come,and nothing happens you can get charged,a false alarm fee,this especially happens all the time on,businesses but it can happen in your,home too,so youre paying a monthly fee to when,you when you can just do it yourself,and you can also prevent these false,alarms,so to me the burglar system is just,outdated,i think itll go away i really think the,only reason they still exist because a,lot of the companies that sell them,just want your monthly dollar because of,those those monitoring services,you know theres just some people in a,call center they dont even really you,know care,theyre just theyre just doing their,job so thats great,everybody needs a job but you know,youre just paying somebody to do,something you can just do yourself,nowadays,theres too many other features and,cameras and other different ways to,secure,your home but definitely camera systems,to be proactive,instead of reactive and thats the key,so the answer the question is why dont,i sell security systems,i just told you why id much rather be,proactive than reactive,thats just the way i am thats that,should be the key to security,stop it before it happens you know you,hear all these stories about home,invasions and how scary i mean weve,weve,come behind it all the time and these,people telling their stories its just,horrific,i hate it but i also love giving them,peace of mind,once these things have happened to them,and again youre going to give people,much more peace of mind,when its proactive versus reactive,so if youre looking for a security,system for your home,go surveillance instead of burglar alarm,thats my first tip for today hope you,enjoyed this video,if you did please subscribe to the,channel come back for many more tips in,the future,peace and love

How This Security Company May Have Tricked Customers To Switching Alarm Systems

[Music],you know many homeowners with security,systems have signs in their yard it,indicates theyre protected but the,Better Business Bureau says those signs,can be a beacon for unscrupulous,salesman Lisa Guerrero investigates if,this salesman comes knocking at your,door you may want to think twice before,answering Ive actually come by about,your old ATT signs out front here my,jumps with the new signs up here okay,look at him yanking out all those signs,for ADT the nations largest alarm,company youd think he works for ADT,right just one problem,he doesnt he really works for a rival,company called alder to see how some,alder salesman operates,we sent Inside Edition investigative,producer Charlie McClure AV undercover,posing as a recruit at an older training,session in Lexington Kentucky,inside this conference room we watched,alder regional manager Bobby Schoen,teach the troops all about takeovers,what are takeovers its when alder,salesmen target homes that already have,alarm systems like ADTs 2015 and tried,to take over their accounts many,homeowners are falling for it and once,inside the alder salesman Walter voit,sard convinces these homeowners to,switch over their ADT contract to a new,alder contract by offering a free,upgrade theyre essentially swapping out,whatever system you had with theirs,some people get stuck paying for two,bills,absolutely an hour right scam Gray,Finney is the senior vice president at,AVG what they do is they walk to,neighborhoods looking for and targeting,the Blue ADT signs ADT isnt the only,well-known corporate name the alder,salesman drops to get him past the front,door but that doesnt stop him from,using GE as part of his sales pitch to,this family this homeowner agreed to let,alder take over her ADT contract after,she says he showed pictures like this,one that unnerved her a burglar he,claimed was snipping the wires of old,ADT equipment did you feel like he was,trying to manipulate you,yes it did it made me nervous and it,upset my mom pretty bad as well we,caught up with Walter boy sard,I just like to ask you if youre using,deceptive and misleading business,practices when you try to sell your,alarm systems everything that we do is,completely honest we have a training,manual that we stick very strictly to,but I do appreciate your time and you,have a great day okay,Walter do you ever tell people youre,with GE maam no I just told you I,honestly dont want to speak with you,about this it cant be one rogue,employee the number of complaints that,we receive theyre from all over the US,ADT is suing alder for deceptive and,misleading sales practices alder denies,the allegations and says they ensure,their customers are satisfied and,provide them with best-in-class products,and services,[Music],you,[Music]

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