1. 2022 Toyota Venza review // Find out the 2023 updates!
  2. 2022 Toyota Venza | Long Term Conclusions
  3. 10 Things To Know Before Buying The 2023 Toyota Venza
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2022 Toyota Venza review // Find out the 2023 updates!

can you believe its been a couple of,years since the venns that came out we,thought wed get it back theres been a,refresh for 2023 lets get in and go,over it all,easy andre you got 200 horsepower under,there do we ever its the venza what is,under the hood of this thing a 2.5 liter,four-cylinder engine matched to an ecvt,and toyotas hybrid synergy drive its,got a net 219 horsepower and standard,all-wheel drive so the good news is we,have the changes in the usa for the 2023,model year of toyota venza,and in canada we did reach out to toyota,canada and unfortunately those specs are,not available yet but we think that they,will be fairly close all right lets get,into it what are the key standard,features of the toyota venza the base,trim comes with an 8-inch touchscreen a,7-inch multi-information display,wireless apple carplay and android auto,a wireless charger a six-speaker audio,system heated front seats eight-way,power driver seat and manual passenger,seat power rear door 18-inch wheels and,toyota safety sense 2.0 including blind,spot monitoring and rear cross traffic,alert well get into this kind of odd,center console in a moment but theres,some button heres what are we going to,put it in you have to put it in s for,subscribe and if you can hit that,notification bell youll be notified,when all of our reviews drop and then,you can watch them and we do this a,couple car review twice a week the first,one drops on wednesday we put another,one out on saturday so make sure you,like and subscribe but also follow along,on instagram its motormouth underscore,andrea to get a sneak peek behind the,scenes from me its motor mouth,underscore auto and the links are below,the like button this video is brought to,you by canada drives shop online for,your next used vehicle and enjoy the,convenience of two-year door delivery,and the confidence of a seven day love,it or return it guarantee visit,canadadrives.ca to learn more so when,this venza was brand new we really only,had the car for a couple of days to test,drive it so we thought lets get it back,and just before they make some,announcements for the 2023 model year so,what are the big changes andrea so one,of the big ones is the audio system the,infotainment system is getting an,upgrade its going to be faster its,going to have wireless apple carplay and,android auto and dual bluetooth phone,connectivity this is the system that we,just saw in the bz4x and of course the,new lexus nx some other changes include,the le base model is going to get a,seven inch multi-information display,currently it gets a 4.2 inch its,actually the top trim right now on the,2022 model that has the seven inch now,for 2023 theyre going to introduce a,12.3 inch digital driver display,the 10-inch head-up display which is,available on the top trim in the us in a,package will now be standard on that top,trim in canada it is already standard on,the xle trim and limited trims but we,have different packages here and the,more expensive products so they threw,that in and i think thats welcome now,were going to get into the new trim,thats been announced called the,nightshade edition its an option on the,xle trim with black exterior accents,19-inch black wheels and available in,three colors black pearl and red other,changes include led fog lights now,standard on the xle models and above and,the stargaze fix panoramic sunroof will,not only be available on the top trim,but also on the xle nightshade model i,think its kind of gimmicky,i mean it you know you do that a couple,of times for your friends and then they,go thats cool honestly i would like it,to open im not really into the star,gaze roof i just either want a moon roof,that opens or i want a panoramic sunroof,that opens and this doesnt,id get the one now or you can get it,without it thats the way id roll well,really thats where youre at zach,unless you get that top trim yeah youre,just not gonna get it unless you get the,nightshade package okay right below does,this impress you or is it a gimmick its,a gimmick,dont you think its a gimmick,there are no mechanical changes for 2023,i mean the car has only been out for two,years and its very competent yeah its,smooth the cabin is fairly quiet when,youre driving in the city i do find,when you accelerate quickly on the,highway you definitely feel and hear,that it gets a little bit louder,actually its coming up on our hot topic,somebody has a question about this in,comparison to other hybrids so stay,tuned for that otherwise i think that,the turning radius is really good on,this and i find that the steering isnt,too light its classic toyota hybrid,stuff right so if youve ever driven a,toyota hybrid you kind of know what,youre getting into its the not the,most inspiring vehicle to drive but you,feel good inside and warm like hot soup,knowing that youre not spending a,fortune on gas,somebody said to me is it really fun to,drive well i dont really think that,theres a hybrid out there that you,would buy because its super fun to,drive youre buying it for fuel economy,i take a porsche panamera hybrid thats,pretty fun to drive okay but were,talking about non-luxury thats a whole,other level including the price tag and,this is the thing is we actually did a,comparison,this versus the nx hybrid that they sell,on the lexus side that is more,performance oriented the nx has,the larger electric motor from the rx,hybrid and it gives you more power so if,thats your jam you want more sort of,feedback and driving they will sell it,to you but it comes with the lexus price,tag its not a bad price though starting,at just under 50 000,in canada i think that that nx model is,one of my favorites and its priced,quite well,speaking of lexus this exterior on the,venza has a real lexus vibe to it you,know what andrea theres a connection,between the original lexus rx and this,so the lexus rx when it first came out,was based on the japanese harrier,okay,this is based on the japanese harrier,now the new lexus rx has moved on but,there is kind of a connection and i,always like to call this one lexus light,its kind of like toyota grade materials,but with a lexus kind of vibe and you,know a nice looking product especially,the back the curvy back side id like,that,i really like the light bar in the back,i think that it looks great and then,weve got the available led projector,headlights on here this comes standard,with 18-inch wheels but available,19-inch wheels and it offers 7.7 inches,of ground clearance which is less than,the rav4 now a lot of you probably know,yes its based on the japanese harrier,but also the same platform as our rav4,hybrid that we get here in north america,but its got more length at the back on,the body and you would think it has more,interior volume for cargo were going to,get to that in just a second but we,touched on it already andrea toyota,grade materials with kind of a lexus,vibe on the inside what do you think of,the interior well surprisingly there is,a lot of soft touch materials there,isnt that much hard plastic except in,the spots that you would expect,underneath the center console and of,course on the doors but overall i like,how lexus used leatherette you got a,little freudian sleeve,because it really looks like it,unbelievable but i like how they use,leather at at the center console what,im not crazy about is how its,organized its a funky weird kind of,setup like we mentioned this a lot when,we were talking about it when we drove,it a couple of years ago so they have,like the park there the eevee button and,all that in front of the shifter which,is kind of lost space they could have,easily put those buttons on either side,of the shifter and then they have the,power button to start this,as an afterthought just bolt it in there,its weird and you know zack has,actually and ive been there to witness,this he spoke to the vp of toyota canada,and he says did you guys just forget to,put the power button in and then went oh,my gosh lets put it in somewhere

2022 Toyota Venza | Long Term Conclusions

[Music],wrapping up our 2021 long term toyota,vents alone weve had this thing for,about five months and put about 6 200,miles on it however the vehicle itself,has 26 000 miles in total and has been,driven by nearly every journalist in the,midwest so it should give you a pretty,good idea of how this car is actually,held up and in this video were going to,do our best to walk you through every,possible question you could have about,one of these vehicles if youre looking,to buy one were going to walk you,through consumable costs how the,exterior has held up to corrosion and,abuse what the interiors like to,actually live with how this car drives,in the winter time and what its like to,live with day in and day out but the,first thing i want to talk about is the,vehicle itself the venza weve been,working with is the limited trim level,with every possible option it comes in,at forty two thousand dollars which,makes it about a thousand dollars more,versus a equivalently equipped,rav4 hybrid limited with every possible,option the exterior color is in titanium,glow which is a off-color gold which has,made me a huge hit with women pushing,70. it has that spice theyre looking,for honestly though when you look at the,various trim levels available there is,probably a better sweet spot than this,particular trim level that said i do,find some of the fancy bits like the,heated and cooled seats the heated,steering wheel and the jbl audio system,a very nice couple features to actually,have i use them all the time and im,very appreciative of the fact that they,exist speaking of the interior space,when you actually spend a lot of time,with this car you can clearly tell the,designers prioritized the front,occupants and made certain concessions,when it came to,interior cargo capacity and rear,passenger comfort due to the coupe-like,roofline of this car the rear occupants,do suffer you do lose a little bit of,headroom when compared to the rav4 and,the rear trunk space due to the fact,that it does not have the boxiness of,the rav4 also suffers and it has a much,higher load floor due to the rear,battery packs ive not really run into a,lot of issues carrying the things that i,need to carry i can put my dogs back,there no issues my smaller friends have,no problem sitting back there and with,the seats folded down ive been able to,carry a set of wheels and tires for my,c7 corvette,tvs ive bought all my groceries,personally for my circumstances i,havent had any problems but if you are,trying to maximize your cargo capacity,maybe your rav4 might make a little bit,more sense for you when it comes to the,rest of this interior i best describe it,as lexus light toyotas done their best,job to make this feel like a full-blown,luxury product the noise floor is,relatively low everything is covered in,leather the primary touch points things,like the steering wheel some of the,switch gear on the door and in the,center console and the seats feel quite,expensive the seats themselves are very,comfortable they dont break down on,longer drives but they are a little bit,short in the leg area the heated and,cooled functions also work quite well,and theyre controlled by physical,rockers on the center console area when,it comes to the rest of the electronics,specifically the safety suite they work,fairly well while they are not as,advanced as whats found in the kia and,hyundai systems the lane keep assist in,adaptive cruise control are something i,find myself leaning on on longer drives,for the most part their operation is,reasonably seamless really my only,complaint when it comes to the control,structure is how the hvac and,infotainment controls are laid out gone,are the traditional toyota physical,controls and in its place is a giant,slab of piano black that gets dirty,immediately offers no feedback,whatsoever other than a nice audible,tone,and is a pain in the ass to use,basically all the time it was a giant,mistake using this system its something,you can grow accustomed to,and,live with but it doesnt make it a good,feature in this vehicle past that the,car itself has good visibility in this,cabin and the ergonomics are quite good,you have good storage in the center,console area and the glove box however,the door storage is relatively limited,with all that said however i think its,time for us to head into the shop put,this car up on the lift,were saying goodbye to this thing and i,will say it is held up,surprisingly well from a corrosion,perspective underneath this looks better,than a lot of the brand new subarus we,get yeah we get brand new subarus kias,and hyundais that have gone through the,winter and theres and even like the,last couple hondas we had if you look at,the knuckles they are like completely,rotted the lower control arms this,granted its got aluminum knuckles on,the front but this looks really really,good under here for going through a,nasty winter or two yeah its actually,been two winners this is this is a 2021,mod not a 20 22. um ive gone through,some of the consumable costs very,quickly i spent some time with s2k fast,who was the toyota mechanic so the big,ticket item is the battery pack you can,expect to replace one of these things at,about 150 000 miles just as the warranty,runs out yeah and with labor its,between six to seven thousand dollars,which is the most expensive thing youre,going to do the brakes,per axle are about 3 29 326 dealer,prices right no this is for the brakes,yeah dealer prices uh the,brakes installed for someone okay okay,so you figure in parts its like 200,bucks for per axle which isnt so bad,the tires are also fairly cheap at 209,and if you want with some kyb um strut,replacements theyre about 650 you set,so most of your consumable items are,fairly inexpensive other than the,battery pack yeah and the battery pack,is lithium-ion on this car and it was,newly developed for this generation,harrier which its a harrier in the rest,of the world and they brought back the,venza name in the united states because,people knew the venza name and it was,its not similar but it is similar this,is on tngak the architecture that all of,this is built on is shared with rx 350,rev,4,uh camry and avalon and of course they,change little bits and pieces here and,there but its built on that solid,architecture yeah and this market is a,2.5 liter obviously it has an ecvt it,has a on-demand e-all-wheel drive system,its strut front multi-link rear,and its a pretty solid vehicle honestly,we even had jason at chicago auto pros,take a look at the paint and walk us,through how thats going to hold up,[Music],whats up guys its jason from chicago,water pros and were going to talk a,little bit about toyota paint and what,you should know before you purchase car,i want to talk about a couple things now,right now you can see this is a very,light color its silver,one thing that you need to know,light cars versus dark cars obviously,youre going to see,scratches more in a dark colored vehicle,light color cars like this one its very,forgiving there are some scratches and,swirls in this paint the next thing i,want to talk about is is hardness,paint that is hard is typically hard to,scratch paint that is soft scratches,pretty easily japanese cards like this,are known to have softer paint this,particular paint is not as soft as honda,paint but its still on the softer side,and can scratch easily when youre,washing it incorrectly were looking at,the paint and i see some,some very light swirls some very light,scratching but for overall if youre,standing a couple feet back from this,vehicle it looks very good very shiny,because again it is a light colored,vehicle and youre not going to see,those scratches and swirls as well as,you would in a darker black colored,vehicle,talking about paint two we have two,different paint styles the the market is,shifting over to waterborne paint which,is a little more finicky so,before you had solvent-based paint a,little more durable the water-based,paint seems to chip a

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10 Things To Know Before Buying The 2023 Toyota Venza

the toyota vinza is a five-seater,mid-sized crossover suv that came to the,united states in 2009,with the launch of the second generation,in june 2021 it has been a favorite,amongst buyers due to its unmatched,styling many standard features and,comfortable ride and handling,the vinza gains a nightshade model for,2023 that dresses it in a darker,exterior wardrobe than the rest of the,lineup,so lets look at 10 things you need to,know before buying the 2023 toyota venza,the striking design language of the 2022,toyota venza has been carried forward,unchanged to this 2023 iteration and it,looks stunning from all angles,we adore the butch front fascia of the,venza which is highlighted by the led,headlights with neatly integrated led,drls and the black elements on the,grille and air dam with a chrome accent,on the lower bumper,the tall stance gives it more character,than some of the other models from the,toyota stable and the overall dimensions,are superior to the rivals,the clean profile gets chrome window,lining blacked out cladding and,understated looking 19 inch wheels,however the rear end looks the best with,the beautiful single slab led tail,lights chunky bumper design and dual,exhaust system,being a hybrid mid-sized suv the vinza,offered one of the best fuel efficiency,numbers in the segment,it could do 40 miles per gallon in the,city 37 miles per gallon on the highways,and 39 miles per gallon of combined gas,mileage,with a 14.5 gallon fuel tank capacity,the vinza could do 536 miles on the,highways with a full gas tank,this will be one of vinss deciding,factors especially for the family buyers,compared with their rivals the hyundai,santa fe hybrid and honda crv hybrid,gave a lower combined gas mileage of 34,miles per gallon and 38 miles per gallon,respectively,however the santa fe hybrid offered a,better tank range due to the bigger fuel,tank capacity,[Music],we expected the 2.5 liter naturally,aspirated inline-four engine and the,three electric motors to impress us in,terms of acceleration and refinement,however it is nowhere as capable as the,hyundai santa fe hybrid,producing a combined 219 horsepower and,163 pound-feet of torque the venza can,do the zero to 60 miles per hour run in,7.6 seconds,the all-wheel drive train and cvt,automatic transmission is standard,even though we found the initial pull,pretty good due to the crisp,acceleration of the electric motors as,the revs climb the acceleration does get,lethargic,as a result if you need a fast,overtaking one on the highways you would,feel a lack of grunt the cvt automatic,is laggy and not as smooth as the,six-speed automatic in the santa fe,hybrid,the disappointment in the powertrain of,the toyota vinza also contributes,significantly to the mediocre driving,fun it offers,even though it is a family suv and not,built for sporty driving its worth,noting that the rivals trumped the venza,on the driving dynamics front as the,suspension and steering of the venza,dont give the driver adequate,confidence to push hard,the suspension is set to the stiffer,side even with such a setup the body,roll is on the higher side,this suv also understeered significantly,around the corners more than that of the,santa fe hybrid and the steering felt,disconnected,the electric power steering doesnt,weigh up as expected when the speed,increases,the exterior dimensions of the venzo,were bigger than the toyota rav4 hybrid,and we thought the same would be the,case on the inside,however the rav4 hybrid turned out to be,a bit more spacious especially regarding,the trunk capacity,the cargo capacity of 37.5 cubic feet,offered by the rav4 beats the 36.4 cubic,feet of the venza,even the rear row was slightly more,comfortable in the rav4 hybrid,nevertheless we found the front and rear,seats of the vinza to be excellent in,terms of space and comfort,the leatherette upholstery feels premium,and the seats are very supportive,being a toyota the vinza is one of the,most reliable offerings in the hybrid,suv segment and that could easily be,identified from its lack of any recalls,it also received only a single customer,complaint which turned out to be a minor,issue,the jb power awarded an overall consumer,rating of 82 for the outgoing model of,the vinza with a good reading of 78 in,the quality and reliability section,the standard warranty coverage and the,two years of complementary maintenance,coverage make the deal even sweeter,the disappointing overall refinement of,the 2023 vinza is carried forward,unchanged from the 2022 model,even though it is nowhere as good as the,santa fe hybrid and the crv hybrid in,terms of refinement level this may not,be a deal breaker for many family buyers,however we wish toyota could improve its,sound deadening to make it more,comfortable on the highways,the road noise and tire noise are much,higher than the rivals,even the other exterior noises filter,into the cabin more than we like and,this could be easily identified when,being driven on electric motors only,the 2.5 liter motor is also nowhere,smooth or refined as the powertrains,offered by the rivals with a fair bit of,vibrations creeping into the cabin at,higher revs,the standard driver assistance features,included with the venza are automated,emergency braking with pedestrian,detection lane departure warning lane,keeping assist adaptive cruise control,blind spot monitoring and front and rear,parking sensors,automatic high beams and road sign,assist are on board for all the trims,with a solid build quality and the,construction happening entirely from,high-strength steel the toyota vinza,turned out to be excellent in terms of,overall build quality,like the ongoing model we assume this,suv will get a 5 star rating in the,national highway traffic safety,administration crash test and the top,safety pick title in the insurance,institute for highway safety crash test,the led and xle trim of the toyota venza,comes with an eight inch unit and the,top of the line limited trim gets an,impressive 12.3 unit,both the infotainments are fairly,intuitive and offer excellent display,quality however our pick of the lot,would be the bigger 12.3 inch,touchscreen infotainment system,both the infotainments come packed with,the features like android auto apple,carplay sirius xm radio,amazon alexa connectivity bluetooth eux,and voice recognition,the nine speaker audio system offered,solid audio quality throughout the,frequency range and you wouldnt need to,look for an upgrade,the toyota venza has four-wheel disc,brakes with 12 inch front and 11.1 rear,rotors,being a hybrid moniker there is also a,regenerative braking system on board and,this helps the suv to shut speed pretty,effectively when you back off the gas,pedal and charges the battery,however we found the brake pedal,mediocre in terms of feedback,the initial bite isnt as sharp as the,kia telluride and the hyundai santa fe,hybrid,however the 70 to zero miles per hour,breaking distance of 179 feet is decent,for the segment and the front end dive,and breaking progression are excellent

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2021 Toyota Venza | Review & Road Test

the Toyota Venza used to be a crossover,wagon thingy custom crafted for,empty-nesters well its back as a,midsize hybrid SUV thatll probably,still appeal to empty nesters Ive only,got a short while to figure out what the,new vens is all about lets make a video,built the top – it is TN GA kae platform,the reborn Benza does a fine job,carrying completely average people like,me,heres my five foot ten inch body in,each seat,in our car Im not sure how well brown,and gray go together but its nice to,see an interior with some color and in,the key touch points material quality,feels good,broadly speaking I like the Toyota gave,the Venza a handsome interior that,doesnt fetishize its hybrid miss the,more than anything,I love the seats Toyota has a knack for,making pressure points supportive seats,these are those oh but theres some,weirdness to the visors dont block low,Sun angles visibility over the drivers,right shoulder is hindered by a rising,Beltline though thankfully blind spot,warning does come standard and while the,base eight-inch touchscreen includes,traditional buttons and knobs the twelve,point three inch screen and our limited,trim ditches those four capacitive,controls Hey Toyota asked Honda how,jettisoning the volume knob worked out,as for cargo space theres twenty eight,point eight cubic feet behind the rear,seats which by the way do recline among,the VINs is defining traits is the fact,that it only comes as an all-wheel drive,hybrid lets learn about that powertrain,lazy segways successfully delivered here,are the facts merging a 2.5 liter,four-cylinder engine a lithium-ion,battery pack and three electric motors,including one task solely with driving,the rear wheels the Venza generates 219,total system horsepower just like the,rav4 hybrid with which the Benza shares,the powertrain the Venza also returns a,predicted 39 combined mpg just a hair,less efficient than the rav4 hybrid on,paper the venzas powertrain is efficient,and respectably powerful but how does it,feel to drive like this there is a,smooth blend of electric and gasoline,propulsion and when you need it theres,ample oomph to get you moving one,important note if you want an SUV that,tows youll need to look elsewhere,Toyota does not recommend towing with,the new Benza with any hybrid one area I,always scrutinize is the brakes,blending friction and regenerative,braking in a way that feels natural is,very very tricky,generally speaking the VINs it feels,good but right here at the last foot it,is hard to come to that perfectly smooth,stop that I love ever so much,the Venza demands more practice,as you might expect there are various,driving modes to fine-tune your venzas,behavior plus varying intensities for,the regenerative braking system,accessible by quote unquote downshifting,using the drive selector and if you push,the Eevee button assuming the battery is,adequately charged and you dont push,the accelerator too hard you can drive,your Venza under pure electric power for,short distances if that is a thing you,would like to do push the accelerator,too hard sorry evening mode the Venza,also offers a system called predictive,efficient drive that uses the navigation,system to anticipate road and traffic,conditions ahead and optimize vehicle,behavior for a maximum efficiency in,motion the Venza delivers a pleasing,right heres a big bump lets see how it,does yeah thats nice road noise inside,the cabin is minimal though I did notice,a little bit of wind noise on the,freeway but generally speaking quiet and,comfortable hooray,meanwhile the steering feels artificial,but nuanced Road feel is probably a,little priority for buying a Venza prove,me wrong Venza buyers there are three,trims but this is the grandest limited,trim that explains the air of,sophistication youre experiencing it,also explains the sweet electrochromic,glass roof which is only available on,the limited using the power of science,and this button the stargaze roof goes,from clear to frosted like that hey hey,note the frosted setting doesnt,completely block sunlight but the,sunshade does other trick options,include this digital mirror heated and,ventilated front seats and a 360 degree,camera that can survey your surroundings,before launch on the generous standard,feature list are apple carplay and,android auto as they should be a,hands-free liftgate wireless phone,charging and smart key access theres,also an extended roster of standard,safety features like pre collision,warning with pedestrian detection lane,departure warning with steering assist,blind spot warning and full speed,dynamic cruise control before we wrap up,lets check the Micah Museo elbow,comfort index even hide our wrists,squishy surfaces the sim board slides,thats kind of nice I think the Vince is,gonna rank very high with my squirrel,friend uh-huh,spring for the bends a limited trim like,were driving here and youre looking at,not quite $40,000 before you start,adding options though cheap and the base,but still well equipped le trim brings,in at thirty two and a half thousand,dollars not including destination,charges thats slightly higher than,non-hybrid to row mid-sized errs like,the Honda passport or Ford Edge but its,still in the pricing ballpark so what we,have is an efficient comfortable,distinct looking SUV wearing a Toyota,badge and filled with value to me thats,a compelling package even if youre not,an empty-nester,[Music],you

Toyota Venza Limited Review: Comfortable and Efficient

this is a 2022 Toyota Venza the second,year of the second running of this name,plate adorning a Toyota which originally,came in 2009 left us in 2015 and,returned a new in 2021 for this go,around the Venza size-wise slots in,between the RAV4 and Highlander models,but is definitely 100 percent an SUV a,crossover SUV more specifically this is,a Toyota Venza limited painted in,titanium glow which is a really,interesting color it looks gray but in,direct light it almost has a pink Hue,that definitely catches your eye being a,limited means it is the top Trim in the,lineup above the l-e-n-xle models that,means you roll on 19-inch Wheels have a,standard 12.3 inch touchscreen and a,fancy rear view mirror and Screen my,name is Robin Warner by the way and its,experienced engineer and magazine editor,and I remember a time when there were no,venzas at all,Im old I review all kinds of cars from,a 25 000 Ford Maverick to a 425 thousand,dollar Rolls Royce cullinan Ill happily,jump into Honda Accords BMW M3s and,Porsche 911,threes and I have fun every time please,subscribe and join me the base price for,a Toyota Venza Le is 34,575 dollars The Limited starts at forty,two thousand and sixty five dollars and,my test car did include some options and,accessories and cost forty five thousand,two hundred and eighty seven dollars,with that all said I think this is a,good time to pull over and show you,outside and in in a bit more detail,its bigger than a Toyota RAV4 by a few,inches,smaller than a Toyota Highlander also,buy a few inches,the Toyota Venza did find just a tiny,Touch of white space between those two,SUVs we have a generally tasteful,looking front end in the Venza I would,say this part of the Grille is all,blanked out theres openings down here,and of course down here but a lot of,this is blanked out as well you do have,a front mounted camera right there and a,relatively tasteful I would say Toyota,logo right there tiny little fog lights,hang out towards the bottom I do like,this bit of chrome kind of sticking out,here and here to kind of give just a bit,of contrast to this otherwise dark Grill,and I do think these headlights are,pretty slick because they just go and go,and go and go and go,actually quite long these things and,give it kind of a squinty more,purposeful type of look so yeah styling,wise pretty decent in front looking at,the car in profile yeah pretty typical,SUV shape these days Ill go ahead and,put the dimensions on the screen so you,can check that out and get a sense you,know were about six inches longer than,a RAV4 and roughly speaking eight nine,inches shorter than a Highlander and I,do have a full set of specs in the,description one thing you might notice,is what looks from there like a black,roof this is a glass piece of roof,panoramic glass roof and theres a neat,trick inside also you can get a sense,the rear end actually has some pretty,decent style here youve got this long,roof mounted spoiler but then youve got,this character line that flows into the,tail lights and then this other Contour,that comes out from the bumper and,youve got this heavily raked rear,windshield so,theres kind of like this swoopy shape,that comes out of the rear of the Venza,which I think is a bit of a highlight,you were looking at 19 inch aluminum,wheels with all season tires thats true,for The XLE and limited models the Le,runs on 18s and you know its a classy,enough looking wheel I think it fits the,rest of the car certainly now were,looking head on at the rear of the car,different perspective on that steeply,raked rear windshield the roof mounted,spoiler and this full width tail light,right here you know I think it works,honestly I think it works,um and again I do like this chrome piece,right here just above the dark plastic,bumper and how about that even though,its a hybrid we get dual exhaust tips,and yeah theres some finishing touches,on it that are a little bit much but,its generally real,one quick note,this is not a trailer hitch this is what,Toyota calls an activity mount a 313,dollar accessory to install things like,hitch mounted bike racks those types of,things this is not to tow yes you can,get the venzo with the kick opening,tailgate swing your foot like this,foreign,cubic feet of storage space behind the,second row theres a slightly closer,look and if you need more than 29 cubic,feet of storage and dont have that many,people to haul around yes easy to do,and there you have it 55 cubic feet of,storage and room for two checking out,the back seat,because were bigger than a RAV4 we are,afforded decent amounts of space here I,am 5 feet 11 inches tall or 181,centimeters and I have a good four or,five inches of knee room,seat bottom is a little bit low so I,dont have quite as much thigh support,as I hoped but you can see that my knees,are bent at less than a 90 degree angle,so its really not that uncomfortable,Headroom is a little bit pinched I would,say I have about negative half inch of a,Headroom but I do also have this pretty,incredible piece of glass that goes all,the way through the back seat and all,you see right now it looks kind of,grayed out let me show you a little bit,more of that once we get to the front,seat back here we do have a couple of,USB ports to charge devices things like,that Vents and of course if theres not,a third passenger in the center we do,have an armrest and cup holders what,luxury its Pleasant enough back here it,is much nicer in front this is a pretty,dark interior but its not purely black,so its something you know you have this,brown tone gray tone and this like you,know wood veneer kind of look here and,then black down low you can fit big,bottles down in this space here do have,the typical controls on the door here,two position seat memory so you know the,usual things we do have eight way power,adjustable Drive seat and because this,is the limited we do have a four-way,adjustable passenger seat as well and,you can see we have nice and healthy,bolsters up top and actually pretty,decent bolsters down low as well these,are both nice looking and comfortable,seats back here Im quite happy with the,seats that Toyota chose to put in the,Venza lovely little metal kick plate,right here and fun assortment of,switches right here the heated steering,wheel is definitely a nice touch if you,live in Michigan like I do and yes we,have adjustable tilt and Telescope,electrically right here for the steering,in between two actual gauges right there,is a seven inch multi-information,display and next to that is a 12.3 inch,center console touch screen standard on,the Len XLE models is an 8 inch screen,push button start is tucked away down,here,[Music],and there is your instrument cluster all,lit up so you can see we have a,speedometer to the right here and not a,tachometer but kind of like how much,power youre consuming or maybe even,charging a little bit you know Eco power,Etc and with this dial right here you,can actually make it a lot of,adjustments to the mid scrolling the top,one you can see I can also scroll over,and get a lot of different options here,or I can scroll down and get other kinds,of options this way this is a fun one,because this is four-wheel drive on,demand you can see when the Toyota,thinks youre demanding it here in,settings theres a lot of adjustments,you can make to the different driving,AIDS and if you have any warnings or,messages they display down there,above that we have a 10 inch head up,display that is part of the advanced,technology package which also includes,rain sensing wipers and it costs 725,dollars,here is the 12.3 inch screen lit up I,thought this was a fun little trick so,you have these little seat climbing,options right here heated seats,ventilated seats Etc if you close it,here,it pops up on this side close it here,pops up on this side so you always get,it a little bit on the screen but you,can choose which side you want it the,Venza does come standard with Apple,carplay and Android auto it is wired and,t

2022 Toyota Venza | Hybrid SUV Family Review

[Music],nice,were driving a 2022 Toyota Venza coming,up were going to tell you the feature,in the Venza that makes this one of my,daughters favorite SUVs but first,information explosion,[Music],[Music],the Toyota Venza is a five-seat hybrid,SUV lets begin with interior,thank you,the interior has a few unique material,choices which makes me like it theres,pin striping in a few places on this,door trim right near the power button,and this cord which looks like its,wrapped in a Silver Thread with this,like trim theres like soup Vibes in,here I dont know what suit bags,especiate soup Vibes and Im like man we,get esoteric with our descriptions but,we are off off the charts today from an,ergonomic standpoint though this is not,my favorite vehicle every time I reach,for the drive selector I felt like I was,knocking around these mugs the phone,charger is kind of an awkward reach,especially if you want to plug it in,every time I put my hand in there it,reminds me of that one scene in Indiana,Jones,also I think its interesting that there,is a traditional transmission selector,in here because everything else feels,like its going for a more contemporary,Vibe and it would be very normal to have,an electronic a selector perhaps a,button or something like that yes I,thought that as well the button would,make this space so much more usable yeah,that said where the cup holders are does,give you unlimited height for your,novelty sized sweetie beverages yay oh,and theres also a little insert that,you can pop in there in case you have a,shorter beverage and you want access I,think Toyota was watching straight pipes,videos about their small coffee cups and,uh wanted to accommodate also I think,the Cobra Commander would dig this,infotainment area,that was loud but that is the only way,to do the Cobra Commander voice I often,note that Toyota and Lexus vehicles have,very comfortable seats and Im finding,that that to be the case here real lack,of pressure points decent lateral,support when you drive I really,appreciate the lateral support in terms,of space um obviously we fit fine up,front moving to the back seat Headroom,is is fine for me Im five foot ten with,a long torso if I was a taller person it,might be a little bit dicier but a lot,of knee room plenty of leg room the seat,backs do recline to a single position,the new CRV has like eight points of,recline honestly I dont need that many,points of recline like comfortable and,more comfortable thats fine by me oh,and I like that in the center position,its not a completely flat floor theres,a little raised position though thats a,wide enough perch that I think it would,be very accommodating for somebody,sitting in the Middle with shorter legs,as for cargo space theres 28.7 cubic,feet of space back there which I think,is is perfectly great for the category,you know you can put the seats down if,you need more space theres nothing,really like dazzling happening back,there theres no unique underfloor,storage but there is a spare tire under,there if youve ever gotten into an,electrified vehicle where they got rid,of the spare tire because theres a,battery uh youll be happy to know you,can actually put the spare tire on,rather than wait for AAA child how is it,getting in and out of this vehicle,good good commentary and also uh what,about getting the car seat in and out,any issues sweetie the door opening we,have a rather tall car seat because our,kiddo just keeps on growing you may have,noticed yeah that was a little bit,awkward but other than that the latch,points are really accessible easy,install as for safety the nhtsa rates,the venz of five stars the iihs rates at,a top safety pick and as is the Toyota,way theres a full Suite of active,driver Assist Technology automatic,emergency braking with pedestrian,detection and daytime bicyclist,detection,oh how about Mercedes detection,daytime oh I wouldnt do that oh boy,that was a little kid the benza also,offers eight airbags and full speed,adaptive cruise control so what do we,think family is the Toyota Venza family,friendly family friendly yes,rear window tests,[Music],all the way down,arm rest test if Im driving in a,comfortable eight and four my elbows,have no issues getting to the outboard,and inboard armrest and theyre pretty,darn squishy a soft layer on top squish,layer Below on the inboard same deal on,the app board Im gonna go 85 inboard 80,outboard hey would you like to see more,videos like this where we review cars as,a family plus the occasional helicopter,video if so feel free to subscribe style,let me take a quick moment to thank the,sponsor for todays video Flying eye,sunglasses and when they say quick I,mean quick the glasses do this kind of,stuff theyre made out of a special,material I wear them in the helicopter,that guys driving off-road in his uh,Chevy and that was really interesting,but theyre super comfortable for daily,life whether youre adventuring in the,chopper or just driving in a Toyota,Venza sweetie wears them as her,eyeglasses and shes got that removable,magnetic tinted lenses flying eyes are,super cool if you want to learn more,theres a link in the description Fly,Guys,[Music],foreign the Toyota Venza around the,interior has a reasonably stylish,quality but you kind of forget what the,exterior looks like feels very modern I,think handsome you might even just grab,it as sassy especially in profile,theres those two crisp horizontal lines,and then a curve between them where the,rear fascia sticks out also the front,looks like a whale to me because of the,baleen trim on the front everybody quick,Google balloons you know what were,talking about you know that part of the,whales with the lines thats kind of,what its got going I hope Im,pronouncing that correctly feel free to,correct me yeah if youre not they will,let you know yes from a functional,standpoint if you want roof rails youll,need to upgrade up from the base Le trim,but uh yeah overall I think the Toyota,Venza has a nice style but Ah thats,just what we think what do you think do,you like the Toyota avenzas styling if,no if so tell us in the comments section,in motion,a few weeks back we drove a Toyota,Highlander and I noted that its Prime,tone when driving was inoffensiveness,and Im finding this to be very similar,in feel I think it rides quite,comfortably its reasonably quiet it is,not particularly fun to steer Im not,getting a lot of that information,through the steering wheel and when you,push it its not like theres a lively,spirit in handling but I dont think any,of those are the goals I think what you,really want is a kind of predictable and,generally pleasing and I think it hits,those marks,the Venza that were driving here which,is a hybrid has some of that weird,hybrid break feel um okay Im just going,to come to a stop here and see if I can,come to a smooth stop the feel isnt,awesome but I bet maybe I can bring it,to it,yeah,yeah Im proud of myself because I came,to a smooth stop thats a pretty smooth,stop but how it feels while youre doing,it isnt my favorite oh and this is a,good opportunity needless Full Throttle,acceleration,I really do like how the hybrid,powertrain works you get that great,electric torque off the line the,gasoline engine comes in the,powertrains just sort of doing its,thing and giving you the power you need,and when youre at speed Im at 45 now,uh power comes in pretty promptly there,are a couple of different Drive modes,weve got sport mode uh Eco and normal,lets put it in sport and yeah the,steering gets a little bit heavier and,uh thats fine oh and there is an EV,mode as well which is usually,unavailable but if you want to drive,around without the engine on perhaps um,youre uh at a campsite you dont want,to bother people as youre uh youre,coming up to your campsite EV mode is a,thing you can use all right those are my,driving thoughts but what a sweetie,think Evies driving and normally I just,let you talk but Im noticing as I sit,over here that I cant move the seat

2022 Toyota Venza Review | Why Its a Hybrid SUV Winner

2022 toyota venza is it a hybrid suv,worth buying thats what were going to,find out welcome to crop corner where we,help you the consumer master the process,of car buying and car ownership its no,secret that toyota is a leader when it,comes to making hybrid vehicles the,company has been making hybrids for well,over two decades and they have a lineup,of hybrids thats larger than pretty,much any other car brand theyve even,reached the point where some of their,latest models are only available as a,hybrid including the sienna minivan the,latest sequoia suv and the one that im,test driving here the venza crossover,but the venza is far from the only,hybrid suv that you can buy at this,price point there are a lot of great,hybrid suvs to consider including the,honda crv hybrid the hyundai tucson and,the santa fe hybrid or even something,more luxurious like the lexus nx350h so,how exactly does the venza compare to,all of these suvs and is it the best,hybrid suv that you can buy for the,money well make sure to stick around,until the end of the video because,thats what were gonna find out so for,those who dont know the venza was,introduced back in 2020 as a slightly,more expensive and more upscale version,of the rav4 hybrid now when it was first,introduced i naturally assumed that the,venza was going to be a little bit,larger and more spacious than the rav4,but as it turns out theyre both very,similar in size and they also have a,very similar amount of interior space,and cargo space too so it does seem a,little bit redundant for the venza to,even exist since it does overlap with,the rav4 hybrid but hybrid suvs are,extremely popular so i could definitely,see why theres room for both and there,are some pretty obvious differences like,the design for example the venza is a,lot more premium looking than the rav4,which is a pretty conventional looking,boxy suv by comparison the venza by,comparison does have a more luxurious,look and it kind of resembles a lexus,more than a toyota which i guess is a,very good thing but the major difference,between the two is the fact that the,venza is only sold as a hybrid whereas,with the rav4 you have a choice with a,gas engine a hybrid or even a plug-in,hybrid with the rav4 prime now the fact,that the venza is only sold as a hybrid,is definitely not a bad thing because i,really believe that this is one of the,very best hybrid systems that you can,buy for one thing its incredibly fuel,efficient the venza is able to achieve,up to around 40 miles per gallon or six,liters per 100 kilometers which is,phenomenal fuel economy for an suv of,this size,and not only is it incredibly fuel,efficient but it also has great,performance too the total system output,for the hybrid is around 219 horsepower,which gives it more than adequate,acceleration but not only do you get,amazing fuel economy and ample,performance but this is also a very,refined hybrid system too its,incredibly smooth and quiet and the,transition between the electric mode and,the gas engine turning on and off is,very seamless too it just goes to show,that toyota really knows what its doing,when it comes to making a really good,hybrid system theyve been doing it for,well over two decades and have more,experience than pretty much any other,car brand which brings me to the next,major advantage the reliability theres,no question about it if youre looking,for a reliable hybrid suv thats going,to last you as long as possible with,minimal repair costs you really cant go,wrong choosing a toyota even though,hybrids are naturally a lot more,complicated than a regular gas engine,given the fact that you have an engine,electric motor and a battery pack toyota,knows how to make a durable hybrid,system that lasts a very long time for,one thing unlike some other car brands,like hyundai and kia which use turbo,engines for their hybrid systems which,are even more complicated and put a lot,of pressure on the engine leading to,even more problems down the road toyota,just sticks with a simple naturally,aspirated engine which is a lot better,for durability and longevity too not,only do you get a very simple naturally,aspirated engine but you also get an,ecvt transmission that uses a planetary,gear set which is also known for its,longevity too and just like the rav4,hybrid the venza only comes with,all-wheel drive which is another huge,selling point for a lot of buyers now,some might be wondering about the,longevity of the hybrid battery pack but,again with toyotas reputation for,reliability its not really a major,concern,you get an eight year warranty on most,of the hybrid components plus a 10-year,warranty on the hybrid battery pack,which is longer than most other car,brands,and even well past 10 years and hundreds,of thousands of miles when the battery,eventually needs replacing because,toyota hybrids have been around for so,long there are aftermarket and rebuild,options for the batteries so you dont,need to go for a very expensive brand,new toyota battery when that needs to be,done put all that together and you,ultimately get a lot more peace of mind,when compared to most of the other,hybrid suvs that you can buy now of,course most of the same could also be,said of other toyota hybrids like say,the rav4 hybrid or even the lexus nx350h,but when you compare the toyota venza,against some of the other hybrid suvs,that are available like say the tucson,and santa fe hybrid or the kia sorento,hybrid you just get a lot more peace of,mind with the benza and not only are you,getting an suv with a great reputation,for reliability but youre also getting,a very comfortable driving one too the,handling and cornering performance are,nothing to really brag about but if,youre just looking for a comfortable,suv to drive every day this is going to,do the job perfectly fine ive been,driving this thing around all week and i,really couldnt be much happier with it,having said that though i do have a few,minor complaints and they mostly have to,do with the interior space now theres,nothing really wrong with the design of,the interior this is actually a very,nice place to spend time and it does,feel a little bit more upscale in,premium than a lot of other toyota suvs,my only minor issue with it has to do,with the functionality of most of the,main controls at least in the higher,trim levels if you go for the base venza,le model you get an 8 inch touchscreen,infotainment system with a pretty,straightforward control setup below it,but if you go for any of the higher trim,levels you get a much larger 12.3 inch,infotainment system and a touch,sensitive control panel now the only,real issue with this is that the touch,sensitive controls are pretty finicky to,use while driving and theyre nowhere,near as straightforward as just having,simple buttons and knobs and even though,it is nice having a larger touchscreen,infotainment system you dont really get,any other benefit because it has the,exact same user interface as the smaller,screen and the same basic menu structure,its a little bit unfortunate that,toyota hasnt upgraded the venza with,the latest infotainment system that you,get on the new bz4x and the tundra,pickup truck the user interface on the,venzas infotainment system does have,rather dated looking graphics having,said that though it is pretty,straightforward to use and it does come,with apple carplay and android auto,capability aside from the functionality,of the control setup though this is a,very nice interior and if you go for the,higher trim level you do get some pretty,interesting features including a full,color head-up display a rear-view mirror,that doubles as a backup camera and even,a full panoramic glass roof that you can,change between having a clear mode and a,frosted mode which is pretty neat you,also get lots of great active safety,technology as part of toyotas safety,sense which comes standard on every,single trim level and not only is this a,feature packed suv but its also a,rather practical one too wit

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