1. VERIZON CREDIT CARD REVIEW! (Verizon Visa Credit Card)
  2. Is The Verizon Visa Card Worth It In 2022?
  3. NEW Verizon Visa Card: Best Gas + Grocery Card? (Not Quite)
  4. Verizon Visa Credit Card – Close to Full Bars
  5. NEW Verizon Credit Card – 4% on Grocery + Gas and more
  6. NEW CREDIT CARD: Verizon Visa Review – Verizon Credit Card Earns Verizon Dollars
  7. The Truth About The New Verizon Credit Card

VERIZON CREDIT CARD REVIEW! (Verizon Visa Credit Card)

hey everyone its mark im here to help,you put more money in your pocket,through credit cards and smart financial,habits,if that sounds good to you then please,let me know by clicking the like and,subscribe button down below now lets,talk about how you can start saving,money on your monthly wireless bill by,getting the verizon visa card and yes,this only works if youre a current,verizon customer or going to become a,verizon customer so for all you people,out there with at t or t-mobile,this is not a card for you lets start,things off by talking about the sign up,bonus now its,different than most signup bonuses which,require you to spend a certain amount of,money,within a certain time frame with the,verizon visa card however you get a 100,credit simply by opening the card and,using it to pay your bill,now this 100 credit will be given to you,over the course of 24 months so thats,four dollars and seventeen cents off,your monthly bill for 24 consecutive,months,and to get this hundred dollar credit,you must pay a verizon wireless,or verizon fios bill with either a,verizon visa card,or by redeeming verizon dollars to pay,the total bill amount,for the first 24 months of card,membership so number one,get the card and number two use it to,pay your monthly bill to get that four,dollars and 17 cents taken off your bill,automatically,now lets look at the cash back rewards,and youll see i put the cash back in,quotes,ill show you why theyre in quotes in,just a moment but first of all you get,four percent back at grocery stores,four percent back at gas stations three,percent back on dining,two percent back at verizon and one,percent back at everything else there,are no limits on how much you can earn,and the annual fee on this card is zero,dollars and zero cents its absolutely,free,now the reason for me putting cash back,in quotes has to do with this,you will be given verizon dollars for,those cash back categories,and one verizon dollar equals one us,dollar,so fortunately its very straightforward,you wont ever have to worry about,converting points to cash with all these,weird math ratios,one dollar equals one verizon dollar one,verizon dollar equals one us dollar,and i bet youre wondering what can you,use verizon dollars for well you can use,them to pay your verizon wireless bill,pay your verizon fios bill purchase,devices,make device payments and purchase,accessories,and there are a few restrictions in,terms of where and how you can do these,redemptions so i made this little chart,for you that you see on the screen,on the left hand side you see methods,where it says pay your verizon wireless,bill,pay your files bill device purchase,device payment and accessory purchase,and then across the top it shows you,where you can do those things whether,its inside of a verizon store,at verizon online via the phone with a,representative,or an authorized verizon retailer feel,free to pause this video at any time if,you want to look at this in more detail,and also read the little one two bullet,points there at the bottom my one main,takeaway for you is that look at the,verizon online column,whether youre trying to pay your bill,purchase a device make a device payment,or buy an accessory,you can do all of those things online,with no problems now lets move on to,the benefits of this card and theyre,actually some pretty good ones,first you get 10 off your monthly bill,to get this discount you must enroll in,paper free billing,and use your card to pay your monthly,bill via auto pay,this 10 discount works on up to 10 lines,on select plans,meaning you could get up to a hundred,dollars off,per month and this benefit is not,stackable if you already receive 10,off per month via paper free billing,plus auto pay plus,ach or debit payments what i mean by,this is verizon already,offers you the ability to get 10 off,your monthly bill when you enroll in,auto pay,and paperless statements and choose a,payment method that is not a credit card,so basically ach,or by using a debit card however using,ach or a debit card does not give you,any cash back of any sort when you do it,that way so if youd rather have that 10,a month discount on your bill but also,earn rewards for example two percent,back with this verizon card,all you have to do is log into your,account switch your payment method over,to the new verizon visa card then set,that card to be your new auto pay method,and maintain paper free billing verizon,will also give you two,free travel pass days per calendar year,up to a 20,value so in the verizon world if youre,traveling internationally you can have,these things called travel pass days,which is essentially like using your,current plan out of the country,that normally costs ten dollars per day,however youll get two of those days for,free when using this card,because this card is a visa signature,card you get some additional benefits as,well,including travel and emergency,assistance services rental car discounts,the luxury hotel collection where you,get room upgrades daily breakfast for,two,complimentary wi-fi some dining credits,and more depending on the property,youre visiting,a concierge service to help you with,travel planning reservations and more,the card is mobile wallet friendly with,apple pay brutal pay etc,there are no foreign transaction fees on,this card so it is a good choice to use,out of the united states,and theres some more benefits as well,so ill be sure to link to the,guide to benefits in the description,below if you want to dive into some more,detail on that,so this is a pretty interesting card,especially since it has no fee and very,high earning potential,and the ability to lower your monthly,bill if youre a current verizon,customer,but should you get it should you not let,me help you with an answer,you should get this card if youre a,verizon customer and want to lower your,individual or family bill,remember that monthly 10 discount works,for up to,10 lines also if you spend a lot on gas,grocery and dining this could be a great,fit for you because the gas and grocery,are both four percent return and the,dining is a three percent return now,even though these are verizon dollars,and not,real cash back you could still look at,it this way lets say you have a hundred,verizon dollars saved up and use that to,pay off your phone bill now keeping the,math very simple lets say your phone,bill is also a hundred dollars per month,so you pay your monthly bill completely,in verizon dollars,if you normally budget a hundred dollars,a month for your phone bill but then you,use your verizon dollars to cover that,expense youre then left over with,another hundred dollars in your budget,that you havent spent,so why not put that money towards,something else save it treat yourself,whatever you want to do so in a way its,indirectly like,real cash back that said you should not,get this card if you are not a verizon,customer,or if you want real cash back that you,can use anywhere at any time,same goes for if you prefer travel,rewards like hotel points or air miles,or even,flexible travel rewards that you can,transfer from one program to another to,save,even more also since this card does not,come with cell phone protection,insurance,you may want to consider using a,different card like the wells fargo,propel card as an example,if you want that coverage for damage or,other things that might be covered now,theres some additional points here that,are very very important to know and i,want you to be aware of them so pay,attention to this part first of all the,card is issued by synchrony bank,and your verizon dollars do not expire,however your verizon dollars,can be forfeited by any of these four,reasons namely,inactivity credit card closure verizon,wireless account cancellation,or verizon wireless account changes i,invite you to pause this video if youd,like to read each of these four points,in more detail,ill also put a clickable link to this,actual terms and conditions page,in the description bel

Is The Verizon Visa Card Worth It In 2022?

but first how does it slap,id give it a solid 9 out of 10. what,about you so id maybe even consider,becoming a verizon wireless customer,solely to access this card it offers,incredible rewards that rival the amex,gold cards cash back and yes i know,this card is provided by synchrony bank,and word on the street is that people,have been getting burned by synchrony,but ive had this card for about a year,and a half now so fingers crossed so far,so good but before we talk more about,that lets talk about the benefits this,card offers youll get unlimited four,percent back on grocery store and gas,purchases three percent back on dining,including takeout two percent back on,verizon purchases and one percent back,on everything else now we tend to see,grocery rewards cards having a limit on,how much rewards you can earn but with,the verizon visa its truly unlimited,even the amex gold card which has an,annual fee of 250,has a limit on their forex grocery,points yes the limits 25 000,but its still a limit that may matter,to some people and with the verizon visa,card youll also get two free travel,pass days per calendar year these travel,pass days typically cost five dollars,per day in canada and mexico,and ten dollars per day elsewhere,verizon travel past days let you use,your regular wireless plan when you,travel internationally so if you find,yourself traveling this could be up to a,20 yearly benefit however with all the,cash back aside the best benefit this,card offers is the sleek metal card,no its not some cheapo plastic nonsense,peasant card with the verizon visa,youll be eager to pull this bad boy out,and pay for dinner so you can hear the,waiter comment on how fancy and heavy,your card is yeah thats quality right,there you could say im pretty important,but what about sign up bonuses well this,card doesnt come with the most amazing,sign up bonus but its still a sign up,bonus nonetheless for a card with no,annual fee and no foreign transaction,fees its hard to complain about the 100,sign up bonus now to actually get the,sign up bonus youre gonna have to use,this card to pay your verizon wireless,bill and theyre gonna credit your,account four dollars and seventeen cents,per month over the course of 24 months,youre gonna want to use this card to,pay your verizon wireless bill anyway,and thats because youll also get up to,a ten dollar per month discount on your,wireless bill if you have an eligible,wireless plan i personally have the 5g,play more plan with two lines on it and,we get the 10 per month discount to,qualify for the discount you must use,autopay and you cant pay your bill with,a credit card,wait but i thought you just said you had,to use your verizon visa,yes the verizon visa is the exception,its the only credit card you can use to,pay your wireless bill and still get,this discount so not only do you get the,discount but you also get two percent,back on your bill by the way do me a,huge favor click that like button and,subscribe so this video can get pushed,out to a wider audience where this card,falls short is its redemption options if,you know me you know i like keeping it,simple and getting a statement credit or,direct deposit with my cash back however,with the verizon visa those options are,simply not available instead we can,choose to apply our verizon dollars,toward a new phone accessories paying,our verizon wireless or fios bill,booking travel through verizons portal,or buying gift cards through verizon my,personal preference from these options,is to simply apply my verizon dollars,toward my monthly wireless bill the apr,with this card is variable and it falls,between 18.99 and,25.99 however you really shouldnt be,concerned with the apr because if youre,carrying a balance on this card youre,letting the credit card company win pay,your statement balance in full each and,every month so you can really take,advantage of the rewards this card,offers now when i opened my verizon visa,i was given a 5500 credit limit and at,this point i only had one other card,through synchrony which was the lowes,advantage card which has a 9 000 limit,when i first opened these cards i had to,log into each of them separately if i,wanted to view my accounts or pay my,bills but synchrony actually just made a,nice change so all your synchrony cards,will now appear in a single place,whenever you log into any one of your,synchrony accounts much more streamlined,and efficient another important point to,mention is this card does not offer cell,phone protection which may sway your,decision toward using another credit,card to pay your wireless bill but on,the other hand youll miss out on the,sign up bonus and you wont be able to,get two percent rewards on your wireless,bill so depending on your personal risk,tolerance and how clumsy you are with,your cell phone this may or may not be a,deciding factor but even if you decide,not to use the verizon visa to pay your,verizon wireless bill this card is still,an excellent no annual fee no foreign,transaction fee card that offers very,competitive rewards now lets talk a bit,about synchrony bank some people are,getting all their synchrony credit cards,closed with no warning and from what im,reading its because people are over,leveraged with synchrony now im,definitely not blaming the consumers for,this because if synchrony thought the,consumer was over leveraged they,shouldnt have approved so many cards,now what i mean by the consumer being,over leveraged is that they have a,boatload of different cards that are,issued through synchrony synchrony sees,this they say,this person has way too much available,credit with us and then they proceed to,close all of their accounts without,notice simply put this sucks and it,would be nice if synchrony handled this,differently than flat out closing,accounts but theyre trying to manage,risk from what ive read its somewhere,around seventy thousand dollars in,available credit that they start to get,a little uneasy so my takeaway from this,is that you should really be mindful,which of your cards are through,synchrony and try to only open cards,that provide the most value for you also,make sure to pay your balance in full,each month you dont want to give,synchrony any reason to close your,accounts thanks for watching and make,sure to subscribe for more peace

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NEW Verizon Visa Card: Best Gas + Grocery Card? (Not Quite)

hey guys its Sebastian from ask Sebby,and today were going to look at the new,Verizon card as a starting point this,card does not make sense for you if,youre not someone looking to stay with,Verizon for the next probably two to,five years if for someone not on a,Verizon postpaid plan at the moment and,also if youre someone who is not,focused on cash back if youre focused,on travel then this card is not really a,good pick if any of those things apply,to you then Id recommend using that,chapters tool at the bottom in order to,skip to that middle point where we,talked about some alternatives to build,a similar card to the multipliers here,also if you like the fact that I,actually gave you an answer right away,instead of forcing you to watch a five,or ten minute video consider giving this,a thumbs up and if you like stuff like,this consider subscribing to the channel,when turning on notifications so you,might be thinking why are you mentioning,this up front the reason is because,youre not earning cash back with this,card you earned Verizon cash meaning,that you can only use it towards Verizon,at the moment of filming this in July,2020 you also need to be on a postpaid,plan in order to get this card if you,cancel your plan of Verizon you end up,losing the Verizon dollars that youve,accumulated same thing with if you,change account owners you can still keep,the card so nothing bad happens there,but you end up losing out on rewards,discounts bonuses and also the Verizon,dollars making the card pretty much,useless if you are sticking with Verizon,long-term though then this card does,make a lot of sense because the,multipliers are pretty impressive youre,going to get 4% Verizon cash on gas and,groceries 3% on dining 2% on Verizon and,1% everywhere else were mostly focused,on that 4% and the 3% because theres,other cards out there that give you 2%,back on everything you can use this,forward cell phone bell internet,accessories and also phones this is,going to be a Visa card it has no annual,fee and theres also no foreign,transaction fees not too big of a deal,but if youre looking for a no foreign,transaction fee no annual fee card then,this is not too bad of a pick be aware,that the card is also issued by,synchrony Bank,Im fine of this but some people really,hate them and also because their,interface tends to be a bit behind,as of July 2020 there is an intro bonus,but its something thats distributed,over 24 months so its not something,that youre,up front so thank youre getting about,four dollars and sixteen cents off of,your statement for the next 24 months,for sixteen theres two other benefits,but one of them to me at least is kind,of a BS benefit the one that I think is,a pretty good one is that you get two,free travel past days per calendar year,there is someone traveling and youre,going to use this anyways then it can,save you some money the one that I think,is kind of BS is going to be the auto,pay discount so reading about the auto,pay discount using this Verizon credit,card it sounds pretty good but you can,already get this with a debit card so to,me its a bit of a fake benefit because,if you can already get it right now then,there is not really any marginal value,if all of us got 4% back on our debit,cards for the grocery store of the,supermarket we probably wouldnt care,about other credit cards offering that,because that doesnt move the needle,youre already getting that so the big,question is should you get this card I,think you for someone who spends a lot,of money on those four percent back,categories then you might as well get it,while you still can,so 4% for gas sounds really good and,there is a reason why theres other,issuers who have gotten rid of that as a,benefit such as the Ducks Unlimited card,if for someone whos a trucker ever,someone who drives for uber every day,then you probably put a lot of gas spend,and this makes a lot of sense same thing,with the 4% back for the grocery stores,theres a reason why the blue cash every,day in the blue cash preferred have a,six thousand dollar cap per year and the,gold card has a twenty five thousand,dollar cap its because theres going to,be certain people who push through that,so this car definitely makes a lot of,sense,on that note and for someone who wants,to support our Channel we do have links,for m1 finance weeble and public down,below in the description box worst case,its a pretty easy way to try out new,products and also get paid and shares,for doing that hello time travelers so,our goal is to figure out how to,replicate the Verizon card as closely as,possible in case you skipped it we have,4% back on gas 4% back in grocery stores,3% back on dining and then 2% back and,fries n so given this were going to,look at some alternatives and then some,of the pros and the cons of those,alternatives the first one because I,know its going to be a comment down,below is what about the American Express,gold card so that earns for,back in supermarkets up to $25,000 in,the US and then Forex back on dining if,for someone playing the cash back game I,think its really hard to justify this,given the 250 upfront and the fact that,if you want the maximum cashback the,value and the points youre going to,also need to get a Schwab Platinum card,which is another 550 that setup is going,to run you $800 in annual fees theres,value there there are other reasons to,do that but I think its going to be,hard to justify for a lot of people,otherwise the Forex back is mostly going,to be good for international first and,business class given that thats the,ideal use case if youre after economy,travel its possible but it is a bit,tough and theres some other sweet spot,things but that requires a lot more,research so the benefit is that you can,technically get more value but its,really leaning towards the travel side,rather than the cash back side if you,want to run that cash back set up its,going to be pretty expensive which is,the main disadvantage and its a lot,more complicated one of the biggest,complaints Ive seen about the gold card,is that in order to maximize their value,you have to do a lot more legwork number,two is going to be running a 5x or five,percent category rotating setup so this,is likely going to include the freedom,card the cover eight card city dividend,and also the US bank cash plus card the,big benefit is that youre going to be,relatively covered throughout the year,and when youre not you can typically,buy gift cards that you can use in the,future and 5% is more than four percent,the main disadvantage is that a lot of,people who like cash back really dont,like dealing with this type of setup,because it requires you to figure out,which card to use when my argument,against that though is that it probably,takes you maybe 30 seconds every three,months and then if you really want to,keep it simple you could label the cards,you can even buy a label-maker if you,dont want to deal with that though then,thats fine or maybe you have a player,too that doesnt want to deal with your,shenanigans if youre looking at this,and youre thinking to yourself thats,way too much work yeah thats really,cool but Id rather only have one card,now one card would probably be the Wells,Fargo / pal card youre going to get,three expect on gas stations and also,dining so technically if you want to,travel you cant get a bit more value,there but lets focus on the cash back,side so its effectively 3% back theres,a bunch of other categories that are,covered here as well and I think its,pretty competitive,for without one card solution the mean,advantage is that it covers a lot more,ground and the fact that youre not,stuck or Verizon long-term a lot of,people I know like to network hop when,it makes sense if those different,promotions that make it very lucrative,to network hop so it means that you can,do that and then youre not too stressed,out the main disadvantage is that some,people really dont like Wells Fargo so,even if there is value there,sam

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Verizon Visa Credit Card – Close to Full Bars

[Music],hey internet sergey welcome back thanks,for tuning in to this show today now,todays episode were talking about the,verizon visa card obviously a credit,card designed for the verizon ecosystem,and verizon customers which i personally,am at the moment so of course well take,a look at verizon as a whole well talk,about the earnings and redemptions of,this card how it works some of the cell,phone plans and figure out on the other,end of this if youre a verizon customer,is this the best way to pay for your,cell phone coverage or not so of course,if that sounds interesting to you go,ahead press the subscribe button and,lets get to work,now of course first things first when we,get to it with these videos normally we,say lets get to know more about the,bank but well briefly learn a little,bit more about verizon as well as who,issues the car from our classic did you,know slide still some interesting facts,here so classic did you know so verizon,was founded back in 2000 via a joint,venture with bell atlantic and vodafone,i actually remember both of those names,so i guess im getting old bell atlantic,ended up becoming verizon communications,which later bought out vodafones,portion of the uh the conglomerate here,in 2014 so verizon is actually the,largest cell provider in the us at least,going back to q1 of 2021 so about a year,and a half ago from the time of taping,142.8 million subscribers,must be nice anyways the card is issued,by synchrony bank and of course its,only available to verizon customers but,you know you probably wouldnt want it,if youre not a verizon customer and so,there you have it you know verizons,been around for a while theyre doing,what everyone else does lets make a,co-branded credit card to help you know,lock people in customer loyalty that,whole thing so the real question is if,you are a verizon customer or actually,if youre thinking about becoming a,verizon customer because these days,changing your phone service really isnt,that hard you can bring over your phone,number and everything it can be done in,a matter of you know instance back in my,day you should spend four or five hours,in a verizon store any cell phone,service but thats a whole nother thing,so heres the deal lets talk about the,earnings rewards and well take a look,at the card then well talk about you,know kind of the use cases for this so,we talked about the verizon visa card,earnings and rewards now this is not is,technically kind of a cash back card but,it doesnt earn cash back the way youre,used to this earns verizon dollars,because the name shrew bucks was already,taken i guess now the valuation here is,one verizon dollar is going to equal one,real dollar so thats pretty good now,theres no earnings limit and your,verizon dollars do not expire also,pretty good now the redemptions here,phones or accessories like a new cell,phone or a case or car charge or,something like that,obviously you can pay your verizon phone,service uh verizon the time of this also,has home internet as well so you know,you could throw in for that as well,now they also added travels you travel,book through verizons portal and gift,cards purchased through verizon as well,so again when it comes to rewards and,redemptions here i wouldnt bother with,travel and i wouldnt bother with gift,cards normally when you do those,valuations youre probably gonna get,less than the one cent per point the one,verizon dollar for one real dollar uh,the value here is you know if you if you,had a ton of points and you wanted to,cash in for a new phone or something,like that probably do that accessories,are usually cheaper on amazon and,third-party places anyway so i probably,wouldnt do that or at least price check,them first before you do,but you know you couldnt there we go,after a new phone that way as well but,the primary use of redemption is going,to be towards your verizon bill so with,that now lets take a look at the card,itself so taking a look at the card the,verizon visa card is a card after my own,heart it is black with a touch of red,that red outline i added because if not,it would simply blend too much into the,slide so thats not there but just solid,black card read logo very clean i like,it,annual fee none thats great off to a,good start multipliers here pretty,interesting 4x on groceries and gas,stations three back on dining two back,on verizon one mac on all other,purchases benefits were talking about,here hundred dollar credit applied to,your verizon bill over 24 months when,using your car to pay which equates to,four dollars and 17 cents per month for,24 months this is not a lifetime bill,this is basically just for 24 months you,do get two free travel passes travel,past days per year and there are no,foreign transaction fees,so lets break that down a little bit,multiplier is pretty self-explanatory,now again with this card you know that,that that hundred dollar credit is,almost functioning as a sign up bonus,now the reason i think its over 24,months is because back in the day you,know if you remember we used to sign up,for two-year cell phone contracts and,you would get the cell phone for a,subsidized price so im guessing thats,why they do it but of course most time,now we just do the pay as you go or just,buy your phone out right get a new one,every year but either way four dollars,and 17 cents um per month for 24 months,so long as you pay with your verizon,card now of course you wouldnt get this,card and not pay your verizon bill with,it so i think thats fine its just its,an odd number but its probably fine,the the two travel passes like if you,wanted to go out of the country or spot,where youd be roaming so if i was you,know i want to go across the bridge to,canada right i could use one of those,and i would be covered up to like a,certain data limit certain call or,something like that so two or two of,those a year uh not too bad honestly of,course theres no foreign transaction,fees,whats weirdly missing from this card is,cell phone coverage right,i have to call it out because you would,think youd get cell phone coverage on,this right and the reason you would,think it is because its designed for,paying your cell phone bill normally the,requirement for cards will offer cell,phone insurance is that you pay the bill,each month with a card with cell phone,insurance however im guessing because,verizon being a verizon customer i know,verizon and shurion theyre like a giant,tech per insurance provider they usually,have a relationship they usually want,you to sign up for the assurian coverage,which they probably get a bigger portion,of than if you did it through this,through the car so im guessing thats,why they dont have cell phone insurance,but thats going to play a role in your,decision right there so keep that in,mind you know again this is 2x back on,verizon purchases right but you could,take something like the ink cash card,from chase it gets 5x back on wireless,uh purchases uh services things like,that,or you might be paying with a different,card altogether like the wells fargo,autograph that gives you 3x back on,wireless coverage but also has a level,of cell phone insurance so keep that in,mind now theres one other thing to talk,about here though and that is verizon,has a system where if you enroll in auto,pay so you know obviously,you pay they come into your account take,the money out each month you have to,turn on like e statements and then auto,pay but you can only do auto pay through,ach or debit card right if you use a,credit card you cant qualify for it,by being qualified because they give you,a 10 discount on your bill if you go,through auto pay with the e-statements,on the debit card or the ach if you have,the verizon visa card you can get that,will count as auto pay as well they will,allow you to use that own that credit,card only for auto pay and that again,will help you qualify for these ten,dollar discounts and its ten dollars,per line but the thing to be careful of,here is that it

NEW Verizon Credit Card – 4% on Grocery + Gas and more

well hello credit Warriors welcome to,the show and people have been asking me,to cover this you a verizon visa card so,thats exactly what were gonna do this,is a kind of first look video at the new,Verizon Visa were gonna go through some,of the benefits of the card and whether,I think its a good deal or not so if,you like that kind of thing and youre,new here why not consider subscribing,for more credit card tips and tricks,almost everyday but anyway lets get,started so the new Verizon Visa card Im,going to show you some screenshots of,the website Im going to go through the,benefits and now this is from Verizon,the mobile phone carrier okay so most of,the kind of rewards and benefits are to,do with Verizon themselves right obvious,and lets look at the first benefit so,the first thing is that the card gets,you $10 off your bill each month per,line up to ten lines so if Im reading,this correctly that means that you could,get up to $100 per month,off your bill if you had 10 lines okay,weve got a huge family right,but anyway its $10 per lines so thats,actually quite a big saving and quite a,big perk if you are a Verizon customer,all right now lets look at the point,earning category so these are the,categories 4% at grocery stores and gas,stations 3% on dining including takeout,2% at Verizon and 1% on everything else,now this isnt pure cashback its Verizon,dollars so its valued like cashback,okay so 1% say per hundred dollars would,be one dollar but its one Verizon,dollar its not you know something you,can spend just anywhere now you know,when I first saw it I saw 4% of grocery,stores and Im like wow thats cash back,thats really awesome when I found out,it was Verizon dollars I was like okay,its not quite as good but actually if,youre a Verizon customer it is as good,as cash back Im gonna tell you why a,little bit later in the video but anyway,lets look at some of the other benefits,now theres no annual fee which is,something they plug kind of on the you,know landing page for it now theres,also no foreign transaction fees which,is cool and the card is available to,Verizon customers only which should be,obvious by this point but anyway theres,a couple more benefits in the,they accuse about the card and theyre,welcome bonus for the car they kind of,keep it hidden its not really an,over-the-top bonus because it takes,actually two years to get the complete,bonus anyway let me explain it to you so,its a $100 new card member offer and,its basically $100 over two years so,what they do is they deduct $4 17 off a,few of Verizon bill each month and you,can get that for 24 months so it makes,up to $100 but obviously you do have to,use this card for your verizon bill but,why would you use anything else when,its the Verizon Cartwright and then,theres another thing is that you get to,travel past days per calendar year and,thats a $20 value,so these travel passes what they are is,basically international calls and data,and texting you know for free so in,Canada and Mexico I think its $5 a day,and other countries it costs $10 per day,to open up your plan so that you can,text and you know do data and calls and,stuff in other countries okay so you get,that twice per year so its a pretty,cool suite of benefits actually for a,Verizon customer now I did say I was,going to tell you why I feel the Verizon,dollars are as good as cash back and,thats for a very simple reason so lets,say you are spending say $100 a month on,Verizon phone services whether thats,files you know internet or your cell,phone or whatever and then lets say you,use this card at the grocery store every,month lets say you spend a thousand,dollars on groceries each month thats,about what I spend okay that might may,sound a lot to some single people out,there but when youve got a family of,four $1,000 a month its really not out,of the question okay so at four percent,you would get $40 in Verizon dollars,back all right in cash back from that,thousand dollars spending alright not,bad then thats going to come off to,your monthly verizon phone bill okay you,can use those Verizon dollars to get a,discount on your monthly phone bill and,because you are then you know spending,$40 less on your phone bill thats $40,of actual money actual dollars in your,regular bank account which you can you,know you could then just take and use,cash back so thats the reason I say,that these Verizon dollars for someone,whos spending every month at Verizon,they are as good as cash back because,you spend less on arisin which means you,have money left over in your bank,account that you can use for you know,extra things whatever you want to spend,on just as long as the amount you spend,each month on Verizon services is more,than the amount youre earning each,month on cash back then basically youre,in the green and youll be saving money,a regular account that you can use for,other purchases so its kind of actually,like getting a cash back all right guys,so theres my kind of first look at the,new Verizon cards very cool its a black,card its got that kind of stand up,design which I dont really like I think,its a bit stupid they should just do,you know landscape horizontal whatever,but yeah thats what it is please leave,your comments below do you think this,card is a good deal for Verizon,customers Id love to hear your thoughts,will I be getting it no I use Google,fine at home I do have Verizon for my,office but thats a business account so,it all goes on business cards anyway so,no I wont be getting it but I do think,its a reasonably good deal all right,guys thank you so much for watching,please subscribe if youre new and well,see you next time bye bye

NEW CREDIT CARD: Verizon Visa Review – Verizon Credit Card Earns Verizon Dollars

hey im adam jessica from problem any,comm verizon is out with a new credit,card that could be pretty good if you,are a Verizon customer were going to,talk about it but before we do Im gonna,ask you to please subscribe to this,YouTube channel if you have not already,and if you have already I thank you for,doing so,so Verizon out with a new Visa credit,card that could be good for visa,customers if youre not a visa customer,well not so much and the reason it could,be good for Verizon customers but not so,much for a non Verizon customers is,because the rewards that you earn on,this card are only good toward Verizon,products and services so you can earn,some nice rewards but they can only be,redeemed tour your Verizon phone bill,essentially or purchases that you make,via your verizon account but those,reward percentages are pretty good four,percent on gas purchases four percent on,grocery store purchases three percent on,dining two percent on Verizon products,and services one percent on everything,else and this is a no annual fee card it,also has no foreign transaction fee so,overall pretty nice in terms of the,rewards its giving in the fact that you,dont have an annual fee but again all,that can only be redeemed toward Verizon,products and services so this is sort of,like a Verizon store card just like it,would be for you know a retail card that,offers you a higher percentage but you,can only redeem toward that retailer,right now the good side of that is its,Verizon and many many many people have,Verizon as their cell phone provider so,it may not feel that great to only get,rewards that are for Verizon but if you,are paying Verizon every month anyway,well then this card looks a lot better,to potential bonuses to talk about with,the Verizon Visa if you are a new,Verizon Visa card holder youll get a,$100 statement credit but it will be,spread out over 24 months so assuming,you stay a Verizon customer for 24,months after getting the card you would,get that hundred dollars eventually but,its really going to come in pieces of,four dollars and 17 cents per month over,that 24 month period second potential,bonus if you are one of the very first,Verizon V,card holders you can get a share of 1,million Verizon dollars that are being,given out to those first new card,holders and so the way that works is,officially the card is not available,until June 26th as I make this video I,think its the June 22nd or June 23rd,whatever date it is through from today,through June 25th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern,Time if you sign up and are approved for,the Verizon Visa card you will get a,chunk of that million dollars at million,Verizon dollars that they are giving out,as being spread equally among all the,people that are approved for the card so,if only a thousand people get approved,for the card in this little you know,three day period here beforehand well,then you could get a thousand Verizon,dollars which would be pretty awesome,more likely 10,000 people may be,approved and maybe youd get a hundred,bucks right and if more than 10,000 get,approved well then youre gonna get even,less than a hundred bucks so it could be,a really nice bonus if not that many,people apply and are approved in these,few days before the official launch but,otherwise it could be a little more of a,nominal bonus the Verizon visa is issued,by synchrony bank synchrony bank of,course is the issuer of many retailer,credit cards and one of the things that,you may know about synchrony bank is,that oftentimes their lending standards,are a little more generous than some,other banks out there so if you are,someone that is looking for a credit,card that has some pretty nice rewards,and youre a Verizon customer it might,make good sense for you to apply for,this card if maybe you were turned down,for some other cards that had nice,rewards that you didnt have a high,enough credit score for because maybe,synchrony Bank is more likely to approve,you and then you know getting four,percent on your gas and your groceries,and three percent on dining those are,pretty nice things and if you dont care,that the only way you can redeem them is,for Verizon products and services well,then this could be an opportunity so,overall if youre not a Verizon customer,really nothing to see here but if you,are a Verizon customer or youre,thinking about becoming one this is a,car that could make a lot of sense no,annual fee really nice rewards if you,have to pay that Verizon,every month anyway and you know maybe,normally you get cash back and you just,put it right towards statement credits,somewhere else if this is going to give,you better percentages on the purchases,that you make with the card well then it,can make a lot of sense for you and as I,just said if your credit score is a,little bit lower you may have a better,chance of being approved because of the,fact that its issued by synchrony Bank,and so maybe this could be a better car,than you could get your hands on,otherwise so things to like if youre a,Verizon customer things to not like at,all if youre not a Verizon customer,thats it for this video thank you for,watching and as always please go to pod,mini-com where we do credit card reviews,or talk personal finance we talk to you,and all sorts of other fun stuff to,thank you for watching bye

The Truth About The New Verizon Credit Card

hey Im sorry Bryson here and today,were gonna talk about the new Verizon,credit card yeah,Verizon now has their own credit card,now there is a waitlist for it and its,not officially out yet but if you sign,up for the waitlist and you can accept,it,Verizon is gonna be giving out a million,dollars and if only one thousand people,sign up and I see get accepted well,reality were talking about a one,thousand dollar sign up bonus however,not everything is as good as it seems,for this video Im also going to break,that down but more importantly in this,video Im going to break them the,rewards the bonus and on top of that is,this credit card actually worth anything,Im gonna break everything down in this,video right here and if youre new to my,channel I upload videos on YouTube every,single day so make sure it also searched,I dont hit the bell should go to fight,every simple video and on top of that,also smash and destroy the like button,for the YouTube algorithm I really,appreciate it guys so thank you guys so,much,now lets get right into this video and,the first thing is this guys okay who is,going to be able to actually get the,surprising credit card the answer as,well only Verizon Wireless customers so,if youre not if youre isin Wireless,customer or youre planning on becoming,one then right now might be the perfect,time to go out there and actually become,a Verizon Wireless customer now me as a,person right now all I have is Verizon,FiOS so me myself,I wouldnt even be able to get this,credit card because basically on top of,just being a Verizon Wireless customer,you also need to be the account holder,or for example the Account Manager for,less than 10 lines and then you can,actually go ahead and try to apply and,qualify for this card and actually get,it and if you ask me Tommy why would,they put a limit to who can get this,card why not just give it to all Verizon,customers the answer is most likely,because they want to have people like me,they just have like for example Verizon,FiOS they want to have them move over,and then start their own Verizon,Wireless for the entire phone bill,sector of Verizon okay thats what they,probably wants and on top of that if you,ask me guys although Verizon FiOS is,pretty cool and its pretty great and,reliable I pay that price yes around,like 82 dollars,so month for a great Internet however,Im not going to pay a premium on a,phone bill so I just dont even have,horizon was because I think its,actually pretty expensive and right now,with t-mobile I have four lines okay,four lines and I pay a hundred and,eighty eight dollars per month however,one person pays me fifty five dollars,another person pays me forty bucks and,divided by two because my girlfriend,also has a line with me in reality all I,pay personally is run forty six dollars,for pretty good Internets and also,service so what I ask you get this and,switch over to just get this credit card,and pay for example actually like forty,bucks,the answer is no of course not so if you,ask me this works great for people that,already have Verizon Wireless and dont,plan on switching whatsoever okay but I,dont plan on getting Verizon Wireless,whatsoever,now number two lets talk about the,rewards and actually break them down now,overall guys this is not normal cash,back whenever used for example a normal,cash back card whenever you ask you,redeem the cash back you can redeem it,for whatever you want because cash is,accepted everywhere however this cash,back in a sense is only going to be,Verizon dollars so in a sense it only,works at Verizon because no one else,accepts Verizon dollars only Verizon,thats the entire point here okay so,whatever points you actually get you can,only redeem it at Verizon for example,for your FiOS bill your wireless bill a,down payment on a phone paying off your,phone or getting even some accessories,over at Verizon but overall this,currency of points is only to be used on,Verizon and thats why theyre offering,all these massive benefits now lets,talk about the actuary wars here okay,guys because basically theyre offering,four percent on gas and also groceries,now thats competing almost with the,gold American Express card and that card,has an annual fee and this one does not,have an annual fee on top theyre also,offering three percent for restaurants,bars fast food and also takeout and,thats also pretty impressive and they,also offer two percents if youre paying,for example your wireless bill your FiOS,bill or buying any products that are,Ill find an eligible over at Verizon,and then 1% and anything else you,actually want to buy anything you get 1%,not that much at all but overall guys,for a car that has no annual fee these,rewards are actually pretty good,and compared to again the American,Express gold card and again that card,has a bunch of other benefits but just,looking at the upper layer of just like,the rewards its actually pretty good,you know what I mean so basically the,Verizon card compares like other cards,out there is pretty solid the only,downfall is basically you can only use,this at your verizon store because no,one else except Verizon dollars lets be,honest okay but if you ask me guys,heres how much points you can actually,get whenever you use in this card okay,so say for example youre going to be,spending a thousand dollars on your,verizon bill Verizon Wireless maybe even,buying a Verizon phone every now and,then right so in reality one dozen,dollars is gonna give you two percent,because youre spending it on Verizon,thats run 20 bucks on top of that if,you spend five thousand dollars every,single year on groceries and also gas at,around four percent cashback or Verizon,back,well thats around $200 and even if you,spend $1000 and dining out at three,percent restaurants fast food thats,thirty bucks and if you spend $5,000 on,other stuff every single year and youre,getting back one percent cash back well,were talking about $50 so overall you,could be looking at a $300 Verizon,dollar cash back every single year,enough to probably cover maybe like two,months or three months of the Verizon,but because basically like I said before,guys okay Verizon is very expensive and,thats why I dont have it now,now you might think this card is pretty,cool and it kinda is you know when it,comes to dining outs and groceries and,gas is actually pretty cool however when,it comes to spending money on other,stuff well its actually not that good,because with the city double cash card,you can get 2% cash back and if you get,the align be the signature card you can,also get two point five percent cash,back on this purchases okay so in,reality when it comes to buying other,things youre in there I dont recommend,it and by the way I also saw that,Verizon posted this entire picture right,here that says basically you could be,looking,earning around thirty six dollars every,single month if youre using your,Verizon card for all these things now,reality lets be honest okay like the,average person is not responding this,much money every single month so even,when you talk about it thirty-six bucks,times twelve were looking at around,four hundred and thirty-two bucks and,its actually looking pretty good but in,reality if you ask me who is gonna be,spending that much money with this,Verizon card most likely not everyone,out there so thats why I say like hey,thats a pretty good estimate but in,reality its closer to like $300 and not,reach like four hundred and thirty two,dollars according to what Verizon as she,says but now lets talk about the bonus,okay,the signup bonus for this Verizon credit,card now as you guys know usually when,you sign up for a credit card there are,four maybe like one bonus we spend this,much money you get back this much money,and thats pretty cool however Verizon,actually offering to sign up bonus okay,you have the early access bonus and also,the welcome bonus now lets talk about,the early access purse okay now the,early access is basically for early,access pe

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