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Verizon 5G Home Internet – Customer Review

my name is scott and uh today im going,to get the verizon internet gateway the,5g gateway set up so lets take a look,and see whats inside the box,well first impressions are great this is,a nice looking piece of kit um its a,five inch cube five inches on all,and uh lets turn it over and take a,look here are the only uh ports theres,two line connections two rj45s for your,ethernet power and uh,yeah theres also a button there in the,front,well find out,later what that does um includes this,setup guide,quick guide,uh plug it in wait for a solid white,light,and then go ahead and connect your,devices,also includes powered apps or an,ethernet so,lets get it plugged in,so verizon recommend placing it next to,a window for the best possible um signal,um but not in direct sunlight so as luck,would have it my office faces north,um so im borrowing my cat tower,uh and ive plugged it in to the power,nothing else i connected just yet,the light is flashing white which is,good thats what it should be doing and,then it should go solid white after a,few minutes and after that you can use,it,okay so its about five minutes later,and yeah the cat is very excited as am i,the white light is white solid so i,think that means we can get using this,lets uh take a look,so connecting to the roots are very,simple its a password on the underside,of it so i just used that connected over,wi-fi,and i was in straight away i didnt mess,around with the mobile app that they,tell you to download or do any of that,nonsense i just connected directly to,the router and it worked,first time no setup,this particular speed test by the way,im actually connected using an ethernet,cable to my laptop i wanted to do that,it is a tri-band,router it is wi-fi six compatible but uh,just to get a true indication of speeds,i wanted to plug in directly,heres a number of tests i conducted on,day one and,i was actually moving the router around,the house in different positions just to,see you know if it was better or worse,and to be honest it really wasnt it was,pretty consistent,as you can see,these tests on the other hand were at,night uh around nine oclock,midweek and you can see that its quite,a bit slower particularly in the,download side,um and thats to be expected this is,residential area you know thats when,people are using it the most,um but i didnt notice any issues like,we stream tv shows,um we you know we use it we still use,the internet at night and and it seemed,totally fine and honestly just as good,as our old cable connection,i work from home during the day and use,them all day long for meetings and its,been great,these two screenshots from zoom show,their statistics during calls these were,very typical i took a lot of these,screenshots but these results were very,typical of what i was getting and it was,really again just as good as my cable,connection,this is the verizon coverage map go to,their site because this changes all the,time these red dots are cities where,they do have coverage but that doesnt,mean that youll necessarily,get coverage or be offered this service,when you go and put in your address its,going to depend on whether theyve,upgraded the local tower,and this is a picture of my local tower,the right-hand box is a 5g c-band,antenna,and and its also going to depend on,whether their spare capacity because,they dont want to sell this to too many,people and then overcrowd,a particular cell and then you know,degrade service for everyone,in some very urban areas verizon are,also offering um this alternative unit,which only supports millimeter wave,but the availability of that is really,very limited,and so you probably wont be offered it,and youll probably get the cube which,is what i got if you are lucky enough to,get the other unit,you may find that speeds are even faster,possibly as much as a gigabit,overall im really very impressed with,verizon the service is as good as my,previous cable,modem service,um about half the price i was paying 105,a month and now with verizon its 55.,so for the last 22 years ive been using,cable internet at home and uh this is my,cable modem is unplugged it is going,back in this box,i wasnt in a contract but if you are,stuck in a contract verizon will even,buy you out of your contract up to 500,so,whats uh whats to lose right its uh,theres no contract its month to month,uh if you return it within the first,month theyll even give you a full,refund of what youve paid,ive even moved the verizon box it,doesnt need to be by the window at,least not for me where i am it must be a,good signal area if you enjoyed this,video please like please also subscribe,because theres other videos you might,be interested in and im going to update,on how this is going as,time goes on,one of the other videos you may be,interested in is about we link a new,wireless fiber internet provider thats,what they call themselves,but they use a different type of,equipment that actually goes in your,roof and they offer blazing fast speeds,so if you want to learn more about that,check out that video and subscribe,thanks again

Verizon 5G Home Internet Reviewed! More Options, More Consumer Power

what happens when you take a smartphone,an internet router and ultra wideband,internet access and combine them,[Music],verizon 5g home internet verizon touts,this as reliable and fast enough to,power your whole home,and right now,that means availability to over 30,million homes in parts of 900 cities,across the u.s,all right its adventure time i mean i,mean lets dig into it,[Music],hey if any of these videos on the,channel have helped you if any of the,videos of my,colleagues on the channel have helped,you,please consider hitting us with that,thumbs up clicking on that subscribe,button and hitting that notification,bell so youll be notified when we,upload the latest content and run our,amazing contests because were giving,away free stuff yall,so,first things first this service is not,available everywhere but should it be,available to you what exactly is a,service well its verizons 5g home,internet service which is delivered via,their cellular network and it comes in,two different flavors of availability,based on your location 5g home and 5g,home plus,the difference is in perks included with,your plan the former includes a two-year,price guarantee the latter a three-year,price guarantee unlimited verizon cloud,backup 300,off bang olufsens stream tv offerings,the stream tv sound bar and soundbar pro,offered for 400 and 1 thousand dollars,respectively,both services come with five hundred,dollars toward early termination fees,for the service you leave a wi-fi six,router disney plus for six months a,verizon stream tv device two months of,sling tv and one month of 5g home,service,since theyre trying to get as many of,you on board as possible there are no,data caps contracts or extra fees with,either plan and those on qualifying,verizon unlimited mobile plans can get,50,off the monthly plans,first launch in 2018 the service has,expanded to around 900 cities promising,5g speeds up to over 900 megabits per,second downloads in some locations with,various outlets on the internet,reporting 300 megabits per second,average uploads arent synchronous,topping out at 50 megabits per second,according to some reports whats on,offer here ultimately is the promise of,those ultra wide band near gigabit,speeds for prices as low as 50 dollars a,month remember i asked in the open what,happens if you combine a smartphone with,a router that promise of ultra wideband,falls victim or victorious to the same,issues as that of the smartphone,coverage,or as they say location location,location,so,lets say you hit verizons website and,find that indeed your location is,eligible for the service the backbone of,the 5g home internet plan is this router,yes it looks like an xbox one with the,vince in the top and the pillar design,it is a dual band 802 11 ax aka wi-fi 6,router with cellular lte and 5g sub 6,and ultra wide bands built in,in the box you get the router a power,adapter and ethernet cable,the front of the router has verizon,branding in the form of the red check,mark and an led status indicator the,rear of the device has a wps pairing,button and the bottom is where youll,find power plugs two lan ports and a,reset button,verizon said the unit is plug and play,and on the bottom is where youll find,the info you need to plug in the,appropriate password for your units,wi-fi names and the url username and,password for administrative access to,the routers core configuration,functions which you will want to get,into more on that in a moment,and thats pretty much it for the,hardware two bands two lands lte and 5g,5g uwb so,what was it like making 5g home internet,the backbone of my home lets begin with,setup and speed testing,setting up is essentially it is plug and,play just like i said just make sure to,place the router somewhere near an,outlet just kidding kind of youre going,to need to do more than just look for an,outlet verizon says that you should,place the router and toward the middle,of the center of your home near a window,my apartment isnt massive but it isnt,small either so i tested the router both,at a window,here this is actually my dining room and,in the back of the apartment in my,bedroom the master bedroom with,identical results speeds were nearly,identical in both locations pulling down,300 megabits per second and uploading,around 30 megabits per second,i also had nearly identical results,testing the effects of distance from the,router when i went to the opposite end,of the apartment from the router,location with the router in the living,room or in the bedroom and me on the,other end of the apartment from that i,measured approximately a 100 to 150,megabit per second loss of speed so from,300 i went down to 200 sometimes 150.,and with that i decided to place the,router in my bedroom for maximum speed,since i do most of my streaming in my,bedroom where my wife and i relax to,watch our favorite shows on the weekends,for reference my current provider,spectrum wired internet over coax cable,and my personal router is republic of,gamers tri-band router that combination,gets me over 300 megabits per second,with only 20 megabits per second uploads,my personal cellular service is through,t-mobile and on their 5g network i get,roughly 300 megabit downloads though,thats only occurred recently for the,longest i was only getting 25 megabits,per second which is pretty sad for 5g,but still plenty fast for almost,anything i do on mobile,like i said at the beginning this is,basically similar to having a hot spot,or smartphone and testing its data,throughput so id be cautioning you that,your results may vary and could be,slower than mine but thats what,verizons sign up page is supposed to,handle in their small print theres a,bare minimum speed which should be,delivered to your home and by entering,your address that should ensure that,youre in a proper coverage location to,get those bare minimum speeds and that,was my case 300 megabits per second as,far as ultra wide band is concerned,isnt close to topping out at what is,currently being offered but it is,competitive with what my cable provider,who is part of the artificially limited,options in my area is providing at a,silly price,since i dont bundle cable with my,internet i pay 90 a month for,asynchronous 300 down and 20 up,to their credit the service has been,reliable and fast but american home,internet delivery is in serious need of,competition and im all for 5g home,internet to help provide that before we,can even talk about competition what has,my couple weeks of use been like on big,reds home offering in the beginning of,the video i told you that youre going,to want to hit the routers admin,settings and play with some things over,the first few days of use i was getting,devices and videos buffering to a,ridiculous degree and it was driving me,nuts i thought it might be the cell,towers and a latency issue until i took,the time to dive into the admin panel,this router has a feature called band,steering what this does is make it so,that your router shows only one wi-fi,ssid or broadcast name and then picks,which network the 2.4 gigahertz or 5,gigahertz network to put your device on,when you try to log on to the robs,network ive tested other routers and,mesh networks which do this and the,results are always mixed some handle it,well others dont some there are no,problems and other still no problems,until you try to print to a network,connected printer or pass a file between,network attached storage and a computer,on the network,in this case this router performed much,better once i disabled band steering but,that meant changing another item once,turned off both bands kept the same ssid,so i appended the five gigahertz band,with an underscore 5g,if i was keeping this to make the change,over from the older router easier i just,named the two and five gigahertz bands,the same name as the previous routers,ssids icu and icu 5g thats what i have,on my home i see you,and this should go without saying but,im going to say it anyway once you get,into

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Is Verizon 5G Home Internet Worth It? 5 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

this is a video about Verizon 5G home internet  its internet service for your entire home and  ,its powered by Verizons 5G Network my first  speed test yeah it looks promising but should  ,you switch in todays video Im going to walk you  through the pros and the cons everything you need  ,to know before you sign up and the first thing you  got to know about this internet service it is not  ,available everywhere the Verizons 5G wireless  network covers Ill drop a link below so you  ,can check the availability youll just enter your  address and then you can see if you get Verizons  ,5G home internet if not you may have some other  options LTE home internet or FiOS and one thing  ,you should know this internet service its not  just for Verizon Mobile customers I dont have  ,a phone line with Verizon and I was able to sign  up for the internet service there are discounts  ,if you bundle phone and internet well talk  about those next number two plans and pricing  ,Verizon 5G home internet has two plans to choose  from theyre called 5G home and 5G home plus  ,I chose the cheaper plan and thats what I  recommend for most people both plants have  ,no contracts data caps hidden fees and equipment  is included too from what I can tell the biggest  ,difference is that the 5G home plus plan includes  unlimited cloud storage with Verizon and you just  ,dont get that with the cheaper plan and that  leads me to the pricing the 5G home plan its  ,50 a month with auto pay and sixty dollars  without autopay at the time of this recording  ,but if youve got a qualifying mobile line with  Verizon look at the savings the price drops all  ,the way to 25 a month now I get my mobile phone  service through visible which is owned by Verizon  ,but operates independently and even visible is  offering a discount on Verizon home internet  ,that discount is five bucks or 10 bucks a month it  just depends on your plan now stick with me Ive  ,got just a few other quick notes about pricing  first Verizon home internet has some form of a  ,price lock with both plans normally two or three  years but at recording time it is a 10-year price  ,guarantee second Verizon is going to ask to run  your credit before you sign up this is a soft  ,inquiry though so its not going to affect your  credit scores and this is because Verizon home  ,internet is a post-paid service its not prepaid  third you should know about a 30-day satisfaction  ,guarantee if you try out the internet service  and it doesnt work out just cancel and youll  ,get a refund you just gotta remember to return  your equipment to get that refund and fourth  ,check out this Verizon is covering up to five  hundred dollars in early termination fees thats  ,if you have to pay a penalty to break up with your  existing internet provider and also if you qualify  ,for the affordable connectivity program you can  save up to thirty dollars a month on Verizon  ,home internet and Ill drop a link below so you  can learn more about that program lets move on  ,to talk about the setup process and I gotta say  this could not have been much easier my equipment  ,arrived two days after I signed up and heres what  came inside the Box the Verizon internet gateway  ,a power adapter an optional ethernet cable and  setup instructions the first step is to find a low  ,location for your internet gateway buy a window or  an exterior facing wall is whats recommended then  ,youll plug one end of the power adapter into the  bottom of the Gateway the other end into a power  ,outlet and from there the light on the front of  the Gateway should blink for about five minutes  ,or so and if this light settles on solid white  youre done the Gateway setup is complete if the  ,light turns solid red youre going to want to move  the gateway to a different spot and start all over  ,and after you set up your gateway of course youre  just going to need to connect all your devices to  ,the new network theres a Wi-Fi name and password  printed right on the bottom of the Gateway but you  ,can also change the Wi-Fi name and password  from the network settings in the my Verizon  ,app thats what I did and Verizons app also has  troubleshooting guides if you do end up needing  ,some extra help number four data speeds Verizon 5G  home internet advertises download speeds between  ,85 and 300 megabits per second and upload speeds  of up to 10 megabits per second immediately after  ,I set up my my service I had to put this to the  test I ran speed test compare Verizon 5G home  ,internet to T-Mobile 5G home internet which is a  service that Im also paying for as you see here  ,is really close both had download speeds faster  than 100 megabits per second and upload speeds  ,faster than 10 megabits per second Verizons  performance its remain pretty consistent since  ,that first speed test check out these speed  test results theyre from a different day  ,and I conducted five speed tests about an hour  apart download speeds topped 140 megabits per  ,second in every single test based on my experience  Verizon service is off to a really good start but  ,of course the question is whether those speeds are  going to slow down and affect my performance when  ,nearby cell phone towers get congested this has  been an issue at times with my testing of T-Mobile  ,home internet something cable and fiber customers  dont have to worry about so what Ill do is drop  ,a link in the description to an article on my  website and thats where you can find updates  ,on my experience now lets talk about special  discounts and perks I mentioned the most valuable  ,discount earlier a 50 price break on Verizons  internet service for those with a qualifying  ,Mobile plan but there are other discounts in  perks too theyre going to vary depending on  ,the plan you choose 5G home or 5G home plus these  offers are going to change from time to time but  ,when I signed up for the 5G home plan I got a  50 gift card and a choice between either GrubHub  ,or doordash but for the 5G home plus plan that  offer was a 200 gift card gotta say Im pretty  ,excited about Verizon 5G home internet and also  other fixed Wireless options just because theyre  ,bringing a lot more competition to the market you  have fiber and cable they may be better options  ,if speed matters most to you but as Ive reviewed  wireless home internet services Im hearing from  ,a lot of people who say theyre satisfied with  the performance and theyre grateful for the  ,straightforward pricing let me know what you  think down below and I thank you for watching

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ladies and gentlemen Christmas came,early today were going to be trying out,the Verizon gig 5G home internet how I,want to say this it has the potential of,gig speeds for literally like 50 a month,um its unheard of if it can get a gigs,like speed for 50 to 60 a month I will,literally eat a hat,its guaranteed 300 megabytes thats,what theyre telling me but its,definitely going to be somewhere more in,the middle he said so were talking like,really really fast internet for like,really cheap so it comes with two boxes,theres a receiver and a router,obviously you have to put this thing in,a window because its millimeter wave,technology from 5G and it doesnt go,through walls very well you have to aim,it perfectly at the tower which there is,one directly outside that window and Im,gonna set this up so tune in if you want,to see what the speeds like and what,the product is like here at life plus,okay we have lets um I guess open the,router first,package contains power adapter and,ethernet cable and a setup guide,Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry,Christmas Merry Christmas,oh okay its cute,its like really big,standby its very big its very heavy,check it out this is the new router,dont look at my dirty room,and,this is the 5G home internet this is the,5G home gig internet,5G home regular which is pretty slow but,its cheap but its its interesting,5G gig stay tuned and well test them,both the 5G gig is apparently going to,link right up to that Tower,right there right there,so stay tuned so we got the router Box,open now this box is a little bit more,intense now this is the receiver and it,comes with the indoor bracket window,wedge window wipe and screws and anchors,so this is going to require a special,Mount that goes on the window and,because obviously the technology comes,in through the windows and it comes with,ethernet cable cable clips ties also,outdoor bracket oh boy,railing tight this goes Outdoors what,the heck oh my God its like were,setting up an old-fashioned antenna pole,adapter,oh Lord this is the setup guide,leave everything in the Box for now,download My Verizon app go to setup,Verizon receiver oh my gosh,so this is going to require me,downloading the app and doing this whole,setup process so I will be with you in a,moment after we figure out how to get it,set up on that terrible dirty window,okay I just want to say that this is,heavy like this is serious serious,equipment like between this giant box in,reference to my monitors there and like,this giant receiver reference to the,monitors heavy as heck apparently its,got to go on a window and its going to,catch that antenna out there but like I,have never had to put equipment like,this up for a while like who knows what,signal Im bringing in this home but,apparently its supposed to be really,fast so were gonna see all right this,thing got real man all right so it could,not be mounted inside the signal was too,weak so I had to route a cable from the,indoor plug out the window and the the,receiver is literally outside,facing the antenna and I have to mount,it with these mounting brackets on the,outside and it says it should have a,professional do it but I continued,anyway,um and I have to mount it to my railing,to get the excellent signal that was the,only place I could get it so this is,really involved ladies and gentlemen oh,my gosh I think this was by far one of,the sketchiest setups Ive ever put in,as the internet was connecting I was,outside because the receivers outside,and it made the weirdest sounds like it,sounded like dont mind me Im a mess,from doing all this it sounded like a,like robot talk he was like,it was something otherworldly it was,like back when dial up was going on so,the receiver only works in special areas,theres only one Tower in this,neighborhood and its directly like down,that way and in order for this,millimeter wave technology to be,received the receiver has to be placed,perfectly so it literally is out on a,banister,um Im having still some troubleshooting,issues so Im still waiting for this,thing to boot back up obviously Verizon,as smart of the technology it is its,got its Kinks still so Im waiting to,see what happens Ill let you know were,all set up Im gonna just go ahead and,test the speed,and this is,their speed test and then well run,another speed test but lets just test,theirs and see what what exactly is,coming into the home right now,[Music],what what what,all right guys Im Im not,um whoops I just accidentally,I am not right now,1933.23 megabytes per second 200 upload,speed,and the latency oh my gosh its getting,two gigs 2 gig internet Im not even,kidding right now,um forget it Im not even testing the,other internet to compare the other one,only comes in at 100 megabits per second,this is literally two gigs holy crap oh,well there you have it everyone for 55,dollars to 60 bucks a month you would,pay literally probably two to three,hundred dollars a month from uh Comcast,to have their fast Blast internet so,there you have it actually Beyond on,comprehension all right lets give this,thing a test here another one,foreign,[Music],wow,were coming in over Wi-Fi,at about a gig,so its coming in at two gigs hardwired,its coming in at a gig just about on,the Wi-Fi connection,unbelievable I mean for that price I,mean that would be a fortune with any of,the big box internet companies like,Comcast and things like that I am just,wow okay were gonna test the time Im,very impressed with that computer speed,with that internet speed I mean its,unbelievable were gonna test the heart,on the PC and see how that does on the,desktop,yeah it went higher this time,were almost were getting there I mean,its almost as advertised I mean if I,move that antenna just a little bit,it will probably get a lot more now if,you go to that Okla or Ookla or whatever,the hell that speedtest.net is its,always faster on that site so I dont,know exactly who wins the race here but,all I know is for the price that Im,paying which is ridiculously low and the,speed thats coming in is on on so I,gotta say my conclusion with this I am,thoroughly impressed I did not expect it,because the Verizon regular home 5G,internet was very slow it sucked but it,was cheap so I went with it you know I,mean it was saving me a lot of money and,it did its job its not like it was like,impossible to use but then when they,recommended me test this product out,yeah theres a lot of Hardware its a,little scary that Im bringing,millimeter wave technology into my home,like this however its going through the,home anyway so I might as well just tap,into it for the price that it is and,its locked that price its not gonna,change and I trust me Ive tested it the,price does not change they are keeping,it to their word it is beyond what I,ever thought the speed would be so I,highly recommend its coming into two,gigs of speed in a perfect world it will,probably get somewhere around you know a,gig and a half I mean its its beyond,measure and I will tell you an exact,price if you want to get Blast internet,from Comcast which Ive had or you know,like a gig internet Comcast it will be,200 a month no doubt about it so highly,recommend good job prize on this one I,think its really awesome and the upload,speed is over 200 which is like Mr Beast,style I mean I can upload YouTube videos,in like two seconds so thank you again I,hope you enjoyed this video and product,testing and if you like that just give,me like a little comment or a like and,share and I will produce more videos,just like this I love you all thank you,for tuning in see you later bye-bye,[Music],thank you

T-Mobile Home Internet Review with final Thoughts of the product #tmobile #tmobilehomeinternet

hey guys thank you for tuning in,we got this video coming guys as you,guys see right here those T-Mobile home,internet products right there you got we,got all three of them the 5G units so,why dont you go grab your soda your,drink,and your popcorn,and lets get this video started because,this is going to be a little bit of a,longer one were going to test these,units,catch catch the whole video to the end,guys,all right lets get this intro rolling,right about,now,[Music],hey guys thank you for tuning in here to,another video on the channel as you guys,can see right here we got the three,official 5G gateways from T-Mobile home,internet as you tell you could tell,right here we have the Nokia which,everybody calls the trash can so we have,that we got The Arcadian,which is the one that got released last,year and then we have the most recent,which is the set the sagcom fast 5688w,so were gonna go over these units,were gonna test them or you know well,do the t-speed test well do well check,signal strength well see how the UI,works on all these so what I want to do,is just go over which one would be a,better option you know which one seems,to get better signal strength and,has a better interface so lets get this,going so everything is going to be,hardwired so right now we have it,hardwired to my desktop,the Segway,so here we go were gonna pull up the,specs real quick so you guys can see so,the Segway what is it sag com Im sorry,fast,5688w,and these are the bands that it connects,to so for 5G this is your N24 and 41 and,66 and 77 and then 71. oops those were,backwards my bad LTE band two four five,twelve twenty six forty one forty six,and 71.,and this these are Wi-Fi six with four,by four Mimo,all right,and,64 devices is maximum you can connect,all right lets uh lets do a baseline,speed test on this unit,as you can tell we are hardwired 20 ping,so this is going to be based off of a,hardwired connection,yeah guys this is going to be pretty,interesting well see what happens with,this,oh yeah,all right were looking at a 249,on the down,which is not bad,itll get you itll get you going,and we are looking on the upload it,looks like its gonna be like a,13.6 yeah 13.6,all right so then what were going to do,next is were going to do the fast so,you know what your video playback speeds,are going to be,of course it should be uncapped so it,should be pretty damn close to what the,speed test is,all right so were looking at a 230 on,Fast which is good so what were going,to do guys is Im gonna play one of the,videos here on my channel so we dont,have any issues with uh copy strikes or,anything so were gonna do is were,gonna put it at,4K 4K 60 frames lets just start the,video over from the beginning lets see,what happens all right hey guys,lets see,are we getting uh right here,okay as you guys can see right,right here so it is playing ahead oops,sorry about that lets turn that down a,little bit so the video is playing ahead,which is not bad it is keeping up,lets put it back to normal Zoom,okay so were keeping up lets just do a,couple of fast forwards here,okay,lets see how quick okay so it keeps as,you can see guys it keeps up pretty,quick with the playback,Okay so,some delay but,its not bad its okay,okay so there you go,so now lets do um lets go through the,interface guys so lets see here so its,192.168.,12.1,oh so we cannot access,the router the menu of the website even,though on the back of the Gateway here,Ill see here we can cover some of this,stuff up,it says here,the admin IP,is literally,[Music], which is what we have up,here huh,so on the SAG on the what is it sag Sac,comp we cannot access that,we cannot access that also its going to,be app based so let me grab my other,phone sign it in the Wi-Fi so then we,could see what its doing and well be,right back,all right guys we are back sorry about,that as I this is going to probably be a,little bit of a longer video guys so,just letting you guys know so were,going to do a Wi-Fi test real quick here,with the,the SAG what is it called uh Sage M calm,so there you go 26 paint 600 this is on,device testing with the Wi-Fi connection,k290 down,its not bad guys I mean its okay,but yeah Ill Ill give you guys my,final thoughts on fix wireless at the,end of this video and 16.1 on the app,okay and then this is basically guys so,you have no connection so you cannot do,no,no uh freaking the 192.,168.12.1 so you have to use the app on,the new Gateway,you have to end up using the app if you,want any um,any how do you call it statistics to,this so lets see here so if you go to,more,or is it more and then Advanced cellular,matrix there you go so were connected,to a band two,negative 97 rsrp positive six sine r,and then were on n41 negative 108 rsrp,with a negative 18 sine R so yeah guys,this is what our connection is with this,Gateway,now,lets move on to the next Gateway so,what Im going to do is Im going to,unplug,or actually hold on Im so sorry,we forgot to do one more thing here,so what were going to do is were going,to time real quick were just gonna,download a quick 100 Meg file were just,going to do a quick,something easy,so lets reset it so lets do click,and then once I hit save lets see here,let me put you all right here,okay,okay there we go,see here were already a seven seconds,eight seconds so you guys see the timer,so were at 25 Megs downloaded already,and this is on the hard wire right here,so were just doing 100 Meg file just to,make so the video dont drag out,so,this will give you like uh kind of,Statistics a little bit of how the,connection is on a hard wire but,Wireless should be the same on Wi-Fi but,yeah guys the,as you can see you know our speed test,Baseline was 200 what was it 280 down,or lets see here or Baseline yeah it,was like 280 if Im not mistaken lets,see your results,290 so 290 was our results,we already have 53 seconds for 100 Meg,file,so 80 Megs right now downloaded were,already at one minute two seconds,were gonna do a full time on this,okay there you go so one minute 10,seconds 100 Meg file downloaded okay,guys now Im gonna hook up the next,Gateway,and yeah well go from there,okay guys now we are connected to the,Arcadian,all right so heres our Acadian good,signal,lets see lets go through our bands so,were connected to band two as a primary,negative 102 rsrp with a positive two,sine r,and our n41 negative 107 with a negative,12 sine r,but we are connected n41 okay,so now lets do um,lets do a baseline speed test on the,Wi-Fi real quick,okay 22 pink seven Jitter,and this is off Wi-Fi right now,on The Arcadian,as you guys will see right here,it is on the T-Mobile,d341 which thats what I have it labeled,as so 129 down,and our uploads going to be about 22.3,okay now lets do a baseline speed test,here on the desktop,15,and this is on Hardline as you guys can,see right here,it is hard light on The Arcadian so,were looking at 119 down,which is about comparable to our phone,device speed test so its not off too,much,we just it seems like The Arcadian has a,little bit of better upload so,24.03 okay now lets do our fast,so we get our Baseline on our video test,right here,so like I said it should be pretty close,to the the test of of the speed test or,video what the heck,um that was interesting,okay,okay 210 lets retest the speed real,quick because thats interesting that,was a big spike right there,oh wow 61 ping,huh,interesting this is interesting guys,yeah 89 down and,huh,n is 24 up huh this is interesting guys,hold on guys I gotta answer this phone,call Ill be right back,okay sorry about that guys so lets go,over the Arcadian KVD 21 Gateway,go over the band specs so lets see here,so 5G bands its n41 and 66 and 71. LTE,is,b245 12 41 46 66 and 71 with the Wi-Fi 6,on a 4×4 Mimo,and two the rj45s,okay so lets see here guys lets see if,we can access the 192. okay so we can,access,it lets us do that but it is,recommending us to download the mobile,app it says here,from setup to monitoring and p

✅Straight Talk Wireless Home Internet – Is It Really Better Than Verizon? Hidden Terms & Conditions

all right let me talk to you straight,about Straight Talk wireless 5G home,internet so this is a service that just,got launched here in October 2022 and,its really a repackaged Verizon 5G home,internet plan but it has some key,differences some are Pros some are cons,let me walk you through what those are,and now Straight Talk is kind of,affiliated with Walmart thats where you,can go in and buy this service you can,also go directly online Ill show you,here on straighttalk.com to do this and,just to say this is not a uh sponsored,video or our Affiliated video,I am doing this out of my own Goodwill,now I have three routers sitting on the,floor over here theyre actually,T-Mobile my home internet right now is,running off mainly Verizon home internet,as the main one and I use the T-Mobile,as a backup,in this unit here if I turn it around,for you youll see a little red check,box or check mark that is not on the,Straight Talk wireless ones but other,other than that its the same router,unit now,um this unit here can pick up both the,5G signals and the 4G LTE signals,including the 5G Ultra wide man,um that Verizon has out there and that,is the c-band which is sometimes,referred to as the sub 6,5G signals if this could not pick up the,millimeter wave stuff out there all,right so one of the key differences,between Straight Talk and getting the,Verizon one is prepaid versus post paid,and theres a couple things that come,with that the Straight Talk is a prepaid,plan so you pay for your month up front,you get 30 days of service and if you,dont pay again you dont get the,service again Verizon is postpaid so you,pay for it after youve already used up,that month of data then they give you a,bill and so the difference there is they,run your credit and they do some other,things like typically lock you into,either a contract or a payment plan,for a device where if you get it and you,start using it if you cancel the service,you have to either return the device or,you have to be charged for so Verizons,does not charge a equipment fee or,anything and neither does Straight Talk,but you have to buy the routing unit up,front and its 99 so in order to start,your first month you have to pay,basically 145 dollars because youre,paying 99 for the router and then 45,dollars a month for that first month of,service so you pay that up front and,then there every month after its 45,dollars so let me show you here on my,tablet just how you can look and well,talk about some of the features here,with Straight Talk wireless and some of,the limitations that they have versus,Verizon all right before I get too far I,do want to say you know this is Nate and,this is the native Tater Channel I do,appreciate you guys tuning in I cover a,lot of home internet and that working,stuff on my channel as well as other,random stuff about building things,outdoors technology and whatnot so,consider subscribing to the channel,giving the video a thumbs up down below,and then adding any comments that you,have runs down below,all right so here I went to,straighttalk.com,5G LTE Dash home Dash internet you can,also just go to straighttalk.com and,right now its blasted up there as one,of their big things to click on and so,you can see the top here you can click,availability that is a key note to have,right now it looks like uh the Straight,Talk wireless is available where the,Verizon home internet is available which,is not everywhere so in fact if I type,in my address to either Verizon or the,Straight Talk it shows me as being only,4G LTE capable so I I am not technically,allowed to get the 5G service here at,this address but Ill give you a hint I,get it and I have it here at this,address and I get Verizon c-band I get,you know 250 300 megabits per second,speed all day every day,um,so its not tied to if you get the,signal is tied to if they think they,have network capacity for you to do this,so just know that the address you put in,there is the key thing that determines,if youre able to get it or not so on,here it goes through and tells you that,yes you get 5G or LTE network it does,say truly unlimited data and Verizons,is truly unlimited if you buy their plan,on straight talk I know you know I,havent actually personally had one of,their phone plans or anything but I know,all their unlimited plans its really,has a 200 gigabyte data cap that,they dont really advertise but at that,point you get shut off to 2G speeds so,they say its truly unlimited on their,home internet,to be honest with you Im not so sure I,try to read I did not see any um terms,and conditions that called out a a limit,there for data that used to go to a,slower speed but thats kind of yet to,be confirmed here,no contract and easy self-install I will,admit it is easy you basically take it,out of the box you plug it in power and,its going to basically initialize and,activate you can have an app with that,to typically help you find signal or,whatnot but it is pretty easy to install,yourself,now if we keep going down here you can,see that heres the price where they,show you that its 99 or I guess its,really a hundred dollars and then they,show you that its 45 a month and you,can see out here several times it calls,out unlimited data and then,um the other big thing with Straight,Talk is they throttle your internet now,to be fair Verizon throttles the,internet too it appears like another 5G,they have kind of a 300 megabit per,second download throttle and around 20,for the upload now I have seen faster,than that but the number of people that,claim that speed is really high so I,have to believe there is a throttle,there,and on T-Mobile side Ive seen you know,much higher speeds,um does happen but with the Verizon on,the 4G LTE plan they limit their speed,to 50 megabits per second down and six,megabits per second up and thats the,same thing on the Straight Talk wireless,if you happen to be on a 4G LTE signal,only and not getting 5G you have that,same throttle,now if you go to a 5G signal on Straight,Talk wireless youll get bumped up to,100 megabit per second download speed so,they do,um you know give you some more speed,there on 5G but you are going to be,slower than if you had the Verizon box,and so kind of the catch there is with,Verizon their 5G home internet plan is,fifty dollars for the regular 5G home,plate its,um 70 for the 5G home plus plan,but with the 5G home plan you get a,discount or for both as well you get a,discount on 25 a month if you have one,of their unlimited uh phone plans so,that means youre getting their home,internet for as little as 25 a month,and it would be about 300 megabits per,second speed,versus the Straight Talk wireless one,which would get you 100 million per,second speed for 45 a month so it is,clearly a better deal in that case to,actually go with Verizon not the,Straight Talk wireless however if you,dont have one of their plans youre,going to be paying at least fifty,dollars if not seventy dollars for the,Verizon plan you could get this for 45,dollars and for most people to be honest,with you the 100 megabit per second,speed for download is plenty for what,you need,um you know a streaming 4K,um video uh uncompressed full res is,about 25 megabits per second that you,need so you can be running multiple,um streaming 4K stuff you can be gaming,web surfing video conference calling all,that kind of stuff at 100 megahertz per,second speed for a whole family,so thats where I think theyre kind of,targeting is a specific group of people,that were on a very easy no contract you,know up front pay 45 you get 30 days of,service,um and and for that it might be good,so if we go through here and uh and see,where can we get it,you know,um basically you get it online or,through Walmart you can get on,Walmart.com as well and then here were,the speeds they show you,um that you can get uh 20 to 100,megabits per second for download and,three to ten for upload so again on,there from what Ive seen on uh oh they,called out right here actually on th

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Home Internet Review.

happy wednesday everybody brett here,with double shots im excited that,double shots has asked me to come in and,do a technology video todays video is,going to be over the verizon wireless,home internet its the its not the 5g,unfortunately so i cant do anything,with that because my market its 4g lte,only right now even though they are,starting to add 5g and 5g ultra mid uh,ultra band,uh ultra wide band towers so hopefully,its upgradable here in the future and,everything,with their technology hopefully it gets,better and going from there so before we,go any further if you like our content,subscribe to our channel give this video,a big like comment if you have their 4g,lte uh,modem its a combo router,together and what kind of speeds you see,with it what you like about it what you,dont like about it again this video is,based off my own opinion so i havent,had it that long guys im actually,demoing it right now i had somebody,asked me about it there uh unfortunately,its kind of market limitation right now,sort of like how t-mobiles 5g internet,kind of goes you plug in your address it,kind of gives you tools to what youre,able to get and everything and,unfortunately,uh with where i am in my market i only,qualify for their 4g right now so,its something to try kind of go from,there that being said their lte internet,usually sits around 25 to 50 mbps,with no data usage caps thats on the,residential side of things as far as on,the personal side there is a credit,check in everything involved with the,two however they advertise to your price,lock,you also this is a wi-fi six update,router so it actually uh,technology wise range wise it actually,gets very far range about same,comparable with my t-mobile uh router is,and where i uh live uh going from there,that being said uh the cost of the,service per month has no data caps 25 to,50 is what they advertise uh,50 when youre enrolled in auto pay,and paper free billing no annual,contract no extra charges for the,gateway you can save on the internet,service if you have select mobile line,unlimited plans thats something youll,want to talk to verizon about i do not,guarantee the prices that verizon,charges so setups actually pretty quick,the nice thing about this is you dont,need somebody ringing your doorbell and,going cable guy,im here to install your cable or cable,guy im here to install your u-verse oh,where are we gonna put it guys oh lets,find the sweet spot of your building and,put a damaging hole to it that being,said as far as off of it go from there,they recommend you put it on a high,point i just for now ive put it right,here because i actually do have stable,service where its at located right here,and its behind everything and i just,dont need,clutter everywhere i go so it sits,beautifully it comes packaged in a nice,little box like this,that says verizon,internet gateway they give you,the power cord sorry about that i have a,gate in my way too,ah thats falling,see if the cable guy was here hed fall,into it,but i guess i get to get the cable guard,then after that as far as off of things,they give you the power cord and they,give you this nice little ethernet cable,if you want to go off if you want to go,with direct connection,so thats something to have i do not,have a direct connection on it at the,moment and everything and the nice thing,is you dont have to have chip douglas,from the cable guy come in and go ahead,and install it its self set up its,pretty easy going from there they also,give you,a lets get started card that tells you,to plug it in what to do and if theres,any problems with it as well too so,youll want to go ahead and keep a copy,of that,with you you wait for the device to,start up its going to go through a,series of tests make sure that it has a,signal its going to blink its going to,be red,turn white and go from there youll,notice i have a full connection,well i have a solid connection with it,being white but it takes about five to,five to ten minutes if theres any,updates or anything to this box that has,to be done before its actually solid,steady ready to roll speed wise i am,going to show you a little speed test,again this is on the top part of my,floor,uh ive very faintly been able to use it,but let me go ahead and get into the,speed test right here as far as on,things for you i have where i sit right,now,actually full,full net,full signal from them now were going to,go to the speed test,and go from here,now were going to notice,look at that it kind of starts up there,and then it gets metered back around the,50,43 40 52,good ping on the millisecond,and jitter,believe it or not its not bad on the,upload speed believe it or not further,compared to what ive had with verizon,in the past 4g lte wise,its been,less of that so they have come up with,their signal as far as off of things now,the nice thing like ive said before,they are in the process of updating uh,the five uh to 5g ultra wide band in,certain areas,i will do a speed test near a certain,tower probably on that at a later date,so youre going to stay tuned for that,because youre going to be blown away,with the speeds that i actually got from,verizon and then im also going to be,doing a comparison between t-mobile on,that as well too but back to this,so far so good i havent really done,heavy streaming or anything of that,nature just yet with it just because im,getting used to it 25 to 50 mbps,depending on how many devices i wouldnt,say is stellar but if it it works and,especially with the price of everything,if t-mobile is not an option in the area,for you its a pretty good deal so now,im going to go ahead and were going to,pause this video and come back to it and,im going to do it in another area see,what the speeds are in the lowest center,of my place,welcome back everybody brett here with,double shots continuation of our verizon,home internet 4g lte,uh review so weve gone to the lowest,point in my place and weve lost a,little bit i know you cant really tell,if you can get the camera up really,really good to that,as far as on things,weve lost a little bit of,oh actually were at full bars now for,the uh for where the network is of where,it is so its not bad it goes in between,that one in the full so its actually,got compared to what i have all the,surroundings and everything its,actually got great range,inside my place of uh about 300 square,feet now lets do a speed test and see,what the speeds are going to be,down in my lowest center and look at,that again it started out at 100,and goes up so you know theyre kind of,functioning that throttling it to where,its caps at those speeds which i dont,mind it as far as off of things,but,but,there we go,and there you go so in my lowest point i,got 50.1,on the download and 7.56 i actually got,better speeds at the lower point of my,uh building than what i did on the upper,part and keep in mind that changes and,as you can see in the punctuation of,everything it went from 100,back down to 50. so that being said,there is some sort of throttle,throttling to keep it around the 25 to,50. im probably im sure its probably,to prioritize everybody where theyre,able to get a piece of the bandwidth i,will probably be doing an updated review,after i get some streaming time uh,on a couple of units actually doing that,uh showing people how that works and,everything uh and kind of go from there,and updating my review so far though,having it ive been pretty impressed,with it the nice thing about it is again,you dont have to wait for a cable guy,to come out and install self setups,easy it takes about five to ten minutes,and its a great way to get away from uh,cords as well too,uh less,and the nice thing is if you have to,move it you dont have to call somebody,to move it to a different area you can,take it freely and kind of go from there,now keep in mind if you move,youre going to have to give your,updated address you just cant take it,with you necessarily and do that price,it sits up there,uh thats pretty ave

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