1. How to Apply for VA Disability: Trajector Medical Review: How to get your VA Rating the right way
  2. Vet Comp and Pen Testimonial – Tyrone P.
  3. Vet Comp and Pen
  4. The Better Business Bureau is warning veterans to be careful about VA Disability Scams
  5. Vet Comp and Pen – Department of Veterans Affairs
  6. Compensation and Pension Exam Do’s and Donts
  7. VSOs vs. Medical Consulting – Which is best for your VA claim?

How to Apply for VA Disability: Trajector Medical Review: How to get your VA Rating the right way

whats up everyone welcome back to rj,invest my sidekick is not with me today,because today we are going over,something thats dear to me and that is,the va benefits for my veterans for my,marine corps my army the navy the coast,guard,the coast guard were gonna talk about,how you can apply for it get it this is,the first step to investing in yourself,get what you deserve were gonna talk,about it lets go,[Music],whats up everyone welcome back to rj,invest thank you for joining me again,today my co-host nick is not with me my,stepson because today we are going over,something thats very dear to me is for,the veteran benefits i know there are a,lot of people out there that were like,me,millions if not they were like me when,they got our marine corps did not apply,for benefits and 10 years later five,years later your body starts shutting,down you dont want to hurt yourself,dancing make sure you stretch out those,creamy hams the things that was,bothering the marine corps are now,bothering you and you are,clueless as where to go well today im,going to show you how there are,thousands thousands of companies that,are,catered to veterans and showing them,how to get,veteran benefits and they are charging,them thousands of dollars to do what im,about to show you right now so youre,going to want to watch to the end of the,video because im going to show you,step-by-step process online how you can,file yourself something that takes you,ten minutes,to do someone would do for you and,charge you seven to eight thousand,dollars back in december of 2020,like many of my veteran friends and,myself,started noticing that the little,injuries that we accumulated and that we,got while was in the marine corps or,whatever branch of service that we were,in they started to accumulate and get,worse,so what did we do we reached out and we,looked and we searched for information,on how to apply for those benefits that,we denied when we were getting now i,know who denies benefits pride designs,benefits but hey,lets move on from there however,once you get that and you start,searching youll start seeing facebook,ads youll see things like vetcom,trajector or however you call it and,they will reach out to you telling you,that they will help you get your,benefits at no cost,no cost to you,back in december 2020 when i applied and,i talked to one of these companies,vetcomp and i went to go apply for my,benefits,using their so-called program and their,methods to help you get your va ratings,they spoke to me they called me they,sent me some information in and i gave,them my personal information back,i know silly right and i gave it back to,them and then they gave me a form to,fill out and then gave me a step-by-step,process,how to fill this out online eight months,later comes nothing happens i dont hear,from that comp i dont hear from anyone,that is supposed to be helping me get,this so-called va rating,i contact the va i reach out to them and,then i find out that the reason nothing,is happening to my claim is because the,information that i use through that,company was the incorrect form what so,what happens is,all my claim had to start over from that,from december 2020,in august of 2021 i then filed for my va,claims through the proper way by going,through the va what im about to show,you right now,at that time as soon as i got through a,plan through the va online doing,step-by-step process that they showed me,with the correct forms i was seen in,less than a month,a month after i was seen i got my va,rating and what do you know,that comp shows up with the invoice for,seven thousand five hundred dollars,its not a joke they seriously invoiced,me a consulting fee for seven thousand,and five hundred dollars i do not want,this to happen to anybody,else any veteran im gonna show you,step-by-step process right now how you,can apply for your benefits online,something that took me 10 minutes to do,that they will tell you is their,strategy and charge you consulting fees,even though they only speak to you one,time so lets get right into it first,thing you want to do is set up an,ebenefits account if you are a veteran,for any branch you they have your,information on file you can do that im,gonna show you here all you gotta do is,go to ebenefits,va if you search that in google you,would the first thing that pops up you,see on the screen right here it says,ebenefits.va.gov,all right,lets click that link,and this is the screen you get all right,if you are on the screen and you already,have a login all you gotta do is log in,if you dont you hit register they will,have your information on file they will,have it on file all right so dont worry,about that,so youre gonna log in,if you already have one once you,register you do the same thing here,youre going to log in youre going to,click this box im not going to show you,guys my password,but here we go,im going to hit log in youre going to,get your picture im probably going to,blurt it out so yeah i cant see my,picture,all right,and then this will pop up your va,ebenefits dashboard all right so on your,dashboard you will see your personal,information here and your email that you,have when you register when you register,for ebenefits youll have all your,information here you have your,representative if you have mine your,disability,dependence if you have a working claim,you can click the link here you can even,look at all your historical claims right,here and then additional benefits all,right you can even see a pay history i,mean back from when you were if you went,to college you got your 911 gi bill you,can see that if you got any kind of,any kind of benefits that they paid you,when you were out of the marine corps or,whatever service you were in they would,show you right here all right i dont,know why i assume that everyone served,in the marine corps i dont know anyway,maybe because were the best branch,thats neither here there all right so,lets get there all right so but what we,want to look at is the disability tab,right were going to look at the,disability tab were going to click it,here,and it will show you,your current va rating youll see that,minus 80 right here you will see my,rated disabilities i dont care you guys,can see im im not shy about what i,have right and then below will show you,dependent disabilities these are the,things that i have doctors appointments,up coming up for to evaluate my uh,conditions and they will decide whether,it is due to the service if its service,connected if its service connected,theyre gonna give you a certain rating,for it if its not service connected,then they wont all right,but if you do not have benefits and you,want to apply for benefits all youre,going to do is hit apply now once you,hit apply now youre going to get a,disclaimer here and its going to have a,link to tell you where to click on it so,youre going to click that link,and then itll go step by step process,on how you file,for,va disability right you see here how to,file for a va disability claim,um itll show you you can still file a,claim and apply for e-benefits during,the even the pandemic which thats what,i had to do my doctors appointment was,done the pandemic everything was during,the pandemic and it was a smooth process,way smoother than going through another,company to try to help you get your,benefits,all right,and they even tell you how do you,prepare before starting and once you go,through all these tabs youre going to,see right here where it says file a,disability compensation claim,so you click that claim,and it says file for disability,compensation,and then it will ask you certain things,are you active duty right now most of us,are not because you know we we went we,were so quick to get out but was someone,when we got out by thats another,conversation for another day,um and then here we go youre either,going to tell them youre following for,a new condition or youre disagreeing,with a decision that they made on your,prior decision all right so yo

Vet Comp and Pen Testimonial – Tyrone P.

The story behind my eyes could be sacrifice,just to be a great American and show my dedication to the United States of America,my name is Tyrone Parker I served in the United States Army for 21 years as a combat medic,the army, if you have an injury you pretty much suck it up,you dont have time to show weakness so those little aches and pains that we overlook is,because we have a mission,that just goes to the back burner,but when its time to file your claim after you retire or get our the service it makes,it hard because we dont have anything documented,well after being in the army 21 years I had back problems, knees, shoulders, internal,problems also, it took a pretty big toll on me,it hurts, it really hurts,Im not as social anymore I sit in my room and just watch tv or just be alone and my,family took a toll when I was in the process of retiring we had to do a physical and you,had to put down all the claims as far as your injuries,and I had about 27 and after going through the physical and Xrays and mental tests I,thought I would probably be 100% out of those 27 claims that I had only five got approved,and my reaction was wow 21 years of the army and this is what I get, 80%,but it seems to me that the VA is there to not pay you,its just sad the way they trigger our veterans,its just like a court case you have to put in time,I spent about 90 hours trying to prove that Im injured for the VA,Im like oh wow maybe I should look at that,and Im glad I did because the 90 hours that I put in by myself I only had to do 1 hour,for Vet Comp and Pen,Vet Comp and Pen is amazing,all I had to do was just send them my medical records,and they had a team of people that comb through your medical records and they look for things,that I may have missed,they did all the medical review because filling out these forms, its not like we do them every day,those are the VA forms they may know the forms but we dont,so Vet Comp and Pen made it seamless,once I got my results back that Vet Comp and Pen helped me with I opened up the envelope,and it was like wow, 100%. They discharged student loans which my wife had and my son,has student loans to, they discharged his and they gave him additional 25 months to,continue onto college,and here in the state of texas oh my gosh you dont have to pay property tax so they,did a lot for me. in just a little time frame, I had to spend an hour,without Vet Comp and Pen I think I would be, I wont say homeless but I would be struggling,pretty bad. this whole experience gave me closure by getting me to my 100% so I could help take,care of my family,and every time I think about it it kind of gets me,these guys are real good

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Vet Comp and Pen

hi my name is Jason leader fine and I,just wanted to kind of give a,testimonial for a service that I,received from an amazing company that,really has changed my life Im a veteran,I started service in 2002 right after,the September 11th attacks my service,took me overseas for three and a half,years I was in Germany Iraq Kuwait and,even Afghanistan I finally exited from,service in 2013 I got up active duty in,2010 after being recalled to active duty,as a mobilized reservists to Fort Bliss,Texas and thats where I went to,Afghanistan when I got out I really,didnt know what was going on with my VA,benefits it just seemed so complicated,that I ignored it and I didnt help,myself one of the problems I had was I,moved away from the Los Angeles area to,Memphis Tennessee I didnt even want to,bother with thinking about how how does,this transfer a little I do I made a,couple phone calls in beginning I never,got a phone call back I just dropped it,I ended up going to a job fair to help,bring veterans into the company that I,was working for and there was actually a,VA rep there who talked to me about how,to apply for disability benefits I did,it on my own,and about six months later I was given a,40% rating I was denied for quite a few,things even though they were,service-connected and were even in my,medical files but I said hey now Ive,got some health care taken care of Im,getting a lecture disability money and I,took it upon myself to file some new,claims and I went up to 60% and then I,ended up going up to 70% the one,particular claim kept getting denied and,that was for obstructive sleep apnea I,developed it I believe while I was in,service I never had it before and it was,really ruining my life I was always,tired I was gaining weight and it was,just really really unhealthy,when I talked to my doctor at the VA she,sent me to get a sleep study done in,asleep so he came back that I had,extremely severe sleep apnea my test,ended up having 49 apnea episodes in one,hours period I was given a CPAP and,Ive been on the CPAP ever since for,about two years since then Ive you know,felt a lot better but my claim for it,being service-connected is the night,twice my last claim I actually read the,doctors report who gave me a favorable,reading for the claim that it was just,as likely as not that it was the,governments responsibility claim was,denied going on Facebook I noticed,commercial an ad from veterans cause,intent I thought you know what do I have,to lose they are offering a service that,would only charge me if they want so,its it was really a no-lose situation,for me because if I didnt win I dont,lose anything but if I win then I got,something that I failed to get twice so,I did a little bit of research and Ill,share some of that with you you know if,youve ever filed a disability claim you,know that it can take six months to a,possible year for your initial claim to,even be processed approved denied,whatever it is and the denied part is,the one thats really really scary when,its denied my research and what Ive,seen shows that it can take a long time,years for you to get through the denial,process a lot of people told me you know,hey why dont you go to a VSO or one of,these free reps so I said okay let me,let me look at their success rate their,success rate is the lowest rate possible,when you compare two attorneys or paid,advocates that help you get the benefits,that you you deserve and you earned so,what I looked at its at veterans with,attorney representatives are among the,most likely to have their appeal allowed,according to the report so automatically,you have people that are,advocating for you and you have to,remember theyre not paid unless you win,so theyre going to do everything they,can to ensure that youre treated,correctly that your case and appeal is,successful so I filed an appeal for my,sleep apnea and they said you know what,youre doing something wrong I would,have never known that had it not been,for veterans competent,sitting down looking at my file getting,to know me they let me know what I was,doing wrong was I was connecting my,sleep apnea to things that wouldnt get,approved,I had to connect it to something that I,already had as an approved disability,through the VA so I did that and let me,tell you about the process so the,process was extremely human efficient,simple I went online I filled out some,information kind of described myself if,I had any questions I was able to call,them and get them answered,you know usually immediately and Im,talking not some secretary that I am,those five hundred people a day you know,your hat you have pretty pretty good,relationship with people that are,handling your case and theyre not,overwhelmed with cases and thats thats,the benefit of it and thats another,reason I didnt go to the BSO a VSO or,the DBA not that those arent good there,those are great options for people but,theyre overwhelmed youre just another,number you know when you call you have,to explain your situation every single,time and who you are every single time,because they have two thousand other,cases sitting in front of them and they,just dont dont have the time to sit in,and specifically work on your case like,you would want it done one thing youve,learned in the Army in the military were,you were in is that no ones going to,care about you more than you but that,changed when I met that confident in is,I felt like they cared just about me as,much as I did and that was a big,difference for me so I ended up winning,my appeal they sent me the required,documentation that I needed extremely,professionally done I signed it I put it,in a prepaid envelope for UPS and I,mailed it off,the process didnt take long as long as,I expected Im in a region where it does,process a little quicker but they kept,following up with me they kept calling,me and saying hey whats the status on,your claim now okay this is whats going,to happen thats how long its going to,take and it was just it made me feel,like wow I really am the customer here,and Im really happy and I couldnt have,done it without them I mean I would have,never known that information these are,people that have inside information on,how the VA works how the VA operates how,the VA approves or disapproves a case,also you have people that are extremely,dedicated to getting this done because,like I said you dont pay unless they,win they won and Im more than happy to,pay a cost associated with that because,I would have never been able to do it by,myself if there are people out there if,youve been denied for claim or youre,about to file a claim you know I went it,my way,and that was I try to do this all on my,own so Im going to do it on my own with,do it on my own and its taken years and,it went from you know me steadily,getting increase increase increase after,having to go to so many appointment to,do so many things if I just done this in,the beginning and just said that,compensating heres my file heres what,Ive got go I probably would have been a,have not probably I would have had a,much higher rating a lot sooner and I,would have had to avoid all these,frequent visits and trips to the VA we,all know that its depressing to go,there we all know that it sucks you know,I Im my first appointment was on,Saturday when I was going on vacation,and my vacation got delayed because I,didnt know Id be at the VA for seven,hours to get a couple appointments done,Im extremely happy with that,compensated and I think if you you give,them a chance youre going to be as well,because their success rate is so high,and theyre going to tell you theyre,like Im not going to lie to you that,says oh yes work we can get this done,because if they cant they dont they,dont make any money theyre not going,to charge you anything so theyre going,to look at your file and so you know,what we think we can help you,and I can testify that they did help me,and Im extremely grateful for their,help their professionalism just the way,they took care of bu

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The Better Business Bureau is warning veterans to be careful about VA Disability Scams

hey guys im combat craig and today im,bringing you a story,about the better business bureau warning,veterans to be careful about,who you choose to do business with um,the better business bureau says its,very important um for veterans to uh,use accredited agents um that are,recognized by the,department of veterans affairs um i am,not accredited,and uh this is informational and,educational,purposes only type of content uh the,main point here,is uh your social security number and,all of your other private information,could be at risk,once you release it to one of these,companies and you open yourself,up to the possibility of irs fraud,social security fraud,and veteran benefit fraud to name a few,lets hop into the screen,share here and check out this article,and uh therell be a link to it below,and also uh check out um our uh,new discord link uh to continue this,conversation but,feel free to leave a comment below as,well uh so theres a video on here on,this page,and well uh you can go check that one,out,this is uh this is in regards to a,company in louisiana,they came under fire under fire,after mis representing services to,veterans,the louisiana department of justice,announced a permanent injunction against,vet attend professional services,llc and its owners john sutton and mark,kuros the better business bureau says,its very important for veterans and,their families to look out for companies,accredited by the u.s department of,veterans affairs,the services that veterans quite often,want and cant get,are the services that are targeted so,many times,veterans dont know how to pursue,services,um and this is uh said by joanne diehl,from the better business bureau,and and this is the this is the point,dealing with the va,is difficult trying to figure out how to,you know prove your claim get services,whatever it is its difficult,so theres companies like this vetted 10,professional services,that slide into this gap and um theyre,theyre acting on your behalf and,theyre unaccredited,so watch out for them this is from uh,directly from the better business bureau,so the attorney generals office says,under the terms of judgment,veteran vet attend is prohibited from,operating,any business related to preparing and,submitting claims for veterans,benefits without accreditation from the,va,so that basically means youre done um,theyre not getting accredited anytime,soon,um the services are available from the,va free of charge,and this company was uh asking veterans,to enter into a contract,very important uh point theres other,companies out there doing this,um if uh the first thing that you should,ask,when youre you know seeking help from a,company,um make sure theyre accredited agent of,some kind theyre a vso,a va accredited claims agent or their,accredited,attorney um this company was uh,this company was in a concern was they,were,getting veterans to sign a three-year,service contract,and um they would have to pay part of,their back pay for it,um again the main concern here is their,social security numbers their veterans,records and their personal information,age date of birth could be used by the,wrong individuals,so if youre accredited you have to,follow a certain,level of guidelines integrity,background check criminal check that,kind of stuff,so companies that are operating outside,of these guidelines that are not,accredited im not saying theyre all,criminals um but they could be,and they use this word possibility so,thats thats the word i want you to,understand um,when youre dealing with somebody like,vettetend there is,a possibility that youre you know,opening up your information youre just,giving away your personal information,which is stupid,in any situation especially if youre a,veteran,uh you dont know where your social,security numbers going,you could be opening up to uh irs fraud,social security fraud and veteran,benefits uh fraud,um and then to close out this article if,you did use veta10,the attorney general jeff landrys,office is encouraging you to call the va,at 800-827-1000,to make sure veta10 wont be able to,access your information in the future,you can also call the bbb of north,east louisiana for more info at 318-387,uh this is my third story or third uh,video on this topic of vettend,um these guys were scammy and uh,just pieces of basically um,now the bbb is getting involved and,thats good,theyve cleared them off their website,but i have to think,uh and i dont know this to be fact but,i have to think these guys,might have been accredited with the,better business bureau at some point,um glad to hear that the bbb is involved,hopefully theyre policing other,companies because this isnt the last,company thats out there,scamming veterans out of their benefits,so with that,ill see you in the next video

Vet Comp and Pen – Department of Veterans Affairs

welcome back making sure that our,military veterans are taken care of sir,HN finds out about the health care,challenges theyre facing in todays,sponsored segment lawmakers are turning,up the heat on the Department of,Veterans Affairs after it failed to,provide them with a plan for safely,cutting down on its increasing backlog,of disability compensation and pension,exams this comes at a critical time for,veterans trying to navigate challenges,in these economic times we have Jim Hill,the CEO of vet comp and pen a veteran,himself to talk us through some of the,struggles veterans now face pursuing,disability benefits hello Jim thank you,for your service,hi thank you its been an honor its,always frustrating to know veterans who,have fought for our country are having,such a tough time getting the medical,care they need it sure is and you know,its its somewhat ironic that when the,VA stopped accepting or performing in,persons compensation pension exams which,are required for many veterans to get,their VA disability ratings they also at,the same time cancelled the acceptance,of the private disability benefits,questionnaire or dbqs which was the,other mechanism by trends could use to,to get their medical evidence to the VA,for them to be able to adjudicate their,claims,so this doubling of the backlog that,were seeing in these claims –is is,very predictable when you turn off one,of the channels that veterans can use to,get their evidence to the VA for their,VA disability claims its troubling,these are benefits that are entitled to,veterans they are qualified for these,benefits as well absolutely you know,todays veterans many of them are very,unaware of all the different disability,benefits that they may be medically and,ethically qualified for thats one of,the specialties that we have is helping,identify all the various disabilities,veterans have and help them identify,what medical evidence is the,for them to be able to successfully,pursue those disabilities if they choose,to pursue them through the Department of,Veteran Affairs the VA system can be so,complicated veterans need an advocate,when it comes to their health care tell,us about how you fight for them and,being that advocate that they,desperately need well the main thing,that we do is we we provide a ton of,education to veterans we we go through a,very comprehensive and and,time-consuming process of evaluating all,their medical conditions and symptoms,that theyre complaining of we map those,over to potential disabilities and then,we seek out through their medical files,and records and questionnaires with them,whether theyve been diagnosed with any,of the disabilities that theyre,currently showing symptoms of and if,they havent alive times veterans dont,realize that they actually do have,medical conditions that map to,disabilities that they could be,compensated for so we encourage them to,you know go see a private provider or go,through the VA disability claims process,when seeing the exams are being,performed and and you know they they,pursue those benefits that they choose,to to go through with the VA and we,provide a very comprehensive medical,consulting package that presents the,evidence necessary for the VA to be able,to do their job very efficiently and and,hopefully get the veterans all the,benefits that their medically and,ethically qualified for well Jim thank,you so much impacting so many lives for,veterans getting the health care they,deserve for more information you can go,to vet comp and pen theres the website,and of course well have a link on our,website,ABC 4.com thank you so much Jim,thank you

Compensation and Pension Exam Do’s and Donts

hey guys im combat craig and today,were going to be talking about some,compensation and pension exam dos and,donts,lets just hop right into them and well,start with the donts,dont say youre having a great day,think about it youre at a compensation,and pension exam,if you proved your claim up enough you,wouldnt even need to be,at a compensation and pension exam the,rater would be able to just,uh give you the rating and the,compensation you deserve,so im not saying that um the reason,that youre there,the doctor is you know against you or,anything,but hes certainly not there to help you,hes there to,record uh whatever the va hired him to,record,so if he asks you hows your day going,do not say gee im having a great day,hows that possible how could you be,having a great day,youre at a compensation and pension,exam i could think about a lot of things,id much rather be doing like getting,kicked in the nuts,instead of being at a compensation and,pension exam,um its just common you know its,courteous,hes hes saying something and you would,say this to normal people hey hows your,hows your day,you know you dont want to come off as,drama or whatever say oh yeah its fine,or whatever,like thats thats you know good and,normal,in uh everyday life in a cnp exam its,all getting written down,so when this is looked at all they see,is the words,so how i asked the veteran how he was,doing,veterans said had great day so dont,want to pound this one too much,do not say youre having a great day,unless youre having a great day,and if youre having a great day what,the hell are you filing a disability for,youre miserable you have a disability,and youre under compensated,so um dont offer information,that youre not asked about this isnt a, session you know hes going to,go in and ask you some questions and,youre going to answer them,you dont need to elaborate you just,need to politely,answer the questions uh can you get up,and walk,if you hobble you hobble use a cane,whatever,do that uh do not walk and then do some,sit-ups and do some jumping jacks,just walk just do what he asks you to do,if he asks you any kind of question,keep them short and simple again these,things are going down on paper the more,youre blabbering on,its not good for you um i dont know,the closest thing i can think about is,being in court never been in court,but you know your words can and will be,used against you,uh another thing that i would say dont,do,is is dont be rude um i know this is a,little hard to do you know dont give,too much information,dont tell them youre having a good day,you dont need to be rude by saying that,stuff,i mean you know how are you doing today,im not doing well,um my days horrible like the rest of,the days right um,you dont need to worry about hurting,this guys feelings youre never going,to see him again,but dont be rude youre there to do a,job which is to be a veteran,to be evaluated right and then hes,there to do his job to be the doctor,to evaluate you dont make his job any,harder,than it needs to be and dont get,adversarial with him its not going to,help,just be polite answer his questions,short to the point you dont know how,long the time limit is you dont know,how fast hes gonna rush you through,there so dont around and talk,about whats going on on facebook or the,world in politics,so those are a couple donts um,lets talk about a couple dues do tell,the,truth um its always easier to tell the,truth anyway,because thats thats it as you remember,it,now lets add a little complication,right now youre youre uh,going to be nervous youre going in for,a ptsd claim maybe military sexual,trauma that happened a long time ago,you really havent talked about this at,all uh,and very little if that uh its gonna be,hard enough,for you to go through and and you know,talk through some of this stuff,so tell the truth um you dont need to,elaborate you dont need to make the,you know add any spice to the story um,thats just gonna come off,in disingenuous and possibly even like a,liar so just stick to the truth its,always easier to tell the truth,if you cant remember or you need to,refer to notes or something like that,totally fine stick with the truth,another thing you should do,do your research before you go to your,exam,um research your dbq hopefully you went,and got a dbq filled out to,show your side of the story because,thats what hes going to be doing,is filling out a dbq writing the va side,of the story,its not always uh an adversarial thing,um but like i said you wouldnt be at a,cnp exam if you proved up your claim,enough because you had enough medical,evidence so youre there,for more info so the reader can rate you,so revere dbq have an idea of what kind,of questions hes going to be,asking you um you know if youre in,there for migraines,this these are the terms that i should,be looking for these are the kind of,questions that hes probably going to,ask,having some kind of general idea of what,youre in there to talk about,will help you stay on track um,do pay attention to what he or she is,doing,is he like using if youre in there for,an orthopedic exam,is he using a goniometer on you its a,little plastic,protractor thing if youre in a,orthopedic exam,in almost all cases theyre measuring um,pain-off movement,pain on movement and range of motion so,if theyre just eyeballing your range of,motion how are they able to tell,yeah whatever theyve been doing it for,35 years their eyes are not calibrated,to document the difference between 12,and 13 degrees i mean that could be,a 10 rating increase and um theyre also,supposed to be,recording the pain and how much pain,youre in so make sure that you do not,let him move you into the pain go a,little farther push,through it soldier yeah you dont want,to do any of that stuff,so couple dues couple dots,combat craig out

VSOs vs. Medical Consulting – Which is best for your VA claim?

I wanted to shoot a short video to answer a question that many veterans have when they,come to us for services.,They frequently ask, “Well, what are you guys going to do that my veteran service officer,cant do for me?”,And thats a great question.,Veteran service officers are accredited by the VA.,The accreditation process is pretty simple.,They have a very basic background check.,They have to study and pass an exam about basic VA disability claim process.,They have to be knowledgeable about the many services that are available to veterans in,their area.,Its not difficult to become a veteran service officer.,Unfortunately, theyre overworked.,They have huge caseloads in many areas, and they just cant provide the service that veterans,really need to get the compensation that they medically and ethically qualify for.,The reality is, is that filling out forms is not what veterans are struggling with to,get the benefits that they deserve.,It used to be that the forms had to be filled out manually and veteran service officers,could help veterans fill those forms out.,They could act as power of attorney to sign the forms for the veteran and file the claim,for the veteran.,This is not what veterans are struggling with to get the benefits that they deserve.,It really takes 10 minutes, on E-benefits for a veteran to file a new VA disability claim.,Its not difficult, walks you through it.,What veterans really need to get the benefits that they deserve, is they need the best medical,evidence.,Our experience shows that if you rely solely on your C&P examination to determine your,level of disability and your rating and whether or not a new VA disability claim should be,service connected, and you dont show evidence of how it is connected to either your military,service or current service-connected VA disability.,If you rely solely on that CNP examination, you may not get the result that you truly,deserve.,And this is unfortunate, and this isnt your fault.,This is because the process and the system is overloaded right now, and understaffed.,A C&P examiner might have 10 or 15 minutes to examine you and fill out a complete disability,benefits questionnaire.,They may not ask all of the questions that they really need to, to capture your level,of disability and determine what your rating should be.,That C&P examiner might not be knowledgeable about how a secondary disability may be service,connected to occurrence service connected disability.,At Vet Comp & Pen Medical Consulting, we can review the medical evidence that exists.,If you dont have the medical evidence that you need to support an increased rating, or,to support a secondary VA disability claim, we can help you develop that evidence.,Its very, very important for a veteran to document their level of disability as soon,as possible, because their rating might go back to the date of that documentation.,Its very important that when a veteran files a new VA disability claim, that they provide,evidence that they suffer a current disability that is compensable.,Many veterans file a claim without adequate evidence, and they dont even get a C&P exam.,They just get a denial.,Dont let that happen to you.,So, that is really the difference between professional medical consulting and veteran,service officers.,Veteran service officers are process experts.,Medical consultants are experts on the medical evidence needed to give you the best chance,of getting the rating and the compensation that youve medically and ethically qualified,for.,So please let us review your case to see if you have the medical evidence you need to,support an increased VA disability rating, or to support a secondary VA disability claim.,Thank you very much.,In information in this video is informational and not professional advice;

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