1. The Victrola BT Suitcase Turntable! Unboxing & REVIEW!
  2. The Victrola 8-in-1! Record-ology!
  3. Victrola Record Player Brutal Review
  4. Victrola Eastwood – Unboxing & Review!
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The Victrola BT Suitcase Turntable! Unboxing & REVIEW!

hey everybody welcome back to record,ology okay weve talked about them quite,a bit but weve actually never reviewed,one until now this is a suitcase record,player this is the Victrola portable,Bluetooth turntable so were gonna give,it a review were gonna unbox it and see,what we think about it this is available,in a variety of colors this isnt a,beautiful sort of baby blue sky blue so,yeah lets get right into it and see,what these are all about you know weve,reviewed the technology behind these,they are the entry point for so many,people looking to get into vinyl which,is a great thing because this gets them,interested these are affordable and Ill,put a link in the description where you,can get this Victrola on Amazon you know,and its a its a great starting point,theyre portable theyve got a lot of,features that people want and you know,it gets them on the road to to,collecting vinyl so you can if you dont,have a record player yet this is a great,option for you these go for you know you,know fifty dollars and less in some,cases so you know for not much money you,can be up and running with a record,player and these are self contained so,you dont need any sort of a stereo,system or extra equipment of any sort,everything you need is in this one,package so again its a great option,these are available in a variety of,colors and patterns you can choose which,one you want theres but everything you,can imagine available for colors so it,is light it is smaller than you might,think smaller than I thought it was,going to be its got sort of a leather,surface to it nice metal corners to,protect it from getting dinged up like I,said itself contains the speakers are,built-in and well go through all of,that but yeah you can take this guy,anywhere you want and you know,completely portable on the back its got,the connections right on the back there,for output stereo output your power cord,obviously,all man-made materials and all the you,know normal sticker stuff on the back,there the hinges sound isolating feet,which is important to keep things from,you know vibrating too much and whatnot,considering that the speakers and the,unit are self-contained its important,that the sound is as isolated as,possible there so thats a good thing,okay,lets go ahead and pop it up and as you,can see unboxing was pretty minimal just,a couple of styrofoam ends in the bag so,thats nice and handy popping this guy,open this is cool its got must get this,forward a little bit so you can see that,so it in the lid here whoo thats kind,of fuzzy actually I bet you cant see,that but thats actually youre kind of,a fuzzy surface in there thats kind of,cool typical packing materials here to,make sure that everything arrives in one,piece,so thats good well set those aside it,comes with an instruction and,instruction manual as well as power cord,so go ahead and unwrap that stuff,important to have obviously and this,thing has a variety of controls on it,which well go through but probably,ought to start by plugging her in now on,the back there if you noticed the panel,where the power and the audio connects,has got a little film that you know you,should pull off with protectant film but,for sake of speed I left it on one thing,thats really cool the Victrola does a,lot of times is they include extra,materials so here we have this thing,right here and it looks like it may be a,needle or stylus I should say but lets,go ahead and open it up see exactly what,this,probably could learn all this by reading,the manual but this is more fun soon,this is really interesting its like,styrofoam this is a stylist yeah,so cool check that out you get a,replacement stylist thats really neat,and what a great way to protect it in,there like that I know that the Victrola,six in one unit that we reviewed also,came with replacement styli and yeah so,definitely hold on to that set it aside,you know for those of you that are have,already dropped off the video to comment,that these suitcase record players will,you know damage your records they will,not again these track at about five,grams which is well within the standard,spec of three to seven that records are,designed to be played at in terms of,down pressure on the stylus so yeah,dont worry about that go take off a,twisty tie were gonna remove the stylus,protector here its on there pretty good,all right now were ready to roll were,spin alright setting these materials,aside and remember that stylus you,really want the replacement stylus to be,set aside somewhere lets go ahead and,take a closer look right now at some of,the controls okay so taking a little bit,of a closer look here you can see we,have a line input use my hand on this,side line input so you can connect CD,players tape players anything that,doesnt have Bluetooth connectivity and,that we use as speakers on the front of,the unit we have a knob that selects so,you cant quite see the bt there you go,bluetooth bt line input and phone,opening the phonograph the record player,so this is your input select so if you,want line in you select the line input,down here we have a combination power,and volume thats got a good snap to it,we would like the purple light thats,really cool and you know its its a,heavy knob you know when you turn a knob,and its got some weight to it this one,does so to me again thats a quality,item right there,i like that and then youve got your,headphone input right there so you can,listen to headphones if you want to,enjoy,records without disturbing those around,you now a little bit harder to see but,up here youve got an auto stop switch,which is kind of interesting so if you,want the record player to automatically,stop when you get to the end you flip,the auto stop on if you want it to just,spin around in the in the end loop there,without it stopping just flip that to,off thats pretty unique most record,players either have that enabled or,dont they dont allow you to choose it,this is a three speed player so youve,got 33 45 and 78 and that will allow you,to play all three speeds of records that,are you know commonly used for the 78 do,you know that this is a micro groove,stylus so its that one mil stylus,thats designed for you know modern,records 45s and 33 s so if you put it on,a 78 setting even though itll be,spinning at 78 rpm that needle will not,fill the groove completely so its not,damaging to the needle its not damaging,to the record but the sound itll be a,little bit noisier because that record,if you think of the groove as being,wider on a 78 and the needle the stylus,is being thinner its kind of bottoming,out versus a wider stylus that would,feel that better and you know get the,information off of the groove walls more,efficiently the thinner needle still,gets it and follows the you know the,basic contour of the groove but it does,it at the expense of a lot of surface,noise but just know that again for what,were doing here totally fine totally,acceptable by seventy-eights enjoy them,theyll sound good and if seventy-eights,are something you want to get into then,a record player that has a removable,stylus that you can put a you know a,three mil stylus on will be the way to,go okay you know this is kind of a cool,angle so lets just go ahead and test,her out at this angle Im going to grab,a record here and place it on the,platter weve mentioned to the 45 rpm,adapter sits right up here for some,reason this one is installed upside down,but okay its gonna come out I promise,you,theyre really good there we go okay so,our 45rpm adapter lives right up there,well put it right side up and you just,that way it comes out easier but were,playing 45 just put that on there no,problem at all okay were gonna go ahead,and put our record on now were gonna be,listening to a little bit of Walt,Disneys Cinderella remove the catch,from the stylus from the tonearm excuse,me make sure were set at the right,speed were on the phone Oh input our,volume is up a little bit there now this,has a queuing lever which is aw

The Victrola 8-in-1! Record-ology!

hey guys welcome back to record ology,okay its been over a year since we have,partnered with our friends over Victrola,and they have sent us a beautiful eight,and one turntable that Im really,excited to review check it out,see if its worth its salt and hopefully,make a recommendation to you just in,time for Thanksgiving you guys stay,tuned youre not going to want to miss,this and here it is its a big beautiful,box and Im super excited to see whats,inside Im assuming a Victrola record,player but we got a three speed,turntable the USB recorder and player,its got bluetooth connectivity am/fm,radio with an analog tuner cassette,player CD player 3.5 milimeter aux input,this is awesome now check this out its,also got three turntable needles a USB,flash drive LP cleaning cloth a $49.99,value is also included not further ado,you guys lets get right into it okay I,love this part a big reveal all right,simple blocking foam plastic wrap thats,all you need these boxes are often,packed pretty tight so its kind of,tricky opening them up you want to be,very careful end of this event just to,tear the box away around it,and you can sort of slide it straight on,out or not Ive all Ive noticed that,the victrolas are always packed awful,tight which is good,tighter packaging means less movement,during transport okay so with the box,utterly destroyed what do we got here,okay and inside weve got our owners,manual definitely hold onto that weve,got a really cool welcome card with a,discount which is really cool 20% off,coupon this is so awesome you guys this,is a USB thumb drive the day include,look at this thing this thing is sick,that is super cool replacement styli,very cool important to have on hand,thats really cool that they include,that a record cleaning cloth very cool,parts the a cable definitely important,to have and this is really cool you guys,this comes with the remote control I,dont think weve reviewed but one,player that had a remote control was,that Electra home unit from over I was a,couple of years ago now but anyway check,this out super cool alright guys lets,finish unpacking it okay so were very,gently going to remove the foam blocks,on the edges this thing is beautiful,look at this wood finish I love these,things because its like a piece of,furniture and electronics all in one so,cool and you know what you guys with one,of these all-in-one units you have,everything you need you dont need,preamps amplifiers separate components,CD player tape player yadda yadda yadda,you have everything you need in one,device one beautifully designed device,its also features the worlds biggest,silica packet dont need this kids just,throw it away,all right guys lets take a little bit,of a tour around the sides of this thing,it is gorgeous and you know what Ive,got a soft spot in my heart for Victrola,or innovative technologies which owns,the Victrola name,you know what these guys were the first,company that partnered with record ology,to review products so I think theyre,really cool just for that reason alone I,think well you had 47 subs the first,time that they partnered with us and,those videos that we did early on have,gone on to be you know some of our,biggest videos and the first ones that,are gonna pass a million but look at,this thing you guys it is beautiful,you got cloth speaker grilles a lot of,indent accents here theres like a black,indent area here rounded wood corners I,see a lot of material improvements over,you know the six in one unit that we,reviewed a couple of years ago I see,that the finishings are a little bit you,know higher touch a little bit finer,quality just based on looking at it,were gonna get into the controls in a,minute tape player is gonna be on the,side push this button in half way for,fast-forward or push it all the way in,to eject and these actually do a really,really good job and if you want to,rewind your tape you flip it over and,then it allows you to rewind it that way,on the back here youre gonna see the,typical warning messages speaker grilles,Ive said it early on in fact I said it,the very first time we reviewed their,products you know a company that takes,the time and effort and cost to finish,the back panel of their devices cares,about their devices its just like good,packaging they actually care that it,arrives to you not only in one piece but,looking great and functioning well,heres where the aux out is FM antennas,back here power cord theres a little,bit of a cutout here because the,full-size 12 inch records can protrude a,little bit out there without any trouble,whatsoever it allows them to build the,device a little bit shallower so it fits,better on a bookshelf okay and one of my,favorite parts now who makes this thing,do me a little CSI work taking the FCC,ID seen here on the back panel and we,find out that this is made by Lea tech,Lea tech is the same company if you,remember that makes that really cool,target turntable heres a picture of the,inside of the unit as you can see,typical construction parts that wed,expect to see and I think this is really,neat seeing what you can find here,heres a close-up of the motor its a,different motor brand than Ive seen,before so as a little surprise to see,that and then finally here we,a picture of the power supply inside of,the unit all this is public info,available on the FCC website all right,back to the review all right thats,about it on our little tour around the,side lets look at the bottom really,quick bottom is pretty simple you guys,so its fiber board wood product that,they use has some anchor points for some,of the internal structuring and circuit,boards and whatnot rubber feet and,thats really all you need to know about,it okay guys and without further ado,lets look under the hood after all this,is a record player right alright weve,got our typical foam blocking materials,and weve got this little paper,protector also some instructions on,there consider your first time setting,one of these up definitely read those,next were going to take off the,blocking foam gently from underneath the,tonearm,and were gonna slide out the stylus,protector,it is literally okay one more thing,twisty tie but it is literally now ready,to go I want to point out a couple quick,things before we move on okay so we have,a spring mounted counterbalance weve,got a queuing lever here so we can,gently raise and lower the stylus which,is a very cool feature and weve got our,three speed select right there itll do,33 45 and 78 and thats pretty much all,there is to it you guys theres also a,45 rpm adapter now I know what some of,you guys are saying some of you guys are,like thats going to damage your records,thats just a Crosley movement blah blah,blah blah its not a Crosley movement,but it will also not damage your records,and to prove that were going to pull,out the tracking force gauge by orphen,and have a look at exactly how much down,pressure how much force this needle is,placing on records okay and here is our,beautiful ceramic cartridge and by the,way that red tip stylists there is,probably sapphire or Ruby but you can,upgrade those to Diamond for a really,low cost if youre interested in doing,so but what I want to show you here is,the tracking force so we really want,this thing to track at five grams or,under and using this tracking force,gauge we can measure it right now its,set to five grams on the gauge so if,this stylism cartridge comes down,and this teeter-totter scale balances,evenly then we know that its set to 5,grams which is what I believe it is and,that is perfectly fine it will not,damage your records it is designed to,function at that weight in order to get,good sound out of this type of cartridge,records are designed to operate between,five all the way up to nine grams of,stylus pressure you guys so dont let,people scare you into thinking that,youre going to damage your records okay,without further ado here we go,[Music],and as you can see its just about level,you guys we are right at fi

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Victrola Record Player Brutal Review

hello thank you so much for joining me,today,welcome to my channel sulfur dream,my name is alyssa and in todays video,im going to be doing another brutal,review,today im going to be reviewing,victrola yeah all right so i went ahead,and i read the directions,because im not a dummy and im not,going to try to ruin my new record,obviously and yeah so it says to plug in,the power cord,in the rear of the unit so i did that,its already clicked in it says turn the,function up,so the function knob is right here and,it has,four settings it has bluetooth,line in which is for aux,so you can um connect it to speakers,a computer stuff like that or,i think your phone too and then,phono which is for,the record and its going to play,directly from the speaker,and then it has bluetooth out which is,going to connect to either bluetooth,speakers or,bluetooth headphones so theres that,and then um this,is the i have it off right now,this is a little lever that brings it up,and down,and then youre going to turn on,this oh you cant see it its going to,show that little,red light okay and so what that means,is that thats the volume,oh wait wait no just kidding that was on,bluetooth out so it was trying to,connect to a bluetooth device,um yeah if its a solid red line that,means its,ready to play im actually going to turn,off the volume i want to play a song,from the other side,which is my favorite,[Music],but that is how this functions,and i got that all from the little,instruction manual,now this says to keep it for future,reference i always keep my manuals,in like a little folder full of other,manuals,and i do that so that,if i ever have a question about,something,i can just find it its kind of,yeah im gonna advise that you do too,with your stuff even if you havent done,it before,id say its really important to start,doing that so that,you always know how to use your thing so,that makes sense all right so now im,going to attempt,to connect a bluetooth device to,the record player so,im going to go borrow somebodys phone,real quick,[Music],all right so this was a free beat,yeah just trying to see,if this works and it does clearly,it connected to the phone and then it,indicated when it disconnected,it shows a flashing blue light to,indicate that its trying to connect to,a bluetooth,and yeah so what im going,to do is im going to play music on my,tv,im going to play snippets of the same,song and then ill compare it to how it,sounds on the record player,and then ill give you my honest,feedback from what i notice,hey there so i listened to a couple of,songs and,im going to give an honest,opinion and observation so i noticed,that with my tv,the surround sound is better because it,has a wider speaker,but the audio coming from,the record player was actually more,defined but it sounds a lot more,almost like the chords in her voice can,be heard better,and theres little things,that make up the beat,and the background noise all those,little things are just a little bit,clearer some of the songs are a little,bit,distorted on purpose like if youve ever,listened to my name is dark,i cant remember if it was genius or,somewhere else and grimes is talking,about,how they were working really hard to,create a beat that sounded almost like a,roar,like a jumbled,sound but still clear enough,to be music and that is so cool to me,because i cant even imagine the amount,of work that goes into doing that,but yeah i just really like how clear,her voice comes out,and its like i can really appreciate,everything that went into the song,and i think once i get speakers and i,upgrade,the sound quality too and i really get,that bass in there,then the sound is going to be an even,more,heightened level of audio so,im honestly really glad i,tried this out and that this is going to,be something i can invest in,that im going to really enjoy well im,going to end this video,thank you for watching if you made it,this far,give my video a like and subscribe,i dont know where the buttons going to,be but its going to be on one of my,sides,if youd like to see more of my content,on this platform,and ill see you in another video bye

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Victrola Eastwood – Unboxing & Review!

[Music],hey everybody,welcome back to recordology okay this is,cool we have,an unboxing to do i love doing unboxings,its really one of my absolute favorite,things so this,is the all-new victrola eastwood,when i started talking to victrola about,this i dont think it even had a name at,that point,ive known about this for some time this,is their hybrid record player,and to victrola what that means is it,can send and receive,bluetooth but what really excites me is,this bad boy right here that would be a,magnetic cartridge,now check out this all-new victrola,packaging i think it is super super cool,by the way some people scoff at the name,victrola on modern equipment,i can assure you check this out this is,cool,look at that premium magnetic cartridge,at 3600 la cartridge,i can assure you that um,this company innovative technology which,is actually now victrola,has full ownership over that name full,ownership it is they are victrola,which is really really cool that,somebodys taking on,that brand okay so lets get into this,bad boy,today i am using a new microphone and i,am using the ring light here in the uh,open air so ive got it on like i said,in previous videos it has daylight mode,you can change the color temperature so,ive got it on full,daylight color temperature mode so itll,match the sunlight coming in as well,and its not turned out very high maybe,20 30 percent just to give it a little,bit of fill,because you know when youre working,with electron especially dark colored,electronics sometimes,theres these shadowy areas im really,hoping to fix that to remedy that,this looks so awesome all right what,else do we got in here,weve got an owners manual coupon on,the back,here power supply it does have an,external power supply it doesnt run on,the internal,on an internal ac power supply but,thats okay,i dont that doesnt bother me that much,it bothers some people,but i think its okay all right im,gonna tilt down just a tad,yeah having this light is really nice,because it it really allows us to,see with some clarity whats going on,here,okay this is the unit itself what a,unique,unique design this is so cool,all right here we go,open it up its small and i like that,this is really really interesting,okay so im gonna lift the lid,what okay okay okay okay,by the way if youre doing this for the,first time take a look at that,thats just plastic interesting idea,though to make it,look metal i kind of like it got rubber,nubs here,and you know whats really interesting,too im actually lets see if i can,remove this does cover easily,no im not gonna mess with it okay um,look at this mechanism,doesnt that look familiar that looks,like a typical skywind mechanism out of,a uh,suitcase player and all in one but it,has a magnetic cartridge,i have never ever seen,anything like this typically if youve,got the magnetic cartridge,on a entry entry-level product they,usually go with,that mechanism thats in the nomad,and the collegiate which is a good,mechanism so this would be like a,spring-loaded counterbalance,but ive never seen such a thing,in the in the entire time ive been,doing this,how unique lets zoom in a little bit,there,got the cueing lever and this cartridge,i mean i know its a 3600 which is,common,its a really good entry level cartridge,but ive never seen this head shell,assembly,obviously this doesnt look like its,replaceable so its gonna be like a,lp60 where its fixed but you can you,can replace the needle,that is cool very interesting,this is pretty loose i mean,thats pretty common but at the same,time i always like them to be a bit,tighter,got a nice gradual descend it is three,speeds i believe,and it sends bluetooth which is unique,lets go ahead and take off this little,screen protector here,polycarbonate for the lid i would assume,really interesting so you can see the,two speakers there the victrola branding,wood around side lets see if theres,anything on the bottom,nothing on the bottom interesting rubber,feet,everythings a little different than,anything ive ever seen before,on the back side here weve got the,label weve got,5 volt power supply weve got the,left and right outputs this is,interesting,fabricator id,interesting i wonder if thats the,company that made this okay,so lets turn this bad boy on i have not,read the instructions,theres two switches here i think those,are,plastic knobs you got a volume knob,and a function switch and you got some,transport controls,bluetooth out switch i guess we press,and hold okay,hi bluetooth phonograph,okay lets start by um,putting a strobe disc on and lets see,how accurate the speed is,okay so we are going to start with 33,were going to look right here,and see what we got its pretty dang,accurate,it is locked in all right well be going,to this ring next to 45 rpm,okay marching a little bit to the right,so 45 is off just a tad,and then the innermost ring will be 78,pretty close whats that motor,i dont know if you can hear that or not,its kind of loud but 33 is,almost dead on okay i dont think any of,those will be off enough that you will,hear it but its always interesting to,to check that,okay so so the sound quality is,about on par with the suitcase player,with the ceramic,cartridge actually,you know youre really not going to,notice that magnetic cartridge,quality until you hook this thing up to,some external speakers which were not,going to do now but we are going to,connect it to bluetooth,really quickly though and i also want to,check the tracking force,on this because these mechanisms usually,track at,five to six grams which would be too,much for that magnetic so im curious,heres a 45 adapter by the way im,curious,if theyve compensated wow that is a,filthy record i have no business playing,this record,good grief dusty um,im curious if they compensated for that,so im gonna flip this to 45,heres a little elvis well thats static,build up right now but thats,okay after consulting my friendly manual,its actually,different than you might think so you,put it into phonograph mode you play,your record,and then you pair it to your device,by pressing and holding bluetooth,and we are paired,[Music],okay so lets test this tracking force,this is actually my biggest concern here,the 3600 l is rated from 2.5 to 3.5,grams and if its tracking heavier than,that which im afraid this may be,tracking up to five or six grams,based on this tone arm assembly which,im pretty familiar with,it could be too heavy and that wouldnt,be a good thing it is a conical stylus,so its not elliptical,but uh anyway so 2.5 to 3.5,lets drop the needle right at 2.5,and see if this levels out then,we know so its heavier than three point,or two,two point five no i what did i put i put,a three its heavier than three so lets,go to four,oops yes i know i need a digital scale,but this,this does work this doesnt work,okay thats four,thats good so,okay okay so thats good,they have adjusted it it is,approximately 3.5 grams,so that is the top of the range for this,cartridge and thats fine im glad they,did that,and you know somebody had mentioned to,me some time ago theyre like why dont,they just put a magnetic cartridge,in a suitcase plate like a crossley or a,victrola suitcase player,well you have to have the preamp,circuitry and then the other concern is,the,spring balance the counterbalance tone,arm,you cant be putting five and six grams,down on a cartridge thats not designed,for it,this one is okay let me give you my,final thoughts on this guy,okay my final thoughts are this i think,its pretty good,actually i dont have any major issues,with it,this is a little bit cheap this,counterbalance tone arm set up its a,little cheap,but again its always a trade-off versus,you know that price point that they,offer you,versus the quality theyre able to,provide i do,think that you know gimmicky things like,painting this silver its okay,it doesnt bother me i mean its,supposed to look metal obviously it is,not its a belt drive turntable,the bluetooth out functionality kind of,

The cheapest turntable on Amazon | $33 VICTROLA RECORD PLAYER UNBOXING | Great for kids

went ahead and I bought the cheapest,turntable on Amazon curiosity got the,best of me today were open it up and,checking to them,hi my name is Frank welcome back to,Sunday isnt channel 33 rpm your channel,for vinyl gear and more I thought this,would be a fun video to do is actually,my brothers idea for me to go and find,the cheapest turntable on Amazon and try,it out I got this Victrola Bluetooth,turntable it cost me a whopping forty,four dollars Canadian which is equal to,about thirty three dollars us do I,expect it to be any good absolutely not,but do I think itll be interesting to,take a look at one of these all-in-one,turntables and talk a bit about it,definitely Im gonna test the speed and,measure the tonearm weight and see what,its all about and no I will not smash,it when Im done Im not sure what Im,gonna do there is no master plan I just,want to open it up and check it out so,without further ado lets get at it,[Music],so we have this of Victrola Bluetooth,turntable it says its a three-speed,turntable with bluetooth connectivity,stereo speakers and a 3.5 millimeter,auxilary in and a headphone jack I mean,theres a word of caution this came from,the Amazon warehouse and was a returned,item so yeah that saved me an extra five,bucks,whether that means it didnt work and,someone returned it or what I dont know,it says here warehouse deals inspected,for whatever that is worth lets crack,it open and see whats inside and,actually before I do I went on the,Amazon website look its in the comments,about this turntable record player just,to see what I was getting into what does,it say here someone said the machine,didnt turn on no power to it whatsoever,thats not a good sign someone else,thought it does look great but the sound,is cheap and thats not a surprise it,does do a great job of just playing your,vinyl vinyls,but this is most defined temporary,options not good quality it really does,make a good decoration though one,expensive decoration a daughter wanted a,record player Im sure she chose this,because the colors I just got the black,one of this available no bunch of colors,it works but the sound is flat I,wouldnt be surprised if it was mine I,couldnt listen to it anyway I think,were know what were getting into here,so thats Ive never actually been,hands-on with one of these record,players Ive gone on the record on this,channel saying thats not bullying kids,who are buying these if they dig it,thats good enough three I mean who am I,to tell someone with a lake or not like,you know pick them up in the store of,Ive never actually tried one out so we,have an accessories bag register your,new authentic Victrola product receive a,free gift also use our exclusive new,customer coupon code new 22 save 20% on,your next Victrola purchase why would I,want another Victrola purchase whats,the special offer get $5 off your next,Kurt huh this is cool check out the,sound of vinyl where you can choose from,thousands of titles including limited,edition color vinyl and colored vinyl,here are the instructions we dont read,instructions real right here is spare,Neal Im gonna treat this carefully if,it doesnt work I will return it its,not as I said not really sure what Im,gonna do this,perhaps my kids will wanna fool around,with it I dont know,sew up the top this actually a little,bit heavier than I had expected I dont,know what it is a few pounds it looks,decent enough I like the middle corners,what are you have in the back here we,have exhilarate out left and right we,got power in so thats alright okay can,you see this heres some instructions,this is very important,please follow instructions blah blah,blah so it has auto stop off and on I,like gotta stop what do we have here so,I mean automatically this platter is,very light its very small its not even,12 inches its not even the size of a,record,we got the 45 adapter its built-in,right there got the tonearm,got a P mount cartridge got the line,ends I guess you can I dont know the,Bluetooth too but I think its Bluetooth,in and not Bluetooth out so you cant,stream to a stereo you have to use the,auxiliary off to the stereo anyway Im,gonna pause this for a sec Im gonna,find a record to put on itll play,copyrighted music on this channel soil,find something I found a record that we,are going to play,I dont play copyrighted music noise,channel just you know YouTubes Terms,and policies and whatever so we are,going to play channel 33 rpm picture,deaths only one of these in the world,this was made for me a couple years ago,its a theme song I wrote it I performed,it and,remove the protector on the stylus tone,arm is held in place with this twist tie,before I play the record I want to do a,couple of things when I measure the,heavy the tool nervous,so typically like the tracking force the,weight of a tone arm is 2.5 grams,something like that and people often say,that cheap all-in-one turntables are,gonna destroy your records because of,the weights of the toner I was actually,really interesting the video on YouTube,Ill link to it below this video cheap,join James actually destroy your records,if you believe those many many YouTube,videos and YouTube comments on that,topic then yes but apart from those,warnings theres how did he prove to be,found so lets take care of it and test,it see by two records identical it,played one an OK turntable and went on a,cheap all money play then each hundred,times to measure throw the where and,what happens to your record there was,more damage to the record played on the,cheap turntable but it wasnt destroyed,a lot of people say these destroy your,records it was damaged more so than the,record played the identical record,played on the good turntable but it,wasnt destroyed well put it there he,is at zero Im gonna carefully place,this on here and see how much it weighs,it says full what does that mean,came with the weight this is how much is,this its 5 grams so thats measuring 5,grams which is this measuring full ok so,this is more than the scale can measure,I suppose how crazy is that the other,thing I want to do before we get into it,is I want to measure the speed of this,thing like is actually turning at 33 so,I have an RPM wow and speed tester on my,phone lets stick it on here,lets see what this Victrola turntable,spinning at Im getting a reading,measuring its still measuring lets see,what this comes back yes got some,results here lets see what it says you,can see that there it says its the RPM,is thirty three point five seven so it,should be thirty three point three three,its actually spinning fairly close to,where it should be and range from thirty,three point two to two thirty three,point eight seven has a Wow of 0.75 its,a little bit on the high side so before,I put the record on two things weve,learned the speed its okay at least a,33 but this tonearm weighs a ton its,actually more than my scale can handle,so lets lift this up move this over,lets see what happens woah,the tonearm comes down very slow I got,put on 45 though now that Im thinking,about it,[Music],so sevens an expected me first of all,this is a picture desk its like I sound,fantastic its got surface noise which,keeps repeating or pitting here in the,record its got surface noise to begin,with but the sound is really small the,reviews were right its tinny its got,its gonna balls obviously that is pretty,much what I expected $33 to sound like,lets check out the Bluetooth got my,phone here or so Ill just go to a list,of Bluetooth okay its scanned it has a,vintage turntable,thats something there we go its paired,so what should we try um I go to youtube,and again well just go to channel 33,rpm theres a ad playing with these ads,doing playing my videos discopath lets,go dollar Bens do you bother now an,image every hit the dollar bin jackpot,lets talk about that but up next,[Laughter],so the Bluetooth works I tried the,record Im not gonna bother putting it,to my speakers I imagine itll sound,marginally better but for the sake of,this aga

Victrola Re-Spin Portable Turntable Review – Flexible bluetooth + vinyl listening on the go

if you like turntables and youre into,something different take a look at this,this is the big troller re-spin,turntable this was sent to us by this,company and its pretty unlike anything,Ive ever seen before so lets have a,look at it and get our heads around what,weve got here this is a portable,turntable it comes with a power brick,runs off a 12 volt input its got I,think quite unusual for a turntable like,this a bit of cushioning going on here,to try and isolate it from noise which,is good because the speaker is right,here built into this thing its got the,little adapter here for playing,us-45s and records with that big wide,hole in the middle and so far so,portable turntable right youve probably,seen turntables like this before they,are the kind of thing that DJs have,often carried around on a bit of,scratching on using just for a bit of,fun also probably useful for taking with,you if youre going to be going to,record fairs or record shops and you,want to uh,dig through the charity bins and have a,quick listen to what you find in there,input and output wise to cover off the,basic stuff here weve got,RCA input,thats the RCA input this is the power,theres also a headphone socket around,the back there as well so youve got a,choice of running the audio out from,here to your main speakers rather than,using the speaker thats built into it,or running your audio into your,headphones and then listening to it,quietly so before we talk about what it,sounds like lets just look at the rest,of the features on the unit we have got,a button here which is basically turning,on and off the auto shutdown so it will,get to the end of the record and turn,itself off stop playing the music this,here is our speed control youve got,3345 and 78 and weve got a volume on on,off here this is the place where we,start to see whats a little bit,different about this turntable because,you can just play music through the,speaker,or you can play music through the,speaker and also send out a Bluetooth,signal and so pick it up on say a,portable speaker any portable Bluetooth,speaker to get better audio quality than,you get from the built-in little speaker,or and this is really unusual you can,set it into Bluetooth receive mode and,in Bluetooth receive mode it can take,audio from something like your phone and,play it back through that speaker so you,get the ability to use this speaker with,something external but also quite,interestingly to use it as a Bluetooth,turntable to push to anything any,speakers you might have knocking around,like Ive got this mini rig one and then,push the audio into there as well so,its quite flexible theyve thought,about how that works another flexible,thing about it is that the lid,has got grooves in it for like double,albums and 12 inches or single arms so,you could stack your records up in here,as well and set it out next to the unit,comes in all kinds of colors by the way,weve got the red one here so whats it,like whats it sound like so this is,where you get what you pay for really,its a 99,turntable comes with a pretty standard,Cheapo cartridge and needle needles,good for about 50 hours then there is a,tinny little speaker you get this on off,here with the volume control in order to,uh in order to adjust this speaker but,it is pretty tinny sounding Im I can,put it on but you wont obviously here a,true representation through my,microphone but uh,[Music],one of my old hardcore records here,[Music],a tinny speaker with not an awful lot of,bass however that wouldnt be so bad for,me if the unit then had good audio,quality through the rcas and the,headphone socket around the back and,thats where it falls apart a little bit,for me because plug in the headphones in,you realize that its not just this me,the speaker making it tinny its the,cartridge and the needle theres not,really any bass in there its just a,cheap sound and then plugging in the,rcas to put it through our big Studio,speakers here we also realized a design,fault in that when you plug in the,headphones the speaker goes off which is,what you would expect but when you plug,in the rcas the speaker doesnt go off,and the volume control still works so if,you turn the speaker down with the,volume control here nothing comes,through the cable at the back to your,speakers if you turn this volume control,up here to send some signal to your big,speakers then it also comes out of here,and weve already figured out that this,doesnt sound very good so a couple of,strange design decisions here and youve,got to be realistic about how good it,sounds overall because For the Money,fair enough but youre not getting,something that you could use for,instance for ripping vinyl obviously,this isnt for DJs theres no speed,control or anything on it so who is it,for well if you just want to play a part,of old records youve got old records,knocking around weve certainly got old,records knocking around here that we,sometimes want to just have a quick,listen to then to have it there to,quickly bang an old record on is fine it,could be that youve got a need to kind,of crate dig and to go to places where,you just need to play records quickly,and check they are what they say they,are see if you want them in which case,theres a kind of portable auditioning,turntable its fine you clip that lid on,it and youve got something that you can,easily carry around with you also for,kids I reckon if youve got a party,records and the kids are interested in,them look for a little Christmas present,for 99 you could buy them this little,thick troller respin and theyve got,something thats decent enough just to,play that music and I do like the fact,that you can put music into it and out,of it as well its just a nice little,addition especially if youre on the,move and youve got your phone with you,and youve got this to do whatever with,your vinyl well you can also use it as a,phone speaker certainly as I say not for,ripping your vinyl nowhere near that,kind of quality and not for DJing but,its a curious one what would you use a,turntable like this one for the little,victrola re-spin let us know in the,comments and let us know what portable,turntable you use or what you would like,to see in a turntable for DJs not for,DJing on but for doing all the other,stuff with our music collections wed be,interested to know your thoughts but for,now this has been the digital DJ look at,the re-spin turntable from victrola let,us know what you think in the comments,but from us here in the studio get good,get out there make the moments and well,see you again very soon,[Music],foreign,[Music]

Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable Demo

hi Im Don with victrola and today Im,going to show you how easy it is to set,up your victrola stream turntable once,you open the box the first thing you,want to do is scan the QR code thats,right on the top sheet or click the link,in the description below once youve,downloaded the app it will immediately,take you into setting up the physical,portion of your turntable,lets get started,once youve unboxed all the components,its time to set up your turntable make,sure that you have all the components,listed inside the setup guide within the,app,as you swipe through the setup guide,within the app itll take you through,the assembly process the first step is,locating and installing the platter,just like this,using the ribbon you will fit the belt,over the motor spindle,then place the slip mat over the platter,now were going to install the tone arm,components well begin with the head,shell,the head shell is extremely easy to,install,just press it in and then rotate the,collar counterclockwise to secure it,next youre going to remove the stylus,cover from the head shell its really,easy to do you simply pull on the tab,and pull forward it comes right off,this parts really cool we have the,easiest counterweight there is to set,there are two marks on the back of the,toner and if you have the order phone,cartridge like on this model,what youre going to do is line it up,with the mark on the rear of the tone,arm thats closest to you,Slide the counterweight right up to that,Mark and simply tighten it clockwise,until its secure so now your tone arm,is set with the proper down Force next,youll want to remove the twist tie from,the retention clip so now were going to,set the speed of the turntable most,commonly youll select 33 RPMs you also,have the option to select 45 RPMs and we,include a 45 RPM metal adapter now its,time to plug in your turntable once the,turntable boots up the illuminated,control knob on the front of the unit,will begin to flash green signaling its,ready to connect to your network,so now youre going to return to the app,first youll select the plus button on,the top of the screen,then all available devices will be,listed youll see the victrola stream,turntable here youll simply select it,then youre going to select your Wi-Fi,network,enter in your password,and your victrola stream turntable is,connected to your network youll know,that your connection is successful when,the illuminated control knob flashes,white twice and then turns off,so now were going to connect your,victrola stream turntable to your Sonos,system the first thing youre going to,do is select the default speaker group,by pressing here,my system has living room kitchen and,Patio Im going to select living room,once Ive selected that living room will,show up right here within the app,the last thing I have to do is enable,autoplay and I do that by selecting,right here,now were ready to stream lets give it,a shot,thank you,place the record on the spindle,raise the tone arm lever,once you place the tone arm over the,record the record will begin to spin now,you just simply lower it,and itll begin playing on your system,[Music],your system is set up theres no need to,use the victrola app anymore you can now,adjust volume and Playback zones,directly from the Sonos app,you can even control the volume of your,entire Sonos system with the volume knob,on the front of the victrola Stream,foreign,the victrola stream the worlds first,Sonos connected turntable,oh and one last thing,when youre not using your Patrol stream,you can protect it from dust and,accidental damage,with the included dust cover,[Music]

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