1. Vikram Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Lokesh Kanagaraj | Kamal Haasan | Vijay Sethupathi
  2. Vikram MOVIE REVIEW!! | Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil | Lokesh Kanagaraj
  3. Vikram Movie Review & Analysis | Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil | Lokesh Kanagaraj
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Vikram Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Lokesh Kanagaraj | Kamal Haasan | Vijay Sethupathi

[Applause],[Music],hello and welcome to galata plus in this,episode were going to be talking about,lokesh ganakarajs vikram which starts,kamal hassan fassel naren and a whole,bunch of other people if martin scorsese,and timothy daltons james bond had a,baby it would be something like vikram,this is a drug-filled gangster movie,filled with,wall-to-wall fantastic rock music riffs,courtesy anirudh this is,on the other hand a grim saga about,secret agents who sacrifice a great deal,to save the world,paying a high personal cost this is also,locations ganaches purest movie to date,during master there was talk about the,film being 50 percent vijay 50 location,vikram is 100 lokesh while also being a,hundred percent kamal hassan movie it is,not just about the fanboy easter egg,references like the name stephen raj,from vetrivera or prabhanjan who is,kamalhazans writer friend or the,umbrella shot from satya or the play on,the most famous lines from niagara,kurdish its not just about these things,its also that fantastic monologue about,evolution which seems plucked right out,of kamal hassan screenwriting dialogue,writing brain that spirit of kamal,hassan hovers over the film like a ghost,vikram runs close to three hours and yet,there is very little flab the,half-hearted romance of managram thats,not there the prolonged family-friendly,daughter sentiment from kaidi thats not,there the hero build up college scenes,from master thats not there rakesh,seems to have finally made exactly the,movie he wanted to make and he has kamal,hassan to thank for that this is an,action movie the first real genre,specific action movie of tamir cinema i,think where even the hero introduction,song which is patala patella becomes a,small part of the larger scheme of,things because it finds an echo later,the sentimental moments dont kill the,flow of the genre because they are not,hammered home with scenes they are,folded into the narrative in little bits,plus you get all the emotion that you,need from kamals eyes or fat fossil sly,body language fahad is fantastic he,manages the considerable feat of almost,stealing a kamalasan movie,at first we seem to be watching a story,about the hunt for masked murderers but,gradually we see this is about something,bigger lokish does not make the mistake,of moralizing he simply wants to feel,what the stakes are he simply wants us,to feel what the stakes are if the good,guys fail and he lets us know that these,bad guys really mean business there is a,lot of collateral damage in this movie,the screenplay demands close attention,theres quite a bit of parallel,narration for instance we get a wife in,danger and a baby in danger and we keep,switching between the two tracks the,screenplay builds slowly and,meticulously adding micro detail after,micro detail to the characters and to,the situation and what we get is a,police procedural conducted by rogue,cops headed by the fahad character and,it cuts loose after the sensational,interval block becoming a full-fledged,treat for action lovers especially,nineties eighties movie action lovers,anbarev is the action director he stages,the stunts in short bursts and uses the,tight spaces like corridors or stairways,very well the devil is in the details,when a van hits a bike the shot feels,thrillingly real which means that the,cinematographer girish gangadran and the,editor filomin raj have captured and cut,this collision at exactly the right,angle and speed we also get more showy,stretches like the the action shot where,the camera thrusts in and out of a small,space where a masked man fights a number,of enemies and then we are left with,this question is lokesh kanakaraj,building his own universe the lku,because we have guns small guns bigger,guns really big guns and we have,characters from an orphanage we have the,knights and some excellent night scene,choreography and we have characters and,the drug consignment from kaidi which,leads to a fantastic cameo by surya this,is the most electric the actor has been,in years you see in his eyes the madness,you should have seen in ngk there is not,one bad performance actually in this,movie and the writing adds lovely,touches like uh chambon vino jos,checking in on his bedridden father or a,surprisingly agile domestic help or a,gun-filled scene with vijay sidhupadhi,and one of his wives the dialogues too,are simple and super effective like the,lines gayatri shankaratas after a really,bad disappointment the only issue i had,with vikram is with vijay sidhipathis,villain he gets a terrific entry scene,and is called the uluru pablo escobar,and you expect great things from this,character but the writing is content to,leave him a rather generic villain it is,left to the actor to add to the role,more color and flavor with his funky,presence and he does that and what about,the big man himself he has a ball this,is a self-aware movie maybe even a meta,movie at some level when fahad tells,kamal im a big fan of your work or when,kamal echoes the lyrics of the title,song of the earlier vikram there is some,inevitable winking at the audience but,there is no fourth wall breaking the,film is all of a piece perfectly,realized and the perfect tribute to a,great genre and a great actor even when,absent from screen we feel kamals,presence vikram is not just a fitting,big screen comeback for kamal hassan,thanks to location team he finally has,on his resume the vikram that he wanted,to make 36 years ago so thats it about,vikram if you like this review do,subscribe to galata plus and see you,soon at the movies,[Applause],[Music]

Vikram MOVIE REVIEW!! | Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil | Lokesh Kanagaraj

shucks shucks,shucks,just just,[Music],hey welcome back to our stupid direction,its up corbin shucks and you follow us,for more juicy containers,patreon,subscribers,helps out the algorithm yep,and thats what we want yep everyone,wants it you i want it i want it your,mother wants it everybody wants the,algorithm up there but uh uh everybody,wants the algorithm up there but uh um,everybody wants the algorithm up there,but but everybody wants the algorithm up,there but okay there you go the,algorithm song the algorithm up their,butt today were doing a movie review,of the highly anticipated very old movie,uh been around forever,now do the robot one,[Laughter],but its directed and written by lokash,kanagaraj forgive me if theres a,mispronunciation and uh just this,morning starring some unknown people we,reviewed uh his other film kythy yeah,which is obviously um involved in this,film it was a it was a it was a double,feature a double feature if you will um,but obviously we havent seen the review,well drop that one first obviously,before vikram uh our vikram review drops,um starring just a few little tiny,little people yeah a couple of couple of,people uh kamal hatan yep dont know if,youve heard of him uh vijay,not sure if youve heard of him and uh,another newcomer another newcomer named,who doesnt do a lot of work actually,not a lot its very rarely we see films,from him and then a billion other people,yeah literally a billion other people,and then a couple uh cameos uh people,that came in but obviously this is a new,film so this is gonna be mostly,non-spoiler well get until the front,end will be non-spoiler i will warn you,well get into some spoils towards the,end obviously its a new film thats,thats the only time we really do that,uh we prefer talking spoils but,obviously with new films,uh people sometimes watch our reviews to,see if they want to go not saying you,should ever do that um you can make your,own opinions unless its really really,bad and we dont want you to give money,to that film thats true yeah thats,true uh but yes so this will be a little,non-spoilers and then well get into the,spoils um and you can let me know what,you thought i overall had fun and had a,good time i have issues with the film,yeah and some that we will talk about by,the way we make it a point not to share,our feelings about the films youre,probably one thing theres only one,thing we talked about and yeah well,talk about that but we typically are,mums the word like andrani called me,when i was in the car said whatd you,think of the film i said well im,sitting right next to corbin so because,i do we dont want to share our thoughts,we prefer to,get the initial reactions with you but,yeah overall overall,i had a good time its fun and its its,a good fun film and what do you think,got to tell you,doesnt feel like three hours no it,doesnt i think its got a nice clip to,it i think the pacing just like kaithi,uh,lens well except for theres theres one,part in it that i think lags yeah and i,uh you can well get into the getting on,the spoiler a little bit,but uh theres theres one part that,lags but other than that i like kaithi i,think they kind of do it i dont want to,say its quentin style even though,theres some stuff in this that is very,quinton style um but like theres like,heres the thing and then the next scene,theyre doing the thing right and then,theres so theres no yeah the pacing,keeps it going and true the pacing keeps,it going and some things that are done,in the storytelling thats thats both,original yeah unpredictable,um interesting so it does the momentum,keep and it does help that youve got,three people who are really fun to watch,yeah on screen so yeah and overall i,would actually say you can tell me if,you agree with this this is what i was,hoping i would got from kgf,yeah,too,yeah kgf2 yeah this is this is and you,guys can have your own opinions about,kgf2 obviously we have ours and youve,seen that exactly um but this in terms,of,big action a lot of fun yeah im not,like its not this amazing story even,though i think this does have a,its a little more complex story yeah,absolutely,but but it gave me what i wanted from,the trailer agreed its what,thats probably the most skype was what,i wanted from push pod this is what i,wanted from kg i agree with you and the,biggest thing is that whereas the,trailer for kgf2,the film didnt give us what we were,anticipating,this one did and this one also,took us to places where we actually had,some story we actually had moments where,we could breathe and theres dialogue,you have moments where uh some,interesting things are done whereas its,just and im not not harping on the kgf2,aspect but as you know for those of you,know who saw our review we were,disappointed with kgf2 um i i,yeah theres more to enjoy in this than,than not like,very much in the same way with kythy,its very similar to gripes and very,similar gripes and lights,and almost some of them are just,straight up identical which youll hear,in a second yeah yeah um but also,i cant wait in fact i may do it sitting,here,to see how much of the score is,available on apple music because the,music yeah by uh say his name yes as uh,uh anna rude,uh easily for this year well actually rr,came out this year i was going to say i,know,i think overall i mean those have great,songs,score all score this is this one agreed,the songs are are irreplaceable,memorable forever and it has a great,score so dont get us wrong on that,but this song this um,there are some movies the score,is such an essential aspect of the film,and when people talk about the film like,after we saw inception,thats all that michael was talking,about with me and with us and that ive,had other people talk about as one of,their favorite hans zimmer scores,is not just a chris nolan film but one,of their favorite is the same thing with,dune hes like and i got to tell you,hans zimmer does some scores i got a lot,of his music and my own personal music,that i listen to as well as workout,music and this just,doesnt stop providing an undertone,thats just,badass and fun yeah oh wait sorry its,just,shucks its so perfect well get into,that well get into that when were,talking about the things that we didnt,do that before spoiled before we got you,know were gonna say its stuff we,didnt like yeah but what were,referring to is sometimes i dont know,who subs these films really and also you,need you need you need to focus your sub,here yeah uh but like whenever hes they,said,you audibly heard them say [ __ ],that loud in your face and it would be,underneath shucks,multiple times,a couple of times i just went f dot dot,dot,most of the time,it was a close-up and he straight up,just goes [ __ ] and underneath it says,shucks and one time its he said he said,and it said,uh gosh darn it gosh something stupid,like that it said gosh darn it,its really guys really theres theres,other things like theres times where,people would laugh at something that was,happening on screen and i wouldnt,understand the joke what was happening a,couple times id assume it was either,theres a dialect thing or something or,an inside joke yeah yeah something,reference probably a reference from a,movie there were a few that we got i,think it has some laughs in it i think,there were a bunch of commerce on old,film oh i bet yeah that uh little tip,picked up on some but,we didnt pick up on all but so that was,thats what we were talking lets get,into the performances here yeah,um who do you want to start with come on,lets start with the the the the,the elder patriarchy so interesting uh,because normally were used to seeing,him in more of a thespianic style right,yeah and this got him being basically,rocking star yeah yeah and you have to,the best thing you can do to see this,movie is please,set aside and we did this we said we,were going to do this the trailer warned,you to do this,we said if we get any thespianatic,flexing thats just going to be a bonus,were going to l

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Vikram Movie Review & Analysis | Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil | Lokesh Kanagaraj

[Music],thank you,we on this channel have constantly,spoken about the perfect unions between,creators and stars and how its so,beautiful to see especially in Tamil,Cinema when the inventive eye of a,Creator can still persist and Thrive,while a star is at the helm of Affairs,we saw it with doctor with sarpada and,one of my favorites manadu as well and a,page from the same book of unions is,here with Vikram directed by lokesh,kanigraj and starring Kamal Hassan in,the title role kanagaraj had openly,stated on how much of a Kamal Hassan,Fanboy he is but what was music to my,ears and for most movie Buffs was that,the man stated that Vikram is 100 his,film I think most Tamil film fans would,also admit that Master especially in its,second act became more of a celebration,of the star rather than catering to the,storyline kaithi however still is one of,my favorite commercial Tamil films a,film by the way you should have watched,before stepping in for this movie just,to get several of its references,especially the climax as you are,basically stepping in for the locate,kanagrat Cinematic Universe the film,focuses on a master gang conducting,well-planned killings of known officials,as a social statement leading to an,investigation and understanding of drug,trade and gangs across Chennai and,Beyond a bloody long drawn-out gang war,between drug lords and those undercover,police and officials in a cat and mouse,Chase incorporating every move there is,in and out of the book to handle the,sheer violence ensuing on the streets,for a consignment worth lacks of crores,and this is where the characters of,Fahad fossil which is,introduced each having their own motive,in the entire mess within and mostly,against the confines of Law and Order if,you would have noticed I have kept it as,vague as ever so that you guys explore,the themes and the storyline when you,step in for the film and more,importantly thats what the creators,intended because vikrams trailer,literally gave away nothing about the,storyline so lets keep it that way,heres me telling you the good and bad,aspects of the film so that you guys can,ultimately decide whether to watch,Vikram in theaters or not the,underwhelming aspects information dense,and indulgent Vikram is a movie that is,2 hours and 53 minutes long the payoff,at the end of this 3r mad ride is,absolutely worth it but it is important,to note that it does demand active,viewing from the audience as the,investigation gets into finer details of,the case more elements and characters,get explored highlighting the sheer,volume at which many of these illegal,practices are functioning this usually,is denoted with fast-paced editing and,information being floated around that,you have to keep in the back of your,mind as location very intelligently has,several callbacks to those same moments,so while one would equate commercial,Master entertainers to Simply being,about relaxing and seeing the spectacle,low case demands you to be attentive and,notice the finer details not necessarily,an underwhelming aspect but something,distinct and different from the movies,you see in the same genre more,importantly you have to be privy to the,world okesh has created several,references of Tamil Cinema and Ode to,Kamal Hassan in some cases really hit,home if you have context to why they,exist so references to locations,previous films and the sheer Fanboy,expression of his art form requires you,to have context of Tamil Cinema and some,of its eccentricities to be truly,appreciated a little bit of homework is,needed I repeat again one thing that is,a definite yes is that you have to watch,kaithi before you step in for this film,the good anirudh ravichander I think I,created a heated debate because I said,that I was not a fan of patla patla,because the lyrics written by Kamal,Hassan have a sense of nostalgia and,slang that only the population of the,state and Tamil film fans across decades,would connect with I understand the,sentiment that people have for the,lyrics of the film but because I guess,Im a dancer I mostly look at the beats,and my assessment was strictly on the,basis of its sounding generic in terms,of music not really pushing me off my,feet to shake a move on the Dance Floor,which is what basically vati coming did,for me however I think this is one of,aniruds best work this is such a,delicious integration of grunge Rock in,this film that it actually is,reminiscent of the 80s and perfectly,fits the theme of the exhilarating,bloodbath and shootouts that commands,throughout not to forget the title track,and the piece Once Upon a Time really,does encapsulate the stylized treatment,of an action thriller done in my eyes,almost to Perfection by lokesh kanagaraj,the moment aniruds music commenced,especially in the interval blog gave me,absolute Goosebumps the inclusion of,classic hits some as meta references and,my favorite the Pablo Escobar song that,revs up during the wedding this has to,be some of aniruds most inventive work,in movies cinematography and action,sequences the best aspect of Vikram in,my eyes is the perfect union between,cinematographer Girish gangadharan and,action directors no wonder Lokes decided,to Showcase their name in one of the,initial stills of the movie because they,truly are the stars of the Show the,marriage between these two creators,especially shines in the pre-intable,block where each point of impact in the,hand-to-hand combat is assisted with a,camera movement almost as if it has been,rigged perfectly to have a start and end,point across the running time this is,one thing that that I would like Hindi,film creators to notice on just how,effective it is with long shots whether,it is a dance choreography or an action,sequence how in the process of trying to,take stylized shots you indulge in so,many jump cuts that it actually takes,away from the action sequence standing,out the ability to see and feel each,move on the big screen heightens the,scenes 10-fold the film has this dark,rustic tone that really gets generalized,as the film gets gorrier bloodier and,well crazier and I think both the,cinematography and action sequences were,standout aspects of this movie The,performances Vijay sethupathi is one of,my favorite actors from Tamil Cinema and,I had got really bummed out recently,just with the saturation of mundane,scripts that he was doing but I saw a,man who really carved out so much from a,character that if you notice from a,writing standpoint was pretty basic,being a pawn to the system of illegal,drug trade he adds nuances to the,character that makes even the most,ordinary sequences interesting and,organic ankits report he had once said,actually has done that with this role a,character seemingly watered down but,still having the ability to make it,entertaining Fahad fossil just perfectly,assimilates in this world as armor,Precision goal oriented and level-headed,are all aspects that can be equated to,his character his sharpness and agile,body language gets showcased extremely,well speaking through his eyes as he,does in so many Malayalam movies he,matches up to a legend like Kamal Hassan,so well and well it is the legend of,course in the title role Kamal Hassan,shines and becomes an active passenger,to a Visionary like lokesh kanagaraj and,you love to see exactly that Vikram is,full of restraint rage extremely capable,and fearless the man and his presence,never weighs the film down even in the,slightest and this is why the next Point,becomes so important this is 100 lokesh,kanagaraj kanagaraj really shines in,making a holistically entertaining and,stylized action thriller with a legend,like Kamal Hassan a film that he,develops in such a way that it not only,stands out individually but beautifully,carves out a universe of his most,exciting characters the film has just,the right amount of mass moments The,Cheeky dialogues the homage to Tamil,Cinema shaping up to be an out and out,Mass Entertainer it promised it would be,with the first rushes

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Vikram is CRAZY! | Vikram (2022) Movie Review

i got a lot of recommendations to check,out the new film vikram it was playing,near me so i did go and check it out is,it something though that you should,watch,amar is assigned to investigate a case,of serial killings he realizes its not,what it seems to be and following down,this path will lead to nothing but war,between everyone involved im curious at,how this is being received by indian,audiences because i was literally the,only person in my showing i mean im not,sure if thats just a reflection on its,popularity or if it just happened to be,an off time but as an american watching,this i had a ton of fun we follow amar,who was called in by the local police to,investigate a string of murders now amar,is part of a black ops type group and,they operate outside the rules and the,law now this gives them incredible,leeway in how they conduct their,investigations as he and his team work,the investigation they focus on finding,out why a particular guy named carnan,was killed now hes older shown to be a,drunk and seemingly like a random target,within a series of other killings that,do appear to be connected this is filled,with some awesome action with a lot of,brutality and violence shown and most of,the time the fights and battles are,shown without a bunch of quick cutaways,creating a huge level of excitement,within the scenes the fight choreography,is executed well and when that is,combined with some unique camera,movements a lot of the battles they,become immersive there are multiple,scenes where the camera will push in and,then pull out as characters attack an,individual so say like were going to,have a main character battling just a,group of people and as they approach for,their attack the camera also pushes in,but then it will spin around to show us,other angles most of the time without,cutting and this creates some very,engaging continuous scenes which only,work to amp up the excitement even more,and the action is varied to keep the,intrigue at its peak i mean we get a lot,of hand-to-hand battles sometimes in,close quarters but there are also some,crazy gun fights and some scenes that,feature huge melees where the carnage,just gets massive there is also very,minimal use of slow-mo which i,appreciate because it keeps the momentum,pulsing forward and there are many,sequences where brutality reigns i mean,were talking machetes and knives and,even wire cutter pliers,i mean its incredibly gory but the,camera doesnt shy away from the,violence there are also times where a,small bit of disbelief does need to be,suspended because bodies will fly,through the air after a punch or a kick,but even with that i mean i found it to,be more exciting i wasnt really looking,for straight reality i wanted escapism,and the action thats what we get but,its also not highly unrealistic i mean,its just a little exaggerated so it is,a lot of fun and this isnt all action,all the time but there is a ton of it,now i liken this to the expendables to a,small degree where we have these massive,battles with tons of destruction and,chaos i mean think explosions shootouts,night fights and good old punching,matches now surprisingly theres really,only one music video type scene and its,right towards the very beginning of the,film and while it was a bit comical and,odd once we get the context for how its,actually playing out it makes total,sense there are songs also that play,throughout the story but theyre used to,carry the narrative forward and theyre,presented as soundtrack and not via the,actors singing theres also a good deal,of emotional investment that comes,within the story as well i mean the,characters are crafted in a way that is,captivating with progressions that build,as the story goes along and their,backgrounds are revealed to us a little,at a time to maintain suspense but were,still given enough on them to be,connected and feel concerned for their,outcomes and there are some gut punch,moments as well where i was a bit,surprised and then heartbroken at some,of the results i mean but i count that,as a huge positive too because the story,was able to hook me in so effectively,now this is a longer film at just under,three hours now my showing included in,intermission which added another 10,minutes or so to the experience but,honestly i was bummed at the,intermission because it broke the,momentum of the story now it came right,after a huge climax so it was a good,placement for that but i would have much,preferred to have the story played,straight through without the,interruption because of the amount of,violence shown there are some times,where special effects are utilized,because they just have to be and the,practical effects are awesome but the,generated ones are just a little bit,less so they were very obvious in the,fact that they were cgi but luckily,these were used sparingly and the,majority of the time we get the,practical effects now i think there are,a few sequences that are a little more,difficult to follow than the rest of the,story now most of this is,straightforward and it plays out in a,linear fashion but there are a few times,where we pop into a flashback and its,not always clear exactly where it was in,the timeline now i was still able to,figure out what was going on and i think,some of it just may be a result of,having to read the subtitles which then,took my eyes off the rest of the screen,for just a brief moment,and speaking of subtitles there are some,translations that are very funny because,it is quite clear what the character,says and the subtitles they just dont,match now there are a few times where,the subs say shucks and it is definitely,not what the character said and even,though i dont speak tamil which is the,version that i saw the word the,character used was in english and it was,unmistakable now i thought the pacing,was carried out really well keeping the,momentum up and the excitement level,consistent but it still allowed the,quieter moments to play out which helped,to grow the emotional attachment so,overall vikram is an exciting action,thriller that combines intense fight,sequences and wonderful choreography,with palpable and relatable emotional,angles despite some of the computer,generated effects not being wonderful,the practical effects were awesome the,acting is engaging with characters i,became concerned for and the story is,simple enough to follow for the most,part but includes complexities and,complications to make it interesting for,the whole three-hour run time i think,this is a very accessible indian film,especially for american audiences,because of the excitement characters,emotionality the escapism and the,spectacular action,theres no sex or nudity but there is,some profanity and a ton of violence i,give vikram four and a half out of five,couches so what have you seen recently,in the theater id love to hear about,what youre watching in the comments,below if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe im chris this is,movies and munchies thanks for catching,with me

Vikram Movie Review by Filmi craft Arun|Kamal Haasan|Vijay Sethupathi|Fahadh Faasil|Lokesh Kanagaraj

[Music],[Applause],[Music],before getting,foreign,foreign,foreign,masala,bye

Vikram | My Opinion ( Spoiler ) | Kamal Hassan | Fahad Fazil | Malayalam


My Reaction after watching Vikram Movie (2022) || Vikram Review Vikram Hitlist Reaction Review

wow,wow,once upon a time there leave the coast,just now came back from the theatres,after watching vikram and if people say,that theres a blockbuster this is not a,blockbuster this is a kamal hassan,buster this is a,bodybuster this is a lockheed buster and,this is the umar buster,wow wow wow wow,wow,what a movie man what a movie if cinema,is a jewelry,look karage is the diamond location is a,diamond means starting starting of the,movie when the plot starts it starts off,very slow okay it starts off slow,means who is the masked gang then what,is his relation and starting of the,movie and everything,means kamala sends entry and everything,will be coming and everything then,suddenly hell die and everything then,is he alive or not and what about that,suspense its a basically a thriller,killer basically,and as soon as that interval block,happens and as soon as the investigation,happens and one card falls after the,other one cast folds up the other and,then after that envelope opens and opens,and opens,amazing interval bank means 2 2,then after that interval bank picture,picture,with the picture is so so engaging after,that means an out and out kamalasan show,in the second half its after that,interval bank that interval bank gives,and goosebumps means interval bank gives,a goosebumps after that seeing spent,there is a kamalasan sure it gives,ostrich bombs here it gives ostrich,bombs means,who is the military vikram air force,vikram and everything that is the,goosebumps then kamalasans action scene,means that 67 years old the way he has,performed and the way he has delivered,us that undercover agent vikram,basically the way he has revived the,role from the 1980s film is commendable,commendable outstanding performance by,kamala sansa outstanding performance and,talking about entry talking about entry,[Music],he has given the best entry man he has,given the best entry i think this,director lokis kanagaraj loves vijay,sethupathi to the core man means even in,the master he has eliminated means the,best villain role in the master bhavani,character he has elevated here also that,villain character the drug lord,character he has given here he has,elevated him the most man in the first,half what an entry out of three,entry which is that entry was absolutely,fabulous absolutely fabulous mr was,if people say that you should have abs,you should have eight packs ten packs,twenty packs fifty packs at a vijay,sidupathi with one pope what an entry,with full bloodshed,and what a character man by which i said,they want a character full eyes then,that specks hell be wearing everything,specs hell be wearing then full the,bloodsheds and everything then the guns,and all hell be shooting and everything,the full gang hell create and,everything then the swag the comedy he,will put out means the character is,brilliantly written and brilliantly,written that character evil shared,character and kamalasans character also,means as usual means,outstanding performance by kamalas and,saba,in second half he just nailed it nailed,it means the speech is giving about how,to eradicate the whole drug mafia and,everything about the sacrifice and,everything then the way he will pull the,machine gun and everything then the,emotions means a movie is incomplete,without emotions that emotions will,build,with the grandson basically with his,grandson that emotions will build its,so sweet man its so sweet then fathers,character is also very very well written,character just because vijay sathupathi,and kamalasan has performed brilliantly,that doesnt mean that fox fossil has,not performed that well he was also,fantastic yeah he was also fantastic he,didnt get that grand entry or anything,but with his acting powers for in the,first half where there was no kamalasana,where there was no vijay said that,investigating officer hes playing as,undercover investigative officer and,everything and hes with his style with,his charm and with his uh walking style,and everything he was also brilliant man,he was also brilliant fantastic,performance he has given a what means,costumes also and everything is putting,out no he was also fantastic though he,didnt get a grand means entry or he,didnt get any elevations or anything,pure acting he has done man he has just,lived his character as an investigative,officer been superb performance all the,three have been well balanced and they,have performed outstanding but in my,opinion these three are not the main,lead in my opinion main hero these three,are not the main hero of this movie is,lokesh khannagaraj,[Music],loki universe means outstanding,direction an outstanding direction means,story is basically simple story is,basically simple is basically about a,drug lord basically its about a drug,lord and how hell kill one person and,there that person will be interlinked,with the main protagonist basic,means plot is basic basically,but the way he has shot the scenes and,the way he has given the characters,where where he designed all the,characters and how he has balanced all,the three stars,perfectly has balanced and how he has,written the screenplay man how he has,written the screenplay is a commendable,a miscommendable job he has done,commendable job means accept to locate,hats off means everybody knows that,kamala sansa is a very very talented,actor means brilliant actor is means,previously he has acted in great great,roles means international level of roles,he has acted means talk about anime,talk about that uh,various actor intent and different roles,then talk about haram talk about uh,means many many uh roles he has done,in this thing which is that uh virumandi,has done means so many films means,countless number of films he has done in,the 70s 80s and 90s hes a brilliant,actor and not only is a brilliant actor,is a brilliant screenplay writer hes a,good director also and screenplay,writing of kamala sansa is absolutely,brilliant he has directed many many,films,and generally in kamalas and films if,you see he is only writing the,screenplay but in this movie in this,movie he has given chance to locate,kanagaraj to write the screenplay that,just shows that how talented and how,brilliant director lokis kanagaraj is,how brilliant he is means if a legend,like kamala sansa is giving a,screenplay writing to locate,and and telling him to direct his movie,that just shows how talented he is no,words to say no words to say its simply,brilliant means screenplay of the movie,is so so engaging though this movie is,three hours long one moment also youll,not feel bored here one moment also,youll not feel bored means its a,thriller killer man thriller killer,means brilliant direction brilliant,direction the way yeshiya shot the,scenes especially,one after the other the batch of 1997,the agents especially that servant will,become the agent tina the way shell,fight with all the means gundams and,everything being a lady in the house,basically before kamala sansa comes in,the house before agent vikram comes the,way she will fight basically that was,amazing and one one uh means,agents are getting revealed that was the,best part of the direction man means,amazing amazing and that climax was epic,epic that climax was with the machine,gun,then one means pinball after pinball,after pinball to,middle blast means amazing that one was,amazing and the face-off between kamala,sansa and vijayanathi was also very good,and what all what else to say what else,to say means,lokesh kanak is such a genius,that he has connected this vikram movie,with his previous kaidi movie also with,the previous kaidi movie he has,connected and climax got over after that,the mahas climax has come and in that,maha climax,means surya has been introduced when,that suryas face was shown right as,rolex,and that whole theaters turned into,stadium that whole theaters turned into,stadium basically,means,basically vikram 2 is coming,2 is coming what all is coming god only,knows here god only knows means loke,loki universe has arrived basic

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