1. Vinovest 1 Year Update | How to hedge against inflation in 2022 | Agressive Wine Portfolio
  2. Vinovest – My thoughts after 10 months
  3. 5 Wine Investments that Beat Stock Returns
  4. My Vinovest Portfolio Update! (Vinovest Wine Update)
  5. My Vinovest Wine Portfolio Update! (Vinovest Update)
  6. Is Fine Wine a Good Investment?| (Vinovest Review)
  7. Is Investing in Wine Worth It?

Vinovest 1 Year Update | How to hedge against inflation in 2022 | Agressive Wine Portfolio

welcome to a update video for the,vinovest portfolio,um i was planning on doing a one-year,update but you know a lot of stuffs,been going on,um i actually started my portfolio in,august of 2020 so,it has been a little bit over a year but,um anyways were gonna get right into it,and just talk about some changes ive,made and then,how were doing in my opinion overall,and thatll be todays video so lets,jump right in,so overall ive put two thousand dollars,into this portfolio so obviously looking,at the overall account value here were,up about 323,which is pretty impressive considering,how all other asset classes are doing,as far as changes so i made the initial,deposit of one thousand dollars when i,started and then i made another thousand,dollar deposit in october of 21,and then i changed my investment plan to,aggressive just to kind of see um,how much more itll either increase or,decrease potential returns um its,really early,this is a very long-term asset ive read,some comments from you guys that say oh,the returns are kind of just meh and,like i didnt disagree with you but the,whole point of me investing in this was,to one diversify and to hedge in,uncertain times which we are in right,now,now for those of us that have stock,portfolios and maybe even crypto those,are both beaten down super hard and im,like up by quite a bit on my wine,portfolio so its totally doing its job,and its only been like a year almost,two years so,with only two grand in were up three,hundred dollars with something i just,clicked a few buttons on id say thats,pretty damn good considering,how much effort i put into it so,im actually really happy with how its,been doing,lets uh look at the portfolio though,so this is what we currently own um the,bollinger and this domain here were both,picked up recently and well actually,look at those prices,so the bollinger i picked up for 109 a,bottle,and then the domain was about 88 a,bottle,and you can see the bowling errors,almost doubled in value so like pretty,glad that i switched to the aggressive,investment,portfolio type and then,just putting in a little bit more money,i would love to put in more money right,now if i could but,im pretty,tapped out as far as cash so,its gonna have to wait um hopefully by,the end of the year i can put in another,grand maybe a little bit more well kind,of see what goes on but,like i said the whole point of this was,just to be,slightly diversified so i dont want to,put too much into it and then just to be,tapped into another asset class that i,dont really have to do too much in so,so far im actually really impressed,i think on the last video i was a little,bit kind of like its okay but,seeing with how well its doing right,now with how,like i said uncertainty in the world,right now is just like at an all-time,high,and the portfolio is up thats thats,good to see that means its doing,exactly what,it should be doing kind of what they,advertise that wine investing does so,if youre looking for a hedge in these,uncertain times this can be a good way,to do it um for what im seeing,obviously with it being only about a,year and a half it might be a little bit,too early to really say for sure,um and im definitely no expert so do,your own research by all means but um,from my point of view like i said im,just really impressed with how its been,doing,and im looking forward to seeing how,its doing in the future so,if you guys are uh looking into maybe,getting this set up for yourself you can,use my link and well both save three,months on fees,the fees havent been terrible i mean,forty dollars all time for,professional wine storage thats insured,that may sound like a lot but if you ask,me like for me to go and buy a wine,cooler that,may or may not do it right its going to,cost quite a bit of money,so yeah id say the fees are actually,pretty good all things considering and,then as this grows over time my fees,will actually go down,if i cross like the ten thousand dollar,threshold all that kind of stuff but,anyways,thats probably about it for this video,um,i would like to start uploading more,onto the youtube channel its been kind,of a crazy year or so,but im not going to be able to commit,to anything,just kind of uploads when i can make it,happen but,if theres anything you guys want to see,either about vinovest or something else,that weve talked about on the channel,just let me know in the comments or any,questions about this let me know and,ill get back to you,and then um,last thing i wanted to say is ive been,deep diving into the crypto world,um thats kind of what ive been,spending my time on so if you guys are,curious about that i can definitely post,some videos,um weve actually been doing a little,bit of mining as well so,any questions just let me know and i,will see you guys in the next one

Vinovest – My thoughts after 10 months

today were going to talk about vetovest,if you want more in-depth videos feel,free to google youtube around theres a,ton out there primary focus of this,video,is to,bring to like actual results over the,past 10 months,so,quickly about their process,you deposit money,and aveeno vest buys one for you stores,it you own it,so the interesting thing here is that,they dont securitize it so any bottle,of wine that you own,translates into a physical bottle of,wine thats stored in their storage,location something thats pretty cool,and interesting,and flip side is that you will pay a,management fee and that takes away from,your earnings a couple of more things,about we know best well lets go out of,business,right,one investing i dont think is anything,new,but making this available to the masses,uh certainly is,so heres directly from their website,you know vest goes out of business,because you own the underlying assets we,can still collect it and have it shipped,to you so that is reassuring,and then lastly how liquid is this,investment,you can sell your portfolio at any time,that will help you match with the,highest bidder network so it wont be,instant liquidity and you will,get your money back supposedly it takes,under four weeks a month,and this is actually something new three,percent early processing fee if you,choose a cellular portfolio in less than,three years,i actually didnt know that i wonder if,i can get grandfathered in,anyway news to me,a little bit about my portfolio so i,chose the aggressive,investment strategy,and this is what they provided me,i am no one kind of sewer,the one thing i do know is,percentages and returns and a 0.67,negative 6 month return,is not good i have this case of wine in,my storage collection,cost basis i believe was not a little,northern 906 divided by six,cost me about 151 dollars per bottle,now if i do a quick google search this,is what comes up,i can buy it at,145 dollars,a bottle,the other thing is i want to talk about,my returns so far blurt out my name,but heres what you see,right six bottles starter aggressive,investing overall down 33 bucks,and to dive into that a little bit,deeper again straight from the website,estimated returns,appreciation im down about 23 bucks,im also down twenty two dollars from,paying in fees,so overall im down forty five dollars,a stark difference to what they,advertise,as annualized twelve percent year over,years anyway on to the interesting part,now is actual performance,so,i just put in a thousand,and i keep letting the management fees,eat away at my fund,nonetheless ten month return im down,about three percent,a large majority of that is driven by,the management fees,now as a point of reference for everyone,out there were going to compare it to a,multitude right of vehicles that can,hold your cash in checking account,almost no growth but,still better than vino best,high yield savings account,almost no growth still better than,vinovest,crypto earn,so this is where,you can park your money in a platform,they can then lend your money out,um,and itll give you a roughly you know,six percent apr on that which is pretty,good you know invest is down compared to,this,over the same period s p actually grew 8,and then i threw bitcoin on here as well,18,growth,so yeah i mean vino vest currently is uh,down against all of it although they are,mandating a three-year,hold,which again i think is news to me,hopefully this will flip in three years,you know the conclusion that i am drawn,to personally,from these results,is that,better off,not parking my money and be no vest,but with the feds hiking the interest,rates,with uh inflation hitting eight percent,year over year this might,work out i guess well see the next six,months how it works thanks yall

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5 Wine Investments that Beat Stock Returns

wine investments have outperformed,global stock returns over the past 15,years with a 13 annualized return but,the average doesnt always tell the,whole story just like stocks pick the,right wines and you could be floored by,the returns rather than the alcoholic,content in this video ill reveal five,wine investments with amazing returns,including one with a forty nine hundred,percent return ill share why im,investing in wine and how to pick the,best bottles before we get started,though you know ive gotta send a,special shout out to all you out there,in the bowtie nation thank you for,spending a part of your day to be here,if youre not part of that community yet,just click that little red subscribe,button its free and youll never miss,an episode im partnering with vinovest,for todays video a trading platform,that opens up wine investing to everyone,investing in wine not only offers the,diversification and returns that ill,show you in this video but its a great,way to get involved with your,investments vinobest has recently,launched a new exchange platform with no,minimums and no holding periods for,beginners you can get your investments,picked for you through the platform,starter program with guaranteed,authenticated wines in excellent,conditions higher level plans include,lower fees access to rare wines and a,portfolio review with an expert expert,somalias choose the wines to highlight,on the platform for their investment,value and because of its size vinobest,is able to get access and discounts to,fine wines that only the one percent can,get all your wine is stored in,completely insured wine cellars to keep,it in perfect condition you can sell,your wine at any time and even have it,sent directly to you to enjoy our first,wine isnt necessarily the highest,return but has the distinction as the,worlds most expensive but maybe a,disclaimer first im just learning about,these wines myself so any of you budding,sommeliers find a mistake here in these,wines or in this video let me know in,the comments below also theres going to,be a lot of foreign names in this list,that i will butcher horribly so,forewarned is forearmed the 2004 vintage,block 42 of the barossa valley in,australia is the rarest of the rare the,winemaker has only released a handful of,vintages since 1953 and that year,commissioned glass artist nick mount to,create 12 ampoules for a limited edition,release the original price per ampule,and wooden cabinet 119,693,and now as high as 154 000 each next,here the only wine from the usa to make,the list a 1997 cabernet sauvignon from,the napa valley which wine expert robert,parker gave a perfect 100 and noted it,represents the essence of casss liquor,and sweet fruits just over 500 cases are,produced from each vintage of this wine,giving it instant rarity originally at,1800 a barrel and now worth over 4 100,each we still got three more of the best,performing wines to highlight but should,wine even be a part of your portfolio,and not only has the price of fine wines,beaten stocks with an annualized 13 over,the last 20 years but you get so much,more than just that price return from,learning about what the different,regions where wine has grown even down,to the best years for each this goes way,beyond an investment return now of,course the downside to wine investing,similar to a lot of other alternative,investments is the costs are going to be,higher than those other types of,investments like stocks and bonds,while an investment in a bottle of wine,might cost less than 20 bucks each,youre going to need to store it in the,right range of temperatures and at the,right level of humidity youll also need,to ensure your wine investments against,damage or theft and its really why that,annual fee of two and a quarter percent,to as high as 2.85 on vinobest doesnt,seem as high as you might think at first,when you consider its going to store,and insure your wine professionally,beyond that storage and insurance youre,going to get expert pricing as well as,other benefits like a portfolio review,and those access to rare wines third on,our countdown is from the piedmont,region and the italian alps famous for,its barolo and barbaresco wines italian,wine history dates as far back as 800 bc,and is now made up of 350 distinct,varieties of grapes each vintage of the,nebiolo wines from giacomo carterno,produces less than 600 cases and is,reserved in barrels for seven years,original price of this was just 232,dollars a bottle an investment that,would now be worth twelve hundred,dollars for a 420 return and the top two,spots on our list are from the burgundy,and champagne regions in france where,arguably the best wines in the world are,produced from one of the most recognized,brands in wine the domain de la romanie,created a 1972 vintage of just 450 cases,one bottle sold in the year 2000 for,1265,and recently for 11 284 for a return of,almost 800,but the vintage is approaching its,maturity so this one might be close to,topping out were coming up on the top,performing wine investment but i wanted,to also share four key factors to,picking your wine investments four,things to watch for to buy the best,bottle first is the producers of the,wine there are just some vintners,recognized as producing the best wines,like chateau cheval blanc and chateau,angelous with its history stretching all,the way back to 1782. now if youre,investing by yourself and taking,possession you also want to make sure,you get proof of authenticity not just,to prove it to yourself but also if you,sell the bottle later also get to know,the different regions for wine and not,only is this immersion learning one of,the benefits to wine investing but but,can also improve your returns its just,a fact that some regions like the,bordeaux and france are known for the,best returns in the market finally,youll also want to know which years are,considered the best for each region and,the vintners besides environmental,events that can make a particularly good,year for the region the age of a bottle,is going to be important for how long,you hold before you resell it and,topping our list is a wine of legend few,wines are as mythic as the 1907 hide,seek a sparkling wine from the champagne,region legend goes three thousand,bottles were being smuggled to russia,during world war one aboard a swedish,schooner jean coppin the schooner was,intercepted by germans in the baltic sea,the ship was sunk and the bottles were,lost forever that is until 1997 when a,swedish team salvaged the wine from the,wreck finding the champagne in perfect,condition its a part of wine history,but it does come at a price the original,auction in 1998 saw prices of just 83 a,bottle now worth over 4 170 each for a,return of forty nine hundred percent on,the investment click on the video to the,right for five alternative investments,to protect and grow your portfolio five,investments outside of stocks for safety,in a market crash dont forget to join,the lets talk money community by,tapping that subscribe button and,clicking the bell notification

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My Vinovest Portfolio Update! (Vinovest Wine Update)

okay guys welcome to Dow stock talk Im,just giving you an update on my vinovest,portfolio normally I have it on the,computer but this time Im going to do,it on the mobile app a couple people did,ask me some questions and I will,definitely go over it as you can see I,have a managed one for the regular long,term for thats 831 dollars and they,have the uh trading account but if,youre new make sure you hit that like,button and pretty much I go over topics,relating to investing and finance all,different types of alternative,Investments Ill drop a playlist just,check the suggested videos now guys as,one person asks me in the audience like,okay not in the audience but in the,comments how do you add funds so Im,just going to particularly go over that,first and then Ill show you an update,of as far as my managed portfolio and,well not necessarily my managed,portfolio but the wine portfolio and the,trading portfolio as well so what Im,going to do is let me move this over to,add funds which you would just click at,add funds at the top,and you can either let me actually move,me up some you can either add fun to the,managed or the trading so what were,going to do is Click manage because this,is the one now you have to also keep in,mind that the either you can only try,you have to at least transfer 500 so it,says,um,most wine cases cost at least five,hundred dollars we recommend deposit,enough funds to cover the full cost so,lets just see if we try a different,amount lets see lets try 100 well,just see I think I tried this before and,it didnt end up working so itll allow,you to select you know which one you,particularly want and Im just going to,briefly going over it and as you see you,cant hit preview deposit so but once we,go back and we hit the if it has to be,at least 500 so once we hit at least 500,right and now it allows you to do that,so it has to be at least 500 or it wont,allow you to go through it once again,were gonna hit the add funds because,someone asks me in the comments how you,did that and then you click manage,now also you also wanted to as far as to,choose a deposit you can do it through,credit card I wouldnt recommend that uh,US Bank wire but if you wanted to do the,bank transfer,um someone wanted me to go through this,process so I hit bank transfer now this,is normally what would come up so what,will happen is the way this setup is,once you will hit continue at the bottom,you will select the bank you,particularly have Im just just gonna,just pick one or the brokerage account,whatever one you have,and then the way it would end up working,you hit continue you know you hit,connect itll take you to your,um Banks page and then once you sign it,under your bank and password itll,automatically,um connect thats how thats done the,reason why I just went over it because,someone in the comments I asked about it,okay but lets go over the total,estimated value of my portfolio 1,370.91 uh we have,831.10 and they manage and for the,trading we have,539.81 so lets click the manage to see,how thats particularly going,so as you can see the account value,830.58 this is the only one the only,bottle I have a case of six,um it is currently down,15.71 lets click on this so this is the,bottle the estimated total position,756.29 gain loss since purchase 141,dollars average cost per case thats,what I pretty much pay,897.29 and its a hundred percent of my,portfolio and its from the Ukraine now,uh not Ukraine the UK,um but yes I just wanted to definitely,kind of go over this because I have only,one bottle that couldnt make it a lot,more risky since you know I only have,one particular bottle,um if you guys want to see another wine,investing platform just look I think,its called event just look at the,suggested um videos okay so I have that,I went over that I I noticed that on the,app they dont show like the one month,three months in a couple years I mean,one month three months then you only,have a year and all the time they just,have it um nice Chris and just kind of,just show you the overall I think as,when youre looking at wine since wine,is normally supposed to hold it for like,a pretty long time that could be why,they dont show it because a lot of,people may get caught up in the short,term a lot of times from the wine that I,which Ive seen sometime over in over 10,years in order to see like a real value,change so Ill definitely kind of keep,you guys update to see how that,particularly goes now if you want to,look at the transactions as you can see,we also you they also charge monthly,fees just to hold its like an annual,fee or something like that I believe,because its a thousand I only have a,thousand dollars its like 2.85 so that,can definitely climb up there as you can,see I deposited a thousand dollars the,wine that I bought was,897.29 and the monthly fees they are,starting to you know to add up 2.85,annually each particular year does add,up and we can see dollar here two,dollars here a dollar a dollar a month,so they it definitely kind of adds up so,Im definitely going to see and keep an,eye on that as well,okay so lets and by the way if you was,wondering when I purchased it you can,click that I purchased it October 31st,2021 so this is over a little over a,year now so let me go back let me go,back to the home again now for the,trading account this is the trading,account and what I would have to do is,you at the bottom if you click portfolio,its a portfolio button click that and,then on this one as you can see Im down,13 now when it comes to trading one I,really have no clue what um particular,uh doing and it shows you you know one,month three months one year,of how the price has been fluctuating,and this is it also shows the estimated,value since 11 6 20 22.,um,to,all as well like 65.85 but,um this is the market value 66.82 cents,this is my average price 76.88 so for,all these its pretty obvious that um,um down and to show how much Im down uh,just lets actually go back a little bit,13 so Im down 13 overall on this one,and like I said to buy and sell its,its a pretty simple process you just,hit that preview I mean review and Im,not gonna buy it I bought it on the,other one if you want to see if you guys,have any questions just um let me know,and uh My overall experience with this,is,give my overall experience with this is,a cool platform but I mean for me,uh its okay I havent had it long,enough to say for sure but uh this is,for me still an experimental its still,in the experimental process I definitely,have to keep it for a much longer time,frame probably at least have to revisit,this like five or seven years because,remember its supposed to be held,um long term so Im just going to keep,giving you guys updates normally youre,supposed to look at things,um probably years and years from now but,a lot of people want me to keep doing,um updates so they want me to keep doing,updates so Ill keep going doing updates,as you can see my cash I will also,mention that this very interesting on,this platform where you actually its,very actually hard to withdraw you might,actually have to call them and say you,would like to withdraw money I thought,that was one of the downsides as far,course the customer service,and customer service kind of get back to,you way late a lot of times if you call,them then they dont necessarily answer,but the best way I think to reach them,is actually on the app Im going to,actually show you guys I would just,scroll all the way down and click book a,call and you know I would you know,schedule you know uh North advisor I,mean North America advisor and schedule,that schedule one of those times to me,that is the best way to reach them,because other than that you can email,them but sometimes they dont get really,get back to you I emailed them a lot of,times you might have to email once or,twice and they eventually do get back to,you but the customer service could,definitely um get better now you also,have to remember too all assets overall,across the boa

My Vinovest Wine Portfolio Update! (Vinovest Update)

hey welcome to dial stock talk where i,talk about toppings relating to,investing in finance but more,specifically these,in this video ill be giving you an,update on the spinovest portfolio if you,guys are new to vinnovest vinobes gives,you the ability to invest in physical,wine so they do all the hard part for,you they keep it at warm temperatures,they hold the bottle for you and they,normally do all the research to help you,determine which one is a good one to buy,so it does all that so its pretty much,hands off now if you guys would like a,full review on it make sure you check my,suggested videos in this portfolio i,mean in this video ill be just giving,you an update but before we get started,make sure you smash the like button,because it helps youtube algorithm it,helps you to know that your content and,help my videos reach a broader audience,also if youre interested into finance,and investing and you like invest in,finance t-shirts make sure you check out,my store wall street stock apparel where,i make custom finance and investing,t-shirts lets jump right into it and i,also want to mention there is another,wine company that ill be doing a video,on so make sure you guys if youre,interested in this make sure you check,that video out itll be coming soon,now okay lets scroll down as you can,see of my portfolio right now i have my,wine collection six bottles lets click,on that to see which type of bottle i,have this is the type of bottle that i,have in my portfolio,and the six month return is is minus,4.15 percent thats in the past six,months and it like i said before it,gives you the ability,um to see more information but lets,just look at it for a little bit closely,so this is what the bottle looks like,now the value of the bottle is 863,dollars and i have 90 dollars in cash i,do want to mention that in order to use,this investment you have to have a,minimum of a thousand dollars and then i,normally theyll probably buy the one or,seven or eight hundred dollars i do want,to mention though i do have a video,thatll be coming very soon where you,can do invest in partial wine shares for,i believe like 50 or 100 dollars like i,said that video will be coming soon but,i just want to give you guys an update,now as we can see what im going to do,is im going to click overview,once i click overview im just going to,show you the estimated,um the total account value so if we go,from one week im down thirteen dollars,one month im up one dollar and ten,cents,six months im down 22 dollars,one year im down 22 dollars and all of,course im down 22 dollars because i i,dont believe i had it,for a year but i dont want to mention,that my investment plan is aggressive,and normally as you can see,this is more so a long-term investment,so in the short term youre not really,going to see much but from the,investment from the investment time,period that im getting i believe,theyre saying 10 to 15 years so this is,definitely a long term,investment so just to keep that in mind,and also im going to end up scrolling,down for year to date,estimate estimated appreciation it was,down a little bit the fees at six,dollars and ten cents so the s as far as,the fees i like that theyre being very,transparent,so sometimes on these particular,platforms you want to keep track of the,fees and by the way if you also are,interested and to get into this,portfolio i have a referral link link,you and me will get three months free,of the advisory fees now if you look at,the all time so we say for the all-time,appreciation is down 34 dollars and the,fees is 12,so,technically totally for 20 22 year to,date im down,17 and if you include the fees as well,all the time im down forty six dollars,but like i said keep in mind that this,is a long-term investment and im just,going to go over it so the minimum,investment will be a thousand dollars,but im going to be having like i said a,platform um that im going to go over,later which have a much lower on their,entry like i said this particular,investments as far as investing in wine,is a little outside of my area of,expertise so like i said im just,putting a,small amount and im just going to see,how this goes on long-term now i already,know that looking at this from a,long-term prospect so the price of,the wine bottles in the short term is,not going to be that big of a deal and i,know i have a much longer time frame,with im really not concerned about it,um at all so im going to click,portfolio i already covered this and by,the way for the buying power i do have,ninety dollars in cash and i like it in,several different places they show you,the total amount of bottles six,total cost basis 897 and the,estimated total position 863 so they are,very,transparent about this now lets,actually see where i what price i mean,when did i actually purchase it we can,go to transactions so im going to,scroll down to the transactions i like,how they have it this is the date august,18th i transfer a thousand dollars,on august 31st i say about two weeks,they end up purchasing a wine for me,and as you can see there they show you,the fees each particular,month,and once again the fees i believe its,2.85 annually of the total portfolio,value,and as you can see august 31st 2021,thats when i purchased it so it hasnt,been quite a year so its been a much,shorter time frame and also each month,they give you an update if you go to,documents each month they give you,a account oops this is for february each,month they give you an account update of,your portfolio so theyre very,transparent they send you one each month,and they also send you you a email as,well with those particular guys i also,wanted to mention that they they will,have a spin-off and they have one for,whiskey,i think i signed up on the waiting list,so i might um do that for video purposes,as well so you can see how the whiskey,will end up going but right now its not,available i believe im on the wait list,but i definitely wanted to show you guys,they have something new that ive seen,for the very first time let me go back,on the dashboard,and i believe they allow you to they,have this new beta thing this is,something i just seen,it says trading beta it says 100 control,you can buy and sell why on demand so i,was just really seeing that i thought,that was pretty interesting so i clicked,on it and,just to get more insight so its almost,like it appears to be like a trading,account it says to fund the account a,start investment one to three business,days oh actually lets read from the top,it says every few weeks we hand pick,limited supply of high performing one,from our top wine region investors can,add these frying wines to their,portfolio through releasing exclusively,on our trading platform so the steps is,it says one to three business days they,can start investing,part two build your custom portfolio on,worldwide class you can have early,access if you sign up and then when,youre ready you can list the bottles,and you can sell on our marketplace im,curious to definitely see how this work,and by the way i did sign up for early,access im curious to see how this,component will end up working and to add,funds to the trading account you can end,up adding funds and what im gonna try,to do,is im going to see it right now if i,can,oh it looks like you as far as the,amount of money,that you can deposit lets see,the minimum amount of money that,we can,oops it looks like the minimum maybe,5 000 let me see,lets see see if i can transfer 50 im,just going to see if i can transfer 50.,oh so it does let me transfer,to the trading account lets see,so yeah so this like i said im doing,this in real time so i successfully,transfer 50,into the trading account im curious to,see how this works says you successfully,trade i mean you successfully deposit,the money in and one to three days it,should be clear,depending on your plot deposit method,your fund will be added in one in three,days im gonna hit done and lets see it,should have automatically tra

Is Fine Wine a Good Investment?| (Vinovest Review)

welcome to dallas stock talk where i,talk about topics relating to investing,and finance but more specifically the,stock market,in this particular video though itll be,about a platform that allows you to,invest in mine but before we get started,make sure you smash the like button,because it helps the youtube algorithm,quality content and help my videos reach,a broader,audience now like i said normally i talk,about the stock market but this,particular video,i thought this platform was super cool,and im going to be doing a review on it,im going to tell you what i think and,why why may be a good alternative,investment,now this particular platform is called,venofest,and theyre a platform that allows you,to invest in the,physical wine so the good thing about it,is they,store it they insure it and they have a,team of experts,that looks for wine that appreciates,over time,now you might think why invest in wine,now according to this site,one has outperformed the s p 500,over the past 30 years if you dont know,what the s p,500 is make sure you just make sure you,check the suggested,videos but according to this up from,2000,up to 2012 one has performed 220,compared to the s p 500 which was 490,percent,so thats pretty good and like i said,one has outperformed the s p 500 by a,thousand percent,over the last 20 years so as you guys,can see i went to a different website,which goes,have different types of wine indexes as,you can see before i was referring to,the wine x,100 index im thinking its talking,about the best 100,wines as you can see that one is in the,black,it did outperform the s p 500 index and,these as well as other champagnes and,other stuff,but i just kind of wanted to go through,that pretty briefly,now the thing this that makes wine,increase in value,is scarcity aging and brand equity and,they said,wine gets better with time thats what,they end up saying,so like i said the good thing about it,is they guarantee that its,the wine is authentic they have a team,of experts,that looks at the wine they store it,make sure itself,and it is insured and the good thing,about this,is if you would even like to have the,physical one,in person theyll actually end up,shipping it to you and also,as far as help and support they were,really helpful,i called she answered immediately she ex,she provided me with even insights about,their returns and stuff,so ill definitely share with that any,type of questions i had,i was able to call an email and she did,provide me with that information,so i would say that customer service was,pretty good,as well they had three different,packages standard premium,and grand as you can see the minimum,investment would be a thousand,dollars with the annual fee of two point,eight five percent,that is a little bit high i guess if you,factor into the fact that they are,storing it um they are having it insured,for something like this this is outside,of my comfort zone but,because ive actually seen the returns,its actually the fees is not actually,that bad,compared to type of returns that you end,up getting thats like lets jump into,the return,so this is the actual returns from 2020,that is net of fees so if you can see,from the 1000,to 5000 its 6.61 and i talked to the,lady and she was saying,pretty much because youre investing a,smaller amount,they cant pick the um the wires thatll,be a higher amount,because they want to make sure they can,create your portfolio to make it,versatile,as you can see as you can contribute,more money they can get,a lot more expensive ones as far as,diversify and thats why you can see the,returns is much higher,but 6.61 after net fees is not that bad,like i said this was just for 2020 a lot,of times but,why you expected at least having a five,year investment,so i thought that was good and they also,showed you,she showed me a sample she actually,provided this exclusively for me,a sample portfolio of how they end up,looking this is the aggressive plan by,the way,they have it where you can since,conservative moderate or aggressive as,you can see,this was the aggressive plan for five,thousand dollars,as you can see these are the ones that,they bought and these,are the returns as you can see if we go,at the ten thousand dollar one,these are the bottle of orders that they,provided i mean that they end up getting,it for this portfolio,and the returns as well as,twenty 000 as you can see that i just,wanted to kind of show you,so you guys can have an idea of what,particular returns you can expect,and also the good thing about it is they,do have a blog that has,all different types of information,about different types of one educating,you,on the type of wine if you want lets,just click on this,to see what type of articles they have,like i said this is one of the articles,that they end up having,so they definitely keep you informed and,also this is the video best,100 index which tracks the fine wine,market as,you can see for each particular year you,can see what the return was,so from 2019 not so good of a year,5.9 but lets go back to 2018 12.5,2017 18.9 so you know,2016 19.3 so they do provide,a lot of information of what the returns,would be,in the wine market also if you as you,can see they have different types of,they show you exactly what types of wine,that would be in there,like i said its 100 total these are the,all the different types of wine,theyre tracking as well as they give,you reports on how your performance is,doing,i really like that i think that was,pretty cool and i just,wanted to click on for quarter one 20 21,so you know exactly what youll end up,seeing,so they give you a you know a summary of,pretty much whats going on as well as,as far as what increased and what,decreased,they gave you a lot more details in the,particular report,to give you the news all different types,of things so you can see,how the wine is performing to give you,information about it,you can see some of the returns right,there and like i said its very,comprehensive,so i just want to get you a brief,overview of what you could expect when,you look at the quarterly,reports and they also have a about page,that allows you to give you more,information,on the company as well as who,are the ceos founders software engineer,so they do give you all that information,and once you end up signing in this is,what youll end up seeing,by the way i will be um depositing a,thousand dollars,to do this particular investment just to,track and see how it does,and if you want to continue or want to,see,progress of the updated videos this is,what ill do but i just recently signed,up so you can see,once you sign up this is what youll end,up seeing,as you can see theyll track it one,month one day one month,one year all so theyll track all of,that theyll actually show you,appreciation,after fees and all that other stuff the,good thing about it is they do have a,referral link,i dont have one anybody recording this,video but if you end up signing,under someone else you you do sign under,someone else the first three months,um first the management fees you dont,have to worry about it,when i click on portfolio your bottles,of wine would be right there in the,going price for it,like i said they have the transactions i,didnt do any particular transaction,so i just want to give you an idea of,what you can expect and once again guys,i,will keep you posted on how well this,portfolio ended up doing,but that pretty much is it i wanted to,let you guys,know that i will be sharing the wine,investing journey on my youtube channel,so make sure you guys hit the like,button if youre new,make sure you subscribe to my channel if,you have any questions concerns about,wine investing or anything else,regarding the stock market stock,analysis,drop in the comments below and once,again if you havent already,make sure you hit the like button and if,youre new make sure you subscribe to my,channel,[Music]

Is Investing in Wine Worth It?

chances are if you clicked on this video,youre probably someone thats had a,glass of wine or two in your life,whether youre someone that buys 10,bottles of wine at the grocery store or,youre a wine connoisseur chances are,also pretty high that you know someone,in your life thats really really into,wine or at least pretends to be,regardless wine is a massive industry,across the globe and while for most,people its an occasional indulgence for,others its a huge investment,opportunity so today im going to break,down why people invest in wine how you,can do it and whether or not its,actually a good investment but first we,need to go back a bit and understand,what sets investment quality fine wine,apart from the stuff that you can pick,up in the grocery store its estimated,that there are nearly a hundred thousand,wine producers in the world but only,around 250 of them actually produce,investment quality wine table wine or,mass market wine which is the stuff you,find at the grocery store is usually,intended to be consumed within a season,or two after its bottled these are not,intended to age and if the bottle sits,for too many years the composition of,the wine changes but with these cheaper,wines its not in a good way fine wines,on the other hand are to some degree,subjective there isnt a hard set of,rules or criteria for what qualifies,wine as fine wine but these wines are,usually produced from very high quality,grapes that are grown under excellent,conditions sometimes in a very desirable,wine region unlike table wines fine wine,is intended to age and not only tastes,better over time but increases in value,over time as well of these fine wines,the highest quality ones are often held,as investments and theyre considered,veblen goods which means that as the,price increases the demand for them,actually increases too now if you think,that wine investing is a super niche,thing that only like old french men do,sitting on their piles of money in their,wine cellars youd actually be wrong,wine investing is quite a popular,alternative investment just like we have,stock exchanges theres actually a whole,fine wine exchange its called the,london international vintners exchange,or livx and its basically the global,marketplace where wines are traded and,just like we have indices in the stock,market like the s p 500 there are,actually indices within the wine market,too like the livx fine wine 1000 which,tracks the performance of 1 000 wines,from across the world so why do some,people choose wine as an alternative,investment some groups of wine have,actually outperformed the s p 500 over,the last 20 years but just like anything,else some years will be up some years,will be down sometimes there are factors,outside of just the regular wine market,that will influence that years wine,prices for example climate or if there,is a strange weather event or if there,is a catastrophe in one of the wine,storage units but something that,attracts a lot of people to wine as an,alternative investment is that wine has,a very low correlation to the stock,market meaning that whatever the stock,market is doing doesnt necessarily,impact the performance of wine for any,alternative asset class that low,correlation can make it an attractive,option for diversifying outside of the,stock market ill dive into what exactly,causes the price of wine to go up but,first i want to thank vinovest for,sponsoring this video vinovest is an,online platform that allows you to,easily invest in wine without the hassle,of dealing with wine brokers or auctions,or trying to figure out how to store it,on your own vinovest selects acquires,and securely stores your wine in state,of the art facilities these facilities,are monitored 24 7 and are climate,controlled to ensure the security of,your investment vinovest inspects every,bottle for authenticity and guarantees,your wines provenance and each bottle,is insured in case of any catastrophic,events with vinovest you can manage your,wine investments and buy more or sell,more at any time or if you decide that,you would rather drink your wine than,sell it you can actually request wines,from your portfolio whenever you like,for any occasion or reason if youre,ready to build your alternative,investment portfolio and start investing,in wine ill have that link to vinovest,in the description for you to get,started but lets go back to why the,prices of wine go up in the first place,wine production dates back 6 500 years,so that may leave you wondering whats,the big deal with some of these specific,wines and what causes the prices to go,up in the first place usually the most,valuable investment quality wines have a,good track record over centuries and,theyve received high praise from wine,critics like i said at the beginning of,the video this is a very small group of,wines usually from particular regions,like bordeaux burgundy the rhone italy,champagne just to name a few and yes,those regions are what a lot of these,wine types are actually named after the,first thing that causes the prices of,these wines to go up is scarcity so the,scarcity of these wines can be planned,or intentional but sometimes its just,due to the nature of these specific wine,regions if a winery only produces 200,bottles in a year that wine would be,more expensive compared to if they,produce 2 000 bottles on the same token,if a winery has lower production one,year than in previous years that can,drive the price up due to the decreased,supply if they produce a limited edition,wine the more bottles that are consumed,means that the remaining ones are more,hard to come by and therefore become,more expensive the second factor that,affects the price of wine is h both the,current age of the wine and how the wine,continues to age over time fine wines,unlike those table wines improve in,taste over time different types of wine,have different ideal time periods of how,long they should age for so given that,time period the wines age when you,purchase it will also play into how long,you actually have to keep storing it,before it can be resold and the third,factor is brand equity certain vineyards,and wineries have a very good reputation,because of the quality of their grapes,and wine a lot of times just like you,see with expensive coffees its due to,the growing conditions and microclimates,of those regions well-known brands that,are both consistent and reliable with,their wine quality can pull in some very,very high prices but in addition to that,quality and consistency theres also,prestige some of these cases of wines,can sell for hundreds if not thousands,of dollars and since youre not opening,up a bottle of wine before you invest in,it youve got to get your information,from somewhere so since wine investors,are not usually tasting the wine before,they actually invest in it they do,usually rely on the reviews of highly,respected wine critics and a few critics,in particular like robert parker can,have a huge influence on the wine market,and which wines are the most sought,after the more attention that a wine,brand gets from these critics and at,auctions the higher the price of that,wine will be so the wines origin,storage and handling are all things that,actually affect the price of wine as,well and this is referred to as the,provenance and these are some of the,main things people mess up when trying,to diy their wine investments themselves,if wine isnt stored properly in a,climate controlled environment it can,completely change the flavor of the wine,and even cause it to spoil this is where,a lot of people run into issues if,theyre storing it in their own homes,the wrong climate can completely ruin,your investment and it may deter other,people from buying that wine from you,when youre ready to sell so a lot of,people will turn to wine storage,companies that handle it for them but,paying for that on your own can,definitely get expensive if you arent,using a company or an online platform,that includes that in their ser

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