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  6. Visage is a Most Disturbing Horror Game
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How Scary is Visage?!

[Music],[Music],hello and welcome back to another,episode of how scary is presented by,5-hour energy this time were playing,vicinage is apparently very frightening,and Im in a very dark room lets see,how this goes for us cowards this is,hard patience through investigation and,good resource management are your best,friends cool so stuff Im bad with in,real life Oh what is that just put it in,there so I can fight the ghost or,whatever this is like the slowest,reloading ever what is happening right,now,[Music],hell of an intro that was intense not,scared yet maybe a little disturbed Oh,gross,is this like after I shot those people,its like a happy-go-lucky room,Im slipping in blood or whatever let it,oh no Im Im limping assuming Im,playing as a character named Igor its,rose your neighbor I know its late and,I apologize for that,but Im getting a bit worried thats cuz,I killed my family stop snooping is,everything rude thing is that alright I,just shot some TV,IRL theres no way in hell I would walk,down this hallway lets see how fast he,I dont suppose like just leave can I,yeah thats a Czech salad Im just gonna,go upstairs now oh its such a terrible,idea its like a bathroom bathrooms are,bad oh god this isnt scary at all,q-tips 400 count yeah popping some pills,hell yeah,all natural shampoo can I do anything,with that its gross toilet no I have a,thing about shower curtains nothing good,ever happens when you open the shower,curtain okay,Oh oh jeez else do we have this is Im a,messy person but this family,seriously does not keep things in a good,place a lot of flannel get down there,nope no no oh god thats so dark oh my,god I dont like this yes,Lucys chapter an insidious friend oh,great a childs bedroom the most,terrifying of places its like Baba duck,Oh get babadook I dont want to do this,anymore this sucks,oh this Akita this Akitas heat great,cant leave my own house,wake up Dolores nope I got to go into,the creepy sheet room its gone cool,thats fine,oh my god can you please run why is this,door open now what if I dont go forward,what if I just leave it and go home all,right,Im really hoping this is a mirror like,the other one and not a dude in a pig,mask what is going on yes we heard,something upstairs,oh you go away,[Music],No stop making those sounds,just open it open the door just get,going to think what are we going to,visit the childs grave now what is this,place the quarry well thats sad yes,what could possibly go wrong up there oh,the treehouse of my dead child my,favorite place to hang out,hi Im Lucy hello Lucy I want to be your,friend Lucy no one wants to be oh boy,what is that,good lord oh no Lucy what do they do,perfect,try running down the hallway here I can,run now okay were going a little too,fast Oh No,Oh creepiest basement I got a,sledgehammer sure sure yes no you know,when tea time is and yet you always find,a way to be late be a doll and fetch me,some of my specialty,putting the tea in the cup winter white,Earl Grey tea you need to both hands so,Oh that make you can drop my hammer,[Music],still got me I knew it shut up,what bridge your work god,did the hammer get the hammer get the,hammer get the hammer get the hammer,theres no way this kind of fitting that,of it first of all no good Lord just do,it just get out of the goddamn house do,it I switch yes oh oh oh,now do that for the entire house just,burn the whole gun down good cut but,great,[Music],thats enough for me,feel free to let us know in the comments,how much braver than us you are and for,more things frightening keep it right,here on IGN and remember always play,games with all the lights on and all,your friends over we ever play it in a,dark room like this its just

Visage is the Most Terrifying Game I Have Ever Played (Review/Analysis)

[Music],[Music],visage is a psychological horror game,inspired by the ever so impactful pt,demo from 2014.,the game has been in early access for,over two years now,and has just received its full release,on october 30th,the early access version of the game,sported two lengthy chapters full of,terrifying content that people were,enthralled by,including myself the full release added,two more chapters to the game,creating a grand total of four without,spoiling anything,im just gonna say this right off the,bat visage is the most terrifying game,i have ever played and i have a vast,collection in my horror catalogue,while visage has earned this badge of,honor for me that doesnt mean its the,best horror game ive ever played,not by a long shot particularly its,fully released version,welcome to the lab and im going to,start off with a non-spoiler segment,then move on to the real meat of what i,truly think about this game,lets get started,visage is essentially every horror,cliche youve ever seen,smashed into one game weve got haunted,houses dark tunnels,abandoned hospitals vhs tapes creepy,little girls,creepy old ladies laboratories factories,dark dream sequences,you name it visage has it what really,makes it stand out though is that visage,pulls off most of these cliches,really really well its atmosphere is,phenomenal,the main house makes you feel unsafe at,all times,even when you know the layout of the,house back and forth youll still be,scared to wander the corridors no matter,how late into the game you are,floorboards creak light switches get,flicked on and off you think you hear,footsteps so you stop moving,only for those sounds to stop too the,first two hours of this game,in my opinion are worth the price alone,just for the unforgettable experience,it is scarier than pt it is scarier than,resident evil 7 it is scarier than,outlast,do yourself a favor and play this in a,dark room alone late at night,i cant quite describe exactly how it,gets this simple concept so right,when theres so many other indie games,that try and do the same but damn it,does get it right,if that description sounded good to you,and thats all i can really say to keep,this segment spoiler free,then just buy the game its best,experienced without knowing anything,prior,and just as a warning this is another,game that doesnt hold your hand,youre usually given one clue on how to,progress and if that clue seems vague to,you,youd better start getting creative i,strongly encourage you not to look at,any guides,until you get to the last chapter youll,know what im talking about,before that for chapters one through,three give yourself a solid,20 minutes to figure out a puzzle or how,to progress,and i swear it feels rewarding figuring,it all out on your own,if youre more skeptical about your,horror games stick around right now,here are some negative aspects of visage,the inventory system is clunky and,somewhat difficult to get used to,theres never an indication that you can,click inside your inventory to store,your currently held consumable item,i figured that out on my own by accident,the system is also incredibly limited,you can hold only four consumables and,theres many times in the game where,your hands have to be occupied by a key,item,limited inventories arent a bad thing,but youre constantly in need of these,consumables so youre going to be,dropping them and picking them back up a,lot im pushing the boundaries of what,spoiling is in order to convey this,negative aspect but,im gonna say this games style plays,out just like resident evil 7 in terms,of progression,it starts out swinging hitting you hard,with heart attacks but somewhere after,the halfway mark,the quality drops significantly you know,how resi 7 just throws the molded at you,for the last few chapters,this game does something similar with a,different type of enemy and the last,negative aspect is the other side of the,coin and the good thing i mentioned,earlier,sometimes the game takes it too far with,the hole not telling you anything idea,you will find yourself wandering,aimlessly opening every cabinet and,dresser you see,desperately trying to find some way to,progress the story if youve got a keen,eye or tend to get lucky,id say still go for it blind but if,youre getting frustrated,like i said give it 20 minutes then go,ahead and look at a guide,as for a quick frame of reference i did,not use a guide in order to beat this,game,not once the main reason for that is i,was playing it so,soon after its release that nobody had,created a guide for it yet so i was,playing in the dark,my play time without a guide was a,little over 11 hours,i think it could have easily been seven,if i had a guide im not kidding,and thats it on the overarching opinion,i need to talk about the story now the,goods and bads of it so,here comes the spoiler review,the game begins with a gruesome scene,the character you play as is in the,process of murdering his family in cold,blood,concluding with finishing himself off,you then wake up and begin walking,around the house with striking,similarities to pt,you learn about items and sanity along,with the beginning of paranormal events,youll eventually come across an item,that states it will begin a chapter,these chapters are what make up the,progression of the game and they explore,the lives of the people who lived in the,house before you,so as you walk around the house think of,it as sort of a hub,for it to begin the actual story,elements of the game which take you to,other places,the chapter layouts are the same except,for the final one,you begin in the house then you solve a,light puzzle followed by being,transported to a different location and,reliving the events of the dead persons,life,this is where the caves hospital and,other locations come into play the,chapters revolve around the characters,lucy,dolores raikkonen and you the player,character dwayne,in my opinion the chapters descend in,quality as they ascend in order,lucys chapter is by far the most,frightening and dwaynes chapter is the,least frightening and the most tedious,i think it may be worth pointing out,that reikins and duanes chapters were,added in order to complete the game,lucy and dolores chapters have been in,the game for a long time i personally,find the content available in the early,access version of the game more,enthralling and scarier than,in the contents added in full release,now im not going to make any statements,like oh the devs got lazy with their,early access money but,factually scenarios scenes and many,assets are reused in the chapter 4,sequences of the game,along with only one enemy type so it,really just feels like it was kind of,thrown together,so just take that as you will but lets,talk about the good stuff,chapters 1 and 2 are great horror,content filled with threatening enemies,and interesting puzzles,lucy and her monster are extremely,imposing and lucys introduction was in,my opinion,better than in the pt demo the first,encounter with her was so chilling i,didnt know whether i would die in the,game or have a heart attack in real life,first,[Music],the camera mechanic is a great way of,showing how this game pulls off its,cliches really well,it gets a bit annoying having to use the,camera so often in the dark,but when it goes for a scare it really,works,i also like how if youre quick enough,with the camera you can stop the shadow,monster from pursuing you,its a bit difficult to pull off though,dolores isnt as threatening of a,pursuer,shes just kind of an old lady her,chapter is full of mesmerizing,environments though,and theres still the threat of death to,you at almost all times the game takes a,turn when you get to raikkonens chapter,it shifts from mind-bending but doable,puzzles over to the pure chase sequences,i think its somewhat appropriate since,it reflects reagans personality of,being more aggressive,but once again hes just not as,threatening he literally comes at you,with two broken legs,they made this chapter in t

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Visage PS4 Review – A Fiendishly Good Horror Experience | Pure Play TV

[Music],hello there gorgeous gamers and welcome,back to pure play tv,and weve got another review for you and,this time its visage for ps4,xbox one and pc though in this video,were looking at the ps4 version of the,game,running on ps4 pro and a review code was,provided by the publisher,many horror games have attempted to,recapture the rare feat that was,kojimas pt the cancelled silent hill,game has sparked a mini subgenre of,exploring the creepy suburban home,with heavy psychological elements being,the centerpiece,developers sad square studio is the next,to join the ranks with their game,visage however will fear be found at,every creaking corridor corner for the,right reasons,before we carry on with this video do us,a favor and hit the like and subscribe,buttons down below and dont forget the,bell icon so youre the first to know,when weve got new stuff,cheers medias you assume the role of,dwayne and you wake up in a pool of,blood,finding yourself in a dark dreary empty,room,soon afterwards you receive a phone call,from a neighbor saying that they havent,seen you in about three weeks,and theyre worried from here you travel,through the forgotten rooms and,corridors of the residence,to unravel the secrets that are crawling,within the walls it becomes clear in,this abandoned house,not all is what it seems through the,chilling house there will be cues in the,form of items that can be,interacted with to activate different,chapters,each of these four chapters will tell a,different tragic story of the house,and the poor and fortunate souls who,once resided within,the chapters have many barriers to,overcome in the form of confusing,puzzles to be solved,and clues for you to hunt down quite,often,it felt like i was playing a twisted,game of follow the leader,with the music on mute it wasnt always,obvious what moves the game wanted me to,perform next,in the sequence and it expected no,margin of error when performing these,tasks,otherwise it was impossible to move on,this was made even more frustrating for,me,by the ghostly apparitions and demonic,visions that roamed the halls,these visions were frightening and,gruesome to look at,but its even more frightening when they,catch and dispose of you,in quite disturbing ways ill admit that,many times i died because of these,unwelcome guests,the atmosphere of the house in all,honesty is truly eerie,with some great uses of both sound and,visuals,there are many sounds which are,hair-raising with crashes and cracklings,randomly throughout the house,giving it a very unnerving feeling the,game also knows when to use echoing,silence at just the right points for,dramatic effect,it draws upon many paralyzing images and,moving visuals,these dark depictions conjure up,sinister visions and help build upon the,dark tone and mood,throughout the experience the inventory,can be restrictive at times and leaves,you feeling,unsatisfied with the management system,there are two sets of items that you can,carry,dynamic items that are essential to your,survival can range from lighters,cameras and pills that can be found,around and there are also key items,like room keys which help you navigate,puzzles throughout the game,you can only carry four dynamic items at,any given time,that may sound like a lot but when,youre in a near-death scenario,balancing items is easier said than done,four really does not go far and it often,led me to drop,items to make room for others afterwards,i would double back on myself,hoping that i would remember lumbering,in the dark where the item was dropped,with the abandoned house being so big to,explore it contains a lot of stuff,this was initially fun to explore and it,made me take the time to look at every,nook and cranny,it was a good storytelling method too as,it makes you throw yourself into the,experience,like picking up and examining family,photo frames,and imagining what might have happened,to unleash the current supernatural,events,yet after a while theres so much random,stuff in the house,a lot of the items have nothing to do,with the story at all,sometimes even if an item can be used i,found myself asking,the question should i be using this item,right now,for instance should i change a light,bulb that has blown,will it help me who knows visage,embraces an amnesia style system of,sanity control for the character,this is displayed by red cloud in the,left hand corner of the screen,just like real life many factors will,come along and affect your sanity,when the red cloud appears things will,escalate quickly with paranormal,activity,usually following close behind depending,on what your sanity meter is at,it will stop you from performing certain,tasks to progress to the next stage,and it can even result in surprise,supernatural attacks,your sanity can be restored by staying,in well-lit,areas or by popping some pills that are,found scattered around the house,the only problem is its hard to gauge,what point of the meter youre at,with the meter only really appearing,when your sanity is already too far,gone my experience with visage was a bit,like a swinging pendulum,on the one hand it didnt rely on,traditional jump scares,to get the pulse going instead it lays,in weight,biding its time and allows you to make,your own mistakes which will,inevitably lead to your downfall in this,sense it heavily relies on psychological,elements to create a truly bone chilling,experience,that i surprisingly quite enjoyed at the,other end of the scale,in a game that had such an explorative,nature other mechanics used went,directly against this,such as opening doors being a downright,nuisance,if you have the patience for figuring,out puzzles visage will offer a,fiendishly good horror experience,and thats the end of this review if you,enjoyed it and found it useful you know,what to do,go down below like subscribe give the,bell a little tickle,so that you get notified when weve got,new stuff ive been chris,and ill see you on the next one until,then bye,[Music],you

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Visage Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],[Music],crazy,[Music],following the release of silent hills,demo known as pt,horror fans became hungry for dark,supernatural puzzle-based adventures,the first person elements can be seen in,bigger titles the little comes close to,the sense of discovery that pt provided,now developer sad square studio is,trying their hand at the genre with the,release of visage,inspired by pt we get an experience that,nails creativity by adding a few unique,elements to the genre,visage is told over multiple chapters,each focusing on a different individual,the chapters themselves are pieces of a,much,larger narrative involving this house,that you find yourself in,its not explicitly explained who you,are or what youre doing there but that,just leaves room to figure it all out,interestingly you can roam around the,house as much as you want but you will,eventually hit a wall with progression,the game requires you to interact with,specific objects that will trigger a,chapter to begin,these can be taken on in any order but,ultimately allow you to progress the,houses story,after beginning a chapter youll be,locked in until you complete it,providing subtle clues about what,exactly is going on,visage is not an easy game and it,requires thinking outside the box,in some cases and simply exhausting,several options until you figure it out,some chapters are easier than others but,they each have their moments,their run time revolves around how much,time it takes you to piece together,where to go or what to do,but after you figure out its possible,to get through them in an hour each,however dont let the fact that the game,requires you to be perceptive have you,wasting time picking up mindless objects,and looking for clues,most of the hints are right in front of,you and if you arent progressing youre,probably going the wrong way its this,way through every chapter,and most of the time youll roll your,eyes wondering why it took you so long,to figure something out this frustration,of progression is not at the fault of,the game either,although you can go the wrong way there,are subtle clues about what to do,one thing that helped me was exploring,the house as much as possible first and,doing my best to memorize the many,different rooms,this way when i began a chapter i could,see if anything changed which will alert,me that this is probably what i need to,interact with to move things along,exploration mostly takes place in the,house but there are other environments,as well while the house is enormous on,its,own there are other locations that,youll find yourself in across the,chapters,these can be just as big as the house,but theres not always a ton to do,creating a sense of unused space where,pt stood out is how it did so much,with so little environment in visage,theres some unused potential in some of,the environments that had me feeling,like,my confusion was purely based on the,maze-like structure,aside from the exploration puzzle visage,is a horror game and a master of making,you feel uncomfortable as chilling as,each chapter is the game relies more on,atmosphere to deliver its scares,sure youre going to be chased and maybe,even killed but i felt that when i was,afraid to turn certain corners when,nothing was there,proved how scary this adventure can be,theres a sanity meter that increases,when youre in the dark or when,something supernatural happens to,enhance the thrills it slowly goes back,to normal when youre in the light but,the higher it is the spookier the,experience becomes,as your mental state deteriorates the,music enhances and the suspense that,maybe something is following you,sets in its a great system that sadly,isnt as punishing as it should have,been,there are items that you can collect,such as pills lighters and candles but,even with a few mistakes and hours of,being lost,i never had to use the pills removing my,sanity also the candles had their uses,in certain chapters but turning on the,lights works just as well,i did use the lighters throughout most,of the game but i wouldnt mind,struggling with the sanity a bit more if,only to put an artificial timer on the,progression,visage sets up some well-detailed areas,to explore but i couldnt really get,past the characters invisible body,not having a shadow just threw me off,from time to time,also given that you explore every inch,of the house youll notice instances of,copied and pasted objects,used just to fill up space navigating it,is also a little wonky at times as doors,swing awkwardly and your sanity will,rise just by standing in a dark corner,of a well-lit room,however these dont really hinder the,overall experience it hurts the,immersion sometimes but then youll find,yourself in a room where the developers,seem to have put a lot of time into,crafting a story within the design these,moments definitely make up for the,reused assets,still item interaction can feel a little,weird sometimes as it takes place in the,environment so objects will clip through,the walls as you move them around,sound design is great as most of the,surreal moments are complemented by,intense lighting and music,it all works well for the tone of the,game and gets better with the voiced,audio,there are also various collectibles to,acquire as you chase the true ending,which gives you a reason to look through,every cupboard,dont you move i swear to god,stop right there,[Music],visage requires a lot of patience as you,progress through the truly horrific,chapters,the reward of progression is met with,even more nightmares as you encounter,supernatural elements that will bring,you to an early death there are some,beautiful environments to investigate,but the reused assets and unused space,only hurt the immersion that the game,requires,in many ways this works as an adventure,inspired by bt,but it definitely sets itself apart with,unique gameplay elements,noisy pixel is giving visage a 7.5,out of 10. thank you for watching please,read the full review on noisypixel.net,noisy pixels run by a group of gamers,who work hard to deliver news reviews,previews and more please subscribe to,keep up with,all our future content,you

Visage Is The Scariest Horror Game Youve Never Heard Of

hello everyone im ash from playstation,access,and today i want to talk to you about a,game that hasnt had half the attention,it deserves,visage is an unassuming horror title i,stumbled on not too long ago which has,lurked in the dark corners of my brain,ever since,so now i want to pass on some nightmares,to you too,previously on the channel ive spoken,about how bug snacks is actually a,horror game hyped up controls,psychological horror mastery and,hinted at the spooky sights of hollow,knight so its probably about time i,stopped trying to cast black magic on,other titles and talked about an actual,pure horror game intended to be,all out scary and oh boy is visage scary,that special brand of spare trousers,scary that is weird and gross,and disturbing all at the same time made,even more intense by the fact that it,still feels so obscure,the hunt for great overlooked horrors to,pass around like trading video,nasties or endlessly searching ebay for,rule of rose,has long been one of the best parts of,the genre after all,and this one feels even more exciting,considering my introduction to it came,from one of your own comments on the,channel spotted around halloween,so thank you for bringing this hidden,gem to my attention,as a heads up this wont go into,detailed narrative spoilers i am simply,here to celebrate the deeply human,horror of visage in a way that means,youll want to experience it too,so lets take a look at why visage is,the best horror game you might not have,heard of and the timely reason it hits,so close to home,to begin then visage is worth your time,for its seemingly simple approach alone,i mean its just exploring a family home,thats fine right,taking a look around a nice living room,full of family pictures and making,yourself a lovely hot chocolate is the,calm living sim we all deserve,though this is a calm living sin with a,relentlessly brutal murder suicide as,the opening sequence thats then,followed by loads of paranormal,occurrences after waking up in a pile of,weird goo,and hobbling out into a surreal haunted,house so,perhaps not so calm oh and just to add,insult to cocoa powder that hot,chocolate isnt quite right either,visage really lives up to its title then,eh underneath the appearance of,something homely and innocuous,theres something very wrong a measured,psychological nightmare begins to unfold,not giving you any real clues as to what,it is youre doing here or what you need,to do to get out,instead its up to you and your,character dwayne to unlock the secrets,of both the various residents,and the hypes living through fragments,of old memories in the hopes of,piecing it all together again she,doesnt even call me,mom anymore this consists of four,character focused chapters featuring,dolores,rakan lucy van duan himself that each,inflict their own brand of horror on,your playthrough,from men made out of mysterious black,goo to a monstrous mannequin stalking,the halls to,naked grandmas running wild through the,house believe me when i say they really,are,unique,the whole thing is wrapped up in,randomly generated sequences that vary,from one playthrough to the next,oh and of course you are completely,defenseless against this supernatural,nightmare,no matter how tempting it might be to,try and launch that sledgehammer at a,ghosts head,it is a masterful tapestry of all things,upsetting a game that wields both an,intricate,moorish narrative and downright,horrifying set pieces in,equal measure,in that way visage manages to create,something that feels like it taps into,real human nature,as much as real human fears undeniably,monsters are at their best when they,represent something deep or repressed,when the ghosts of this house are each a,manifestation of needs going unmet,desires ignored vices given into,each character further emphasizes the,pains of deteriorating mental health,perhaps their inner houses mr laura,suggests at one point,inner house is just as haunted as the,one we find ourselves exploring in real,time,this is such a brilliant little gem of a,game as it does so much more than aim to,scare through typical methods alone,sinking into tragic stories that are by,themselves inherently horrifying bandit,form what skeletons jump out of the,closets as a result,oh god the horror here is a result of,showing rather than telling with a,surreal shift in scenery or a scribbled,childs drawing doing double the work as,both engaging backstory,and outright stomach knotting imagery,that comes when you least expect it,some stories cant simply be told but,neither do we want to witness them,yet in visage as with every other great,horror work that has come before it,we have to look to push forward and of,course if this whole dealio is giving,you pt vibes,and lets be real we all dream for a,little pt in our horror then youll be,pleased to know the game was heavily,inspired by the chilling demo for the,cancelled silent hills,visage steps further into the shifting,uncanny dreamscape set up in the,infamous playable teaser doubling down,on the stalking entities roaming the,halls and the claustrophobic house,theyre tied to,but it doesnt stop drawing from iconic,source material there,claiming the point-and-click adventures,of phantasmagoria the endless searching,of frictional games titles and the,twisting narrative threads of the,existing silent hill series as,influences too,just without the mastermind dog pulling,the strings in the background,interestingly it also really feels like,the perfect complementary piece to,horror movies that came out in 2020 as,well,specifically relic host and anything for,jackson,respectively a sad pairing to dolores,his own storyline,an introduction to horror in the most,mundane of spaces,and a deliciously creepy tale of,uninvited spirits appearing when least,expected,this connection to these 2020 titles,isnt just coincidental though,the heightened quality of visages,horror has everything to do with the,game and recent haunted house horror in,general,feeling like an eerie reflection of our,situation over the past year,and yet another narrative trick that,feels deeply personal,i resonated with visage so much because,i felt connected to this hopeless,inescapable house that demands you,experience the same space over and over,again as you slowly lose your sanity,reminiscent of that circular timeline,weve all been trapped in as weve,remained safe indoors,with the game perfectly capturing the,juxtaposition of stasis and uncanny,change unlike anything else,visage carves out this unique space for,itself as a contemporary mirror as much,as a timeless destruction of our psyches,and as sad and as weird as that all,sounds it only serves to make the game,that much more potent and lasting,just like in real life at the moment,playing visage is like haunting your own,house,with this empty familial home soon,becoming well trodden in a way that,makes it feel personal,perhaps you have that same jumbo fridge,or a similar wardrobe or,even the same doorbell that dolores,incessantly rings while standing a few,feet back from,like every contact-free delivery we have,now and youll look at it all,differently when stepping back into the,real world,at night once familiar shadows in your,home start to seem darker,those empty hallways feel a few inches,longer and youll soon be reaching to,turn the light on unless,something creepy emerges and chases you,down when you least expect it,in visage the home is a physical,manifestation of our internal struggles,with this central house holding every,bad memory of the people that endlessly,walked its halls,but as much as this reflection of being,stuck inside as time spirals out around,us feels appropriate as is,perhaps theres also something to be,said about the simple horror of a,stranger being in our safe space getting,amplified tenfold in the current climate,essentially this all boils down to me,saying visage is really really great and,deserves more credit for its inventive,and effective horror especially right,no

Visage is a Most Disturbing Horror Game

in the 90s horror games with a golden,boy now theyre the damn busboy of the,gaming industry being abused by shitty,indie developers as a quick cash grab pt,gave us a taste of what could be but as,we all know pt got the axe after konami,got the hump and with the void of pt,there was a hole to be filled many games,try to capitalize on this games like,infliction visage is also a game that,took inspiration from the pt demo and i,would argue its one of the best horror,game experiences ive had in recent,years so lets begin visage begins with,an involuntary game of russian roulette,you really just cant beat quality,family time the rest of the family,[ __ ] amateurs and get caps of the,shooter has to come and clutch and,secure the victory royale,double kill,triple kill,after this you wake up in the pt room,almost verbatim you get up you stumble,into the hallway and boom were in the,game we have control holy hell this,house is scary,the first few moments are disorientating,youre confused you have a lot of,questions not just from a narrative,standpoint but also from the players,perspective coming from this violent and,horrific intro and checking into this,quiet and empty house without context a,goal or any guidance its very jarring,and immediately puts the player on the,back foot every time you enter into a,room you can click the lights off and on,it essentially becomes a ritual of the,moment-to-moment gameplay entering each,new area finding the light switches and,getting the room lit up its a basic,feature but because of how amazing the,house and lighting is designed its very,satisfying while were talking about the,lighting this is probably a good time to,get the graphics and world design out of,the way which are just [ __ ] chess,kiss this is the mona lisa of creepy,house design,i think the most important aspect is how,the house genuinely feels lived in every,light book and picture feels like its,been taken from a real family home you,almost feel like youre intruding into,someones living space as youre walking,around the game slacks in some areas,particularly some of the monster design,and animations being janky not lisa pt,janky more andromeda janky but hey,andromeda had a budget of 100 million,this is an indie game made by like 10,people with a budget of 70k so i think,we can cut them a little slack back to,the game where were clutching our rears,and jumping in scary light bulbs,we quickly make it into the hallway,where we can begin the actual story you,begin these chapters by interacting with,one of three objects in the hallway that,relate to the previous inhabitants all,of which surprise surprise but a rather,unpleasant fate they had to pay for a tv,license,were going to start with lucys chapter,the creepy kid whose painting we find,upstairs haunted houses and little girls,a match made in heaven,lucys chapter begins in the upstairs,girls bedroom where we have to find more,paintings eventually our investigation,leads us to the wardrobe and this lovely,encounter,now we head down to the living room,where we find that the tv is playing,its friday on repeat very spooky on the,counter we find a key to the basement,which is where we make our way next,unlocking the basement and looking down,we get a serious case of nope we get a,case of the the note moment is something,we get in a lot of games,nope unfortunately my fears are well,warranted because this basement is,spoofy its dark and claustrophobic and,turning every corner was sort of like a,mini game will my heart stop or not once,we reach the heart of the basement we,find a little kids play area with a,camera flashing we have to grab this,camera to progress further leading to,camera flashy ghosty time this area has,a bunch of child-like drawings and,paintings that you have to follow all of,which can only be seen by the flash of,the camera,using the flash and following the trail,we take a little haunted house tour,eventually ending up in the office where,we get to see some of banksys,unpublished work,after this we have to follow the trail,back down to the basement door which is,now glowing red now being a genius with,an iq over 300 i know that a glowing red,door in general is not a great sign in a,haunted house specifically this is bad,news going through the door we end up in,the forest we aint in kansas anymore,todo here we find a treehouse that we,have to ransack after a little searching,we find a hidden key and this is when,things go bad,waking up and were back in the basement,weird man hey it sure is dark in here i,really should turn the lights on my,freaking gowd the light switches are,gone this is one of if not the best,moment in the game up to this point,light switches have been your safe haven,you know where each one is in every room,and now theyre all gone the game never,even directly addresses this fact it,just shows you a box of light switches,chucked on the sofa and the games like,nah man thats your problem bro but good,luck the section is intense and it made,me sweat as something fierce but its,beautifully executed taking away our,only sense of security and leaving us,afraid and vulnerable to up the ante for,the next section the ghost of lucy will,be roaming around the hallways ready to,chase the player down and kill them,these encounters are randomly generated,though and to be honest they kind of,suck i know a ghost game where the ghost,encounters kind of suck is weird but let,me explain,[Music],visage has two types of random,encounters ghost encounters and haunting,encounters the haunting encounters are,great these are random little events,that happen at any time while exploring,the house that give the player a little,fright,[Music],because its completely random it does,have its moments where itll catch you,off guard and make you panic but those,random ghost encounters are a different,story,[Music],the problem is theres no way to kill or,fight these ghosts and when they reach,you its an instant game over this is an,awful combination when its mixed with,random ai and a small house with a bunch,of awkward rooms and corridors speaking,generally i hate the whole run and hide,mechanics in modern horror games i,understand its easier from a,development standpoint but i much prefer,being able to fight back in some way,even if it was just allowing us to,escape the first couple of grabs and,then killing us later of all the issues,with the game this is the biggest gripe,i have either let us fight back against,the monsters or they better be [ __ ],impeccably well programmed and balanced,if not its going to piss off the,players later in the game you get a,sledgehammer and i was buzzing because i,thought that meant we could pop some,heads but no you still get milk straight,away what happened to the good old days,of bonkin monsters with pipes,lets all agree to ban the run and hide,mechanics its boring and you become,desensitized to it so quick the best,comparison would be outlast the first,few chases are terrifying but by the end,of the game theyre meaningless its,just a casual stroll to wherever the,next locker is,after further exploration we find,ourselves back in lucys room where,theres a painting of a door but much,like doodleboard lucys drawings come to,life after a few hits were able to pass,through the door and into this creepy,room with a bunch of bird cages and,furniture now this is a maze game where,lucy will slowly move towards you and,you have to try and search through all,the furniture in order to find a,specific key to get out the key does,spawn randomly here so theres some,replay value but in general running in,circles in the dark searching for a key,not a highlight i would have to say now,we get a few scripted moments from lucy,before she tosses us out of the room and,into the hallway after some more,searching we find a mannequin jaw in the,sink mannequins are really just the gift,that keep on giving the next few moments,require us to reunite the jaw with his,body who thanks us by opening a sp

VISAGE (2020) juego completo – Análisis / crítica /reseña

a,[Música],[Música],solo,[Música],[Música],solo,ah,[Música],o no,de la vida,[Música],ya basta para día,viernes 13 a hoy es viernes 13 y qué,mejor manera de hacer este análisis no,sabría por dónde comenzar pero quizás,vamos a empezar por observar por,observar está para ciega y adosada,mansión o una casa un chalet de diseño,pulcro limpio de la armonía de la,luminancia al sol de esa triste lluvia,que se deja ver por esos cristales de,esos ventanales que muestran fuera,en las escaleras,y en las calles esa misma soledad de,dentro paredes limpias fotos familiares,con sonrisas alegrías de tiempos pasados,mejores como la bombilla rota de un,fogonazo,mirad esa cuna esa cuna solitaria,solitaria pero llena de vida llena de,esos reflejos llena de ese sol juguetes,felices y coloridos en comparsa de esas,tonalidades de gamas que reflejan algo,que quizás no quiero saber afuera hace,frío lo noto pero adentro esta calma,empieza a enloquecer me necesito,pastillas necesito volver a vivir a,sentir cosas fuertes,después de las 19 horas si lo estáis,viendo en steel 19 horas que me ha,durado esta magnífica obra,recorrer esta casa h entera lo único que,puedo decir es que estamos ante uno de,los mejores videojuegos del género de,terror de esta década un juego maldito,un título que debéis prestar mucha,atención vamos a ver,un juego que es completamente idealizado,a la fotografía al fotorrealismo de alma,interiorista con una tragedia de terror,en varias familias con un sentimiento de,iluminación en el diseño de esos,pasillos comedores cuartos escaleras,baños como si hubiesen,llamado a un interiorista perfecto llega,la promesa llega el título que se inició,en enero de 2015 ese desarrollo por ser,un sucesor espiritual del pit y del,juego de giro kojima y colaborador,guillermo del toro un título que acabó,en una de moya y se quedó que iba a ser,salen hills y que no venga nada este,juego es mejor que esa de no este juego,es una verdadera joya y vamos a hablar,de ello un videojuego que empieza,llamando la atención como digo por el,carácter fotográfico por esas diferentes,gamas y tonalidades de iluminación los,encuadres como está todo perfectamente,estructurado cinco desarrolladores han,hecho esta gema hicieron campaña de,mecenazgo en kickstarter vale en 2016,cuya meta era 35 mil dólares y al final,obtuvieron 120 mil dólares,a más de 3200 bakers gracias a ello el,juego ha podido crecer en producción en,extensión en crear más ambientes y todo,esto ha favorecido un desarrollo,verdaderamente lento desde 2015 pero,llega ahora el 30 de octubre y llega,maldito porque como es posible que un,juego que estando día 13 a 13 de,noviembre solamente y no estáis viendo,tenga un análisis en metacritic pero de,playstation y 4 o 5 de pc o xbox esto se,debe a una mala gestión ya lo expliqué,en otro vídeo que tengo que parece ser,que los desarrolladores no han,facilitado keys oa todos los medios,especializados y al no dar keys pues,éstos estaban ahora con la next-gen o,quizás algunos si les han pedido ha,habido un problema de gestión,literalmente y eso no se puede permitir,en uno de los grandes videojuegos como,digo del género de terror porque este,juego no es un walking simulator es otra,cosa y ahora vamos a ir hablando de ello,de acuerdo,os puedo asegurar que no tenéis que,pensar me encojo ni enteres te vale ni,siquiera en una amnesia fijaron lo que,os digo no tenéis que pensar en un layer,sofía no tenéis que pensar en cualquier,walking simulator esto no es un walking,simulator esto es un survival horror con,sus mecánicas con su concepto que ahora,vamos a ir hablando con su alma incluso,de aventura gráfica el capítulo de,dolores es magistral con su inventario,objetos de misión puzzles y dificultad,un juego restante con exploración,solidez gran diseño de dirección de,escenarios y back trekking que muestra,bueno pues lo que intenta sin darse,cuenta confundir a mucha gente con otro,tipo de títulos más livianos el de,patear interiores estilo walking,para nada esto es nube es ese videojuego,y ese es el problema que mucha gente va,a caer es de hecho uno de los juegos más,retante diría yo que han salido en el,género de terror vale porque estamos,acostumbrado a que nos faciliten con,ayudas a que nos faciliten a que nos den,un mapa aquí no hay nada de eso nada de,eso y vamos a ir hablando vamos a ver,somos un individuo que lleva tres,semanas sin salir a la calle,ha pegado varios disparos a varias,personas de una forma escalofriante al,inicio del título el protagonista padece,mixto fobia dictó fobia que es miedo a,la oscuridad y eso va a ser una de las,mecánicas del juego quizás el verdadero,antagonista de este título mientras,exploramos la casa resolviendo dilemas,tendremos que estar cerca de la luz si,vamos por zonas oscuras nuestro nivel de,cordura o marcador irá bajando hasta que,empezaremos a enloquecer se mostrará,abajo en una pantalla izquierda en la,esquina izquierda por medio de un,cerebro rojo que se va poniendo rojo,empezaremos a ver misiones que parpadean,las luces se cierran puertas les llaman,a lo mejor a la puerta ocurren toda,clase de situaciones se cierran puertas,y por supuesto empiezan a aparecer seres,porque este juego está dividido en tres,capítulos y un cuarto se podría decir en,cada capítulo tiene que ver con una,historia totalmente distinta de una casa,dentro de la misma casa pero con una,historia de una familia que ha vivido y,han ocurrido una serie de cosas entonces,hay diferentes enemigos dentro de cada,casa de acuerdo eso es lo que vamos a ir,viendo también si entramos en estos,momentos de locura literalmente vale,cada capítulo puede durar de 5 a 6 horas,son de 3 más o menos y el juego puede,durar de 15 a 20 horas,vamos a llevar diferentes objetos los la,misión y los desechables incluso ya digo,que podemos llevar armas blancas mazos,ganchos pero eso no va a ser para luchar,vale no va a ser un juego para luchar,contra enemigos sino para resolver otro,tipo de situaciones cómo romper paredes,u otro tipo de cosas y luego los objetos,que son desechables que son necesarios,el que por un lado el pastillero y por,otro lado los mecheros que para colmo,hay muy pocos tenemos que explorar mucho,y los mecheros se van agotando una vez,nos entendemos para qué sirven pues para,no perder la cordura para no perder la,cordura para y para que no aparezcan,esos seres que no os voy a decir porque,hay de distintos tipos según la historia,de cada capítulo resulta que claro que,esos mecheros se agotan cuando se agotan,hay que tirarlo ya no se pueden volver a,usar podemos llevar incluso dos en cada,mano uno en cada mano y usarlos o llevar,en una mano,un pastillero en la otra mano un mechero,si llevamos un arma blanca y tenemos que,usarla para romper algo esto tiene una,función de simulación de manos que no,podremos llevar nada en una de las dos,manos guardarlo en el inventario y,solamente usar las dos manos para romper,lo que sea hacen un poco como un juego,de simulación también con el tema de las,manos vale,hay más cosas que se pueden comentar y,son muy importantes en este videojuego,por ejemplo tenemos el tema de la,aleatoriedad que también nos la va a ir,jugando el tema de la naturalidad que,han metido los propios desarrolladores,de repente se empiezan a apagar luces se,enciende una televisión se cierra una,puerta claro y se van apagando luces o,incluso se joden los fusibles epet a los,fusibles de la casa y hay que bajar,abajo a centros de nuevo pues tenemos,estamos jodidos tenemos que ir con mucho,cuidado gestionando muy bien los,mecheros gestionando muy bien el tema de,los pastilleros porque no podemos ir con,aros en sentido a cada dos por tres,aunque podremos encender los mecheros,también en velas y esas velas llevarlas,vale pero igualmente hay que gestionar,todo esto entonces el juego por un lado,es aleatorio en cuanto a mostrar ciertos,script para putear y eso hacer que el,abanderado de esos seres vuelvan a,aparecer y luego por el otro lado está,el tema prefijado de cada capítulo que,va a seguir vi

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