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  4. VIVAIA shoes review: sizing, comfort, sustainability (wide feet)
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VIVAIA sustainable shoes | 6 pairs, review, & size guide

[Music],hi friends welcome or welcome back to my,channel my name is howe and today i have,a vivaya haul im so excited for this,video because viva sent me four pairs of,shoes to review for yall and i actually,loved them so much while i was trialing,them that i purchased another two pairs,with my own money i actually purchased,four additional pairs but i did return,two of those due to some sizing issues,which ill get to a little bit later in,the video ill go ahead and go through,all the shoes that i was gifted and the,shoes that i purchased ill also try,them on for yall and i will go through,the sizing because i know that is super,important when youre picking out shoes,to make sure that youre getting the,right size so hopefully this helps a,little bit,vivaya is a sustainable footwear company,each pair of flats or a shoe is made,from six recycled water bottles which is,awesome the box itself is made from,recycled materials even on the boxes,they have their sustainability practices,written all over it if youre interested,in reading more about their,sustainability practices i will leave,all that in the description box below,they also gave me a 15 off discount code,its just my name how if you wanted to,get 15 off of your purchase,i wanted to talk a little bit about my,history with flats and shoes in general,i feel like thats a very important,thing to touch on because thats whats,gonna keep my opinions about these shoes,very honest i do not like wearing heels,and i also really dont like wearing,flats and that is because when i was in,like seventh grade flats were a really,big thing and i would get these cheap,flats from forever 21 or h m they would,make my feet itchy and smell bad and it,was terrible and i kept wearing them,because they were trending fast forward,i realize now its because i have a,latex rubber allergy my feet just cannot,deal with cheaply made shoes or anything,that has too much latex rubber in it so,when this company reached out to me i,was like okay i will try it out i will,risk getting another foot rash to see if,these shoes are any good then also with,the heels thing i just dont like,wearing heels im the type of person who,will wear them for pictures and then,immediately take them off or bring along,a pair of flip-flops or sandals with me,i can do platforms just fine but like,when there is a very serious arch my,feet really really hurt i have tried,these shoes out for about a month now,and i can safely say that these are the,most comfortable what is it work wear,professional business wear shoes that i,have ever worn i never really was,attracted to the business casual,aesthetic because i hated wearing heels,and flats so much now i feel like i can,actually comfortably dress like that,which is really cool i just went to a,work event,that required more business casual,attire and i was like i wore them,during the convention i did not get,stinky feet i did not get a rash on my,feet even though these soles are made of,a natural rubber the heels were very,comfortable to walk on i can really only,stand maybe an inch of a heel and the,pairs that i got had that inch,they were really comfortable aside from,one little thing which i will touch base,on in the sizing portion they are,totally a game changer and now i can,finally dress like the adult that i am,not wear crocs and docs all the time,although i love my docs,so first off i got the melody pair in,the color almond i was originally gonna,get ivory because i wanted a light nude,color but they ran out so i got these,and im really glad that i did these are,the perfect nude color for me they go,with a lot of outfits this nude i think,matches my skin tone better than the,ivory wood of the square toe is so cute,it took a little bit of breaking in in,the tip of the toes i have kind of a,normal foot and they are a little narrow,coming out of the box but after a couple,hours it was completely fine and i love,these so much that i picked up this pair,myself they are the same exact style,this is the melody square toe chunky,heels in the color charcoal this is in,the size five and a half which is a,european,35.5 the charcoal is just basically,black it might be a little bit lighter,than black you can see it compared here,to the aria 5 water repellent in black,if i looked at this i would say its a,black shoe the next pair i was gifted,were the margot square toe v-cut flats,and i chose mine in the color bray these,are in a size five and a half to six u.s,european 36 these are super comfortable,as well again love the square toe shoe i,dont know why i just am really,attracted to the square toes and the,v-cut is really cute too i love the look,of these theyre really casual but you,can also wear them in the office just,really nice quality very form-fitting to,your foot like this design a lot i,picked up these myself these are the,sylvia square toe loafers these actually,have a brown rim instead of a v-cut they,have this little loafer cut right here i,got these in a size 5 us or 35 european,these are one of my favorite pairs for,sure because theyre so versatile they,go with everything i really really like,these the next pair i was gifted were,these madeline boots they are the round,toe over the knee boots and i got a us,size 6 european size 36 i love these so,much i had a pair of over the knee boots,back in college they would go over your,knee and they had a little tie string,around here that you would have to tie,to keep them up essentially this doesnt,do that it is a giant over the knee sock,and it just stays put it has slipped a,little bit but its not a hassle to,wiggle them back up whereas the other,pair i used to have to wiggle them back,up tie it really tight cut off my,circulation make sure they didnt fall,again and then they would fall again in,like 10 minutes of walking really,awesome love those,last thing i was gifted were these arya,5 flats i got the color olive i love,this color it is so cute i got these in,size five and a half to six u.s european,36. all of their flats have a removable,insert,then they have just the sole which is,made of a natural rubber im not sure if,this insert is the reason,why i dont get an allergic reaction to,the shoes but whatever works also you,can just throw these in the washing,machine if they get dirty theyre just,like super flexible cant do that with,the melodies because of the heel but,with all of their flats with the,removable inserts you can just pop them,into the washing machine i actually,purchased two more pairs of these and i,got them in the water repellent black,pair and i also got them in the color,espresso which i love that color so much,but the size that i got ended up being,small so i returned it i will be picking,up another pair of the margos because,they just came out with the color,espresso and i really wanted these in,the espresso color i opted out for these,in espresso because i just like the,color but now that they have this im,like really excited to get it,so lets talk about the sizing a little,bit,its very confusing theres a chart,online that you can follow and they,really try to make it easy for you to,get the right size and i feel like that,still did not help me at all i am a true,womens five and a half that is the size,that i get in most of my shoes sometimes,i will get a six if they dont have half,sizes never a five because fives are too,small for me but usually i am just a,five and a half in womens with these,shoes you cant really get away with,having them too loose you might be able,to get away with having them tight and,then you can break them in its just way,better if they fit correctly the first,time around the melodies i got these in,a five and a half to six which is a,european 36 sometimes a european 36,translates to a five and a half even,though they had a five and a half u.s,that translated to a 35.5 european and i,had never seen that number before so i,was like oh i will just get 36. because,it says it fits a five and a half to six,right


hi everyone and a very warm welcome back,to my youtube channel i hope you are all,well todays video is all about chic,winter evening outfit ideas i think when,it comes to kind of post christmas,we probably get a bit confused about,what to wear in the evenings in winter,so thats why i wanted to do this video,today um because were still going out i,know we tried to book a restaurant um in,manchester for saturday night and nearly,everywhere was booked up so i still,think the majority of people are really,keen to go out weve still got that bug,after being cooped up for so long so i,wanted to share some ideas that arent,so much kind of festive looks but more,just like wintery cozy evening looks one,of the things we want to do probably in,the evenings is gravitate towards,something a little bit softer cozier,more comfortable and that still looks,glamorous so hopefully todays video,will tick that box personally in every,outfit and ive said this countless,times i always start with the footwear,because if youre wearing uncomfortable,footwear i feel like it just throws the,whole outfit off and this particularly,goes for evening footwear weve all been,there,weve absolutely killed ourselves um in,shoes that are really uncomfortable so,im very excited today to be partnering,with vivaya which are a sustainable and,stylish footwear brand and also really,comfortable too which is crucial ive,got three pairs of shoes from vivaya and,ill be wearing them throughout the,video to show you different styling,ideas but first i just wanted to talk,about them a little bit more in depth so,the first are the karen mules which are,so cute this part of the top is made,from plastic bottles and eco fluffy yarn,as i said they are a sustainable brand,so they do everything they can to be as,eco-friendly as possible so you can find,a lot more detail on their site if you,want to read up about this but,everything from their materials to the,factories is all very considered they,even do,eco-friendly deodorizing insoles which i,just think is so cool and also makes,them so breathable i think sometimes in,the winter we go out and we maybe start,off a bit cold and then you go out and,your feet end up being really hot and,that contrast between the cold and the,hot just is really uncomfortable and the,fact that these shoes are so breathable,for me is a real selling point and just,really quickly ill show you,the,packaging um is also made out of 100,recycled cardboard and this really,lovely box so you can keep them nice and,safe inside and protected and theyll,last you even longer so this mule to me,is like a forever shoe so classy so,timeless its got the little v on the,side and the tiny cute little heels,which makes them so much more walkable i,also feel like these just look,incredibly chic ill be showing you like,i say ways to wear these um properly in,a minute but theyre really versatile,all the pieces im showing you actually,are really versatile which is why i,chose these specific ones because i knew,i could get so much wear out of them,with different styles of things but,these really would go with everything,and you could also i think transition,these right through to spring um,possibly even summer and definitely the,autumn so theyre just really versatile,and they look so chic with everything,from just like a really simple pair of,jeans to a long flowing satin midi skirt,so just before we go on to the next pair,i do have a discount code for you it,will be written on the screen also all,of the information will be in the,description box and links to shop the,products they also have free worldwide,shipping when you spend over 75 dollars,which i think is really handy to know so,the next pair of shoes are these amazing,boots and i just love this um knit,style i just think its really chic like,i say i think in the winter months after,christmas for our evening looks we maybe,dont want to be too over the top um so,its nice to just have something really,really comfortable for sizing reference,i got a 39 in all of these and im,usually somewhere between 39 39 and a,half and sometimes even 40. so i went,for 39 and i think they fit pretty well,they also have anti-slip rubber outsoles,which i can actually vouch for because,as you can see weve got a wooden floor,up here and it can get quite ive,actually slipped in other kind of heels,you know sometimes in the really,shiny underneath whereas ive been,walking around in these trying them on,doing my cutaways and i can definitely,tell that theyve got that anti-slip on,them another thing to note sometimes if,i wear like a strappy heeled sandal um,in a winter video,some people are not happy about that um,and i know theyre not that practical um,in the winter months so a pair like this,so warm um you know you can go out and,your feet will be nice and cozy and i,think thats what we want in the winter,you know on a january evening and it,might be a bit cold and windy outside we,need a shoe um that will keep us nice,and warm but still look glamorous at the,same time these are definitely it i love,this kind of lace-up detail at the back,just to bring something extra but you,could wear this anything from skirts,dresses jeans,leather trousers like im wearing here,um there are so many ways to wear these,again another reason why i picked them,and i love the gray color too that will,go with a lot of things in my wardrobe,and my final shoes are the regina boots,what i love about these and actually all,of the shoes and the heels the heel,shape is kind of unusual but theres,still a shoe that will go with,everything really classic and timeless,also something to note these shoes,arent washable and the ones ive picked,but,a lot of their sneakers and flats um are,all machine washable so again if youre,looking for durability um in a shoe then,this is a great brand you probably wont,be wearing the heels as much as you,would be wearing the flats so i think it,applies well to the flat shoes that you,can just wash them again made from,recycled plastic bottles which i just,think is kind of mind-blowing how this,can have come out of a plastic bottle,but again so great to know when you are,investing um in your clothing its,something im trying to be more,conscious of going forward and these,again will stand the test of time and,will also just go with everything,theyre an absolute classic boot they,feel beautiful quality really,comfortable i cant really rave about,these enough and i love this slightly,square toe of them um and yeah these,just fit really well too so let us begin,with the outfits and the styling and the,first look is the one that i am wearing,here this amazing oversized white shirt,i always think if in doubt go for,something really classic and this for me,this is just such a me look i feel and,also a really easy one to go to as well,so ive got this oversized shirt on from,avenue faux leather trousers that ive,worn time and time again from zara and i,think when youre wearing something so,simple like this look the key is in the,accessories which i think actually,translates for all the looks im going,to show you today but i think the vivaya,shoes really make this look it feels so,elegant and i love that contrast of the,really feminine shoe against the faux,leather trouser like that i think its a,really nice look paired together it just,feels very elegant classy but with a bit,of an edge as well um and then i,finished off with these chunky hoop,slightly dimonte earrings and my bottega,bag and i just think theres so much,beauty in the simplicity of this look,and all pieces i feel fit together,really seamlessly so my next chic winter,evening look is this cozy dress by,marcela london and i just love this with,the gray knit boots it feels so kind of,elongating a streamlined ive popped the,belt with it here um but i think if you,did want to kind of do this look and,make it really really elongating,especially if you are a bit smaller and,are looking for something to lengthen,your bo

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VIVAIA Shoe Review: Try-On and How to Style (Minimal & Sustainable Shoes) [AD]

hi and welcome back to my channel today,were going to be doing a review one of,my favorite things shoes i partnered up,with vivei to talk through and review,eight pairs of shoes from the brand,which ive been putting to the test over,the past few months and i have to say,they are just so ridiculously,comfortable you may recall i recently,partnered with them on a video where i,talk through the,power of a pair of shoes and how they,can really transform an outfit and,convey a different sort of message or,vibe that youre looking for im gonna,link that up in the cards up here if you,would like to go and have a little bit,of a watch ive been continuing to wear,those four pairs in addition to four new,styles and i want to share a little bit,about the brand for those of you who may,have missed that one or arent familiar,with them the via is a sustainable,footwear brand which is really,eco-conscious at its core now this is,the cool part every single pair of shoes,that they design and manufacture is made,using the yarn from six recycled plastic,bottles i really love seeing that a,single use item is being repurposed to,create something that is really really,stylish and also really functional and,comfortable as well each pair of shoes,is created using a zero waste design,process and manufactured with 3d,technology and they all come in 100,recycled cardboard boxes as well which,can then go on to be recycled again to,have another life the really unique,thing about the vias shoes is the fact,that every single pair is knitted so,they have this really lovely textural,component which makes them more visually,interesting and youll see depending on,the style they will have a slightly,different knitted texture which is,really fun and i highly recommend going,and having a little peek on the website,to have a look now some of the other,things that i wanted to mention about,the shoes is that certain styles do have,other yarns blended in so the aria 5,which is going to be the first pair that,im going to review they have cotton and,hemp blended into the fabric so hemp is,an amazing,material as it requires very little,water to grow and it is naturally,moisture wicking it is odor resistant,mold resistant and the great thing is,that you can just throw these shoes into,the washing machine as well so theyre,very very carefree and very easy to,maintain and look after as we go through,each pair i will talk about the sizing,which i know many of you will be very,curious about especially if you do have,wide feet like me im also going to have,some outfit ideas as well so that you,can get a little bit of inspiration on,how to style them and i do also have a,discount code for 15 off site-wide so if,you do feel like purchasing a pair of,their shoes or youve been planning on,it then you can get a little bit of a,savings on your order the code is mj 15.,im gonna have it here on the screen and,all of those details will be in the,description box along with all the,different styles that i am sharing with,you today i really want to start with,what i think is for vias hero shoe,theyre called the aria 5. and i have,them in the espresso color this is what,they look like and they have quite a,tightly woven,texture to them these are kind of your,classic pointed toe flat and as i,mentioned before the aria 5 is blended,with cotton and hemp so super easy to,care for i havent actually thrown mine,in the wash yet as i havent gotten them,dirty at all but i have been wearing,these loads theyre actually shaping up,to be one of my most worn shoes of the,winter because i love the darker neutral,brown and theyre kind of very easy to,just slip on they almost feel like,wearing slippers the actual weight of,them is really really light so these are,a great one if you want to take a chic,but comfortable shoe if youre traveling,and you want to put it in your suitcase,but dont want anything that is too,bulky or heavy they are quite malleable,and uh flexible,which you can see here the sole is super,duper flexible on these which makes them,great for walking around in all days and,i have not gotten a single blister any,of the times that ive worn these and,ive actually worn them on my regular,walks where im doing 5 000 plus steps,in one go so,these have been such an amazing winner,in my wardrobe and one of the things,that i like about them being knitted is,that often i find with a pointed toe,flat you do get creasing along the vamp,here along the front of the shoe being,knitted this isnt something that is,really visually obvious and i think you,could easily use a steamer if there was,any kind of creasing that bothered you,which i think is great uh i did mention,this on my blog review which i will link,those down in the description box as,well actually if youd like to read,through them that the actual sole on,these is a little bit on the narrow side,i havent found that this bothers me,because they arent too narrow for me,width-wise which is really the bigger,concern when it comes to adding shoes,like this and especially pointed toe,shoes to my wardrobe in terms of sizing,up for my true size which is a european,40 i find that this is actually a really,great size for me in these shoes the,reason why these are called the aria 5,is that based on the original aria style,these have a 5 degree additional width,across the foot so you do have that,extra room so they really are designed,especially for those who do have,slightly wider feet but if you have,narrow feet you are perfect in these two,and i love the fact that they have the,extra cushioning in them as well it,gives you extra support when you are,walking a considerable distance so those,are fabulous i dont know if i mentioned,but i got the espresso color and they,come in i think 19 different color,options so its kind of something to,suit everyone lots of classic neutrals,but also some brights as well okay next,lets talk about a style that you wont,have seen me mention before these ones,are the amelia pointed toe striped flats,so what youll notice about these,differing from the aria 5 is that they,have this really cool striped knit,texture to them and these are actually a,dorsey flat so youll see that they have,this cut out detail here which i really,like i think that its an interesting,take on a pointed toe flat it makes them,feel a little bit more elevated and just,like the previous ones i think that,these are a really good option for the,office this ones different from the,aria 5 in a few other ways the sole is a,lot more robust and sturdy so youll see,it doesnt quite have that same flexible,nature do you find theres a very very,little heel,and also the padding on the base of the,shoe as well is a little bit more rigid,it still gives you that support but it,isnt kind of,pillow-like or cloud-like like you would,get with the aria-5 so i do want to,highlight that and for that reason i do,think that these are much more of a,formal shoe something that is really,going to elevate your outfits again i,took these in my usual size eu40 and i,find that they are a good fit for me i,dont know that going up a size would,necessarily be a good thing maybe my,heel might slip out if i did i dont,really find that they are too narrow for,me across the foot which is really the,pressure point and kind of the barometer,for me when it comes to deciding whether,a shoe is too small or not these are,actually the ones that i have on my feet,today uh but yeah i think theyre really,really chic and as mentioned i think,these would be a really really great one,for the office as well and hopefully you,can see here theyve got that padded,cushioning here at the back of the heel,as well which gives you that little bit,of additional support okay lets move on,to a pair of loafers now these are,called the donna pointed toe bow loafers,i almost like to think of these as my,aladdin slippers just because of the,silhouette but the striking detail about,these is that they have the bow across,the vamp here instead o

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VIVAIA shoes review: sizing, comfort, sustainability (wide feet)

foreign,so imagine my surprise when a shoe,company that I have been interested in,and internet stalking for a couple of,months reached out to me to me,to review and try on these shoes for you,maybe it was fake maybe its Maybelline,maybe Google stole and sold all my data,to this company knowing that Im already,interested and therefore they sent me a,marketing email,either way Im super excited and blessed,because I have been wanting to try these,shoes for so long and I get to review,them for you today and share with you my,own opinion on if these are worth it or,not,[Music],foreign,[Music],back to my channel if you dont already,know me my name is Sakura I live and,work in Tokyo for todays video I was,sent three pairs of shoes to try out and,review them for you and Im going to go,through each individual shoe because I,think each shoe is quite different and,how they fit and how they feel and at,the end of the video Im going to go,through those three claims the,sustainability stylishness and,comfortness quality at the end to tell,you exactly if these shoes are worth it,or not because ultimately if youre,watching this video thats probably the,question that you want to answer so make,sure you stay tuned to the end of this,video also just sending a little bit of,context about my feed because I think,thats important so my feet are a little,bit wide and theyre not wide enough so,that I cant wear most shoes but they,are wide enough to bother me when I wear,most shoes if that makes sense so like,its doable but its not comfortable and,second my right foot is slightly bigger,than my left foot which makes it even,more annoying so finding a pair of heels,for example was almost impossible for me,just because theyre too tight too slim,you know too big and I can never just,find like a perfect pair so thats like,the issue that I normally have in,Japanese size I am usually a 24,comfortably but for heels because I have,wide feet but I need smaller shoes I,tend to go for 23.5 for the EU size I,believe thats 38 for my main size and,then 37 for the smaller shoes like the,heels all right with that being said,lets start off with the first shoe,these so these are the Madeleine 2.0,boots its a little bit hard to show you,so Im going to back up,but these are the black long knee-high,boots with a little bit of heel here so,for these boots I got them in a size 38,and the reason why is because although,they are slim I wanted to be able to,make sure I can wear it long and thick,socks with them so what I will say about,these boots is that they fit perfectly,on my feet especially,um with wearing like thicker socks and I,think one of the concerns about wearing,these kinds of boots is if the you know,this part this top part of the knee part,actually falls down for these shoes Im,actually surprised at how well they stay,up as you can see the material is kind,of like this soft but thick and stretchy,material thats I think kind of like,almost like imagine a very thick and,structured sock thats what it feels,like so all throughout the boot its,really Slim its beautiful it covers the,knee and it doesnt slide down very much,however it does a little bit so its not,like completely proof but theyre a lot,better than the things that I have tried,before and for my white feed because I,did I know I wouldnt say its size up,but I did get the bigger size that I,usually get I have no you know issue,with these shoes I havent been able to,walk in them for you know more than like,a couple of days that Ive tried so I,cannot say for sure like how comfortable,they are but I dont foresee any issues,with these boots and Im just really,really happy to have them although they,are really tight they can actually go,over jeans which I was surprised at of,course its not like the easiest to put,on or take off but you can do it and I,still think it looks nice as long as you,have the skinny jeans so I definitely,highly recommend these pairs of boots I,mean I fell in love with them on first,look and I was really happy to see that,you know theres no issue with it,otherwise so the second pair of shoes I,have are these lovely what they call,Melody 2.0s so these pumps are square,toed they have an heel for maybe like,two or three inches so it gives you a,little bit of height but still,comfortable enough to wear casually so,lets talk about these shoes as you can,see the padding in these shoes there is,a little bit on the top here it Slims,down and then theres also padding at,the bottom here so immediately what I,noticed above shoes that I was surprised,by they are actually good quality like,what I mean by good quality is that,first of all the skin of these shoes are,pretty thick and structured so thats,like really sturdy I mean and theyre,supposed to be machine washable so I,love the fact that they have a shape to,them with also being a little bit of a,flexibility because its made of this,knit type of cloth right so its not as,restricting but it still looks really,nice with this shoe I got them in a size,37 you and size 23.5 in Japan so again,the reason why I did that is because I,need to size down for pumps usually with,these kinds of heels I immediately get,really uncomfortable on the back of this,shoe because my foot slides in and out,and Im happy to say I have no issues,with this one so far but I do have a,couple of things I do want to mention so,before like I said my right foot is a,little bit bigger unfortunately than my,left foot so as you can see here this is,a square toe which I thought would be,good for my slightly wide feet and my,left,um my left foot actually has no issue,but I do kind of hit this part here with,my right foot now thats not very sure,this fault because I just have you know,very uneven feet but I think after,walking in these for a couple of hours,like going out to dinner and stuff it,did start to hurt just a little bit here,so thats one thing I would keep in mind,is that while these are made for wide,feet I guess I would say with a square,toe as a person with slightly wide feet,it did still hurt a little bit it and I,think theres definitely potential to,wear them in so Im going to try to keep,doing that,but otherwise I will say like wearing,pumps usually Im uncomfortable all over,but I only have that one like issue with,the right part so Im actually pretty,impressed at how comfortable these heels,are,um comparatively to any other ones that,I have worn before I think one thing,that could be better is that I also,again another information about my foot,but my foot arch is pretty straight,which is not good which means there,isnt a lot of support for my foot so,one critique I would have is it would be,great if they had like more padding in,the middle here for arch support but,again overall very impressed with the,quality of these shoes last but not,least we have the third pair of shoes,which is in the flats category which I,know Vive shoes is really known for so I,got the Margot 2.0 in the color almond,and I got them in the size 37. now lets,talk about these Flats okay they are so,comfortable like the material inside,here here is a little bit different from,the other shoes the other pairs of shoes,that Ive worn and theyre really like,buttery soft and what I was surprised,about with the quality again is when you,wear these shoes again Im gonna try to,show you here but I dont know if you,can see theres actually quite like,heavy padding in the front and the right,like the inner part of the shoe here as,well as the back part of the shoe so I,was really surprised at how comfortable,they were and good quality they were,they were because they are a pair of,flats usually like the name suggests a,pair of flats that I have gotten have no,support whatsoever no cushioning,whatsoever it might if it does get tired,because Im on like a flat shoe for,hours and hours but this actually has,padding,I was impressed so for the pumps uh the,shoe that was previous to this I get,them in the color ivory which is a white,sorry

I tried Vivaia shoes! Are they worth it?

hey everyone welcome back to my channel,um in todays video i am doing another,brand review its been a while since,ive done this kind of video so im,really excited to get back to it and the,brand im reviewing today is named,vivaya thats spelled,v-i-v-a-i-a um if you follow the same,kind of people i follow on instagram and,youtube you probably would have seen,this brand all over the place theyre,doing a lot of promotions and marketing,campaigns with the influencers i dont,consider myself an influencer or,anything but i do like to give my,two cents of opinion out there just for,people who are like me who want to make,sure that my hard-earned money is being,spent on good products so while uh via,graciously sent these two pairs of shoes,im about to show you guys here um they,were gifted to me but im not paid to,say certain things so these are my,honest opinions so hope you guys enjoyed,this video and lets get right into it,so whats really cool about the via um,is that theyre a sustainable footwear,company and theyre also very stylish in,the product offering that they have they,are eco-friendly and theyre responsible,when they manufacture these issues,all the products are,made using the recycled materials and 3d,printing technology and the team has,established a zero waste process to,create a seamless 3d knitted design for,all their shoes each part of their shoes,is made with six plastic bottles and i,think my pair of boots that i will share,here shortly um thats made with i think,12 plastic bottles or something like,that so i think thats a really really,great and if you guys are familiar with,um the shoes that are out there you,probably would have heard of a brand,called rothies i do have a video of,comparing the everlane day glove and the,road these,loafers that i had,years ago so ill link that up above if,you guys are curious about the rothys,brand as well but wrote these as a brand,has the same concept um i think theyre,the first ones in the market who came,out with the idea of theyre going to do,3d printing with,recycled plastic bottles as the threads,and theyre going to 3d print all their,shoes so for a binko friendly and,innovative i think theyre theyre a,great brand however when i tried their,shoes it really wasnt for me um i have,wider feet because im an asian woman um,and their,shoes just did not fit my wider feet,very well um if the toe box was very too,narrow and i found the shoes very not,breathable because theyre made of,plastic compared to the leather shoes so,while that specific brand did not work,out for me it has gotten a lot of,reputation and love from other,influencers so,comparing to rothys i was really,curious about how vavaya would compare,so let me show you guys the two pairs of,shoes that were gifted to me i was able,to select which ones i want to receive,so i want to share what i selected on,what i was interested in when i got to,select the shoes so the first pair i,chose are these pair of flats uh they,come with the pointed toes here and as,you can see printed on the insoles here,it says made with hem,so the material thats,made with it includes hemp,fiber and the knitting so its supposed,to be a lot more breathable i thought,this would be perfect for,uh me because i tend to have,this is really tmi but i tend to have,very sweaty feet so its very important,for me to wear shoes that are very very,breathable and i thought this would be a,really good option it does come with a,padded back soles in the back,so you have a little bit more padding,towards your ankle and then the soles of,course you saw where the made with hemp,is printed its padded as well and it,comes with a very hearty rubber bottom,soles and then the second pair of shoes,that i chose i havent had a chance to,wear these just yet because its still,over 90 degrees here,down in georgia where i live,but they are the knitted black boots,ive been looking for exactly something,like this um,to add to my collection um i dont have,a pair of boots that i can wear,underneath like a flared or like a,straight cut jeans so ive been looking,for something exactly like this and they,thankfully had um this and one of the,products that i could choose from so i,gladly chose these so its similar to,the pair of shoes that i just showed you,um thats in the flat version but it has,a square toe over there,it has,the 3d printed plastic bottle material,this is not the this doesnt have the,hemp,um,fiber in the knitting material so it,feels a little bit different and if you,guys are familiar with the,um store whitespin boots it feels very,similar to that as you can see it comes,with a very chunky um plastic heel,and it has the rubber bottom sole here,and i think this uh bottom to the heel,is actually made with plastic so i,havent had a chance to wear my boots,yet because its been incredibly hot,here but ive had a lot eight different,occasions to wear the flats so i have,gone shopping i have gone walking i have,gone and driving with the pair of shoes,and i can comfortably say that they,would be my day-to-day shoes if it,wasnt so hot side still for me these,shoes definitely uh top the rothys,loafers that i had before,um and they have so many different,styles on the toe boxes all in all,different shapes and different,um patterns on them as well and theyre,continuously coming out with the,different designs so if you dont see,something that you like now they might,come they might be coming out with a,different design soon that might be more,suitable to your taste so just to recap,um why i like these shoes so much more,than the rothys loafers that i had um,a couple years ago i hear the reasons,why,first of all i find these shoes a lot,more comfortable um as i mentioned there,were these loafers um they were very,narrow on my wider feet and as an asian,person its really hard for me to find,shoes that fit my water feet very very,comfortably without going up to a wide,fitted shoe they fit my feet very,comfortably and it feels like its,really molding to my feet instead of me,having to kind of fold my feet to fit in,the shoes,and secondly as i mentioned they seem to,breathe extremely well now i cant say,whether the non-hemp material also,breeds well as well but the pair of,shoes that i chose for myself because i,knew that extra breathability is very,very important to me that seems to be,very comfortable and it breathes really,well as i said ive gone shopping with,these shoes on um and while theyre not,as comfortable and breathable as my open,toe shoes like birkenstock for a pair of,closer shoes i think they were fantastic,and last but not least um this kind of,ties it all together the padded soles,seem to be very comfortable and add the,level of cushion that you need in a lot,of flat shoes that you dont have a lot,of flats that you wear it comes with,very minimal padding right because its,such a simple shoe,but these pair flats that i have they,have that extra padding and you saw for,my boots it has the chunky heel for that,extra comfort and i think these issues,are really superior to the alternatives,that are out on the market and i also,thought to kind of add the outfit,inspirations if you will um its just a,bottom half of what i would wear with,the boots and the flats i will start,style these with a white denim with some,colored sweaters in the fall i think,both of them are in a very neutral,palette for it for them to pair well,with any color of,tops ill wear,i would also comfortably pair them with,a black um skirts or some kind of dress,for the outfit i think they can be,dressed up dressed down um so i think,thats really great i would also pair,them with a pair of jeans whether thats,cut off or flare any kind of a fit i,think for flats it might be better if i,pair them with a,straight cut or skinny jeans but other,than that i think itll pair well with,any color of denim that i would have and,last but not least something that i wear,on a day-to-day basis a pair of leggings,i think would go also well with t


okay so after a one year of wearing,vivians shoes i think its worth it to,make an entire video dedicated to the,brand,thanks so much vivia for sponsoring this,video and in this video im going to,tell you my favorite styles from vivia,what i think about it after wearing it,for a year the wear and tear of it and,everything im gonna also walk you,through a scale where i tell you my,favorite to the least favorite from the,ones i own and which models exactly i,own when i was first approached by vivia,i felt like,im in a dream because its very rare,these days to find a brand that is,sustainable but at the same time very,much,aware of every single detail and design,and being inclusive in the designs and,the shapes,and also as a person who have flat foot,ive always suffered from shoes and,after trying for a year now vivians,shoes they are my go-to everyday shoe,they now launched sneakers which is,super exciting this is the newest thing,i ordered from them because,i think i wear their ankle boots entire,winter and i wear their ballerinas,whenever im traveling the brand is,amazing they also launched the pullovers,if youve watched my previous video,youve already seen me talk about,cashmere sweaters and featuring this,sweater also dont forget to use my,discount code when you shop from vivia,in general im going to rank the shoes,from my top favorite to my least,favorite and my top favorite will have,to be the half boot the half boot is,amazing they look super sleek and chic,its black and its very hard to stain,or to do anything with it the,wearability of it is amazing in fact in,comparison to how much i wore it,its absolutely doing great the next,shoe in line would be definitely the,sneaker the white sneaker are you this,person who loves white sneakers so much,however they always get dirty this white,sneaker they have looks so sleek so chic,i love it and its super easy to clean,because it its like fabric you just,wash it you dont have to feel scared to,wash it because they actually encourage,you to wash it the next design in line,is their ballerinas and i think my,favorite one from the ballerinas,is the beige one that i have because it,doesnt have the strap at the back which,irritated my legs a little bit in the,beginning until my feet just got used to,the shoe,but the beige one i wore to death its,actually heavily stained and i am,planning to have like an intensive,cleaning to it,next is my black ballerina i love this,black ballerina so much this is what i,took with me to my travel to greece if,you havent watched the look book im,going to link it also in the card its,the shoe i wore,it and the chanel loafers were the two,shoes i took with me they are super,comfortable,super malleable theyre easy and very,forgiving when it comes to packing i,went only with a cabin bag so,packing was like on my top priority,somehow and it just helped me do this,and before last is their colored,ballerinas so if you are like me you,like to pair your shoes with your bags,yeah i know an old hack,then you know how hard it is when you,fall in love with a pink bag or a baby,bag because you know for sure that its,not the typical shoe that youre gonna,find for this,the thing is vivia has an array of,colors in most of their models and,for the summer and for the boots and for,everything so i decided to buy this pink,ballerina from them,this design looks so elegant on the feet,they make my feet look super feminine,somehow and its very comfortable and,you know me i love pointy shoes so it,had to be picked in that and this goes,really really well with my alma bb um,bag,um in pink ballerine this shoe was hard,to find and i found it in vivia like you,shouldnt look somewhere else when,youre looking for interesting colors,for shoes because they have it all in,the most comfortable designs and in the,last place is this one this one is a,chanel dupe it really looks like the,chanel style it looks really nice for me,it scores last because,i barely wear it because i like pointy,shoes more so it gets like neglected a,bit in my closet but however the design,is really nice and honestly speaking,when im sometimes picking between it,and between the ballerina from chanel i,usually go with the chanel one because i,have it but if you dont and you want to,add something for you that looks chanel,inspired then this one from vivia is the,one for you well lets talk about wear,and tear okay theyre light colors you,need to probably wash them more often,but that makes sense one thing that,really helped me is to spray them with,the waterproof spray against any stains,this really helps it stay longer i wash,it actually at least once a month if,its a shoe that i wear daily or,once every,five wears if i wear it sparingly so,that i always keep it looking like new,the thing is i try as much as possible,not to leave it till the end the problem,with my beige ballerina is that it got,um,stained because,my foot hit a painted wall and im just,gonna try to fix that and im gonna tell,you maybe about it if youre interested,to see a video where im cleaning it so,that you know how to clean it with the,black its,you barely see any stains you just wipe,them off,when you have some dust and thats it,just put in it a bag of,clothing freshener and that is enough to,keep the shoes smelling amazing and,whenever i wear socks into it this just,makes the sock smell also amazing i,definitely recommend to you buying this,shoe and im not saying this because,theyre sponsoring the video im really,saying this because it has been my daily,shoe for a while and i really wished i,would find this before that because i,would have spared my feet a lot of bad,days,thank you so much for watching ill see,you in my next video bye,[Music]

VIVAIA Boots For Fall | Sustainable Shoes

hi guys welcome back to my Channel today,Im gonna share a shoe haul with you,guys it is almost gonna be fall so Im,really excited to like get into the,boots again and Im gonna share a few,pairs that I got from vavaya I did a,review on vavaya before on some of their,Flats Ill have that link down below I,enjoy them so much that Ive gotten,quite a few pairs since then and was,really excited to dive into their boots,as well because I just really really,love their shoes so I have two pairs of,boots to share with you guys today and I,also have a kind of classic shoe to also,review for you guys and as always Im,gonna share my honest thoughts let you,guys know how I feel about it how it,fits um sizing and if I enjoy the shoe,if theres any issues Ill let you guys,know on that so it helps you guys decide,um if the shoe is going to be right for,you so lets go ahead and get started so,why I keep coming back to vavaya is,because I just love how sustainable they,are I love that each pair of shoes are,made with plastic water bottles and we,all know plastic water bottles are used,so much and I like that theyre,repurposed into something fashionable,and that I can actually get use out of,and I love that papaya focuses on the,comfort of their shoes,um every shoe is very comfortable to,wear you know designed to not,hurt your feet as much as some other,shoes do and you know people with wider,feet its very accommodating towards,that people with bunions you know my,daughter actually has a bunion so I like,that you know we can find a pair of,shoes with a fire that will fit her feet,comfortably as well so the first pair,that Im going to talk about is the,Regina square toe chunky heeled boots,now Ive really started to get into,square toed shoes I do have a little bit,of a wider feet so I find that square,toed shoes are just way more comfortable,you know theyre breathable my feet,arent crushed so I really like that and,this one has got to be my favorite pair,out of this haul its so comfortable and,again the upper part of the shoe is made,out of plastic water bottles and just,touching it its so incredibly soft its,so comfortable I just love the way that,they feel oh my goodness this one has to,be my favorite pair so comfortable so,soft now the size I have a size five and,I would say these fit really snug and,thats without socks I do wear thinner,socks so for those who live in a colder,climate or you do like to wear thicker,socks with your boots I would definitely,recommend sizing up but for me I,personally decided to just,size down or stay true to size because I,have really skinny legs and ankles so,typically this part right here is hard,to you know fit me really well so if I,were to size up sometimes this might get,wider and just not be flattering on my,ankles or my legs so thats why I stayed,with my size five another thing that I,love so much about this shoe is the heel,we all know chunky heels can be kind of,like a block or a square but I love this,angular design it makes it so,just beautiful it stands out its so,modern you know this is kind of like a,classic booty a sock booty but just that,detailing right there just makes it look,so much more modern and Im not sure if,you guys can tell right here just this,kind of stretchy its not elastic but,the sock booty just right here makes it,really stretchy and really hugs your,ankles really nicely and I like that you,have this little pull tab to help put,the shoes onto your feet more easily so,this one is definitely my favorite and,my husbands favorite as well he looked,at the whole family was around unboxing,with me and my husband liked this one,the best he thought it was just a really,beautiful well-made looking shoe and the,color that I got in the Regina boot is,the solid black they do have another,black color but that one is made of wool,and I am in California so it doesnt get,significantly cold here and I didnt,think wool was necessary so I went with,a solid black so you can definitely,choose what works best for you in the,climate that youre in also so I have,these boots style filled with some faux,leather shorts and a button up that Im,wearing in this video its just really,cute I love wearing boots like this with,shorts again California Im not getting,super cold weather but I do want to take,advantage of wearing boots like these,um so sock booties are really cute with,the shorts here I have just a simple,Denim and white shirt with a I believe,theyre called shackets really cute,simple casual outfit but adding an,adorable pair of shoes really elevates,the look next up we have the Tara,Tara Tara I say Tara,um mid-calf boots I was so excited for,these shoes these are like soccer,booties for sure theyre really nice and,thick oh my goodness theyre so high,quality and I was so excited for this,one because I do have,um some mid-calf boots that I love and,wore to death and I was so excited for,these to be the new replacement because,the other one I wore out so much that,they started sliding down my leg so I,would take a few steps and have to pull,them back up my leg and it would just,slip right back down so this one anybody,thats petite or just have like a,skinnier leg youre going to love this,because it stays on so snug so perfect,it doesnt slip or slide down it fits so,well like the perfect sock boot but the,only thing I would say is if you wanted,to wear like a tall boot over your jeans,or something like that that might be a,little bit tough because these are so,snug again I love how thick they are I,just seriously cannot believe and my,daughter was like touching these shes,like oh my God theyre so soft theyre,like socks like so thick but these are,made out of like bottles like its still,so mind-blowing and right here you have,the V for the Via love theyre just,simplistic logo my husband actually saw,that and he was like I really like that,V and I was like thats their logo its,really cool isnt it so really cute love,the little low heel very comfortable to,wear again this one also fits pretty,snug and you know without socks I have a,size five so again this one I would,definitely recommend sizing up,um I wouldnt have mine sizing up,because of house now this is I really,think a six would still work for me so,if you like to wear socks with your,boots definitely size up Ive always,loved wearing like thigh highs mid caps,you know taller boots with dresses I,just love that look and I like to wear,that here in California when I want to,wear a boot like this but its still a,little bit warm so I think dresses are,perfect for that here I have a simple,sweater dress thats a nice neutral,color I like to wear them with sneakers,you know really casual but when I want,to dress it up got the boots super cute,and you know I could wear a flowier you,know chiffon type of dress and I think,the shoes look so beautiful with that as,well shorts also I Feel Like These Boots,can go with anything really next up the,last pair are going to be the Stella 3.0,shoes this one is in nude Peach and,um theyre so cute I really wanted a,really classic pump with a little low,heel this is the most adorable kitten,heels ever love the logo of course the,color is such a classic nude shade love,this and of course just this knitted,upper material is so beautiful so,comfortable my only downside with these,shoes is that they dont stay on my feet,I have a size five its the smallest,size and they still flop like Im,wearing flip-flops mostly my left shoe,you can see in the shot that Im going,to include it doesnt like to stay on my,feet and I had really high hopes because,I love Avaya and how they added this,extra padding back here I have three,other pairs of shoes by the fire that,has this padding oh my goodness it just,does so much for me no blisters,comfortable help stay on my feet so I,was really hoping the same with the,Stellas but Unfortunately they did not,stay on my feet but I do have to say,they are still very comfortable the,soles are so cushiony,um just a really beauti

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