2. VIVISCAL SUPPLEMENTS DOS AND DONTS! Womens Hair Loss Sufferer Shares WORST Viviscal Mistakes!
  3. Viviscal Vs Foligrow | Which is Best For Hair Growth ?
  4. How to Grow Hair FAST!! Viviscal Hair Growth Before & After | (3 months progress!)
  6. 2 Month Viviscal Hair Growth Before & After


hey everyone my names helen welcome to,my channel in this video im going to do,a little check-in because i promised,during my set of videos about trying,viviscal,supplements for three months that i,would check in after i stopped using,them so it has now been,exactly three months since ive,completely stopped taking,viviscal supplements and if youre,wondering which kind the kind that look,like this they sent me this card when i,got them,they just come in this box with the pink,and the white its not that pro line i,dont think i believe that to be,something else its just like the,regular,ones that you see you know im sure at,target im sure its your local,drugstore youve seen them,so i tried those for three months and uh,maybe youve seen those videos and,youre coming here from there or maybe,youre seeing this the opposite way,around and you havent seen my results,from that,in which case i will link up the videos,where i,check in at the halfway mark and then i,also check in after ive completely done,trying them to see,what happens with my hairline in that,case but,i will tell you right now i got a bit of,a boost i thought,definitely in my temples and i know you,probably want me to like punch in and go,really close to see,what happened after three months and i,promise you i will get there,um but i thought you know it might be,worth going in just briefly into the,back story,a little bit so lets do that so i will,try and keep this backstory part,kind of brief although that will be a,challenge for me because we know from my,channel i,do like to chat sometimes,okay so i use rogaine thats not,something that i stopped using,while i was taking these vitamins,supplements whatever you want to call,them i didnt stop using rogaine i kept,using it because,at that point id been using it for,years and im still using it and so i,didnt want to stop,doing that i just wanted to see if,adding viviscal would help me or boost,my hair at all and um also because i was,at peak hair from rogaine like i wasnt,growing any more hair i was just kind of,and still am at a maintenance dose so i,just didnt feel like the rogaine was,going to figure into,any growth in my temples at that point,so thats where we still are im still,using rogaine i still consider myself to,be pretty much recovered,from having hair loss you know as ive,amply recorded here before,i had a lot of sort of thinning back in,this area in particular,of course i have a huge set of videos,you can go back and watch all of those,you know um digging into like all the,different aspects of hair loss on my,entire,journey um what else would you need to,know about my hair i am 44 years of age,i dont,color my hair so i do have some gray,hair in there,i dont permit or anything like that i,have a 2a 2b,wave in my hair and what youre looking,at now my friends,is just sort of my hair brushed out,after having been,washed and dried it is not styled,theres no styling products in it,or anything like that so that is what my,hair looks like its kind of dry right,now because i have been trying,i tried wonder water and i tried um,the monday shampoo which comes in that,gloriously,pretty pink bottle i didnt like either,of those products you can find out all,the details why,again i will link up those reviews or,just navigate around and search those,out for yourself and you can see what i,have to say about those two products but,let me tell you its left,me with very very dry hair right now so,im trying to recover from that,and just planning ahead on other,products im going to test so make sure,that you like and subscribe because im,going to be testing out more products,as relates to hair loss promises in,terms of shampoos and stuff like that,and im thinking of trying neutral fall,supplements i just want to make sure,that i get,this out of my hair first sort of just,go through at least six months of having,stopped viviscal before i try any other,supplements but,that might be in my future as well so,youll want to like and subscribe to,make sure you dont miss any,of that so i was not paid anything by,viviscal,to try these supplements this is a,hundred percent not sponsored this is a,hundred percent,im just saying whatever i want to say,they have not influenced me at all,theyve not asked me to say anything,positive,and or negative about it,and this is not an ad i did not pay for,these though they did send them to me,for free,viviscal canada because i live here in,canada which is interesting lets,brings me to my next point so in the,meantime you know as i was making these,videos and sort of going through,testing the viviscale and taking before,and after photos i also put them up on,my instagram and i tagged,viviscal and they in the meantime,since ive made the last video where i,showed my before and after,till now viviscal featured me on their,main instagram page,and then um funnily enough viviscal in,italy also featured me on their before,and after page too so thats been kind,of fun i mean it didnt grow my audience,in the least i dont think i even got,one new follower from from those,mentions on instagram but,you know um its just kind of fun to see,yourself on other,accounts and they did ask me for,permission though um to use those photos,so i did give them permission,i didnt get into the whole why i,stopped taking viviscal,in those posts into too deep of a detail,that is recorded in my,videos about those i mean if you really,want to know all the reasons behind why,i decided to stop taping taking viviscal,and i will not be taking it again you,should watch those videos but you know,the bottom line was i just was not happy,about the ingredient profile,i just decided that was not something i,wanted to keep doing long term,and i was also curious to see what would,happen if i just stopped so,i do have three things that i want to,tell you about what happened after i,stopped and theyre gonna be kind of,i think theyll be interesting well,just hang around i guess youll be the,judge of that,um and i also just want to say briefly,that you know i do hear from people and,its,its been interesting the sort of range,of emotions i get when i talk about hair,loss products and stuff like that,a lot of people are convinced that you,know,its just like oh i colored my hair and,thats why my hair looked different,after i used the vivis gal and youll,see this i mean these are comments that,are,readily available to find okay so that,was a substantial preamble so thank you,so much for hanging in to hear me out,through that so im going to talk about,the three things that happened to me,the first thing that happened was that i,got a pretty substantial,breakout about im gonna say about two,months after i stopped taking,viviscal and i think but im not 100,sure it might have to do with biotin and,here are my thoughts about that,now biotin is known to give people some,acne some breakouts that sort of,thing i mean id say of all the side,effects ive ever heard about biotin,that is the one i hear the most,a lot of people wont take it for that,reason and thats fine too but viviscal,has biotin in it so hear me out,the amount of viviscal in biotin,is less than the amount that im taking,and so im going to show you what im,taking,um right now but the amount in biotin is,240,micrograms which i believe is 80 of the,fda allows im going by memory so,hopefully i didnt get any of these,little facts,wrong so thats you know whatever 248,micrograms right so what i have been,taking and ive always taken just,because,its readily available its easy to pick,up um and i,kind of like taking gummies is this,natures,bounty hair skin nails with biotin and,you know i just picked this up at costco,im actually almost done im running,pretty low,and this has quite a bit more each one,of these gummies has 1250,micrograms thats each and youre,supposed to take it two times a day so,thats,2500 micrograms of biotin compared,to what i saw viviscal having which is,240 so thats a significant difference,right so theres jus

VIVISCAL SUPPLEMENTS DOS AND DONTS! Womens Hair Loss Sufferer Shares WORST Viviscal Mistakes!

if you want to hear about my dos and,donts for using viviscal supplements,then all you got to do is stay tuned hi,everyone my name is helen welcome to my,channel i am a viviscal user supplement,user and ive just stopped so if youll,wait to the very end i will tell you,about why i stopped using,viviscal supplements but i thought i,would make a video here about some of my,dos and donts for using them,you may have seen some of my other,videos i have tested it pretty,extensively,and not one but two videos here on my,channel so i will be sure to go ahead,and link those up if you want to see,them you might want to see,my results i wont be showing you those,here but i do have really good close-ups,in,uh one video that i did at the,three-month mark and one video i did at,the one and a half,month mark so go ahead and check those,out but lets just jump right into the,dos and donts i know thats why you,guys are here so,lets hop right into them before i start,i will tell you that,i am not sponsored at all by viviscal,this is not an,ad i do lots of hair loss videos here,but i dont take any,sponsorships for hair loss products i,want them to be,completely not sponsored completely this,is just my own opinion about viviscal,supplements,you know hopefully they dont come after,me after making this but anyhow here we,go,so my first do is do check the,ingredients when it comes to viviscal,supplements and see if they are suitable,for you,now these were sent to me for free,actually not here as a content creator,but rather in my,job my real life job as a lifestyle,journalist,and they were sent to me and i thought,you know i make hair loss content i,should try them,and i had picked them up before off the,shelf but i had always put them back,and until they were sent to me i didnt,remember why and the reason was the top,ingredients that were listed,uh which were shark cartilage and oyster,and those did not appeal to me then and,now even after ive stopped they still,are not appealing ingredients to me but,just know that this is not suitable for,vegans this is not suitable for some,vegetarians this is not i think suitable,it says on the packaging for people with,fish seafood shellfish allergies which,makes sense considering,the ingredients that are in there just,in general though before you take any,supplements thats sort of a combo of,things,make sure that youre reading it make,sure that youre understanding,what is in it my next my next dont,is dont have unrealistic expectations,of what viviscal is going to do,for you and this is not just coming from,me but also from many many women that,ive heard from you can go ahead and,look at those videos and look at some of,the comments people will describe their,experience there,with using viviscal and its kind of all,over the place i will say though of all,the different supplements like nutrifoal,which i havent tested yet which i may,so make sure that you,like and subscribe because if i do end,up testing that in the future maybe you,want to see what ends up happening im,toying with the idea at this point,this guy tends to be the one that women,like the most for,whatever reason maybe because its been,on the market the longest its been,around a long time,uh from what i gather or maybe around 20,years,according to their website theyre not,exactly clear the date it was released,but they,are using the number 20 years 25 years,theyre talking about some of,their research anyway it seems to be the,one that women seem to,like the best and maybe youve seen that,reflected here with other people,having used um viviscal with good,results,for me though lets talk about what it,is you know they viviscale meaning,they meaning viviscal dont say that,its a cure they,make that pretty clear on their actual,website its not a cure its not meant,to be a cure for underlying conditions,that are gonna cause,long-term lifetime progressive hair loss,so they,say its not a cure and in my experience,it certainly wasnt but i got a boost,you know,i did get some boost in my temples and,in my hairline,it didnt feel like my hair overall was,much thicker in general i dont feel,like its changed,my hair entirely if you look at some,older videos of mine i kind of look the,same,you know just filled in a bit so,definitely not a cure nor does it say it,is,do search for a good price for this,stuff,men is it ever expensive here in canada,its around 60,what some of the better prices i saw,were around 57,canadian dollars a month that is,a significant amount of money in the u.s,it hovers around,39.99 you can find it for a little,cheaper than that in the uk i noticed,that,one of the better prices that i saw was,on viviscals website itself so,in the us in canada in the uk,note that viviscal has its own website,and they sell directly from their,website and of course you know your,places like you know,your pharmacies and stuff like that sell,it i know that my pharmacy here just has,it sort of in the aisle near the rogaine,minoxidil section of it all but one,interesting thing about the website just,on that note i didnt necessarily find,that the prices were much better at,least where i am but they do offer some,extras,so if you do buy like a three month pack,at least for me they had like,at the time of the taping anyway they,had like the uh they would include,basically i think like the shampoo and,the conditioner for free,that sort of thing so it doesnt really,knock off the price but you do get some,bonuses,and ill be talking just slightly about,their other products a little further on,so,hang on for that yeah this stuff is,expensive so you know its worth it to,do a tiny bit of research to make sure,that when you are getting it it is,and it is not something like it is a,brand name thing right so you can feel,safe that when you are at least,comparison shopping,that it is the exact same thing in a,sealed foil,it comes in like sealed foil so itll be,like a sealed product if you do get it,from other places other than directly,from the website i dont have a coupon,code to share with you,because as i said im not sponsored here,so do wait until youre genuinely,thirsty to take these,theyre a little on the larger side,theyre around and in one of my videos,the one,i think of the three month full try,youll see me,kind of showing them pretty up close,they are kind of a brown color theyre,kind of,round they are pretty smooth but theyre,not that elongated capsule,shape and so for me i found that it was,easiest to take them,when i was genuinely thirsty to actually,drink them down pretty quickly,otherwise they kind of im pretty good,at pill taking im giving myself maybe,an 8 out of 10,for taking pills but i did find these,ones just the tiniest bit difficult to,take because they are on the larger side,so if youre like me just wait till,youre genuinely thirsty and that just,helps to just gulp them down and gulp,enough water,with it um yeah,i wish that they were a capsule dont,take other supplements,with this unless you know what it is and,youre being kind of careful about what,it is that youre taking and that does,not just go theres nothing really to do,with viviscal thats just to do with,mixing and matching supplements,in general you know have a word with,your pharmacist to make sure that these,are not going to interfere with anything,that youre already,taking just double check it out you know,theres biotin in it there are other,ingredients in it so you just want to,make sure,that you know what youre taking like,for instance if youre taking biotin,my understanding from doing research,online is that if youre taking biotin,youre supposed to stop taking it before,you,get any blood work done because it can,interfere with the results of your blood,work if you dont uh believe me double,check with the place that youre getting,your blood work taken or with your,pharmacist or your doctor but yeah i,mean when youre taking viviscal you,might not even think youd be thinking,about the biotin in it but it has biotin,th

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Viviscal Vs Foligrow | Which is Best For Hair Growth ?

in this video im going to review,viviscal one of the oldest hair growth,supplements on the market,and im going to compare it to,foligrow one of the newer ones on the,market,and the question is very simple,which one is better keep watching,make sure you stay all the way to the,end because im going to reveal the one,vitamin that if you take in excess if,you take too much of it,it can actually cause hair loss it can,trigger hair loss so lets kick things,off by looking at the vitamins that have,been proven by science to actually,regrow hair and the list is here in,front of you they are vitamins a b c d,and e it sounds like an alphabet lesson,but this is it and vitamin b includes,things like biotin and folic acid there,are kind of varieties of vitamin b,so science has proven,that deficiency in these vitamins can,trigger hair loss and if you want to see,the studies then you can go on health,line ill leave the link below the video,so that you can see all the studies for,yourself,so lets have a look at polygraph,unboxing and the design as you can see,its a bottle of blue and white,60 tablets in each bottle,and you can see on the back the,supplements fact so it tells you exactly,whats in,in each bottle all the ingredients,listed,and at the top it has this seal this,seal is for obviously protection just to,make sure,that everything inside has been secured,the seal is not the easiest thing to get,off but once you get it off,you might need kind of small paris once,you get it off the bottle is very easy,to open,so you open it and theres an extra seal,on top for protection,so this makes sure that the product,inside is clean and,free of moisture and free of germs,this is quite standard for kind of top,quality products,and you take that top seal off and then,theres another layer of protection,which is a,piece of cotton just to make sure,theres no moisture and just,get rid of any moisture that might,damage the tablets and there you go you,can see the tablets theyre quite large,but theyre very smooth,the color is kind of orangey yellow,so yeah thats uh,basically fully grow in a nutshell,so lets unbox viviskull i got this from,amazon it came quite quickly within a,couple of days and i paid 25 pounds,for 30 tablets so that works out about,86 pence per tablet or a dollar per,tablet so its quite pricey,i really love the packaging,design is,you know on point very minimalist very,clear all the benefits are listed on the,packaging and theres lots more,information on the back,the packaging itself is very light can,be easily carried in purses and bags um,this is how the tablets come theyre,kind of blistered round tablets,theyre quite large,theyre not as large as the folly grow,ones but they theyre quite large um but,yeah,i really love the packaging the design,so lets look at viviscal in a little,bit more detail lets learn more about,the brand and as you can see here its,made in ireland and the price i got it,for i got this box from amazon myself,the price is 25 the one up the price i,paid is 25 pounds 43 pence for 30,tablets which gives a cost of 0.86 pence,per tablet thats really important keep,that in your head when we compare it to,fully grow thats going to be a key,aspect,the key ingredient,in viviscal is something called amino,marxi which is a marine extract this is,what the website claims is,the most effective part of vivid,viviscal viviscal is not testing animals,but its not suitable for vegans because,i suppose it contains marine extract,its widely available online this box i,bought from amazon where you can find in,shops on their website in physical,pharmacies,and bear in mind theres separate,formulas of viviscal for men and women,the one im reviewing here in this video,is the one for women so now lets move,on and look at fully growing in a bit,more detail so foligroy is made in the,us,and it the cost,is 20 pounds for 30 tablets which gives,a cost per tablet of 60 pence so its,about 25 percent cheaper than the,viviscal,the key,aspect of fuller grow its the high,purity so the ingredients are very very,pure at 97 percent or above which the,company claims is the key,differential the thing that really,separates it from all the other brands,is the high purity of the product which,they which they say makes it more,effective makes sense,its suitable for men and women so,unlike viviscal you dont have to buy,separate products this is suitable for,men and women its not tested in animals,and is suitable for vegans now lets,talk about the dosages and how long it,might take to see results with both of,them so both of them are very very,similar in this aspect um it takes,three to six months to see peak results,so you need to be patient with this its,not something you can try for one two or,even three months before you you see the,results and in terms of dosages both are,exactly the same they recommend one,tablet twice a day so one morning one,evening im not 100 sure on the latest,prices for follow group because such a,new brand so check below and ill put,the updated prices as time goes on so as,i said earlier in the video theres one,vitamin um or mineral that if you take,in excess can act you know it can,actually trigger hair loss and that,mineral is zinc,so,the science shows that in some cases if,you take too much zinc you can actually,trigger hair loss which is exactly what,youre trying to solve looking at the,two products viviscal has 149 percent of,your daily needs of zinc so it has very,high amounts of zinc so i suppose the,risk with this is quite high of taking,excess zinc,um foligro has,only 45,of your daily needs so theres less risk,that youre gonna take too much zinc,with this im saying because of that you,know that follow grow is better than,viviscal im gonna review im gonna come,to that point later in the video so,lets just compare,a head-to-head between follow grow and,viviscal just to help you make the,decision which one is best for you so,lets start with,viviscal and some of the pros include,its established brand its been around,for years i think 25 to 30 years,so thats good proven ingredients,theres no doubt that ingredients in,viviscal are proven,excellent website i really like their,website lots of educational stuff,in terms of the cons they include its a,in my opinion the range is limited they,could have included a few more,beneficial vitamins which follow grow,has and its very very expensive so you,cant get away from the fact that the,price range of uh glitter scale all,their products is right at the top and,that might not be affordable for most,people now lets have a look at,foligro,and some of the pros include again,proven ingredients theres no doubt that,the ingredients in follicle are proven,wider range than viviscal so follow,ground has a lot more,in terms of you know getting bang for,your buck,compared to vivisca,the purity is very high unfortunately i,wasnt able to find the purity of,viviscal theres nothing mentioned on,their website but the purity of foligrow,is very very high and i was able to,establish that,and its definitely more affordable,than viviscal um you know 25 to 30,percent cheaper than viviscal and that,could be something key for most people,in terms of the cons,foligrove does not have as many reviews,as vivious card because its a newer,brand i think its only been in the,market for less than a year so its,still not as many reviews as viviscal so,lets draw some conclusions um should,you go for polygram or for viviscal,i think if you are already using,viviscal for example and youre happy,with it its giving you results then,theres not really much reason for you,to switch and if particularly if youre,happy paying the extra price fine you,can stick with viviscal if youre not,using anything and you want to start,using something now,then personally i recommend,follow grow a bit more because,you get,the same ingredients,as in viviscal and actually you get more,ingredients compared to what is in,viviscal and the biggest difference is,the price is mu

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How to Grow Hair FAST!! Viviscal Hair Growth Before & After | (3 months progress!)

hi everyone and welcome to my channel if,youre new here,my name is lise we usually review things,if not welcome back,im sure youre super excited to see,what well be reviewing today,okay so if you guys come from my fat,burning machine thingy video that one,took me,pretty much two weeks to make and this,one is probably going to take me,forever to make so dont let this flop,and im about to sound super scholarly,but its only because i did a,of homework lets talk about,viviscal ive never heard of this brand,actually,im part of an influencer box called,statosphere and how that works is like i,kind of signed up one day and they give,you goodies,that are free and they do it every month,basically pick what you want in there,and then they just send it to you and,all you have to do is post it on,instagram,so i saw this and it was for hair growth,and,honestly im not gonna lie i usually,just skip all of my status fears like i,invite you to,to join like its kind of fun but i,usually just skip,them its just a lot of like stuff you,know and i oh my god you guys know i,hate stuff,can we stop with this stuff already the,skull though i was like you know what,ive never heard of this and like me,personally,if its something with hair that might,be able to help me like,im so ready for this so if youre,watching this video you probably might,have,heard of this brand or you are probably,trying to figure out,oh my god i want my hair back or i want,my hair to grow or whatever,so this is a three-month supply all,right,the idea behind viviscal is that it,nourishes,thinning hair and it promotes your,existing hair growth this is clinically,proven,okay and were going to talk a little,bit about,those details whats inside of this,if this works and my progress so this is,actually,lets see what is this a three month,supply this video is going to take three,months to make,and i will show you guys if this really,works but for now if youre really,curious like why,whats so special about this thing why,does it cost upward of 40-ish,sometimes 50-ish dollars and does this,really work,lets discuss viviscal comes in these,little pills the idea behind this is you,take,two pills a day you can take one in the,morning and take one a night and thats,exactly what i plan to do,im gonna take one in the morning one at,night for the entire three months,and once you start taking that your hair,will grow,and i will tell you why actually this,totally might not work but there is,really really good reasons why this,could work and im actually really,excited for it,so here are the ingredients lets talk,about some basic stuff,okay the number one ingredient,and im saying number one in the sense,that its like im going down the list,so if you guys want to go on the,internet and be like,i want to look feel free to look up the,ingredient list and were gonna go,through it together,so the number one ingredient is actually,vitamin c,vitamin c is an antioxidant that,prevents,against free radicals so basically it is,like the protector,of your hair thats really what its,doing,and your body actually needs vitamin c,to create,collagen if youre anything like me you,take your morning or your evening or,your,whatever collagen because collagen is,life,and i do that already so i do take,collagen,but i dont take vitamin c do i put it,on my skin,yes yes i do i do put it on my skin but,i dont take it so,that will be a really good thing for me,because yes im ready to be protected,from all of the free radicals on this,planet against my hair,lets do it im so ready the next,up is niacin i dont know if im saying,that right but lets just go with it,this actually brings,oxygen and nutrients to your hair,follicles,and it does that by improving your blood,circulation,so it is well known fact it is a,well-known fact that if you have some,hair loss its because you do have,low or poor circulation in your blood so,niacin which im hoping im saying that,right,is what is going to improve that,circulation so that your follicles,can be full of oxygen and nutrients and,get all that goody,you know yummy yummy goody-goody stuff,in your head,now on this list is also biotin and this,is like the,lit the scientifically proven method to,grow your hair,this might be a little bit of a red flag,for me okay,i will tell you guys why i found my red,flag heres my red flag,i will tell you guys why i have taken,biotin before and,biotin could make you break out,so be very wary if youre like you know,what scientifically proven im gonna go,buy biotin like lee said biotin im,gonna go buy it forget this,viviscal thing um do not take biotin,every day i suggest you ease into it,so that your skin can get accustomed to,it,or you take it every other day i am no,doctor,but my personal experience has,wrecked my face taking biotin and,i like refused to take it now it does,work,but at a price like at what cost do i,want longer hair or do i want clear skin,and the answer is,i want both obviously this having biotin,in it kind of makes me like a little,wary,um but lets do it okay were gonna do,it,next on the list is calcium the reason,why theres calcium in this is its,gonna help with iron absorption,so thats kind of it i looked up a lot,of things on calcium,you know this whole like drink your milk,and stuff you guys know that i do not,like milk and i prefer an all vegan diet,this is,not a vegan pill it is not a vegetarian,pill,and i will tell you why in a second but,yeah theres calcium in there so that,you can absorb iron better and then the,next on there is actually iron,iron is going to help boost your,circulation and,basically help your hair grow faster,and longer so there is such a thing as,taking too much iron,so if youre already taking an iron pill,this is not fda approved this physical,is not fda approved so,maybe i should have said this in the,beginning but definitely consult with a,doctor,if you are a little bit heavy or light,on a lot of these,supplements vitamins whatever you want,to call them because,yeah iron having too much iron in your,body is not good finally this has,zinc in it and what this does is this,actually helps with,tissue growth and repair i did my,homework so i did look at a lot of,reviews i did look at a lot of youtube,videos,and i did see a lot of people that said,that their hair grew thicker,i did see a lot of people that said that,this did not make their hair grow,longer but for certain,i did not see anyone that said that,their hair was repaired,so honestly if you just want to repair,your hair give it a chop,thats literally 100 guaranteed,healthier hair just,chop chop dont be scared chop that hair,chop it chop it chop it chop it,yeah give your hair chop literally you,get the split ends out of the way,and itll give an opportunity for your,hair to grow,lets talk about proprietary stuff now,what could that mean what is proprietary,stuff,it means stuff that only belongs to the,skull,so you may be wondering okay im i wrote,this all down im gonna go,on a walmart shopping spree and like buy,all of these things and then im going,to have a fiscal,in my house by just taking all these,vitamins and minerals,and the answer is kind of uh so viviscal,has something a proprietary,blend that is called one second a,minomar marine,complex and i did do my research on this,basically what this is is that some,scientist,was like hey theres a huge benefit to,a protein-rich diet,so like fish and meats im gonna take,those minerals that people get from,having that kind of diet im gonna put,it in this for you,so thats really what it means is that,you know thats why i was like its not,vegan its not vegetarian,it doesnt claim to be but basically,that,amino marmarine complex is the,minerals that were taken out of that,protein-rich diet and given,to right here,then secondly in there is horsetail,horsetail is supposed to improve the,speed at which your hair grows,and like i said i didnt see anyone,saying that their hair grew,faster but the horsetail in theory,you know in an ideal world


hello everyone my names helen and,welcome to my channel i know for you,long time viewers ive been missing for,a little while and that is accurate i,have taken a little break i really just,needed to do a reset i just didnt have,the extra bandwidth to be making as many,videos as i had been doing so ive been,sort of pumping them out pretty,regularly for four years so a few things,have happened since youve seen me last,uh one is this is my four year,anniversary on youtube so thats,exciting ive been doing this now for,four whole years,the other thing that happened was that i,turned 45,so wow um i am truly deep in middle age,now i guess right that is what 45 is,and the other thing is that i reached my,five year remission,mark from breast cancer and thats,actually how this entire channel got,started i had lost hair obviously you,lose all your hair well not everybody,does but in my case i lost all my hair,from the chemotherapy that i was on and,then when i grew up back grew back nice,and then after about a year it started,to fall out and i started to use rogaine,and that was about the point where i,started making videos about my rogaine,hair loss regrowth journey and here we,are four years later and here is my hair,it took me pretty much four years for me,to grow my hair to this length so if,youre wondering what this video is,about you know you probably already had,a hint looking at the title i dont have,anything in mind right now i just sort,of wanted to update you guys on whats,going on,um maybe talk about some things that,ive tried in the past and where we are,now a couple years after or a year after,in some of the cases and just kind of,catch you up so its just kind of a,chatty kind of video maybe grab a drink,or something like that and just relax,with me if you like so uh lets get into,it tomorrow im gonna be getting my hair,cut for the first time since august and,i had been meaning to go its just like,one thing after another sort of happened,and then i was doing like,shampoo a shampoo review so if you,havent seen that its the pure adora,the professional label so ive got a,video on that so i didnt really want to,cut my hair just for continuity purposes,i thought it might look weird i also,need to color my hair why because im,getting way more gray hair i know my,hair looks predominantly black on camera,and it is it is predominantly black but,theres just,every like shorter hair thats frizzy,looking is gray and i guess thats sort,of because they break more easily and,because theyre more brittle and maybe,just because i noticed them more but,theyre really starting to get on my,nerves and ive been meaning to color my,hair for a while now so i dont color my,hair at all this is my natural hair,color so,next time you see me i will hopefully,have pretty much the same hair color im,just trying to cover gray for now um a,lot of women though have not been,covering their grays and i kind of like,the way that looks but im kind of not,im not ready for that yet,not quite yet maybe in five years when i,get tired of coloring my hair i will be,uh but right now i just want to,enjoy this hair color of mine while i,can,and enhance it so one of the things i,wanted to talk about not only just,whats coming up in terms of my hair so,it will look different probably the next,video i make,is also what happened because right now,one of my videos from the past thats,getting a lot of traction is my whole,viviscal journey i took viviscal tablets,supplements whatever you want to call,them,and i detailed all of that what i,thought happened you know even the after,effect after i stopped its now been,exactly one year and a few days since i,stopped and,i gotta say its sort of like i never,took it at all in a way i was looking,sort of in my temples and,they look okay i mean,i think some people worry that they stop,and then all of their hair will fall out,and im not saying that couldnt happen,because everybodys hair journey is,different but in my case nothing really,happens i mean i feel like maybe some of,the growth that i had in here wasnt as,prominent thats what i recall because,its been a its been,a year now since ive talked about,viviscal on camera i just feel like my,hair kind of ended up where it was going,to be and i dont feel like the viviscal,sort of made it better or worse in the,year,but i did start noticing a lot less hair,loss in general which you guys know if,youve been watching the series that i,made about tracking one month of hair,loss,it is now about id say two months since,i made that and thats another reason i,wanted to give things a break because,ive been trying so many things ive,been detailing so many things i just,wanted to just chill for a bed and give,my hair a break give my um give,everything a break really and i just i,really needed it i think i suffer a bit,from seasonal effective blues so this,kind of got to me and i just wasnt in,the mood like if im not in a good mood,i try not to film because who wants to,see someone feeling and looking,miserable on camera but yeah viviscal,not much difference after a year,but i am stopping hair loss so i did,want to say that my hair loss still is,really minimized so knock on wood you,cant see but im near my desk here i,have a wooden desk knocking on that that,that keeps up so when i wash typically i,do lose a few strands i still wash about,every second day sometimes every third,day or so,and this is my hair sort of just air,dried i think i had it in yes i did have,it in a braid thats a little crimpier,than it normally would look really,little hair loss that is continuing and,again now that ive had some time to,reflect on it is it the products i dont,know i stopped using all pure adore,products to,my uh yeah about two months ago now and,im just back on my regular,caristas,one which is orange and it says benseten,and its got the one theres a two and i,think that one is more hydrating thats,not the one i use i like the one and the,um caviar conditioner repair ive made,videos on both of these items and this,is just what im back using and my hair,is pretty soft right now,it is a bit damaged though and it feels,crispy at the ends which is not,surprising considering you know i do,heat style considering i havent even,had a trim since august but luckily my,hair doesnt get too damaged so thats i,guess a good thing im not no complaints,here i think im going to cut it to,about there,we shall see i kind of want to do a lob,and ive been thinking about that for a,while i guess im just not ready im,kind of just enjoying the longer hair i,dont know thats my thought process for,now so yeah thats kind of whats going,on with me in terms of hair needed to,give myself a break im going to color,it im going to cut it and thats that,appointment is for tomorrow morning i,always make hairdressing appointments,hairstyling appointments for the morning,if i can because i just feel like okay,have you ever been there on a saturday,when its hectic and you know that like,maybe,your hair stylist is the tiniest bit im,not gonna say overbooked but busier than,they usually are theres just no chill,its a really hectic atmosphere in the,salon,i dont like that personally i love it,when its kind of quiet and chill and we,can hear each other talk because theres,not a ton of other people in the room,and all the hair dryers going and all of,that so i have the luxury you know of,being someone who um works from home and,i have a pretty flexible schedule that i,can go in the morning so thats usually,what i try and do so thats exciting i,have not had my hair really ever colored,kind of this is my virgin hair color as,they say and this is virgin hair so you,may have noted that i was talking about,the shampoo and the conditioner that i,use i dont change them that much i mean,you guys maybe think i do because i try,tons of product but i tend to just keep,going back to the things that work for,me and so,yeah the one that i love and continue to,love the holy grail of mind is s

2 Month Viviscal Hair Growth Before & After

hello hi everybody welcome to my channel,once again Beauty yg thank you for,joining me I am super excited to be,filming this video because I had to wait,literally months to film it let me tell,you real briefly well I was losing my,hair I dont know why I dont know if,its age hormones stress Ive always had,long shiny thick volumous hair all my,life I guess I was lucky so thank you,Jesus I did work for a TV station before,and I would have a stylist do my hair so,there was heat being applied and the,blow-dryer to make it volume is I even,got keratin treatments done on my hair,so that it would look straight Im so,grateful that I had that benefit of you,know just waking up and going to the,salon and having my hair washed and,blow-dried and all those cool things,that I loved having at the moment but of,course like everything with excess in,life has consequences I had super long,hair and by the end of my journey at the,TV station my hair was short but it,wasnt until a few months after that it,kind of I thats why I think where I,believe it just went into shock mode and,it just thinned out horribly it was,falling out it wasnt growing it didnt,have any volume it was not shiny it was,pretty opaque and it was just really sad,I was freaking out whether I was,showering or brushing my hair or just,scratching my head like chunks of hair,would fall out and I was even getting,more stressed out of this I didnt know,what to do I tried many different,products out in the market I try a lot,of hair masks like do-it-yourself hair,masks from stuff we have in our fridge,you name it nothing was working I was,just so sad and one day I dont know,where I went to G&C,I dont know Gian sees all over the,world or not that I know they do have a,website so Ill post it down below long,story short I came across this treatment,a baby skull hair growth program that,has 60 tablets youre supposed to drink,too,pills a day ideally one at night and one,in the morning its $40 so I really,hesitated I was like oh my god I dont,want to buy it its kind of expensive,but you know what it says its for,thinning hair and its for thicker,fuller hair I didnt care for it to grow,I just wanted it to stop falling and,stop thinning because I mean Im not,even 30 I already have tons of gray hair,and I didnt need to be bald as well,there was a really many articles out,there theres very few YouTube videos,with reviews on it,um so I said you know what Im gonna,just go for it and saw very quick,results I want to say within two weeks,it stopped falling as much and within a,month,I just realized like okay its looking a,little bit you know fuller a little bit,vol I finished the first treatment and,this is my results as you can see it,even grew a little bit I was not,expecting length although I love long,hair I just wish my hair was super long,but at that point in my life I just,wanted a head full of hair thats all I,wanted I would like I dont care if its,short if its shoulder length I just,want it to be like just big a huge and I,liked it so much that I sure enough went,for another treatment what youre now,seeing is a comparison of when I first,started to when I finished the first,treatment – when I finish the third one,now as you can tell the hair length is,just all over the place because I,havent really gone to a professional to,get a trim or get a haircut because I am,so afraid of hair stylist and the reason,why is because you ask them to cut one,centimeter to centimeters and they cut,like ten fingers it does look darker by,the way because I did dye my hair at,some point I do have,hairs like I mentioned before thats,why it looks a little bit darker but,even with me dyeing my hair by myself,with stuff I bought at Beauty Supply you,can still see a difference between the,periods of when I started when I,finished the first treatment and then,when I finished this last one so I am,very happy with the results and I will,be going for one more treatment but,instead of drinking two pills a day I,will reduce it to just one just to help,my follicles grow stronger other things,that I also changed while I was doing,this whole process of the treatment was,I completely reduce the amount of heat I,was using in my hair so I went from heat,probably five to six times a week to no,heat that means I would air dry my hair,shower at night one to two hours before,bedtime,let it air dry by the time I woke up I,had naturally dry hair another thing,that I really really think helped was,changing instead of just like a regular,brush I started using this comb as you,can see the teeth of the comb are,somewhat thick so they dont break my,hair and when its wet I will use this I,am trimming my own hair thats why it,has no like shape to it I will go get,that done eventually but I bought a,professional set of scissors at Sallys,I just trim it when Im bored or when I,have extra time I dont wash my hair,constantly I do it once or twice a week,so I know that it sounds kind of gross,but hey you got to do what you got to do,the shampoo that I currently use is this,one right here its by Avalon organics,and I believe theyre like eight dollars,a piece I will link down everything Im,mentioning down below so dont you worry,and this one is the anti dandruff,shampoo my hair went through a whole,other stage while I was in the treatment,of dryness flakiness thats a whole,different video but this has helped me a,lot and of course having a healthy scalp,obviously means healthy hair and to be,completely open with you guys here it,- sad in a way to think that it,depressed me to go through that stage of,me losing so much hair to the point,where I could see my sculpt when,grabbing like a ponytail and seeing how,thin my ponytail was like like a little,rubber band could literally hold the,ponytail up and thats never been the,case Ive always had to buy the huge,rubber bands and its kind of sad again,to think that thats what makes or,breaks me but Ive never gone through,anything like that,life happens who knows what can happen,in the future I could lose all my hair,and its something Im gonna have to,face but for now I am just so grateful,that I came across it thank you to,whoever invented it or created it um and,this is not a sponsored video FYI but if,we were created it wants to send me free,samples or free product lets go let it,come to mama,and if you know anybody out there that,is going through this same struggle,please share this video or tag them or I,dont know let them know that this,exists it might help them like it helped,me it doesnt say specifically for women,so it could probably a pretty sure work,for guys as well so with that said guys,I send you cyber hugs and cyber kisses,till next time bye bye


while hey guys I hope your week has gone,well in todays video I am going to go,into a topic that I get questions about,and that is the role for different,supplements different botanics vitamins,what have you in treating female and,male pattern hair loss is a type of hair,loss that is referred to as androgenetic,alopecia the genetic part underscores,the fact that there is a genetic,tendency towards this condition but it,is very common presenting in 70% of,males on you know roughly 30 to 40,percent of females at any time in their,adult wife and I consists of thinning of,the hair and bald patches and man this,tends to occur on the crown on the,vertex of the scalp as well as it,presents with a receding hairline but in,women it presents us just a few spinning,of the hair and hair gradual hair loss,over time and it is a very very,frustrating condition to cut with,particularly when it has been going on,for quite some time I have many videos,dedicated to the different treatments,that are FDA approved for androgenetic,alopecia a video talking about minoxidil,minoxidil is the only over-the-counter,treatment that is FDA approved for hair,loss in men and women and you guys know,the limitations in minoxidil its great,its effective however it can be very,irritating to many people it can be,drying and for women in particular one,really annoying side effect associated,with minoxidil is that if it trickles,down on your face it can cause high,perch are Co SACEUR hair growth in those,areas so its not everyones cup of tea,to keep up with and you guys know for my,minoxidil video that once you stop it,then the hair loss just goes back to you,where it would have been in the,beginning how do you never use minoxidil,so this is really frustrating,a lot of people to here they want,theyre gonna do something they wanted,to fix the problem and they dont want,it to just hide the problem I have a,video talking about just kind of,supplements in general for hair skin and,nails and sort of my issue with,supplements and that is that supplements,just in general theyre not drugs so,theyre not regulated like like,medications are in that they do not have,to demonstrate necessarily efficacy or,safety and they dont undergo the same,level of monitoring and scrutiny oz s,prescription and over-the-counter drugs,so for example minoxidil in the case of,an over-the-counter or in the case of a,prescription pill for hair loss and Ive,talked about before finasteride which,goes by the brand name for pichia you,know thats a drug side-effect profile,is well known and its monitored and,well studied for for male pattern hair,loss so you know supplements theyre a,bit theyre better the wild wild west so,to speak but they do have some evidence,to support their role in male and female,pattern hair loss thats why I wanted to,do a dedicated video on this topic,because you see them everywhere and I,continue to get questions so first up,botanicals I think these are an area,that are really popular and you guys are,most curious about particularly you men,out there who are frustrated with the,idea of having to take potentially,finasteride you dont want to do it and,so you have asked in many of my videos,what about plants DHT blockers so there,are a variety of plant based supplements,botanical based supplements that,function kind of their function is,postulated to be to decrease something,called 5-alpha reductase activity which,is the enzyme responsible for the,production of something called,dihydrogen,stas Tyrone dihydrotestosterone is the,culprit hormone at the level of the hair,follicle responsible for both male and,female female pattern hair loss that,little male hormone that everyone has,both men and women in some individuals,those with a genetic tendency there is a,sensitivity of the hair follicle to that,and it results in premature hair loss,premature thinning of the hair in that,vocal we dont really know how they work,and to what degree there are some,randomized controlled trials however,looking at supplements botanic,supplements that are postulated to work,this way specifically there is a small,randomized control trial the,demonstrated efficacy of a 5 alpha,reductase inhibitor a botanic 5 alpha,reductase inhibitor in the treatment of,male pattern hair loss in men so,specifically this was a study looking at,a combination of two plant extracts saw,palmetto as well as something called,beta Saito steer all and interestingly,60% of the men in this randomized,controlled trial had improvement in the,density of hair growth in the scalp,whereas 11% of the placebo men in this,study had improvements but whats whats,nice about this supplement I think what,is attractive about it is that there are,no reported adverse side effects,specifically there are no reported,adverse sexual side effects I think,fears around it is fear surrounding the,potential for some of the sexual,side-effects that I addressed in my,finasteride video theres a lot of a lot,of patients a lot of consumers have,fears around those and not you know they,dont want to take that medication so,this appears to be a,a alternative although how effective it,is in comparison to finasteride it seems,its not as effective but a potential,there was an open label study so this is,just people coming in and getting,getting a supplement that contained,biggest itas beta side of steer all the,5 5 alpha reductase inhibitor and the,DHT lowering botanic along with green,tea extract green tea is a polyphenol,that functions as an antioxidant so it,can scavenge free radicals theres any,damage going on in the hair follicle due,to inflammation that potentially could,dampen that and in this study they,demonstrated a statistical improvement,in hair growth hair mass index meaning,the the mass of hair in the prior area,of hair loss that improved statistic to,assistance 2 and statistical,significance and there was an increase,internal hair growth they they determine,this through objective measurements,something a little trichogramma so they,were just you know looking willy-nilly,and also they had improvement in the,hair density by photographs comparative,trial of saw palmetto versus finasteride,at 24 months in this in this trial,twenty at 24 months 68 percent of men,who were treated with finasteride had,improvement in hair growth at 24 months,thats thats what we know about,finasteride already though however the,other group those that just got saw,palmetto 38 percent of them saw,improvements so what this shows is that,while saw palmetto is not as effective,as finasteride it does seem to be,helpful and again no adverse side,effects were reported in that in that,group so that that you know maybe maybe,thats the kind of information that,youre looking for when you ask me about,this thats thats what I can tell you,at this point appears to be safe but not,as effective as finasteride but not not,useless and then I get some questions,about rosemary oil as well and to be,honest with you I had never really heard,about using rosemary oil topically for,hair loss I mean its definitely way out,there not standard of care standard of,care fda-approved treatment topically,for hair loss in men and women is going,to be minoxidil but you guys wanted to,know about rosemary oil and there is a,study that I found of a hundred patients,who got either these were female,patients on specify a hundred female,patients who used either a rosemary oil,or minoxidil 2% and interestingly at six,months after using either treatment,there was no stew there was improvement,in hair and hair growth in both groups,there was no statistical difference,between the two groups so you know that,kind of hints at the fact that at the,idea that Ill say that may be topical,rosemary oil is something we should be,exploring exploring further as an,alternative to minoxidil it appeared to,be well tolerated in the study with no,adverse side effects however you know as,a small study a very short window of,time theyre looking at six months is,n

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