1. Vizio V51-H6 Review – Best Cheap Surround Sound System?!
  2. Vizio M-Series 5.1 Sound Bar Review (M51a-H6) | How is it this good?
  3. VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Channel Sound Bar System Ultimate Review: Unboxing, Set Up, Overview & Review
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  6. Vizio V51-H6 Sound Bar Review
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Vizio V51-H6 Review – Best Cheap Surround Sound System?!

all right so today im going to be,reviewing the vizio,v51-h6 and figuring out if it is the,best overall cheap surround sound system,and if any point in the video you guys,feel like you want to go check out the,vizio v series for yourself i put amazon,links down below for the us uk and,canada but now lets jump into the full,review of the vizio v series speakers,now this 5.1 set comes with a couple of,cool features like dolby audio and dts,virtual x surround so these two audio,programs are going to provide from floor,to ceiling virtualized 3d surround but,now i really want to jump straight into,audio quality the vizio v series is a,5.1 surround system for the person who,wants a theater audio experience but,doesnt want to break the bank and,although it does have a budget price tag,it completely surpassed all of my,expectations for a 200,5.1 audio system the vase series does a,fantastic job at processing these,surround sound effects and a really good,job of balancing them between the six,total speakers and crazily enough for a,200 5.1 surround system the trebles in,the mids are very clear straight out of,the box and the subwoofer packs a huge,punch with the base even though it is,relatively small alright so now i want,to go into a deeper detail of the actual,base quality this is a five inch,subwoofer so fairly small but even with,the factory settings with the base just,set at zero this thing will completely,rumble the floor and if you really enjoy,that thundering low rumble experience,from a subwoofer you can turn this thing,up super high i tested this system out,by watching netflixs the witcher and,the subwoofers base quality while,watching this show really blew away all,of the expectations that i could have,for a cheap 5.1 surround system let,alone a 5-inch subwoofer but now i want,to transition into dialogue clearness,now a lot of surround systems that are,base heavy have a really hard time,balancing dialogue with that heavy,background noise but i was also,impressed again by no matter how much,bass or background music is going on in,a movie the dialogue is still gonna,shine through and be really crisp and if,you do have a little bit issue with,hearing the dialogue which i dont think,you will but if you need a little extra,help you can go into the eq settings and,there is actually a built-in dialog,enhancer to make the dialog shine,through a little bit more but again for,me the dialog was never muddied and it,was always crystal clear but now i want,to transition into the ports and,connections were talking about the,sound bar here the sound bar does have,hdmi an optical port aux v8 regular aux,usb and of course the power cord to plug,in the actual sound bar and the extra,aux input is if you do want to connect a,smart assistant directly to this sound,bar which i dont think most people will,do most people probably keep a smart,assistant through bluetooth but if you,do want to plug it in directly there is,a port for that but now with ports out,of the way i want to walk you guys,through the setup process of setting up,the vizio v series so it is an,all-around super simple setup for this,5.1 surround system it takes only about,10 minutes and then you have a fully,functional 5.1 surround system that is a,huge pro with this vizio v series really,all you got to do is plug in the power,cords to the subwoofer and sound bar,choose what connection youre going to,use to connect the sound bar to the tv,the best one to use is hdmi arc and then,you plug in the left and right surround,sound speakers into the back of the,subwoofer and a cool thing about this,vizio system is it does have a different,surround sound modes based on how youre,going to actually set this up in the,room that youre choosing you can set it,up with the left and right surround,speaker right next to the sound bar in,the front surround mode or you can set,it up traditionally with the left and,right speaker behind you either way no,matter how you choose to set up this,system the chords that connect the left,and right surround speakers to the,subwoofer are extremely long so they,will route nicely even if you do have,your sitting area quite a ways back from,the tv another great thing about vizio,is they do provide you with everything,youre going to need no matter how you,want to set this system up it comes with,a massive cord box which has everything,you might need and it includes the two,power cables for the subwoofer and the,sound bar the extremely long cables to,connect the left and right surround,sound speakers an hdmi cord and optical,cord two aux cables and rca cable and,mounting brackets for the sound bar as,well as the left and right surround,sound speakers so even if you want to,mount these to the wall you will not,have to buy any extra parts to do so and,in terms of the design for the vizio v,series it is a very minimalistic which,is great because a surround sound system,should be heard not seen every single,piece of the surround sound system has a,matte black finish and is very,fingerprint resistant now another thing,that surprised me actually was the,quality of the v-series remote usually,when you get a cheaper surround sound,system or just speaker system in general,the remote is going to be subpar and not,actually want to be seen however this,remote is extremely functional and is,actually fully backlit so it is really,easy to use at night and it can do a lot,you can change any of the eq settings,that you want different surround modes,you can control the audio delay if the,speaker isnt completely syncing up with,your tv and of course i can still do the,volume up and down mute previous and,next but on top of that it can do a,whole lot more that is just too much to,mention the little screen on this remote,is very helpful at night and especially,for searching through the different,setup features effects eq modes and,levels so overall the remote that comes,with the vizio v series is the best that,ive seen for any budget sound system,alright so briefly i want to talk about,the music quality now whether youre,listening to this through the built-in,bluetooth and streaming from your phone,or directly through the tv this system,overall does a good job at handling,music the bass again is not overpowering,and the vocals are still really clear,any kind of system with a sound bar,arent really known being incredible,with music but this vizio v series,overall does a good job alright so ive,gone over a lot but more of the story,should you buy the vizio v series okay,so honestly for 200 bucks you are not,going to find,any other 5.1 system that sounds better,than the v series it even outperforms,more expensive audio systems so for that,i highly recommend this 5.1 system the,vizio v series is absolutely for the,person who wants a 5.1 system that can,mimic a theater audio experience without,breaking the bank and again this system,completely accomplishes that you can set,it up however you want to best fit your,room the mids and triple are extremely,clear dialogue is clear even with its,thundering bass and again the dts,virtual x surround and the dolby audio,does a fantastic job at producing a,floor-to-ceiling 3d surround sound at,only 200 bucks its really impressive,the sound that comes out of these little,surround sound speakers a smaller size,subwoofer and this sound bar,truly impressive for what you get for,200 bucks so again if you want to go,check out the vizio v series i put,amazon links down below for both the new,version and amazons renewed program i,really hope this video helped you guys,out and deciding whether or not the,vizio v series is right for you if it,did itd be awesome if you could hit,that like button or that subscribe,button but i was your review guide and,ill see you,in the next video

Vizio M-Series 5.1 Sound Bar Review (M51a-H6) | How is it this good?

[Music],recently we reviewed the vizio elevate,sound bar and that thing was pretty,incredible it gave you legitimate dolby,atmos surround sound but it came at a,price todays soundbar system is way,more affordable,[Music],welcome back everyone im caleb denison,and today were reviewing the vizio,m-series 5.1 soundbar which offers,virtual dolby atmos and dcsx at a very,accessible price point but did they have,to cut any corners how does it sound,were going to find out before we jump,into it though have you experienced,dolby atmos in a home setting as opposed,to like a commercial theater and what,did you think is that something you want,in your life leave me a comment about,that down below and of course like and,subscribe to support the channel we,appreciate it and as always weve got,affiliate links to the products that we,review down in the description thanks a,lot lets do it,[Music],what were looking at here is a very,understated one might even say boring,looking sound bar and thats a very good,thing it doesnt call attention to,itself and it shouldnt you should hear,it not see it so i think that vizio did,a good job of making it kind of,disappear into the room its got a,smooth charcoal gray finish and it comes,with the soundbar as you see here which,is about 36 inches wide it packs six,drivers so thats gonna be three sort of,mid woofers and three tweeters uh one,two three channels there and then you,get two surround speakers with just sort,of that mid-range driver built into them,no tweeters there and then of course the,subwoofer here which is cute but it also,has a pretty robust six inch driver down,at the bottom lets swing around the,back side of the soundbar really quick,where its really simple youve got a,power port and then youve got an,auxiliary input port which you could use,for a smart speaker so that you could,control the system and get audio from,that smart speaker out of it and then,youve got two hdmi connections one is,for plugging a single device into the,sound bar im not sure how practical,that is anymore and then you have an,earc port yes indeed this does have,e-arc kind of need that for the dolby,atmos and dtsx so thats really,impressive at this price point on the,back of the surround speakers youll,find an rca port thats how it connects,to the subwoofer which gets the surround,signal wirelessly and then above that is,a little screw hole that you can use to,mount the speaker now if youre at all,familiar with vizio sound bars then you,know that you get everything you need in,the box so lets take a look at that i,love how organized vizio makes this,everythings really clearly labeled,youve got two power cords ones longer,than the other so if your subwoofer is,further away from an outlet you could,use it for that if you wanted,youve got two surround sound speaker,cables rca tips,pretty lengthy these guys then theres,an hdmi cable now i want to mention earc,does work on this but this is not,probably an hdmi 2.1 cable so if you are,going to be doing adobe atmos or dts x,high bandwidth stuff from say an xbox,series x console you would want to,replace this hdmi cable with an hdmi 2.1,cable enough about that remote here,weve got an optical cable here a couple,of velcro zip ties interesting a couple,of analog cables you could connect your,smart speaker with those if you wanted,to and a really classy move theyve,actually included wall mounting hardware,for the surround speakers now there are,actually two different setup scenarios,you can go with on this particular sound,bar one is a conventional setup where,youve got the sound bar up front youve,got the two surround speakers positioned,just behind you and to the left and the,right and then the subwoofer is back,there with the surround speakers because,its getting that surround signal,wirelessly and then powering the,surround speakers the other way you,could go is have the two surround,speakers flank the sound bar this is,really handy for people who dont have a,lot of room for an elaborate surround,setup that also allows you to place the,subwoofer toward the front of the room,and vizio claims that in this particular,arrangement its still going to pull off,some pretty impressive surround sound,effects getting everything set up is,pretty much just plug it in and after,that its automated turn everything on,everything will sync up and connect and,youll be good to go now i dont think,that folks are going to be putting these,in massive cavernous rooms but its true,that if you get the subwoofer too far,away from the soundbar you could have,some signal drop out and that kind of,manifests itself as a popping noise so,if you get something like that keep in,mind somethings probably messing with,the signal between these two components,like the vizio elevate the m-series 5.1,surround sound system has a pretty,comprehensive control system and its,all controlled with this particular,remote control theres a little guide on,the back of the remote in case youre,confused by what you see on the little,lcd screen up top but its actually,fairly simple what i like most though is,that you get complete control of the,surround levels the subwoofer level and,theres a fair amount of eq options as,well okay so thats enough about how it,works lets have a listen and talk about,how it sounds,[Music],im here to tell you that this surround,system sounds,great like it has no business sounding,this good for its price its pretty,stinking incredible even for vizio which,is known for turning out some pretty,high value sound bars so let me try to,explain why it sounds so good my go-to,for dolby atmos surround sound,soundtracks is always going to be mad,max i know it in and out i know exactly,what to expect from it ive heard it at,its absolute best and while this system,doesnt pull off the atmos trick,all that well as just a general soundbar,surround system the fidelity is,fantastic the surround effects are,contiguous like the swirling surround,effects at the intro of mad max really,have a way of going around you and if,theres any holes in the sound youre,gonna hear them this was a perfect,circle of sound not only that but the,blend between the surround speakers and,the surround bar was excellent perhaps,one of the most notable aspects of this,surround sound demo is the narration at,the beginning the voice is very deep and,its very gravelly and if your system,relies very heavily on the subwoofer to,make that happen and theres not a good,blend between the sound bar and the,subwoofer youre going to hear the voice,coming from the subwoofer and in this,case that could be right behind you or,right beside you because the subwoofer,sits towards the back of the room there,was no attention drawn towards the,subwoofer in an undue way at all again,the blend between the sound bar and the,subwoofer is super smooth and the,subwoofer is not being asked to do too,much so it doesnt call attention to,itself you know its there though its,definitely a pounder i mean for a six,inch sub its pretty impressive its not,a super high end sub its not really,punchy necessarily but if you want to,feel like youre sitting in a theater in,the comfort of your own home this system,absolutely pulls that off,now with a lot of sound bars i hear,other pitfalls like the treble is far,too sharp not the case here its,perfectly balanced maybe the dialogue,gets muffled not the case here its,perfectly clear sometimes the mid-range,is just kind of muddy down in the lower,end and its just a jumbled mess again,not the case here everything is very,clear and well defined now sound bars,arent really known for being musical,per se but i did listen to some music,and it sounded great the fidelity that,you got out of the movies translated,well to music listening as well when you,have good fidelity you have good,fidelity now theres not a lot of,instrumental separation and the sound,stage isnt super deep i mean this is,not an audiophile product its not going,to compete with a dedicated music

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VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Channel Sound Bar System Ultimate Review: Unboxing, Set Up, Overview & Review

[Music],in this video we are going to take a,deep dive,into the vizio v series 5.1 channel,soundbar system with wireless subwoofer,we will cover the following topics one,unboxing we will show you what the,system comes with,two setup we will show you how to hook,up the system,and the ideal speaker placement for,optimal sound,enjoyment three overview,we will go over features of the system,we will also go over the remote,four review we will tell you if we think,the system is worth buying,lets get started unboxing,the box is an odd shape it kind of looks,like an old school,video game but the contents are packed,well and mine arrived,undamaged the system comes with,the sound bar which is actually three,speakers,the left front speaker the center,speaker,and the right front speaker its 36,inches wide,and has rubber pads at the bottom to,keep it from sliding around,the soundbar also has control buttons on,the top of it to control,power input bluetooth and,volume this is handy if you misplace the,remote control,the 5 inch subwoofer delivers the bass,sound,its wireless so that it does not have,to be wired to the sound bar,which i like no wires running across the,room,the subwoofer speaker faces down to the,floor,[Music],two rear satellite surround speakers,left and right,these are placed behind the listener,they are actually quite small,which i like they leave a small,footprint,a remote control which comes with two,decent aaa batteries,it also comes with a bunch of cables,which i also like,more than you will probably need plus,you wont need to buy them separately,two power cables the longer one is for,the sound bar,the shorter one is for the subwoofer,a hdmi 2.0 cable,a digital optical cable,a 3.5 to 3.5 millimeter audio cable,a stereo rca to 3.5 millimeter audio,cable,two speaker cables for the surround,speakers,you also get hardware if you prefer to,mount the bar and rear speakers on the,wall,four cable ties to keep the extra cable,neat,a quick setup guide and a user manual,part two setup now lets hook up the,system,first lets hook up the subwoofer to the,rear surround speakers,ill show you this on the table so its,easy to see,you simply connect the appropriate,color-coded speaker cable,to the back of each satellite speaker,then you connect the other end of the,cable,to the back of the subwoofer those ports,are also color coded,so you dont get the left and right,connections mixed up,then you plug the shorter power cable,into the back of the subwoofers power,port,and of course plug the other end into an,electrical outlet,ill place the subwoofer next to the,side of my couch in the back of my room,ill place the satellite speakers on my,end tables next to my couch,one on the left side one on the right,side,now lets hook up the sound bar it has,several connections,lets go over each one you will use the,connections that are appropriate for,your tv,and your additional equipment after i go,through them youll know what to do,on the back of the soundbar theres a,power port where you connect the longer,power cable,of course plug the other end into an,electrical outlet,theres also a usb port you could,connect a usb drive to it for example,and if it has wav music files on it you,could then play those files through the,system,on the other side of the back of the,soundbar we have more,inputs if your tv has a hdmi,arc connection then youll want to use,the hdmi,cable supply to connect your tv to the,soundbar,hdmi arc is the best connection type if,its available,the next best option is using the,digital optical port,if your tv has this connection,simply use the supplied digital optical,cable,and connect it to your soundbar,and then to your tv,if you have an older tv or device you,may only have,rca connections available no problem,just use the 3.5 millimeter to rca cable,plug the 3.5 millimeter side into the,top right 3.5 millimeter port,on the sound bar and the rca side to the,tv,you can also use this aux port to,connect a device with a 3.5 millimeter,output,just use the 3.5 millimeter to 3.5,millimeter cable,connect one end into the device in this,case an old cassette player,plug the other end into the top right,3.5 millimeter port on the sound bar,youll notice another 3.5 millimeter,port below the 3.5 millimeter aux port,that weve been discussing,this second port is known as aux va,the va stands for voice assistant you,can use the included 3.5 millimeter to,3.5 millimeter cable,to connect to a device with amazon alexa,google assistant or siri then you will,be able to hear the assistants voice on,the vizio speaker system,great for playing back music from these,devices as well,the system also has bluetooth pairing,for example,if i press and hold the bluetooth button,on the top of the soundbar for 5,seconds i can launch the settings app on,my iphone,go to bluetooth make sure that bluetooth,is on,and then select vizio v51,now if i close settings and launch a,music app,i can play music on my phone and the,sound will play through the vizio,speakers,thats pretty much it for system setup i,was able to hear,surround sound through the system,playing through my tv,after doing these initial setup steps it,was pretty easy,if youre having any issues at this,point its probably because you need to,go into your tv or devices menu,and change some settings each device is,different,see your devices user manual,proper speaker placement for the best,surround experience,position the sound bar in front of your,tv at ear level,the right and left surround speakers go,behind where you sit,on the right and left sides respectively,they should also be at an ear level,height if possible,the subwoofer can sit on the floor since,its connected to the surround speakers,you can place it near those speakers the,important thing is to not block the,subwoofers port,if you dont have room to put the,surround speakers in the back of the,room,you can place them on the sides of the,soundbar as shown,with the subwoofer nearby on the floor,but this is not the preferred,setup but dont sweat it if you dont,have a choice,this setup will still sound much much,better than your tv,speakers alone 3.,overview lets go over the remote next,its a good way to get an overview of,this surround sound system,the input button simply cycles through,the inputs,pick the source that you want to listen,to through the speakers,your choices are hdmi arc,bluetooth usb,box aux va,and optical as you can see,all of these options coincide with all,the inputs that weve previously,discussed,the bluetooth button is next if you,press it once,you go to that input if you press and,hold it for five seconds,you can pair it with a bluetooth device,like i did with my phone,then we have a power button it simply,turns the system on and off,the next part of the remote the circular,part is for,cycling through and changing audio,settings,by clicking up down left,or right the ok button in the middle is,used to select,an option these controls also have a,dual purpose,like when you are playing music through,your phone over bluetooth,for returning to the previous track or,skipping to the next track,the ok button also acts as a play pause,button,the volume up and down buttons are,pretty self-explanatory,theres a mute button at the bottom of,the control that will silence your,speakers,the eq button is for cycling through eq,preset settings,you get movie music direct,and game the level settings button,allows you to change the volume of each,individual speaker you can individually,control,base treble dialogue,center subwoofer surround,and surround balance levels its a good,way to manually control,all of these levels if you want to,customize the sound in your room,the effect button is for changing effect,settings including,surround when surround is on dobie and,dts surround content,will produce full 5.1 sound,theres also a surround front option use,this if you place the surround speakers,next to the tv,instead of in the back of the room in,addition theres a surround,dua

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hey guys just back here with my review,of the vizio v51 h6 5.1,soundbar now um first things first,you have your controls right up at the,top your,power source bluetooth your volume down,and volume up buttons,now this sound bar will only come with,one hdmi,input it is an hdmi arc input but it,you will only get one of them so um that,is one thing to consider,uh you will have your optical cable and,you know your,ac port for your power and that really,thats pretty much it,this samba really is a plug-and-play,sound bar,as you guys can see the design is very,minimalistic,and its not really meant to stand out,now if we go over here this is where im,keeping the surround speakers,as you can see they have the same design,language as the sound bar,just uh theyre just meant to just uh,you know be tucked away and i really,looked at,here is the subwoofer,you will have to connect your rear,speakers to this,to the back of this side your left your,right other than that,its a very simple setup you will be,putting this subwoofer in the back of,the room to accommodate for the,rear speaker placement thats really,about it,you do have a five inch driver,overall this uh subwoofer its uh its,very small,but its its pretty powerful for its,size,now i have that other surround speaker,back there,and now im going to give you guys a,quick demo of the soundbar so you guys,can actually see it in action,first things first im going to be,playing audio through the tv speakers,first,so you guys can see uh more direct,comparison between what um,upgrade this ombre will give you um over,your,regular tv speakers,i promise you would accompany me and i,stand by the promise,that there is one condition you must,obey every command i give you without,question,yes sir you do understand what im,saying,shall i tell you to hide you hide shall,i tell you to run,your run tonight is extremely dangerous,i promise you could accompany me and i,stand by that promise,but there is one condition you must obey,every command i give you without,question,yes sir you do understand what im,saying,shall i tell you to hide do you hide,shall i tell you to run,you run should i tell you to abandon me,and save yourself you must do so,now people in the comment section of my,unboxing of the soundbar were asking,whether or not,the rear speakers were useful and,whether um,you know they actually brought something,to the experience so,right now im going to be focusing on,the audio the microphone on the rear,speaker so you guys can actually see,what type of audio goes to them,while youre watching a regular movie,[Music],[Music],[Music],now as you guys can see these uh,surround speakers will really work well,with the soundbar,to really envelop you in a full sound,bubble a full 5.1 experience,you will hear voices surround effects,and various other,artifacts swirling around the room with,these speakers they do get quite loud,and you can adjust,the sound levels via the remote which i,will be showing you guys now,now taking a look at the remote this,will be your first video they have a,light up lcd screen now so uh you can,see what,youre actually doing in the dark you,can adjust various level of the sound,bar the surround,balance of the speakers surround level,your sub center dialogue travel,base you also have,night mode in case youre watching,tonight you want to reduce the sound of,loud explosions you can do this with,this,true volume off um,virtual dtsx this i have it on this will,i honestly thought it was a gimmick i,had it on other sound bars but with this,sombre really does,create a wider sound stage which i was,pleasantly,impressed with,you have you can turn off your surround,you can turn it off,on you can uh turn on the front,surrounding because you want to,place the you dont have room and you,want to place the surround speakers um,back up front with the sound bar this uh,will work in,tandem with the virtual x from dts and,it will create a more,virtual surround experience with the,actual surround speakers,in case you want to place them at the,front,and yeah thats really about it i mean,you have bluetooth you have your inputs,power on and off this is a pretty well,made,remote and im really impressed with all,the customization options you have uh,with uh you know a number at this price,range,now lets talk a little bit of the,subwoofer first things first,just like with any sub um you know a sub,that comes with a hundred dollar sound,bar or a 2500,sub one of the most important parts of,it is to,place it in the right place in your room,you could get a monster sub if you place,it on the wrong place you might not even,notice really that its on,you might be very disappointed with it,you place it in the right place however,and you will really get the most out of,your subwoofer,if you place this up in the right place,in your room youll be impressed with,how powerful it is for its size,its not that big its not that heavy,but you will be very impressed with it,it really does help round out the sound,burn the rears,it adds warmth it has impact it adds,overall,heart to the entire system i am,impressed with this sub i have a,bigger much bigger eclipse up in the,living room and im still um,very impressed with the power of this um,of the subwoofer,if you have your expectations you know,right its a 250,sound bar you get your soundbar sub and,rears then you will not be disappointed,with this,overall i cant say enough good things,about the subwoofer,so bottom line would i recommend the,soundbar yes i would,if you would like to dramatically,increase the sound quality of your tv,without breaking the bank,you will get a somber with a left right,channels and a dedicated center channel,for dialogue,you will get your rear channels for a,dedicated 5.1 setup,and your actual dedicated subwoofer so,if you keep your expectations realistic,you will not be disappointed with this,soundbar,there are subwoofers from mainly from,other companies like bows or sonos where,their subs,cost about three times as much as its,entire system,so if you keep your expectations,realistic you will not be disappointed,this is uh this is a great sound bar,that really gives you a lot of bang for,your buck,so yes i would recommend it if you guys,enjoyed this video then,dont forget to like comment and,subscribe if um,you guys have any other ideas of other,products that you would like me to,review,then leave it down in the comment,section below thank you

Vizio 2021 2.1 to 5.1 Soundbars Review Comparison M vs V Series

[Music],hi this is eric from audioholics,and today were talking about sound bars,from vizio,we have a range of sound bars were,going to look at today two of them are,2.1 and,two of them are 5.1 they come in a,variety of price ranges,starting at 99 and going all the way up,to 350.,they all have a different variety of,features,but the first thing i want to talk about,is vizio,didnt skimp on the pack-ins for any of,these no matter which one of these you,buy,its going to come with an installation,kit which includes all the brackets,youre going to need to mount this to,the wall,or to install it in your in your,listening environment,they also include both an optical cable,and hdmi cable,and of course the associative power,cables,and furthermore they come with a quick,start guide and then a more involved,actually very involved,detailed instruction guide so you can,get the most out of the features,available in the model that you select,the first thing id like to really talk,to you about are the 2.1 versions of the,vizio,product and i have two of them right,here in front of me,the first one actually comes right in,this box it is the v21d,and the first thing that comes to my,mind with the v21d is that its supposed,to be a 2.1,sound bar but 2.1 suggests that were,going to have a set of stereo speakers,and a subwoofer but the only thing,that comes in the box is this one sound,bar,you see vizio believes that this sound,bar is the equivalent of two stereo,speakers,and a subwoofer its kind of an unusual,design its,got kind of a trapezoidal cross section,there and if you look,on the back or the bottom youll see,those two vents that are there,and youll see mounting holes located,right next to that,theres a notch in the bottom there so,if you do mount it on the wall,this side goes against the wall and the,cables slide in under that notch,but also its designed to sit,right on your cabinet,just like so so that you can play it,this way as well theyve installed a set,of passive radiators,and they believe that it provides the,same kind of sound performance,as a separated subwoofer,and sound bar in fact they advertise the,v21x which is this soundbar,to be of a similar quality and similar,sound,as the v21d but the v21x,also comes of course with a separate,subwoofer,which you of course place on the ground,maybe at the uh,behind the couch or next to you on the,couch,now having listened to both of these,products i can tell you one thing,they are both a big step up from just,having your television speakers,they give you a broad range of sound,across a very wide,variety of listening environments they,are both,bluetooth both have optical inputs and,both have hdmi arc,inputs both the v21d and the v21x,support dolby audio and dts surround,virtual,at least thats what they say on the tin,they come in,four different listening modes gaming,movies music and enhanced dialogue,one thing they share is the remote,control,that operates them and the devices,themselves communicate,what mode theyre in by a set of dots,and codes,that display on the front of the panel,which means that in order to understand,what mode your device is operating in,youre going to have to be able to,take a look at the dots that are,presented at the front and,decode the dot code into what mode its,set up,now the nice thing is that when you,switch modes it will alert you,to the mode that youre in but once its,in that mode,the only way to know a moto 10 is by,decoding the dots volume,and changing the power of the left and,right,or turning up the virtual surround or,down the virtual surround,all of that is just a set of dots thats,displayed on the front,of the sound bar itself so the,instruction guide will step you through,needing to the things youll need to,know in order to code that,but at the same time thats one of the,things that youre going to have to,sacrifice in getting the,less expensive models is youre just,going to deal with the doc code as to,what kind of mode its in,the nice thing about the v21x is that it,does come with a separate subwoofer,and the subwoofer itself isnt wired,its a wireless subwoofer,so all it takes is power and once its,powered on,it will automatically look for and,connect with the sound bar,which means you can place it virtually,anywhere in the room,as long as the wireless signal from the,sound bar is strong,enough you shouldnt have any difficulty,getting sound out of the subwoofer,hold on to that thought because its,going to come back up when we talk about,the 5.1 surround sound bars in a few,minutes,now i played both loud movies and movies,with a lot of action,uh several video games uh first person,shooters,and family fighting games and then i,also play i played music both the,bluetooth and through the hdmi interface,and i found both of these sound very,similar,for the difference in price of fifty,dollars the one without the subwoofer is,99 and the one with the subwoofer is 150,you can tell a clear difference with the,separated subwoofer giving you,a better bass response for sure when i,did play them i did not mount them on,the wall i had them sitting on the,stereo cabinet i was,between four and six feet away from the,stereo cabinet and the television that i,was watching,and throughout the entire process i was,able to play both of them,right back to back so i could hear one,versus the other very clearly,they operate in an identical fashion and,they sound,almost exactly the same it is clear the,one with the separated subwoofer is,going to give you more bass,but not terribly much so,in some cases if i close my eyes im not,sure i could tell the difference between,each of these two sound bars at the same,time,i had the subwoofer placed in front of,me and,the guide suggested putting the,subwoofer,in the chair next to me or next to the,sofa if thats where i was sitting in a,sofa,so i hadnt operated it that way i left,it in the front because thats where my,plug was easiest accessible for me,and i left it there throughout the,duration of the test,i will say this playing video games with,this was fun but the virtual surround,doesnt really sound much like the,surround it gives you kind of an echo,effect but its clear the speakers are,in the front,both of these sound bars do not come,with the center channel they come only,with two speakers and they simulate a,center channel,which gives you kind of a virtualized,surround but theres not really,much of a virtualized surround there but,i will say that they both come with,an incredible number of small things,that you can tweak,to tune the speakers to your surround,environment or at least to your listing,environment,and more importantly they are much,better than anything youll get out of,just a standard television now the v21d,and the v21x,are definitely an improvement on any,speakers that are going to come with,your television,but theyre not going to provide you a,surround experience for that vizio has,the v51,and the m51a set of speakers,they they do what they say on the tin,the v51 which is what i have displayed,in front of you has,three speakers in its sound bar it has,two surround speakers,and it comes with a subwoofer that is,almost identical to the subwoofer that,comes with the,v21x in fact if you compare,the two by size they are,exactly the same however its on the,back that,its really going to be a difference,the v21x has no outputs for the rear,speakers,what vizio has done is theyve put,on the v51 series they put the outputs,for the rear speakers,in the subwoofer which means that there,is a wireless connection between the,sound bar,and the subwoofer and then the rear,speakers connect to the subwoofer,so in the setup guide what they,recommend that you do is you place your,subwoofer,you know behind you or maybe next to you,on the couch and then,its very easy to run your surround,speakers,to perhaps tables that are behind you,the cabling is all included,along with just like the other v21 and,v2,v21x and v21d they provide you with an,optical cable a

Vizio V51-H6 Sound Bar Review

does your tv not sound awesome and you,need something that isnt going to break,the bank,well the vizio v51h6 might be the tv,sound bar for you,i just wanted to do this quick review on,it i got it at costco for,170 which is significantly cheaper than,the two hundred and fifty dollars they,sell it on the website now you can get,it on,on amazon for a little bit cheaper um,somewhere in the ballpark of two to two,hundred and fifty dollars but,and i think costco is still selling them,at the time of this video for two 200,maybe even less so you might want to,check it out,i just want to go through some pros and,cons as a general consumer right like,im just a dad,who likes his 4k tv and doesnt want,sucky sound when hes watching star wars,you know what i mean,um its its not going to be the highest,end sound bar,right like if you have a 7 000 tv,definitely invest in a better sound bar,because you,obviously want that experience really,bad,right my tv was 700 or 600 bucks,sound bar at 200 bucks not bad you know,what i mean like it,comes out to to 800 bucks and thats not,breaking the bank you know what i mean,its not,its not the thousands and thousands of,dollars you could be spending on,you know tv watching stuff right so i,just want to go through some pros and,cons,number one first pro its bluetooth like,bluetooth to a fault,right so like ill just be on my phone,right and usually i have to like,connect to bluetooth devices this one,auto connects,every time right and so whether or not,like ill be just watching videos on,facebook right on my phone,and itll be playing out of the speaker,and im like i have to go and turn,bluetooth off so,its bluetooth connectivity is freaking,awesome,right like its its its really great,so and,and you know thats really useful lets,say you dont have like an amazon alexa,you dont have,um a google assistant or something like,that,you know this could really help with,that you know because you you can have,that kind of connectivity where you just,talk to your phone and you have it play,on the bluetooth you know,so very very similar now its not a,super smart device right so its not,like its going to turn down your lights,if you have smart,lights or anything like that but it does,come into play if you dont have another,bluetooth speaker for sure,okay the second pro is that you can use,your tv remote with it especially newer,4k,tvs um you can like do pairing,with the ir sense or the ir in your uh,in your remote right and so itll,itll walk you through this programming,if you have kind of like,if you have a tv that isnt a vizio tv,itll walk you through this programming,where it will say like all right now,press the volume up button,press it again press the volume down,button press it again and then once you,go through that,you can use your tv remote for your,sound bar which is really convenient,because,you dont have to be carrying around two,remotes everywhere you go you know so,thats really really convenient,very very nice or if you have a vizio tv,you can hook the thing right up and you,use your vizio like your tv remote and,it works just fine,we happen to have a vizio tv and so like,it just plugged in and it was good to go,you know so great pairing for that the,next pro,pro number three is the subwoofer the,subwoofer,is awesome okay its not an overwhelming,subwoofer but its also not wimpy right,so its perfect for home use okay,my living room is not massive right but,its also a decent size,right so the subwoofer is i feel like,right in that happy medium for home,entertainment you know,that its like you can turn it up and,really take advantage of the bass but,generally speaking its just like,you know speaking of star wars like i,mentioned at the beginning of the video,right like you know some some ship is,flying overhead right and you get that,that deep rumbling but other than that,you know it comes into play i feel like,in all the right times and in all the,right ways,through one of the default settings and,so i love the subwoofer for that reason,i think its,its great for home use last pro that,im going to mention now,is that you can use it in surround sound,or not both are good right,im not like a huge surround sound buff,right and i have toddlers and babies,that are going to be like crawling all,over the place and getting all over the,speakers,so im not im not going to be doing,that right we have,we have our tv on like one of those like,ikea cubby things right,and uh and we have the subwoofer tucked,in one of those cubbies right so it,works out,great there and then we have the sound,bar on the top of it,so im not im not huge into the whole,surround sound thing,and it sounds great no matter what you,do so now lets talk about some of the,cons these are some of the things that i,just,i dont really like right and theyre,not deal breakers for me obviously i,bought it and ive kept it,so its not a deal breaker for me but i,feel like these could be better,right so number one the first con right,the sound profiles are like,yeah theyre okay right so when i mean,sound profiles,you have like default modes right that,change the eq,on the sound sound bar right,it has one of them called direct we just,use that one for everything,music movies games whatever it is it we,just use that one right,so it has i think those four sound,profiles you have music movies games,and then you have direct and music,movies and games i feel like they just,muddle everything right,so it may be good if youre into like um,non-lyrical music to use the music one,because it boosts the bass a little bit,brings out a little bit more of the,middles right so you might be able to,hear,you know some of the uh instruments you,wouldnt hear as well otherwise,but it it muddles the high eqs and it,takes out a lot of the lyrics that way,right so it takes out a lot of the,vocals,and i just im not a huge fan of that,right i like being able to understand,what im listening to,if youre not that way thats cool you,know whatever you can also adjust,any of these sound profiles if you want,and thats i guess one of the pros and i,should have mentioned that before,but um generally speaking we just go,with the standard direct profile and it,works out,just great okay another con is that the,third party remotes,they go up by twos right so you have a,you have,you know on a scale from zero to a,hundred it goes up by two right so its,really one to fifty,is is how the vizio soundbar works um,when youre using it with a third-party,remote now if youre just using it,on its own right and youve hooked it up,and its not connected,uh to the actual tv itself like its its,profile isnt connected to the tv and,youre not using the tv remote,then it will go up by once right and i,like that a lot better,but i dont want to be using the other,remote the whole time right and so its,a bummer that it only goes up,by twos now generally speaking you can,still get it to where its not too loud,its not too quiet but i just,i would like to be more exact with it,you know um and thats thats kind of a,bummer,the last one is that its not the most,immersive sound right if you were to,line this up in a bunch of sound bars,and play really high-end like top,quality sound,you would notice a difference that these,ones this sound bar isnt,the greatest but its also a budget,sound bar you know so you you wouldnt,expect that right so its it is much,better than what youre going to get,from your tv,much much better than what youre going,to get from your tv but i dont know if,i would put it much above like a general,like bluetooth speaker you know thats,got a pretty,good base to it i wouldnt put it much,above that right,so the question is like is it really,worth 250 bucks,i think so but there might be people,that dont think that right because,its not super immersive right so would,i recommend it to people yes i would,absolutely recommend it to people,because i dont know that many people,that are super huge movie watching,enthusiasts right like,like i

Best Soundbar to buy in 2021?? | Vizio V-series 5.1 soundbar | Unboxing and Review

when people look to maximize their home,entertainment system they usually forget,one thing maximizing their sound and,which usually means that they forgot to,buy a soundbar,but after hours of research ive been,looking to all the sound bars,and i found one company vizio and more,specifically,the v series 5.1 sound bar it has,five different uh components to it which,is the subwoofer,the sound bar and two mini speakers that,you can put in rear or front for,some real life experience and well be,unboxing that right after,this quick intro,[Music],so the soundbar we got as you can see,from the title is the vizio v series,5.1 soundbar,so lets open this,we got some phone protection and we can,already see some boxes,[Music],so the speakers there are three speakers,inbuilt into here,theres a center speaker left front,speaker and right front speaker,so on the front you can see that there,is the power button there is the,place you can change the inputs to other,stuff for example like,you can connect to bluetooth device and,also do connect to like change it to,input to tv and etc theres also a,bluetooth connection you can use to,connect your boot devices such as your,phone,and there are the volume down and volume,open okay so as you look in the outside,it has a nice,pattern to it and you can see over here,the vizio brand right here,pronouncing its name and also there are,fabrics here so which makes it super,soft and its made out of plastic,but it feels premium as well theres,also bottom rubber,to make it firm and not like move around,places and thats what i like about this,soundbar,next theres the smaller five inch,submission,that produce that produces um low,frequency sounds and bass that connect,and it connects to the,soundbar wirelessly also as we look at,the texture,it is also the same pattern on the top,with the vizio brand,and over here you can see that is simple,and thats what i like about this it,does not draw too much attention,it just puts the tension on the tv on,the back there is different inputs you,can do this is the power,this is the left and right you can see,you might see that it has different,colors to signal that,which ones left and which ones right,and over here theres the power button,okay lets all open the surround,satellite speakers,so satellite speakers are pretty small,and theres a sample here you can feel,without opening it,and lets open this,its really small and minimalistic,thats what i like about this,these satellite speakers they connect to,the subwoofer here through the left and,right inputs that means that these two,have to be right beside the subwoofer,close to it but not right beside and,also as we look at the top there is,still the same pattern,that is consistent with that with all,these components and also the vizio,brand,you can see that something i noticed was,that you put your finger on it,fingerprints are easily put onto this,and that might be some,drawback but you wouldnt be touching,the speakers every time unless youre,setting it up,so also something i really like about,vizio is that,they provide all the cables meaning that,you dont have to,go to the store local convenience store,and buy all the cables all the cables,are here,everything that you need to set it up,right away first we have two ac power,adapters for the subwoofer and the sound,bar,next we have this 3.5 millimeter to a,3.5 millimeter because if you want to,sound to connect something like,an amazon alexa or even your phone to,the soundbar you can do that,next you can see that these are the,cables i was talking about color coded,blue and,gray which connects to the subwoofer,after that we have,this hdmi cable and this is not your,regular hdmi cable this is your hdmi,cable if you have an arcane but in your,tv you can power it that way,this is one of the three options you can,use to power connect the soundbar,to the tv this area is everything you,need if you want to mount the,two smaller two smaller uh,satellite speakers to your wall if you,dont have anything to put them on oh,and this is the second option you can do,which is a stereo rca,to 3.5 millimeter cable which means if,your tv is like,pretty old it doesnt have anything like,hdmi arc you can do this here we got the,second best option,other than the hdmi our cable which is,through the optical cable here and,finally,we have the remote with two aaa,batteries included in the box,and here we have manual and of course,who needs a manual for watching this,video,and lets quickly set this up okay now,lets set up the soundbar,first plug in the ac cable okay we have,three ways to connect the tv,there is the hdmi arc which is the best,because you can control the soundbars,volume from your tvs remote next there,is a digital optic cable,which is the next best connection and,also,the 3.5 millimeter to rca for older tvs,you can use the 3.5 millimeter to also,connect to phones or other devices that,have an audio jack,below that you can see that it says aux,v8 which is if you want to connect a,voice assistant to your soundbar,but for devices with google assistant,you can connect the soundbar through,bluetooth,but if a device such as alexa has a 3.5,millimeter jack you can just plug it via,bar also you can see that you can plug,in a usb device such as usb drive,and the sound bar will look for music,that are saved in a way format and play,it so overall there are many inputs in,the soundbar which makes it,impossible to be incompatible with the,device which you can change on the,soundbar itself or on the remote which,is a tiny lcd screen to show which one,youre on,also there are other cool things you can,do with the remote but due to the lack,of time we can talk about that later,comment below if you want a video about,the remote and subscribe not to miss it,overall this soundbar system is the best,for its price of just 200,considering that it supports surround,sound adobe atmos,and its a 5.1 channel system and of,course there are other premium sound bar,systems out there,that are for example the samsung premium,sound bars with the subwoofers,but for its price vizio has brought a,lot to the table that i couldnt resist,recommending you guys to buy the vizio,5.1 channel soundbar system,also before you click onto another video,please make sure to subscribe,and of course thanks for watching and,see you guys in another video,[Music]

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