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  6. Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden Nintendo Switch Review
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Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Nintendo Switch Review!

you are about to take the first steps of,your adventure,through a realm of sword and sorcery you,will travel,battling bloodthirsty monsters as you,strive to realize your ambitions thanks,to square enix for the review copy,thanks to azdin whos reviewed this for,us welcome back to the channel and,remember if you enjoy the content do,consider sticking around voice of cards,is a compelling attempt to blend rpg,gameplay with the suspense and,engrossment of tabletop games at first,glance it looks like a digital card game,like slay the spire until you hear the,game master narrating the events as they,occur there is something special here,and it comes from the team behind the,drakengard and nier series who have,pulled all their creativity to bring,this adventure to life is this a royal,flush or should you fold early well,lets find out,the story follows the protagonist and,his monster friends as they set off to,slay a recently awakened dragon with the,queen promising a huge reward our heroes,race against their competition the ivory,order to eradicate the beast as they,navigate through their adventure theyll,recruit new characters with each,representing a different class such as,an archer or witch each one of these,have their own reason to hunt down the,dragon and you learn their motivations,as the story progresses all of the voice,acting is carried out by the game master,at any rate im the game master who will,narrate all the events and treat the,whole playthrough as a real tabletop,experience there are moments when he,will voice some of the characters and,others when he congratulates you for,defeating a tough opponent the script,and voice talent are of a high standard,making the whole experience feel really,immersive,they do break the fourth wall a few,times reminding you that youre playing,a tabletop rpg and the developers have,made sure to also give him a good sense,of humor,he is dumber than a sack of rocks i,always felt that i was part of the,tabletop adventure and this game manages,to invoke your imagination while,carrying out a quest or battle almost,simulating the true tabletop experience,the main protagonist initially comes,across somewhat avaricious driven by the,wealth promise to whoever can slay the,dragon but lets just say this turns,around as it progresses and youll grow,to love him as a story goes on,gameplay-wise the rpg plays out in a,slightly different fashion than you,might be used to on the one hand its a,touch choose your own adventure with,different choices to make and on the,other a more classic style rpg with side,quests character progression which is,leveled up through combat using the card,based mechanics and random events that,will extend the play through lastly,youll find dungeons within the game but,most of your time will be spent on that,main storyline,in true tabletop fashion some random,events are traps that require a dice,roll skill check in order to avoid,injury like with many other role-playing,games theres loads of gold to earn and,spend in shops and armories where you,can purchase items and gear battles are,initiated at random in the overworld map,and will take place on a separate table,your character cards will appear on the,bottom of the screen and your enemies on,the top the battles are turn-based where,you have to choose a command card,specific to each character gems are,generated once per character turn and,are used to trigger special events this,is essentially the equivalent to a mana,or sp gauge as seen in many other games,the difference is that the gems are,shared amongst your heroes and some,actions require one two or more to use,some of which also rely on dice rolls,for their effectiveness i felt that this,added to the strategy in the battles as,knowing when to use taxing powerful,attacks at the cost of accumulated gems,was key to victory with the dice rolls,being an extra element of chance some,battles will have a happen stance card,which will affect everyone on the,battlefield this randomly presents a,card on every turn that offers buffs or,ailments making battles more varied and,minimizing the monotony the games not,hard and i only found it challenging,towards the very end of the story i,never struggled or got stuck at any,point and the battle mechanics are,straightforward making it feel very,accessible but with enough complexity to,still be very enjoyable cards are used,for more than just battling if you need,a break from adventuring why not play an,addictive card game the aim is to pair,up cards or create a three card sequence,each player gets two cards and the game,ends when all 24 are spent whoever has,the highest score wins whats the point,i hear you ask well this is where you,earn extra dice as well as item skins,there are a lot of cards to unlock and,collect including items gear and enemy,cards all could be checked out in the,menu there are also special numbered,cards and these will be required if you,want to unlock the true ending theyre,gifted to the player after certain,events the whole experience takes around,about 10 to 12 hours to complete and,although thats relatively short it is,an enjoyable one the amount of cards,that need collecting add to the replay,value the combats complex enough but,not too much so i think some may find it,a bit too easy the controls of the game,are simple and responsive my only,criticism is the speed at which the,token moves on the map due to the card,flipping animation minor gripe and,luckily if you want to fast travel from,one part to the other you can select,your landing zone with the right stick,and jump to that location immediately,with the press of an a button this,feature made the pacing far more,bearable and enjoyable as without this,it would have become tedious especially,with random battle encounter rates i,would have preferred that these were a,toggle rather than something that was,always on gameplay scores 15 out of 20,and the controls score 16 out of 20.,[Music],as im sure youve gathered by now,everything within this title is card,based the characters the map the towns,even the menu is composed of numerous,cards i found it very charming to have a,map made out of different terrain cards,laid out on a wooden table i really like,the transition of going into a town with,the token suspending itself as the map,cards cleared rapidly off the table,followed by the town card swiftly and,neatly interlocking its very stylish as,far as the visuals go the game delivers,a high quality experience there are no,lip sync animations here and all,characters as mentioned before are,illustrated on those cards the,illustrations are decorated with,embossed gold foil making them stand out,further the character animations are,delivered by the cards moving around and,carrying out certain actions as far as,the special effects these really shine,during combat and during certain story,segments i actually think the way,theyve animated the cards has worked,really nicely they really have managed,to convey their message adequately using,such a simple idea all the cards have a,specific style to them and their layout,color and illustrations allow for a,better visual aid the text size thank,goodness is decent which helps the user,and the interface is nice and clear and,easy to grasp theres an element of fog,of war here as well moving your token,will cause the cards to flip over and,reveal the terrain theres a thrilling,glee to uncovering a chest or another,event and it also encouraged me to try,and reveal as much of the map as,possible lets look at performance then,well i had no issues with stuttering or,any frame drops but i think this visual,style wont appeal to everyone even,though i loved it visuals score 17 out,of 20. all the voice acting and,storytelling is carried out by one,person that being the games master,although some may feel that having one,person doing all of the talking during,your playthrough could end up being,monotonous not only was his voice,fitting but his approach also ma

Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],i doubt many were expecting another,voice of cards entry let alone one so,soon after the initial games release,late last year regardless this new title,voice of cards the forsaken maiden is,here and it manages to provide a,distinct enough experience from voice of,cards the isle dragon roars to stand out,from its shadow still many of its,inherent design choices reflect that,game for better or worse embracing its,faults and strengths amidst a few,inventive yet never fully fleshed out,concepts,[Music],throughout voice of cards the forsaken,maiden players control the nameable,protagonist as he and the failed maiden,he looks after leyte end up searching,for other maidens on a voyage across the,sea to fulfill a particular gold of,theirs before moving on i should note,that i will be making many comparisons,to the first voice of cards since this,sequel is nearly identical in style the,forsaken maidens premise when the player,learns more of the plight they are,facing off against is far more engaging,than its predecessors while there is a,similar game loop it doesnt feel as,shackled to safety as the isle dragon,roars was going to genuinely wild places,this time around the cast receives,stronger more contextual focus given,their circumstances and developments,feel more cohesive further the new,narrator grants a sense of identity by,adding a bit of needed personality,unfortunately combat is as mindless and,lacking in difficulty as before in fact,id argue this game is even easier there,is less character customizability due to,some party members having fixed,equipment and the game seemingly has to,account for that by limiting the health,and damage dealt by foes as a result,little to no preparation is required for,any bosses and most players will find,themselves steamrolling them cooperative,attacks are added between specific,groups of characters yet they dont,differentiate an application enough from,standard attacking skills moreover the,absence of induced tabletop elements in,combat and exploration has carried over,from the last game aside from dice rolls,determining status effects bonus damage,and events in the overworld this feels,more akin to a turn-based jrpg with a,superficial tabletop skin granted i was,caught off guard by a few instances of,dice rolls being more meaningful at,least in a gameplay sense for example an,npc can give you a piece of equipment,for free depending on a dice roll with a,failed roll resulting in a loss of,expenses further incorporation of this,kind of risk reward system throughout,the title would have been appreciated to,shed this skin into a more meaningful,impact thankfully the high speed mode,added to the isle dungeon roars via an,update post launch is included here,providing swifter progression for those,turned off by the slow pacing of the,default game speed this does aid in,alleviating the unexpectedly high,encounter rate which is often more,frustrating than helpful instead levels,are earned rather swiftly and you dont,ever need to grind for story battles,making the onslaught of mobs faced off,against in dungeons more of a collective,annoyance these high encounter rates are,confusing because of the enemys,brittleness and lack of difficulty so,they feel like wastes of time a few,simple but effective puzzles are placed,throughout some areas and i would have,rather had more of those than,meaningless enemy fodder that did little,to enrich my characters or the overall,experience sound design is as impactful,as it ever was in the isle dragon roars,with charming card sound effects and,brilliant tracks at every corner of the,experience unfortunately though i,couldnt help but notice that a few card,sound effects seemed absent for instance,there would be no accompanying sound,effects when using the blizzard card,which i doubt was intentional thankfully,these oddities were incredibly,infrequent but still head scratching,nonetheless,voice of cards the forsaken maiden,provides an engaging tabletop adventure,fueled by a fantastical narrative,however there is little to no challenge,to be found in the encounters along the,way which weigh heavily on the epicness,this story could otherwise provide still,this is an undeniably fun experience and,it stands out amongst any other title,released today noisy pixel is giving,voice of cards the forsaken maiden an 8,out of 10. thanks for watching please,check out the full review at,noisypixel.net noisy pixel is run by a,group of gamers who work hard to deliver,news reviews previews and more please,subscribe to keep up with all our future,content,[Music]

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Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],he appears to be worried about the gates,and mechanisms,the voice of card Series has already,received its third entry in less than a,year since the first titles launch this,sheer frequency of brand new games from,a prominent developer and publisher,exceedingly is rare the first two titles,voice of cards Isle of dragon Roars and,The Forsaken Maiden essentially have,identical systems still their narratives,casts and tones differ in various ways,the new third entry the Beast of Burden,also provides a similar experience,though to an extent where the formula,has begun to run its course,foreign,begins players are introduced to the,protagonist a young girl Woos default,name is il her daily life comprises,living underground with scant villagers,who try their hardest to make a living,in their dismal environment alongside,Supply struggles monster attacks are,common cause for concern still L is a,reasonably mighty warrior despite her,age and constantly slays beasts,attempting to do harm finally however,following some unforeseen developments,she finds herself on the surface of the,world for the first time in her life,accompanied by a strange boy who needs a,skill she never knew she possessed the,ability to control monsters instead of,reiterating the same points about how,the previous two games looked and played,I recommend reading over our review for,Isle of Dragon Wars if youre entirely,new to this IP the art style progression,in general gameplay Loop of this new,title is highly familiar in almost every,way imaginable moreover these games are,more typical turn-based jrpgs except,with a card based aesthetic to introduce,a more distinct personality as a result,every entry is approachable to those,unfamiliar with the genre and can act as,an excellent Avenue for entering it,however the Beast of Burden attempts to,shake up combat formula by introducing a,monster capturing system when battling,enemies players have the random chance,to obtain Monster cards that offer their,own variety of benefits ranging from,inflicting status elements to inflicting,raw damage further specific types can,also be bought in town shops each,playable character can equip up to four,Monster cards at a time which at a,glance opens up a vast realm of,explorative customization unfortunately,I found this monster capturing mechanic,to be quite poorly executed since it,doesnt mesh well with the type of,appeal and difficulty designs this game,Embraces as I mentioned earlier the,voice of cards games are casual,experiences and never particularly,difficult unless one goes out of their,way to be under equipped so because of,this design philosophy introducing a,mechanic encouraging customization to,such an extent feels Half Baked most,Monster cards players obtain will be,useless given the games General lack of,challenge even with accounting for the,Monster cards upgrading iterations you,can easily get by without even thinking,about what to designate to bestimate it,the Monster cards are compelling design,choice that have the potential to,significantly differentiate this entry,tree from the previous two unfortunately,its incorporation ends up feeling,superficial and forgettable since,progression feels nearly identical to,what came before and only a few of the,cards stand out in hindsight speaking of,the lack of challenge Im almost,positive that the Beast of Burden is the,easiest to entry yet this could have,been good luck on my end but the,critical rate was absurdly high in my,favor it happened often enough to make,me question if inherent game codes made,this the case but I doubt that,regardless due to these instances my,experience made gameplay akin to an auto,battler at points regarding the cast,narrative the Beast of Burden didnt,quite nail The Landing for me tone wise,this is probably the darkest title so,far but the lack of presence many core,characters possess caused the various,developments to falter aside from the,protagonist I never came to care about,the characters though mileage will vary,here depending on the player they were,more strictly affixed to the plot,without any memorable interactions with,the best moments being more contained to,themselves rather than the others,further the world map was more congested,than I would have liked especially when,compared to the Forsaken Maiden creating,a sense of Suffocation which even if,intentional wasnt conducive for,enjoyment when coupled with the Monster,card mechanic which is dependent on,variants still the dungeon designs has,somewhat engaging with more involved,puzzles so this can perhaps be perceived,as a trade-off for the record its worth,emphasizing that I still do enjoy the,story just in the far more mixed fashion,than I did with the Isle of Dragon Wars,and The Forsaken Maiden the game master,this time around is voiced by Karen,gilfry and like the other two game,Masters she does a splendid job,immersing players within this tragic,tale the soundtrack and presentations,certainly are the most terrific,worthwhile elements of this series and,they continue to shine here in the card,base World portraits character designs,and environments are top-notch and did,more than enough work to invest me into,this alongside the Stellar sound design,voice of cards Beast of Burden boasts,some of the same general strength the,series has had up to this point engaging,audio design and an endearing,presentation however whether it is due,to my tiredness with the formula or an,overly ambitious stumble the storyline,and characters fail to truly grasp me,amidst a few notable moving moments,Additionally the newly introduced,monster capturing mechanic feels Hollow,without meaningful substance,accompanying it thereby making the,combat a weaker yet similar iteration of,the past two games again I respect the,efforts to change up the systems but,when it fumbles like how it did here,its easy to reflect favorably on the,past without having much care about the,present music pixel is giving voice of,cards the Beast of Burden a 6.5 out of,10. thanks for watching please with the,full review of noisy pixel.net noisy,pixels run by kirbygamers are a card to,deliver news reviews previews and more,please subscribe to keep up with all our,future content,[Music]

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Voice of Cards The Isle Dragon Roars Review | 30 Hours Later | Backlog Battle

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Review: The Sleeper Hit of 2021,What’s up, everyone?,Alex here!,I gotta say – I feel so lucky to be a Yoko Taro fan!,Not only did we get a reimagining of NieR in the form of NieR Replicant ver1.224…,you get the rest – but also two mobile games in form of SINoALICE and NieR Reincarnation,,with the latter reaching a milestone of over 15 million downloads since its release.,That’s not even counting YorHA Dark Apocalypse, a Final Fantasy XIV crossover storyline that,stars Nier Automata’s 2B and 9S!,So when news broke that we’d be getting our fourth Yoko Taro game in the span of two,years, it genuinely piqued my interest.,This game was later revealed to be Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, which had an,unassuming game announcement via a Nintendo Direct whose release has since gone unnoticed,by many.,The pressing question that needs to be answered is how much of Voice of Cards carries the,DNA of Yoko Taro’s games, and what else lies beneath this seemingly innocent announcement.,But before we delve deeper and ponder these inquiries, I think it’s only fitting to,have a game master set the mood for our journey:,“Welcome to Voice of Cards.”,“You are about to take the first steps of your adventure.”,“Through a realm of sword and sorcery you will travel, battling bloodthirsty monsters,as you strive to realize your ambitions.”,“Now then, your departure draws nigh.,May your journey be a safe one…”,Voice of Cards is a JRPG set in a medieval fantasy world, developed by Alim and published,by Square Enix.,The footage you’re seeing is from the PS4 version of the game.,Your quest will have you hunting down a dragon of much renown, unleashing its fiery rage,after years of slumber.,It’s up to you and your band of adventurers to slay the dragon and save the land from,this looming monstrosity.,Perhaps the most confusing part about Voice of Cards’ initial reveal was what genre,it actually belongs to, and any hope of clarifying this with the free demo accompanying its announcement,were quickly dashed as soon as viewers saw the presence of cards in the trailer, as if,the name of the game wasn’t enough of a clue.,However, anyone who took the time to download and play this demo found themselves pleasantly,surprised by what they found.,There are no collectible card packs for you to buy here, nor does the game have combat,lifted directly from games like Magic or Hearthstone.,It’s an honest to goodness turn-based JRPG from top to bottom, though it does feature,several twists that shake things up a bit.,The biggest change in Voice of Cards’ gameplay has to be the decision to remove MP entirely,in favor of incorporating a resource system that’s found in most collectible card games.,In those games, you earn an extra resource each time your turn comes up, allowing you,to utilize skills and abilities by spending these resources.,In Voice of Cards, you earn one gem resource each time a party member gets their turn,,and much like classic JRPGs, turn orders are determined based on each party member’s,relative speed when compared to your enemies.,This has multiple, reverberating effects throughout the rest of the game.,For starters, you’ll be unable to use any healing skills outside of battle, since these,require spending gems you can only use during combat.,Secondly, gems are a shared resource across your entire party, so you’ll have to be,clever about choosing what skills to use at any given time.,Third, gems always reset back down to zero at the start of battle, so these resources,don’t carry over.,And finally, the removal of MP means you won’t have to worry about buying items to replenish,this resource, though you will occasionally find items that’ll help you obtain more,gems just by consuming them during your turn.,Over time, you’ll eventually find that you won’t be able to use all of the skills you’ve,learned at the same time.,Voice of Cards only lets you equip five skills for each party member, and you’ll have to,find the right balance of equipping more powerful and, by extension, resource costly skills,alongside ones that let you keep earning gems each turn.,While it’s not exactly as deep as traditional collectible card games, I do find this lite,version of deck building a bit more approachable, allowing me to make interesting loadouts depending,on what the situation dictates.,Unfortunately, for anyone hoping that these changes would deliver a challenging experience,will be disappointed to learn that Voice of Cards isn’t a difficult game at all, nor,does it give you any option to make it any harder than it is.,In fact, it’s not a long game either.,One playthrough of Voice of Cards averages twelve to fifteen hours, with subsequent playthroughs,extending this by a few hours, skipping story beats along the way.,It also doesn’t help that transitions to and from battle take a little bit more time,than needed, though the developers have acknowledged that they are looking to improve the speed,of these transitions.,That being said, I see the game’s easy difficulty and short play time a blessing when considering,the state of JRPGs as of late.,With the genre’s more popular games averaging hundreds of hours each, there has been a lot,of discussion within the fans of the genre about whether it’s possible for these games,to offer experiences that felt fulfilling and worthwhile despite a shorter length.,There has been a long held fallacy that the longer a game is the more value it has.,As longer and more massive games occupy more of players’ time, a new question arises:,Is the time we’re spending in these games worth it?,Or are we simply just being funneled from one padded questline to the next with barely,a consideration as to whether or not we’re still enjoying our time with it?,I may be getting ahead of myself with all these questions, but when I consider the experience,that I had with Voice of Cards’ gameplay, I simply couldn’t get enough of it, even,after finishing it for the first time.,And while the game does have a New Game+ along with multiple endings to obtain, I still craved,for more!,This is a testament to how well each aspect of Voice of Cards’ gameplay is designed,,delivering an experience that implements classic genre staples alongside mechanics inspired,by modern titles.,It’s also because of its approachability that I highly recommend Voice of Cards to,anyone wanting to get into JRPGs, allowing newcomers to engage in a low pressure way,that lets them learn the genre’s many conventions with just enough depth to allow for experimentation.,In case it hasn’t been apparent, the core of Voice of Cards’ design is rooted in the,idea of blending elements of classic JRPGs with the conveniences and features found in,modern games.,This, coupled with a minimalist presentation, helped inform the game’s identity, making,it one of the most unique experiences in the genre to date.,Naturally, Voice of Cards accomplishes this by using cards to represent the world, its,creatures, and the characters you meet.,Cards that depict the various landscapes in the game can be likened to the tiles that,make up your surroundings in 8-bit era JRPGs, with each tile representing forests, castles,,and towns.,To differentiate it slightly from these classics, Voice of Cards’ cards are arranged in a,hexagon layout when traveling from town to town, with each card flanked by 2 others on,either the left and right side, and another card above and below it.,This seemingly counterintuitive design might make it a less straightforward way to navigate,through the world, but it also makes it so that discovering places, events, and treasures,feel more fulfilling.,These happenstance encounters aren’t just composed of side quests that you’d find,in other games.,These moments vary greatly, from eavesdropping on thieves talking about hidden treasure,,to aiding man and monster alike with what ails them.,I’ll be upfront by saying that none of these decisions affect the main narrative whatso

Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden Review (PS4 also on Switch, PC) | 32 Hours Later | Backlog Battle

What’s up, everyone? Alex here! These  days, JRPGs come in all shapes and sizes.  ,With Voice of Cards, Yoko Taro tried to capture  the simplicity of classic JRPGs from the 8-bit  ,and 16-bit eras by standardizing its  presentation and wrapping it with a  ,compelling story blended with some tried and  true turn-based combat. With The Forsaken Maiden,  ,Yoko Taro charts a new course that not only  introduces alterations to its predecessor’s  ,more rigid structure, but also  expands upon it in such a way  ,that continues to make Voice of Cards one of  the most underappreciated gems in modern JRPGs!,This review was made possible by viewers like you,  ,so please leave a like, post a  comment, then subscribe to the channel!,Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is a  medieval fantasy themed turn-based JRPG  ,featuring a tabletop presentation and an  original story separate from last year’s  ,The Isle Dragon Roars, created by Yoko Taro,  developed by Alim, and published by Square Enix,  ,who provided this PS4 review code. The  isle of Omega is destined for destruction,  ,and it’s up to the island’s maiden  to stop this from happening…  ,except its inhabitants are strangely ready  and willing to accept their doom. Joined by a  ,mysterious woman named Laty who’s lost her ability  to speak, you set forth on a quest to prevent this  ,end of days from happening, while discovering  more about her past than you’ve bargained for.,Throughout this review, I will be  referring to Voice of Cards – the  ,series – and The Forsaken Maiden – this  game – alternately to address specific  ,topics that either have overlap across the  whole series or are specific to this game.,In my review of The Isle Dragon Roars, I mentioned  how each individual terrain card is reminiscent of  ,pixel tiles in classic 8-bit era JRPGs, and The  Forsaken Maiden continues this trend while adding  ,lots of new terrain types. What’s different  between both games however is how much more  ,perceived freedom you get in The Forsaken  Maiden when it comes to exploring its world.  ,While The Isle Dragon Roars featured  a much more linear experience,  ,The Forsaken Maiden forgoes this rigidity  and gives you a boat to use very early on.  ,And while certain story beats will still be  locked behind whirlpools barring your entry,  ,you can still spend a good chunk of time  exploring the vast ocean in the game,  ,discovering hidden treasures in partly sunken  ships, as well as triggering random events  ,that provide flavor to your own experience. These  random events are some of my favorite things about  ,Voice of Cards, and some will even help develop  the characters in your party in surprising ways.,Speaking of cards, a while ago, I ordered this  awesome Voice of Cards metal card set featuring  ,the heroes of The Isle Dragon Roars, which used  to be part of its exclusive physical release in  ,Japan! I was trying to figure out how I could  possibly transport these without accidentally  ,scratching or damaging them. That’s when I thought  of The Ridge Wallet, who’s sponsoring this review!,One thing I love about The Ridge Wallet is that  not only can it easily hold my Voice of Cards set,  ,but also up to 12 cards AND cash as  well! I also love the design that I got,  ,and after handling it even for a brief  moment, I can immediately feel its  ,sturdiness and durability! And it’s got  a lifetime warranty to protect it too!  ,So spoil yourself today and head on over  to the link shown or use the coupon code  ,BACKLOGBATTLE to get 15% off on your purchase of  your first – or next – order of The Ridge Wallet!,Talking about The Ridge Wallet’s pragmatic  design reminds me of how Yoko Taro’s own  ,measured pragmatism came into play with the  development of Voice of Cards. While Yoko Taro’s  ,games don’t share the same fidelity and visual  detail as higher profile Square Enix titles,  ,his games do depict a sense of restraint  that ultimately creates a well-rounded game.,Given how Voice of Cards was originally going to  be a mobile game, I think it’s safe to assume that  ,much of the development of The Forsaken Maiden  and, its predecessor, The Isle Dragon Roars,  ,took advantage of the rigors of making games  on said platform to deliver both titles in such  ,a short time frame, forcing the developers at  Alim to build on top of existing foundations,  ,thereby continuously evolving the player  experience despite its simple beginnings. While it  ,is true that The Forsaken Maiden presents its  world and story through the medium of tabletop,  ,this title, in particular, bends that definition  multiple times by altering your perception of what  ,you’re seeing in front of you through the  clever use of animation and color grading.  ,I’ll leave that for you to  discover yourself, of course.,This is all to say that while it’s very easy to  overlook Voice of Cards given its presentation,  ,there is so much more to it underneath that’s  worth experiencing. I’ve also come to appreciate  ,the series not only because of how well  it tells its story through its gameplay,  ,but also the incredible feat  of engineering and creativity  ,that would’ve taken to deliver two amazing  games within the mere span of 4 months!  ,Keep in mind that I’m not saying that they started  and finished making another game within those 4  ,months, but rather, I want to recognize the sheer  amount of planning involved behind the scenes  ,to be able to deliver a follow-up to  another game after a short span of time!,Being designed initially as a mobile game also  comes with incredible advantages from a gameplay  ,standpoint. Mobile games are typically designed to  allow players to get in and out of itself quickly,  ,and this kind of flexibility just  can’t be found in many modern JRPGs.  ,Voice of Cards allows you to save anywhere  at any time – even in dungeons – which helps  ,tremendously if you’re playing multiple games  at once. While I was trying to play through  ,The Forsaken Maiden for this review, I was  also playing through three different games!  ,And whenever I felt the need to break away from  those other games and wanted to play a JRPG,  ,I started up The Forsaken Maiden, knowing that I  can spend as much – or as little – time with it as  ,I want! The feeling of being able to do this with  Voice of Cards is both refreshing and relaxing,  ,which is a stark contrast to the other,  more demanding JRPG experiences out there.,This obsession with flexibility is  also why I believe that Voice of Cards’  ,gameplay depth was designed to be purposely  shallow, which is actually a huge blessing.  ,One of the biggest reasons why many of us try  to trudge through lengthy JRPGs – regardless  ,of whether we’re still enjoying it or not – is  because of the fear of forgetting how its various  ,gameplay systems function and coalesce together.  And there’s plenty of JRPGs out there that even  ,try to teach you new mechanics after dozens of  hours in! Voice of Cards opts for a simple system  ,that not only has you acquiring better weapons and  armor in your party per usual, but also limits the  ,amount of skills you can have available at one  time. This design by subtraction allows Voice of  ,Cards to design encounters that make careful  consideration of what you’re bringing to the  ,table, as well as what kind of hurdles they can  hurl at you, managing to design an experience that  ,features a good, moderate difficulty that players  can get past without having to grind for hours.,While many have complained about Voice  of Cards’ frequent battle encounters,  ,I should point out that many of the dungeons  featured are relatively small. In addition to  ,this, Voice of Cards also features the ability  to instantly skip traveling from one location to  ,another provided you’ve already explored your  specific destination or you’re not limited by  ,certain circumstances. This is yet another way  that these games allow you to experience JRPGs  ,that lets you engage

Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden Nintendo Switch Review

hello everyone welcome to switch up,weve got another review for you today,this time of voice of cards the forsaken,maiden and this was written for us by,asdin over at grinning wolf games please,do check out his channel link is in the,top in comment,square enix released the first voice of,cards game late in 2021 and it was a,short but charming attempt at bringing,desktop gaming experiences to consoles,seemingly from nowhere we have a second,installment being released does this new,story expand on the new franchise or,does it forsake it well thank you to,square enix for the review code and now,lets find out,[Music],voice of cards the forsaken maiden is,set on a remote chain of islands that,have been protected by the maidens for,generations now facing destruction the,hero of the story vows to save the,islanders and set sail for the high seas,together with his companion a girl who,failed to become a maiden they will meet,new friends and foes as they search for,the maiden relics that will stop the,island from sinking i felt that the game,had a more meaningful and better written,story than its predecessor as it felt as,if there was more at stake here there,was also a greater sense of discovery as,you sailed the seas not knowing what,awaited you on the horizon this voice of,cards game is not a sequel to the first,adventure meaning that you can pick up,and play either of these at your leisure,it is practically the same thing with,some added mechanics which well get to,in a while,for those unfamiliar with this new,franchise the game is an adventure,turn-based rpg where there will be a,games master narrating the events whilst,you traverse the world which is laid out,like a pack of cards the developers,focused on turning this game into a true,table top experience where everything is,either a card or board game piece with,dice being a turn-based rpg this is,simulating a tabletop experience and you,will choose different outcomes traveling,deep into caves and gaining rewards from,side quests there will be random battle,encounters that will face your heroes,against all sorts of beasts and monsters,these will take place on a different,table that will have the enemy cards on,the top hero cards on the bottom and the,number of special gems on the left hand,side the battle is turn based with each,start of a round generating a gem which,is needed to use some of the best cards,at your disposal these are shared,amongst your party meaning that some,strategy is required if one is to become,the victor there are status effects that,can severely hinder your characters,especially ones like poison which,require a dice roll to decide how many,health points are deducted the,happenstance cards also make a welcome,return here and these cards randomly add,either a buff or an ailment to everyone,on the battlefield a new addition to,this game is the new combined attack,card which will require far more gems,but will have multiple party members,joining into a single attack this was a,welcome surprise as i found myself,ending battles with more than enough,gems left over in the previous game the,pairing card game is back where you must,either pair or create a free card,sequence and i found this to be a great,way to take a break from running chores,and sailing the deep blue sea the,rewards come in the form of dice and,item skins which allow the player to,customize these in-game items money,earned in battle and found in chess can,be spent in purchasing weapons potions,and so on this time gameplay has had a,few alterations thrown in one of these,is the aforementioned dual attack card,and travel in the expansive c the game,allows four characters to join in the,battle and at different points of the,story you will be accompanied by two,other heroes who join you only for a,section of the time this mechanic is,more of a means to complement the story,element but i am glad to see the,developers add in a few new elements,this is also seen in the addition of,some dungeon puzzles which flesh out the,role playing aspect of the game,massively when compared to that first,game as far as controls go they are,tight and responsive as they should be,the shoulder buttons allow for the,camera to zoom in and out when on the,world map and those that enjoy playing,in handheld mode will be happy to know,that you can use the touchscreen to,interact with the game also the fast,travel mechanic which allows you to aim,at a revealed point in the map and jump,to it is here once again one of the,criticisms i had with that first,installment was the speed at which the,pieces moved around the world map i am,happy to say that the game speed can be,increased albeit this setting can affect,the sound effects and other technical,aspects so use it at your discretion,gameplay is an enjoyable affair but i,will say that whilst a few new mechanics,have been implemented i would have liked,to have seen them take a few more risks,this time round but on the whole it gets,17 out of 20. controls do the job well,and fix a few issues i had with that,first game and they also score 17 out of,20.,in terms of the visuals everything is,card based of course and there are a few,new biome cards this time around to,represent beaches and all of them are,beautifully detailed the clever,transition of going from the map into a,town is as charming as ever with the map,card exploding and the town cards,interlocking although your party is,represented as a token this clever,effect does create the sense of actually,traversing into different locations the,main characters are wonderfully,illustrated with gold embossed foil and,cards moving to create certain actions,these charming animations go with the,style that the developers were trying to,instill within the game and the effects,of attacks and spells are as captivating,as ever,there is a far greater range in color,within the world with each island having,different terrains and the sea having,various hues of blue text size and,performance were adequate except on the,game speed screen where the text size is,miniscule even on a large screen tv when,it comes to the audio if you have,experienced the first installment then,youll feel right at home here not much,has really changed although there is a,new games master this time round mark,athlete now steps into the role and,provides a more eased off narration,compared to the deep voiced somewhat,stern demeanor of the games master in,the first game in many ways this helps,differentiate both chapters in the,series and although the voice acting is,great i personally prefer the games,master from the previous installment but,the new games master still immerses you,into this gorgeous world with a greatly,scripted narrative,the soundtrack is sublime with acoustic,slow tempo songs which i found very,relaxing the special effects do add to,the severity of spells and attacks but i,would have liked a few more high octane,songs to have been featured especially,during boss battles the games master,did grow on me after a while and there,are some comments that really bring him,to life especially when he breaks the,fourth wall excuse me you cant go into,an island while youre still on your,ship okay,visually its not going to appeal to,everyone but i am glad that the,developers have filled the world with,more vibrancy than the first game and it,scores 17 out of 20. audio is assisted,by the great soundtrack although boss,battles could have built to more of a,crescendo but it also scores 17 out of,20.,voice of cards the forsaken maiden costs,24 pounds 99 and regional equivalents,are on your screen now there is,additional dlc although it is all,cosmetic and allows for certain features,to be changed like the dice on the table,use for battle and these are 79 p each,or 2 pound 49 for the set although its,not an amount that would break the bank,it would have been a better incentive to,unlock these within the games,progression than sell them as extras,this is a highly polished product though,w

VOICE OF CARDS: THE BEASTS OF BURDEN – Review – I Played It So You Dont Have To – Is It Any Better?

hi there this is David and welcome to my,review of voice of cards the beasts of,Burden released for the PC PS4 and,switch digitally,before we begin with the full review I,would like to thank squarings for,sending me a free copy of this game for,review,within the past year alone there have,been three different voice of cards,games released and I played and reviewed,the demo of the first one and I really,let my feelings be known there,spoiler alert I didnt really like it so,I went ahead and I ignored the second,one but for whatever reason I was,intrigued by this one so whenever I saw,that it was announced on the recent,Nintendo Direct I figured yeah what the,hey Ill give it a shot,considering how I did feel that the,first one I didnt have High Hopes but,this time I knew what I was getting,myself into and overall I was actually,pleasantly surprised,the voice of Cards series is very,different than anything else put out by,Square Enix and I have found that in,order to enjoy them I do have to be in a,particular kind of mood a state of mind,where I can be immersed into the,atmosphere and the world theyve created,it almost feels like youre playing a,game of Dungeons and Dragons with the,narrator as the dungeon master,so I tried to leave all my preconceived,notions at the door and on a lonely,windy Autumn night I thought that Id,give it a shot and I went into the game,with an open mind,well available on Console I did play the,steam version and here you cant use a,traditional controller I was forced to,use a mouse and a keyboard so from the,very get-go I was annoyed but I quickly,did get used to it the controls are,pretty simplistic and I really didnt,have any issues less is more as they say,and the music is also minimalistic as,are the graphics everything here is,represented by cards the characters the,monsters the NPCs the shops the weapons,and even the little tiles that you,travel across,you play as a subterrain the only,surviving member of a tribe who lives,underground however once your village is,attacked and your Cavern destroyed,youre forced to make your way into the,Overworld for the first time only to see,that the world is actually kind of like,a hellscape baking under the heat of an,eternal Sun,so you and your partner go on an,adventure to seek revenge for the,slaughter of the villagers meeting,colorful characters along the way and,then finally pivoting to a more personal,journey of seeing the stars and helping,out the people of the suppressed,straight jacket wearing world,random turn-based battles occur on the,Overworld as well as in Dungeons and as,a subterrain youre able to capture and,subjugate monsters controlling their,abilities and then using their powers,Kind of Blue Magic Style,oddly enough even though your party,members arent subterrains they can also,use that blue magical ability too and,heres where the shoe battle mechanics,lie each of your party members can equip,up to five different summoned cards and,you spend gems to some of the monsters,to your side,each turn you gain another gem so youll,be summoning quite often and while the,battle system does seem simplistic on,the surface I actually found it to be,pretty addictive and quite fun because,no one said that simple has to be boring,its also balanced pretty well so the,majority of the trash mobs get wiped out,relatively quickly while the bosses do,take a bit more strategy,characters arent as blank slates either,they each have their own strengths and,weaknesses along with passive abilities,so youre going to want to take those,into account whenever youre outfitting,them with latest summons,there are some neat quality of life,improvements too such as once you reveal,a card you can actually just jump there,instantly it kind of works as a form of,quick travel you can use this in the,Overworld as well as the first level of,dungeons but not later on in the darker,levels,then you can turn a fast forward to make,the battles go at like super speed and,all of your next objectives are,highlighted so youre never really,wondering what to do next and like any,good game of Dungeons and Dragons there,is quite a bit of lore to be found by,examining cards to learn more about the,various characters and monsters,I will say that this game is not for,everybody it this is kind of a niche,within a niche within a niche and it,really is kind of one of those love it,or hate it type of games but as I said,before I came with an open mind and I,actually found the plot twists to be,pretty gripping and the gameplay to be,strangely addicting I mean dont come in,expecting a masterpiece but if you just,want a quiet diversion that you can beat,on the weekends spend about 10 to 15,hours on then this is the game for you,so thats it for my review of the voice,of cards to be Suburban if you like this,video and wanted to run the Channel,please give us the support of me over on,patreon for exclusive videos on early,ssma content heading on over to Twitch,for streaming fun or coming under my,Discord to chat and hang out the links,to them all can be found in the video,description this has been David if you,like this please like comment and,subscribe and have a good day

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