1. The 2023 Volvo XC60 Recharge Is A Quicker & More Usable Plug-In Hybrid Luxury SUV
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The 2023 Volvo XC60 Recharge Is A Quicker & More Usable Plug-In Hybrid Luxury SUV

nearly five years ago Volvo finally gave,us a fully redesigned version of their,best-selling vehicle the compact XC60,SUV now at the same time Volvo also,dipped their toes into the electrified,ERA with the XC60 T8 a plug-in hybrid,that offered a nearly 400 horsepower and,about 18 miles of electric only range,now since then the competition has,gotten more and more competitive,especially when it comes to electrified,Vehicles which is why for 2023 Im,standing by the refreshed Volvo XC60,recharge theyve dropped the T8 name,from the nomenclature and theyve also,dropped in a larger 18.8 kilowatt hour,battery pack promising up to 35 miles of,range and 455 horsepower so if you guys,have had your eye on an XC60 with a plug,and you wanted something that was a,little bit more competitive in terms of,range and performance how does the,refreshed XC60 recharge Stack Up stay,tuned to find out,now before we start talking about the,exterior styling of this model let me,first show you guys whats underneath,the hood because the recharge model is,designed to be the flagship of the XC60,family in terms of power and in terms of,efficiency now you can see underneath,This Hood youre going to find a,combination of a 2-liter turbocharged,direct injection four-cylinder with an,electric motor at the back Volvo has,also seriously beefed up the power,output of that rear electric motor and,the battery pack which I mentioned,earlier is 18.8 kilowatts or about 15 of,that is usable now the power outputs for,just the gas engine remember this is a,turbo four cylinder on its own made it,to an eight-speed automatic a stepped,automatic makes about 313 horsepower and,295 pound-feet of torque now when you,add that rear electric motor which adds,in around 143 horsepower and 228,pound-feet of torque the total combined,figure is 455 horsepower and 523 pound,feet of torque now I also want you guys,to notate the electric motor used to,only have about 87 horsepower now it,makes 143 which has been significantly,improved still not quite as much as the,leader for me at the moment which is the,Lexus nx450h plus which has around 180,horsepower on its own but well talk,about that during the driving scene,Volvo says the performance of this car,when you have it in power mode should be,0-60 in under 5 Seconds closer to 4.5,seconds well test that out now that we,have our 0-60 testing equipment and like,I mentioned earlier this will do about,35 miles on a full charge when you have,this thing plugged in and you drive it,like an electric vehicle fuel economy on,just the gas engine alone Volvo says,youll get about 28 MPG combined so not,not a bad fuel economy numbers but also,not quite class leading this car does,have a towing ability you can tow up to,3 500 pounds and as this one sits it,weighs in at around 4 700 pounds but,lets go ahead and close this Hood,and I want to show you guys over here on,the drivers side fender this is where,youre going to find the charge port,door this car has an onboard 3.6,kilowatt charger which means you can,level two fast charge this vehicle or or,quicker charge this vehicle and about,four and a half to five hours that is,slower versus something like the Lexus,which can do it in about half that time,because of its quicker 6.6 kilowatt,onboard charger so I was surprised that,Volvo didnt upgrade the charger but,remember if you do it to a level one,its going to take about 12 hours,anyways now looking at the front fascia,of this car you can see this model here,is painted in silver with the bright,package you can also get a dark package,along with a pole star engineered that,will remove the Chrome and replace it,with black accents you can see all of,the recharge models are going to come,with their Thors hammer full LED,headlights you have led low and high,beams LED turn signal LED Ada time,running lights,no fog lights vulva has removed that on,this particular trim you can see theres,more of the Chrome with some functional,air vents The Grille Volvo updated a,couple of years ago with their Loomis,their newest Volvo logo with again the,Chrome accents I would definitely like,to see this car as the pole star,engineered or with the dark accents,painted in white this particular color,combination to me is just a little bit,too plain Jane its a little bit more,conservative but again Volvo offers,several different styling cues to make,this car stand out a little bit more and,make it a little bit sportier now,looking at the wheels these are the,standard Factory 20 inch wheels you get,with this particular ultimate trim you,can see theyre kind of a two spoke or,theyre a twin spoke with a two-tone,machine and black inner spoke design,theyre riding on two 55 45 R20 tires,valve also offers a 21 inch wheel and a,smaller 19-inch wheel on other trims or,even an 18 inch wheel this model here,also comes with their air suspension,four corner air suspension which is a 15,to 100 up charge which can easily raise,the ground clearance by an inch if you,got guys have it in its off-road mode,now at 185 inches long and a 112.2 inch,long wheelbase this is pretty much right,size for the compact luxury SUV space,this car the Designs been around for a,few years now and I still think that it,looks good you can see the window trim,is Chrome you have a panoramic glass,roof with the silver vintage finished,roof rails you have integrated turn,signal mirrors which again you can kind,of get this blacked out if you guys go,for the dark trim you can see the fuel,tank door is over there on the driver or,the passenger side rear and then overall,from the back you can see the styling is,pretty much the same you have these full,LED tail lights which are signature to a,lot of Volvo models they spell out Volvo,in the back and then theres a T8,all-wheel drive recharge badge there,which the recharge is the new part of,the name this year and then you can see,no visible exhaust tips Volvos kind of,going away with that considering where,theres stance is on going completely,electric now opening up the trunk area,you can see this model here has about 23,cubic feet of trunk space with the seats,up you can see if you look underneath,here theres some good storage the,battery pack is back here are the 12,volt batteries back here along with a,mobile charger if you fold down those,seats it will expand out the cargo to,around 63 cubic feet which is about 10,to 15 more than most of its competitors,so moving on to the interior of this,2023 XC60 T8 recharge let me first show,you guys the key fob you can see this is,the current key that Volvo introduced,way back in 2015 on the XC90 they have,kind of cheaped out on the materials for,the key they used to kind of wrap this,in the same leather material or fabric,material as the interior now its just,covered in a black plastic its got the,buttons on the side for lock unlock,trunk and then theres the Panic release,button or the panic button you should be,also able to access this phone through,your smartphone but I dont have access,to the Volvo app at this time now,opening up the door you can see first of,all very conventional door handles just,touch that that locks the door its got,the power folding mirrors that you can,adjust to fold in or fold out and then,looking at the interior you can see this,is a really interesting fabric material,its actually a recycled wool material,Volvo says its 30 wool 70 a recycled,material this is actually called,Midnight zinc its a really cool,material that kind of reminds me of,jeans these seats also adjust in like 12,different ways uh with a lumbar,adjustment and you also get two person,memory on both the driver and the front,passenger side these are also three,level heated with a heated steering,wheel however if you want cooled seats,you cant get it on this wool material,and if you want massaging seats you have,to go for the Napa Leather So I,personally would go for that just,because I like the massaging function,with this material you dont really need,the cooled func

Volvo XC60 SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

this is the Volvo xc60 and its a little,bit like Prince Harry in the way that,its very posh and arguably even more,likeable than its bigger brother the,xc90 now its cheaper than the xc90 so,it starts from 37,000 pounds now click,up there get a car white coat UK and you,can pair offers on the xc60 its perfect,if youre thinking about buying a car or,a friend is so on the inside the thing,that I really like is that it feels no,less luxurious than the xc90 in fact I,think the dash design is actually better,equipment levels are brilliant as well,so the entry-level car has pretty much,all you need youve got this touch,screen youve got satellite navigation,theres heated seats theyre electric I,mean the list goes on full leather,interior if you go for the inscription,it has Pasha bits of trim like super,soft nappa leather seats theres an odd,design version which has sportive its a,trim then you can have Pro versions of,those which have even more con them and,this is the inscription Pro so its,fully luxurious fully posh and it has,things like oh look massage seats and,that brings me onto the infotainment,system which is fairly nice to use now,on the xc60 they have made the icons a,little bit bigger than on the,infotainment system in the xc90 so,theyre easy to operate and hit while,youre on the move now if you click up,there you can actually see my in-depth,infotainment video review for this car,I find it more about the specification,level as you can get with it now I do,still think the infotainment system,isnt quite as easy to use as that in an,Audi q5 with a swivel wheel speaking of,the ID q5 the quality is well its its,not as good but its so close it doesnt,really matter,in fact even down here youve got soft,touch materials and he will touch that,if youre going to be removing your,large bottle from the door bin to,illustrate how practical the car is if,theres more storage as well under here,look big cupholders we can hold this,theres some storage in there cant,quite fit that in there and theres a,decent-sized glove box as well talking,about decent size its move on to the,back so the rear doors dont actually,open quite as wide as you might think,they do but theyre big enough and I do,think that this feels lovely in the back,so the seats are sculpted theres loads,and loads of knee room loads of headroom,weve got a panoramic sunroof fitted,here and they,you eat into Headroom but it doesnt,matter in this caucus its just so tall,its lovely here in the back its,actually alright for carrying three,abreast at once this Center seat is,actually really squishy and soft its,its not so bad to travel in at all,then theres some other bits and pieces,like youve got this armrest here a,little tray and some storage there and,where the cupholders I hear you ask well,tada,there they are and theres some decent,sized door bins as well here where you,can fit like a 750 milliliter bottle if,you want to its all very nice and look,flip up eyes fixed anchor points so when,you fit a child seat you wont lose,those because theyre not removable,which is handy perhaps the only gripe I,have with this car is the fact that in,terms of outright capacity its boot is,smaller than all its major SUV rivals,still you do get an automated tailgate,as standard and lets be honest this,boot is still big enough for most people,and its a nice usable square shape and,there is absolutely no load Lipitor so,you can just slide things in and out,theres very staring points around the,place plus look its through loading for,a ski hatch I do have to take this down,further but you can take your skis there,you go and have two people either side,so thats really useful and theres a 12,volt socket there for charging things,such as mobile devices or for plugging,in a vacuum cleaner for cleaning out the,boot,speaking of which is a bit this one,lets have a look under here so look a,space saver spare wheel you dont get,that on all SUVs these days I just,follow the seats down show you what get,left with I like the way that the,headrests,do just fold down when you do that look,I mean fold out the way and then youve,got a nice flat load Bay and its dead,easy then to just push items to the,front and load it up now if you click up,there you can see more details on this,cars practicality how much stuff you can,fit in the boot how easy it is to fit a,child seat what its really like with,three adults in the back so now weve,looked around the car lets see what,its like to drive this xc60 is a lovely,thing to drive in town its actually,dead easy because the steering looks so,nice and light makes manoeuvres an,absolute doddle who sit up high as well,and get a good view out and this,particular car is fitted with the air,suspension and put it in comfort mode,and it just it just floats or,actually when you hit a pothole theres,maybe a bit more of a bump than you get,in an Audi q5 with air suspension but,still for the most part its a very very,comfy car,the only problem when driving in town is,lets say you pull out and around about,you silly knee tucks on the right fine,late,the gearbox can be really really slow to,respond and it can leave youre,floundering which is a shame because,otherwise the gearbox is quite nice and,relaxing it just blends the gears,together very well now you could always,put the car in dynamic mode and then it,just makes the engine and gearbox more,responsive so when you put your foot,down yes it does take off quicker the,only problem then is that it just feels,less relaxing to drive because its,always holding on to to lower gear so,yeah its always revving a bit too much,the engine speaking of which when you,get out on the motorway and put your,foot down you will notice that the,diesel engines in the Volvo are quite,noisy compared to those that you get in,something like a LD q5 performance wise,I cant fault this engine its the d5 so,its got lots of performance feels very,quick but you dont really need it the,default which is slightly less powerful,is good enough,this d5 its supposed to do over 50,miles per gallon Im getting 37 which,isnt so good really now if you dont,want to diesel engine you can get a,turbo petrol or a plug-in hybrid mm,which is fast and economical at the same,times thats and thats a good thing,this is actually a lovely car to just do,lots of miles in I mean its super,relaxing the seat are very comfortable,and its quite at speed perhaps the area,where it falls down a little bit is the,handling on a twisty road so if you,throw it into a bend it does roll more,than many other SUVs actually and it,just doesnt feel quite so precise to,steer its our big problem its just not,sporty something like a Jaguar F pace,but doesnt really matter on a car like,this I dont think so it doesnt bother,me at all actually in any way shape or,form now if you want more information on,what this guys like to drive click up,there to watch my point of view video,test drive which puts you into the,driving seat,now then its time for the car Wow five,annoying things this car the touchscreen,soon gets covered in greasy fingerprints,its especially bad if you just had a,KFC,thats why Volvo gives you this special,if a Volvo branded screen wiper look but,youre forever doing that the low cover,is a bit of a fat one Im too keen the,way just retracts affair theres no way,- oh God – put it in the back of the car,theres no space under there so you have,to just leave it here he takes up a lot,of room one language but some room I,love this like trim so much its super,cool but it just gets dirty too easy and,then its almost impossible to clean,come out Oh No OCD meltdown people in,the back will find it a little bit,annoying that the windows dont go all,the way down so you cant really rest,your arm analogue even if youve got,your phone connected to the car by,bluetooth it doesnt often pick it up,through the bluetooth player so you have,to reconnect the device theres no,Bluetooth device yet my photos is all,connected ah dont worry theres

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Volvo XC40 vs Volvo XC60 comparison REVIEW – which is the best Volvo SUV?

A Volvo SUV comparison for you,with Thomas on Autogefühl.,Volvo XC40 vs the bigger Volvo XC60.,This will be very interesting.,Lets directly start in the front,with the XC40, the smaller brother.,A very upright strong design.,Three-dimensional curve in design here,in the very front grille.,And Thors Hammer LED signature.,Really beautiful.,And Thunder Gray is that color,,whereas we have Denim Blue,with the bigger XC60.,Now although its the bigger car,,the front looks a little bit less upright,but still a strong look.,And here, also with the vertical fins.,Depending on the trim,,it also diversifies a little bit.,So you can see that they both,belong to the Volvo family.,But I think the XC40 design,is maybe a little bit fresher.,What do you think?,Tell me in the comments.,Side profile and technology comparison.,Lets start here with the length of the XC40,,which is 4.43 or 174 inches.,And you have a cross-over look right here,,and a three-dimensional look,especially in the lower area.,And very distinctive,,this top of side profile here.,Now the XC60 is 26 centimeters,or 10 inches longer than the XC40.,Technology difference is that we also,optionally have an air suspension here.,And you can see wheel arch-wise for example,,also from the whole side silhouette,,it looks a little bit less crossover-ish,and a little more elaborate, I would say.,The question is if this length difference,also translates into more room,on the inside or more trunk.,Well find out very soon.,Also about the prices,,obviously the XC60 is more expensive.,How much, and how much is the price exactly,for these top trim test vehicles?,Later on, this will be super interesting.,While in the front,,I prefer the XC40 design.,In the side profile,,I prefer the XC60 design.,Here in the rear now,,they have some similarities,,you know, like the basic format here,and also the vertical lamps.,But then it changes right here.,Also different as for the turning indicators.,This looks a little bit more,modern than in this case.,Yeah, I would still go for the XC60,as for the visual design part,also in the rear, I would say.,And even more interesting, of course,,how the turning indicators look like in the front.,Thats the same here for both.,Looks quite amazing, doesnt it?,Engine choices…,What the hell!,Have you seen…,I mean, Ive never seen a hood,that opens that wide.,I mean, an elephant could service,this one here by that wide opening.,It looks strange, doesnt it?,Anyways, engine choices:,petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid petrol.,And all EV, all-electric,,already for the XC40.,That is not available yet for the XC60.,It will come at a later stage then,with the all-new generation.,And also the XC40 here,has a 1.5L petrol 3-Cylinder.,And the 1.5L 3-Cylinder is also,the base for the plug-in hybrid.,Whereas of course, the rest of the engines,are the 2L 4-Cylinders.,And then you know,,here the XC60 only has the 2L 4-Cylinders,petrol, diesel, and also for,the base plug-in hybrid.,People always say the cars look tiny,when Im standing next to them.,But I guess I cant be,too tall for this one, right?,Lets get to the interior of the XC40.,Normal Volvo key.,Door closing sound…,Pretty solid.,Really nice.,And also here from the interior materials,,the structure inside,and also soft touch.,And they make it from one piece.,Thats actually very nicely done.,Also, the felt interior of the inside,door pockets is really nice.,Also more sustainable material choices,and so on.,The interior, typical Scandinavian design.,Here in this case, with the fabric seats,that does have some wool shear.,If you want to go completely animal-free,,theres also a black fabric seat available.,Depending on the version,,also leatherette seats,and also microfiber leatherette mix.,The XC40 EV, the all-electric version,is completely animal-free by default.,Here in the lower part,,you can also put that back,and it looks even nicer.,Here it is then a little bit longer.,The big question will be,,I mean, the XC40,,considering its a compact SUV,,already feels quite grown up.,And if you compare the XC40,to the brand external competitors,like the Mercedes GLA, for example,,this one feels more SUV,whereas some of the other competitors,more feel crossover.,Thats the thing I really like about the XC40.,Headroom, here this one,does have the panoramic roof,and then it leaves some headroom with 1.89 or 62,The panoramic roof,,let me turn on the ignition right here.,Panoramic roof here.,You can see, you can put this slider here back,so when its really hot.,Really important to have that.,But you see there is this split,so its also panoramic roof,,which you can actually still open.,Thats of course a cool thing to have.,So the big question will be,when we soon will switch over to the XC60,,does it deliver more seating  comfort than the XC40?,Then it would be worth stepping up a segment.,I think the ergonomics are really good.,Volvo seats in general have also,good seat ergonomics for tall people.,Thats what I like.,Im really looking forward if there will,be a crucial difference very soon.,Interior overview, also simple.,Here, recently with the facelift,,you see these structure  design patterns right here.,Also, 9-inch screen.,Dont be mistaken.,This will also soon get,the Android Automotive system.,This is one of the last engine versions here,that hasnt gotten it yet.,So soon all XC40s will also  get the Android Auto system,so we wont waste time on this,and check it out in the XC60.,Here clearly, one central knob still.,This will be the same for the volume.,Everything else then, via touch.,In the lower part, you can see USB-A connector,but also inductive charging pad underneath.,And in this case, we have this,crystalline shifting lever,and it goes back like this,or forward for reverse.,The cupholders are adaptive,,and then we also have decent,build quality here for the armrest.,Underneath, even more space.,What I love about the XC40,,see the matte styling of the buttons,at the steering wheel?,The XC60 will soon get,the high gloss buttons here.,You will soon see that in our videos.,So I do prefer the solution right here.,Instruments, these are the so-far older ones,if you buy used, for example.,If you buy a new XC40,,for most versions,,and soon also for this version here,,you will then get the Android  Automotive instruments,we will soon see in the XC60.,Really nice interior materials,also here at the rear doors.,Soft touch as well,,and again with the felt accentuation.,And you sit very well here,in the rear as well.,So its a small SUV, the XC40 here,and still there is some legroom left here.,No problem for four tall adults.,Five, theres a substantial middle tunnel.,However, when you have squeezed,yourself in here, it does work.,Also decently comfortable.,Of course, the outside seats are more comfortable.,But overall, very well usable.,Here, fold down like this.,Adaptive cupholders.,So overall as for the offering of space here,,really very nicely done.,This wool material, by the way,,I think it doesnt feel that good,because it feels a little  bit rough from the surface.,I would indeed tend to pick,the base fabric seats.,Or then in the other design,,the microfiber mix.,Yeah, maybe depending on the version,you have on the market,or the full leatherette.,But I do prefer the normal fabric seats.,To me, theyre most breathable.,And also from the surface,,they feel best actually.,The microfiber seats however,will probably look the best.,Key fob, the same.,And also door closing sound,,its really good.,Flawless.,Also comparable interior materials here,from the top.,But then, there is,lets say, less design focus a little bit.,This looks more clean in the XC40,and also the XC40 has the felt on the inside,,where heres the black plain plastic.,Steering wheel is comparable,,and also the seats as for the material,in the US, by the way.,And also in Germany,,you can get a black fabric,or also bright City Weave material,that is also animal-free with special styling.,These ones here,,ag

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2022 Volvo XC60 | Review & Road Test

every video needs a theme the theme of,this video keeping older stuff,fresh that now classic graphic is,correct the second generation volvo xc60,has received a range of updates for,2022. the interior and exterior have,been updated the infotainment system is,new and is now android based the usb,ports have switched from a to c style,and the engine lineup has been,overhauled with fresh electrified,choices,lets dig into the engine options,because there is a lot to unpack,the basic,b5 model offers a 2-liter turbocharged,4-cylinder engine featuring a 48-volt,mild hybrid system and an 8-speed,automatic transmission the b6 model adds,an electrically powered supercharger to,the mix along with standard all-wheel,drive cue the power bump and the,expected drop in fuel economy,then theres the xc60 recharge which is,volvo speak for their plug-in hybrid,model,using a turbocharged and supercharged,2-liter engine powering the front wheels,and an electric motor to drive the rear,wheels the recharge makes sassy power,figures it also offers 19 miles of pure,electric driving and 25 mpg combined,fuel economy after the battery is,depleted,and finally theres the new recharge,extended range model its essentially,the recharge plug-in hybrid i was,describing but with a larger 18 kilowatt,hour battery pack yielding bigger,numbers across the board,mercy i am tired of saying numbers let,us cleanse our minds with a calming,exploration of the xc60 style,[Music],[Music],from a space and usability perspective i,fit well in the second row however the,rear seat back is a little bit more,vertical than i would like and it does,not recline,thats a train going by hi train,out back the xc60 has a decently roomy,and nicely square cargo hold further,forward the cabin has a clean layout,with interesting materials and,satisfying quality,other noteworthy details include this,parking pass clip a capacitive sunshade,control i struggled to use competently,and a conspicuous lack of buttons,meaning you might have to dig into the,infotainment menus a bit to change,certain vehicle settings,i always liked the census infotainment,system in volvos of late theyve,updated the system its still a nine,inch screen but its now based on,android automotive platform,i didnt use the word the there but i,think you know what im talking about,its actually a little bit cleaner sort,of a simpler interface though i did just,burn down about 20 minutes trying to,connect apple carplay and i just,discovered its going to be available in,may for an over-the-air update depending,on when youre watching this nothing i,said in the last 15 seconds is relevant,its the heart of good video making tell,you things that you dont need,as this is an android-based system you,can also log into your google account,for integrated access to your google,calendar and search history if youre,into that sort of thing,hey google,stop tracking me,thats definitely not a thing i do the,information you share with me makes me a,more personal assistant but you can,control whats shared and adjust what,data is stored under your data in the,assistant,i think weve all learned a lot today,but before we move on uh i should check,out these armrests shouldnt i i wish i,could touch them with my elbows with my,hands on the steering wheel but theyre,too wide set they are padded on the,inboard and the outboard but they could,be softer i think they could be softer,im going to go about fifty percent on,the mica museo elbow comfort index,oh hey old yet still relevant squirrel,graphic,in motion the xc60 provides a balanced,blend of comfort and confidence for,normal driving the xc60s light and quick,steering imparts a lively if not overtly,sporty feel,lets see what happens when i turn,probably too quickly into this little,business area okay sure,yeah as for ride quality the sensation,here is controlled and comfortable the,suspension smartly cushions big impacts,without ever feeling loose or floaty,by the way im driving the b6 all-wheel,drive version and it feels strong off,the line,i have noticed however though when,youre already at speed if you want more,speed and you floor the accelerator,theres occasionally a little bit of a,pause until the transmission gives you,that downshift,in my experience the collective xc60,driving experience is a positive one,as you may know volvo has a reputation,for reveling and safety the xc60 is no,exception,to that end the xc60 is an iihs top,safety pick plus and it includes,standard safety features like blind spot,monitoring lane keep assist automatic,emergency braking with pedestrians,cyclists and large animal detection and,cross traffic alert with brake assist so,you dont accidentally back in front of,a passing car,other standard features found on the,base xc60 include led headlights dual,zone automatic climate control and this,panoramic moon roof all for a base price,a bit under forty three thousand dollars,plus one thousand ninety five dollars in,destination charges,higher trims and the option sheet add,niceties like ventilated and massaging,nappa leather seats four zone climate,control smart key access an air,suspension a 360 degree camera system a,3200 15 speaker bowers and wilkins audio,system and pilot assist which is volvos,driver assist system,pilot assist does a pretty decent job of,keeping you in your lane steering around,corners and keeping the right distance,from the vehicle ahead however youre,supposed to keep your hands on the,steering wheel at all times and keep,looking out that windshield and to me if,im already doing that i might as well,be driving,prices for the volvo xc60 land in line,with smaller premium suvs like the bmw,x3 and audi q5 though if youd like to,save a few bucks the acura rdx and lexus,nx are value priced alternatives ive,said it before if you want a premium suv,in a compact package the xc60 is an,interesting choice but with its,practical qualities and esoteric swedish,charm,and even though this generation of xc60,is getting a bit aged its still a fine,driving stylish comfortable suv that,keeps getting more efficient the lesson,is learned older stuff still has value,but you got to keep it fresh,[Music],you

Volvo XC60 2022 review | the best luxury family SUV? | Chasing Cars

im tom baker this is chasing cars and,this is the facelifted volvo xc60,[Music],the xc60 is the most popular volvo here,in australia and its actually one of,the more popular mid-sized luxury suvs,in our market its also a popular,vehicle around the world and for a good,reason for a lot of families the xc60 is,right sized and it offers that mid-size,suv positioning and higher driving,position that many people want and in,todays video im going to explain why,the xc60 is actually one of our,preferred luxury crossovers here at,chasing cars,its timely to do a video on this car as,well because the xc60 has just been,updated for 2022 with its midlife,facelift this is the second generation,xc60 it sits on volvos spa scalable,product architecture platform along with,cars like the xc90 and the v60 cross,country which johnny actually reviewed,recently on the channel but this one is,the midsize 5 seat suv the one ive,brought along here is the 2022 xc60 b6r,design what does that mean well it means,its the 82 000 spec that currently sits,at the top of the range at least until a,new plug-in hybrid arrives with more,range than before but the b6 is a,turbocharged supercharged 2-liter petrol,four-cylinder with a new 48-volt mild,hybrid system there are no more diesels,which some people wont be happy about,the entry-level engine is the b5 which,is a turbocharged petrol four-cylinder,with a mild hybrid system but you can,still choose the xc60 in base momentum,form mid-spec inscription and top spec r,design the range kicks off at about,sixty nine thousand dollars this car is,eighty two thousand but then it also has,another ten thousand dollars worth of,options meaning that as it sits this one,is about a hundred grand on the road,which isnt cheap and in todays video,were going to be talking about how you,should option your xc60 what you really,need and what you probably dont our,recommended specification and what this,car is really like to live with and to,drive but before we get started hit,subscribe and im going to tell you the,three things i like best about this car,and the three things that i dont like,so much one thing thats less ideal,about the xc60 is that it can get quite,expensive quite quickly if you insist on,the r design specification that ive,brought along here certainly it looks,cool particularly in this crystal white,paint with all the black accents and its,standard 21 inch wheels but even as,standard its about 90 grand drive away,give it air suspension which youll want,on such large wheels and a smattering of,other options and youre touching six,figures on the road and then all of a,sudden youre talking about performance,suv territory with some other,manufacturers worth noting though that,the lesser trims are better value the,xc60 adopts volvos new google android,based operating system and while it does,bring some elements of the interior more,up-to-date its not as easy to use as,the previous gen volvo sensor system in,my opinion there are less customization,options in the screen some of the old,tile systems have been replaced by just,a smaller amount of options here its,more difficult to customize the drivers,digital display which is a google map or,nothing you can no longer put your media,in there for instance so while its,simpler and in some ways better volvo,have removed a number of those,fine-tuning and customization features,from their touchscreen and when you live,with a car for five years or so and you,really want to set it up how you like it,simple or as simple as possible is not,always best if youre looking for a,really fuel efficient family suv the,xc60 kind of struggles unless you go for,the plug-in hybrid which is also really,expensive thats because while volvo has,moved to a range of mild hybrid engines,theyre petrol only and both the b5 and,the b6 in our testing use about 10,liters per 100ks its a little bit more,than competing petrol engines in cars,like the audi q5 and its a lot more,than youd use in a diesel version now,the pre-facelift xc60 did offer a d4 and,even a d5 diesel at various points in,time those have now been scrapped as,part of volvos commitment to getting to,zero emissions but what this car is,currently lacking is a fully electric,version like the bmw ix3 which would of,course fully commit to that philosophy,volvo really nails design and i think,the xc60 demonstrates that perfectly the,designers knew when to put the pencil,down so its a simple shape that works,really well and its clearly elegant and,high-end from all of those fine details,now this r design looks really cool but,the inscription trim is also really,lovely with more bright accents,replacing what is black on this car and,giving it a real luxury touch so for me,i like the looks of this car both inside,and out unlike so many luxury suvs we,test the volvo xc60 actually rides,comfortably and thats particularly so,if you option the 2600,air suspension with 4c now as standard,the xc60 comes and what volvo calls its,dynamic chassis so tuned a little bit,more sporty i would absolutely recommend,spending 2 600 bucks on air suspension,for this car because it keeps body,control really good but it soaks up the,kinds of bumps we get on australian,suburban and country roads extremely,well this car is a pleasure to drive it,might be a cliche but volvo really does,do the best seats in the car industry,the xc60 seats are so comfortable no,matter where youre sitting in this car,maybe the rear middle seat but both the,drivers seat and the front passenger,seat have full electric adjustment and,immense levels of support that mean you,get out of this car after an eight hour,drive feeling refreshed unfortunately,the r design means you only get a black,interior or a dark grey interior but if,you go for the momentum or the,inscription you can choose a wider array,of colors including a really nice blonde,interior though that wont be as family,friendly as black,jumping into the front of the volvo xc60,reveals this to be a true luxury suv,volvo at one point in time might have,been a premium or semi-premium,manufacturer but they now genuinely play,alongside mercedes bmw audi and lexus in,our view and this interior really,demonstrates that its high quality the,mix of materials is mostly good with one,strange quirk which ill come back to,the technology is pretty well integrated,and the seats are so good as to put this,car into a class of its own if youre,looking for a luxurious family suv that,is truly comfortable you dont really,need to look any further than the volvo,xc60 its always good to test drive two,three or four cars when youre looking,at a minimum to make sure youre,understanding whats exactly right for,your needs but i think this car would,suit a lot of families looking to,upgrade into an suv thats a little bit,more premium,now as i mentioned up front the one we,have here is the most expensive its the,b6 r design but theres no base model,xc60 even the entry level b5 momentum is,still nicely appointed with standard,leather seats standard 14-way power,adjustment in both front seats for,instance and things like this nicely,finished dashboard the touch screen in,the center here with a vertical,orientation all of that is standard,though the best specification for the,xc60 is the b5 inscription which is,about six grand cheaper than this car it,doesnt get the sporty black accents,outside and it gets wood instead of,metal trim here but you still get,absolutely beautiful leather seats in,this car in either charcoal which is,this color or blonde which really gives,the interior a bit of a lift and makes,it a bit brighter particularly because,its paired to light colored headlining,too,now the basic package in the xc60 is,really all you need but you can option,it up with some truly luxurious features,if you want to those include two,versions of what volvo australia calls,the lifestyle package which adds privacy,glass a sunroof and an upmarket stereo,so you can choose it with a hymen carton,st

2022 Volvo XC60 | Is it Better than an Audi Q5 or BMW X3?

what is up internet world and welcome,back to the channel today i bring you,the 2022 volvo xc60,[Music],first observation of the xc60 is when,you start it is silent its like it is,an electric car now there is an electric,component to it but lets try this 295,horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque,with an 8-speed transmission,turbocharged and supercharged,so smooth,the thing i notice is it doesnt feel or,sound like a four cylinder it feels like,a six,but its a four thats cool,i like that i like that its giving that,feeling of a six especially initially,off the line i find fours are a bit,sluggish especially like an audi q5 an,example is you know its a four it,screams its got that like delay right,off the bat this thing doesnt have it,its nice,as for suspension it is fairly soft its,not firm which makes sense because its,got air suspension hows the handling,well it handles,pretty good i wouldnt say its stellar,i would say its a little bit,sloppier than an audi q5 i think the,rdq5 is more direct however the audi q5,is definitely bumpier this is smoother i,dont feel the bumps i know this is a,bumpy road and it just glides over it,very very well i think somebodys,looking at something like this will want,something thats smoother and give you,that sporty look but they dont really,want their back to be shot especially in,these really comfortable seats on,throttle,bit of a delay there,so you are in a heavy space when it,comes to competition mr xc60 youve got,the bmw x3 youve got the audi q5 and,pretty much every other midsize,crossover so you have tried to change,the game by offering,google as your main platform inside you,even threw in some crystal you change,the front end a little bit and youre,saying hey,look at me im a new volvo,you have a four cylinder two liter motor,that is turbocharged,and supercharged however youve,smartened up a bit because youve,dropped the t5 and t6 powertrains for,the new,b5 and b6 which means instead of using a,mechanical supercharger youve changed,it up and realized electric is the way,to go because that eliminates any,mechanical losses and yes it smoothens,out the power for us,so what we have here today is the b6,model which is exactly in the middle,because the one above it is the t8,powertrain and that sets two electric,motors to give it a horsepower 455,horsepower which is monstrous so lets,just deal with the 295. its this,initial field i really like with the,mild hybrid powertrain by having that,electronic supercharger you get this so,it just boosts faster,yeah its just definitely a lot more i,can tell that theres no losses,usually these things have delays but,[Music],its good its good,well i opened the hood and i think you,got to be really tall to close this,thing because shoddy is not tall,crazy,so for 2022 they have face lifted the,front end including this front bumper to,make it sharper and more aggressive this,is more like a amg front grille if you,ask me its big bold and,definitely not what you think about when,you see volvo now i want to talk about,these headlights for a minute only,because this has the worlds widest,craziest turning,headlights when i turn this thing is,basically like breaking your neck it,does one of these things,so moving along the side here i like,this xc60 because vol knows a thing or,two about wagons you see they want to,make it look like a car,suvs sell so theyre like hey this is an,suv but the front of this thing looks,like a car and the back of it looks like,a wagon and the middle well hey checks,the box of an suv if youre wondering,what type of size tires you can get and,rims you get them in 18s 19s 20s and if,you get the big boy pulstar you get them,in 20,ones so yes this volvo does have air,suspension and that makes it softer the,damping is nice and smooth and butter,now volvo doesnt care about fancy,lights as you will see here they are,obviously lights but theyre not fancy,they dont do sort of waves and jumps,and all kinds of cool stuff because,their focus is on ev and making this as,conscious as possible yes this is a gas,powered car with a small electric ev,portion so where are the exhausts,because theyre not there,yes in 2025 half of volvos products,will be electric and that is the pole,star connect you see,even the back has this big window with,this monster old-school brake light,that is not new school that is old,school but people who buy volvos dont,care about that stuff but they should,care about towing right because this,thing only tows 3 500 pounds which at,this size should tow at least 4 000 or 4,400.,so as you open up the power tailgate in,your xc60 you will notice you have two,nitrous bottles in the back just in case,you run into a street racer,but in plain sight you have the exact,same dimensions as you do in the range,rover velar you have 41 inches as far as,depth and 44 inches as far as width the,only unfortunate part is you do not have,any handles to push down the seats you,actually have to do them from opening,the side door volvo teachers come on,back seat of the xc60,now ive always remembered volvo having,the best seats no matter what your,evolver you got into you got in the seat,youre like these are really good seats,and this is no different cant wait to,get in the front to show you that as far,as fit and finish in here these seats,and quality is really nice,there are two cup holders right there,nice and big you do have a pass through,there and theres a change theyve,changed to usb cs now theres two usb,seats hiding down here instead of usbs,thats a nice big panoramic sunroof so,for all you audio files you get 10,speakers standard on any xc60 if you,want to level up to the bone thugs and,harmony version with 14 speakers you can,but if you got big moolah you can buy 15,speakers harman kardon now as far as my,seating position goes you guys can see,how much room i have i have probably,about five and a half six fingers of,headroom legroom is plenty i like how,theyve rounded out these front seats to,give me extra legroom although theres,more than enough i see that these seats,are a little bit skinnier so i have more,visual room i can see a lot on the left,side i can see a lot on the right side,so sitting back here doesnt make me,feel claustrophobic at all i do have an,lcd display that i can adjust how much,fan speed and of course heated seats,side to side there is a little bit of,storage underneath both sides these,seats do not slide backwards and,forwards but they are really nice and,comfortable,thats it to the front,front seat of the xc60,not a bad sounding door seats are,exactly what i pictured itd be nice and,comfortable and solid and massaging well,they have this weird monstrous leg,extension that sort of flares out and,its fully adjustable you can extend,your leg if you have long legs,unfortunately i dont have those so i,dont use it now the other thing i,noticed is because its freezing outside,i put the heated steering wheel on and,it does a great job and it heats all the,way around in the exact same temperature,you know some cars when you hold the top,its nice and warm and you hold the,sides its kind of cool and then lower,its kind of warm it has different,temperatures well not this guy this,thing heats all the way through now how,does this interior look it looks very,upscale really good quality materials,theyve used and they have this nice,crystal piece but the designers say it,resembles sweden because this is built,in sweden and that little shifter proves,it it says,orifos on it,no idea because i aint swedish so,theres a very small amount of physical,hard buttons in this xc60 obviously you,have your door switches in your memory,seat and then a few buttons here toggle,backwards and forwards for your song and,a rotary dial for your volume but other,than that theres no buttons everything,is digitally done or touch screen on,this little center screen and well talk,about that in a moment so lets move,down i want to talk about,wireless charging yes this does fit an,iph

Does being cool & classy make up for the issues? | ReDriven Volvo XC60 (2009-2017) used car review

gday guys and welcome to re driven now,i have always,loved volvos i actually used to have an,850r because i was obsessed with the,chunky wagons that were in the british,touring car championship,and back in 2009 when the xc60 was first,released,i may have fallen in love with it just a,little bit i love that these are like,the,cool scandinavian option to the typical,you know european audi bmw,mercedes suv options but just because i,love these that doesnt necessarily mean,theyre actually any good like,yes theyre very stylish and being a,volvo its probably quite safe but,are they any good like what goes wrong,with them what do they like to live with,on a daily basis what do they cost to,own and operate and most importantly,should you buy one lets find out,now before we get deep into the xc60 can,you please do us a favor and hit those,like,subscribe and bell icon buttons and,after the video go check us out on the,socials,now like abba ikea and spotify volvo,and the xc60 are swedish right,not exactly see when these were in,production volvo was actually owned by,ford and ford also owned land rover at,the same time,and to save some money ford decided to,cut some costs,so while volvo did a lot of the,engineering and tuning the xc60 actually,shares the same,base platform and lots of its technology,with the land rover freelander,which depending on how you look at it,might mean that these things have some,genuinely great off-roading ability,or might be horrendously unreliable but,well get to that later,also as another cost-cutting measure,even though these are you know theyre,supposed to be swedish,theyre actually made in china belgium,and malaysia now in this video we will,be focusing on the australian,variants of the first generation 2009 to,2017,volvo xc60s but if youre not from,australia dont freak out because,everything were going to be going over,should relate to xc60s in your local,market the xc60 was available in what,feels like,dozens of different trim levels with,various engine and transmission options,and it received updates and revisions,right through its production cycle,and while wed love to go over every,graphic detail of every variant and,update through the entire product range,that would just take,hours we dont have time for that but we,have gathered all that information and,weve put it in our handy re-driven,cheat sheets,our cheat sheets are invaluable as they,provide a full breakdown of the cars,model range,its common problems what you need to,look out for before handing over your,hard-earned cash,how much of that cash you should be,handing over and so much more,check it out at redriven.com or in the,link below,now if you own an xc60 or youre like an,xc60 expert and youve noticed that,weve missed something in this video,please let us know in the comments,section below we normally find its,those that own and live with these cars,that,know the most about them we only have,this for a really short time to review,so if weve missed something let us know,in the comments,so do these look good look personally i,love,the way these things look i love that,volvo whove evolved from this like,you know they were known for being these,boxy cars back in the day and now,theyve,turned into this like sophisticated,curvaceous design language,i love this thing now this generation of,xc60 received a,facelift in 2013. this is a 2015 so its,obviously post facelift but,even the older ones they still look,great like the the facelift was only,very very subtle,they all look good the real stand out of,the range for looks wise are the artisan,models because they sit just a little,bit lower theyve got bigger alloys and,a bit of a subtle body kit they just add,a bit more a bit more aggression to the,range,now as far as like issues and faults and,things to watch out for,there are a few first up the headlights,these things can fade at as little as 60,000 kilometers,and on the pre-facelift models they can,be susceptible to cracking,also on the pre-facelift and even some,post facelift models the front and rear,bars and some of the external cladding,theyre kind of starting to come,loose they just need new clips,underneath and its a pretty inexpensive,fix but,its just annoying it happens at all now,on early model xc60s there were reports,that the windscreens,werent glued in correctly from the,factory meaning that they can leak water,and the footwells can fill up with water,and no one likes that happening look,chances are if youre looking,at an early xc60 the windscreens,probably been replaced under warranty or,during a service but just in case,go through that service history and all,the receipts and make sure on early ones,that the windscreen has been replaced,and finally there are some reports of,this,third tail light sort of starting to,crack and fall apart,hows the interior well from a design,aspect its clearly very european but it,has that,cool kind of understated scandinavian,design flair to it,i love the frameless mirror up here that,is,so incredibly cool look timber i havent,seen timber in a car since like the 70s,or early 80s but theyve done it really,nicely its kind of,quite ikea in style all the aluminium,finishes everywhere and the,switch gear feels just nice its kind of,a little bit chilly to touch but just,yeah its a just its so cool just a,cool vibe,as far as wear and tear goes its okay,like the levels of squidge,arent as squishy as maybe youd hope in,a european car but its wearing alright,there is some like paint bubbling up,here near the start stop button,some of the chrome and some of those,wooden accents are getting a little bit,marked up leather on the steering wheel,is getting pretty shiny but the leather,on the seats,is wearing really really well and these,seats are,so comfortable driving position is great,the ergonomics of everything,absolutely spot on bloody lovely place,to be,now depending on year and spec this,timber finish on what volvo called their,waterfall design feature,can be like a brushed aluminium or,stainless steel look or even piano black,but its funny that volvo call it the,waterfall feature because that brings us,to,some issues and problems that kind of,relate to waterfalls,now the waterfall problem were speaking,of is the fact that if the xc60 youre,looking at has a,sunroof the water can build up in the,channels sort of around here,and its supposed to go down this,a-pillar it turns a bit of a corner,and gets released into the wheel well of,the car but the problem is,now that these are getting a bit old,where the joint part is in here it can,get brittle and it can crack and the,water,instead of going into the wheel arch,will actually drain,into the inside of the dash down here,down near the footwell but the problem,is down there,is where the computers and some of the,fuses and electronics are so,i dont know if you know this but,computers and water dont generally mix,so,rather than just having a problem where,your foot wells fill up with water and,water can kind of slosh around the floor,of the car,it also does horrible things to the,computer in the electronics,sometimes blowing them up and that can,cost many thousands of dollars,to repair if it has a sunroof make sure,all that has been seen too,also the heater fans can squeal it,doesnt on this particular one but they,can squeal,it requires buying a new heater fan,which is a volvo oem part but even worse,it requires a special tool that you also,have to buy from volvo,and even worse than that it requires a,lot of the dash and center console to,come apart so,just to change the heater fan will take,many many hours,and therefore cost many many dollars,next up these left hand turn signals and,all these buttons these can start to,fault and have some issues,its more annoying than anything but,again it requires a genuine volvo part,and being european genuine volvo parts,can add up in cost,finally and look this is a bit of a,first world problem the fan speed knob,for me requires too many turns to get t

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