1. Volkswagen ID.4 EV review: is it the new VW Beetle?
  2. VW ID4 | 20k Mile Review | Still Recommend It 1 Year Later?
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Volkswagen ID.4 EV review: is it the new VW Beetle?

is the new volkswagen id4,a chafer you cant say that matt,why not its rude its not rude a,chafer,is a big beetle and this is like a big,beetle the original volkswagen beetle,was the car the people,this will be the new car of the people,but its an suv,so its bigger hence big beetle and i,wanted a fun analogy for the intro to,this video so i,googled big beetle and the first thing,it came back with,was chafer apparently its a member,of the scarab family and grows up to,three centimeters long,and cockchafer means big beetle in old,english,and were in england anyway im matt,watson and youre watching car wow and,im going to review,a chafer buying a new car then head,to car wow and my team will help you,find your next car,at a fair price car wow your one-stop,car buying comparison site,lets start this video by talking about,the price so at the moment there is only,one version of id4 you can buy in the uk,its called the first edition and thats,what this car is and it starts,from forty thousand eight hundred pounds,but look at this you can save,four thousand and fifty two pounds for,one if you buy,through car wow though i need to explain,something to you that number,includes a 3 000 pound government grant,for plugging vehicles,and you can get that regardless of,whether you go through car wow or not so,really the actual car by saving,is 1052 pounds i really do hate the way,its included together in our saving,figure but its just the way our website,works with how we take the data in so,apologies,for that now in future you will be able,to get other versions of id4 which will,be cheaper and the savings might change,and to check out the very latest offers,just click on the pop out banner up,there to get a car wow,lets talk about the design of the id4,because ive got to tell you,im not the biggest fan i actually like,the look of the id3 but the,design elements dont seem to work so,well on this larger suv body its just a,bit,blobby and heavy looking yeah theyre,giving it a roof spoiler to make it seem,a bit sporty youve got a full,light bar at the back and they dont,think whether you get the model,designation in the center rather than to,the side like on all modern cars but,look at the sheer expanse that youve,got here and theyve tried to,make it look a little bit more,interesting by using different materials,and shapes,but it is quite a bulbous looking car,move down the side this is a first,edition model so its got quite a lot of,kit on it,such as 20-inch alloy wheels as standard,silver roof bars silver bits here and,contrasting,black roof you wont get that on the,entry-level models when they come out,now from the side this car it just looks,so much like a peugeot 5008,doesnt it you see that but when you,move around the front,its not as good looking as the peugeot,its got quite a big,heavy set look to it and quite a high,bonnet which is unusual because theres,no engine under there,i do like the fact that theyve done,this thing with the daytime running,lights the way they,run into this strip that goes all the,way over to the other one thats quite,nice but,once again the front its quite a deep,looking front end,theres no grille of course because,theres no engine just some vents,there to cool the battery bits and,pieces,these vents are real so theres no faker,on the car lets check out inside see if,its a bit better,once again its very much like the id3,in here as well i do quite like the,design its interesting its very,minimalist,feels modern i do like the cream,steering wheel as well,even though its going to get dirty but,you can soon clean that it brightens up,the cabin,so does this brown trim and the velour,on the seats you get for these first,edition models i like it,i also like the fact theres not many,buttons from an aesthetic point of view,from a user point of view not so much,you see you have to control things,just basically using the central touch,screen,and these slider buttons here so if i,want to use the,heater i can slide that like that i can,do that slide it up and down and,increase the temperature if i want to do,the heated seat i can double tap it,but when youre driving its just a bit,too hard to actually accurately hit,those sliders,now if i want to change the fan speed i,do have to press this button to bring up,the climate control,and then go into the climate control and,then funny around with the fan,and also the volley control is a slider,there as well,which i dont like id rather have a,dial now you can just use the buttons on,the steering wheel because they control,loads of stuff but theyre very weird,to use because theyre sort of touch,sensitive and have like a haptic,feedback to them so they like vibrate,when you press them,like your mobile phone its all a bit,confusing as to whether you press them,in,and they vibrate or whether you just,slide and,its just not great the normal buttons,that you had on the steering wheel in,the old golf,was just easier to use now youve got,this digital drivers display which i,think,provides all the information you really,need so its fairly clear,very simple and you can change the view,on it for just as you like it,thats fine i quite like that i also,like this rocker switch there for your,driving mode select button,monks are going to totally copy that,from the bmw i3,one slight problem with it on this car,though is that the rim of the steering,wheel,blocks the actual rocker switch so until,youve learned,which way is which you have to lean,across like to see oh,its forward for drive and its towards,you that for,reverse and ill press it in or jiggle,it a bit to get neutral,there perfect now one of the things,about this car is that it has voice,command so you should be able to control,most things just by saying things to the,car,hello id what can i do for you,set temperature to 21 degrees ive got,what is effectively the volkswagen,kaleidoscope of doom look its just,buffering,ill just freeze to death why do you try,and figure it out,this voice command system in the ids is,very very glitchy they havent sorted it,out yet so,i wont bother with it the rest of the,infotainment system is fairly decent,so its got all the functions you need,its easy to navigate its not the,smoothest or the quickest,system on the market but its okay,youve got inbuilt navigation but youre,not really going to use that instead,youre just going to hook up your phone,and use android auto or apple carplay,to tell you the truth overall i think,the infotainment system in the new,mercedes eqa,is better than this system in the id4,and if you want to see my full in-depth,video review,of the mercedes just click on the pop-up,button just put a link popping out in,the top right hand corner of the screen,click on that you can watch the review,of that car lets move on to something,that this car is a little bit better at,and thats cubby spaces,here to remove the keys is a center,console which,you can use cupholders,but if you dont want to use it for cup,holdery you can actually remove it look,you can you can remove it and then,youve got this big cubby area there,theres also some more storage,underneath here and you can actually,move these little dividers around just,so you can have them exactly as you want,and then theres some usb charging ports,there another little tray,there and that has wireless charging on,it,also check this out right door bins,decent size and the bases lined with,felt to stop things rattling around like,your keys when youve got them in there,i also like this feature yes we have,individual armrests,and the driving position is really good,and theres plenty of adjustment as well,volkswagen does,decent to driving positions with lots of,adjustments it doesnt really matter,if youre big or small you will be able,to find a position,that youre happy with in this car what,you may not be so happy with though,is the quality of some of the materials,all lack thereof so one youve got,squidgy and squidgy here,some of the other bits and pieces around,th

VW ID4 | 20k Mile Review | Still Recommend It 1 Year Later?

[Music],hey there welcome to the video my name,is wes and this is my ev tips and,reviews channel called its electric,today im going to be doing a review on,my personal eb which is a 2021,volkswagen id4 first edition that i,picked up last may and have since put 20,000 miles on in this video im going to,cover five major categories of ownership,including giving you my pros and cons,for each one these five categories,include the interior such as cabin,quality and comfort driving impressions,how the id4 handles how fun it is to,drive my thoughts on range range anxiety,and charging the id4 both at home and on,the road maintenance reliability and,build quality issues or lack thereof and,finally well talk about the software,including some of the autonomous driving,features the safety features set,and the in-car infotainment screen,along with the mobile app my hope is,that anyone who watches this video front,to back will have a really good sense of,what makes the id4 a great vehicle worth,your money and also some of the things,that may be a drawback or deal breaker,depending upon your unique situation,with that lets go ahead and jump right,into the video and talk about the,interior as well as cabin quality and,comfort so our first edition interior is,the equivalent of what you can get with,the space gray interior now with the,only differences being that we have a,white steering wheel,white steering column and plastic white,accents on the door panels of course we,were terrified when we picked up our id4,that the white steering wheel wouldnt,hold up over time and were happy to say,that by cleaning the id4 with baby wipes,or gentle cleaning solution all of the,materials inside the cabin have,maintained what they look like when we,first picked up the car so we are,incredibly happy with the durability of,the material components in the id4 the,overall ive really come to appreciate,ill say that its not quite as nice as,what youll get in a fully loaded,signature version of the mazda cx-5 with,real napa leather wood accents the way i,would put is that vw selected materials,that are going to be durable lightweight,inexpensive to manufacture and,ultimately not going to cost you a whole,lot more for things that arent really,that functional keeping in mind you are,paying a premium price for the ev,technology that comes with the id4 just,like every other new eb however with the,way they designed it i think the,interior is going to be completely,doable for most people the seats,themselves are really comfortable they,are heated but they are not ventilated,although you see here that they are,perforated i do love the fact that,volkswagen decided to put both a driver,display gauge for your speedometer and,other drive information and an,infotainment screen for everything else,i think thats the right way to go,because volkswagen decided to sacrifice,some range and efficiency in order to,have a more traditional looking,crossover suv headroom inside the id4 is,excellent compared to the competition in,most cases and because theres no,transmission tunnel the floorboard in,the back is also flat so legroom is,excellent in the vehicle as well,weve had a passenger over six foot,three get inside of our id4 and drive,around with us for a weekend and he had,absolutely no problems being in the,front or rear seats one thing thats,really popular with evs these days is,having a panoramic all glass roof that,has tint to it usually to keep some of,the sun and heat out however in most,vehicles even with the tent it often,still does get pretty hot especially,where i live,luckily volkswagen thought of this and,decided to put a automatic sun shade,cover in the id4 so with the push of the,button you can have the sun shade come,all the way up halfway up or stop it,anywhere in between and i can tell you,that here in the summer we use that,every single day and though overall im,pretty happy with the id4s interior,comfort and cabin quality there are a,few things that do bug me and here they,are first having the captain style,chairs in the front is great for your,own elbow space however the armrests are,a little bit too narrow for someone like,me and i constantly have my elbow,falling off the side second i dont like,gloss black interior materials because,they scratch easily they always look,dirty and theyre almost impossible to,keep clean for me ive had some,passengers complain about the gloss,black material at the bottom of the,infotainment screen which if the sun is,shining just right even though its a,little bit amount of material itll,start blinding your passengers next,lets go ahead and move on to driving,the id4 ill start off by saying if,youre coming from an ice vehicle,driving the id4 is going to feel like a,dream we drove the mazda cx-5 toyota,rav4 and volkswagen id4 back to back to,back and i can tell you as soon as we,stepped outside the id4 my girlfriend,and i looked at each other and said this,is the one we gotta have and the reason,for that is like all electric vehicles,the id4 has instant torque,smooth buttery acceleration even with,the 20 inch upgraded wheels that our id4,first edition came with ride quality is,so good,the suspension is very soft much softer,than youre going to find in the tesla,model y and even softer than what you,find in the ford mustang maki the,trade-off there is that handling is not,quite as direct and theres a little bit,more body roll to the id4,although nothing like what youre going,to get in a traditional ice crossover or,suv when it comes to cabin noise this is,more objective than it is subjective,because i have actually taken a decibel,reader out with me,and filmed six or seven different evs,and their cabin noise levels at various,speeds i wont spoil that future video,but i will say that the id4 fits right,in there at the top with the other evs,that i tested visibility in the id4 is,excellent you dont have any major blind,spots anywhere around you outside of,what you would expect for a vehicle this,size and shape you have very large side,view mirrors that do include real blind,spot monitoring on them,0 to 60 acceleration in our rear wheel,drive volkswagen id4 comes at around,seven and a half seconds even though,that sounds like a really long time its,all relative and ill say that thanks to,the instant torque going from zero to 30,is much quicker than you would think,and theres absolutely no concerns or,issues with passing on the highway when,it comes to complaints about driving the,id4 i do have a few first of all all,volkswagen group products including,audis and porsche along with the id4 do,not come with one pedal driving the,united states government mandated that,all evs must make some kind of noise,when youre going in reverse or when,youre drive below a certain speed and,without question the id4 has the most,annoying sound out of any of these,electric vehicles heres what it sounds,like,now let me want to talk about range,range anxiety and charging the id4 for,some strange reason the id4 doesnt show,you lifetime charging statistics but i,can tell you that manually checking,these numbers and also doing a highway,range test both in hot and cold,temperatures both of which you should,check out in my separate videos i am,extremely confident in saying that we,get every bit of the 250 miles of rated,range thats stated by the epa of course,the id4 is an electric vehicle and it,does lose some range in the winter time,especially when the temperatures start,to drop below freezing our 84 doesnt,include a heat pump like some newer evs,like the tesla model y for example as,far as range anxiety goes we have,absolutely none on a day-to-day basis,however we have taken the id4 on some,long road trips including some up to 2,000 miles round trip and especially when,the weather can get a little bit colder,and you use the heated seats or the hvac,system sometimes we have wish that we,had just another 30 to 50 miles on the,battery and even though we dont live on,the east or west

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NEW VW ID.4 Review: The Best Family EV? | 4K

this is the vw id4,and it might look like any other family,suv,but its actually one of the most,important cars in vws lineup right now,and thats because this is the first,ever electric car,that vw are going to sell globally,theyre going to flog these things in,china,europe and america because electric,family cars,are hot property right now and theyre,hoping that this one is the one that,people are going to turn to,and why not because it seems to tick,quite a few of the boxes,that you might want from a family,electric suv its practical its,spacious its quite nippy,its got good range and it looks pretty,decent as well,theres a lot riding on this one is it,any good,[Music],this is the vw id4 first edition the,first edition is a limited run and when,these sell out,it will be replaced by a host of other,different trim levels,let me talk you through the headline,features they cost about 40 000 pounds,itll go head-to-head with the likes of,the nissan aria and the tesla model y,when theyre released,and of course the ford mustang machi,its got a 77 kilowatt hour battery pack,which will do,310 miles in terms of looks,not exactly adventurous but remember vw,are trying to sell this car,in as many markets as possible so,theyre trying to play it safe,and have it appeal to a wide cross,section of people,but i do like some elements of this i do,like these aggressive yet assertive,looking headlights,this thing isnt actually a light bar,thats just plastic there is a light bar,on the back though ill show you that in,just a second,and im not 100 convinced by this little,plastic section down here but on the,whole,decent car good proportions it has the,size of,a mid-sized suv but the interior,dimensions,of a larger suv very clever packaging,let me show you the sides,youve got 20 inch wheels at the front,20s at the back,and youll notice you have disc brakes,at the front but,drum brakes at the back why is that is,that a cop out by vw,well they say that electric cars very,rarely,use their disc brakes at the rear and,what ends up happening is that its the,electric motor,that harvests the power and slows the,car down so,if you had disc brakes that end up going,rusty and being completely redundant so,theyve ended up putting drum brakes,there because that means you dont have,to replace disc brakes,when they go bad if you believe that,ive got a bridge,in london id like to sell you let me,show you these uh i dont know it might,be true who knows,let me show you these door handles these,might look like normal door handles,but theyre actually not they use a,switch underneath you put your fingers,under here,it unlocks the car and you pull it they,dont actually move,what happens if the car runs out of,batteries theyve thought of that,what you do is you pull this really hard,and the whole thing moves,and that allows you to unlock it like a,proper mechanical door handle,why they didnt just install proper,mechanical door handles in the first,place,beggars belief i dont know maybe its,an aerodynamic thing maybe this,helps the car cut through the air more,efficiently but then you look at the,size of these wing mirrors,and it makes you wonder how much more,efficient these are,still look at this actually let me show,you this this section pops off,and you have a physical key which you,can use to unlock the car,when the batteries run out if the,batteries run out,but again id have preferred normal door,handles,back here you have the charging port you,only get a charging port on the right,hand side,but it accepts both ac and dc rapid,charging,ill show you the back these lights are,lovely actually the proportions of this,car from the rear look really nice,but youve got this light bar across the,back end lovely intricate detail,a lovely 3d effect from the lights i,think theyve done a really good job,with that,let me show you the storage there is no,frunk in this car no,fruit but you do have a massive boot,its,542 liters and considering that the ford,mustang mark e is about 400 litres,this is far bigger far more usable far,more practical,plus youve got loads of tethering,points youve got hooks for your,shopping,and underneath you have an area,dedicated to storing,your normal charging cable and also your,granny charger,so plenty of storage in there and the,seats actually fold forward as well,to give you even more space to play with,ive done a really good job with that,one thing that is slightly annoying is,that this doesnt come with a power,tailgate theres a little place where,the button,might go for a power tailgate but you,actually have to operate it manually,and that might be annoying if youre in,a wheelchair or you have limited,mobility,so slight inconvenience there but let me,show you the rear,definitely no inconvenience in the back,of this car its got so much space,its the size of a mid-sized suv on the,outside but gives you the room,of a larger suv on the inside and look,at that,loads of legroom plenty of headroom in,this car,and even though the seat is a little bit,high because theyve raised the floor up,to accommodate the batteries it doesnt,feel uncomfortable and in fact if youre,a child,being higher up allows you to see a,little bit more,over the tops of the occupants in front,of the car so its actually a lovely,space in here,plus youve got two usb ports theres no,independent temperature control for the,rear of this car,but you do get plenty of space in the,door binnacles,youve got armrests youve got cup,holders youve got isofix two of them in,the back,one in the front one thing im annoyed,about though is the fact that youve got,this glossy piano black,section here on the door handle whoever,designed this clearly,does not have children that is going to,get scratched to oblivion,let me show you the front right,theres a lot to like about the front of,this car the first thing that i notice,when i get in,are these really cool plate and paws,icons,on the accelerator and brake pedal,thats a really nice touch,not 100 sure about these seats though,this brown and blue suede thing,is um it looks interesting but the,longer you look at it,the more you think nah not for me in,terms of space,youve got plenty to play with youve,got two cup holders up here youve got,this,roller blind section down here which,gives you even more space you can get,two more cups in there theres a little,space for your mobile phone down there,some ambient lighting,i wish theyd made better use of the,space down here though actually because,that could have been an area for keeping,something or other but,clearly they didnt bother with that in,terms of screens,well ive gone on record as saying that,im not the biggest fan of vws new,infotainment setup and ill talk more,about that,in just a minute up here youve got this,instrument cluster,mounted on top of the steering wheel so,when you move it the whole thing,moves i think it works pretty well it,looks a bit weird,but does the job but i do like this,drive selector twist it forward,to activate drive twist it back to,reverse or push it in,to park right time to unleash,[Music],hell,[Applause],[Music],actually okay so hell isnt what you,want from this car its a family suv so,you want it to be more like heaven dont,you,and actually first impressions its very,nice it does that thing that electric,cars do,so well its really really refined,in terms of comfort its pretty good,these seats are not too hard not too,soft theyre very supportive,you also get a little adjustable armrest,up here which makes long journeys,that little bit more bearable and also,theres plenty of adjustability in the,seat so im going to drop this,right the way down to the bottom so you,can see how low you can go in this car,that is about it so you can drive it if,youre really tall because you get loads,and loads,of headroom in here what about if youre,really short bear with me caller ill,crank it all the way up to the top,surprisingly still got quite a lot of,headroom to go i was,expecting to go a little bit higher t

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Volkswagen ID.4 | Review & Road Test

the peoples car people have an electric,vehicle for,well the people,this is the id4 from volkswagen,okay so first things first the id4 seats,five passengers this all-electric,compact kit is available as rear motor,rear-wheel drive with a range of 260,miles but also comes with an all-wheel,drive version with front and rear motors,that gets a total 250 mile range,overall i like how the id4 looks its,not too outdoorsy like a subaru but on,the other end of the spectrum its not,too modern or techy either of course you,do know that its an ev because well,theres no grill up front but other than,that it looks like its just another,modern car and its very attractive,inside and its every bit of volkswagen,in here styling is minimalist like the,germans do so well but its still got a,ton of technology at its core,in spite of its simplistic nature the,interior does not actually feel,cheap i like the materials that vw uses,there are really soft touch points if,there is plastic its very strategically,placed,giving the overall aesthetic kind of a,chic feel,there are a lot of options for storage,thanks in part to the gear shifter being,up at the top of the dash that does take,a bit of getting used to but it affords,more cubbies and thats great,so as far as comfort and room,im going to give the id4 a pretty high,score this is not really 100 power,adjustable and i still feel like ive,got a good seating position going tons,of headroom great legroom although again,im 54 so a little more on the sort of,average size but when you get into the,back this to me is where volkswagen,really does a great job even on their,smaller vehicles,there is plenty of leg room i have even,though its a sloping roof line i still,have plenty of headroom with a little to,spare,and,yeah i have no complaints well done,so the interior as far as functionality,goes is a little bit of a mixed bag for,me i do like that when you tilt the,steering wheel the digital gauge cluster,kind of goes with you so visibility is,not really a problem however this system,gets a is where it gets a little funky,for me this blue square it took me a,long time to figure out oh thats the,home screen once you know it you know it,and thats great but its a very layered,system so because there are minimal,knobs theres no volume knob on here,there are a lot of layers to get into,the things that you want to do another,thing that really does not,that im not liking is if im going to,hold on to here to sort of brace my,finger while im driving and pressing,things then its very likely that im,touching the buttons to change the heat,or the volume so thats a little bit,problematic for me as well and this,shifter one last thing,this shifter the positioning up here,does open space like i was mentioning,earlier but the way that its positioned,is backward from what it would normally,be so again for me,theres just the things that,functionality-wise in here are not my,favorite,a couple of more nits while im at it,the id4 has no frunk,we like those in evs plus it has no,spare tire just a tire filler for small,repairs,one for the win column on the id4,however is how it drives i gotta say,right out of the gate im actually,really digging it i love that ev instant,throttle response although dont get too,excited for your expectations its not,exactly tesla-esque but its still right,there gets a lot of really good quick,acceleration,and its nice and quiet in here,there are a few drive modes to choose,from including eco comfort sport and,custom,sport does get you a bit of a snappier,throttle response and gives the steering,more weight and sharpens up the,precision a bit,eco mode does exactly the opposite it,lightens up the steering a little bit,and it holds the throttle back just a,touch so you are getting better range,braking with the id4 has a couple of,options standard regen feels more like,your coasting when you lift your foot,off the throttle but if you want a more,aggressive calibration you can switch to,the b mode and that will give you the,telltale one pedal breaking ev feel,so where the id4 is really surprising me,is in how it handles im not really,feeling a ton of body roll around turns,this is the all-wheel drive version so i,have really good weight distribution,with those two motors front and rear 295,horsepower 339 pound-feet of torque its,got plenty of get up and go,uh,im really having a hard time finding,much fault in how it feels when im,driving it on the road,vw claims a 0 to 60 time in the,all-wheel drive id4 of 5.4 seconds,thats pretty impressive,the id4s 82 kilowatt battery mounts low,under the floorboards toward the rear of,the car in the rear wheel drive version,and adds another motor up front for the,all-wheel drive version,charging times at a dc fast charging,station with 125 kilowatt capability can,get the id4 from five to eighty percent,range in about forty minutes,pricing on the id four starts at thirty,nine thousand nine hundred and ninety,five dollars which actually to me does,not seem like a ton and thats not,including some of those federal or state,tax credits that you can apply for and,perhaps get that price a little bit,lower,that base model gets you wireless apple,carplay and android auto 19 inch wheels,heated seats and steering wheel,navigation and wireless charging you,guys that is a lot of great options for,a base model,the statement package adds leather at,seats a power tailgate and 12-way power,front seats if you upgrade further to,the gradient package for another fifteen,hundred dollars you can get 20-inch,alloy wheels and a two-tone exterior,paint,add the all-wheel drive and youre,looking at closer to forty three,thousand seven hundred dollars,for my money if i were getting the id4 i,would probably spring for the base,all-wheel drive version you get tons of,great standard features plus you get,that extra horsepower,and its still one of the least,expensive evs thats out in the market,right now,if youre looking in other directions,check out the tesla model y kia niro ev,or even the ford mustang mach e though,thats definitely more on the sporty end,of the spectrum and is bigger,adding to vws incentives is three years,of free fast charging through the,electrify america network which,currently provides,2556 recharging stations across the us,and growing all id4s come with iq drive,thats vws suite of safety features as,well as id light which is an active,light strip below the windshield that,lets the driver know different,information including if the vehicle is,ready to drive or if its locked or,unlocked depending on the color of the,lights or sounds,yes there are still a lot of folks who,are debating whether an ev is the right,vehicle for them but you know what with,its accessible pricing its modern tech,and its solid range,vw is giving people a really compelling,reason with the id4 to start,investigating more into the future,[Music],[Music],you

Snow Day With A Volkswagen ID.4 AWD! Heres How It Handles Cold Weather With No Modifications

hello and welcome to another out of spec,reviews video Welcome to the Volkswagen,id4 all-wheel drive and welcome to,literally,winter winter is here officially and I,happen to be borrowing Michaelas,Volkswagen id4 if you guys remember in a,previous episode Michaela took delivery,of this 2023 id4 all-wheel drive built,in Chattanooga I happen to have it at,the house today shes borrowing our,e-tron with winter tires on it to go,somewhere today this ones just on all,seasons and I was like oh well lets,just go see what the id4 is like out of,the box with no modifications on the,standard tire in snow these things are,doing really well in cold weather states,that theres a huge push for id4 right,now in Colorado just because of tax,credits on the Chattanooga cars,everyones buying them uh before the end,of the year and I think a lot of people,are curious as to how the all-wheel,drive does in the snow so lets talk a,little bit about drivetrain control Tire,selection ESP systems braking all the,good stuff in the cold with a brand new,id4,and here it is a 2023 id4 Chattanooga,built car and I have to start off with,an update which is,bugs its got an airbag warning light,and it has some parking sensor lights on,now thats not just because of the snow,the car definitely threw up more,warnings today because the camera was a,little bit covered by snow thats normal,but definitely like just bought the car,brand new already showing a little bit,of faults here and so it has to go back,into Volkswagen for a service at least,let you know what happens either here on,this channel or the out of spec podcast,channel uh just so we can give you a,proper update on that but lets talk,about the winter ability of id4 thats,really going to be the sole purpose of,this video is how well does this car do,in the cold and whats interesting is,you guys know we have our out of spec,detailing Channel with Colton he,actually just ordered for his wife Jess,The Identical ID for it to this and,hell take delivery before year end,taking advantage of federal tax credit,and Colorado State Credit just makes so,much sense from a value perspective,well see if his car has any of the,weird bugs and faults that this one does,uh at least theyre very minor it does,not affect the uh operation of the car,just pops up with some lights on the,dash and theyre pretty minimal so okay,maybe not the end of the world but still,shouldnt be there,Siri apparently doesnt like it either,so here we go id4 all-wheel drive first,of all ground clearance increased from,the rear wheel drive Im talking,specifically us spec cars there is a GTX,Trim in Europe they also have a little,bit of a different all-wheel drive trim,than this one but about 300 horsepower,two Motors of course Magnum makes the,front motor for id4 they were also,responsible for a lot of the drivetrain,and Driveline control logic in the,all-wheel drive system uh so were going,to be reviewing that seeing how that,goes Ive actually been with them with,the engineers who made this system on a,snowy course uh in Split new surfaces,talking about shifting torque front and,rear so I learned a lot about how this,system is designed to be used or it was,designed and intended for use in snow,and so were going to talk a lot about,that because pretty impressive there in,terms of tires lets actually see what,were rolling on here because Im not,totally sure we are on,lets see Pirelli scorpion zero all,season tires its an OE specific Tire,Volkswagen Tire uh built for this car,and its uh much more of a street and I,would say light All Season Tire you guys,know Im not really a fan of All Seasons,I call them no Seasons right I want a,really good summer tire and a really,good winter tire there are climates that,necessitate in all season though and um,you know those climates might get a day,or two like this here in the snow I,think actually ultimately what were,going to end up doing is putting a set,of gnocchi and hakapalita probably R5,tires or something like that probably,non-studded winter tires on this car for,Michaela is the plan you can tell its a,2023 one with the light up Volkswagen,badge in the back really fast charging,almost 200 kilowatt charging actually I,misspoke in the delivery video this,thing rips on charging I havent,actually been able to film the charging,review because of cold gating so digging,in into the cold weather performance of,the id4 we first need to talk about,battery pack and how its optimized for,use in the cold and then of course were,going to drive it and see how it does,this car suffers from cold gating and,that means and every electric car does,but that means that when its cold,outside and you drive it over to a DC,fast charger again for some reason a lot,of id4 owners dont have home charging,set up yet or workplace charging or some,form of level 2 Charging that fits,within their schedule and they end up DC,fast charging them a lot I actually,brought this over to a DC fast charge to,do a charging test and I drove it as,hard as I could I tried to get the,battery warm and I was still only,getting about 60 or 70 kilowatts on a,charger,actually worse than that I saw the id4,next to me only getting about 30,kilowatts on a charger and that can,really extend charging times because,theres no on-route battery,preconditioning still somehow in,Volkswagen id4 I believe the battery,heater targets a 77 degree Fahrenheit,average temperature across the pack no,matter what so it is running some sort,of battery heating but theres no rapid,warm-up lets get some heat into this,pack so charging at home is highly,recommended especially if you live in a,cold weather environment where you just,want to start every day at 80 state of,charge thats what Volkswagen recommends,this morning I actually tried out some,of the app features so I turned on,climate control and it was a little bit,clunky first I had to set the,temperature I wanted the cabin to go to,so I set 80 degrees Fahrenheit then I,had to wait for that to communicate to,the car then once the car got the,temperature I had to communicate another,command which was turn on climate,control so it got that then I had to,communicate another command which is,turn on the window defrosters so that,app was a little bit clunky and took,some time to actually get everything set,up the way I wanted but whats really,interesting is theres actually a heated,windshield in id4 all-wheel drive and a,little button for it as well so not only,do you have the air vents from the,defroster perspective Volkswagen I think,really did a good job with the heating,elements here so Im noticing the,headlights dont have too much snow and,smuts on them yet at least I know thats,been a problem with my rivian where the,headlights dont generate enough heat,and I have to get out and keep wiping,them maybe not so much an issue here we,have heated side mirrors as well which,is really nice and thats activated,right here you can see I have them,engaged at the moment you can see I have,all weather lights as well these are,extra lights in the headlight unit just,to really make the car even more visible,and at night time give you more lighting,view no rear fog in the US but heres,your front heated windshield command,jumping inside because its pretty,chilly out here got to do the feet tap,we have so many nice heating elements in,here and at first glance it looks a,little clunky but heres the trick to,activate the heated seat you just do a,two finger tap right there and you can,see Ive turned on the passenger heated,seat and I can turn it off just like,this just tapping rather than going into,this menu,selecting my profile first then going,into this menu and then selecting the,heated seats three levels of steering,wheel heating so nice such a warm,steering wheel I love that I can leave,the car on with all the heating elements,as I stepped outside to film this video,efficiency and range not looking so good,in the cold very typical of electric,cars of course,on that i

Volkswagen ID.4 Crossover EV Review: 0-60mph, Ride, Tech, Charging & Range | Top Gear Tested

volkswagens in a bit of a hurry to go,electric all of a sudden isnt it this,id family already features a hatchback,an suv next year theres going to be a,camper van and the saloon so,if this id4 turns out to be any good,you can expect to see them everywhere,time it was top gear tested,[Music],[Music],what is it,its the bigger brother to volkswagens,all-electric id3 meet the tiguan sized,id4 priced from 35 000 pounds this one,45 000 pounds top of the range 55 000,quid,its a spacious all-electric crossover,suv that uses the same platform as,audis q4 e-tron and the skoda enyak it,will give the likes of the ford mustang,mackie and the tesla model y a cozy,familiar badged german mainstream rival,it might be the most norm core ev yet,what does it look like normally there,would be a joke here but im struggling,its just so plain i mean ill give it,slippery the face is all smoothed off,the door handles are tucked into the,side and the designer did wake up in,time to sketch us some funky tail lights,but for a car thats supposed to be the,the bedrock of volkswagens all-electric,future,its hardly a head-turner,how big is the battery,well theres a few to choose from base,spec is a 52 kilowatt hour battery good,for just over 210 miles on the higher,end models the pro battery takes you up,to 77 kilowatt hours and depending on if,you go for the rear drive or dual motor,all-wheel drive flamed range will climb,to just over 300 miles,wheres the charging port,well the charging cable goes in here,under what your parents used to call a,fuel filler flap but the problem is its,had to live back here in the boot,because theres no front trunk so if you,cover this little cubby hole with,shopping then you cant get to your,charging cable,once you have got it out a full charge,takes about eight hours from your home,wall box or about 34 minutes to 80,if you can find a rapid charger in the,world,is it practical,look at this long boy wheelbase thats,what the id4 does well converts a,battery-powered chassis into space for,adults to sit behind adults and still,have all the storage for their devices,and their snacks,as evs go this would be a strong road,trip car,will i get along with the tech,right im not going to get angry here,but the id4 does suffer from all the,same problems and mistakes that all of,the recent volkswagens suffer from,because theyve tried to be tesla,theyve tried to do minimalism and,theyve crashed and burned look weve,got touch sensitive buttons here weve,got a heater controlled by touch,sensitive sliders and a touch sensitive,volume control none of which lights up,at night useful on the steering wheel,banks have touch sensitive buttons so as,you turn left and right you accidentally,turn up and down the volume and you,cancel the cruise control and then,everything else well that lives in a,touchscreen that looks like it was,designed in a friday afternoon coffee,break and appears to have the processing,power of a supermarket self-checkout,its not good enough from volkswagen,this car feels laggy and dated inside,its not good enough for whats supposed,to be an electric trendsetter,whats the gimmick,volkswagen doesnt really do memes the,best its got is the voice assistant but,shes not really the wittiest,hello id,tell me a joke,oh my developers didnt teach me that,but ill give it to go anyway i couldnt,work out how to fasten my seat belt,then it clicked,what does it weigh,now volkswagen says this should be 2045,kilos turns out this one is 100 kilos,heavier than that right so i can got its,numbers wrong i dont know about you but,i am shocked,[Music],whats it like on a motorway,this is definitely the id4s comfort,zone literally really i mean ive got,big balloon tires a nicely damped ride,and its exceptionally comfortable,cruising along cutting a very peaceful,hole in the air got a good view out,seats reasonably comfortable,yeah theres nothing to really play with,here i havent got any paddles on the,steering wheel to adjust my regen i,cant swipe through multiple displays,its very little to fiddle with its,just a car being a car doing its normal,car job,but theres not a whole lot to really,criticize either and theres no need to,do our autobahn test because the id4 is,limited to 99 miles per hour flat out,which it,just exceeded were doing 101,and thats all its got 101 there you,are the top speed of an id4,still quite quiet here as well,i think well save some range for the,next test,is it comfy,well those plus size tyres and,aero wheels arent particularly,fashionable,but they do mean that the id4 is really,really respectably comfortable look i,can even risk,going for a background lighting change,lets go from eternity to,euphoria first time,not bad what about a driving mode switch,can we manage that,got it,room comfort,im gonna try for sport,there we are two out of two that must,mean that the id4,is a pretty comfortable car in fact the,only thing thats not very refined in,here right now,the charging cables are rattling around,in the boot,[Music],how fast is it,well there is a fast id4 the gtx but,this isnt that car this is the standard,model they call it the id4 pro,performance which sounds promising but,thats just the brand name for the big,battery size and having the 204,horsepower rear motor so were not,expecting fireworks volkswagen claims,naught to 60 miles an hour for this car,is 8.5 seconds which i believe is,actually about the same time as it took,a mark 1 golf gti theres progress for,you not to 100 miles an hour shouldnt,happen at all because volkswagen says,this car is limited to 99,so lets just go and find out what can i,do to help well,sport mode i guess i mean why would they,put it in here unless it made the car,massively faster into drive,and off we go,deeply undramatic,um that is 50 miles an hour i mean good,for town acceleration but its you know,its hardly one of those evs its going,to be winning drag races left right and,center 75 80 85 now heres the crucial,bit can we get to 100 miles an hour,faster than volkswagen says the car will,actually go well according to the speedo,yes we are sat at 101 102. lets hope,that is a real world hundred miles an,hour,were gonna break quite hard because,weve used most of the runway getting up,there,the volkswagen id4 managed to take over,half a second from its claim naught to,60 time taking just 7.9 seconds and not,to 100 well weve got a time so it must,have got there but it took 24,seconds and we know it was really at its,width end when it got there because it,maxed at,101.4 that is the real top speed of an,id4,and if you ever find yourself on a drag,strip you can expect to complete the,quarter mile time in 16.3 seconds at,exactly 86.8 miles per hour,if you want a very fast ev,the id4 is not that car,[Music],whats it like in a corner,well heres a corner and look it,goes around,the corner there is nothing encouraging,me to try any harder to grab the id4 by,the scruff of the neck but in the name,of serious car testing i shall press on,nope im really not sure why volkswagen,has felt the need to build a hot gtx,version of this car thats supposed to,be all quick and sporty nothing about,this car suggests that i want to drive,it really quickly i mean yeah the,battery weights low down the steering,is kind of well weighted,rear wheel drive balance is okay but,come on volkswagen doesnt really tend,to do entertaining normal cars whether,theyre powered by electricity or not,think of a normal polo a standard golf,your regular passat,none of those cars are very memorable if,you want to go quickly in them and,neither,is the id4 apart from one thing the lane,keep assistance which will not,let go of the steering and guess where,you have to go turn that off yep,in the touchscreen,what about the range well this 72,kilowatt hour battery with the 204,horsepower rear motor its good for a,claim,317 miles on the wltp test,but real world i think more like 260 265,maybe i mean today were averaging 2.2,miles per kilowatt hour which is rubbish,but tha

The 2021 Volkswagen ID4 Is a New Fully Electric $40,000 Crossover

this is the new 2021 volkswagen id4 and,its the latest electric crossover it,has a 250 mile range it starts around 40,000 and volkswagen wants you to think of,it as the fully electric alternative to,the honda crv and toyota rav4 and today,im going to review it,before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era weve had some amazing,sales recently especially with teslas,model 3 model s model x we have sold,them all over a dozen teslas have come,to cars and bids they get good money,lots of interest lots of bids so if,youre looking for a great place to sell,your tesla cars and bids is the place,and if youre looking for a cool place,to buy a tesla or any other enthusiast,car from the modern era check out cars,and bids with daily auctions of cool,cars from the 1980s and up but back to,the id4 first a little overview the id4,starts around 41 thousand dollars with,shipping but thats before any,government incentives which could bring,the total that you pay down to the low,to mid thirty thousand dollar range,depending on where you live and that,makes the id4 pretty comparable to,similarly equipped versions of the,toyota rav4 and honda crv the id4 is,offered in two configurations rear wheel,drive like this car starts around 41 000,with shipping and it has about 200,horsepower or you can upgrade to,all-wheel drive you get four drive,wheels of course and youll also get a,big horsepower bump to around 300 horses,all-wheel drive models will start around,45 000 with shipping now range is about,250 miles and as for styling you can see,it doesnt look like any other,volkswagen model youre familiar with,and its not just the styling the id4,offers a lot of weird quirks and,features compared to any other,volkswagen you know and today im going,to show you all of them first ill take,you on a tour of the id4 and show you,all of those quirks and features then,im going to get it out on the road and,drive it and then ill give it a dug,score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the id4 with getting in,and that means starting with the key,which looks sort of like a regular,volkswagen key but more futuristic you,can see its shiny black and it doesnt,have traditional key buttons instead,just sort of general areas where you,press stuff turn it over and you have,the volkswagen logo it looks nice now,from there you unlock the doors and you,can see the door handle here is flush,with the side of the car and it opens a,little bit differently than you might,think you reach your hand in here and,you dont pull the door handle up,instead theres an electronic popper you,just pop it open and then the door opens,up take another look you just sort of,pop and the door opens no handle that,you lift like a traditional door but,anyway you climb inside the id4 one of,the very first things you notice is the,white accents directly in front of the,drivers seat you have a white steering,wheel but more interestingly a white,turn signal stock and a white wiper,stock im not sure ive ever seen those,items in white before but unquestionably,the strangest white item here is the,gear selector which is mounted here sort,of to the upper right of the steering,wheel and it works in kind of an odd way,in order to put the car in drive you,push it forward and then youre in drive,in order to put it in reverse you pull,it backwards and then it goes into,reverse you can see and neutral is sort,of a half turn in either direction and,then that will send the car into neutral,definitely an odd gear selector for a,rather odd vehicle now if you want to,put it into park you can just climb out,of the car when its stopped and it will,automatically switch into park but if,you want to do it yourself there is a,button at the end of the gear lever that,puts it in park puts on the parking,brake and that way you can get out and,not think about it now one interesting,thing with starting this car that gear,lever is pretty much all you have to do,you climb inside put your foot on the,brake the car recognizes youre there,and then you just shift into drive you,dont have to use a start button it just,knows you want to go and then you can go,and when youre done you just climb out,and walk away and it turns itself off,theres no start button necessary,although there is actually a start,button on the side of the steering,column like where youd stick a key in,just in case youd prefer to press the,button yourself but you dont have to in,the id4 and by the way with the gear,lever one interesting item next to drive,d theres also a mode marked b which,stands for braking and that turns on,this cars one pedal driving if youve,driven other electric cars you know you,can drive them with one pedal you press,the accelerator they go you get off the,accelerator and they slow down that is,not true of this car when youre in,drive volkswagen is aiming the id4 more,at traditional crossover buyers who,dont have much ev experience and so,they wanted it to coast like a normal,car when you get off the accelerator but,if you do want that one pedal driving,you can switch it into b mode for,braking and then that will come on and,you have more of a one pedal feel but,anyway beyond the strange gear lever the,weirdness in this car is just getting,started lets talk about the pedals for,a second you look at them and you can,see the brake pedal is a pause button,and the accelerator is a play button,this is only on the first edition id4,models but it is an interesting and,certainly quirky little feature and how,about the window switches go to the,drivers door panel you can see there,are only two window switches so does,that mean you can only roll up and down,the front windows,no no if you want to adjust the back,windows press this button marked rear,and then those same window switches are,now controlling the rear windows and if,you want to do the fronts again press,rear you turn it off and then youre,controlling the front windows again so,only two window switches for four,windows thanks to that rear button kind,of an odd way to do it and we are,nowhere near done with the strange,controls in this car there is a giant,panoramic sunroof in here it doesnt,open but it does have a sunshade you can,open or close and to do that you have,this little control in the ceiling next,to the mirror in the usual spot but its,strange you slide your finger,and that will open the sunshade you,slide it back and you can see the,sunshade opens right up you slide your,finger in the other direction and that,closes the sunshade so you dont have a,traditional button or switch to open or,close this instead you have this sliding,thing where the button would be an odd,control and more odd controls in this,car how about changing the climate,temperature you dont have a button or a,dial instead you have this little touch,pad area red and blue and you tap tap,tap tap tap to increase your temperature,or decrease your temperature just tap,and tap same deal with volume,unfortunately for the radio you can see,the volume control also in the same,place also a little touch pad and again,you have to tap tap tap tap to increase,the volume and tap tap tap to decrease,the volume one hidden trick here though,is you can adjust the climate control or,the volume by sliding your finger so you,dont have to do so many taps you can,slide your finger across the pad and,increase volume or climate control which,makes this easier to use and kind of,cool and next up since were in this,vicinity lets talk infotainment you,have this large touch screen in the,center the id4 comes standard with a 10,inch touchscreen this is the larger 12,inch touchscreen and it looks very nice,in the center of this interior and it,has this cool feature where it,recognizes your approaching hand you can,see as my hand moves closer more,information appears on the screen,because it sees me approaching so im,about to tap it and then it tells me,more stuff whe

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