1. The 2022 Volkswagen Taos 4Motion is a Stylish & Spacious Right-Sized SUV
  2. 2022 Volkswagen Taos | Review & Road Test
  3. All-New 2022 VW Taos Review // A nice surprise but $$$
  4. 2023 VW Taos (SE) – Features Review & POV Road Test
  5. 2022 VW Taos vs Mazda CX-5 Review – BEST AFFORDABLE LUXURY SUVs
  6. Is the 2022 VW Taos the BEST new small SUV to BUY?
  7. 2022 VW Taos AWD Review and Off-Road Test

The 2022 Volkswagen Taos 4Motion is a Stylish & Spacious Right-Sized SUV

over the last few years volkswagen has,been on a mission to completely,reimagine their product portfolio,especially here,in america and as you guys know suvs are,continuing to be the popular choice and,vw used to be a brand,known for offering small sedans and now,theyve shifted over to suvs they have,one of the most complete,suv portfolios that youre going to find,in todays market however one vehicle,thats been missing,has been a smaller subcompact suv and as,you can see right behind me is the,newest member of that family this is the,2022,volkswagen taus a new sub compact suv,that slots below,the tiguan in terms of price and in,terms of size and if you guys are in the,market for a new urban style suv that,fits your,lifestyle how does this 2022 taos stack,up thats over here to find out,so just like volkswagens other larger,suvs the taos has that familiar design,language that i actually find to be,quite handsome volkswagen has,been going with a much more boxier uh,more aggressive looking shape for their,suvs,and the taos is no different the front,end looks exactly like a baby version of,the atlas which has been one of the,companys most successful new crossovers,that you can buy,and as you can see this particular one,that im showing you is a pure gray,all-wheel drive sel version this gray,color is probably going to be a really,popular choice for a lot of consumers,and this one here is the fully loaded,sel with all-wheel drive you can see,the front fascia has a very very unique,aggressive look to it this is probably,my favorite looking,in terms of all these subcompact suvs,remember this is going to compete,head-on with cars like the subaru,crosstrek,uh the honda hr-v the mazda cx-30,and of course the jeep renegade now all,taos models will come standard with the,companys full led headlights this one,here,being the up level trim has projector,style leds with their iq light,auto high beam technology you have some,functional vents here and there but i do,like,the black grille that you find here this,of course has the signature vw grille,the upper trims will have this really,cool light signature that connects the,two,uh tail light or headlight modules,together youll have led running lights,led turn signals and you can see the vw,badge here this is the newer style vw,badge where its a little bit cleaner,a little bit more modern i really like,the proportions of this car it really,has that nice,tall upright boxy shape and in terms of,size this is about 9.3 inches shorter,than something like the tiguan so this,is again about the same size as the,first generation tiguan so if you guys,are looking to replace that model,the new tiguan got considerably larger,to fit american styles,this right here is going to be a right,size vehicle for some of you who want a,smaller,cuv now this is actually riding on the,same mkb architecture as the,golf as the tiguan as the atlas and,youre going to be able to distinguish,this one as the sel,with all-wheel drive because of these,wheels this is the only trim to get,these,really attractive set of 19-inch wheels,theyre wrapped in 225 45 width tires,the all-wheel drive version also,includes a couple of things that youre,going to want as an enthusiast the,independent suspension,at the rear is only included on,all-wheel drive versions and you also,get,a dual clutch transmission which well,talk about in just a moment when we go,underneath the hood now in terms of the,dimensions,this is 175.8 inches long its about the,same size as a subaru crosstrek,its wheelbase is 105 uh inches long a,couple inches shorter than the tiguan,back here i see a lot of audi design,influence here you actually have full,led tail lights,with even led turn signals which is nice,the exhaust system,is hidden underneath the bumper you can,see those are just fake uh,tips there is a subtle four motion badge,here,taus is kind of spelled out in the back,thats a new design element of,volkswagens suvs,and the one thing that the taos is,missing i wish they would offer is a,power liftgate,this sel premium or this sel version,should include that especially at this,price point and in terms of cargo space,for those of you who are looking for,extra space in the subcompact segment,youll be,pleased to know that the taos delivers,you get 27.8 cubic feet of space,back here which is plentiful if you want,to fold down these seats you can,actually do it pretty easily,and when you fold down these seats here,volkswagen says you get around 66 cubic,feet of space this is,more space than what youre going to,find in the current segment leader which,is the honda hrv,so in terms of packaging volkswagen has,done a fantastic job here with giving,americans the space that theyre looking,for,underneath the floor here you can see,there is a temporary spare tire a little,bit more storage over there,but overall this is one of the largest,cargo capacities in this segment,so now lets check out the interior of,the 2022 taos as you can see,this particular one here with the pure,gray exterior and this kind of two-tone,leatherette material does represent a,really nice combination i love how,manufacturers are getting a little bit,more experimental,uh with the color this sel premium also,includes a panoramic roof for another,1200,and this is the only trim to get cooled,seats you have to go for this trim,plus all-wheel drive to get the cooled,seats which is a pretty rare feature,in this segment now as you can see,getting inside if you have spent some,time in some other vw,products youre gonna find this to be a,pretty familiar environment you do have,their,digital cockpit display uh eight inches,is gonna be standard this is the larger,10.25,inch and we also have the eight inch,latest generation,infotainment system when i shut the door,the door has a relatively solid sounding,thunk which is nice,vw is known for you know impressive,build quality over the years when you,want to start the vehicle up,uh heres the key fob for the vehicle,its the same vw key fob that doesnt,feel quite as sturdy as the older ones,the button to fire up the engine is down,here by the shifter and you can see when,the vehicle fires up,it has that traditional vw chime the,engine has a similar noise,to the last 1.4 turbo that i drove in,the jetta,and i also really like the way this is,laid out it also feels incredibly roomy,in here which is nice you,get a nice you know big feeling of space,open and airiness you have a nice view,out of the,uh through the hood and through the,windshield um it just gives you a nice,commanding view the steering wheel i,also like,this is the newer design steering wheel,its got the volkswagen emblem,which is the cleaner newer design when,its got a heated wheel as well which,you can get on,even the lower trims if youd like as,part of an option package,the wheel itself is tilt and telescoping,and offers a really nice degree of,adjustability,the door panel materials you can see are,soft touch on this upper portion which,is nice,some gray plastic trim here with some,silver painted plastic on the door,handles,the window switches you can see have,that typical vw feel,not quite as high quality as an audi but,i like how you get one touch,auto up down for all four this is a,padded area right here where your elbows,would rest,a nice little area where you could use,as a grab handle this is all hard touch,plastic down here,but you get some nice storage headlight,controls are over here,and everything is pretty much laid out,really nicely the,dashboard materials you can see this,right here is a hard touch plastic but,youre not going to really touch this as,much they could have lined this with a,you know rubberized area because you,could stuff put stuff here but its,going to kind of slide around,everywhere so i wouldnt recommend that,down here its slightly padded with this,faux stitching,more of that gray shiny plastic which i,guess is probably better than shiny,black plastic which youre going to find,down here,the air vents ar

2022 Volkswagen Taos | Review & Road Test

hey yo,ive got another brand new suv here i,mean come on you didnt think they were,actually gonna stop,making these right this one is from vw,its the not quite subcompact not quite,compact,taos i do wonder if at some point they,are going to run,out of cool sounding cities after which,to name these things,its very possible,before we figure that out or if the next,crossover is going to be named the,bakers field,lets look at the smallest suv to come,from the german juggernaut volkswagen,its a handsome little guy that,definitely goes the way of understated,as does the rest of the vw lineup,so its not a whole lot different when,you get into here more of that expected,german restraint when it comes to,interior styling which is a great thing,however the fit and finishes feel,like an abundance of plastic to me,here here in the switch gear,here lots of touch points here,you know theres some soft spots right,here for your elbows and i know that,this is an inexpensive car but,to be honest its not that inexpensive,this is the top of the line,sel trim 34 240 dollars,i kind of expected it to be a little bit,nicer,that being said everything has an,intuitive place where it lives and its,easy to interact with,especially when youre on the move the,10.25 digital instrument display on the,sel,is impressive especially when you turn,the configurable,three views into one mondo navigation,map,standard on the base and sc trims youll,get an 8 inch version,other standard equipment includes a 6.5,inch color touchscreen,apple carplay and android auto led,headlights and push button start,oh hot tip all the usb ports in here are,usbc,because that folks is the future,clearly i need to get on board climb up,the trim food chain and you can upgrade,with bigger wheels,body colored side mirrors an 8-inch,touchscreen wireless charging and a,panoramic moon roof,where the taos absolutely shines is in,interior space,i mean its cavernous in here i mean,because you could fit another one of my,heads,on top of my head hey,editor that is just messed up,okay anyway moving to the back,guys it is like full on,my danger size in here wow,this lux,i got to see for myself,all right tall guy status is approved i,have plenty of head room,legroom is great tilt telescoping wheel,i love it but lets scoot it up and say,an average person is driving,and the tall guys right behind them,because thats where the money is,all right taos oh you know what im,impressed i still got a little bit of,leg room,plenty of headroom but lets say the,tallest guy in the room is,sitting right in front and he wanted to,be a big jerk,and have the seat all the way back on,his rails totally fine because,its squishy back here hey lyn this is,where all the soft material went,you know what taos you may be small but,you have a mighty big interior,and your cargo wont get all smushed,with a spacious 28.1 cubic feet of room,[Music],safety is something you dont want to be,chintzy about either and,most manufacturers are including a lot,of driver assistance features,standard not so with the taos but,there is a reason in an effort to keep a,base price low,as you can see here with these amazingly,advanced screen graphics,vw offers up most of its drivers,assistance features for an additional,995 dollars,that seems a bit steep when a lot of,manufacturers are offering some of them,for free,the iq drive package does include some,pretty advanced features outside the,usual,front collision warnings active blind,spot monitoring,and adaptive cruise control that some,other manufacturers,dont so yeah youre paying but you are,getting a lot for that money,so one of those systems thats available,is a lane keeping assist,sort of a hands-on autonomous system,and lets see how i like how it works,yeah this ones pretty good i mean it,doesnt really pull you or jerk you over,its kind of gentle keeps you in the,middle of the lane,in case youre wandering or in case,another car is sort of encroaching on,you,now most manufacturers dont actually,make this available on the base model,not so here so score a point for the,taos,a couple of other features that are,available,in that iq drive package rain sensing,wipers,and a heated steering wheel so,luxurious safety first,the engine in the taos is an all new,aluminum block 1.5 liter turbocharged,4-cylinder engine that makes 158,horsepower,that is 11 more than in the jetta with,the previous four-cylinder engine,vw put a ton of r d into this mill to,get better performance out of it,and at the same time improve fuel,economy vw scores a win,in that category the front-wheel drive,taos gets,36 miles to the gallon you will take a,little bit of a hit with the all-wheel,drive at 32,miles to the gallon combined i first,drove the taos in its prototype form,look there i am with shorter hair that,was the front-wheel drive version with,the eight-speed transmission,so that one that i was driving had the,eight-speed automatic which,felt really peppy and spirited this one,is,the all-wheel drive four motion that has,the seven speed,automatic transmission and wow where i,did not,feel any significant turbo lag with the,eight speed,i feel a lot of it right off of the line,or,in a quick acceleration situation on,this seven speed,the all-wheel drive does give you some,extra drive modes,which is good i put it in sport just to,see if,that maybe helped it a little bit didnt,confuse,the the transmission as much but,honestly i found that it,it actually overwhelms it a little bit,more,putting it in off-road mode seems to me,to be,the most smooth with the transmission,synced with the engine,so my recommendation is unless youre,really in need of that extra traction to,stick,with the wheel drive only version,youll get that eight speed transmission,and youll save,a little bit of coin too once youre,past the wonky ceiling quick starts,however the tile,settles down the transmission does fine,in the higher gears at cruising speeds,add to that steering that is effective,and doesnt require a lot of correction,and a ride feel thats on the firmer,side the way most volkswagens lean,and its livable again though if it were,my money im doubling down on the,8-speed front-wheel drive suggestion,visibility in the towel is decent i can,see,over both of my shoulders with no real,blind spots,so if for some reason you dont opt for,all of those extra safety features,good thing is youre still going to be,able to see behind you,[Applause],[Music],most people know that you can go to the,kelly blue book website and value the,car that you have,no i am sorry i cannot change how much,your 2001 toyota highlander is worth,but if you go to kbb.com theyll tell,you the easiest way to either trade or,sell your highlander,if youre in the market for something,like the taos to that,end we have a ton of information on all,of the little baby utes in this,huge segment,for something more suited to adventurous,drivers a subaru crosstrek,jeep compass or ford bronco sport might,work,the kia saltos honda hrv or hyundai,tucson offer a more,refined alternative for a little guy the,vw taos brings a fair bit to the table,with its great interior,size and its excellent fuel economy and,dont worry poughkeepsie,with all the new suvs still sprouting up,theres still a chance youre going to,get your name on a badge,[Applause],volkswagen poughkeepsie ah sounds kind,of cute,[Music],you

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All-New 2022 VW Taos Review // A nice surprise but $$$

weve got the new volkswagen tahoe weve,been waiting a long time to get our,hands on this one lets go for a spin,oh shes a feisty little one sounds good,pepe all right were in the taos andrea,what do you get with this whats under,the hood a 1.5 liter turbocharged,four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower,184,pound-feet of torque front-wheel drive,gets an eight-speed automatic,transmission,all-wheel drive a seven-speed dual,clutch transmission why the difference,volkswagen says he thought that it would,appeal to driving enthusiasts to have an,option and the 1.5 liter turbocharged,engine runs on regular gas now we,mentioned the front-wheel drive,all-wheel drive difference with the,transmission also with the suspension,front wheel drive gets a torsion beam,rear suspension all-wheel drive gets,independent rear suspension you know,which one we choose yeah well we have,been waiting for this car for a long,time and im sure you want to know the,information as well what do you get with,this what are the key standard features,here are the base taos features a 6.5,inch touchscreen an 8 inch digital,driver display apple carplay and android,auto heated cloth front seats manual,driver seat 4-speaker audio system,electronic parking brake led headlights,and led tail lights 17-inch wheels and a,spare tire,weve got this mode button here all the,different drive modes what do we have to,put in andrea you have to put it in s,for subscribe and if you can hit the,notification bell youll be notified,when all of our reviews drop and then,you can watch them and we do this a,couple car review twice a week the first,one drops on wednesday we put out,another couple car review on saturday so,please subscribe follow along on,instagram its motormouth underscore,andrea from me its motormouth,underscore auto and the links are below,this video is brought to you by canada,drives shop online for your next used,vehicle and enjoy the convenience of,two-year door delivery and the,confidence of a seven day love it or,return it guarantee visit,canadadrives.ca to learn more,volkswagen got rid of the beloved golf,so sad they got rid of the beloved sport,wagon even more sad so when i got into,this its replacement i was like what are,we gonna get and im pleasantly,surprised zach is one happy camper,im surprised too i thought maybe there,wouldnt be enough power in here and it,would be a little bit lethargic thats,not the case the horsepower and the,torque worked really well together it,has an engaging drive and now you have,to remember those were cars and this is,a crossover utility vehicle it does not,drive anything like the tiguan thats,what i was thinking is it going to be,like a small tiguan no it drives more,like a volkswagen car hatchback that we,all have known to love,and leave apparently they dont want to,sell that anymore but at least they get,this it definitely sits lower to the,ground its not a typical suv feel where,youre sitting up a bit higher but i,kind of like that idea,so i love the color andrea i know this,is called corn flower blue and it has a,real impact on the road i like it its,bright it makes this even look sportier,this is a sporty little suv now i do,appreciate a bigger wheel and a sportier,looking wheel but these ones kind of,look like they came off a hot wheels car,these ones are 19-inch alloy wheels you,did pay extra for them its 500 canadian,but you can get 17 or 18 inch wheel,options as well so compact suvs are like,rav4 crvs this is in one class smaller,which is called small suv i guess you,could call it sub compact suv but this,is one of the biggest on size im,guessing it competes against like the,kia saltos yup and the subaru crosstrack,as well as the jeep compass those are,the key target competitors that,volkswagen is aiming against this is in,my opinion a compact suv replacement you,could get by with this i like the look,of this the exterior headlights and tail,lights look really good and i think,overall like you said zach its a nice,package whether its the exterior or,interior some people think that maybe,volkswagen products arent that exciting,looking but theyre very practical a,volkswagen will sell you a gti or a golf,r if you want a little bit more,excitement theyre really all about,being practical simple their aesthetic,really doesnt change over time and,thats when we get to the inside so some,people are gonna love this some people,are not i got into this feeling very at,home and comfortable having driven so,many volkswagens over the years i just,feels like vw to me this is simple and a,modern design its going to stand the,test of time because of it theres a lot,of mixed materials in here from piano,black to high gloss gray which is,something i havent seen before and of,course theres leather at trim on the,door and i think that they work really,well together so just putting that,simple strip of leatherette across the,dash pad breaks it up makes it look good,youve got the contrasting looking seats,in here so yes theres hard plastics in,here which is common in this class of,vehicle but then you get other things,like the digital instrument cluster yeah,so thats a big one for this category it,does come with a digital instrument,cluster different sizes this top trim,gets a 10 and a quarter digital,instrument cluster the base trim gets a,6.5 inch touch screen if you want the,upgraded 8 inch screen youve got to,move up to the middle trim to get it are,those screens big enough andrea six and,a half and eight inches is kind of what,you get in the cross track,six and a half is not good enough for me,for the price point i think it should,come standard with an eight inch,touchscreen just like the zeltos have,you know what though andrea they have to,have something to get you to spend more,money thats the way the car industry,works its called the sales ladder can i,can i interest you in the larger screen,its only 50 more a month well kia,doesnt do it,i also like all the little details in,here youve got a sporty steering wheel,with cross stitching here and even at,the center console where we have the,traditional shifter theres some,stitching there as well the only thing,im not crazy about is this center,console storage it is deep but i wish it,was just a little bit longer,where am i put my coffee andrea,well that might be a problem zach we,know we love you,all right now the back seat is roomy,this thing as i mentioned a moment ago,if you dont want to go all the way to a,tiguan you could get by with this the,back seat is big kids will have no,problem adults will have no problem its,a big back seat all right andrea carry,on a cooler not a problem theres lots,of room back there for carry on and a,cooler you can stack your carry-on bags,back there and get a few extra in there,this is best-in-class cargo space,overall cargo capacity is 65.9 cubic,feet and 27.9 cubic feet behind the,second row good thing this armrest is,the size it is so i can grab my coffee,and get to the questions time now for,questions coffee and cars your questions,from instagram some of the car magazines,have described the taos as insultingly,overpriced and underpowered wow im,currently closing in on buying an audi,q3 the difference between the loaded,tahoes and the base q3 is less than one,thousand dollars is the taos worth it,also have they lifted the stop sell on,it well the stop sale is over thats why,we have the car this cars been sitting,in vancouver for two months and i keep,emailing thomas from vw every week can i,get the car no not yet so it finally,cleared here we have it its uh and the,good thing is they addressed a known,stall issue thats right and they fixed,it and i applaud vw for doing that they,got ahead of this they did a stop sell,and they fixed the issue at hand now,when it comes to the drive and the way,that it handles and the power we dont,find it to be a problem i did come into,this thinking that 158 horsepower was a,little bit low thats good but this is,lively and the way that the h

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2023 VW Taos (SE) – Features Review & POV Road Test

foreign,[Music],ladies and gentlemen my name is Ty,behind the camera and thank you guys so,much for joining us here and checking,out this 2023 Volkswagen Taos this one,happens to be in the SE Trimble its got,a couple of pretty neat optional extras,the black wheels complement this car,very nicely which is a little bit of an,optional extra as well as the panoramic,sunroof so pretty nicely optioned house,we have here to check out and within,this video were going to be checking,out all the features starting on the,exterior then well make our way under,the hood discuss powertrain options,well then make our way into the,interior starting with the cargo space,moving forward to the rear seats and,finally moving forward again to the,front seats so those are all the,features were going to be checking out,in between and finally at the end of the,video were going to strap this GoPro to,my head and I want to make sure you stay,tuned to the end to catch my first,person POV driving impressions on this,house,but well get straight into it here with,the headlamps now led high and low beams,for the headlamps and you also have led,daytime running lights and your turn,signals are also up top,Take a Look Down Below we have lots of,nice gloss black accents this one that,kind of swoops around into the front,fascia pretty neat front end design with,a mixture of body colored which is a,nice silver color uh the gloss black and,some sort of chrome elements two within,the Grille,nice short Hood definitely really,resembles the hood of the atlas just of,course in a smaller fashion pretty cool,creases and Design Elements and pay,close attention to all of the nice black,cladding that surrounds the wheels and,goes down the bottom of the doors to,protect that nice silver paint,18 inch optional gloss black painted,alloy wheels 18 inch wheels come,standard but for an extra 395 I believe,you get a nice gloss black different,wheel design so very nice little,optional extra on this particular car,225 50 are the size of the tires all the,way around as well,a nice little design element on the,fender here with the Taos name plate,and we have some pretty neat silver roof,rails with the,panoramic sunroof and the shark fin,antenna up there if you take a look,around you can see we have some pretty,large mirrors on this car very nice to,kind of eliminate blind spots and,speaking of blind spots we have the,blind spot warning system on the,mirror there,smart key entry on both the front door,handles so we have a little button here,to tap to lock and then just tap to,unlock as well,take a look back here we have a pretty,nice side profile same Wheel and Tire,setup back here as well,I have a nice little,spoiler back here and full LED tail lamp,so as you can see looks really nice all,illuminated with the LED brake lights,turn signals tail lights all that good,stuff all LED power much like the front,lights,we have some accents back here some sort,of you know rugged accents the more flat,black to protect your paint and some,nice Chrome accents that resemble,tailpipes but the real ones are up,underneath,and we of course have the trunk release,right next to the backup camera right,over here,so pretty nice looking towels for this,review here now from the 2022 model year,to the 23 not a whole lot has changed,but I think this is a really good,looking house with the black wheels and,the silver exterior color what do you,guys think of the style on this car let,me know in the comments,so under the hood we have one single,engine engine option for the Taos it is,a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder,heres 158 horsepower and 184 pound-feet,of torque so pretty strong on the torque,side and you can definitely feel it once,you get it out on the road,so only one engine option but two,transmission options so we can either,choose to get front wheel drive with an,8-speed torque converter transmission or,we can get all-wheel drive like this one,has but the all-wheel drive version will,have a 7-speed dual clutch transmission,so pretty neat option there and take a,look under the hood we have an engine,oil dipstick which is getting rare and,rarer nowadays and no engine covers so,pretty neat onto the hood of the tile so,if youre in a car Enthusiast like I am,you can get on in here and see exactly,what is going on underneath the hood of,your,2023 Taos,[Music],alrighty so we can open up the tailgate,by just feeling a little pad right,underneath the Volkswagen emblem and it,really doesnt take much effort at all,to open the trunk and just kind of lift,it up a quarter of the way and at the,struts will just kind of do their job,and lifting of the trunk of the rest of,the way once we get that trunk open its,a really good size back here you know,plenty of room you know even more room,than I was expecting for a vehicle of,this class very wide opening to get,larger items in and you could split fold,the seats in a 60 40 fashion with a,little ski hatchback here too,nice corporate floor mats back here we,have a first aid cut in the real locks,kit and if we open up the cargo floor,you can see the spare tire and tools,little cargo extensions to either side,and a 12 volt power outlet and it also,is illuminated back here with some,grocery bag hangers nice to see that too,lets grab a nice big,round down again very easy to close the,trunk of the house as well as opening it,now that we have the rear door open I,can tell you that the roominess,continues in the back seats as well as,the trunk so first well go over the,door panel here not too impressed with,the materials kind of have hard to touch,all around except for where your elbows,are going to rest which is a nicer you,know soft leatherette sort of material a,couple of speakers back here we have a,six speaker audio system as standard and,a Beats audio system available on the,top of the line toes back here we pretty,much have our window switch some storage,and your door handle,the rear seats have a pretty nice design,to them you have this kind of mixture of,leatherette on the outside and some,cloth and this sort of almost suede sort,of material so each trim over to the,towels the S the SE and the SEL all have,a different seat material which is,pretty neat and of course this is the,middle grade seat,to fold down the rear seats you have,handles right next to the headrest you,just pull and they will fold down flat,like so,and of course you also have that ski,hatch that will fold down as well as a,center armrest back here with a couple,of cup holders,and if we hop in back here it honestly,really does feel like youre in a,mid-size SUV you know sort of what the,Tiguan would have uh for room back here,its definitely super spacious I have,five foot ten and I have set the seating,position to the uh you know front seat,that Id be comfortable at and take a,look,about four or five inches of legroom,back here it really did a great job with,packaging in the rear seats as well as,the trunk on this towels air vents back,here and a USB type-c charger very small,Drive drain hump so if you had to sit a,center passenger theyd have no problem,with being back here,its also pretty Airy back here because,theres lots of Windows you know large,Windows back here with the quarter,window and just a side window too just,something Ive noticed you have some LED,lights back here and grab handles and,the panoramic sunroof is very large and,it continues very nicely back here too,and finally well take a look at the,front seats,all right so the front seats we could,start out by checking out the front door,better materials up here then out back,so we have soft touch up here and over,here as well as your armrest so much,better than the rear its a pretty neat,dark blue trim found on the doors the,front doors and throughout the dashboard,pretty neat color Choice there for your,trim have your lock unlock over here all,of your mirror adjustments and your one,touch up and down Windows as well as the,window lock out for the rear they have

2022 VW Taos vs Mazda CX-5 Review – BEST AFFORDABLE LUXURY SUVs

[Music],im yuri,im jacob were going for a drive,[Music],2022 volkswagen taos highline,2021.5 mazda cx-5,signature and if youre wondering what,2021 and a half means,its a mid-year update which made,standard two things the 10.25 inch,display,and the standard i active sense which is,basically all their safety stuff so,these are both compact suvs,the taos is all new and it is,technically a sub compact suv,however in reality these are pretty much,the same size,yeah there are so many different,versions of subcompact compact,regular suvs that its all kind of a,blur and as youll see later with the,box test the rear seat test,theres actually a ton of room inside in,this taos,and the reason were comparing these two,even though this mods has got the bigger,engine and its a little bit more,expensive because this was my long-term,tester,so im using it for family stuff for the,last month and this is the only way that,we could get the volkswagen tiles in a,video to do a comparison,and based on the comments from our rav4,crv video everyone decided to choose the,cx-5 so we figured this was the best way,to bring the newest hottest suv,into a comparison video and if youre,shopping for a new mazda cx-5 or a,volkswagen taos click the true car link,in the top right corner to get,discounted price offers,so now lets get to the horsepower and,torque the volkswagen taos has 158,horsepower,184 pound-feet of torque from a 1.5,liter turbo 4-cylinder,and that mazda has 227 horsepower 310,pound-feet of torque from a 2.5 liter,four-cylinder turbo,but if this was not the turbo motor it,would be very similar horsepower and,pretty much identical price,and mazda always likes to tell you that,if you had 93 octane,in the cx-5 youd have 250 horsepower,but based on the previous journalist,that probably drove that i guarantee he,has 87 in it and not that these suvs are,about flooring it or anything like that,but uh yuri uh,three two one,i mean this took forever to downshift,yeah the mazdas got a lot more,go but again smaller motor more equal,yeah so this does have a seven speed,dual clutch in the volkswagen it shifts,pretty well,there are no paddles and i actually,dont mind this transmission at all its,really nice and smooth and this mod has,got a regular six-speed automatic which,is great because its not a cvt which,everyone kind of hates,but i will say that this taos actually,has pretty adequate power so im just,gonna floor it without you flooring it,it feels totally fine on the highway it,is a little bit slow though,so why would someone be cross shopping,between these two is it because these,are slightly more luxurious than say a,rav4 or crv would be,yeah i would say both of these are,definitely more upscale than your hondas,and your toyotas but theyre not quite,as,upscale as like audis and acuras so,should we start off with the looks,yeah so lets start with the front end i,think the chaos i dont even know how to,pronounce it taoist taos,you say teos ill say taos okay so the,taiyos,looks a little bit better from the front,i think just because of the headlights,pretty razor sharp id say,the way the headlights work with the,chrome and the grille and everything i,think it looks fantastic but the front,end of this mazda is just,general good mazda front end and then,weve got the license plate below the,grille because its an suv and not a car,and then comparing the paint on both of,these the mazdas got the amazing soul,red metallic which pops super hard,in certain lightings not in other,lightings i love it i loved seeing it in,my driveway for a full month,and then any time it rained this car,looked best with raindrops on it looked,better than pretty much any car,ever and i really like this cornflower,blue because we also had it in the,rabbit gti when we reviewed that,its a really nice color and its a,sister car the porsche gt3,yes yes its a very similar blue yes a,lot of cars have a similar blue to this,so how about the side views and our body,lines weve got very strong,crisp straight body lines on the taos,yeah the mazdas got that swoopiness but,not,quite as swoopy as like a mazda 3. im,going to tie them because i really like,the way the volkswagen looks i think the,shadows work really well with those body,lines,yeah and i dont really care about the,sides but what i do care about is the,wheels and i think the volkswagen,definitely has the better wheels,oh yeah i mean the mouse the wheels,theres nothing wrong with them at all,and it looks great on the red but those,volkswagen wheels those are almost,electric,wheels thats how cool they are theyre,so cool like i would love to see someone,throw these on a gti because i know,volkswagen people like to do that,i was thinking about them like that,would look good on my gti and then what,would be the continental recommended,tire for these two,sub compact compact normal suvs,the cross contact lx 25 and the front,end of the volkswagen tiles has that,cool black swoop that kind of comes,around like the golf rs do,so now moving on to the most fun part of,these cars looks,the exhaustives oh yeah we got some,spicy exhaust on this taos,it is the volkswagen fake chrome thing,that theyve been doing on everything,which looks super bad on the atlas,crossboard,but kind of okay on that but then you,still have dual exhaust coming out of,the muffler at the bottom,yuri are you saying that we have fake,exhaust on a volkswagen volkswagen,wouldnt lie about exhaust would they,cant say that bro i could say whatever,i want,and then the mazda cx-5 actually has,real dual exhaust at the back but we,should probably listen to them from the,should we all right fine lets take a,listen to the outside,and from the back they both look pretty,good the tail lights on the tails,kind of have these like cool looking uh,arrows it looks pretty decent id say,for an suv,overall both rear ends i think theyre,pretty tied but the tiles has that nice,little taos logo at the bottom which is,different than most badge placements,and speaking about the rear end you can,actually tow 2 000 pounds with that,mazda cx-5,this taos is not rated for towing unless,you live in quebec i guess,yeah check check the european stats i,think theyll actually give it to you,there but maybe not in north america i,feel like another manufacturer did that,with the rs6 yeah and if you dont,understand that joke,then youre not from canada yeah in,quebec they pretty much,tow anything with the smallest car,possible so then if we pop both of these,trunks the mazda actually has a power,liftgate how about you uh no i actually,have to do it manually and it is kind of,heavy to actually close,by yourself but look how much room we,have in both of them the mazda has a,bunch,with the seats folded down so does the,volkswagen but most importantly,which one has more room in the box test,seven,in the back of the cx-5 laying flat,eight nine ten eleven,twelve in the cx-5 7 in,the back of the taos laying flat,8 9 10,11 and 12 boxes in the taos as well,kind of surprising considering this is a,sub compact suv according to volkswagen,and thats a compact suv,according to mazda yeah equal thats,really cool but then what about,back seat room at six foot one and a,half ish jacob,well in the mazda cx-5 its actually a,little bit tight for me,but in the chaos totally comfortable so,much leg room again,a shocker and even with the seats up,there is a whole bunch of room in the,back of both of these which is really,nice,yeah but it looks like the tails can,accommodate slightly more items,especially in a taller way just because,of the shape of the trunk,so now lets head over to cliche corner,smash those train tracks see which car,is more comfortable on them,and then were going to talk about our,handling through there not that it,really matters,and finish off the interiors with all,the features that we get in these two,models okay so now that weve switched,cars lets floor it,you cheated i heard your foot go down,i mean yeah the mouse is way faster this,is o

Is the 2022 VW Taos the BEST new small SUV to BUY?

[Music],we got this episode ready from radius,rise were here,in a new undisclosed location because,guess what,we have a totally new vehicle from,volkswagen this is it,this is the 2022 vw this one,is the taos but before we get into the,small size,suv lets talk about whats going on,here volkswagen,its been around since the 1930s so many,iconic cars,from the volkswagen beetle and bug to of,course,the gulf now were not going to be,getting a mark,8 standard golf here in the united,states we will be getting the new gti,and we will be getting the new golf r so,what,volkswagen decided to do is bring yet,another,suv to their lineup that really is going,to kind of,bridge the gap from the absence of,the regular standard golf and of course,the volkswagen tiguan,and thats where the taos comes into,play this is technically,a sub compact suv so when you think,subcompact,you should be thinking kia celtos,chevrolet trailblazer,mazda cx-30 toyota chr,honda hrv so on and so forth now,this being a sub compact definitely is,small in size,but this really is kind of getting to,this gray area between subcompact and,compact,with its size and of course the features,but what i want to find out is we have,the top,sel trim this is all new 2022 towels,i want to find out lets look at a very,very popular subcompact,the mazda cx-30 is,the taos the better option for your,harder money when youre looking for a,smaller,suv then compared to the mazda cx-30,lets go ahead lets find out what this,house brings to the table,and do they have enough for the,competition lets go ahead and dive in,right off the bat the styling as soon as,you see it,you know its a volkswagen starting at,the front of the business they did a,great job,with making it very very sporty and very,unique so youre going to get,led headlights led daytime running lamps,and the way that they do their daytime,running lamps over at volkswagen,is spot on the money look at how its,going to flow,right into the front grille which,carries more of that lighting,and then also on the interior just a,little bit of chrome trim,everything else blacked out and it,really like i said when you look at the,tiguan when you look at the bigger atlas,they did a great job with styling now in,this lower corner area,you do have these very very large,aggressive,side air curtains so we have some gloss,black body color match but then youre,going to get some flat black and that,functionality,thats going to flow air right down the,side of the vehicle,as we work our way down this is where we,get a little bit into a,fake vent style they kind of took the,design of the grill,and brought it into this lower area and,then carried across,i wish they would have just kept this,smooth or maybe drop,in an led fog lamp into this lower area,and then smooth out the rest of it i,think that would really just help,clean up the whole lower portion of the,front fascia now,as we come across that iconic badge that,volkswagen badge the peoples car,you do have the horizontal chrome bar up,top,down below with that lighting theres,that volkswagen badge and then theres,that design that they were,simulating in that lower section from,the upper grill,working your way down there is a very,large massive,area of gloss black and i am gonna be,curious to see how this does,age over time but sitting here brand new,model year 2022 especially with the,bright blueberry blue that we have on,this thing it really,stands out nicely some more flat black,functionality on the lower section,and this flat silver kind of brings just,that little extra something,to drag your attention to that,aggressive look now,comparing this to the cx-30 definitely a,little bit more rugged,look i think the cx-30 looks a little,bit more sporty,but definitely when youre comparing it,to the other subcompact crossovers,it really has a unique identity now when,you get up onto that hood,simple german styling were going to,have a nice body line,on each side there everything kind of,curves towards the a-pillar,but this hood it looks like an atlas,just kind of shrunk down like somebody,washed it,on hot water and then put in the dryer,and kind of shrunk it down,to give it that nice style now when we,come around the bend what are we working,with wheel and tire setup so,on the sel trim this being the top trim,you are going to get these absolutely,mind-blowing gorgeous wheels its an,18-inch wheel,machined aluminum with the gloss black i,like that why,design that goes all the way its almost,like what am i saying why,that v v for vw all the way around,and then you could see that they brought,the flat black now when comparing this,to the cx-30,thats where i feel like the cx30,styling wise gets a little wonky,or i should say zonkey its because they,take that body molding up a little too,high,on this taus i think they did it just,about right if youre going to have,black,flat black molding on the side thats,about as high as id want to go,nice strong body line especially on the,fender theres just something about the,unique,german styling that flows very nicely,now one of the things that volkswagen,does really well is they put these,side fender badges without looking too,gaudy,a little bit of chrome trim the taos,name and look at how they just carried,in,long enough into the front door youre,going to get color matched on the mirror,caps,and then were going to have these nice,bright silver almost looks like a,polished silver,raised roof rails and we have a full,panoramic sunroof,down below we do have the flat black,coming around the fender,and running along the bottom portion of,the vehicle it is nice the way they,brought some body style,some body lines into this lower area and,just keeping it instead of just keeping,it smooth,bright shiny metal work only on the,bottom of,the window openings which i think was,very smart of course we have color,matched,on the door handles working our way nice,flat roof design,i think the raised roof rails kind of,give it that little bit more rugged look,plus if youre going to,use this for any kind of adventuring,its easier to get those tie downs,kind of all hooked up good size on the,quarter window theres that bright shiny,metal work just kind of,peeks up and then comes to a nice point,and then as we come around back,just like the headlights volkswagen does,a great job,on their led tail lights we have,all-wheel drive for motion thats what,that means,all-wheel drive with the taos name,volkswagen badge,theres just something about the rear,wiper get it tucked underneath here,because they give you a nice,long roof spoiler extension you can make,that disappear and just clean up the,whole back of the vehicle,but as we drop down you do have your sel,badge we are going to have to do a big,zonk though,fake exhaust openings on each side,i dont know why they do that just get,rid of that keep it smooth we know,theyre not exhaust,and then also that fake design from the,front,they brought to the rear everything else,is super clean,as it kind of wraps underneath the back,of the vehicle but while we go ahead,lets pop the hood,and see whats powering our tower guys,we got the hood popped it does have a,prop rod im not going to zonk it,because pretty much all the competition,has the same prop rod now underneath,that hood is going to be something a,little bit different from volkswagen,youre not going to find a 2-liter,its actually a 1.5 liter inline-four,turbocharged engine,158 horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque,it is mated to a seven-speed dct,transmission remember thats that dual,clutch transmit,uh transmission 0-60 with our all-wheel,drive,is around 7.8 seconds quarter mile,is 16 and a half seconds top speed,is 120 miles an hour mpgs,youre looking around 25 in the city 32,on the highway now if were comparing,this to the mazda cx-30,the standard engine in a mazda cx-30 is,a naturally aspirated 2.5 liter,inline-four that gives you around 186,horsepower,but you can also go turbocharged with,the mazda cx-30 which i highly recom

2022 VW Taos AWD Review and Off-Road Test

this is the 2022 taos with four motion,all-wheel drive can volkswagens little,crossover compete in the crowded compact,segment were gonna hit the trail to,find out right now on driving sports tv,[Music],the volkswagen taos is a compact,crossover that competes with the subaru,forester honda crv and the hyundai,tucson among others the trim were,testing today is the mid-range 1.5 se,which features front and blind spot,sensors 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in,all-season radials and remote start,along with the optional iq drive,advanced safety systems and a panorama,sunroof prices you see it here 32,775 us dollars including delivery,like its rivals in the class the taos,doesnt boast a lot of power the model,we have here produces 158 horsepower and,184 pound-feet of torque it is connected,to a 7-speed dsg transmission and it,powers all four wheels using a 4th,generation haldex system branded here as,volkswagen for motion,but before you get too excited about the,off-road potential of this little,crossover keep in mind that ground,clearance is a minimal 6.6 inches and,the approach angle is only 17.7 degrees,in terms of economy the epa rates the,taos at 25 miles to the gallon in town,and 32 on the highway,this being a mainstream crossover of,course it comes standard with all season,radials these are bridgestone terranza,ls100s in a 225 50r18 so yeah these are,18 inch wheels and,even though this looks great the black,wheel with the red paint they are an,option at this trim level,in the back youll find 24.9 cubic feet,of cargo space fold down the second row,for up to 60.2 cubic feet,under the floor is a space saver spare,okay lets check out this,second row,okay the second row is pretty nice i,have this massive panorama sunroof,thats in a ton of light makes it really,nice and comfortable in here,the plastics are kind of on the cheap,hard side,i do get vents which is nice and one usb,c socket,over here i not only get an armrest with,cupholders it also,is a pass through for long narrow,objects,now lets check out up front,[Music],lets start it up,even though this is a small crossover,its pretty nicely equipped at least in,all the essential areas you have a,digital gauge cluster up here thats,very clear and easy to read we have seat,warmers we also have a seven speed dsg,transmission which is pretty cool in a,vehicle like this,i think the only other one that has a,dual clutch system is the hyundai kia,twins,this vehicle is equipped with the iq,drive system that adds a lot of advanced,safety features to the taos including,blind spot warning and adaptive cruise,control now of course it also has,collision mitigation a reverse camera,which you would expect because it is,mandated on all new vehicles,uh but its its okay its a little soft,but,you know its its usable at this trim,level the standard infotainment includes,an 8-inch color touchscreen that,supports wireless android auto and apple,carplay to connect carplay just plug in,power answer a question and youre good,to go,so this is equipped with a lot of nice,features however there are a few misses,the plastics here are a bit on the cheap,side actually theyre just so hard and,they look cheap too,its not an overall,high-end look,which if youre buying this in the base,trim yeah thats fine but once you start,getting into the mid-30s you kind of,expect something a little bit better,also no dual zone climate control,theres only a single zone here however,we do get drive modes in this version we,have snow,eco-normal in sport and on top of that,we have an off-road mode which we are,going to try out a little bit later,theres just a lot to like about this,vehicle the seats are pretty comfortable,i have a lot of adjustments on the,drivers side the passenger side is all,manual with manual switches and levers,but that you know its really,comfortable actually i got some good,support here i like how the steering,wheel is wrapped in it kind of looks,like leatherette you know fake leather,but the question is is how well does it,drive will it get us where we need to go,in comfort and style and then can we go,further when the pavement ends well,lets find out right now on an adventure,the all-wheel drive system on the taos,is an implementation of the borg warner,haldex system this hardware is used on a,number of vehicles and in its current,fourth generation iteration it is an,excellent setup for this test well put,the vehicle into off-road mode and,disable traction control,as you can see in the slow motion replay,power first goes to the front wheels it,then shifts power to the back after a,complete wheel rotation to provide more,sure-footed grip how much and how fast,does power transfer to the back that,depends on conditions and the selected,drive mode,okay lets see what this little 1.5,liter turbocharged four-cylinder is,capable of so were rolling in,power,yeah not a lot of it,oh holds all the way to redline there,when im full throttle thats kind of,nice now because this vehicle is,equipped with the iq drive suite of,advanced safety tech it has adaptive,cruise control so lets see how well,this system works turn it on,and im going to now activate it it says,travel assist activated and im going to,set my target speed once my target speed,is set,it will,not only detect the lanes but itll keep,me centered as well,as keep me from hitting the vehicle in,front of me it basically will,automatically gap between me and the,vehicle in front so long as the vehicle,in front is going slower than my target,speed okay after a few seconds it says,take over steering fine,we have another corner coming up here,lets see how well this vehicle tracks,the lanes,okay road is curving lets go ahead and,let the vehicle do the driving it is,steering into the corners okay and as,ive said numerous times the whole point,of these systems isnt to be an,autopilot it is merely to cut down on,fatigue if your muscles are doing less,over a very long drive then it makes,that drive more comfortable its as,simple as that,and this vehicle does a good job,actually im really impressed with just,how well its keeping this centered,now you will notice that i am talking a,little bit louder than usual even though,this is an exceptionally loud section of,interstate 90,the vehicle here isnt particularly,quiet in fact im getting a lot of tire,noise getting a little wind noise on the,outside as well it is its just not,theres not a lot of sound deadening in,it,um as for visibility it is excellent,um and,seating position pretty comfortable so,this vehicle does come with the,synthetic leather and cloth seating,surfaces if you bump up to the next trim,level you get leather but i think this,is actually pretty nice i like the way,the seats look they hold me,very well in position i can adjust a,number of different aspects of the seat,i can even control the lumbar with a,little power adjustment which is nice,the gauge cluster i like i just feel,like im not getting as much data as,should be possible like right this,minute i dont see an odometer anywhere,i think you should always be able to see,your odometer not sure why you need to,but it just feels like one of those,things that i usually can see however,they do have down in the bottom right a,fuel gauge that shows that i have 300,miles remaining on this tank which is,kind of nice now i cant switch between,different views and in those views i can,modify the layout slightly but it seems,a little constricted into what it can,actually you know do,so on the side road here the drive is,really nice i just love the suspension,feel of volkswagens its something they,always do very well,they are not adjustable dampers they are,just standard springs but they do a,really good job of soaking up,irregularities in the road,now there are a variety of drive modes,if i hit the mode button here i can,switch between eco normal sport and,custom,lets start with the most extreme eco,naturally that,creates a much slower throttle like,oh come on do something yeah it doesn

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