1. The Walking Dead Seasons Ranked (Season 1 – Season 11)
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  6. THE WALKING DEAD Full Series Recap | Season 1-11 Ending Explained
  7. Ranking All Seasons of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Seasons Ranked (Season 1 – Season 11)

[Music],foreign,[Applause],what is up everybody and welcome to my,long awaited The Walking Dead Season,ranking to give you a little bit of,background on me with The Walking Dead I,was a fan from day one actually earlier,than day one because I had one of those,um less than legal copies of the first,episode so a couple of weeks before day,one I was a massive fan of this show,watched it religiously up until the end,of season seven and then I swore off,this show absolutely hated the,directions that it was taking absolutely,hated the direction it had been going,for a while and until about three weeks,ago I had never watched another episode,of this show and then finally decided,you know what since the show was ending,since so many people and so many comment,sections and so many live streams,whenever The Walking Dead got brought up,would tell me hey man after season eight,I promise it gets so much better it gets,almost back to the Glory Days some,people even said it gets all the way,back to the Glory Days of the earlier,seasons so I knuckled down and I binged,through season eight season nine season,ten and completing last night at one in,the morning season 11 the final season,and so while it kind of seems ridiculous,to talk about this show on any form of,finality which Ill give a little bit,more context to later we have 11 seasons,of what will be dubbed The Walking Dead,and so Im going to rank all of these,Seasons from worst to best you guys know,what were doing so as I give my own,personal list please let me know your,ranking of all 11 of these Seasons down,below dont be an [ __ ] to each other,otherwise Lucilles coming for you and,speaking of Lucille number 11 the worst,season of this show by quite a bit for,me is season seven the season that,actually made me stop watching this show,now Ill give more details about my,thoughts on season six when we get there,but the finale of season six the show,Runners deciding to make the fate of,those characters a cliffhanger to,Blackmail you to come back in a few,months and watch season seven absolutely,threw me into a rage and I almost,stopped watching the show at that point,but I came back for the premiere of,season seven to finally get that answer,of who met the bloody end of Lucille and,I gotta be honest with you the first,episode of season seven I thought was,fantastic I thought it was a little,Annoying the way that they kind of,teased you with the details of who got,killed and they stretched until the end,of the episode but when you finally got,the answer I thought it was some of the,most insane and intense stuff on,television that Id ever seen I thought,that the way that they kind of played,with audience expectations both from the,TV show fans as well as the comic book,fans by kind of swapping out who got,killed while also killing who got killed,in the comics was really creative the,entrance of Negan the way that he not,only killed the two characters but then,following it up by completely,de-masculating Rick right in front of,his entire group I thought it was a,fantastic opening to the season and I,was like holy [ __ ] Im back baby Im,sorry we had a little bit of problem,over the summer but you know what Im,back and then what followed was the,biggest chunk of boring uninteresting,filler that this show ever gave us the,rest of that entire [ __ ] season just,felt like it was Meandering it was just,disgusting hey we need to go and become,friends with all these other communities,and you get all of these little Filler,episodes that would go off and focus on,one individual character that we didnt,give a [ __ ] about and so all season long,all 15 episodes after that Premiere week,after week I sat there going can we,please get [ __ ] going and even years,after completing season seven I can,still tell you confidently its one of,the worst seasons of Television Ive,ever seen in my life so season seven,eenie meeny miny mo its you [ __ ],coming in at number 10 not too much,higher than number 11 is going to be,season eight and this is the season that,I didnt even bother with and after,hearing the reviews of how the ratings,had dipped like five times lower than,normal all the fans just abandoned the,show left and right I mean social media,was a frenzy during this season of,everybody just dropping like flies so I,never really had the motivation to go,back and watch it so when I finally,binged it about three or four weeks ago,it didnt really have a whole lot there,for me it had a little bit more going on,than season seven there was a few more,standout moments a few more interesting,character things going on but its just,the second half of all the problems we,had in season seven there is no reason,why the all-out war story line should,have been stretched out to two seasons,you could have taken the best of season,seven and season eight and actually had,a pretty Kick-Ass little season there,and even could have enhanced some of the,more interesting aspects of that,storyline but because the Walking Dead,does what The Walking Dead does and,draws thing out and stretches things out,and tries to go for more and more,seasons when they really shouldnt have,a thing that Im going to continue to,talk about throughout some of this,ranking they absolutely botched the all,that war storyline in season seven and,again in season eight now theres a,decent little gap between my bottom two,and the next two that Im going to talk,about but still not seasons of,Television that I would ever really,consider re-watching and coming in at,number nine unfortunately is going to be,season 10 the second half of the,Whisperer storyline and just like with,the all-out war storyline just like with,the governor in the Woodbury storyline,deciding to stretch out something for,two whole Seasons that never needed to,be that [ __ ] long completely botched,the amount of story that we had to have,I mean The Walking Dead ever since,season three is always struggled to have,16 episodes worth of story theres like,one season I can talk about higher up on,this list that felt like it filled out,that run time pretty well but every,other season since season three Ive,always felt like was patted out with,filler and never needed to be a as long,as it was and once they started doing,that even more with having two seasons,worth of one storyline its just never,worked out good for the story lines that,theyre telling and the Whisperer,storyline is incredible it is so crazy,its wild its dark its [ __ ] up and,the way that they introduce a lot of,that in season nine which I have yet to,talk about was really well done just to,draw it out painfully in season 10. now,theres good moments here theres good,character stuff especially with Negan,theres some really good moments as far,as like having uh you on the edge of,your seat not knowing whats going to,happen like whenever beta is taking the,entire horde to our main characters and,even just how beta is reacting to whats,been going on with Alpha and with Negan,all that stuff is great but then you get,to this natural conclusion of the season,in episode 16. and for whatever [ __ ],reason they decide to pad out this,season with another six episodes of,which one is worth watching the Negan,episode and that episode genuinely I,think is one of the best episodes of the,series the other five theyre just,filler theyre the covid bonus episodes,and theres nothing bonus about it bonus,gives the impression that youre getting,something for Value youre getting,something awesome like that you,otherwise wouldnt have had it just pads,it out and gives them more reasons to,keep you watching and my God once you,got to that natural conclusion in,episode 16 which still felt drawn out by,that point and teas where things were,going to be going with the Commonwealth,and then you had six more episodes of,just [ __ ] around like in between,storylines between season 10 and 11 that,was rough to get through I really,enjoyed seeing Carol be vengeful you,know we got to see her

Fallen Franchises: The Walking Dead

hello everybody Im your Posh prick and,today Im talking about brain,s,[Music],yeah with Halloween in full swing in the,final season set to wrap in November I,figured I should take the opportunity to,go over a fallen franchise that just,refuses to stay falling adapted from the,comic series of the same name by Robert,Kirkman which ran from 2003 to 2019 The,Walking Dead got it starts around Peak,TV time rubbing shoulders with the likes,of Game of Thrones Breaking Bad and,Dexter kind of a good metaphor really,The Walking Dead survived long enough to,become a shambling brain dead husk of,its former self nice the show revolves,around a colorful cast of characters in,the aftermath of a major zombie or sorry,Walker apocalypse the series Central,protagonist Deputy Rick Grimes leads his,group across the state of Georgia to,find Sanctuary from the Walkers and,other less friendly survivors,[Music],[Music],like a lot of shows things dont stay,that simple for long characters die,locations change show Runners get,chucked off you know how it goes but,before we get to lobbing off rotting,Walker heads its time to take a look at,where this viral outbreak of the show,began and it goes without saying,spoilers ahead,production of The Walking Dead was,originally spearheaded by Frank Darabont,of Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile,Fame the robot came across the comic,book Series in 2005 and approached,Kirkman to do an adaptation before,pitching its first to NBC and then AMC,therabont developed an executive,produced the first season which received,glowing reviews from audiences and,critics alike and also earned AMC its,most watched series premiere of all time,Id like to go into more detail,regarding darabons involvement and,departure but then wed get into spoiler,territory for the rest of this video so,Im just gonna move on throughout its 11,season Run The Walking Dead verd,steadily away from the comic of its,origin plenty of recognizable characters,appear but certain plot points and story,beats deviate from how they go in the,source material that kind of artistic,licenses to be expected from any,adaptation some changes were well,received others not so much but well,get into that more in a minute all in,all despite the wide dips and valleys,that the show went down in terms of,quality The Walking Dead remains one of,the more ambitious Ventures and the,zombie genre fundamentally the shows,iteration of Walkers dont deviate much,from your bog standard zombie but the,fact that Kirkman and the showrunners,were able to weave a half decent,post-apocalyptic world out of what I,consider one of the least interesting,movie Monsters is an impressive feat,people forget now but back in 2010 the,zombie craze was all over the place The,Walking Dead came out right as this,trend peaked and even spearheaded it in,a lot,I mean we had plenty of zombie stories,before the 2010s Sean of the Dead 28,Days Later etc etc but nothings stuck,in our cultural lexicon quite as hard as,The Walking Dead after this we got The,Last of Us Warm Bodies World War Z,everyone wanted to get on that zombie,train after the show made its Mark in,many ways The Walking Dead is a good,metric to judge just how much people do,or dont care about Zombies anymore The,Craze came and went but The Walking Dead,is still going in one form or another,that could either highlight the show and,the genres resilience or the Studios,refusal to accept that this is a trend,that they cant ride the coattails of,anymore at least until the last of us,show comes out and blows up my theory,but thats for a later date all in all,Id say that the strengths of the early,Walking Dead seasons were a matter of,character and pacing season one is still,the high point which the show was never,able to recapture it had everything,complex characters interesting themes,Strong World building not to mention,that the pacing was Leaps and Bounds,ahead of what the later show managed but,in the later Shows defense Eva even the,worst seasons had some golden moments,here and there as dry as season 2 was,that reveal of Sophia in the barn chills,Seasons five through seven slowed things,down a turn but we got Negan and the,saviors God damn it and they were some,of the best villains in any zombie story,in short even at its worst The Walking,Dead always found ways of clawing back,the audiences attention so,the first red flags actually popped up,way back in 2011 after darabonts,departure and I say departure in kind of,a vagueish way because people werent,really sure what was going on at the,time AMC announced the showrunners,departure just a few days after,Comic-Con 2011 where darabot helped to,promote the series everyone was left in,the dark I mean this was darabonts baby,he was the one who pitched the whole,thing to AMC now all of a sudden hes,leaving whats the deal the reigning,Theory at the time was that Darabont,couldnt adjust the TV production,schedules and left because of the stress,but this was soon debunked as The,Hollywood Reporter revealed that AMC had,actually fired him according to reports,problems had plagued the second season,with Darabont and AMC having dispute,over budget cuts and other executive,decisions over the shows production,upon his firing at neither Darabont AMC,nor the entire cast of The Walking Dead,discussed the matter which to me screams,red flags all of this came to a head in,2013 when daraban on the creative,artists agency sued AMC citing a breach,of contract according to the lawsuit AMC,allegedly underpaid Darabont using legal,loopholes through vertical integration,to avoid paying him his agreed share of,the profits to summarize a whole load of,legal jargon that I cant be bothered to,sift through AMC went back on,contractual agreements to divert,production of The Walking Dead to a,third party instead deciding to produce,it themselves this allowed AMC to make,it look as if the Walking Dead was,running at a loss thereby avoiding,having to pay Darabont his fair amount,to give an example in 2012 AMC claimed,that the show was running at a 49,million dollar deficit despite the fact,that it was one of the most popular,series on broadcast television at that,time things got even thornier when,derabots lawyers claimed that the man,was fired before the second season so,that AMC could avoid paying him then,things got even worse when similar loss,suits were filed by fellow crew members,including Robert Kirkman Gail Ann Hurd,Charles eggley Glenn mazara and David,Alpert all of whom claimed that AMC had,screwed them out of money through,vertical integration much the same way,that they had with Darabont AMC settled,the darabon lawsuit in 2021 with 200,million dollars paid to Darabont and the,creative artist agency along with any,future royalty payments while the latter,suit from other showrunners and,producers were dismissed by court order,regardless of this later decision though,this entire legal situation doesnt,paint AMC in the best light again Im no,lawyer I dont know all the ins and outs,but this all screams like a blatant,attempt by big Media company to screw,over one of their creatives because they,just didnt want to cut into their,profits Darabont came up with the idea,for the show worked with the guy who,wrote the comic pitched it to AMC worked,his ass off on the first and as far as,Im concerned best season and it went on,to be one of the most popular shows in,TV history so with numbers like that,naturally it makes total sense to screw,over the guy who put together one of,your biggest cash cows am I right this,is a tragically common occurrence in,this industry Darabont got the ball,rolling in 2010 but within a year hes,booted off of his own project which in,turn was co-opted and taken over by the,studio I mean who knows what might have,happened with Rick and Carl and everyone,else at Darabont stayed on and been,allowed to direct the Show how he liked,as it stands though following darabonts,departure the shows quality veered,wildly through the seasons

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Toàn Bộ Hành Trình Sinh Tồn Giữa Bầy Xác Sống | The Walking Dead Trọn Bộ

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THE WALKING DEAD Season 11 Ending Explained Breakdown | Full Episode 24 Finale Review & Predictions

okay so the end of The Walking Dead is,now upon us and the 12 year long journey,that began back in 2010 is officially,over chances are that a lot of you love,the shirts and point but you dropped off,along the way now back to see what,happened and whether its worth checking,out well throughout this video were,going to be doing a Walking Dead for,dummies breakdown that should cover,everything you need to know about the,ending Bulls spoilers ahead from here on,out so if you dont want to know what it,entrails then I highly recommend that,you turn off now click the Thumbs Up,Button if you think the breakdown is,gravy and make sure you subscribe for,videos like this every day without the,way thank you for clicking this Im your,host Paul now lets get into The Walking,Dead,[Music],now interestingly The Walking Deads end,doesnt end with a Walking Dead End the,series breathes new life into things to,come and we see Rick and Michonne,setting up their own spin-off series,which is due to start filming next month,at the ending sort of acts as a trailer,for that where theyre teasing whats to,come Ill talk about this more in a bit,but we start off with Daryl carrying,Judith into a hospital sort of in a Last,of Us Style with Joel and Ellie the,first episode of The Walking Dead of,course had a major moment where Rick,woke up in one and the series is sort of,coming full circle from that the,characters are either there or desperate,to get there and returning to a location,like this is sort of like poetry they,rhyme in case youre not fully up to,speed with where the Commonwealth is,this is basically a recreation of life,before the outbreak they had all the,characters saying we live in a society,run by corrupt politicians led by Pamela,Milton the entire seasons built towards,an uprising and she ended up unleashing,a zombie horde which put the citizens,into lockdown no prizes for guessing,what thats a reference to add it,through everything into chaos this,episode very much becomes about taking,her down and freeing the citizens of the,Commonwealth to start something better,after we see the title sequence for the,last time we cut to the Carnage,happening in the Commonwealth and see,both Luke and Jules being attacked by,the undead shes eaten alive while shes,taking the hospital and unfortunately,hes been bitten as well a classic,Walking Dead style the character had a,limb amputated but unfortunately this,was too little too late and he goes out,as quickly as he came back now Daryl,ends up giving Judah the blood,transfusion due to him being a universal,donor turns out his brother merlax used,to sell his blood for money when they,were little and yeah looking back very,messed up now luckily the transfusion,works and Judith wakes up a couple of,scenes later having pulled through,Judith very much foreshadows the return,of Rick and Michonne as she brings up,how she and the pair were meant to be,reunited again this is clearly setting,up one of the major arcs that will,happen in their series and now theyve,got some villains to fight I think it,will likely center around them having to,find their daughter well well Loris,daughter because shes not Michonnes,and Shane was the biological dad so,reunited with some Chumps basically see,a chump now but Kelly Fleming who plays,her has always said that Rick is very,much a true father because hes the,person who raised her in the world of,The Walking Dead the characters,unfortunately are gonna see several,people die and thus they end up forming,their own families out of who is Left,Behind very much echoed in Rosita later,and I like the way that its sort of,touched upon here foreshadowing whats,to come the previous episode of the,finale was even called family and its,very much using the fast and furious,definition we also get this ass kicker,exchange hey the last kicker,hey big ass kicker now this is a,reference back at the scene which,unfortunately is potato quality because,we we couldnt find a better version but,pretend its an HD the last kicker the,last kicker you like that huh now we got,back at the Commonwealth and watch,Mercer being rescued and this sets up,things for Negan Maggie and cow to Mana,permission to the hospital Aaron and,Lydia arrive camouflaged in the Walkers,with the ladder having her arm amputated,due to being bit last week elsewhere,Rosita Gabriel in Eugene managed to save,Coco and the kids and that Walker trying,to reach it in the crib was pretty,horrifying however upon trying to escape,their ambulances swarmed by the undead,and maybe they could have seen that,happening if theyd ride their,horoscopes horoscopes,the hospital is being swarmed too well,theyre seeing more this mod zombies,Casey just checking in to find out what,happened in the finale because you need,closure then basically the undead have,started evolving eating all those brains,must have helped out and as I run out of,some that are able to climb and also use,tools some have the awareness to pick up,weapons and blunt objects which we see,demonstrated here using a rock a walker,is able to smash a window in the,hospital entrance and thus they can,flood the building I kinda wish that,theyd introduce these elevated aspects,in earlier Seasons as we did hit a point,where where the undead were just Cannon,for her this makes them feel infinitely,more dangerous as we had just hit a,point where people were slicing through,them without any danger we sort of get,that demonstrated in the scene with,Rosita as she falls off a pipe gets,swarmed and then still seemingly comes,out on top jumping on top of the,ambulance oh sat there like here we go,again and we see she moves up the pipe,you just fell from getting back to,safety or so we think Rosita later,reveals to Eugene that she was actually,bitten during this moment but that she,didnt want anyone to know its such a,heartbreaking moment and Ill actually,watch this scene twice now and knowing,the reveal it hits even harder it,initially just starts off in silence and,she just sits there staring at CoCo,trying to take everything in Eugene,brings up teaching her to swim at,Oceanside and knowing this wont happen,is completely devastating Eugenes gonna,be the one whos taking care of Coco now,and it ties back to this idea of family,and how those Left Behind are the ones,who raise the others just feels like she,was robbed and sat there Imagining the,life she should have had now this scene,is murdered in the one that precedes it,with Maggie and Negan here he apologizes,flat out to her and says hes sorry for,taking Glenn away from her and their son,negans starting his own family now and,he knows what he took from the pair in,his power play to intimidate them in the,last episode he was almost executed,along with Annie and it was very much a,role reversal for him making him realize,how Maggie and Glenn would have felt,negans gone on one of the most,interesting arcs in the entire series,and seen the regret on his face speaks,volumes and he vows to kill Pamela for,her from here we get a very reflective,scene which acts very much as the Calm,before the storm Daryl Carol and Judah,did have a major scene in which he asks,about what she said about her parents,during her delirium she apologizes for,not telling them about what Michonne,said but the pieces quickly broken when,we see survivors trying to climb the,gates of the Commonwealth pandler is,ordering for them to be shot by the gods,and this causes those inside a mount up,they storm the Troopers guns drawn and,slowly convinced the forces that the way,Pamela operates is wrong they were so,stuck trying to make the world how it,used to be that in the end they forgot,all the problems that came with it,people are cowardly selfish and theyve,forgotten that Humanity has one enemy,which are the Walkers Daryl says not one,enemy we need The Walking Dead which is,a bit on the nose but it shows how they,have to keep their Humanity instead of,just mindlessly centering on their own,wants and needs Above

The Walking Deads Ending Is Bad And Ive Wasted My Life

hello everyone and welcome in this video,Im going to be sharing my thoughts on,the final episode of The Walking Dead,this video will contain spoilers as is,the norm for all my videos so please to,keep that in mind anyway without further,Ado lets begin I watched the finale of,The Walking Dead a couple of days after,it originally aired and I hated it I,thought it was really bad I just thought,that it was written really poorly it was,very rushed like characters were in one,place and suddenly theyre somewhere,else and things just happen without no,explanation plot points were just kind,of wrapped up and ended way too easily,like the whole Commonwealth Arc and,everything with Pamela was just resolved,by you know a couple of lines of,dialogue it felt very anti-climatic and,it felt like an episode of Fear The,Walking Dead because like in that show,if things just happen and characters are,just theyre there but now theyre here,and all this has happened and you know,it just felt really really rushed the,pacing was all over the place I didnt,like it and it also felt like a a very,cynical cash grab on AMCs part to,basically end the episode with a trailer,what is essentially a trailer for their,new show it just didnt really feel like,an ending like I I hated it I really,didnt like it but I went online and I,went on The Walking Dead Reddit page,the the subreddit page and the episode,discussion is full of positive comments,you know everyones saying oh its an,amazing ending it was so emotional I,cant believe it and I was just kind of,sat there thinking really like I didnt,feel anything I didnt feel anything I I,was just really disappointed so I,decided to sit on it for a bit I thought,you know what Ill sit in it for a bit I,wont be reactionary I wont make a,video straight away Ill sit in it for a,couple of weeks see if my opinion,changes you know maybe Ive just got my,hopes up too much maybe my expectations,were too high Ill sit on it for a,couple of weeks and Ill watch the,episode again and Ive watched the,episode two more times since and I still,hate it and my opinion hasnt changed I,still think its a really really bad,ending to the show and Im gonna discuss,why I feel that way so major gripe,number one that I have with this episode,is that its basically not an ending you,know oh its the end of The Walking Dead,when no its not because it doesnt end,the show theres no conclusion we still,got plot points that are going to be,carried on into the spin-off shows and I,know not everyone is a fan of the way,the comics ended for the record I like,the comic ending I like it when,originally released I like it now you,can see my original review video of that,at the time I liked it and even if you,dont like the way the comics ended at,least the comics felt final you know,there was a jump forward of 20 years we,found out that most of the Walkers had,died out and that people were you know,living in peace and it was a thing of,the past we saw Carl you know reminisce,about the past reading a story to his,daughter and telling you know of the,stories and the adventures that he and,his father went on and it felt like an,actual ending it felt like a goodbye to,these characters but The Walking Dead,ending it doesnt doesnt feel like that,you know we jumped forward one year,compared to 20. and it still leaves us,with you know threads that that havent,been solved Daryl rides off into the,distance and you know find out whats,happening with him on his spin-off show,we know that Maggie and uh Negan are,getting a spin-off show so their stories,arent finished either and we dont see,Rick reunite with his daughter Rick and,Michonne are still is still gone theyre,still missing and I think that you know,not having Rick back for the ending you,cant end the show that way its not an,ending if Rick isnt there if he isnt,back with Judith its not its not an,ending to the show he was the main,character for nine and a half seasons,and his story hasnt been resolved and,you need to watch the spin-off show to,work out how Rick and Michonne get back,to Judith and you know how it all wraps,up so its not an ending its not an,ending like its just you know this,Shows been on for what 11 years 11,seasons,and you end it with,a trailer for for the new show,its just a cash grab its just AMC not,wanting to to end it because they want,to milk it as much as they can theyre,like you know we cant end the show here,because we can get more money on the,spin-offs we can keep people subscribed,to AMC plus and its really,disappointing I mean I shouldnt have,expected anything else from AMC plus you,know from AMC really you know this is a,a network that you know boxed Fear The,Walking Dead just to try and get the,views up and you know do this whole,crossover watch the entire story of that,show so I shouldnt really expected,anything more from them you know I,shouldnt have expected a satisfying,ending but I was hoping for one I was,hoping for one you know if I was in,charge and people probably downvote me,and or dislike me and say yeah this is,why youre not a writer but if I was in,charge I would have ended this episode,with the 20-year time Jump the 20-year,time Gap that we got in the comics have,all the characters back at um Alexandra,at the Commonwealth sorry have Rick,there have Michonne their you know older,versions of themself have Judith grown,up that way you get a satisfying end,into the show you know that these,characters eventually made it back to,the Commonwealth safely and if you want,to find out how they got there you can,watch the spin-offs thats fine you can,watch The Spinners but you dont have to,because you know that they made it back,there and I think if they ended it that,way Id actually be more inclined to,watch the spin-offs Ill be more,interested in them but because they,ended it on a cliffhanger and they ended,it in such a way that you dont know,where the story goes without watching,the spin-offs and you have to watch them,to find out whats going on,I dont want to watch them now because,Im just thinking this is just such a,such a like scummy move to basically not,end the show and say its still going,you want to find out what happens whats,the spin-offs were not were not giving,you the ending carry on watching carry,on watching The Walking Dead Forever,like I dont care anymore I dont care,and I will talk about this in the,conclusion of the video I talk about,this a bit more but I dont give a [ __ ],I dont care about these spin-offs Im,just you know I dont even have faith,that if you cant end,s and show properly if you cant give,the main show an actual ending I dont,have any faith in these spin-offs I,dont have any faves that I dont have,any faith sorry in in The Walking Dead,actually having you know a grand plan,and having having an actual ending in,place I dont think they do I just think,their plan is just to keep making shows,until people lose interest and then,theyre just counseling or just get a,quick cancellation and then we wont get,a satisfying ending thats the way I,think this series is going to go theyll,keep pushing these spin-offs they dont,have a have a plan in mind and then it,will get canceled and we wont get a,satisfying ending anyway if you cant,give me a proper ending to your show why,should I have any faith in these,spin-offs I dont I dont so Adam really,care about The Walking Dead anymore yeah,I dont care about the spin-offs I dont,care about Rick being stuck on his,[ __ ] Truman Show Island where he,tries to escape and I like Rick you,cannot leave,I dont care you know and its just like,I obviously I didnt expect everything,to be wrapped up in a neat little little,package sorry I didnt expect every,major character to make an appearance on,the final episode but I dont know I,expected a bit more like theres just so,many plot threads that arent resolved,or like characters we dont see like,they brought Virgil back especially for,you know was it 10c or sorry 11b he,comes back Virgil comes bac

THE WALKING DEAD Full Series Recap | Season 1-11 Ending Explained

season one of The Walking Dead begins,with Deputy Rick Grimes being shot on,the job and falling into a coma upon,waking up Rick discovers that the,hospital is abandoned and the world has,become overrun by zombies which everyone,calls Walkers while searching for his,wife Lori and young son Carl Rick,befriends a man named Morgan Jones and,his son Dwayne Morgan explains to Rick,the rules of Walkers like their heads,needed to be destroyed to be killed and,that if youre bitten by a walker youll,turn into one eventually Rick leaves,Morgan and Dwayne to head to Atlanta in,search of his family in Atlanta Rick is,ambushed by a horde of Walkers and,rescued by a man named Glenn Glenn is on,a Scavenging mission in the city to take,supplies back to a group of survivors,which he invites Rick to join another,member of the Scavenging crew is Merle,whose unruly and dangerous Behavior,forces Rick to handcuff him to a pipe,when Rick and Glenns crew are overrun,by Walkers they are forced to leave,Merle behind Glenn then takes Rick back,to his Camp of survivors which includes,Merles Outcast brother Daryl sisters,Andrea and Amy kindly RV owner Dale,T-Dog the Pelletier family which,included wife Carol abusive husband Ed,and young daughter Sophia and much to,Ricks surprise his best friend Shane,his wife Lori and his son Carl Rick has,a happy reunion with his family but,unbeknownst to him in the time since his,coma and presumed death Shane and Lori,had developed a romantic relationship,and Shane had become a surrogate father,to Carl Lori breaks things off with,Shane but tensions remain high a horde,of Walkers attacks the camp killing many,survivors including Amy and Ed Rick,decides the best decision is to lead the,entire group to the CDC facility in,Atlanta upon their arrival they find it,completely abandoned aside from a single,Survivor Dr Edwin Jenner Dr Jenner,explains more about the Walkers that,there was no hope for a cure and that,everyone on her Earth was already,infected by the zombie virus and would,turn into a walker upon their death,finding survival futile Jenner wants to,blow up the CDC with everyone inside,Rick helps his group escape as the CDC,building explodes killing Jenner in,season two of The Walking Dead Rick,leads his group of survivors to search,for a permanent home on their Journey,Carols Daughter Sophia goes missing,while searching for Sophia in the woods,Carl is accidentally shot by a hunter,the hunter Otis helps Rick Rush Carl to,The Farmstead of Herschel green Shane,and Otis go on a mission to gather,medical supplies needed to save Carls,life but along the way are overwhelmed,by a herd of Walkers Shane shoots Otis,in the leg to leave behind as a,distraction for the Walkers so he can,escape with the supplies Shane lies to,the others that Otis willingly,sacrificed himself and Herschel uses the,supplies to save Carls life meanwhile,the other survivors are beginning to,make themselves feel at home on,herschels Farm Herschel is hesitant to,allow how this large group of strangers,to stay on his farm with his family but,reluctantly agrees if they follow his,rules Daryl begins to feel at home in,this newfound family and forms a tight,friendship with Carol Lori discovers,that she is pregnant but is unsure if,the father was Rick or Shane creating,even more tension in the former best,friends relationship Glenn develops a,romance with herschels daughter Maggie,which they must keep a secret from her,father when Glenn discovers that,Herschel kept a barn filled with walkers,on his property Herschel explains that,they were all his family and he hoped he,could save them all by finding a cure,while this upsets Rick it sends the,increasingly unhinged shame into a rage,who opens the barn doors to let the,Walkers out Shane and the rest of the,group kill the Walkers one by one,including the last walker to emerge from,the barn Sofia Herschel is distraught,over the events at his farm and Retreats,to a nearby Town bar to drink Rick and,Glenn find him and convince him to stop,drinking and return home but they are,then attacked by by a group of violent,strangers as Rick Herschel and Glenn,flee one of the strangers Randall is,injured not wanting to leave The Man,Behind to be killed by Walkers Rick,takes Randall back to the farm things,quickly spiral into chaos over what to,do with Randall the strangers group was,violent and would come looking for him,putting everyone at the farm in danger,but if they let Randall go he could lead,them back to the farm anyway Shane is,adamant that Randall needs to die but,the kind-hearted Dale tries to calm,everyone down when Dale is later killed,by a walker Rick is resolved to honor,Dales Life by sparing Randalls,unfortunately Shane takes matters into,his own hands sneaking Randall off the,farm to murder him in the woods when,Rick discovers this act he confronts,Shane Shane then holds a Rick at,gunpoint convinced his best friend,couldnt make the tough decisions,necessary to keep their group alive Rick,is forced to stab Shane killing him when,Shane reanimates as a walker the young,Carl is forced to shoot him in the head,save Ricks Life The Sound Of The,Gunshot attracts a horde of Walkers to,the farm and the survivors are forced to,flee many of herschels family members,are killed but he and his daughters,Maggie and Beth escape with Ricks group,during the chaos Andrea is separated,from the others but saved from the horde,of zombies by a mysterious hooded woman,named Michonne who wields a deadly,Katana you know the survivors of the,zombie apocalypse are going to need a,lot of help in repopulating the earth,and luckily this video sponsor Adam and,Eve have the perfect fix Adam and Eve is,Americas favorite adult store and,theyve been in business for over 50,years and in that time theyve satisfied,over 20 million customers theyve got,completely discreet shipping and a,90-day no hassle return policy plus 20,of their profit goes toward fighting the,spread of HIV around the world so head,on over to adamandeve.com and use promo,code recap for 50 off one item plus free,shipping thanks again to Adam and Eve,for sponsoring this video now lets get,back to the recap in season 3 of The,Walk dead eight months have passed and,Ricks group decided to set up their new,home in an abandoned prison while,clearing the prison of Walkers Herschel,is Bitten on the foot though after,amputating it to stop the infection his,life is saved when a prison alarm goes,off Walkers begin to swarm causing chaos,within the Prison Walls T-Dog sacrifices,himself to save Carol while Lori Maggie,and Carl find themselves trapped in a,boiler room right as Lori goes into,labor Maggie is forced to perform a,C-section on Lori to deliver the baby,but Lori dies in the process Carl is,then forced to shoot his mother in the,head to prevent her from reanimating as,a walker as the Walkers are cleared out,and the survivors regroup Rick is,devastated to learn of Loris death and,names their New Daughter Judith another,group of strangers led by siblings,Tyrese and Sasha also discover the,prison and are allowed to stay to join,Ricks group for a time there is actual,peace at the prison and Glenn proposes,to Maggie mean while Andrea and Michonne,discover the heavily fortified town of,Woodbury led by a man known as the,governor Michonne is highly suspicious,of this leader but Andrea is quickly won,over by his charm also living in,Woodbury is Merle who survived being,handcuffed during a walker attack by,cutting off his own hand while Michonne,begins to investigate the governor she,discovers that Merle has been tasked,with bringing Walkers into the town,alive for a resident named Milton to,experiment on other walkers argues for,public Gladiator fights as entertainment,for the Woodbury residents disgusted by,what she uncovers Michonne decides to,leave Woodbury though Andrea chooses to,stay behind while searching for a new,home Michonne Witnesses Merle capture,Glenn and Maggie who were out looking,for baby supp

Ranking All Seasons of The Walking Dead

the walking dead has gone through a lot,since its debut in 2010. theres been,lots of highs both in storylines and,viewership and some lows in both,storylines and viewership so which of,the seasons hit the highs and which ones,were the low points and which were a mix,of both im going to go over each season,and give it a ranking from least,favorite to favorite some of the,standout moments of each season and why,im giving it that ranking this is the,factually correct list of the worst to,best seasons so dont even try to no im,kidding this is just going to be my list,im sure everyone will have their own,lists with each season jumbled around so,feel free to give me your list in the,comments but this is going to be my list,judge me as you will these are my,opinions,[Music],[Applause],[Music],coming in at last place we have season,eight which really saddens me to say,because the storyline of a war between,two factions of people both sides of,which we have characters we like is a,really great plot line on paper but the,execution just wasnt there the show,tried to be an action drama instead of a,character drama like we were used to and,it just didnt really meet my,expectations that i had for the show,pair that with some questionable,decisions like carls death and you have,my least favorite season this is also,the season that i stopped watching week,to week and just waited for it to come,out on netflix when you lose a fan like,me watching week to week then something,clearly went wrong in second to last,place we have the season right before it,season seven season seven started out,with one of the shows greatest episodes,but it took an entire season before our,characters were ready to fight again,there were too many episodes that were,only focused on one storyline so the,story itself moved at a snails pace and,even when we were back with our main,characters we had filler episodes and of,course the ps2 cgi deer though there,were aspects and moments of the season,that i really liked i really loved,seeing negans character and his,presence on screen and some story lines,like carl trying to take on negan just,for him to be completely overwhelmed by,negans personality but overall the,season had too few good moments too far,between while this is going to surprise,a lot of people i tried to take the,nostalgia glasses off and rank this,season accordingly as entertaining as,season 1 was it was really just an,introductory season,it was more of a typical zombie show,than the character drama the show would,later become and at only six episodes,they didnt really get the opportunity,to tell the story they wanted while it,laid the groundwork for what was to come,and introduced us to our characters and,the world i just think that every,subsequent season on this list just,offered a bit more of what i love so,that bodes well for the seasons to come,season 10 gave us a lot of great payoffs,that were set up in season 9. we saw the,downfall of the whisperers and a ton of,character development for characters,like negan carol and even daryl there,are still quite a few filler episodes,especially the final six covet episodes,the only one of which i liked was heres,negan season 10 did a lot right far more,than it did wrong but i couldnt help,but feel some of the payoffs were just a,bit anticlimactic so for that reason it,sits at the eighth best season for me,this one might be a bit controversial as,the entire season at the farm was too,slow or boring for some people but it,gave me a lot of what i love about the,show as a whole the show went from your,average zombie survival show to a,character drama set in the apocalypse,and this was never more apparent with,the rick versus shane dynamic a lot of,different ideals and ethics were brought,up during this season about what is,right and what is wrong in the days of,the apocalypse and i thought that mental,struggle in the characters was very,interesting to see this season also,introduced us to herschel and his family,who would go on to be some of the best,and most impactful characters in the,series i was very uninterested when i,first started watching season 9. i lost,hope for the show during the eighth,season and i truly didnt see the show,getting any better when i heard that my,beloved rick grimes was leaving i had to,see how he would go out and so i sat,through the first five episodes of the,season and after those five seeing the,bounce back that the show had in both,tone and overall story i was hooked once,again while i still dont care for any,of the new characters other than connie,i thought the introduction to the,whisperers was fantastic and the episode,the calm before delivered the last major,deaths and shock in the show but unlike,previous seasons these deaths werent,just for shock value i mean they kind of,were but they also furthered the story,along our characters and showed us how,menacing the whisperers were while this,might be too early to call season 11 has,been such a return to form for me i get,as excited for each new episode as i did,for the first few seasons while theres,a lot of reasons for this i think the,main reason that not a lot of people,talk about is how the show was built to,premiere on amc plus it wasnt made to,have commercial breaks so the story,flows much more smoothly and even when,we get only one storyline per episode,its a captivating one that doesnt feel,like a break in the story this season,gives us unique pairings and some,fantastic character development and,really encompasses what i love about the,show heres hoping the final eight,episodes dont lower this on the ranking,i remember everything about the time,when season three was on it was all,anyone would talk about at school both,students and teachers alike and everyone,would talk about what was going to,happen on sunday night not only do i,remember this time but this season was,great at introducing us to new aspects,in the walking dead universe we had our,first big villain in the governor and we,got to see how rick handled being a,leader there were shocking twists and,turns that no one even comic book,readers expected and this season,delivered a great character drama that,showed us the dead arent the only ones,that are evil in this world some might,refer to season 5 as the peak of the,walking dead and in terms of viewership,youre absolutely correct because the,show was an absolute powerhouse during,the airing of this season we had some of,the greatest storylines in the history,of the show with terminus and the,beginning of alexandria and with morgan,close on the tail of rick grimes i,couldnt wait to see that reunion we,also had the greatest group of,characters weve ever had in the show a,group of people that i deeply cared for,the atmosphere of the season is,fantastic the mix of the normal life in,alexandria contrasted with the threat,outside of the walls really showed us,how far our characters had come and how,much the people of alexandria have to,change in order to survive,while i was a fan of the show it was,season 4 when i became obsessed with the,walking dead i looked forward to each,episode more and more every sunday and,ill never forget watching the,mid-season finale with my entire family,and our reactions when the governor,killed herschel the show went somewhere,that i didnt expect in destroying the,prison and putting the group out on the,road seeing each of them go their,separate ways while trying to reunite,with one another i think this adventure,aspect to the show was what really,elevated it to a new level and made,tuning in every week such a treat but my,all-time favorite season is season six,this one might come as a surprise to a,lot of people but season six is easily,my favorite season the payoffs to a lot,of things set up in season 5 were,executed perfectly with the plan to get,the horde of walkers away getting,interrupted by the wolves and carol,having to deal with them basically,single-handedly to alexandria having to,fight the horde car

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