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  3. Warby Parker Glasses Review – 6 Months Later
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Warby Parker Review – Good or Bad?

So have you ever heard of Warby Parker glasses?,Eyeglasses and Warby Parker have been  growing in popularity for several years so,i finally got myself a pair ive been  trying them out for the last few months,but are Warby Parker glasses any good? well lets  break down the features, the price, the lens and,frame quality and everything that you get in  this warby parker review. lets take a look.,hey whats up Dr Allen here from the dr eye health  show helping you take care of your eyes and see,your very best and im excited today to be looking  at warby parker glasses and doing a quick review,and just fyi this video is not sponsored. now ive  had my hands on these glasses for several months,now and you maybe even have seen me wear them in  previous videos and to be honest ive been pretty,pleasantly surprised theyve been holding up well  im seeing well out of them and ive even received,several compliments on them i ultimately did get  one of their at home try on boxes so i will be,kind of showcasing a few different frames that  i got to try if theres anything particularly,that you like and just want to know additional  information about the frame name or anything like,that ill put additional information about each  frame in the description below so you can check,that out but lets break down the price the pros  the cons and everything that you need to know. so,the retail price of warby parker glasses usually  comes in the range of 100 to maybe 150 us dollars,largely depending on what frame and what lenses  that you choose now again i got the at home try on,box which meant that i could go on their website  select up to five different frames and theyre,able to ship them out to me to try on which  is really important for online glasses because,otherwise it can be really challenging to find a  good pair that are going to be comfortable theyre,going to fit your face shape as well as your style  without trying them on first there were a couple,that i tried on that were just too big for me  such as the Ames frame here. its a classic design,and i like the matte black but theyre just too  big for me or perhaps the Fletcher here which,i do really like especially with the different  accent flares of premium acetate between the white,the brown the gray but as i put them on here you  can tell again theyre just a bit too big in fact,these are more for somebody who has a larger nose  that way my eyes would be held up in the optical,center of the frame but instead these hang just  too low for me and my eyes are kind of toward the,top of the lenses and that just wouldnt be right  but overall one of the biggest compliments i can,give Warby Parker after scoping out their website  and the different frames ive tried on here their,designs are impressive they come off as kind of a  professional sophisticated sort of look but they,also give off a very casual and somewhat playful  vibe at times now a big thing i should mention is,that with the home try on box all of the lenses  they do not have your prescription in them they,are just plano stock lenses or maybe sunglasses  lenses but the whole point again is so that you,can try them on find out what works for you your  style of comfort all of that ultimately what i,ended up purchasing for my prescription pair are  the Gillian here and most mens frames are usually,a brown or a black color and i really liked the  blue accent in this and yes while they maybe fit,just slightly too large for me that is the style  right now and i feel that they do match both,my eye color and a lot of my wardrobe i will say  that i am fairly impressed by the build quality of,their frames especially compared to other online  glasses brands that ive tried many of the ones,i have here are made of acetate plastic and seem  to hold up the hinges are pretty well put together,and i would probably give their build quality  somewhere around the 7 out of 10 range they,do have the warby parker branding stamped on the  inside along with where they were manufactured but,you know when you are only paying about a hundred  us dollars for glasses frames you are missing out,on some features that you get with more expensive  ones things like titanium and memory metals things,that make them harder to break as well as handset  jewels and other cool things like that now as far,as the lens quality and accuracy goes and this is  a big deal to me being an eye care professional,i have been pretty pleased with warby parkers  lenses i found out that they do have their own,lens manufacturing facility now here in  the united states and i was able to verify,in the clinic that the lenses i received were  accurate to my prescription now one thing that,is really important to look for when investing  in eyeglasses is the quality of the lenses and,any special coatings or treatments that can be  applied to those lenses prescription glasses from,Warby parker they only come in two different lens  material options and if you havent seen our video,on different lens materials there are a lot more  than just two out there but at the very least they,offer a standard polycarbonate lens as well as a  high index 1.67 lens for those people with higher,prescriptions over four diopters now if you order  a pair of warby parker glasses all of their lenses,do come with a standard anti-reflective coating if  you dont know what an anti-reflective coating is,that is kind of that green or blue rainbow  like reflection off the surface of the lenses,and thats supposed to help you reduce that glare  that you get from the lens as well as improve your,comfort and visual quality through those lenses  and in general if you do end up getting a pair,of glasses with a lesser quality anti-reflective  that usually means youre buying a lower quality,lens as well i do find that the anti-reflective on  these lenses are pretty decent they also include,an anti-scratch and a 100 uv light blocker built  into it as well i cant say that its the best,anti-reflective or no glare coating that ive  ever seen but i would probably place it again,in the middle of the road somewhere about that  6 to 7 out of 10 range but if you are interested,in something more they do also offer a blue light  blocking technology as well as a light responsive,lens which is a photo gray lens that changes  from clear to dark when youre in the sunlight,those things all offer additional filtering  capabilities but come at an additional cost,now in just a second i want to share a helpful  tip about ordering warby parker glasses that,most people dont know about along with some of  my final thoughts but first i want to pass this,question up to you what is the number one thing  that you look for when buying new eyeglasses is it,purely price is it brand name or is it something  like durability let me know in the comment section,below now if youve seen any of my previous videos  about eyeglasses you know that im a firm believer,in having your glasses professionally adjusted  because its unlikely that your glasses are going,to just come straight out of the box fitting  100 perfectly and to have warby parker glasses,adjusted you can of course take them into a warby  parker brick and mortar store if you happen to,live by one otherwise at the timing of this video  they do offer a 50 rebate if you were to take them,into a local optical shop and have them adjusted  there many local stores will adjust them for,free but if they do happen to charge you for that  service again warby parker will reimburse you up,to 50 dollars which is pretty crazy and very cool  so when it comes to where warby parker stacks up,against other eyeglasses brands i cant say they  are the best lenses or the best frames ive ever,had especially when compared to other glasses  ive gotten from the eye clinic but definitely,compared to other online glasses brands i dont  think you can go wrong here i think that they are,well designed and they should be sufficient for  anybody with at least an average g

Buying prescription glasses online: What they dont tell you

ordering your prescription eyeglasses on,the internet without human interaction,just sounds like a bad idea but i did it,i learned a lot and im gonna walk you,through the process and tell you what,mistakes to avoid turns out its not as,bad as i assumed it would be and its,worth a try even if you have a,complicated prescription,[Music],hi im bridget carey and i cant see,squat without corrective lenses im,always rocking contacts when i do videos,for cnet but today we get to explore the,glasses wearing side of my live,nerd alert,oh i shouldnt done that im still,wearing contacts i always bought glasses,in person but working from home all this,time with little kids has been bad news,for my bespeckled life i needed a backup,pair and i didnt want to spend a lot of,time or money,prescriptions are very exact i thought,for sure if i order online im going to,get something wrong i dont even like to,buy shoes online how am i supposed to,buy glasses online and know if its,going to look good and not screw up my,vision why not do a little journalistic,experimentation right i am nearsighted,my glasses are used for backups around,the house i like my frames to be fun i,like bright happy colors and so i went,hunting for a spare pair that can,hopefully handle being tossed around a,bit,now my experience will be different from,yours but i hope you could take away,some lessons from my journey if theres,any online glasses retailer that you,want to learn more about theres going,to be links to everything featured in,the description below so i started with,warby parker and i thought it was going,to be a winner since its the only,online glasses site that ive actually,heard of before but i was disappointed,in the selection,warby parker will mail frames to your,house to try on for free but it does,limit the colors and styles that you,could have sent to you and the samples,were even less colorful in person if,that was even possible now i did manage,to find one sample in red but it was too,small for my eyes like the frame just,interrupted my vision you can tell its,just a little bit now i had five frames,sent to my home to try on and i just had,one week to send them back the sample,frames you get have plain glass youre,not getting anything with a prescription,so youre not getting the true weight of,what your final,glasses would be this is more about,judging the look of the frame,im not used to glasses that wing up,that much,but,its a little more fun,all right youre in the maybes,i was searching for the most colorful,ones but to me they all felt pretty,basic and kind of similar not bad,but just not for me i could take selfies,though to think about the frames for,later and i appreciated that i could,easily pack them back up in a provided,box no fuss or anything to fill out the,experience was very different however on,two other websites i tried glasses usa,and i buy direct because they give you,your actual prescription in the lens and,frame together all finished mailed to,your house so the glasses are the final,product and if you dont like it you,have two weeks to return it before you,get charged that felt like a lot of,pressure to get it right when youre not,an expert in the field and these sites,dont always hold your hand to tell you,everything you need to know you can get,your doctor to send you your basic,prescription like what number you are in,each eye but you may not get every piece,of information you need for example,these sites will ask you for something,called a pd number and its on you to,figure it out it means pupillary,distance the measurement in millimeters,between your pupils,not every doctors office will give you,a pd number over the phone its not even,listed on the prescription paper,my doctor told me they didnt have my pd,number in my record even though ive,ordered glasses from them before thanks,guys,you may need to sweet talk your optician,or go in person to get a fresh,measurement if they gave it out easily,maybe they know you would buy glasses,online instead of with the doctor,some websites like glassesusa will tell,customers if you dont know your pd,number just leave it at 62. no,no dont do that dont guess it may not,be a complete disaster to be a little,off in your number if you have something,simple like single vision lenses but,its your eyes dont play around here,other places like i buy direct have a,tutorial on how to measure yourself,theres a ruler you can print out and,you just put it up to your eyes in the,mirror but it was not easy to measure my,own eyes so you may want to recruit,someone at home to help it still may not,be perfect but it can get close i found,my pd number to be 60,not 62. they also ask what kind of lens,you want now i have a heavy prescription,so i knew i should get the more,expensive thinnest lens option but i was,left unsure if i needed extra features,like water resistance thats the sort of,thing i wish i could see the difference,of in a store or ask an expert about,this part feels weird but if youre,deciding between two or three frames and,the store youre shopping from has a,good return policy just order them all,at once that way you can try them on,together to compare at the same time,before the return window deadline closes,in less than a week i got a tealy purple,and a purpley teal pair from glasses usa,i never had glasses this this shape for,my adult life,im glad i ordered two from glassesusa,because,one was just awful and not at all what i,expected from the picture online hello,there,im a hip granny,and a couple days later came a lovely,purple frame from i buy direct very,simple very bold like it came out of a,comic book and it was a little larger on,my face than i expected,and,im gonna have to walk around and,definitely see if theres any blurriness,or fit the quality to me felt great but,i soon realized the cute colorful one,was not fitting right and slipping off,my nose and i was getting one of those,really strong eye strain headaches which,could be normal with new lenses but,it was influencing me to return them the,purple frames from i buy direct won me,over they just felt better with less of,that new glasses eye strain and they,also had this extra bendy spring in the,arm joint thats a plus to me because,that means they can handle a little more,punishment not to mention theyre just,cute there was no issues packing up the,glasses usa frames to return them i made,sure to take photos just in case and use,a lot of bubble wrap because i was,paranoid but i was never charged for the,glasses and i didnt hear a peep,afterward from glasses usa thats a win,overall im pretty happy i made it work,i got a fun color and i didnt spend a,lot for a frame that feels pretty,reliable now all of these websites have,coupon codes and at the time of my,purchase with high-end lenses and,protective coatings it came to be a,little over one hundred dollars,now of course everyone has different,needs and different tastes so to help,get a broader perspective i wanted to,bring in two other cnet video producers,to join me in this experimental journey,of shopping for glasses online for the,first time lets call them up,thanks for joining me martha and chris,[Music],i just wanted a second pair of glasses i,already have my main one and i wanted,something that was maybe a little bit,cuter or more original,so i went for sunny i wear glasses all,day every day but also i have kind of a,tricky prescription i have to wear,progressive lenses for reading and,distance,and i used to have a prism,so i ended up getting them from,glassesusa.com which has a huge,selection of frames but also a very high,end selection of lenses and marta you,were going for something affordable so,did you end up liking what you got was,there anything that you missed out on by,shopping this way probably the main,difference was that i didnt have the,option as you did of ordering several,pairs trying them at home returning what,i didnt like you can return them but,its not like a full refund i had t

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Warby Parker Glasses Review – 6 Months Later

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All of My Warby Parker prescription glasses + blue light filtering and sunnies | Melissa Alatorre

whats going on everyone welcome back,youre manitos doing the family hit that,subscribe button all are welcome as long,as you are,all accepting of one another and are,kind-hearted as my little signs is back,here,and for today im gonna be sharing with,you,my collection of warby parker frames no,this is not sponsored,anytime i um not dwell but anytime i,focus on,one brand in particular i feel like it,gets questioned whether its sponsored,or not i will always be very clear and,to the point if its sponsored if not in,the description box i love this brand i,found them,i want to say its been almost seven,years now r.i.p,a lot of them have fallen victim to,boomer,and his chewing habits one in particular,ill mention the pair because they were,my,favorite i loved them so much and you,guys did as well,um they were a pair of prescription,sunglasses i believe the style was,called the harris,when you chewed those,rest in peace having colored eyes okay,guys having these green eyeballs,you pay a price over the past two years,ive had a surgery on each,eye for tragedium um i have a video on,that i wont get into detail here,but you guys can click on that and find,out what happened to my eyes,for that reason i also love eyeglasses,because the thought of having a graft on,my eyes still freaks me out i know its,been a long time now but still,it really irks me i have chronic,dry eyes actually this is two now right,surgery chronic dry eyes,im very sensitive to light and i have,an astigmatism again another reason why,i prefer prescription eyeglasses over,contacts thats whats up thats the,deal with my eyeballs but ive just,really always gravitated towards,the warby parker like business model,theyre so easy,and they take care of you ive had,several glasses,become loose or like this pair in,particular the little,nose pads have fallen off you can go,back they replace it no questions they,just look up your account,um they replace the lenses i think up to,a year i dont think they tax you,these are just footnotes that i took,from the last time i was there and with,covid its been a long time,they have a try on at home service that,you can do online,kyle did it not too long ago where you,can order,five try them on at home wear them i,think for like a week,and then if you like a pair you can,purchase them so yeah i pulled up my,account so i can go through each pair,the details what i added to them how,much they cost itll vary depending on,what you add what you customize a lot of,the sunglasses,are customized i mean everythings,customized i dont know what time out,but lets start with this first pair,because i wear these a lot,if youre a makeup wearer they really,show off your makeup because the frame,is so thin its so wide,i believe i got mine im obviously going,to get little makeup marks on my,the sides of my nose i have a video on,that as well,these are the york medium-width,which fits my face perfectly anything,bigger than that like theyre well,actually no i have a pair in the white,just kidding,they are in polished silver which at,first i wanted them to come in like a,really light gold i have an,old pair from them that was a,collaboration with into the gloss that,was,a light gold but it only came in silver,i dont know if it comes in another,color now but,the silver i dont mind it it looks,pretty neutral and,im wearing gold earrings and it doesnt,clash i actually really like it uh,theyre single vision which means,theyre not bifocals blue light,filtering which is an option that you,can add i want all of mine to be blue,light filtering because i spend a,majority of my day,on a screen laptop desktop,iphone all day long and,these cost me 195,next up these have to be,one of the more popular frames that,i get a ton of requests for i wanted,when looking for these frames i wanted a,bulky black nerdy,frame and this is exactly that this,is the beale frame and theyre actually,sunglasses when i saw,these i went into warby parker wanting a,pair that looked like this i didnt find,it in their eyeglass section,i went to their sunglasses and i was,like i could turn those,into prescription glasses so this is the,beel it is,a wide frame so this one is wide as you,can tell it sticks out past,my face but i wanted that with this,frame in particular,its in jet black it does come in other,colors single vision,blue light filtering and these cost me,145,and i will wear these two events with a,bold lip,it looks so good like if youre not,feeling the eye makeup or even if you,have like um,if youre having like an eye issue maybe,a little pink eye situation,something wonky is happening to your eye,you can throw these on as a distraction,and then toss on a bold lip,hair pulled back out of the face so you,really just see these glasses and that,bold lip,i can already picture it i think i mean,i think ive worn that to an event,before and thats why im like,talking it up or hyping up that look,this next pair that im about to show,you guys,has to be a fan favorite crowd favorite,whatever that saying,is ive seen so many people in this,frame its so flattering on,various face shapes space sizes,fake size it sounds really weird ive,seen so many people rocking these frames,and i love that um just like the first,pair the york,the frame kind of it disappears its not,the focal point because its clear so,again if youre,a big makeup wearer which im assuming a,lot of you watching this probably are,it really allows you to show off your,makeup and it doesnt clash because its,clear so you can go crazy with the eye,makeup you can do a crazy lip,and you can wear whatever color clothes,it is that you want and its going,to look so good these,are the chamberlain frames medium width,the clear color is called crystal single,vision,blue light filtering and they cost me,145,raider all right putting on the,sunglasses so,these to me are like the perfect aviator,and i just,love prescription sunglasses,i never realized this was an essential,necessity in my life,until i got my first eye surgery two,years ago,and i was going to coachella i dont,know like a month later and i was like,oh my god,i need prescription sunglasses theres,no way im putting contacts in my eyes,im like terrified,and i went to warby parker and i saw,these and i was like wow these are like,the perfect,aviator and i love again that they come,in different widths,so this is the raider medium width,just take no at this point all of mine,are medium width they all,no stop it beale beale is a wide why do,i keep doing that,polished gold is the color single vision,classic im assuming is the,color of the lens so with the sunglass,lenses they all come in various,colors this ones obviously like a nice,brown pan,tint and uh yeah the prescription,these were definitely my more pricey,warby parkers the sunglasses are going,to be more pricey because youre adding,that prescription to a,pair of sunglasses so these cost me 225,yeah i just think that theyre like the,perfect everyday,aviator okay you guys just see me at,coachella with this hair doing these,glasses,like this says coachella 100 if you guys,didnt know this fact about me green is,my absolute favorite color all shades of,green i do not discriminate i love,all shades of green even like that poopy,green shade you guys,know what color or what shade of green,im talking about,we call it gakka green okay um so when i,saw these,in green i was like i i need these,these are the beel so i didnt,wow okay i didnt even realize that they,were the same frame so i loved the beale,frame so much that i got them,in uh black prescription as well,as rosemary crystal so,if you guys can see it is sort of like a,see-through,material but the shade of green is,perfect,and uh let me just read off the specks,on this frame,so this is the beale wide not medium,rosemary crystal single vision classic,okay so maybe classic doesnt mean the,color then i dont know what that is,um but they do give you options when you,go to the store and obviously online,it comes in like

Warby Parker Harris Review

hey guys welcome back to shape review in,todays video we are going to reviewing,the Warby Parker Harrison glasses so,first up were going to pop these,sunglasses on were going to talk about,the dimensions these sunglasses are,going to have forty nine millimeter of,lenses in a 20 millimeter bridge and,this what theyre going to look on face,theyre going to be very similar to a,pair of ray-ban Wayfarers as far as,styling goes theyre going to have metal,accents here in the top corners of these,sunglasses but if you take a look over,here in the side theres not going to be,another middle accent like a pair of,ripe and wait heres with were going to,going to have this middle accents here,in the front as far as weight goes,sunglasses are very lightweight and,thats because they have Palmer lenses,so the lens quality on these is going to,be pretty decent nothing too crazy,probably about the bar as far as well as,quality goes did you have polarized,lenses and that the polarization does,seem to work pretty nicely now as far as,the acetate quality goes yesterday is,very nice and it looks pretty good but,its going to feel not quite as premium,or as heavy as a pair of ray-ban,sunglasses would theres going to be a,metal stem that runs all the way through,these temples but again theyre just not,going to seem quite as premium as a pair,of pre-ban Wayfarers,as far as hinge quality goes some,glasses have very nice all metal hinges,but theyre going to be extremely stiff,right out of the factory theres gonna,be very stiff and Im assuming they feel,I wear them often theyre probably going,to break in just a little bit but,theyre not going to quite again feel as,premium as something else that would,cost a little more money would as far as,coverage building sunglass are going to,offer pretty decent coverage from the,Sun there is going to be a gap so its,sunlight in unprotected here up top and,then here on the side again there is,going to be a gap to let sunlight in,again its gonna be about the same as,the Ray bed Wayfarer maybe a little bit,less because you dont have quite the,same slant as a pair of a Ridge no,tripan Wayfarers would so because thats,gonna let in a little bit more light,than a pair of ray-ban Wayfarers these,in class are going to have a WP logo,here in the inner ear rest of the,sunglasses thats going to be there for,authentication purposes those are going,to say Harriettes no its going to give,the lens dimension so theyre also want,to say China these frames are gloomy tea,made in China rather than Italy or,somewhere else now these sunglasses are,actually pretty decent overall the,frames are pretty nice quality and they,do look pretty,whats really cool about this company is,you can do a nice prescription,sunglasses much more affordable than,ray-bans if you get Brabant,prescriptions probably the cost around,$500 these are going to be considerably,less so its kind of the whole reason,youd get a pair of these I personally,dont think Id pick up a pair for $95,because I really dont have that much,value if youre not getting prescription,lenses theyre just going to be an,average pair of sunglasses me above,average you know theyre gonna be better,than a $50 pair of sunglasses but not,that much better so if you dont need a,prescription I probably wouldnt pick up,a pair of sunglasses for $95 theyre not,going to be that much better than,something for 50 or $60 just gonna be a,little bit better than those and they,definitely really dont compete with,anything like Raven Percel or even,Oakley the quality just isnt going to,quite be there and they are made in,China even though I guess some of those,brands are now buy in China I think,overall this is a pretty decent pair of,sunglasses and I think theyre really,not too bad for the money especially if,youre getting prescription lenses but I,will be a link of stripped down below,where guys to check out these sunglasses,directly from their website if you guys,are interested in them but thats enough,you guys in this video thank you all so,much for watching if you enjoyed the,video make sure you give it a big thumbs,up below and of course make sure the,subscribe button and then youll be,notified when I release new videos just,like this one to my youtube channel but,thats all guys in this video thank you,all so much for watching and Ill catch,you all in the next one,you

Warby Parker Sunglasses | Mens Fashion | Mens Style

[Music],what does up you guys,summer is here and that means it is time,for sunglasses now if you lost you guys,I do not own a pair of sunglasses and,that is why I decided I should get a,pair of sunglasses and Im gonna be,doing the same exact thing that I did,with my prescription glasses from Warby,Parker with sunglasses all right so,heres the deal I picked out five,sunglasses from OB Parker and I got them,sent to me for free again just like I,did with the prescription glasses how,long youve been asking why dont I have,them yet its because I didnt have my,prescription it was expired so I havent,been able to get them yet but Im,getting in there as soon I just got my,prescription once again heres a,packaging heres the fire glasses that,you get for free to try on and lets,just get into seeing which one you guys,like it the best all right pair number,one,[Music],number two coming right up,[Music],number three these are like my,prescription glasses that I have,currently,[Music],and last but not least more of the,little classic Raven style but not,really,[Music],[Music],all right so I really dont want to show,you the fifth pair that I got because,Im not happy with what they look like,on me because I look like a total dweeb,but I guess Ill show you anyways for,like two seconds and thats it yeah oh,my god what was I thinking Im done with,those all right so thats the situation,guys Ive got those Ive got five but,youre gonna choose between four of them,because I do not like that last card,shows you so yeah let me know which ones,you guys like I know my personal,favorite I think I am more inclined to,get turn number two,I like pair number two I like it cause,its rounder its not like that classic,shape I dont know I just feel like that,was the best on me so whatever you guys,think let me know one two three or four,if you say five Im just good you know I,know youre trolling yeah let me know,what you guys think if you want Warby,Parker does this for free you literally,gale this and you send it back to them,for free you dont even have to like any,of them and its all free so yeah let me,know what you guys like go check out one,with parker if you like this idea I,think its a great idea and yeah Ill be,talking to you guys later Im actually,gonna be filming like four videos today,so Im gonna be keeping you guys in the,loop big time alright talk to you guys,later thanks for your help on this and,are we talking to you,[Music],you

An Optometrist Explains: Prescription Sunglasses | Warby Parker

[Music],hi everyone my name is dr jennifer kidd,and im one of the optometrists here at,warby parker,i currently work at our summerset,location in troy michigan,today i want to talk about prescription,sunglasses summer is approaching and i,know,some of you are curious about sunglasses,so today in this video i want to touch,on prescription sunglasses from wilby,parker,and just things to consider the next,time you are looking to buy your next,pair of sunglasses,so what kinds of prescriptions can be,made into sunglasses so most,glasses prescriptions can be made into,sunglasses whether youre in a single,vision,or a progressive lens check out our,other videos on the topic of,progressives,if youre unsure what type of lenses,your doctor is recommending you,now lets talk about the benefits of,prescription sunglasses,so most importantly sunglasses help to,reduce,uv exposure to your eyes and research,shows that those exposed to more uv,light tend to develop earlier signs of,cataracts and other eye conditions,youll also be able to drive more,comfortably with your prescription,sunglasses on those bright and glary,days,majority of warby parker prescription,sunglasses are made with,polarized lenses so that helps reduce,glare off of services like,roads windshields and water,so what are polarized lenses you may ask,so polarized lenses eliminate,extreme glare by having tiny vertical,filters within the lens,that helps to block out reflected light,rays,so this improves overall comfort and,vision,i usually recommend polarized lenses for,those who play outdoor sports like golf,tennis or those who enjoy boating on the,water but in general its even,great just to wear driving on really,sunny days,while polarized lenses are great for,most people in most activities,those tiny filters can sometimes cause,interference in,certain specific situations warby parker,does,offer non-polarized options for those,who,wish to have prescription sunglasses but,dont want any interference,from that polarized filter for example,so some pilots prefer,non-polarized sunglasses so that they,can fly their planes on really bright,conditions,but you know theyre able to see their,monitors and instruments without any,you know interference from the,polarization in the sunglasses,for those of you looking for one pair of,glasses that can change to sunglasses,light responsive lenses tend to be a,better option,these are lenses that start clear,indoors,and then will gradually get darker with,more uv exposure,now keep in mind they dont turn into,sunglasses,in the car because your windshield,actually blocks that uv light,so if you want to know more about,sunglasses feel free to drop by any of,our retail stores,and this series aims to answer your,questions about vision care,so feel free to drop your questions,comments below,and well try to cover them in future,videos i hope this video gave you a,better understanding of prescription,sunglasses,and your different lens options here at,wilby parker have a great summer,bye

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