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  2. Wasteland 3 Is A Rare And Expertly Crafted RPG Experience (Review)
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Wasteland 3 Review

its the early years of the 22nd century,and hell has frozen over,at least that is if colorado happens to,be your idea of hell,radiation oozes through mountain valleys,a century after a nuclear holocaust,killer clowns ravage the eastern plains,a cult that worships ronald reagan,controls the centennial states oil,supply,its a strong and distinctive setting,for this lengthy and often challenging,isometric rpg,and it improves on wasteland 2 in almost,every way,here you play as a duo from arizonas,desert rangers an old west meet sci-fi,law keeping outfit whose base was,destroyed at the end of wasteland 2.,its been a rough road lately the,rangers head to colorado after a leader,there offers arizona vital aid in,exchange for help on his own,but the mission goes south when almost,the entire ranger company gets wiped out,in an ambush,you play as the only two characters who,survive after that the story can go in,substantially different directions,wasteland 3 does a fantastic job of,tying meaningful consequences to almost,every choice and it prepared me for,around 60 hours of such decisions mere,minutes in,early on for instance if you convince a,hostage taker to let a ranger go,okay okay shell run away and warner,friends who will set up an ambush and,kill other innocents,attack her and shell kill the ranger,meaning youll have one fewer recruit,for your party,but you wont have an ambush ready for,you,these often arent easy choices either,as everyone you meet in colorado is kind,of an [ __ ],and on your way home tell them to hire a,better class of spy,theyre written well enough that they,left me puzzling over which degree,and brand of assholary i could live with,these refugee vermin arent going to,punch themselves,and its remarkably hard to avoid being,corrupted by the sketchy business of,folding around you,youll be back i like that i rarely saw,the effects of my choices quickly,and usually not until i was well past,whatever pivotal save file id made for,backtracking,the effects of bad decisions can hit,hard partly thanks to the fact that,wasteland 3 looks significantly better,than its predecessor,fully voiced dialogue lines means it,sounds better too,leading to memorably silly moments such,as when you meet this guy and you find,out he learned his accent from watching,a tape of braveheart,give us a fun detail in a bunny car so,could we be by what,now thats tame and cheesy by the,standard of most of wasteland 3s rough,edge and often bloody humor,much of which is wrapped in contemporary,american political allegory about,fascism,refugees and a brutal police force that,sometimes feels a little too on the nose,all of the color commentary comes from,npcs you meet because your own,characters are essentially blank slates,there are preset pairs of folks you can,choose that give a false impression that,their relationship,might have some real impact on the story,but they dont,for the most part theyre as generic as,any custom character you make yourself,which you might as well do because that,way you can start off with a quirk with,big bonuses from one stat at the expense,of others,why two rangers instead of one the idea,is that you can play wasteland 3 and,online co-op if you wish,although i didnt have a chance to do so,as part of my playthrough it sounds,delightfully maddening though,as either player can make decisions,without the other one which could have,the nasty side effect of turning two,factions hostile when you only meant to,take off one the clowns,then the situation was more dire than i,had imagined,having two rangers around at all time,also gives you some leeway for more,skills,as wasteland 3s gameplay hinges on 6,person teams,its best to keep the team well rounded,as possible instead of specializing,everybody along a similar path,particularly since many quests offer,alternative methods of resolution,or at least an advantage before combat,begins listen knows you have a point,there,having a character with the hard ass,perk for example can let you skip,otherwise inevitable fights with a few,gruff words,you desert rangers really take the cake,with the right skills,wasteland 3 even lets you enlist animals,ranging from tomcats to robot chickens,in addition to your main party members,and some other usually uncontrollable,npcs will sometimes join up as well,these extra guys are great to have,around because they tend to dish out a,lot of damage but theyre also overly,fond of rushing into danger because you,cant control them,superficially wasteland 3s turn-based,combat still looks a lot like x-coms,a few changes though make it a heck of a,lot more satisfying than wasteland 2.,for one thing enemies and friendlies now,take turns as an,entire team instead of using an,initiative system this design can be,brutally punishing if you didnt get,your squad members behind cover before,the fight begins,as it allows the entire enemy team to,get in a free shot,but you can use your heavy hitters when,you absolutely need the most,so it balances out theres also a,greater emphasis on environmental,interaction this time around,ranging from simply blowing up explosive,barrels to firing the big gun mounted on,top of the rangers armored vehicle,and i generally found it rewarded,careful thinking such as letting you,shut down deadly weapons using computer,terminals,my main issues with wasteland 3 have,more to do with the interface,it definitely doesnt have as many bugs,as its predecessor but id still,sometimes find myself having to restart,because the in turn button wouldnt work,at other times the camera would randomly,shoot off far away from my party,for the most part though these are,merely annoyances that did little to,detract from my enjoyment,its a world that invites exploration,and rewards it as many frozen,breadcrumbs lead to massive new chunks,of an already massive story,its a pity wasteland 3 didnt launch in,winter as i can think of few companions,id rather be snowed in with,our analysis of the phrase,wasteland 3 doesnt add much to the,tactical rpg formula,but its impressive freedom of choice its,dark and rough humor and its satisfying,combat make it one of the more memorable,entries in a genre to date,its large world is packed with upwards,of 60 hours of content for a single,playthrough too,so theres a lot to chew on here,for more on tactical rpgs check out our,reviews of other side and x-con camara,squad,and for everything else stick with ign,gamescom 2020 is the heart of gaming and,you can keep to the beat right here on,ign,weve turned the single biggest show and,gaming into five gamescom now is your,virtual show floor with up to the second,live coverage gamescom daily show,gamescoms first ever late night talk,show our gamescom awesome indie show the,freshest,deep cuts in indie gaming and finally,the gamescom,best of show including the gamescom,award,gamescom 2020 is available on ign and,wherever you stream,gamescom now

Wasteland 3 Is A Rare And Expertly Crafted RPG Experience (Review)

this video is brought to you by raycon,true wireless earbuds,stick around to hear more about them and,also a special discount theyre offering,through my channel,so this is actually my first wasteland,game that ive played but i did go back,and look at some of the history of the,franchise the first one was released,back in 1998,and no one was even born back then,thats a video game that somehow,predates humanity,the sequel wasteland 2 was released in,2014,but that sort of skips over where the,series went in the 1990s and 2000s,interplay wanted to make a wasteland,sequel but they couldnt because they,didnt have the rights to it,so what did they create instead a,spiritual successor by the name of,fallout,now this was og fallout mind you the,isometric crpg,not the open world 3d version that,bethesda would make with fallout 3 and 4,and certainly not the broken live,service powered micro transaction,infested corpse bethesda acidically,propping up today in fallout 76,rather uniquely wasteland has this,enduring legacy that spans over 30 years,two different franchises wasteland and,fallout three different developers,interplay bethesda and in exile and,three gameplay styles,crpg single player open world rpg and,whatever the [ __ ] you call this its odd,that for a game as influential as this,theres not a lot of hype for it,youd be forgiven for not knowing that,wasteland 3 is coming out this week or,its just released,i mean i probably would have missed it,had i not been sent a review code for it,its actually published by deep silver,who havent invested much in the way of,marketing this one is just kind of,sneaking out the door,hoping that it gets noticed well ladies,and gentlemen i have noticed,this game wow this is one of my favorite,games of the year i didnt know that i,needed something like this until i,started playing it,each minute of the opening hours i was,convinced that at some point i would,just lose,interest in what is on the surface a,very straight up and down,classically inspired crpg turns out the,opposite happened,i dont think ive been this hooked on a,game in 2020,i would just do these marathon 12 hour,sessions like it was nothing,i was forcing myself to go to sleep,because i had to get up the next day,for laymen and i was like [ __ ] layman i,want to keep playing wasteland 3. what i,love,most about wasteland 3 is that its an,extremely subtle game,it never tries to be flashy it never,reaches for things it cant accomplish,it never puts you in some awkward,half-finished mini game or turret,sequence,because it feels like it needed more aaa,magic its a game that focuses,exclusively on the things it deems,important and in so doing is able to,layer on depth,detail and polish where it matters most,the world is small and yet has so much,to discover,the story is narrowly focused yet,provides a staggering amount of choice,the choices you make are straightforward,but their impact on the various,branching storylines is always profound,the combat and progression systems are,easy to understand but their flexibility,continues to surprise you deep into your,playthrough wasteland 3 has a quiet,confidence that will see it overlooked,and dismissed by many,but thats their great loss,[Music],so often rpgs will send you on grand,quests of world-saving import,spanning countries continents planets,and sometimes galaxies,these epic odysseys use scale as a way,to communicate significance,as though the stakes become higher for,every square mile of available real,estate,or for every new clan species or,representative government you encounter,wasteland 3 does things very differently,the world is not so much the world as it,is a small corner of colorado,and its not so much imperiled as it is,inconvenienced,the local leaders children are running,amok and you need to bring them to heal,the local gangs are proving to be more,trouble than usual and you need to put,them back in their box,the powers gone out and you need to get,it back on etc etc in a world where,nearly every video game subscribes to,the bigger is better paradigm,wastelands more telescopic world view is,a genuine relief i kept waiting for the,part where some big baddie had,discovered a new nuclear stockpile and,is ready to wipe out the last remains of,humanity because the voices in his head,told him to do so but,that moment never came instead wasteland,remains firmly fixed on the internet,scene squabbles of the locals and the,family drama on which it hinges,the center of that family is the,patriarch a benevolent dictator of sorts,who genuinely has his peoples best,interests at heart but still does all,the reprehensible things that dictators,do in order to retain their grasp on,power,he gently waves towards the promise of,free elections,when the time is right while talking,straight-faced about how his people are,free,he makes deals with slavers and outlaw,gangs and justifies them by saying that,the needs of his people,come before any sort of moral imperative,he keeps a secret gulag but he only uses,it for those he feels endangers the,peace and,order he so carefully protects hes,layered hes multifaceted hes morally,ambiguous,in short hes the perfect jumping off,point for a story such as this,the jumping part is up to you the,rangers who on an expedition from,arizona to forge an alliance with the,patriarch are attacked,with a squad wiped out and only two of,you left its up to you to rebuild the,range of presence so you can prove your,worth to the patriarch,seal the alliance with him and head home,the problem youre to solve are the,patriarchs kids theyre kind of jerks,but you cant really blame them since,anyone named,liberty valor and victory obviously had,one of those parents each of them have,run away from daddy teamed up with some,sort of hostile outfit,and have their own plans for taking out,their father and replacing him,you have to make sure that doesnt,happen or does happen its,entirely up to you wasteland 3 shows a,sort of focus that is rare in many games,from the opening section of the game,youll have the quest to bring down the,patriots kids,in your quest log youre just way way,too low level to do them at that point,immediately the objectives are clear and,you can begin working towards them as,you see,fit theyre in your mind from the get-go,rather than being later revealed to you,as layers of intrigue appealed back not,to say that those layers dont exist,though,as you take your first steps into,colorado springs youll soon learn just,how entwined interconnected and,incestuous this little saga is,youll meet the patriarchs marshals the,deputized law enforcement responsible,for keeping the peace,youll meet some of the hundred families,the local gentry who represent more,landed and moneyed interests youll meet,the local mafia boss who may or may not,be looking to unseat the patriarch,himself,youll meet refugees flooding the cities,displaced by the patriarchs recent,decisions,but without any of the patriarchs,hospitality to compensate there are more,factions to meet beyond the walls of,colorado springs but what i like most,about this setup,is how local the whole thing feels i,think of games like baldurs gate or,skyrim or dragon age or even the more,recent outer worlds,and i think of the individual stories,that unfold at each new location,in those games every new town is like,its own little island,full of problems that are largely,separate from the world around them,each new location feels like that dome,town where nothing can get in or get out,i dont know maybe you can id never,watch the show in wasteland 3 every new,faction you meet is intimately caught up,in the affairs of almost all the other,factions,every new location you visit has some,importance to all the other locations,take the ski resort in aspen for example,this used to be one of the hundred,families tourist spots the patriarch has,his own private suite there,the families would go there to hold,court with the patriarch and decide the,fate of colorado cit

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Wasteland 3 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”

regardless of the entertainment type i,think horror and humor is a hard thing,to mix correctly other than the scream,series in a couple movies,and games here and there mixing the dire,feelings of dread with tongue-in-cheek,hasnt actually,met with a great deal of success in the,game sphere there are a couple titles,that pulled it off and fewer is renowned,for shining a black light on the,smatterings of questionable body fluids,left over from the mayhem,trays like wasteland and the wasteland,series im not saying that wasteland is,a horror game but you do some pretty,horrible things throughout it and unlike,many titles where youre just traips,around double tap and half a nation of,dudes just working for their pensions,and then you smirk and,somehow get away with it wasteland has,always been about the reflection of the,repercussions few games can claim that,the boring parts of fielding a small,group of robot chickens and,questionably copied clones of yourself,into a turn-based battle,against a mercenary unit that doesnt,even notice you because theyre too busy,thinking up really cool names for,themselves,so lets take on the mantle of the,rangers in a world that lived through,nuclear armageddon,whether it deserved to or not by in,exile wasteland 3 comes out on the pc,xbox and ps4 this week its also on game,pass,as always if you like the video maybe,subscribe graphics are up first,so wasteland 3 is this heady step up i,think from the predecessor,and while not always demonstrating the,sheen of some,other titles lets say like divinity,original sin two it can still look,beautiful even if thats just some,nasty apartment filled with the refuse,of someones life and lack of care about,it or driving through the snowy roads,and trails of a,post-apocalyptic colorado location after,location each with small secrets and,well-established histories,build out as you explore in the game,world it also doesnt hurt that by the,time you have just a couple hours into,the game,your little band looks like they,sprinted through an old junkyard buck,ass naked covered in the worlds,strongest glue but ill get to character,design in a moment because to me much of,the character in games like this,especially due to the way the camera is,sort of zoomed out,is the world and its environments itself,trekking across colorado has a really,unique feeling to it thats different,from all the wastelands prior,discovering small,out of the way sellers of stolen items,the less asked about those the better,or locations that you never knew existed,just never really stops wasteland is,nothing if not surprise after surprise,in exploration game form,but you know what weve seen fancy,graphics before this isnt just,reflected in the graphics though its,also reflected in things like the voice,and the narrative,ill get to that in those sections,somehow wasteland offers this rich,tapestry of life in a world that no one,probably really wants to live in anymore,and you can feel that ignoring that sure,a bit of its more colorful than say,fallouts drab or grays and browns here,that color,is half of the enjoyment there its that,desperate difference between,the drab way in which you live here and,the colorful way,in which its presented and i know a lot,of people wont notice those kind of,things but i certainly do appreciate it,another thing i appreciate is good,character design the first main,character you meet has a warhammer,thats just two fists an american flag,the only way that could be cooler if it,was somehow four fists and,its grip was mcdonalds fry bags hes,like a space marine minus the multiple,hearts and shrunken genitalia,also luckily translates to your,characters as well with a bit more of a,flexible,and in your face armor design than we,sometimes see here,well at first i was worried it was just,going to be like 11 versions of the same,ranger police officer jacket when youre,making your character,i was actually walking around in a small,amount of time in what looked like a,deep-sea world war ii diving rig for a,helmet my own version of bioshocks big,daddy just rumbling stumbling and,tumbling through the game world,cosmetic choices can be turned on or off,if you dont want,that and you want a little bit of a,cleaner look to your characters but i,say turn them on,the more ragtag the better but sometimes,that can actually get in the way,especially in wasteland 3.,when youre four rounds deep in a giant,battle that involves smoke grenades real,grenades flamethrowers rpgs and toxic,attacks,it can actually get hard to see what is,happening thats also because if you,turn off the hit chances and a few other,settings for information,you still have a lot going on,graphically and a lot of color,now too much isnt necessarily a bad,thing here but i will admit there were a,couple times where i moved to the wrong,space,simply because i thought yeah this is,where i want to go and then,move to it but the effects were laid on,top of one another so much i didnt,notice,it wasnt the actual place i had chosen,regardless of where i was or what i was,seeing from,burning offices to blazing disco dance,floors the game ran,pretty good i cant say it was amazing,though 4k,with all the settings on ultra of which,there are a good number of settings you,can adjust,was usually above 60 frames per second,on the i7 and the 2080 ti,but there were certainly some drops,surprisingly though,if you use the button to highlight items,in the game world you can interact with,theres a noticeable bit of stutter,which is really odd just,well to add some floating text getting,it to run at 60 required turning down,shadows or the resolution or a mix of,them it still looked really good,despite that the jump from 1440p to 4k,sees another sacrifice in this game i,think i did get a couple fps from using,full screen so you could always try that,heres the thing though while its not,always technically at the top of the,heap and sometimes a place or two did,look rough,wasteland 3 for the most part does,exactly what i wanted from it it offers,an almost,tractor beam draw for me into a,post-apocalyptic world,things that dont look like they belong,probably dont and jumping into battle,is this catastrophic color explosion you,expect in a game as you trading shots,between flamethrowers and shrink rays,and then the thing you didnt think was,probably supposed to be there,turns out thats a bad guy too i love,the way,everything mixed together and that,weaving of graphics over gameplay,really worked well i do just wish they,toned it down a bit,and that brings us to sound music and,voice,engines for what was done to you,hes yours,be my guest,well done like theres no windows or,clocks in here you know hard to keep,track of when the day,uh when the day starts or,ends lets do voice first because this,is phenomenal its a massive step up 575,speaking parts 38 hours of audio fully,voiced acted,characters brian fargo tweeted that emil,minty who is the feral kid from road,warrior not the feral kid from the,starting horizon zero dawn because i,swear to god they look the same,is also in this well there are a couple,times where it sounds like the voices,dont exactly matched up i was,astonished by the amount that exists,here and the subtlety between them all,when you realize claudia christensen is,like 200 people in skyrim it starts to,make you have an uncomfortable,discussion in your head about puppetry,and,where the strings are attached here,everyone is pretty much discreet from,the seething character threatening your,lives deep in some robotic sedate,commune,to some random jackass who mouths off,one too many times and sees the end of,his short life at the end of a shorter,barreled shotgun,even the radio works to offer this,tangible connection to the overarching,world itself pulling you from spot to,spot to new adventure to new adventure,as theyre offered to you even as you,set forth to do your own,each report from different people or the,occasional dispatcher who,also becomes this wei

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Wasteland 3: Review After 100%

whats going on everybody,mortum here this time bringing you my,review,of wasteland 3. slight caveat normally i,do this,after 100 in the game but with wasteland,3 there are currently two achievements,that are bugged you cant get them,normally,you could hack the game and get them but,that obviously seems a little unfair to,the premise of these review videos,i do have saved files ready to go as,soon as those achievements are fixed,then ill go back and get them but in,the meantime im as close to 100 percent,as it is literally possible to get and,because,baldurs gate 3 early access is hitting,next week,in like just a couple days actually,reality is i need to knock this out,because thats probably going to take up,a ton of my time and i dont think ill,have time to circle back to this frankly,now jumping into it what is wasteland 3,wasteland 3 is a turn-based,post-apocalyptic crpg now this might be,where you want to compare it to fallout,but im not going to do that because a,comparing games to other games is not,that nice,and b the original wasteland actually,predates the original fallout,so there you go now jumping into the,first thing we are going to go over the,story first,so if you dont want any spoilers for,that ill give you a short version,and then theres a time stamp down below,to skip ahead or at least there should,be with that in mind,the short version is that you are from,arizona you are part of the rangers from,arizona the arizona rangers,you are on your way to help a guy named,the patriarch who contacted the arizona,rangers for help,and for helping he will give arizona the,much needed aid,that it needs because arizona is,currently not a great place to live,and the rangers are struggling to,survive down there so they send,you a head to help the patriarch with,whatever it is he needs to secure aid to,send back to arizona and thats,basically the short,spoiler-free plot synopsis so go ahead,and skip ahead if you dont want any,spoilers but for the rest of us,now were getting into the good stuff,like i mentioned the arizona rangers are,going to colorado for aid,colorado is ruled by a man named the,patriarch,he has managed to establish control over,basically all of colorado,and it is actually semi-civilized there,he needs help,basically reigning in his three children,that have run amok now on your way to,colorado your group of 50 that were sent,up there actually get ambushed and,only three of you survive two player,characters that youll have chosen,as well as a single private from the,regular,now once you actually make it the rest,of the way and start speaking to the,patriarch,again he reiterates that he needs help,reining in his kids,and gives you a base of operations and,recruits to make that happen since,most of your team got wiped out by an,ambush by the dorsey raiders who are an,enemy of the patriarch,and as a way of apologizing for that he,tries to set you up with a base,and the right if you will to recruit,from the populace,into the rangers to help you fulfill,this mission while you are,going after these three kids you can,choose to kill them,or either arrest them and bring them,back the patriarch makes it very clear,he does not want them,killed and while you are running about,the wasteland working on this,you will actually be contacted by the,previous advanced squad of arizona,rangers that were sent to make contact,with the patriarch,they start informing you and they,learned themselves that the patriarch is,actually a pretty questionable dude,that he has made a lot of morally grey,decisions,and the previous arizona rangers squad,the advance team,has decided that they want him gone they,want his kids dead,they want him out of power for all this,shady tyrannical stuff that hes been,doing that you learn about throughout,the story,this is an interesting part because,morality plays,into it a little bit but at the same,time you have to understand this is a,post-apocalyptic world,so modern-day morality doesnt exactly,factor into it but you learn all sorts,of crazy stuff,like say how he is sending prisoners to,a gang called the god fishers who are,then killing these people,as ritual sacrifices to their gods,and the patriarch is doing that to make,sure that the god fishers dont continue,to attack but at the same time,the patriarch isnt just sending random,citizens to this hes sending people who,are already sentenced to die,as in colorado most crimes are punished,by time,in what they call the pillaries where,basically your clothes are taken off,youre stripped down to your underwear,and youre chained to a pillory but in,colorado which is perpetual,nuclear winter basically its basically,a death sentence because its so cold,the frostbite is going to kill you,you might get lucky and only have a,short time in the pillories but youre,still basically guaranteed frostbite and,limb damage permanently,so its not like these people werent,already going to die that hes sending,to the god fishers,hes just basically doing that and while,thats a terrible thing to do,because like you know either way youre,gonna die but,arguably sending people off to go get,ritually sacrificed,as opposed to carrying out the agreed,upon civilization,government form of justice which is the,pillaries its just like either way its,terrible right,but again post-apocalyptic wise in order,to keep the god fishers from attacking,hes sending these people who are,basically already sentenced to death,anyway,so again some moral debate there about,whether thats right or wrong,given the context obviously in the,modern day its,100 terrible six ways to sunday but,eventually youre either going to kill,all of his kids maybe reel them in maybe,kill some of them or rest the other half,and then youre going to come up to the,endings now im not going to spoil any,of them per se but i will say theres a,variety of endings,and by that i mean theres basically,three endings that all have some nuance,to them so youll get endings for each,area you visit,uh each major character really as well,as how the story actually wraps up did,you choose to side with the advanced,team and take out the patriarch,did you stay true to what the patriarch,wanted so he agreed to send aid to,arizona,does arizona not get that aid that it,needed all sorts of things,so like i said variety of endings there,is what i would consider,probably the best ending that is a,little tricky to get,by the way again spoiler alert skip,ahead if you dont want to hear it,there is a good ending in which you can,essentially,turn the factions that work for the,patriarch against him,basically peacefully usurp power from,the patriarch,and choose to take over colorado for,yourself at which point you become the,de facto leader as the rangers,and youre able to again either choose,to send aid to arizona or maybe become a,tyrant yourself,but if you choose to send the aid to,arizona and rule colorado,the rangers basically peacefully take,over colorado as,an occupying force thats probably the,best ending,and resolves the best things for,everyone all around,so thats like the one true good ending,there you go just kind of a general sum,up of the story,i personally enjoyed it quite a bit i,thought it was good the characters were,very well written so it was it was a,good time,but moving on to the combat as i,mentioned it is,turn-based turn-based seems to be a,touchy subject for people for some,reason i dont understand,that personally i think if youre,watching my channel you probably enjoy,it i go over a lot of turn-based stuff,but its not lost on me that some people,absolutely hate turn-based combat but,im here to tell you,as far as turn-based combat goes i think,wastelands threes is very good,they had a lot of features and things,that really kind of help,the combat move itself along while not,becoming mired in the slowness and,things like that,that are often accompanied with these,turn-based games period,personally and i know im going to sound,like a douchebag just saying th

Wasteland 3 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],shakespeareans,[Music],its strange that wasteland 2 is almost,6 years old at this point,as the crowdfunded successor to,wasteland whose setting laid the,foundation for the fallout series,it had an excellent blend of old-school,rpg exploration,survival and tactical combat thats why,wasteland 3 is so remarkable,it not only leverages this premise while,introducing a brand new region but also,improves on the tactical combat,dialogue systems world building decision,making and so on and so forth,it does this with a certain air one that,sprinkles dark humor into a cauldron of,post-apocalyptic despair,where good is replaced with the lesser,evil and horrifying consequences,are a part of life the story sees your,squad,team november venturing outside arizona,to receive aid from saul buchanan aka,the patriarch a despotic figure in,charge of colorado springs,on the way youre ambushed by the,dorseys and subsequently emerge as the,lone survivors,nevertheless you meet with buchanan,exact either justice or,vengeance on a captured dorsey and,quickly learn whats needed in return,for buchanans aid,capturing liberty valor and victory the,patriarchs three children,gone bad theres a greater sense of,urgency here compared to wasteland 2s,opening,youre essentially thrown into a huge,melting pot criminals are fastened to,pillories so theyll freeze to death,refugees swarm in due to gang violence,on the plains,factions like the hundred family sulk,behind the scenes,and the marshalls swing between stoicism,and corruption,colorados springs sordid history is,laid bare along with its imminent future,even with the patriarchs strict ruling,the city,seems on the verge of coming undone the,swift pacing and side quest design,further aids this,even as you help a cranky landlady deal,with a troublesome tenant,or help evict some remaining dorsis from,a clothing shop,the overarching history and lore of the,city opens up,its not just the market square or,adjoining areas like broadmoor heights,that are full of intrigue,the bazaar home of the monster army is,also interesting with its underground,market,and diverse interests while denver is,home of the fanatic,gippers theres much more to see from,homesteads occupied by violent raiders,to strongholds full of psychotic clowns,random enemies,also occur on the map which means a,posse of mutant frogs could suddenly,ambush you then again you might also,come across some friendly merchants,allied with the different factions who,offer some nice gifts if youre beloved,enough,when the game starts out youre invited,to create a pair of rangers,while several pre-made pairs are,available for those jumping in for the,first time,there is a hefty amount of character,customization right down to different,outfits hairstyles,body types accessories and more for,appearance,all characters are broken up into,customizable attributes,skills and perks attributes like,strength awareness coordination and,charisma,affect melee damage constitution action,points,status resistance hit chance for nearby,allies and so on,skills are more personalized allowing,you to create a hard ass that,specializes in flamethrowers and rocket,launchers,a melee fighter thats also an expert,lock picker or a sniper that can also,repair machines and deploy,turrets as you put more points into,skills,different perks become available these,range from,general benefits like increased evasion,constitution and critical hit resistance,to more nuanced abilities like a shotgun,blast that inflicts bleed,where your character no longer,triggering explosive traps,then there are the backgrounds which,give little bonuses in categories like,combat speed,melee damage perception or experience,gain and quirks which present,different pros and cons for a character,you might sacrifice,combat speed for more armor forsake the,ability to wear armor entirely,for the sake of more action points and,so on the amount of build potential here,is incredible even if it does take some,time for a specific character,to come into their own from the outset,youre given a makeshift hq and can,recruit new,randomly generated recruits to fill out,your squad,other companions can eventually join,your cause including the straight-laced,lucio wesson,and the morally loose marshall quan,while custom recruits,and even your own surviving rangers,wont banter much,the other companions can have some,interesting conversations,its not super intricate but seeing,these pop up is still fun,and theyll consult you regarding,specific decisions and such,at times as you help out different npcs,eventually ranger hq will become a,bustling location,with an armory a doctor and even a,museum curator who collects different,trophies,in honor of your triumphs over time,different conflicts can arise and its,up to you to manage this faction of,misfits,with each decision having its own set of,consequences,this highlights another great part of,the game at least for me the writing,its to in exiles credit that almost,every character from the scummy pharyn,brygo,to the plucky jody hill feels like a,well-realized character,even when youre confronting lowlifes,like flab the inhaler or poly the,jerkwad,parrot you feel drawn to them their,personalities are fleshed out with,natural motivations ambitions and flaws,those worried about the verbiage being,too dense like torment tides of numenera,neednt worry the dialogue never,overstays its welcome,conversations flow naturally and rarely,if ever feel dragged out,even when asking questions i also,appreciated how the game balances its,bleakness,with some well-timed though still dark,comedy,and if that werent enough the voice,acting all around is superb,saul buchanan may be an easy favorite,with his charismatic delivery and,no-nonsense demeanor,but i can also look back and pick out a,number of well-voiced characters,from the calm and collected sheriff,daisy to that random killer clown on the,radio thats going to butcher some,unsuspecting traveler,one isnt usually a stickler for a fully,voiced experience,but wasteland 3s quality voice acting,masterfully expands on the,post-apocalyptic atmosphere having,certain conversations zoom in to a,first-person perspective,is also a great touch highlighting the,quality of facial animations and voice,acting all the more,not every conversation unfolds this way,so when the camera zooms in,youll know its important wasteland 2,did quite a bit with its decision making,in branching choices,but the sequel dials it all up to 11.,you can ally with different factions,betray them take up an npcs offer but,subsequently backstab them,save a young man from the pillories,arrest criminals or hand them off to the,marshals,which is pretty much akin to killing,them some quests are fairly,straightforward but with some very,unique twists,there are a fair number of outcomes and,choices that will shock you in their,depravity,and gruesomeness but there are also the,big overarching decisions,that significantly impact the entire,story and how the rest of the world,treats you,combat will be familiar to most tactical,role-playing fans,but theres one big change here over,wasteland 2.,instead of combatants turns arranged on,a timeline based on initiative,all members for each side takes their,turns first,so your squad will execute all of their,actions first and once their turn ends,the opposing side has a go with,initiative determining the chances of,attacking first when spotted out,this gives combat more of an x-com-like,flavor as you coordinate different plays,like weakening a few enemies with one,assault rifle touting ranger,before another armed with a shotgun,finishes them off at once,netting a bunch of action points thanks,to their serial killer quirk,rack up hits on enemies and youll,charge up a precision strike,which can be used to target a specific,body part for different effects like,bonus damage,reducing armor inflicting bleed or,stifling enemy movement,not every weapon class gains access to,precision strikes,heavy

Wasteland 3 Review is it worth a buy?

wasteland three is it worth a bye,lets read the words the words the words,the words the words the words the words,the words though lets just read some,[ __ ] words guys,of the developer following the,critically acclaimed 2014 game of the,year winner wasteland 2 the rpg,series that pioneered the poster what,are you going to tell us about,wastelands 3 i just [ __ ],shill about wastelands 2. the rpg series,that pioneered the post-apocalyptic,genre in video games returns,with wastelands 3. so youve told me,nothing about wastelands 3.,lets lets dig deeper guys in,wastelands 3 you take command of a squad,of desert rangers,lawmen and women in a post nuclear world,trying to rebuild society from the ashes,more than a century after the bombs fell,youre fighting a losing battle to keep,your beloved arizona alive,then the self-proclaimed patriarch of,colorado radios,promising aid if youll do a job he can,only entrust to an outsider,rescue his land from the ambitions of,his three,bloodthirsty children first up guys,lets have a quick look at the graphical,options theres quite a few to choose,from you can turn things down turn,things up twiddle with knobs and pull,levers which is what you really want,in a game on a pc uh it does stutter a,little bit when you have everything on,with the music,um its not going to run great on some,low end systems,so bear that in mind if you are buying,this now i didnt play the first two so,this was a brand new experience for me,and ive got to say,guys right from the off i enjoyed,playing it its got a decent story,um its very very for loudy you kind of,get that whole fallout vibe from playing,this,um its a turn-based tactical rpg as,youre probably already aware of,ill come into the combat and the,tactics in a minute but lets talk a,little bit about the story and what you,do youre kind of a ranger battalion,thats been ambushed as i said in the,woods,and you get given this base that you,have to populate with uh,key members of staff like a doctor a,mechanic an armorer,and things like that and its all very i,love that kind of stuff where you have,your own base and you can go back to,your base at any time,between missions to restock or get,healed and,or resupplied and things like that which,is a nice neat touch you also get,missions from there as well,once you get past the tutorial youll be,roaming around the open world in this,vehicle and you can have random,encounters in it,but basically what you use in the,vehicle force to get from quest to quest,youll be doing a lot of quests for,different types of people theres main,quests and side quests,all of them will give you a reward,whether it be money or,armor or weapons and things like that,theres lots and lots of creates and,loot to be getting in this game,theres vendors where you can sell,everything to and buy new [ __ ] from them,and equip out your team your team is a,maximum of six players,and you have to have two npcs on that,now when i see npcs thats not true,theyre not npcs but they are,computer generated characters from,within the game,but the rest of them you can have your,own characters that you make up,ive got four characters in here that,are from my patron or,uh other forms of donators ive got,malto the mad axeman,whos my main tank ive got myself on,heavy machine guns ive got heads,as a sniper and i have lex whos the,actual leader,whos a medic and a pistolero and the,mpcs have assault rifles and theres,another one,wielding a pistol the reason ive got so,many different weapons,is because the ammo is all based in your,inventory you dont give them individual,ammo they all just share the same,inventory which is fantastic,saves a lot of micro management like you,get in,in other kind of games like this it just,does away with all that you just put,everything in your main inventory,and then using the action bars you just,equip them with what you want them to,have,and if the inventory runs out they run,out and the reason like i said,that ive got different weapons is so,that i can have lots of different ammo,so theyre not all drawing from the same,ammo pool,when youre creating the character you,have three main areas,you have your attributes you have your,perks and you have,your skill points now you attribute to,your basic rpg,stuff if i look at me sniper uh,basically ive got high,intellect on that because thats your,crit you want that ive got low strength,which is kind of your hit,points because hes at the back he,doesnt need a lot of hit points,hes a hes a sly bastard at the back,just taking quick shots one eight high,crit,high hit and low uh hit points so ive,got him kind of specked out like that,his skill points are obviously sniper,rifles for your sniper but theres lots,and lots of others that you can invest,into for example ive got his luck,picking up high,and also his local pie because them two,work perfectly in tandem because look,gives you a chance to get more [ __ ] when,youre looting,and also more crit so its perfect for a,sniper so it makes,perfect sense to have your sniper your,lock picker,and your lucky guy and theres lots of,different things that you can spec,into which is over and above the kind of,weapon that youre using which is really,neat stuff theres like,computer nerdery so you can hack into,computers and hack into robots and turn,them on each other,and things like that so theres plenty,of stuff to spec into,which i like it is a good rpg even the,loot system is good because you cant,just walk into anyones,sort of palace or house and start,looting in front of them that wont,allow that theyll stop you from looting,so it is its a very good rpg and its,all,voiced guys all the way through the,story is voiced every character so far,that ive come across,is fully voiced and the voices are,brilliant theyre really well done,the only criticism is you dont really,get to see a lot of their faces because,youre in this,isometric kind of view and you cant,zoom in very far and the camera is a bit,[ __ ] as well,um and theres you cant click on the,map as well to just move people so,it does get a bit confusing at times,trying to move,your characters around once youve set,up your base and youve populated it,with specialists you get this vehicle,we actually get the vehicle before that,and you can go around the open world map,doing your quests,and this is the fun part of the game,when youre riding around in this,vehicle you can get stopped,by random events sometimes you can get,away sometimes you dont want to get,away because the more fights you have,the more loot you get the more loot you,get,the more money you get and money is,everything in this game which is why i,have one of my crew,high on bartering because what he does,is hes the man that goes to all the,vendors,and sells and buys because he gets a,discount for buying,and he gets a big bit of profit for,selling because of his,high spec in bartering again the skill,points are,really really essential in this so as,you go around in your vehicle youll get,to where you want to be whatever quest,youre going to do and then the combat,starts now if you can get the jump,on the enemy by initiating combat,yourself,thats great because you get the first,goal which can mean the difference,between winning and losing a battle,you can see the vision rings around the,enemy so you know,whether theyre going to see you,obviously if you penetrate that ring,theyre going to see you,this is where knowing your squad comes,in youve got to know who to have at the,front who to have at the back,and set them out accordingly get them,behind barricades,and then just kick ass you have action,points which you spend in these kind of,games which can either be spent on,movement healing,reloading or firing each kind of action,has a different amount of action points,obviously the bigger the better the,weapon the more action points its going,to use,you can get more action points by how,you spec in your attributes,which i had touched on a little bit,earlier now i love the co

Wasteland 3 Review: Baldur’s Gate Meets X-Com

in this wasteland 3 review well be,discussing the new rpg title developed,by inxile entertainment and published by,deep silver,taking a similar approach as the first,fallout series the game exploration,mechanics are very similar to baldurs,gate 2,while the combat resembles the x-com,series wasteland 3 focuses around rpg,elements,providing the player with a wide variety,of options when deciding how to handle,each and every situation they encounter,each action the player takes may have a,deep impact on both the history and the,world,making each playthrough unique wasteland,3 is set in a post-apocalyptic usa that,now freezes under a nuclear winner,as a newcomer to this series i know the,horror the game does a very good job of,introducing you to the world and to the,rangers the faction that youll be,working with throughout the game,the rangers were originally a group of,us army engineers based in arizona,their base survived the nuclear,apocalypse and since then they have been,trying to help out the different,outposts located across the wasteland,in wasteland 2 a group of synths,attacked the ranger base and they were,forced to destroy in order to achieve,victory,leaving them without resources and,supplies wasteland 3 begins with an,offer from the patriarch the current,ruler of colorado who offers to provide,supplies and resources to the rangers in,arizona in exchange for their services,as law enforcers,he wants you to help him bring his,children victory valor and liberty into,custody,because they conspire to overthrow him,victory is a psychopath that loves to,torture other people,valor is a computer nerd that lacks a,personality of his owner who is easily,manipulated,and liberty is the favorite daughter of,the patriarch she is the most fit of the,three but she lacks heart and would most,likely become a dictator if she were to,rise to power,as soon as the rangers arrive in,colorado their forces are greatly,diminished by an ambush leaving only two,of them alive to build a new base and,recruit new members,as the story progresses players will,uncover the current state of colorado,and will be able to decide if they want,to remain loyal to the patriarch if they,want to support another faction,or if they want to rule colorado by,themselves there are many different,factions in colorado each of them with,their unique backgrounds and objectives,the post-apocalyptic setting the grim,humor old music and the icons that the,synths used for the attributes and stats,which are very similar to the pip-boy,they all resemble what i like most about,the original fallout games,the game provides a deep rpg experience,where players have complete freedom when,deciding how to react to any given,situation when it comes to character,customization players will have the,possibility to both create their own,rangers and choose between a set of,pre-made ones and players will have a,lot of options when it comes to the,appearance of their rangers,additional outfits can also be found,across the wasteland that can be used,for further customize their appearance,and there are seven different attributes,22 skills more than 30 backgrounds and,more than 20 quirks,so each ranger will feel and look unique,while exploring the different locations,players will have the expected isometric,view similar to rpg games such as,baldurs gate fallout and wasteland 2.,the rpg mechanics is where wasteland 3,really shines offering a wide variety of,dialogue options and deep customization,there are so many interactions taking,place with each encounter such as fame,attributes skills companions and,previous events that players will feel,each playthrough is unique,each interaction will offer different,ways to solve it for example you want to,open a locked door you can use your lock,picking skill or if you dont have,enough points you could also blast it,open using your guns alerting nearby,enemies,the same goes with the safe but you,might break the contents inside do you,want to convince someone to do something,for you,you can use your kiss-ass skill to,persuade or the hard-ass skill to,intimidate,all of these interactions are limited by,your partys attributes and skills,forcing the player to make tough choices,about how to invest their points when,leveling up,while also distributing their points,across their combat skills,this encourages creating new rangers,builds and traveling with different,companions providing tons of diversity,each playthrough,another core aspect related to player,actions is how they will impact your end,game,youll be free to kill arrest or forgive,most of the main characters that you,confront,your early game choices might have a big,impact on late game events,even if you didnt notice it at first,making you wonder what might have,happened if youd chosen another route,the biggest single complaint i have here,is the inventory management which is,very poorly implemented,players can sort their inventory by,categories but there are not any,additional options,later in the game when you have a lot of,equipment to handle youll be spending a,lot of time managing your inventory when,youd rather be playing,simple actions such as dismantling a,weapon or armor must be done by hand,which takes a lot of time and becomes,tedious very quickly,i think that inxile should revamp how,this inventory is managed,like for example adding the option to,sort weapons by damage type name etc,during the first act players will have,to set up their base which is located,inside an abandoned military airport the,base acts as a hub where players can,manage their party acquire new quests,and access different facilities that are,unlocked as the players recruit,different npcs across the world,these npcs can act as merchants or set,up different areas such as a jail or,even a museum where your achievements,are displayed,to remember all the deeds you perform,during your playthrough facilities can,be unlocked in more than one way,providing with even more role-playing,options for the player,i personally find the base building a,great mechanic as it gives players a,sense of progression and helps them find,all the services they need in a single,location,and once players finish the starting,area theyll be able to use the kodiaq,and armored vehicle to go outside and,explore the world map,on the world map the party will travel,as a single unit inside the kodiak,players will be able to visit different,locations and interact with various,random encounters some completely random,while others are triggered by previous,events of your playthrough,when a random encounter leads to a,battle a location will spawn and players,will engage in combat,and the kodiak will spawn as an extra,unit using the kodiak in combat is a ton,of fun,as players can use it both to decimate,the enemy and discover from enemy,attacks,there is no fast travel between major,locations on the world map but players,can right-click on the desired location,on the map and the kodiaq will move,there using the fastest route,there are some areas of the world map,that are covered with radiation and,players will need to upgrade the kodiaq,radiation resistance level to be able to,pass through those locations on harm,and reach higher level areas i found it,very fun to explore the world map using,the kodiaq,but even though there were many random,events i think the world map could have,been,a little larger the combat system in,wasteland 3 is very similar to the xcom,franchise but its implementation is far,from perfect,combat is turn based and players will,find similar mechanics such as cover,action points downtime overwatch low and,high ground etc,depending on the situation players might,be able to place their rangers before,the fight,i personally find this feature,interesting but not well implemented as,the enemies move across the battlefield,and will quickly spot your rangers,before youre able to individually place,them where you want them,perhaps adding a time stop for placing,all your rang

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