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Should You Buy Watch Dogs 2 In 2022? (Review)

foreign,[Music],should you buy Watch Dogs 2 in 2022,Watchdogs 2 went in a completely new,Direction after Watchdogs one got,critically slaughtered and the general,consensus was that Watchdogs one was not,the game that was advertised and was,just your average typical Ubisoft game,with a little bit of paint over the,years Ive seen Watchdogs gain a bit of,support from players but by then it was,just too late Ubisoft moved on to Watch,Dogs 2 which was received fairly well,but then watchdogs Legion came out and,wow that game is just shockingly bad,Watchdogs 2 however ditched pretty much,everything from the original to Target a,new audience a younger audience with a,less grounded tone so is Watchdogs 2,worth playing right now in 2022 lets,start with the story with no spoilers,and if you do enjoy the video smash that,like button and maybe even subscribe,Watchdogs 2 follows a new protagonist,with a new group of characters connected,to deadsec lets get this out of the way,first the writing of Watchdogs 2 is,incredibly cringy it tries way too hard,to appeal to a specific audience and,thats shown through the characters its,the classic One Note character Trope,every character you meet has one,specific character trait and thats it,they just Ram it down your throat for,the most part the exception is Marcus,though Marcus is actually a fairly,interesting character when it comes to,his motivations his hatred for ctOS is,actually quite easy to get invested into,c2os is basically something that,predicts the futures of people and the,crimes they could commit based on their,background so naturally everyone would,hate that idea other than that though,the story is a mess it struggles to,focus on specific themes and feels,closer to Marvel shows rather than the,original Watchdogs which was a much more,grounded and um uh mature take on things,if you could say that they didnt nail,it but you know it got close enough dead,circus completely wasted and it feels,like it was completely retconned from,the original in the original Watchdogs,dead SEC felt like a threat more,powerful than anything you could imagine,and meant serious business if youve,ever watched Mr Robot they felt like the,embodiment of white rose but here,theyre turned into a complete joke,created by a group of people that dont,seem to be serious about anything its,all about having a laugh at first I was,okay with the new Direction Everyone,likes a bit of fun in fact it even made,sense after Watchdogs one was so heavily,criticized but once the story picks up,and characters start dying nothing,changes these characters continue to,make jokes no ones changed or affected,by their actions or actions of others so,it just lost me there was no consequence,to anything why should I get invested,into a story where the characters,themselves dont get invested its the,worst part of Watchdogs 2 which sucks,the franchise had so much potential but,it just it just seems like Ubisoft,squandered it again with another IP it,doesnt it just doesnt seem to stop,where Ubisoft its not all bad though I,think the general idea of a group of,young people standing up to Big Tech is,weirdly appropriate to the times were,living in but it it just wasnt done,with any kind of subtlety or depth there,was nothing to it I think a great idea,would have been to have like markers,working inside one of these big,companies and learning how it all works,how corrupt it is etc etc informing his,own group that eventually gets put into,dead SEC and working from there and you,know instead of taking the easy route of,oh yep hes part of dead SEC these,companies are soulless Pricks that you,know everyone working in them are pieces,of [ __ ] they could have been a bit more,subtlety to it it could have been,different sides to it morality why this,ctOS system needs to be put in place why,its used for the positives of it and,then bring in the negatives and things,like that but they didnt bother either,way the story of Watchdogs 2 could have,been way better but what we got is,surfaceable but thats about it its not,special but what is surprisingly special,is the gameplay its weird because I,didnt like Watchdogs 2 last year when I,played it but this year I found myself,enjoying it a hell of a lot more,Watchdogs 2 actually innovates on pretty,much everything the original Watchdogs,did when it comes to gameplay you can,hack more stuff you can interact with,more people and you can mess around with,the environment for more creative,opportunities than you could in the,original Watchdogs yes its still,limited but you still have more options,than you did in the original combat is a,mix of Gunplay and hacking opportunities,its like a permanent third person Deus,Ex type game where just shooting,mechanics arent enough speaking of,shooting mechanics the shooting is ass,Gunplay in general feels really rough,Ubisoft theyre never great when it,comes to Gunplay unless its like the,Far Cry Series so Im not surprised here,weapons feel and sound really crap they,sound like pea shooters and they feel,like pea shooters but its clear Ubisoft,wanted players to primarily to focus on,the stun gun and playing through,watchlock 2 as non-lethally as possible,which I get it makes sense for the story,but that doesnt excuse the piss-poor,Gunplay here Watch Dogs 2 is another,cover shooter so you hop in cover and,you shoot youre going or hack and then,you leave the cover thats the combat of,Watchdogs too the great stuff is the,hacking which you can actually pull off,some really cool stuff with I had so,much fun just exploring the world of,Watchdogs and just calling random hits,on people because all like chaos without,having to shoot a single bullet which,was awesome I dont think any game out,there can provide that kind of,experience and this is a Ubisoft game I,had to do a double take to make sure,this is actually a Ubisoft game because,I couldnt actually get creative with,the gameplay mechanics it was weird the,thing that sells the gameplay is how,creative you could actually get this,time around an enemy behind cover is not,an issue you can just hack the car to,get him out of cover or run them over,its great a building is too high,hopping a truck drive it over to where,you need to be jump on the truck get on,top of the building and bang you there,its Assassins Creed without the,climbing a lot of the time the cooler,aspects of the original has been,downgraded though like the blackout,system in the original you could use a,massive blackout across the city which,it would just knock out the entire city,its great to do it felt awesome but,here in more stocks too its like three,or four blocks and its really,underwhelming I dont know why they,changed that all theyve got to do is,just you know make everything dark but,you know thats just me some of the,cooler hacks are a little less impactful,like the traffic light hacks and the,pipe explosion hacks mainly because,weve seen and played it before so it,doesnt really have the same well Factor,the original could pull off you know but,you still have a lot of options which,you know in my opinion is just a,positive it could have been even worse,than the first game but it wasnt which,is good stealth is significantly better,though you cant just equip a suppressor,and just one tap everyone here which is,a massive Improvement on pretty much any,Ubisoft game ever enemies will react,pretty much as soon as you shoot your,first bullet if they see you and call,for backup pretty much instantly so you,do have to pick your targets and use,specific weapons like the taser to truly,stay undetected it can feel a little,cheap at times because the AI seems,hypersensitive but Id rather it be more,difficult than super easy AI can be,pretty dumb and shootouts though they do,have a habit of just charging you and,hoping for the best which is unfortunate,but you know this is a Ubisoft game the,fact that Ive praised it as much as as,I have its kind of insane driving has,been improved significan

Watch Dogs 2 Review

by expanding on a lot of what the first,game and its expansion got right and,mixing action stealth and puzzle,gameplay with handy remote control,drones watchdogs to impresses its open,mission designs allow for multiple ways,to reach your objective and it gives you,some great tools to find them with Im,conflicted about the tone of its torreón,characters but I had a great time,exploring this beautiful bay area map,its a significant improvement over the,original watchdogs in nearly every way,our new character is Marcus Holloway a,very likable hacker vigilante whos,upbeat attitude is refreshing after,playing as the dour Aiden Pearce he and,his gang of dedsec hackers throw around,nerdy banter and when theyre not being,obnoxious generally come across as,idealistic activists against the,surveillance state but thats kind of a,problem and a genre built around,over-the-top violence I just cant see,Marcus as a killer and unless youre,really good at stealth games and using,the slow firing non-lethal stun gun,youre probably going to have to make,him kill a lot of people including,police the way he goes back to being,happy-go-lucky in a cutscene after,committing a dozen murders was something,that constantly felt off youve got a,weird relationship with technology you,know that right stealth is encouraged by,both Marcuss personality and the level,design,most of watchdogs twos missions revolve,around breaking into secured locations,on the open world map and stealing,information and it does a great job of,making those feel open and flexible,theres usually more than one way into,any location especially when you use,your drones to sneak through small,spaces stealth feels simple but good,that would be better if there were some,acknowledgment when you pull off a job,completely unnoticed when things do get,loud and the AI starts aggressively,trying to flank you you have more,options than just the standard selection,of guns theres a good handful of,hacking abilities including my favorite,calling in angry gang members or cops by,sending them false information those,powers are much more flexible and,versatile than in the first watchdogs,and they add some good clever twists on,the otherwise conventional third-person,shooting,the big star of watchdogs 2 is its map,of the San Francisco Bay Area its not,enormous but its packed with all the,most recognizable landmarks and none of,the traffic jams its a fun and diverse,place to explore and run amok especially,if youve been here and its dense with,environmental puzzles and optional,combat areas theres also quite a bit of,satire in the details its no HBO,Silicon Valley but there are some decent,gags driving is our Katie and slippery,but I like how you can now hack cars in,motion forcing them to crash the,downside is that when you get going fast,through a busy San Francisco Street the,framerate can take a big hit the ps4 Pro,handles it much better but otherwise the,visual differences arent striking other,than the handful of two-player co-op,missions watchdogs choose multiplayer,mode still dont work as reliably as Id,like but when they do connect you there,are tense games of cat and mouse in the,hacking mode that can happen,spontaneously as you play one player,attempts to steal data from another,without being discovered its very,similar to the first watchdogs except,now you have a flying drone that can,quickly scan everybody in the area that,tips the balance a bit too much towards,the defending player its hard to hide,from an eye on the sky the other mode,bounty hunt is an excellent spin on the,typical police chase when you max out,your wanted meter instead of calling in,the military the police call in other,players to stop your rampage that,creates some fierce chases and really,lets you test your survival skills when,youve maxed out all of your upgrades,[Music],watchdogs twos distinctive hacking and,puzzle mechanics do a great job of,reminding you that youre not playing,just under Grand Theft Auto clone as you,tear through its beautiful Bay Area map,Marcus is a bit too friendly of a guy to,be believable as our instrument of,mayhem but the flexible missions let you,get through mostly non-violently if,youre good enough at stealth and when,it works,multiplayer is good unconventional fun -,for more on watchdogs – check out our,ps4 pro graphics comparison the first 20,minutes of the story and a tour of the,Bay Areas landmarks in 4k,[Music]

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Watch Dogs 2 – Before You Buy

game ranks presents another episode of,before you buy you know the show we,bring you some straight-up gameplay and,some first impressions of the latest,games releasing as usual Im Jake Val,Dino and today Im playing watchdogs 2,its watchdogs but better youve,probably heard that and its probably,what you were hoping for but the thing,is here its just where the series goes,now well determine whether or not,youll really love it or hate it let me,get this out it away I didnt mind the,original watchdogs at all I mean yeah it,was overhyped and it had tons of,problems but I still managed to find a,lot of cool [ __ ] in it where watchdogs 2,really improves is its sense of,character story and gameplay those are,probably the biggest complaints in the,first game and Ubisoft set out to try,and fix them firstly you probably,noticed that things are more fleshed out,and less repetitive its still an,open-world with a bunch of stuff to,cross off a list but a combination of,good progression systems and just more,purpose and variety makes things feel,stronger what I really really dig mostly,and Ill get to that later are the,improved stealth systems it actually,feels like the game stresses stealth,much harder this time around the game is,incredibly hard and challenging without,using stealth the default weapon is even,a stun gun and the RC car and drone give,you much more surveillance options as,well as new ways to distract hack and,kill and thats where watchdogs 2 works,the best its freaking awesome when,youre doing that stuff theres enough,mechanics in the game now to give you a,bunch of options to the point where it,feels like a playground every stealth,scenario and every scenario feels like a,sandbox plus theres a lot more,verticality in this one youre gonna,spend a lot of time on the rooftops of,San Francisco youre gonna be running,around youre gonna be climbing stuff,youre gonna be parkouring which looks,pretty cool but ultimately doesnt,really add anything this [ __ ] ton of,options that you have at your disposal,that I already mentioned even lends,itself to getting to higher ground you,know you can like fly your drone up,somewhere you can hack a crane and do,all weird stuff like that its just a,good way of pointing out that everything,in this game can be improvised now two,things I dont like with the gameplay is,that some of the hacking relies way too,heavily on these augmented reality pipe,puzzles this is where you follow trails,of line of code in the game and tweak,pipes to get the data to flow the right,way or something watchdogs to falls back,on this way too much and after a while,they just feel extremely extremely,freakin grating also the stout this time,around,feels stronger in the hacking and,surveillance sense but,tighter in some of the actual gameplay,like the boots-on-the-ground stuff for,some reason the shooting doesnt really,feel as strong as it did in the first,game and basic stealth feels a bit odd,at times and finicky the stealth is,extremely unforgiving and thats not,always a bad thing because challenge is,good but it just gets annoying sometimes,only enemies see you for a second and,then everyone in the map is instantly on,alert and knows exactly where you are,that may frustrate some but with all the,other added elements it still feels,satisfying the game world of San,Francisco and the Bay Area itself is,nice NPCs have a lot going on they can,do a ton they can even photo bomb your,selfies and Im very happy to announce,that you can pet dogs you can also run,them over with your car dont do that,its a good example though of a ton of,variety to everything in the world its,just a good game to play in Ive been to,San Francisco a few times that it seems,like Ubisoft did manage to capture the,look and feel of it at least in many,places you know its not 100% accurate,but its cool and its a fun world also,visually I didnt have high expectations,but Im pretty surprised how damn good,this game looks this is actually running,on a Playstation 4 Pro right now and,things are sharp colors are bright and,the draw distance is surprisingly really,good theres enough variety where you,can do stuff in the cities you can go to,Silicon Valley and sneak into a fake,Google you can fight some gangs in some,of the bad areas and then you can head,into the woods and do dirt bike racing,and other shenanigans now the vibe and,the writing of the game is kind of,lukewarm I mean the game fair isnt much,better by leaning into the wacky,craziness but it still just comes off,totally cringe-worthy,I think watchdogs itself still feels,better as a lighter hearted tale some of,the parodies on modern US tech culture,and stuff just kind of feels like a poor,mans grand theft auto a lot of it feels,very been there done that and also been,there and done better but I think,overall watchdogs does fare better as a,lighter hearted tale the main character,this time around is Marcus and hes a,decent enough character a lot of people,had complaints about aiden pearce from,the first game just being a generic,revenge man Marcus on the other hand is,likable but you dont get to know him,too well him and his buddies just kind,of seemed kind of aimless I still think,its a treat though to watch them,interact sometimes but overall Im just,disappointed with some of the story,stuff but thats just me what I mean,aimless it just seems like theres not a,lot of agency to anything theyre,idealistic and they want to take down,institutions but overall they its just,kind of carefree and starting a game and,for a while you dont really feel like,you even have an end goal say what you,want about a tin Pearce but at least,you know what he was out to do he was a,revenge man and he wanted revenge,watchdogs too doesnt give you any of,that feel you dont really know what,youre doing for quite a while and I,will say that Marcus and the open-world,design does run into that issue where,things dont quite fit with the,character like you know using drones and,RC cars to sneak in and hack stuff,definitely fit with the character it,makes sense for a cool young hipster,hacker guy to do this stuff but then,again shooting cops and everyone around,with a neon pink ak-47 it doesnt really,feel accurate to the character the story,and gameplay are very much in odds with,each other sometimes and that doesnt,bother a lot of people it doesnt bother,me but it might bother some multiplayer,I think is much more improved people,hacking into your game and vice versa is,still annoying sometimes when youre,interrupted but it feels smoother this,time around and its still like a fun,game of cat-and-mouse its simple and,its fun and its more streamlined now,the big problem here though is that,Ubisoft still has to fix it at certain,times a day its essentially broken,because the game has a habit of,sometimes slowing down to a crawl with a,big framerate hit thanks to online,connectivity issues now it already has,gotten better thanks to a patch and you,can disconnect from online some people,dont care about the online but its,still something to be aware of and I had,to mention it I think watchdogs too is,fun it loses some of the stuff from the,first that if you were a big fan you,might miss it characters feel,directionless theres less real violence,and danger and grit and the boots on the,ground stealth doesnt feel quite as,right but what you do get here are a ton,more options as in a fun game world that,will keep you busy for a while without,feeling as repetitive as you might think,at least by looking at the map with the,stuff Ive given you good at bad you,just need to think about what exactly,you want from a watchdogs game thats,the difference of you seeing,improvements that you love or still just,more disappointment and missed potential,its not a perfect game you know I see,myself playing it for a while but it,still just falls short of greatness so,guys thats watchdogs too you know how,before you buy works Ill give you some,pros some cons and some personal o

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Watch Dogs 2 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

sup everybody this is Carrick with AC g,and its my continuing open world,mission to bring you reviews that arent,two minutes long or filled with,sponsored bullcrap todays open world,chaos generators watchdogs to from,ubisoft one part 1980s neon filter mix,in a little of the movie sneakers and,maybe some swordfish hacking and you,have yourself a sequel now here you play,as marcus holloway as he and his team of,hackers work against the designs of a,nefarious organization using the CTOs,2.0 surveillance software on the entire,city of san francisco so lets see if,watchdogs to fell victim to the same,downgrade rootkit its predecessor fell,victim to or if watchdogs to upgraded,its graphics and hey maybe even patched,its fun wall a bit to bring their idea,of how this series and what it should be,a bit closer to the reality of what it,is as always if you liked the video,maybe subscribe so heres my review for,watchdogs – Rob Zombie – hacker Darth,rootkit and what San Francisco would,look like after an apocalypse took,nine-tenths of its civilization graphics,are up first,so as I continued to play watchdogs – I,really began to understand just how,unique of a title this is whether its,hitting 900p for the Xbox one 1080p for,the ps4 or the improved non native 4k,resolution of the ps4 Pro the game,handles open-world for the most part,pretty damned well and well draw,distances arent distant enough to not,be seen and LOD and texture pop-in do,occur theyre combined with an,impressive eye on keeping the,architecture detail wildly different and,populations personalities up front and,center from the bad-to-the-bone gang,ridden areas like Elmhurst which feels a,little bit like people were there just,to test the range of new weaponry for,the gangs or to the sweater over the,shoulder pressed shorts areas up north,that reminded you that Carl and Buffy,are going to go play shuffleboard with,the Andersons later tonight and its,just going to be to die for and even the,locations in between where you can see,that pressed in home feel of San,Francisco that reminds you that a city,built destroyed and built again up like,this one has is going to result in a,goddamn checkerboard of oddness when it,comes to variety only I would say with,GTA 5 have we really seen an overarching,style and presentation of a world thats,been done so well now as you begin to,drive around crash into things as were,want to do the vehicle and overall,location damage modelling seems about,the same as when I did the preview and,if youre not losing bumpers by sticking,them through the heads of passerby says,use sugar glider youre way off a giant,Hill or just end up chopping a power,line into five perfect pieces when you,smash into one the,damage model is passable and it does a,pretty good job lending a bit of chaos,to the world view but its certainly not,perfect now so hats off to these guys,for truncating the space of San,Francisco but still nailing verticality,theres this very real feeling to some,of these places even those not created,around landmarks or known locations,theres just some cool [ __ ] like the,first time I grabbed a motorbike and,travis pastrana did cross the backdrop,of the bay into a house absolutely,bonkers or sliding across the bay on a,stolen boat cleaving other vessels in,half not because youre mean but really,just because its fun and sending their,occupants into the waters theres some,really good NPC reactions here as well,now some of this just looks amazing and,its really a wash in an excellent,choice of color palettes as well that,really reminds us that unlike say Mafia,3 the world doesnt have to look like,its experiencing world ending solar,flares just because its sundown you,know its graphics engine is much,improved but at times you can positively,hear it groaning under the expectations,of prior titles in the genre and,certainly prior gamers desires as well,including a population that doesnt look,like its starring in a horror movie,called thinning of the herd no [ __ ] this,is some of the leanest overall,population Ive seen in a long time in,an open-world game and sometimes really,when you run into folks it just feels,like youre there post rapture and,everyones still going about what they,did previously because no one has any,clue what the [ __ ] they should be doing,also graphically while it does have,issues on the ps4 and the Xbox one with,textures and occasionally youre going,to see this Lincoln Log floating down,the road next to you and suddenly its,going to turn into a bus as the textures,load in also no system stays at 30 FPS,thats right none of them the ps4 the,ps4 pro or the Xbox one they just dont,each having various issues from frame,timing to actual FPS problems depending,of course on debris and other particle,systems in effect at any one time for me,as a package the meat pack locations in,San Francisco tightened up to allow for,ocean-blue saline or throttling through,old folks homes with Harleys is,actually really well done,the fact that its so well done though,reminds you of how odd it feels when you,realize everyone else must hate it,because like four people live there its,good not great sound music and voice,youre so bad when one Josh whos your,friend oh this is Susan shes a,second-grade teacher from Milwaukee,shes 32 and she drives a cherry red,cool hey were gonna meet by the big,[ __ ] it [ __ ] it man what hackers we we,out there we out dare as I say we tear,down the [ __ ] wall,hey so everyone with what blooms up to,man shall we show the world that their,personal data,[Music],and of course sound is up first in this,category and its actually pretty good,aside from one or two instances for,example the first time I turned in,enemys lights off with the worlds,weirdest and really honestly tinny,sounding shotgun I was not impressed but,then well under an overpass sinned and,led across a small ravine into gang,members was actually highly impressed,with the various effects of reverb echo,and some occlusion while its not,perfect environmentally when youre,engaging with enemies and gunfights its,actually pretty damn cool cars run the,gamut from excellent to n maybe but,mostly lean towards being pretty good,fake representations of themselves aside,from some of the cars with turbos having,the turbo sound always on which is odd,Id leap out of a car if it sounded like,that environmentally the game worlds,moderately filled with various wildlife,and population based sound effects that,play locationally specific if,unfortunately repeating quite a bit,okay stuff crashing cars and smashing,through roadblocks is also pretty good,and overall I would say the entire game,is either good to excellent when it,comes to sound though there are a couple,problems here there music so this is,actually good while any kind of game of,this kind the music list is going to be,filled with an assortment of licensed,titles from the various you know radio,station playlists at that time the,actual normal gameplay music is done by,Hudson Mohawke whos a pretty talented,producer of his own right this is his,first game a blend of sci-fi vibes with,their own style Id actually say that,while it is a bit of an acquired taste,and not as easily and instantly,digestible some fare that the dev could,have chosen in the end the soundtrack is,actually just really good one second,floating through a synth vibe and then,crunch down into this piano solo and,then back into a strange series of,digital percussive instruments it has,far more of a raw feel than I ever,expected and I really like it,I think that this soundtrack sounds,infinitely recognizable in a overall,genre where that isnt said all the time,voice so this is actually pretty good,listen its not Shakespeare this isnt,even like Harry Potter but the strange,over-the-top antics of this hacker group,that looks like they were led by a Katy,Perry post Russell Brand marriage with a,fetish for bull rings its actually done,pretty well theres a strange comedic,tone here th

Watch Dogs 2 is so much better than I remember

so i played the first watchdogs a couple,months ago and was blown away like it,was so good so i decided hey lets check,out watch dogs 2 again this video is,sponsored by million pugs a cashback,program for gamers that just launched an,open beta but what is million pugs you,might ask basically it lets you earn,free in-game rewards for games you,already play just for shopping online,wait are you serious million pugs has,partnered with over 1 000 brands ranging,from walmart to gamestop and even,doordash which means you can order lunch,and earn free in-game rewards just for,shopping online and its super easy all,you have to do is download the extension,using the link below and once youve got,it installed you just shop like you,normally would and the next controller,you buy from gamestop will reward you,with pugs i know what youre thinking,pugs are no basis for a system of,currency but thats where youre wrong,because you can turn around and take,those precious pugs and spend them on,in-game content for world of warships,and million pugs is available for,everyone globally but keep in mind,theres still an open beta million pugs,is adding tons of new publishers games,and rewards every single month so what,are you waiting for visit the link in,the description download million pugs,and earn in-game rewards just for,shopping online oh yeah bloom,yeah marcus man this this game looks,really good we put this playlist,together,what all right im ready for this,playlist if this playlist doesnt set,the mood imma be pissed were gonna,melee this guy hey buddy,oh now were going to,stun people i remember i had this really,competitive complaint with this game did,i just say confetti this really petty,complaint with this game,that marcus didnt seem like someone who,would kill people yet hes just like,murdering everyone i dont know maybe,marcus could kill well see yeah,thats right,okay the animations really good in this,game too profile follow the data flow,were following that data flow its a,physical hack you know you know we cant,we cant do it remote cracking were,hacking oh god yes so thats him yep,hes got a gun,marcus holloway time him im curious,youre going for a world record here,hes in,already literally so good at hacking,even the hackers are impressed wow the,graphics are in like its so smooth on,my pc,i like that spinny thing,whack people with it retro the home,domain awareness hacker,that retro my names retro its my,hacking name okay were looking for the,access key okay oh so were gonna hack,this okay we got it were in,okay this is what were looking for,right here okay we need a physical hack,we gotta physically hack the world in,oakland,[Music],oh no oh no they saw me they saw me,dont raise the alarm,uh im a supreme hacker,no you no you dont oh dude no,[Music],thats what happens when hackers die and,they glitch out,hes been hanging around the deadset irc,and hes got credit so basically hes,got major hacker credits he deleted,himself from the web bro hello goodbye,get hacked thats what hackers say when,they uh murder someone or knock them out,knock them out we dont murder its like,batman batman situation here oh yeah,were hacking,damn hes quick,uh-oh im always impressed that video,game characters can crouch run like this,this right here it looks easy in video,games its hard lets go into hacker,view you have to be a level 10 hacker to,look like this,hes going in the hot aisle its at,least 120 degrees in there oh my god,its like texas right now oh yeah heck,faster,hes in the system nobodys gotten that,far oh network bypass okay here we go i,i remember how to do this uh its like a,little puzzle yeah weve hacked the,world were in baby lets go boys big,hack big hack okay,press a to hack the world,noodle search anime hardcore purple hair,elf hmm,okay,i wouldnt want people to find that,either yeah lets delete it yes we dont,exist,anarchist i dont know if thats great,uh why is it all exclusively bald white,guys game reviewer hey hey its me im,just a gamer beer hes heading out bag,him yeah oh hey its wrench,is there a tactical nuke inbound,boom,thats right im like a level,57 hacker youre not gonna catch me,quickly run by here oh theres a guy,running upstairs no,no,they see me no run jump off the side,oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god,oh my god oh my god,arent you sprinting oh because im not,pressing sprint oh get up get out hold,it right there no no im hacking you,cant stop me,suckers,[Music],in 2013 oh yeah big dad its all about,big data hackers were able to hijack its,central servers and the entire,grid yes attack the world big brother no,longer works alone yeah,brothers monitor,everything theres so many little,brothers oh,no your fridge is watching you you are,in danger i love how edgy this is,welcome to dead sec yes uh yes look its,a hacker party oh man are we,are we peeing in the ocean oh wait,thats a bad guy have a good party,oh he he just hacked us he totally just,hacked us he did a hack never trust a,man bun we had a good night,hello meet us at the hackerspace,oh,okay wow,jeez this is really pretty go get,yourself something to wear no i like,this oh wait no were in our boxers,arent we um hey okay so this game is,really pretty and i i might be wrong,about this but does it feel like,ubisofts games are getting like less,impressive i i dont know its weird,theyre very pretty but also i dont,know how to describe it i dont know,what im saying you guys probably get it,okay uh were downloading noodle maps oh,my god its actually like apple maps it,isnt as big as i thought it would be,and im not saying its a bad thing its,probably actually a good thing hey its,stanford ive been there hey fella,related to convicted con artist really,thats like your claim to fame as you,you know someone i just hacked this uh,this motorcycle what are you gonna do,about it whoa shh,im im sorry dude im sorry you have to,run away whats this deal historical,recreationist lets steal from him lets,buy some some good stuff here i love,oh san francisco is better than new york,hat oh hot take but i really do like san,francisco uh,i need to buy pants wait they dont sell,any pants here why do you not sell pants,sir i will cough germs all over you are,you excuse me,i just hacked you okay i guess ill go,somewhere else okay my big pet peeve,here with open world games lately is i,dont want to fast travel it just seems,unnecessary to fast travel everywhere,you know especially when the worlds not,that big especially when you could do,this i mean this is so cool ah welcome,to beautiful san francisco where you can,pay 30 for a bowl of ramen man this city,is really impressive look at this oh and,theyve got the the squiggly thing yeah,yeah ive been down this too im just,gonna go down it for fun,whoa,all right,time to buy some real clothes from plain,stock the gap of video games,those are interesting uh i think im,just gonna do yeah some classic jeans,marcus keeps doing like fortnite dances,while im trying to dress him okay i,like this its kind of nerdy but i like,it i just gained 2200 followers by,changing my clothes can i stop for a,coffee i mean theres nothing more san,francisco than paying eight dollars for,coffee oh man,oh that looks like a fast car im gonna,steal that i just want to steal this,fast car oh look at the leaves falling,on it thats quite the detail actually,um um um you saw nothing,okay yeah this is great oh this is so,cool look at this city,i cant believe i forgot how cool this,city is were pulling into hacker,headquarters yeah dont worry its the,place with all the graffiti its very,inconspicuous please get out that person,just bombed is shes still vomiting oh,oh i i just stole from that person who,vomited and got arrested for a dui im a,really bad person oh cool its like a,its like what is it its like a dnd,shop super nerdy perfect this is perfect,grove street home we spent all night,modifying our app so you can get,followers to download the app download,our hacker app so whats the research,

Watch Dogs 2 – Easy Allies Review

As one of the first games revealed for the current generation of consoles,,the original Watch Dogs had trouble living up to expectations.,While it’s not a bad game by any means, players wanted something revolutionary,and many were eager to list their grievances.,Watch Dogs 2 keeps much of the original’s core,,but it’s clear that Ubisoft listened closely to criticism,,improving on what works,and crafting a game with a more distinct sense of identity.,The most prominent change is in the game’s look and attitude.,You play as Marcus Holloway as he joins the colorful hacker group DedSec,who spread their message through graffiti,and distorted videos full of skulls and eyeballs.,In contrast with Aiden Pearce’s brooding hunt for revenge,,DedSec is a jovial band of Robin Hoods, playing pranks on ATM customers,,redirecting money from the rich to charity,,and cracking jokes while exposing the shady practices,of San Francisco tech companies.,While the team comes across as caricatures at first,,over time the story builds a sense of teamwork and camaraderie,,and there are small moments that provide a window,into the more human aspects of these characters as well.,Marcus himself seems like such a friendly and personable guy,that it’s hard to reconcile the idea of him pulling out guns,to shoot his way through a scenario,,which subtly supports our decision,to take a mostly non-lethal approach in our playthrough.,If you want to play nice, Marcus also carries a stun gun with unlimited ammo,,but no matter what, youll want to stay behind cover,as he won’t absorb gunfire for long.,All you need is a line of sight to hack many objects,,and making use of security cameras allows you to tag enemies,,set traps, and gain access keys,,even if Marcus himself is on the other side of a building.,Other objectives require physical interactions,,but Marcus can even access many of these remotely by using a small RC car,that can slip through vents and sneak more easily past guards.,An upgrade also lets you use it as a diversion,,taunting and yelling obscenities to attract attention away from Marcus.,Once you gain access to the drone, you get even more freedom to scout areas,,and both the drone and RC car can be equipped,to drop immobilizing or explosive devices.,One of our favorite new skills is the ability to target an enemy,and send a false criminal report to the cops.,It’s fun just to watch as the police arrest a guard and cart him away,,leaving his patrol wide open for you to exploit.,You can also hack vehicles to move them remotely,,allowing you to create confusion or wreck other players,,or you can simply bring a boat across the river for you to hop in.,Then there are mass hacks with widespread effects.,You can clear an entire highway worth of traffic out of your way,,or if you get cornered in a shootout, you can disrupt enemy comms,,sending screeching noises to their ears,long enough to make a break for it and run away.,The network hacking puzzles return,,but rather than being stuck in a virtual space,,the branching paths sprawl across the environment,,covering rooms and buildings,,at times requiring the drone to see every angle.,The new approach fits in much better,,connecting your puzzles more clearly to what you’re trying to access,,and they never feel repetitive or overdone.,DedSec’s biggest target is the Blume company,and the ctOS systems that link electronics throughout the city,,enabling the hackers to access mobile phones, forklifts, and other devices.,To crack the company’s biggest secrets and expose them,,DedSec relies on distributed computing from followers downloading their app.,As DedSec gains followers,,you earn more “research points” giving Marcus access to new skills.,Because of this mechanic,,nothing you do in the open world feels completely irrelevant.,Doing side missions, participating in sailboat races,,and even snapping selfies all nets you more followers,,thus strengthening your position against Blume.,The main story missions benefit,from memorable level designs and diverse targets.,Early on, you steal an AI-driven car from the set of an action movie.,Youll break a celebrity captive out of a religious reformation camp,,discreetly infiltrate a colorful Silicon Valley HQ complete with slides,,and later sneak onto a ship to destroy crates of cocaine.,There are a lot of great spaces to explore,,and each mission gives you more insight into your own team,as well as the minds running Blume.,Side quests vary in length, but still have bits of story to set them up,,expanding the range of crooked companies for you to unmask.,There are a few repetitive missions that overstay their welcome though,,like crisscrossing the city multiple times,,tagging high points with DedSec graffiti.,The open world is a big structural departure,from the first game and many other Ubisoft titles.,Mainly, there’s no longer a series of towers,or similar devices that sprinkle objectives across the map.,You only reveal collectibles and side missions,by walking or driving nearby.,The value of each collectible is also immediately clear,,including bags of cash, pieces of clothing, additional research points,,and key data needed to unlock specific skills.,Getting to these items,isn’t as simple as just walking to that point on the map either.,Since your climbing abilities are somewhat limited,,youll often have to figure out,how to access rooftops where they tend to be hidden.,Sometimes youll need to use lifts or massive cranes to get you higher,,and sometimes youll need to use your RC Car to go through vents,and interact with terminals to unlock doors.,Despite the fact that you have to do more work to get them,,picking up collectibles doesn’t feel as much like a chore,because the process of solving each miniature level feels worthwhile.,It doesn’t hurt that San Francisco is recreated beautifully,from its famous bridges to Sutro Tower to Alcatraz.,Vehicles vary throughout the different areas,,and pedestrians can often be found having conversations,or interacting in unexpected ways.,At one point, we stopped to have fun in a dance circle,only for it to quickly erupt into a fistfight.,In another moment, we took a quick tourist photo,,accidentally infuriating a lady who clearly didn’t want her picture taken.,Marcus can also fit whichever style you please,as clothing shops offer a wide variety of options that don’t look half-bad,,and mission rewards frequently include new attire.,There are even tourist booths around the city,selling T-shirts based on local attractions.,One area that hinders the exploration though is the game’s climbing controls.,There’s no jump button for Marcus,,you simply hold the right trigger to climb over obstacles and hop across gaps.,If you’re trying to figure out the right way to go,,you can find yourself in frustrating spots where Marcus simply walks into a wall,or drops off a lift rather hopping a fence.,There just seems to be no predictable way to judge what he will or won’t climb over.,Driving has also changed drastically, and the results are up for debate,,as we had no problem with driving in the original game.,Now, cars feel somewhat detached and on auto-pilot,,lacking physics that feel natural.,Over time we managed to adapt, so let preference guide you.,Motorcycles are still the best though.,Another sticking point is the game’s seamless online functionality,,which had to be disabled for launch.,We played for a bit before it was turned off,,and it’s not too different from the first Watch Dogs.,Players can invade the game without your knowledge,and begin stealing your data, initiating a tricky round of hide and seek.,There’s a sense of thrill every time,since you can be hacked whenever you’re not in a main story mission.,Likewise, Bounty Hunts cross your path with players fleeing the law,,giving you the option to join the chase and take them down.,Unfortunately, in the days just before release,,the multiplayer created severe performance issues,that persisted even in single pl

Should you Buy Watch Dogs 2 in 2021? (Review)

[Music],watch dogs 2 the sequel to the very,controversial first,game and now the predecessor to the very,out there watchdogs legions,in order to create hype for watchdogs,legions ubisoft gave away watchdogs 2,for free at ub forward on pc,so i figured id return to the game and,see how it stacks up in 2020 and,determine whether it is still worth the,buy,i dont really need to introduce myself,do i i know who you are,watch dogs 2 story is vastly different,from the first game,the first thing youll notice while,playing the story of this game is it is,a lot more light-hearted and doesnt,take itself too seriously,a big part of this is the main character,marcus personally i really liked marcus,as a character hes charismatic and,always cracking jokes and has a very,likable personality,its clear taking down bloom and,educating the public on how companies,use their private information,is a very personal mission for marcus,however we arent exactly sure how,personal,which brings me to my only con i have,about marcus we hardly know anything,about him hes given no backstory,and we have no idea why he became a,hacker and why this mission is so,important to him the motivations werent,ever really explained and the same is,with the rest of the dead set group,we dont really know much about their,past or how they became hackers which is,really something i wish the game,explored now dont get me wrong i love,the supporting characters in this game,each character has defining character,traits and they each have a contribution,to bring to the group my personal,favorite character was wrench,he provided a lot of comic relief and,while most of the time he was making,jokes or having fun,there were also a few serious and,genuine moments with wrench that made,his character feel two-dimensional i,also found satara to be a really,interesting character and its clear,shes more of the drive and soul behind,the dead set group,again i wish we got to know more about,her and her personal motivations but,overall shes a great supporting,character the main story missions and,watchdogs too were often really fun and,had some,fantastic variety in the mission,structure some missions involved hacking,the peoples homes and messing with them,breaking into a ceo office to steal,files or even hacking into a satellite,to spy on blooms different facilities,it was all really well done and many of,these missions included new and creative,ways to hack or,fight i mean there was even a mission,where i got to play as a massive killer,spider drone,what i also really liked about the story,was how it surprisingly actually dived,into real world issues and explored the,future of allowing companies access to,our private information,and allowing them to spy on you through,cameras and even toys,which is definitely not going to be,giving me nightmares the storys main,antagonist is dushan nemech hes in a,leadership position at the evil security,giant bloom,its hard to explain dusan really while,he was in the story,quite a bit i really didnt find him,very interesting in fact he was pretty,basic and there was no real explanation,to his motivations or what caused him to,go down a dark path he didnt interact,with marcus or the deadset group that,much,and most of his scenes were just him by,himself making vague evil plans,it was all really confusing at what,exactly he was wanting to do,maybe its just me but i didnt find,dusan very memorable,and there were far more interesting side,villains like lenny the ending to watch,dogs 2 i found to be solid,it was nothing crazy or special and it,was a bit predictable but overall i,found the ending satisfying and left me,pretty happy with how the game,ended,lets talk gameplay i found watchdogs,2s gameplay to be really smooth and,well polished for starters i thought the,parkour looked,great i mean you could do backflips and,stuff which i thought looked really cool,the combat was also pretty solid the,shooting is kind of basic and gives me,some major,gta vibes so i wish they tried to do a,little more to make it more unique but,that doesnt mean its bad,just basic stealth was also a little,disappointing for me you have a very,limited arsenal when it comes to stealth,and while the melee and taser were fun i,would have liked to see more options,there are only like two suppressed,weapons and enemies hear the gunshot,most of the time anyway,the detection system is also pretty bad,if an enemy spots you for like a split,second then you take them out before,they can even react they still somehow,set off the alarm and everyone knows,where you are it ruined a lot of stealth,sequences for me especially since i,played on realistic where it only takes,about 2 seconds to spot you,theres a small handful of gadgets at,your disposal like the shock grenade,that helped with taking out large groups,of enemies at once,i also would have liked to have a manual,crouch button instead of that automatic,like half,crouch when you enter a restricted area,so just a fair warning dont be,expecting an incredibly deep combat or,stealth system,in the game again its not bad it just,feels pretty basic,you will also spend a lot of time in,vehicles in this game and youll be,happy to know that the handling is,actually pretty good especially on the,motorcycles which were by far,my favorite vehicle and while youre,driving to your next mission youll,often get prompted to do a nearby online,mission which can include,hacking invasion armored trucks or,bounty hunter which are all really fun,and spiced up the open world a lot i,thought it was pretty cool how quickly,and easily you could get into an online,event and they are pretty quick so you,can get right back into the single,player,the offline side missions were also fun,and creative enough to make them not,feel too repetitive,plus putting graffiti on the golden gate,bridge was pretty fun,the game also has a fair amount of,hacking and parkour puzzles that were,pretty simple and fun without being too,easy,definitely a few head scratchers every,now and again im not usually a fan of,puzzles and video games but these were,pretty fun,and simple enough that i could actually,understand them fairly quickly,one of the best parts about watch dogs,2s gameplay,is the hacking abilities you can hack,pretty much anything electronic in this,game and messing with civilians by,either stealing their money or,sending a shock through their phone was,pretty fun you could even,call in a hate on them or put an apb on,them to get them arrested i had hours of,just messing with people with the hacks,the hacks were also quite useful and,stealth as you can send distractions to,guards by having their phone vibrate or,calms peace malfunction,which allowed for easy melee takedowns,it is clear watchdogs 2 really,emphasized on being,in a hackers playground and it shows,speaking of the amount of upgrades you,can make to the kind of hacks you do and,even just basic things like faster,reloading,was impressive there are a lot of,upgrades to be made and most of them had,significant impacts on the gameplay that,made you feel more powerful as you,progressed and the dead seg fan base,grew,i wasnt a huge fan of the later,upgrades being locked behind data,scattered across the map but that just,gives you even more to do in the world,so it doesnt bother me too much,watch dogs 2s gameplay is overall a,simple yet smooth and fun experience and,i enjoyed it,yeah i noticed fly like the foot,lets now talk about the world of watch,dogs 2. this game takes place in san,francisco and it is pretty spot on the,buildings look and feel authentic and,seeing the golden gate bridge in a video,game was incredible,it is clear they spent a lot of time,doing research on the city and including,as much detail as possible the textures,in this game are vibrant and gorgeous,with beautiful sunny skies and some,fantastic weather effects,like seriously the rain in this game,looks really good the city is bustling,with cars in the streets and people on,the

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