1. watchOS 9.2 is Out! – Whats New?
  2. ArcaOS: Using Modern OS/2 – Install and Review
  3. D:OS2 – Review After 100%
  4. Apple watchOS 2 Review – New Features & Should You Update?
  5. Wear OS 3.0 updates explained!
  6. The Cheapest Wear OS Smartwatch 10 Months Later: Ticwatch E2 Review and Test
  7. Google Pixel Watch Review: Rebooting the Android Smartwatch

watchOS 9.2 is Out! – Whats New?

hi everyone Aaron here for zollotech and,today Apple released watch OS 9.2 to the,public this is available to the Apple,Watch series 4 all the way up to the,Apple watch Ultra and its available,everywhere around the world at the exact,same time this was released along with a,bunch of other updates such as iOS 16.2,and more and so well talk about whats,new but the first thing is it came in at,208 megabytes thats on the Apple watch,Ultra its a fairly small update as far,as the install but it has a lot of nice,little features changes and improvements,and the first thing thats new has to do,with workouts so if youre going into a,workout I have my action button set to a,workout if youre using a run workout so,if youre doing an outdoor run it will,now automatically detect when you arrive,at a track and provide track specific,metrics if it has that track in its sort,of database so if it has that youll,have more information as far as the Run,goes also if you use your outdoor run a,lot it will now Ill let you race,against yourself on that outdoor run an,outdoor cycle or outdoor wheelchair,workout so it will remember what the,overall time was if youre repeating a,route over and over and then allow you,to race against yourself on that,it also has a new kickboxing algorithm,so if we scroll down all the way to,kickboxing and if youre using,kickboxing a lot theres a new algorithm,that allows for more accurate metrics,where before it was working okay but,apparently it needed more accurate,metric updating so thats been fixed in,this update if youre using your Apple,watch with airpods pro airpods pro 2 or,airpods Max theres some new information,in the noise app so let me go ahead and,connect the air pods Ill put them in my,ears and if we go into the noise app,give it a moment here to load youll see,heres the current ambient noise as Im,speaking about 67 to 68 decibels it will,vary of course based on my voice but if,I put my airpods Pro in my ears the,airpods Pro 2 it will actually take into,account that I have noise canceling,headphones in my ears and drop down what,the decibel level should be based off of,what I can hear in my ears so instead of,being closer to 70 decibels were closer,to 40 decibels now so its a nice little,feature update that theyve added if,youre using noise canceling airpods if,you have a bunch of smart devices around,your house and you use the home app you,can now invite different family members,under family setup to control different,things in your house such as homepod,speakers and smart home accessories and,even unlocked doors with home keys in,the wallet so you can easily invite them,now also if youre using the wallet app,if you use wallet youll now be able to,use the Apple savings account option and,see your balance within the wallet app,itself if youve signed up for that so,thats something thats a little bit new,as far as features under accessibility,if we scroll down and go down to,assistivetouch and enable that theyve,made some improvements with this so if I,put on the watch and we have Assistive,Touch options turned on where it,recognizes hand gestures and more and as,you can see with Assistive Touch enabled,its super fast as far as its overall,response time and accuracy so as I move,the cursor around it works really,quickly now and also hand gestures have,been improved so maybe if we dwell on,something here,and maybe move once we just pinch our,fingers lets dwell on that again,we can pinch our fingers once and it,understands it a little bit better so,its a little easier to navigate if,youre using this feature theres also,some bug fixes and improvements the,first thing they fixed has to do with,emergency SOS and crash detection,theyve improved or optimized crash,detection just like they did in iOS 16.2,with the iPhone 14 series theyve,optimized it on the latest watches with,the Apple watch Ultra Apple Watch series,8 and Apple watch SC second generation,maybe to help prevent it accidentally,triggering if youre on a roller coaster,and recently those on ski slopes so its,hopefully going to recognize more when,youre in those sort of situations or,scenarios on a roller coaster in a theme,park and hopefully not trigger as much,of course you could always turn it off,there but you want to make sure you turn,it back on when youre in your vehicle,theyve fixed a bug for the display that,could cause the incorrect watch time,immediately after dismissing the alarm,if youre using a sleep Focus so if,youre using sleep focus and you dismiss,it sometimes the information could be,incorrect as far as the time theyve,also fixed a bug for causing,interruptions to mindfulness sessions so,if youre using the mindfulness app and,maybe you were in the middle of,meditation or another one of the,features here with reflect it would,sometimes be interrupted that has been,resolved in this update as far as,security updates go Apple has updated,quite a bit this time around with,security on Apples security website,Ill link it in the description you can,see all of the different releases today,and if we go to watch OS 9.2 wait for it,to load and scroll down you can see that,theyve updated quite a few things from,accounts Apple avd Apple mobile file,Integrity core services and on and on so,theres quite a few things here like I,said Ill link it in the description and,if you want to read it you can take a,look at it here and it says its,available for Apple Watch series 4 for,the software update security update it,says impact or the issue was a user may,be able to elevate privileges the,description or the fix was an access,issue existed with privileged API calls,this issue was addressed with additional,restrictions and then it gives the cve,number and who submitted the patch and,thats something that you can read,through for all of the updates today,lots of different changes and security,updates and so that brings me to should,you install watch OS 9.2 well with the,updates and fixes and features I,mentioned absolutely for the security,updates alone I would highly recommend,it and its definitely something I would,do as far as overall battery life and,performance lets go into our settings,if we go down to battery here under,battery youll see Im at 91 percent I,took this off the charger at about 9 A.M,this morning and its now 1 59 pm,and if we go to battery health youll,see I still have that accessibility,feature on were at 100 its a new watch,I would expect that updates dont,degrade the overall battery health they,just recheck it so as the battery gets,older it ages has a lot of cycles and,Chargers it will degrade over time its,just the nature of batteries until,someone invents a better one as far as,overall performance performance seems to,be quite good if we go into shortcuts I,rarely open that if we go into sleep,well we did that one earlier if we go,into maybe stocks I dont open that very,often as well so everything seems to be,nice and fast as you would expect and as,we take a look at Lumi this is the app I,actually have in the center of my watch,face here for those wondering what watch,face Im using this is actually,infograph so if we go into infograph,youll see infograph modular or it just,says modular we can edit this and I just,customized it to look how I wanted it to,so the complications are the date in the,upper right messages on the left the,appleumi I just showed you in the middle,thats actually a paid app it shows,golden hour or the best time to actually,take photos during the the morning or,afternoon then we have the temperature,our compass and music so its pretty,simple watch face I use that one and the,wayfinder watch face thats specific to,the ultra but thats what the watch face,is as many of you ask about that as far,as the next updates I would expect the,next updates or beta to be probably by,the end of this week with the final,release probably sometime in January or,February so well move into iOS 9.3,betas as well as watch OS 9.3 betas and,Mac OS and all of

ArcaOS: Using Modern OS/2 – Install and Review

today were going to be looking at the,rebirth of an operating system that was,once expected to change the world but,unfortunately never did,now once upon a time back in the late,1980s microsoft helped to develop a new,operating system platform that was a,direct competitor to windows and,something which many people believed,could actually become the new default os,for pcs,and the team who gave us the original,hardware and software for the pc,platform ibm and microsoft teamed up to,release operating system 2 or os2 as it,was abbreviated,although very soon after development,started seeing it as a competitor to,their windows 3.1 platform and not been,able to reach an agreement on how to,market it microsoft dropped out leaving,os2 in the hands of ibm,and os2 offered some very nice features,for the time by the time os2 warp was,released in 1995 it gave you excellent,compatibility with dos and windows 3.1,applications and in fact in reviews it,was often referred to as a better dos,than dos and a better windows than,windows after an estimated 990 million,dollars a year was spent on development,os2 just couldnt topple the microsoft,dominance and at its peak it never,reached higher than a 5 market share of,pc operating systems,and despite finding uses in embedded,applications such as atms os2 was phased,out by ibm by the mid-2000s,in 2001 a spin-off operating system,known as ecom station was developed by a,group called serenity systems with the,aim of allowing os2 applications to run,on more modern hardware and although,ecom station appears to be still on sale,at the time of recording this video,financial hardships mean that it hasnt,been updated for a decade now,and there have been several user,petitions for ibm to open source os2 but,this is something that ibm have,continually refused to do probably due,to the fact that it contains third-party,code from microsoft as well as,apparently quite interestingly from,commodore,now according to legend ibm did a,technology transfer with commodore,allowing them to use their rex scripting,language from os2 in amiga os in return,for using some of the amiga technology,for os2 version 2.0 and above at least,thats according to several sources ive,read online but i must admit i cant see,any of the amiga technology in os2 or,aker os at a glance,step forward to 2015 and a new os2,derived operating system arrived,originally known as blue lion and later,renamed arka os,now arca os is a closed source,commercial operating system that aims to,bring os2 into the 21st century and it,can run legacy 16 and 32-bit os2,applications,16-bit windows apps dos programs rec,scripts and lots more as well and it,brings more modern benefits such as,large disk support multi-core support,and it can access up to four gigabytes,of ram,and just to clarify this is a paid for,commercial operating system with at the,time of recording this video no free or,demo version available and a personal,license will cost you 129,but what can you do with it in 2021 and,how well does it run well i just want to,give a big thank you to the arka os team,who actually supplied me with a review,copy of the os for this video but just,to clarify its not a paid for or,sponsored video they were just kind,enough to send me a copy of it to try,out and beyond that im able to give my,complete honest opinions on it,so im installing archer os on a pretty,standard pc a fujitsu esprimo pentium,dual core machine running at 2.8,gigahertz with four gigabytes of ram a,320 gigabyte hard disk in here this,machine is around 10 years old and was,originally sold with windows 7.,so ive done the aka os image to a dvd-r,and the installer is very,straightforward now you boot from the,disk originally youre asked to select,your font size which for this video ive,increased it to make it more visible on,the video you get your keyboard options,in there as well and you can even change,the mouse to be left or right handed so,on the first screen we do get some very,nice accessibility options here,and then you get the multi-page terms,and conditions which of course were,going to read in depth before continuing,and then you need to select the volume,you want to install arca os on now as i,mentioned ive got a hard disk in here,that currently has windows 7 installed,but im happy to overwrite that with a,single volume using the default options,and then it will gather information,about the drive,now this stage it warned me that there,are some problems with the disk layout,so i select fix problems and it asks me,to give the machine a reboot and we do,that with a control alt delete from the,keyboard and then it will boot from the,disk again weve run through the,accessibility options and,skip past the ts and cs and then i,tried the disk setup again now at this,stage it cant actually see any of my,drives in the target volumes list and if,i go to manage partitions it tells me,that the drive is corrupt,so i tried to create a volume on the,disk a standard bootable volume but,unfortunately try as i might i couldnt,figure out how to format the drive or,see any option to do it from the,installer now i was looking for about 10,to 15 minutes and after a bit of,googling and checking forums people,suggested to me that i simply format the,drive if ive got an existing windows,partition on there as there doesnt,appear to be a way to erase it properly,so i downloaded the free version of a,program called dfc which is a bootable,application that can manage drives from,this very minimal interface and from,here i was able to delete the windows 7,ntfs partition,and then booting into the arc os,installer again i was able to select the,drive and run through the rest of the,installer so a bit of a hurdle there,obviously if youre installing it to a,new drive with nothing pre-installed,that probably wont be an issue but its,worth knowing if youre overwriting an,old windows install,and next we get a very nice hardware,overview screen showing the system and,recognized attached devices and drivers,and i was quite impressed to see that,akka os actually found my network,adapter straight away and automatically,installed the relevant driver,and after that the installer does its,own thing this part took around 15,minutes to complete as it copied over,all the required files from the dvd-r,and during the install process we get a,couple of reboots before we land on the,arca os desktop for the very first time,so next well explore the bundled,applications in arca os well test out,running some older os2 programs on here,and how well does it run windows 3.1 and,dos programs and games all of that,coming up in just a minute and just,before we jump into that i wanted to,take a quick moment to give a big thank,you to this video sponsor my wonderful,friends at readley now ive been a fan,of technology magazines ever since i was,a kid and really brings you some of the,best magazines in the most convenient,way straight to your phone tablet or,even your desktop pc and you get,unlimited access to over 5 000 magazines,and you can read as many as you like for,one set price just 7.99 a month theyre,kind of like the netflix of magazines,and you can do family sharing with,titles on everything you could imagine,fashion lifestyle education health,technology and lots more there is,something for everyone with bookmarking,and offline reading so that means you,can even read them when you havent got,signal and never miss a magazine again,you can check out back issues of your,favorite magazines all without the fuss,of a long-term contract and because you,watch my channel i know that you like,your retro gaming and technology and,there are some amazing mags on here,including the wonderful retro gamer,magazine which ive been reading for,over 15 years and its amazing to be,able to read it on here anywhere you go,without having to put a magazine in your,bag or take up space in your room and,theyve even got the new version of zap,64 and crash on here as well and if you,want to ke

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D:OS2 – Review After 100%

whats going on everybody mortum here,this time bringing you my review after,100,for divinity original sin 2. a couple of,things to get out of the way,divinity original sin 2 is hands down my,favorite game of all time so,i just kind of want to make people aware,of that bias,going into this my entire channel is,roughly dedicated to divinity i cover,pretty much all crpgs really and then a,few,other rpgs as i get interested in them,realistically i do tons of divinity lore,i have a story series for every single,divinity game that is in existence,it occurred to me that i had never,actually reviewed,divinity original sin 2 and i like to do,reviews after 100,because a i feel it lends more,authenticity to what i do,and also sets me apart from other,reviewers on youtube,i put up a poll on my community page,asked if people would be interested it,was a pretty resounding yes for the most,part so,here we are now with that out of the way,lets jump into it,what is divinity original sin 2 well if,you havent heard,it is a turn-based crpg style game,isometric might not be the exact word i,mean its mostly isometric but you can,move the camera around its pretty,its pretty free as far as cameras go,though it does kind of tend to stick to,that,isometric type view unlike a lot of,crpgs though,there is no like world map system youre,actually a 3d character in a 3d space,moving it around it in a crpg style,fashion which is unique in the genre and,i think people really responded to it so,i,decided to mention it here simply,because i could not think of any better,place to put this in the video,i just want to start this off by saying,that terms like,canon and lore are a little loose in the,divinity series,not to the extent of say a series like,zelda,where the lore in canon seems to change,with every game they make,but the original divinity game was,published in i believe it was 2002 if my,memory serves,and they had no intentions of like,getting to make another one,so because of that over time a lot of,this lore has changed,and fluctuated and without a doubt,original sin 2,is clearly where they spent the most,time on the world building,and actually tried to flesh things out,but because of that it has actually,created some holes,in the lore here and there so as much as,i hate to say it realistically,there are like some not so lore friendly,things here and there and i just want to,mention them im not going to go into,like detail about what they are but my,point is,is if youre an avid divinity fan who,cares about that kind of thing,there are plot holes ive acknowledged,that many times over but i just wanted,to fit it in somewhere in this review so,i figured right here was a good place to,do it but that said with what is,presented to you,hands down original sin 2 does it the,best of all the games,but some key things i want to mention in,that regard though,for instance almost all of the lore we,have about elves,is implemented in this game prior to,this game we actually knew precious,little about the elves,there was actually only one game and i,believe it was divinity two,that even referenced something similar,to an ancestor tree,and it was just an elf that had happened,to turn into a tree it didnt even like,flesh it out that was the whole plot,point this is the only game that,mentions the ritualistic cannibalism,that elves engage in in this game,jumping in from there when you fire up,your game of divinity original sin 2,youre going to be met with the,difficulty selector,pretty much has your standard stuff you,know story mode,classic which is like normal and then,tactician mode,tactician is the hardest difficulty but,its actually broken up into,two separate modes regular tactician and,honor mode honor mode is your iron man,challenge you get one save file,the game will auto save every single,time one of your party members goes down,and if your entire party gets wiped out,it deletes your save,and once we choose our difficulty were,going to hit character creation,which one of my first big videos on this,channel was actually about divinity,original sin 2 actually uses a unique,system that they made themselves,and as you play the game you quickly,find out that this system is,exploitable but with like finger quotes,because what divinity original sent to,does very well,is reactivity and larian seems to have,spent,an ungodly amount of time realizing,every which way somebody might work,their way around a situation,and more often than not the game will,react to it or have something prepared,for it,so i use exploitable in finger quotes,because the game seems to expect you to,like,actually choose these things or at least,prepared for it at the very least,and in some cases it just flat out,rewards it but the actual,system itself is very flexible i feel,like you can definitely make the,character,that you want to make with the skills,available you can make various types of,mages all sorts of stuff i have a ton of,build videos up on the channel for,instance i wont go too deep into it and,you know i literally have a video about,character creation thats like 30,minutes long,but suffice to say pretty big fan i feel,like you can make the character that you,want to make to role play as,and while it is a unique system so,theres no like standard crpg drama of,like having to go read something to,figure it out because you know its a,unique system theres nothing to read,you just have to figure it out now the,nice thing about divinity original sin 2,and the later definitive edition that,they made,in the original game after you leave act,1 you get access to a magic mirror that,allows you to respect for free anytime,you want in addition to that definitive,edition,actually added a tutorial to the game,that did a better job of explaining it,than the quick prologue you go through,to larians credit they have at least,tried to hit that knowledge gap that,people tend to run into when they pick,up this game for the first time,another thing about character creation,ive always really enjoyed is that,the races have important distinct,bonuses like,there are trade-offs for your decisions,if you want to play an elf you get,access to their cannibalism thing i,mentioned earlier,elves when they taste sentient flesh,absorb memories from that flesh and that,they can relive them and find things out,that way,but if you go with another character,that you know isnt an elf theyre not,going to have that,races also dictate how the world tends,to respond to you,for instance lizards who come from the,lizard empire,arent treated well by other people,because,most people find them suspicious now,lastly i want to mention character,creation wise is that we have our tag,system the tag system allows you to pick,a background,basically you choose two tags and that,is like a scholar,noble things like that and you can kind,of define your background while,simultaneously leaving it open to role,play,so you might choose noble and scholar,but thats thats such a broad term that,you can still define your backstory,within those concepts which i am a big,fan of,and lastly that brings us to origin,characters for character creation,the origin characters are the six,pre-made playable characters related to,the main story,you can play as one of them or have them,as companions,they are available even if you dont,choose to play as one because,they effectively serve as your,companions if you didnt choose to play,as one,and regardless if you choose one you can,still then recruit the other ones if you,so choose,up to a party of four now truthfully,these origin stories are some of the,best writing in the game,several of them are just incredible,stories losa is always a fan favorite,personally i love sabiles story i fans,was really good,i enjoyed the red princes but its,probably my least favorite of all of,them,but my point being all of these stories,are very well told,and you get a lot of unique dialogue if,you choose to play as one of these,characters as well by the

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Apple watchOS 2 Review – New Features & Should You Update?

whats up guys is everything Apple Pro,here and here does everything thats new,about watch OS 2 to begin with theres,several new clock faces so Apple added a,total of three one of them is this,awesome time-lapse so theres about five,cities to choose from and well show you,a full time lapse between day and night,these are very modern and clean but Id,like to see third-party watch faces out,of all the watch faces this one is,certainly my favorite now so the other,two that did come with this OS 2 is the,ability to set one single photo as a,watch face or set a slideshow of all of,your photos on your device so itll just,play through them with custom skins and,information on top a major feature,mentioned at the keynote is the ability,to use your Apple watch as a nightstand,alarm clock now so now you put it on its,side and it is charging youll get this,view right here and the top buttons can,be used as snooze and alarm this just,makes sense its gonna be sitting on,your nightstand charging why not have,this view now in the friends view you,can add friends directly from this page,so you dont need an iPhone to do this,its very simple and there right there,and if youre that guy that just has so,many friends Apple added another page so,you can have a total of 24 friends,shortcuts in this view I dont even have,one let alone a person that has an Apple,watch well if you do have something that,has an Apple watch click here and when,you draw messages to them you can,actually choose new colors now so you,know that new public transit feature in,iOS 9 well apples extended it to the,Apple watch so now they both share,information and you can get better,walking in transit directions directly,from your Apple watch new an Apple watch,OS 2 is time travel and no Apple didnt,include a flux capacitor in this thing,what it is is it just allows you to flip,through your day basically skim through,events from your calendar and see whats,up you know what happened in the past,whats gonna happen in the future based,on your calendar also new and os2 are,complications basically third-party,little information widgets that you can,apply here on this skin so if you skim,through them theres actually a few new,ones in his os/2 but a big feature is,that third-party ones will soon be,available here now Apple didnt talk,about this much but in the new Wallet,app on OS 2 youll be able to get,rewards based on an Apple pay system so,this is only at certain retailers,it will be available make free Wi-Fi,FaceTime calls to any Apple watch now,they are now supported on OS 2 you can,now reply to emails its kind of a,useless function unless you have some,custom replies in there but basically if,you want to reply to any email with a,very small phrase you can do that now,with iOS to know Siri has gained some,new functionality in OS 2 its less,reliant on the iPhone you can ask it to,start a workout a certain type you can,actually ask it to dim devices using the,home kit so if you have Phillips you in,your house you can dim the lights,without needing to take out your iPhone,so tree can also find public transit,directions without needing to take out,your iPhone as well as pull up glances,for certain applications and a couple,smaller things so on this menu over here,there is now an airplay button Apple,will introduce activation lock with OS 2,as well for the Apple watch so if you,lose it you can activation lock it,remotely it even got a new Apple logo,and old one was quite ugly as a bit,dated looking and the best part is the,new SDK apple released for developers so,now with the Apple watch theres a huge,number of things youll be able to do,that you cant right now including,playing videos playing these things from,the speaker on it using the microphone,the possibilities are endless and I,cannot wait to see what potential Apple,brings out of the Apple watch and guys,if youre wondering whether or not you,should install this on your Apple watch,I wouldnt right now but if you want to,there will be a guy down below in the,description where you can easily update,it just know you cannot downgrade back,to the last stable 1.0 point one version,its a permanent update until the final,version is out so keep that in mind and,also it is quite buggy you know a lot of,things just crash this thing restarts,often and the battery life is not good,at all theres a lot of dreams so guys,thats pretty much it just a quick,overview of all the new features of the,Apple watch OS – hope you enjoyed this,video have a great day and enjoy your,Apple watch peace

Wear OS 3.0 updates explained!

so back at io 2021 in may google,announced a total overhaul of its,wearable platform,but many questions remain about where os,3 and google has now addressed the,update situation,for current watch owners but were here,to simplify and make things easier for,you to understand,thanks for watching 9 to 5 google here,on youtube remember to thumbs up,hit subscribe and then tap the bell icon,to be among the first,to watch our upcoming videos for,starters,google is now officially referring to,the unified platform as,wear os three since its announcement,there has been a great deal of confusion,on whether this,upcoming wearable operating system would,run on existing smartwatches,and it was partly sold by customer,agents giving contradictory statements,and two big watchmakers eventually,putting out their own statements in june,about upgrade plans,not being finalized just yet google has,finally cleared up some of the,uncertainty and definitively announced,that,unfortunately only a few devices already,on sale today,will get the wear os 3 update,disappointingly,those watches will only include the,mobvoi ticwatch pro 3 gps,the two crotch pro 3 cellular or lte and,the recently released,ticwatch e3 as it stands no other,watches will be getting the wear os,3 update for better or worse although by,no means softening this blow google also,revealed that there will be,new watches launching soon from fossil,group and mob boy,that will not run wear os 3 out of the,box but will get the option to update at,a later day,in the case of fossil a statement from,the firm confirmed again,that a new generation of devices are set,to arrive this year,back to the devices set to get updated,though and all of the tick watch models,slated to receive,the update all utilize the qualcomm,snapdragon where,4100 chipset which was announced last,june thus providing some insight into,what the bare minimum hardware,requirements are,needed to run this wet os 3 build,however,google has warned that watches not,natively running where os 3,ie those upgraded after launch will see,unspecified,impacts on the user experience in some,limited cases,the company was not exactly specific on,whether this refers to some new features,not being available or performance,constraints,the implication is that even devices,running a chip from last year,are not able to run this unified,platform optimally given how significant,the coming where os,upgrade is but google still wants to,provide any recent buyers,an upgrade path for this reason the wet,os 3 update will be completely optional,and made available on an,opt-in basis for individual owners of,tip watch and,fossil group products end users that do,decide to upgrade,will have to factory reset the device,during the process,and start completely afresh google,promises to provide more details in,advance of the update,so you can make an informed decision,though as for timeline partners,well not begin the where os 3 upgrade,until the mid to second half of 2022,so there is a little while longer for,you to decide luckily where os 2.0 users,that decide,not to upgrade will still continue to,get new app experiences on par with,the likes of gboard and the material you,placed or redesigned,as well as security updates for a,minimum of two years from the device,launch,so its not all completely terrible news,this does however mean that even,contemplating the purchase of a new wear,os watch right now,is not something that wed actively,suggest doing with new hardware catering,specifically for the wet os 3.0 update,arriving likely in late 2021 and early,2022 and then beyond,is worthwhile holding out a little,longer before making a,decision hopefully this super quick,explainer of the where os,3 update situation does help you its,very easy to understand why many of you,out there would be aggrieved at this,news,but we do hope this has answered at,least some of your burning questions,and if you have any more or just one,event then by all means slap them down,in the comments section below,but until next time this is damian with,95 google saying thanks for watching,and i will speak to you later,you

The Cheapest Wear OS Smartwatch 10 Months Later: Ticwatch E2 Review and Test

this is the cheapest were always,SmartWatch ever and packs a handful of,features of the amazing price of around,hundred twelve US dollars right now,GPS Google assistant waterproofness and,if someone calls you you cant,apparently take the call from the watch,sadly lets figure out how far the,budget were always smart watches made,it in 2019,[Music],welcome everyone a michael in am pleased,to welcome you to the channel smart,watches are often being reviewed here,and for the last couple of years have,tested almost every awesome and rather,affordable smart watch out there ten,months ago if inspected the tick watch,s2 which was released together with the,e2 and there has been a lot of hype,surrounding them both the e2 is the,cheapest wear or West SmartWatch design,ever and while it originally retails at,hundred sixty dollars you can find some,discounts and often multi brought the,price down by 30% this makes it way more,affordable than the $250 Huawei watch,gt2 the amaze feed straddles two and,even the original amazing verge and it,is significantly cheaper than most other,wear or wear smartwatches,in this video Id like to show you all,its significant features or the lack of,such and well figure out whether it is,worth the money few months back after,testing the s2 have simply returned it,to mah boi because it was an impressive,now the even cheaper model is in focus,two disclaimers from my side the watch,was kindly sent to me by mob boy for,testing and as usual Im free to say,anything about the watch so this review,will be as honest as possible and based,on my own thoughts and also you probably,know that Im not a great fan of where,OS watches lets gonna pace this out for,the next few minutes,okay now we know where the teak watch e,is positioned on the market so lets,explore the hardware and we begin by,unboxing it looks good this is typical,for more voicemails watches generally,they are famous for packing a lot of,greatness in rather small price of,course theres no way that e to to be as,good as the teak watch flagship called,the pro first obvious facts the watch is,very plastic I know that some people,will appreciate the lack of any symbols,around the dial and for sure keeping,this clean design is a good idea and,this bump surrounding the display acts,as a good protection layer in addition,to the Gorilla Glass but certainly the,build quality is something thats we,could criticize a few months ago Ive,explored the amazed with verge which,many of you have referred to as a toy,and the feeling here is not much,different in fact I believe that the,verge felt better to the touch the band,here is nice a bit stiff compared to the,band on the watch GT series but I cant,say if its bad having corn the watch as,much as possible for the last few weeks,no serious complaints from my side,theres only one button and of course a,beautiful 1.30 9 inch vibrant AMOLED,display avoid have always been good for,their screens and while AMOLED is not,too fantastic being visible outdoors it,still is fine for indoor usage and,sometimes visible if you have the right,watch face looks like those of them with,large white digits are better for,daylights underneath the display we see,a 30% growth of the battery capacity a,Snapdragon 2100 processor and 512,megabytes ram and also 4 gigs of storage,out of which more than 2 gigs are,available for storing files clearly the,hardware is not superb CPU released back,in 2016 and not sufficient Ram not even,Bluetooth 5 which slowly becomes a,standard but we cant put the blame on,tick watch because the e 2 is the,obvious attempt of the company to bring,on the market a were always device that,is finally affordable the great atom for,this second generation is the water,resistance you can swim with it and it,has a microphone however there is no,speaker which means that you can,not make phone calls from the watch and,I guess knowing the hardware weve set,the expectations for the software and,performance which we know is based on,where OS this is the SmartWatch edition,of Android and perhaps the main reason,for the huge success of Apple watch,simply because the Cupertino developed,technology has no real competition at,the moment while the wear OS drawbacks,are well-known and widely discussed the,only major thing that Google did in the,past years is changing the name and a,few months ago,acquiring Fitbit will that change,anything were gonna find in the next,few months and years and lets hope for,the best,now 512 megabytes are already a little,tight on providing resources for,comfortable operation the more serious,limiting factor is the performance of,the CPU and you can notice the usual,wear OS lacks yes other smartwatches,also show imperfections while scrolling,but if we put the tick watch side by,side with a way more basic watch GT by,Huawei youre gonna probably vote in,favor of the wowits device in terms of,responsiveness especially if it comes to,loading apps and the latter one has only,32 megabytes of RAM,anyhow few words about the user,experience the single button opens the,app drawer and it can be used as a home,button to by default the long press,activates Google assistant since Im not,used to it I cant say how good it,handles your requests but seems to,understand speech and acts based on your,requirements although just have a look,at what a mess Google assistant could be,in this scenario call Victor usually,playing with some permissions it will,get fixed but lets admit that this kind,of behavior is quite annoying it will,make a lot of people thinking that the,feature doesnt really work here since,there is no speaker reading the displays,your only communication channel setting,up is easy and stick washer kind enough,to provide a set of good watch faces you,will find the usual amount of default,apps most of them are typically part of,the stock distribution of where OS Play,Store weather timer stopwatch and since,we have Play Store there are a lot of,extra apps that you can add tick watch,have specially developed framework for,fitness tracking tick health tick pulse,and tick exercise there only are a few,exercises available that you can call,but I guess the free style allows you to,be a little bit more creative and use it,in case your favorite sport is not,listed you can luckily count on Strava,which unlike the very popular watch GT,has good integration with where OS,generally well there are some tracking,capabilities I cannot say this is a,great sports watch and so far the where,OS intention has never been to the heart,rate gets detected only if you request,that from the tick pulse app or if you,depress the corresponding location on,the watch face and vary snow sleep,tracking unfortunately or at least,nothing that is useful most of the time,the watch will last through the day but,if you sleep with it and if always on,display is enabled it wont make it,until the morning,so the originally advertised two days of,battery life are possible if you do not,wear during the night and if youre,quite battery savvy during the day time,most of the charging cycles I managed to,get around a day of battery life with,always on screen and the second level of,brightness out of five and this is very,poor compared to my current favorites,watch GT by Huawei where it will last,around a week with always-on display,continuous tracking of heart rate and,stress levels and you can make phone,calls on top of that but weve said this,already these are two very different,worlds because stick watch offers a lot,more smartness and the ability to get,more apps what comes as an extra,disadvantage on the tick watch is the,lack of ambient sensor so there is no,ultra brightness mode heres a feature,which have a more basic operating,systems find it hard to replicate this,is the calendar feature and if you have,a lot of appointments and you want to,similar to control your calendar from,the watch this is finally something tick,watch can help you with a minute for a,short summary have seen pl

Google Pixel Watch Review: Rebooting the Android Smartwatch

this video is sponsored by surf shark,I remember the first smart watch I ever,wanted it was called the impulse made by,a Canadian outfit called alerta back in,2010 and even though Id already adopted,Android by that point this Blackberry,exclusive accessory made me seriously,consider going back,alerta would later transform into Pebble,sharing its name with the product that,proved to the world of 2012 that smart,watches could be the next big thing and,it took no time at all for bigger,companies to hop on the bandwagon,Samsung with the Galaxy Gear in 2013.,Google with the Android Wear platform in,2014 and the first Apple watch in 2015.,the years since have been chaotic,Android Wear would be rebranded to wear,OS and undergo a painful parade of,reinventions Often hamstrung by,underpowered silicon and inconsistencies,across its various Hardware Partners,Samsung got so fed up with wear OS that,it pivoted to its own software only,recently having been wooed back,Pebble got bought by Fitbit which in,turn got scooped up by Google and in the,midst of all this upheaval Apple just,kept counting money as it sold millions,of Apple watches across eight,generations of slow but steady iteration,well this is the Smartwatch Google built,to change all that,like many first generation products its,too expensive it doesnt do enough of,what it promises and it has no chance of,living up to its hype,but its also tangible proof that Google,finally cares about smart watches again,[Music],you can say it the pixel watch looks,like a round Apple watch and honestly I,dont think thats a bad thing,I mean first of all it stands out even,amidst the huge diversity of style in,the wear OS catalog theres nothing that,looks quite like this perfectly rounded,little Ingot its Gorilla Glass 5,Crystal and stainless steel case curving,to meet with almost perfect symmetry,the flow of this design is interrupted,only by a digital Crown at the three,oclock position a much less prominent,two oclock Pusher above that and the,sunken mounting points for Googles new,band system Ill show you shortly oh and,if youre a southpaw you can now reverse,all those clock values and make this a,right wristed timepiece which is great,smart watches often carry the burden of,needing to be both functional tools and,beautiful objects and I think the pixel,watch Rises to that particular challenge,of course thats assuming you buy the,color thats right for you and the,champagne gold unit that Google provided,me for review with its fluoro elastomer,band thats quick to discolor and made,my wrist sweaty and smelly no matter how,many showers I took really wasnt doing,it for me so on the commute between my,new home and the Mr mobile office I,swung by the Williamsburg Google Store,this week picked up a polished silver,pixel watch along with a dual tone,leather band that adds some scoggin-like,lugs,and relief washed over me in an awesome,wave,plus I got a sweet Google branded slap,bracelet in the deal which taught me my,wrist is 190 millimeters in diameter for,your reference as you try to size up the,watch,take my word for it though its much,smaller in person than it appears on,video and that has big consequences for,its endurance more on that in a minute,I also bought the watch so I could,experience the setup process as a normal,customer and Im so happy to be able to,report that the initial connection,failures and stutters and jetters of,Prior versions seem now to be things of,the past you follow the prompts on the,watch you agree to the terms you take,the tutorial if you want and it does,what you expected connects to your phone,with a minimum of fuss and if you drop,the extra 50 bucks on an LTE model,youre given the chance to download an,esim and choose a carrier add-on 5 to 10,bucks a month in my case on T-Mobile,this is the first time Ive used a,cellular connected Smartwatch in a very,long time and for me its worked,perfectly in fact I didnt even remember,that Id activate it one day I,accidentally left the apartment without,bringing my phone with me and I didnt,realize it because my watch was still,dutifully serving up notifications and,phone calls as if I still had my phone,in my pocket it was seamless,and whether they come in over LTE or,through the Bluetooth Link from your,phone those notifications are another,strength,the watch Taps your wrist sharply when a,message comes in and when you use the,crown to scroll through the content it,adds subtle clicks like an escapement,ticking over the teeth of a gear and,more importantly those notifications are,now consistent and reliable over a month,of use with the pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy,flip 4 the watch hasnt once randomly,disconnected from the phone as was sadly,common in Ware OS 2 days,Im not going to dwell on the interface,itself because I already showed off Ware,os3 and my review of the mom long Summit,3 a couple months back its pretty,self-explanatory anyway you know you,swipe up for notifications you swipe,down for quick settings and you swipe,over for tiles,where the pixel watch is special for now,is that it comes with Google Assistant,out of the box which you invoke through,a long press of that two oclock Pusher,or by saying the key phrase,this came in incredibly handy on that,trip to Iceland I showed you in my pixel,7 Pro review because I was always asking,the assistant to you know convert,Icelandic krona into US dollars or tell,me when the sun would set and to my,surprise and Delight it always responded,quickly and consistently in Reykjavik,today Sunset was at 501 pm,actually thats true of the whole,software experience maybe its the Hefty,two gigs of RAM or all the time Google,spent optimizing wear OS 3.5 for this,Hardware but use that upper Pusher to,jump between open apps and youll find,that this is a sprightly responsive,all-around reliable watch,youd never know it was running on,three-year-old silicon,all that being said theres still plenty,of room for improvement and Ill tell,you all about it after we pay the bills,one of the things I never thought Id,miss about the internet until it was,gone was that it was mostly neutral,these days your internet service,provider can change your speed based on,what kind of Surfing youre doing like,slowing down your connection if youre,streaming video or your employer can,restrict certain traffic that it thinks,you shouldnt be able to access,and websites can even show you different,prices depending on where you are in the,world even when that doesnt make much,sense,well I think all thats pretty shady so,Im happy to be sponsored by surf shark,its a VPN that keeps your browsing,private safe and yeah neutral because,thats what the internet should be,get surf shark at the link in the,description and use code Mr mobile for,83 off and three extra months free,thanks to surfshark for sponsoring this,video,the system on a chip isnt the only,thing thats dated about the pixel watch,Google does everything it can to hide it,behind black backgrounds and dark,default watch faces but use a custom one,from facer or the new Google photos face,or you know just run a third-party app,like flight radar and that bezel is,pretty blatant,also does this look a little off-center,to you or is it just me,anyway its not just that it takes away,from the aesthetic I told you the watch,is already really small so settling for,this much border makes the display feel,even more cramped than it actually is,especially if you remember the Barely,There bezel on the Moto 360. way back in,2014. that just puts this thing to shame,and the 41 millimeter case size has,other side effects the speaker,terribly,crackles like,like callers said I sounded fine,this is,nor is there much room for a big battery,so the pixel watch ships with its always,on display disabled by default,now this is a personal thing but I,always enable the aod because I believe,every Smart Watch should always be able,to show the time like a regular watch,but if youre not like me youll have,better luck the one day

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