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We Happy Few Review

what the [ __ ] are you doing here we,happy for you as crafted a story worthy,of its eerie and drug-induced madcap,setting the stories told of its misfit,characters are bleak witty tense and,ready to shine a light on the flaws and,yet like the devilish grinning mass the,populace has done in conformity you,cant help but notice whats just below,the surface reliance on copy pasted rows,of uninteresting buildings and lifeless,towns folk sometimes makes traversing we,have diffuse randomized world at shore,yet its collection of handcrafted,encounters across three engaging stories,with unique characters or where this,world truly comes alive even if you,arent on drugs we happy for you,introduces an alternate history of,post-world War two with an interesting,twist that provides the framework for,some very compelling stories,its three individual tales of those who,pronounced their daily dose of memory,muddling joy are unique and refreshing,when you dont conform it we happy few,society things tend to get violent fast,acting out in public can lead to some,heroin escapes at first but eventually,start to get a little too repetitive in,order to survive youll need to learn,how to blend in while also scrunch in,for supplies I never found the act,boring as I was always looking for that,next ingredient to craft a better weapon,or piece of clothing survival and we,happy few involves managing mild,penalties to health and stamina though,you wont die from neglecting your,bodys needs still I was able to enjoy,the world without having to constantly,worry about my next meal,crafting has also been streamlined to,make things like lock-picking a lot less,tedious I especially love the stache,feature that allows you to dump supplies,in a safe house and still using the,craft no matter where in the world you,are to get around the villages of,potentially hostile people you can try,to conform fight or use some light,sneaking more often than not however I,started to find that simply dashing past,angry people to the first trash can or,patch a tall grass that could find what,get the job done because of this the,Attic conformity was often obsolete,which is a shame considering how central,taking your joy is to the narrative,presented while the bland recycled,boulevards get old fast we have to fuse,moody interiors provided welcome variety,and some of its best storytelling,moments unlike most outdoor areas NPCs,here actually have a purpose in world,building notes and Diaries are placed,for a reason,fighting sneaking and light,puzzle-solving have more meaning when,theres not an easy trashcan to hide,around every corner these places are,where we happy fuse three main,characters stories are told though their,past sometimes cross they never really,intertwine,Arthur Hastings is a mild-mannered man,you play us first and as sad sarcasm and,repressed Nature gave depth to my,actions and decisions Ive got a sinking,for you,[Music],Sally Boyle is physically the weakest of,the three characters and must resort to,her superior chemistry skills to either,debilitate distract or defeat opponents,or improve her own abilities Polly,Starkey relies on brute strength to,solve problems where words and a lack of,chemistry knowledge fail his personal,survival needs include regulating his,blood sugar infrequently or sometimes,facing hilarious consequences Sally and,Alis unique quirks combined with their,perks skills and flaws gave enough,variation to their stories so I never,found myself sewing to problem the same,way Arthurs story alone took me around,25 hours to complete,thats not factoring in several side,quests I skipped Sally and alia stories,arent as lengthy in each at about 10 or,more hours to complete,not including side quests look Im very,busy recalculating the bromination,reaction so what is non explosive unless,youve got a magic formula for,synthesizing joy out of bleach whiskey,and salty pizza get out we happy fuse,focus on story over survival is a good,choice and its at its best when,dropping bombshells of truth of the drug,people of Wellington wells have tried so,hard to ignore all those survival and,crafting our fairly manageable running,through randomly generated towns streets,or event and fields unfortunately show,that we happy few cant hide from the,ghost of its own past no matter how much,joy you take for more on we happy few,check out the first 17 minutes and how,it looks in the highest and lowest PC,settings

We Happy Few – Before You Buy

were here with another episode of,before you buy that show would give you,some straight-up gameplay and our first,impressions on the latest games,releasing and today were talking about,we happy for you we got our hands on it,a little early for a review copy and,this is the first time Im returning to,a game I already made a video on there,are so many other games I want to do,this on but today were gonna focus on,we happy few which launched in early,access mode with quite a bit of fanfare,and interest back in July of 2016,my conclusion back then was to,absolutely wait I found it a big,disappointment and I think it overall,hurt my perception of the game going,forward because of the state it did,release in they should have just held,off but still now we get this revamped,final 1.0 version of the game thanks to,Microsoft and gearbox putting some,weight behind it and in my complete,personal opinion Im still not crazy,about this game but its 50/50 I dont,really enjoy playing much of it but I,really like what they do with the world,and the story and the characters and I,do think its a vast improvement over,what we played two years ago and I get,why there was so much interest in why,folks backed it on Kickstarter because,the game is genuinely charming so let me,get to that theres enough stuff to,point out here that is good that some,folks might be intrigued when I first,played the early access version one of,the most striking and awesome moments,was the intro and thankfully the full,game carries a lot of that promise of,the cool intro throughout the entire,game the game takes place in an,alternate 1964 post World War 2 English,city of Wellington Wells and you are in,the shoes of three characters throughout,the story theres Sally Ally and the,more main character who you start out as,Arthur a proud Englishman who grapples,with the strange state his society is in,this world is controlled in many ways by,a drug called joy which keeps citizens,happy its an antidepressant and it,makes them forgetful of the dark past of,world war ii and stuff the society,frowns upon those who dont take the,drug and cast them out to live in,squalor Arthurs life itself is turned,upside down when he finally refuses to,take the drug and his chase from his,cushy job a nice life into the wasteland,its,he comes to grips with the memories of,him and his brother and he sets out to,make things right in what is a,surprisingly structured game its shed,its sandbox survival framework mostly,to tell a story focused adventure with,small open environments you can explore,it there are still elements of where it,was a complete survival game and at,times it does feel a bit awkward there,is tons of scavenging to do but,thankfully not eating or sleeping or,drinking now is a bit de-emphasized,instead youre incentivized to keep,those stats up just because theyll give,you buffs so if youre not thirsty you,will run more efficiently if youre,well-rested youll fight better and so,on with the other characters having,their own slight twist on this – which I,really liked I appreciate that they did,adapt this this way because the game,never felt like it should have been a,full-on survival game what it now does,actually feels a bit like Bioshock some,people may not want me to compare the,two but whatever Im gonna theres a,large focus on scavenging for items to,scrape through your way forward crafting,med kits and weapons and lockpicks along,the way none of it really feels too,in-depth or really cohesive though its,all just there and its fine and thats,what most of the gameplay is its also,really glitchy with moments that make it,feel really low budget with really wonky,NPC characters and framerate hitches it,has gotten better with updates overall,but you should keep it in mind if,unpolished games really bother you but,like I keep saying thankfully I did find,myself fairly interested in the world,and story to push through the whole game,the stuff I captured here is mostly,within the first 5 hours or so not to,spoil things most specifically because,there are some actually really cool,moments and great bits with characters,that pop to life in these pre-rendered,cutscenes the mood and atmosphere,successfully really bounces around,between dour and sad and grim dark,serious stuff and then weird and wacky,and downright acid trippy sequences with,a 60s inspiration that really kept me,interested I yearned to even just read,notes I would pick up in the world I,would listen to radio broadcasts and,stop and look around and check out stuff,because the world of welling to Wells is,pretty damn interesting its the best,part of the game if this is your type of,thing in games if you like experiencing,this stuff the voice acting the sounds,and music are all mostly top-notch,making characters and goofy enemy bodies,real,surprisingly imposing and the,differences between being high on happy,drugs and being in the sad real world,totally wild the game is focused around,combat stealth and exploration but also,theres a more social aspect where,people can tell whether or not youre on,your medication and they can turn on you,this like other gameplay elements Ill,get to unfortunately feels a little,half-baked well I appreciate the fact,that its unique and the act of hiding,from people or managing your joy intake,feels very simple and most of the time,it was all a breeze to get through you,just have to watch yourself in certain,neighborhoods you know dressed normal,dont run around like a crazy person,punch people or rummage through garbage,bins and youll mostly be okay,well I cant really offer suggestions on,how I would have liked to have made the,social aspect stronger I can only say I,saw the potential and just wish there,was more of it because sitting on a park,bench reading a newspaper while a scary,policeman walks by is a cool experience,but the actual ramifications seem,fleeting most at a time but thankfully,the other two characters do manage to,make the experience fairly fresh,throughout the whole playthrough so Ill,give points for that just as the whole,adventure especially because the,characters come from essentially,different classes with different,opinions within the world which is cool,to experience its managing your,inventory items and slowly dragging,through some parts of the actual,gameplay that killed the experience for,me though there is stealth and combat,the stealth is relatively simple and,workman like although sometimes the AI,is frustratingly stupid,there have been fixes in the review,build I have been playing but most of,the time I found myself just throwing,distraction objects in one direction for,the guards to walk to while I headed it,in the opposite direction rinse repeat,like I said mostly simple and kind of,lame but the footsteps indicator is a,nice touch though if we all talked about,mechanics you see the footsteps of your,enemies and its a nice self-awareness,indicator that doesnt feel completely,hand-holding or covering up the entire,screen letting you see through walls or,something it was a nice gameplay touch,and I appreciate it but combat is where,it falls apart for me though its melee,focused and youll use random household,objects and makeshift weapons to,bludgeon bullies and police and crazed,citizens with a light and eventually,heavy attack a block and a shove button,to break guards its all very simple and,hitboxes feel weird from both you and,the enemies distances,on either receiving in and they move,around awkwardly and it just always,feels very unpolished and not very fun,occasionally I would laugh when Id slap,someone across the face with a shovel,but mostly I tried to avoid combat as,much as possible and not just from a,stealth aspect but one might argue that,with stealth elements thats supposed to,be the case to just avoid the combat but,the game throws you in direct combat,situations way more than I would like I,did like having a light progression,skill tree to kind of work my way,through and make

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We Happy Few is unlike anything Ive EVER played

happiness is a choice there you are,youre looking nice and trim,everythings coming up roses right oh,lovely day for it did you hear,the circus is coming to town,[Music],lovely day for it should clear up soon i,imagine lovely weather lovely day for it,[Music],when i saw this i needed it i remember,seeing this briefly announced back in,like 2015 and then literally nothing,after further analysis using expert,research skills we happy few was,kickstarted in 2015 had early access in,2016 to avoid,and then the entire direction of the,game went kind of like this and then,like this and this then that way then,here there and then finally,uh,here so the game did initially launch in,2016 only on xbox game preview because,heaven forbid games launch completed,anymore and then fully launched in 2018,for everything else steam was excited,for about a millisecond and on consoles,it sold under 60k in its first week but,you know what a lot of people absolutely,love this game and you know the review,scores werent too bad,[Music],but before pills dont you hate that,moment when youre chilling with frodo,and plankton on your 80th floor,penthouse balcony and youre the only,one that doesnt have a multiverse based,mobile arpg that focuses on character,growth and real-time guild battles well,dark nemesis is here to hold you close,youve got a full-on campaign pvp,battlegrounds guild vs guild battles and,even 1v1s coming soon meaning that,justifiably breaking your phone has,never been easier on top of heaps of,game modes dark nemesis offers your,smorgasbord of classes including warrior,mage assassin and even gunslinger not to,mention a plethora of gear just to slap,on him to give him that personal touch,perfection on top of multiple ways to,customize your character youve got a,ton of weapons companions and most,importantly wings the games got,stunning graphics to complement a,fantastic mobile gaming experience that,you can play anywhere in the car on a,plane on a farm and now you can register,for the game using the link in the,description below and with every person,who registers more rewards are unlocked,so sign up today,this game looks weird man its its part,of the reason why i looked it up yeah,the reviews actually arent terrible,its like a 50 on most places so well,see how it is but why does this remind,me so much of death loop already its,like death loop and bioshock,july 30th 2019. hey guys i hope youre,still playing our game,is that actually the the latest news,character wait what i could choose a,character hold on just a minute,arthur,theyre tricking me im assuming thats,for the dlc but its kind of funny that,they have that option for me no theres,like 300 characters in this game look,this is arthur morgan this is arthur,from you know that the kids show this,one is arthur pen,dragon,miss ernest bauer of the cumberland wait,hold on im not finished reading yet red,flowers represent i cant screw that,lure,get that lore out of here that scares me,imagine if you got your hand caught in,that you know arthur told the judge that,his brother had a,photographic memory hes got a,photographic memory take him down,i should just take my joy,shouldnt i take it take your joy,oh,hold e remember,or take joy i know i kind of feel like i,shouldnt happiness is a choice,ah thats better,snug is a problem,imagine the game just ended right there,wait hold on hold on i dont know what,to do now i guess im done,uh that was the best 30 dollars ive,ever spent is it just like a new day is,it like just a brand new day now or is,it the same no its the same paper say,paper every day,take the fill again,im not im not gonna i need to progress,that was so easy like why even play dark,souls when you can play this actually,the last time not doing that again,it takes too long oh my goodness we are,so good remember,oh,things are different now what whats,happening,i want to remember what happened to,percy theres actually a game,theres more to it what the heck have,you guys ever seen this before no ones,seen you for hours oh,nose to the grindstone did you forget,were having deidres birthday party,weve got a pinata,right well come on then finish up ah,just have a few more pages i i know,youre very busy then dont take too,long to finish im pretty sure its a,kid i thought it was a kiss it looked,like a kids game i dont know i have no,reason to suspect that a game with this,kind of graphics style could in any way,be higher rating than e for everyone for,the kids for the children all of them,every last one of them im pretty sure,that blood just is my characters type,much better its not going solid oh,thats too small that looks terrible,what why do they fit the entire,paragraph into that,is that the choice okay im gonna im,gonna go overkill with the so thatll,break the cheek to get out i dont like,it i dont like that at all oh i know,thats getting its getting worse its,getting worse turn them off,the letters what do they mean e,m l no thats an m for sure 100 it,originally said mel come back canada,what this is is this the first piece of,media weve ever been featured in,examine joy pro i want to take all the,joy what happens if i pop 20 joys at the,same time,wait,what its basically dying light you,nearly missed the pinata yay i cant,wait to hit the pinata uncle jack did a,whole show that is a squishy pinata what,the heck all the sweets come out okay,come on hit it okay,okay hit it yeah,smash it go on smash his silly face off,what,what,what,what you are off your joy no take one of,mine hes a downward oh no,[Applause],what does that even mean not rated e not,rated e,so i might have been mistaken,the game is not rated e for everyone,hacker mobile,oh i only get one of them and then it,breaks,unlock,uh what we got here oh okay thats it,you know youre going out,i dont even know why is this combat,like this whats the first fight ive,won since primary school exit safe house,all right so what am i getting myself,into if i can get to the train station i,can just follow the old rail tunnel all,the way to the bridge,so,its my objective to escape taking all,this rotten apples doesnt give me food,poisoning,shrill theres another day in london,teacup when you go to to london theres,just teacups everywhere,every corner oh drugs,nighty night sleepy tight everythings,tucked out of sight my fair lady,stomp,turn off i dont want to be spooked oh,my goodness they turned the baby into a,mannequin i am so rich in teacups holy,frick,duct tape oh my gosh i am like literally,kidded out dude ive got tea and drugs,and duct tape easy 1v1 where is this guy,going huh,are you okay oh my gosh hes just,running hes just running is that,he has no direction,you are trespassing yeah well they cant,see me so what are they gonna do about,it huh what do i get for a cup of tea,smoking like a true british man,its thomas i guess i have to take that,elevator well no one notices nobodys,gonna notice dude youre fine,well thats terrifying,uh,lovely day fred a lovely days oh boy not,many people get this far how much want,to bet the floor is gonna fall out,beneath me,oh,guys thank you,oh they took my stuff dang it at least,the floor didnt fall out that would,have been a tragedy,oh no they took all my teacups i am,defenseless oh no,this aint looking good,oh,im sorry but i have to beat you to,death i dont want to fight you,the feeling is muted theres only enough,food for the winners see padded stick or,pointy stick is effective youve gone,too far you copied my newspaper and that,is a crime punishable by death i have,succeeded,i am the one who forsaked the pills what,another,im trust,oh sorry im sorry im sorry,i dont i just didnt take my pill,not a kids game,no youre not a kids game throw danny,on someone fighting you,that didnt work,at least i have a stick you know,like look at this bad boy,its not every day youll find the,mistake like this,oh,it happened why dont these toilets have,anything in them it is so unrealistic,oh,go see what that was,[Music],dont resist,is he de

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We Happy Few Review (As Bad As People Say?) – Gggmanlives

[Music],I remember playing the we happy few,early access build way back when it,first came out and people at the time,were acting like it was some kind of,amazing new game with it having this,really weird amount of hype and then I,played it and all I got was a pretty,generic first person open world survival,game with the 1960s England aesthetic,and the kind of story that felt like,something out of a Jon Pertwee Doctor,Who episode well cut to 2018 and we,happy few has finally left early,accessed and been fully released,developed by compulsion games and,published by one of the industrys,favorite punching bags gearbox software,its still got that 1960s England,aesthetic and it still feels like the,kind of story from a Doctor Who episode,but whats most shocking is that its,actually a lot more playable now and Im,surprised at just how much Ive actually,enjoyed it despite what Ive been,reading about it so little has been,change from the set up playing as one of,three characters the game is set in a,retro futuristic the best kind of,futuristic part of 1960s England called,Wellington wells where citizens live in,poverty or an utopic bliss buzzed out of,their brains on a drug called joy,hes a down we got a downer a tiara of,Wellington wells forms a different part,of society so in the slimy areas known,as the Garden District citizens were,torn and filthy rags for clothes at,least there are flowers out here whilst,in the swanky parade district people,walk around wearing trendy designer,clothes and a big family the game is,conforming and trying to fit in and,remain anonymous a couple hours into the,game and joy starts to become a more,prominent mechanic and you cant walk,for five seconds without bumping into a,joy dispenser just with the downside of,taking it to potentially odain if you,take too much though theres only a,couple of instances when you have to,take it to progress otherwise you can,find a drug that simulates the symptoms,without the downsides those who dont,take the drug referred to as Deannas,and promptly outcast and left to fend,for themselves in the outskirts of,Wellington wells in the Upper mentioned,garden districts now on that note the,map itself is pretty open-ended and,whats kind of great about this game is,the way that it lets you proceed through,it so youve got like the main missions,you know the ones that move the story,along and these obviously have to be,finished to progress the side missions,however are entirely left up to the,player and theyre often discovered by,simply exploring the map as much as,possible that doesnt sound ominous at,all some of these are really strange too,like I did this one where I had to sneak,into a creepy house full of tea drinking,old ladies and then I just came across,this weird demonic shrine then theres,another one where Im trying to help,this guy get laid we owe it all to you,gameplay is broken down into either,stealth or combat with native fees being,all that refined but I think the stealth,is probably the lesser of two evils with,both stars you given the option of a,lethal or a non-lethal approach though I,dont really see what the ramifications,are if you pick one over the other,outside of it just being the players,choice like if youre going for some,kind of pacifist run or something,throwable items can be used as well like,youve got a basic grenade which just,kind of blows up or a shock grenade,which has a pretty big air of effect and,can knock out any poor sod unlucky,enough to be stuck near it or how about,something like the vomit bomb that does,what it sounds like,causing enemies in the vicinity to start,violently throwing up now all of these,items can also be crafted as long as,youve got the recipe and like a lot of,these open world survival games we happy,few lets you become this kind of,kleptomaniac [ __ ] stealing everything,that isnt bolted down from pieces of,metal screws bolts rocks empty bottles,you name it you can pick it up and stash,it away and its always got some kind of,purpose,youve got to contend with hunger thirst,and tiredness but whats cool here is,that not monitoring these wont kill you,instead it just gives you a slight,penalty for things like your stamina the,damage you can do and that kind of stuff,and I think its a good way of making it,less about having to constantly look for,water and food sources and more of a,slight detriment to the players stats,which makes it feel like less of a chore,but still keeps that survival aspect I,did like to that a lot of the crafting,in this game doesnt feel all that,grindy at least in the sense of it not,being about needing to have 15 or 20 of,something to craft an item like you only,have a need like two or three of,something and theres only like a couple,of times when I had to go searching for,components you can create lockpicks from,bobby pins to get through locked doors,you can create Jimmy bars with metal,scraps to pry up and phone boxes for,loose change you can break into seis you,can hack key card readers or you can,disarm or even turn hazardous traps,against NPCs it reminds me a lot of,Bosch look in a way that you can,approach the games environment from a,lot of different perspectives and,interact with things in a pretty dynamic,way just dont expect people to ignore,you if you start [ __ ] around the,thing is though you dont actually ever,have to cross something to progress,outside of a couple of key moments I,mean if you need to get through a locked,door you can hack it but youll also,find the keycard nearby or maybe even a,vent you can sneak through every item or,weapon youre able to craft can also be,found in the game or if you look hard,enough I mean I crafted some of the,unique weapons out of curiosity but,everything else I just found by playing,the game,[Music],stealth is pretty much everything weve,come to expect from a game that has,stealth kind of thrown in as an,afterthought and thats pretty much the,bare minimum required to pull a stealth,system off so for starters you press,crouch which somehow makes you more,difficult to spot you can see an NPCs,footsteps through solid objects as long,as theyre close enough and then early,on you can unlock the ability to choke,people out from behind picking their,body up straight away to dump it outside,its also got those magical bushes you,can hide in which somehow makes you,totally invisible unless someone happens,to bump into you and you can even throw,bottles to distract enemies I mean its,textbook stuff and it mostly works now I,dont really have an issue with this,stealth to be honest in fact sometimes,it works pretty well its just that a,lot of the time it feels really,inconsistent part finding for the,enemies for instance is highly,randomized at times like youll see NPCs,walking around and then suddenly there,just do a kind of a 90-degree turn and,theyll spot you instantly like right,there look that guy was just about to,turn around and spot me for no reason,when you are detected for some reason,everyone that sees you at this point,just goes hostile and starts chasing you,even if you run out of that area,everyone who sees you while youre still,in this hostile state is going to give,chase now look maybe this is supposed to,make sense from the perspective of the,game world like being in this hivemind,society or whatever but from the,viewpoint of those NPCs they have no ID,or context to why being chased for them,to suddenly start coming off me with a,shovel or a cricket bat it just doesnt,make sense theres an abundance of,hiding spots in the city where you can,easily lose your pursuers but these are,pretty rare in the countryside and often,you just have to keep running until they,give up chase Kombat either look it,aint all that graded sasai the hit,block or heavy attack you have,bugger-all health in this game unless,youve invested some school points into,it so combat can be really punishing if,you take too many hits making it even,less enjoyable,speaking of skill points the way this,

What Went Wrong? – We Happy Few

[Music],believe it or not a lot of people looked,forward to this game but upon its less,than favorable unoptimized launch with,the copious amount of bugs a triple a,price tag controversy with gearbox and,very mixed reviews all the hard work in,the nearly five years of development,ultimately met a miserable conclusion,what happened to this game how did it,get to this point and what is it like,today well were gonna find out because,this is what went wrong with we happy,few im wicked wiz being a man of my,word and standing inside a reddit mods,basement for some reason and before the,fbi shows up id like to say a massive,thanks to all my new and existing,patreons you guys helped to make these,videos sponsorless we happy few is a,game set in a fictional city called,wellington wells in england and in the,funky form over functions 60s youll,find yourself in a nightmarish dystopian,police state where everyone is forced to,be unnaturally upbeat and positive every,waking moment of their lives which can,only be achieved enforced by the,constant consumption of happy pills,called joy these pills warp reality into,a joyful utopia while hiding the famine,decay plague and the very regrettable,horrible history behind these townsfolk,if you fail to conform by not taking,your joy wearing tattered clothes or,even simply running about then youll be,considered a waste rule downer and if,youre lucky youll be thrown out into,what is known as the garden district or,just die because thats what actually,happens when you play the game now the,garden district is full of downers and,disbelievers just like you these people,are either resistant to joy know too,much or have gone absolutely insane they,hate people that come from the happy,utopia because it reminds them of what,they once had theyll jump you on site,if you look too well dressed and will,label you a tourist the game has a,really cool concept which takes the idea,of fitting in to the extreme it doesnt,matter if youre in the parade with all,the pill poppers or in the garden,district with all the downers if you,dont fit in with the crowd youre an,outcast and youll be punished for it we,happy few takes a lot of inspiration,from films such as the 1985 dystopian,classic brazil as well as a clockwork,orange brave new world doctor who and,even one of my most favorite films ever,hot fuzz the humor in this game is of,course largely inspired by monty python,because its great and british in fact,this game for all of its flaws did give,me a chuckle here and there,how do i cross that platform without,getting electrocuted now make sure there,isnt a short circuit,apprentices,they never [ __ ] listen,the base game is the main focus of this,video here and i can only describe it as,a wannabe roguelike survival with a sort,of linear narrative story if that sounds,weird thats because it is in the,campaign you play through three acts and,with each act you play as three,different characters act one has you,playing as the pencil pushing arthur,whos more of a jack of all trades act 2,has you playing as the stealthy chemist,with a baby called sally and act 3 has,you playing as the lovable scottish tank,olly who i managed to beat the game as,in a maids outfit anyway the goal is to,escape but each character uncovers the,truth about whats really going on in,wellington wells now i wont spoil much,of the game in this video but i can tell,you for a fact right now that the story,is the main thing that got me through it,not only do you find out what happened,after the war but you uncover the dark,truth behind joy there are stealth,mechanics with multiple ways to approach,each quest and combat thats not all too,great but at times is still quite,satisfying for each character you have,somewhat unique skill trees with some,skills being super op like this one here,that essentially makes you invisible to,all officers after curfew and actually,makes one of the end missions laughably,easy there are also crafting mechanics,for chemicals clothes weapons and,throbbles somewhat redundant survival,mechanics such as hunger thirst and,sleep which only gives you a debuff on,stamina if youre ever low although,starving was originally a concept in,this game you just cant starve no,matter how many days its been but when,you eat food depending on the quality,you can gain a buff which is usually,quite helpful then of course theres joy,which comes with its own side effects if,you take too much youll overdose once,you run out youll have a calm down and,if you take too much over a longer,period of time you get memory loss which,didnt seem to have any long-term,effects at least in my playthrough and,the quests are well well get into that,a little bit later because ive got a,lot to say about the questing system in,this game but to understand what went,wrong we first need to take a look at,where it all started our story with this,game begins with a small but passionate,canadian game development company called,compulsion games founded all the way,back in 2009 by a man named gion provost,this company had a humble beginning,starting off in guillaumes house and,from the very beginning they had plans,to make their own games but in order to,achieve this they also worked on,external projects such as darksiders and,dnd daggerdale but still they managed to,work on and release their first ever,game called contrast it was an,interesting film noir style puzzle game,set in paris where you play as either a,little girl or her imaginary friend who,can traverse between the shadow realm in,a 2d platformer experience and 3d,environments but the reviews that came,after its release werent all too,positive rather mixed in fact the style,was loved but the gameplay and,repetitive puzzles didnt seem up to par,and this wouldnt be the only time,compulsion games would experience a,similar kind of response all credit to,the company though as they took it on,the chin and tried something else,because shortly after contrast they,began work on we happy few a concept,that was fantasized by guillaume and the,teams interest for both british film,and tv from their experience with,contrast and the limitations as well as,the lack of replayability that typically,comes with puzzle games compulsion,wanted to create something more,rogue-like something that you could play,multiple times and something procedural,but different to all the other survival,games out there they also didnt have,much in the way of funding so making a,game like this would be more cost,effective there wasnt much of a story,to the game at this point either,although its clear that theyve always,wanted to add one but they decided to,hold back on adding any story elements,because of the limited resources and,because they were quite a small team,however without a story the game didnt,seem all too scalable they saw what the,competition was doing and how other,games had such memorable moments and,locations and that without a story the,game would just be a stylized survival,that only runs skin deep but they still,planned the story on the side and while,doing so they realized that this would,completely change the game that they,already had and the fans of this game,wouldnt see the story until release,after a couple of years of development,the team at compulsion had a proof of,concept ready to share with members of,the public for the first time in,february of 2015 at pax east they had a,pretty small setup but people still came,over to play their demos and they,received a lot of good feedback because,of the art style people would say it,looks something like bioshock or even,dishonored so you can imagine that by,word of mouth when people compare this,indie game to big titles like that,expectations are gonna be all over the,place you might think its weird that,im bringing up this point but this,legit became an issue for compulsion in,an interview with guillaume regarding,the comparison to bioshock he says this,what the public and the press were,telling us they l

We Happy Few Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

sup everybody this is Carrick with AC g,and as always its my continuing mission,to bring you reviews that arent two,minutes long or filled with sponsored,bullcrap,whats entirely too happy wheres comedy,and tragedy masks and is so high if you,took a blood sample the results would,just say yeah sure its pretty much,every band member of Motley Crue but,its also the Motley Crue that lives,inside the made up world of we happy few,this is a game by compulsion games and,published by gearbox but a little bit,like the hop to their gills inhabitants,that live in the game world we happy few,has had its fair share of withdrawal,symptoms especially when folks got their,hands on their early game and found out,was basically the worst parts of our,curly access mixed with something that,most of the inhabitants of Bioshock,could go and try to freebase glue to,escape from we happy few is out August,10th for $50 on Steam Xbox and ps4 lets,see how it did shall we as always if you,liked the video maybe subscribe so,heres my review for we happy few,recapture in your mojo fighting with the,flames to flambe your enemies and what,its like to wake up from a nightmare,only to find out that that nightmare was,pretty cool compared to reality graphics,are up first,this is without a shadow of a doubt all,over the board at times it straight up,last call at a bar kinda graphics from,far away its not that bad looking but,man sometimes when you get up close,youre like damn this looks unfortunate,the issue here is that the game can,actually look tremendous especially when,youre sneaking through the Sun,smattered forests on your way to some,last moment of hope and humanity and,theres that fable like fantasy flare of,the graphics and that sort of Wows you,with some really incredible lighting or,the first time you light up a fire pipe,and you take it out on the enemies and,the fire effects as they toast on the,ground in front of you look pretty good,theres a number of excellent moments in,the game additionally I have to say I,love the Austin Powers bad weekend kind,of setup that the cities have with their,lighting everythings turned up to 11,just enough that when you pop the drug,in the game to do the social sneaking by,of civilians everything blooms out and,you realize this is pretty much exactly,Oh Timothy Leary felt every morning but,then it falls apart enemies of our,distances update and half framerate,giving everything at a distance a,nightmarish look as they shake and,shiver into existence also a lot of pop,in is instantly noticeable both on the,NPCs as well as the buildings,themselves now when it comes back to,looking up close and personal I do have,to admit also that the texture work,could have really been improved become,the characters themselves personally I,like them but make no mistake well sure,its a Bioshock look thats for sure but,the games like someone saw Admiral,Ackbar in Star Wars and thought hey you,know what if everyone had eyes even,bigger than thatd be cool looking but,its actually not its creepy as hell,its also a designing decision and I,back them for that and I personally got,used to it and sort of dug it at the end,but its gonna turn some people off,another thing thats a little bit,troublesome are the effects you see,while theres a number of graphical,options many of them are tied together,including depth of field which to get it,to be almost off you have to turn down a,setting that also adjusts a number of,other smaller effects in the game world,resulting in far-off locations looking,like they were on the floor after a,grease spill I am not lying there were,times where I wanted to wipe down my,screen its just that blurry even at 4k,additionally why they do try to hide the,procedural generation of the level,design itself and frankly I think did a,better job than I personally expected it,is still noticeable not necessarily with,the buildings which most of them you,cant go into but with overall the,landscapes and layouts of the towns,themselves almost everything and we,happy few is a direct line from,somewhere else and it really doesnt,give you this feeling of depth or at,least width to the game and its overall,exploration what this sadly results in,is a direct line from place to place,city a location grassy field and Hamlet,City a location grassy field Hamlets,Siddeley location its not open-world as,much as his big fat line well inside,some cities there are the occasional,vendors and places you can go into and,homes to pilfer and then sleep inside to,rest but its a bit antiseptic and,certainly artificial and definitely,anti-climatic especially when you look,at your map and you see yeah theres,like one place interactable in this,entire block that doesnt mean,exploration is ignored because it,absolutely is not there are some unique,things to find in the game and Ill get,to that in the quest section and of,course that brings us to performance and,I cant say its actually that great 4k,60fps is an option with all the settings,on medium and some one high sometimes,the games infected with an occasional,stutter as well and that happens during,a loading intermission that can pop up,this is obviously the streaming tech and,it went away when the game was installed,on m2 memory became sometimes noticeable,on SSD but was actually quite noticeable,on a normal hard drive that can leave we,happy few feeling a bit less like a game,thats future proof for further,technology versus one thats just,raining against itself,right now now I was able to lock it at,60fps of 1440p with all the settings on,high except for the overall effect,setting that wasnt a performance issue,thats because that filter makes it look,like dump this is on a current i7 at 4.6,and a 1080 TI Bravo though to compulsion,for adding a large number of graphics,options including rendering resolution,as well as fov in fact options wise the,game offers more than many triple-a,games,I mean its no serious Sam but few games,actually are without a doubt there are,times when we happy few looks amazing,like the interiors of some locations and,the excellent effects and just overall,design work that we see in some of these,areas its a shame it doesnt always,extend to others though also many of the,hamlets are excellent extolling this,dreary subculture feel to them that even,require different clothes to sneak past,certain people but its a rough look,many other times especially like right,here where you notice its like everyone,woke up said damn I want to walk into,the street and then promptly forgot what,to do from there overall Id say its ok,it is an acquired taste,but its not without its issues sound,music and voice,I promised I promised Percy Id keep him,safe while we were in Germany you,promised to help me get to the bridge,[Music],the one in the parade on Apple home how,would you even get to it,you cant even go to Maiden home lets,do sound first this is actually good one,of the things that matters in we happy,few is that social stealth element in,the game has no problem throw in powered,up policeman 15 civilians and a couple,workers into a small location and you,have to figure way out around them and,using that sound direction in those,particular locations is very important,really so too are the environmental,effects wind whipping across the rocks,near a shore the far off broadcast of a,television telling you to be happy even,if you arent and that stray ambient,insect and bird life thing that we,expect in any kind of survival title,those are well done,what isnt necessarily well done are the,effects processes themselves especially,for things like room noise its not,terrible its just at times it is,something you may notice overall Id say,its got good sound but a couple of the,environmental processes probably need to,be looked at that brings us to music,this is good I mean its not amazing but,it has subtly dreary bits when exploring,what appears to be abandoned buildings,and a couple hilariously license tracks,as well that wo

We Happy Few – Honest Review

in todays video im gonna give my,honest sports feelings and opinions,about we happy few a game that honestly,reminded me of bioshock infinite and,thats why i wanted to check it out,i know thats a super original thought,and a super original thing to say,but honestly how does this picture not,remind you of elizabeth with freckles,oh snap youve been caught out,compulsion games,ill save you margaret,welcome to tech evolved if you enjoy,this content then please,like and subscribe to the channel also,consider becoming a part of the discord,community,link in the description its better this,way,set an alternative timeline in the 1960s,and altered events in world war,ii the city of wellington wells is a,dystopian society on the verge of,collapse,in this game the american forces didnt,join the allies,this led to the battle of britain being,lost and the germans,occupying the small island in order to,get their independence back,the citizens of wellington had to do,something bad,something that was so trauma-inducing,brought a lot of guilt to the community,and also made them all suffer with,depression this led to the creation,of the drug that is also implemented,within the game mechanics called,joy because of the citys isolation it,also advanced in terms of technology,advancements in portable batteries,weapons and also security,by the time the player takes control and,starts their journey,joy has already created a lot of issues,not only because of the negative side,effects including,memory loss also loss of appetite as,well as hallucinations,not to mention making a user more,acceptable to manipulation which is,actually spread out throughout this,world as you will explore it,in terms of propaganda but also because,of bad batches of the drug being,released,creating a division between the,population because some citizens,actually have a tolerance to the drug,those who had the tolerance were cast,out and the city went into somewhat of a,lockdown,anyone that refuses to take the drug,within the city walls is labeled as a,downer and this is also,implemented within the game mechanics as,you stealthily try to navigate yourself,around the world,and not arise suspicion and that is the,basic setup and the background story to,we happy few,so lets go and talk about what i liked,about this game,i really do like the story of the,different stories involved the different,characters the side characters,the art direction as well as the audio,design,and i really do like the voice acting,too i also really do like the visual,transitions as well between being high,on joy and then going back to reality,where its all gritty and dark and you,realize that not everything is roses,there is really some messed up stuff,going on both points of view is so vital,to the story,oh man its pulled off in such a great,way,there you are you nearly missed the,pinata its the most adorable spanish,custom,uncle jack did a whole show about it you,smash it,until all the sweets come out what are,you waiting for,[Music],one of my main worries going into this,game was the visual glitches,because even before going into it i,heard rumors about the glitches,however i dont think ive faced as many,glitches as everyone else,this is probably due to the time that,im actually looking at it as they may,have patched out a few of them,however i did in fact actually come,across a few game breaking glitches,and this really did impact the stealth,elements to the game,which is actually quite a large portion,of the gameplay,and this did in fact actually hurt my,overall experience,during the gameplay i did kind of feel,like the survival elements as well as,the crafting system,was kind of tacked on the side it almost,kind of felt like a second fall,however i didnt judge it too harshly in,this aspect because this is a casual,single player game,also there are abilities in this game,that change depending on what character,you play as and by changing the,character you also change the storyline,too,most of the gameplay in this footage is,going to be from the arpa storyline,which is the first one you take on,lets talk about game difficulty i was,actually really surprised that you could,set custom difficulty in this game,so for instance if you dont want to,mess around with the survival elements,looking after things like your hunger,your first and also sleep needs,then you cant actually in fact disable,it you can also change the difficulty of,ai suspicion,the basic game difficulty and if you,want to make it more challenging a,little bit harder,you can also set the game to one life,only mode,which means if you mess up and die then,yeah thats your save gone,and youve gotta start all over again,this game has been a really hard one to,place,whether or not i recommend it on one,hand the game has so much potential i,love the story arc,i love the voice acting and the,characters in the world the,background details that you do get,characters do actually feel quite full,the game has a lot of charm we happy few,also tries to add some replayability in,the way that has all these systems,along with alternative game modes such,as sandbox,but for me it just depends how much you,actually enjoy the story,and the story elements to how much,replayability you will get,because i dont believe the gameplay is,good enough really to carry it through,multiple playthroughs,im gonna be super honest with you and,just say well im glad that i bought it,on sale,and thats what id recommend you to do,if you do want to experience we happy,few,dont get me wrong i think you can do,much worse however the gameplay just,doesnt live up to the same standards as,the rest of the game,anyway i think thats going to do it for,the video if you liked todays video,then please give it a like,if youre new to the channel then please,subscribe to it if you have any thoughts,on we happy few then comment down below,if youve got any questions about the,game then please dont be afraid to ask,but anyway with that said ive been,jaguar from tech evolved and i will see,you,in the next video,its better this way sometimes you just,have to eat more,things,you

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