1. Should You Buy A “We The People” Holster? || Review
  2. We The People Holsters (REVIEW)
  3. Are “We The People Holsters” Any Good?
  4. We The People Holsters Review – The Truth
  5. The BEST way to Conceal Carry!
  6. Holster Claws – Do They Actually Work? #ConcealedCarryTips
  7. We The People Holsters – Full Review – Are They Any Good? (2021)

Should You Buy A “We The People” Holster? || Review

if you have any sort of social media,presence such as facebook or instagram,anything like that and you follow any,type of firearm related pages then the,chances of using an ad from we the,people holsters are pretty high the,question is are these over hyped over,advertised pieces of junk or are they,quality everyday carry,inside the waistband holsters,stay tuned to find out,[Music],so the time has come for me to give my,honest opinion about we the people,holsters ive put in the time ive put,in the work to to give you my honest,opinion about these and with that being,said i do have to make this announcement,these this is completely paid for by,myself there is no one telling me uh to,advertise this for them and the reason i,do that is because i want to give you,guys my honest 100 opinion i dont want,anyone telling me what to say about this,holster what i think about it,this is your time and your hard-earned,money that you would be spending and,investing listening to this review and i,do not want to waste that i take that,very seriously so that is why i am using,my money to pay for this we the people,doesnt even know i exist so this is 100,my opinion what i like about it and some,things i do not like about it also make,sure you stay to the end because that is,where i will give you my yes or no,should you purchase this holster or,should you stay away,lets get into it so we will be,evaluating this holster under three main,categories the first one being used did,everything show up as it should or did,anything break during my testing and,reviewing of this holster number two is,going to be concealability did,everything on this holster work as it,should to the point where i can conceal,this well was there any issues with,printing,during my testing and number three is,going to be price and comfort,was this a comfortable,carry holster or did i just want to,throw it away after the first day,and as price did the holster justify,what i paid for it and i will give you,my complete invoice exactly how much i,paid for this and my opinion on what i,think about the price of this and the,quality of build so number one use did,everything show up as it should yes it,did i didnt have to,call them and say hey im missing parts,or something showed up and it was broken,i got it within a week i believe which,is pretty decent i would imagine,companies that are this size and they,have a,pretty good stock ready to go to ship,out this is for my sig p365 this is what,i used it with,now the claw did come separate from the,holster came at the same time but i did,have to assemble it so something to be,aware of and the reason i had to,assemble it is because i had to purchase,it separately of course and well get,into that when we get to price exactly,how much i paid for the holster and the,claw itself,now use did anything break during my,testing no nothing broke i didnt have,any screws go missing i didnt have the,belt clip you know loosen up or snap,so everything stayed as it should which,im really pleased with and as it should,i mean youre paying good money for this,and i think that if something breaks on,it thats thats a big issue,so,nothing broke none of the rubber pieces,in between the screws the washers,nothing tore with my adjusting or,readjustment didnt lose any screws so,everything good to go with the quality,of,the material being used,now,thats all the good heres the first,issue i ran into with this holster it,has to do with this claw which is a,unique claw in the first place this is,something ive never tested before where,you have this extended wing that,attaches to the part that pushes against,your belt,and if you could see that part that,little circle that oval its a really,small surface area and this is where i,was running into the problem with this,because its such a small surface area,and then the way it attaches to the wing,you can see its not a screw but its a,clip and it leaves room for a little bit,of play which i am not a fan of i knew,immediately that i didnt like that it,didnt come off it didnt you know but,there is play there,and when i was doing higher activity,movements uh chasing after the kids a,little bit or running around fishing,anything like that the claw because of,that surface area being just a little,bit smaller where you traditionally have,a bigger surface area thats direct,thats attached directly to the holster,itself like the las concealment one i,tested,or,tier one anything like that theyre,theyre attached directly to the holster,where this is offset on this little,extra wing with a small surface area so,the problem i was running into is that,when that claw tended to slip under,my uh belt during,higher activity movements and it wasnt,consistent it wasnt all the time it,wasnt to the point where,i had to you know consistently adjust it,and reposition it behind the belt it was,just more of an occasional thing during,higher activity movements and it became,an issue where it was just annoying,having to look out for that and adjust,that didnt want to keep having to,adjust that because it did cause issues,which well get into and when we get to,category two,and the other issue was there was a,little bit of play when it came to the,wing itself and that also caused to move,away from the belt and want to slip,under the belt,and the solution to that would be to,simply tighten the screw so that it,stopped moving however if you tighten,the screw too much then you are adding a,lot of retention and you will not be,able to pull out your firearm so the key,the solution i found for that is just,finding the balance where the retention,isnt too too tight where i cant get my,gun out but its not,loose enough where this wing is starting,to move around on me so thats one issue,i did find immediately with the use,category one,and something that you need to be,mindful of,was it a deal breaker ill get to that,at the end did it make me not want to,ever put this holster on well get there,so lets get into number two which uh,concealability,and this is where that movement of that,claw became an issue,so when the claw was working like it,should and and for most part it did it,didnt move too much,it concealed perfectly fine i carried an,appendix and i didnt have any major,printing issues you can see that,but heres an example of without that,claw this is why the claw is so,important because it does help push the,handle of that gun back into your body,which is the whole purpose of the claw,and when its slipping under my belt,then concealability becomes an issue and,the handle is poking out and it becomes,really annoying having to adjust that,so concealability there was that issue,with the the uh the wing if that was,working correctly which you know it did,for the most part then and i want to,stress that that it wasnt something,that was consistent,it happened occasionally then you have a,printing issue so there is that for,concealability,and if you want to know what the,importance of a claw is and how some,other options to help with if you are,having pretty issues make sure you check,out this video where i explain that as,well,okay so number three lets get into,uh comfort was this a comfortable,holster to carry or did i want to throw,it away,im gonna say for the most part it,was very comfortable as comfortable as,an appendix kydex holster can be that,belt clip held you know snug to my belt,which made it you know really,comfortable wasnt unbalanced it wasnt,sagging theres a lot of adjustments,that you can do on this holster im,gonna leave those specs right here the,reason i dont go over specs is because,those dont change the the question is,do those specs actually live up to what,theyre claiming and uh im gonna leave,them right here you can see all the,adjustments that are that you could,possibly do with this holster,i really want to share just my real life,real world experience,using this every day,so,comfort that it was pretty comfortable,all the edges were completely buffed out,which

We The People Holsters (REVIEW)

all right guys welcome to another video today were talking about that edc that,must have edc item a holster so stay tuned through the intro,whats up my name is doug the bearded outdoorsman welcome to another video,if you enjoy beard product reviews gear reviews edc videos,then you have come to the right place please consider hitting that subscribe,button and check out my website,thebeardedoutdoorsman.com and you can find discount codes and up,to date information about all of my videos,so lets jump into this one of those must have,edc items is a holster you gotta have one,so i went over and made a purchase from we the people holsters picked up this,awesome shirt see that and i picked up a holster,for my glock 27 in the waistband holster it is kydex,they have so many different options to choose from,and so this is what were going to talk about today and tell you my thoughts on,it so how it comes in the mail you get this,nice little bag here that you can keep it in when youre not using it,and inside this bag we have,a flyer a card and got a discount code for another purchase,and see what else we have in here we have a,sticker and i think theres another sticker in here,if i can find it its a small sticker so we have a small sticker,now we the people holsters are made in the usa they are made in america theyre,not made in china somewhere and shipped to you,so that was one reason i went with them uh,i made this purchase now i am an affiliate for we the people holsters,there will be a link in the description but and they didnt send me this for,free i did make this purchase uh and when i went to make this purchase,youll get the same option if you get over there and make a purchase,they throw up some extra items at the end before you fully check out and say,hey you might also be interested in this so,i picked up this shirt on sale for like 10 bucks to go with my,holster so the holster this holster right here,retails for 67 but at the time of filming this,video and when i made my purchase it was on,sale for 39 for this in the waistband holster now,lets talk about it so youve got full adjustability here,on your belt loop clip so you can have a cant one way or the other you can,get this in right hand draw or left hand draw,also has a screw here where you can tighten up the tension,where it locks on to the trigger guard so its got a high back over here which,is going up against your body which helps protect your skin and the,gun against your body so this is really cool,ive worn this in appendix carry ive worn it on my hip,and i have worn it behind my hip it says on their website,you can carry cross draw im not a cross draw person,i like it on my strong side and this is really uh comfortable and a really good,holster now ill go ahead and show you with it in the with the weapon in,the holster this is a clean empty uh no magazine,and it locks in and that locks on the trigger guard,so it you know that its in there and that is not coming out,all right that is really secure in there and you can put it like i said you can,put it a pendants carry however you choose to do,but theres so many different holsters to choose from,for all different varieties makes models styles of weapons,so our tools as we see on here one thing i really do like about this,is this real high channel here im gonna get out of the way so its not pointing,at me but you can see the sights through there,so your your holster is not going to have any effect on damaging,your sights you can also uh pick a holster that is compatible with a,stream light or if you have a light attachment on your,uh tool your weapon you can get a holster that will accommodate that,and so you can carry you dont have to take that off and sacrifice,that light to be able to carry so they have inside the waistband holsters they,have outside the waistband holsters they have so many to choose from,but i went with in the waistband because i like carrying,concealed i dont want anybody to know that i got something,so that is it we the people holsters another cool thing about the,holsters is you can get just plain black like i did they have carbon fiber which,cost a little bit more and then they also have some that are,printed they have american flags they have blue line flags,red line flags they have it all so you can get the kydex printed,and um and have that and show your support for whatever cause,you want to support so that is it that is it guys we the people holsters,and these are some quality well-made holsters ive,carried this i can tell you ive carried this 27,appendix hip and behind my hip all different ways,it has been extremely comfortable i was a little bit concerned with this,how high that was but it has been extremely comfortable and i have not,even adjusted the cant on this this is exactly how it came to,me but you can loosen this up you can you can cancel it however you want to,whatever is most comfortable for you how you prefer to carry you can do that,and yeah get over check them out links will be in,the description below i dont have any kind of discount code,for you i am an affiliate disclaimer i am an affiliate so if you get over there,make a purchase i do get a little bit of a kickback not,a whole lot but um like i said they are made in the usa,why not support that all right guys well that is it,until next time stay bearded get outdoors,and god bless,you

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Are “We The People Holsters” Any Good?

hey everybody hows it going its a,daily shooter and today ive got a,holster review for you i havent done,one of these in quite a while but i have,a couple holsters here from we the,people holster so thats what were,going to be taking a look at today lets,get started this video is brought to you,by hits arms and the hits arms laser,training bullet train in the comfort of,your own home without wasting costly and,hard to find ammunition this laser,training bullet is the best ive used,with nickel plating a cut out on the,head stamp for both single and double,action and a precise laser available in,a multitude of calibers with a soft,rubber striking surface practice safely,without damage to your firearm become a,better shooter with the hits arms laser,training bullet also hits arms laser,training bullets come with free laser,engraving just leave a comment in the,comments box at checkout and they will,customize yours for you check out my,website for more information link down,below and dont forget to use the,discount code daily shooter again thats,daily shooter for 15 off,[Music],now over the past couple years ive kind,of stayed away from doing holster,reviews and thats because there were,just so many different companies out,there putting out kydex or leather or,hybrid that it really seemed like the,market was just too saturated and it was,just another holster well a lot of those,smaller holster companies have kind of,come and gone right they put one or two,products out there maybe made a couple,different prints and then they just,started to disappear and that might have,been because the market was saturated,but there was a couple good companies,that hung around one of those companies,is we the people holsters now the reason,i decided to to do this review is,because i see these guys everywhere on,instagram on facebook on youtube i mean,all across social media and they have,some pretty cool products so i decided,to take a look at a couple here and tell,you guys what i think about them they,are really nice kydex holsters theyre,very well thought out very well designed,they fit great and they do exactly what,theyre supposed to do because i have,three things that a holster has to do to,even qualify as a holster before ill,even use it so lets go ahead and talk,about those things and well go over,some of the details and what you guys,are looking at here now over the past,eight years ive probably reviewed 50,different types of holsters and some of,them have failed some of them have been,a success the ones that failed failed my,three criteria which to me is just,ridiculous because its the three most,basic criteria for making a good holster,number one its gotta protect the,trigger which means it has to cover that,trigger guard it cannot allow something,to get into that trigger guard and,possibly cause some type of discharge,and you know youre gonna be responsible,for that if youre out in public so not,only is it a danger to yourself but its,a danger to everybody around you so it,has to protect that trigger number two,it has to have good retention i cant,tell you how many holsters ive reviewed,in the past where you put something,inside of it and even when its properly,tightened down it still pops in and out,when i sit down or i get into a vehicle,or something like that you feel that,its come out just enough where if i,make the right movement its going to,slide out completely totally,unacceptable and three it has to fit,what its made for it has to be,something specific i dont like,universal holsters i dont like anything,that it says itll fit 19 different,models,of pistol i dont like anything like,that i want something that is specific,to the the pistol that im using,something that has good retention and,protects the trigger if it does those,things then were good to move forward,this right here is a we the people sig,365 holster now you can see its the,american flag thats the one that i,ordered they have like a hundred,different patterns im probably,exaggerating but they have a lot of,different patterns to choose from for,men for women uh they have you know your,standard colors like you know your,blacks and your flat dark earth and,stuff like that so they have basic,colors they have patterns they have all,sorts of stuff to choose from and one of,the things that really got me when i was,over at their website is they have one,for just about everything and every,combination what i mean by combination,is when you go and you click it says,select the model and you click it it has,the biggest drop down menu that ive,ever seen on a website that you can,scroll down and then for each one of,those that you would choose from each,pistol you choose from theres a sub,category for which flashlight that you,would like that to be uh accompanied,with right so if you have something you,want to leave a plane like this 365,right here does not have flashlight on,it,right fits just fine but if you want a,365 with a flashlight then you would,select that and they had it so they have,a lot of cool patterns they have a lot,of different,models and different things you could,choose from and theyre really nice,holsters and immediately when i first,got it i realized well it definitely,fits my three criteria so lets take it,out and use it for a bit now adding,weight to your edc if youre somebody,whos looking to lighten things up can,be kind of an issue too so real quick,before we go let me just go ahead and,see what these things weigh so heres,the one for the 365,and it weighs two and a half ounces so,with the pocket clip and everything,youre only adding two and a half total,ounces to your setup this one right here,2.6 ounces so 2.6 ounces for the one,with the shield,thats not really bad and its only uh,its a point .08,inch thickness on the holster so its,its fairly thin and doesnt really add,too much to your entire carry setup now,i got two different holsters from we the,people i have this one right here the,american flag for the 365. when you get,it comes in this nice bag right here you,know it says we the people holster on it,i also got a sticker with mine which i,thought was pretty cool,and then this one right here is my,second one this one is for the smith,wesson m p shield and its in their new,real tree pattern now obviously when it,comes to an inside the waistband holster,which both of these are inside the,waistband holes it doesnt really matter,what the pattern is but its its for,you right its to personalize it to,what you like so we have an inside the,waistband uh holster in real tree right,here which i just thought was kind of,neat now when it comes to,inside or outside the waistband they,have both over there and again they have,a bunch of different options now as,always i like to be as transparent as,possible so i i got contacted by,somebody who is representing we the,people not necessarily the company,directly but somebody who was,representing them they said they just,said hey do you want to try you know,holster too and i said sure why not i,mean i see you guys absolutely,everywhere so you know might as well see,what all the hype is about,and so they let me pick a couple,different holsters and these are the uh,the two that i picked right here as far,as association with the company directly,i dont have an association with them,directly uh but nonetheless i decided to,try these out and i ive carried both of,them and i am really impressed um you,know i carry from the moment that i wake,up to the moment that i go to bed and so,these things are on me all the time and,i can tell you one of the things that i,like here one of my favorite things is,this pocket clip so its got a really,nice pocket clip its set up for a 1.5,inch belt and it fits on there nice its,not a slim pocket clip where with a slim,pocket clip what happens is you end up,getting a little bit of cant forward or,back,because you know theres not enough,space to kind of catch the holster and,so youll find it kind of changing,angl

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We The People Holsters Review – The Truth

what is up party people today i want to,talk to you about we the people holsters,we the people holsters,contacted me and,i guess a few months ago a long time ago,actually and weve been using this,holster for a while,for the walther pps and i kind of wanted,to give you my thoughts on we the people,holsters and,my opinions on them and kind of help you,decide or navigate whether or not you,want to buy a holster from way the,people holsters,okay because i know thats probably why,youre looking at this video and,you want to know my opinion on it okay,so this is one of we the peoples,holsters kydex holsters,um,this is kind of like their bread and,butter and if youre unfamiliar kydex is,kind of like a very hard plastic,very popular in the whole holster world,and its kind of,kind of the go-to standard theres a ton,of them i use a kydex holster for my,duty holster back here this is a one of,we the peoples competitors,and we people didnt really make a duty,holster so,but kydex very popular um and thats,what this is this is a out of the ways,band holster from we the people,and i want to kind of tell a little bit,about the features and,how much it costs whether or not i think,its worth it and my experience is using,it because weve used it quite a bit,because i wanted to get a good feel of,it,and whether or not i should recommend it,to you,and,i have kind of mixed feelings about it,um and kind of some of its,understandable some of it i think you,shouldnt have to worry about,so um lets dive right in so this is 50,bones 50,if you want to cut the price down a,little bit you can use code e delp 15.,it saves you 15 off okay,thats good for anything on their,website whether that be,clothing any type of holster really mugs,you name it edelp15 cuts the price down,for you so theres that,um this is the outer waistband holster,so itll go,on your person like that there is a,guide for a belt um its,just a holster i mean theres not a lot,to it,there is some retention here on the back,okay theres two screws you can adjust,for cant and you can adjust for height,so if you want to ride have this thing,ride a little bit higher you can adjust,for that if you want to ride a little,bit lower you can adjust for that,ill pop up some pictures on screen of,me,using it or wearing it so you can get a,idea of how it sits on the body okay so,pop up now,thank you post-production hunter,um,really nice,little holster okay,problems ive had with it so,we took,weve,we i say we because,ill let,when we get this stuff in everybody uses,it my whole team uses it um one of my,buddies was using it and we went on a,hiking trip,he was carrying this pps right here,all right and one of these retention,screws walked itself out,slipped failed gun spun out fell out,not a good look okay,you lost one of the retention pieces and,that was unfortunate,so what i can say about that,is make sure the stuff is tight i would,recommend if you pick one of these up,to take the retention screws out and,make sure you maybe blue loctite once,you figure out kind of where you want it,to be,to make sure its really snug and really,secure okay,other than that one mishap weve used a,lot and,weve weve been impressed with it,ever since then,besides that one mishap and obviously,you dont want to have that one mishap,so thats thats a downside but,the upside is once we fix that one,problem we havent had a problem with it,since its been a good little holster,the retention on the pistol itself,right down here so you can adjust how,hard it is to pull in and out,it worked fine works great screwed it,hasnt backed out yet like i said once,we blue lock tied that sucker in,there we havent had a problem with it,and,thats a good thing sucks we had to do,it that way,but other than that its been a good,little holster,this is definitely not a duty holster,its not something you carry if you have,to like rely on somebody else not,pulling it out its something you want,to wear probably i would say casually,take it to the range maybe take it,hunting,something youre not going to be doing a,ton of crazy maneuvering with because,like i said if you like fall backwards,on yourself,or,something i mean it could possibly fall,out its not a level two or level three,whatever you want to name it duty,holster,so this is a good casual holster to have,if you want to carry or if you want to,just,have a pistol on you,obviously its not a concealed carry,holster i mean it does stick out if you,do try to could still carry i mean you,can put like a jacket over it or,something and itll work fairly decently,but thats i dont feel like thats the,intent okay,so thats kind of the experience ive,had with it overall um i probably would,rate it like a,six or seven out of ten in terms of,holsters because of the one problem i,had and thats that might just be unique,to my holster might not be unique to my,holster but it was easily fixed if you,get a holster and you see that the,screws could be loose make sure make,sure to tighten them down,but you obviously dont want to have to,do that,so that is my take on it,i obviously havent experienced every,single we the people holster so,theres that but like as a whole a,holster i mean its a well built well,nice kydex holster and theres nothing,more to say to it okay,so i think that really about does it for,the video i really appreciate you guys,for watching uh make sure to hit the,like and subscribe button and go check,me out on instagram because that is,where i post all kinds of good pictures,you will have seen this holster on my,instagram in the past,because when i get stuff out i take,photos of it first i post the photos i,keep you guys up to date on stuff im,working on so go check me out on,instagram alright other than that i,think that about does it for the video i,really appreciate you guys for watching,make sure to hit the like and subscribe,button comment down below what youd,like to see next and ill see yall in,the next one as always take some,outdoors,[Music],you

The BEST way to Conceal Carry!

when it comes to life in america one,thing is absolutely certain people love,options from the great coke versus pepsi,debate to what color car you can buy,life is literally riddled with choices,and sometimes it can be a bit confusing,the same can be said about carrying your,handgun with all the options for,holsters out there my name is dustin,with we the people holsters and in,todays video were gonna be breaking it,down right were diving right into the,world of concealed carry as a whole to,find out what the best way to carry your,handgun is,lets get it,[Music],now as we get started on this one id,like to remind you guys that if you need,a holster for your concealed carry,purposes then,we might know a guy okay hit us up at we,the peopleholsters.com not only can you,get yourself a fantastic freaking,holster for your firearm but you can,also get yourself a dope t-shirt thats,made from dirt to shirt right here in,the good old u.s of a,literally,made in the usa it slaps get yourself,one seriously with the,peopleholsters.com lets talk carrie now,listen when we look at the world of,concealed carry theres a lot of,information and theres no right way to,skin a cat that reference always made me,a little uncomfortable by the way but,regardless i want to preface this video,by saying that were going to try and,look at this from a super high level you,know 10 000 foot view type setup but at,the end of the day the important thing,here is that you experiment with the,various carry positions and styles to,find out the one that works best for you,the number one mistake that we see a lot,of new gun owners make is that they run,out and they get their carry permitted,you know if you need one of course,because theres literally like 50,percent of the country by now that has,constitutional carry laws and thats a,really cool topic but well talk about,that later,and these people they carry their gun,once and its super uncomfortable for,them because theyre either carrying in,a position that isnt right for them or,their body type or their holster sucks,or something and they put the gun down,and they never,carry again whats the point in even,having a concealed carry license if,youre not going to carry your firearm,guys the point im trying to make here,is that above all else above everything,else that youre going to learn on the,internet youre going to see on tv,youre going to read in magazines you,have to find out what works best for you,concealed carry is literally as personal,as your social security number its all,about finding what works for you your,body type your lifestyle and all of that,stuff now with all of that little nugget,of information lets get into actual,carry techniques now for the purpose of,todays video were going to be breaking,down concealed carry into three major,categories those categories are,inside the waistband outside the,waistband and then this little category,that we call literally everything else,now i know that seems like a bit of a,cop out but let me explain for a second,lets start with in the waistband,carrying otherwise known as iwb for,short,typically speaking iwb is going to be,the best bet for the most concealment as,it keeps the gun the closest to your,body this works by getting yourself an,iwb holster which is going to come with,this little clip or a couple of clips,depending on the brand that youre,getting and its going to tuck the gun,between the waistband of your pants and,your body so it sits,inside thats why its called iwb,typically speaking this is the most,popular way to carry a firearm,especially in those warmer climates when,youre maybe wearing something like,shorts and a t-shirt it can be hard to,conceal owb otherwise,within the iwb carry world there are,several different positions that you can,actually carry your firearm most often,youre going to hear guys and gals refer,to these positions to in reference to a,clock such as three oclock ten oclock,six oclock etc right again all around,the face of the clock additionally,youre gonna have whats known as,appendix carry which is exactly what it,sounds like its gonna be carrying your,firearm up front to the left or right or,even dead center on your belt buckle,pretty much right where your appendix,sits now this position works great for,those of you that are maybe a little bit,more slim built but you know for a guy,whos a little bit fluffier like me,it may not work quite as well its just,not super comfortable everything has its,pros and cons though right and the same,can be said for iwb carry setups,typically the one downfall to carrying,inside your waistband is it it can be,really uncomfortable especially if,youre carrying in a position that isnt,super compatible with your body type,again fluffier guy appendix carry its,not a good time the good news here,though is that you can experiment with,various carry positions until you find,the one that best fits you and your,lifestyle,additionally here one thing to watch for,is that if youre carrying in an odd,position you may experience whats,referred to as printing or being able to,see your firearm through your clothes,from the outside but,i want to say that with a little just,ash trick right because you shouldnt,worry about printing stop tugging at,your shirt and pulling your shirt down,and drawing all this attention to,yourself because theres this little,itty-bitty indent of your gun you know,in your shirt right there most people,arent even going to notice that its,there and the ones that do are usually,also concealed carry holders or police,switching gears here lets talk about,carrying outside the waistband just like,inside the waistband is going to be,known as iwb most outside the waistband,carry holsters are going to be referred,to as,you guessed it owb basically this is,your more traditional almost cowboy,style holster setup if you would owb,holsters work by attaching your belt or,your waistband to your pants to the,holster and then they hold the gun on,the outside of your pants now the main,advantage here is that the gun isnt,pressed that guts your body and thus it,can be a lot more comfortable to carry,because youre not trying to stuff it,inside your waistband right against your,skin,unfortunately though this is,significantly harder to conceal as,typically speaking here you need to be,wearing either a long shirt or a trench,coat or something bigger and bulkier to,keep that gun covered i mean,after all its basically made for open,carry and open carry is called open,carry for a reason should you want to,take that outer layer of jacket or,something off you quickly go from,concealed carry to open carry which may,not always be legal in your state but,that again is another conversation for a,different time another potentially major,downfall to open carrying is that if,someone really wanted to they could just,like come up and snag the gun off your,hip and run away and theres,not sh you can do about it realistically,theres tons of examples of this,happening all over the place just like,this video right here,[Music],and of course the last category of carry,were going to talk about today is the,all other category this one is a bit of,a mixed bag and were not really going,to spend a lot of time on it here,because this could be a whole other,video in itself but basically this is,where things like shoulder holsters or,ankle holsters belly bands and all of,those things live this is also the,category where off body carrying lips,things like concealed carry purses,concealed carry fanny packs because they,make those how they even make bras with,holsters and for the ladies out there,although im not really sure how,practical those actually are but you,know i mean im not a lady so hey dont,listen to me the point im trying to,make here is that if you can think of a,place to carry your gun chances are that,theres a product out there for it,theres a lot to talk about here as well,and well save that again for a whole,other video but for right now the,impor

Holster Claws – Do They Actually Work? #ConcealedCarryTips

hello everybody welcome back to channel,today were going to be talking about,some tips for concealment mostly,concentrating on holster claws or wings,so as gun owners come into,this realm as new gun owners and we have,record-breaking new gun owners all the,time,as new gun owners and new concealed,carriers come into this realm theres,going to always be those,questions that are asked that maybe,things,and including me have covered before but,we need to touch on them again,things like can you keep magazines,loaded for long periods of time,yes it doesnt hurt your spring uh does,steel case,ammo hurt my gun no its fine shoot it,shoot it,happily and shoot a lot of it does steal,body armor work it absolutely works,and when it comes to concealment one of,the big things is is the wing or,claw necessary or not and how much good,does it actually do,im going to tell you that theres a ton,of things that goes into,concealment not just a claw lack of or,presence of but your body type the size,of gun you have for your body type,uh your belt is a big thing stiff belts,versus,you know belts that twist and moved on,many videos and that will get into that,more on another video,but belt type clothing type,i oftentimes see people wanting to wear,something thats a little bit more,form-fitting like the shirt and then,complaining that theyre printing,printing being that part or all of their,gun,is is being exposed through pushing,against the garment and you can tell,that somebodys carrying a gun,but one of those things is the claw the,claw or some,companies call it a wing or mod wing,whatever you want whatever whatever they,call it so for today were going to go,into im going to compare two holsters,both from with the people holsters,uh this is just a light bearing,basically a light bearing version of,this holster,this has a g19 in it uh gen 3 this has a,polymer,80 in it with a light optic but uh,it all works out the same as you can see,this one,has a claw on it this one does not have,a claw on it,so as an example ive tried to film this,like on my body and i just seem to have,problems doing it doesnt seem to come,out well i dont think,so here is the we the people holster,printed,constitution holster the g19 i like this,holster,but i will put it on the belt as if its,on my body,right and imagine the belt curving,around,your waistline well what happens is,see how the belt comes down,yet the grip sticks out,now that is what would commonly print,especially in an appendix carry or,something around three oclock that,would,thats something that is what would,print on your shirt,now to remedy this you can do a couple,things you can get a smaller,gun with a shorter grip which lowers,capacity which i would never ever,suggest anyone do,or the claw and this is where the answer,to the question does the claw work,yes it does now here is the we the,people,this this is their basic uh light,bearing,uh optic ready glock 1919x holster,i put the claw on it and ill talk more,about the individual claw here in a,second,but this has the same foamy,center belt clip so it all works the,same,what happens now is you put your holster,on,and see how the belt already,is higher than the grip,so what happens is is the belt,hits the claw and forces,forces this whole thing around forces,this whole thing,to bend inward towards your body in this,case it would be bending inward towards,your body,that way your shirt isnt printing or,this isnt poking out of your shirt so,what happens when thats not enough what,happens if your belt goes across there,and it does not pull your grip in quite,as far as youd like well with a company,like with people holster,they have this uh,claw here but they also offer the claw,with,multiple thicknesses of these feet of,these shoes,so this thicker shoe will then cause the,grip to be pushed in,even farther a lot of companies,including we the people offer with and,without the claw,if you dont think you need it it is,what it is you dont have to order it,with it,but it is a inexpensive addition to most,holsters,that does aid in concealment no matter,what garments,youre wearing so if youre really,taking concealment seriously,and you want to stop printing youre,going to do a couple things,youre going to have a good belt youre,going to have,the clothing that is correct for,carrying,and you are going to have a help a,holster option,that aids in your concealment and in,this case it is,using a claw all right everybody thanks,for watching dont forget to hit like,share and subscribe,subscribe if you want to see more videos,like this let me know down in the,description or down in the,in the uh comment section ill put a,link to the we the people stuff that i,showed,uh in the description here and in the,pinned first comment,i appreciate everybodys support thank,you for we the people they did supply,that claw to me,and uh i think its i think that uh,option of having the different,thicknesses of,shoes there is an excellent excellent,addition everybody,thanks for watching thanks to all my,patrons and well talk to you later

We The People Holsters – Full Review – Are They Any Good? (2021)

whats up affordable armory folks how,yall doing so,back in january i got these two holsters,in from we the people,and i wore them for the entire month of,january,this video is the follow-up to that what,are my final thoughts on whether you,should buy one of these holsters or not,if youd like to purchase one of these,holsters please consider using my,affiliate link down below thatll take,you to my affiliate page,and click the link for we the people,holsters and itll save you some money,as well as help support the channel,if this is your first time here go ahead,and click that subscribe button down,below,stay tuned lets roll the intro and,well get into the video,[Music],okay so lets start off with some of the,pros and then well do some of the cons,ill show you some draw strokes with the,holsters and then,well get into my final thoughts,pros these are very affordable holsters,i think i paid 80 or 90 bucks for,both of them combined thats pretty good,deal i think thats,comparable to all the other companies,out on the market maybe even less than,some of the,more larger companies,so price good another pro is that they,are available for,a number of firearms uh i mean if if,youre looking for,a holster for your specific gun theyve,probably got it,most likely i mean ive got one for the,taurus one for the beretta theyve got,your glocks and your sigs and your,hellcats and your 365s and all that type,of stuff,so if youre looking for a particular,gun,theyve probably got a holster for it,the third and the last pro,is the different designs so as you can,see ive got,two different designs here ive got on,this one its kind of a multi-cam,desert tan camouflage pattern,and then on this one ive got their,christmas design um,so and a friend of mine got the joke,so this is an m9 in a christmas holster,because everybody knows die hard is a,christmas movie,yay so fun joke you know he got it,without me having to say anything,anyway the point being there are various,patterns available so if youre looking,to get a holster,in a specific color or pattern they can,do that for you,now lets get into some of the cons one,thing that i noticed,was that it leaves markings on your gun,uh i dont know if thats because of the,particular kydex theyre using or,because most of my holsters that are,kydex are black,but it does for sure leave a streak,on the gun when you draw the gun out and,ill show you some close-ups of that as,im talking about it,another con is that the,holes are not quite finished the holes,for the screws,where the clips are mounted theyre just,not quite right theres some shavings,left,in there its like they didnt take the,time to sand that out,as well as one of the holes is sort of,oblong like,like they drilled it out too much and,then tried to fix it,and then just left it that way rather,than just scrapping that holster,they went ahead and sent it to me so,those are a couple of things that i,noticed,um now the inside the waistband holster,seems to be fine and ill show you that,with the draw strokes here in a second,as far as drawing from the holster um,the outside the waistband holster,i would not recommend it just flops,around too much,okay so lets break it down by the,individual holsters the inside the,waistband one and the outside the,waistband one,the inside the waistband i am wearing,right now im wearing it at the three,oclock position on my right hip,so you may be able to spot that,especially now that ive pointed it out,most people probably wouldnt be able to,spot that so,im gonna turn and you can definitely,see the outline of it because this is a,tighter shirt,you could wear a looser fitting shirt,and it wouldnt be a big deal,i happen to have enough experience,carrying a gun that i know,no one is going to see that except for,people like you and me,who know what to look for as well as law,enforcement officers and i dont care,about those people because theyre,carrying two,theyre probably just gonna be like hey,whatcha carrying cool man thats a nice,gun,so im not too worried about that i,could easily put on a bigger shirt and,cover it up,not that big a deal were not talking,about how well it conceals,were gonna talk about how well it draws,so,lets do that im going to go ahead pull,my shirt up,draw out present and there you go,i can reholster it like so,it goes in just fine uh it works just as,good as,my other holsters um some of the,holsters that i have that i like to buy,frequently you guys will probably know,the ones that im talking about,because ive done them on the channel,but,as far as function goes inside the,waistband holster functions just fine,again the the really big downside for me,is that it leaves the marks on your gun,um now lets move to the outside the,waistband holster,okay so weve moved to the outside the,waistband paddle style holster,and you can probably already see its on,my right hip here,im not going to try and conceal it,right now because,clearly that doesnt work with just a,t-shirt if you were wearing a jacket,over this with a shirt tucked in,underneath it would work just fine so,im going to go ahead and,tuck my shirt in real quick and then,show you the draw,and how it works okay now ive got the,t-shirt out of the way i know i didnt,tuck it actually into my pants i dont,like doing that with just a t-shirt it,looks weird,but its out of the way the holster is,there and what i want you to notice,is how much this flops around and as,youre walking around throughout the day,like just me kind of moving around,i dont know if you can hear that but it,is clearly doing this,and its super obnoxious it just moves,around too much for me,to consider this an everyday carry type,of holster,its not a holster that i would buy for,that purpose i probably wouldnt even,buy it as a training holster,because i want my gear to work so that,right there,makes it a no-go just the fact that it,flops around way too much,ive tried tightening down the screws,and it made it a little better,but not really again,this holster is the one that had the,screw,hole that was looked like it had been,drilled out too far,and they tried to fix it and left some,shavings in there,so,no but ill go ahead and show you that,it does work so ill turn to the side,here,draw out present and it does work,it does have a nice clicking sound when,it goes back in,its pretty good retention except for,the fact that it flops around,it has a screw to adjust the retention i,did also carry my,gerson regard mc in this same holster,i went back and forth between the two,guns,yeah about the same either way so,same problems with both it puts markings,on the gun and it flops around,way too much its just not something,that i will probably wear,again this coming year for christmas as,you know its my christmas holster,whatever but would i buy it again,no absolutely not so final thoughts on,these two holsters from we the people,if youre looking for an affordable,holster for,any number of guns and you want super,cool patterns on it,go with the inside the waistband holster,from we the people,pretty good choice not too much that i,dont like about it,i can be nitpicky about it and say that,theres certain things that i dont like,about it but,it works solid choice i carried it both,at the three oclock as well as appendix,carry and it worked just fine,the outside the waistband holster not so,much,it flops around way too much for my,liking uh the really the only reason i,got it was for the cool,christmas pattern and yeah,whatever its a once a year holster for,me again if you would like to purchase,one of these holsters please considering,the link below to my affiliates page,and as always head over to affordable,armory.com thats where the blog lives,thats where all of our social media,links are,and we also have merch there so t-shirts,and,mugs and stickers and all sorts of cool,stuff so thanks for watching guys and,well see you next time

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