1. Weltrade Review – Real Customer Reviews
  2. Never Buy Investments From A Bank – Dave Rant Rant
  3. BIG Mistake ⁉️ – Investing Through Your Bank
  4. Stock Broker Tier List (Best Stock Brokers Ranked)
  5. And the Wells Fargo scandals continue.
  6. Which $0 Commission Brokerage Should You Use in 2021?
  7. Best Online Stock Brokerage Tier List (The BEST Stock Brokers in 2022)

Weltrade Review – Real Customer Reviews

hi there,we are pleased to announce that we now,have a dedicated space where you can,find,traders union expert reviews based on,research and analysis of your broker,all in one place this means that you no,longer have to spend,hours searching for information about,your broker,our traders union experts have worked,tirelessly,to analyze each broker and provide,reviews based on this research,we are excited to announce that this,information is now,available to you website contains,hundreds of reviews,about your broker in this video well go,through some examples of the great,reviews we have for you,showing you how you can weigh up your,decision when choosing your broker,our mission is to help you protect your,money and make the right choice,so lets get started,in this video we will lead you through,reviews about weld trade,in addition to the hundreds of great,expert reviews there are also reviews,from real customers who are currently,trading on the site,these reviews are independent and,unbiased to ensure that you can rely on,honest feedback,for wealthtrade the reviews are quite,positive this ensures that well trade,is working hard to provide the very best,trading service,as this allows the broker to occupy a,strong position in the traders union,rating,i have worked with several brokerage,companies it was difficult to get money,from some of them,while others were causing delays with,the withdrawals but i like well trade,best because it does not,impose service fees and does not call,every day,offering to replenish the deposit you,can start trading with the minimum,amount on the micro account,compared to others it is a very good,broker,i have been working with a well trade,broker for over a year,and so far i am satisfied with their,work i did not experience any special,problems with withdrawing funds,however i am not that experienced yet,and i havent made much money yet the,main thing is that i was convinced it,was realistic to trade and make money,with this company,i like the very low spreads favorable,trading conditions,an impressive set of tools and a lot of,promotions for their clients,first i explored the no deposit bonus i,traded 50 dollars and withdrew it,without,any problems within 20 minutes and for a,trader the withdrawal speed,everyone knows is a very important thing,the company is quite good technical,support gets in touch,and answers all of the questions you,might have the withdrawal of funds takes,about 30 minutes,you will not find a better service as a,rule with other brokers it takes much,longer for those who like to attract new,traders there is a special offer,of a reward of 85 of the spread this is,one of the best ways to make money,without investing at all,to learn more about this broker follow,the link under the video to this,brokers profile on the traders union,website,after reading all the reviews on the,traders union website,you will learn how to make successful,broker choices to earn higher returns,with brokers through the traders union,we wish to you all the best with your,broker choice and your successful,trading experience,good luck traders union is the largest,and most trusted independent reviewer of,forex brokers,so be confident that working with any,broker recommended by the traders union,is more secure and profitable the team,of traders union has been collecting,reviews and monitoring the reputation of,all brokers in the market for over a,decade,which means that you can trust us to,provide you with an independent rating,of forex brokers,[Music],you

Never Buy Investments From A Bank – Dave Rant Rant

is in Missouri she says is it necessary,to hire a financial adviser when,investing I can open a Roth IRA and,college fund at my local credit union,what does a financial adviser do that,makes using one worthwhile I would never,buy investments at a credit union or a,bank ever their bankers its a whole,different skill set no chance Im buying,I dont buy mufflers at the transmission,store either and I dont buy shoes at,the hair salon I mean think about it no,no no no no no youre going to get a,simple savings account if you go into,the financial institution or youre,gonna get bad investment advice from,somebody dont know what the flip,theyre doing never do that what does a,financial adviser do a good mutual fund,financial adviser like our smart Wester,pros that we recommend it on the smart,Wester program as an example what do,they do well a good one the only ones we,recommend has the heart of a teacher now,about 85% of people in the investment,sales world are salesmen about 15% of,teachers youre looking for the teacher,if you feel like you got slimed and you,need to take a shower after meeting with,somebody then you did not find a teacher,you found the slime ball thats pushy,salesmen and that theyre everywhere but,that is not who you want what you want,is a teacher the reason is is that you,are gonna make your own financial,decisions after being taught but you can,learn a lot about any given subject from,a subject matter expert I dont do my,own taxes I have a tax professional I,know a lot about taxes Im really good,with math I could probably figure it out,but a tax professional can,help me through the complications of it,and make me more money keep me from,sending government money that I need to,send them I dont do my own estate,planning I know a lot about estate,planning but Ill do my own I have a,lawyer that is a professional estate,planner he spends all day every day at,work studying estates and estate,planning he knows more than I do,hes a subject matter expert that makes,him worth his money I dont even work on,my own cars anymore I used to could work,on a car back when the cars were actual,engines but I cant work on them anymore,you have to you have to reboot a car now,you cant its like a computer or,something so I cant work on them,anymore,so what do I do I dont go I can lift,the Ive got a whole bunch of tools in,my garage I could lift the hood and,probably wander around in there and,after a few days I could figure it out,but its a lot more efficient for me,time wise and knowledge wise to have,somebody that actually knows what the,flip theyre doing work on my car,instead of doing it myself its an,interesting thing we hire professionals,all through our lives why is it when it,comes to investing we think we dont,need a professional I dont understand,because theres all kinds of studies,that show when you have a financial,advisor that teaches you and is there to,talk you off the ledge when the Dow,Jones Industrial Average drops and its,in the evening news they talk you off,the ledge and keep you from selling,buying high and selling low I supposed,to do it the other way around if you,didnt know supposed to buy low and sell,high but thats what a financial adviser,does they actually are subject matter,expert I know Oh about investing Oh IIs,aliy could do my own investing and I,dont I used one of our smart mister,pros why why would I do that because the,guy I work with has been in the business,for 30 years 20 years aint he he,studies mutual funds all day long every,day I dont,he can sit down and go this meet your,fun is this this mutual fund says and he,can pull up the software that he owns,and run the run the hypotheticals and,theres what weve got and heres what,the history isnt is that tape so huge,time savings for me I dont spend my,whole life studying mutual funds I,really dont want to I dont like mutual,funds very much I dont have to study,them all day every day,I dont either do something fun that,sounds painful to me thats why you use,a financial advisor they know more than,you and they can coach you and teach you,they are subject matter experts and we,use subject matter experts in every area,of our lives so just go to Dave Ramsey,com click smart Buster put in your info,drops down a list of smart mister pros,in your area that we are recommending

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BIG Mistake ⁉️ – Investing Through Your Bank

theres nothing that excites me more,than somebody thats ready to invest,maybe theyve listened to a podcast read,a book or watch my YouTube channel and,theyre ready to take action it excites,me even more than that when they,actually do take action when they go,someplace somewhere and open their first,investment account but heres the,problem with that is that there are so,many different options and maybe the,option you choose isnt the best for you,so what Im gonna share with you right,now is a reader question from somebody,that took action and went to go invest,with their local bank and were going to,talk about is investing with the bank,the best decision the right decision for,you were gonna answer that and more in,todays video so lets check it,[Music],now the first thing that you need to,realize if you are going to invest with,the bank a lot of times people do so,because they think that there are some,added protection weve heard of this,thing called FDIC insurance so we think,oh man if our bank money is insured if I,start investing with my bank then Ive,got protection there – false no there is,no added protection youre not you have,any guaranteed investments its not like,if the bank defaults that your money is,insured so dont think that youre,getting added protection or security,that youre getting with the bank so,that doesnt apply here if were talking,about investing in the stock mortgage,all right so let me go ahead and read,this question which is more like a,comment but youll see there is a,question so this is what the commoner,had to say I went to TD today to try to,open up the Roth IRA and they were,telling me that a CD woody would be,better because you can get better rates,what I havent decided yet but I was,wondering if you could help me Im only,24 years old and trying to expand my,investments first of all lets just give,this reader some props because weve got,a 24 year old that is taking initiative,and investing,Ill give me a pound bud give me a pound,right here give it give it give it so,Im not sure the question was abundantly,clear so I did respond and my question,was better rates than what and I had to,use a special mode you just make sure I,got my point across so the commenter did,come back and this is what they said so,they were telling me the bank that if I,do a nine month assuming of CD Ill get,one point five nine percent and if I do,a Roth I get point three five percent so,at this point Im really wondering like,who is he talking to like who is giving,him this advice on whether to do a Roth,or CD because this person has no,business giving investment advice which,one second and I basically responded,with this person has no business helping,you out which I just said,this is one inherent problem if you are,going to invest with the bank you have,to realize like dirt there are two,different things that can happen here,one if the bank doesnt have any sort of,investment channel so they havent,partnered with an investment firm or,they dont have some sort of brokerage,firm thats separate of the bank then,that Bank is only going to be able to,offer you CDs or a money market or,passbook savings basically all these are,now these are FDIC protected so you have,the FDIC insurance but with that youre,not getting any return see a bank on its,own cannot offer you stocks ETFs mutual,funds they can only offer you banking,products and oftentimes when we start,talking about the Roth IRA we start,thinking in the Roth IRA as an,investment and its not an investment,its a retirement account and you can,decide what goes inside that Roth IRA so,if you want to go to an investment firm,and buy stocks and put inside the Roth,IRA you can but if you go to a bank and,you want a Roth IRA and they can only,offer you CDs or a money market then,they cant sell you mutual funds I cant,sell you ETF so thats the only thing,that they have to offer its kind of,like going to McDonalds and say hey can,I get some orange chicken because Im,craving some orange chicken and some,fried rice McDonalds doesnt offer that,they cant sell that to you they cant,tell you what they dont have so what it,sounds like in this case to Bank cant,offer them investments but the poor that,just makes no sense to me is that,apparently the person that this,commenter is talking to like doesnt get,that or didnt feel the need to disclose,that or maybe this person to ask the,right questions either way this is not,where you want to go open a Roth IRA and,make one point five nine percent or,point three five percent obviously you,want to put this into something thats,going to grow over the long term now as,I mentioned I had a relationship with a,credit union where people could buy,investments but I was a separate entity,than the,credit union and there are situations,where the bank will have a separate,investment firm at an investment,brokerage that they partnered with that,they cant offer you ETS mutual funds,stocks I want to say that this applies,100% of time but Ive seen too often,where these advisors that are working in,a bank or a credit union they operate,solely on Commission so that means that,they are trying to recommend that you,buy something theyre going to get paid,once you buy something so whats their,incentive yeah they want to sell you,something and sell you more of it so,they get paid that big fat commission,now like I said that is not 100 percent,of the time but it does happen it,happens a lot so just be careful if,youre going to open an investment,account with your bank or credit union,and thats why personally if Im going,to invest I want to go to an investment,firm or if Im confident and brave,enough Im gonna go online and Im gonna,open an investment account with,betterment or with wealthfront,or Robin Hood or Emaline finance because,nowadays there are so many online,options that exist that are easy to set,up that you can get set up and invested,in literally at 30 minutes or less I,actually recently just did a m-1 finance,review where Id never open an account,with m-1 finance I didnt know a lot,about them and I just want to see how,long it took and how hard it was to open,an account and I was able to open an,account and get invested I think it was,like less than 30 minutes and that was,me having no experience with their,platform whatsoever so it is possible to,get started investing without it being a,huge headache and make sure that youre,not listening to advice from somebody in,this case that says oh youre youre,gonna get point three five percent if,you open a Roth IRA its like what who,are you like dont give investment,advice because youre not qualified I,wonder how many more people out there,have open an investment account or try,to open up an investment account or one,open a Roth IRA with a bank and they,just got a person like this that was,just giving them,horrible advice like this is just not,good Im curious if that is you if you,have a similar story let me know in the,comments below if youve went to a bank,or credit union and youre trying to get,advice and you talk to somebody that,just didnt know what they were talking,about it had no business talking about,Im just curious because kids are there,more of you out there we want to make,sure that thats not happen to you,because we want you to hack your wealth,we want you to invest for your future,and make sure that youre putting your,money where it needs to be put alright,yall I hope you enjoyed this if you,have a question like this that you want,to share with the community and for me,to respond and give a good reply then go,ahead and just comment contact me,wherever you need to do our job,appreciate you Jeff rose reminding you,thats your money its your life and,only you can make it awesome until next,time peace

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Stock Broker Tier List (Best Stock Brokers Ranked)

whats happening its Shane here so,stockbrokers basically have a long,history of overcharging people and also,not offering the best service they would,charge outrageous fees and theyd make,everything just ridiculously over,complicated youd have to have a minimum,amount that you invest like maybe youd,have to invest at least $5,000 in order,to open account and because of this,investing just was not accessible for,the average person a lot of the time,people wouldnt end up investing until,their 30s or their 40s just because of,the fact that its not easy then,companies like Robin Hood came along and,they basically changed the entire game,by charging no fees and making investing,ridiculously easy and accessible for,everybody other companies were forced to,adjust and ever since then its,basically been an arms race to see who,can provide the customers with the best,value so at this point a lot of things,have settled and I think its time for,me to do a tear list and just show you,guys what in my opinion are the best,stock brokers out there now all of these,brokers that Im going to mention Ive,either invested with myself I have close,friends whove invested with them and,all of them Ive done a ton of research,on and if you appreciate all the work,and the research that I put into each,and every one of these videos please,dont forget to smash the like button in,order to defeat the evil YouTube,algorithm so lets jump right in number,one on the list is going to be a lie,invest now you might recognize a lie,because they have one of the best online,bank accounts out there and I think this,is one of those companies thats headed,in the right direction in terms of,offering a bunch of different services,that all give a lot of value and I,really like this because it would be,nice if I could just have all of my,different accounts you know bank,accounts savings accounts investment,accounts credit card etc all of them,just under one company that would make,things a lot less complicated I really,do think that a lie invest and the,company a lie in general is one of the,most underrated companies out there,their apps are really good their website,is really easy and just user friendly,this company is really underrated in my,opinion I think they do a lot of amazing,things a lie invest goes in a tear the,next one on the list is going to be one,that you might not have heard about and,thats going to be Chase Sapphire,banking now this one is technically an,exclusive service and I think you have,to have at least $75,000 invested to,even be considered for it but if you are,able to get accepted into this program,youre going to have a,personal representative thats a finance,expert this is basically like having,your own personal financial adviser that,you can call whenever you want,they also primarily do their investing,through fidelity and Vanguard and those,are two of my favorite brokerages,because they offer some of the best,index funds around so if you do qualify,for this one you should definitely look,into it but Im guessing that most of my,audience does not qualify and so for,that reason its only going to go into a,tier the next one on the list is going,to be Charles Schwab and this is one of,the best options out there this is a,company that puts their customer first,you see it again and again whether,youre looking at investment accounts,bank accounts savings accounts all of,those different things you can see that,Charles Schwab puts a lot of thought,into making their customers as happy as,possible theyre not trying to make a,quick buck theyre focused on the long,game,they have really competitive fees and it,really doesnt matter what type of stock,trading youre doing now they do have a,platform where they offer day trading,and you know thats something Im not a,big fan of but it seems like theyve,kind of separated their main brand from,their day trading brand which i think is,a good thing because if they made it,part of their main brand I think that,would eventually ruin their reputation,but overall Charles Schwab is one of the,best ones on the list they are gonna go,into s Tier II trade is going to be next,on the list and they are one of the,first online brokerages that ever,existed and you can tell they have a lot,of experience as an online brokerage,because their main website is really,user friendly and easy to use and their,two mobile apps are also the same way,now it does seem like they have a huge,focus on options trading and that sort,of thing and you know you guys know Im,not a big fan of that to me that does,say a lot about a company when they,recommend stuff like that but they do,offer all other types of investments as,well so I cant ding them too much on,that overall e trade is a pretty good,option Im gonna go ahead and put them,in be to your status theyre pretty good,its just that theres other options,that are better next one on the list is,going to be fidelity and man this is an,amazing company Ive been doing a ton of,research on this in the last month in,order to prepare for these videos and,fidelity time and time again whether Im,looking at credit cards bank accounts,investment accounts etc theyre always,offer one of the best offers out there,for instance their credit card was one,of the best ones that I looked into,pretty much doesnt matter what,youre looking into fidelity is always,gonna be at the top or very near to the,top of the list and this shows that they,are focused on just the lighting their,customers and I love to see this in,businesses now on top of that I give,them extra points because of the fact,that they seem to kind of push index,funds and other types of really good,investments onto people a lot more than,they push you know stuff like day,trading to me that shows that its a,company with a lot of integrity because,theyre trying to get people to invest,in things that are going to be really,good for them long term whereas,something like day trading 99% of people,either you know dont make any money or,they actually end up losing money on top,of that their website and their app are,extremely user friendly Ive been using,fidelity for a long time and Im super,happy with them absolutely love this,company I love the direction theyre,going how theyre trying to kind of,combine all of the different services,whether it comes to bank accounts credit,cards investment accounts etc this is,the company that in my opinion is the,closest to having a entire personal,finance solution to the point where,youd only have to use one company for,all of your needs love fidelity could go,on and on about them theyre definitely,st r Interactive Brokers is gonna be,next on the list and as a lot of you,know they have a very heavy emphasis on,day trading and you know how I feel,about day trading Im not gonna go over,it again but almost everybody who tries,day trading actually ends up losing,money there are a few people out there,who are true experts at day trading that,can make a good living from it but those,people are few and far between now many,of the professional day traders out,there do actually use interactive broker,for their day trades so if you are gonna,go that direction which I dont,recommend that you do Interactive broker,would probably be one of the better,choices for you but with that being said,I cant put them any higher than a C,lightspeed is gonna be next on this list,and theyre very similar to interactive,broker this is another one that gets,mentioned a lot with the few people who,are successful day traders so they,basically charge you about a hundred and,thirty dollars a month in order to use,their software and you dont have to pay,the hundred and thirty dollars a month,as long as you use the software and,youre like an active trader,so this basically incentivizes people to,buy and sell all the time but when it,comes to investing a lot of the time the,bet,move that you can make is to not make a,move and with Lightspeed you might end,up getting punished for that by ha

And the Wells Fargo scandals continue.

[Music],Dustin tippity a financial advisor with,jazz wealth and weve got a special,announcement today I dont normally pick,on other companies or other advisors but,in this case I have no choice,Wells Fargo continues to rip people off,they have officially covered every,aspect of their business as far as,ripping people off and so I have a,special sort of proposal for you all,right heres the thing Wells Fargo if,you go back a little bit youll remember,that they got in big trouble because,their employees were randomly opening,accounts for customers that didnt ask,for accounts to be open so that they,could meet sales quotas and get bonuses,that was where it all started then from,there we found out they were taking,excessive risk with your retirement,accounts so much risk that the actual,the Federal Reserve actually said you,cant take any new customers until you,address this because they were taking so,much risk then we found out that they,were actually moving customers in their,401k plans retirement plans,into their own products rather than,suggesting other products or giving them,options of other products that were,available they did this because if they,move you into their funds and their,products they make a lot more money so,they were doing that without your,permission then we found out that they,were ripping pension plans off and now,the latest news thats come out is,actually on the business banking side,where if you have a business account,with them come to find out theyve been,adjusting your documents so that,regulators wouldnt question some of the,you know things that they were missing,in those documents so its a,never-ending sort of problem there and,we cant say that always one employee or,it was one sector of the business were,now finding out that theyre doing this,in every single category personal,banking business banking pension plans,401k and retirement plans theyve,covered it all right theyre just,ripping people off blatantly and you,know unfortunately the news has other,things to focus on right now but look it,up its ridiculous so heres what I want,you to do Im a financial advisor I go,online here you see me giving advice on,all sorts of different topics I want you,to move from Wells Fargo if you have a,bank account with them you really need,to move on and find,somebody else they can you know help you,out better if you have retirement,accounts you need to move on you cant,do anything if you have 401k accounts,but please keep a close eye on those,401k accounts if you have a business,banking account you might consider,moving somewhere else we just moved here,at jazz wealth we moved our business,banking and we couldnt be happier,actually it was kind of a little,blessing but we moved from Wells Fargo,and were done with them so heres my,pitch if you have a retirement account,with them that you an IRA a Roth IRA,something an old 401k if you move it,over to jazz wealth I will pay whatever,fee Wells Fargo charges you if they,charge you a fee they will charge you,something to transfer it over,I will credit your account back for that,and you know if you dont come to jazz,wealth go somewhere right go to some,other financial advisor some other,investing service ask them to credit you,back for those fees tell them youre,moving from Wells Fargo I hope youll,consider us here at jazz wealth were,fiduciaries right well do anything in,your best interest before ours and I,dont know how else to say that we we,position the entire business as a model,to make you get the best sort of benefit,going forward so please consider moving,from Wells Fargo if you come over to,jazz wealth great we have all of our,portfolio performance our entire history,is on our website lots of events for our,customers that you can see but if you,dont come to jazz wealth please go from,Wells Fargo go find someone else that,will take care of you theres a lot of,great banks out there whether theyre,local or national Wells Fargo has proven,themselves to be truly incapable of,handling any of our funds well hey,speaking of portfolio performance were,gonna actually check this video out over,here where you could see our portfolio,announcement where we show where theyre,at on our website we update them every,single week so you can see how theyve,done based on the different funds that,we have and of course it never cost you,anything to choose one of those funds,here at Jay as well

Which $0 Commission Brokerage Should You Use in 2021?

hey guys welcome back to the channel,since this is the start of 2021 its,time for an updated video of which zero,commission brokerage,you should use the last version that i,posted of this video was in 2019,so there have been quite a few changes,in the financial and investing space,since then if youre not already,subscribed to the channel go ahead and,subscribe,and today were going to look at the,pros and cons of,these brokerages well see how theyre,similar and,some major differences between them and,then well also look at how usable they,are and then ill also talk a little bit,about customer service because i know,that that is important to some people,i will link to all of these brokerages,in the description and,in the pinned comment and for,transparency i will put a note if it is,a referral link or an affiliate,link and if it doesnt have a note next,to it then its not like the last video,well start with the smaller brokerages,and then we will move on to the big ones,lets start off with robinhood which,youve probably heard of because theyve,been all over the news in the past year,theyve been all over reddit and you see,the name pop up in,titles of youtube videos and news,articles everywhere,so robinhood is super super easy for,beginners to get started with id say,its the easiest platform to get started,with,if you are looking at just learning how,to invest,learning how to use different order,types and really just getting a feel for,how the stock market works,out of all of the brokerages that im,going to mention robinhood,by far by a landslide is the most usable,as far as the app goes,theyve really made an effort to make it,easy to use and theyve kind of gamified,investing,where to place an order they have a,super simple order page and then,you swipe swipe and your order is placed,so thats all fine and dandy but over,the course of the past year robinhood,has had a couple of problems,so in 2020 there were a couple of times,where robinhood just had a complete,outage,hopefully going forward that doesnt,happen and that was just a one-time,event another complaint that youll,often see in,reddit threads or in facebook groups,about robinhood,is the amount of time that it takes for,your money to get in,and out of the account and for cash to,settle some people have problems,with that being delayed longer than they,would like for me personally,that hasnt been an issue that ive,encountered but if you are,trying to move around large amounts of,cash or youre trying,to do a high volume of trades and you,need money in and out super fast then,that is something to look into,if those delays would impact you in that,case it may be better to go,with a different brokerage but again,thats something that you can always,research but again if you are just,getting started,and youre just trying to learn how to,invest or you just want a really easy,platform to use and youre not going to,be doing anything,super crazy then robinhood is a great,platform to get started with,with robinhood you can also get free,stocks whenever you refer,friends to the platform so that can be a,fun way to get your friends involved,with you,and to earn some extra stocks next on,the list we have,m1 finance i would say that m1 finance,is,the easiest to start out with if youre,a beginner and youre not quite,ready or comfortable to use order types,or if you are looking for a way,to easily set up automatic investments,m1 finance is definitely,the way to go and its also great for,dividend investors m1 finance is,different than a traditional brokerage,in the way that the platform is actually,set up,so instead of buying in shares and,buying with like a market order or a,limit order or stop order,youre actually just buying in,percentages so what you do is you build,these pie charts so when youre setting,up the pies you have the option to be,like hey i want,25 of this portfolio to be in tesla,and i want the other 75 to be in vu,then every time that you put money into,your account you can set it up to,automatically invest and every time,whatever amount you put in,will be divided into that tesla,and those vu shares and it will try to,divide it evenly so that your portfolio,is always,pretty close to that 75 25,divide and you can set these up however,you want and you can even make little,sub sections,so you can make a pie within a pie again,this is great if you want to have the,option to have those automatic,investments,and also their app is pretty easy to use,its slightly more complicated than,robinhood but it,is still really straightforward once you,kind of move around in it,its super easy to use if however you,are looking,to place traditional orders using a,market order a limit order and you,really really care about that price then,m1 finance is not for you they only have,one trading window per day which means,that every morning,at 9 or 10 am they go in and if you,put money into your account and youve,opted to invest that next day,then theyll go ahead and theyll buy,those shares for you so if youre,looking to do intraday trading,or youre looking to get a very specific,price on a stock or etf,you will want to go with a different,brokerage i would almost compare it to,one of those 401k programs that some,employers give you,where you go in and you make your,selections of what you actually want to,invest in,and then you can kind of set it up to do,it automatically but youre not in there,micromanaging the price points that,youre getting things at,the next smaller slash newer brokerage,that well look at is,weeble so even though people like graham,stefan and meet kevin are,always promoting weeble i dont,necessarily think that its the best,platform for beginners,its very much set up as a day trading,platform the way that their charts are,laid out and set up,is really intended more for day trading,you can definitely look at it,if you are just a regular investor but,if all youre doing,is regular investing and youre not day,trading i personally dont think that,its the easiest platform to start out,with,one pro of weeble is that they do,usually have a pretty good sign up offer,so whether thats getting like three or,four free stocks whatever they have,going at the time they do usually have,something like that going on,but again if youre looking for a super,easy platform to get started with,i think that there are easier platforms,than weeble to use,i also dont necessarily agree with how,they handle transparency in their,company so it is chinese owned and,thats perfectly fine they do,have offices and a presence in the u.s,in new york i believe,and for some people that is an important,piece of information that may determine,whether or not they want to use them,so i think that lack of transparency,there is why im a little bit hesitant,to use them,so with any of those smaller brokerages,the customer service like i said in the,last video,is not going to be quite up to par with,those larger companies so with these,three,smaller brokerages youre pretty much,going to have email support and thats,going to be,the primary way that you get help so if,you are someone whos expecting,24-hour live support or youre someone,that is particularly problematic with,technology and setting up accounts,then probably these three brokerages,arent for you you may want to go,with one of the larger brokerages that,actually has a live,person on phone support that can help,you out so moving on to the bigger,brokerages the next one on the list that,we actually didnt have last time,is vanguard so the primary reason that,youre probably looking at vanguard,is because of some of their mutual funds,or their index funds or etfs they have,really low,expense fees on all of those and their,mutual funds and index funds are known,for being,really good and you do have to have a,vanguard account to get,into those now if you are looking to get,into one of their etfs instead,you dont actually have to have a,vanguard account to buy those,so for example if you were trying to

Best Online Stock Brokerage Tier List (The BEST Stock Brokers in 2022)

okay so i did this video about two years,ago it was super popular but a lot of,things have changed since then and also,i didnt know how to use a camera and my,videos really sucked back then whats,happening its shane here,so its time to do an updated and much,better version of that video so this is,going to be the 2022 stock broker tier,list and im gonna rank the best and the,worst stock brokerages from s tier which,is the best to f tier which is the worst,all right lets do this so im going to,be going over a lot of different,brokerages so i dont have all that much,time to explain why i like or dont like,each one if i explained each one this,video would be over an hour so im going,to keep the explanations relatively,short and if you appreciate my research,on this and keeping the video short go,ahead gently tap that like button and,lets get into it all right ally invest,for some reason whenever i see this i,think ally invest pretty good one um i,dont have a lot of bad things to say,about it i just think there are other,stock brokerages that are better i will,say their platform is really easy to use,its very ergonomic pretty user-friendly,so for that reason ill give this one,b-tier next one on the list is going to,be charles schwab very low fees huge,selection its tailored towards,long-term investing lots of different,options for doing research on different,companies theyre also doing a great job,of combining other financial services,for instance a lot of people who travel,all over the world use the charles,schwab bank account because anytime they,get an atm fee they get that reimbursed,by charles schwab so people who do a lot,of traveling really love their bank,account and thats just one example but,they have a lot of other services that,are great as well charles schwab,definitely goes into ester all right,next one direct investing im not gonna,say too much on this one but its gonna,go into d tier next one is going to be,e-trade this is another one thats good,its just that there are better,alternatives so im gonna go ahead and,put this one into b-tier next one on the,list is going to be fidelity and by the,way most of these are ones that i broke,down more in detail a few years ago im,not going to say like the same things,about them because not much has changed,but fidelity is up there with charles,schwab and vanguard its one of the best,brokerages you can possibly use i have,used fidelity for many years now really,enjoy them super easy to use the website,and the app are extremely ergonomic and,user friendly fidelity definitely goes,into s tier next one on the list is,interactive brokers now i am not a fan,of trading especially when it comes to,stocks so i definitely dont recommend,trading and ive talked about this in,many other videos its a zero-sum game,for one person to win another person has,to lose and if youre a newbie you dont,know what youre doing youre going to,be the one who loses but with that being,said if you are into trading interactive,brokers is a fantastic platform so ill,give this one a tier status although,just know that i dont recommend trading,next one on the list is maverick trading,and again not gonna say too much about,this one because id rather not get sued,good call but there are a lot of,allegations about them scamming people,and thats all im gonna say this one,goes into f tier next one is going to be,merrell edge now this is a very good,platform a lot of great things to say,about it the only thing is there are,just others that are slightly better now,one thing i will say is if youre with,bank of america they actually integrate,platforms with merrell edge so that can,give you some advantages and make things,a lot easier and more smooth but yeah,this one is going to go into a tier next,one is one of the newer players in the,game and that is muumuu now if you were,going to compare mumu to one of the,other investing apps or brokerages it,would be best compared to weeble or,robin hood its basically making it,super easy for beginners to start,investing now i will say that moomoo has,some more advanced options than,robinhood definitely and even a little,bit more advanced than weeble in some,cases so for instance they do offer,level two market data for free whereas,you have to pay for that on weeble and,they do have access to a lot more stocks,outside of the us specifically east asia,and they also have a super good sign up,bonus i thought weeble signup bonus was,the best and nobody was ever gonna beat,it but their sign up bonus is actually a,little bit better than weebles now it,depends on the time of the year what,theyre offering and i dont wanna stay,up to date with that but last month for,instance they were offering up to seven,thousand dollars in free stocks just for,signing and funding your account and if,youre gonna sign up with them anyways,get that free sign up bonus might as,well use my link down in the description,and i actually have several pretty good,sign up bonuses down there and if youre,gonna start investing anyways and you,wanna get those sign up bonuses plus if,you wanna support the channel go ahead,and use them down below but yeah moomoo,is an up-and-comer theyre doing really,good theyre relatively new so i cant,give them s-tier status just because,they dont have as much of a history as,some of these other ones so for that,reason im going to put mumu into a tier,next one on the list is going to be,robin hood now i think everyone knows uh,what robin hood is and what theyre all,about i have really mixed feelings about,robin hood because they were the first,ones to do the zero fee stocks they were,the first ones to make it possible for,people who dont have all that much,money to start investing and ive said,this many times before this is one of,those things where the earlier you start,investing the better and it used to be,that you couldnt start investing unless,you had at least,thousand dollars to open a brokerage,account then robin hood came along they,made it easy for you to invest with,almost no money and you didnt have to,pay the ridiculous fees that some of the,other brokerages were charging so yes,robin hood did do some very sketchy,stuff last year with the gamestop thing,i made an entire video about it but,because of the fact that they made,things so easy all of the other,brokerages had to adjust to what,robinhood was doing and now many of them,offer the same things that robinhood,offers but they wouldnt have if robin,hood never came along so i do have mixed,feelings on robin hood i think they were,kind of uh put as the scapegoat in the,entire gamestop situation whereas in,reality a bunch of different brokerages,did the exact same thing that robin hood,did but robin hood took all of the heat,so all things being equal robin hood,does have a really good sign up bonus,you know they have introduced millions,and millions of people to start,investing that wouldnt have otherwise,so im gonna go ahead and put robin hood,into c-tier next one on the list is,going to be stockpile so stockpile is,super simple super user friendly,definitely made for beginners and im,not saying its a bad option its just,that there are other options that are,better in my opinion and im going to,talk about them later on in the video so,this one goes into sea tier next one on,the list is going to be td ameritrade,now technically they just got bought out,by charles schwab however it looks like,they are keeping the company separate,and again really good brokerage uh just,not quite as good as some of the others,on the list so im gonna put it into a,tier next one is think or swim which is,owned by td ameritrade which is owned by,charles schwab now again this is another,trading platform i am not a fan of,trading especially when it comes to,stocks so definitely not recommending,that you trade however i used the,thinkorswim platform quite a bit earlier,this year when i was making videos where,i was basically testing out different,trading strategies

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