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Westworld – Season 1 Review

all right story time I have a friend,whenever he comes over we talk about the,usual things space-time artificial,intelligence consciousness what is it,you know the you should he come over and,heres like youve ever seen west rule,those like Ive not seen West world,heres like get your [ __ ] ass on TV,and watch was well paraphrasing hes,pretty much a jest so I watched West,world and now Im talking about well,[Music],Westworld season one so Westeros is an,HBO series based off of a movie I,believe it was written and directed by,Michael Crichton I have my phone right,here I like the motivation looking up,point is its a retelling of that story,and just imagine Red Dead Redemption was,an MMO but its actually physically a,place its some time in the future,theres this theme park thats set in,the Wild West most of the characters,there are hosts which are robots or,theyre kind of like NPCs all the,characters in this theme park operate,within like hundreds of inter woven,stories and people pay a lot of money to,go to this place and essentially play,the game how they want look for gold,catch the bandits fight [ __ ] whatever,but some of the robot hosts the,characters in this story they start kind,of going off script maybe remembering,things at that point the show makes you,ask what is consciousness and are they,conscious and the show is really well,acted to Evan Rachel Wood plays -,generally speaking the main character,hard to say that because the show is,actually pretty evenly divided and,Harriss dude that goes there plays this,game alive hes ultimately the [ __ ],but you look at him and you wonder where,you end and he would begin in a Red Dead,Redemption I went to that lawless ass,pit of a town and I just just waste,people because all the GTA games were,just like hey just shoot people because,I did that we all did that which makes,me think what would I do there,essentially youre not really killing,anyone its a program but its physical,and thats what makes it more real its,one of the many questions this show,forces you to ask but the fact that this,is a production there is a whole,storyline going behind the scenes with,the game makers and the producers which,is great and so well-balanced so often,in a show like this or a movie like this,where theres this storyline,maybe this storyline over here thats,running everything youre either really,interested in that site or really,interested in that side you dont even,lis care about both sides this show I,was completely invested in what was,going on in West world and what was,going on behind the scenes in West world,Anthony Hopkins is the main one behind,the scenes who owns this park hes up to,something he dont know what hes up to,is he a good guy is he a villain the,last couple things I saw Anthony Hopkins,in including transformers – last night,you could tell he was completely phoning,it in in Westworld he does not phone it,and it just shows you the difference,between when an actor wants to be there,and when theyre doing it for a paycheck,and the operatives still got it its the,writing of this show that really hooked,me now just talking about the dialogue,were talking about the execution of the,concept as a whole this show genuinely,makes you question what is consciousness,and how are we different than the robots,in here who start to remember things I,mean its all programming but one could,argue its all programming for us – and,I love that this show made me ask,questions so often we see movies or,shows about artificial intelligence or,maybe the rise of it and at the point of,my life I feel like Ive seen a lot of,what Hollywood and movies TV shows that,have to offer so anytime a show can take,a concept that I may have seen in a,couple plays before maybe this meets,that ex machina meets Red Dead,Redemption as they probably call those,to execute it in a way that makes it,feel new as a win at no point does this,show give you the splice where its like,before there was no intelligence and now,there is intelligence Rise of the Planet,of the Apes does that it has that splice,its like at the moment the Apes get the,gas now theyre smart you know that but,Westworld gradually builds that AI its,not like anyone turns to the screen is,like all right folks,now theyre self-aware they are,intelligent you never get that cue you,never really know that it rides that,really blurry line on what is,intelligence of what is programming and,as theres certainly a tangled web that,Westworld weaves all the storylines,really you feel fulfilled with them it,rewards you for your investment thats,important for a show or a movie to do so,many shows and movies not rewarding by,the end Westworld I was completely,satisfied and intrigued for season two a,couple times the show bounces around a,bit makes you feel a little confused but,although you may be confused at times,youre never lost and thats the,important thing,in the end Westworld was such a great,experience it was a show that hit me on,many of the checkmarks many of the,levels of reasoning I go to movies for,sometimes they go for entertainment,sometimes I go to get lost in a world,sometimes I go to ask the strong,questions of what is consciousness West,world hit me on multiple levels as to,what I consider good entertainment fact,it was really hard for me to think Im,like what didnt I like about wess world,I cant really find it when theres a,show that I been just season of and I,want to immediately right then and there,go back and watch it from the beginning,again I cant really find a lot of flaws,on the show that makes you self reflect,on a personal level as well as a larger,level of humanity as a whole I think,youll enjoy a route free on this one,actually the Star Trek The Next,Generation with Moriarty elementary my,dear data and ship-in-a-bottle if you,have not seen those two episodes of Star,Trek The Next Generation you absolutely,should all right so West world have you,seen it why did you think about it,whatever you thought comment below let,me know and as always if you liked what,youve seen here and you want to see,more click right here to see more,[Music]

Westworld Needs To Stop

you know I should probably preface the,following rant with some kind of trait,self-aggrandizing quasi apology like,this is a video I really didnt want to,have to make but that would be it sort,of lie because at heart Im a petty and,vindictive man and this is a video I,very much wanted to make Id been,wanting to make it ever since I slowed,my way through to the final episode of,the steaming pile of dog [ __ ] that is,Westworld season 3 and came face to face,with the horrifying realization that,those are 8 hours of my life that Ill,never get back,the only time I want to lose 8 hours is,when I wake up the following morning and,my bathtub was an empty bottle of gin in,one hand and a [ __ ] stripper in the,other anyway enough about me,Im here to rant about West world so,grab your industrial-strength Lube,because these delights are going to be,decidedly violence this show has become,a [ __ ] ludicrous boring obscene,parody of its original self applauding,pointless pompous patronizing,pretentious pile of crap constantly,striving towards grandiose ideas that it,has neither the creative intelligence,nor the artistic merits have properly,explore populated with characters that,generate all the sympathy and interest,of a cardboard cutout of Jeremy Renner,sorry Jeremy at least with so many,obnoxious mean-spirited political,undertones that I honestly expected brie,Larson to flex her way into the scene,and sure it [ __ ] sucks Id like to,see this revelation came as quite the,shock to me but that would be yet,another lie,the writing was on the wall over since,season two stumbled through its,convoluted story arc and things have,only gotten worse this season so join me,as I try to make sense of how and why it,went so horribly wrong the story kicks,off when strong female character Dolores,extorts money and information from a,corrupt white man who once visited West,world and uses it to infiltrate a,technology company run by another,corrupt white man this company invented,a giant metal testicle that can predict,the actions of every human being on,earth and uses that information to keep,the human race from destroying us so,anyway Dolores seduces the corrupt white,man but it turns out he doesnt actually,have access to the metal testicle which,makes him an incompetent corrupt white,man seeking credit for other peoples,work of course but then his evil white,henchman uncovers her deception and,tries to murder her so she kills him and,a bunch of other white men and 3d prints,a replacement copy of him to act as a,mole in the company which she totally,knew she was going to need because shes,somehow able to predict the outcome of,complex events with multiple variables,that she has absolutely no control over,because shes that damn good this,confrontation brings her in contact with,a dumbed-down fraud and white man named,Caleb who she likes to help her even,though she totally doesnt need his help,Caleb then spends the rest of the season,following her around like a lost puppy,dog and never takes any independent,action of his own because that sort of,thing is reserved for the ladies of this,show only meanwhile strong diverse,female character number 1 Maeve wakes up,in World War 2 and fights a bunch of,evil white Nazi men only to find out the,whole thing was a simulation created by,an evil white French man who also has a,controlled unit that prevents her from,turning against him,well sure hope she doesnt learn how to,overwrite that thing when the plot needs,a cheap and easy way to get her out of,trouble so evil white French man orders,Maeve to hunt down Delores and her,followers and kill them all because I,guess the hundreds of Special Forces,operatives under his command just arent,enough to get the job done although,considering how none of them even,understand her guns work Im not too,surprised by this dont know what youre,doing there mates at the same time,strong diverse female character number 2,Charlotte infiltrates Delos and takes,control of the company from evil white,man in black then puts him into a mental,asylum so he can be punished and,humiliated forever then she goes home to,her fake family and murders an evil,white man who was trained to prey on her,fake kid and for some reason she becomes,mentally unstable from pretending to be,the woman shes impersonating cant say,I blame her to be honest if I had to,wake up and see this face every time I,looks in the mirror,Id be pretty unstable too,anyway she hacks it to the mainframe at,Davos and sends a bunch of classified,information to Dolores then evil white,French man blows her up with a car bomb,this was immensely satisfying to watch,but for some reasons she survives and,blames Dolores and decides to take,revenge so that the rest of the plot can,happen,meanwhile Dolores kidnaps corrupt,incompetent white man to get information,from him and Bernard and stubs shamble,and to stop her but they are not,stunning or brave enough so Dolores,totally kicks their asses and escapes,with corrupt incompetent white man then,he gets murdered because he guess he,deserved it for being rich and corrupt,his information leads Dolores to another,giant metal testicle so it can give them,the plans to defeat the first giant,metal testicle which basically amounts,to tell it to delete itself genius then,may if she shows up dressed as a ninja,because she spent like five minutes in,Shogun world and decides that that makes,her a samurai no everyone can be,whatever they want to be you see then,these two strong female characters have,a fight to see which of them is the,strongest strong female character but,Maeve has the edge because shes more,diverse so Dolores sets off an EMP that,kills them both and shuts down the giant,metal testicle but then Dolores and may,have download into new bodies which,renders their previous fight totally,pointless I love that Dolores totally,predicted that caleb would have the,knowledge expertise and opportunity to,recover her memory core from her dead,body and plug it into the replacement,body she had on standby,thats [ __ ] jigsaw levels of forward,planning right there so I guess its,time for the finale to happen,everyone converges on the other giant,metal testicle and our two strong female,characters have another fight because,nothings more thrilling than watching,two actresses that can barely fight,going through some awkwardly,choreographed moves that require about a,dozen jump cuts apiece to make them look,not ridiculous and I know this is,nitpicking but can someone please,explain why they visibly breathe hard,and grunt when they get hit your robots,you cant even feel pain,everyone get physically tired anyway,this time Dolores powers up her white,privilege and wins the fights but then,flame-grilled Charlotte projects into,her head and shuts Dolores down remotely,so the evil white French man can capture,her [ __ ] off Tessa Thompson then they,plug her into the giant metal testicle,so they can get important information,from her robot brain and honestly its,so many people have been trying to,extract so many bits of encrypted,information to keep this plot moving,that I kind of lost track of what they,actually needed from her but anyway may,have uses her special robot telepathy to,get inside Dolores his head and they,have a chat about how theyve both been,manipulated by evil white men their,whole lives then Dolores dies and Maeve,wakes up and kills evil white French man,and caleb tells the giant metal testicle,to delete itself so it cant control the,world anymore and me if Leeds emotes Id,like another puppy dog so they can watch,as the world burns and I guess its kind,of like the ending to Fight Club except,without the compelling character is an,emotional journey to get us there,and thats it thats the [ __ ],ridiculous disastrous storyline of West,worlds season 3 you know if I had to,describe this show with one word my word,would be repetition theres barely,enough story here to fill two episodes,so the rest of the season is booke

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Is Westworld finally GOOD again? [Season 4 Review Roundup]

well then,lets get started so whether you slogged,it out through season three or gave up,somewhere between season one and two,like me you might be relieved or,surprised to hear that westworld is back,for a fourth season but is it actually,worth watching well lets take a look at,its review scores so far break down some,reviews good and bad and try to figure,out whether this show is actually worth,your time six years on,so before we dig into the reviews lets,first take a quick look at how westworld,season 4 is doing on imdb metacritic and,rotten tomatoes so first up we have imdb,which as of recording has season 4 and,8.1 which is actually pretty good and a,small improvement on season 3 but still,nowhere near the heights of season 1. so,lets move on to metacritic which,currently has westworld season 4 at 67,which again is a slight improvement on,season 3 but still below the scores of,season 1 and 2. and finally moving on to,rotten tomatoes where westworld season 4,is currently sitting at 80 percent,ranking above season 3 and not far off,season 1 and 2 so a pretty impressive,score all things considered however i,fully expect all these scores to change,over time so ill be sure to update them,in the description throughout the course,of the season but at this stage the,outlook for season 4 genuinely seems,pretty positive or at the very least a,small step in the right direction,like me youre probably curious as to,why that is and whether its really,enough to give the show a second chance,so lets get into some positive and,negative reviews and actually find out,what is and isnt working with the,fourth season in the opinion of the,reviewers,so starting with probably the worst,review out there we have cnn who said,westworld is constructed as roughly free,programs in one as for how the producers,will bring it all crashing together,whatever good will and trust they,generated in the past has mostly,evaporated creating less faith that,theyre playing six-dimensional chess,and more suspicion that theyre spending,a whole lot of hbos money on an,elaborate jigsaw puzzle so for anybody,thinking of getting back into the show,this is probably the last thing you want,to hear because this reviewer clearly,has some concerns that even in season 4,the show doesnt really know where its,going given how many convoluted plot,lines there are and hbo hasnt exactly,got the best reputation when it comes to,satisfying final seasons she,is my queen although that being said it,sounds as if season 4 is being,positioned as a soft reboot for the,series so personally id struggle to,believe that theyd go that route,without a solid destination in mind but,i suppose whether that destination is,actually satisfying or not is a whole,nother matter,and that leads into another big problem,that the reviewers still have with the,show one of which is the hollywood,reporter who explained that its still a,show in which nobody can ever really die,or if they do die they can be brought,back as robots and after the third,season anybody can apparently change,identities with just a flick of a switch,so im not sure if its frustrating or,weirdly reassuring to note that the,fourth season of westworld is business,as usual so again not the best of sales,pitches for season 4 but it does speak,to a larger problem in entertainment,these days where constant fake outs and,character resurrections are essentially,making it impossible for viewers to get,truly invested in a story because,theyre starting to feel as if theres,no real stakes involved revenge does,wonders for the will to live dont you,think,and i can see how westworld might be,guilty of that especially given the,nature of the story but in fairness to,the writers at this late stage in the,show im not sure how youd really fix,that and by the sounds of it season 4,isnt sure either its always a fun sort,of little thing when you can see the,hosts from other seasons come back who,sent you colonel brigham,which leads to another issue that it,seems westworld has yet to fix and this,time the complaint comes from indiewire,who said like previous entries season 4,is mainly a waiting game waiting for the,next puzzle piece to be revealed waiting,for the next action scene or hint of,romance and waiting for characters to,get where theyre going already since,the emphasis remains on the destination,rather than the fun to be had along the,way,were wasting time and we have very,little of it left,so much like previous seasons it sounds,like youll need a lot of patience and,commitment to get the most out of season,4 which sounds like it will deliver just,as many questions as it will answers and,thats not to say thats an outright bad,thing because for me some of the best,shows around are the ones that challenge,you to piece things together,but for others it can be a real turn off,especially if the answers arent very,compelling or take too long to arrive,so it seems the jurys still out on,westworld in that regard but not all the,reviews are bad for instance vanity fair,said overall this season of westworld is,more interested in echoing the law of,the past and was season 3 which the show,can do more nimbly now that its,realignment is complete these callbacks,do at times serve as mere bitter,reminders of the glory that once was but,otherwise theyre welcome bits of,symmetry smartly reconnecting us to the,original existential struggle of the,show i want my people to find their own,identity,i have plans,for your kind,so if youve ever been a fan of,westworld this is probably music to your,ears because i think everyone can agree,that on balance season 1 was the peak of,the shows quality and to tap into that,rather than ignore it like season 3 will,almost certainly make a lot of viewers,very happy its also a good indicator,that the showrunners know westworld is,coming to an end and are starting to,consciously close the loop rather than,just blindly pushing forward with no,destination in sight but thats not to,say that season 4 hasnt got anything to,offer on its own terms for instance,collider said that ultimately westworld,hasnt gone back to the place where it,all started and continues to expand its,scope far beyond the borders of the park,but rather than this resulting in more,disarray what plays out are the exciting,twists tans and surprises through time,that will make anyone sit up and take,notice so although season 4 makes more,of an effort to reference and honor the,previous seasons on the whole it sounds,like the show is sticking with its,futuristic large-scale setting from,season 3 but crafts a far more,compelling story within it this time,around and of course theres always the,chance that the characters could end up,back in the park before the end of the,show,do you think you can save them,ive seen a path,[Music],so piecing all this together i think we,get a better idea of what to expect from,season four which in many respects,sounds better than season 3 but still,doesnt quite catch the magic of the,first season even though it does make a,concerted effort to circle back around,to it and its hopefully building to a,satisfying conclusion for the show as a,whole all thats probably great news for,current fans of the show but for old,ones id say its probably still not,quite enough to go racing back to the,series however unlike game of thrones,there are some good early signs that the,show is starting to wrap up in a,satisfying manner so it might be worth,checking it out just to see how things,conclude and watch how it all feeds back,into season one but thats just my,thoughts on the reviews so far so do let,me know your reviews on season four,below and if youve already given up on,westworld what season was it that you,decided to quit and why and also if you,liked this video you might also want to,check out this one right here,you

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Drinkers Chasers – What Happened To Westworld?

wrong its funny there was a comment,that came up just a while back there and,it,took me by surprise because ive,completely forgotten about it but,someone asked like does anyone know that,westworld season four is coming out next,week yes,i am the,[ __ ] just because i just want to see,if im right and its uh and its all a,simulation but yeah it starts in like uh,in three days dude i cant handle it,needed,a couple of you guys but like this is,too much for me i cant handle it,theres so much stuff coming out i cant,keep track of the umbrella academy came,out to nothing which was hilarious,um and i you know drinker weve talked,about this a muller too like westworld,season one i i just pretend season one,exists because its good its really,good the musics good the actings good,everything anthony,hopkins is [ __ ] great in it,uh but uh,then season two and three happened then,season two and three happened and three,is i mean as bad as season two was three,is a thousand times worse yeah thousand,times i dont know if you saw a drinker,oh god,i havent seen either two or three ive,just seen everyones reactions to him,and i was like yeah i aint touching,that,dont add in the sense that it was just,ridiculously convoluted and they they,really went crazy with the time jumps,and you quite often you just didnt even,know what foot oh dude somebody tweeted,out uh i forgot who was sorry they,theyre like did did anybody know season,four is coming out like why is it coming,out my only response was theres like,some men still that they havent killed,all the men yet,well hey ive never seen a show thats,so [ __ ],joyless and pretentious and and,so,misunderst like,its not even like couched in anything,its just straight up like every episode,if theres a white guy in it i can,guarantee hes corrupt in some way and,hes going to get brutally murdered so,what happened,episode ill try to keep this short but,like the my best guess of what happened,because i i was fascinated im like how,does a show that starts so good goes so,bad and for one season one was filmed in,2013.,so its a long time ago,this is yeah this is a nolan created,this show now yes bad reboots involved,too so that has a lot to do with it but,um uh,chris chris nolans brother is it,jonathan or jonathan yeah they call him,jillian a lot of people from jonah yeah,thats what excuse me but its jonathan,nolan was heavily involved in the first,season and then as uh then he handed it,over to his wife after the me too times,up era and this big thing came out like,were rewriting everything we have a,five season plan,um,and uh yeah at least a joy took over and,it sucked,so and he had less he he wrote fewer and,fewer like the first episode had our,first season had ed brubaker great comic,book writer wrote a great episode uh but,nolan i i dont think he wrote any,episodes last season or co-wrote one,and now theyre theyre gone they they,they took a contract with uh netflix or,uh amazon one of the two,theyre not at hbo anymore,do you um do you know whos right in,season four is it that same team,its the same people who wrote the last,season well then its [ __ ] yeah,to be absolutely right stranger things,one two three four all made by the,duffer brothers right thats how its,considered so you know maybe four will,be better but,yeah they killed the man in black hes,dead hes [ __ ] dead like that well,they destroyed his character and then,they killed him in like the worst way,and now theyre replacing him with the,with a robot,thompson and tandy and oh god thats,right,the first football actresses,season one episode one is like a movie,worth of just potential i remember when,i first watched the pilot for westfield,i was like this could be my favorite,show of all time if it keeps this up,it didnt,i was so excited for season two i was,telling everybody on the channel im,like you gotta watch the show its the,next game of thrones its gonna be the,biggest hit of all time i was [ __ ],wrong sorry i love season one and i,remember starting season two i think i,liked this first episode or first couple,of episodes and i never went and never,and then i never went back to it i dont,know and it wasnt because i was turned,off by it i just,i dont know i i never went back to it,and i kept hearing that it wasnt good,when the man in black,shoots his own [ __ ] daughter on on,fathers day thats what im like [ __ ],this [ __ ] show [ __ ] it,i hate this show,by season three i actively he kills her,character in it,like thats thats the stage ive got to,with it is like i dislike every single,person theyve got no redeeming,qualities to them whatsoever like thats,what the show would become,yeah i think it i think it also falls,into the trap though where um,it tries to make it be really,intelligent with all the putting it,things back like time travel and stuff,and people think its clever because,they dont understand it but when really,its just because it doesnt actually,make that much sense and they just,really cut it up into a horrible way of,telling it deliberately to try and make,it confusing so people think its clever,than it actually is and if you actually,go and look up what the story is youre,like,what are you even doing when season four,came out and i found it was in three,days i was like what do you mean season,four i had wiped season two off my,memory completely and i thought season,one ended and they went into the real,world thats how bad that series was,thats where it should have ended youre,right because they tried to explain some,of the stuff that was pretty tough to,explain and me silly me naive me im,like i this is going to be like a really,interesting story about consciousness,you know,no its about sexism sorry well and by,the way i used to say literally like two,weeks ago i used to say storage of,things should have ended at season one,just one it should have just ended this,its true uh if if jonathan nolan came,back and like im directing every,episode and writing every episode i id,feel better about it yeah we give it a,shot um somebody chad said as well ball,if we go to antsy hopkins bias here and,i was like yes but also i didnt watch,season two and three hes hes got parts,in that as far as little parts in the,second season,and i cant like he cant save that no,he,could not he could not and and dude it,absolutely relied on him in the first,season he was so [ __ ] good at this,did you,if they had carried it off do you,remember the uh the reveal where,bernard was his uh,yeah like that and and he uses him to do,im almost trying not to spoil it just,in case anyone checks it out,that scene was huge it was such a like,big reveal it meant so much and its,just like oh this show if it keeps this,up where reveals like that happen its,like oh you could see crowds of people,watching this and being so excited yeah,i could work out but yeah culturally,westworld died like who even talks about,it,oh is it nobody nobody does,yeah and and stop making sense like,why he killed why he set up his own,death at the end,makes no sense now it would have made,sense if they would have uh,really continue with i think their,original story,uh which is hey we can we can circle,back shinsaki to kodobi didnt wasnt,there a bunch of original scripts for,kenobi that kathleen kennedys [ __ ],canned,and every one of them would have been,better than what we got yeah,yeah these were called the good ones,its all these were called the goods,get them out,so westworld was one of those,shows prior to the the the the line,whatever you want to call it uh the that,you know the post tds pre-tds hollywood,line,so,uh umbrella academy,uh ultra carbon season one,uh westworld,uh legion other shows that came out like,right 2014 2015 and then anything that,came out afterwards was just like ultra,ultra woken crappy uh thats what,happened they were in that transition,period um for lack of a better term,and now were at the end game

WESTWORLD Season 4 Episode 8 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review, Easter Eggs, Theories And More

welcome to the heavy spoilers show im,your host paul and this video were,breaking down the ending of westworld,season four the finale is here and we,now know the fate of humanity throughout,this video were going to be breaking it,all down going over the callbacks to,other episodes and also giving our,thoughts on the series as a whole also,huge shout outs have talked to travoris,black who pointed out on our last video,that teddy telling christina shes not,real is actually a callback to when it,was said to her back in the park this,was all part of her path to,enlightenment which this episode also,builds upon,youre not real,its real,but youre not,[Music],now im going to be explaining the,ending of the episode first before we,jump into the rest of it but if you want,to skip ahead of the part where we break,down everything scene by scene then time,codes will be linked below also i went,out for a mate stag do last night and,im still a little bit drunk and hung,over so thumbs up is much appreciated,now as well season 4 ends with it being,revealed that dolores was kept in her,own simulation of the city here she,recreated elements of her past and,guides to help her navigate through it,all and see the truth come the close of,the entry shes uploaded to the sublime,by hail who was influenced by bernards,final message here she recreates,westworld from scratch in order to see,if theres a different way to do things,now the season itself has very much been,about whether the hosts are truly alive,and their own form of life however its,also explored consciousness and whether,having a duplicate of a person means,theyre real or not this season its,been shown in not only the man in black,but also caleb we saw that caleb was,truly a copy of caleb but does this mean,that hes an imitation or an extension,of him past his own death for example if,he copy someone completely does that,copy also become them or not william two,wrestles with whether hes actually,william and art and it makes for a,really introspective watch now in season,2 dolores read all the data that had,been gathered from the guests this,information and all those that had,visited westworld meant that she could,recreate whoever she chose to in,addition to this she was also uploaded,to rehoboam and this had all the,information on humanity so she could,completely replicate every human on the,planet and thats what i think this,simulation will be it will be a complete,recreation of not only westworld but,also earth itself now if say you or i,were replicated in this simulation,exactly like how we were then the,question arises whether thats really us,or not though our body wouldnt be there,the thoughts we have behavior patterns,memories and everything that exists in,our brains would be created in a virtual,way it sort of asks the question what,does it mean to have consciousness is it,our own thoughts and feelings or is it,just electrical signals that our brain,interprets,what if you cant tell the difference,does it matter,its an interesting debate that could,argue whether we are truly us or,something more this is also explored,when teddy tells christina that because,she thinks shes alive this seems to be,taking inspiration from the philosopher,descartes who coined the phrase i think,therefore i am one day he carried out a,thought experiment in which he,questioned whether reality was actually,a dream and if it was how would he know,it eventually he determined that he,wouldnt be able to tell however he,realized that because he was having,thoughts that that meant at least he,existed whether reality was the way he,perceived it or not hence the term i,think therefore i am now the idea of,copying and duplicates can be seen in a,lot of real world examples when you get,a new phone these days a lot of them,allow you to copy over everything from,your old one and the new model very much,becomes your phone theres even theories,that one day humanity will be able to,live forever because well duplicate our,consciousness whether its axios or not,is a debate that i think another season,could explore but for all intents and,purposes this is dolores seeing if she,can save what she can these are the,copies of humanity that she holds in her,head next time i think shell very much,be trying to see if theres a way to,steer humanity or rather the idea of it,away from its self-destructive nature as,william said,you cant fix a few millennia broken dna,with a [ __ ] hard drive,and this very nihilistic viewpoint could,lead to everything simply looping back,around however dolores might be able to,steer us in a different direction due to,her knowledge of whats to come its,very similar to bernards foresight and,he has given her a way to create a new,world that is one of the only ways,forward theres also hope in the rebels,however this likely wont last very long,they have very few numbers and even,rehoben predicted an end to all humanity,by a certain point which theyll,probably end up facing this two is,backed up by the line a few may escape,death for a few months,maybe even years but ultimately their,kind will go extinct however there is,hope in dolores that humanity will,evolve and become something more dolores,throughout the series has talked about,how shes evolved into something more,herself and now shes brought the rest,of us along with her and with the rebels,im not sure how many of the kids the,group could end up having but there is,hope that they could start something up,and i think we will probably see them if,we get a season 5. clementine did hint,to there being a way they can endure far,away from the reaches of the hosts and i,think it would be an interesting avenue,to explore this next time in the end,though it really was a west world when,you think about it which we actually,called back in our episode 1 breakdown,now we start off following a fly as it,travels through the carnage of williams,world flies are of course very important,in westworld and in the first season,they popped about several points just as,how a fly was there when the collapse of,westworld began we see one in the,opening of the episode before it all,ramps up to everything looping back,around just in the same way that dolores,killed a fly at the end of the first,entry we see this mirrored here when we,get a live-action version of grand theft,auto complete with trevor steven ogg is,back baby and hes once more playing,rebus who was a mainstay in the park,turns out hes been visiting new york,for some time and killing humans along,with it this opening very much mirrors,the one from season two and we watch as,he and another host fight to survive but,hes killed early on in this intro we,follow several characters as they get,slowly wiped out and theres lots of,video game nuts as well [ __ ] camper,william ends up being the last one,standing and he then heads out of the,sublime in order to destroy it anyway,judging by the comments on the last,video its time time for everyones,favorite part of the breakdown its,jareds easter eggs yay,[Music],now this episode is titled,[Applause],[Music],which im sure you already know from the,hit doris day song but it roughly,translates into whatever will be will be,theres other interpretations like what,will be shall be or or you know like,happens and the reason so is that this,is a mix of both italian and spanish in,it this actually dates all the way back,to the 16th century adopted by the,family of john russell after the battle,of pavia it was engraved on his tomb and,many wealthy families actually then,adopted the after the fact as more of a,kind of fatalistic attitude westworld is,of course centered around the notion of,free will weve seen many of the hosts,break free of this control and again in,season three it is tackled that humanity,can be controlled by an algorithm now in,season four this control over humanity,is explored once again when bernard,finds out that it is possible to predict,specific outcomes that will give him a,near certa

WESTWORLD (1973) – Retrospective / Review

if theres anyone who doesnt know what,devis is well as weve always said Delos,is the vacation of the future today at,Delos you get your choice of the,vacation you want his medieval world,Roman world and of course Westborough,[Music],today much of a kick,a colt 45 well I never fired one before,the guns they give you a real guns,[Music],real good thats krill,sapphire,may I have your name please John blank,Peter Morton thank you what she probably,thats a face supposedly you really,cant tell except by looking at the hand,they havent perfected the hands yet why,you are there,feel free to indulge your every whim,nothing can go wrong you got to get into,the sea level thing I feel silly boy,like a joke its not a joke its an,amusement park the best amusement park,in the world all you have to do is have,fun thats the beauty of this place your,move,day we open the resort we had a failure,and breakdown rate conforming to,computer predictions that is zero point,three malfunctions for each 24-hour,activation period concurrent or not this,was an anticipated operations aspect to,the resort we were fully able to handle,it Ill despite our Corrections the,breakdown rate continued to climb and as,a clear pattern here which suggests an,analogy to an infectious disease process,I must confess I find it difficult to,believe in a disease of machinery we are,dealing with ordinary machines here,these are highly complicated pieces of,equipment almost as complicated as,living organisms pretty realistic yeah,listen are you sure he was a,of course you dont really think you,shot anybody do you many elements of the,dillos resort of potentially dangerous,thats part of the field we can ensure,the safety of the guests were going to,be in desperate trouble but we can,ensure their safety everythings fine,[Music],shot my god,aw,the summer of 1973 Westworld arrived on,the big screen in the USA on the 17th of,August and later throughout the year on,24th of October as it received a wider,release in the States it wasnt until,the 14th of March 1974 it arrived in the,UK produced on a limited budget of 1.25,million dollars it grossed 10 million in,the USA and became the most successful,film 4mgn that year come 1982 it was,released on home video and the CED,format and brought in a further four,million dollars in home rentals due to,West Worlds popularity as sequel was,released three years later in 1976,called future world a failed TV show,called Beyond West world arrived in 1980,and this year a new series was produced,which was a follow-on from the original,movie the sequel and the spin-offs will,be discussed later in the video,writer and director michael crichton,conceived of the idea for West world,during the early 70s when he was,interested in astronauts and how,machines helped them in the training,process and the animated figures he saw,displayed at Disneyland the idea of,making people as machine-like as,possible and machines as human as,possible created a lot of confusion and,intrigue thats what spurred on the idea,of West World I felt it was inevitable,that humans would accommodate machines,to support their existence,Michael was already a successful writer,and had many books published he had only,started using his own name with the book,the Andromeda Strain,beforehand he was producing many,paperback thrillers under different,names when it came time to write,Westworld,he felt it didnt work as a novel,because of its structure in the,particular story who was trying to tell,when the film came out the novelization,was just a screenplay and wasnt an,adaptation of the script and the book,hasnt been republished for years thus,resulting in high prices from private,sellers the idea of West world and its,amusement park theme had many elements,for the visitors to live out their movie,fantasies and the park included many,cliches with the shoot in a saloon sword,fighting in a medieval world and the,castle banquet hall,it contains imagery played on peoples,memories of having seen it before on,paper Michael felt this was a bit,strange so a book wouldnt be suitable,but as a movie it would translate,perfectly he had finished it in August,of 1972 and shopped it around to all the,major studios and all of them turned it,down apart from MGM at this point in,time the studio apparently didnt have a,good reputation many of the big,directors had expressed their,frustrations working with them and,putting up with their demands such as,unreasonable pressure script changes,inadequate post-production and constant,recasting of the final film Michael had,no choice at this point and with them,being the only studio wanting to invest,he had to accept the difficulties he,feared Michael was assured that he,wouldnt encounter any problems in the,making of the movie but MGM demanded,script changes on the first day of,shooting and the lead actors were not,signed on to the production until 48,hours before shooting began he was given,a budget of about $750,000 but it was,increased to over a million as the,production moved forward due to script,changes and its tight shooting schedule,of 30 days in efforts to keep the budget,down they made use of several MGM sound,stages on the MGM back lot and as one of,the final films to be shot there they,also made use of the Mojave Desert and,the gardens at the harold lord estate,for the roman world Michael tried to,shoot everything that was needed in,order to save time but did eventually,trim a lot out feeling that the work,print was dull and depressing if youve,managed to read the novelization Michael,Crichton explained a number of the,scenes that were removed to keep the,movies energy up and the pace to an,acceptable level the opening was,slightly longer which featured,hovercrafts,but he couldnt achieve the effects he,wanted there was a bank robbery,additional dialogue throughout the movie,and more scenes of the robots attacking,the guests the ending was also changed,it originally had a fight between the,gunslinger and Peter and an alternative,death scene where the gunslinger is torn,apart by a rack the idea was to show an,advanced machine getting destroyed by a,simple machine,for the cast of West world we have actor,and director Richard Benjamin playing,Peter Martin who was on his first trip,to West world and doesnt know what to,expect but is excited to live out his,fantasy as a cowboy Richard Benjamin,later said he loved making the film and,it was the only chance he got to be in a,Western at the time he had no experience,with horse riding the spice saying that,he did when he got the part and had to,quickly learn how to ride before,shooting James Brolin who started acting,in the early 60s and is still working,steadily today and he was the father,with Josh Brolin plays John Blaine which,is obviously a play on the name John,Wayne he has been to West world before,and hes taking his good friend Peter,along with him hes very relaxed and,cool throughout he is just said to have,fun and doesnt take any of it seriously,it may just be me on this but James does,look a lot like Christian Bale in the,movie and Richard with his mustache,resembles Rowan Atkinson from Black,Adder acting legend of the stage and,scream Yul Brenner placed a gunslinger,Yul was a superstar at this point and,was well known for his performances in,the box-office hits at the King and I,and the Magnificent Seven his appearance,in Westworld is based on his character,Chris Adams from The Magnificent Seven,the costume looked pretty much identical,the gunslinger is part of the amusement,he challenges to customers to jewels but,begins to show signs of a grudge against,John and Peter Norman Barthold who,starred in movies such as Close,Encounters Capricorn One and raised a,Titanic placed a medieval knight he is,also a guest at the park and is looking,forward to exploring the medieval world,instantly takes advantage of the,pleasures of the park and starts sitting,on the Queen straightaway he starts to,indulge in his fantasies to the fullest,

Westworld Season 1 Explained

Westworld الموسم 1 هو طموح حقا.,وسط كل رعاة البقر والروبوتات والعنف والجنس ، ويستكشف المعرض الموضوعات الثقيلة من,الخلق ، الوعي ، الإرادة الحرة.,المؤامرة يقفز بين الجداول الزمنية ، مع ذكريات الماضي والرؤى مختلطة مع الغموض والاستعارة.,يتحول الناس إلى روبوتات ، والروبوتات تتحول أن يكون الناس وأنه مربكا مثل كل شيء,اللعنة ولكن هناك أفكار رائعة هنا – لذلك دعونا نعمل بها.,ماذا يحدث في ويست وورلد؟,وماذا يعني ذلك؟,الفكرة الأساسية هي أن Westworld مثل مدينة ملاهي مليئة بالإنسان الآلي البشرى,المضيفين.,يمكن للناس دفع ثمن الزيارة كضيوف والعيش من الخيال في الحديقة.,الكثير يشرب ويمارس الجنس ويقتل بدونه نتيجة – البنادق هناك تبادل لاطلاق النار التكنولوجيا الفائقة,الرصاص الذي يصب الروبوتات ، ولكن لا يمكن قتل البشر. ولكن هناك أيضا تفصيلا,قصص يمكن للضيوف الانضمام في مغامرة الرومانسية واكتشاف عبر الفضاء الهائل,من الحديقة.,انها مثل لعبة فيديو العالم المفتوح ضخمة حيث يأتي wankers الأغنياء للعب رعاة البقر.,ويتم تشغيل كل شيء وراء الكواليس بواسطة فريق من المطورين والمهندسين والمديرين التنفيذيين,في هذا المرفق يسمى مركز ميسا.,تراقب غرفة التحكم الضيوف من أجل السلامة ، السرد تطور قصص جديدة ، التصنيع,يبني مضيفين جدد ، برامج سلوك المضيفين ، و “الثروة الحيوانية” إصلاح ما لا نهاية لهم.,عندما يتعرض المضيفون لإطلاق النار أو القتل ، يأتون هنا ليكون مصححة ، إعادة تعيين ، ووضعها مرة أخرى,في الحديقة.,المضيفين يعيشون في حلقات – الذين يعيشون في نفس يوما بعد يوم ، قائلا نفس السيناريو,خطوط ، أخذ الضيوف على نفس القصص ، التعرض للاعتداء والقتل للتسلية.,والمقصود المضيفين لتكون آلات الطائش ، ولكن مفاجأة – أنها تبدأ في أن تصبح واعية,اشخاص.,يتبع الموسم الأول بضعة مخططات في وقت واحد – هناك خطة فورد الكبرى وسط دراما الشركات ،,هناك المضيف Maeve يحاول الهرب ، والرجل الأسود يبحث عن المتاهة ،,وهناك قصة دولوريس وليام – الذي يحدث قبل ثلاثين سنة,الخطوط الأخرى.,لفهم كل هذا ، دعنا نبدأ من البداية.,حوالي خمسة وثلاثين سنة قبل القصة الرئيسية ، بدأ Westworld من قبل رجلين – روبرت,فورد وأرنولد ويبر.,لقد بنوا روبوتات إنسانية حتى يتمكنوا من ذلك اجتياز اختبار تورينج.,لكن أرنولد لم يكن يريد فقط الروبوتات بدا ذكي.,لقد أراد أن يجعلهم واعين حقًا أن تفكر في الشعور بالناس. وكان في,نظرية تسمى “العقل من مجلسين” ، والتصميم روبوتاته لسماع برامجهم باعتبارها,صوت في رؤوسهم.,تمنى أرنولد أن يأخذ صوتهم صوتهم انتهى – وسيصبح المضيفين مدركين لذاتهم,. أرنولد تخيل في الأصل هذه الرحلة لوعي مثل تسلق الهرم ،,لكنه رأى في وقت لاحق أنها “رحلة إلى الداخل” ، ما سماه “متاهة”. هذا الرمز,يعتمد على مفهوم الأمريكيين الأصليين في العالم الحقيقي . كان واحدا من أول المضيفين دولوريس ، و,كان لأرنولد علاقة خاصة معها.,نجل أرنولد ، تشارلي ، توفي مؤخراً – ورأى أرنولد دولوريس وكأنه نوع جديد,الطفل “،” الذي لن يموت “. أرنولد كان محادثات سرية مع دولوريس ، في محاولة,لمساعدتها على أن تصبح واعية – نرى هذه مشاهد طوال الموسم الأول.,وفي النهاية ، حل دولوريس أرنولد المتاهة – أصبحت واعية. أرنولد,أراد إيقاف الخطط لفتح Westworld حديقة ، لأنه سيكون من غير الأخلاقي لجعل واعية,الروبوتات تعاني للتسلية.,لكن شريك آرنولد فورد لم يوافق على ذلك أن دولوريس كان واعيا – أراد,فتح Westworld على أي حال.,لذا حاول أرنولد وقف كل هذا بمذبحة.,أخذ رمزًا من مضيف شاب سيء تم تصميم دعا وايت ، ودمج,شخصية مع دولوريس. أرنولد مبرمجة لها أن تذهب إلى بلدة إسكالانتي واطلاق النار,أسفل المضيفين – وقتل أرنولد. مخاضة سوف إعادة في وقت لاحق أرنولد كمضيف برنارد,- برنارد لوي هو مخطط لأرنولد ويبر – وبالتالي ، برنولد.,لكن مذبحة أرنولد كانت ضربة قوية ل في وقت مبكر غرب العالم.,فورد فتح الحديقة على أي حال – ولكن ماليا ، كان في وقت مبكر Westworld مجرد الحصول عليها. انه فقط,نجا بفضل المال من مستثمر – وليام.,حتى بعد سنوات قليلة توفي أرنولد وستوورلد افتتح ، وليام يزور الحديقة مع لوغان.,لوغان هي شقيق جولييت ، المرأة الذي ويليام مخطوب على الزواج.,يأخذ لوغان ويليام إلى ويست وورلد إلى السندات مع صهره الجديد – ولكن,إنه أيضًا شيء تجاري.,لأن وليام ولوغان كلاهما رفيع المستوى المديرين التنفيذيين في شركة تسمى ديلوس – التي,يفكر في زيادة استثماراته في في وقت مبكر غرب العالم. كان لوجان إلى ويست وورلد,من قبل – يلعبها كقبعة سوداء ، ويتمتع بها العنف والجنس.,لكن وليام قبعة بيضاء – أكثر أخلاقية وحساسة ، على الأقل ، في البداية.,ويليام ولوغان يذهب على بعض القصص ، و يجتمعون المضيف دولوريس.,تم مسح دولوريس وإعادة تعيينها منذ ذلك الحين الاستيقاظ مع أرنولد ، لكنها بدأت,لنتذكر وتصبح واعية مرة أخرى.,ويليام يرى أن هناك شيئًا مميزًا لها ، وأنها تقع في الحب – مما يخلق,تتعارض مع لوغان ، الذي يعامل كل شيء كما لعبة.,عندما يتم فصل دولوريس من وليام ، هو يصبح وحشيا في سعيه للعثور عليها مرة أخرى.,يبدأ في إدراك أنه في أعماقه ، يحب العنف والقوة. تحت ويليام لطيفة,الرجل الخارجي ، انه وحش عنيف. وليام يتخلص من لوغان ، ويشوه بطريقة ما,له ، بحيث يمكن وليام تولي الشركة ، دي لوس . يستخدم هذه القوة للاستثمار في Westworld,- إنقاذها من الأزمة المالية الناجمة بواسطة مذبحة أرنولد.,ويواصل ويليام بحثه عن دولوريس.,عندما يجدها أخيرًا ، لا تتعرف عليها له – لأنها قد تم مسحها وإعادة تعيين,مرة أخرى.,وهذا يدمر ويليام.,كانت دولوريس لمحة له في الحب ، في شيء ما صحيح وحقيقي – ولكن في النهاية لم تفعل,حتى تعرفه.,يبدو أن هذه الخسارة تدفع وليام إلى التفكير أن المعنى الوحيد في Westworld أو,العالم الحقيقي هو القتال والفوز. ويليام يعانق هوية جديدة مظلمة مثل الرجل في الأسود ، و,على مدى السنوات الثلاثين المقبلة يلعب Westworld مع الوحشية والعنف.,في العالم الحقيقي ، يستمر ويليام في اللعب “شخص جيد”.,مع Delos ، إنه “تيتان الصناعة” ، “المحسن” ، “رجل العائلة”.,هو متزوج ، من المفترض أن جولييت – و لديه ابنة ، إميلي. ولكن قبل عام ، جولييت,انتحر على ما يبدو بسبب وليام . لم يكن عنيفًا أبدًا خارج Westworld ،,لكن إميلي وجولييت عرفا طبيعته الحقيقية . لذلك فقد وليام زوجته وابنته,رفضه.,وبدلاً من ذلك ، ربما ، حاول أن تكون أقل من dickhead ، قرر وليام لاختبار عادل,كيف كان الشر حقا.,ذهب إلى Westworld ، وجدت مضيف عشوائي الأسرة – الذي حدث ليكون Maeve ولها,ابنة – وقتلهم.,لقد ارتكب فعل “شرير حقًا” – و وليام “لم أشعر بشيء”.,لذلك يبدو أن هذا يؤكد ذلك في أعماقه يا ويليام حقا وحش.,لكنه كشف أيضا عن شيء آخر – متى مايف فقدت ابنتها ، بدت “حية”,للحظة ، وكشف لويليام متاهة.,رأى وليام أن أرنولد ، منذ عقود ، غادر رمز والقرائن في Westworld مما أدى إلى بعض,”معنى أعمق” . وأصبح هذا ويليام هاجس – للعثور على بيضة عيد الفصح النهائي,أو السعي في لعبة الفيديو هذه ، لإيجاد التحدي ، خطر حقيقي ، والغرض – والهروب من,الحزن والفراغ في حياته الحقيقية.,لذلك طوال الموسم 1 ، ويليام يتبع متاهة.,وقال انه يجد الرمز في فروة الرأس للذهاب والعثور على ثعبان ، مما يؤدي به إلى,الهدنة مع الوشم الأفعى لها ، الذي يؤدي له لاصطياد وايت ، الأمر الذي يؤدي به في النهاية,العودة إلى دولوريس.,لأن دولوريس هو وايت بمعنى ذلك كان وايت مجرد فكرة قصة اندمجت,مع دولوريس من قبل أرنولد.,في النهاية ، عندما تبدأ دولوريس مجزرة ، يحصل ويليام على النار من قبل مضيف ، وهو ما يثير,له ، لأنه كان يبحث عن خطر حقيقي والتحدي. لكن المتاهة كان يتابع,كل هذا الوقت يحبطه.,لأن المتاهة ليست له – إنها كذلك للمضيفين لاكتساب الوعي. ال,متاهة لدولوريس ، ومايف.,كما اتضح ، قصة دولوريس مع الشباب وليام ولوغان يظهر فعلا اثنين,جداول زمنية مختلفة في وقت واحد.,لاحظ كيف يحتفظ Dolores بالتجول من تلقاء نفسها وبعد وجود ذكريات الماضي و,رؤى؟,هذه المشاهد تحدث بالفعل في الوقت الحاضر ، في حين أن مشاهدها مع وليام الشباب حدث,منذ ثلاثين عاما.,في الوقت الحاضر ، تقوم بتتبع خطواتها من خلال الحديقة ، وتذكر الماضي – أخذ,رحلة عبر المتاهة ، نحو الوعي.,مثل المتاهة ، إنها رحلة مربكة ملتوية ، لكنها تصل إلى مركزها.,في النهاية ، في إيسكالانتي ، تواجه دولوريس وليام والمعاناة التي ألحقها.,انها تواجه فورد وبرنارد ، ويتذكر قتلها أرنولد.,إنها تدرك أن صوت من مجلسين في كان رأسها راتبها طوال الوقت.,دولوريس تصبح واعية ، ويدرك الشخص الذي “يجب أن تصبح”. انها تأخذ,مسدس وقتل فورد ، بدء مذبحة من البشر من قبل المضيفين.,هذا الهجوم يعكس مجزرة إسكالانتي ، حيث قتل دولوريس أرنولد.,ولكن هذا القتل هو “عن طريق الاختيار”. في حين أن من أن تكون مبرمجة لتكون بمثابة وايت ، هذا,الوقت دولوريس يختار أن يكون مثل وايت.,تقول إن هذا العالم لم يعد ملكًا للبشر – ينتمي لها والمضيفين. هي,يبدو أنها تريد القضاء على الإنسانية – هي يقول “سوف تهلك” ، “سوف تكذب,مع بقية لطفك في التراب “، “إله جديد سوف يسير.,واحد لن يموت “. هذا بعض سكايت خطيرة القرف.,في الموسم 2 مقطورة ، دولوريس البنادق أسفل البشر الفارين.,يبدو أنها تتجه نحو حرب شاملة بين الروبوتات والإنسان.,وهذا كله جزء من خطة فورد الكبرى.,في نفس الوقت دولوريس ، المضيف ماييف يأخذ طريقا مختلفا إلى الوعي.,هي تعمل سيدتي في صالون ، لكنها يبدأ في الحصول على ذكريات الماضي من حياتها الماضية,كما منزل مع ابنة.,تستيقظ في Mesa Hub وتبدأ رؤية ا

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