3. Honesty: what you get when you buy westkiss hair
  4. The Perfect Autumn Blonde | Full Lace Frontal Wig Install | ft Westkiss Hair
  6. Hair review | 3 month west kiss hair review


first impressions right now it stinks,whoa,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel la,butts like Ive seen guys in I mean Ive,been recorded in a minute it feels like,a long time this week I have been just I,just meant that are lazy this week,youre like I dont know I just wasnt,in the mood for recorded like a stars,Im supposed to drop this video tomorrow,I never do that oh whatever,so today Im coming to you with hair,from general please,[Music],yeah I dont want to buy hair from this,place for a minute like I never bought,here for me why does that smell like,that,it stinks whoa whoa Ive even gotten,into the first impression in this hair,stinks progress away it smell like fish,like a new everyone to buy hair from,them because they always have the best,reviews one of the top most talked about,here ever so I had to buy it and then I,saw a review on it already on YouTube,before I bought it I was like I need to,do my own review and obviously first,impressions right now,it stinks whoa anyway before I even take,this out of the bag and I do all the,little commas and all of the details on,it imma take this specification so this,isnt already made wig I bought it in a,body wave 250 density and its it says,in the description that is HD lace but,Ive never had HD lace before so Im not,sure what its supposed to even look,like but I mean were gonna see it,together anyway,on the lace is transparent on this were,gonna see that too and guys I love me,some long hair but this is the longest,hair Ive had I just stopped by 28,inches every time but this shes 30,inches 30 inches,so when egg is already long but a little,2 inches more stuff Im eating Im,eating Im eating everybody up 30 inches,30 inches stop stop,girl and I got this capsizing the large,cuz my head is big I didnt know that,dont sit like a a couple weeks ago I,didnt know that I had a big head like I,obviously did it until I realized like,well my head is massive yeah my sisters,pointed it out for me mates thanks to,Allah for exposing me this,Oh baby it gave me gifts I want to give,you a good ok first time you get this,little bag which is perfect for pretty,good easy to keep up nice and,moisturized so they dont dry out a,little like it you know waking me up and,I think Im using this to like actually,like lay my life yeah this is perfect,Im going to use this to lay down and,then they gave me like I have like two,of these already but like this one of,those things to also modulation is,though and then the biggest,[Music],[Music],no you know right after yall right off,the bat this hair stinks likewise not,like that like I dont get it what did I,do to deserve this I dont get it mmm,this stinks,Im so sorry stinks so it comes with,this little net around this well take,that off honestly it doesnt make my 250,density and if you know me I dont like,wigs pretty made because they never come,big like how I like it,thats why when power bundles and up,front so always I hate making wings but,its way better than ones that already,come made to me in my opinion cos I like,my hair thick and little long so thats,why I never marry crusade with I dont,know this nice is HD which a statement,like it looks just I mean now why it,looks like it has like a little caramel,tint I dont know its not pretty but so,Im gonna have to give it to my friends,and pluck you from me cannot see you,its not people at all it comes with a,bit of baby heres buddy,I dont do baby hears I hate baby heres,their third theyre ugly Im so sorry,baby heres what I believe to me it is,what it is there are some times where it,looks cute when its like Twiggy strips,or should I say its with three strands,slicked back better than that no I dont,do that this is already eg,[Music],[Applause],got a couple strands here Im gonna cut,this I got a couple shoes the second,time I got one little strand,no shrooms okay they eat in the girls ah,waist kiss whats the hot whats up I,like it this is by the way look at the,right away so freaking cute this is so,gorgeous,I dont know god this doesnt look like,250 maybe because I dont bite through,many wigs and I dont know what 250,definitely look like but this doesnt,feel like 250 year huh huh hey this is,really pretty though big bouncy bouncy,bouncy bouncy and it looks big from head,to toe and to like they did a skip can,see that they didnt skimp not it looks,it looks thick from head to toe Im,gonna put this obviously Im gonna do an,install video on this obviously but Im,trying to see if I want to put like,highlights or anything in it but the,thing is I hate bleaching cuz I dont,its just really a lot but like I may,just bleach it an egg color or just do,highlights in it or maybe like two,strips in the highlight I dont know you,know I have no idea what Im gonna do,with it yet but this is the wig it does,come with let me see it comes with three,combs two on the side one in the back,and it comes with those little like bra,strap clean these this dinky right here,it comes with two in both sides so I,kiss you want it tighter than it already,is but I dont think Im gonna use the,cops cuz combs always hurt my head and,like Im tender-headed,so I cant I cant put enough homes on,my head,but lets see before install I got a,bleach the nice but everything looks,good its if they see my for frontal and,then the the tracks are sewn onto it so,its not a full lace weight but its a,frontal wig doesnt really need the,price for this week was but I had a,little discounting so I went on sir but,but this is it this is hard this is she,Im not really wearing the light right,bones bit Im gonna this is this is it,by my right this is its most definitely,past my but like if I were to flat iron,this itll be way past my butt for sure,cuz 28 inches already touches my button,but yes huh,this here is very pretty and like its,gonna be easy to work with because his,body live here I like body waving,straight hair I dont think Ive had,bought colored hair forever cuz curly,hairs too much but Im about to buy,something cuz its just been its just,been calling my name,its been calling st. Jose come by me,Im on my way Im on my way,dont worry cuz Im coming to buy you oh,no Im not gonna say nope,but yes yall this is her this is she,young,I need help naming her though gosh I,dont mean name her all my words have to,have a name I got she go Clare cotton,candy uh-uh,what was that,I think Demetrius,yeah have thanks for all my wigs but,yeah so yeah guys that brings this video,to an end on my review on the West kiss,250 density buddy wave HD nice wig and,Ill see you guys in my next video the,next video I think yeah I gotta just,told me yeah almost yall catch me in,this video,yall about to catch me with this video,like yeah thats like me so the beans up,now can give me though,[Music]


um,[Music],[Music],welcome back to my youtube channel its,classic ani and if you are new here make,sure you subscribe it really motivates,me to post more content please do,comment like share whatever but were,going to go ahead and get into it,todays sponsor is lets kiss hair they,want me to do an honest review and,installing this hair and i think we,could do that,i feel like let me know i aint even,gonna do no chitchat,you know what,im gonna suppress now,open it up guys your hair,kiss,your beauty,its cute i like it okay so i know for a,fact that west kiss gave me other,complimentary items but were going to,get into that later right now were just,going to focus on the hair,and so you guys can see what it is,okay so it is hd lace medium cap size,and its 22 inches long with 180 density,lets go ahead and see if its trimming,too much,oh,its so slippery and silky oh my god,okay so lets back up here,oh,okay its like water,okay lets take it out,okay,so its got a little smell its not a,bad smell though,like all hair has a smell,if you on this channel watching this im,pretty sure you know but um its really,silky,very soft,okay,i like it,okay lets get into the lace honey,okay,so the knots are very small which i like,i like i like,uh let me see if i could just bring it,really closely so you guys can have an,idea how small,youre,talking okay so its about that small i,feel like the physical qualities of this,hair are really good but i feel like i,could use a couple extra tracks,i feel like it wouldnt hurt for a,couple extra tracks you know what i mean,but im gonna go ahead and bleach the,knots on here what im also noticing is,that the lace they told me that it was a,13 by four but its not a full 13 by,four,but im slightly okay with it just,because the closure is like so far back,it looks like its about six inches in,literally im not over exaggerating like,a tea party wig but its like a tea part,slash closure wig which i wasnt really,expecting because they told me 13 by,four so were just going to keep it,positive right now but,i feel a little tricked right now i,dont know how to feel i dont know i,dont know i dont know,okay so im basically going to go ahead,and bleach the knots on here and then,im going to show you guys what that,looks like and then were going to go,ahead and install it,heres me bleaching the knots i use bw2,powder and volume 40 developer,okay guys this install will be taking,place in my second bathroom here are the,complimentary items that i got from west,kiss hair as well as the unit,okay guys so this is what the lace looks,like after i bleach the knots i know,some spots you can kind of see it more,than others but um basically yeah and,this is the lace right here you barely,can see it which is fine i dont even,know where to point to where it stops on,camera but im about to just show you,guys the lace stops right here,um so so far so good ive already,plucked out my part as well as hot,combing down the hair so were just,going to go ahead and get into it okay,so this is how the hair is looking its,looking very full still has that shiny,look to it still pretty soft theres not,a lot of shedding going on which is,great,and im really pulling on it,to see if anythings going to come out,you just snatch it off on camera i,showed it and dont give a,one thing i noticed about this hair is,that,the knots bleached very quickly i did,use a valium 40 developer so that can be,the reason but i usually always use a,value of 40 developer but this bleached,quicker than i thought so it actually,was very convenient but it was something,i was not expecting,[Music],[Music],although i was disappointed about this,not being a full of 13×4 i can honestly,say it was a bittersweet moment when it,was time to cut out the ears because,i knew for a fact i wasnt cutting too,far because i seen the cap right behind,my ear which really helped,[Music],okay so as i always say in my install,videos i dont really use caps like that,just because i have a low hairline so,so do not worry guys to each its own but,for me this is what works right now,until i learn a better way,did yall subscribe to my channel yet,because i got on here looking crazy for,yall,thatd just really be a nice thing to do,you know clearly you aint got to but,itd just be a nice thing to do,[Music],okay guys im basically just placing the,frontal on properly,and lining it up so it all can melt,together,[Music],uh,[Music],youre all,[Music],melting process seemed very smooth and i,have no complaints thus far but were,gonna go ahead and see what the styling,is like and the conduct of the hair,[Music],[Music],okay so look at the on the first pass,its pretty decent,it took me about two to three passes to,get the straightening that i was looking,for,okay because this is all im gonna be,doing all around my head um theres no,really need to,keep doing repeatedly im gonna show you,guys again how it looks with that first,its second pass because i dont know,why my camera cut off,i got yall,[Music],it aint time for that part yet its not,time,okay so im going to recap my statement,about screening almighty the extra,couple of tracks because the volume is,here,okay so its basically time to,cut the lace lets see what this melt,looks like on this hd guys,hold on,give me a second,okay timeout because i really play too,much and i put the,tie the band i thought it was,[Music],okay so,the band is off,and its up,and its stuck,and its on there,so im about to cut the lace on here i,gotta brush these baby hairs up because,we dont want to get rid of those either,okay,[Music],so im gonna go ahead and style this put,some baby hairs in there touch up the,part add some black spray things like,that and im going to come back to you,guys and let you know what the final,look is looking like,and,[Music],okay guys so this is the finishing look,and originally before the hair came i,was very strong on just doing a side,part in general,so i knew i was like set and determined,im gonna make this work but i feel like,if it was an original 13×4 frontal like,i thought it was i would have been able,to do like a more of a diva side part a,little bit more deeper,and yeah but i think this is really cute,the quality of the hair is still very,good its not too bad its still not,shedding,still not shedding please dont mind my,hair yall after all this styling and,stuff its been a mess but um yeah i,feel like only thing im saying i wish i,could have been able to do a deeper side,part though,i wish i knew that the enclosure was,going to come like this but i know ive,been doing so many middle parts im like,let me just do a side part im pretty,sure if it was the middle part,it would have been fired this is still,cute to me though i just would recommend,a full 13 by 4.,[Music]

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Honesty: what you get when you buy westkiss hair

like why does my hair smell like fish,why is it giving why is it giving fish,why is it getting airy,[Music],whats up guys welcome to my channel,today were going to be doing a review,on the west kiss hair company,please like and subscribe if you want to,see more so lets just get into it so oh,and if you catch me looking down its,because like i have everything written,in my notes and yeah i didnt want to,forget anything so yeah,so i bought three bundles of malaysian,hair from west kiss and,inches 22 24 and 26.,i ordered it on october 7th and,it shipped the next day so shipping is,really fast with them anyway so yeah it,shipped the next day and it arrived on,the 13th so ordered on the 7th arrived,on the 13th and yeah thats pretty good,for shipping really good actually,so i got the hair installed on october,16th,prior to getting the hair installed,when the hair arrived it oh my god it,smelled you didnt even have to open the,hair like the package the package,smelled like fish,like it just smelled very fishy so im,like,im just thinking like alright itll,come out you know itll come out once i,you know give it a wash condition it,real good and,you know were gonna blow it out my,stylist will put oil or whatever stylus,put and itll be fine so,it was um like i said it was malaysian,hair it was definitely a curly hair like,a loose,deep wave so anyway,um,got the hair,took it out of the package washed it so,as im washing it im like okay the,smell is not coming out the smell is not,coming out of the hair so,at this point im like okay i already,have my hair appointment books for the,next day,so im like,okay um,ill just give it to my stylist and,shell do what stylists do like do some,real professional stuff and itll be,fine like itll be fine wrong i should,have sent it back before i opened it and,it smelled like fish like why does my,hair smell like fish,why is it giving why is the giving fish,why is it getting ariel like i dont,understand i reached out to the company,and,i was just like yeah im having some,issues with the hair and this was after,i got it installed so i got it installed,and,you know having it installed im like,having problems with it its tangling,its its,madding it smells awful like the smell,so awful i sprayed,my best gucci in my hair because it,smelled just that bad and that did,absolutely nothing,its still just my offer that was,nothing i could do,so,um like i said i got it installed on the,16th,so every night i would spray it with,water i would do like two little,plaits or break i dont know how to,braid so i play everyday i took the,braids out it was still tangly it was,still matted and it still smells awful,so i reached out to the company on the,26th so i got the hair on 16th reach out,to the company on the 26th and,just let them know the problems i was,having i was like hey this hair is its,been like a week and this hair is,tangling its you know it smells really,bad its getting matted like its giving,me a lot of issues i paid 260 for this,hair theres no reason that i should be,having these type of issues,within a week like,i need to talk to somebody so,they emailed me back and they asked me,to send them a video of the hair so i,sent them the video and im going to,have that video im going to put it,somewhere on the screen im going to try,it because yall,im going to try to put somewhere on the,screen,so that you can see like exactly what i,mean and,why you should not purchase this hair,because youre gonna waste your money,so sent them the picture i mean sent,them the video and,they emailed me back and theyre like um,okay we can give you a 10 refund,and im like but 100 of the hair is,tangled,i dont understand 100 of the hair is,matted 100 of the hair smells awful so,what the hell am i gonna do with 10,so i told them that i would just dispute,the charge im like okay um im not,comfortable with 10 im just going to go,ahead and dispute the entire purchase,through my bank,so they followed up and theyre like,okay we can give you a 15 refund so then,i told him im like im definitely going,to be making a video this video and,letting other people know to be aware of,shopping with your company because,you,obviously this is processed hair you,know like obviously its processed hair,obviously you its not what you claim it,is on your site if its malaysian,unprocessed human hair thats what it,should give it a week come on out like,whos about to spend two are you gonna,spend 260 on one of those synthetic,ponytails hell no youre gonna be like,what like no ones doing that so,went through my bang the bank literally,blew,the hell out of me,im like so yall really bout to blow it,so i,you know went through my bank did the,dispute or whatever and i just sent them,the same videos told them the same thing,i even sent them proof of other peoples,reviews because yes their other people,were literally saying the same thing and,it took a very long time like im,talking months i got this hair october,7th and,like this month and its february,no,last month the end and this is like the,day before my birthday so january 23rd,ive got a final answer from my bank and,they,actually did not give me my money back i,could see if,you know yall gave me 50 back because i,did have the hair installed so,yeah i went through my bang they made me,reach out to another hair company,to,get a letter written from them,stating that the,hair that i received and what was,um on west kisss site did not match,like they are,saying that this is unprocessed hair but,what i received is oh i got the letter,and i sent it to my bank and obviously,that still did not work because they,still do not give me my money back so,im telling you now,do not purchase any hair from west kiss,i dont know if i just got a bad batch,but there are other,like reviews saying the same thing that,im saying i wouldnt shop with them i,encourage you guys do not waste your,money hair is very its not cheap you,know what i mean its an investment and,no one wants to spend,all this money on hair and get the hair,and,cant utilize it so um save your coin,but im going to be doing some reviews,some hair reviews on this hair that i,have in my head now and um some other,hair another hair company so stay tuned,for those and,dont forget to like this video and,subscribe if you want to see more videos,from me thank you guys for watching i,will see you in my next

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The Perfect Autumn Blonde | Full Lace Frontal Wig Install | ft Westkiss Hair

I know you see me standing here,hello guys its Zoe and welcome back to,my channel I hope youre all doing,amazing today Im gonna show you how I,installed this beautiful beautiful,blonde wig from West kiss hair um youll,see it in a second but this is all the,stuff that I got inside of the packaging,I got like a wig cap and Edge brush the,usual bits but I got this wig in a 13 by,4 24 inch and a small cup size,um this is a part near 180 dances here,Im only just seeing that now this wig,is thick guys like it is thick and it is,voluminous,um its giving 200 density so I dont,know if they put the wig in like the,wrong packaging or something but like,wow if its 180 theyre doing amazing,but anyway as you can see its a,beautiful blonde honey blonde with brown,warm Brown Roots,um and they colored it for me um which I,love,um but yeah I didnt have to do anything,to this I didnt bleach the knots or,anything all I did was I just washed the,wig um because I feel like its always,important to do that when you receive,your hair I will say the first thing I,noticed about this hair is how soft it,is that is literally the only thing I,could focus on and thats why I was,brushing and touching it so much because,it was just so luscious,but yeah moving on to the install this,is me,um with my wake up one and as you can,see Ive styled the wig on the mannequin,head as I always do all I did was pluck,the wig,um washer and then straighten it so I,wanted it straight for today and put it,in a middle part as you can see,um this is what it looks like its,giving Barbie its giving Rapunzel and I,love it Im gonna go ahead and tip my,lace as usual with my Too Faced Born,This Way foundation in the shade spice,drum and Im grabbing my Kabuki brush,and just tinting the lace Im clipping,the back there the little back elastic,and popping the wig on this just really,secures the wig to my head and this is,what it looks like why do I sometimes,want to leave the lace on because why is,this kind of a look I dont know I dont,know do you guys know what I mean,anyways,um as you can see this is what it looks,like on the color is beautiful Im gonna,section off my hair at the front and Im,gonna focus on just getting rid of the,excess lace um around my ears because it,just makes cutting all the lace a lot,easier so I just always get this out of,the way to begin with,and then once I have done this Im gonna,go ahead and cut little tabs as you can,see Im doing here on either side of the,head,and now Im going to go ahead and grab,my rubbing alcohol you should use 90,this is 70 but yeah you just want to,clean your hairline and this is going to,make sure the glue lasts as long as,possible and for glue I am going to use,the better the Melt,um lace glue and I put on about two to,three layers of this I always do around,two to three it just depends on how long,you want it to last Im grabbing my big,fan that Ive got an Ibiza and just,making sure I let all the wig glue dry,completely clear before pressing it down,and grabbing my comb to just make sure,its super super secure now I find the,coma really helps to secure the wig and,its to be honest pretty much Essential,in creating a Flawless install,um it gets rid of any like white marks,because sometimes the glue doesnt dry,completely clear no matter how hard you,try,so yeah make sure you have a little comb,at hand,once Ive glued all the sections down,Im going to grab my West kiss,um wig band and Im just gonna tightly,put that on noodle break Im going to,tightly put that on for 10 minutes to,let the glue settle and melt in and then,Im gonna go ahead and cut off all the,lace now if youre new here Im just,using my eyebrow razor um I always use,this to carve my lace and I use it to,glue down my wigs as well,um its just the perfect tool and I,cant live without it so yeah once all,the lace is cut Im also just quickly,gonna grab a tiny little detail brush,and Im just gonna you know go in with a,bit more of my Foundation shade and,powder shade just to make sure,everything Blends and theres no lines,of demarcation now that the wig is,completely glued on if youre not a baby,hair girl youre pretty much done,literally but I love a good baby hair I,love a dramatic baby hair,so Im sectioning that off with my,reptile curve and then Im grabbing my,eyebrow razor again and Im just gonna,cut in a diagonal line going down the,sides of my face,now you can do as many or as little baby,hairs as you want,um this is completely up to you and you,just want to play around with how you,want them to look,for today Im grabbing my lular bells,hair straighteners I like this because,its quite small,um and all I do is I just grab small,sections and I just curl inwards towards,my face you want to be super careful you,dont burn your head because Ive done,that so many times and trust me it does,not leave a pretty Mark um once Ive,done that I grab my got to be hairspray,and Im just gonna,play around with my baby hairs um this,takes a while especially with a Newton,so its sometimes annoying and like it,just its hard to figure out where you,want to place your baby hairs and for,blonde hair also I dont like to go,super crazy with them because it makes,their hairline look really fake for some,reason and I only get that with blonde,hair but yeah anyway I put my wig band,back on my head,um just to make sure the baby has a,pressed down and settled down and as,always it wouldnt be a Zoe install,without some face framing layers so I,just grabbed two little sections from,either side of my face and just cut in a,diagonal line I have no technique to,this I just be cutting,and hoping for the best so,um proceed of caution and I just quickly,trimmed the ends a tiny little bit as,well I just wanted to neaten them up a,bit as you can see Im scrubbing my hot,comb and hot combing all the little,sides,um I wanted to just go for a Sleek,middle part and look I feel like middle,parts and blonde hair look so beautiful,and its just so classy,and you cant go wrong really with a,good Sleek middle part once Ive done,that and taken off my headband and this,is pretty much should be a look,um Im going to show you guys an,alternative look if you just wait a few,seconds but this is the hair and Im so,obsessed with it guys its so beautiful,and I feel like its the perfect black,girl blonde like its not too harsh and,it complements our skin tone so well,even if youre not black this is gonna,look so sexy on you I just love it but,yeah for the second look I just wanted,to play around with the hair and see,what I could create but I wanted to do,like a half up half down claw clip type,of thing,um so as you can see Ive just sectioned,off those two face framing layers and,Im just grabbing like half my hair like,the top layer and just combing it all,back making sure its super sleek and,super flat and then Im gonna go ahead,and grab a like small clear elastic and,tie all the hair back as tightly as I,possibly can once thats tied Im,quickly just evening out the front,layers because one was longer than the,other but Im grabbing my claw clip and,Im just going to twist this little like,ponytail thing that we have going on,back here and thats pretty much it for,the hairstyle I quickly grabbed my hair,straighteners as well and just curved,the little like pieces inwards towards,my face just to make it through my face,and complement it a little bit more and,this is basically the hairstyle guys I,hope you enjoyed the video I hope you,enjoyed this little like hairstyle let,me know if you guys try it but yeah like,comment and subscribe and Ill see you,on my next video bye guys


hey whats up you guys welcome back to,my channel its your girl destiny and,today i will be giving my final thoughts,on this hair that i got from west kids,now i did buy this hair with my own,money so dont worry im gonna give you,guys all the tea the drop im gonna give,you everything okay so if you want to,hear what i have to say about this hair,then keep on watching,[Music],and pick that up,okay so first things first i ordered the,hair off of westcase.com which is their,official website now they are like an,aliexpress based vendor so i believe you,can still order off aliexpress but i,personally havent ordered hair or for,aliexpress in over two years so i dont,even know whats going on over there,okay but i ordered a 5×5 hd lace closure,wig i ordered the texture curly and i,got the length 24 inches and 200,densities so i placed my order on um,let me check for you guys i placed my,order on august 31st they shipped out my,package on september 1st but i didnt,get my package until the 7th which,thats not really that bad i wasnt in a,rush so,shipping took about a week and it also,came through fedex communication was,well the seller like i said as soon as i,placed my order they sent me a,confirmation they sent me a confirmation,when my order was shipped and then they,also followed up once i got my package,let me know that my package was,delivered and they asked how to like it,you know how they you know how that go,but pretty much communication was 10 out,of 10 shipping was you know it took,about a week and like i said you know i,had no issues with that so,i paid a total of,346 dollars and 51 cents now for me,personally if you wear wigs and you are,you know you heavy into the wig game or,whatever you know um,wigs the price of hair is starting to go,up um because never in my my 24 years of,living what i thought that im paying,pretty much 350 for a closure wig now,granted it is curly hair you know it is,200 density but for me personally i do,feel like thats a little bit excessive,for a closure wig um,i dont believe i use a coupon code im,not sure if i did but most of the time,you know they have coupon codes um where,you can get a percentage off but i,actually didnt use my uh yeah i didnt,use a coupon code because i didnt,realize that i could have used one until,at that place by order because one of my,friends i was telling her like make sure,you use the coupon when you order,because i forgot to use myself i didnt,use a coupon but um 346 dollars for,closure wig thats a bit excessive but,thats how much i paid for the wig so,now on to the cons and the pro so im,going to give you guys the pros first,because my list for the pros is a little,bit longer um,so im going to tell you guys the good,things first so first things first i,definitely will say they knocked it out,the part with the fullness now if you,wear wigs you know factory made wigs are,already on the thinner side in,comparison to you know ordering like,bundles in a closure or bundles and a,frontal and making your wig thats,always been a problem of mine,um with fast three weeks thats why,personally i dont tend to order factory,wigs unless i already know the company,or you know im saying i you know i know,their hair,but this hair 200 density they knocked,it out the park i could not ask for more,hair on this wig like sometimes this,hair is just like swallowing my facial,um i will insert clips showing you how,the hair looks like once its all combed,out and once its big this is pretty,much,majority of the hair combed out yall,like look how big this hair is,like look how freaking,big this hair is,yall,look,this hair is so pretty yall so,the only reason why i really ordered,this wig is because if you dont know,im a hairstylist and one of my clients,actually ordered a wig but she had a,frontal and i asked im like yo send me,the link to this wig because and im,going to insert that as well,when i say that hair is so beautiful,when its combed out you can almost wear,it in like that afro state because its,so full so beautiful 10 out of 10 would,recommend okay so they knocked it out,the part with the fullness the density,and everything like that and its so,crazy because i almost ordered 250,density but im kind of glad that i,didnt because i cant imagine you know,how big this hair would get but,10 out of 10 would recommend another,thing um i would definitely say that is,a pro on this hair is the actual curl,pattern now thats something i struggle,with with curly hair i love curly hair,and ive always struggled with finding,the right,type of curl you know they have kinky,curl,you know deep wave loose wave,sometimes especially with deep wave the,wave i kind of have a love hate with,deep web because a lot of times with,companies it will be deep wave out of,the packaging but once you wet your hair,it kind of turns to like these little,lint noodles and this is the perfect,curl pattern um its not too tight but,its also not too loose and that was,something that i struggle with finding,um with curly hair so this curl pattern,is,i love it its perfect its exactly what,i wanted like i said its not that kinky,you know that kinky curl like them,spiral curls but its also not too loose,like on the deep wave um and because,like i said sometimes these companies,those deep wave wigs it really be giving,body wave honestly after you wash it it,gives body wave but this hair the curl,pattern is beautiful every time i wet,the hair if it pops right back up now,granted im not putting heat on the hair,so i dont expect the curl pattern to,change but overall you know how it can,be sometimes you wash a wig and the curl,pattern completely goes away but this,hair the curl pattern has been there,since day one so,10 out of 10 would recommend okay you,guys so we got to take a brief,intervention however you want to say it,i forgot to mention this while recording,the video i do not experience any bad,tangling or matting with this hair as,you know curly hair can be a pain when,it comes to that especially the like the,nape of your neck area however i do not,experience that with this hair and i,thought i would especially because this,hair is so full and big however that is,not an issue with me um so they,definitely get a 10 out of 10 definitely,would recommend when it comes to that so,lets hop right back into the video,now another thing i would definitely say,is a pro now for me i have a big head,yall and i always struggle with finding,wigs that fit properly so i ordered a,size large,large cap size and the wig fits,perfectly now i had ordered another wig,from wigans hair a large cap and the,wig did not fit me at all um the back of,my my braids be sticking out because the,weight does not fit properly and thats,something i struggle with like i said so,if you do got a big head or you think,you got a big head or whatever case may,be this wig it will fit properly on your,head you dont have to worry about you,know the wig poking up a little bit or,anything like that so like i said 10 out,of 10 would recommend so another pro,with this hair is the small knots now if,you wear wigs or if you get into wigs,the lace on your wig as well as the,knots will make or break your wig it,doesnt matter how the hair looks it,doesnt matter any of that at the end of,the day when youre wearing a wig you,lay should not be lacing okay your,weight should not be wigging and one of,the things that you know plays a part in,that is the the,the size of your knots as well as the,lace and the knots on this wig im gonna,get close,so you guys can see i dont know if you,guys can see but the knots are super,duper small and actually i didnt even,have to pluck the part sometimes when,you have larger knots on your wig you,will have to pluck apart but i dont,like to do that because i dont want a,permanent um line in my wig because if i,want to change my wig to maybe a side,part i dont want to have a permanent,straight um part in my wig so typically,i dont pluck my wigs well the part on,my wig unless th

Hair review | 3 month west kiss hair review

hi guys its brandon monae and welcome,back to my channel so today guys im,doing a hair review on,west kiss hair im gonna make this video,short sweet and just like to the point,because i hate when everybody loves the,videos and like,is the hair good or not okay so the hair,i,got it was a,body wave 6×6 closure wig,brazilian uh the wig was,180 density,and the length was 26,and what else,and my cap size was medium,okay so lets see,where do i start with this hair okay,so i brought body okay that was like,know okay so i brought body wave hair so,start in there when the hair came out,the pet the hair was like a nice,body wave type curl but just like i,expected the curl did not last at all,once you wash their hair thats it like,you can kiss that body with croak about,it you want to wear by the way dont,wash the hair like basically,once you wash it thats it its not,coming back,it dont work like that and honestly i,really kind of expected that,out of this hair um oh i didnt tell you,how much i,paid for it im trying to pull back the,order i know i paid i want to say it was,like,280 i think i paid like 280 for this,hair um but im gonna do some research,and by the end of this video,ill have the exact amount,of how much i pay for the hair but this,wasnt like bundles or anything,it all came in like one week so okay so,the buy the curls,didnt laugh last which was fine so i,ordered this hair for my birthday,which was back in july so thats,august september thats it,july august september october,okay so it was only like three months,since i had this hair i dont know why i,thought it was longer today,okay so yeah and its hair for three,months,um basically pros and cons about the,hair,the hair it straightens pretty good i,like the way that the hair,straightens um thats a pro about the,hair,the hair can hold a curl so when i,brought the hair i brought it,for um my birthday back in july,um and i had my hair curled now,what i will say is and mind you im not,like a,hair stylist im not one of those people,that can really do hair and stuff like,that,but i actually went to like the,hairdressers to get my closure and,everything done and to get the curls and,everything done so i like the way my,hair turned out,but by the next day mines like i wrote,in my hair and everything,but by the next day like literally,like me going to the airport once i got,to where i was going i had to re-curl my,hair,like all over again so my curls lasted,that same day for me for like for my,photo shoot and to get my pictures taken,but i want to uh i wound up taking a,trip the very next day and the curls,were like gone i had to re,curl the hair um if you want to see how,the hair curled and how it looked when i,first had it installed,i have a youtube video of the photo,shoot and i also,have a video of when i went to,california for my birthday and i had,this hair in that video,as well so my very last two videos um i,have this hair and you can kind of see,the texture how it because i had it,curled i had a straight,so you can see all of that in those last,two videos if you want to go take a look,um so yeah like i will,curl the hair i like how the hair turns,out when its curled but i,dont like the fact that like i,literally have to keep doing it every,day,even as i roll up my hair um,lets see what else about this hair im,not that,tall or anything but its 180 density,and this is the lift on me this is 26,inches,for me which is not bad like this is,what all what i expected,okay guys so what i dont like about,this hair and what,is making me never buy this hair again,is the fact that the hair sheds so much,yall,so im showing all this hair that,reminds me i had this hair for three,months,im showing you the hair now like its,180 density they have when i first got,out of the hair probably had way more,hair than this,like the hair shed so freaking much,like its not even funny like by the,time im done doing my haircut i go out,it is so much hair on my sink like it,its just,it really blows me because its hair,itd be hair freaking everywhere like i,dont like that,so yo let me try and show you how much,this hair [ __ ] so i cleaned my brush out,like theres no hair or anything in the,brush right now,and like if i just go over my hair,oh you cant really you cant really,tell,thats because like i want to,brush in my hair and doing my hair,and everything for this video maybe if i,show you how much hair i just took out,that brush,so yeah when like just,me flat on in my hair and brushing it,for this video,this is how much hair came out,yeah like what the [ __ ] yes like this is,how much,hair camera just by me brushing,and flat ironing my hair for this video,just now,let me just brush my hair just now like,its always going to be like,strings of hair like,and its so annoying like because its,always hair,on my freaking bathroom floor,like its just hair everywhere so,for that reason alone i would not buy,this hair again,and like i just had to make this video,because i was,looking at reviews and everything for,this video and everybody gasping this,hair up like,yeah you should get that his hair is,good its the best i ever,yeah the bear dont tell you if,[ __ ] [ __ ],nobody tells you that but,other than that im trying to think of,anything else i can,add about this hair like the hair,probably was way thicker than this,but like it should so freaking much so,when the hair comes it comes with like,three combs,a comb hair comb here a comb here you,can adjust,the way um you know to make it tighter,to make it fit your head,and do you know how like sometimes for,hair thats not good,when you sweat or if youre in a party,or if youre in a club,like the back of your hair like back,here will start to like net up,and things like that so this hair does,not do that,like the hair is straight when you wash,it it feels even better,um i would say overall its,really decent hair if you dont mind,shedding,and the wig being bald in a few months,like,go ahead and buy it but i dont like,that,so im not buying this hair again but i,like the way it feels,when i wash it i dont mind that the,body wave curl doesnt come back,i like the way it straightens so,you know it doesnt get tangled so,overall,the wig is okay its just the shedding,for me,this is shedding for me like but,yeah im trying to think of anything,else i want to add about this wig,so with that being said im not telling,anybody to buy the hair,or to not buy the hair im just giving,yall the effects on what ive,experienced,over the last last three months because,every time ive seen people with this,hair it was always like an unboxing,video,or like of course the hair is going to,be good as soon as you take it out the,box,but this is a three month update um,its okay but its [ __ ] you can curl it,but it wont last like and if thats,something youre,willing to deal with for like 300,then go for it but its not something,that im gonna do again,like they wont we wont get no more,money out of me,so with that being said yall can,buy it or not buy it but that was just,my,experience with this hair out of 10,i would give this hair,lets see,definitely minus three for the shedding,im giving like a five and a half six,rating,overall but you know for my money thats,not acceptable,if im paying 300 for some hair,i better be in love with it you see them,saying so thats not acceptable to me,but i dont know your pockets i dont,know your friends,if thats acceptable to yall,you know thats what i got for yall but,thank you guys so much for watching and,ill see yall in my next video


how dare yall the audacity,it must be on sale this year,hey barbie squad welcome back to my,channel,and if youre new why are you new smash,that subscribe button,and join the family we would love to,have,just make sure yall watch the full,video and dont skip through so,yall cant really hear what i have to,say because,i dont want yall to go and get this,wig and then be upset,because you dont watch the full video,okay,barbie squash oh yall seen that title,yall seen the thumbnail,and my true members know,its wig wednesday okay so of course im,coming back,with another wig review you guys i,purchased this wig with my,own coin i just feel the need to say,that i usually dont say that even,though a lot of my,units are purchased myself um,i just felt the need to say that and i,also want to say,even if a video is sponsored youre,always going to get my,honest review whether the company likes,it or not,my loyalty lies with my audience,before any company so just keep that in,mind because i know,um sponsored videos are starting to get,a bad rep because,people are lying or people are just not,believing but just know,on this channel i keep it real my real,ones i already know what it is,but todays video is on this,unit from west kiss hair you notice that,i did not say this gorgeous unit this,time around you guys,im really disappointed um in this unit,im gonna try to make the video,fast and i also have some clips of me,um installing the unit were not,installing it i also have some clips,of what the hair look like out the,package me plucking it,and also how i received the package,which i was,very very unhappy about okay,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],i felt like the way that i received my,items,it was very very tacky um i didnt,receive,anything inside usually the wigs come in,a box at this time,it did not come in a box im not sure,whats going on with that,but i was not happy about it this is my,third,time um ordering from west kids here,my first time i absolutely loved it it,was a straight unit and it was some of,the best right here ive,ever had my second time ordering from,them,their hair was absolutely trash it was,a um curly unit and you guys know i like,my wigs longer so it was a longer curly,unit,and the wig was horrible it was super,thin frontal on the wig was supposed to,be 20 inches,and i bought the hair in 26 inches,now when you get longer here the frontal,is always supposed to be 20 inches,and then the rest of the hair will be,longer well when i,got that wig the frontal literally the,curls stopped like right here,it was like they put an eight inch,closure on the twenties,it just looked a hot mess a,horrible hot mess the hair was rough,tangly,fresh out like it was just a mess um i,argued with them for months,to end up getting my money back and they,still did not want to give it back,i end up happening to go through paypal,to get my money back and usually i would,just chuck it up as a loss i wouldnt,ever,try to get my money back but they were,so rude,i was like oh no you gonna run me my,money,youre gonna run me my money as soon as,you dont have something nice to say,then these people get really rude and,disrespectful,and i was not going for any of that when,im spending four or five hundred,dollars,a week okay its not going down like,that,but i decided to give them another,chance and purchase,a straight unit because like i said the,straight unit that i had,was amazing here and this one,is not as good as my first unit its,okay,this here has tons and tons and tons,of split ends,that in the clip or you guys already,seen it because ill probably play it,before this part,you guys see that in the clip its,horrible split ends the knots on this,unit,was very hard to bleach i left the,bleach on,over an hour and the knot still did not,take all the way the obliques did not,take all the way,so a lot of these um knots are,still not bleached um the hairline was,horrible yall seen me pluck it in to be,honest,its a lot more plucking that im going,to do to this,unit and yeah i did flat on this unit it,looks very nice right now,but the amount of work that i had to put,into it,for it to look like this my first unit i,literally put on a little bit of um,im going to leave it on the screen,because im my mind just went blank i,cant think of the heat protector i put,a little,heat protected on the unit and i just,flat iron it and usually,the way it comes out real spooky with,this it did but it has so many flyaways,and it wasnt as silky as what i wanted,it,it has so many flyaways i had to put a,little bit of oil on my hand just a,little bit because you dont want your,units to be,oily and as you can see it looks a,little,certain spots like in the front it looks,a little tiny oily,um you dont want it to be oily so i,took a little oil,rubbed in the palms of my hands and,evenly distributed,throughout the hair i also have to put,my wax stick which i always do but this,time,i use so much of my wax stick to lay,this frontal down because it has so many,flyaways and it just,was being very stubborn i have to go,over it a million times with my hot comb,and i also have to park section by,section on,the um i keep saying front so this is a,closure its a five,by five closure um i have to part,section by section to get it to lay,really flat,but yeah do i recommend this unit,i dont recommend this unit just because,i that west kiss is not,consistent with the quality of their,units,and i dont want to tell you guys yeah,this is a nice,unit but i dont want to tell yall go,out and buy it,and yall get a bad unit you know if,theyre not consistent with their,products,and im just im just being honest yall,know im not about to sit up here and,lie,so you could get a good wig youre just,taking an example,with me i dont mind taking the gamble,but everybody dont have,money to just throw away you know,to take a gamble whether youre gonna,get good hair or not,you know and then a lot of the time if i,was being sponsored,with these sponsored videos a lot im,not going to say every company but a lot,of these companies,they send us youtubers good hair and,then they will send,the regular customers bad hair so i,still like even if im being sponsored,by,by wig companies and whatnot im still,going to go and purchase,wigs and still review on my channel for,the simple fact that,sometimes theyre not consistent with,the quality,and i want to bring yall honest reviews,so you know,im buying just like yall buying so i,can tell yall hey this company really,is good you know its not just because,im a youtuber theyre sending me a good,wig,no im a regular damn person too like,dont just treat us good and send us,good hair and then,have us looking bad sending our people,horrible hair you know thats,not cool because i guarantee if i was,sponsored by wes kids,they would have sent me the top of the,line,best hair you know and its just its,not cool like,yall need to be consistent across the,border,you know also i wanted to point out i,kind of noticed this a while ago but i,didnt know if i was tripping but it,just,was confirmed to me a few days ago you,guys have to watch out for these,comments they,these wig companies make fake profiles,and they comment,under people videos and that they,receive gray hair theyve been ordering,for years and,a lot of the times you can spot them out,because theyll say oh honey or,oh friend you know thats how they talk,okay,so i just wanted to bring yall honest,review um if you dont mind,you know gambling and taking a chance or,you might get a good wig you might not,then go ahead and get it,but honestly i dont recommend it like i,said,theyre just not consistent and i was,really,unhappy with how they packaged my,items like why was it not in the box the,the wig um the wig came,in a dust bag usually they have in a box,and they,send you a dust bag and also like a hair,tie,like i said ive ordered from them,multiple times you know why was it just,in a dust bag that looked,old and used like how dare yall the odd,guy,sipsy it must

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