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  2. How the “What We Do in the Shadows” TV Show Gets It Right
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  4. What We Do In The Shadows 2×5 | Colins Promotion | REACTION/REVIEW
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What We Do In The Shadows | Series Review

im just a up girl whos looking,for my own peace of mind,[Music],hello my dudes welcome back hope we are,well today i want to talk about a show,that has completely,and absolutely utterly consumed my life,and that is what we do in the shadows,what we do in the shadows is an fx show,it has two seasons so far,its based on the film of the same name,which was directed by,created by and starring taika waititi,all hail king ytt and both the show and,the film have the same,concept and a few of the characters from,the movie are actually in the show but,very briefly but they do have like a,little cameo which is fun but if you,dont know about what we do in the,shadows its basically a show,about vampires and the tagline for the,movie is,some interviews with some vampires which,is just great and thats exactly what it,is its sort of like,the format of the office uh but more,like the tone,and the character of its always sunny,in philadelphia,so like combine those two shows together,but make it about vampires and thats,what this,is and if thats not enough to sell this,show to you i dont know what,is so the story follows this group of,vampires who live in a house together,theyre vampire roommates thats the,premise here a show about vampire,roommates just living,their daily life doing normal mundane,things and its just sort of like,an inside look at what vampires,do when theyre just like living,unliving,and the whole concept is that like a,camera crew was granted access to follow,them around and,the camera crew wears like crucifixes,and theyre protected so they dont get,eaten by the vampires,its just its just so good so the,vampire roommates are a group of four,vampires,there is nadja and laszlo who are a,married husband and wife,vampire couple and theyre amazing then,we have nandor,nador the relentless who is also,fantastic,he has this very like he just like,doesnt understand,the real world none of them really,understand the current,state of things because theyre,extremely ancient vampires and they,havent really adjusted to like what the,world is now,but then the fourth vampire is colin,robinson,and he is an energy vampire which means,hes different from the other ones hes,not like your stereotypical dracula,you know that kind of vampire hes an,energy vampire which is actually like a,real concept in psychology and the study,of vampires in the real world because,i took a class on vampires in college,and it was very eye-opening it was one,of those like i took the class because i,thought like oh were gonna read like,dracula and its gonna be super fun but,instead,my professor was convinced that his,mother was a vampire an,energy vampire to be specific so i,learned all about energy vampires and,how they are,real in the real world i dont know,maybe who knows but like he taught us,all about how vampires are real and like,it was the weirdest but coolest most,interesting class ive ever taken,anyway thats not the point this video,so colin robinson is an energy vampire,and that means,he is a day walker so he can walk around,outside during the daytime and he wont,die,hes not nocturnal like the rest of them,but he also doesnt have their powers,like he cant fly,he doesnt have super strength hes just,kind of like a regular guy,but his power is that instead of,draining blood,he drains energy so he literally just,bores people to death,and what i love about this character is,hes a vampire which is not relatable,but,like youve met someone like colin,robinson in your life before i guarantee,it and you will watch him and youll be,like,i know people like this this is the most,annoying thing in the goddamn world,i dont know how to describe it to you,but you just need to watch it and youll,get it,so its about these four vampires and,theres also a character named guillermo,and guillermo is nandors familiar which,means hes a human,slave basically who does everything,nandor needs,and everything everyone needs pretty,much in the hopes that he will one day,be turned into a vampire but he has to,go through this like,process of being a familiar first its,very entertaining the relationship,between guillermo and nandor is like,its so good its so good and i love it,so i know this is technically a review,but im just going to tell you right now,that this show has 5 out of 5 stars 10,out of 10,100 so good highly recommend to,everyone i cant really imagine anyone,not liking this show because,its funny its relatable weirdly it,has really interesting complex,and just really fun characters like i,love every single character in this show,there is not,one character that annoys me one,character that i just like dont really,care about i literally,am obsessed with all of them like nadja,she is a badass baller but shes,also,funny as hell shes ridiculous and i,love everything about her,laszlo is probably my favorite character,hes absolutely hilarious,he has this weird cockiness and this,very dry,humor that he delivers just so well hes,played by matt berry whos kind of the,only,like known face in this show there are a,lot of cameos by,famous people like tilda swinton is in,this beanie feldstein nick kroll has a,recurring role like theres a lot of,huge people,in this show but like the main cast is,pretty much nobodys and,i kind of love that but yes lazlo is,amazing nandor,is oh hes just precious and i love him,i especially love him and guillermos,chemistry together like they just,they have this amazing chemistry and,its so funny because they just,they just cant connect like theyre,just not on the same page,ever but guillermo is his familiars and,hes just like trying to please him and,hes like yes master whatever you say,but like,just oh oh its so good and then colin,robinson,i already kind of ranted about how much,i love him but hes so good,hes so good and they all have their own,like individual stories like,colin robinson has a whole episode about,him and its one of my favorite episodes,laszlo has a whole episode where he like,goes on this journey and,it is so so good,also im not sure how else i can tell,you,how much i love this show unless i point,out this this one thing,so i got a dog i got a puppy,and um hang on just hang on one second,hang on,everybody i would like you to meet lazlo,hello,[Music],so this is lazlo hi phoebe,you know we just finished binge watching,both seasons of what we do in the,shadows,and we were like what should we name him,and then we were just like,lets name him laszlo hes such a great,name,isnt his eyes yeah isnt he such a,great name,oh youre a little vampire,youre a little vampire i love you so,much,okay hes getting antsy were gonna put,him back were gonna put you back okay,lets go,so yeah you need any proof that i love,this show,there you go i named my freaking dog,after a character from this show,i also loved it so much that i watched,season one then i watched season two,and i loved it so much i didnt want to,end that i literally started it over,and i watched season one in season two,again so yeah what we do in the shadows,is amazing please watch it if you are a,fan of,being entertained if the vampire thing,throws you off its not like spooky,or scary or bloody or gory its,literally just,a comedy i just happen to be vampires,and do,vampire things but its put in this,different,light that you dont normally see,vampires in like theyre just,idiots like theyre morons and theyre,just like trying to live life,but like they dont know how to do,anything and they just keep getting into,mischief and doing all these stupid,things,and its just very entertaining so yeah,what we do in the shadows is amazing i,highly recommend it so,tell me if you guys have seen this show,in the comments below,sorry i would love to hear your thoughts,if you did watch it,and lets talk about it because im,obsessed with this show and more people,need to watch it because its so,freaking good,okay that is all for today thank you,guys so much for watching and i will see,you in my next video,[Music],bye,[Music],[Music],bye

How the “What We Do in the Shadows” TV Show Gets It Right

what we do in the shadows is one of my,favorite comedy movies I think its,really clever and honestly I think its,nearly perfect I made a video on it,about a year ago that has since blown up,for me at first I wondered why this old,video was getting so many views but then,I remembered that the movie had a TV,adaption that was currently airing now,you may be wondering that if Im such a,big fan of the movie why I wasnt,already watching the TV show and its,because I honestly thought it would suck,movies have been turned into TV shows,before and its been a disaster so I,really didnt expect much from this TV,show even if Taika Waititi was involved,to some extent because I doubted the,quality of the final product I never,really considered watching it and pretty,much completely forgot about it until,now,considering the overwhelmingly positive,response to the show I decided to,finally check it out to my surprise the,what we do in the shadows TV show is,actually great I was so surprised at how,much I found myself laughing through,every episode everything that I said,about the movie in my video also applies,to the TV show its clearly the team,behind this TV show understood why the,movie worked so well like the movie the,show satirizes vampires not by trying to,make them an obnoxious exaggeration but,by putting them in boring mundane,situations the dull normalcy of their,lives is juxtaposed with the fantastic,reality that they are vampires as a,result the atmosphere and tone of the,show is nearly identical to that of the,movie it would have been really easy for,the writers to make a cheap uninspired,knockoff that tried to make the exact,same jokes for fanservice while,completely missing what made the show,work in the first place but this show,takes the opposite approach that isnt,to say it doesnt have moments where it,dips into cheap knockoff territory but,those few negative moments are far,outweighed by the positives because,overall the show takes the ideas in the,movie and greatly expands on them for,example one of my favorite jokes in the,movie was the virgin blood seen and how,vampires struggled to find virgins in a,world where the sexual revolution has,already happened the TV show takes this,idea and shows how vampires would,realistically get virgins by stalking,and preying on fantasy nerds who were,into,play and roleplay the comedy in the,scenario writes itself it leads to,scenes where virgins are fooled into,thinking theyre about to have a sexual,experience before the vampire goes in,for the kill,maybe we should just start with mouth,stuff okay just mouth stuff it also,introduces new characters like the,energy vampire this is the guy in your,workplace that gets on your nerves hes,the guy you dont want to talk to,because as soon as he opens his mouth he,wont shut up about whatever,uninteresting topic hes on a tangent,about and it portrays this common office,stereotype as an evil vampire that feeds,off of the negative energy he induces in,other people as clever as all of this,expansion is the show just does not stop,it takes these ideas even further it,doesnt just ask what would happen if,the annoying guy in your workplace was,an energy vampire it also asks what if,two energy vampires were in the same,workplace and had to battle it out for,dominance the results had been rolling,on the floor the show also continues to,bring different aspects of vampire lore,into the modern world for example an,elder vampire visits the main cast and,commands them to take over America again,while in medieval times this may be as,simple as killing the king and modern,day they have to go to a state Senate,meeting and listen to long and boring,conversations about policy council Madam,President this is then taken further by,juxtaposing the dull judicial process,with fantastical threats made by the,vampires to meet and receive mercy thank,you for your input also if you liked the,werewolves from the movie then get ready,because they come back for blood in the,show and their battle with the vampires,is so clever and so funny that I,honestly dont want to spoil it for,anyone who hasnt seen it there are so,many things that this show gets right,and its because it understands that,what we do in the shadows wasnt just a,parody of vampire,or it was also a satire of modern life,by using vampires to satirize nerd in,office culture the show nearly perfectly,recreates the comedy of the film like,the movie it creates comedy by,juxtaposition and through clever writing,that takes advantage of the potential of,its characters I am blown away by this,show and how close it was able to,capture the tone in the quality of the,movie after watching only a few episodes,I was so excited that I had to talk,about it in a video if youre a fan of,the movie and you havent checked this,show out because you were a doubter like,me go check it out right now because I,think itll really surprise you now if,youll excuse me I need to go watch the,other episodes Im Miranda the Vandal,and thank you for watching,[Music],you

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How “What We Do In The Shadows” Creates Clever Vampire Humor

Im pretty new to the works of Taika,Waititi I heard his name mentioned over,the past couple of years but I never,really visited any of his films until I,saw his marvel movie Thor Ragnarok he,brought such a fresh energy and sense of,quirky humor to the character that its,now one of the standout movies of the,MCU for me after Thor Ragnarok I was,finally convinced to watch his other,films after all if I liked what I was,seeing in a Marvel movie from him I,would probably like it even more if a,studio wasnt filtering his sense of,humor after doing some investigating,what I found was solid evidence that,Taika Waititi is probably the greatest,comedic director working today recently,Ive been watching through his,filmography hunt for the will door,and most recently what we do in the,shadows I really enjoyed all of these,movies they were really funny,incredibly quirky surprisingly creative,and in some cases even endearing out of,all of these what we do in the shadows,is probably my favorite of his so far,and in this video Im going to try to,explain why I think thats the case by,analysing the films creative and clever,vampire humor now in case youre,unfamiliar with the movie what we do in,the shadows is about a group of vampires,living together in a New Zealand flat it,chronicles their misadventures together,and their struggles to deal with each,other as they live under the same roof,the film is presented in mockumentary,esque style where humans have made an,agreement with the vampires to film,their lives for a documentary right off,the bat I was really impressed with the,concept of this movie the thought of,several vampires living in a modern-day,flat in New Zealand sounds funny enough,already,it also helps that I love mockumentary,style movies and TV shows like spinal,tap and American vandal and I wasnt,disappointed because the movie,definitely delivers on the potential of,its premise from the start,comedy is created through the clashing,personalities of these vampires who were,all very different from each other their,personalities are all parodies of,typical vampire portrayals we have the,six crazed ones that also tortures,people the cool bad-boy vampire that you,would see in movies like Lost Boys or,Twilight a hilarious parody of the,traditional nos ferrata vampire from the,silent film era and a timid polite,vampire played by the director himself,each character represents an exaggerated,cliche of vampire lore alone these,parodies would be amusing enough,but together the clash between these,characters leads to scenes like this,however as great as these things are,what TD doesnt just settle for clashing,character types to generate humour he,also takes full advantage of the nature,of his characters by placing them in,modern times often when we think of,vampires we only think of them in,medieval settings and thats because,vampires would have run into a lot of,problems if they existed today one,problem that I always thought of when,placing vampires in the 21st century is,their obsession with a virgin blood,after the sexual revolution and,normalization of casual sex vampires,would have a much harder time finding,that perfect virgin to kill the movie,addresses this problem with the,hilarious scene where two humans are,brought to the vampires flat by their,human servant because she assumes that,they are virgins when in reality neither,of them actually are are you a virgin,Im not okay Im really sorry because I,totally pinned her as a virgin we also,get to experience their amazement at,modern technology which they discover,later than everyone else because their,perception of time is so much slower due,to their immortality they dont pay,attention to technological advantages,and cultural shifts so things like the,internet and cell phones are pretty easy,to miss out on on the first few decades,theyre around,beyond adjusting to modern life though,it shows how vampires would struggle to,do normal day-to-day things like,entering a building since vampires cant,enter a place unless invited it even,shows how they would struggle to keep,their homes clean since their nightly,feasts would likely leave blood all over,the place however the movie takes the,concept of the modern vampire even,further by turning a young human,character into a vampire while the other,older vampires hide their true,identities because they have,historically been hunted for it the new,modern vampire can walk around,announcing his vamper ism without much,consequence because today vampires have,been made hip and cool by movies like,Twilight and blade so what used to be a,secret is now used as a conversation,starter at parties however vampires are,not the only mythological creatures that,exist in this movie we see our main,characters brush shoulders with,werewolves who are treated as rivals and,even zombies werewolves are hilariously,portrayed as nice guys who have an,uncontrollable temper but,flinching since immorality just like the,vamper characters the werewolves are,also an exaggerated take on werewolf,protagonists and the Jacqueline Hyde,dynamic theres tons of other clever,things this movie does as well like how,the movie makes solo fun of how vampires,are always portrayed as male and old,folktales when the vampires female,servant complains that they wont bite,her dick biting club and Im stuck here,I [ __ ] froze now Ive just told you,about all these really great things in,the movie and they all sound great on,paper but in most other movies their,execution will be loud obnoxious and,mindless it would be the exact opposite,of the clever execution of what we do in,the shadows what makes these concepts,work is with teetee cents for finding,comedy and the mundane what TD doesnt,try to make vampires living in a flat,together in New Zealand look traumatic,or chaotic in some exaggerated way he,uses the setting to depict the dullness,and awkwardness of their everyday,activities and interactions the reason,we find this mundane execution funny is,because of our tendency to laugh at our,own lives we laugh at past experiences,in hindsight after falling down we laugh,at ourselves and laugh at others for,doing the same even though the situation,or action may have been serious for you,as it happened after its over its easy,to reflect on how ridiculous it all was,as time passes we become detached from,the situation and we become spectators,of our own lives its why we can laugh,at a guy freaking out at McDonalds over,a cup of sauce or a kid throwing a,tantrum over a video game for the people,in that situation it may have been,serious but for spectators to test for,the situation its easy to laugh at,because of the overly dramatic people in,this incredibly mundane situation thats,the elements of human experience that,were TD taps into in what we do in the,shadows it depicts mundane events that,are serious for the characters but,amusing for the audience its kind of,like a comedy that reminds us of the,ridiculousness of our own lives and,inspires the same kind of laughter that,happens when we reflect on our own lives,this makes scenes like the vampires,encounter with the werewolves all the,more funny since the characters are so,dramatic,engage in a ridiculously mundane,situation its this sort of contrast,that makes tiger with TDs movies so,funny and what makes the vampire humor,and what we do in the shadows so clever,and effective with thor ragnarok giving,him a newfound exposure as a director,within the public eye and in the,industry I cant wait to see what type,of TD does with the premise of his next,movie and in case youre not familiar,with the premise of his next movie hes,going to be playing Hitler yeah Taika,Waititi is going to be playing Hitler,this is going to be hilarious Im,Randall vandal thanks for watching,[Music]

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What We Do In The Shadows 2×5 | Colins Promotion | REACTION/REVIEW

[Music],thank you,hi Mina San welcome back to the channel,its me Abby Karine your friendly,neighborhood nerd and we are back with,what we do in the shadows this is,episode 5 called Collins promotion good,Colin good for him did he like drain the,guy who had the job before for whatever,promotion hes getting like hmm,But were gonna jump in and find out if,youd like to check out the full,reaction to this episode you can find it,on my patreon there I believe if we are,actually done or close to being done,with season two and then Im taking a,little break after season two again,before I get into season three but if,you want to check out the majority of,them if not all of them,um youll be able to find it on my,patreon dont forget to like leave a,comment and subscribe and follow me on,my social media lets do it I need a,good laugh I just watched uh get out,for the first time as a movie reaction,so I need,to look out for that reaction,is he stalking seeing whats up,hes just clearing this one can I get,you a Los Angeles or something oh thank,you,Just Gonna Keep on his business,here we go,the owner office finally figured out,that I dont even know what the hell,this company does,just watch Im going to be as cool as a,cucumber cucumber,is he inspired what is supposed to be,turned out to be the exact opposite of,what I was thinking they actually,decided to give me a damn promotion this,is not good why would they care the,thing that takes away from my roomy time,its like the old adage you know,co-workers die,vampire roommates,theyre forever,priorities,you know I want his hat he always wears,it and it looks very comfy I dont know,if hes wearing like a headband like an,ear warmer and then the Hat on top of it,its a look that I want,the ship oh piece of [ __ ],it is,who said you could look whats the,pointing it at me then the portrait bomb,here I am behind the dead chat two,fingers in the air killing the rabbit I,had to sit there for about seven hours,they still do it now why because its,hilarious it is hilarious good for him,apples so if you need my help no we,dont need your help Colin Robinson,Jesus tries to be a good roommate you,can take yourself portrait with you,but its all of you of all of us I made,it on the Texas instrument paper oh,I would appreciate,the hard things about being an energy,vampire is that even when youre being,sincere and maybe looking for some,reassurance or or support people think,youre trying to drain their life force,oh nice office,Joanna,[Laughter],I have to admit Im quite nervous about,being the boss that said of like the,whole Company the company does its,playground design and marketing or,landmine design and Manufacturing its,one of those I have to get my first,presentation oh God they all think hes,funny are they draining him,oh were back,is this his calling just do that they,were listening to me because Im the,boss they had to listen this whole boss,thing might work out,entirely possible that what rappers are,saying is true I mean being boss is dope,oh,I have the power of a thousand Cowboys,running through my veins,oh [ __ ] hes got some energy dont sit,on that Dominic and Dan were sitting on,it already and broken,hes got,hes hes getting fed well,shes my assistant Tyler hey Colin,Robinson your boss get in here,hes feeling good yum yum yum yum yum,yum,your hand off my wifes ample but firm,backside thank you darling,she does have a nice booty I know youre,not Helen Robinson how was your first,day being the big boss like you give a,[ __ ],he is he is ultra power I think to put,up with a little bit of space yes,uh no I have calls to roll is he lifting,that up now he has,beautiful landscape why have I never,seen this painting before who knows it,doesnt go with this room anyway we,should get rid of it is it nandors Army,no no,no the Relentless my pink [ __ ] housemate,all this time and you never said,anything lives were ruined,his his suitcases has a tie and he did,that on purpose,he he did this portrait on purpose Colin,is all powerful they gotta stop him I,think weve got no evidence that it was,him then what the [ __ ] is Persian Frank,Zappa throwing on a horse,oh my God oh my God yeah thats him,whats that demo,it begins he is literally,human shield,Colins gonna be like on steroids,how was everyones weekend this is so,funny the more I need,I felt so alive,Im becoming something not lockerimosa,not Mozart lacrimusa anymore to drain,them,Jesus,monster a monster and or say is that,hes sorry oh it means the mediation,this is sweet I barely remember what,happened it was so long ago,also I was very drunk,200 guys having some fun okay I mean,yeah thats thats like a Saturday night,go on about his good old life I forgot,something in my room,oh and yeah I can fly now,hes in Death Mode so as to preserve,energy,hello cousin Robinson,Im busy,where have you been weve missed you,around the house yeah right like you,care oh shes taking one for the team,call him the rest better because hes a,fan of Martin Balsam the actor not,because he likes balsamic vinegar and we,can expire together come and join the,head thats better [ __ ] it oh thats,right hes so smoking,remember when all those vampires were,beaten they saved your confession to one,saying there,yeah,hello hello hello,whats this [ __ ] this [ __ ],uh,its short for Colin Ill handle this,does it even matter I mean its cool see,me yeah it matters and see man they are,all dead schedules schedule is wide open,dont uh what would even be on the,agenda our name they have to be dead,oh or theyre dead are they dead well,there you go rest in peace called,Robinson thats pretty sad we have,traveled here tonight from our house to,our garden too late with us calling,Robert rest in peace Colin Robinson,Colin Robinson and yes,its famous,looks fantastic we wanted to party this,with you Colin Robinson oh you loved it,and we hated it no better him with,something he liked and get rid of,something we dont there you go killing,two birds with one soon every time she,sings it is so funny,come on,I guess theyre dead very good I think,its time we celebrate these are the,enjoyable moments youre thinking,oh my gosh,hey are you a fan of conservative AM,radio no,no terrible at myself,for the next couple years like a,parasite so is that how he does it he,just,whered you go,can I get juice,oh gosh so you dont have to wait like,every time and see,if theres more okay,oh the painting,oh yes and there you are my darling on a,hay bale with my boobs out,um,leave you out put me in there I am,Galloping towards my wife who I will,make love to and where am I youre in,there bad luck old chap richly rude well,it was pretty rude of you to burn down,my familys Village,so funny oh my gosh this show always,does it always makes you smile well we,have seen Colin Robinson like super,Juiced weve seen it weve seen Mega,Colin and it is terrifying he has hair,and they had a giant head,oh geez,but its cool because like we we dont,really get to see that much of Collins,like I mean weve seen drain people but,thats like the extent and I think we,have seen him floating before because of,um is it was her name Evie,when they have their big surge battle,um you know battle at the old office I,know I think they were both floating in,the air so we have seen him up before,but like he was he was,now we know now we know how to get uh,Colin to be the greatest vampire in the,world so,crazy but fun this is always such a fun,show so uh Nadja and nandoras a little,tiff is funny its just,that they experience each other,throughout the ages and different ways,its just its its cute and weird and,fun,but I will just say Laszlo as a dying,vampire is one of the greatest gifts to,television I will say that just him in,Death Mode and just still with his pipe,we love you Laszlo we love you but,anyway thank you so much for watching,and I will see yall in the next video,bye,[Music],[Music]

What We Do in the Shadows Review – Off The Shelf Reviews

[Music],hello welcome to off-the-shelf reviews I,was working in my lab late one night and,Im Gary and today were going to review,and discuss what we do in the shadows,which came out in 2014,written and directed by Jemaine Clement,and Taika Waititi in why dont you give,us the synopsis well the story [ __ ] no,sorry I cant keep up,well the story follows a group of,vampires sharing a house in Wellington,New Zealand we follow viago Vlad Deacon,and Peter as they try to adapt to modern,day life by bringing in a new vampire we,are trying to attract victims to us not,sure about the race code I go for a look,which I called dead but delicious you,realize it but this film took apparently,nearly nine years to complete yeah what,from coming up with the original idea,yeah to actually getting the script,together getting the actors and then,filming the entire the entire thing yeah,and from what Ive gathered from,different snippets of information is,that is that Tiger and Jemaine they they,complete the script between them oh yes,extended period of time and then once,the script was ready they got like they,hired they got the cast you have a,location yeah and then they just chuck,the scripts away thats why were not,gonna give anybody the scripts and were,just gonna improv the entire movie night,the two of them had an idea of what they,wanted to do yet every scene yeah and,then once they performed it they were,decide so how do we make that funnier,yeah and they filmed over a hundred and,twenty five hours worth of material yes,and that is whiter like in another whole,12 months to edit it down to get to a 90,minute runtime just everythings so,funny in Jermaine Clemens world yeah,yeah I could with TVs I mean Ill,apologize now just in case I do get his,name wrong because Ive you know tried,for many years to pronounce this guys,name ever since I saw the trailer,for thor ragnarok drop right you know I,was a Marvel fan up to that point and,then thor ragnarok dropped and Im like,Im a boy all over again this is [ __ ],amazing whats like what TV is pretty,much rejuvenated the Thor character yeah,the Marvel yeah I remember saying at the,time like what they were doing with the,whole character because you know nothing,had happened yet that it was very risky,and then what we got his idea his,approach to it I was like who the [ __ ],is this guy you know and so I was going,back and I Id always been interested in,seeing eagle versus shark scenario at,film simply by the poster yeah yeah you,know but Id never you know nothing ever,copper independent movie very sweet love,story yeah yeah and obviously Jamie,implement as well fly the Conchords I,mean we wash [ __ ] tons of flight the,Conchords back in the day yeah this is,this is just great theres another big,film that Tokyo or TT did that I really,liked that was the hunt for the world of,people yes I got assume for me that puts,sam neill back on the map I was like see,hes very active why are you people,using him more this is that way hes,still in love Sam he was done in LA you,know and a lot of it involves dinosaurs,so you know give the guy a break he,makes a lot of money and he just goes,into hiding but just watching just,watching Tiger booty Ts approach to,films I get a very wheres Anderson feel,from him but not so eccentric and crazy,you know everything is still kind of,grounded in realism so you know just,last year just last year I was like I,need to watch what we do in the shadows,this guy is just showing me you know I,think I should watch the trailer for,gildo rabbit that day and I was like I,cant wait for this went out bought what,we do in shadows came home slap it on,watched it all the way through was like,that was the greatest movie greatest,movie Ive seen in ages took me three,months to convince the wife to watch in,shes like me and then we were asked to,do it for the review and I wasnt too,sure about watching it how Id feel,watching it third time in such a quick,succession,sure yeah well I mean the whole film is,in the style of a mockumentary yes so,you know you think Ive let the office,yeah you know its its taking,the the supernatural this time around,like vampires yeah and then putting them,in the mundane day-to-day existence and,the opening of the film just nails it,the clock hits six oclock you see the,hand come out of the coffin fumble,around for the button and you see the,majestic my boy hand come back like whoo,yeah and then the coffin lid comes off,and the big reveal is as viago slowly,raises up close they nailed everything,to a tee with this you know we we talked,about sorry Hannah we didnt get you in,for this film but you know we talked,about vampire mythology a ages go with,Hannah and how there were there were set,rules and there was those laws and then,they just ran out the window with what,we do in the shadow so I was like you,know it is yeah we we have the coffin,and we have him slowly rising but then,you throw in viago Tycho what hes kind,of flamboyant you know gay approach to,his character where hes not really gay,but its very like said hes very,eccentric and the way he kind of teaches,up for the curtains hes like I always,hate this part youre like yeah because,if were sticking by the law you were,gonna just burst into flames right this,is always a really scary part for me and,so we are slowly introduced to these,four flatmates because he explains that,some vampires you know how they live for,a very long time some of them are,hundreds and hundreds of years old and,sometimes they just like to go to these,quiet rural towns like New Zealand and,become flatmates yeah you know youve,got youve got Gladys laughs played by,Jemaine Clement Hughes 862 years old,love the shot where he opens up the door,and its like the three sisters from,Gary Oldman Dracula and Im like yes,hes the erotic dark one you know the,one with all the power to be able to,just have what everyones youve got,Deacon whos 183 hanging up in a closet,hes always doing crazy seeing,saying crazy things hes just like the,young bad boy of the group like me hes,like you are your version of the Lost,Boys and near dark hes very young hes,young you know the time that he was,there and hes got all this freedom now,but I love so I know that he was a Nazi,a nazi vampire which makes even worse I,dont know if any of you know but they,lost like how are they I mean Lee I,think how are they so out of touch and,then Im like because theyre vampires,and this is what vampires do but going,back to deacon the fact that hes in his,closet really makes it like the third,time around Im like you know everybody,else can have these flamboyant rooms you,know you can give a vampire giant crypt,you know and a coffin and all that but,at the same time it wouldnt really it,is all he really needs is a dark space,to hang upside down from yeah you know,Peter played by Ben Franklin whos in,the basement,Salems Lot try terrifies the [ __ ] out,me its [ __ ] its not right its not,right you know its like thats I is,that what happens if you dont feed for,a long time or if you just keep mutating,cuz hes 8,000 years old exactly yeah I,think thats what kind of did it well,this is like is he so vampire like this,means that viago vladislav a deacon at,times even if they continue having a,standard diet of human blood they are,still gonna turn into this party looking,[ __ ],great [ __ ] absolutely great I love,the the setup with the beginning you,know the fact that weve got this unholy,masquerade thats happening in,Wellington New Zealand and it happens,every year every couple of years and,this is the first time a human,documentary crew have been given all,access to this event and so thats why,weve got the cameras following them,around and its all doctor style but I,you know I love the fact that theyre,like yeah weve got this giant ball its,just a big get-together and you get the,flashes of all the different pictures,over time you know and its just like,they have so much fun theres so much,fun,[Laughter],[ 

What We Do In The Shadows Renewed For Seasons 5 And 6

chris what is our third main topic today,this ones from don merritt hi john and,crew its funny that you guys mentioned,what we do in shadows on your show and,today we got news that it hasnt been,renewed for season five before season,four even aired but theyve also given,the green light for season six,i dont think theres been a tv show,that made me consistently laugh as hard,as what we do in shadows in a long time,like really long what do you guys think,about the extension and how long do you,think it can run,i dont you know if my day gets brought,down a little bit with the thought that,theyre gonna end ted lasso after season,three,it soars again finding out that they not,only ruined it for another season like,we just got four is about to start not,only they announced that theyve renewed,for season five theyve renewed it for,season six this is a show,what we do in the shadows that i admit,fully i hated the idea of,when they first announced it i hated the,idea yeah i knew taikawati was going to,be involved to a degree but it sounded,like a poor mans version of the,brilliant movie its like oh my god you,cant do this as a show especially if,youre not bringing if its not going to,start taika with td and uh,jer jer whats his name uh,jermaine yeah jeremy clements,thank you jermaine clemons if youre not,its not gonna have the cast of the,movie whats the point this is just a,pathetic grab its some whatever you,know what we do in the shadows had a,moment as a movie by the way the movie,is,remarkably good um its what got taika,with t to the thor movie but,i was completely against it this is a,dumb idea,and then they launched with the first,couple of episodes i think and my wife,came to my fan came to me she said,have you watched that what we do in the,shadow show yet im like no im not,going to bother with that shes like you,might want to reconsider that,like really i said is it funny she goes,im not going to say anything i just,think you should reconsider you should,give it a shot,like okay,ive never gone back,i was hooked from episode one this show,probably is the funniest show like,ted lasso its got it comes with so many,elements it is hilarious but its filled,with charm and warmth and love and,smiles and rainbows but,what we do in the shadows there is not a,show that more consistently makes me,laugh out loud thats airing right now,than what we do in the shadows with that,uh nandor,i think is the greatest thing on tv,nandor is like the greatest guy in tv,right now so many great things,you know gizmo guillermo uh whatever,nadia i mean just jackie daytona,everything about this show,sings it absolutely sings its filthy,its got some really raunchy humor oh my,god the episode with mark hamill,the the episode,mark hamill was so freaking good mark,hamill has a vampire uh a derelict a,deadbeat landlord a vampire,its so good to hear them say look we,know this works,and again its like the ted lasso thing,its like they know it nobody cares,about the story of whats going on i,mean finding out guillermos descendant,of van helsing is actually a vampire,hunter thats pretty cool but we just,want to see these vampires hanging out,and talk,and they know that and theyre,greenlighted for another two this this,show has not slowed down for me ive,watched three full seasons now its not,lost its pace anyway chris you hear,about this theyve greenland it for,seasons five and six what do you make of,this this is wonderful this is my day i,love it i think this is great,i love how much everyone on this show,clearly is having fun too yeah i mean,matt berry is just a gift to us all um,one of my favorite things to do is make,logan say boring things as matt barry um,so hell run around the house and be,like darling do you need me to do,laundry,um but so i i love that i love that the,actor who plays guillermo is so invested,in this show too that he does a lot of,his own stunt work yeah he wanted to,make sure that he looked cool doing all,of this everyones so funny theres so,many great cameos on it people are dying,to be on this show and i think audiences,really really love it because like you,i i was a little delayed where i went ah,the movies great i dont know if im,going to watch this and i havent looked,back since it is a absolute laugh riot,and they can take the most mundane thing,like going to a super bowl party or a,superb owl,and theyll make it so great,i love it,rob you hear about this what do you make,of them renewing it for seasons five six,before season four even airs look,clearly i mean this show what i love,about the show is it knows exactly what,it is everyones on the same page and,like you said,clearly everyone is having a great time,i have to tell you i bought the movie,on blu-ray not a surprise right what was,the surprise was i dont think i watched,it for like two years,this is before the series two or three,years you know its one of those things,where you hear about it but you didnt,see it im like oh i have to have this,in my collection i didnt really know,why just i heard people rob youre gonna,love this bite so its one of those,things it was kind of like spielbergs,lincoln i didnt see lincoln in the,theater and i just had on this i kept,moving it down the stack im like do i,really want to watch a movie about,abraham lincoln and then when i watched,it i watched it five times in a week i,watch it every day for a week thats how,much i love lincoln,this thing,i i put it on,and i watched the first 10 minutes and,im like,this is the greatest thing ever and i,went back and i wanted to watch i,watched the 10 minutes again,and i i think ive seen this movie 50,times and im like okay this to me was,the successor of spinal tap you know,that yeah,thats a good question,and like where where even though its a,complete goof,it still works its still a legitimate,genre movie even though its complete,outright comedy what they do with all of,the with werewolves and vampires and the,culture and all that and the mythology,it all worked really really well and i,thought that was fascinating,when the show was on im like,all you have to do is watch the first,episode and yeah okay this is capturing,lightning in a bottle,it doesnt cost a lot,the people that are making this show are,they probably show up with bells on,every day it does not surprise me that a,show like this gets to a two season,renewal because this is the kind of,entertainment that you want to me thats,the way the world it should be like this,you should be renewing a tv show for two,years you know especially when youre,talking about seasons five and six,i think its well deserved i think were,all better off and if youre if youre a,horror or science fiction fan and youve,never watched this show,do it go get the movie first because i,think the movies so good yeah so the,only question that i have is have you,conquered staten island,so by the way and the guys at fx and,hulu they know,theyve got a winner on the their hands,this comes to us from the folks at,variety they wrote the following what we,do in the shadows,has been renewed for both season five,and season six at fx the announcement,comes ahead of the popular comedys,fourth season premiere,theres a lot of life left in our,favorite vampires from staten island and,fx couldnt be more thrilled to commit,to two additional seasons of this,phenomenal series said nick grad,president of original programming for,effects to entertainment what we do in,the shadows excels on every level from,the brilliant cast of the surprising,guest stars to the producers writers,directors and crew we cant wait for,everyone to enjoy season four knowing,that the next two are on the way and,again that comes up from the folks at,variety they said it all right there,yeah they they know exactly what theyve,got by the way the episode where they go,to viva atlantic city,i mean that that whole episode where,they do the heist with the boxing match,everythings so great about this show,anyway guys question is for you do you

The Psychology Behind Group Dynamics: What We Do In The Shadows ????

[Music],put on your therapy hats and lets take,a look at how well these vampires,converse and communicate,and if i was their therapist what kind,of tips and techniques would i be giving,them,everyone nadja laszlo,yeah yes can you come downstairs for a,second please,thank you laszlo in your own time that,ja,so listen we have received a letter,and i would like very much to read it to,you but not here we want to go into the,library why not here,id like to read it in this just a,formality itll sound exactly the same,if you read it here than if you read it,in there im not going to disagree with,you but its not the point,so i love it i think that nandor already,does a really great job,at speaking what he wants and being very,polite about it,you can see that laszlo is a little bit,offended by having to go into a separate,room because he does not see the point,to that,but everyone is taking their time to be,able to share their thoughts,and they both seem to be hearing what,the other person is saying,so so far i think that theyve done a,good job of getting,their point across thats the formality,okay look its not even that far im,gonna keep this fine thank you,okay so even though laszlo swears he,says like screw it thats it im going,to be going into the other room ill go,but i love the way that nandor took that,he took that with grace,and instead of he could have started a,fight with this because this would have,been,a rational thing well an irrational,thing to do when someone swears at you,to get upset and frustrated but instead,he said,thank you so much for doing that and,allowed this to continue on its just a,formality please,not yeah just the formality thank you,yes mo the dog it wasnt so bad was it,now before we go into the reading of the,letter,i wanted to talk about general hygiene,in the cell,last night there were all these people,down there,shouting and screaming half drunk where,did they find the alcohol no,they were half drunk they had been half,drunk,oh please finish a whole victim before,moving on to a next one okay,its very unhygienic so i think that,another thing that nandor does,really well is his tone his tone,is very even its calm,its not irate it is very unhygienic to,have,half drunk humans there sitting i can,understand how he would be upset about,that,but he says it in a really nice way and,i think that when you are,giving information or being critical to,someone else and wanting something to be,changed,the manner in which you present yourself,will change everything you come,in really angry really frustrated really,aggressive,then the other person is gonna naturally,get their guard up and i think that,nandor after,i dont know 500 years i dont know how,old he is um has really worked on being,able to always be courteous,and his abcs always be classy,i think i know whos leaving them down,there but i dont want to say if youve,got something to say then damn well say,so we have a little bit of snip there,though right he says oh i know who is,leaving the bodies down there but i,dont want to say it,that was calling someone out pointing a,finger so here we go he loses a few,points for this,and then of course what is laszlo gonna,do hes getting upset because hes being,embarrassed in front of everyone,else its not hygienic how dare you,[Music],okay so you shouldnt hiss hissing is a,really bad thing to do in an,argument you are adding fuel to the fire,and youre making the other person upset,so,now theyre no longer listening to each,other their brains have gone limbic,and that means that theyre not really,thinking theyre just reacting,even if youre emotionally being,attacked not,physically but what ends up happening is,your brain,ends up feeling like its physically,being attacked and so you go through a,fight-or-flight response,why dont we just write on them with,markup and put our names on the date,well thats a good suggestion yeah good,idea,okay so nadia calms them both down by,like giving her own little hiss,but then she also gives a really,wonderful suggestion of putting marker,pens just like we do with our food,even after this heated discussion where,they almost went to,blows they were able to say you know,what that was actually a really great,idea,and calmed down and in the matter of,seconds,theyve reached a resolution that,everyone seems to agree with,mark pence guillermo make sure theyre,permanent sharpie,genius you date as well yes great,thinking,and yes name of the month yes day year,okay so not only does um nandor,compliment her and like thank her for,this uh suggestion,but then when she wants to express,herself he does stop talking so thats,the other part that happens in,conversations is often two people are,talking at the same time so no ones,listening,which is amazing because then that deals,with conflict resolution so instead of,saying,saying just emotions and feelings that,we feel theyre actually working,towards a solution and then when they,find a solution theyre able to move on,and now we come to the reading,of the letter close the door,okay so a little bit of frustration i,would say definitely if i was doing,group therapy with them,please can you not groan or huff or,roll your eyes or throw your head back,or hitch your thigh,that makes the other person feel rushed,and not heard but,nandor takes it in stride he just,continues on with what he has to say,doesnt get stuck in the little tiny,bits that we can always sometimes get,stuck,on and he moves on which i think he did,a good job with that the doors closed,close it more the baron is coming to,visit us,when is he coming exactly tomorrow,why didnt you give this to me earlier,to arrive this morning master,i would totally call out nandor on how,he treats guillermo,i think that he um is not as respectful,as he can be even if someone works for,you,or is youre familiar you should still,treat them with respect and you should,not be snatching things out of his hands,or hissing at them,thats rude we should get a chariot led,by 12,black alligators its a lot of,alligators out of paint,what about a van a van can you at least,make sure its black,yeah black vent with tomorrow excellent,see i love that i love it they do such a,good job at negotiating differences and,opinions people can get stuck on things,it happens,all the time in group therapy that they,want something and theyre going to hold,on to it because their ego,needs that and she wanted this like,black alligators and hes like oh,12 alligators its a lot of alligators,its a lot of paint can we do this he,makes the suggestion everyone listens,theyre like well can we at least make,it black and they both make concessions,so that they can do something and,theyve solved this problem,so much faster than usually it happens,in real life so thats what happens when,people have been alive for a really long,time,they work these things out vampire only,laughing should we tell colin robinson,that is a terrible idea,what would ruin the evening are we,having a house meeting,no no so your,gathering here is just a coincidence,yes my name is colin robinson,and i am whats known as a psychic,vampire or energy vampire so they had a,house meeting they did not invite colin,um you know hes a an energy vampire you,can totally understand why they might,not want to have him there,but this is going to cause a problem,because hes not going to feel included,and theyre making a decision,as a group this would be a little bit of,a hit on the,group dynamics because now hes going to,be even more frustrated and feel more,left out hi deb,energy vampires drain peoples energy,merely by talking,to them actual versus budget year to,date no thanks youre going to be at,that all day,so they should have invited colin but,you can kind of understand why because,an energy,vampire just kind of sucks the happiness,out of the room you may know one in your,life,um but all together i think they did,really,well i would rate them like a 7.5,little bit of the violence the hissing,might have give

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