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The Wheel of Time Season 1 Review

season one,of the wheel,of time,an extremely mixed bag that i have quite,a bit to say about now ill reiterate,something ive been saying since pretty,much the beginning and thats that,reviewing a whole season is a lot,clearer than reviewing episode to,episode because now i get to see the,full final picture of what theyre,crafting whereas reviewing episode to,episode often feels like to me reviewing,chapters of a book lets go ahead and,dive in deep to the various categories i,got here the first thing i want to talk,about is the editing of this show i know,the sexiest of topics but editing to me,is maybe the most important part of,presenting your work to the audience you,can take something thats not directed,super well you can take something thats,maybe a little bit shoddy in its,lighting and through editing do a lot of,work to fix the final product and boy oh,boy when this show took its time some,stuff was edited really great i mean the,usage of the bolt cam and the episode 7,cold open,as a tech nerd i won a bolt cam for book,reviews so bad but then there were other,sequences edited,so poorly especially the in the climax,with yoshi stardowski as rand madeleine,madden and shamael who the performance,of shame is pretty damn good but the,editing for this ending sequence ive,rewatched this episode three times now,and every time i get to this sequence it,is baffling to me how it is presented it,doesnt communicate whats going on with,rand very clearly it doesnt communicate,whats going on in the dream world,versus reality very clearly and the just,whirling spinning motion,its dramatic,but it fails to communicate anything of,substance we do get some,very interesting visuals and cool,sequences like the tracking shot of,barney as hes going through winters,night slaughter fantastic but theres,just also so many poorly edited,sequences especially this cold open it,is,what because in like the post process,you work on everything not in,chronological order of what you shot it,you just work on the most important,stuff and try to get it up there and,then as more shots come in youre just,working constantly and the quality,wavering within this show for editing is,just doing this next up is structure and,this is where i start to feel really bad,for the creatives involved with this,show because we know for sure the,showrunner asked for two more full,episodes i assume mostly for character,development world building and,relationship work and the lack of those,two episodes,its like desert every time we actually,are given the moments of allowing the,imminence field five to bond or display,their character i am drinking them in,like a fifth grader who is not hydrated,all day at the water fountain that is,the weirdest metaphor ive ever chosen,because theyre performed pretty darn,well by the actors i were gonna get,into the characters a little bit later i,really still like the casting almost,entirely but they are given so few,moments to actually develop the,characters these,actors have spent so much time trying to,understand marcus rutherford and,madeline madden especially i feel like i,was given almost no time to watch them,become a gwain and parent which is a,damn shame because their performances,deserve better than that i dont have,too much more to say about structure,except for it all just feels far too,rushed episode one should have been two,episodes i used to think yeah winters,night should have been the end of,episode one but no it is a good way to,hook an audience but a better way to,hook an audience is to establish,characters they care about and we did,not get that until far too late in the,season next up is communication,an area where the show did shine and,falter first and foremost the,communication of lore and magic,didnt really exist much here i have,talked to people who have not read the,books about their impressions of the,lore of the world and the magic and,while i admit the show is quite,intelligently weaving in small elements,here and there to get people informed on,whats going on overall new viewers are,just not super aware of whats going on,in the show on like the broader sense to,be fair most wheel of time book readers,are not sure of what exactly is going on,by the end of the eye of the world,thats thats totally a justifiable,thing to say robert jordans admitted,the isle of worlds a bit of a mess and,he didnt actually have the full lore,solidified in his head at that point but,for adapting the show its your job to,polish that up and try and make it fit,the end vision for the series and there,were some really good choices made to,actually try and accomplish that in,concept i actually liked the ending with,rand quite a bit having this parallel,without getting into spoilers to some,elements from the ending of the actual,series and having the main reason he,doesnt agree to whats being proposed,as he respects the agency of the woman,he loves,thats great and it feels super true to,the characters and its undercut by,contradictions this show is full of,accidental contradictions and just,what moments my favorite example upon,multiple rewatches is the time,communication in the last episode it,makes zero sense so in the twilight,hours maureen and rand walk off to go,into the blight fast forward a little,bit and were having these women who can,channel come out to have some form of,contribution to the battle despite it,still going on over at that wall they,dont go there to help at all and they,just stand there,and wait until its literally night time,and also in this time frame we see rand,fall asleep in the blight,why oh so we can get a dream sequence we,do a fake out death of moraine cool like,we have maureen at one point being like,you have to keep your strength up i get,that,sleeping in the blight is not a good,choice to do that and she even tells him,like dont touch anything and then hes,laying on the ground and then he sits on,a log,dont touch any what i wouldnt put a,spotlight on this stuff if the show,wasnt putting a spotlight on this stuff,now ill admit i really did like the,scene that happened in the dream between,rand and the shamael where shammail,feels like hes just playing with randy,sucks an arrow into his eye oh my god,cool concept visual needed more time in,post but cool concept and i will,actually say one other choice i do like,here upon my re-watch of the first,season initially i was angry that were,not getting mad at shama al because i,think he adds so much personality to,book one,but he also adds a lot of confusion and,i can see with how much theyre already,struggling to communicate so much of,what jordan did having a character do,these mad ramblings might not be the,best idea for people and the fact that,the performance is strong enough i,prefer the guy from the book,but i get why we didnt get mad at,shamael here though,dear god we needed some dream sequences,where he was talking with everyone and i,assume if we had gotten two extra,episodes you might have had that instead,of just random scary face,pop out,i never liked that and then yes we have,these women who are just standing out,there night comes and well get into,that more later now were going to get,to the first category where im actually,like mostly positive and thats going to,be characters and acting despite the,characters not being developed enough,nearly every single time these actors,were allowed to shine it worked and i,liked the chemistry between them it felt,like they were up together the melodrama,was presented just as melodramatic as it,was in the books im still not a fan of,having this weirdly hinted at romance,between a parent and a gwain that then,is undercut and said not to be real but,the black wind was manipulating perrin,through that fear so maybe it is real,for him falls into the communication,issue again but i think these people are,becoming these characters and even the,ones i didnt feel like meshed super,well like roseman pike at first i was,like thats not how i really got


so just to be clear i have not read the,wheel of time series so i do not profess,myself to be an expert ive only just,started reading eye of the world,listening to it on audible but im about,halfway through the eye of the world and,overall im enjoying it i think the,either world is a good book and i think,that wheel of time has the potential to,be a great show but,boy oh boy does the show just not,represent the greatness of the book,because i wont lie i started to watch,the show just because id heard all,these youtubers that i liked and enjoyed,like shadowversity daniel green man,carrying things they were all hyped up,the wheel of time though like the wheel,of time is a great series of books ive,read these books since i was a child and,i was like okay cool i trust these guys,opinions i like them ill go try out the,wheel of time show i watched those first,three episodes and i was like,i i dont get it what am i missing and,so i went to an audible used one of my,credits and got eye of the world and,then obviously bought the book because i,like buying the you know physical copies,of the books when i buy an audio book,and yeah im about halfway through the,book and the book is just so much better,i hate to be that guy but yes the book,is better especially when you do compare,the book those first three episodes,because man just,those first three episodes is just,useless set up by the end of episode,three out of the main four characters i,didnt know much about them aside from,matt but even then matts only defining,feature was that he was a smart mouth,and honestly those first few episodes,are really rushed which is surprising,theyre all 55 minutes long you know,game of thrones was that length c is one,of game of thrones i watch game of,thrones and i feel like the show runners,have managed to cover a certain amount,of grounds and i understand the world,the characters and theyre also telling,a good chunk of the book within those 55,minutes you watch wheel of time and i,feel like theyre rushing everything the,show doesnt create enough atmosphere,about the world what is the one power,what are the archers what are the fades,who is the dark one we get none of that,its just them you know doing all the,stuff from the books but rushing through,everything so they can fit everything,into the season another problem ive got,and this is a minor one is that they,aged up the main four characters in the,books theyre roughly about 15 to 16 17,but in the show they age them up a bit,so they are definitively in their 20s,and just,i dont know it doesnt work for me,because in the book its meant to be a,coming-of-age tale like these are you,know young kids growing up into adults,and i think one of the problems with,aging them up is that rand and gwen are,sort of a couple in the show until they,arent and its really weird because in,the book rand loves the guy and he has a,crush on her he wants to be with her but,he isnt confident enough to tell her,that but in the show its like theyre,together until theyre not so they have,sex but then they also try to do the,thing from the book where rand and gwen,you know they like each other but they,arent really together and its really,confusing especially since they are,having sex like that just doesnt work,for me especially since this is meant to,be a sort of medieval fantasy setting,and so them openly just having sex is,weird because back in those days you,know they believed in divine right they,believed in chastity and all that and in,the show you dont really get that in a,way it takes away that sense of pureness,that purity that comes from rand being a,young kid whos in love and cant really,express his love and yet the show just,makes him anna going have sex and its,like,that that doesnt work its the show,runners and the writers injecting modern,sensibilities into a show where it,doesnt fit also the rand perry and a,gwen love triangle they forced into,those last two episodes was hilarious,like i remember it was like episode,three or four where parent and gwen are,on the run and like he hugs her and,people just like oh no theyre setting,up a love triangle i was like no theyre,not you know thats just parent being,the protective older brother just being,like im gonna keep you safe im gonna,keep you warm and then they literally do,that in the penultimate episode where,you know parents just like you cant,talk to her like that why are you,talking about like oh my god are they,actually going here that is i laughed i,thought that was so stupid i was like,what why wh why especially since and,this is a really dumb change they gave,parent a wife in the show which honestly,was pointless and didnt add too much,because one it felt like they didnt,even love each other like you know he,goes into the forge hugs and hes like i,love you i felt nothing behind those,lines two he kills her and whilst he,does feel tortured about it sometimes by,the end of the series he just kind of,doesnt care and three when they reveal,to the audience that parent loves aguain,it just feels really wrong and horrible,like it ultimately makes his,relationship with his wife feel,pointless and really wrong because its,like it almost comes across like perrin,love to gain but he couldnt you know go,for a wayne because you know rand was,with her but not really with her so he,instead settled for lila and then he,kills her and its just its a mess it,doesnt work and its just a really bad,change the show also changes who the,point of view character is and they,change it to moraine which in itself i,think could be okay if you know theyre,adapting the larger scheme of things,again i dont know much about the wheel,time you know series but if moraine is,essentially like the main character-ish,that thats a fine change but in terms,of them adapting eye of the world into,season one its a very bad change,because you read eye of the world and,its rans story we see the world,through rans eyes were going through,the journey through rands eyes you know,until about halfway through when they,all split off or whatever but for the,most part yes this is rands story and,in the show ran does not feel like the,main character of the series until you,get to those last two episodes where,they kind of just go yep rands the,dragon and honestly amazons marketing,campaign about the show of r who is the,dragon completely backfired because,there was no need to make it a mystery,because the book doesnt make it a,mystery when you read eye of the world,its pretty obvious that rand is the,dragon and they even went to the lengths,of purposefully excluding the scene,where tam tells rand that he isnt his,son its honestly really laughable like,i remember getting to the penultimate,episode and then they do that flashback,and i was like oh yeah they did do that,scene didnt they and then i went back,and watched those first two episodes and,they didnt do that scene they just,completely and purposefully glossed over,it to make the reveal of rand as the,dragon more shocking and impactful when,it just doesnt work like that type of,misdirection is really bad and really,lazy because instead of the show writers,either accepting that people are going,to figure around us the dragon straight,away and running with it or instead,making it a bigger and more smarter,mystery they straight up and,purposefully removed a key scene from,the book just so they could have their,big surprise moment like,that is,that is bad writing and honestly one of,the things that frustrates me about the,show is that they just waste so much,time on pointless events like i,understand you cant put everything in,eye of the world into the show i,understand that i understand them,cutting out the whole sequence where,they go to the stag and liar tavern and,then they do the whole sequence where,tom is like kids you know dont tell,anyone who you are dont tell them that,youre going to the white tower and all,that i understand them cutting things,like that out and having the

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Top 10 Differences Between The Wheel of Time Book and TV Show

any detail would be helpful no matter,how seemingly small welcome to watch,mojo and today were counting down our,picks for the top 10 biggest differences,between the wheel of time books and show,thank you for including me tonight,you didnt give me much of a choice for,this list were looking at the most,drastic deviations in amazons,adaptation of robert jordans epic,fantasy series itll be tough to narrow,it down to 10 but were gonna try,get ready for spoilers from both the tv,series and books,if you could restore one moment from the,books to the show what would it be,mine would probably be rand seeing the,cloaked rider on the quarry road tell us,yours in the comments,number 10 the ages of the main,characters there are rumors of fortevire,and theyre,all the right age the first books in the,wheel of time tells something of a,coming-of-age story as the emmons,fielders journey from their remote,village into a wider world of wonders,dangers and new cultures showrunner rafe,judkins decided to age the characters up,to 20 however stating that quote shows,with a bunch of 17 year olds as leads,feel more like young adult fiction the,only thing we know for certain is that,this child is coming of age now,and we must find them,before the dark dust in fact rand matt,and perrin are about 19 in the books,iguane is two years younger so the show,didnt age the characters up much it did,however make them a bit less naive and,more adult rand and aguain are in a,physical relationship and paren is,married and a blacksmith rather than an,apprentice more on that later come on,were talking about what youre married,your lifes over number nine the white,cloaks the light is always with you it,needs no instruction,i will not forget your faces should we,meet again you dont want to cross the,children of the light their zealous,persecution of those they deem dark,friends or worse witches is brutal and,merciless and i said i should know above,all others,that sometimes brutality is the only,part,to mercy however in the books theyre,more of a nuisance than a threat to,capable channelers a white cloak might,attack alone i said i but only from,hiding the tv adaptation portrays the,children as a more serious threat eamonn,valda now an inquisitor rather than a,lord captain possesses a collection of,great serpent rings to prove it the show,has valda rather than jeffrey bornhold,capture parent and aguain we are all,someone important under the light,but youre right,youre not who i thought you were,and i said i would have tried to channel,already valda claims he knows a gwainkin,channel and expects her to demonstrate,without incapacitating him kinda makes,you wonder how he even got those rings,number eight elias and other side,characters the wheel of time has a,staggering 2782,named characters of course some side,characters are much more important than,others you know a lot for a simple,gleaming,we call ourself gleeman,because a silly name makes us less,frightening,nothing is more dangerous,than a man who knows the past in the eye,of the world one of the most pivotal is,elias matira a wolf brother who mentors,parent after his escape with aguain from,shadar,theyre close,quick run another doobie ileana ship,captain bale dolmen who fairies ran matt,and tom from shatter logoth to,whitebridge other more central,characters appear later in the show than,in the books such as gleeman tom marilyn,and min whos now at faldarra rather,than barelon i think we got off on the,wrong foot im sorry i didnt even,introduce myself i know who you are,look me in the eye and tell me that you,want to know what ive got to say,because once you do theres no turning,back hopefully well meet elias and bail,domain in later seasons and get to spend,more time with tom and min i can still,hear the way that he cried for the ones,he was missing,number seven moraines exile tomorrow,when you sentence me it must be exile in,both the books and show moraine and swan,must hide their close relationship to,prevent the wrong people learning about,their search for the dragon reborn when,have we ever followed the rules,[Music],to this end swan does feign hostility,towards moraine in the source material,but she doesnt go so far as to exile,her for your disobedience,and intractability,you are exiled,from this tower nor does she demand that,moraine swear to obey her order on the,oath rod a romantic relationship is,hinted at in the books in the prequel,novel new spring an icidi believes that,moraine and sawan were pillow friends as,girls but true or not its over by the,time the books begin,they dont have a tear angry all that,allows them to travel to a secret,hideaway either what were you thinking,number six matt abandons his friends is,it too late to change my mind,theres no turning back,robert jordan once described matt coffin,as quote the bad boy on a harley in the,books hes a merry prankster who,provides comic relief a lovable rogue,and reluctant hero whos nonetheless,there for his friends when it counts by,comparison the show offers a much,grimmer take matts father abble is now,an impoverished lecher and his mother,natty a drunk youre going to be just,like your dad,i know it moraine describes matt as,having an inherent darkness what if its,him,matt,theres an inherent darkness within him,he was drawn to the dagger and it was,feeding on him as much as he was on it,when his friends travel to the eye of,the world matt abandons them and moraine,sends the red asha after him there is a,man that they must find,a boy really,matt corthon,and to whom should i send this message,the red asha this turn of events may be,due to the departure of actor barney,harris during filming hell be replaced,by donal finn in advance would pay you,either way its quite a different matt,number 5. perrins marriage,parent has a gentle nature but as a wolf,brother he struggles to walk the fine,line between his human and animal sides,[Music],one of the main catalysts for this,conflict comes in the first book when,white cloaks kill the wolf hopper and,peron loses control killing two men,while moraine lan and naive rescue,parent and aguain the event leads to a,long-standing conflict between perrin,and the children of the light the show,on the other hand gives parent a wife,layla whom he accidentally kills in the,first episode its this trauma that,instigates his internal struggle between,peace and violence violence is in us all,the way the leaf isnt about denying,that its about accepting it,maybe number four the false dragon they,have been false dragons before,women and men whove claimed the title,for power or personal gain,false or no,his strength is more than anything ive,ever seen the wheel of time is an epic,sprawling series and a lot of material,was streamlined for the adaptation,however the show also added a lot of new,content including much of the fourth,episode none of them understand who you,are,what youre going to be in the books we,first glimpse the false dragon logan,when hes paraded into caimlin in the,eye of the world and again in the great,hunt after hes been brought to tarvel,on and gentled let the hand of the tower,fall on you,and take back that which nature itself,does not wish you to hold,the show however has moraine llan and,naive encounter logan and his captors,which now include leandron alana and,kareni kareni is actually from the,prequel novel new spring where shes,killed by the black asha the fate of her,warder steppen isnt explored,number three reunited at tarvalan in the,books caimlin is a milestone in the,eminence fielders journey bringing the,wide-eyed villagers to their countrys,bustling capital all right,youre live,oh its nice to see you too,uh gwen aaron are they here i have,watchers,ill know when they arrive its also,where we meet key characters such as,elaine trachand the daughter heir of,andor and loyal your name sings in my,ears however the show has the characters,reunite and meet loyal in tarvalan,instead covering some of the action from,the

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Why The Wheel of Time Finale FAILED | Episode 8 Review

the eye of the world the final episode,in the wheel of time season one i had a,lot of hope going into this finale and,that hope was kind of crushed book one,is sort of universally known to not have,the best ending its a little bit,confusing and since amazon has already,changed a lot with the show i figured,this would be a good opportunity to,change the ending to make it a little,bit better but it didnt really do that,even in the behind the scenes they,talked about how they wanted to make it,less confusing than in the book and i,dont really feel they succeeded with,that if anything its kind of more,confusing and ill get into why i think,a lot of people are going to enjoy this,episode for simply the spectacle theres,a lot of it but its a lot of empty,spectacle that reveals a lot of issues,theres a lot to cover that im going to,get into so this review is basically,going to be me explaining why the finale,fails but also ill be talking about the,parts that i like as well,[Music],ive been captured by the dark friends,if im ever to escape im gonna need,your help one subscribe equals one dead,trollic if you want to help me escape,this prison im gonna need you to,subscribe we need an army to fight the,dark one so if you followed my episode,reviews youll know that i was very,critical at the beginning and then i,started to enjoy the show more by,episode 7 i was actually pretty positive,i still have a lot of criticisms but,that episode was actually one of my,favorites but there was a lot riding on,this final episode and i felt like if,they nailed it it would make up for some,of the poor writing and pacing and,editing that the show has had so far but,they didnt quite nail it it was,actually kind of a disappointing and,underwhelming final episode now im not,one of those book fans that think this,show is a total disaster i think theres,a lot of good stuff here but i also see,where theyve made a lot of bad choices,and also just putting the books aside,theres just a lot of issues with the,writing and the editing and just,developing their characters and plots in,general that being said im still,hopeful that they can recover in season,two now i dont know if im just trying,to be optimistic because i really want,this show to succeed i want the wheel of,time for lack of better comparison to be,the next game of thrones this is such an,epic story it easily could be but it,just comes down to how this adaptation,is handled and so far its kind of all,over the place i hate to repeat what,everyone else is saying but a lot of it,comes down to the fact that eight,episodes is just not enough time for a,huge sprawling epic fantasy and it shows,ive spoken to several people completely,new to the series that are pretty,confused about a lot of things for,future seasons they really need more,episodes and stronger screenwriting,and probably more time to edit those,effects the budget is not to blame,anyway lets talk about the cold open,first of all myself and many others were,expecting this to finally be the dragon,mound prologue from book one if you,dont know this is an iconic prologue,featuring lose there and telemon the,dragon going mad and we see the,beginning of the breaking of the world,where everything was set back thousands,of years its the moment of the dragons,destruction which sets in motion the,events that would make his rebirth a,necessity its something that i thought,would be incredible to see on screen and,it would explain a lot of things now it,isnt a requirement for them to adapt,this part but im just baffled as to why,they didnt when the cold open that we,do get just is kind of dramatically flat,and feels about as restrained as logan,yes you can argue that we already got,the dragon mount prologue and the x-ray,animated bonus content but i still think,it would have been more powerful here,during the finale anyway here we see 3,000 years ago the dragon speaking with,the amerlin about his plan to seal the,dark one the state of the war just isnt,really conveyed here loose therons plan,is years and years after fighting an,uncaged dark one and being on the losing,side so theyre kind of desperate and,the flourishing city doesnt really,convey that but it was cool to see latra,seems to imply the dragon is acting out,of pride and even predicts the,consequences that the male half of the,one power would be corrupted this,prediction did not happen in the books,the dark one lashing out and corrupting,the male half of the power was not,anticipated beforehand and i feel like,this is kind of painting lous therin in,a bad light it was actually at a time,when all other plans had already failed,and imminent defeat was approaching that,luce theron marched off with his army of,a hundred and went to seal the dark,ones prison and he would have succeeded,without being corrupted if the female,half of the one power came to his aid,the show version just doesnt really,make his plans seem heroic at all one,thing i noticed is that the amerlin,referred to him as the dragon reborn but,lose theron was the original dragon he,hasnt been reborn yet so he should just,be called the dragon i did like how he,was wearing black to represent sai deen,and she was wearing white to represent,saidar and later we see ishamael wearing,both of them to represent the whole one,power i also loved getting that shot of,the city in the books its mostly hinted,at what the age of legends was like so,its cool to see how advanced they were,we see this beautiful sci-fi utopia im,guessing a lot of the budget for this,episode was in that shot by the way if,you compare this to the ruined,skyscrapers in episode 1 youll notice,its the same city which i thought was a,pretty cool easter egg but again nothing,in this cold open is filling us with,impending doom like we should be feeling,at this time okay now lets talk about,rand and moraine the blight does look,creepy and we learn its a very,dangerous place but we dont really see,any shadow spawn and theres not really,any danger that rand and moraine run,into rand is instructed not to touch,anything because the blight is a rot and,we see a body that its infected but,then a little while later theyre just,sleeping on some trees i guess i guess,those trees were safe then ive noticed,a few times where the show kind of,contradicts itself and breaks its own,rules rand is having more creepy dreams,and the fiery eyed guy pushes an arrow,into his eye and morphs into this man,surprise surprise its ishmael who is a,shamael well when the dragon and his 100,companions sealed the dark one they also,sealed off the forsaken who are,basically the death eaters of the wheel,of time and this man is one of the,forsaken i think the show kinda tried to,explain that but if i was new to the,series i dont think i would have,gathered that info hes one of the eight,forsaken that steppen was trying to ward,off though theres actually 13 of them,in the books later in the episode we see,moraine show lan a piece of quendiyar,now quendiyar also known as hearthstone,is an almost indestructible substance,created during the age of legends its,so strong it will even absorb the one,power and become even stronger so the,fact that this is broken shows that at,least one of the seven seals on the dark,ones prison is broken which explains,why one of the forsaken is able to,intrude into everyones dreams even,manipulating swans dream to lead them,into this trap at the eye of the world,he is known as the betrayer of hope and,the father of lies now fun little,backstory on a shamael he was actually,once an acclaimed philosopher and,theologian who came to the conclusion,that due to the wheels cyclical nature,the dark one would have unlimited amount,of chances to break out of his prison,and he would eventually win so he chose,to join the dark and become one of the,most powerful forsaken here theyve sort,of tamed his shamael down a lot in the,books hes pretty much insane but here,hes kind of calm and collected i do,think the performance was

Why the Wheel of Time show was disappointing

hey nerds whats up the time has finally,come to talk about amazon primes wheel,of time season one in a sentence my,feelings are despite excellent casting,and some moments and scenes that truly,shone and really felt like the wheel of,time ultimately season one was a,disappointment to me due to,the lack of attention to detail some,confusing character arc decisions and,inconsistent follow-through so those are,the five topics well be covering today,in the video real quick before we jump,into that i want to make two little,disclaimers i guess a lot of people,thought that i went into the wheel of,time show doing those differences,episodes to immediately hate on the show,which was not my intention at all i,would love to do those kind of videos on,adaptations i love i am just very,interested in the differences between,books and their adaptations when i saw,the hamilton play i fell in love with it,and then i went and read the 1200 page,hamilton biography i just like to know,and i thought it would be helpful for,others who may not want to read wheel of,time or read it a long time ago so it,was not intentionally a negative thing,also last week i made a video about,adaptations in general and i kind of,feel like it is a part one to this video,talking about kind of fans expectations,my own misconceptions and i really,recommend you give that a watch if you,kind of want the full picture with that,being said see after jump,[Applause],lets start off with excellent casting,im gonna be honest guys i fell in love,with pretty much everybody in this,entire cast the few im going to talk,about were the huge standouts to me,number one being more rain played by,rosamund pike this is my moraine guys,despite like maybe some screenwriting,decisions i didnt agree with her,presence on screen was just exactly how,i imagined moraine and i am just so,grateful for this gift because moraine,is one of my favorite literary,characters period i fell in love with,her in the wild time shes still my,favorite character and im just so,grateful that if season one gave me,anything it gave me pike as moraine i,also thought land did an incredible job,im sorry i forget his actors name ill,put it here i thought he brought such,the next person i need to talk about is,joshua joshua stradowski as rand man,they didnt give rand a lot to do but oh,he just nailed rands present so much i,really fell in love with his depiction,of rand so of all the characters to have,me love moraine and rand the most just,fills my heart with joy im also so sad,were losing barney harris as matt its,very funny because i am kind of annoyed,with what they did with matt i feel like,they really did him a disservice but,still barney harris like hes the one,for sure they claim hes a fan hes a,fan because he somehow brought matt out,in every possible way,i just im so sad that were going to,lose him hopefully the next match does,his excellent job as harris did i really,loved him a random one i want to bring,up is leandren i have talked about her,the entire time we have been doing these,episodes i absolutely love her portrayal,of leandren it is just the right amount,of kind of like conniving and sneaky but,intelligent and its kind of one of,those random side characters that i,thought really pulled through for me,like really stole the show whenever she,was on screen i also loved naive she did,a great job,paren,a lot of people havent been liking the,actor who played parent i love him they,keep saying like well he just kind of,acts stupid sometimes and im like,thats whats in the book the book is,that people think parent is stupid,because hes quiet and stoic and take,some time to think i feel like he nailed,it i wish hed been given more to do but,i really liked that i pretty much if i,didnt mention somebody i liked them all,i think there was only one miscast for,me and that was min i just always,personally imagined min as much more,like,boyish youthful maybe not as jaded and,so that might have been a screenwriting,thing but it just didnt that was the,only one that didnt really resonate for,me the other quick casting thing i,wanted to talk about is they decided to,kind of drop the ageless look of the iso,dye which i am grateful for reason being,is on screen i think the only way to,portray ageless is to cast women way too,young for the roles and i dont think,that that would carry the presence and,commanding that you need can you imagine,if someone not moraines age if we got,20 year old plane moraine for the aegis,look instead of roseman pike whos,actually maureens age im very very,grateful for that and i think it was a,good decision so yes i like that lets,move on to some of the wonderful moments,in this wheel of time show because there,were some the first one i think of is,the smallest moment of matt talking to,elsie it was just a heartwarming moment,it was one of those moments that works,for a non-book reader and works for a,book reader because were getting some,foreshadowing i just i loved that scene,obviously blood snow insane i rewatched,that scene kind of brought gave me a,little teary the second time i watched,it it gave me chills the first time the,way it nailed the als strength while,also giving us an important world,building piece and making it so,emotional what a magnificent scene i,actually think they did a pretty good,job condensing the dark friend thing,down we always knew we werent going to,see rand and matt go to town to town to,town there just wasnt going to be,enough time to do something repetitive,like that on tv i really liked the,example they used in the show i thought,it was well done ive told you guys that,ive been a fan of how they increased,lan and i nevers romantic plot points i,think that romance comes out of nowhere,in the book i know many fans agree with,me and whether the scenes were a little,cheesy or not i appreciated that they,were trying to grow that and i really,enjoyed their on-screen chemistry and,how they kind of expanded that storyline,im always going to be a fan of that,also some of the changes they made that,i thought suited the story pretty well,like rand and moraine going into the,blight alone i do not think that was a,bad choice i actually quite liked it i,also liked the way they had egg wayne,and rand talk about each other in the,books if you havent read them they do,spend a lot of time like when theyre,apart missing each other but its maybe,a little cheesy its like oh i miss them,i got you i gotta save her i gotta save,him and i kind of like this instead this,thread of like well rands gonna follow,where you go aguain it just i dont know,something about it just felt a little,bit more realistic in the way it was,portrayed and i i really enjoyed that,you know i also really liked as you guys,know episodes four and seven were kind,of some of my favorites and in episode,four i enjoyed how they brought the uh,tower politics into it i enjoyed finding,out more about logan i thought i think,it worked i think those are the things,that really worked for me okay lets,move in to my first negative point which,was the lack of attention to detail this,is something that is really from a show,perspective that i kept noticing over,and over and the thing is when youre,adapting a fantasy novel like the wheel,of time which has very specific,foreshadowing very specific magic,systems it becomes even more noticeable,when things lack detail so let me give,some examples the biggest one that i,think of is how in the exact same,episode which was episode four some of,the icidi are talking about how they,cannot see mens weaves but then at the,end of that same episode logan sees,nyevs weaves when he says that shes,brighter than the sun thats literally,directly contradicting itself within the,same episode another example would be in,their little bonus content they have a,whole thing on cedar and seiden,which means that in the canon of the,show they are keeping that the source,has a male half and a female half so,then why in the b

Wheel of Time Season One: A Full Discussion—Ep. 34 of Intentionally Blank

[Music],welcome back to the wheel of time talk,show welcome back were so excited to,have you here,but before we talk about the wheel of,time theres something important that we,have to talk about something very,important something very important i,know that its very important because,approximately four million people,tweeted me about it um and i do you know,despite making that joke im i i do want,to say that im thankful to all of you,for sending this to me uh somebody did a,food heist on christmas day wow bold yes,stealing did they steal something,christmas themed they stole,20 000 pounds of,butter,oh come on youve got to steal like a,pear tree or something if its christmas,okay so lets actually be um lets,actually be very specific about this it,was 20 000 kilograms of butter okay,worth two hundred thousand dollars,but what kind of butter is but this was,in canada,so one of those numbers is much higher,and one of those numbers is much smaller,than you probably think it is it was it,translated into united states weird,measurements 44 000 pounds of butter,that was worth about 156 thousand,dollars okay so that makes slightly more,sense then,but still,slightly yeah i guess it does yeah uh,anyway it was uh remember when we had,the the guy that stole all the,all the gnocchi in australia yes yes and,and i i strongly suspect that that one,was an accident the guys like im gonna,steal this truck not realizing it was,full of,dumplings uh this was orchestrated they,have security footage of a black suv,dropping four guys off,and then they broke into,like they broke through the fence and,they stole the two trucks that had all,the butter in,and then drove away with it and they,found the trucks later with all the,butter gone,lets just,maybe this is like some super villain,right,right its like its like mr freeze but,his wife instead of butter dying of like,some strange thing that needs diamonds,she just needs a stick of butter every,30 seconds,otherwise you know something horrible,something horrible happens,i think that it is uh perhaps a super,villain who has found out that one of,the superheroes is lactose intolerant,and this is how theyre gonna destroy,him with butter with butter ah all the,butter in the world,uh yeah so uh,200 000 canadian dollars worth of butter,stolen on christmas day in a clearly,planned,way,my favorite part is that they abandoned,the trucks and just took the butter like,wheres the butter what are they doing,with it and they they left the trucks,how much of those trucks were the trucks,are probably worth a lot take them to a,chop shop get them stripped down get,something out of it how do you offload,your butter right,do you do you go to,the fence right and be like i got good,stuff for you theyre like oh really uh,cocaine you know,no i got i got something even smoother i,got i got premium butter premium,the best butter what do you like salted,unsalted,ive got it i got it all you like in,those little florets,ive got 40 tons or what 40 thousand,forty four thousand ninety two pounds of,butter of premium uncut canadian butter,premium uncut canadian butter yeah you,snort it out of your pinky i dont i,dont even know,like what do you use all that butter for,yeah how do you,maybe make a movie theater mated for,their popcorn,its a movie theater run by the mob and,they just have principles and,we cannot buy our butter,if we do the other mobster movie,theaters are just going to make fun of,them theyre going to make fun of us we,dont want to wet let johnny law win,so uh were going to advertise you know,come to,al capones movie theater,pure illegal butter guarantee,ill have to use that as our tagline for,the next minicon,pure illegal butter guarantee,theres a title for this podcast,yep,there it is i dont know that that could,can beat wheel of time uh podcast but,well see,well see its gonna be quite the uh,quite the,drag out fight in the comments section,which one is the better which one is the,better um,so i i have several more food heists for,you,we will save them we will ration them,okay,so if you sent dana food heist and hes,not mentioning now its its in the,queue i know somebody sent me,the one thing um,and you know who you are and what it is,you sound like youre putting them in,timeout,[Laughter],dont let it happen again no absolutely,send me all your food heists uh thats,what i want the most out of life what is,best in life,to uh,to see the food heists to to hear your,lamentation of the gnocchi sellers,[Laughter],to roll in the stolen butter and hear,the lamentations of the dairy farmers,who were expecting that to be used for,premium grade uh pastries and instead,were feeling dans bath with it man you,realize every time i see,large quantities of butter now im gonna,think oh,there it is there it is you have a,suspicious amount of butter in your,fridge suspicious amount the uh buffet,table here,has a large pound of butter,carved into a swan that seems a little,suspicious thats thats butter fencing,gets that much butter right someones,fencing the butter yeah i mean you need,to carve the butter into shapes so its,unrecognizable its how they got the,cereal,off of the butter stolen butter was just,in bricks this looks like a bird yeah,this is totally uh different butter,yep i dont know what accident that was,do you know that um the,when you buy and sell gold one of the,ways you can buy and sell gold is you,just buy it by the number right and,there are these reserves where your gold,is kept and,your gold is just this brick with a,number on the bottom of it thats,changed hands perhaps hundreds thousands,of times with nobody whos owned that,butter has actually the brick of bar,that bar of gold has ever seen or held,it so its the its the nft model yeah,yeah i guess theyre just uh just,moving on with uh how it was but i i,find that fascinating that youre buying,and trading this thing that it could,have been stolen years ago who knows,if its still there yeah i guess thats,kind of sort of how stocks work right,yeah i dont know im not a money person,kind of sort of how stocks work yeah,maybe i just like buying,pork futures,did you buy butter futures man um uh no,im gonna buy butter pasts yeah theyre,a lot more valuable,there is a word for that lets see puts,and instead of put um instead of a yeah,i i made up a stupid thing i im shocked,to learn that its real,right you can uh you can you can buy and,trade things that you dont own,by betting that theyll go up and down,and this is why we are writers and not,stock brokers because we dont even know,the terminology theres people out there,who are like yeah i made 20 million off,of gme come on mm-hmm,brandon just use the right terms and im,like yeah its a thing that you you put,somewhere man way back in the very early,days,of the uh kind of reddit,stock the main stock hype that happened,last year uh brent weeks,was like just watching it like a hawk,yeah every day hed like i should should,i get some of this should i get in on,this is this going to be a real thing,and i dont think he ever did,but,there you go,any coin do you have bitcoin i dont,have bitcoin,i kind of think that everyone are i i do,i have about a thousand bucks okay ive,finally came to this this determination,that for me a thousand dollars is not,very much right um and i dont know that,its going to be the money in the future,it feels like that gold bar thing except,someone is able to put their fingers on,the scale uh a lot of someones are able,to put their fingers on the scale its,unregulated and all of these things but,on the odd chance,that in,10 000 years this is the standard,[Laughter],your great great great great great,grandchildren will be happy you bought,that you bought some bit yeah right the,kid who used to live across the street,from me,uh when bitcoin first started he sunk,like 500 into it yeah and you know that,was long enough ago that thats a ton of,money now did he keep it uh he kept,about half of it nice um as far as im,aware when did you bu

Wheel of Time Episode 1 Review Reaction – A Beautiful Destruction of the Books & Lore Season 1

spoilers for episode one the wheel of,time is out finally its a book that,ive been reading since i was a little,kid and my worst fears came to light,whatever this is this isnt the wheel of,time this is more like a fan fiction,reproduction just with a bigger budget,this is like someone with a gender,studies degree went on twitter and wrote,their thesis about it 140 characters at,a time its the same disaster you would,expect theyve made the same changes you,would expect and they ruin it,because although there are glimpses of,greatness there are masterpiece level,things which have been done and moments,of excellence all of this comes down to,other people of talent its either the,set designers for building the two,rivers which was incredible its down to,the fight scenes or the cgi its various,different other people which are,involved but no matter how good those,moments are theyre always the things,interspersed among the cesspool of filth,the writing in this is awful this is,written by someone who is not very smart,and they dont understand the books or,what theyre changing theyre taking key,aspects of story key aspects of the plot,and altering parts of it that will,completely and utterly destroy later,parts of the film they even make changes,in this episode which means they have to,change something else in this episode,because otherwise their first thing,wouldnt have made any sense,and all of their first changes are done,for one single reason its an,ideological bent and its disgusting the,wheel of time was never a story about,how well men rule the world it was,always something that was balanced and,fair it was literally about two hands,working together and against each other,to get something good its about men and,women working together to make something,happen but it was never about them being,the same they never occupied the same,roles,they each had different strengths and in,the main thats what they did there was,some overlap but most people stayed in,their lane,the lane they were designed for and it,was never one where one took power over,the other or one was better than the,other youre better in different ways,and there were even hints that sometimes,the people who thought they were in,charge werent and that was even shown,in the two rivers,and yet in this its very clear whos,the dominant one women are pushed at,every angle every single woman is lifted,oh theyre all amazing theyve got all,of their flaws smoothed out naive is no,longer a bossy cow cant have that,and the mens circle the men that lead,the village,no longer even exist and the perfect,example of exactly how one change knocks,onto so many other things starts right,at the start,with the very first sentence where,moraine comes out and goes oh the men,thought they could seal the ball they,could seal the dark one away how,arrogant of them,now the issue that shes got there is,that the two rivers themselves didnt,like as to die because theyd heard the,stories theyd heard the myth and then,the wheel of time myth always has a root,of truth theres always a story there,and the myth for the two rivers is that,the,ayahuasa die caused the destruction and,the breaking of the world,but now in our very first sentence we,get told that men were responsible the,men did it not because they wanted to do,a good thing and suddenly there was a,counter-stroke no they did it because,they were arrogant it was the mens,fault and that couldnt be further from,the truth,but to hide the message behind the true,cause behind it now weve got to change,the plot in the two rivers theres no,longer a myth suddenly all of the people,in the two rivers people that only have,like one visitor a year the peddler that,comes annually suddenly now were all,about ace to die they can recognize them,from their rings and rather than,thinking their dark friends and actually,want them out of the village to the,point where they would never even talk,to her give her the best beds give her,the stuff we instantly recognize her,just because she uh shows her ring the,tv series is a plot of people that know,things they magically couldnt know and,dont know things that they should have,done suddenly theres four severe and in,the two rivers dont know why and,suddenly the man which needs to be able,to channel said in can be a man or a,woman thatll be interesting and,suddenly the dragon can be reborn as,anything he wants hey why settle it a,boy or a girl why not make it a troll,chore oh gee,lets have them shown as anything,thatll make a lot of sense and yet,apparently now thats what were meant,to believe doesnt matter about the,biological reality or in fact the,mechanics of how seidin and saidar work,now weve got to ignore that because now,women can be anything and theres all,these strange little digs implanted in,there its like to be a woman is to be,forever alone,and then i know he pushes her off a,cliff i mean i think ive found the,reason why you are literally alone its,because you keep pushing people off,cliffs youre mad bint and in the books,naive is always an angry little cow,people dont like her because shes got,a temper and shes bossy that is the,magic words which sjws dont like you,dont have a woman thats bossy anymore,apparently thats an abomination yeah,that is what naive was in the books,and yet in this oh no all thats got out,now shes just a nice little medic and,suddenly naive knows everything about,the areas to die because her old teacher,you actually went to the tower and got,turned away because of some weird class,system she was a peasant in the ais to,die dont take peasants,except they do,because being an aside is one of the,rarest talents in the world and the,white tower needs as many women as they,can physically get their hands on to the,point where they really dont want them,to get away and will do anything to get,more of them literally send out women,across the land to hunt out all the,people to test women just to make sure,that it couldnt actually channel not,only because the women if they channel,on their own will die but because they,always needed more of them always wanted,more of them and they would never turn,people away because they had a country,accent,but you cant do that because youve,been on twitter and youve read marks,and you think that oh my god the class,structure the class structures weighing,us all down ive got to get that ive,just got a crowbar that in our tv series,something that doesnt possibly belong i,mean theres plenty of other places in,the tv series you could have posted,places where there are lords ladies and,peasantry all in the same city that,possibly would have made sense but now,no now the airs to die the people who,literally want as many people as,possible suddenly turn people away,and thats all before we get to the in,scene,for some reason weve just got rampant,degeneracy i dont really know whats,going on here but what i do know is that,the two rivers is a very very,traditional town and if anyone acted,like that in the two rivers the womens,circle would have dragged them out of,the town by their ears they certainly,would have not done they would have,keeped the crap out of that place they,would have kept the morals and kept it,clean because no one wants that in their,town you even see the guy in the,background grimacing because its,disgusting and the womens circle would,have sorted that out because that was,their job but now no no now the two,rivers is some kind of international,airport,this town which literally has not seen,people for thousands of years barely,anyone leaves the town and even few,people comment so far away with so few,people even tax collectors dont go,there anymore its mainly only visitors,someone that comes once a year to sell,products to them,payden fame,hes like the only guy they see hes the,only one that brings news from the,outside world to them and yet somehow,the town inn looks like london ive,never seen anything like it before and,its completely bewildering and people,that

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