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  3. Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) Movie Review
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Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) Movie Review

based on the best-selling novel where,the crawdad sing is now in theaters but,should you be,in theaters watching it what is up flick,fans welcome back to my channel i know a,lot of people that were really pumped,for this film that were fans of the book,its finally here were gonna talk about,it i need you in the comments down below,did you enjoy it did it live up to the,hype so a woman who raised herself in,the marshes of the deep south becomes a,suspect in the murder of a man she was,once involved with directed by olivia,newman then like i said before based on,the beloved novel that does have a,little bit of controversy surrounding it,i dont want to dive too deep into that,honestly i just found out about it,yesterday because im not too familiar,with this novel im solely judging the,film based on the film thats it,thats all and for those that want to,take their family this is rated pg-13,for sexual content and some violence,including a sexual assault that is,listed in the summary here so it may,actually be a bit too graphic for some a,bit harder on the pg-13 scale although,the rest of the film does feel like more,of a family picture so an odd,combination there but lets start with,daisy edgar jones thats who we should,start with thats who plays our main,character of kaia and let me tell you,without her as the lead i dont know how,i would have felt about this movie she,is compelling she is amazing we saw her,earlier in the year in fresh but this is,her first i believe her first big screen,film of 2022 probably the one that,people are going to watch and know her,for because she not only takes this,character and runs with her does a,spectacular job and i was always hooked,thanks to her and thats a testament to,how good she is shes not the only star,in the film you have some other rock,solid performers there bill kelly,sterling maser jr who i thought i mean,that couple they add such a nice sense,of emotion and not in the movie all that,much right but great emotion in the film,david strathearn who plays the the,typical southern lawyer whos gonna,fight for the person that he knows is,innocent in this what is that what its,like that scene from the office theres,been a miter thats pretty good but,david strathearn it doesnt matter if,its the most dynamically written,character hes going to take the,material and run with it and he,absolutely does that you get the moments,in,court its all based around a trial this,young girl known as essentially around,town the weirdo whos lived in the marsh,its the swamp creature its a legend,and there are fake stories made up tales,surrounding her and no one really knows,who she is other than a few individuals,that she strikes up relationships with,in the film and uh other than the murder,itself and what happens in court and is,she or is she not innocent and or guilty,thats a question thats ongoing,throughout the movie but whenever we get,a flashback or something building her up,more and more were showing those,relationships that made her who she is,today and when i say today i mean some,of this stuff happened years ago even,though there were moments im like oh,that happened a month before that and,they say its been a couple of years and,im like but you look the same theres,no difference nothing has changed,why look im unfamiliar with the novel,clearly but if i went in not knowing,this was a movie based on a beloved,novel and then i watched it i probably,would have come out saying i bet that,was based on a beloved novel because it,does feel like the type of movie that,hits those novel beats it also hits,those made for tv movie beats and thats,not a huge knock on the film even though,i i felt that multiple moments,throughout right but its going to give,you those moments where the emotions,swell and the music rises and you do,start to feel what its going for but is,it going for anything that we havent,seen before and the answer is no but,does it have to,maybe not right im watching this movie,im seeing all of these cliches you know,exactly where its going you know,exactly what the romance is going to do,some of the side performances theyre,not all that good and because of that,there is a lack of chemistry at points,the way that they handle,multiple romances in the movie,i didnt really feel much i understand,theres one romance where youre not,supposed to feel much in terms of that,chemistry but even performance wise im,like ah,i mean,you know you know exactly whats coming,there are some awkward lines and line,delivery but you are still in it because,kaya is such a compelling character even,though you know exactly where its going,especially if youve read the book but,even then i was i was interested and,there are times throughout the movie im,watching and even though its just kind,of trotting along from plot point to,plot point going where it inevitably has,to go and the court cases while somewhat,interesting theres nothing really there,that keeps you overly compelled and on,edge everything is really quiet in this,film which can be a great thing,sometimes but in this case i was waiting,on something to happen and it inevitably,never did now i will say the ending of,this film worked extremely well for me i,feel as if they could have filled in the,gaps because there were aspects of the,story that we just never got and i i,dont know but it feels like i know that,they were present in the book if youve,read it please answer me because,i know there are things missing in this,movie and unfortunately i felt that when,it came to the pacing and the pacing,its not the best and honestly for a,non-book reader its not a film you have,to see in the theater it feels like a,really solid made for tv movie a movie,that you can turn on kind of pay,attention to get caught up in the,emotions of it all which i did towards,the end and youre interested enough,because the question lingers what,actually happened are they going to,answer it are they not and at one point,you think the movie is not going to,address everything that you need but,then it does and im like yeah i,actually thought that was really well,handled and there were aspects of this,movie that i liked one of the biggest,being the score it sweeps you off your,feet when it needs to it worked,extremely well for me brought out almost,all of those emotions the visuals,theyre a little bit all over the place,at times some of the cinematography was,beautiful but some of the scenes were,really dark like the shading was,slightly off and i struggled seeing,characters faces and at the end of the,day before i give you my score hey i,appreciate you for being here be sure to,start that discussion down below if you,want to support this channel i,appreciate it drop that thumbs up while,it doesnt feel like a film built to see,on the big screen and the plot points,are predictable theres enough here to,make book readers appreciate the effort,also daisy edgar jones elevates every,moment she is on screen this is a slight,recommendation for me im going a 60,with my score theres enough here to,satisfy what youre going to see this,film for do you get any more out of it,not necessarily but uh thats okay some,movies are built to do what they do and,thats what it does was that confusing,probably alright guys thanks for,watching the gray man soon

Where the Crawdads Sing Review Ft. Ivymuse

so today Im going to be reviewing where,the crawdads sing the way I do my,spoiler free reviews as I gave free,prose and three cons spoiler free about,the book so that you can decide if its,the right book for you because i buddy,read this book with my friend Teresa,over at the channel ie Muse which will,be linked in the description of this,video you should definitely check her,out we decided to try something new and,were gonna do a buddy review so this is,gonna look a little bit different,instead of the three pros and freak on,since Theresa and I basically had pretty,much all the same thoughts about this,book we are condensing it to three pros,and to cons and were gonna bounce back,and forth giving those so before we into,the pros and the cons just a really,quick synopsis breakdown about this book,because I definitely dont think its we,definitely dont think its going to be,for everybody,were the crawdad seeing is an extremely,slow-moving character-driven story so we,start out with a girl who is in an,abusive neglectful home and shes got a,rough life we get a little bit of her,childhood and then she grows up and she,continues to live in the marsh and,deemed the marsh girl shes looked down,on theres a lot of prejudice,surrounding her this is historical,fiction as well and the whole story is,really wrapped around kaya and and what,she goes through and her personal,journey journey Wow,so theres this side plot that happens,where somebody is killed and thats one,timeline is the trial and trying to pin,the murder on someone and trying to,figure out whodunit and then the other,timeline is growing up with kaya,so we have little snippets of this,murder mystery and the primary the,biggest part of the story is just,growing up with kaya now the plot is the,murder mystery but in my opinion you,could remove that plot and replace it,with literally anything else and the,story would be the same because the,point of the story isnt the plot the,plot is just the thing that gives us,something to aim towards in the end the,point of the story is kaya and her life,witness being such a slow-moving,character driven atmospheric book it,will not be everybodys cup of tea,Theresa and I happen to really enjoy it,I think we both gave it four stars and,here are our thoughts spoiler free pros,and cons starting with Teresa Im Teresa,from the channel IV Muse and Im here to,give you my very first Pro for where the,credit thing basically I absolutely,loved the writing in this book its not,just the words that the author chose but,the way that she really managed to bring,the setting of the marsh and the small,town in the 60s alive I really felt like,I was there with Chaya experiencing the,story and I know that for some people,maybe all of these like descriptions of,nature and the wild and what the setting,is like might be a little bit boring but,I personally couldnt disagree more I,thought he was so well done and so I,constructed and really made the book,such an atmospheric read that I was,never bored even though it doesnt have,a lot of plots per se my so to piggyback,on Teresas Pro also a pro for me is the,characters and its kind of in the same,vein it all has to do with the writing,how atmospheric it is but the characters,are very well developed theyre very,theyre three-dimensional throughout the,story I really felt like I was reading,someones true story I didnt feel like,I was reading a fiction novel which is,of course what you want you want these,characters to feel real and I think that,the author executed that perfectly I,became very attached to this character,kiyah,very very very quickly and as a reader,who is I like I like really strong well,fleshed out characters but I really,really like plot as well and with a,story that is essentially missing a plot,I still enjoyed it so much and wanted to,pick it up the entire time I was reading,it and thats I think a testament to how,well this author did and making the,characters so authentic that I wanted to,follow her,despite there not being a reason to,follow her really my second Pro would be,the pacing of the book again I know this,is very personal to me probably but I,love the way that the story was told I,think a story,this that is very character focused and,very much also focus on the details of,what is happening and not so much big,plot points that are kind of worked,through its quite easy for a story like,that to get caught up and describing all,these details and sort of leave the,reader behind because you just kind of,get bored that to me it wasnt at all,the case in this book I always felt like,I wanted more I wanted more and I was,excited to see where kayas life would,go next what she would do next what,would happen next even though I was just,the small things of her everyday life,and nothing spectacular most of the time,and again I know some people dislike the,portion at trial that they felt kind of,dragged out but again I would disagree I,think it was all pasted appropriately,and never felt like it was too stretched,out for suspense reasons or anything,like that they worked through a trial,pretty methodically but also to the,point and kind of sticking to the story,so I really enjoyed myself throughout,this entire book,I thought he had really good pacing for,the most part and well get to that,later I personally just think its the,kind of book that you can pick up and,read and read and read and never get,bored and if you are forced to put it,down you immediately want to get back to,it which to me personally is the perfect,book jumping into the cons we each only,have one and we pretty much agree though,we each feel a little bit more strongly,about our individual cons my con is that,Ive seen it all before this story kaya,is uniquely kaya but the structure of,this story as well as the plot and just,the entire way the whole thing played,out been there done that,the fact that there is a murder mystery,somebody died whodunit we gotta figure,it out theres a trial snippets of the,trial but the main focus is on the,character everything that I said this,book is wrapped around that entire,structure Ive read this book before,Ive read this structure someone died,murder mystery,trial focus on the character Ive read,it multiple times,now that doesnt bother me because,sometimes structures for stories are,reused theres not an infinite number of,ideas in the world however this story,didnt deviate whatsoever for,how Ive seen it done before I knew who,done it the entire time unquestionable I,knew exactly how it would play out I,knew when it would be revealed who done,it I didnt know how it would be,revealed but when it was revealed it was,revealed at the exact time that I,expected it to be in it and it was,revealed exactly who I expected it to be,and I dont mind that this all looks,familiar I was just kind of hoping that,at the end the book would do something a,little bit different it doesnt have to,be extremely different just something,different but it didnt it did it,everything exactly how Ive seen it done,before now if youve never read this,book not this book if youve never read,this structure that clearly wont bother,you because the first time I read it it,was awesome,second time I read it it was pretty cool,third time Im not as impressed again,books following a similar structure this,is something that happens its not like,were the crowd Id seen has where the,crowd what where the crowd eggs sing,its not like this book has committed,some horrible sin by looking like other,books plenty of books look like other,books so like dont take this as a,really harsh criticism its just that I,found that the ending didnt quite,satisfy me because Ive read this,structure so many time not so many Ive,read this structure several times so I,didnt find it entirely satisfying,didnt ruin the book for me still gave,it four stars but it just would have,been cool if it did something a little,different look and then the one comment,I personally have is that even though I,fel

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Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) Movie Review

the books a best seller but how is,where the crawdads sing as a movie is it,worth the price of admission,a woman who raised herself in the,marshes of the deep south becomes a,suspect in the murder of a man she was,once involved with so ive not read the,book that this film is based on but,lucky for me im reviewing the movie and,not the book and it needs to be able to,stand on its own as a story now both my,wife and daughter-in-law did read the,book and they felt the movie stayed,fairly close to it but again im only,reviewing this on the merits of the,movie daisy edgar jones stars as kaya a,young woman who finds herself on trial,for murder of a young man that she was,kinda dating now this is a spectacular,looking movie the scenery alone is just,awesome it takes place in the marshes of,north carolina but i believe it was,filmed in louisiana either way though,the swamps and marshlands felt more calm,and serene rather than foreboding and,ominous as those types of settings,usually are portrayed weve got quiet,water with huge overhanging moss,dangling from trees and the greens of,the surroundings are often illuminated,by rays of sunshine that just break,through the trees and the branches,theres even a scene that takes place,around this massive tree with leaves and,flowers all around and it sets this,romantic and idyllic tone and the,cinematography is outstanding at,creating looks that just envelop us from,aerials that show the snaking water to,intimate shots of our characters,standing within the swamp with these,backgrounds that are all in soft focus i,mean it creates a dreamlike environment,at times but there were two distinct,points where it felt like the shots were,do-overs and maybe shot on a green,screen because the characters just had,this unnatural glow to them like it was,just artificial lighting and then it,looked like there were some artifacts,that were present around the characters,bodies just on the periphery of their,edges now these are extremely minor,nitpicks especially because they were so,short and then dwarfed by the,awesomeness of the other shots the story,is narrated to us by kaya as a young,adult but we get a decent flashback,sequence that shows how she grew up in,the marshes we get to see how her,circumstances mold her into a,self-sufficient and strong character,shes endured a crap ton of adversity,but i love the determination she has,just to keep going to make the best of,the circumstances and instead of,wallowing in self-defeat she digs in and,grows stronger while this flashback,isnt extraordinarily long theres,enough time spent to really understand,kaya and feel for her so when we get to,the present where shes been accused of,murder we are invested in who she is and,we feel the stakes that are in front of,her and while the mystery angle of this,took a while to really get going i mean,at least for me in the standpoint where,i felt it was becoming more of the focus,once that engaged i was hooked in that,aspect as well and up until that point i,was invested in kaya and just watching,her story of how she grew up and the few,relationships that she was garnering,theres a couple who runs a small bait,and tackle type general store where kaya,gets a lot of her supplies michael hyatt,and sterling macer jr play the couple,and i loved their presence in this,theyve known kaya since she was super,little and i absolutely felt the care,and concern they had for her they were,so protective of her and even though we,dont get any backstory on them or,really even development outside of the,interactions that they have with kaya we,can see the quality of their character,and i love how they become a quiet but,integral part of the young girls life,this is a story of tragedy but also,perseverance kai experiences all sorts,of setbacks from a very early age but,the story allows us to witness her,struggles and grow through these and,even when accused of murder she has to,decide how shes going to handle it and,the story i think does a pretty decent,job of making sure that were in her,head and understanding her thoughts,thats not always an easy feat to,accomplish because voiceovers theyre,not the universal answer to insight here,though because the film established kaya,as our narrator very early on to hear,her work through her emotions in her,head and then let us inside it feels,natural and is then effective i enjoyed,the acting in this and not just from,daisy edgar jones i mean she was,wonderful maintaining this naive but,strong and even slightly mysterious,persona and she brings huge charisma to,the project and when thats coupled with,the large amount of backstory that we,get on her character she is very easy to,root for within the narrative in,addition to jones though theres taylor,john smith who played a childhood friend,and then someone fairly influential in,kaias life he plays tate and he has,this aw shucks boy next door vibe to him,i kept waiting for him to turn into an,utter trash hound but he really didnt,do that i mean yeah he is flawed and,hes not the perfect guy but theres a,sweetness and kindness to him and i,really enjoyed the chemistry between,kaia and tate theres another young man,who plays a role in kayas life named,chase hes played by harris dickinson,now hes played with this smarmy bit of,arrogance and charm and dickinson does a,good job of mixing all those to create,someone who comes across as sweet but,maybe rotten on the inside i think from,the moment you see him youll get a,sense of who he is and then be able to,judge accordingly david stratharin is,also in this and hes kind of like sam,rockwell where he just makes everything,better stratharin plays kaias lawyer,and i really enjoy the sweetness and the,calmness that he brings to the character,hes charming but in a real and not,surfacy way the tone of this is pretty,balanced and it takes us on a good,journey where there are both highs and,lows but we get to experience a few of,both and this helps the pace of the,storytelling to flow well and then keep,the interest high now at about the,halfway point i was curious at how much,time had passed when i looked at my,watch that first hour did feel a bit,long and i thought we were really,farther along in the story but the last,half of the story i mean i didnt notice,the time at all i think thats thanks in,part to the mystery angle becoming more,prevalent and the story was just getting,closer to the events that led up to the,death thats being investigated now,something i was really fearful of is,that wed never get the answer to the,case but there is a resolution to it,which i was glad for i mean its not,like that is the climax of the story but,what was an important detail for the,story to address and thankfully it did,so overall where the crawdads sing is a,magnificent looking film with,cinematography that captures the beauty,of the natural settings and then creates,a dreamlike environment the acting is,wonderful providing some rich characters,with good amounts of depth and,development and while the first half of,the story felt a little longer than the,last half i was still invested,throughout and i found myself drawn into,the mystery and then even more so the,journey of kaya theres sex no nudity,some profanity and a lot of violence,including sexual assault i give where,the crawdads sing four and a half out of,five couches so did you read the novel,that this is based on id love to hear,what you thought of the movie in the,comments below now if you havent read,it whats a good mystery that youve,seen recently let me know that too in,the comments if youd enjoy this review,please give it a like also dont forget,to share and subscribe im chris this is,movies and munchies thanks for couching,with me

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KlSAH PlLU GADlS SEBATANG KARA ° Alur Cerita Film 2022

film ini memiliki rating 7,1 dari 17000,volt bergenre drama misteri trailer tapi,bernuansa Romance mengisahkan perjalanan,sedih seorang gadis Rawa yang hidup,seorang diri bertahan hidup tumbuh,dewasa dengan mencari kerang Rawa yang,dapat ditukar dengan sebungkus bubur,jagung,perjalanan hidupnya begitu pahit,ditambah lagi ia terjerat dalam kasus,tewasnya seorang laki-laki di Rawa yang,tak jauh dari tempat tinggalnya,ia menjalani persidangan yang akan,mengungkap semua misteri dan kisah,hidupnya dengan saya Dev Selamat datang,di alur cerita dari film Wir di Crow,dateng 2022,[Musik],film berlatar di barkly Carolina Utara,pada 30 oktober tahun 1969,2 orang anak bersepeda melewati kawasan,Rawa dan menemukan seorang laki-laki,telah tewas tergeletak di pinggir rawa,di bawah menara api,laki-laki itu bernama cash Lawrence,Andrew berdasarkan hasil penyelidikan,petugas menduga jika case tewas setelah,ia terlibat perkelahian di atas tower,tapi petugas tak menemukan sidik jari,atau jejak apapun di lokasi,hanya sebuah kalung hilang dan terdapat,serat merah yang ditemukan di jaket kiss,serat wol itu bisa berasal dari sweater,atau syal milik pelaku,keesokan harinya petugas mendatangi,sebuah rumah yang terletak tak jauh dari,rawa milik seorang wanita bernama,kaylark atau dikenal warga sebagai gadis,Mars tapi tak seorangpun berada di,dalamnya sehingga petugas masuk ke dalam,rumah yang memang tidaklah terkunci,petugas menemukan topi berwarna merah,yang terbuat dari wol sehingga mereka,menduga jika Kai terlibat dalam kasus,ini segera petugas mengeluarkan,instruksi untuk melakukan upaya,penangkapan,dari kejauhan Kai yang mengetahui,kedatangan petugas bersembunyi dan,berusaha lari dari kejaran mereka,Kai berusaha tapi Kai gagal ia,tertangkap dan dikurung di dalam penjara,dengan seekor kucing yang menemani,kesepiannya,hari itu seorang pengacara bernama Tom,Milton datang mengunjungi Kai ia telah,mengajukan diri untuk membela Kai,mengingat Kai merupakan gadis terasing,di kota itu,hanya sesaat pembersihan pergi dengan,meninggalkan sebuah buku untuknya,pada lembaran pertama Kai menemukan,beberapa gambar hewan bercangkang,seperti siput dan kerang,tiba-tiba Kai berbicara mengatakan jika,kebanyakan orang telah melupakan sesuatu,yang hidup di dalam cangkang,Tom terdiam lalu adegan berpindah pada,1953 atau kehidupan Kai pada 16 tahun,yang lalu,Kai memiliki keluarga mereka hidup di,rumah pinggir Rawa itu,hari itu Kai sedang bermain di Rawa,bersama tade ketika ayahnya datang,dengan amarah karena mereka bermain di,atas perahunya ayahnya kasar lelaki itu,memukuli Kai juga ibunya dan mencoba,membela mereka tapi kait tak mengizinkan,tab menyakiti ayahnya,pertengkaran itu berlanjut hingga malam,hari dari dalam kamar Kai mendengar,rintihan ibunya yang dipukuli oleh sang,ayah,paginya kami melihat ibunya pergi,meninggalkan rumah dengan membawa,sekoper pakaian,sejak hari itu satu persatu saudaranya,pun pergi meninggalkannya berdua Bersama,sang ayah di rumah itu,[Musik],kesehariannya Kai hanya terus menghindar,dari ayahnya hingga ia merasakan sesuatu,dari tet yang membuatnya berani,Kai membuatkan segelas kopi dan,memberanikan diri mengatakan bahwa ia,sedang kelaparan,[Musik],segera ayahnya membawa Kai ke toko,membeli bahan makanan mereka dilayani,oleh jumping dan istrinya mebel,sangatlah baik ia prihatin melihat,kondisi Kai membujuknya agar mau,bersekolah melihat keramaian dan,memiliki teman,cukup dengan mengambil rok peninggalan,ibunya walau tanpa sepatu Kai sudah bisa,bersekolah sebelum Kai pergi wanita itu,menyelipkan satu permen untuk Kai,keesokan harinya Kai mulai memilih rok,ibunya dengan pakaian seadanya tanpa,sepatu dan tubuh yang tak bersih Kai,pergi ke sekolahan,tapi Kai cukup berkecil hati untuk,bergabung bersama teman-teman lainnya,Kai memutar arah berniat kembali ke,rumah saat itulah Tom Milton datang,membesarkan hati Kai mengatakan Jika ia,memiliki hak yang setara untuk hidup dan,bersekolah,tapi di sekolahan anak-anak tak menyukai,kai kai sedih ia pergi dan tak pernah,kembali ke sekolah sejak hari itu,di rumah ayahnya bersikap baik kepada,Kai hari itu Kai menerima surat dari,ibunya tapi kait tak bisa membaca,sehingga ayahnya merebut amplop itu lalu,membakar surat tanpa memberitahu isi,ataupun memperlihatkan sedikit saja,goresan tinta dari tangan ibunya dengan,penuh kesedihan kain mengambil Abu itu,lalu menyimpannya malam itu Ayahnya,membakar semua barang milik ibunya tak,ada lagi jejak yang tersisa dari ibunya,selain Abu yang disimpan oleh Kai,duka hidupnya benar-benar lengkap saat,ayahnya pun pergi meninggalkan Kai,seorang diri anak sekecil itu dipaksa,berpikir untuk bertahan menghidupi,dirinya sendiri,hari ini adalah beras terakhir yang,tersedia tai pergi ke Rawa mencari,kerang lalu menukarkannya dengan bahan,makanan di toko Jambi,begitulah kehidupannya berjalan kerang,dan beras jagung selalu menjadi,pertukaran yang sempurna untuknya dalam,beberapa kali pertemuan mebel memberikan,sepatu dan beberapa pakaian untuk,kembali ke masa sekarang Kai menerima,sekandung kiriman dari mebel yang berisi,baju-baju wanita yang kemudian digunakan,Kai di dalam persidangannya Kai Tak,pernah mengakui apapun yang,mengarahkannya pada tuduhan tapi Kai,juga tak melakukan pembelaan atas,dirinya,dalam pembelaannya Tom mengatakan jika,case bisa saja tewas karena terjatuh,dengan sendirinya menurutnya Kai,tidaklah memiliki karakter kejam untuk,mampu melakukan tindak kekerasan apalagi,dengan sengaja mendorong case dari atas,tower untuk menghabisinya,adegan kembali ke tahun 1962,Kai telah menjadi perempuan dewasa tapi,kehidupannya masih terus tertutup hari,itu saat kaya akan pergi untuk mencari,kerang ia melihat seorang laki-laki,berjalan di hutan Kai menghindar dan,pada keesokan harinya Kai menemukan,selembar bulu beberapa barang dan sebuah,surat yang sengaja ditinggalkan oleh,lelaki itu,kaisenang tapi Kai tidaklah bisa membaca,ia menyimpan barang-barang dan saat,kembali lelaki itu melihatnya Ia adalah,menawarkan diri untuk mengajari Kai,membaca dan menulis,Kai belajar dan mengetahui banyak hal,dengan membaca seiring waktu kedekatan,yang terjalin tak berjalan biasa,mereka menyadari jika mereka telah jatuh,dalam cinta,mereka memiliki hari yang indah untuk,dilalui berbagai momen mereka lewati,dengan sukacita hingga pada hari itu,mengatakan Jika ia akan pergi ke kota,untuk melanjutkan sekolah demi kehidupan,yang lebih baik,Kai sedih ia khawatir akan gadis kota,yang bisa saja merebut tet dari,pelukannya Ia juga takut akan rasa rindu,yang akan menyiksa hari-harinya tapi tet,berjanji untuk setia dan akan kembali,untuk Kai pada tanggal 4 Juli,sebelum pergi tab memberikan catatan,daftar nama dan alamat penerbit agar Kai,dapat menawarkan karya gambarnya untuk,dijual demi mendapatkan uang dan kaita,lagi mencari kerang,pada akhirnya mereka pun berpisah Kai,melanjutkan kehidupannya seperti biasa,mencari kerang demi bertahan hidup,[Musik],hari ini adalah tanggal 4 Juli di tahun,1962 hari dimana,[Musik],memilih pakaiannya merias sedikit,wajahnya ia akan tampil mempesona di,hadapan kekasih hatinya,menunggu di pinggir pantai menanti kapal,berlabuh dengan penuh sukacita peta,menjelang menghapus senyumnya tetap tak,kunjung berlabuh malam masih dilaluinya,dengan harapan bersama kembang api tapi,hingga pagi tiba peta kunjung datang Kai,kecewa senyum itu telah sirna Kai,menggantinya dengan air mata kesedihan,tet telah pergi seperti hidup yang,selalu meninggalkannya kembali ke ruang,sidang tidak adanya bukti bukan hanya,mengartikan jika pelaku menghilangkan,barang bukti tapi juga bisa menandakan,jika memang tak ada pelaku dan tidak ada,tindak kekerasan semua yang terjadi,adalah sebuah kecelakaan murni,[Musik],adegan kembali di tahun 1968 atau 1,tahun sebelum kejadian hari itu ka yang,baru saja pulang ke rumah melihat,seseorang berada di halaman mengambil,beberapa gambar rumahnya,kayu yang ketakutan lalu pergi menemui,mebel dan jumping,menurut jumping itu adalah pihak,pengembang yang akan mendirikan hotel di,sekitar rawa dan mu

Mark Kermode reviews Where The Crawdads Sing – Kermode and Mayos Take

for the jury to be able to hear from you  for them to be able to see you as the  ,its the kind person you truly are youre never  going to see me like that listen I know you have  ,a world of reasons to hate these people I never  hated them they hated me I mean they laughed at me  ,they left me they harassed me they attacked me you  want me to beg for my life I dont have it in me  ,I wont I will not offer myself  up that he can make their decision,but theyre not deciding anything about me so  much potential and so much to like uh directed  ,by Olivia Newman from a script by Lucy alabar  who wrote the play Juicy and Delicious which  ,was then adapted into the film of Beasts of the  Southern Wild which uh co-written produce as you  ,said by Reese Witherspoon under the hello  sunshine Banner company that puts women at  ,the center of every story we create and based  on a novel which sold how many million I mean  ,you know a publishing sensation uh also some  other great performers in the Harris Dickinson  ,who Ive always liked and again somebody who  is incredibly Adept with uh with with accents  ,so on paper very very good I have to say on screen  for me rather tepid heres heres the problem  ,um the novel clearly struck a chord with uh with  readers and um I havent read the book have you  ,read the book no okay so I cant compare this to  the novel although there were many times watching  ,the film that you get this kind of ghostly image  of a book struggling to be adapted like you see  ,the film and there are these kind of very quotable  Bond mom I mean you quoted the thing about you  ,know the the you know creatures that live in  shells get ignored marshes not swamp marshes  ,like the only consonant Nature has changed I dont  think theres a dark side to Nature just inventive  ,ways to endure now I dont know whether these  are quotes lifted from the book but they felt  ,like they were like they were the problem is  its a very low temperature well on one level  ,of murder mystery in which I never found that  mysterious secondly although the performances  ,are solid and some of them are remarkably good  it did feel occasionally to me like a slightly  ,up-market Nick Sparks adaptation now Im a fan  of I dont know what that means okay so Nick  ,Sparks is the the writer whose books have been  translated into films which often consist of a man  ,sanding down a boat whilst um whilst the sort  of slightly mature Love Story plays out around  ,it but all done it I mean I rather like Nicks  boxing because Im a bit of a sucker for that and  ,you know often female centered stories but next  box is looked down on very sniffly by critics as  ,somehow being kind of you know pulpey in the you  know sort of Mills and Boone tradition but this  ,does feel I mean theres there is that classic  love triangle at the center of it that there is  ,a central character there are two male suitors  one of whom she clearly loves but then goes off  ,to college the other of whom has got bad news  written all over him and who is at the center  ,of the murder investigation that is playing  out and you know you mentioned the house and  ,the the attention thats gone into building  that you know that piece of production design  ,it all feels very picturesque it all feels like  it never gets its hands dirty it all feels like  ,it never quite gets its fingers into the marshes  in which its set I thought there is a couple of  ,subplots which are kind of weird theres a subplot  about who owns the land that the house is built on  ,and think about developers in the background and  oh theyre going to move in because if they just  ,pay the 800 800 tax bill they can get the land and  you kind of think maybe thats title and then that  ,just goes away theres a weird thing about or  it doesnt go away because she gets the money  ,from her book and so she can pay it off herself  but the developers never make a move on paying  ,the 800 pounds and he the guys literally says  whoever pays the 800 pardon me you know gets  ,the property and that theyd never appear to do  so theres also the stuff about she does all the  ,drawings and the writing and she sends the thing  off and the next thing a finished book arrives  ,now I know I know this is kind of small hills  to die on but when Im worrying about those  ,details it tells me something about me not  being emotionally involved and all the time  ,I felt Im not emotionally engaged in this what  it what Im looking at is a very well behaved  ,adaptation of a story which feels like its got so  much more flesh and so much more sort of you know  ,muddy stuff going on and yet it all felt even in  the moments in which it approaches some properly  ,dark subject matter it never felt like it got its  fingers dirty and I I just I I found it I thought  ,it was polite I thought it was inert I thought it  needed many more rough edges and and this it felt  ,somewhat I know this phrase doesnt mean anything  anymore what used to be referred to as televisual  ,I I thought it was Bland and Im really sorry  because I really wanted to like it more now I  ,know you feel very differently yeah no I really  liked it and I thought it was a very pleasing  ,old-fashioned in a good way story and and that  line about people forget about creatures who  ,live in shells was that is the heart of it  and Daisy acre Jones sort of embodied that  ,fantastically I thought so I thought it I thought  it was terrific well you know I think pleasing  ,is a word that is that Ive I go yeah well its  interesting that that was the word you went for  ,because pleasing is another way of saying I  mean provides pleasure I know and therefore  ,enjoyable no I understand entirely and I also  think heres an interesting thing I will be  ,very interested to hear from people who have  read the book what they think of it because  ,you said in that interview your feeling was  that people who have read who love the book  ,will love the film well you know no its a  dangerous thing to say but my my suspicion  ,and I may be wrong because neither of us have  read the book is that people who love the book  ,will find the film disappointing but I  dont know I really dont know please do  ,write in and let us know if youve read the  book and seen the film did it do it justice


[Music],thats nick and thats joseph and today,were here to talk about where the,crawdads sing the second film directed,by olivia newman which sony pictures is,releasing july 15 2022 it is of course,based on the runaway bestseller by delia,owens published in 2018 a literary,sensation uh in a reese witherspoon,notably produced this film the director,olivia newman,her first film uh is a south by,southwest premiere called first match,that is on netflix in 2018 which has a,really great,cast including yaya abdulmateen and,coleman domingo,i really liked this movie no,let me rephrase that there are aspects,of this film i really liked,sure,yes i can see how it probably was a much,better novel albeit uh pulp fiction uh,but there were a lot of things that i,thought were really rougher on the edges,i often say this but for this story for,real for real this needed to be a mini,series,yes uh because as is theyve condensed a,400 page novel into a very glossy uh,romantic melodrama yeah a lot of it,feels very basic but um the story it,feels kind of like a biopic,about this lady named kaia,my neck my back,every time they say her name i think of,that kaya,so kaya for most of her life is played,by daisy edgar jones of fresh all right,so we meet kaya as like a seven year old,okay shes grown up in the 1950s in,like a swamp in north carolina somewhere,the backwoods swamp yeah and shes had a,tumultuous upbringing because her dad is,painted like a monster whos that,garrett dylan hes open everybodys ass,to the point where the mom one day grabs,her coat and pocket book and just walks,out like just a band is the family and,then we see the dad is continues to be,very abusive so i think there are five,siblings total,and one by one they leave,until its just little kaya a,seven-year-old with her dad,and then we sort of get her learning how,to take care of herself and she says,that,shes learned to survive by just staying,out of his way and being invisible,one day a letter,arrives in the mail from the mom we,never learn what that letter says but it,makes the dad very upset,and then he leaves,so now this little girl is stuck in this,cabin in the swamps by herself,okay,just to wrap it up she we see her grow,into a teenager like a 16 or 17 year old,and she falls in love with a guy named,tate played by taylor john smith and he,loves her she loves him he teaches her,how to read which we need to get into,and then he graduates high school and,goes off to college and tells her shes,upset like youre never going to come,back youre going to leave me and he,says,ill be back he leaves during the summer,to start like a job on campus and he,tells her ill be back july 4th,meet me on the beach where we watch the,fireworks ill be back,we see her go to the beach on july 4th,and of course he never shows shes,heartbroken moves on then she meets,another man named chase played by harris,dickinson who i know from uh beach rats,okay chase is important because the,opening of the film is we see a dead,body in the swamp and that dead body,belongs to chase,and it appears that hes been,the police immediately think hes been,murdered,and that hes been pushed off of a,watchtower,and kaia is charged with his murder,so,very little evidence we can get into it,but the film is sort of framed around,this narration that,kaia is providing to her lawyer played,by david strathearn so,pretty early on in the film,he he,greets her in her jail cell and says hey,he comes out of retirement to defend her,very little is explained about why hes,doing this for her but,which we can get into but he tells her,im gonna represent you in order to do,so i need to know about you because you,know i from this town we all just know,you as the the merch girl like swamp,girl,the marshmallow marsh girl sorry not the,virtue,trash the marsh girl likes like swamp,trash like nev campbell and wild things,but yeah basically so and they were and,like the townspeople think shes like,the missing link which we also need to,talk about because that makes no sense,that they all think shes like this crow,magnum like what whatever,he says you need to tell me about your,life and so,80 of the film is basically her,recounting her life to this lawyer,so getting back to chase she falls in,love with him,everything seems okay although to the,audience immediately this chase boy,seems like a creep and we find out,he never he just he spends a lot of time,with her in the marsh he never wants her,to come to the city and one day she goes,to the city because,we can explain it better but she becomes,an author because she draws and she,likes makes like science books so thats,how she makes money and supports herself,shes in town one day to like because,she got a new deal or something and she,bumps into chase,and she meets chases fiance for the big,rock on her finger so hes been lying to,her hes he has a woman he tells her,well i could never be with you youre,like the marsh girl but i do love you,they get into a fight like a physical,fight,and then everything kind of stops there,because then we go back to the court,trial so intermittently throughout the,first you know hour and a half,is the you know the court trial,everything culminates with that jurys,decision,and spoiler alert they find her not,guilty,so we also see tate her first boyfriend,come back into her life and he says i,love you ive always loved you the,reason i didnt come back on july 4th is,because i thought youre never going to,leave the marsh so we couldnt have a,life together but now i realize that was,a mistake,he sees that chase,has been abusive to her so as the,audience were like well he did it he,must have killed he also had a,mysterious red beanie,theres a red beanie involved and also,when chase is killed,kai is out of town and tate knew that he,tells her go out of town for a few days,when you come back ill be here so of,course we think he did it but the gag is,and we can get into the chronology but,we see,kaya in modern time,so shes like a 70 something or 80 year,old woman and shes still living in the,marsh she ended up developing a,relationship like a long-term,relationship with tate so he lives in,the marsh with her,and one day she goes out on her little,trip on the boat in the swamps and she,sees her mom like a vision of her mom,and then we get sort of like her visions,of her as like,a young girl a young woman and now this,old woman saying hello to her mother,and then she dies in the boat,so her man tate we dont know if he they,ever got married,he finds her in the boat,so of course hes upset like sad and,then hes looking through all her stuff,like her you know because shes dead and,he finds a book,where shes basically written her life,story,and she gets he gets the chapter about,chase,and what does she say about chase,that,shes comparing herself to like an,animal in the wild and you have to kill,your natural predator you have to kill,your predators oh its very important to,know,chase in that time that kai and chase,were in a relationship she made him a,necklace out of a shell,that,is very rare because its supposedly an,anomaly today because that species is,not indigenous to the area kind of,scallop or something so he made she made,him a necklace,its cheap ass little necklace and the,mom of chase uh in court testifies that,he never took that necklace off he wore,it 24 7.,if she saw him the day he died the mom,did like at breakfast or whatever and he,was wearing it but then when the dead,body was found it was missing so whoever,has that necklace probably killed his,ass but in the trial its revealed that,the police did search kaias house and,never found the necklace well,tate as an old man after kaias died,reading this book and reading that she,said you have to kill your predators he,turns the page,and theres like a cut out in that damn,book,and that necklace is in there so she,killed him,the end,oh i got emotional many times throughout,the movie particularly because i didnt,mention that,for the bulk of kyas

Where the Crawdads Sing – Movie Review!

hey you guys its Peter and welcome to,my channel Peter Boom Boom review stuff,and I am back for another movie review,and today Im going to be reviewing,where the crawdads sang um which is,currently available to watch on Netflix,it came out earlier this year,um in theaters and at that time I really,wanted to see it uh if you guys follow,any of my other channels youve probably,heard me talk about the book that this,film was adapted from that came out I,believe in 2018 by Delia Owens uh I read,this book I think probably three to six,months after it came out when I was,talking about this the other day I was,talking about it in a vlog or something,like that and I said,um that I had read it right as it came,out but I actually remember that like I,had purchased it and I had not bought it,and that my cousin Caroline she told me,she said you have to read this book and,at the time there was another book that,was a memoir called Educated and um she,told me you should also read this book,and in some ways the stories are similar,so I read those books back to back and,um I think it was about three to six,months after where the crawdads thing,came out and I was actually really,really surprised when I finished it that,I hadnt read it earlier because it,ended up being as an Avid Reader one of,my favorite books if not in my top three,favorite books of life and,um you know I on my booktube channel for,years Ive done the top five of the year,and things like that and I think that,year I think it was actually the same,year that um Taylor Jenkins reads book,The Seven uh husbands of Evelyn Hugo,came out and so I think that was my,number one and where the Crawdad scene,was number two I could be wrong about,that,um but I think it tied number one with,another book or it was like number two,next to number one but I absolutely,loved this book now there is a little,bit of controversy about the author,before I get into this movie review I,want to say theres a little bit of,controversy about this author,um because she was uh hold on a second I,wanna,make sure that I get this right it says,what is a controversy with where the,crawdads saying and it says the book is,mired and Contra uh in controversy what,most of crawdad fans dont know is that,Delia and Mark Owens have been advised,never to return to one of the African,nations where they once lived and worked,Zambia because they are one in for,questioning and a murder that took place,decades ago and that came out in July 14,20 uh 22.,um and there has been a lot of talk and,speculation about that so Im not going,to talk about that but I knew that that,was going to come up somewhere in the,comment section so I just want to say,that yes I am aware of that,um,when I read this book originally I have,to tell you there have been very few I,would say characters in my life that I,have been,so uh attached to so quickly or that in,some kind of strange way I really really,relate to,um this also wont be a mystery for,people that watch my videos,um Scout Jean Louise from Harper Lees,To Kill a Mockingbird is my absolute,favorite character of life,um I I love the book lets go,Mockingbird and I actually love the,movie adaptation even more it is the,reason why I ended up naming our dog Boo,Radley,um and he is hes a little Boo Radley so,much,um and you know I have to say its,interesting in kind of comparing these,two because I think in my own belief,system and I reread To Kill a,Mockingbird I think it was two years ago,um and Ive read it probably in my life,I dont I dont even know how many times,my mom and I would watch the movie over,and over and over again,and we would read the book every couple,years together and it was a real,connecting piece between us,the last time that I read the book it,didnt really have the impact on me that,it had in previous years and in fact at,that time I did a video on my booktube,channel and I said that um that was,probably the last time in my life that I,would ever read to Kill Mockingbird,because I reread some books because it,didnt really have the impact that it,did and that in fact what I said was,that I think I was really more in love,with the movie and its its a rare,movie for me okay that the movie,adaptation of the book is better than,the than the book itself and and as much,as I love Harper Lee and as much as I,love the book To Kill Mockingbird for me,theres something about the movie that,just makes it it just its just so,magical right,I will say that there are there like I,said there are very few movies out there,um that I think do books Justice and um,I I think like Jaws by Peter benchley is,fantastic I think after having red Jaws,by Peter eventually its the book is,completely different than the movie,um but to take that book and turn it,into what Jaws became is like,unbelievable right you know I think many,of the uh the the Michael Crichton books,like Jurassic Park to turn those into,the movies if they became is like,unbelievable right,um and I actually love like the Fault in,Our Stars by John Green I thought that,was a fantastic film adaptation and,um so there have been to me several book,to movie adaptations that are pretty,good I would say this is probably one of,them I was really really impressed,um and I just watched this a couple days,ago and I was really super impressed and,like I say in all of my videos there,will be spoilers in this okay so I want,to read to you Jessica answers really,quick of what this is about in case you,dont know,um hold on just a second,where would oh no no no I just got out,of it okay so um where the crawdads sing,is a 2018 Coming of Age murder mystery,novel by American Author Delia Owens the,story follows two timelines that slowly,intertwine the first timeline describes,the Life and Adventures of a young girl,named Kaya as she grows up isolated in,the marshes of North Carolina and shes,referred to as the marsh girl the second,timeline follows an investigation into,the apparent murder of Chase Andrews a,local celebrity of Barkley Cove a,fictional coastal town of North Carolina,now there was a lot that was changed I,felt from the book to the movie but I,didnt even know that I felt like it,really mattered and in fact I had to go,in and Google search articles that,talked about the differences between the,book and the movie and when you read,these articles theres really only five,or six major differences you know one of,them is that there was a poet whose,poetry is read throughout the book,and at the end,um the way that you find out that Kaya,is actually the one that did murder,Chase Andrews is through a poem,um that her,common law husband of long-term,boyfriend Tate reads right and he finds,out that she all along was actually this,poet this this little known poet right,that part was completely left out of the,movie that being said I I wasnt upset,about it I wasnt upset that he found,the necklace in the back of this book,you know that she had drawn these,pictures and there was a picture of,Chase and theyre wearing the necklace,and then there was a little you know a,Nook that was cut out and the necklace,was back in there I thought it was,actually kind of the visual mystery that,the movie needed that it wouldnt have,had how to have the Poetry line of the,book and in fact when I was reading,about that I had kind of forgotten about,the Poetry part of the book right,um a big part of it that was different,was,in the book there was a lot of focus on,Kayas family and the leaving of each,sibling and things like that at the,beginning of it and her being left with,her father and then her father finally,leaving and I can remember,reading the book at the moment when,shes left completely all alone and,Delia Owens whatever controversy shes,had is such a fantastic author that the,way that she wove that you really felt,the emotions of Kaya being alone in,these times right and I can remember,specifically one of them was,um when she went to Jumpers uh like,store and asked him about selling like,mu

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