1. Who Killed Sara? [¿Quién Mató a Sara?] (2021) Netflix Series Review
  2. WHO KILLED SARA? Season 1 & 2 Recap | Everything You Need To Know Before Season 3 | Series Explained
  3. Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained
  4. Who Killed Sara REVIEW | Season 1 | Netflix Original Series
  5. Who Killed Sara Season 2 Netflix Review (¿Quién Mató a Sara?)
  6. Who Killed Sara Season 2 Netflix Series Review (¿Quién Mató a Sara?)
  7. Quién mató a Sara (Who Killed Sara?) – Netflix Series Review – ENDING EXPLAINED at the end.

Who Killed Sara? [¿Quién Mató a Sara?] (2021) Netflix Series Review

when a show or movie opens with a quote,from agatha christie,you can be pretty sure that its a,murder mystery but i also guess that,with a title like who killed sarah,or kian matosera its kind of obvious,and netflix is letting us know that,their new series,isnt a rom-com so should this be on,your watch list,[Music],hellbent on exacting revenge and proving,he was framed for his sisters murder,a man sets out to unearth much more than,the crimes real culprit alexs sister,sarah died while they were vacationing,with some wealthy friends at their,estate,now first i mean this isnt a spoiler,because its literally the title of the,show,but also this plays out in the very,opening scene,the rest of the show is alex trying to,solve who really is responsible for,sarahs death so this is fully a,whodunit of a mystery,and a lot of the story at its core plays,out like the count of monte cristo,alex meets a fellow prisoner who,provides him help for when he gets,out and alex is a man whos wrongfully,accused and convicted of a crime who is,now strategically,and methodically planning his revenge,and also uncovering the true perpetrator,of the crime,schemes are set to exact revenge but a,lot of planning goes into these,and theyre not always quick executions,of plans so the cast of characters,really helps to create suspense and,mystery,as we learn more and more of the,backstory several scenarios become,apparent which make,a lot of them very viable suspects the,development is good but also reserved on,certain characters,but thats used as an effect some of the,background on a character and their past,is useful to the mystery itself and,there is a lot of mystery and drama,especially because a lot of the emotions,run high,theres so much conflict between the,characters too which makes them both,suspicious,and intriguing and while some of the,characters have some charisma at times,like alex chema elisa and rodolfo,there are others that are meant to turn,us off almost immediately,and there are even a couple more that,are ambiguous,they ride that line between sympathetic,and disgusting,the parents of rodolfo chama and elisa,do an exceptional job of being,absolutely horrendous people,i mean at no point did i ever like them,which was exactly how i was supposed to,feel towards them,theyre uber rich but thats not what,makes them terrible,its their actions and their behaviors,and some of it comes from an,air of privilege and conceit but theres,also how they treat their children,and pretty much everyone around them i,mean they have this superiority complex,that comes with their power and their,money and it makes them believe that,theyre invincible,because the story is a mystery trying to,be solved in the present,but with all of the events happening in,the past we get a good amount of,flashbacks,the younger characters display carefree,attitudes who get along,and are really just enjoying their time,together there are points too which i,found to be pretty effective,as the show interweaves the young,characters with the old to show how,old wounds affect the characters and how,they carry the weight of those,feelings into adulthood this imagery is,used really well and help to establish,the mindsets,and emotions of the characters that are,in the present now one thing that began,to bother me some,is that there is a fair amount of,repetitiveness in this,we see scenes again and again and while,that can help to reinforce something in,the story that were seeing,in that particular scene its also just,repeating items we know,and dont really need to see again if,you took all the time,of these repetitious scenes and didnt,rely on them to carry the story,they could probably cut down an entire,episodes worth of time,theres a bunch of ups and downs with,the characters part of it is,understandable due to the revelations,and emotions that are being uncovered,but some of the time it just felt a,little bit over dramatic,there are also a lot of frustrating,moments between characters,because their interactions are just so,cruel and hurtful this really helps to,show the emotional pull,that a family has on its members there,are 10 episodes in this season and each,is around the 40-minute mark,and like i said some of the repetitive,scenes and the info,could be cut out especially since this,is set up to binge,but overall the story moved quickly and,it kept my attention,so it feels like when it seems the,culprit is going to be revealed,new information is released to cast,suspicion on another character,i like this i think its necessary to,carry a good mystery there needs to be,enough truth uncovered to capture our,attention,and continue that intrigue but also the,story needs to hold enough back,so that we cant guess the answer too,quickly the show does a good job of this,too,it holds the cards really close to the,vest and through each episode it ekes,out some interesting information that,adds to the background and the present,but all the while just creating more,doubt now i had my suspicions at who the,actual murderer was,and it wavered several times but by,episode 7 i had settled on who i thought,it was,and it turns out i was well i dont know,why because theres a second season,coming,and honestly at first this frustrated me,i wanted to know the answer,and also as the season was wrapping up,there is this building urgency that,really led me to believe that we were,going to have a reveal,but that being said im also very,intrigued by the setup for whats to,come,there is a lot of sex nudity profanity,and violence including sexual violence,i give who killed sarah three and a half,out of five couches,so whats a good mystery youve seen,recently let me know what youve watched,in the comments below,if you enjoyed this review please give,it a like also dont forget to share and,subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for catching with me

WHO KILLED SARA? Season 1 & 2 Recap | Everything You Need To Know Before Season 3 | Series Explained

season one of who killed sarah begins,with a group of teenage friends having,fun on a day at the lake theres sarah,guzman her brother alex her boyfriend,rodolfo liscano rodolfos brother chama,and their friend elroy while sarah is,parasailing her harness begins to break,alex recognizes his sisters panic and,tries to stop the boat but a drunken,rodolfo thinks sarah wants to go faster,so he speeds ahead sarahs harness,breaks and she plummets into the lake,despite their best efforts to save her,sarah is pronounced dead at the hospital,alex blamed rodolfo for sarahs death,but is persuaded by rodolfos rich and,powerful father cesar loscano to take,the blame for the accident alex doesnt,realize that this confession would lead,to a 30-year prison sentence 18 years,later alex is released from prison and,wants revenge on the liscano family as,alex begins trying to publicly expose,cesar liscano the youngest los gano,child elisa begins to question her,familys corruption she teams up with,alex to uncover the truth behind the,death of sarah and the two enter into a,romantic relationship alex also begins,receiving text messages from the,mysterious diana including photos of a,rusted knife that alex had gifted chama,before sarahs death that same knife is,then mysteriously delivered to the los,gano matriarch mariana who had disposed,of it after sarahs death rodolfos,stepson bruno is mocked by his,classmates after they receive text,messages calling the los gano family,murderers while rodolfo is locked inside,a sauna and left to overheat there were,many suspects amongst the lisgano family,and their associates for alex to,investigate rodolfo loscano was,obviously the closest to sarah before,her death and seemed to truly love her,before her death sarah had even told,rodolfo that she was pregnant chaima,loscano is gay which his family,disapproves of and had been in love with,alex for years chama and his boyfriend,lorenzo want to have a baby together so,their friend clara offers to be a,surrogate when clara witnesses rodolfos,wife sophia having sex with his father,caesar she informs chama chama tells,rodolfo about caesar and sophias affair,and when sophia tells him that shes,pregnant rodolfo knows the baby wasnt,his and ends the relationship elroy was,the adopted son of mariana loscano,following the deaths of his father and,mother who he blamed himself for now he,acted as a loyal employee for whatever,the liscano family needed from him when,elisa arranges for alex to meet with the,lascano familys accountant elroy kills,the accountant before he can expose any,potential secrets as elroys guilt over,his involvement with the lascano,familys corruption continues to grow he,attempts to kill himself resulting in,his hospitalization and then theres,cesar loscano the corrupt patriarch,while in prison alex met a fellow inmate,who claimed that caesar killed his,daughter floor caesar owned a casino,with his business associate sergio and,secretly ran a brothel in the casinos,basement where they forced illegal,immigrants into sex work they had a,history of violence amongst their,prostitutes with sergio even filming,himself assaulting some of the women,sarah had discovered videotapes of these,assaults before her death its also,revealed that caesar had been having an,affair with sarah and was the actual,father of her baby in the season finale,its revealed that sarahs best friend,merifer was the mysterious diana lorenzo,breaks up with chama due to the loscano,familys corruption elisa confronts,caesar about the casino basement and,sarahs death and its revealed that,mariana had asked elroy to cut sarahs,harness after discovering her husbands,affair as the season comes to a close,alex discovers an old secret diary of,sarahs in which she writes about,struggling with her mental health and,questions her own sanity this diary,leads alex to an unmarked grave in the,backyard of his childhood home where he,digs up a skull with a bullet hole we,then flash back to sarah in the same,location struggling with an unknown,attacker we then see caesar standing,over them pointing a gun in season two,of who killed sarah alex continues his,investigation into his sisters death,elroy confesses that he never actually,got around to sabotaging sarahs,parachute hardness as mariana had,ordered meaning he wasnt the killer and,to ensure elroy wouldnt tell anyone of,his various crimes at the request of the,los ganos mariana kills him alex uses,the newly discovered diary of sarah to,uncover more of his sisters past,leading him to a doctor dr alanis that,explains sarah suffered from,schizophrenia and had a history of,violence and drug abuse the condition,was genetic and alex discovers that he,and sarah had different fathers with,sarahs real father being a man named,abel who raped their mother and was,later imprisoned alex also learns that,sarah had befriended a drug dealer named,nakondro who was one of the few people,aware of her drug problem and mental,health struggles when abel asks sarah,for money to help him escape his mental,hospital sarah begins selling drugs for,nicandro to make money alex also has to,deal with a police investigation as he,becomes under surveillance while the,police look into the body found in his,backyard chamas ex-boyfriend lorenzo,acts as alexs lawyer to help exonerate,him and then theres all of the drama,with the various members of the los gano,family rodolfo confronts his parents,about caesars affairs with both sarah,and sophia finally cutting ties with,them mariana takes in the pregnant,sophia but secretly plots to take the,baby for herself after sophia gives,birth rodolfo helps sophia and her son,bruno escape with the baby giving them a,life free of the los gano family,corruption chama is still heartbroken,over his breakup with lorenzo and,becomes entangled in a romance with,clara who confesses her love for him and,a continued desire to give him a baby,when claras ex-boyfriend mancho tries,to violently extort money from her chima,kills him chay mcclara and lorenzo hide,manchos body but chama is racked with,guilt over the incident in retaliation,manchos brother murders lorenzo alex,finally exposes caesar and sergios,corruption and human trafficking ring to,the media caesar throws sergio under the,bus to take the full fall for their,crimes before running off into hiding,sergio breaks out of prison and seeks,revenge kidnapping elisa and holding her,hostage caesar goes to alex and begs for,his help in rescuing elisa before,seemingly killing himself in front of,the police when alex finds sergio,anna-lysa caesar returns alive and well,having faked his death alex and caesar,rescue elisa and caesar kills sergio,before once again going into hiding we,also finally learned more about marafur,and her relationship with sarah and her,grudge against the los ganos merifers,mother christina had been a maid for the,liscano family but had gone missing,believing the los ganos to be,responsible mirafur convinced her sister,clara to manipulate shema into being his,surrogate mother so they could use the,baby to blackmail caesar and mariana,into revealing christinas whereabouts,its also revealed that christina had,been married to abel making merefer and,sarah sisters when the mysterious,nakandro shows up in the present he and,alex uncover a long-lost tape that sarah,had recorded before her death through,that tape its revealed that abel had,confronted sarah demanding money from,her or else he would kill her like he,did christina sarah called rodolfo for,help but caesar answered instead he came,to sarahs rescue killing abel and,burying him in the backyard after,watching the tape merfor realizes that,abel killed her mother not the los ganos,completely wrecking her previous world,view she had long blamed the los ganos,for her mothers disappearance and,therefore became resentful when her best,friend sarah entered into a relationship,with both rodolfo and caesar and so it,was merifer who cut sarahs parachute,harness that

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Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained

who killed sarah season three finally,answers the question,the ending of season two left fans with,plenty of questions after marafur who is,hospitalized in season three with severe,burns admitted killing sarah only for,nicandro and the mysterious dr alanis to,emerge as suspects in her death however,alanis is killed off before any,information can be extracted from him in,season three matters take an eye-opening,turn immediately as sarah guzmans grave,is found to be empty and we are led to,believe she may still be alive alexs,search for answers puts him on the trail,of the highly secretive medusa project,which is being helmed by new arrival dr,ronaldo played by legendary french actor,gene reno it comes to light that sarah,didnt actually die due to her parachute,full and was instead transferred to the,secure medusa facility where she was,kept for months of treatment and,experimentation as it is revealed,throughout the season dr ronaldo has,been playing the whole situation from,the start and hopes to create a wonder,drug that will cure schizophrenia and,homosexuality,but me i always think much bigger than,that,after he was wrongly sent to prison at,the end of season two kima lascano ends,up as one of medusas patients in season,three and we see ronaldos cruel methods,at work as kima is tortured due to his,sexuality the facility also has another,inmate a young woman named lucia who,looks identical to sarah and its,revealed she is actually sarahs,daughter as sarah was one month pregnant,during the parachute incident by,drilling,cutting or scraping the layers of bone,with a sharp instrument the events of,season threes finale are set up when,with the help of caesar alex kidnaps a,senior doctor from the medusa facility,named tanya and interrogates her to find,its location and what happened to sarah,after tanya reveals sarahs fate a,heavily armed alex smashes his way into,the medusa facility fighting through,guards until he finally catches up with,ronaldo ronaldo puts up a fight and,looks to bargain with alex but despite,offering a tape with evidence of what,happened to sarah alexs hunger for,revenge is too great and he kills,ronaldo using the same device he used to,torture his patients,during the struggle many of medusas,patients are able to escape including,sarahs daughter lucian kimalazcano who,is a changed man after his ordeal the,episode ends on an unexpected note as,cesar lascano is put on trial for the,death of ronaldo instead of alex this is,because caesar took the blame for the,killing and that of abel from season 2,which saw kemah imprisoned and is,sentenced to 40 years in prison however,its revealed at the end of episode 7,that caesar has secretly been diagnosed,with pancreatic cancer and has been,suffering from the illness behind the,scenes all season so in the end caesar,takes the blame instead of alex knowing,he wont be alive for much longer while,alex has already served 18 years in jail,as he was initially blamed for sarahs,death all those years ago i also,murdered and buried abel martinez 18,years ago,all right take him away its revealed in,episode 7 of who killed sarah season,three that sarah guzman actually killed,herself and it wasnt mere for as we,were led to believe in season two,through flashbacks and tanyas,confession to alex we learned sarah was,able to get her hands on a knife while,at the medusa facility and stabbed,herself in the abdomen in front of,ronaldo sarah didnt want to be a lab,rat for ronaldo and the medusa project,anymore so she decided to take her own,life in the final moments of season,three marafur also passes away after,being left hospitalized in season two,and we see the pair reunite in the,afterlife after their friendship was cut,short years earlier ultimately realizing,that escape is impossible sarah reasons,that the only way she can hurt her,sadistic captor is by killing herself,thus hobbling his research the seasons,final moments depict sarah fatally,stabbing herself with a knife as ronaldo,watches aghast we then see alex in front,of a small grave with sarahs name on it,making it certain that the shows,namesake is very much dead what happens,to the lascanos,the lascano family is intricately,connected to sarahs case and are the,initial targets for alexs plan for,revenge in fact sarahs dangerously,resourceful brother succeeds in causing,the familys reputation significant,damage in season one by season two with,alyssa lascano burning down her own,familys casino the lascanos are,irreparably ruined thus season three,opens with the once wealthy family now,completely broke and their assets and,homes being seized by the government,cesar and marianas relationship which,for better or for worse has held the,family together completely breaks down,the husband is ultimately sentenced to,40 years in prison while the wife,retires to a life of repentance kima is,finally freed from prison but still,seems to struggle with his sexuality,before being arrested cesar bequeath saw,his remaining wealth to alex requesting,him to share it with the lazcano,siblings interestingly since lucias,real father is caesar the lascano,siblings actually gain a member through,sarahs daughter however rodolfo is shot,in the season closer so they also lose a,member all of this points to the high,likelihood of ronaldo meeting a messy,end and things turn out as such alex,ultimately straps the scientists to his,own sadistic instruments and,electrocutes ronaldo till he is clearly,dead a vast graveyard is subsequently,discovered behind his facility revealing,hundreds of victims that the sadistic,scientist has likely tortured to death,under the guise of creating a cure for,schizophrenia and homosexuality,you

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Who Killed Sara REVIEW | Season 1 | Netflix Original Series

this is where everybodys secret just,blow glop this almost mix up my kit,[Music],hi guys welcome back to another coconut,critics review,im alanis im janik,and today we will be reviewing who,killed,sarah but before we get into all of that,guys subscribe,your hair just press the button like,comment share subscribe,ali said l stopping you join join the,coconut critic family and,enjoy all that were watching all that,were experiencing and just have a good,time with us,yeah yeah anyway so,im just going to be reading um the,netflix description of each episode so,from episode 1 through to episode 10,and then were just gonna talk about it,you know as we go along,so lets lets start guys so,episode one um alex makes his first move,on the,la sanzo family at radolfos ceo,appointment ceremony,someone identifying as diana the hunches,offers to help him,so thats the description of episode one,konjan,what do you think first episode you meet,everybody what ya say,so first episode so when it was,just starting out so we go into the boat,scene and we we see exactly what happens,right,so at this point um so actually when i,watched it the first time like the,that episode it wasnt clear to me so i,had to re-watch to make sure i made note,of everybody um,but yeah so we zoom into this boat scene,where we see alex,um rodolfo um,um and theres and,alexs sister sarah theyre going,theyre having fun and then she goes,parasailing and she falls out and she,ends up dying,so what didnt jump out to me was,who all was on the boat so at first i,thought it was just,those three boys because like later on,we go to the court case and we see,that this is all happening and we see,that alex has just been released early,from prison after going for 18 years so,guys,bear in mind now alex is in jail,for the death of his sister he was,sentenced to,30 years for the death of his sister,exactly no i dont know,and also when i saw that scene i was,just like im never ever going,parasailing,thats not something that ill ever do,thank you for that,so ive so ive been parasailing and,to be honest like it didnt feel like it,would be high enough to kill me,so when it happened i was like oh no,shell be fine but it was kind of high,so maybe maybe thats why but will i be,going past selling again absolutely not,no thank you but so,after that now we see alex come out and,we see that he,has like a bag of money and everything,and he starts to to set up his like,technology center for his home and we,start seeing all these flashbacks of,of who these people are and what what,why he set out to target them,yeah so theres this casino that the la,sansa family run,and i guess theyre very powerful people,in mexico,and so rodolfo was the son of,this don called on cesar or whatever his,name is,and rodolfo and sarah had a relationship,and theyre all friends and sarah was,alexs,sister and theyre all friends like they,all hang out um radolpha has another,brother called chemo and theyre just,all friends but when that happened no,um alex was sent to jail and then the,two boys continued living their lives so,now alex come back with a vengeance and,say,im oh now you guys sent me to prison,and this is not how this is going to end,like im going to expose you all,you guys are going to pay so we see him,um hacking into,this ceremony that theyre having for,adulthood at a casino,and just like leaving a message and,saying yo [ __ ] im back,im comfortable we dont know basically,yeah,and what so we get this hint because,after watching the first scene like,you think its like an accident or like,it,genuinely like wasnt meant to happen,but i liked he,hes like 100 certain like no this was a,setup,um and as we like,intro energy gets intro to each,character we we get the feeling that,maybe the lost kind of family,did plan this because the zoom into,dancers are like he seems like the super,powerful,greedy guy whos like all about family,but all about like,burying things um if they need to be and,what happens immediately after is when,they like go to his house and start,shooting up the place so you,automatically start to side with alex,because theyre like,nah all right these people are,definitely like,up to something and i dont remember if,it was this episode where we find out,that sarah,was pregnant pregnant honestly,no you found ourselves in episode two,but lets just go right into episode two,now we also know that rodolfo and gemma,has another,has another sibling who is um elisa,now this girl she knows enough enough to,shake off the board,she just shes everywhere she asks beer,question like nobodys really,answering all of her questions and she,would have enough stuff no show up at,alexs house,sees them shooting up the house goes in,and be like oh,my name is maria im here to help you,and is is its funny too because i think,there was a flashback to where she,you could tell she was a baby like when,everything was happening so she,she really doesnt know what happened,but she it looks like she also has this,kind of rose colored glasses,picture of her family um and so when she,sees this happen she begins to have all,of these questions but,what a girl know because to go into him,house to then follow him to the hospital,to then um start spying on him and,asking all these questions and,i dont know i feel like if it wasnt me,honestly i just say you know this is not,my business,i i dont know whats going on but my,father is probably a murderer let me,just go back to spain,let me just go get my education and all,of that because it sounds like its,about to be,like some mix-up handling on all these,things yeah but,shin off what i also um realized too is,in episode two,um you cant tell that rodolfo also,believed that he was the reason why,sarah died,like he thinks that all of this is,because his father wants to protect him,so when i think it was like chemo like,chima went to him and,was just talking about oh you know alex,is back like dont you want to help him,do you want to see him and he was just,like what the hell,no like my family did this for a reason,we need to be grateful that they did,this,um alex took the blame whatever water,whatever like he didnt really,show any remorse for putting alex in,that situation and he was his best,friend,like lets not forget that and we also,see this,relationship between like gemma and the,family too,and which becomes interesting later when,they kind of,sent her chairman like his possible,reasons for wanting to do things,um but you really get the sense that it,was,uh the father who planned this and,um once i think it was episode one where,alex,discovers the pregnancy picture and all,of that i immediately thought that,it was rodolfo not even the father like,maybe rodolfo didnt want her to be,pregnant he didnt want to have this kid,um and so that he did this on purpose,and thats why hes kind of,convinced himself that all of this,happened for a reason because he needed,to,be free from the potential of this baby,or something,so then heres where my i was on along,that path,right and then we see that okay chemo is,gay and chemo,liked alex so like chemo was going,around like filming him,and jerking off to alex showing in the,um,in whatever but then he also,is caught by sarah so sarah sees him,first of all hugging alex like with,desire in his eyes,and then catches him playing with,himself,watching alex so then now,when theres a point where he um,confronts sarah about,it sashas like okay did he kill sarah,because he know what everybody knows say,hes gay because remember no you know in,mexico or in spanish-speaking countries,a lot of them are catholics,and they have a huge,i mean most of them are homophobic,towards gay people thats just the,reality of the situation,so cesaro which is um,fallow banished him in the first place,right like when he found out,much older because they dont deal with,gay people they think its a scene,theyre just against it so i thought,that he,probably killed sarah to prevent her,from telling the father,that he was

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Netflix Review (¿Quién Mató a Sara?)

who killed sarah season two is here was,it worth the,two month wait its not that long,[Music],what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel season two of who killed,sarah is,already here today were going to talk,about it no spoilers,its going to be really difficult but i,want to thank you guys for letting me,know about this show,and telling me hey austin youve got to,go watch season one i did i caught up,i have a lot of questions but were,going to get into it so discovering the,truth behind the death of sarah his,sister will lead alex to discover the,darkest secrets,of the los cano family and season one as,we know surrounded the character of,sarah were getting to know pretty much,everyone else and what alexs,motivations are compared to what,everyone else thinks that alexs,motivations were,and then of course diving deep into the,family what makes each individual person,tick but sarah,she didnt really get a lot of fleshing,out shes just kind of,you know the person who dies and we have,to figure out,who killed sarah this time around in,season two,the mystery is still there and its,still just as intriguing as ever,but its not really the focal point of,this season,were getting revelations were learning,more about who,may have done it but more importantly,were learning more about,sarah herself and what role that she,played,that we had never imagined her playing,in the first place so,alex in this season hes kind of facing,his worst nightmare,and that is his sister sarahs true,personality,who he thought he knew at the beginning,but at the same time,really didnt know her in the first,place then you have this corpse in the,patio and this becomes this ticking,clock that can make,alex go back to prison at any time so,hes trying to quote unquote stay alive,because thats happening while at the,same time trying to learn more about his,sister and he just,wants answers and thats kind of the,intriguing mystery aspect of the show,thats what has us hooked in season two,were still keeping that,telenovela-esque vibe that tone that,works so well in the first season and,normally im watching a show like this,and i dont care as much if it gets,overly dramatic and a little bit cheesy,here and there and this show has that,absolutely but something about the way,this thing is made,had me invested in season one interested,enough to continue with the season,two and thats definitely present this,time around even though like i said at,the beginning,i am left with and stuck with,so many questions at the end of season,two,now we do get a lot of answers and we,also get some really traumatic,moments and this show is not afraid of,taking someone away from us,when maybe we dont expect it at all so,in season two were following alex as he,becomes this investigator and hes,trying to put together the puzzle pieces,that are showing us sarahs true,identity,along with the terrible story of her,relationship,with the los cano family and that aspect,of the story is,so intriguing and even if we start to,get these revelations,and the answer of who killed sarah is,not what we want,well thankfully the show was able to,build around that,and really beyond that and not even,focus,on that this time around which may cause,some people to say,i dont really care anymore and in the,first episode alone when we get to that,climactic,ending and coming back around to it in,episode two,if youve seen it you know exactly what,im talking about they arent afraid,to pull any punches theyre going to go,for it no matter what and,the drama surrounding all of this may,get overly complicated may get overly,convoluted,uh but it really comes down to the fact,that every,single character whether it be them,dealing with their own demons or,discovering the fact that maybe they are,more flawed than they thought they were,every character has something about them,that may not be,super positive but at least it makes,them intriguing and engaging from alex,to,mariana to rodolfo to sergio its all,being laid out for us to try to put,these pieces together ourselves and then,go along for the ride with alex but its,that intrigues that mystery and,i think the word here is its addictive,who killed sarah is really an addictive,show i mean,even with its faults and i will admit,as we were going especially the middle,half of the season,say episodes four and five while there,are some intriguing moments im saying,to myself,weve kind of lost track of the mystery,itself,and were on all of these other,mysteries that are engaging,but its almost as if its losing itself,in the process,but then we kind of come back into focus,in the final few episodes and set,something else,up and the way this ends off im looking,at myself and im saying,i have to talk spoilers for this whether,it be another video a live stream,whatever if you guys would like to see,that let me know,i have to talk spoilers and talk about,that ending and kind of where,it leads us as an audience but a lot of,that comes back to the writing and how,they are making these characters more,engaging and where i want to go with,that,is making sarah more engaging because,now were learning a lot about sarah,that we didnt know in season one and,instead of just kind of being there,and being the reason why everyone is,scrambled and trying to figure this out,she has a personality and whether,certain aspects of that personality,are good or bad and were learning that,maybe there is way more to her character,that,messes this entire thing up that adds,another,element to the story and in season two,sarah really gets a chance to shine,and we know shes dead at this point,right but whether it be,flashbacks or the things that we learn,about her or,just the fact that they are building the,show around,one or two plot points one you may not,even know going into season two,and youre gonna be like wow okay and if,youre on board with that,then i think youre gonna enjoy season,two for what it is if youre a fan of,season one,i think youre gonna enjoy season two if,youre not well,why are you here its one of those shows,that you hope doesnt lose itself,in the process because we know this all,started with sarah on the boat and that,one,underlying mystery and from there its,expanded if they can,not necessarily keep that singular focus,but if they can,manage to somehow keep all of these,stories coherent,and in check and a lot of that comes,down to the writing which,you know had its issues throughout,season two for sure but if they have,this end goal in mind which im sure,they do then,im curious to see where it goes at the,end of the day who killed sarah,season two keeps the intrigue and,mystery that season one had,but expands upon it and whether fans,like it or not the show continues to,explore,more subplots and give us more from the,characters and because of all those,things,well go a solid seventy percent for,season two of who killed sarah,im in on the mystery and im also on,board with the tone which again is very,specific telenovela overly emotional,you know sometimes becomes cheesy at a,point but,its one of those things thats just,kind of intriguing if youre,caring about the story and i will admit,i was swept up in a couple of these,story lines,and i think who killed sarah is a very,fascinating mystery,so far but if you guys enjoy this review,be sure to support this channel,drop that thumbs up down below and let,me know would you like to see me,talk about that final episode and what,happens,at the end or really what happens all,throughout the show because theres a,lot that happens,and a lot of crazy things that maybe,youre not expecting all right guys,come back for that and many other things,this week,uh plenty of reviews to come your way,along with a zack snyder tier list that,im working on,right now you guys the best ill see you,soon all right fellas were not afraid,of any zombies,[Music],nope thats a zombie tiger,oh my god yeah i was excited for this,movie but in all honesty i wasnt,that excited for this zack snyder

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Netflix Series Review (¿Quién Mató a Sara?)

earlier this year netflix brought a,spanish-language mystery thriller called,who killed sarah,or kian mato acera it was twisty and,steamy and then ended on a cliffhanger,season two just released and it,continues the mystery but is it fun,and worthwhile,alex guzman has to face his worst,nightmare his sister sarahs true,personality,at the same time a buried mystery corpse,in his own patio,becomes a ticking clock that can make,him go back to prison at any time,he has no other choice than to become an,investigator and put together,all the pieces that will portray sarahs,true and terrible story,and her relationship with the los cano,family okay so honestly i was hooked on,the first season,i mean it was melodramatic in parts and,even soap opera-ish,but the mystery engaged me and the story,just kept introducing possible,perpetrators for sarahs killer,this season the first couple of episodes,really dive into who sarah was we get a,lot more backstory and development on,her,and this works to build out the mystery,even more and it gives us more motives,for those around her,even throughout the episodes we get more,and more on who she was,which helps to increase the mystery and,then even adds more suspects to the show,but then the show kind of loses the,narrative the search for sarahs killer,and the truth,it just kind of takes a back seat to the,massive family drama,that envelops the lascana family now,this is still interesting and it works,to put some additional motives into the,mystery,but for a lot of it i was wondering if,alex had remembered what he was,searching for,the mystery of the corpse that was found,in alexs yard really begins to take a,large focus,and this still has ties to the overall,story but i felt that it does take us,off course a bit from finding sarahs,killer there are a lot of sequences that,have to do with revenge and while i,enjoyed the action,it did get a little bit much sometimes,the show reminded me a little bit of the,killing that came out you know a bunch,of years ago,that had merrill enos and joel kinnaman,and we all thought the killing would be,resolved by the end of the first season,and then if youre like me i became,disappointed to find out that we,wouldnt find out the truth that easily,that frustration tempered the enjoyment,of the second season,and i kind of got that a little bit with,this i mean the first season was 10,episodes and it built some really good,suspense,and as exciting as the finale was there,was a small twinge of disappointment,that theyre going to drag this out,season 2 adds in the twists but there,are also portions that feel like the,show is being more dragged out for time,than for a really good story and like i,said before the show also focuses less,on sarahs death,than on some of the other character,dramas the storyline of chama and,lorenzo continues to be challenging,and there are moments that are just way,too over dramatic and hedge more towards,the laughable,than the emotional and its not to say,that the situations themselves are funny,its just that the execution takes away,from what i think that they were aiming,for,there are still some misdirects when it,comes to the mystery of sarahs death,and i appreciated when they tried to,keep us guessing there are also,other twists that come into play that,increase the overall mystery of the show,even if theyre not leading us towards,the answer to the title,of the show you know who killed sarah so,despite the melodrama that is overly,present i was still enjoying the ride,for the most part i mean i found myself,still intrigued by several of the,characters,and i like the character of alex even if,he is getting a little tiresome,in his slow pursuit elisa takes a major,back seat this season so shes not a,huge driving factor for the majority of,the story,and even rodolfo gets less screen time,and im not sure i really enjoyed his,character arc this go-round,i mean there are moments that i did like,him but he seems severely emotionally,unstable,and we never know what were going to,get from appearance to appearance,that being said we do get a lot more,involvement from marifer,which adds a new dimension to the story,and it provides some other areas of,intrigue now this season is only eight,episodes which each around 45ish minutes,and i think theyre trying to pack more,into these fewer episodes than they did,in the first season,the family dynamics are still compelling,and kept me watching,especially as i begin to either like,certain characters even more,or despise them way more than i,originally did the show does do a really,good job of building out those,characters to make us have strong,feelings towards them,i think there are very few in this that,youre going to be ambivalent towards so,when it comes down to it the show,continues to suck me in,i mean even though i rolled my eyes at,portions when it got overly melodramatic,and despite the fact that i think the,show lost some of its focus in the,middle of the season,i was still engaged i was still,frustrated by character decisions,i was still disgusted by certain,thoughts and behaviors and i was still,loving the twists and reveals,and yeah i still want to see more,theres sex nudity a ton of profanity,and some very brutal violence,i give season two of who killed sarah,three and a half out of five couches,so are you hooked on this show have you,watched it and loved it or did you hate,it,let me know in the comments below if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like,also dont forget to share and subscribe,im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

Quién mató a Sara (Who Killed Sara?) – Netflix Series Review – ENDING EXPLAINED at the end.

i feel like i need to rate whether,something is horny i dont want one,position,because this series is very horny,its a horny series with sex all the,time because i feel like when the,writers,were writing the script for this the,first four episodes at least,yeah lets screw lets,theyre like i havent had sex for so,long and im writing because dang,oh [ __ ] its a horny series guys oh,youre nailing me,cool,welcome to the river tuesday my name is,ruben this is my review for who killed,sarah im not going to try and pronounce,in the correct language because i dont,speak the language,suffice to say this is an interesting,netflix original let me know in the,comments below have you heard of this,were you excited to watch this do you,leave me a thumbs up,it does help in the analytics lets chat,down in the comments below about this,series i will do an,ending kind of talk about the end of,this at the end of the review but for,now its non-spoiler review so lets,jump in,hell bent on exacting revenge and,proving,he was framed for his sisters murder,alex sets out to unearth much more than,the crimes real culprit,okay so there are 10 episodes at about,35 minutes to about 40 minutes,ish thereabouts uh so you can watch this,you can you can binge it in,about six hours if you remove the,credits and the intros in the end,the the end trolls intros and outros,intros what the hell is that,uh anyway so if you like kind of drama,soaps that is very dark,youre probably going to enjoy this but,like i said in my,intro the first four episodes are very,horny it does have a lot to do,with sex and the more the story,progresses the more you see,that its not just to do with alex its,to do with this very,messed up broken family if you think the,ozarks family uh were messed up,uh youre in for a surprise think of a,really dark messed up family,and as secrets are revealed youre like,well this this could rival,like the the messiness of families like,in dallas,now that sort of soap this is much,darker though and it also doesnt shy,away,from certain aspects of the darkness we,have the,the family head the dad whos kind of,the boss of everything and the more you,find out about him the more you like,this guy i want to punch him and then,you find out that,everybody else is not quite who they,seem either its one of those story,lines so,we have the story that is based on if,youve seen the if youve seen the um,trailer the brother as mentioned in the,synopsis goes to jail for a number of,years,but in there he learns a certain set of,skills,not quite assassin worthy level but he,learns some stuff because hes going to,come out and do his revenge,and i really like the beginning,especially that first episode,it felt very good and that was mostly,because there was this score,that kind of hyped up the energy the the,way it was edited with,the music the way what was going on you,felt like it was like a revenge,almost detective piece putting things,together you had your,display board of the person that does,that thing and the person that does that,thing and im like,well this is pretty cool and then there,was some of the sexiness and i was like,okay and then there was more of the sex,and i was like,all right guys like be careful there,dudes theres like theres no need for,so much of this and then there was more,sex i was like oh my gosh,gee whiz i feel like im speaking like,im from the 40s sometimes i know it,comes across that im a little bit,um i guess i was raised to be a little,bit more shy of that certain thing and,so my parents raised me in that way to,be a good boy and now as ive watched so,many netflix stuff,ive come across more things that my my,eyes can handle so,maybe i am a bit more um,maybe i am a bit more naive when it,comes to certain series like this but i,did think,that the sex stuff was very much in your,face sometimes it needed to be because,it was part of the storyline some of,what goes on,is a big part of the storyline when it,comes to sex so,i understand showing it but i also,understand um,kind of glorifying it you can you can,show some of it and then you can cut and,it does do that some of the times but,other times its just like,you guys have just had sex do you need,to have sex again i guess so,uh so thats the reason why i thought,the series was very horny,i do think the actors were very good in,this i think each of them,has their own backstory you get to,understand them through a number of,flashbacks,there is a lot of flashbacks in this so,for the most part you do spend,a majority of time in the modern times,but i would say almost 25 maybe 35,of the entire series is done through,flashbacks so when,you see your character that youre,following at that moment in the,particular episode suddenly have this,glazed look on their eyes,its thats when were going to go back,and spend some amount of time because,they need to do exposition dump,for to allowing the audience to,understand what is happening,so youre like okay this is the part,where they tell us and explain the story,a little bit more,and so you see that flashback and then,later on in another episode all the same,episode,will have that exact same flashback and,yet,it just expands on that so you see a,little bit more so its like they filmed,an entire scene,chopped it up a little bit and then gave,us a little bit more its kind of like,saving on the editing,between that so theres this theres,this thing that happens at the beginning,a horrific thing which sends alex to,jail,and the whole story is just centered,around that and how it affects,everybodys lives,but its not just that its stuff thats,happened in the past its the,stuff that represents what the family is,actually about and the more you watch,the darker it gets and so once we get,out of the im not so horny anymore,scriptwriting,we really start to get into that,darkness of what the family is,um especially especially like the father,and the business partners those kind of,people and youre like,uh its its the type of series that,youre intrigued with you want to know,what happens,but by the time you get to the end,youre like i think i need a shower now,that was gross,but the story does keep you wanting to,know whats going to happen which i,think,is good i think you are on alexs side,you are on the revenge story but the,more,um you learn about the family you start,feeling for some of the family not,necessarily that theyre,good but there are s theres such a mess,of family you just want them to be able,to sort things out or move apart because,sometimes,certain families together are just toxic,especially when it comes from the head,of a family,and so we have another brother whos gay,and the father just doesnt like that we,have,a mother who is you know,broken and she wants to hurt herself you,know its all,very broken people we get to see their,past we get to see their pass through,snapshots of what theyve done in the,past,we get flashbacks its all put together,in this big jigsaw piece puzzle now,i cant stand here and say that at all,is finished by the time you come to the,end and its a you know one of those,theyll be like yeah we know everything,because the more you find out about this,puzzle piece the more,youre like huh ive got more questions,so where you think,something has happened with someone the,more is revealed it reminds me a little,bit of 13 reasons why,you know that they had a really nice,contained story and yet there was more,to go on in the second and see,the second season the third season the,fourth season i feel like thats going,to be like this,series it looks like theyve even,already filmed the second season because,at the end of this you get a snapshot,when it goes,next time or on the next season and it,literally has,already shot sequences that look like it,spans over a series so,i wouldnt be surprised if we get the,second season in the next few months i,mean if they shot it,maybe they wont make their fans wait um,another year okay so my review for this,is its a c plus maybe a

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