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Playboi Carti – Whole Lotta Red ALBUM REVIEW

what hi everyone,here the internets busiest music nerd,and its time for a review,of the new play boy cardi album,whole lotta red this is,the long awaited soph more album from,one of the most beloved rappers in the,game right now,playboy cardi its only been a few years,now really since cardi made his full,mainstream,ascent striking gold with a subtly,experimental and psychedelic brand of,trap music,on his die lit record personally i,wasnt really crazy about his breakout,mixtape in 2017,nor was i impressed by the round of,promo he got,out of the double xl 2017 freshman class,on which he was listed,but i gotta admit everything he was,doing around that time did set the stage,for how minimal,visceral and envelope pushing this,project was now of course the magic of,dielet doesnt simply boil down to,cardis ear worm repetitive refrains his,infectious baby voiced inflections,because,the consistent production from pierre,born was also a significant part of the,equation,however on whole lot of red he seems to,have mostly foregone pierres production,which i dont see,as entirely a bad thing not just because,pierres sound is so,easily replicable but also a whole lot,of red should be an opportunity for,cardi to branch out try something,different not just record die lit part,two and,boy does cardi branch out on this,project which is not only apparent from,the subtly satanic,cover art but cardis embrace of,vampires and,vamp aesthetics in the song titles here,and the social media run-up to this,project looks like,cardis bringing goth to the trap on,this one with a punk flare,and while he wouldnt be the first to do,that he certainly seems to be one of the,most prominent,and in my opinion its these very,elements that drive the most exciting,and,interesting moments on this lp but with,that being said though part of me does,feel like whole lot of red does fall,short terribly short of its full,potential,due to not pushing things as far as it,could have,and also sounding somewhat half-baked at,points its worth reminding viewers that,cardi ended up dropping this project,over this past christmas,so maybe the release ended up being a,little too premature,especially since he was rumored to have,redone the album quite significantly,after numerous song leaks over the past,year or so,the track list on this thing is also,pretty bloated at 24,songs making die lets 19 seem trim by,comparison,even though the run times between both,records arent significantly different,its also got to be pointed out that,cardi varies up his vocal style on this,record quite a bit too,not just during the moments of this lp,where hes straining his voice or,screaming,but there are numerous parts where he,seems to have mostly,abandoned the incoherent infantile vocal,inflections that hes known for,to the point where his bars are more,crystal clear,than theyve ever been cardis new,approaches on this record are generally,refreshing,its just disappointing when it doesnt,seem like he has all of the,kinks worked out for one whole lot of,red is undoubtedly a record that is,abrasive by design but there are some,vocal mixes here that,do leave a lot to be desired not just,because,cardis voice occasionally comes off,very,pitchy and painful to the ear but some,tracks,just dont feel that visceral because,theres a lack of balance between the,vocals and the instrumental,leaving the beat feeling like it really,has no presence which is especially true,of,vamp anthem a track that i had high,expectations for given the aesthetic,change on this record but it,really just ended up being this very dry,set of trap perks which is aided,horrendously by these terrible midi,synthesizers that play out this uh,laughably stereotypical vampire intro,on the song,however i will say occasionally this,records messy presentation does work in,its favor there is the insane stop,breathing which is so heavily compressed,nearly every sound in the mix is,crackling like a campfire,the result being one of the most deadly,and cathartic tracks on the record,especially considering the murderous,lyrics and gruesome vocal inflections,and,and garish ad-libs on that time is,similarly intense in my opinion theres,also the completely,out of control jump out of the house,which is packed with this absolutely,crushing base and one demented vocal,inflection,after another it seems like cardi is,pushing some of those baby voiced vibes,to,a new and more experimental place to a,degree then the track punk monk may,feature one of the most,distorted instrumentals on the entire lp,but this beat actually ends up being the,foundation for a sobering moment of,reflection for cardi where he,essentially starts listing out the,various ways he has been,mistreated ignored counted out and,betrayed in the music industry,naming names as well theres one,particular bar that stuck out for me,where he says hes not friendly at all,he doesnt even want these other rappers,on his songs,its essentially an anti-social anthem,and,the scant amount of features on this,thing certainly reinforces that vibe,and speaking of the features on this,record i think all of them bang,kanye west on go to to moon sounds,completely off of his rocker,and that my god that budapest line is,like classic,kanye all the way i also love the,experimental string,backed beat that this track delivers too,my one major disappointment with it is,that cardi doesnt really have much,presence,on his own song he kind of pops in drops,a few bars at the very end,kanye and the beat both overshadow him,it just barely feels like a cardi song,to begin with,then theres kid cudi on the track,metamorphosis whose trademark hums,layer harmoniously against an,instrumental that sounds like its,sampled i dont know a part of the,castlevania soundtrack or something,not literally but the keys in this,instrumental do make me feel like im,playing some like,8-bit 2d scroller where im like,shooting at or stabbing some ghosts and,ghouls,lyrically this track is pretty focused,for a cardi song too,with him going into the personal and,aesthetic changes hes undergoing,in this recent album cycle thats,metamorphosis,then theres also teen x featuring,future where it seems like aesthetically,cardi is trying to extend,the minimal trippy trap sounds that,he hit upon with die lit update them in,a way he goes even more out there,vocally getting squeakier by the minute,while future mostly matches his energy,and while theres nothing necessarily,wrong with cardi going back to what,works for him,on a new record there are points on this,lp where i think he plays it a bit too,predictable and also underwhelms with a,supremely disengaged vocal performance,for one i think he is really phoning it,in,on the song place the track even,features a pierre-born beat if i had to,put this one,in a nutshell i would say its the,soundtrack to not even trying at all,a little later the song over sounds,similarly lifeless too,meanwhile these songs sky is a pretty,straightforward drug anthem but,this vibe essentially puts cardi in a,place of emotional numbness,weak beat choice two this one does not,present much of a vibe there are some,compelling portions of the final leg,though like the ambitious feel like,diane which features a,prominent bony bear sample also die for,guy where cardi is reflecting on,his past his brother paranoia but for,the most part this record really,loses steam toward the end i could keep,going into the minor details of this lp,more various flaws but honestly i think,its pretty apparent at this point,that a whole lot of red is very much all,over the place there are tracks that,reinforce,more of a vampire or a goth vibe there,are tracks that reinforce more of a,dialet 2.0 vibe or maybe even a,dialet zero zero zero point one vibe,there are also a few cuts that seem,oddly derivative of his contemporaries,like,young thug and little uzi vert there is,some extremely safe,bland production on this thing that,bores me to death meanwhile,the more experimental mixes only slap,s

Playboi Carti – Whole Lotta Red REDUX REVIEW

whip whip whip hi everyone,here the internets busiest music nerd,and its time for a redux review of the,playboy cardi album whole lotta red this,is the long-awaited sophomore album of,one of the most beloved rappers in the,game right now playboy cardi its only,been a few years now really since cardi,made his full mainstream ascent striking,gold with a subtly experimental and,psychedelic brand of trap music on his,die lit record personally i wasnt,really crazy about his breakout mixtape,in 2017 nor was i impressed by the round,of promo he got out of the 2017 double,xl freshman class on which he was listed,but i have to admit everything he was,doing around that time set the stage for,how minimal visceral and envelope,pushing this project was now the magic,of die lit of course does not boil down,simply to cardis ear worm repetitive,refrains because the consistent,production from pierre bourne was also a,significant part of the equation however,on whole lot of red he seems to have,mostly forgone pierres production which,i dont see as entirely a bad thing not,just because pierre sound has proven to,be so easily replicable but a whole lot,of red should also be an opportunity for,cardi to branch out try something,different not just record die lit part,two and boy does cardi branch out on,this project which is not only apparent,from the uh sort of satanic cover art,but also cardis embrace of vampires and,vamp aesthetics in the titles and social,media run-up to this record looks like,cardi is bringing goth to the trap on,this one with a sort of punk flare and,while he wouldnt be the first to do,that he certainly is one of the most,prominent and in my opinion its these,very elements that drive the most,interesting moments on this lp but with,that being said part of me does feel,like a whole lot of red falls short,terribly short of realizing its full,potential due to not pushing things as,far as it could have while also sounding,somewhat half-baked at points its worth,reminding viewers that cardi dropped,this project over christmas 2020. so,maybe the release ended up being a,little too premature especially since he,was rumored to have redone a significant,amount of the album after numerous song,leaks the tracklist on this thing is,also pretty bloated at 24 songs making,dielets 19 seem trim by comparison even,though the run times between both,records arent significantly different,its also got to be noted that cardi,varies up his vocal style on this record,quite a bit too not just during the,points of this lp where hes straining,his voice or screaming but there are,points where he seems to have mostly,abandoned the incoherent infantile vocal,inflections that hes known for and,cardis new approaches on this record,are genuinely refreshing its just a,little disappointing when it seems like,he doesnt have all the kinks worked out,for one whole lot of red is a record,that is undoubtedly abrasive by design,but there are some vocal mixes here and,there that leave a lot to be desired not,just because cardis voice occasionally,comes off very pitchy and painful to the,ear but some tracks just dont come off,that visceral because theres a lack of,balance between the vocals and the,instrumental this is especially the case,for vamp anthem a track that i had high,hopes for given the aesthetic change on,this record but it really just ended up,being this very dry set of trap perks,which is aided by these horrendous midi,synthesizers that are playing out this,painfully stereotypical vampire intro,however i will say occasionally this,records messy presentation does work in,its favor there is the insane stop,breathing which is so heavily compressed,nearly every sound in the mix is,crackling like a campfire the result,being one of the most deadly and,cathartic tracks on the entire record,especially considering the murderous,lyrics gruesome vocal inflections and,garish ad-libs,on that time is similarly intense in my,opinion theres also the completely out,of control jump out the house which is,packed with this absolutely crushing,base and one demented vocal inflection,after another it seems like cardi is,pushing a lot of those baby voiced vibes,to a new and experimental degree then,the track punk monk may feature one of,the most distorted instrumentals on the,entire project but this beat actually,ends up being the foundation for a,sobering moment of reflection for cardi,where he essentially starts listing out,the various ways in which he has been,mistreated ignored counted out and,betrayed in the music industry naming,names as well theres one particular bar,that stood out for me where he says that,hes not nice at all and he doesnt even,want these other rappers on his songs,its kind of an anti-social anthem and,the scant amount of features on this,record certainly reinforces that vibe,and speaking of the features on this,record i think all of them bang yay on,go to the moon sounds completely off of,his rocker and that budapest line is,classic kanye all the way i also like,the experimental string back beat the,track delivers too my one major gripe,with it is that cardi doesnt seem to,have too much presence on his own song,he comes in drops a few bars toward the,end kanye and the beat itself overshadow,him greatly then theres kid cudi on the,track metamorphosis whose trademark,comes layer harmoniously over a beat,that sounds like it sampled the,castlevania soundtrack not literally but,the keys on this track make me feel like,im playing some 2d platformer where im,stabbing some ghosts and ghouls,lyrically this track is pretty focused,for a cardi song too with him going into,some of the personal and aesthetic,changes then theres teen x featuring,future where it feels like aesthetically,cardi is trying to extend the minimal,trippy trap sounds he hit upon with dai,lit update them in a way while future,mostly matches his energy and while,theres nothing necessarily wrong with,cardi going back to whats worked for,him on a new record there are points on,this project where i think he plays it a,bit too predictable and also underwhelms,with a supremely disengaged vocal,performance for one i think hes really,phoning it in on the song place it even,features a pierre born beat if i had to,put this one in a nutshell i would say,its the soundtrack to not trying at all,a little later the song over sounds,similarly lifeless too meanwhile the,song sky is a pretty straightforward,drug anthem but the vibe of this track,essentially puts cardi in a place of,emotional numbness weak beat choice too,i would say there are some compelling,portions of the final leg though like,the ambitious feel like diane which,features a prominent bony bear sample,also die for guy where cardi is,reflecting on his past his paranoia his,brother but for the most part this,record really loses steam toward the end,i could go deeper into the minor details,of this lp start going over its various,flaws but i think its pretty apparent,at this point that whole lot of red is,very much all over the place there are,tracks that reinforce more of a vampire,or goth vibe there are tracks that,reinforce more of a dialet 2.0 vibe or,maybe even a dialet 0.1 vibe there are,even some tracks that feel oddly,derivative of his contemporaries such as,young thug or lil uzi vert there is some,extremely safe and bland production on,this thing that bores me to death too,meanwhile the more experimental mixes,and instrumentals only slap some of the,time so yes this thing is a flawed,record and i could see why its created,such a split in cardis fan base but,with that being said the highlights here,are so good i still understand and see,the general attraction that people are,having while i cant rate this record,very high i wouldnt be surprised if,this record ended up creating an 808s,and heartbreak type moment where yeah,its not a perfect lp but the highlights,will most likely be adopted by people,who are appreciating the record more for,its ideas than its execu

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merry christmas do my eyes deceive me,or is that whole lotta red,on christmas day well talk about,the satanic stuff in the marketing of,this,another time all right if the devil is,around here,he having a good time apparently yall,know my history with playboy cartier,all right yall know that ive never,been his biggest fan its [ __ ] trash,dog,im sorry he trashed in 2019 this dude,was,a part of some of my favorite songs,right like,like like uh like every time i heard him,on a feature whether it was a dj mustard,wrecker with nav on perfect 10,or you know the feature he completely,outperformed trippy red on or,being one of the most enjoyable,transitions of earthquake,or being a part of solanges album like,the dude for 2019 as far as features is,concerned just showed me a whole new,light,and while i didnt like die lit the,beats on there were something special,here we have whole lot of mid,whole lot of red and im really looking,forward to this i really am its,christmas day im in the spirit,i hope you all have already enjoyed the,project were about to see how i feel,about it right now the first track is,called rockstar or something,[Music],not too much all right ima tell you,first couple,seconds of that track the beat its got,a lot of momentum,all right were going somewhere its,like were in a car in the middle of the,night and,and the music is blasting right now,were going 150 miles an hour in a,residential hes definitely mixed higher,than the beat right now i dont know if,thats a choice or if it was a mistake,but well see how the rest of this plays,out,[Music],oh yeah see that that little,that that right there i can hear it,swelling up in the back,see the beats i already know it i know,this album is going to hit me with beats,that im going to go back to listen to,what headphones on,and im going to fall in love with that,layering right there that layering right,there got,im not gonna lie me really missing the,baby voice cardi right now that isnt to,say that this track isnt like,good because the beat is great i think,but at least when it comes to,cardi i think vocal inflection wise hes,doing a lot more experimenting than he,was before because his voice doesnt,sound completely accustomed to the,inflections that hes trying right now,but,its a change go to the moon with kanye,west,watch was a fossil everybody wear a,costume,spray a little oh my god what the [ __ ],is,happening we got more to do is this a,sample,cause it sounds so familiar yeah jesus,dang you correct,hes asking for buddha you a budapest,these transitions are so smooth its not,industrial in that one part it just it,feels,so um manufactured robotic then it,transitions into like this,isolated kind of bubbly-ish type beat,almost sounds like youre underwater,next track is stop breathing,hey if they sound like you the,government can keep them [ __ ] im,sorry this song is definitely high on,energy its just,um i dont know just hearing his normal,voice sound,so awkward the thing about die lit it,sounded like,you know the beats that we got were a,selection of like if you took a bowl of,lucky charms and you took all the brown,[ __ ] and just left the charms,just nothing but sugar nothing but like,sweetness,you know but here it feels like theres,a lot more of that tartness or a lot,more of that bitterness to the beats as,well and along with the heavy really,knocking base im not really getting,that like,melody to the beats then again the cover,art literally references slash,and like thats hard rock so,it it does it should have that like hard,trap,type [ __ ] i guess is what is it what im,what im kind of getting from this right,now that heavy bass that tart,instrumentation,and cardis inflections are a lot more,based off of what i feel to be,feeling and and whatever is in the,moment as opposed to like what sounds,good,i have never heard you sound like this,ad-libs i like the ad-libs on this track,uh i i dont really care for cardis,like vocal performance i dont really,care for too much today,[Music],now content-wise here is kind of hard,but you know,like the beat here is like a lot of that,nursery where im asked [ __ ] that i was,feeling off at me,and it sounds kind of like a remix of,that almost the beat sounds very,familiar like its really kiddish really,playful,its a thin line man its a thin line,sometimes you can be too hard or,sometimes you can be too soft dont take,that out of context all right number,five were gonna go to we gonna go to,jump out the house you know,maybe this is one of those slow burners,i gotta like lead into something if,theres one thing youre not gonna do,youre not gonna not give me lyrics and,not give me melody i go to you for,something my guy,just gonna kill him right here hey yo,[ __ ] you cardi i cant go nowhere we,mean jump out the house come on you,gotta hit the [ __ ] atlas the whole song,its your perfect opportunity,[Music],it sounds like a totally different,person it was a quick burst of energy it,got its point across and left,i honestly wouldnt mind you to just,done that the whole song the [ __ ],ad-lib thats all i would have needed,for that track to be complete fire track,number six is metamorphosis featuring,kit cudi im sure,90 million of us have already heard this,track imma just hear it again,with cuddys feature maybe not,hes wrapping over his homes,hes ad-libbing through cuddys home,i didnt know its gonna be like this oh,my god,[Music],oh my god i think he killed that track,uh his homes were fantastic using them,as a foundation like a layer and then,putting more bass on top of that and,then his voice is the foundation for the,track,i thought that was perfect track number,seven is slayer,i really have no idea what the [ __ ] he,just said or what to say about that song,um i dont hate it and there are,elements to it that i like,i i dont the only part about it is like,its a lot lighter than i expected it to,be and hes rapping for a lot longer,than i thought hed be which is,good to me and hes got the classic ad,libs in there i dont know whats,missing about this track that,um i feel like it should have to make it,like go from good to great track number,eight is no,no sleep,[Music],i dont know what to do now man like,i didnt want this to be the case again,its,[ __ ] christmas jesus christ,he sounds so much more goofy on these,tracks than even,die lit like even die lit bro like cardi,was just,i didnt think he was saying much of,anything but he was just flowing he was,just riding those beats,granted i feel like he could have been,replaced by a myriad of other people but,thats neither,here nor there i think he still sounded,uh at home on those beats here i just,kind of feel like hes just being thrown,in and his voice is like someone put him,in a straight jacket and his voice is,literally trying to be the visual,representation of what it would look,like if someone were trying to get out,of a styrofoam room number nine is new,tank,oh this the track where they thought he,was gay posted with my brothers,i really had no expectation going into,this project but i did have a ton of,curiosity i dont know i just,i feel like these these tracks ive,heard so far every one of them for the,most part,though some of them may be good and i do,enjoy like a good portion of them,especially that one with kit cuddy,um i feel like some of them just have,yet to surpass,older more enjoyable tracks from cardi,not that those are being like actively,compared to them right now its just,wow you know the the expectation if it,were up here,the the realization and the actuality of,it is like right around here and is that,his fault for,expectation being up here not really but,these songs are a little,ass next track is teen x from future,[Music],these are the beats that i wanted,the layers the layers okay we got like,we got a track right here with tons of,bass,tons of heavy 808 and then we got,another little,part in here that sounds like its,straight out of a video game and then,another part layered into that,that

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ты сам салют добро пожаловать хип-хоп,что значит hip-hop для детей,а именно для детей хип-хоп культуры и,пришло время поговорить об альбом на,котором как то наверняка уже понял я не,особо хотел говорить но на скоро ждет,наш из уст от карте и машу мэтр с 3 и,как я иногда делаю перед релизом и,больших альбомов я иногда заглядываю,старых дискографию артистов и делаю,обзор на альбом у которого здесь не на,канале я спросил телегами на что сделать,обзор на голы лет или на дмм шоу и ты,выбрал call large breed второй студийный,альбом плейбой к сию альбом который так,долго откладывался переносился,обсуждался объявлялся я даже не знаю как,это описать и в итоге он все-таки вышел,25 декабря прошлого года альбом на,которого канье уэст сарт канье уэст,неожиданная числится исполнительным,продюсером кроме того здесь целая прорва,маленьких еще пока но умным продюсеров а,среди больших мы имеем только увезен,одном placement и и конечно же play ки,або пьер бурдо на одном place кроме того,это пока что самый успешный альбом,плейбой карте он дебютировал аж на,первой строчке billboard а сам дай ли,сандали дебютировал и начни нашел всего,лишь до третьей позиции и так давай,посмотрим из-за чего тут столько шума,во первых этот альбом хороший пример,того что происходит релизами после того,как случаются сливу карте объявил этот,альбом еще восемнадцатом году но из-за,череды стрелу в как мне кажется ему,пришлось менять этот релиз и откладывать,его но потом потом мы получили картина в,койку тайлеру потом на ты не начинайте 3,у дрейка и затем в декабре 25 числа на,рождество вышел долгожданный гол мода и,displair все что я буду говорить в этом,обзоре будет исходить из того как сам,карте пичу этот релиз сначала внутри,джек и вот сказал что этот альбом будет,чем-то альтернативным у затем он сказал,о том что исполнительным продюсером,натурализм будет вложил аблая такой типа,как в жабу может быть исполнительным,продюсером на музыкальном альбоме ну и,потом конечно же весь этот hyip и,ожидание создание которого карте тоже,участвовал заставил меня поверить в то,что он будет чем-то свежим но блам ну,или хотя бы на одном уровне с дайны и,первая весточка свежести которые я,получаю этом лизе это история того что,вместо нашла обло мы получаем здесь сына,бог к не у мари убийство исполнительным,продюсером и их соответственно песню мы,также получаем она называется угол туда,мун песня которая начинается с нечто,подобное танцевальному eurodance бог,plant,затем здесь очень красивый стенд и очень,такие даже насыщенные synths которые мне,напоминают что-то из е но и здесь есть,любопытный хоррор бит switch и тут,интересный момент это бесси чпу вроде бы,должен был принадлежать карте лично,галкиным он вроде бы должен быть этой,весточку хоррор которому должны получить,на но когда поверх этого бечичи на,первом же без свечи на эта песня читать,kanye west kanye у вас делает эту песню,своей потому что этот switch не чем-то,напоминает а м г или boost то есть мы,знаем что к не любят эти страны эти,страны переходы эти неожиданные переходы,и как только коневоз первом вступает еще,и начинает эту песню со своего порты,автоматически когда залитой сюда плейбой,карте он звучит как фичу артисты почти и,впечатление этой песне он никак не,выполняет или не изменять но тем ни,менее должен сказать что наверное для,карте это все равно будет хотя бы три,данный принцип болтика невесту до него,это наверное убой не потому что здесь,они только получает совместную песню со,своим идолом или кумиров он получает,продюсерской или исполнитель на,продюсерский кредит от человека который,создал язык и как мы потом поймем,холоду вот это попытка карте сделать,бизнес для поколения здесь,но по-моему 1 жирная песня по-настоящему,жирная песен этом альбоме и там и там уж,совместная песня с кит-кате ее развитие,мне очень нравится развитие этой песни,начинается все с психо действовать find,a перевели,полях этого мы получаем очень быстpо,страна moodys торт звуки котором не,напоминают струны плюс очень уверенный,южный боб создает баз а потом взлетает,мычание кид кади,которая здесь мне напоминает что-то,против походной трубы то есть это песня,развивается и как песня с которой я не,знаю солдат из спарты выходят на войну и,как только начинается даже без слов этот,продакшн он сделал здесь настолько,потрясающее что только вот это уже,уносит тебя там иные миры или что-то в,этом роде плюс конечно же эта песня,хорошо показывает то что будет,происходить на этом альбоме на первом,куплете мы слышим такие слова надел свои,очки я не вижу этих сук надел свои очки,я не вижу этих сук я в сумрачной зоне,никто не рядом со мной я в сумрачной,зоне никто не рядом со мной они не могут,понять меня я говорю иероглифами во,первых строчках о том что я теперь,нахожусь сумрачной зоне и название песни,которое переводится как метаморфоз или,metamorphosis это история о том что он,дергает должен был быть переходом карте,в новую эпоху в новую главу своей,карьера именно an hour часть карте и,metamorphosis bad company рассказывает,об этом и по моему является одной из,главных ли титульных песен на это,malbone затем если ты обратил внимание а,процитировать 2 6 строчек на самом деле,действие вот три строчки которые,повторяются и это история которой карте,будет использовать очень часто над моим,будет задать одни и те же строчки бит и,будут повторять одни и те же моменты и,буду даже повторяться одни и те же,структуры betting бриджи ли при первом и,туда сюда опять и опять и опять это не,скажешь стоп чувак ты смысл песни рокс,там могут но стоит не уценка комок sky,эта песня которую хотя основная часть,или судя из песен и заключается,повторяющихся при первых но эти,повторяющиеся припевы их достаточно,чтобы доставить тебя куда угодно и с,этим я согласен при первую повторяющийся,этих песнях это разнос сразу же но я,читал интервью карте где он сказал что,максимально [ __ ] как вдохновляется mf,домом и как мне показалось он здесь,попытался сделать свой мэтт беллами но,детстве bad было не был связующий клей,были из изучили менты разговора степи,интерлюдии пустые биты то здесь этого не,ты можешь взять песню полк мог ставить,его в начало просто масса конец control,стать середину и ничего не поменяется,один из главных впечатлений или первым,впечатлением о и колола захватили то,что-то в плохом смысле звучать как,сборных незавершённых идеи как звонок,скетчей как сборник free style of и так,далее и тому подобное будто бы карте,однажды написал кучу текстов песен,заметках забыла об этом потом повернулся,к [ __ ] как это офигенно нанес смог,вернуться в тот же mouth не смог,вернуться в тот же и поэтому просто,выгрузилась эти белки огромным полотном,плюс конечно же это песни это повторение,это повторение мысли которым,искусственно вам царь здесь он поет о,том что,official ищем когда ты чувствуешь себя,таким образом никто не может тебе нечего,сказать это как главная мысль этой песне,она утонул сошли как он поет о том что,это callout самой с филом без блин не,забыл,[музыка],один очень любопытный момент неожиданный,момент это история того как мало здесь,соответствует и гостей даже по сравнению,с daylight с дебютным альбомом карте на,котором была в трейлер 2 раза больше,китов на он отрубает после того как,артиста уже признанные фигуры мы,получаем всего три вечера мы получаем,году с канье уэстом это нет когда ты,думаешь как fit fit к не ты не думаешь,прогулки домой и того же эта песня не не,доживает до хайпу когда думаешь карте,фиг они ты думаешь про песню разряда и,затем есть эта мог изыски кадий,великолепная песня и кстати эту песню,которого краски можно использовать в,аргументе о том что мы чаги кади больше,чем босоногих рэперов то как было,использовано мычание катю в развитии эта,песня это великолепно ну и конечно же,без нет sin x вечерам здесь мы получаем,отца вчера и молодого нычка а кате,который своей естественной среде,на к чопом трэп бите делают то что они,делают лучше всех на первом куплете мы,слышим такие слова ко мне на моей,девочки 200000 mersedes я только что,трахнул эту суку теперь познакомлю с,чем


Ive been thinking a lot about a whole,lot of red even though I think analyzing,something like whole letter read an,album thats made up 99 of Vibes and one,percent anything else its kind of,stupid this video is made possible by,curiosity stream and nebula you can,watch an exclusive full-length video,explaining the making of whole lot of,red and what makes it the most,interesting trap album of the last four,years plus other fascinating full-length,videos about famous and impactful albums,only on nebula which is available less,than 15 a year through our sponsor,curiosity stream at curiositystream.com,volksy more on that later but I do think,cardi is one of the most interesting,artists around today mostly because hes,been able to approach hip-hop with such,a different energy and make an impact,while thinking so far outside the box,all of this is to say a whole lot of red,has been out for a year and a half now,and in my mind as time goes on its,becoming one of the more important one,of the more talked about and impactful,albums of the last five years whether we,like it or not,I dont know if I could say Ive always,been a fan of cardi and still to this,day its pretty rare for me to listen to,his music on my own time every time I,put on his songs driving in the car,sitting on my computer on the train,whatever it is his tracks are almost,always a little bit too repetitive for,me to enjoy many of them in a row yeah,he has a few that I really love but a,whole album at the same time Cardis,music might be influential but if the,project doesnt hold my attention Im,not going to force myself to listen to,it the positive opinions I do have of,cardi mostly come from my real life,memories of him and his music the time,my friends and I waited in line for like,four hours to see him in Brooklyn just,for him to get mad and run off the stage,after two songs all the times we would,blast die lit in 2020 at our house,parties in Philly driving with five,friends in the car listening to rip at,full volume for me thats where Cardis,interesting in a format where the energy,of the music itself comes out of the,speakers and into the real world and for,me thats what ended up being the key to,understanding this album and the Major,Impact it had and is still having on gen,Z music listeners when I think about the,substance of cardi himself away from his,production his high-pitched voices is,mumbling his repetitive flows the rhyme,schemes and the outfits it always feels,like his goal as an artist isnt to say,any one thing but rather to say anything,as long as it hasnt been said before,just listen to the lyrics from ricardy,song anyone could write these tracks but,who cares its not about what hes,saying its about how he says it hes,here to make a new sound to do things,differently hes never gonna trade his,ideas for commercialism and thats why,it works so well thats why whole lot of,red became a cult classic but we know,this volksgeist isnt a channel for,Boomers we know cardi is a musical angel,from another planet who is sent to Safe,hip-hop with his fetus voice and,ethereal production that sounds like,nothing else weve ever heard before and,thats really all there is to it so how,can whole ladder red be a modern classic,when there is nothing deeper to it no,psychological metaphors to discover no,hidden references no secret storytelling,the only way to get it is to listen to,it until it makes sense and the only,people that like it are a hyper-obsessed,cult fan base that a lot of people are,annoyed by the music in itself in many,ways is flat one critic said about a,whole lot of red the problem is it,hardly ever gives cardi a chance to be,real he puts on these vapid personas,like Rockstar and vampire like hes,shopping at Halloween Express its an,album about nothing sure there are these,different little sounds at play the baby,voice the video gave me glitchy,production that ranges from dreamy and,ethereal to harsh and violent there is,heavy stylization but underneath all of,that nothing is being said at first,people hated whole lot of red and Ill,admit the first time I listened to it it,sounded unfinished and sloppy like cardi,hadnt put nearly enough time into,crafting good beats people thought,because the album had been so delayed so,many times cardi had half-assed an album,to put out and this wasnt what he,originally intended to produce his,rapping was more nonsensical than ever,before initial reviews were not good,people were saying we waited two years,for this but I think cardi knew people,wouldnt like it at first and I think he,knew it would take some time for people,to catch up and realize the records,Brilliance you know unique albums take a,while to grow on people I think but,cardi is a pretty extreme example it,took six months or more for this record,to really take hold in peoples minds,but now that it has whole letter red has,been given a purpose and a meaning and a,way that it didnt have before almost,like it started its life cycle as a,blank canvas and it needed time for,people to process it and really start to,attach themselves to the sound remember,how I mentioned my positive feelings on,cardiacon mostly from my actual real,life experiences with the music I dont,think Im alone there and a whole lot of,red first dropped it was in the first,year of covet and thinking about that,its a lot less inspiring of an album if,youre listening to it alone in your,room with headphones on when you hear,the record in that context the context,of solitude or quietude it doesnt feel,alive the repetition of the lyrics and,production wont radiate energy theyre,gonna feel empty I think thats,something that makes whole lot of red,really unique there arent many albums,that make less sense the more you pay,attention to them at least not the,critically acclaimed ones but its true,and we can even trace it through social,media whole that I read didnt really,start to take off until kovid started to,wind down I remember one day all of a,sudden year ago I was scrolling on Tick,Tock and I noticed this little micro,Trend that really stood out to me as,something interesting people were having,their own Playboy cardi concerts in,public as I was looking more into it I,realized thousands of people mostly,teenagers were just standing around in,school bathrooms and subway trains and,public squares dancing to whole lot of,red and that completely changed how I,saw this record in my mind I went from a,pretty boring middle of the road album,to a really unique moment Im 22 so Im,not walking around high school bathrooms,screaming Vamp with my friends but,Cardis popularity right now feels like,a culmination of what Death Grips were,doing back when I was in high school,its this kind of offbeat experimental,version of hip-hop that adds in all,sorts of other influences whether its,Punk or industrial EDM to the point,where lots of people cant stand it but,some people are gonna see it as exactly,the sound theyve been waiting for all,along and its the exact sort of music,that young adults can rally around and,call their own the only difference in my,comparison is that Cardis albums are,debuting at number one on the charts and,hes doing Arena tours unlike Death,Grips who despite their experimental,sound were only able to achieve moderate,commercial success I dont think music,needs to mean something you could have,the most gifted talented composer of all,time spend years coming up with the,absolute most perfect Symphony to have,ever been written but if no one ever,plays it it has no impact this may have,happened already but I dont know about,it and yeah a whole lot of red isnt the,most meaningful album but it doesnt,have to be to make a statement to be,important to people and to be the,soundtrack to moments of peoples lives,in a way that no other album could be,the music industry today is a very,different place than it was three four,five years ago when I asked myself right,now what makes an album a classic there,isnt an easy way t

Playboi Carti – WhoLE lOtTa REd | ReaCTioN rEVieW

difference between a successful person,and others is not a lack of strength not,a lack of knowledge,but rather a lack of will complex,ambitions,this is this weeks pay promoter,snippets,[Music],what you heard be sure to click down,below in the description,and also feel free to email us at comic,submission 401,at gmail shout out to everyone out there,in the world you guys could be anywhere,in the world right now at this moment,but youre actually here watching this,video and we appreciate it complex,ambition,so my name is coming to you live from a,rainy christmas day in providence rhode,island,we might not see all you guys in person,but were here to give you a gift yeah,something that the music community has,been waiting for yeah,you can say two years because its been,since his last album but to be honest,hes been talking about die lit i would,say,uh no not dialect whole lot of red wlr,as many call it uh for about i think 890,something days almost 900 days,so basically almost three years uh you,get that number for me i have a calendar,in my room and i mark the days every,single day,the cover is inspired by slash magazine,1970s punk rock magazine out of la,so we might get punk rock vibes hes,known for mr alternative rap,alternative sound die lit was like a,rock sound but it was,[ __ ] majestic it was pretty dope and,amazing after listening to it yeah,for a while it grew on a lot of people,um,but here we have a whole lot of red 24,songs,man thats a lot of songs well i expect,to see a lot of experimentation i think,its going to come from a whole,different direction we see him with the,[ __ ] baby sound,uh so not too many features,kanye cutty but you cant go wrong with,kanye cutty and future you cant go,wrong with those no you cant,damn i thought it was gonna be a lot,more features yeah theres no features,what the [ __ ] a lot of these titles are,like new,theres not really any like from the,snippet title [ __ ],this might be a whole nother album dude,[ __ ] it i dont want to keep you guys,waiting,hold on i read one of the most,anticipated albums i would say in the,recent,history of music um whether its good or,not whether you like cardi or not youve,heard about a whole lot of red yeah,its like a [ __ ] myth yeah its,almost like dr dre detox,all them white boys in them suburbs oh,man today is theyre going crazy they,just come down all their walls and on,all their gifts because it is christmas,morning and on santas beard they come,im wearing a good amount of red im not,wearing a whole lot of red yeah but im,ready lets [ __ ] go,rockstar made track one,[Music],[Music],interesting start from the beginning uh,i dont know man i like that song though,im not gonna lie to you,it gave me little key vibes i guess but,little key is obviously like his son,if you really want to break it down uh,it has a playboy cardi element,low key raps more yeah that was weird,man it was something weird about it man,maybe because i dont know if thats,what i expected for the intro,um thats true this is an intro that was,the intro to that that was the intro to,the album,hmm i hate when this [ __ ] happens thats,why i always say like [ __ ] gotta drop,that [ __ ] like when you had that [ __ ],anticipated you should have dropped it,you keep pushing it back,oh anticipation might leave i think its,obviously at an all-time high,but youre its like not in a good way,because now people expect a masterpiece,yeah,you took so long so this [ __ ] has to be,flawless right,that was not a flawless record that was,not a top-tier cardi record thats not a,whole lot of red in my,in my head record um hmm,its crazy i dont even know what to,expect lets keep it moving thats the,first track intro,im gonna get here right now the song,with the kanye west kanye west,wow produced by weezy out of here go to,the moon,[Music],[Music],so brief dont bring your briefcase,[Music],just come on everything,and i think hes going to take it there,got deep talking about his hes going to,the car with his son and hes,he almost died and hes ready what the,[ __ ],yeah yeah yeah yeah because its hard to,replay it what if theres an intro is,that,that makes sense throughout the whole,thing i was expecting something,different throughout the whole thing i,was like oh [ __ ] these babies gonna drop,thatd be thatd be just gonna drop,that thats this is crazy this is a wow,this is the first reason,to a whole lot of red i dont even know,what to think of that [ __ ] is this the,da vinci code,to hip hop music we do not know,what the [ __ ] next track stop breathing,i didnt know his brother died,damn he turns like a demon he turns to,demon,see i like that i like that element,there in the beginning it starts off,youre like well you know,you dont know where youre gonna get,yeah but he executes he executes when it,comes to himself like right there the,verse,if that [ __ ] was live if he was at a,festival if he had a concert whatever,this [ __ ] would be that [ __ ] right there,oh my god way more,next track ben no exclamation point,spitting a honeycomb on my son,how about my sister a jeep,if not the favorite but i stopped,breathing was hard that stopped,breathing without some other [ __ ] benno,hes talking there,spent 100k with my son so thats what,iggy azalea i guess the aliens are going,off on him all night his baby mother has,been going off on him on,accusing him of cheating shes saying,that uh the,its merry christmas but youre not here,with your son and she called him out,randomly i dont know what she was,talking about but i guess thats what it,was she was like and by,the way you didnt spend 100k on onyx,uh some [ __ ] i was like oh first of all,his sons name is dope onyx oh like,the grouponyx now he got like the stone,though yeah its fire my name is,but then now we have him shes shes,calling him out i guess hes not living,his reps,carter youre not living your raps cardi,whats going on i dont like that we,need an interview about this [ __ ] i,dont like that,you know we got to break down them lives,youre not living your raps you might,have to get your card pulled,youre here [ __ ] captain youre not a,real rapper rapper are you a little baby,talks about,yeah rapper are you the people that,these people kill,jump out the house okay he made that,[ __ ] one word,house to that house to that house,[Music],is,hed be like five people in one though,he says what [ __ ] say but he says,his own way niggas gonna be like i got,a hellcat i gotta do you know,another demon srt with no mileage,okay [ __ ] yeah this is this is some,different [ __ ] hes a different guy who,produces richies south,wow shout out to you richie south damn,[ __ ] metamorphosis,metamorphosis,[Music],[Music],[Music],so it wasnt the kid cudi record i,thought it might have been the,cuddy with like a different title but it,was a whole other record,a whole nother energy a whole other,sound he put a snippet up of this [ __ ],yeah with the the song with him uh i,thought it was going to be that,i smelled dumb like kid cudi that [ __ ],that leaked it was one of the biggest,leaks of all time because they leaked,but he was performing it at rolling,loud and everyone knew all the [ __ ],lyrics thats crazy it was like what,and it was because that [ __ ] was taken,over on soundcloud [ __ ] kept,re-uploading and re-uploading it yeah,making illegal links but man,its not that its just another song,i [ __ ] with it is different its one of,those records that are crazy you gotta,listen to it like whoa,like what the [ __ ] very eventful uh,i just was not a regular record i wish,he would just cut it shorter man it was,five minutes long bro,you can tell it was originally his song,cutty eventually joined in yeah and it,made it longer i guess yeah,but you could have cut that down,remember smarts you could have cut a,lot down i think cutty i want to almost,learn that niggas verse,because i cant really understand it as,much as i want to but he went off but he,went kind of off,right hes the real slim shady i think,h

I want to talk about Whole Lotta Red

i want to talk about a whole lot of red,look theres a lot of artists and albums,out there that i could talk about but,playboy guardian whole lot of red,deserve a discussion i know opinions on,this one are pretty split so im going,to do my part to just explain how i got,to where i am and maybe give you a hint,on how you could get there too my,history with playboy cardi is,interesting to say the least,my little brother recommended died lit,to me back in 2018 and i gotta say it,was one of the worst things id ever,heard i was frankly astounded id never,imagined that,my own brother would be listening to,this kind of garbage the beats were,pretty good but the lyrics were,indecipherable and so repetitive that i,i thought this guy maybe had brain,damage i remember thinking and declaring,at the time that flatbed freestyle was,one of the worst songs id ever heard in,that year or any year and,then,yeah thats been hard to shake i think i,liked one song i think it was a song,with uzi cause it seemed like it had a,melody that i could follow i gotta tell,my bestie someone call my bestie and of,course i told my brother my reaction and,he told me i was a hater and that i,didnt understand it and i dont like,when people tell me that because i like,to think i can understand things but it,would turn out that he was right,yo,what what youre gonna have on my call,something happened in the years that,followed that experience and a lot of it,was memes take back what you said about,my mom,ill kill you,id see these meme videos posted on,twitter instagram or whatever using,playboy cardi songs and i didnt know,that hearing it,man i love the memes and the music just,fit so well and i found myself,unknowingly listening to playboy cardi,over and over again,[Music],through this process with the memes you,know i realized that,yeah there was something there obviously,lyrics were beside the point when i paid,attention to them on the first listen,thats why i hated the album more,important was the headspace that it put,me in the headspace of the music put me,in the beats are fun you know they,envelop you and they transport you to,this place where nothing makes any sense,and thats okay,i compare becoming a fan of playboy,cardi to breaking a glow stick the glow,stick doesnt work unless you break it,you still have to break it though,something has to snap and yeah in my,brain and in anybody elses brain i,think when youre first presented with,play by cardi it does not work but at,some point along the line something,might snap and then suddenly it all,makes sense,yeah so now after all the memes had come,around i found that maybe there were,four or five songs on dialett that i,really loved and i was like dang i have,to i have to rethink this album but it,wasnt too long after that point for me,that december 25th of 2020 rolled around,a day that i think should live in infamy,as the red christmas,im a guy whos on twitter and the,reaction initially on twitter was crazy,a lot of people trying to get hashtags,going like whole lot of mid whole lot of,skips and yeah i get it people hated,this album and then you had a small,corner of people proclaiming it an,instant classic i do enjoy when that,polarity exists,and at this point i wonder if those,people screaming instant classic were,all that crazy,no i dont know maybe they were still,crazy for me though initial reaction to,this album i liked a handful of songs as,i went through this album there was a,lot that was rough and i was honestly,motivated to skip and thinking this is,not that good by the time i reach the,end though the final track feel like,dying samples bony bear,and i feel like that that in itself,shocked me and stopped me in my tracks,and i realized uh i gotta listen to the,whole album again,so i listened to it a second time and,maybe one or two more songs that i liked,and then i just kind of stopped,listening to it the timeline after that,point is kind of odd and hard to,remember but i know that there were,various points when i just decided to,put this on again just to give it a try,like i said there were a few songs that,i liked so i figured why not just try,the whole album again i tried it on a,drive here and there i tried it at the,gym i tried it while i was gaming and,sure enough it felt like it started to,grow on me more with each listen wake up,[Music],i took a bit of a gamble buying the,album on vinyl because i wasnt sure if,i truly love it but by the time i got it,on wax and threw it on the turntable i,have to say i realized i made the best,decision i dont know what it is man it,just completely turned around for me,where now i like pretty much every,single song there are obviously some,that are better than others and theres,at least one song that i dont like and,thats t-nex with future but man the,rest of it is enjoyable and the whole,thing is pretty cohesive i can throw,this on in any context and just kind of,sit and listen to the entire album and i,have to say that the final run of the,album starting with the track place,[Music],if you dont like this album start there,just listen to that as like a mini ep,itd be dangerous for me to say that,that run is perfect but its pretty,close,[Music],and one thing thats interesting about a,whole lot of red is that when i do start,to listen to the lyrics i find myself,having a great time,is funny i dont know if hes trying to,be but hes funny they thought i was gay,of course for the most part its very,simple and not a whole lot to unravel,but the one-liners get members,[Music],also the other day for some reason i,thought that playboy cardi and kurt vile,are kind of similar i say that because,they both operate in these genres but,sort of outside the boundaries of whats,normally acceptable you know kirk vial,is a singer-songwriter working in the,rock genre but his songs are long and,meandering and just kind of stoner jam,sessions that a lot of people probably,wouldnt like,his lyrics are kind of free associative,just mundane everyday stuff for a lot of,people thats probably not enough in the,rock music that theyre looking for,maybe its too far outside the lines and,the same can be said for playboy cardi,you know play bacardi is a hip-hop,artist and hip-hop is a genre that loves,looking back on the past and operating,in you know certain styles but he,removes lyricism which is a core,component of hip-hop and focuses instead,on vibes whatever that means yeah its,gonna upset people and disrupt things,but hey for some people its gonna click,actually theres one other thing i,forgot to mention i remembered this,while i was editing so obviously cardis,going for this blood red aesthetic and,theres talk of what seems to be,vampires right he uses the word vamp a,lot on the album you got king vamp,vampantham but what i dont see a lot of,people talk about is that the term,vamping has a different meaning in music,vamping has to do with repetition of,some short musical phrase does that not,sound familiar because ive always had a,soft spot a repetition,does playboy cardis music not reek of,repetition when he says that hes the,king vamp is he talking about his,ability to vamp just something to think,about just throwing it out there so yeah,i found myself,middle to end of 2021 loving playboy,cardis whole lot of red a bit too late,for me to put it in my own personal list,of favorite albums of 2020 and then,oddly enough by the end of 2021 i saw,publications like pitchfork putting a,whole lot of red in their year-end lists,for 2021. um hello is that is that,allowed that sounds illegal the album,came out in 2020. obviously i dont like,that for me thats a rule that i have,for myself im not gonna cross those,boundaries just because i came to,something late so i was too late to put,it in 2020,i cannot technically put it in 21.,where does it go the truth of the matter,is its not going anywhere this whole,year-end jam the rush to put it into one,list or the lag behind and put it in,another it taught me a lesson in,appreci

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