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the package from the package,time to try them on,welcome back to my channel its vicky m,here i know ive been gone,for a minute actually a few months but,im studying at the moment so you know,juggling the two but today im here with,a tryhaul,from ho lee,so please to,enjoy and tune into that they have,really nice outfits so at first ive,tried one of their outfits so i decided,to order some dresses you know new year,2022,and i need some new dresses okay,if youre new huge welcome please like,comment and subscribe and,enjoy the video,[Music],so out for number one,the,[Music],this is really nice you wouldnt have to,wear leggings with this,i love the yellow because it adds a bit,of flavor you know that bit of spice to,the whole look so,yeah,and it brings out the black so i really,like it its um its nice,different exuding elegance so im,definitely keeping this and i love like,the detail here even though its a bit,short but i like the detail here,definitely a keeper definitely give us,that little flavor because im,flavorettes heard it,so yeah but let me know what you would,rate this in the comments i think i,would actually give this um,a seven,maybe an eight actually a seven or eight,and then you would have like your nice,silver heels or whatever heels black,so definitely and wait up for outfit,number two so outfit number three no,number two sorry,i like,i like it its just very,like you know if youre going out for a,meal kind of look,and i honestly i just dont have,like,dresses i feel like i have i dont have,a lot of dresses so all of these outfits,are pretty much dresses except,one other like matching set but this is,really nice its just just pretty you,know,casual casual kind of thing and elegant,you can,add up a necklace you know to give it a,bit of spice you can add a bit of heels,to add up to the look but its just kind,of,simple,elegant let me know what you read in the,comments but yeah i would have this one,like nice little dinner you know,so maybe hmm,maybe ill give it,a six seven,six i think its six because the other,one was like e i like the first one more,oh i forgot to mention like look at that,look at this um,the detail so you can definitely put,like jewelry you wanna add more jewelry,i just didnt have time yeah this is,nice,[Music],um,[Music],its nice but i dont know,like it looked really it looked much,better on the girl,on the model who had it on,um,its all right i dont know i just i,dont think its my kind of thing,its just not i dont think its my kind,of thing maybe you know some,outfits like in the beginning youre,like,i dont know and then you grow to like,it i think this is one of those but then,i dont know,it looks nice when i come close up,like a nice it would be a nice top and,then like high-waisted,so like,wait hold on,i cant even do it here,like a top,high-waisted,i dont know,i might give it i might give it away to,um,someone else,um,i would say i would give this one i,dont know i think maybe this one is,more for,like,i dont know my mom,i dont know,yeah i think this is more for like my,mom but then it looks nice let me close,up,i dont know im not liking this one to,be honest im gonna be honest i i really,liked it when i saw it maybe it was the,color like they had it in different,colors i was gonna go for the red and,black but then i really like this one,because i its just different you get,what i mean so this,i would think ill give this a five yeah,ill give it a five,um,maybe its not just not for me,but i dont know i havent decided ill,keep it or leave it let me know in the,comments keep or leave oh no keep or,return,thats when keep or return let me know,what you think,all right lets go on to the next one,[Music],i really dont know about this one,like close-up it would be a really nice,top,but i just dont know maybe this is just,its different to what im used to i,tried to get some different things that,its just not,my kind of thing but i like close up,its,its just i think this is really casual,like a really casual kind of outfit,every day,kind of outfit you know if the sun is,out you can go out for the day do your,errands go for a tea go for coffee,and just put it im a bit disappointed,um its maybe like a five but,i mean,you look really good on the model,i dont know if im keeping this one,its leaning more towards return,and i think im gonna re-watch this,video,so i can see properly but its all right,i mean its kind of a casual outfit i,might keep it you know i might keep it,let me know in the comments what you,think,this outfit is do you think i should,keep your finger return,what um what would you rates here where,could i wear this what jewelry could i,add to it and all that,um,[Music],now this outfit is address me correct,miss what adjustment correct yes i love,it its classy,elegance,and its like i love the red i love the,plain red and then the gold kind of,exuding,i just love this outfit i wore this um,i wore ive worn this already before but,i love it and you can add some jewelry,and then,thank you so much i quite little guy,who found this website and found this,outfit this is just beautiful i just,love it i just love it and its so,unique as well no one else has it,and i you could put you could um,add some like silver heels,i think the picture will show now,um,where im wearing like it with some,jewelry and then im wearing it with,like silver heels obviously you gotta,have your toes down honey because if you,dont have your toes on,no you cant youre not wearing heels,with this outfit its a no-no,so yeah,that was that one i love this one this,was also from holy this is the first,outfit that ive ever tried from there,um,so yeah,okay so this is like the matching outfit,i dont know it is nice i do i do like,it and it is it is matching,but one thing i would say is that,their sizes are a bit small so you want,to make sure that you go maybe one size,one or two sizes up like with this one,maybe two sizes up with the matching,sets um with the dresses maybe one size,up dont quote me dont take me on my,word for it this is just what i found um,it depends like its hard it depends,because some of the dresses,are more like kind of,kind of,looser softer kind of material well this,is more like tight as you can see its,sitting on me,so with this one you want to maybe go,like two sizes up um because otherwise,you maybe your size might be small i,dont know dont feel,dont quote me for it you can always,follow the guidelines,but yeah,[Music],you see that i already changed my mind i,had a proper look im keeping it,i mean look at this,it looks really nice,and,its different it is different,so yeah imagine i literally put that on,so i can tell you guys im keeping it,but this is what i mean,sometimes with new things you may not,like it and to begin with but then you,kind of,you grow into liking it i think its one,of those im going into liking,i dont know where,i would wear it yet,um,but i like i know two places i would,wear it but im not sure where else i,would wear it so let me know in the,comments,that was the end of the video guys so,thank you so much for watching,and tuning in please do a like comment,and subscribe,and yes until next time,[Music]


hey welcome back to the channel i am,your boy,mr made over and i am here with the uh,excuse me,silencier,gosh ill be back,[Music],[Applause],welcome back to the channel i am your,boy mr madova,[Music],and today we have an unboxing brother,really,so i came across this site called,oh you know so um,or is it holy to my holy holy holy,holy because its whole but its a,double me,okay oh,now as she said excuse the background,noise,its not even raining here you just have,a lot of kids its right its raining,but,its got a lot of kids in there we do,have a lot of videos so,are we really going out this is so,natural of us youre not hiding anything,you just be like hey yall get out were,doing it with you,[Music],[Laughter],but lets um box,im already in there this is my sons,knife so if it doesnt cut,okay,this is a review from poles,and this is the shoe that i bought,i think they look so big powerful,as yall know i uh worked for the,emerald texas so you know i had to get,something,orange im not trying to play around,for oh man probably maybe like clown,feet,[Music],they look huge but then they look like,small but look,they got girls im not gonna lie how,they feel pretty comfortable,yeah id like to say they have like that,nice little,is it memory foam i dont know,but theyre breathable what you need i,know theyre nice,it looks pretty good dont you think,look at that okay gotta kick it this way,look at that,you see this,i like it i dont know what that means,but it doesnt matter,listen you dont mean going to hell im,fine,i am very impressed and its hard to,impress me as far as you because i,really dont care about it,no its not bad he has very sensitive,feet,myself my feet aint growing no more im,glad,um they but look they got a nice little,bed these are nice,and theyre ventilated too so like you,cant really,now these other shoes yeah theyre,ventilated you know i wanted to see,because on the line they looked at fire,so im like,do that the kids trying to get some up,camera action she take this off,but uh these right here looking pretty,good im like use this knife because,its taped up,gonna try them all mother try them on,see how they look,yeah say i got a flight,they got a swizzy way oh oh,oh,you see that come on,i put you like this and then you dont,want to see the t-rex,well see,[Music],theyre nice but but i wouldnt um i,probably wouldnt wear these to work,because i deal with a lot of grease,anyway yeah and were not good its a,pro truck,food truck but i and im not trying to,be uh,putting that slime to the slide but like,i said these are,nice these are nice too for the price,all right you know um i think this one,was uh,i mean the whole order was like 50 40 40,something,[Music],and then this is my wife having my,actually tick-tock pants,i went ahead and got some tit-top pants,too oh,they give me theyre not for handbags,[Music],so kids do yall want to say hi come on,say hi,so you want to say hi there you go,thats orion,you cant start smiling before you get,to the camera,[Music],hey how you did it doing,well everybodys a little under the uh,under the uh whats that called the um,no you will not see them just understand,they look,wonderful um take our word for it,um that is the end of this uh review,um whole hole,uh great app um this is just,me browsing the uh app community,for those who are looking for something,um,affordable in these labs,in these trying times um the um,the first shoes i im definitely digging,the first shoes im definitely not gonna,dont those are very nice,the other ones so so,but you know i like the first thing i,mean it wasnt that much,so um you know i said you get what you,paid for,but i believe i won in the first round,took a l in the second round yeah man,and uh one in a third,and im in they are now they i had to,jump just to get them all um so,yeah sorry i mean theyre comfortable,they fit,thank you tick tock for uh making our,marriage a little bit more battery,like if i if i did wear them i would,wear it like i would wear them under,like,my my dresses that come to like right at,my knees,so yeah but i would not wear them like,with not just a t-shirt,not just not just out the house so these,would be,to top will live in dollars there you go,all right,ah and this is where we say keep god,first,and remember its all for the level of,review,were switching,and more content is coming,[Music],bye

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Huge Wholee Haul || Clothes, Jewelry & Shoes|| 12 Items only £49 #wholeeshopping #wholeehaul

hey guys and welcome back to todays,video today im back with a little bit,of a different video and a video that,ive really enjoyed watching on other,peoples channels this video is actually,in partnership with the brand holy which,is kind of like a wholesale,app website brand where you can get,really cool pieces kind of like designer,knockoffs really cheap clothes,tech things like designer bags stuff,like that ive seen so many people do,these like testing designer items videos,so i thought i would kind of do that as,well as a haul when they reached out to,me i was just really cute oh hello when,holly reached out to me i was just so,curious to see what they have to offer,and what sort of pieces they have and,what the quality of them would be like,so im gonna be doing a,little kind of review slash haul for you,guys here to show you what i got and,what i think of it and all my opinions,are going to be 100 honest and very,brutal before i start i just want to say,that i do have an invite code that you,guys can use it will be on screen right,here um and this just lets you get holy,prime which gives you access to like,lower prices and good deals and stuff,like that um and this will give you free,prime so without rambling on too much,im gonna start and im just gonna pick,things up randomly so lets go the next,item i got is actually a dress it is,this beautiful black kind of batwing,dress just like a body con mini dress,with long sleeves it feels really really,stretchy the quality feels really really,nice it doesnt feel that dissimilar to,zara quality which im really shocked,about and this was so cheap like,unbelievably cheap so i just love this,dress i think it looks so cute im,hoping that its not too short on me,because i am five foot seven,so this might be a little bit short but,fingers crossed i fit into it okay if,not i have some short friends that could,wear this it also comes with a cute,little black ribbon to tie around the,waist its really shiny and slinky its,gonna look so cute i love a ribbon with,a dress i dont know why theres,something about it thats just so sweet,and i like to put ribbons in my hair and,stuff so this is the dress that i got i,thought itd just be really good for,winter just a really simple casual black,jumper dress because honestly i dont,have enough jumper dresses the next item,i got is a fake designer item again and,this is a tommy hilfiger hoodie um i,dont really own any hoodies i think,ive got one and i needed something just,to like dot around the house in with,leggings something comfy so i just,grabbed this,um,so this just says tommy jeans on the,front of it the quality is really nice,its quite thick its furry on the,inside i got this in a size medium,because i wanted it to be a little,bigger a little bit more like comfy,casual cozy this is just the way around,the house for me so i want it to be nice,and oversized and just easy to throw on,i cant really compare the quality,because ive never owned a tommy,hilfiger jumper but for me the quality,feels fine just to be like lounging,around the house to go out in it um it,feels really nice the way that the,actual logo has been put on there seems,quite solid i think it will wash quite,well,um but yeah other than that its really,nice quality its got a little pocket at,the front so you can take all these,snacks upstairs um and yeah i really,like it im definitely gonna wear this a,lot i just needed like a casual hoodie,and considering i dont really wear them,very often i dont really want to spend,like i dont know 60 70 quid on a hoodie,when i can get one for a lot cheaper as,i said this is literally the most random,hole ever so the next thing i have here,is this my mom has been going on about,this thing for probably a year and what,this is its kind of like a magnifier,for your phone so if youre watching,something on your phone you can prop,this in front of it and it will enlarge,whatever youre watching on your screen,um sounds genius ive not been able to,find one anywhere and then i saw it on,holi and i was like oh my god i need to,get this for my mom because shes been,going on about it for so so long,um so yeah they have some really cool,tech stuff on there like really really,cool for the home like your car garden,loads of stuff on there theres so much,its not just clothes its really worth,having a look through its kind of like,a massive like well its a wholesale,thing this is just a jumble of load of,different things and i personally love,websites like that where you can get,like a bit of everything i find it,really exciting i also want to say that,i had no import fees because i know that,a lot of people stress when buying,things from abroad that youre going to,get charged i had not a single import,fee so you should be good this is the,next thing i got from there this screen,amplifier i love the sound of this,because my mom is constantly sitting and,watching things off of her phone so i,feel like shes really gonna love this,im gonna give it to her as soon as i,finish filming this next i got this,little top because i just thought it,looked so sweet im hoping that this fit,im hoping that this fits me because i,got it in a size medium and now im,thinking i definitely should have got it,in a size small i always think im,bigger than i am but i just thought this,was really really cute its like a,little off the shoulder detail top it,ties in the front i just loved the look,of this just to wear with like some,plain black jeans or leather jeans or a,leather mini skirt i just think tops,like this looks so sweet i love off the,shoulder as you can literally see right,now i think it looks really feminine i,think your collarbones look really,pretty and tops like that um and i just,thought it was kind of like a little bit,of a staple and for the price i thought,why not so i just grabbed it i think it,looks really pretty im really hoping,this fits me uh because right now its,looking a little bit big because i dont,have the worlds biggest boobs to fill,it out its the fingers crossed fingers,crosses fits me next i got some like,lingerie pieces because i dont have any,like cute pajamas or anything like that,and i saw these and i thought you know,what ill try it out so this is what it,looks like its just a really pretty,silk cami its got like a kind of like,lacy,rose detailing on it which i just think,looks so cute its got these little,slits up the side with little bits of,lace and bows its just so feminine so,classy and i just really needed some,more stuff like this because i barely,have anything it just looks really,really pretty and wearing 90s like this,just makes you feel really feminine and,like pretty and i think everybody kind,of needs something like this and i just,love the like lace trim as well i think,its going to look so cute on you guys,well see in the trying clip but i,havent actually tried this on yet so,im crossing my fingers that this looks,cute,next up i got these really beautiful,earrings that i am so excited about so,ill bring these close to the camera so,you guys can see,so they are these stunning butterfly,earrings literally beautiful how,gorgeous are they,so pretty and then on the back,they have these little danglies so they,have these little like diamonds at the,top and then these little pearls that,just drop down so when theyre in your,ear they kind of look like that ill,take them out of the packaging so you,can see a little bit better,when theyre in your ear theyll kind of,look like this you have a little,butterfly and then from behind your ear,youll have these little dangles coming,down i just think they are literally the,cutest things i saw these and i was like,oh my god,the last clothing item i got is this,really cute little cami nighty dress,its just so pink and silky and glittery,its got little bits of like black lace,around the hem and around the like bust,area i just thought this was so sweet i,could not leave it i saw it and i just,fell in love with it i just think i

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Top Brands On a Budget – Gifted By Wholee. #wholee # gifted #affordable #budget #wholesale

[Music],hi guys welcome back to my channel my,name is penny and if youre new its,great to meet you,so today im bringing you a,collaboration im trying to not show my,advice big bag of steve from a company,called holy or holy not quite sure how,you say it,um,i just i have a few notes that im,reading from because i cant remember,what i wanted to say,so basically holy or huli are affordable,fashion shoes accessories and daily,necessities at wholesale prices without,the risk,and also its an international ecommerce,platform selling to customers from all,over the world theyre based in,singapore and they own factories,everywhere so i,[Music],was approached,by a lovely lady who offered to send me,out um a load of stuff,and im going to film it under the,tagline of,top brands at affordable prices,and,yeah so im just going to get on with it,i hope you like what im about to show,you when it comes to editing im going,to put the real brands and how much they,are compared to what ive got and how,much these were,and i will be telling you the prices as,we go along as to the things that ive,bought,um and theres an app on the app store,should you wish to take a look yourself,or just type in holy and have a little,look and see what you think and no,obligation guys as always im not um,affiliated or anything i dont want you,to go off and spend your hard-earned,cash i just wanted to show you what you,could get if you chose to,so,the first thing ive got,the first thing ive got,is,a pair of,dr martins,obviously theyre a copy,they are,the doctor martin,zebraless,sandal,theyre in a us-7 theyve got a us-7 us8,or us38 but theyre actually in a six uk,got these in the white,they look like the blue sandal,theyre really heavy,and if i didnt know better id swear,these were the real thing,youve got,airway,on the label and bouncing soles there,they are stamped dr martins,inside,and also,let me just open this for you,in there,and,theyve also got the,thing on the bottom which indicates,theyre dr martins,i believe because theyre from singapore,theyre the asian versions so very very,good copies but not the real thing but,you would never know,these are leather,very heavy,and very very good quality,now the real dms in this style are 99,pounds,these ones were,37.99,so a huge saving and you wouldnt know,the difference and neither was anybody,who looked down and saw your feet so a,massive saving on those,they are very comfortable,obviously theyve got the bouncy soles,so when you,walk on them if you see they go down so,very very supportive,very very um,good if youve got foot problems ive,got plantar fasciitis which is a problem,with the,stripper muscle that runs or tendon or,whatever it is that runs along the,length of your foot and it causes heel,pain so this type of shoe is ideal for,that,um yeah,and also very fashionable and very in at,the minute so that was the first pair,i said pear the first thing,because ive said pear you know that,theres another pair,this pair,i actually wanted them to be the same,because i wanted to show you that you,could get them in both colors,but theyre not truly the same these,feel,they dont come in a box for a start,they feel a lot lighter,a lot flimsier,they dont have the support in them they,are clearly,plasticky,um,theyve got bunsen soles,written on there but it doesnt say dms,dont say dms on the foot and they dont,say dms there,these when i tried them on are a lot,softer a lot springier and when i put my,foot in them i found i was sliding off,they just wasnt the support can you see,the straps just slide off there just,wasnt the support in them so im not as,happy with this pair as i am with the,white pair,um you know guys im always very very,honest im boiling hot thats why im,fiddling with my hair and im very very,honest with,um im sorry guys two seconds,im back sorry about i needed the fan on,and baking yeah im very honest with,what i review,and they look good they look,the same,but theres a huge difference,you can see these are staying up theyre,leather theyre supportive whether these,are the plastic,they dont stay up they squish down flat,theyre not as heavy,[Music],so yeah,you can see just by looking at them,very very very happy with those,not so happy with those,so that was number two now they would,have been believe it or not the black,were more expensive at 38.99,i dont know why i really dont know why,because the whites are a very very good,copy at 37.99,so,on to,something i really do love,absolutely in love with this as i said i,will be,putting,all the,wheels and not reels on the screen when,i come to do it but this is a little bag,it comes in a little dust bag,now on the website it was described as,jelly which i took to be um,feather you know but its not its a,velvet it doesnt matter its still very,nice it has a cover over the front,and its a,moschino bag im gonna take the,plastic off,there we go,so,there it is you can see though its a,velvety,material,um its lovely its really nice,made very very well,solid bottom,be like me,absolutely gorgeous bag,the real version of this would be,742 pound,this one was 22.99,just going to open it and show you,someone amazing amazing and,saving if you dont mind it being not,real you would never know the difference,so its got a twist,twist opening and if you can hear,very solid very well made,pops open,like that through the o,and,inside,take the stuffing out,youve got,this lovely,this lovely handle,that you could wear just as a,shoulder bag,or,if you,pull,it goes inside and ill show you now in,a minute you can wear it as a cross body,bag,i will show you how that works,there are two,sections there where they go through so,if you watch now,i can see,the strap wheres it gone,oh my god,see i can feed the strap down inside and,you can alter it or leave it long or,yeah i thought that was a brilliant,idea,um its really solid as i said its got,an inner pocket,inside big enough for a credit card or a,lipstick or anything small that you want,hidden away key,plenty big enough to hold quite a lot of,stuff this is my old phone and its a,really big phone so just show you itll,hold that,um itll hold well a lot of stuff really,for a night out,so yeah very very very pleased,with that,as i said it looks the business,so well made the gold is so shiny,i just love it really really well made,so yeah very very very happy with that,oh guys its warm isnt it,even though the temperatures dropped,and we are kind of having a little bit,of rain its very very drizzly its,still very very hot,right what was next,the next thing i picked,was a its all wrapped up very well,its a copy,of the urban decay,naked three,it isnt urban decay its yeah gina,i dont know i mean thats,it could be chinese it could be asian it,could be,or it could be any language im not sure,i mean i know that they are,i still got the t-shirt label,oh dear,um as i said theyre based in singapore,but theyve got,factories all over the world so,that could be from anywhere but,naked 3 copy,the actual naked 3 palette by urbans ok,is 46 pound,this palette was,9.99,im gonna open it and show you,very very similar,cover over the mirror but it does have a,mirror,beautiful colors,im gonna take the,cellophane off,it comes with the brush as would the,urban decay one,and im just going to im going to cover,the mirror so that i can come in close,there are the colors and im going to,put a screenshot of the real palette,in the,up on screen when i come to edit and you,will see,how very close the colors are i am going,to swatch a couple for you now,so,swatch that dark purple one,there,and there it is,i will swatch a lighter one,right that,pink one there,theyre very very pigmented,im needing a,ive tissue it all over my fingers then,i will swatch um,let me see maybe that silver gray one,there,so yeah,loving it,love the color payoff,really really pigmented they feel,buttery soft they really do feel nice,and,yeah,who would know the difference,unless they see that bit there,but whos gonna look that closely at,

The Worlds BEST Online Sneaker Store (YEEZYs For $5.00)

check this out guys four boxes over here,I am behind on mail times recently and,none of these shoes I think are from,goat for the first time in like a really,long time theyre mainly from like,Adidas and Nike so a lot of retail steal,is a lot of retail deals and stuff so,thats what were gonna be checking out,today and I do have some of the,information about changes on the channel,that happened recently so I wanted to go,over all of that as well so this will be,like guess mail time unboxing and at the,same time like an update videos and I,think its gonna be pretty beneficial,for the channel so if you guys are,interested in that then stay tuned that,is coming up right after this,[Music],hello hi YouTube what is up untie – why,you here coming at you with another,video,it is sneaker unboxing time we are,behind on a lot of these a lot of other,youtubers and stuff already open these,up so Im kinda behind but you know,thats okay I mean Im just happy that,we got the shoes for retail steals and,my sneakers app is finally starting to,catch some shoes again because I swear,guys it has been broken its been busted,I havent been catching anything,recently,we got lucky finally anyway before we do,the unboxings like I mentioned in the,preview I did want to give you guys some,updates on the channel so the biggest,update that I wanted to talk about is,the channel memberships and I know Ive,talked about this I like previous videos,a lot in the past but YouTube has,actually done some like big changes with,the channel memberships that I wanted to,address in this video so before YouTube,did this change channel memberships were,like a set fee of $4.99 per month and,the youtuber is able to make a like,whatever kind of perks they want to make,for the channel weve done like webstore,discounts we did like the secret drops,we do like q and as with those channel,numbers and stuff as well but what,happened recently is that YouTube,actually created tearless for these,channel memberships now so we actually,have like a silver tier a goal tier and,then also a diamond tier incorporated,too so I think thats kind of cool,because it kind of creates some,diversity and you can do some more added,stuff with that the main thing with that,though is that all of whatever you guys,are putting in has been going back to,you guys in the form of like discounts,on shoes because those secret drops when,Im discounting Easys for like 300,dollars off their competitive market,pricing that needs to come from,somewhere and thats coming from the,channel membership fees so thats how,Im able to do that essentially whats,happening is like everybodys pulling,their resources together and then Im,able to create like huge discounts on,shoes because of that so its getting,like literally giving back to you guys,so thats what Ive been doing with that,currently whats happening right now for,the gold tier members really access to,merch is one of them so that one will be,whenever we have merchant stuff you guys,will be getting emailed first asking if,you guys want first dibs on it so in,case it sells out you know you guys,automatically copy your shirt and the,second perk with the gold tier is that,if you guys are interested in watching,videos like early you know like sneaker,mystery box Fridays but you can watch it,on Thursday before everybody else then,you guys are able to watch early video,releases as well so thats only,exclusive to gold tier members and up,and so for diamond tier its a very very,high price for like a monthly membership,fee but the reason why is because I want,that one to be exclusive and I want to,be like a smaller bunch so I can work,with,you guys more because what we are doing,in diamond tier is Im actually opening,up my Instagram I follow you guys back,on Instagram for one and that allows you,guys to hit me up in the dms like,directly so I can see you guys as,messages and stuff and if you guys have,any questions about like sneaker resale,sneaker in general like sneaker releases,I dont know resale predictions all of,that good stuff you guys are able to,talk to me in the DMS on there by having,this diamond tier I can actually,converse with you guys one-on-one teach,you guys what I know can if you guys,have any other questions or you guys,just want to chat and stuff thats open,up for you guys so check that out I mean,if you guys want to its their content,and stuff is not changing so if you guys,are like dont want to do the channel,memberships thats perfectly fine man,like thats just to create like a better,like Ohana and to give you guys more,like as much as I can actually in terms,of like secret drops and dis kind of,shoes and stuff so that is that and Im,sorry this was a little bit long-winded,but I did need to like dedicate a video,for this because I wanted to make sure,you guys know exactly what my like,intentions are with this thing and like,how it can benefit you guys so that is,that lets check out this first one guys,this was actually a surprise one because,this one is from adidas and I was not,expecting this it wasnt like announcing,like any like sneaker news or anything,like that basically kind of more of a,surprise drop so let me open it up for,you guys and well check out what we got,it is a Yeezy 350 bucks man and this is,not the newest easy that just came out a,lot marks and stuff that one is a little,bit different I bet you guys werent,expecting this man it is a pair of Yeezy,Sesames I know a very old release but,they actually just re-released these,things so but this is a dead stock,easy Sesame this one release like a,couple months back already its pretty,old man but they just restocked on,adidas app exclusive for like members I,guess when we have and the resale prices,are actually like skyrocket recently so,Im not sure why they restock but I,thought it was pretty cool than it did,it so they restocked not only the EZ,Sesames but I believe like those like,wasnt the bloggers I think it did,butters again too so you could go on to,like the adidas app and you guys are,able to cop shoes for retail I think if,you guys are like part of like that,exclusive like club on adidas app,basically the more you buy on adidas I,guess you get like different tiers on,that as well and then in turn sometimes,you can get access to like drops like,this so Im not sure what Im gonna do,with this one yet well see maybe Ill,add it to the secret drops for like five,bucks you guys thinking okay so thats,like gotta be clickbait theres no ease,and puts up,five bucks but channel memberships guys,thats why I can do it man because the,bigger community that we have the more,opportunity there is for me to give like,bigger discounts and stuff so I will be,putting this one up for five bucks not,in August unfortunately sorry guys you,guys dont have to wait until October,August no September man okay I think I,got a definitely edit that out that,looks bad so secret drop September guys,wait for it I know this is kind of early,in advance but we already kind of have,like a lot of stuff already set up for,like the August drop Travis Scott for,like seven hundred bucks,supreme tnf parkas and stuff for like,700 bucks very very discount of stuff so,for this one this one will be in the,September five-dollar Yeezys channel,members only $5 Yeezys man definitely,only unboxing Adidas and Nike stuff,today I just like filmed right now that,other like box that was over here,that wasnt a box you guys were supposed,to see yeah thats funny with like,YouTube and stuff man because these,things happen and its like okay well,now what so Im gonna cut that out,thats gonna be on an upcoming video,that is a $900 shoe so were saving that,man thats gonna be four different,videos anyway lets get into this box,man yeah you got the right one so this,one is a Jordan one box this one is in a,size 11 Ill shoot youve probably seen,a lot already its a pair of Jordan one,Jim Reds as theyre calling it I dont,know why theyre calling it Jim Reds but,that is the colorwa


hello everyone and welcome back to my,youtube channel i know i might look a,bit familiar to what i did,in a couple of my videos ago i am trying,to bulk film quite a bit today,and this video is quite an exciting,video it is,in collaboration with a brand called,huli,i think im pronouncing that right a,whole im not 100 sure i had never heard,of the brand before,but they contacted me and asked me if,they wanted to give me some items,i im going to be 100 honest in this,video but i also want to make sure,i get all the details right so if you,want to see,what i purchased from this hooli app,then keep watching,[Music],so this app is basically very similar to,a,wish if youve ever heard of the brand,wish,this is what it reminded me of its an,app and,you can subscribe to the app and get the,items a massive discount so i think you,basically get,like the tax off them that a shop would,normally put on top to make,their money back so i obviously,subscribed,free for a month because im working,with them i think its something like,70p to subscribe for a month and then,youve got like,huge percentages off im actually gonna,go on my app now,and see how much i saved on some,products because it was ridiculous,definitely worth subscribing for a month,even if youre gonna do one order,so for example i ordered a big long coat,and that was normally 43 pounds and i,got it for 16.89,and ive got the court here and i am not,going to lie,i was so shocked when it came back,because the quality is actually,really good but im going to be trying,it all on i will leave all the,information in the description box below,and yeah i ordered a mix of things im,going to talk through all like the,accessories and stuff face,then im going to try on some of the,stuff ive only tried on the coast,i havent tried anything else so well,see how this video goes,the first thing is this bag now,they had a lot of kind of like fake,branded things on this,and it did look really good especially,like a lot of the shoes they had like,fake afos ones and i wanted to try,one of the branded items to see the,quality and to see how it would come,back,and im not gonna lie im pleasantly,surprised like to me this doesnt scream,fake i think the colors are quite nice,if you had this on like with an outfit,in the day and you had it around,your body like its got one of these big,long things,i dont think many people would twig,its when you start to feel it,its a bit flimsy but you could also,use this as like a wash bag if you,wanted to take these off,a makeup bag its a really nice size so,im really surprised with that like,pleasantly surprised,um ill just tell you the price i had it,for,so i had it for three pounds 16. three,pound,16 and its normally oh,its normally about 10 pound i think,8 pound 61 is normally full and i had it,for three pounds 16 so,i think thats pretty much of a bargain,this right lets win the goodie bag,i picked up these socks which i have 86p,guys,86p and look how many socks ive got,like my whole family can have a pair of,socks if they want,i picked up some socks because i,actually genuinely need them,and they are just plain white trainer,socks ive got one,two three four five,ive got ten pairs of socks for 86p,like i think thats great and a good,quality as well,amazing i picked up two scrunchies i,thought these were really cute i love,the colors,um and theyre really big ones as well,so theyre quite like,80s and i picked up this brown one and,also,this cream one and yeah theres,literally nothing else i can say other,than a really good quality and i got,this scrunchie for a pound they were a,pound each so for,a good its like a cold material,scrunchie,im no matter that im very impressed so,something else i picked up,was this mask they had loads of masks on,it as like a lot of clothing websites,have,but it has these adjustable straps so,you can pull it make it bigger and,adjust it like that to make it smaller,and i,am always trying to adjust my face mask,because i have a very small hand,but this one is also silk as well so,its not going to give you spots i know,a lot of people really dont like,weighing masks if they suffer with,really sensitive skin or,spot prone skin so again a silk one i,think is so much better for your skin,because,its not as harsh,it just fits perfectly i think its,really nice as well really nice pattern,yeah i could have got loads of them they,had so many designs this is the pattern,and the quality like it feels well its,obviously a silk so it feels,really good that was one pound 43 so,i love that the next thing i got was,this scarf now,this actually says its cashmere and i,swear down right i wouldnt say this if,i didnt mean it this is the softest,scarf,ive ever felt i got a gray one because,i havent actually got a gray scarf but,it has like little tassels and can you,see the material,its like its so,comfy and if someone told me that this,was from like are we gonna focus,a high-end like little boutique selling,scarves,i would believe itd be about 35 pound,like i know thats ridiculous but i know,some scarves,cost that much but this was,2.17 its normally 7,88 8 pound lets say and i got it for,217.,amazing i love it so much and its,really big as well so,you could even have it as like,whatever they called a shawl so one,random thing i picked up,but i just needed to it was this and,this is a makeup brush,cleaner and i always hate cleaning my,makeup brushes,im so excited to use this we have like,loads of different things on there,little textures and you basically will,scrub it so,so excited to try this and that was,p brilliant absolute bargain,loving it now on to the clothes so im,gonna,try them on first impressions im not,gonna like,talk about them then turn them on im,just gonna im gonna do it straight away,so,lets go lets go okay so i just put my,ring lights on because it is getting a,little bit dark outside,so this is the first one guys i do not,have the right,color bra on i do i dont i have a black,bar on it,but well ignore that let me just check,the price,three pound eighty so youre getting a,good like two,next a three pound eighty but the,quality,is brilliant and maybe if i like turn,around,well as you can see its quite,see-through im not going to turn the,other way because i,i have a black bra on but its quite,see-through,so as long as you have a white bra on or,black,or a nude one i think itll be fine but,i think the quality,is really nice the bottom is nice,this is quite nice as i said it is thin,but like if youre layering then i think,its going to be,fine for you um so yeah its got stripes,here,um i really like it for three pound,eight young and you literally cannot,complain there you go,you can see it without me completely,embarrassing myself,so this is the next top and i really,like this i think its very very,flattering,it has this kind of zigzag v-neck,and its just a plain black jumper with,ribbon and it does go to quite a nice,length so it comes,about here so with jeans i think it,looked really nice if youre gonna layer,it,it looked nice its quite plain so,obviously you can do a lot with it,i just think its so flattering on,like the chest area that you dont,really have to do much because it has,quite like a unique neck,im gonna see how much this was,this was five,pound 32 from 15 pound,so i,im actually so impressed like,i did order from this app and i was just,thinking like oh,what is the quality going to be like but,im im blown away like so far i just,think its been amazing,and i did pick things that i thought,like the quality wouldnt be too,questionable i didnt want to pick like,dresses like night out dresses because i,do feel like stuff like that can be very,hit and miss,whereas like jumpers like this you kind,of would expect it to be a wearable,and i did i did go for something a,little bit,out there which well try on but first,of all i want to try on,the coat now i got this for,18 pound 33 but like i said it was from,43 pounds so that is you know half the,price,of the cours


[Music],hi guys and welcome back to my channel i,hope youre well and welcome if youre,new here,and im really excited for todays video,its in collaboration with a company,called,holi i think thats how you pronounce it,im really bad at pronunciations but,its about,w-h-o-l-e-e um ive never heard of them,before but theyre a similar company,company to like she in um she in is that,how you say it im like wish,um so everythings like really cheap so,ive always been quite skeptical of,these type of websites because i just,feel like is it too good to be true,i dont know so im really excited to,find out everything is pretty much,so much cheaper its about half price,than what you would get in places like,dunno and stuff,and so they sell everything from clothes,to organizing stuff to homework pretty,much,everything like honestly when i say,everything everything,if you did want to purchase anything,then i will put everything in the,description below,so you know exactly where to find it you,do have to subscribe,um but i think the first month is free,and then after that its something like,a pound or some,something but you can cancel it at any,time so even if you just wanted to try,it out see how you got on and then,cancel it,thats fine um but yes im really,excited to open and try everything on so,i really hope you guys enjoy it,if you do please give it a thumbs up and,please subscribe and yeah enjoy,okay so everythings arrived ive,unboxed it ive washed,everything and ive also given,everything a spray and a wipe down just,because its come from another country,and you have to be careful,so ill talk you through what i got so,ill start with this caddy bag here,um if you havent got one of these these,are really really useful,um i have one downstairs which i use for,nappies and wipes and i also have one,upstairs which i put my hair,straighteners in and my hair bits,so i thought i needed another one and i,thought itd be good to keep one,upstairs for nappies up here so we,havent got to keep carrying up the,stairs,but theyre really handy and they have,like pockets and stuff,um and its velcroed its also really,light so i definitely recommend them,um usually in the shops they are pretty,expensive id say about 10 pounds,but from this app i cant remember the,price but it was really cheap probably,about three pounds,moving on to these i dont actually know,how this works i need to figure out this,is supposed to be for jeans so its like,a hanger and you can separate your jeans,because i just find jeans take up a lot,of room in a wardrobe we havent got an,awful lot of wardrobe space so that,would be really handy,um moving on to this again this could,probably be for jeans as well or,trousers but im going to use this for,scarves because i need somewhere to,store my scarfs,um i dont know if you could probably,use it for handbags as well,but again its just saving on space,isnt it really,these are the softest slippers i have,ever felt oh my god,they are amazing um forgot to mention,the price for these,probably about two pound one pound,everything here is literally,ridiculously cheap um honestly and its,stuff that you would pick up in the shop,so i bought mine exactly the same as,that from amazon for like,15 pounds and that was four pounds so,everything is genuinely cheap as long as,you dont mind waiting for delivery,which it took about 10 days and that was,fine um so yeah you might as well but,yeah these are baby people that come in,all different colors,and just be careful with sizes i think i,went for a medium,but clothes and stuff do come up small,so just remember that but these fit me,im a five and a half and they fit,perfectly theyre nice and snug,right these container things um these,are actually,i think in the picture they were used,for socks and underwear so thats what,im gonna use them for,um my sock and underwear jaw is always a,mess so this will be good because i can,separate it all,they were something like 50p each and,im moving on to clothes now,um ive tried on the clothes and theyre,all really really nice,at first um when i ordered them i was a,bit unsure what to expect because you,know it looks really nice in the picture,and then it comes and its like oh my,god ive had that happen before,but honestly im really really impressed,this coat here,is literally it could be from zara,honestly i think it was 11 pounds,um its cream and its got brown inside,they had all different colors,it feels really really nice quality and,i just dont have a cream jacket so i,thought was really nice,but no i love it it fits perfectly i,think i went for a large,i probably could have actually gone for,an extra large thats what i read about,the sizes just be careful,just always go for one up moving on to,these right this says pink this is like,the victoria secret pink,which is why i was drawn to it really,nice quality its nice and soft,and i love the color its a nice sort of,wintery color this czech shirt here,is one of my favorites i absolutely love,it um its just a really nice,winter outfit i think because i plan on,wearing it with like black jeans,and maybe like um knee-high boots or my,timberlands,and i probably would wear it open rather,than closed with like a little vest,underneath but,i will show you all three of these on so,you can see what it looks like,okay so this is the shirt which i love,um i went for a large in this and it,fits perfectly,i also like the balloon sleeves but it,does feel like really nice quality,id probably wear it with some trainers,or boot heels but its just a really,nice sort of winter,outfit i love it this is the jacket,which i absolutely love,um its really nice and warm ive gone,for a large in this,and i would say perfect size as well i,probably could have gone for an extra,large,because then i could wear maybe like,baggy jumper and i do like my coats,quite baggy as well,um but ill show you the back you know,its really really lovely id probably,wear jeans with this,and its just a really nice winter coat,this was 12 pounds i think so,a bargain and then lastly,this jumper which says pink i think its,supposed to be like the victorias,secret pink,really love this its so nice and soft,and inside also its really nice and,warm,a little bit smaller i would have,preferred this a bit bigger um i,went for a medium but definitely go for,a large if youre a size 10.,um but apart from that i do really like,it because sometimes it is ill show you,the back as well,sometimes it is nice to wear tight,things but i just feel like this is a,little bit too tight um,but no really really nice nice quality,i did get something else as well um i,got a,sofa cover which my sister wanted,um but she ended up getting a brand new,sofa so thats really wrong but just to,show you,what you can get um so they do lots of,different colors,if youve got like an old rundown sofa,but you dont dont want to get a new,one or you cant afford a new one,then they do sofa covers and i did look,on ebay to see how much they were going,for and they were much,more expensive so this was i think seven,pounds,um and its like gray and white but it,is really nice if you want to try and,cover up your sofa,and you dont want to get a throw um so,yeah they do literally,everything like theres so much stuff,and it also gives you,loads of like organizing ideas so even,if you dont want to buy anything,just go on there and just have a look,because honestly i was on theres so,much stuff theres like thousands of,stuff,um its quite overwhelming like i think,it took me so long to choose all this,stuff just because there was so much to,choose from,and but overall really really happy,really happy with the service um i am,going to be ordering lots more from them,because why wouldnt i,its cheaper so yeah so thats it for,today guys i hope you enjoyed the video,and you loved everything i bought,and i do have an invite code for you,guys if you do want to purchase anything,from the app,i will put it here and ill also put it,in the description bel

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