1. Whoop 4.0 In-Depth Review // Accuracy and the Algorithm
  2. WHOOP Band 4.0 | Worth it for Non-Athlete?
  3. Is WHOOP 4.0 Worth It? (An Athlete’s Review)
  4. WHOOP 4.0 review – three months later | Is it worth it?
  5. Does This Live Up To The Hype? | Whoop 4.0 Review
  6. WHOOP 4.0 Review (After 1 Year)
  7. Whoop 4.0 Review – After 100 Days

Whoop 4.0 In-Depth Review // Accuracy and the Algorithm

hows it going folks im does with does,fit and this is the woop 4.0 and this is,one of the more interesting devices when,it comes to sports tech wearables it,doesnt have a display it doesnt have,gps it doesnt track your floors climbed,it doesnt have any smart watch features,to speak of and you cant even tell the,time with it so what exactly does this,thing do well for the hardware it has an,optical heart rate sensor along with a,few other sensors like an spo2 sensor,and a temperature sensor but thats,really all about it in terms of the,hardware the woop 4.0 is more about all,the data that it collects and you can,kind of think about it as a health,tracker thats focused on tracking how,much effort you put out during your,workouts the quality of the recovery,that you get as well as how ready you,are for your next workout and how,intense that should be it collects a lot,of data for these metrics and they,simplify and present this data to you,with kind of two main concepts strain,which is the amount of effort you put,out in regards to heart rate and then,recovery which is based on multiple,factors including heart rate variability,and sleep another unique thing about,whoop is how you actually pay for it so,youre not necessarily purchasing a,device youre actually signing up for,subscription and then youll get the,device with that subscription so how,much youll pay for woop basically comes,down to how long you want to commit to,them so the pricing its a bit,complicated but its certainly something,that you need to consider with woop so,ive been testing the woop 4.0 out for,quite some time and ive got lots of,data to share including what i think of,whoops concept of strain and recovery,how that data collected compares to how,i actually felt in real life and ive,also got lots of examples in terms of,sensor accuracy since all that training,and recovery feedback is based on the,hardware so if the hardware isnt good,then that feedback could be meaningless,in addition also be going over some of,the issues ive had with it over the,course of my testing as well as how woop,support team handled those issues and,then finally at the end of the video,ill give you my thoughts on whether or,not i think the data that collects is,actually worth the price and as always,if you find the information this video,to be useful do me a favor and just hit,that like button down below its a small,little thing that you can do that will,help this video and the channel out,quite a bit and i appreciate it so for,the hardware the woop 4.0 is essentially,a little strap with a little pod that,has a heart rate sensor along with some,additional sensors to track your health,metrics 24 hours a day,the heart rate sensor is an upgraded,version from the previous generation,whoop 3.0 which has basically more leds,and its supposed to be more accurate,more details on accuracy later in the,video the woop 4.0 also has an spo2,sensor for tracking blood oxygen,saturation levels it also can track your,respiration rate and also has a,temperature sensor which aids in better,sleep tracking if you give it a little,double tap youll be able to see your,general battery life remaining which is,basically four different ranges,indicated by different colors but you,can also check your exact battery,percentage in the woop app and then,another trick with the hardware is that,it does have a haptic vibration and that,vibration can be used as an alarm to,wake you up and also can alert you when,you reach your optimal strain level for,the day it comes to you ready to wear on,the wrist with a nice soft comfortable,strap and you basically just slip it on,adjust the length of the strap as needed,and then just close the strap they,designed this to be a comfortable,unobtrusive little device thats just,quietly collecting your health data in,the background all day long and i think,thats sort of the beauty with it that,its minimalistic and you kind of just,kind of forget that youre wearing it,its primarily designed to be worn the,wrist but this pod is detachable and,they make a bunch of accessories where,you can wear the 4.0 on other areas of,your body woop advertises a battery life,of up to five days in the pot itself,realistically im getting more like,three to three and a half days out of it,now initially i was only getting like a,date a day and a half out of it but i,contacted their support department they,had me run through a few different,procedures and then we eventually found,a solution that extended the battery,life not up to five days but to three to,three and a half days which seems to be,what most people are getting so if you,are experiencing really low battery life,just contact the support department they,should be able to help you out they,didnt know i was a reviewer or anything,like that i just went through normal,support channels so kudos to them on,that and then to charge the woop 4.0,they have this cleverly little design,battery pack that they include that just,slides onto the strap its rather slick,and whats nice about this pack too is,that you dont have to take off the,strap itself you can just clip it on,whenever you need to charge it and the,battery pack is ip68 water resistant so,you can still shower with it and not,have to worry the battery pack itself,charges via usbc and they include this,cute but quite robust little charging,cable however one of the issues that,ive had with this battery pack and,actually still have till this day is,that the battery pack doesnt maintain,charging all the way to 100,so what happens here is that maybe after,20 or 30 minutes it just stops charging,and what i have to do is unclip the pack,reattach it and then it just starts,charging again so i have to reclip it,maybe like two or three times during the,charging process to get a full 100,percent charge now woop did send out an,additional battery pack as a replacement,which was nice but i experienced the,same issue with the second battery pack,and i also did make sure to update the,battery pack firmware its not a huge,deal but it is kind of annoying so the,device is one thing but what woop really,is known for is all the data thats,collected which is used to provide some,interesting insights into the effort,that you exert in your workouts and your,daily routines as well as your recovery,from all that and they do a pretty good,job of presenting this data in a,simplified way on a high level and,youll see all this data in their,smartphone app so im first going to go,through an example of a few nights and,days with woop to kind of give you a,general idea of the concepts of strain,and recovery but the other thing about,woop is that to benefit from more you,actually need to use it for a longer,term and this is where youre going to,get some pretty interesting insights so,ill have some of that data to share as,well so lets actually start at one of,the end of my days with because it kind,of has quite a few things we can look at,and then well move on to the next,morning and the next day so i recorded,this around 10 p.m before i went to bed,so up here it shows two circles the,inner circle is my recovery score from,the night before that score is based on,a scale of 0 to 100 as you can tell its,not a great recovery score the outer,circle that you see in blue is the,strain that ive accumulated in that day,strain is based on a scale of 0 to 21,where recovery is based on a scale of 0,to 100 why 21 for strain you got me and,then below that it shows my hrv in gray,and then my current daily calories,burned on the right so below that we,have a few different buttons here but i,first want to show you the sleep data,from the night before as well as the two,activities i did that day so if we tap,on sleep it shows a graph of my heart,rate throughout the night the time i,spent in bed and it also shows the,average time i spent in bed based on the,last 30 days and then it also tracks,your sleep stages throughout the night a,nice graph of disturbances throughout,

WHOOP Band 4.0 | Worth it for Non-Athlete?

If youre a non-athlete, just a regular person  looking to get in good shape and trying to figure  ,out if the WHOOP Band is something that  could help you, or if its just overkill,  ,this video is for you. Hey, my name is Lucas. Im  a yoga teacher, Im a teacher trainer. I put this  ,WHOOP Band on about two years ago and I really  havent taken it off. In fact, I wear it so often,  ,I have kind of a mean tan line here. I wear  this when I do yoga, when I run, when I swim,  ,when I ride a bike. I wear it every single night.  I wear it every single day. Its made a huge  ,difference in my life, much to my surprise, and  in this video heres what well cover: my biggest  ,”aha” moments for me, really, really surprising  things I didnt think Id discover. Number two,  ,well talk about how this thing actually works,  and well have a special guest, the quantified  ,scientist Rob ter Horst join us to explain some of  the technology. Number three, well walk through  ,some of the considerations you might want to think  about if youre considering investing in a WHOOP  ,Band. A quick note here, I am not affiliated  with WHOOP at all. They dont pay me for this,  ,I pay for my own device. All of the information  presented here is biased based on my experience,  ,but not with any kind of financial incentive.  Its just to hopefully help you in making your  ,decision. Lets start off with my biggest “aha”. I  put this band on and the first thing I discovered  ,is that my sleep quality is horrible. This wasnt  news to me, I knew that Ive been a bad sleeper.  ,My entire adult life, Ive struggled with  sleep. If youve watched any of my old videos  ,you probably noticed I often have bags under my  eyes. I knew it was bad, I figured I was sleeping  ,about six hours per night. Turns out it was more  like five hours per night, sometimes even less.  ,Terrible sleep quality also, which means very low  REM sleep. Heres what happened. With WHOOP, when  ,I open that app every single morning and Im in  the red – WHOOP has a red, yellow, green, rating  ,system – and I can see how poorly Ive slept, and  how bad my recovery is, and in my case how little  ,REM sleep I have, after about six weeks of that  I just had to do something about it. I could see  ,that my health was getting degraded. Heres what  I did. I did three specific things. Number one,  ,I started sleeping in what I call a lightning bolt  position. Super weird, but your head is elevated  ,and your legs are elevated. Ill post a photo in  the PDF down below. It made a huge difference with  ,my breathing, my sleep quality, and my sleep  quantity. In fact, Im about 45 minutes longer  ,and my REM sleep is around 20 percent, so a lot  more balance. The second thing that I did is I  ,started taking cool showers before bed, not cold  showers but cool, it reduced my body temperature  ,a little bit. Number three, I started using yoga  breathing, which is something Ive been teaching  ,for years. Now to learn more about how the WHOOP  band tracks sleep and some of the other sensors,  ,lets check in with Rob, the quantified scientist,  and hell explain some of the technology  ,thats inside this band. My name is Rob ter  Horst, Im trained as a data scientist, so  ,for several years Ive been tracking everything in  my life, Ive been getting weekly brain MRIs for  ,four years now I think. So how is WHOOP tracking  your sleep? Is it just using heart rate? Or whats  ,happening? In general these types of devices  will use heart rate, which can be an indicator,  ,but also some movements, so usually they try  to estimate REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep,  ,and when youre awake, and each of these phases  has unique properties. During REM sleep your  ,brain is very active but your body is paralyzed,  because you dont want to act out your dreams.  ,Whereas during deep sleep you also dont move  so much but your brain is in a way much less  ,active. And light sleep is a relatively active  brain and also more movement. What do you think  ,about the the SpO2, the the blood oxygen read  that now comes in the WHOOP 4.0? Theres cases  ,where it can can help you. If you get some kind of  respiratory infection and you dont know about it,  ,then you can actually get a warning signal, like  “hey, im not getting enough oxygen, theres  ,something wrong”. And this is like a typical  use case where people get COVID and then they  ,detect it that way. But it can also be if you have  sleep apnea or some other sleep issues that you  ,didnt even know about. When you tested the WHOOP  against other lab grade, scientific grade devices,  ,did you find that it consistently fell short  in certain areas? Or what was the comparison?  ,Yeah, so the device I use is an EEG device and  its now used in several scientific studies.  ,So what WHOOP does well is for all sleep stages  quite good. It estimates my deep sleep quite well,  ,but a bit too much. So for me the deep sleep I  have it finds, but it usually finds a bit more.  ,But overall its very consistent over the the  different sleep stages. Where many devices somehow  ,cannot measure REM sleep very well, WHOOP  is particularly good. Its good, consistent  ,overall. What are your thoughts on the heart rate  variability data that comes out of the WHOOP? And  ,do you find that interesting as a data scientist?  So its interesting, but I always struggle a bit,  ,especially for instance during sleep, with how  much value is there in heart rate variability when  ,you already have a resting heart rate. Because  basically those two generally anti-correlate  ,pretty strongly. Like if you have a high  resting heart rate, youll have a low heart rate  ,variability and vice versa. The next big insight  I had was around my heart and cardiovascular  ,training. When I first started doing yoga about  20 years ago I put a chest strap, a Polar chest  ,strap on, and I was really excited to learn that  my power vinyasa practice, my go-to practice for  ,yoga, was elevating my heart rate very similar  to running or jogging. I was regularly hitting  ,160 beats per minute during peak poses and I  was getting a great cardiovascular workout.  ,Now as the decades have gone on my body has really  adapted to a lot of the common yoga poses and I  ,still get lots of benefits, but not so much for  my heart. In fact, I can do an entire yoga class  ,and my heartbeat sometimes never even breaks 100  or 110. And again, when I saw that data every  ,day in the app I figured I really needed to do  something about that. My family on both sides has  ,heart disease historically, I need to take good  care of my heart. So I started running and I kept  ,running and Ive still been running now for about  five to six days per week for a couple of years.  ,Heres what else I did, which again really  surprised me. Inside the app they have these  ,groups and I joined a group for 40 to 50 year old  men. When I say join the group, I just hit join, I  ,dont chat with anybody, I dont talk to anybody.  But theres a leaderboard and the leaderboard  ,shows you where you are ranking, and in my group  I think theres about 20,000 men in my age group  ,and I was in the bottom 25 percent when I started.  And for whatever reason that really motivated me  ,to start running more, and more, and more. Long  story short, Ive now run two marathons, Ive  ,run two 10ks. Im using the word run, I should  probably say jog, I just gotta stumble along.  ,But regardless, its really objectively improved  my cardiovascular health. My resting heart rate  ,now is in the low 40s. I think Ill get into the  high 30s before the end of the year. My recovery  ,is a lot better, my cardiovascular conditioning  is really the best its ever been in my life.  ,I dont think that would have happened without  that accountability. Not everybody responds to  ,data the way that I did. Not everybody needs that  accountability. But for me it made a very big  ,difference. The third thing, and this is probably  the most remar

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Is WHOOP 4.0 Worth It? (An Athlete’s Review)

there was a lot of debate online as to,which wearable tracker is best to help,you stay on track with your health and,fitness goals it can often feel quite,overwhelming given that these different,products have pros and cons depending on,who is wearing it however I can,confidently say that there is one to,rule them all and it is this bad boy,[Music],[Music],so why did I choose to get a whoop in,the first place well I was ultimately a,bit tired of wearing this all the time,as the choice I made with my Garmin,meant that it was a bit like having a,brick on my wrist and I wanted to,separate my activity tracking from my,lifestyle tracking which is where whoop,came in so monitoring my sleep my,activity and my recovery in here and,then whenever I was going out for a run,cycle swim putting this thing on so,there was a bit of a ceremony of,starting each session however quick,disclaimer is something I want to make,crystal clear from the off is not to,take the data that this gives you as,gospel same as my fitness power when,youre calorie tracking you want to use,it as a tool in your lifestyle to make,more informed decisions rather than,treating it as the be-all and end-all,for example the Pinnacle of Modern,Health Dr Andrew hooverman has said that,whoop is leading the way in Fitness,tracking in his opinion but he does,really want to reiterate not to take the,information as gospel because it can,psychologically influence how you feel,and maybe make you underperform when you,could have performed at certain level in,the first place so dont take it as,gospel use it to make informed decisions,and dont treat it as the be all and,end-all so Point number two how do I,actually use whoop in my day-to-day life,and the one youll have heard spoken,about most on social media,on the internet in forums all over the,world is sleep tracking and ultimately,thats the feature thats given me the,most is its allowed me to make more,informed decisions around my habits,around sleep but more on that later,thank you,okay so what are some of the limitations,as Ive already mentioned it is not an,activity tracker it is a lifestyle,tracker so whilst it does track your,running cycling it picks up activities,automatically its not going to give you,real-time data its not going to give,you distance its not going to track GPS,as you go youre not going to be able to,refer to it on your wrist so dont,assume that it will activity tracker,lifestyle tracker different things,secondly it is not a watch it doesnt,tell the time and nor does it in fact,have a step counter so its not an Apple,Watch its not a dress watch and its,not a activity tracker so what is it as,Ive already said it is a lifestyle,tracker lastly it is not going to make,the changes for you and if you feel,attacked at this point then I somewhat,apologize but at the end of the day this,is there to give you the information for,you to take action in your own,day-to-day life so dont be one of these,people that says oh,terrible recovery today hahaha Ill put,that on my story and then just do the,same thing again because that is not,helping you or anyone else and youre,not using the information effectively to,make changes and more informed decisions,on a day-to-day basis,now with limitations out of the way,lets get down to why I love this little,thing here oh so very much so the first,thing as Ive already mentioned is sleep,tracking as it allows me to look into,the detail of my quality of sleep the,timings around it when I went to sleep,when I got up and therefore I can plan,and prepare and better monitor my,circadian rhythm so that I can make more,decisions about my recovery when Im,doing what during the day and ultimately,how I am approaching sleep in general,terms so if we look at my data from,Wednesday the 14th of December I had 7,hours and 15 minutes of sleep went to,sleep at quarter to nine and woke up at,5 00 a.m so according to 20 of my time,in bed was spent in deep Sleep this is,an optimal amount for healthy adults,good to know but that information is,only useful if I continue to aim for,that rather than thinking oh great well,done Fergus lets have six pints so what,Ill look at is the time awake light,sleep deep sleep and then REM sleep,which is the sort of components of what,were looking for and then theres some,sleep metrics at the bottom which I will,come back to but essentially you can,really deep dive on your sleep data and,you can start to piece together the,pattern that ultimately informs why this,is the case we will also give you a,prescription on the amount of sleep,needed on a day-to-day basis so on,Wednesday the 14th of December I had a,93 score as I was pretty close to the,total amount of sleep needed recommended,by whoop so again recommendations not,gospel dont beat yourself up if youre,15 minutes short of the recommended,amount but use it as something to guide,you around your day-to-day existence so,that you can improve your sleep and,overall recovery secondly the recovery,metrics are very useful and I actually,find the biggest link between my,recovery score and my output is on,stress because my training is pretty,similar week on week so where my,recovery score is impacted is on,workload around that and the Sleep,patterns the alcohol the time Im eating,the travel all the stuff going on around,it so I can know when Im sort of,burning the candle at both a little bit,too much because I can see a bit of a,downturn in my recovery score but,recently things have been looking pretty,good however whats interesting to know,is,Ill put that up on the screen for you,just here but Thursday Friday Saturday,Sunday last week were all pretty solid,and then Monday Tuesday were really,quite bad as I was up north in Persia,celebrating my birthday a lot of alcohol,not usual nighttime morning routines,wasnt training both days hydration was,probably worse than it could have been,and you can see that my recovery was,impacted as a result of that Wednesday,theres still some residual fatigue as a,result of that and today Im feeling a,little bit worn down run down and there,are a few things that weve actually,flagged indicating I might not be all,that well my respiratory rate was,elevated last night and I can feel the,asthmatic within I am actually asthmatic,Im not just using that as a joke a,little bit particularly throughout my,breathings not great today and it maybe,indicates that Im potentially a little,bit worn down hello everyone the illness,this is kicking about at the moment has,got me I feel terrible as a result of,trying to take a few days off the irony,is not lost on me but nonetheless I can,monitor my recovery data over the course,of a week over the course of a month and,I can better monitor when I need to take,some more time off when I need to scale,things back or if Ive got an,opportunity to really put my foot on the,pedal and send it forwards busy weekend,of work busy weekend of socializing then,I can do so through monitoring my data,[Music],lastly there are a couple of obscure,features that I find an enormous amount,of value in first and foremost the alarm,feature where you can set an alarm on,your phone which uses this as your alarm,clock in the morning which I think is,fantastic because one it gently wakes,you up and two it means that you can,avoid your phone for as long as you want,first thing in the morning which is,something I think we all need to get,better at in the modern world means you,can go about your morning routine get,some training done get some cleaning,done get your ice cold plunges reading,done whatever you like to do in the,morning without any distractions from,technology before you get going because,no matter how good we are if you see,Angry email from your boss first thing,in the morning thats going to set you,all day up for a bit of anxiety a bit of,stress and if you can avoid that,entirely great thats what the alarm,does for me and you can experience it,too secondly as an asthmatic I like to,keep a close eye on m

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WHOOP 4.0 review – three months later | Is it worth it?

if you know me by now you know that Im,a huge Apple watch fan yes I even bought,the Apple watch Ultra and that begs the,question can the whoop drag me away from,Apples wearable,welcome back to the channel guys and Im,traveling at the moment hence the,slightly weird location for this video,but that is irrelevant because you might,be bored of me waffling on about the,Apple watch Ultra Ive got some good,news because over the last few months,Ive been trying out the whoop now apart,from having a really cool name its,quite an interesting Fitness device on,the face of it its pretty expensive it,doesnt have a screen and it doesnt,look anywhere near as impressive as,something like the Apple watch it also,calls itself the most advanced fitness,and health wearable available thats,quite a big claim so I thought Id try,it out for a few months just to try and,work out one is any good two like I say,can it drag me away from this Apple,watch and three who on Earth is the,whoop for firstly if youre wondering,whoop arent sponsoring this video but,they did very kindly send me a whoop,band and a free subscription to try out,and if youre wondering what whoop is,its basically this band a companion app,which works on both Android and iOS and,a subscription to the whoop service and,basically it measures your sleep your,recovery and the effort that you put in,each day through workouts and then the,app gives you this massive amount of,data based on all of that stuff and then,from that it gives you a load of,actionable insights and advice on how to,live a better life so when it comes to,how much sleep you get how much you,exert yourself and how well your body,recovers from extreme strain or in my,case fairly moderate strain whoop kind,of acts as they say as a personal,fitness coach now the band itself is,technically free but you do as you guess,have to pay for that subscription,service and theyve got several tiers,for this so if you lock yourself in for,24 months youll pay 18 pounds per month,instead you can lock yourself in for,just a year but the price goes up to 22,pounds per month now if youd rather not,pay everything up front for either a,year or two years you can pay monthly,but bear in mind that still locks you in,for 12 months and also it takes the,price up to 27 pounds per month so it,isnt particularly cheap and some gym,memberships and proper personal fitness,trainers will cost you about the same,amount of money which does beg the,question is it worth it,so I think the whoop band in terms of,the hardware might divide opinion its,not particularly garish it doesnt kind,of stand out too much you can get lots,of different bands for it which are,quite nice so its fairly innocuous,which I quite like in terms of comfort,it is very comfortable actually the only,thing Id bear in mind is that youre,supposed to wear it slightly above or,slightly further away than where I I,personally would typically wear my watch,to begin with I did find that a little,bit uncomfortable but I did get used to,it after a while it is water resistant,its dust resistant it does feel pretty,durable the only thing Id say is that,the clasp this bit here that goes onto,the band feels a little bit flimsy at,times that said when its on your wrist,it aint going anywhere battery life is,rated at four to five days in my,experience you do get less than that,its more like two to three actually I,dont know if thats a problem with mine,I dont think it is Ive looked at other,reviews and theyve said the same thing,and that does mean you have to charge it,a lot and time for an admission my whoop,isnt charged and it hasnt been charged,for about the last two weeks and the,reason for that is that you have to,touch a kind of little puck thing to the,top of the whoop and that puck charges,the band the puck is water resistant you,can wear it in the shower for instance,and the idea is that you never have to,take this off to charge the puck via,USBC good stuff and then you attach it,to this when this needs charging its a,great idea in principle but as soon as I,got this I looked at that little puck,thing and thought mark Youre Gonna Lose,That guess what,I lost it I have no idea where it is I,just dont understand why they havent,gone down the normal route of charging,like a smart watch does smart watches,have had to be charged off your wrist,for years I get why root want you to,leave this on you get much better much,more accurate results if this is always,tracking what youre doing but taking,off for an hour even two hours while,youre working at a desk to charge it,isnt a big deal so it does lose marks,on that its my fault for losing it,hands up Im an idiot but I shouldnt,have to worry about that but despite the,Fairly mediocre battery performance and,the highly losable charging puck its,not a bad piece of Kit right lets talk,about the whoop app which is absolutely,fantastic this is where it really comes,alive its where all that data that you,gather from your runs from your sleep,from your recovery gets fed into here,and you get all this actionable Insight,the first page you get is the overview,page where you see your recovery for the,day your strain for the day the number,of calories that youve burned its also,worth bearing in mind that the whoop app,connects to Apple health so any workouts,you do on your Apple watch you know any,runs any you know other types of workout,you do get fed up get fed up get fed,into whoop you can see that at the,bottom on this particular day I did a,run I slept for seven hours and there,was some other activity which looks like,I was doing star jumps no idea what that,was but basically it feeds everything,into whoop so you get the most accurate,data possible now just bear in mind if,youve got an Android phone it doesnt,yet connect to Samsung Fitness or Google,Fit whatever theyre called although Im,told theyre on the way then if you go,into the strain tab this gives you your,strain for the day for this particular,day it was a strenuous exertion the,great thing about Lube is that it uses,numbers that we can all relate to to,assess your performance it tells me that,my cardiovascular system has been,working hard thats nice reassurance you,can also look at your recovery so it,explains very simply thankfully for,someone like me what the recovery metric,means and whoop measures your recovery,based on the changes in your heart rate,variability your resting heart rate your,respiratory rate and the duration of of,your sleep according to whoop on this,day I was 70 recovered which was,probably right and then you get your,sleep performance and for me 90 is,pretty good and when you set whoop up,you tell it how much sleep you want and,it gives you advice on how much sleep,you should have as well I dont get,enough sleep and one of the biggest,things that woop has done for me is,confirm that and the level of data it,gives is absolutely fantastic so if I,scroll down we can see day by day how,much sleep I got as you can see when I,first started using whoop I wasnt,getting much sleep but as I carried on,using Ruben it kept coaching me and,telling me to go to bed earlier you can,see how my sleep performance improved,thats kind of what work is all about if,you really want to go into detail and,you understand the metrics behind your,heart rate you will see things like HRV,rhr here respiratory rate and all of the,data associated with those metrics you,see for me thats where my ability to,review the whoop really comprehensively,is quite tricky because I dont get that,much into my metrics when it comes to,Performance and I dont really,understand a lot of the metrics that,whoop gives you but I dont think that,matters I think for someone like me just,confirmation that Im going to bed way,too late is really important sleep is,absolutely vital and the thing that,whoop has done that the Apple watch,cant do for me is get me into bed,earlier more consistently so Im not,going to dig into all the minute details,about the 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Does This Live Up To The Hype? | Whoop 4.0 Review

whats up people hope everybodys well,todays video is going to be all about,this,strap which has been on my arm for,exactly one year i did an initial video,review of the woop app,pretty much a year ago and the fact that,its still on my arm is obviously a good,sign its obviously not a waste of money,and not a waste of time but i thought,id go into a little bit more depth,about,why im wearing it the benefits is it,going to be beneficial for you,and what are some of the potential,competitors like,[Music],so in todays video were going to talk,mostly about the woot band and the aura,ring because those two devices really go,in depth to tracking analyzing sleep,which is what i am mostly concerned,about all the other ones out there like,the apple watch fitbit and so on,they are,good in their own right but theyre not,necessarily going to be providing the,same amount of data that the whoop band,the aura ring provides so im going to,talk about them too much lets head over,to the gym and get sweat on,[Music],[Music],[Music],so what does this band do,well,its got an inbuilt heart rate tracker,which is basically tracking my heart,rate throughout the day and throughout,the night when im sleeping collects all,of this data sends it to my phone and,then all of that data within the app is,presented to me in a way which is going,to be of some use okay so when im at,the gym its tracking how much strain,im going through its also tracking,what my heart rate is doing throughout,the day and its also tracking what its,doing more importantly when im sleeping,this is one of the reasons why i,invested in this band in the first place,well over a year ago because i was so,curious to understand more about my own,sleep and how i could optimize it to get,the very best out of my day because,without a doubt ive noticed from,wearing this whenever im getting six,hours sleep,six to seven hours sleep i kind of feel,okay i feel like normal but im pretty,tired,like its just like meh if im getting,between seven to eight hours sleep i,feel good the sessions are very good and,my mood is like pretty elevated,when i get more than eight hours sleep i,feel super humid like i literally feel,strong my sessions are the very best my,mood is elevated throughout the day i,just have like an amazing day,so what i want to try and do is to try,and get at least a minimum of seven,hours sleep,every night,last night was a fine example of an,unbelievable sleep weve got eight hours,within the app not only does it tell you,how long it was sleeping for but it,breaks it down into how many hours,throughout the night i was awake how,many disturbances there were what my,light sleep was rem sleep duration and,deep sleep duration ideally you want to,try and get as much rem sleep and deep,sleep as possible and from that it will,calculate my recovery,based on that sleep so most important,thing which is going to dictate recovery,is the heart rate variance and this is,something which the apple watch doesnt,do itll also provide me with my resting,heart rate respiratory weight and it,also shows me my blood oxygen levels my,respiratory rate and my skin temperature,okay this is something which the old,band 3.0 didnt provide it didnt,calculate blood oxygen level and the,skin temperature so,this is a little bit more updated but,honestly my blood oxygen and skin,temperature have never really been out,of the green i think blood oxygen was,out of the green one time when i had a,particularly,loose evening which we wont go into,details but theres one thing which is,really interesting about this whenever i,go,on a night out and i drink alcohol my,heart rate variance is,so bad,my recovery after two drinks or more is,almost always in the red red is like,below,30,which is,not good so this band is really good,because it almost pushes me away from,drinking alcohol because i know if i,drink my score the next day is going to,be really poor and ultimately i do,consider myself to be a bit of an,athlete and if i want to optimize my,recovery and my performance i need to,get a good nights sleep and to get a,good nights sleep i need to be staying,away from everything which is going to,interrupt that okay so anything which is,going to elevate my heart rate,throughout the night anything which is,going to bring my heart rate variance,down i want to try and eliminate so this,really does keep me on the right track,and another interesting thing about this,is it actually has predicted when im,about to get ill theres been i think,two or three occasions in the past year,where ive woken up and my recoverys,been really low and,the sleep report has told me my,respiratory rate has been really high,heart rate variance really low resting,heart rate has been high and ive,thought to myself oh you know im not,actually feeling that great and then lo,and behold you know later on that day or,the next day ive actually become really,ill so its quite good at predicting,this and when my body is in this state,the best thing for me to do is just rest,so without this i probably wouldnt even,realize and then tried to live my life,was normal and go to the gym and push,myself and probably made the situation,even worse so whenever the health,monitor tells me that things are out of,range then im starting to get a little,concerned as to whether,okay whats going on whats wrong with,my body why am i not feeling 100 im,about to get ill and then i can take the,following necessary steps in order to,try and fix myself so lets get the cost,out of the way first because i know all,of you guys will be concerned about how,much this is going to set you back the,whoop band the root band itself is free,but you have to pay 30,every single month its a subscription,model the aura ring costs 300,for the ring itself and then after that,its seven dollars a month so the,initial,investment up front for the aura is,higher but the subscription after that,is a little bit lower,all right so its both kind of annoying,because you kind of stuck with,subscription model but thats just the,way it is its the way things are going,these days the good thing is,when you are a member,paying subscriber of the boot band,whenever they bring out a new piece of,hardware they will send you it for free,i dont know 100 what you have to do,with the ordering like if they bring out,a new ring im not sure if you have to,go and buy a new ring or they give it to,you free i would imagine you probably,have to buy another ring because the,ring is pretty expensive and the,subscriptions pretty low one of the,competitors which i almost went with was,the aura ring now im not gonna lie ive,heard it is pretty decent and it is,quite good for the sleep tracking,however,the biggest drawback is that its a ring,okay it goes on your finger,now that would be the most uncomfortable,and annoying thing for me to wear,doing what i do on a daily basis which,is lifting weights okay if i try and,squeeze onto a dumbbell or hold the,barbell do a pull-up the ring is just,going to cause a lot of discomfort and,im going to scratch the hell out of it,so thats one of the reasons why i,didnt go for the ring and personally,wearing the band i find,its,pretty easy to wear its not annoying,the only time ive ever taken off is if,its seriously,clashed with an outfit or if ive er you,know been on a particularly loose week,in ibiza and i really just dont want to,know what my heart rate is doing,so thats the only time ive been off my,arm you can see in all my vlogs im,literally wearing it all the time and,you can change the color of the band as,well like any kind of style you want if,you want a white one a purple one a,green one whatever theyve got a mad,selection of colors which you can swap,or change up its completely up to you,guys some potential drawbacks and,annoying things i might as well be,honest with you guys is an honest review,i dont think it necessarily accurately,calculates how many calories you burn,per session but i dont think there is,anything out there wh

WHOOP 4.0 Review (After 1 Year)

ive been using the woop 4.0 for over a year now  and i have some thoughts so today im going to  ,be giving you my review and im going to keep  it concise give you all of the basics you need  ,to know about whoop the pricing the gear the pros  and the cons and call it a day because if youre  ,anything like me you dont want to spend an hour  watching a review video you just want the facts  ,so if you arent familiar woop is a wearable  device thats designed to monitor your recovery  ,sleep training and health and provide insights  that go far beyond anything else on the market  ,as an athlete and a health coach who has  a strong interest in sleep and recovery  ,i was immediately drawn to woop the first  time i heard of it i have used and still do  ,use numerous fitness and sleep tracking devices  everything from garmin watches to aura ring and  ,i previously used the woop 3.0 for years before  upgrading to the 4.0 as soon as it was released  ,so i think i do have a fair bit of experience  when it comes to wearable devices to compare it to,hey guys welcome back to my channel if youre new  here my name is kait im a certified health and  ,nutrition coach i post videos twice a week here  on youtube talking all things insulin resistance  ,sleep weight loss and more so if youre ready to  take control of your metabolic health make sure  ,to click that subscribe button and you can also  find me on tik tok and instagram where i share new  ,posts every single day now before we get into it i  just want to say that this video is not sponsored  ,i paid out of pocket for this device i pay the  monthly subscription fee which well go over  ,a little bit later in the video i have spent  probably far too much money on the compatible  ,loop gear which well also go over later in  this video so i just wanted to put that out  ,there before we begin but lets start by going  over the basics woop is a health fitness sleep  ,and recovery tracker that claims to provide  you with the most in-depth feedback available  ,and let me say right away they arent lying  woo provides you with a lot of information  ,and a lot of insight way way more than any  garmin watch than any apple watch than any  ,aura ring or any other device ive seen probably  20 to 30 times as much and i am not exaggerating  ,but well come back to that in a second the  device itself is just a tiny rectangle but  ,you can attach it to a band to wear on your wrist  theres also a band that goes around your forearm  ,and theres also a chest strap or else they also  have clothing that you can insert the device into  ,and that is something that i think is super  cool not to mention functional especially if  ,youre competing in any sport and especially a  contact sport during these sports you usually  ,arent able to wear something like this on  your wrist and if you are its usually not  ,optimal but like i said ill get more into  the clothing a little bit later on unlike  ,most of the competitors on the market whoop  doesnt actually have a watch face or a screen  ,you view everything through the smartphone app  it provides you physiological data 24 7. and  ,gives you a score every day for your recovery and  your strain which is your activity and your stress  ,the device is waterproof and one charge can last  you multiple days this device is meant to be worn  ,24 7 to the extent where you even charge it when  youre wearing it by just slipping the charger on  ,you wear the device when you sleep and every  morning when you wake up youre going to have a  ,sleep performance percentage a recovery percentage  and a day strain score to aim for lets start off  ,by talking about how it tracks sleep woop  measures your heart rate your resting heart  ,rate your heart rate variability your sleep stages  your sleep disturbances and your respiratory rate  ,based on all these factors along with how much  of your sleep need was met its going to give  ,you a sleep performance percentage now i think  that the sleep tracker is great in a lot of ways  ,but not so great in other ways overall i do think  it is a fantastic overview of how well you slept  ,metrics including resting heart rate and hrv seem  to be consistent with other sleep tracking devices  ,i have including my aura ring but when it comes  to the sleep stages they tend to be a bit off  ,honestly i dont think this is the biggest deal in  the world though what really matters when it comes  ,to determining your recovery is your resting heart  rate and your heart rate variability or your hrv  ,and when you get adequate sleep and enough deep  sleep and enough rem sleep then these are going  ,to be optimal now you can go over to the coaching  tab and woop will give you recommendations on what  ,time you should go to sleep based on what time  youre planning on getting up your strain for  ,the day your sleep debt etc and it will also give  you some deeper insights as well and this is a new  ,feature but whoop now allows women to track their  menstrual cycle and based on where you are in your  ,cycle it takes this into account as well and this  is so important because based on where we are in  ,our cycle whether were in the first half or the  second half this can make a big difference in  ,our sleep and our recovery in our performance  and this is unfortunately out of our control  ,i used to get so frustrated because in the  week leading up to my period my hrv would be  ,so much lower than it usually would despite me  doing everything the same my recovery score would  ,be lower as a result so the fact that whoop now  factors this in and tailors your recommendations  ,is fantastic now lets talk about the recovery  score by measuring resting heart rate heart  ,rate variability and sleep performance whoop  will give you a percentage score from 1 to 100  ,a low percentage will show up as red moderate will  show up as yellow and a high percentage will show  ,up as green signifying just how recovered you  are and how much your body can take on that day  ,and based on how recovered you are will coincide  with the strain level you should aim for that day  ,if you go above your optimal strain score then  thinking is it will take you longer to recover  ,if you stay under your optimal strain score  youre going to recover faster and if youre  ,right in that sweet spot in the optimal zone  youre going to be able to balance fitness  ,improvements and recovery and now lets discuss  strain a bit more strain is a measure of how much  ,mental and physical stress youre putting on  your body similar to the sleep coach whoop also  ,provides you a strain coach and as we just said  based on your recovery whoop is going to give you  ,a strain score to aim for that day this score is  going to be between 0 and 21. every activity you  ,track throughout the day is going to be given its  own strain score these are all going to contribute  ,to your daily strain and even activities you dont  track will contribute to your daily strain as well  ,now because whoop is tracking and storing your  heart rate data 24 7 if you forget to start an  ,activity you can always enter the times in  afterwards you can also log things like yard  ,work or doing chores around the house or you can  not log them and like i said they will contribute  ,to your strain score as well as the day goes  on your strain score is going to increase  ,your strain coach will also give you real-time  data during the workouts youre tracking and  ,its going to give you a target exertion goal for  that workout if you choose now provide the daily  ,scores and insights woop also provides you weekly  and monthly reports as well and if you thought  ,the daily reports gave you a lot of data you have  no idea first off i should say that every morning  ,when you open the app youre gonna have a journal  checklist to complete you can go through and  ,tick off whether you spent time outside that day  the diet that you ate vegan keto they even have  ,carnivore did you

Whoop 4.0 Review – After 100 Days

this wearable is the future of fitness,tracking ive been wearing the whoop for,over two years and the 4.0 for over a,hundred days my opinion has changed in,this video well cover the hardware the,software the price and my favorite,alternative when it comes to the,hardware this is kind of what the,hardware on the loop strap looks like on,my wrist its relatively thick and its,got the heart rate monitor on the bottom,there are the green lights flickering i,love that they improve the system its,pretty easy to take off so now im,switching over to the bicep strap which,is my preferred way to wear this and you,just slide that piece on hook it right,here and within about like 30 seconds i,now have the bicep version i can slide,it onto my arm and latch it on and now,this is kind of a little more subtle and,i can wear this and forget about it put,my sleeve over it now in terms of the,woop hardware if its something thats,not easy to use youre less likely to,use it for example how often do i really,need to take off my move strap almost,never their charging protocol is second,to none the best one out there you,charge this little charging pack right,here that i lose pretty much all the,time i slide the charging puck onto my,bicep and i just double tap to make sure,that its working and now the device is,charging when im done i pull this off,and i charge the puck itself what i,really would love to see is taking this,charging puck and putting an air tag on,it so i dont lose this thing because i,lose this all the freaking time this is,versus my apple watch right if you have,a fitbit or apple watch you take this,off you put it on the charger and then,you have to remember to actually grab,your watch and put it back on the whole,process of removing something and then,having the friction point of putting it,back on is going to make you more likely,not to use it but i do love this new,improved latching system where im,easily able to remove the band that im,using and if i want to use the whoop,clothing which i have right here the,woop shirt thank you kitty type a this,woo body has like a little bit of spot,in its sleeve,and inside of the sleeve,if i can slide my woot 4.0 in there and,i can actually wear this shirt and now,the 4.0 will be in my bicep inside of,the shirt and no one can literally see,where it is not only is that one of my,favorite choices this little smart,technology is like a transformer i can,put it in a shirt maybe i put it inside,of whoop underwear thats everyday wear,what about the whoop athletic underwear,and even the woof shorts they all have,this little spot where you can put it in,they even have bras i dont typically,wear bras very often but thats another,option lastly the whoop bicep sleeve,this is also really nice if you dont,want to actually put on a shirt but you,still want to wrap it around your bicep,have it protected specifically for like,jiu jitsu you can use this its smaller,than their actual t-shirt there is a new,vibrate to wake feature so if i want to,set up a wake time now and you dont,want to disturb lets say your partner,or anyone else in the room if you sleep,in like a bunk bed hostel or something,like that theres a feature in here,where i can go ahead and turn on the,alarm and i can ask the whoop to wake me,up an exact time,wake me up when ive hit my sleep goal,of x recovery or if im in the green for,my loop strap so lets say you want to,hit your sleep goal you want to just,perform for the day get by or 100 of,your sleep goal or you want to go in the,green time and you set the latest time,that youre allowed to wake up,or the most typical way youd set an,alarm is set an exact time i would save,and set the alarm and now it says i need,eight hours and 44 minutes of sleep go,to bed by 10 31 and my whoop will,actually vibrate at 7 15 in the morning,in terms of the whoop alarm what ive,noticed is if its on my bicep and i,actually like i move a lot when i sleep,when i roll onto the whoop straps,sometimes itll turn the alarm off and,ill go straight back to bed when i put,it on my wrist same thing if you tap the,whoop strap like i think its a couple,times it will turn the alarm off theres,no snooze feature or anything the same,thing kind of happens with my apple,watch but luckily the apple watch when,you tap it it snoozes and it keeps,coming back i wish the whoop had some,kind of feature where you snooze rather,than you turn off the alarm entirely i,set multiple alarms i got my eight sleep,alarm my apple watch alarm iphone alarm,the lights and the loop alarm actually,tomorrow i have a flight so i do need to,wake up at 6 15 so lets save and set,the alarm now if you plan to buy a woop,use my link down below itll save you 30,in your first month and ill help,support the channel battery life my,apple watch lasts about a day whereas,the whoop will last three to four days,so i can worry about it less often i do,like the daily habit of putting my watch,and my iphone on the charger at the same,time whereas this is a little more,inconsistent its not a daily process,that you can kind of habitualize you,have to be reminded to put it on the,charger every three to five days ish and,then when you do lose the charger i wish,this had qi charging right ive had the,issue or i had to borrow a friends,charger but why cant i just put this on,an apple magsafe charger and have the,whoop strap charge when ive lost the,little wireless charger that they have,right there when it comes to the,charging puck ive also heard some,issues with some people uh not it not,actually charging their whoop strap my,solution i found is if you actually plug,it in because its not like booting up,and then you plug this into your,computer or an extremely high powered,wattage charger it boots up the charging,pack here and this is a woop issue that,ive heard a lot about on reddit but it,seems like they fixed it with a software,update if it ever does happen to you i,try to just plug it into varying ports,varying cables and sometimes itll like,boot up the new whoop 4.0 is 33 smaller,which is like a nice to have i like how,its a little bit smaller i wish it,could just be flat flush against the,skin or even fully integrated into my,clothes which i think one day theyll,get there or at least some company will,apple but the whoop just being an easy,product to use doesnt mean its just,going to change your life how does the,software that interacts with the,hardware work as well i do have to say,im not in love with their subscription,model but i do love their it is light,years ahead of the aura app the apple,watch sleeping app and the eight sleep,app i love how kindergarten friendly,they make it for someone to understand,did i get good sleep did i get enough,workouts in theres two circles you need,to close red yellow green red is bad,yellow is okay green is great just like,a traffic light then strain the whole,primary goal is to fill up this gap and,get enough strain based on your recovery,from the previous day if you do a lot of,strength training your strain is not,going to move very much and the whoop,kind of requires you to do more,cardiovascular workouts so i need to get,my heart rate high so that i can fill up,this box and that human need that human,tendency to want to kind of fill that,gap close that circle has motivated me,to do a little more cardio a little more,often does it work all the time,has it done a better job of pushing me,to do more cardio yes and just for that,in itself i do love the whoop strap but,thats not my only favorite feature i,think the most powerful thing theyve,created is the journal feature when you,wake up in the morning this journal,feature will pop up and then it uses,this data over time to give you a weekly,and monthly report and under this little,clipboard here i can go ahead and see my,weekly report as well as my monthly,report,in the weekly report itll tell me my,strain which is cardiovascular load,versus my recovery how i slept itll,give me kind of like an overal

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