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Burger King Whopper Melt Review

oh you wet,why are you so wet and cheesy look at,the wrapper,do you see the wrapper the whopper milk,go dummy,[Music],whats going on foodie fam dont forget,the clash of the food titans tour starts,in february be sure to grab up your,tickets were coming to a city near you,welcome to burger king would you like to,try a console,um hey quick question did you guys get,the whopper melt yet,the whopper melts no,okay all right see yall this is why i,love,my burger king over here in new britain,i pull up managers like whats going on,its been a minute im like yeah well,yall can come out with nothing i know,in a minute but,i noticed that there was uh the whopper,melt,on the website and theyre like nah nah,we dont even have it yet shes like let,me take a look at it,so she looked at it so i had to,caramelize onions the stacker sauce the,sourdough bread,she was like well we aint got the,sourdough bread on us i guess which is,dont matter cuz i dont even like,sourdough at all anyway to keep it funky,with yall shes like ill make it with,potato bread i was like see thats why i,appreciate yall you know what im,saying burger king make sure you have it,your way for sure youtube facebook,twitter she made me a dangerous back,game with another,super,i know you cant hey listen man all,right yall i want to get right into,this thing,um i happened to take a look at burger,king,and i noticed that they were coming out,with the whopper mill i dont know if,you guys have it in your neck of the,hood i know its not over here my neck,of the hood but shout out to,the manager,over here at the burger king in new,bring connecticut because when i show,her something that bk is doing whether,she has it or not she goes back there,she tries to create it for your boy just,so i can do a video so thats a lot of,love right there so i always want to,make sure i give a shout out to my bk up,over here in new britain connecticut,what up bk and what up to the team what,im saying,all right,lets get right into these little fries,right up off over here thats the first,thing that pop out the bag,i like it when they salty too,[Music],we werent even here for the fries but,these little joints is going down baby,these guys are crazy,all right all right,enough of that none of,that right,oh,yall see that right there,uh-huh just for you damn you know what,im saying,so lets go ahead and unwrap this thing,we are here for the whopper melt baby,oh youre a cheesy little thing arent,you,yeah,hold up hold up gotta peel your wig back,gotta peel your wig back blue,gotta peel the wig back on you baby oh,let me get some ghetto nap over here,cuz you look dumb cheesy you you need to,be on all the burger king menus,immediately immediately you know what,time it is,a ghetto there,a ghetto nap,a ghetto nap oh rocking to the beat,hold it together again on that broom bro,bro again on that bro bro,bro a ghetto now,rocking to the beat oh,yeah,all right enough of that chill chill,hold up,this jump wet oh,oh,,so according to the website,the whopper mount is 574 calories you,can see that thing right there,the new whopper mill from burger king,features two slices of toast layered,with quarter pound of flame grilled beef,melty american cheese caramelized onions,and stacker sauce,oh,that thing look righteous mine looks,twice as righteous though this mine was,made with love why because it dont even,exist here so thats love oh but you,know how we do pinky up for flavor when,you hood boujee if youre not hood,dont talk about it at all,not for nothing,this whopper melt is hitting on all the,deliverables of taste,flavor,exquisite understanding,because that potato bun go crazy soft in,the game,the flame grilled beef beef,it got a lot of,nice little chew to it nice little bite,back on there,that stack of sauce is zesty,the caramelized onion,grilled up all to be damn,um,so thats onion right there thats,grilled onion,um,i think its so good,and theres a change that ill make im,gonna get right to the change in a,minute,thats the only thing i change fam,i would rather have diced onions for,flavor,um the whopper milk,versus,the grilled caramelized onions,because this is that that stringy,connect to it where a quick bite and,pull is almost virtually impossible and,you have to work through the onions,so its all that extra chew on there,that would throw it off just a little,bit,so im gonna go ahead and give the,whopper melt a four and a half,it would get a five all day into play if,it was just diced onions right,diced onions just giving that raw onion,appeal for extra flavor but this joy you,are dumb good,[Music],super cheesy and everything,good job burger king you did a real good,job on that one that went down great,taste burger king if you decide to go,nationwide with your whopper milk which,honestly i believe that you should,my biggest thing is i would say diced,onions versus the stringy caramelized,joints but some people like the string,and caramelized joint still works me,personally diced onions would have made,that joint a five all day banger its,still four and a half still,great mouth feel on that one,nice true extra cheesy everything that,you come to know and understand and love,about bk is definitely in the whopper,melt,just change up the onion gamma look,thats all we do thats the only thing i,do im just keeping it in the bean she,made me a dame drops you already know,the vibes baby im gonna see you next,food review you hurt,the freshness,of the salmon,is what really brings you in and saying,you just bit into something magnificent,i started doing food reviews in my car,around 2009 and then my life changed,ill go just about anywhere to get some,good food,im only here for one reason and one,reason only that is to devour,thats looking real good right there,every bite has to be an experience and,im gonna take you for that experience,you too,im the captain now you know im not,leaving until i tell you what my,favorite fried food in the city is it,hits all the spots,what im looking for is some good,chicken and waffles let me tell you,about this chicken homie chicken dry,its dry we dont want it oh you talking,juicy juicy its got to be juicy is this,what you do i mean this is what we do,boom boom all over the place boom boom,in my face its the most decadent burger,that we have ever made starts with one,pound of wagyu on there truffle cheese,gold billionaire bacon on top big,lobster gold duster bun it is the best,burger you will ever have,me and a burger are having a moment all,right enjoy your burger,all i need for you to do for me is keep,it crispy,i had to kiss it,i had to kiss you just give me a moment,i have moments with my food i love you,man,this is fresh fried and crispy wanna,know why they call it a hush puppy did,you hear me say anything while i was,tuning,french

Burger King NEW Whopper Melt Review!

مرحبًا بالجميع ، هذا يعمل على مراجعة طعام فارغة جيدًا ، مرحبًا سيداتي السادة والجميع,يشاهدون الترحيب بكم جميعًا في هذا الإصدار الجديد من سلسلة مراجعة الطعام الفارغ ،,أنا مضيفكم تقرير الأسبوع ، شكرًا على تسجيل الوصول ، شكرًا لكونكم هنا لا,أعرف كيف تكون الزاوية ، هذا نوع من إعداد اللقطة قليلاً ولكنك تعلم ما الذي,تنسى الزاوية ، تنسى كل شيء في الفيديو باستثناء حقيقة أن برجر,كينج لديه عنصر جديد في الخارج لذلك لديك لقد نسيت كل شيء آخر,، لكن لدينا لأنفسنا مبلغًا هائلاً ، نعم ، برجر كينج ، أشعر أنني كنت أراجعها للتو ،,وأعتقد بصراحة أنني كنت أراجعها للتو ، لكن ربما سيكون هذا قليلاً,من الاسترداد من يدري ، آمل على أي حال أن يكون هذا عنصرًا جيدًا ولكن,أعني من يعرف في هذه المرحلة مؤخرًا أنه كان شيئًا سيئًا بعد التالي بعد التالي,وأريد فقط شيئًا صالحًا للأكل بالفعل سيكون لطيفًا وم aybe سيكون هذا هو من,سيقول أن برجر كينج سيطلق الذوبان الجديد الذي أطلقوه الأسبوع الماضي,، لقد حصلت عليه أخيرًا ، وإليك ما هو متاح في ثلاثة أنواع وقد,تقول مثل ذوبان الهائل حقًا اسم مثل هذا محير بشكل لا يصدق ، ليس هناك,الكثير الذي يمكنك تمييزه بالضرورة من شيء من هذا القبيل قد تفكر فيه أنه يذوب كما تعلم ، هل يذوب,ما هو عليه ، لذا إليك ما هو عليه ، يحتوي على شريحتين من الخبز المحمص,على الخبز المحمص ربع رطل من اللحم البقري المشوي على اللهب بالطبع لحم البقر المشوي الشهير,والجبن الأمريكي والبصل المكرمل والصلصة لا يذكرون نوع الصلصة فقط ،,لذا يمكنك الحصول عليها أيضًا في نوعين مختلفين.,تذوب لأن هذا يبدو أنه هو الذي يروجون له حقًا لأنهم يعلنون حقًا,، لذلك هذا هو ما حصلت عليه ، ولكن يمكنك أيضًا الحصول على ذوبان وابر حار وهو,نفس الشيء إلى حد كبير مع الصلصة الحارة. هل ستحصل أيضًا على ذوبان كبير مع,سعر لحم الخنزير المقدد مرة أخرى هو سبعة دولارات لملك ساندويتش برجر,هناك ،,إنه يأتي مع مظهر يشبه بعض,شارة ذوبان الماء,، دعنا نفتح هذا الأمر ،,أشعر أن هذا نوع من الاتجاه المتكرر,الذي تعرف أنني لست كذلك حتى لو كنت أتحدث عنها حقًا لدرجة أنني أشعر دائمًا,أن الصورة تجعلها دائمًا تبدو أكبر مما هي عليه حقًا ، فأنا أنظر إلى هذا,ولا أعرف أنها مجرد الصورة تجعلها تبدو أكبر ولكنك تعرف ما لن أتغلب,عليهم كثيرًا هذه المرة هناك ، لديك الذوبان الهائل الذي يمكن أن تراه,هذا هو الخبز المحمص الذي كنا نتحدث عنه لا يحتوي على الكثير من الهش ، إنه نوع من,تشعر أكثر أنك تعرف طريًا جدًا ونوعًا من العجين ، ولا أعرف ما إذا كان المقصود أن,يكون مقرمشًا أم لا ، لكن هذا ما ألاحظه تمامًا يمكنك رؤية الفطائر والجبن,وبعض البصل هناك وأفترض إذا كنت سأزيل الخبز ، فهناك بالفعل المزيد من البصل,والصلصة ، لذلك هناك منظر جيد لها حقًا هناك,ثقيل جدًا على البصل ، سأقول أن هناك أطنانًا من البصل هناك أكثر من,ذلك ، لذا هذا ما لدينا وابر يذوب من برجر كنج,واه ، دعنا نجربها فقط ، كما قلت ، أعتقد أنني فقط سأقوم,بمراجعة مباشرة اليوم حتى تذوب الهائل تعرف ما هو عليه وأعلم,ما يوجد فيه ، نعلم جميعًا ما يوجد فيه ذوبان كبير يتدفق إلى,الخارج,لدغة أخرى,المقطع العرضي للرجوع إليه,تعرف أحد اعتاد الجيران أن يكونوا بصلة بالكراميل في الواقع وأتذكر يومًا,ما كنت تعلم أنني ذهبت إلى الشاطئ ، وإذا سبق لك أن رأيت بصلًا بالكراميل,يسبح ، فأنا أعني أنك تعلم أنه لن يكون جيدًا حقًا,ولهذا السبب أنا أقول إن أحد جيراني كان كما تعلم ، ولكن,هذا هو السبب في أن البصل بالكراميل لهذا السبب لا يذهبون عادة إلى الشاطئ ، فهو لا,يعمل إذا لم يكن طيور النورس كما تعلمون الذوبان الهائل الذي تعرفه إنها واحدة من تلك العناصر,التي تتمتع فيها بصفات جيدة وح كشيء أعتقد أنه يمكن أن يتحسن,قليلاً ولكن بشكل عام سأقول صراحةً لن أقول إنني أكره هذا العنصر على الإطلاق,إنه ليس فقط للجميع ولكنه ليس سيئًا أيضًا لذا فهذا مجرد شيء يجب أخذه فيه الحساب,، ها هي الوجبات الجاهزة الرئيسية من هذا ، ستلاحظ على الفور,على الأقل تلك التي حصلت عليها على أي حال من أن الخبز المحمص عجين إنه عجين ومضغ إنه أكثر مضغًا,من كعكة برجر كنج أم كعكة عادية لذا ضع ذلك في الاعتبار ستحصل على المزيد قليلًا,، إنه متماسك ومضغ ، ليس الشيء الذي حصلت عليه على أي حال لم يكن مقرمشًا,وقد يتوقع الناس ذلك ، لكن هذه الأزمة لم تكن موجودة الآن كما هو الحال بالنسبة للنكهات العامة,للبرغر في حد ذاته ، لا يمكنني الشكوى حقًا من أن الجبن الأمريكي جيد ، فهو في الواقع يقوم,بعمل رائع في ربط كل شيء معًا فطائر اللحم البقري ، هل تعلم أنها سميكة جدًا ،,كل الأشياء تعتبر أنك تحصل على كمية جيدة في كل قضمة آه اللحم جميل,العطاء واه لن أفعل قل أنه يفتقر إلى النكهة ، هذا ما تتوقعه من برجر,كنج ، إنه برجر كنج أم برجر القياسي الخاص بك ، لذا فأنت تعلم أن هذا هو الوجبات الجاهزة الكبيرة,، ولا توجد مفاجآت حقيقية في هذه المرحلة أه من حيث مذاق اللحم نفسه مثل ما,تريد توقع أن يكون مذاقه متوسطًا جدًا ولكن ليس سيئًا بشكل عام ، لذا لا توجد مشكلات كبيرة هناك للتحدث عن,الصلصة بحد ذاتها وتذكرني إلى حد كبير بأه صلصة التكديس التي رأيتها,على أمهم سيئة السمعة كانت تسمى أطباق التكديس ما كان على بيج كينج ، آخر,عنصر برجر كنج جربته على أي حال ، إنه صلصة مشابهة لتلك التي تحتوي على القليل من الملمس ولكن بشكل عام,الصلصة موجودة مرة أخرى ، من الجيد أنها تضيف القليل من الرطوبة إلى الساندويتش,لكنه لا يساهم كثيرًا في النكهة ، لذا فإليك الشيء الذي أعتقد أن بعض,الناس سيحبه أكثر من الآخرين إذا كنت تحب البصل وأنت تحبهم البصل فقط كما يقولون,مرة أخرى إذا كنت صديقًا للبصل بالكراميل على ما أعتقد هذا ب نوعًا غريبًا على الرغم من أنك إذا كنت,ترغب في تناولها ولكنك أصدقاء معهم في نفس الوقت ، فسيكون ذلك غريبًا بعض الشيء,، دعنا نقول فقط أنك تحب البصل حقًا وتستمتع به عندما يتم دمجه في كل جزء,من أجزاء الخاص بك. الحياة آه كن أن تستحم بالبصل ، فأنت تعلم أنك تضغط على عصير البصل في,شعرك وتدلك فروة رأسك بها بشكل صحيح ، فأنت تحضرها معك عندما تقوم بدفع ضرائبك,وكل هذه الأشياء الجيدة بشكل صحيح إذا كنت تريد أن تكون واحدًا معها البصل وربما ترغب في تقوية,العلاقات الإنسانية في البصل ، فقد يكون هذا هو السندويتش بالنسبة لك إذا كنت تحب البصل حقًا لأن,يا إلهي هناك الكثير منهم والبصل كما نعلم يمكن أن يكون فعالًا جدًا ، فهم بالتأكيد,الشيء مع أنا والبصل ليسوا سيئين ولكني لا أحب ذلك عندما يكون,مفرطًا جدًا وهذه شطيرة حيث أود أن أقول إن مساعدة البصل أكثر قليلاً,مما أود شخصياً لأن هناك الكثير منهم مرة أخرى يمكنك رؤيته على الكعكة العلوية,هنا,وهم يمتزجون نوعًا ما ولكنك تعلم أنه يمكنك رؤية كل ذلك تمامًا هناك كل هؤلاء البصل,ثم هنا كلهم ​​بصل أيضًا لذا هناك أطنان ويمكنني أن أقول إن نوع الساندويتش,سيحتاج فقط إلى الكمية الموجودة على واحد من هؤلاء الكعك لأنهم مرة أخرى ليسوا سيئين,، فهم بالتأكيد كل شيء لا يذوق أي شيء تصادمات لكني أعتقد فقط,أنه ثقيل جدًا على البصل لأنني كما قلت يمكن أن يكون البصل قويًا جدًا,وهو مجرد شطيرة قوية جدًا وإلا الآن مرة أخرى. سيحبها الناس على الرغم من ذلك,، وإذا كنت تحب البصل ، فستعجبك هذه الشطيرة لأن هناك الكثير منها ، لذا,ضع ذلك في اعتبارك إذا كنت ربما تكون حساسًا للبصل أو لا تعجبك حقًا الطريقة التي يتذوقون وما إلى ذلك,، هذا يحتوي على الكثير من البصل وسيحبه بعض الناس ، بعض الناس ليسوا لي,، إنه أمر قليل جدًا ولكن بشكل عام ليس سيئًا حقًا سأفعل ذلك فقط إذا كنت سأحصل على هذا,آخر ربما سأحصل على هذا الوقت على الأرجح إما ضوء على البصل أو لا يوجد بصل ، هذا مجرد رأيي الشخصي ،,لكنني أعلم أن الناس سيختلفون مع ذلك ، ولهذا السبب أوضحت نوعًا,ما ، أعتقد أن البصل ثقيل قليلاً على البصل حسب رغبتي,، يبدو أنه شيء جيد جدًا كما تعلم أنه يعمل ولكن بعد ذلك ، يذهب,الأمر إلى الخارج قليلاً ، لكني أعتقد أن بعض الناس سيختلفون وسيقولون أنه مذاق رائع كما تعلمون,لذلك هذا هو الشيء الوحيد الذي أردت أن أذكره ، لكن بخلاف ذلك ،,لا يوجد شيء مميز بشكل لا يصدق حول هذا الأمر ولكن على الأقل عنصر في قائمتهم,لا يتذوق كل شيء سيئًا ، قد يكون ثقيلًا بعض الشيء على البصل بالنسبة للبعض,، لكن كل شيء على ما يرام وإلا فإنه باهظ الثمن بعض الشيء على الرغم من أنه مقابل سبعة دولارات لذلك مرة أخرى ، فهذه هي,الطريقة التي تسير بها الأشياء هل سيكون هناك يوم على الأرجح سيكون فيه 14 دولارًا وسيبدو,ذلك وكأنه سرقة حقيقية ، لذا في هذه المرحلة من الوقت ، عليك فقط,قبول السعر على ما هو عليه والقول أن هذا هو ما هو عليه الآن هو سبعة دولارات سواء أعجبك,ذلك أو لا يعجبني هذا ما يجب عليك دفعه ، لذا ضع في اعتبارك أنه من بين كل عشرة ،,لا يذوب الهائل ليس سيئًا للغاية ، وليس شيئًا قد أعطيته بالضرورة تقييمات رائعة,، لكنني بالتأكيد ليس لدي الكثير من الشكاوى بشأنه أيضًا بصرف النظر عن البصل ،,لذلك من بين 10 ، سأعطيها 6.6 من 10. أنت تعلم أن البصل ينتقص,منها قليلاً لكنني ما زلت على ما يرام معها وأتخيل أن معظم الناس سيكونون كذلك,حسنًا في ملاحظة أخيرة ، لست متأكدًا من عدد الأشخاص الذين سينطبق عليهم هذا حقًا ،,ولكن إذا استمعت إلى برنامج إذاعي ، فسيكون هناك تغيير بسيط في الجدول الزمني ، وقد أصبح هذا,ساري المفعول يوم الأحد ، لكنني أقوم ببرنامجي الإذاعي أربع مرات أسبوع من كل أسبوع كل يوم خميس الجمعة ، السبت,والأحد مساءًا ، وهو الآن

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BURGER KING ⭐Whopper Melts⭐ Food Review!!!

[Music],god,[Music],all right you guys ive got the brand,new burger king whopper melt sandwich it,just came out today im gonna find a,spot were gonna park it im gonna check,it out whoa big bite,[Music],welcome back everybody to an all new,fast food pit stops im your host justin,you guys im here at burger king because,they just dropped something brand new,theyre new whopper melt burgers now,they come in three varieties you can get,it as the whopper melt the bacon whopper,melt or the spicy whopper melt now the,price on the waffle melt at my location,here in burlington north kakilaki was,four doll hairs and 99 cents,you can see i might have added a second,one on top of that for the end,all right this is it the new burger king,whopper melt brand new for a limited,time lets check it out,oh yeah man this thing is looking melty,and mighty,fit,for the likes of a king,sauteed onions on there,lots of melty american cheese which is,kind of nice because frankly bk has,always been kind of known for,just you know maybe slapping a piece of,cheese on there ive gotten a few,whoppers before that you know the cheese,is still cold and hard,god it kind of looks like now this is,ill be honest its supposed to come,with two whopper junior patties and it,kind of looks like they stuck on two,regular whopper patties i dont know,about that,that was already going to be my critique,just in looking at the advertisement for,this thing is that its got the whopper,junior patties at least supposedly im,not sure about mine but theyre calling,it a whopper melt not a whopper melt,junior this if these in fact are,whopper patties look at the cheese,is exactly how i would build this,because these are clocking in,looking like a quarter pound i mean look,how look how big they are sticking over,that bread by the way that is not,sourdough bread not to be confused with,the sourdough king this is just regular,i guess regular white bread but its got,that you know nice circle kind of bun,besides the caramelized onions its got,stacker sauce on it we all love the bk,stacker which is also out right now,all that melty cheese on there,more,stacker sauce on the bottom this is it,the new,bk,whopper melt,burger,still pretty convinced that they might,have given me,real whopper patties which of course are,bigger not whopper junior either way,lets go in on it you guys i cant hold,it anymore,big bite,[Music],oh my god,please let there be napkins,no,thats why i always keep this around,the burger is intense super cheesy as,you would imagine i love the caramelized,onions on there,it makes such a big difference,then you know the whopper which of,course comes with the traditional raw,onions in a ring format,super cheesy,super melty as advertised,almost 100 sure that they gave me,original whopper patties on this,that would not be how this build would,normally come i think i got some extra,beef on here i dont know complete,transparency i mean the manager,recognized me at the drive-through ive,been through here several times,all right good how are you you dont,want to come by and do the uh i do the,youtube food reviews im doing the food,review on it today so i hope it turns,out well so thank you fast food pit,stops on youtube check it out i dont,ever ask for any favors you guys know,that i think they might have,accidentally or maybe purposefully,purposefully built,me two,big whoppers on here these things are,sticking out over the bread theyre huge,patties but theyre absolutely delicious,either way,still a really good burger the whopper,melt from burger king wow,[Music],so nothing really super special about,the regular whopper melt i guess theyre,guaranteeing that youre going to be,getting that melty cheese experience,aside from that the grilled onions,they look nice to the eye you can taste,them just a little bit but still have,that traditional fast food onion,characteristic almost indiscernible the,beef in this case tastes exactly as it,should a whopper patty we all know and,love that flavor but again the stacker,sauce is nice,but really no other super,big characteristics come through and,thats where they got you covered on the,spicy version and also on the bacon,version which i would imagine would add,some crunch some saltiness,and also with the spicy version a little,bit of heat and thats exactly what i,had them do here with my second burger i,added i had them take the spicy version,and the bacon version combine them into,one so we have the new spicy bacon,whopper melt which im going to show you,guys right now,oh yeah,look at that its got jalapenos in it,and its got a spicy sauce,instead of just the stacker sauce,and of course,bacon,you can see that,applewood smoked bacon crumbles of it,all in there along with the jalapenos,there is again a spicy sauce i guess,its like that stacker sauce just spicy,humongous,looking,patties you guys can see i mean theyre,sticking over the bread im pretty sure,that they gave me,whopper patties and not whopper junior,patties so your mileage may vary here,but this is definitely a huge burger,lets do,it big bite,of the spicy,bacon whopper melt,cheers,[Music],hmm,oh yeah,having those caramelized onions,and all that cheese in there look,that melty cheese in case you have been,misinformed lots of melty cheese in this,adding that bacon and the jalapenos with,that spicier sauce really sets it off i,love this,this would be the way to go do it the,spicy bacon version the whopper melt go,all out if youre going to have a heart,attack at least enjoy it on your,last couple of bites hopefully your last,big bite with your boy make sure you hit,that like subscribe and share button wow,[Music],wow,both are really fantastic both are,knocking out of the park burgers the new,whopper melt and of course the spicy,bacon whopper melt which you can have,them do at the menu i think this burger,is getting like a,its getting a 7.9 its pretty good,its better than average its,predictable its burger king and anytime,bk gets an eight i think is a good day,because lets face it bk can have some,bad bad days as always thanks again,everybody for checking out another great,review here on fast food pit stops im,your host justin you know you love it,you came back for some more of it ill,be back for another,fast food review its a big burger this,is like a double bacon cheese whopper,huge you guys check it out,[Music],big,[Music],[Music],um,[Music],[Music],you

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Burger King Whopper Melt Review – THE ULTIMATE WHOPPER MELT!!

all right burger king is doubling down,on what theyre known for the whopper,they got these new whopper melts,lets see if this is worthy here we go,[Music],whats going on its your boy big ben we,back again with something new you,already know if something new just came,out its something new,we gotta talk about people,today we got something new from burger,king okay,burger king you you probably already,know youve been seeing it all over,youtube they dropped these new whopper,melts everybody in the malla has done a,review but you aint seen big ben and my,mama do the review mama,okay my mom aint showing up but if she,would have that would have been keller,right there but im tripping already,guys lets hop into this thing um before,i get too out there so new whopper melts,right they did a little test launch in,ohio,and they brought it out nationwide,monday march 7th,i was dibbling dabbling in these crumble,cookie reviews,got behind they didnt have my area,anyways so i checked out subways new,sandwich and then they finally,dropped this,in my area in my market okay so,on that note as you see i do the review,so if you find me for the first time,make sure to like and subscribe,another reason why you want to watch,this video is because im doing these,whopper melts theres three different,versions,i wanted some of this i wanted some of,that on different wiper mouse so i said,you know what,let me combine some things shout out to,my guy james moore because he was right,you got to combine some different things,to get the right lets call the ultimate,whopper milk thats what we have right,here the ultimate whopper melt okay so,guys theres couple different wiper,melts you can get it the regular whopper,melt the spicy whopper melt or the bacon,whopper milk i wanted the spicy version,but i want the bacon you know what i,mean so we doing a little hybrid guys i,got the bag right here,um price take for it is 429 at my,location it was actually 549 that,inflation tax okay you might as well use,the app because they got a combo thats,six dollars they got a few different,combos,they got some different names the melty,pleasure,um that one actually looks pretty good,yeah thats a regular wiper melt with,extra cheese the extra cheese you might,as well get that,fries a drink and four piece mozzarella,sticks for six dollars thats a crazy,deal right they got the anti-social one,thats some weird names burger king,but its uh the regular whopper mill,with extra caramelized onions oh,anti-social your breath gonna be banging,okay,a side of onion rings and a drink dang,your breath really gonna be banging you,got the anti-social one,and then they have the other one which,is lets get this bacon,and thats the bacon whopper melt with,extra bacon might as well get the extra,bacon fries in a drink for six dollars,this is some good deals i will say that,burger king,and then they got the spicy one which is,the spicy whopper,the jalapeno whopper melt with extra,jalapenos fries drink and a four-piece,jalapeno cheddar fries so what i did,guys is i want i wanted that one,but i want that bacon i said put that,bacon on there so we got the bacon on,there guys so,we got some fries up in here boom,were gonna check them out oh dont fall,out hold on these jalapeno poppers or or,yeah jalapeno poppers yeah these,jalapeno bites trying to run were gonna,check them out we got some of those,and then we got,the spicy whopper melt lets see if this,is a top tier sandwich you guys know i,already reviewed the whopper big king,i dont right size my expectations,knowing im not going to get the big,king gonna get the junior,the prince,the jester as some of you guys said,im a little nervous on this yall im a,little nervous on this,we gonna see what they talking about,so as you guys can see we got two,patties on here we added the bacon we,got the jalapenos we got the caramelized,onions two slices of cheese on that,sourdough bread i like the bread change,its basically everything about the,whopper but the bread change you know,what thats sourdough got to get that,toasted right all right yall i think,enough chit chat um i dont want stuff,to get cold so lets hop in here oh last,thing you know respect the calories,calories for one of these is 5 39 okay,not before the bacon and not before,everything else all right guys here we,go lets take this bite right here look,at all that all that meat all that,cheese that bacon the jalapenos,lets go here we go guys,hold up wait a minute hold up wait a,minute wait a minute wait a minute wait,a minute i remember that house music,man,this mug right here,whoa,you guys,ive seen a couple reviews and people,going crazy,they aint lying,i dont know about yall maybe seen some,reviews where its been bad,its got a lot going on and im loving,it maybe its cause its the ultimate,whopper mill with the bacon on it,but the spiciness,fire,the double patties the cheese melted,right i dont know,whoever working in that burger king need,to stay working give them a raise,this seemed like some old,you got a brother that can throw down in,the kitchen yall having a good friday,night man,let me whip you up a burger cause,let me whip you up a burger,bringing this bad boy right here to you,thats crazy all right,i gotta get into these other things,before i try these fries which i dont,know if those are gonna be good i gotta,give this a score,this thing a dog gone 9.5 theres,different 9.5 but this right here the,flavor the complexity how its all,rolling,around on the ground dont make no sense,but just how its going together,burger king we have some ups and downs,this is a this is a high point right,here,this is we going down that first,big,drop thats a 9.5 baby yall need to,keep that rolling that is worthy of the,whopper brand,whoa hold on,my gosh i dont know if its the bacon,added or what yall,thats fire,but them fries aint,this aint fire,no,i aint gonna get them already,but them aint that,whoa we had a dr jekyll mr hyde moment,right there because that was not it,all right i was going to get these,little jalapeno bites but hold on let me,let me swing down a little bit this diet,coke because,golly gotta refresh the power for the,fries,whoa,need to go back to that spicy whopper,melt after that,all right lets try out these little,jalapeno peppers i never had these right,here,um,no,not really,theyre better than the fries but they,kind of like,little cafeteria,ish they aint hitting like that really,to be honest with yall if im gonna be,honest with you which i gotta keep it a,hundred,these from burger king,i think the freezer store jalapeno,popper is killing these,burgers i think yall lost,all salt in the batter or something this,no that isnt it,daddy nick core,thats not it right there,that one was a little better but,yeah if yall want to know score for,that,i didnt like a 4.5 or something like,that then fries,shoot man im fries aint it yall,that way good though,that was it all right,got some news yall i got an idea,whoa,dog going,dont get that burger though and you got,to go back into work in 15 minutes dont,try to eat there on your break you,better have you a nice long lunch,because that sourdough bread boy you,gotta chew that thing,mm-hmm,that aint like the little sesame buns,no,you gotta chew that sourdough you cant,rush take a bite trying to go into work,youll still be chewing that thing about,15 minutes of the shift its fire though,but that thats not what ill break a,little more chewier,all right um,anyways got out there okay i got an idea,guys,seeing this little whopper melt so im,not gonna im not gonna drop it i know,it says news but im not gonna drop it,but i put a poll out there as far as who,had the fast food chain were gonna pick,up on that on the upcoming review im,gonna do something im gonna do,something i got a little idea,brainstorming up in this big head yall,so were gonna come back with some with,some fire im gonna bring a little you,know we at this fast food chain were,going to another fast food chain mixing,i

Burger King SPICY Whopper Melt Review

youtube facebook twitter she made me,dangerous back in with another,super fan,hold on hold on hold on hold on i gotta,get out of the car for this one the red,ring of death shirt oh the red ring of,death share,yeah,[Music],thats the red ring of death i call it,rod red ring of death you dig so the,manager at my local bk she like dame we,know over a month ago you came in and,created the whopper mount well we,officially have,the whopper mill and you might as well,come in and do the spicy join,so were going to go up in there and do,the spicy joint,yeah bk yeah bk,i like when b yo let me tell you,something lets talk about this real,quick i gotta keep it all the way up,bean,most qsrs quick service restaurants,when they tell you that a new item is,about to drop,they will wait till the day,that they say its going nation why did,burger king,you could mess with bk bk will say it,drops nationwide tomorrow some of yall,can go to your local bk right now and,get this draw somebody i was able to get,it a couple days ago i was busy a couple,days ago so i didnt even check but look,look,burger king says listen,we say nationwide on thursday but,its wednesday what up though,yes im gonna actually need the spicy,whopper milk,uh nah this is just the sandwich in a,large water in the big cut all right,yall what the burger king manager does,not know is that shes about to receive,a copy,of my super official comic book,im assigned to let me sign it while im,waiting in line up over here man saying,because you know this woman right here,be hooking your boy up i dont know if,you guys can see that right there,thats awesome um dame drops right there,thank you for everything,all right so um were about to pull up i,want to hook her up son proper just to,say thank you yo because,she doesnt have to do half the things,that she does for me and she always does,like for me im a real dude yall yall,know me like everyday dude i always want,to show love back to the people that,show me love and the berkeley manager,over here she all yall know yall know,from a lot of videos she always goes,above and beyond like when i get crazy,she gets crazy also the mcdonalds,manager im going to oh this is,right there,listen,so ill take i got something for you,hold up,thank you,but dont go nowhere,so,put up with yall movie,this is for you,i just came out with my comic book,thats my comic book right there thats,for you all right even signed it let me,know what you think next time i see you,all right no problem um and for those of,you that are new around here stay true,around here because at the end of this,video i got some positive uplifted,messages that i like to try to do in my,videos now at the end of the video just,to help somebody even if its one person,yall lets reach out you know what im,saying were in this together i want to,remind you guys of that,and i want to make sure that im just,trying to give the love back you know,what im saying it doesnt matter if i,know you or not i dont care about none,of that im just trying to get a love,back because the world is in the,shortage of the love that is needed to,really keep us doing what we need to be,doing out here in these streets man and,and just to be positive theres enough,negativity out there all right so lets,get into this food review,and um im all parked up over here,the spicy whopper mill all right,im sorry for the extra long intro i,know that was a lot of talk and i just,want to put you guys up on game uh but,lets get right into it and you know,what time it is dont you,the ghetto net,the ghetto net,the ghetto nap oh rockin to the beat oh,they missed this one the ghetto net,the ghetto net,the ghetto now,rockin to the beat whoa whoa whoa whoa,whoa hit me off,uh yall beat me in the head on the last,view like damn how you gonna give us a,whole video with no ghetto nap song and,for those of you again just a reminder,we got all the t-shirts too the ghetto,nap t-shirts crunchy water tees red ring,of death tees www.dameware.com,family,what,did she give me a little extra love,ah,come with it,come,abc,easy as one two three four five six,follow me abc one two three baby you and,me girl,yo,son,i have the spicy whopper mill here but i,gotta i told yall i told yall the,managers man at some of these spots be,showing us wild love is the foodie fam,so this is extra i didnt order this,this is why ill be showing my peoples,love because they show me while i love,right,come with it baby,this is a straight creation with the,hash browns the cheese wild bacon on,this dream right here lets get in close,fam,they do this for the foodie fam you know,what im saying this is what happens,when you show,custodians wild love man and i always,try to be as respectful as possible even,when i dont like the food you know im,saying and i let yall know i dont like,it right i still show love to the,establishments regardless no matter,where i am so this is love right here,bacon and hash browns please rate this,in the comment section below baking the,hashbrowns at burger king how does it,look out of one to five how does it look,hit me in the comment section below lock,it in with a thumbs up come with it,oh man oh my goodness a little bit of,potatoes,a little bit of bacon in a bowl,oh come on baby,burger king why you be doing me like,this bk,bk why you be serving me up like this bk,[Music],were talking about,soft potato loving,a light crisp on that hash brown baby,the bacon never faking,they didnt fry this bacon with extra,love,oh with a little bit of cheese if you,please,you better come talk to me and tell me,everything i want to hear boo,hmm,[Music],if that pink aint up for extra flavor,you already played yourself,boop boop i didnt even put no ketchup,on this drum,this joint dumb slapping you guys are,here for the spicy whopper melt and i,know the vibes on that baby,lets go ahead,open up the diaper on that one my rain,oh my goodness,this joint,is that the jalapeno smelling like that,thats the jalapeno smelling like that,family let me bring you in for a closer,look,look like a nice little piece,of of some basic toast right here you,have the funyun onion jalapeno im,pretty sure why are we dealing with a,spicy sauce on here too,because this right here not only does it,look like crazy melted it looks like we,might have a spicy sauce,thats laying low talking to us,on top of the onions on top of the,jalapeno,we about to get into a situation i dont,know if youre ready to handle and,looking like were dealing with oh you,better you better clear up looking like,were dealing with a double patty,situation,so lets go ahead and put that top back,on the convertible box um pat it okay,and get in the business,this,is the spicy new whopper mill at burger,king come on,get over here,yeah no no no no no dont dont hold on,now baby you knew what you was getting,yourself into pinky up for extra flavor,all right,lets get at it,the jalapeno over there come on,[Music],who you whispering at like that,you leaky leaky freaky freaky arent you,oh a lot of great flavors that are,happening with this one again its a,light spice you could definitely handle,it,im gonna go ahead and give this one a,four out the door,i think they did a great job,making sure everything was properly,melted right you cant call something a,whopper melt and its not melted so it,was properly melted a lot of love on,that,great choice of your spicy sauce and,adding in the jalapenos just for a,little extra kick i think the people are,really going to like that at the end of,the day on the spicy whopper melt thats,new hair burger king have you tried the,spicy whopper melt or even the regular,whopper melt let me know in the comment,section below bk i see what youre doing,i like where youre going we definitely,appreciate it at the end of the day and,again double the shout out to my local,bk up over here man because they always,show us love family when we go in there,and even if we know somethings going to,come out in a month or two months later,for the fact tha

Burger King New Whopper Melt Review

hi welcome back if youre new to my,channel i am kathy and i try things i,try things and i give you my two cents,and today i am at,[Music],burger king,trying the new whopper melt,all right so im a little late trying,this i was out of town the kids had,spring break so we took a little trip so,but im back im back now so lets uh,give it a try,so this comes in,just the whopper melts,uh the spicy waffle melt and the bacon,whopper melts so the whopper melt the,one i got features two slices of toasted,bread,two whopper junior patties not the,regular whopper just the whopper junior,patties,the layered with melty american cheese,caramelized onion and a stacker sauce,all right,and then of course the,spicy one uh has jalapenos and then the,bacon,whopper melt has,bacon,it looks yummy it looks yummy so theres,my two pieces of toast,[Music],i love me some caramelized onions,[Music],got busy here at the burger king,like the cheese the melty cheese,yup two patties there,so first of all you have to like burger,king,because i know some people dont like,the flame broiled flavor i,do so,this is a messy burger though,its very good its very messy um,[Music],its like does it,taste like a whopper,i mean i guess you get the burger,oh my gosh,[Music],i need my tray,and i have my tray making a mess,the stacker sauce is good its um,[Music],it doesnt really have a lot of flavor,though,[Music],so thats like a thousand island kind of,thats what it reminds me a little bit,so look like has some relish in there,look at that,look at that its gonna drip,yeah so probably not something you,should eat in your car or you know keep,it wrapped up,ah,i mean i dont know if theres so much,other stuff with this stacker sauce and,the onions,um and the cheese so just cheesy um,that,they dont tape it taste as flame,broiled as i remember,i mean its been a while since ive had,a burger but i like that the toasted,bread its not its not crispy at all,its just its soft,so i dont know if its because of the,size of the bread they didnt do a,whopper just a regular whopper patty,and you know theyre used on the whopper,junior maybe this just fits better i,dont know,because you think waffle you would think,whopper doesnt say whopper junior melt,maybe it should be called that double,whopper junior milk,yeah,because that would still be,a quarter pound two of these are a,quarter pound and i think the whopper is,a quarter pound i think i dont know,it is messy but i kind of like it,i kind of like all the goodness,all the sauce and the onions cheese it,is very very cheesy,i think its a really good burger if you,dont mind messy uh,its a good burger,and it is something different other than,just the whopper and for me i think i,would almost just rather have a single,patty i really dont need to,um,but thats just me,you know i had to go get my,mcdonalds diet coke first,one,still only at all here so i cant beat,that deal and you know i love it,some people think its disrespectful,that i drink my diet mcdonalds diet,coke at other restaurants but,the restaurants arent paying me so,i dont think its disrespectful,so anyway,back to this back to the walker lets,see this was 4.99 before tax,i believe the jalapeno is 4.99 also but,the,the bacon lets see the bacon is uh,5.59 uh rating i think its good if you,like burger king you like patty melts um,ill give it a 4 4.5 4.5 i think its,good,so if you have tried the,whopper melt uh any of the three let me,know what you think in the comments,below alright so no question of the day,no riddle of the day but i have news of,the day if you havent heard,nacho fries are back at taco bell,im not gonna do a review on them,i love the nacho fries i think theyre,very good so im not sure how long,theyll be around but if you want to go,try them,um you better hurry because im gonna,say a month maybe they come and go you,know,but is it may march may one of the ms,marcher may the mexican pizza is coming,back finally,um and theyre coming out with some new,varieties of them those i will be trying,those im excited about not that im not,excited about the nacho fries because i,do love the nacho fries but ive tried,them theyre good they should keep them,just my two cents,anyway i hope you have a wonderful day i,appreciate you watching and i will see,you next time,[Music],you


eat some baby whats up with it whats,up with it everybody its your boy rdr,and welcome back to rdr4 views as you,can see here right in front of your face,at the bottom of the screen today your,boy already rizzo is trying burger,kings new whopper milk thats right,their new,whopper milk now so this whopper mill,new item was a testing item out there in,ohio and it passed through the phase and,now its nationwide,it came out on the 10th and uh this,might be the day after when you get this,video but its neither here nor there it,passed through the face and now its out,nationwide and im very excited about,this i think the first person i saw do,this was probably,i think maybe uh drops no probably not,theres probably somebody up there a,full reviewer,up there in ohio but so we got the,whopper melt i got the original they,come in like two they come in two other,versions the spicy and then its like,the bacon whopper melt or uh whatnot but,we got the original,and were gonna see what it is right,here this is your first time coming to,rdr4 reviews im your host roberto del,rio and this is already our food views i,know i do food reviews i do a variety of,videos so if you like what you see in,this video please hit that subscribe,button at the bottom next notification,bell so you get the latest greatest,already off reviews also dont forget to,check your blog on instagram roberto,delirio86 lets get a quick moment of,prayer father bless this food im about,to receive have this food nurse from,body made me stronger than a person,stronger as a man and bless those your,grow hungers i pray to please find them,something in your holy grace aggressive,my name we pray amen,love your father all right now so,we got our whopper melt like i said,and uh cuddy this,oh,damn son whered you find this,yeah this is uh,looks nice but its,fairly smaller than it looks in the,picture,uh so whats in this whopper milk cuddy,is two slices,of toast,uh we got,obviously we got flame grill beef on,here melty american cheese caramels,onions and stacker sauce,so yeah,thats what we got here,perfect,yeah,oh flip this top a little bit,see them caramelized onions up in there,and lets play no game dont get it cut,it it looks super cheesy so,its again too but like i said suck is,very small no,to you guys it looks like its much,bigger uh pause,but it is very small so lets go ahead,and get into it guys without further ado,this is the whopper mill from burger,king lets get into it,marvelous,i mean come on,this just tastes cutting it tastes like,a a whopper,on,some mrs berry bread,i like the sweetness of the caramelized,onions on there,and the stocking sauce is adding another,sweetness to it,tasty,of course youre getting the cherry,taste from the,boil patties,the bread just tastes,you know toasted up you know what i said,but a soft toast it up you know what i,mean its not overly toasty its,just ripe,but if the presentation is nice and of,course,the main,start of the show is the cheese,and as you can see american cheese has a,nice,smooth um cheesy flavor,and it complements well with the the,cheesy goodness,of the,soccer sauce and the sweet onions so,lets go ahead and get another bite,this bad boy right,here is basically 600 calories the 598,calories,for this little right here,i just wish that it was much bigger you,know what i mean i really do,but its its close enough for jazz its,really nothing spectacular cody i mean,i bet,and im glad i got the original version,because,i mean the spicy version is just,added jalapenos,and then if you get the,the bacon whopper milk,just imagine some bacon on,just imagine a patty meal you know what,im talking about lets go ahead and,refresh yourself,refreshing,yeah cuddy,and this was 439 by itself,plus tax so all right so i think i got a,good view of this,cuddy for the new burger king whopper,milk,what do i get for alphabetical reading i,think that cuddy im going to give this,slightly friendly i think im going to,just give it a pretty much of a b minus,a b minus its a basic sandwich cody you,know what i mean its kind of another,one that deals with when you see the,promotion youre just like oh my god,that looks sexy good,but when you get it you get fairly,kind disappointed,i wish that it was again like i wish,that the sandwich was much bigger i,dont even know,i didnt even know they had patties that,kind of fit into this sandwich like this,like because its really tiny you know,what i mean,uh but everything else is hitting on,here the flavor the patties taste good,the cheese is always what it is you know,american cheese is always on point at bk,and the onions are really the onions and,the stacking sauce is really kind of,what takes it over top but the toasty,but the toasty theme or whatever you,know giving us the illusion of having a,patty mill,its a standard basic cut it really is,so with that being said lets go ahead,and close this bad boy out,[Music],hey everybody is my burger king whopper,melt review hope you guys enjoyed it,its your boy rdr like i always say man,hey look food is a gift so please give,thanks,dont forget to hit that subscribe,button also dont forget to hit that,like button if you dont like this video,you really dont want my content go hit,it with a thumbs down it dont matter,like i always have its your boy rdr,sign up out of here god bless yall take,care already i love you guys and im,gonna see yall soon god bless yall,good night

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