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  7. Wild Dog Review Telugu | King Nagarjuna New Movie | Saiyami Kher | Ahishor Solomon | Mr. B

Wild Dog Movie Review | King Nagarjuna | Ahishor Solomon | Thaman | Cinemapicha

this movie,is not for you if you are game for a,covert operation sort of a story,this movie is for you at operations,did,foreign

Wild Dog Movie Review | Akkineni Nagarjuna, Ali Reza | SS Thaman | Telugu Movies | THYVIEW

hello all welcome to thy view here is,our non-spoiler review of the film wild,dog directed by solomon first things,first simon joseph my experience,i didnt like it there are few portions,that worked for me but on a whole,consume bland,no high moments no thrills nothing the,problem is with the script itself it,offers nothing new pretty seen our setup,and similar setup flow we have seen,better scenes also actually dop channel,and music taman along with nags at,charlotte rajester to make the,proceedings interesting but,unfortunately due to mediocre writing,and direction the whole experience was a,bit underwhelming,from frame one story local pair first,fifteen minutes character and plot setup,queue is just nervous,one of the main issue i had with this,film is filmmaking process show dont,tell an okay saying,under for example,there are a couple of sequences,involving ali razor in the first half,which came out well but in a villain,characterization payload,especially land film slow proceedings,are bound to become poor second half,story moves to nepal and there are some,badly written scenes in this portion as,well i mean for example the protagonist,who is an ni agent points his gun to a,kid in an attempt to rescue his,teammates i mean come on you have to,write better than that though the movie,graph dips in the second half thanks to,chenille your cinematography and tamans,background score at least it was,watchable coming to performances apart,from naxxr and ali razan no other actors,leaves an impact atul kurkarni was,wasted and bollywood actor avizid that,plays an mp his entire character is a,joke technically this movie is good,channel your cinematography is good and,tamans background score is decent,editing could have been better though,coming to writer director solomon though,he did an okay job directing his actors,the writing falters big time not so,unique plot uninteresting characters,lack of solid plot points made the,narration jaded final word bland action,thriller thats the review guys if you,like this video please subscribe to,tyview and click the bell icon for more,updates signing off team live view,you

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Wild Dog Telugu Movie Review By Hriday Ranjan | Nagarjuna | Saiyami Kher | Not A Tolly Review

hello and welcome to film companion,south youre watching our toilet review,my name is vidaranjan,this weeks release is wild dog written,and directed by ahisha,solomon starring nagarjuna sayami kher,ali reza atul kulkarni and mayank parikh,majorly based on real events the film,tells the story of a team of nia,officers,led by nagarjuna who are on the hunt for,the mastermind,behind the bomb blast that rocked the,nation organized by indian mujahideen,the national investigative agency was,set up as a response to the 26 11,attacks,and reports directly to the home,ministry and their nabbing,of yasin vadkar is one of the indian,forces biggest catch,outside our borders nagarjuna plays,officer vijay verma a hot-headed officer,who has been suspended and relegated to,a desk job,when the blasts in pune happen he is,asked to lead a team,and insists on his special team of,determined officers,who set out to nab bhattkal,is saddled with a difficult task in wild,dog on one hand,he has to make a taut no frills thriller,but with the casting of nagarjuna he,also has to make a film,with enough elevation movements for the,hero and this is probably where the,films biggest challenge lies,occupying nearly every frame of the film,nagarjuna is the main driver of the film,and it leaves little scope to explore,the motivations of his team members,we get token backgrounds but nothing,that explains who they are,as people to his credit the director,seems to have gone in with a,single-minded agenda,to make a thriller and removes any,unnecessary fluff from the film,like songs or romantic angles we are,taken through scene,after scene of action without a breather,to absorb the impact,or the implications of the moments that,we just witnessed,the film also loses out on innovative,writing,and every scene is short as a climax,which is not necessarily a bad thing but,it denies the viewer of,any anticipation for the final set piece,i wanted to know more about the team,that has a few talented actors like,mayank parikh a fantastic actor and,stand-up comedian,from our very own hyderabad comedy scene,apart from a poker face,the film gives him and ali reza nothing,to really play with,the film also fails to bring out the,unique aspects of the mission,that it is an undercover operation which,means that there will be no medals or,newspaper reports on the men,but if they fail theyll be relegated to,history,as a mere statistic nagarjuna continues,to prove that he is the only one among,the older generation of stars,who continues to take risks with his,script the action sequences,are efficient but slapping them all one,after the other,makes them seem like a highlight package,rather than a real breathing story,that grabs your attention apart from,nagarjuna,none of the rest of the cast are given,anything to play with,while it might be too much to ask for in,a thriller i wish the film had a few,more emotional moments,that made me feel for the characters,take nagarjunas character himself for,example,we are told that he is a wild dog but,for much of the film,there is nothing really ferocious or,ruthless,or wild about his actions or take the,villain,he seems to be a token muslim terrorist,who is spouting cliches all,pakistan,what the hell is going,which is not to say however that the,film does not work in its entirety,the action scenes are slickly short also,taman seems to have reported back to,work,and his background score is appropriate,to the films theme,some of the scenes like the first time,they tried to nab bhattkal,are very interestingly short also for a,film based on real events it does not,deviate too much,from its source material overall wild,dog,is an earnest film that sticks to its,guns the only issue i had though with,the film was the lack of originality,or enough thrilling moments that make,you feel strongly for the films,characters,the film delivers what it promises but,refuses to go,beyond that as a film i was expecting to,see a,wild ferocious dog but what i got to see,instead,was a mild dog as a film,wild dog might not be too memorable but,it is certainly,watchable thank you so much for watching,our review if you dont press the bell,icon and subscribe to our youtube,channel you will not get tickets for,next weeks vakilson

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Wild Dog | Uppena | Unhinged | Nobody | Review by Unni Vlogs

[Music],[Music],thank you so much,you

Chakra & Wild Dog Movie Reviews ???? – Marana Late Review | Vishal | Nagarjuna | Enowaytion Plus

[Music],foreign,and stay safe guys f

|| Making of Wild Dog Movie – Behind The scenes || Wild Dog || Nagarjuna || Solomon || 6MMTV ||

[Music],jungle,it all began with a twin blast in,hyderabad city that happened at lumini,park and then,google chart,this organization called the nia got,established,they were created for the sole purpose,of hunting down these kind of terrorists,and thats where comes wild talk what,happened,after and the hunt for that groups,leader thats what wild dog is about,while the story steeped in a true story,we needed a character who was,a slightly larger than life character,the character which nagarjuna sir is,playing vijay verma his nickname is wild,dog,he doesnt believe in arrest he just,shoots people,dead,i know solomon because we have,collaborated on some,writing works earlier hes done quite a,bit of research,any question i would ask he would just,write there,i think hes a visionary he knows,exactly what hes doing,we realize that the action would be not,a very standard telugu film action,in this movie when they fight they fight,to kill,so either they go to the,headshots,or knock them down then we,try to bring in a hollywood stunt,director so we,zeroed in on david dis malone so davids,style is extremely real and extremely,modern and up-to-date thats going to be,a usb of this film,and the later kuwait virus hit us,and we couldnt fly down here,and then i remembered sham caution,sham sir would be so precise and he,would ask us to do things that he had,already planned,and we just had to go and execute that,there wasnt too much of time,and despite that to come up with a great,action sequence,is a stroke of a genius when we chose,this subject,the first challenge for us was to have a,dop,who would be able to shoot quickly and,give us,the quality that we wanted for a film,like this in,pre-production when solomon and i first,started discussing the whole thing,it was very important for him that we,capture,the film in a way thats gritty raw and,very real,[Music],so even the lighting style of the movie,comes down to keeping it,more under so when people see they,should feel like theyre part of it,chanel is the coolest cat hes the wild,dog,actually hes the cool guy always um,ready to do it,the most difficult shots the most,difficult terrain,so the challenges began right from,location scouting because we were,cheating,himachal pradesh manali for nepal in,rotung pass when we were shooting,it was high altitude way too windy,the biggest problem was cameras not,functioning,even for us even for a while were doing,the stunts if youre running you,get out of breath very fast everybodys,blood pressure had to be checked thats,nobody had an issue,went crazy shortly,every time we had to shoot a crowd you,would see everybody wearing masks,we had to fill the location with our,junior artists,so that you dont see marks with people,we were shooting the same sequence the,continuity sequence,after thats three four months later we,had to look exactly the same,this thing was challenging for us we,finally see the film it all,seems worth the effort i really really,hope you enjoyed,and as much as i enjoyed filming this,[Music],film,[Music],you

Wild Dog Review Telugu | King Nagarjuna New Movie | Saiyami Kher | Ahishor Solomon | Mr. B

[Music],wild,foreign,foreign,thank you

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