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  2. Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey review
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Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon BIB Review

[Music],welcome to the whiskey vaults im daniel,i am rex and daniel one thing has been,sorely lacking,on this channel for way too long,pip and vim my knees oh yeah youre,right,its a so we were supposed to wear,shorts today i didnt get them them,do you own shorts yeah i wear shorts all,the time just not on campus,all right uh yeah were just slightly,different angle mixing it up kind of,without really trying yeah lets make a,big dramatic change werent we supposed,to announce this,there have a countdown clock to there,and they call it new oh by the way i,found the little baby,knife and brought it back have we not,done this like the questions,yeah that we did this last week and it,was um wilderness trail,and we did it during a rare whiskey,friday but we didnt do this one which,is their bottled and bond release,okay and this is what they did so i,dont know if you remember the story,but theyre like these guys in kentucky,who are,started a story but didnt want to,source and spend four years wood,shedding,on their own stuff or something like,that anyway they did sort but they,didnt,this this is theirs okay and this is the,first stuff they released of theirs,whats funny is ive not really ever,heard a wilderness trail but im not,really into bourbon as much as i am in,the scotch,so when we post those videos and were,like this ones not as common as,as at least in texas right everyone in,the comments is like what the [ __ ],what is this doing on rare whiskey,friday right this is available,everywhere in the world right are you,waiting for me to smell because im,gonna find that thing that i dislike,no im just i dont know it smells like,im just quietly suffering through,the number of times that you say you,dont really like bourbon as much as you,like scotch,yeah and then all the bourbon lovers,were like oh,that im allowed to have opinions im,not saying theyre bad,you cant have opinions yes yes a review,show free of opinion,yeah this is that objective fact uh,no you can talk to chrissy martin shes,serious i like bourbon more than you,ive got,you do ive got a lot of friends who,really love bourbon that i trust and i,always just ask them,because they know my preferences yeah,and they usually recommend stuff that i,actually like,oh i got a little bit of the wood,burning kit oh by the way this is from,magnificent bastards rebecca cherry and,michael ragsdale,rebecca jerry and michael regno you may,gives it bastards,all right got the new angle yeah daniel,hates bourbon i hate jet the channels,over now,uh you get the wood burning kit though,yes definitely the wood burning kit,theres a little phenolic note in there,yeah its like a little bit of the the,charred up,i dont know if its popular outside of,the states hell i dont know its,popular outside of the south,but theres these little kits where you,can get some um like some tracing paper,yep,and you could they have these templates,these designs you can trace it on a,plank of wood and then you have this,basically this this thing you plug in,and makes the metal tip like this pin,shaped thing really hot,yeah you could just burn into you cant,give that to children,its like its a metal tip hot enough to,char,wood and like here children yeah,yeah i i wish we had a bit more of that,in the states i also,can count this is how people learn yeah,i also can count how many times i came,downstairs with a headache after working,on,models yeah because im,huddled over like a really intricate,tiny piece with tweezers,and just inhaling model glue,theres like uh theres a wood burning,kit theres also like this pecan praline,type of vibe,i could see that that sort of wax i,would say maybe the char,note is leaning into the wax heavily,enough that thats where that phenolic,nut is like a sweet,caramel waxiness thats nice its nice,okay this is which one do we get to know,which bread because its one of the,first things no,oh batch number 15 i 01 i guess,so heres whats cool because this is,bottled and bun this is coming from a,specific season of that distillerys,life,so if you followed the bottled and bond,releases from a craft distillery you,might get to watch the progression,of their palettes and development of,wood and things like that all right im,going in i really like the nose,oh yeah wow thats deep stick,chocolate cherry cherry very thick,cream that char note shows up thats,almost cadburys chocolate that charm,sure that shows up especially in the,finish it leaves you with that,beer barrel bitter finish,wow that tasty pot still has to be pot,still theres much thickness,i dont know how you would get that much,mouth feel,and viscosity and viscosity viscousness,i dont know because so heres the thing,if i remember correctly when we tried,the other wilderness trails so thick,i dont remember liking them as much as,i like this okay,maybe i did roll tape so this is,rich theres a rich,dark woody molasses to this that is so,nice,its um i really really like this,theres a little,theres heres the thing theres a lot,going on and its also really nicely,balanced,i dont actually remember yeah chocolate,cherry some pecan praline if i got a,little bit of a caramel,then the wood burning kit thats that,kind of ashy chard,yeah smokiness that kind of wraps around,the whole thing,and then it shows up most prominently on,the finish,when all of the other sweeter flavors,had subsided youre left with a little,bit of a barrel bitter finish,yeah that is so sweet its really nice,um,can i tell you ive been doing something,for the last year on this channel that,ive,im enjoying it more and more double,every single time double finish though,because the barrel bitterness that goes,away,and sugars cherry,its all sweetness yeah its like the,pecan railing yeah yeah,um ive been doing more and more of just,like,the just the overview research so we,have a sort of a handle on what it is,were drinking,but not really reading anyone elses,tasting notes or thoughts and then,just trying to get first impressions all,the time and im enjoying it a lot more,and every once in a while pays off in,spades like this,i feel like because i know so little,about the distillery itself im getting,to come to this,a little bit more like ready to be,interested,instead of this is probably craft its,probably you know what i mean,so youre basically joining my team no,yes,no because i bring your expertise to the,table ive realized,now the skies have opened the waters,have parted and you have blazed the,trail towards the winning team,the winning team ablaze the trail,towards the winning team yes well you,were on the winning team had no choice,you were in the wilderness i didnt get,under the trail,you were in the wilderness were over,here being right,having a good time because thats what,always happens when a group of people,who are right,when they all get together those are,always the funnest times they have the,best time,yeah theyre usually all divorced the,right people but theyre always right,they themselves are right,self-righteous yeah yeah yeah uh no i i,im bringing to it like all the stuff,that im thinking about production and,process,but i really enjoy this kind of and i,also like that when people who love,these things get into the comments they,give all of this,context oh i dig it,you do need to be ready for that little,bit of a um its got some beautiful,sweetness that isnt completely foreign,to,the bourbon category right you do need,to be ready for that wood burning kit,that little bit of a char that little,bit of a barrel bitterness,if youre down with a little bit of the,barrel bitterness youre gonna have a,good day,every sip that barrel bitterness,subsides more,so im on my third fourth sip and each,time i get more and more,sweetness it keeps it keeps kicking into,high gear about three four selected you,want a little water,what do you thinks gonna happen its,going to turn into scotch,im like scotch jesus a little bit of,water turn that bourbon turns into crown,royal yeah how the nose didnt change,that mu

Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey review

welcome to the whisky vault yes Im,Daniel I am still Rex and this is ice,all I think I was gonna bourbon yep,bourbon Kentucky straight bourbon well,thanks Mitch,thanks Mitch you got me this game I,deserve thanks Mitch,thanks Mitch you got me the Oscar I,deserve,thanks Mitch thanks Mitch you got me the,West Gate got deserve thanks Mitch you,got me the Oscar I deserved and you,helped my entire family wait first yeah,I got a gift Im gonna put to good use,here while I check out the details of,this bottle yeah its from Nathan deccan,guy Oh,lets see what we have eight leagues,really uncomfortable it is it looks so,cool I dont know I dont know how,people used this you got to squeeze it,with your Ive never actually seen a,real monitor yeah I just thought it was,like a disc this has actual prongs that,stick out and they dig in your face this,is way more comfortable than all the,other monocles that dont have those,things really its actually easier to,hold in the other one you have to,squeeze the whole monocle and what hurts,all right and it squishes up against,your eyelashes and you just gotta scale,the hole this is why even all these guys,always look like this but then theyre,old look we know about the well we know,about this what I have to lets see we,know about this is that its four years,three months old yeah its a barrel,number four is see mm-hmm,its in a certain Rick house in certain,East trade so this is Kentucky,distillery,its got a decent age oh yeah its a,small Kentucky distillery thats doing,bottle didnt bond on this one okay I,mean not really didnt say it on baldon,bond but they are bottling it at 54%,alcohol but this one is co-founder,Shayne Baker and Pat heist who started I,like their story because Im still,learning the monocle know what it again,till it falls out yeah all right so they,they started they were a rock band and,theyre like we need a new plan,I sympathize this is a sugary perfume,mm-hmm sugary perfume me this is a,weeded bourbon so its 64% corn 24%,wheat and 12 malted barley and its,almost its like a rosy sandalwood,almost too beautiful sweet nose it is,candy sorry yeah like not just brown,sugar sweet but but there is that,perfume element right the still right in,the heart of bourbon,the saturation speaking of an NB got me,doing the Masters ball people were super,generously brought us like different,kinds of gifts and sup stuff and I was a,bourbon Cologne oh I noticed you havent,been using it smells phenomenal well I,just got into it Im going through the,stuff okay I have editors now so yeah,you got time to clean your office yeah,oh oh yes,the first thing I did wait when I laugh,with a monocle now theres still a long,way to go but yeah in there anyways the,density of this nose yes perfume,saturation of these flavors coming up,yeah I totally get that and theres an,ethanol note in there as you get past,that theres still that corn dust mm-hmm,mmm and it is densely sweet even on the,palate but its not as sugars its weird,its not just pure sugar I think the,its its the floral Cologne bit and,then theres like this wood enos behind,it yes that shows up more intensely on,the taste I wonder that is interesting,and then the more I go back after having,a taste the more Im starting to get out,a little bit more of that wood character,and again to me its presenting a little,bit more as a as like a floral,sandalwood than just a straight regular,standard oak and now Im starting to,pick out a little bit more of the,classic bourbon flavors after you have,that sip starting to find some of that,brown sugar and honey mm-hmm okay you,know what now that Im thinking about,makers mark Im just gonna see if I can,get it somebody suggested walking around,music for you on the whisky tribe,Facebook yeah The Girl From Ipanema,and you have to sachet yep okay theres,makers its nice its nice theres a,little bit more of a honey in there,directionally I think there youre aimed,in the same direction yeah but they are,definitely different Bourbons if were,in the spectrum of Bourbons but their,Bourbons aimed in the similar direction,a little bit more of the sweet honey and,a cherry on this notice on the makers,oh theres way more I have a really,creamy sweetness to the wilderness trail,whisky Wow whats okay theres way more,like of a creamy caramel one theres,then there is on the makers its a,softer sweetness you see what I mean I,mean this is more honey here Im gonna,say yes more sweetness but a softer so,yes its a its like cream added to the,sweetness its like in its like in,texturally how ice cream is sweet versus,hard candy is sweet it feels different,I dont know youre not selling me on,the Soph youre definitely selling me on,the sweetness theyre looking back in,and the wood wood yeah theres more sea,monkey that they would note thats,whats preventing me from buying into,the cream no yeah it goes the end though,now Im getting it throughout I mean it,layers through there but it only opens,out at the fair so I want to just check,in and see how youre the project that,you signed on for which one is shows the,comment you said we should do this you,said were totally gonna do this oh Ive,got the tank what were collecting one,from each one yeah I just keep,forgetting to do it on cameras Ive been,doing it after so we have been,collecting we have been collecting okay,yes so weve been collecting every,whisky that weve sampled so far the,first week of January tank I think,whenever we get to the comments mhm,thats whenever we give a poor to the,tank yeah yeah and drew words with what,youve learned and know if you were,restarting your whisky collection what,would your first three bottles be keep,it to widely available whiskies and,under sixty to seventy-five dollars in,three whiskeys to start your collections,in the comments I would love to see that,oh Ive got three but I also would love,to see the comments that could actually,be an interesting effort I know,if people who have been around the block,with all things whiskey if they were,starting completely over what are the,first three bottles theyre grabbing to,get to get started yeah or youre on,vacation youre like I just needed a,representation of three things right,three categories to just show up with,mine I know to instantly right,Laphroaig redbreast and then I would,probably do a bourbon and the Bourbon is,what Im not sure of I would do octomore,redbreast castrum octomore octomore Wow,it would be when you straight to top,chef thats not widely available is it,not no I thought it was just expensive,no its both expensive and now Ive seen,our tours are we that spoiled in Austin,yes we are Austin okay like Im getting,used a whole of this Monica one good at,it Alex Sansone since Sony Samson what,is your favorite top-drawer luxury pour,that isnt unobtainium yeah,bonus points for bourbon since Im less,of a scotch drinker,okay Everett top luxury pour thats not,impossible like lets get a fancy,bourbon because were out and we want to,spin some money off yes because thats,just way too expensive Im gonna say,stag jr. honestly I love the way that,throws me around Boyntons is up there,yeah because even though it shouldnt,necessarily be that it is always priced,really high right in bars I would go is,oh it has to be you got to be able to,your hands on it the cast strength,makers okay or a wild turkey 101 oh,right or the ribbed original air breed,yeah the rare breeds wild turkey rare,breed I forgot about the rare breed yes,and also is their list pretty almost the,second yeah also I would add that one to,my third starter pack rare breed yeah oh,so you want to throw another coverage,redbreast,right rare breed right on yes notic was,really working Im on my game theres a,little water in a little water yes,cant believe Im remembering Im,remembering with a quiet on the game,we want a little more whiskey in there,so the water doesnt overwhelm it yes,why not sure,luxurious pour since were talking about,luxurious things and this is again one,of those wh

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Wildnerness Trail 6 year Bottled in Bond Bourbon

[Music],On June 8th wilderness trail the newest,member of the Kentucky Bourbon trail,released their first six year old we did,bottled in bond bourbon to celebrate the,trails reopening before this release,wilderness trail has been touted as one,of the best craft distilleries in,Kentucky but lets face it these guys,arent craft anymore they are coming of,age just like their Bourbon,[Music],Shayne Baker and his business partner,dr. Patrick heist began firm solutions,in 2006 providing yeast and fermentation,expertise to distilleries all over the,world they founded their own distillery,wilderness trail in 2014 making only,sweet mashed whiskey using fresh dry,yeast,since that time wilderness trails,crafted three expressions including a,weeded single barrel bottled in Bond,bourbon a traditional rye recipe bottled,in bon bourbon and a cast strength rye,whiskey all coming in around four years,old what has made wilderness trail and,their whiskey stand out has been their,commitment to quality innovation and,science with years of yeast strains data,and experience behind them,Shane Baker and Pat Heights have devised,a process that precisely regulates cook,temperatures to ensure energy,conservation during mashing this,innovation among others led the Kentucky,association of manufacturers to named,wilderness trail as the Kentucky,manufacturer of the year in 2016,wilderness trail is a chemical free,distillery unusual in a business where,clean equipment is of the utmost,importance and chemicals are often,necessary for sanitization now the,distilleries pharmaceutical-grade,boilers employ a clean steam method,during the mashing process any chemicals,that go into the boilers would end up in,the mash explains dr. Patrick heist the,absence of chemicals yields a better,tasting distillate wilderness trail also,uses a sweet mash process as opposed to,a sour mash,with sweet mashing the yeast grains and,water are consistent from batch to batch,unlike sour mash the other highlights,that they use include uniform grain,which means they source their grain from,a single local seed farmer cavern Dale,farms for consistent flavors throughout,their lineup like most distilleries,wilderness trail has been closed to,guests since the onset of the pandemic,but as Bourbon County starts to reopen,wilderness trail will now allow curbside,pickup for the limited-edition whiskey,this marks the oldest bourbon yet from,the Danville distillery created with the,same 64% corn 24% wheat and 12% malted,barley recipe used in their standard,single barrel bourbon the new release,will also share the same 100 proof filed,in bond designee,now since this bourbon was produced in,wilderness trails early days it was,distilled on there first still which was,a 250-gallon vendôme hybrid pot still,since then they have expanded to,continuous column stills have been added,allowing for a significant increase in,production capacity so as you saw in the,close-up wilderness trail six year,volumn bond came packaged in a gold,lettered mahogany box set reading family,reserve complete with two shot glasses,inside the 100 sets were made available,on June 8th for curbside pickup and they,sold out and an additional 300 solo,bottles were offered in the gift shop in,the weeks following for about $75 each,so keep an eye out on the wilderness,trail website for more availability of,this special six year old release so as,you guys know that have watched my,channel Im a huge fan of wilderness,trail and what theyre doing I was able,to have dr. Pat hoist on for an,interview Ill leave the link above for,you guys to check that out totally,brilliant really talked about the,science and the and the what they do as,far as yeast and fermentation the sweet,mashing process its really incredible,operation and now to have their,six-year-old bourbon come of age were,gonna compare it to their four year,stuff see how different it how different,it really is so lets get into the notes,here first man so the nose first off,jumps out of the glass is apples and,cherries and cinnamon get a lot of that,right off the bat this definitely has,more of an oaky presence and when Im,remembering from wilderness trail I,think that extra a couple years the six,years old really made a big difference,in the flavor profile here tons of,vanilla and I cant get past that Apple,brown sugar note there – theres also,kind of this raw cookie dough type scent,that Im getting its very sweet Ive,gotten it in a couple of their single,bowel pics this kind of unique delicious,cookie dough note and definitely picking,it up in here a little bit but its a,little bit darker not too much alcohol,on the nose its just very sweet very,inviting,all right go for a sip lets try the six,here,yeah so when you taste wilderness trail,the one thing I always say the flavors,really jump out theyre very clean,theres nothing kind of muddying up the,waters here again more that Apple the,vanilla coming on the on the the front,of the palate there get a little bit of,like spiced honey characteristic on the,palate again some of that sweet like,cookie dough vanilla a little bit of,caramel flavor there too very good on,the first sip I really like the that mix,of honey and spice and sweetness there,lets go for another sip Emma I just,picked up like a tad bit of a chocolate,note there maybe were talking inning,into like chocolate chip cookies rather,than just cookie dough like maybe some,chocolate chip cookies in there to man,when Jimmy drizzled with honey theyre,made on the backend you definitely this,is the okk presence here the sweet Oh,presence is really prevalent to what Im,used to with wilderness trail you know,the regular releases like you see here,have been very sweet you get a little,bit of oak but mainly its a lot of that,sweetness a lot of the green coming,through here especially ona for your,bourbon this is starting to all kind of,round together now that extra two years,thats six years in the barrel really,starting to now balance out really,beautifully lets go for another sip,yeah cinnamon honey vanilla chocolate,chip cookie dough definitely some oh,love the cinnamon spice Im getting here,on the backend the oak definitely,provides this nice little peppery spice,on the backend that you get lingers a,little bit here the hundred proof is not,overpowering at all its just its just,as were you would think 100 proof,whiskey hundred proof bourbon should,kind of sit on the back of the palate,definitely lingers for a little bit I,would say this is more of a medium,finish definitely has a nice finish to,it a little bit spicy lets go for one,last sip on this one Cheers mmm all,right so front of the palate here still,getting those notes the Apple the cherry,the cinnamon up front a little bit of a,tingling this you get right on the front,of the palate soon this ago is mid,palate,now the now the vanilla the oak well I,guess head a little bit of that,chocolate chip cookie dough type flavor,kind of kicks in and then once it hits,the back of the palate then youre,starting to get a little bit more of,that six year old age a little bit,youre getting a little bit more oak a,little bit more of that that spice the,oak tannins there barrel char maybe the,slightest slightest hint of smoke its,mainly sweet its its very very well,balanced just an amazing release I mean,this this is wilderness trail at six,years old I mean got seven eight years,old this stuff is just gonna be,incredibly special all right so lets do,a quick comparison of the wilderness,trail bottled and bond weeded bourbon,thats a little bit over four years old,compared to the six year and see what,the differences are here lets see how,how its really come of age so man when,you compare the noses there is a,noticeable difference here the the six,is just a little bit deeper a little bit,richer when it comes to the the flavors,coming out of the glass the four year is,still very sweet,its definitely has a little bit of the,graininess character to it,definitely smell th

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Wilderness Trail Small Batch Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon : The Mash & Drum EP69

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],hello everybody and welcome to the mash,and rum whiskey room my name is Jason,scene if youre a subscriber thanks so,much for the support and for coming back,to watch a new episode I figure to the,channel looking for the latest in,whiskey and bourbon news and reviews you,have found the right place so hit that,subscribe button below and hit that Bell,notifications you know when Im putting,out a new video so wilderness trail was,one of my top new distilleries last year,with their single barrel bottled and,bond we did bourbon and their settlers,select rye that were super impressive,and quality and flavor I declared this,as one of the new craft distilleries to,have put out a product that can not only,compete with the big boys in their own,style but would beat some of them out,too now on April 27th a new bourbon,joined the family the wilderness trail,small batch bourbon which is todays,mash and drum review alright guys so a,quick recap on wilderness trail in the,late 1990s Shane Baker and Patrick heist,the two founders were in a rock band,together and quickly realized they,wanted to do something a little bit,different so in 2006 they both had a,passion for creating the finest,whiskeys in the world and built their,distillery in Danville Kentucky now with,both of them having strong backgrounds,in several Sciences and more than 20,years of industry experience both shane,and patrick have a lot of yeast strains,that theyve collected over the years,and have combined those proprietary,yeast strains with a premium selection,of seed grain corn wheat and rye,varietals grown just a few miles from,the distillery on cavern dale farms they,also source rive from Walnut Grove farms,in a der Vale Kentucky their water also,comes from Kentuckys natural limestone,Springs and with that now will this,trail produces two varieties of bourbon,whiskey and a rye whiskey all of which,are made with 100% Kentucky sourced,ingredients all of wilderness trails,whiskeys are distilled aged and bottled,at wilderness trail distillery and they,spare no expense in the quality of what,they are producing and important details,there steam is chemical free because,they use a clean steam boiler the first,Kentucky bourbon distillery to do so now,with this process they avoid using,boiler chemicals are all flavors only,pure steam goes into the cooker and into,their beer column they also use a low,entry proof a sweet mash and their,whiskey is non chill filtered hell yeah,so that brings us to todays review for,their new small batch bourbon,the new small-batch Kentucky straight,bourbon whiskey is not only their first,small batch its their first to use a,rye as a secondary grain now their first,bourbon releases have been weeded and,single barrel but have used the same,proportions of 64% corn and 12% malted,barley this release substitutes the 24%,wheat found in the first bottling with,24% rye grain while the term small batch,doesnt refer to an exact number of,barrels this releases very small batch,indeed only 10 to 12 barrels the barrels,are non chill filtered and bottled at,100 proof alright everybody so heres a,close-up of the bottle like all previous,wilderness trail Bourbons the small,batch is bottled and bond meaning its,at least four years old wilderness trail,notes that they use Kentucky grown,heritage rye from a local farm and as I,mentioned a sweet mash process a low,entry to the barrel up before aging as,well now the mash bill is 64% corn 24%,rye and 12% malted barley using their,yeast strains they enter their Cooper,select toasted and number four char,barrel at a hundred and ten proof after,coming off – still at around 137 proof,this is bottle at a hundred proof and,carries a retail price at around 50 to,55 bucks so lets get a pour I really,love the wilderness trail bottle design,definitely sticks out on the Shelf could,really see that label could not wait to,find this one I was such a fan of their,weeded bourbon their first release from,last year alright lets get into it,alright guys so as usual Ive had a,couple pours from the bottle just to get,to know it a little bit before I review,it lets go to the color first and lets,take a look this is actually pretty damn,dark for a for a four-year-old bourbon,got some really good legs to it again,its non chill filter at a hundred proof,kind of this is darker honey color a,little bit of a touch of a kind of amber,there really nice a little bit of a,copper color really beautiful bourbon,really sticks to the glass really well -,gotta love that non chill filtering,alright guys so lets go into the nose,and see what we get here we go alright,first thing off the bat that hits you is,like this waft of vanilla like a,immediate hit of kind of a vanilla,extract its pretty rich definitely get,a lot of caramel notes here,a slight hint of maybe like a maple,maple syrup a little bit definitely get,a definitely a good citrus note too from,that from that rise spice theres a bit,of a of an almond characteristic in here,too which I really like you know for it,for four-year bottle and bond this is,this actually smells a little bit older,than it is now I will say this though,when I first opened this Bob when I,first cracked it open it uh it smelled a,little bit like a younger bourbon on the,nose but it wasnt until I gave it some,time and aired out a little bit I left,it in the glass for good 10-15 minutes,where all that all those beautiful,flavors started kind of pushing through,and now now its kind of reaping the,benefits here getting really beautiful,of vanillas caramels some nuttiness,characteristic to it as well,theres also uh you know my favorite,note in bourbon which is a nice,butterscotch note almost like a old,dusty type of bourbon type aspect to it,just really good on the nose not too,much heat coming through 200-proof its,pretty soft but you do get a little bit,of a tinge on the nose there alright,lets go to the palate and see what we,get on the first set and cheers,everybody here we go,the first sip here this this bottle has,just gotten better each time Ive gone,to it a little bit over time here that,first that first sip I had the first,class I ever poured it was a lot of you,know sweetness and corn mash you could,kind of taste but now after some air,gets to it all this these deep rich,caramel vanilla notes that you were,getting on the nose translating to the,palate its a very mouth coating right,off the bat all rights go for another,sip here Cheers yeah right on the second,sip I love the finish on this bourbon I,love what it does right to the sides of,your mouth that rice spice 24% rye kind,of just stays around and it just leaves,a nice tingling nice little tingling,aftertaste there but then as it works,its way back you get this really,beautiful caramel citrus type aspect to,it again very mouth coating that non,chill filtered type aspect to it its,very creamy on the mouthfeel really,really good on the second sip so far,lets go for another one here we go,mmm Naaman came off is a little bit more,butterscotchy now cool it seems with the,more sips you take some of those sweeter,aspects start coming out of getting a,little bit more of a brown sugar aspect,note to it now the caramels and those,Vanillas are starting to punched her a,little bit more the Rye spice is still,there though which I love its not,really fading out like some Bourbons ooh,or it just kind of goes away the Rye,spice is sticking around leaving that,nice peppery citrusy tingly feeling,around on the back of your palate mmm,the whole the whole experience so far,its really nice the way it coats your,palate the way it works its way back,lets go for another sip here Cheers a,little bit more black pepper there maybe,a tiny hint of cinnamon too its really,opening up nicely the more and more you,sip on it so now the finish for the,first time after the fourth third fourth,sip its starting to dissipate a little,bit but its 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Wilderness Trail Bourbon: The Mash & Drum EP29 HD

[Music],how they doing everybody welcome back to,another episode of the mash and rum,whiskey room I am Jason si and if youre,a subscriber welcome back if youre not,a subscriber yet and this is your first,time here if youre looking for the,latest in whiskey and bourbon news and,reviews you have come to the right place,so think about hitting that subscribe,button and also hit that Bell,notifications so you know when Im,putting out a new video today we have,something really exciting its a brand,new bourbon from a new distillery called,wilderness trail but even though whats,in this bottle may be new the guys,behind it have been in the industry for,many years so before we get into the,review wilderness trail is located in,Danville Kentucky and released this,bourbon and Arai in April 2018 but,rather than finding a colorful story to,tell about why they started their,distillery co-founders Shane Baker and,Patrick heists are emphasizing the,scientific pursuit of distilling great,whiskey and have been rockstars in the,business for years,pretty literally so Baker who was a,mechanical engineer and heist who was a,PhD microbiologist and a biochemist,initially paired up in the 1990s playing,in a grunge and hard rock cover band my,kind of dudes their initiation to,whiskey making however started with the,consulting company called firm solutions,which they founded in 2006 so Baker and,heist made a name for themselves as,Troubleshooters for distilleries around,the world helping Klein start,distilleries consulting on bacterial,contamination developing Nashvilles,analyzing grain quality yeast strains,and fermentation so while they cant,disclose the names of their clients,Patrick hi says you can walk into pretty,much any liquor store walk down the,aisle stop and be within arms reach of,a brand that theyve worked with so,being relatively new wilderness trails,44-acre facility has three ric houses,with a fourth thats already under,construction that will bring a total,storage capacity to 55,000 barrels the,distillery houses three vendôme stills a,250-gallon hybrid pot con still which,produced their first batch,of Bourbon but is now used primarily to,make their rum and vodka and they also,have an 18 and 36 inch continuous column,stills which produced a majority of,distilleries output right now another,important distinction is that their,steam is chemical free because they use,a clean steam boiler which is the first,Kentucky bourbon distillery to do so so,this means with this process they avoid,using boiler chemicals or off-flavors,only pure steam goes into their cooker,and into their beer column in the,distillation process so another quick,highlight that I want to share which is,actually right on the side of the bottle,is the fact that they use a sweet mash,so although Louisville Kentuckys,peerless distillery uses a sweet mash to,create its Ryan bourbon Baker and heists,believe that wilderness trail was the,first Kentucky distillery to embrace the,process as the sole mashing technique in,fact Baker and Isis istic peerless in,selecting their use strains and,designing their sweet mass process so,sweet mashing is meant to produce a,softer cleaner distillate rather than,the practice of sour mashing where a,small amount of fermented mash is,included in the following batch so heist,explains sour mashing is often used for,bacterial control but you lose the,flavor consistency in the stillage with,sweet mashing the yeast grains and water,are consistent from batch to batch,alright guys so before we get into the,review take a closer look at this bottle,its pretty cool and its want to,mention a few things the so this is,offered as a single barrel and a bottle,than bond which is two usual special,releases but its in one bottle here,its its pretty cool this this bottle,and bond release has a Mashable of 64,percent corn 24 percent wheat and 12,percent malted barley this is one of the,highest ratios of wheat used in a,bourbon made in Kentucky also which is,pretty cool theyre corn wheat and rye,grains are also sourced locally in,Kentucky from cavern Dale farms for,flavor consistency so I got this bottle,for $46 in Kentucky and this was a this,is a 750 milliliter bottle this is also,non Chill filtered which is pretty cool,and this happens to be bottle 131 up 250,it gives you the,remember right here on the front as you,saw on the close-up which I always love,so lets get into this here now what,piqued my interest about this bottle,oh nice pop ooh that smells good what,piqued my interest about this bottle was,being someone that kind of kind of,scours the secondary market every now,and then I saw this bottle um that are,going for about a hundred bucks or even,double sometimes triple the price so as,soon as I saw it I grabbed it wanted to,know what was it all about and that led,me to my research so lets get a poor,guys all right now being a hundred proof,gonna let this open up a little bit all,right guys lets get it to the nose here,wow really nice nose of soft corn its,very sweet this has a really nice dark,caramel and honey flavor on the nose too,youre getting that vanilla its not too,hot on the nose either being a hundred,proof its got a really nice nose and,then theres this underlying apple and,pear type note on there mmm the nose is,really nice all right Cheers lets get,into the palate guys,Wow Wow theres a really really whoo,its still going here the finish its,got a nice finish,[Applause],extremely up front I got corn and then,toasted pecans right off the bat,really really nice all right lets go,for that second set see what other,flavors I can pull out Wow,definitely toasted pecans still going,now youre getting some caramel in there,theres a nice caramel coated apple,flavor to it a candy apple but like I,said like dark caramel then its,finishing with really nice vanilla notes,wow this is uh this this Bourbons really,taking me places really good well thats,going for one more sip here wow Im,really good this is really nice all,right so front of the palate sweet corn,works its way to the mid palate youre,getting that caramel covered apple,flavor candy coated apple youre getting,some the honey vanilla and then the,finish is really not its its medium to,long it really gives you a nice finish,on it and and there youre getting that,more of that honey more of that caramel,flavor on the finish and then and then,that little hint of chocolate youre,getting Im getting it on the finish -,thats what Im mainly getting it a,little burst of chocolate theyre really,really good,definitely more sweet than oak but the,sweet flavors in here are just kind of,evolving and,kind of taking you all over the place,its got a really nice mouth coating too,and its really wanted me to go in and,take some more sips of this its a,really nice DRAM mmm yeah its just uh,its just a very clean I know that,sounds weird to say but youre not,getting any of those I know its not,overly oKed or anything youre just,getting a nice play like clean flavors a,vanilla honey caramel apple toasted,pecans that finishes meaning too long,this is a really really really nice,bourbon Im really loving this so now,from what I read Baker and heights the,two co-owners uh you know theyve been,in the business so long that theyre,gonna be experimenting with around 6,000,different yeast strains they have a huge,library of yeast strains and you know,theyve collected them over the years so,with them to incorporating,some of those yeast strains into some of,the new Bourbons that are gonna be,coming out and also I know they want to,from doing some research they want to,expand with doing some bowel finishing,you know I think we could expect some,amazing things from these guys Wow a,really really great bourbon yeah for 45,bucks I would put this against a lot of,other great we did Bourbons this is a,really really really good Pervin Im,really enjoying this and if you come,across it for 45 bucks I encourage you,to pick it up all right guys well thanks,for watching

Wilderness Trail 8 Year Bourbon Review! Is 8 years old the sweet spot?

alright guys so the opinion on this is,debatable but most bourbon enthusiasts,would agree or tend to agree,that the sweet spot for bourbon is,somewhere between 8 and 12 years old,well wilderness trail the award-winning,distillery out of danville kentucky has,hit one of those milestones with an,eight-year-old bottle and bond small,batch bourbon they say its hit its peak,lets find out on the master drum,[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up folks im jason c from the,master drum welcome back to the show,co-owners shane baker and pat heist have,used their love of whiskey and 28 plus,years of fermentation expertise to make,some of the best bourbons and rides,coming out of kentucky thats created a,huge following wilderness trail prides,itself on a lot of things they do right,they use locally sourced grains they use,a sweet mash process low barrel entry,proof and they non-chill filter their,whiskey now if you rewind to their first,release it was a four-year-old weeded,bourbon that a lot of people thought was,very impressive for the age fast forward,to now their bourbons have been getting,up in age but before we dive into this,eight year lets welcome a new sponsor,to the master drum it is fetch rewards,guys this is freaking cool fetch rewards,is an app i was introduced to not that,long ago and after i was i had like this,immediate feeling of where has this been,all my life so what is fetch rewards,fetch rewards is a free super easy to,use app where you can earn free rewards,on literally anything you buy basically,all you do is scan any physical receipt,or e-receipt if you do a lot of online,shopping like i do stores restaurants,whatever when you do that you earn,points for every single purchase even if,you have receipts that are up to a week,old you could still scan them and earn,points so heres how it works you get,into the app once there you can see all,the things available that you can earn,points on you have the ability to search,any popular brand or restaurant that,youre interested in even if you dont,have a particular brand or item in mind,you could just start scanning your,receipts and fetch will find the reward,for you so here is the receipt i used at,sams club to buy these smoothies i like,to drink for breakfast click the camera,icon scan the receipt and boom just like,that,1139 points now redemptions for rewards,start at about 5 000 points so what can,you redeem after you scan and you build,up those points you could redeem those,for hundreds of rewards including gift,cards from amazon visa starbucks,gamestop the movie theater and even,guitar center where i can get some new,gear for my drum kit again fetch is 100,free easy to use and its lightning fast,okay i know everybody loves rewards like,i do so if you want to start using fetch,rewards check out the link in the,description below use the code mash and,get 5 000 points when you scan your,first receipt thats right youll be,able to redeem your first gift card with,my code right away so download the app,now and use the code mash to get 5 000,points when you scan your first receipt,this is a limited time offer from my,viewers so go get it now and thanks,again to fetch rewards for the,opportunity for my viewers,so this new eight-year bourbon is not a,weirder than now the mash bill uses the,rye bourbon mash spill,this bourbon is also made using a sweet,mash meaning that they start from,scratch every time as opposed to a sour,mash which uses a bit of the back set,from a prior distillation run all right,lets pour this thing,[Music],i forgot when i cracked this open for,the first time on my live stream that i,broke the cork,there we go,uh big shout out to todd ritter for uh,sending me this bottle to review,im sorry i broke your cork buddy,all right so wilderness trail eight-year,bourbon is a small batch supposedly,about 18 to 20 barrels its bottled and,bond so 100 proof matchable of 64 corn,24 rye 12 barley the first batch was,sold only at the distillery with the,second batch being sold throughout,kentucky for a price of 86 bucks,lets get it,definitely get like a nice nuttiness on,the nose which is uh i dont think i,remember getting that the first time,its got a really nice sweet oak profile,when i first tried this i was thinking,man this is this is coming off very,buffalo tracy a lot of sweetness a lot,of sweet oak,powdered sugar,theres a like a breadiness but like a,cakiness to it its almost like a sweet,like a um i dont maybe like fruitcake i,get kind of a stewed apple cinnamon note,which is kind of nice,overall the nose is really nice its,well balanced you definitely feel the,eight-year-old age in a little bit with,that sweet oak punch get some nuttiness,there now i did have some thoughts the,first time i tried this but lets see if,its changed a little bit cheers guys,all right first sip is good im getting,honey and im also getting white raisins,not dark raisins but white raisin i will,say like all wilderness trail whiskies,you know bourbons the ryes its i mean,its thick its rich its viscous its,you could almost chew it all right next,tip,the spice is holding true okay,good finish on this too,all right this one is is like flipping,on me,because when i first tried this,i thought it was a little bit,soft,not as not as not as flavorful as i,would like,like i felt like the palette was just,coming off a little bit soft on the,front of the palette,you know i think some of that is still a,little bit true for me theres a very,well aged note in here almost like a,leather and oak and,you know you get that nuttiness i was,talking about that little punch of like,a white raisin,i would say theres some toffee here you,know caramel and toffee as well,really nice balance again the sweet is,there the spice is there,the,i think the best part of this whiskey is,actually the finish i think,wilderness trail always impresses me,with the finishes,but where its lacking a little bit for,me is the front of the palette,im starting to get a little bit of a,banana note,in this as well,especially when i like start bringing it,up to my nose,theres a little bit little hint of a,banana,like a sweeping now like a bananas,foster type banana without the rum,its just like banana cinnamon man on,one hand its really nice to taste the,evolution of wilderness trail and where,their stuff is going especially eight,years old but on the other hand now i,have to remember its 100 proof i cant,think that its gonna you know punch,like 115 or 120,but a hundred proof,it i just think its drinking a little,bit softer than i thought,yeah the spices there i think the rye,spice the black pepper,the sweet oak are like your predominant,flavors,but i feel like the most exciting part,about this bourbon is from like the,three quarters of the way back into the,finish the front of the palette im just,not getting,enough flavor pop for me like i want,more,and its just not,every time i go back to sip it the shiny,star is like three quarters of the way,back on my tongue then into the finish,thats where i mean the the finish is,still going and thats where all the,sweetness and the spice and the black,pepper is a little bit of like that that,raisin,yeah,the spice on this is the shining star,that is the note that,makes this bourbon shine however with,that said,i want more in the front of the palette,and ive gotten more to the front of the,palette before with a lot of different,wilderness trail products but for this,eight year i feel like the spice and,everything,thats giving you that that nice long,finish,thats probably the best part of this,bourbon you know what lets do a quick,final breakdown on this one all right,price on this one 86 bucks as i,mentioned uh secondary value i havent,seen these at all this is a pretty small,release availability i mean this is,their first eight year release so,obviously this is going to be pretty,limited uh value for this one at 86,bucks eight years old im not going to,say its a low value but im going to,say its below average i think th

Wilderness Trail Blind Flight

whats going on guys welcome back to,another episode of the bourbon drama,reviews show,my name is jordan if youre new here do,me a huge favor and click that subscribe,button and drop a thumbs up,on this video if you are returning thank,you so much for sticking around i really,appreciate it,and i am very excited for the episode we,have in store today,so were going to be doing a blind,flight a drink through,of one of my favorite distilleries,wilderness,trail and what we have here from them,we have their newly released,six-year bourbon which is a 100 proof,bourbon,we have their small batch which is also,100 proof and is their rye,mash build,we have their,single barrel weeder which is 100 proof,and obviously their wheat mash bill,and we have their rye,which is barrel proof at,117 proof,im very excited about this its one of,my favorite distilleries,i really enjoy their products and they,are getting bigger and bigger,as the years go by like i said this year,they finally just released their first,six,year offering and,from what ive had from it so far it has,been outstanding,and i should also mention the six year,offering is bottled and bond as well too,so we have bottled and bond six here,small batch single barrel weeder,and like i said im not sure about the,rye,i would have to double check on that so,dont quote me there um,but the way were going to do this is,were going to do a blind drink through,and we have the sixth year is going to,be a,small batch b weeder c,and the rye is d i have each of these,glasses here,labeled on the bottom i have completely,mixed them up so i have no idea which,one is which,and we are going to classify these from,left to right,class one two three and,four and we are going to find out who is,going to be the winner,of this blind flight tonight so lets,not waste any time,lets dive right into it,glass one,very interesting nose on glass one,so fruit forward,to soft nose you got some baking spices,fruit forward,kind of some light cherry notes in there,as well too so nice nose,a little bit of alcohol on those not,much,lets see what we get on the paddle,cheers,oh wow,that pouts very nice,so a little bit of spice but there is,theres a soft fruity note,and then right after that theres just a,burst,of butterscotch and vanilla,very nice palette from glass number one,definitely coming out hot,all right so after a great start from,glass number one,on to glass number two,not quite the same nose as class number,one for glass number two,very soft nose not much coming out of,this at all,yeah i mean im not getting anything,from the nose the nose here for me right,now is completely muted,no so i cant even pull anything out of,that nose like i said its just a,completely muted nose,so lets hope that the palette is not,the same lets see what we got,cheers,so the palette is much better,than the nose,the palette very oak forward,on the palette very oak forward,there are some light vanilla,and fruit notes on the back end,but that is very oak dominant,it finishes off yeah like i said you get,a little bit of those fruit,and vanilla notes but still,very oaky on the finish,the oak really dominates all the other,notes,on this glass number two here on the,palette,so right now glass number one definitely,has the edge on glass number two,all right glass number three,so weve got some light cherry notes,with glass number three,cherry a little bit of molasses,a little bit of honey so we got some,cherry,molasses a little bit of honey,kind of like a sugary honey not a super,strong nose,but there is a little bit of complexity,in there for glass number three,so lets see if the palette matches,cheers,all right,very nice very nice on the palette,so there the palette the palette on this,one,i noticed that the viscosity is is,completely different so very creamy,coats the whole palette and jawline very,nicely,there is kind of like a like a creamy,vanilla honey,coating to it,with a little bit of fruitiness very,minimal oak,so a little bit of oak on the back end,but big,time creamy vanilla honey coating on the,palette,its a little bit of fruitiness in there,and a bit of oak,on the back end so very nice from,glass number three and here we have,the final sip of the fourth of first,round glass,number four,hmm,so very interesting here from glass,number four,i feel like i might know what this one,is i could be completely wrong though,but this one im definitely getting what,i feel like,is some rye spice in there,some baking spices on the back end you,got a little bit of that cherry note,i feel like im getting like a big,grainy spice,from the nose on this one but like i,said i could be completely wrong,but thats definitely what im pulling,out of here on the nose um,pretty nice nose a lot going on in there,a lot coming out of the glass,definitely getting some cherry and,fruity note in there as well too,so lets see what we got on the palette,cheers,very interesting,so very oak forward,on glass number four here a lot of oat,going on,there is some spice on the palate,not much other than that though so what,were gonna do were gonna end,round number one and were gonna do a,quick,taste off between class number two,and glass number four to see who is,eliminated,and to see who moves on to the final,round so,glass one and three are both going on to,the final round,one more sip from glass two and four,and were going to see who is eliminated,all right so glass number two final sip,glass number two the nose has opened up,here quite a bit,so a little bit of air time,so now yeah this nose is actually really,nice now so youre getting a lot of,creamy vanilla and even some,butterscotch coming out of that nose now,from glass number two,wow i cant believe how much some air,time has helped this nose out,very nice so yeah that is big time,creaminess from glass number two so,lets see,what weve got on the palette cheers,blind,yeah i mean definitely better than,the initial sip,you get much more creaminess,much more fruitiness there is a little,bit of,peppery spice still on the center of the,palette which is nice but it gives a,very nice coating,of the mouth and a very pleasing finish,as well too so much better than the,initial sip here for glass number two,so final step here for glass number four,and were gonna make an elimination,yeah so i still feel like im getting,some big some big spice,some big grainy notes coming out of the,nose here from glass number four,its opened up a little bit theres a,little bit more fruity milk coming out,but still that big grainy spice,so lets see what weve got on the,pallet cheers,yeah i mean its still,its still just far too oak dominant,theres not much else thats coming,through,i mean theres theres a little bit of,like earthy,a little bit of molasses like a like a,sugar molasses,but theres far too much oak its,dominating everything else,so were gonna go ahead and were going,to eliminate,class number four so glass number four,is fourth place tonight,all right so were gonna go into the,final round here,were gonna do one more sip of each and,we have,glass one two and three,were gonna pick a winner for this,wilderness trail,blind flight so glass one,last one very interesting so this there,is a bit of alcohol on the nose,you get some cherries,maybe maybe like a like a fruity kind of,like a strawberry note in there,can definitely pull out like a little,bit of like sugar cane so very,fruit forward very sweet nose with a,little bit of that alcohol trickling in,so final sip for glass one cheers,so that is nice,very nice coating of the mouth,you get that creaminess you get some,fruitiness,almost like a like a creamsicle,creaminess,on the palate but with nice peppery,spice,on the palate so there is a lot of,flavor going on here,with a little bit of oak on the back end,so overall very very nice,from glass number one and it has quite,the long finish,as well too as its still sitting right,in the center of my palette,so very very nice,final sip four blast number two,so a lot of the same

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