3. Polish your car! Ryobi P435 10” buffer review
  4. Allstate Drive Wise Car Insurance Discounts
  5. #22 Naiyer F. Khanom ,founder of wisecar – Women in Business
  6. Should you Buy the Rental Car Insurance?
  7. How the Wise debit card works


I have six secrets to help you snag the,best car rental from Hertz budget,thrifty dollar and more hi Im the,YouTube deal guy Matt granite from,Matts daily deals.com youre about to,save a lot of money so a reminder if you,subscribe and turn those notifications,on so you know when I am live we will be,good to go plus if you like this video,Ill know you like the content and who,doesnt like saving money I rent a car,at least every month sometimes more I,take one big trip every month usually a,three or four day long weekend with all,of these travel points that Ive,accumulated now one program that doesnt,really have a lot of points where,loyalty does not go a long way car,rentals and when I did a video on this,concept last year I heard from a lot of,people who wanted to argue and they had,very strong differing opinions and I,learned that a lot of the people,commenting actually work for major car,rental companies and they werent happy,with the advice I was dispensing and I,was able to isolate the viewers and the,subscribers and was a really interesting,video if you go and you look back at,that I uploaded that at the end of,October last year but this is a new,video with updated information so first,things first of the six secrets that no,car rental company wants you to know,secret number one most of those,wonderful people at the counter and many,of them are wonderful they make the,basis of their Commission on selling you,add-ons those add-ons could be a GPS,unit it could be a car seat and I want,to remind you if you travel with a young,child like I do the cost to rent a car,seat per rental is around 125 dollars,you can buy a good toddler car seat for,about eighty nine dollars and ship it to,your destination more importantly if you,have a car seat thats about $200 buy a,cover check that at the airport and,youre going to be saving at least 125,bucks per car rental so thats important,to know that was the big takeaway number,one secret number two dont book,directly through any car rental company,and the reason is that is never your,best way to find the least expensive,rate and Im going to show you a tool,that Ive profiled in the past and just,show you how strong and valuable this is,to really lock in the lowest rate lets,look at car rentals calm,to start so with the dates of March 5th,6 p.m. and a march 8 drop-off of 5 p.m.,car rentals calm which is a great,website using basically Expedia but not,the website that Im going to show you,pulls up rates for an SUV of about one,hundred and fifty six dollars thirty,dollars a day you go to enterprise 169,yeah Alamo 169 alright if you move to,Hotwire with the exact same dates,Chicago March 5th 6 p.m. March 8 5 p.m.,drop off youre pulling off rates of,slightly less with their feature deals,10% off one hundred and fifty four,dollars one hundred and sixty-three here,blah blah blah blah blah for a compact,SUV 154 car rentals calm a compact SUV,156 all right 154 156 the third tool,that I want to show you right now is a,tool called Auto slash and I again with,all of my car rentals swear by this,website theyre not paying you to talk,about them Im not using any type of,Philly links I just happen to love this,website if you were to use this website,they will also track the rental price,drops for you so if your rate drops to a,lower price they will alert you and you,can lock that in were gonna put in the,same dates here the only reason this,website is a little bit different is,that you need to put in your email,address and then they will email you,their results and I think thats because,a human being works with a computer,algorithm to really find you the best,rates sometimes its five minutes till,they email you sometimes its an hour,but you usually get a much better price,so you can put in if youre part of any,membership groups but for this sake,right now were just gonna go bare-bones,and then you enter your email address,and then within a few minutes I will,have an email from auto slash they dont,sell your information no issue with that,alright lets look at auto slash now now,that Im now that my results are in auto,slash is giving me four again March,fifth six pm March eighth drop off,ninety eight dollars for a compact SUV,from thrifty and again its pick up at,the airport rental car center the same,location all of these other companies,are using lets look back so weve got,150,or was our best price at Hotwire and 98,dollars for a compact SUV unlimited,mileage no additional fees you can even,prepay with Auto slash or just use this,with a pay later through Priceline,option that is far superior and on this,trip alone if you use the tool that Ive,suggested youre saving 60 bucks just,for one weekend rental secret number,three if you can and your schedule,permits avoid renting from an airport in,most cases I dont know if you guys have,realized this but when you rent from an,airport or you return to an airport you,paying an airport concession fee and,sometimes that can increase the total,value of your rental by thirty forty,even fifty dollars depending on the,dates and how popular the weekend is if,you look at the different rates right,here and now this is per day there are,three different rates that you can see,and usually you have a control over this,theres in terminal 35 on Airport which,means you have to take a shuttle bus and,off Airport which is 36 but lets lets,assume youre not taking an uber or a,taxi somewhere else sometimes taking one,quick shuttle bus which is no more than,a five minute drive from the airport,completely free will save you four or,five dollars per day and trust me over,time,that adds up that would mean that even,just for the course of this rental the,rate would go from 150 for total to 185,total by making that little change so,again it pays sometimes to hop on the,shuttle bus secret number for those low,rates from those companies youve never,heard of exist for very good reason,those companies are sometimes over,selling or just know that if they create,the lowest rate theyre going to,dominate on a specific date because,anyone will go to that location an,example which Im going to pick on them,because every time I fly to Phoenix I,see this Fox car rentals at Phoenix have,a line that wraps around the corner and,one or two people at the front of the,line that are helping in a line that is,usually a two-hour wait if you look at,all of the concession,stands from Hertz $2 Alamo thrifty all,beside them theres never a line what,happens well Fox rental car will lock,people in with prepaid rates where you,have to go to them and they know theres,no other way for you to turn down that,$10 discount per day theres a reason,they are that cheap please look at the,ratings for car rental companies you can,look at them sometimes on Auto slash or,you can seek them out independently,another example of a company that you,may not want to go to easy rent there in,Florida I just rented from them a few,weeks ago in West Palm Beach,they were almost 80 dollars less,compared to any other company but I was,picked up in an unmarked van taken to a,Hilton Hotel and on the side of the,Hilton Hotel there was something that,looked like a ballroom and there was one,person of what looked like an area where,you would hang your coats they gave us,these numbers one through six written,out on a piece of paper and had us call,our own insurance companies to prove,that we had insurance and I probably,gave out more personal information than,I needed to the car also made some,strange noises now they were very nice,the drop off was okay but in the middle,of the night in West Palm Beach that,might not have been the best experience,for other people and thats again just,one experience I had with this company,called easy rent now speaking of,insurance that brings me to secret,number five all car rental companies,want you to take their insurance now,theres a bit of a debate that I have,internally with this in an unknown city,with an unknown vehicle and directions


today i have a secret tool to help,significantly lower your costs on,something we all overspend on,[Music],hi im the youtube deal guy matt granted,some serious insider savings coming your,way all of the big deals i feature mats,dailydeals.com is where i have you,covered you can find my most recent,deals and offerings right there but what,im going to share with you right now is,an underutilized tool to put an end to,the nickel and diming and the price,gouging and all of those crazy things,that happen with car rentals we all rent,cars whether youre traveling for the,upcoming holiday travel season or,thanksgiving,by the way this is not a sponsored video,no ones paying me to share this,information with you so im excited,because in the work that ive done with,usa today travel and ive done research,for television networks,ive found that for someone like me,where im traveling,literally every week,for the show that i host in new york,city for my youtube channel and for,constantly finding different ways to get,to warehouses to check products and,unbox them ive found,something that really not many people,use and im going to show you the price,difference is between this,and another resource and then second of,all just a quick reminder that if you,are,not renting from an airport youre going,to save around 15 to 30 percent less i,know airports are convenient so for the,sake of some of what im going to show,you im going to do those pickup options,at airports but a reminder sometimes a a,10,uber rider lift ride to the hertz or,alamo that is a mile from the airport,you can save significantly versus,actually picking it up from the airport,kiosk im going to share my screen with,you right now and show you the,incredible savings for the sake of this,demonstration im going to use car,rentals.com theyre a resource that ive,really enjoyed in the past,but theyre basically just an expedia,search engine and im going to show you,how the other tool that i have will get,you much lower prices so lets do tampa,florida as an example lets do the,weekend of october 18th,and the 20th lets do a pickup of 12 30,p.m im not doing conventional times,because again we dont all pick up our,car rentals at 9 am and drop them off at,9 00 a.m the next day,im going to also do a 6 p.m return time,because thats highly unconventional im,going to show you what car rental.com,pulls up which is again the information,you would find if you searched anywhere,else now,with this being said a reminder it will,be slightly less expensive if you go,somewhere else so they are giving us,a sponsored listing where if you pay in,advance through hot wire you dont know,what car youre getting you dont know,what company youre going to youll get,160 31 a day but if you were to do,uh a cheaper option youre looking at,183 for the weekend thats ridiculous,thats not even a holiday weekend with,the cheapest option being ace rent a car,for 38 and 183 for a standard car or an,economy car,awful really bad,lets see what autoslash.com can do so,for autoslash.com this is what you need,to do same thing lets do the airport,and,we are not returning at a different,location,and let us do the same thing october,18th to the 20th,and lets do 12 30 as our pickup time,and lets do six oclock as our drop off,time,lets do the least expensive option,and im going to uncheck all of these,options lets just see what they come up,with simply enter your email address,they will not spam you and they will,within a few minutes email you the best,deal you could possibly find you will,not end up on any list ive been really,happy,with the fact that a human being is,overseeing the rates their customer,service is great now lets look at the,comparison so,were gonna stop the video and then this,will be three minutes later or so when,the information comes emailed to me,its actually four minutes later and i,have an email from autoslash.com im,gonna click on it and show you the rates,that it gives me for significantly lower,prices im immediately presented with,better options which include,139 dollars for an economy car now keep,in mind car rentals.com,for an economy car is giving me 183.,auto slash is giving me,139,significant savings youre saving more,than 40 thats awesome but this is where,it gets exciting if you want to rent,from a major brand like budget where you,can still pay later,im getting an suv rate with auto slash,for,151,if i were to rent an suv using car,rentals.com or really any other service,lets look at an suv,the cheapest rate that im able to find,is,245 dollars,theres a daily rate of 76 somewhere in,here oh there we are 307 again this is,based on taxes and fees thats insane,307 dollars to rent an suv for a weekend,auto slash again giving me that same,rate,for half price you want to pay later,with priceline,there we go and it is incorporating some,type of affiliate or coupon code to,lower that price with priceline its,through a partnership but you can see,right now this is it its a midsize suv,i dont require a credit card the same,times youre getting the same class of,car at a significantly lower rate now i,could show you dozens of examples where,you will find the savings are,substantial its unbelievable with one,tool how much lower your prices can be,now when you check your dates keep in,mind that its also worth looking at,options that arent at local airports,but hey,these are big savings these are big,deals and more importantly if youre,looking to save huge thats all you need,to do mathdailydeals.com is where you,can save big on all of your other,purchases on all of your other deals but,this is the type of thing where i like,to impart this information to hook you,guys up a reminder if youre not yet on,my daily deal list i send out some crazy,insider savings even more substantial,than what you saw right now leave me a,comment let me know first of all where,are you going your travel dates and your,home address just post that and then we,can all compare when im joking see what,i did there that was just a joke thats,dont obviously give that information,out but id love to know where are you,going do you have any travel plans not,the dates just a joke i love you thank,you for watching i wish you a great rest,of your week or weekend depending on,when youre watching this if youre not,yet subscribed to this channel this is,what you can do just click on my,oversized head right here that will,subscribe you to this channel if you,need help turning on your notifications,or leaving a comment click here and that,last big roundup of deals i did right,over here

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Polish your car! Ryobi P435 10” buffer review

so Im out here testing out this Ryobi,10-inch buffer,its the P 435 I did half of our little,Sunday convertible car theres the part,I did see the shine on it,so older car but its just one we take,out when the weather is nice and,everything here so hard I didnt do,scruffed up dull looking paint in,comparison its kind of hard to tell,them this lighting but this thing has,definitely been doing the job and I just,got this little 1.5 amp hour battery,hasnt struggled quite a bit or hasnt,struggled at all so this is definitely a,good little unit gonna do a little more,work with it and well come back with,the final results all right here we go,Im just using this turtle wax rubbing,compound so its not even actual wax or,anything youre gonna need this,obviously and then a cloth to wipe it,off after you apply it what you do is,just you just take a little dab of it,kind of put it every few inches like so,kind of one of those things less is more,you put too much it just gets all over,the place and then makes a mess that you,have to clean up so you just put again a,little quarter sized dab a little less,than a quarter size every but eight,inches then before I fire it up I like,to kind of just rub it in like that get,it in there then turn it on and let the,machine do its magic see I went a little,heavy thats white,let it do its thing going up and down,with it you can turn it at an angle,theres a little groove or something,like that or an edge you want to get you,dont want to put too much pressure on,it cuz this things obviously motorized,itll take care of it if the pad is a,little lopsided,or the chamois part itll obviously,unbalanced little time hook around a,little bit so you want to get it on as,even as we can itll kind of work its,way loose a little bit and Ive been,using this one for a while so a little,loose but just do a few passes with it,like that I dont have an exact number I,do or anything but do that try to,overlap with you,[Music],its all in there and then were gonna,hit these headlights a little Im not,even adding any extra compound because,theres still some on the pad do that,again this is an older car to 2007,howdy convertible so its got some dings,and stuff theres a few spots where that,paint is chipping and you got something,like that you should be careful around,that dont go heavy there obviously this,could make the problem worse,dont make it harder than happy go slow,and youll kind of get the hand youll,know when its done just about now for,this section so turn it off whats good,about this not gonna set it down but,with the battery itll just kind of rest,on its on its base like that and you,want to get it to where its about that,consistency then you take your cloth and,just kind of wipe it like so wipe off,the excess kind of hand buffed it out,and then the shine will come with it got,to put a little elbow grease in this,step,watches headlight,and shine it has now definitely didnt,have that earlier all right you can just,tell from that little snippet ferry to,how it was look at it now you got a nice,shine to it,one two hard at all thanks to that,little Ryobi it is a bit of a workout,though next got that Tesla gonna be,shining that thing up we just washed it,but uh its due for a shine too but this,ones getting some love right now okay,now to do just regular fenders and size,I like to play again just a couple,little dabs on here thats not all you,need like that and then just rub it not,by hand,obviously well I guess its take my hand,just kind of put it in right there get,it in the spots kind of did this vendor,already with the hood but Ill give it,another round,just work it like that again let the,machine to work gotta get all the little,crevices little side lights whatever you,got you can even do the glass if its,looking a little dull its life into it,just rough that polish upper the,compound out this is just rubbing,compound its not wax again therell be,some stubborn spots where it dried on or,you want a little heavy with it but you,know Ill come out with effort just a,little bit of elbow grease you make your,a 2007 car shine like its new again BAM,now for this area in here you can see,its got some gouges so Im gonna try to,see if I can get those out,so again just apply a little on here,hopefully can see that now the paints,right there but it happens run still fun,to drive especially on these,nicely area nights and days again looks,like most of the little gouges came out,which works for me,had this car for a little wild and is,actually the first time Ive done this,so in in need for sure or was it needed,all right so its done you can see the,shine on it this thing came out great,the ryobi 10 inch polisher really got,its work out today,it didnt really struggle with anything,though I was impressed its real,ergonomic easy to hold and it doesnt,really use up much battery Ive just got,this small p18 91.5 amp hour battery it,did die but literally right at the very,end when I was polishing out these,emblems just to just to do that I wasnt,even going to do that but I decided to,and it died right when I was finishing,that up so it was perfect timing but all,in all it was probably about an hour of,use time maybe leaving a little more so,this things very easy on the battery it,sips it lets check out the shine it put,out and all this on a 13 year old car so,that thing definitely is a good buy I,would suggest it for sure theyve got,the smaller six-inch one which I have,and Ill be doing a review on just to,note about these headlights you dont,really need that headlight restoration,kit or anything just this cheap rubbing,compound this whole bottle is only about,three dollars and I dont even use a,quarter of it does a great job you dont,even need the polisher you can just do,it with the cloth next up,is that Tesla though Im gonna be using,the six inch and this 10 inch guy on,that just to get in all the little nooks,and crannies alright until next time be,sure to LIKE comment subscribe thanks,bye

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Allstate Drive Wise Car Insurance Discounts

I just received my drive wise Allstate,Insurance tel Ematic plug-in for my car,if youre wondering what that is its,new technology from Allstate Insurance,that tells you basically how fast youre,driving your stopping distance or sudden,stopping what time of day or night your,car is being used if it is being used,and it benefits mainly drivers who put,lower miles on their car per year,what is telematics well telematics is,basically this little guy here inside,the box that you would receive when you,sign up its this little guy plugs in to,where your engine diagnostic testing,module is in your car like when you take,it in and see what the engine light,warning is they would plug in something,similar to this connected to a computer,or this little guy connects via,telematics which is basically,telecommunications and informatics you,might be more familiar with it in the,form of a navigation system also and,like OnStar and certain GM vehicles have,it but basically its designed to reward,drivers who are safe drivers and use,lower miles so the vehicles use kind of,like pay-as-you-go,insurance there isnt currently a 10%,discount for signing up in certain,states where its available and its,pretty simple and its pretty neat you,can also use this almost as a deterrent,for youthful drivers because if you were,to put this in a youthful driver car you,can let them know hey Im Im going to,be able to log on to the internet and,see a graph of basically how your,driving habits are and use that as a,either reward or punishment however you,look at it to get a better driver and,get better rates,its basically pay-as-you-go insurance,so yeah all vehicles dont qualify how,to have a car thats up to date with you,know the right computer to be able to,communicate but most vehicles beyond the,of 1998 I believe we would find that,this would be compatible with but you,need to talk to your Allstate agent for,the qualifications and but its pretty,simple and its interesting Ill report,back to you on my experience with the,savings but you would receive this,packet in the mail when you sign up and,then you would just need to install it,and then you can log on the internet and,track your driving habits the one thing,thats a myth is that it doesnt,penalize you if youre a bad driver so,dont fear being cancelled or terminated,because your driving habits are poor,basically youre not going to pay more,than your rates are currently now unless,obviously how to tick it or an accident,that would adversely affect the rate so,its not like Big Brother like some,peoples fears are that oh man theyre,going to see that Im a terrible driver,perhaps you are a terrible driver,but this is really designed for those,that think theyre safe drivers and,should be afforded even even bigger,discount this is not the only product on,the market Allstate and progressive has,one called snap shot so you may want to,check around on insurance rates but if,youre with Allstate or not contact the,Allstate agent nearest you to get more,information and this is the new Allstate,Drive wise device plugin thanks

#22 Naiyer F. Khanom ,founder of wisecar – Women in Business

[Music],the tribe podcast show is a production,of kangaroo fern media lab,which is all about supporting you to,start and build a thriving business,tribe podcast on auspod syndicate,nayu is one of the local director of,founder,institute in adelaide and also,co-founder,of weiss car company she has been,experienced to develop womens,entrepreneurship,and economic empowerment in south asia,for her,contribution to empowering women and,young people she received,international visitor leadership award,from the usa,us government during during the program,she traveled,six different u.s states to exchange her,work experience within international,organization,an expert she is a member of devnet nz,and last year at 2020 conference,she presented a paper titled the new,normal,skills development for sdg she loves to,meet people from diverse culture,and fascinate to work for environmental,sustainability,she actively involved and work with many,national and international voluntarily,now she is working in promote more women,in innovation,technology to reduce the gender gap in,the workplace,especially to promote more women in,decision,making role welcome,everybody to this weeks episode we,really appreciate you joining us,this podcast really shows us how we can,all learn,live and thrive off of each other by,sharing our knowledge,through our conversations we will impart,some knowledge,whilst learning ourselves how to,progress even further,here is your host,please welcome to tribe podcast under,our spot,syndicate miss nayer,khan thank you for your time how are you,today,hello mike yeah im good thank you,its lovely to be here with you today,im really excited to talk about these,sort of things,thanks again all right so can you tell,us,about yourself so people can,no you aside from you know you have a,lot of,recognition overseas in,australia can you tell us about yourself,okay uh when you were explaining about,myself,i even think oh that its a happened,it was really journey from my university,life,and during my work as well and,how i told you yeah i love to be meet,with,other people so its a learning process,so,uh i started working with the corporate,bank,in uh 10 years ago when i just finished,my bachelor degree,and i was very lucky to get the,opportunity,for the women working with the women,women so that project was especially for,exes to finance how the entrepreneur get,the,finance from the banking sector,so yeah that was that was awesome and,for that project,i had the opportunity uh travel the,whole country and,work for the central bank finance and,the corporate bank and also,that time i found that women have the,most important thing that is the skill,set,how they can get the opportunity or,develop their business so that is the,that is the,first thing and then,i also during my job i also do study to,understand better things,my bachelor degree from the business,bachelor in big,business then i did i thought okay to,understand the,empowerment and economics definitely i,have to learn a little bit other things,of the world then i started my,development studies,which is related with uh some sort of,things the economics and,how we can develop the developing,countries women,that was awesome it opened my,world how important is the education,and access to finance and everything,done,then with these things i have to be,connection with the academic people,that really helped me to understand the,world economic view and the skill,development,then i had to move as a migrant it is,also another journey,in the australia so during this,australia journey,still i had a job over there and i,traveled in different country,studied and other things last year had,the opportunity,and also i did lots of voluntary work,and started my own,enterprise when i was only 17 years old,that was really pretty,good experience and the profit oriented,so,in that case i can also say,entrepreneurial dna,always in my blood and in my,dna so yeah thats all about me and,last time what when the opportunity,happened,to build a voice card voice call got to,some sort of,uh conference it was in the it was,started in the blockchain technology,conference because my product connected,with the blockchain,and then it got the fellowship from,founder institute,so my co-founder graduated from the,founder institute,and also with my previous experience and,everything,last year i got the opportunity to,become a one of the local director,in the founder institute and it is,pretty amazing so you can say my,both thing together learning and working,with the people,academic corporate and the social things,as well its all about me thank you,all right so as a startup so you also,have,being an interview and as a startup the,first question usually,um asked is how do i get,funds or investor to kick up my idea,so so you have a wise car you said your,co-founder,wise car how as a startup just like me,or any other who is listening or,watching right now,how do i get funds to or how do i get,investor,to invest my idea,well this is the most challenging part,for the startup and during the pandemic,its its bit difficult for all of,us and most of the startup you know very,well,its the failing rate is high,its not like the small business its,not like,the uh thing says traditional business,so,its about the high tech and its about,the,idea a lot of things so definitely,first things most of the time and,for our vice car we got some sort of,fund from,aws to develop our product and,google and also getting lots of support,as they working their space,and getting the interns from the,university,like we are we got the intern from,carnegie mellon university adelaide,university,charlestow university and melbourne,polytechnic,as well so in that case these,all are actually fund and capital,okay but also,we have to build two funds still up to,the finished product its a its our,time,and bootstrapping we are providing some,sort of,our personal investment the,step is as a startup definitely you have,to learn,to present your idea in front of the,um in front of the investor evangeline,investor and everyone so you have to be,very,much sort of skill how are you gonna,explain your product this is this is one,of the very important skill,skill set and as,a bootstrapping stays there definitely,you need mentor,there are lots of accelerator program,also my one is that the founder,institute,it has the global global connectivity,around the world there are lots of,mentor and investors working together,this is,this is another step and you have to be,with this,ecosystem who people are working,together getting the information,because there are lots of fun in the,government sector and the private sector,so you have to know this sort of,information you have to this sort of,cohort you have to this sort of people,these are the basic things for the,startup and i am very,happy as a city of adelaide,our ecosystem is pretty good and we are,developing,and we have a plan to connect with the,international sector as well,and hopefully it will be very good in,during this pandemic,and after the pandemic as well,so youre saying being a startup so you,have to,have can be a good you have to be a good,public speaker as well,because you have to pitch it so the next,question i have,can you give us,tips or advice how would you deliver,a pitch to a possible investor,okay in that case when you,picked during my discussion uh,you just picked public speaking its not,because you know im also not a very,good public speaker,i think i think myself as well but most,of the time,before my job and other things for a,project i have to be,so it does not matter always you have to,be,very good public speaking uh skill its,my personal view,i think in that way but you have to know,how you deliver your product idea,to the very good people if i if i,explain elon musk is one of the top top,top,entrepreneur right now in the world but,he,was and he do not feel very much,comfortable,to speak with other people but,he can deliver his i

Should you Buy the Rental Car Insurance?

car rental companies desperately want,you to buy their insurance and will go,to great lengths and trouble to make you,pay for even the smallest of damages if,you dont but should you buy their,insurance and are the alternative forms,of car rental insurance worth it thats,the topic of todays video if youre new,here my name is ben im the owner of ben,tennis street vacations travel agency,and on this channel i provide weekly,travel information and tips to help you,plan for your next vacation so if youre,new here consider subscribing so lets,talk about the insurance the rental car,companies offer first if you were to buy,their collision damage waiver or cdw for,short or you may even see it being,called an ldw for lost damage waiver but,in either case if you were to buy the,cdw from the rental car companies the,rental car company surrenders their,rights to charge you for damage to your,vehicle with a few exceptions like gross,negligence but otherwise no matter how,banked up the car is when you return it,youre off the hook just return the car,and be on your way and no other approach,whether that be your own insurance your,credit card or third party policy which,ill cover here shortly but no other,approach is as comprehensive or,convenient,the problem with buying a cdw from a,rental car company is that it is,ridiculously overpriced a cdw can start,at 30 per day and go higher and even,cost more than the daily rental car rate,thats why when youre renting the car,the agents there push hard for you to,purchase their insurance because its,clearly more profitable than the rental,car alone now you can cover your major,damage responsibility by relying on your,own insurance a credit card with,insurance or a third party policy but in,all those cases you have to pay a damage,claim up front and hope to recover as,much as you can all of it you hope by,filing the claim afterward that might,mean signing a credit card bill for,hundreds or even thousands of dollars,when you return a demos car not knowing,if youll get all that money back,this is also why most rental car,companies wont accept debit cards or a,credit card with a small limit and,remember earlier when i said that if you,buy the cdw from the car rental company,youre essentially off the hook for any,damage well if you dont buy the cdw car,rental companies can charge far more,than just fixing the damage they can,also charge for one loss of use meaning,the potential revenue loss while the,cars at the service being fixed even if,the company had lots of other cars,available and they generally figure that,daily loss at the full retail rate,two towing charges if youre unable to,drive the car back to the station,three diminished value or the potential,loss of the cars resale value because,of your damage when the rental company,disposes of it usually within two years,and four administrative fees associated,with the claims process,most non-cdw car rental insurance will,cover these extras but in some cases,coverage depends on cooperation from the,rental company,so lets now talk about the alternatives,to getting the cdw from the car rental,companies the first alternative is using,your existing car insurance if your auto,insurance covers collision damage in,most cases itll cover damage to a,short-term rental however this coverage,is limited to you driving in the u.s and,maybe canada,and it wont cover car rentals in any,other countries so before you use your,own insurance check its coverage if it,does cover rentals you can place a claim,on it still you must typically pay your,policies deductible and any claims may,cause your rates to go up and moving on,to the second alternative is using,credit card benefits these days most,credit cards offer free collision,coverage for car rentals provided you,use their credit card to pay for the,rental you might get a credit card with,the description of coverage such as this,one note that this cards benefits do,not cover diminished value or,administrative cost there are a few,premium cards that actually offer,primary collision insurance meaning they,take on the full responsibility for the,payment but coverage on most cards is,secondary coverage meaning the card,picks up only what you cant cover from,your own insurance and you still have to,pay the rental company up front then,file for reimbursement from your card,issuer another gotcha in the fine print,of this particular card is that this,card pays for loss of use only if,verified by the rental companys log,unfortunately some rental companies,dont cooperate with credit card issues,and providing this type of documentation,in a timely manner,and the last alternative is using a,third-party rental car insurance if you,run a car from one of the major online,travel agencies like expedia,or priceline theyll offer you an option,to buy collision damage for about 10 a,day that coverage is provided by a third,party insurance company like alliance,the cost is a lot less than the rental,car companys cdw but as with credit,card coverage if you damage the car you,have to pay all the costs up front and,then claim later and one last insurance,item i should mention is liability,protection but dont buy this from the,rental car company,liability insurance comes with your,homeowners or renters insurance and,covers far more than a rental car,if youre renting a car in another,country most countries are required by,law to include liability insurance,however here in the u.s required,coverage is ridiculously small because,they typically only offer the set state,minimum required if you dont have,substantial liability coverage then you,might consider buying the rental,companys offering still your best bet,is to make sure youre covered 24 7 with,your own insurance so you dont have to,pay for the rental companys overpriced,insurance,so to take away from all this is that if,youve been using either your own,insurance a credit card or third-party,policy as your main source of cleans and,damage coverage for your rental car then,those are probably still good options,for you to continue to use as long as,youre willing to pay all the costs up,front and even going through the process,of filing that claim if you were to,damage the rental car however if youre,unwilling to take any risk at all and,just want the convenience of being able,to just drop off your rental car and,going even if its damaged then getting,that overpriced cdw from the rental car,company is probably the better fit well,that will do it for this video if you,found this video helpful make sure to,like the video and consider subscribing,to get more travel related videos just,like this one thank you so much for,watching and hope to see you in a future,video,[Music]

How the Wise debit card works

hi guys for those who dont know me my,name is stephanie i work here at,transferwise as a customer support agent,if youre new here in the channel you,can go to our,other videos that i explain how to,send money i explained how to log in i,explained how to create an account with,us,so you can go to our channel you can,subscribe,and you can like our videos today,what were gonna talk about our,transferwise debit card,which is something super cool its,linked,to our multi-currency account you can,check what you can do with your,multi-currency account,here the link to the video you can click,on that,so everything that youre gonna spend on,the card,its gonna take the money from the,multi-currency account,just like a normal debit card but this,has something special because you can,spend,in other currencies that you dont have,your balance,on were gonna convert it for you its,always gonna use the lowest,uh rate for the conversion and our,little fees but its always super,transparent,youre gonna know everything you can,check as well on the website,on the front page on the home page its,gonna be our pricing calculator as well,you can always check on that,its super nice if you want to open,another balance you can do that and then,you can convert your money first,and our transferwise debit card is going,to use the,money you already converted so its very,convenient as well because you can,link that to your google play to your,apple pay,or to your samsung page and you can pay,with your,cell phone so i wanna use to buy online,like to do shopping online what do i do,its pretty easy as well youre gonna,use like any normal card,youre gonna put your details and,details of the card that embedded on the,card okay,so its pretty normal its like any,other card you can use it normally you,can,shop online another thing thats super,nice that if youre traveling abroad,you can withdraw money you can get,cash paper yes but just remind you,that some atms are gonna charge you some,fees,okay but with us you can,withdraw to 200 pounds for each month,for free okay and we are going to show,you on the app as well,how much you can already withdraw,without paying the fees,okay another cool thing imagine you lose,your card,so what do i do now you go to the app on,that,section that we were in you can,freeze your card and if you find it you,can,unfreeze it but if you think you need a,new one,you can block your card and you can,request a new one,am im going to pay again no thats the,cool thing you already paid,so the next one its gonna be delivered,for free,okay so now im gonna teach you how to,order,first youre gonna log in to your,transferwise account,you can always check here how to create,an account with us,and how to log in after that youre,gonna go to the debit card session,youre gonna click on order your card,after that,youre gonna confirm your address the,card is gonna cost you,five pounds or another fees in another,currencies,uh for example in euro its eight,euros and in each currency its like the,same amount but converted,you can paint different methods,depending on the country that you are in,and that youre ordering in you pay your,card,and thats it in some days your card is,gonna,arrive at your house what do i do now i,have my card can i use it,first you have to activate your card so,you,can log in in the app or on the website,it doesnt matter,okay you first log into your account,again go to the debit card section,click on activate your card its gonna,ask you for a six digit number,so where do i find the six digit number,its already on your card below your,name,youre gonna feed those six digits,thats the digits youre gonna,put into your account so you can,activate your card,okay so now you can start using it you,can see that you can check your pin,you can check your card details and,you can always set up your limits,and you can even get rid of the,contact lens for the first time that you,use your card,you have to put the pin the use with the,chip,the pin you can find in the debut card,section,you can check your pin there so after,that youre all set,im gonna add on the description some,faq pages that can be very helpful for,you,if you want to check some more and,yeah thats it if you like it thumbs up,on this video,and you can subscribe to our beloved,channel,see you guys see you next time see you,around,bye

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