1. Quick Vid: Wish Dragon (Review)
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Quick Vid: Wish Dragon (Review)

this video is brought to you by raycon,[Music],hey folks hows it going today im,talking about,one of the newest animated films from,sony on netflix,called wish dragon i was hyped about,this one,it was one of those films where im like,ooh the poster oh,im liking the concept i cannot wait to,watch this movie,and then i noticed that we were getting,closer to the release,and i was like where are the trailers,where where are the advertisements why,is no one really talking about this,movie,like i knew about luca and that coming,out i heard folks in like the hub,whats the word im thinking of when,folks talk about something not the hub,not the hub the buzz there you go i,heard about the buzz,for luca but not as many folks about,wish dragon at least on a,mainstream level and the movie came out,and as i,surveyed the surface of social media,again,did not really see many folks talking,about this movie now hey maybe thats me,maybe im not looking in the right,places but like when i saw,luca folks were talking about that a,wish dragon not as much which is also,odd considering that its like on,netflix,like most folks could go watch this boom,there it is no of charge,just watch the film all right be that as,it may lets just talk about this movie,its origins what i thought about it and,so on so the film,as i said was made by sony and a bunch,of other companies,most of them being chinese ive said,this before in past videos,we are seeing the rise of chinese,animation,china wants a piece of the action when,it comes to the animation industry you,have things like,abominable over the moon and then,theres like a bunch of other films that,like neja,that movie was huge in china and most,americans dont know about it like that,thing made like over 800 million dollars,on a 60 million dollar budget and its,like hey have you seen neja which im,probably saying wrong,and most americans are like no we,talking about so china is on the move,with that industry and we will just,continue to see a rise in that trend,and also seeing partnerships where itd,be like,disney or dreamworks or sony where,theyre like no no no we want to work,with these chinese studios,and find like projects to collab on the,synopsis for wish dragon,it is the modern day shanghai china our,main character den,and how he like discover he met a girl,named,lina back when they were kids they grew,up as friends she had to move away,its about 10 years later dan here is,trying to find an opportunity to meet up,with lena because he misses his friend,and theyre both,on the precipice of adulthood thinking,about their futures what to do,confused scared one whos super rich one,whos,super poor and then then stumbles across,genie from aladdin he stumbled across a,teapot that summoned a magical dragon,named long long hair is like hey three,wishes theres a few things i cant do,like time travel i cant kill people and,he cant make people fall in love,sound familiar right a lot of folks are,going to be saying like hey this is like,the chinese version of aladdin which,like isnt entirely,its not like a carbon copy but theres,a lot of similarities,and i would say inspiration drawn from,aladdin for this film,well get to it here in a moment so uh,spoilers aside at the moment thats the,synopsis,dan here has a dragon he wants to use,these wishes so he can have a better,chance,to go find lena and like i guess catch,up with her,though its kind of like unclear where,its like is he in love with her,ah i dont know like i think they just,want to be friends or he just wants to,see his friend again,but like theres a lot of implications,of him like going on a date,here later on the film or them having,emotions back and forth,its romantic its a little bit unclear,to me again,i am the dumb speaking of like aladdin,brought it up lets talk about it okay,long hair the dragon,reminds me of the genie especially with,their like,the fluidity of the characters how they,move how theyre,very bubbly though long hair after that,like very bubbly introduction,starts to become a bit more um but,downer where hes like okay come on wrap,it up get these wishes done,gotta move on i gotta finish my to-do,list so i can move on,with my life and long hair is like just,just wish for what everybody else wants,money money is the answer just wish for,money and even i was saying that to the,screen im like come on dan just wish,for money,and dudes like now id rather wish for,a car in a fancy suit i want to be like,prince ali,in a way he kind of did he kind of,wished to be like princely so we can go,to like,this birthday party that lenas having,so you can go see her kind of like how,like aladdins like i want to be prince,ali so i can go,marry jasmine though for aladdin its,very clear he wants to get with,jasmine again like dan here is like i,want to go see lena so we can talk,its like okay long is like reluctant to,this all where hes like come on dude,lets,uh you start he kind of seemed like i,wouldnt say cynical,i mean hes catching up with like humans,where hes like oh wow of airplanes and,cars and tvs ooh its been a while,but he keeps saying like ive served,multiple masters,theyve wanted one thing its money so,thats kind of the theme of the film,because like lenas father whos like,the implied antagonist,hes trying to get the tkl2 because he,wants to use the dragons wish to save,his gamestop stock from dropping so the,dads obsessed with saving his company,aka getting money he sends like these,cohorts of,minions to go find the tea kettle one,guy who like keeps his hands in his,pockets,he kicks really hard kind of reminds me,that one guy from one piece and,theres a bit of a twist at the end with,like the villain i guess spoilers aside,where like the kicky guy is like im not,gonna save you anymore,lenas dad im gonna be in charge and my,first wish,comes from a book that i read didnt,finish it where i want to be able to,turn things into gold with the touch of,my hand,okay its king midas we know how this is,going to end so,the theme of like needing money to be,happy thats a big part of this film,where long realizes oh like because he,starts to hang out with,den and lina and like the poor family,and the i guess,poor part of shanghai and realizing,theres more to life than just money and,also we learned that like,long is in this position as a punishment,because he obsessed in his human life,over money so,its kind of a bit of i guess humility,to realize its not always about money,sometimes its just about meaningful,relationships with your loved ones,whether it be,romantically with a girl or with your,family or whatever so thats like the,the overarching theme of the film big,time aladdin,inspiration and vibes thats fine and it,never felt like it was like too boring,where im like is this just,chinese aladdin am i gonna be bored here,and its like no this,theres enough of them like taking these,common denominators from,i didnt but also mixing it up with like,reginas all bubbling oh hey,im gonna do everything im just excited,to be here uh longs like im i wanna,im ready to be done,im im dragging my feet im reluctant,to it all until he comes around which is,you know a good arc for him so the story,is fine,at first i thought i would be,disappointed with it where im like oh,were going this direction and im like,okay no you kind of brought it in at the,end thats fine its,it suffices the animation lets talk,about that,okay so i expected this to be higher,quality,with its visuals its not to say its,bad by any means,but like where i see things like,spider-verse which i know its a very,unfair comparison,but this film like wish dragon it feels,a bit more unpolished the cities dont,feel as full,its hard to really put my finger on it,but like when you watch seoul,or my future review here ill be doing a,bit for luca you look through the,settings of these films,and they feel very fleshed out and alive,and,just pretty i dont really get that with,the setting for wish dragon,these city shots feel just kind of,holl

Wish Dragon: No One Bothered to Market This Review

this video is brought to you by aladdin,a comparison,so easy i refuse to make it now,i went into this movie knowing,absolutely nothing,that mainly because netflix and their,infant you for not being stranger,things,gave this movie zero promotion and id,even know it was coming out on netflix,till rebel taxi of all people posted,about it on twitter and this left me,uneasy,because a streaming service not,promoting their own work is one thing,but the fact that sony didnt seem to,care,led me to suspect that this was going to,be a dumpster fire,that all parties involved were,embarrassed of then i watched it,and i realized they werent promoting it,because its bad,they werent promoting it because its a,chinese co-production they didnt think,wed care,well you should care because while wish,dragon may not be a diamond in the rough,its still good and it can be enjoyed by,kids and adults,wish dragon brought to you by the studio,that made the emoji movie,and some actually good films this,chinese co-production is about,din a poor college student desperate to,be reunited with his childhood friend,helena,capitalism keeps them apart but when,dinn discovers a magic teapot and meets,long a wish-granting dragon,who will grant him any three wishes with,heart grit and a little bit of magic,wish dragon is able to take a familiar,story and make it a whole new experience,my friends this is a good film not a,great one,but above average for sure lets talk,about what i liked and didnt like and,keep going like that till i get bored,and then we go into spoilers,ready im ready something that needs to,be said about this film is that despite,the plot being about a guy trying to,talk to a girl,this surprisingly enough isnt a love,story didnt want to see lena again,but it never goes into the terry of oh,look theyre,friends but theyre really more crap,ive seen,done to death in everything yes,everything there is such a creative,wasteland,in film for boy girl friendships that i,was doing laps,that they didnt kiss at the end sure,there are signs that they could become,more in the future but din himself,states that,this isnt about making her fall in love,with him and its just refreshing to see,a warm,platonic friendship that isnt bogged,down in a will they wont they plot,which is only strengthened by the,characters themselves being,just likeable in general jimmy wong,gives din,a dorky but endearing charm hes a,hard-working kid with a lot on his mind,but in spite of the challenges hes,facing,he never fails to be optimistic dyn is,also,surprisingly self-aware recognizing how,poppy in on lean after a decade of not,seeing her and how she might take that,to be a little bit creepy but he is,doing him the best that he can,making him very easy to root for it is a,bit,underwhelming the personality department,for me but thankfully long is always,there to pick up the slack,long voiced by justin cho is the best,thing in this movie and he honestly,might as well have been the main,character,long the wish dragon is the character i,was most prepared to hate,is whenever the big magic sidekick pops,up in a film,they all and this is the top one time,im gonna break that promise i made at,the beginning of the film,all these characters try to be the genie,theres always this expectation for this,fast-talking quip machine with a,non-human nature,letting them go way over the top only,for most of them to plummet directly,into the ground,long is an interesting case of this type,of character being played straight,but also being subverted and still,working he does initially have that,high energy that you expect and here it,kind of only just,barely works but quickly long reveals,himself to be a frustrated and,beleaguered character,who just wants to get this over with,hes a character whos at his best when,hes on the back foot,reacting to things out of his control,and there is a lot going on with him,from his backstory,to why he wants to get these wishes done,he was definitely the highlight of some,of the best scenes in this movie,and he stole the show for me which also,leads me to my first real critique,lina and this little fact that the,movies plot is kind of unfocused,its not terribly so but it is clunky,because despite their friendship being,the supposed driving force for dens,character lina is going through her own,struggles right now and by the end of,the film you can almost say that denns,time with her felt like a detour,rather than her having an actual arc,like it is directly tied at dens but,as far as the plots concerned shes,kind of stuck in a limbo of being a,solid character,and a mcguffin for the human men to,agonize over,and again this isnt a love story but,this movie isnt just a story about,friendship either its,about economic inequality being,realistic with your dreams,pressure from family how money isnt,everything and how it can negatively,affect your life,well for those who dont have it and,those desperate to keep it,leaving this film clunky and the main,theme just a bit of a mismatch,with story lines that do complement each,other it leaves others fighting for,focus,this isnt something that kills the film,but does make it feel less impactful,than it could have been,i can appreciate a film about young,adults struggling with what to do with,their lives but when its also trying to,nail,four different messages i start to think,that they could simplify the whole thing,thankfully though forever i get confused,on what theyre trying to say,the comedy of this film keeps me locked,in,because its a comedy and it is trying,its hardest to make you laugh,and it mostly succeeds though it does,occasionally undercut some of its own,dramatic,moments as ive already said long,suffering slays me but surprisingly,the side characters are almost always,hits,usually these glorified extras take away,from scenes here though i was always,waiting to see,what the next rando was gonna do as it,always got a quick laugh,out of me the main bad guy had these two,dumb lackies and theyre as basic as,they come,but their delivery is just so good and,the strangeness of their lines,kept me wanting more but the thing that,makes this work is that,no one overstays their welcome giving us,the best of the comedic worlds,this is going to be really nitpicky and,ive been,really dont want to talk but i feel,like i need to is that,i adore the character animation but the,backgrounds,are just kind of meh with like every,environment is serviceable but its not,doing anything for me compared to,something like spider-verse where the,contrast between brooklyn and mile,school is,night and day from the visually diverse,and lively brooklyn to the very,stagnant and uniform school it,communicates to how miles feels about,each environment,wish dragons environments never have,anything to say outside,oh look these snooty rich people i know,look,these warm poor people it just never,makes me feel anything,thankfully this is a small problem its,unpolished but,all that polish went to the character,animation which is despicable me with a,side of meatballs,combining expressive faces and stringy,bodies allowing the animators to give,each character a unique visual style,no two characters move the same with the,useful spazdin,zipping around and always ready to run,himself ragged versus the slithering leg,man who spends the whole film flexing on,how,no one is ready for these hands and this,is a comedy it is,character focused theres some good like,visual like location jokes but,everything that is making you laugh,everything that you want to pay,attention to is in these characters,so then putting the extra effort to them,is 100 the right call and im glad they,went there because this movie,isnt going for the giant visual,spectacle so its wrong to judge against,something like,coco or the book of life which is all,about visuals and creating a whole new,world,this one though is just an average,metropolitan city its not a bad thing,i just feel like i needed to mention it,overall i lik

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Wish Dragon: No its not an Aladdin Ripoff

it feels like ive been waiting for wish,dragon to come out for years which has,tended to be the case with many overseas,and overseas collaboration films,as they tend to premiere at some point,but when they get released to america,tends to be a very irregular eh when we,feel like it approach and,certainly all of last year didnt help,but while i was intrigued i cant say,that i really expected much from it,i ultimately thought it was just gonna,be cute but kinda basic and,essentially a holdover until luca came,out next week,and then i saw it and i,am baffled this is a sensation i have,very rarely felt in my entire career as,a critic,and like many critics i tend to avoid,using,a certain word because practically its,just,not particularly accurate but i dont,think i have,ever not even once not for a pixar movie,not even spider-verse have ever been,tempted to,use the word perfect as much as i want,to use it to describe this movie,now that is clearly hyperbole and i do,not,mean to say that this is better than,spider-verse its not some sort of,emotionally elevating soul lifting,experience like wolf walkers,or a completely innovative industry,shake-up like spider-verse which,admittedly came pretty close,i can only barely hypothetically justify,its use by making both extra clear that,this is according to my personal,taste and within some specific,parameters,in this case by arguing this is a,perfect mainstream animated film with,all the predictable attributes that,implies,which means something for me because i,have been,very sour on major studio animation,lately,and ultimately the key to why it ends up,being so,satisfying is because of how it,manages expectations which unfortunately,i might undo,just by making this video but when you,look at this film or even during much of,its first half there isnt that much,about it that makes it seem,extraordinary i mean the general,animation design is good but,nothing terribly innovative it just,looks very standard studio and plot wise,its contemporary aladdin it is pretty,much very literally that,including having just a handful of,scenarios or moments that felt like they,wouldnt be there if it wasnt,deliberately trying to call to that,but because of its very mainstream,presentation it sets your expectations,to very,average levels because it makes you,think oh i know everything thats going,to happen,and in broad strokes sure thats,basically true,however weve talked before about how,you know,nothing is original but also how much of,the time the audiences dont really,need much to be original the only thing,you really have to do to make something,feel fresh is to take a very familiar,premise,and divert it from standard expectations,just enough,and that any common premise can work if,the animation characters in dialogue are,interestingly implemented,and wish dragon is that philosophy,perfected well i guess optimized is,probably a more,lenient word because it was due to the,story being so familiar,that ultimately i didnt expect it to do,anything monumental to wow me but it,made it so that the only thing,i ultimately wanted from this film was,for it to take that goddamn,liar revealed setup and just not,do what millions of family films have,done,and thank freaking gods,finally someone did it right and for,that alone,i would put this movie on a pedestal and,shove it into literally everybodys,faces,but obviously a movie cant sustain,itself on that alone,in the same way that alone hasnt tanked,a film either for the amount of people,that hate it,except that it does that for basically,the whole film,it takes a scenario that were used to,seeing but diverting from it,just enough and tweaking it evolving the,tropes or just fleshing them out enough,in a fresh comprehensible way or just,making it really funny,aside from how the modernization of this,story,in setting and incorporating modern,discussions of class and money is,excellent,i love how not aladdin and jasmine start,out as childhood friends but even in the,main story,his goal is not to win her all hes,trying to do,is funoogle an opportunity to reconnect,with her because,friendships can absolutely be just as,precious,and emotionally intimate not to mention,that the friendship angle makes it more,universal people have far more friends,than romantic partners,in fact the directors inspiration to,make this story was based upon his,relationship with his male friend though,for how its presented you certainly,could read it as either a close,friendship or a spark of budding romance,but even with those,i can only assume mandated moments to,make it lean slightly more to the latter,i,still generally appreciated subtlety but,the most significant change to the story,that is,absolutely to its benefit is making the,dragon genie long,the one with the internal character arc,and that he doesnt need aladdin to free,him as hes going,to be freed automatically once hes,completed a set number of masters,and long himself is the mvp of this,entire movie,reimagining the genie as a snobby,classist,condescending self-involved a-hole that,exudes such glorious sarcastic,energy every single minute but then you,put him alongside din,ha i can see what you did there who is,the most wholesome,well-meaning goodest of good boy,protagonists while also being your kind,of,grounded animated goofy but then you put,the two of them together,and this is one of the best comedy duos,out of,anything i just love these two together,so damn much i could just watch them,forever but of course the film is,ultimately so successful,and so fun due to the filmmaking,technicals particularly,the animation which as ive said,visually is,really good not exceptionally special,but i suppose,skillfully simple and understated might,be better,because that is a good simple appealing,dragon design,but when it moves this movie has,outstanding comedic timing and delivery,this is basically hotel transylvania,levels of,snap quick exaggerated movements but if,i,really cared about any of the characters,or story just,slightly less manic which makes me like,it way better,again this is the perfect energy level,for me theres a good balance between,giving the human characters just enough,flexibility for exaggerated comedy while,still keeping the setting feeling,relatively realistic contrasting with,the much more exaggerated movements of,long in all of his magic,elements its much like the rest of the,film on first impression it doesnt look,like much but once it gets going,its so clear how amazing it is and that,goes for a lot of the comedy in the,script as well,even the joke about him reacting to,modern inventions the most,obvious of these kinds of jokes is still,funny,this is perfect contemporary natural,sounding dialogue its expressive,its funny its not unnecessarily,reaching for slang or references,which of course it wouldnt because this,was written to have cross-cultural,appeal,ah china if only you werent so,homophobic id want this every time,and naturally this is also thanks to the,excellent voice work,long is jun cho and he does amazing work,here,he does that dry sarcasm spectacularly,and this actually made me feel a lot,better about the impending live-action,cowboy bebop,if you f that up we will let you know,about it,and apparently in mandarin hes voiced,by jackie chan who also happens to be a,producer for this movie,and i havent seen jimmy wong in,anything with the exception,unfortunately of the live-action mulan,but thats okay,with this you have redeemed yourself my,child everyone else,is still on the list even the climax i,think is one of my favorite of these,sort of stock climaxes,the inevitable bad guys that only exist,for the climax dont,eat up too much screen time theyre just,the right level of simplistic and,amusing enough,and as someone who does get action,fatigue really easily even when the,action is good,the action sequences are really short,and sweet and they do that thing where,they prove how much a badass the main,guy is because he never take

Is Wish Dragon an Aladdin Rip-Off? | The Sony/Netflix Review

[Music],wish dragon,you know whats been a major influence,in the movie industry lately,china in recent years the population has,gradually become movie lovers to the,point of accumulating some of the,biggest numbers at the box office,sometimes even more than north america,in fact,its because of that country why we have,some of the biggest film franchises to,this day like,fast and furious transformers and even,the entire superhero genre,in the case of animation studios have,been fully aware of the fact,and want to take advantage of the,situation by collaborating with chinese,animation studios to make,magical adventures especially for them,this is why weve been seeing more,animated films that are set in modern,china like dreamworks abominable,and netflixs over the moon of course,not wanting to miss a money-making,opportunity sony animation wanted to try,their hands on a chinese-oriented flick,and got their wish from a little teapot,that contains a mighty dragon so now,that long is out and is granting wishes,will this movie feel like everything,weve wished for,or is this teapot a complete sham lets,find out,the story lets start things off by,pointing out the elephant in the room,the one thing thats been leaving people,with a pretty subpar,impression of this film just by looking,at the trailers alone,the fact that people are giving this the,label of an aladdin ripoff,how some are so quick to dismiss it,because it has a plot that has a,striking resemblance to aladdin with a,guy who summons a magical being that,could grant him some wishes,lets be real yes the story of wish,dragon is nearly identical to aladdin,but that alone should not be a reason to,accuse this of being a,rip-off keep in mind that aladdin,started off as a centuries-old,folk tale and its original setting has,often been speculated to be in china,so with anything wise dragon is more,like an aladdin,adaptation that stays closer to its,roots,but that doesnt mean calling in an,aladdin ripoff is inaccurate,you see the biggest problem with the,film is how it noticeably copies,so much from another aladdin adaptation,and not just any adaptation its copying,from the most popular one,specifically the 1992 disney animated,feature,in regards to that one its common,knowledge that it is vastly different,from its original source material,which is why looking into wish dragon it,is unmistakable that it continuously,takes elements from that film to tell,its own story,and the chinese theming is far from,enough to differentiate itself,the prime focus of the peasant boy,trying to connect with a rich princess,the magical comical being that grants,the boy three wishes,the villains who seek out the teapot and,gain control of the wishes by the climax,the emphasis on action and comedy and,not to mention,some of the other details no ive been,stuck,in this teapot for a thousand years,phenomenal cosmic powers,[Music],i wish stop stop stop stop stop stop,its not oh i cant make people fall in,love with you no,theres this girl wrong,i cant make anybody fall in love,remember if only i had a magical dragon,that could fly me across the city,i dont know abu he probably cant even,get us out of this cave,looks like were gonna have to find a,way out of here excuse me,and i wasnt going in hunting for all,those similarities either,i tried to look at this for its own,merit,but these parallels just keep on popping,up that it makes it distracting from,seeing it as its own movie,it ends up tarnishing the storytelling,by not just feeling unoriginal,but almost plagiaristic in the way that,its as different to the disney classic,as much as the 2019 live action remake,but lets say you can look past all this,is there anything that this movie,can offer that the disney movie didnt,well,there is and there are some good traits,too,the one thing the story has going for it,is the heart where it shows the,friendship of din and lena,and how the former wants to reconnect,with his old friend after being,separated by social class for 10 years,when the two are together or show how,they feel for one another,thats when the films message of the,importance of family and friendship,comes into play,giving the feature a heartfelt soul that,can have its genuine touching moments,that and there are times when it does,play with some chinese mythology to,establish the backstory of long,in order to separate its world building,by making it more magical than it seems,unfortunately those moments are far and,few between while it keeps on filling,the rest with,narratives taken from disneys aladdin,it has some materials to make a strong,and heartfelt story,but the problem is that it feels like it,wants to be disneys aladdin,more than it wants to be wish dragon,the animation to its credit the,animation knows what it wants to do,and it does so fairly well as it wants,to be this,fun-filled magical adventure it wants,the visuals to reflect that,as well or rather have it be the driving,force of the films energy,the backgrounds wont be anything,spectacular to see since it is mainly,set in modern shanghai,and is mostly treated like the typical,big city,but its the characters that the,animators play with the most,the designs are meant to be charmingly,simple with an emphasis on everything,having a round shape,almost like the style of chris sanders,to make everything look,friendlier and softer allowing the,designs to be more appealing to look at,as for the character animation it goes,for a more,cartoonier approach having the physics,emphasize more the squash and stretch,and even go into some rubber holes for,some of the faster pace movements,not exaggeratingly all the time where it,can feel exhausting to watch,but more to make those moments feel,playful and fun than to fully take it,seriously,with some of the more tender times,though it does know when to settle down,and go for more subtlety to let the mood,of the moment take over,but the shining visual star of the,feature is of course,long himself where not only is he a lot,more creative with his more comical,expressions and his snake-like body,but also supplies some solid effects and,brings out the most vibrant colors to,make him,and his magic stand out from the,ordinary world,greetings,probably the best thing about this,feature is that it has some nice,animation,its well rendered it has good designs,the movements can be fun,its nice work all around however,there is a catch that brings up a,significant issue,i hate to do this again but its style,is another thing that feels like its,been taken from disneys aladdin,yes for the most part that movie stays,with the same disney style,but what makes aladdins animation stand,out more is how its more cartoony,the way that characters like the genie,abu iago,and more really play with their animated,side with their expressions to help,bolden the comedy,along with really playing up the action,to show aladdin in peril,in many ways wish dragon does the same,thing with its style in order to capture,the same effect,like with the story it diminishes the,animation a bit because,its just another feature that the,disney film is already offering,but in some ways better sure some can,argue that this cartoony cg style is,like a signature trait of sony animation,but especially with this they can never,make anything that can live up to the,visuals of aladdin,let alone when compared to the works of,eric goldbergs the genie,but again even with that comparison it,still doesnt change how the animation,itself,is still a good job,the characters through all of these,aladdin comparisons,are the characters able to make things,up for those flaws,by this point the people like dan and,lena cant just be a rehashed version of,aladdin and jasmine right,well thankfully they are not for the,most part,starting off with the two long lost,buddies den just wants,one thing and one thing only to reunite,with his childhood friend,lina who became a model and the daughter,of a rich ceo,mr wang ill give it credit that the,openin


wuih hancur kini cubit kok bro halo,sobat kembali lagi di channel M2 Story,Ok pada video kali ini saya akan,menceritakan lagi alur dari film animasi,yang berjudul wis Dragon film ini,dirilis pada tahun 2021 dimana bercerita,tentang seekor naga yang dapat,mengabulkan permintaan bertemu dengan,seorang anak laki-laki mereka melewati,berbagai macam kejadian bersama baik,senang maupun sedih nah bagaimana kisah,mereka berdua Oke tanpa berlama-lama,gigi kita langsung saja ke alur,ceritanya nesco,[Musik],Hai film bermula terlihat seorang anak,kecil bernama tim dia berteman dengan,seorang gadis bernama Lina Awalnya,mereka bertemu di sekolah mereka menjadi,akrab karena Ayah Lina sering telat,menjemputnya pulang dari sekolah karena,ayahnya sering terlambat Dia selalu,pergi ke rumah di untuk menunggu,kedatangan ayahnya mereka selalu bermain,bersama-sama sepanjang waktu dan melalui,banyak kenangan yang bahagia paling,terakhir roket sablefish hilang Indah,setyani sore exchange sungguh sedih,hampir terlebih Kak kalau by hingga,suatu hari ini pergi bersama ayahnya,untuk pindah dan Sejak saat itu,mereka tidak pernah bertemu lagi coba,hananah khodam putih tulus Suci Gosokkan,Pak mulyoko Wonderwall kasih setelah,beberapa tahun kemudian gym telah tumbuh,remaja setiap harinya diam berkeliling,kota Untuk mengantarkan pesanan Sepang,seat karena kesibukannya bekerja dia,sampai termasuk sekolah selama dua,minggu ketika sedang mengantarkan,pesanan di bertemu temannya di jalan,bernama Wei dia mengatakan pada temannya,untuk membuatkan PR Karena dia sudah,cukup lama tidak masuk sekolah udah,jelek juga bau with sudah terjun Oh,nangis Where is much higher,ngoceh bisanya betul Sumbawa uh silakan,bahwa ini kemudian dia mengantarkan,pesanan sampai pada tempat yang kumuh,disana dia bertemu kakek Jang mengatakan,dirinya seorang Dewa di memberikan,pesanan substansi pada kakek itu lalu,kakek itu memberikan sebuah teko sebagai,bayarannya Dim yang merasa aneh karena,tingkahnya awalnya tidak mengambil teko,itu Namun karena kakek itu memaksanya,akhirnya dia mengambil teko itu lalu,pergi entah Suci aja tidur baju santai,soundtrack Twilight,Hai Bisa OTG jatimqq.co kiamat ayat2,workshop ufuk diem yang sangat,bersemangat pergi membeli jas untuk,menghadiri sebuah pesta setelah selesai,membelinya di pulang ke rumahnya di sana,dia dimarahi karena ibunya tahu jika,sudah dua minggu dia tak masuk sekolah,kemudian dia pergi ke atap rumah untuk,menenangkan diri dan duduk didepan papan,iklan teman lamanya ternyata teman lama,diem kini sudah menjadi seorang,kaya-raya dan terkenal yaitu Lina selagi,di berada didepan papan iklan Dia,bercerita seakan-akan Topan iklan itu,adalah Lina dia pun menunjukkan jas yang,dibelinya tadi sore ah isinya Wah,password,[Musik],Hai Mbak rohaini Nah hemidesmosome,ketika sedang berbicara dia mendengar,suara dari teko yang diberikan kakek itu,diem penasaran langsung memperhatikan,teko itu saat itu tiba-tiba keluarlah,naga jenis ini janggal huh by oval,ongkeb Adawiyah jago shockwatch sauna,cuma sosok penjudi lalu naga itu,mengatakan Jika dia akan mengabulkan,tiga permintaan karena melihat sosok,naga di mengira jika itu hanya hologram,kesitu ritsa gak jawab jujur enak sauna,janda susu ketika diam sedang sibuk,berbicara dengan naga diperlihatkan ada,tiga orang penjahat yang ditugaskan,untuk mencari teko ajaib itu saat,mencari-cari teko ajaib itu para,penjahat melihat tim yang sedang,diri di atap rumah sedang memegang teko,yang mereka cari-cari Langsung saja para,penjahat itu pergi ke tempat diem,Sesampainya di sana mereka meminta diam,agar memberikan teko ajaib itu pada,mereka tetapi diam tak mau memberikan,teko itu lalu dia pun kabur para,penjahat itu langsung mengejar Dim Dam,uh uh uh pada saat tersudut ding tidak,sengaja meminta pada naga untuk,mendapatkan kungfu yang hebat setelah,permintaannya terkabul tubuh di langsung,bergerak dengan sendirinya lalu di yang,sedang tersudut melawan balik para,penjahat itu dengan kungfunya dan,berhasil lolos sama 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dan,bertanya Si

Why is no one talking about Wish Dragon? – REVIEW

i just got finished watching wish dragon,on netflix and something interesting,about this movie i find is that nobodys,talking about it even though this is a,movie from a major animation studio sony,pictures animation which just put out,the mitchells versus the machines though,this is a collaboration with a bunch of,chinese studios as well but still its,like a big netflix release like at the,time of recording this there are only 11,reviews on rotten tomatoes of this movie,which is very strange for a big budget,animated movie to have that few reviews,because usually critics get to see the,movie way before release and i dont,think there were any controversies about,this movie at least that im aware of if,there were controversies i think people,would have been talking about it a lot,more even netflix isnt really,advertising it i havent seen like any,ads on twitter anywhere its just kind,of baffling to me that theres very,little publicity for this movie but,besides that is the movie good,i think so the movie follows a boy named,den who grows up with his best friend,lena until theyre nine and then theyre,separated because her father moves to,the big city and has a big like company,and wants to have a better life for her,then flash forward to 10 years later,where den is still remembering his,friend and he wants to get to know her,again he comes across this teapot who,has the wish dragon in it who is named,long and longs goal is to finish these,last three wishes because he needs to,finish uh serving 10 masters before he,can go to the spirit realm and the plot,points that follow after that are very,similar to aladdin like even some of the,dialogue they speak sounds very similar,to aladdin like word for word about like,what you cant wish for about that like,people falling in love uh bringing,people back from the dead and all that,thats not to say that being derivative,can be bad because its actually,executed pretty well though long is sort,of an anti-genie because,he is trying to do all the things that,are opposite of what genie was trying to,do so there are moments,in the film that feel very frustrating,especially in the mid part of the first,half but i think once it gets to the,second half the movie definitely becomes,more of its own and there are a lot more,heartfelt moments in that second half,and unlike aladdin this is not a musical,its strictly like a family-friendly,comedy animated film and as far as,comedy goes there are some pretty good,jokes there was like a really good joke,in the beginning uh about like having a,pet chicken and then eating it and the,animation like i said its sony pictures,animation so it does look good a lot of,the backgrounds look very much almost,like theyre 2d uh but when you get up,close theyre like oh yeah theyre 3d,the only problem i have with the,animation is that during the beginning,uh parts there are parts where it seems,like the lip syncing is a bit off though,they are a bit far away from the camera,and i think they did that just to save,time because i think this movie like,some other chinese uh collaborations,with animation studios sometimes they,lip sync both chinese and english so,they might have just did that to save,time since it was a far away shot but,overall i did like the movie its just,that first uh mid part of that first,half where it becomes a little bit,frustrating about what the characters,are doing i do think den is a good main,character and long i do like as the wish,dragon there are just some of those,moments where hes sort of like the,anti-genie with the things that hes,saying but thankfully he does come,around and it makes a lot more sense in,the second half of the movie so yeah i,would recommend you watch it um not a,lot of people seem to be talking about,it so i thought i would talk about it so,you guys could watch it its just on,netflix so if you have netflix you can,watch it and if you have seen wish,dragon tell me down in the comments and,ill see you next time,bye

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