1. Tom Clancys Without Remorse – Movie Review
  2. Tom Clancys Without Remorse Review – Michael B. Jordan, Guy Pearce, Jamie Bell
  3. Tom Clancys Without Remorse – Movie Review
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Tom Clancys Without Remorse – Movie Review

yeah getting you this one a little late,sorry about that i had to,help a friend move and then afterwards i,was like let me just,lay down for a couple hours just a,couple hours now,what happened so yeah a little tardy on,this one cant wait till im 95,so people can just stop asking me to,help them move,forever and i can stop having to say yes,anyhow lets talk about this movie,youve been,dying to hear me talk about,tom clancys without remorse which when,i look at the title it looks like its,saying tom clancy is without remorse,regardless without remorse stars michael,b jordan its based off of a tom clancy,novel from the early 90s so you know,governments,agents soldiers spying espionage foreign,relations that might go bad,oh you know its that movie though it,has the added effect of,being a revenge tale as well which,brings me,all right lets talk about what i like,michael b jordan i thought he was great,in the movie one could say and would be,correct in saying michael b,jordan totally made this movie not in,that johnny depp as captain jack sparrow,totally made pirates of the caribbean,the curse of the black pearl you know,were the movies still,fun but you know that one character and,that actor totally made it no no,michael b jordans the good part of the,movie michael b,jordan does more for this movie than,this movie ever does for him,though there were a couple of effects in,terms of executions and style,i thought there was some stylistic,things in this movie i thought they,looked good whether it be someone,getting taken out a stealth takedown,explosion that felt impactful i thought,this movie did have,style example theres a scene where this,planes going down in water its in the,cabin theyre all trying to get out and,the cabins turning because its going,down so the entire set,of the inside of the plane is turning i,thought that was cool which is my way of,saying is this movie is a cake,maybe the cake looked good but the cake,itself was just,generic i use a lot of cake,metaphors in my reviews,though we all know the cake is a lie if,you cant relate it to food its just,not relatable the problem with this,movie is like youve seen it a hundred,times before maybe back in the early 90s,when the book was written,maybe it was groundbreaking which is,kind of unfair because just because its,based off of a book,doesnt mean they followed the book i,dont know i havent read the book but,how many times have we seen that its,based off of a book its like,that is supposed to be that book sure,so who knows man i heard the book is,good at least amazon reviews say its,good but im not an early 90s tom clancy,thriller novel enthusiast im a 2021,moviegoer,and video gamer which is to say ive,seen everything in this movie,done before and done much better also,throughout video gamer because if you,want to see a story where these people,are soldiers and they feel like theyre,tools of the government they very much,are that play metal gear solid i think,this has to be metal gear solid but you,know what im saying everything in this,movie weve seen before like right down,to the revenge thing how many revenge,movies have you seen,before where its like oh family was,killed soldier has to go rogue,right and you see the plot coming to my,way okay this might be spoilerish,do you you dont care if youre gonna,watch this movie,you watched it before sunday so is this,what means youre not going to watch it,right so my point is when you cast guy,pierce in a movie like this where,theres clearly some douchebag behind,the scenes,maybe its some trait or two dont cast,guy pierce,cause we just know why because the,casting is just too perfect you cant be,that perfect in your casting weve all,seen count of monte cristo,i havent seen something this obvious,since brad dorf in,alien resurrection being the creep,scientist i guess we werent supposed to,know he was a creep scientist but he was,brad douriff so,out the gate we were like yeah weirdo,so lets continue same thing with guy,pierce here maybe for somebody who,doesnt watch a lot of movies theyre,just like i was,ordering potpourri on amazon prime and,here it is this movie was suggested to,me,because it is in fact on amazon prime,case you were wondering maybe theyll be,like wow,i havent seen anything like that,because i havent seen a movie since the,bush years then,bush jr bush senior for the rest of us i,feel like youre gonna come out of this,movie like okay so,it feels like its borrowed from this,this this this and this which,all came out after the tom clancy novel,but since were talking movies,thats where it matters its gonna be,like this youre not gonna remember it,in t minus one day yep already forgot,all right so tom clancys without,remorse have you seen it what did you,think about it or whats your,favorite thriller movie maybe its a,revenge movie maybe its a thriller,movie maybe its a political espionage,movie,maybe its a foreign relations political,political espionage movie whats your,favorite tom clancy story that doesnt,have to be a tom clancys story whatever,it is comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to see more,[Music],you

Tom Clancys Without Remorse Review – Michael B. Jordan, Guy Pearce, Jamie Bell

john if youre done in there we need you,to get back in the field,tom clancys without remorse marks the,on-screen elevation of the late author,cia operative anti-hero john clark from,perennial second banana to the main,attraction,and after 28 years its about time as,directed by stephan osalama the film,strays far from the novel story in favor,of something more generic but its,nonetheless bolstered by a sizzling,charismatic performance by leading actor,michael b jordan that sets the stage for,more action in possible future entries,has it occurred to you that perhaps john,kelly,has done something we cant first,appearing in print as part of clancys,famed jack ryan book series john clark,was previously played by willem dafoe in,1994s clear and present danger,and leave schreiber in 2002s the sum of,all fears,in both of those films the enigmatic,clark offered a muscular shoot first,brand of spycraft that was an,interesting contrast with the more,cerebral heroics embodied by jack ryan,with both prior takes on the character,proving compelling in their own right,although sharing the same title as tom,clancys novel the script charts its own,course,so basically like every tom clancy,adaptation since 1992,following an ostensibly successful,mission in syria john kelly and his team,find themselves targeted for murder,getting picked off one by one with kelly,only escaping death when his pregnant,wife is murdered in his stead,embarking on a trail of bloody vengeance,kelly finds himself at odds with his own,government as he uncovers a plot aimed,at bringing,about war with russia it all comes off,fairly boilerplate but none of that,should be necessarily taken as a,negative,the action sequences have a gritty,aesthetic thats functional rather than,flashy,so no theres nothing here that,approaches the slow build intensity of,the van ambush and clear and present,danger or the terrifying countdown to a,nuclear bomb detonation in the sum of,all fears,instead solemns approach is steeped in,more of a verite style that foregrounds,impact and immediacy,while it doesnt particularly stand out,neither does it detract from the,experience on the casting front too the,ensemble has been stacked with familiar,faces who can be counted on to deliver,solid character work even if the,characters themselves are a bit too,thinly sketched,first and foremost this is a showpiece,turn for michael b jordan while without,remorse lacks the cerebral intrigue that,makes most other tom clancy movies,memorable it offers a brand of bullets,and brawn action that feels increasingly,out of place in todays superhero,centric cinema landscape,he is more dangerous and effective,than any man we have in the field even,as without remorse goes through some,familiar paces its elevated by the,presence at its center of michael b,jordan,the actors physicality and intensity,serve him well here as the former,special forces soldier turned cia,operative,without giving anything away by the,films end john kelly has become john,clark,while its an open question as to,whether this incarnation of clarke will,meet up with amazons incarnation of,jack ryan its easy to see why theyve,pinned their hopes on this particular,star to carry this would-be franchise,thats what we thought of without,remorse let us know what you think of it,in the comments and for more reviews of,your favorite movies keep it locked,right here on ign

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Tom Clancys Without Remorse – Movie Review

[Music],hey guys welcome to movie reviews on in,this review we are reviewing tom,clancys,without remorse uh which is,a film about uh tom clancys second most,famous,character uh john kelly everybody knows,jack ryan right and hes created sort of,the ryan verse which,uh you know john kelly is actually a,part of so,in the film without remorse based on the,1993 book without remorse uh we get his,backstory,so this one kind of came out of nowhere,i mean amazon was pretty excited,about it right they wanted us to watch,it check it out it was supposed to come,out in september of last year and they,got pushed to october and then they got,pushed again,and they had all these movies just get,slid down so now its,an amazon release yeah they got some,free time after the,games oh yeah lets make movies now yeah,so,how actually talking about games uh the,john,kelly uh character and the without,remorse series,eventually go on to rainbow six and,thats the,book that you guys should know though,the name of that,uh for a very fam uh famous yeah a very,famous video game franchise that i grew,up with,a more tactical shooter that you cant,just run around you had to play,yeah so this is sort of the beginning of,that rainbow six series,uh because as john eventually becomes a,part of rainbow six and leads rainbow,six but this is his backstory,and i it came out of nowhere right but,like alex was saying it was dilute,delayed due to the pandemic but uh,honestly uh i enjoyed it very much so,um lets just jump right into the review,no sponsors other than,actually we have brand new shirts,us we are our sponsors if you like our,stuff hit the subscribe button on,youtube we have a patreon if youd like,to support us,and we have merch and were debuting,here let me take off all my,tom clancys tactical gear here to show,you,the new angry army uh merchandise,thats right you could be a part of the,first division i like black and red so,we met we have some new shirts for you,go check it out downstairs from our,partner uh,chad at uh you know rogues apparel so,he does great shirts the material oh,feels so nice,so uh lets just jump right into the,film,what i know how i feel about it um i did,enjoy it it was on amazon but,it had its problems i was kind of,conflicted on,really the third act yeah but,like overall it was still a good watch,yeah i was really really liking it when,it first started right,it shot well its acted well its got,great realistic action of course over,the top like,you know military style where you know,and its got some good set piece scenes,we get a [ __ ] plane crash into the,water,and uh and you get the camera work on,the inside it looks expensive it looks,like a hollywood budget thing so,amazon went all out with this in fact uh,they signed on for two,so yeah rainbow six is coming next,rainbow six is the sequel to this its,just been delayed so im very excited,for rainbow six we get a little bit of,an origin story here what did you think,alex,uh i thought it was pretty good um there,were some issues in the transitioning,between the different acts i didnt know,if there were its a revenge movie right,and i didnt know if it was going into,like a john wick style super murder,thing but it kept the slow burn thing,for a really long time,and the longer you go in the slow burns,like okay well then we really have to,nail the ending,and i did an okay job with the ending,but i i enjoyed it i think its,definitely worthwhile its,its a streaming action movie weve seen,a lot of them,this is better than most of them for,sure so yeah does any of you remember,the action movie that netflix did,with the the thor guy no i didnt,extraction,me and joe really enjoyed it for the,action and gun play this is,basically think of this as amazons,extraction right,uh it should you know really great gun,play stuff like this but this ones more,intrigue,extraction is like full-on action the,whole time government,right so yeah this is tom clancy its,tom clancys uh,motif here uh you got your spec ops,special operations seals we got some,seals here,uh in fact theres a i was like are we,what is this is this army is this [ __ ],like delta seals i didnt know because,theres a,female seal in there i was like wait i,didnt know there were female seals,apparently there are uh female seals you,know they opened up the program and,offered it in in 2016,uh but actually one did not make it,until december 2019,so uh fema actually made through the,24-week grueling train of course they,dont reveal who it is because,you dont want to be you know putting,everybody on blast if youre in the,seals,but i thought that was pretty cool so,they only have they have one one female,seal here so i was like thats pretty,cool,um good good close combat up fi fight,scenes,uh we tom clancy loves to involve russia,so we got some russian,intrigue in here and um a great,uh house battle against,uh you know paramilitary forces and,police,all sorts of good stuff so the action,delivered,and the first few acts were going really,well,and then i dont know it just kind of,the ending the pacing and the ending it,just kind of ends,and youre like okay um they should have,done more,setting up of rainbow six yeah because,like at the end im like okay well,those movies good time,you know its one of the dying its shot,well,i did well good action but,i needed more um yeah ultimately,forgettable,uh i think one of the better parts is,michael michael b jordans performance,dude hes [ __ ] jacked and everything,hes doing,um and its its funny because uh just,recently just today,you know he finally commented on,superman of course i gotta bring up my,superman,yeah he was like um well you know im,not gonna,get too much into that but i think it,would be a cool creative take on the,character so,hes heard about you know this the,people wanting him to play superman or,the studios maybe working on something,um id be for it so as long as we get,more henry cavall theres theres no,reason not to have multiple superman up,in here anyway so hes basically in,supermans shape in this film,uh because he is a damn good operative,um you know,reminds me a little bit of john wick at,the beginning because you get some home,invasion stuff,you get some uh silenced uh you know,gun play so everything that you could,want in the action but,uh where do you think it falters some of,the story,yeah i think um also the like we were,talking about the pacing like middle act,was kind of like drawn out,cigar we kind of know where its going,can we kind of speed this up and see,some more,the action because its basically what,were there for,and its its rough for them because,this if you are familiar with the book,which im not i love tom clancy,novels uh ive read a couple you know a,couple i actually havent read a single,one,really right yeah you should theres a,theyre all alone this one is this one,is three,this one has nothing to do with the,novel almost whatsoever really,only in name like the first one is its,his backstory uh,its it gets his backstory but like his,wife dies in a car accident and then he,starts dating a prostitute and then,its him in a war against like pimps and,drug lords in baltimore,plus he does a weird trip to vietnam but,its oh [ __ ] you read it,i was going through it i was like i was,like man do i want to read this one its,like no i want to read this one,uh so really they dont have a lot of,source material to go through like they,know that this is the,this is how john kelly turns into john,clark and we know i know a lot about,john clark because,you know hes in every one of the the,other things that any time jack ryan,shows up john clarks not too far behind,so um they kind of you can tell that,they had issue they like the beginning,part was solid,theyve got a lot of like you can watch,john wick and you can see you know,he loses his family the problem is its,getting,going and getting through that middle,slog of all right he wants to go on,he wants to do the revenge thing and,then they dabble i

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They Underestimate Him, It Turns Out that He is the Best Elite Navy SEAL who is Looking for Justice

مرحبًا بكم في Recap King.,في هذا الفيديو سوف نشرح دون ندم.,يروي هذا الفيلم قصة نخبة من البحرية الأمريكية تكشف عن مؤامرة سرية تهدد,بابتلاع الولايات المتحدة وروسيا في حرب شاملة.,وهل سيتمكن من الثأر لموت زوجته وطفله اللذين قتلا بسادية؟,دعنا نكتشف ذلك في “بدون ندم”.,يبدأ “بدون ندم” مع فريق من البحرية الأمريكية يجب أن يطلقوا سراح جاسوس وكالة المخابرات المركزية الذي,يحتجزه الجيش السوري.,ولكن بعد النجاح في تحرير الرهينة ،,اكتشف قائد الفريق جون كيلي أنهم لم يكونوا في مقر قيادة الجيش السوري ولكن في روسيا.,بعد أن أدركوا خطأهم ، خططوا لمغادرة المكان على الفور.,لسوء الحظ ،,عندما نزلوا ، تعرضوا لهجوم بقذيفة آر بي جي أرسلتها مجموعة من القوات.,أحدث الهجوم فجوة في الأرضية التي كانوا يقفون عليها ،,مما أدى إلى سقوط المجموعة بأكملها في الطابق الأرضي.,أطلق كيلي على الفور هجومًا مضادًا ، بينما,فضل روبرت ، عميل وكالة المخابرات المركزية الذي شارك في المهمة ،,إنقاذ الرهينة.,بعد ذبح جميع قوات العدو ،,ركض كيلي وقواته الباقية وروبرت والرهائن الذين أنقذواهم إلى المروحية التي كانت تنتظرهم.,عبر كيلي عن غضبه لأنه 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واندفع للحصول على بندقيته.,رأى ظل شخص وأطلق عليه النار على الفور.,على الرغم من أنه تمكن لاحقًا من إطلاق النار على عدة أشخاص ، إلا أنه أصيب برصاصة شديدة.,لحسن الحظ ، نفد الرصاص من الشخص الذي كان ينوي إطلاق النار على كيلي.,دون أن يحاول أكثر من ذلك ، غادر منزل كيلي.,في اليوم التالي ، تم نقل كيلي إلى المستشفى مصابًا بجرح شديد إلى حد ما من طلق ناري.,بعد الحادث ، عقد اجتماع مهم بين مسؤولي وكالة المخابرات المركزية وفقمات.,أخبر روبرت التسلسل الزمني لما حدث عندما أطلق فريق كيلي سراح الرهينة في الاجتماع.,قرروا في النهاية التحقيق في القضية.,في المستشفى ، استعاد كيلي وعيه.,ومع ذلك ،,كان حزينًا للغاية عندما علم أن زوجته وطفله في بطنها ماتوا بشكل مروّع.,عندما تزوره كارين ، رئيس فريق SEAL السابق ،,تتوسل إليها كيلي أن تعطيه أسماء الأشخاص الذين هاجموه.,لكن كارين تبلغه بأن القضية قيد التحقيق.,لم تكن تعرف من يقف وراء الهجوم. بعد بضعة أيام ، تلقت كارين دعوة لحضور,اجتماع مغلق مع روبرت ووزير الدفاع توماس كلاي ، في واشنطن العاصمة.,خلال الاجتماع ، أخبرهما روبرت أن قتلة زوجة كيلي هم جنود روس,أعضاء في FSB أو خدمة الأمن الفيدرالية التابعة للاتحاد الروسي. فعلوا,ذلك رداً على هجوم فريق كيلي على مقر FSB في حلب ،,سوريا. والأسوأ من ذلك أن أمريكا ستغلق القضية لأنها لا تريد إثارة المشاكل مع روسيا.,ومع ذلك ، لم تستطع كارين قبول القرار. تغيير الوقت. لا يزال كيلي يخضع,لجلسات تدريبية لاستعادة حالته البدنية. حتى ذات يوم ، جاءت كارين لتخبره أن,منفذي الهجوم جنود روس. لكن القضية أغلقت. نظرًا لقلقها بشأن كيلي ، أعطته كارين,ملفات وصورًا لصانع جوازات السفر يُدعى أندريه. كان هو الذي ساعد,الجيش الروسي على دخول أمريكا. على الأرجح ، يعرف أندريه العقل المدبر للهجوم الذي وقع. في تلك,الليلة ، بعد جلسة تدريبية ، عاد كيلي إلى منزله وسكب الكحول على نفسه. ثم,ذهب إلى مكتب أندريه. اشتبك كيلي مع اثنين من حراس أندريه الشخصيين بالتظاهر بالسكر,والمشي بثبات. عندما رأى أندريه قد ركب سيارته ، عاد كيلي على الفور إلى سيارته.,تبع أندريه وحطم سيارته حتى تم حظر سيارة أندريه. حوصرت سيارة أندريه,بين شاحنة وسيارة ، مما جعل من الصعب عليه فتح باب السيارة. في وقت لاحق ، أشعل كيلي,النار في سيارة أندريه قبل أن يندلع فيها ويدخل في السيارة. وهو يصوب مسدسًا ،,ويهدد أندريه ليخبره باسم الشخص الذي هاجمه وقتل زوجته. أندريه,يرفض إخباره ، مما دفع كيلي لإطلاق النار على أندريه في ساقه لحمله على فتح فمه.,أخيرًا كشف عن اسم واحد ، فيكتور ريكوف. جعل الهجوم على أندريه العلاقات بين أمريكا,وروسيا أكثر سخونة. حتى أن المراقبون السياسيون توقعوا أن الحادث قد يؤدي,إلى اندلاع حرب باردة جديدة. ذات يوم ، تزور كارين كيلي ، المحتجز في السجن بعد,حادثة الاعتداء على أندريه. هناك ، أخبر كيلي كارين أنه سيقتل القاتل ، بغض النظر عن مكان وجوده.,بعد وقت قصير من عودة كيلي إلى زنزانته في السجن ، اقتاده عدد من ضباط السجن بالقوة.,يرفض كيلي الامتثال لرغباتهم ، ولذلك يقاتلهم عاريًا. لم يستطع الضباط,إلا أن يوقفوا هجومهم بعد أن أخذ كيلي ضابط السجن كرهينة. ثم غادروا,الزنزانة واحدة تلو الأخرى. بعد ذلك ، أرسل رسول كلاي طلبًا من كيلي أن يأتي معه. امتثل كيلي,واقتيد إلى المكتب. عندما وصل إلى هناك ، طُلب منه تحديد صف الصور,والاسم الذي حصل عليه من Andre. بعد ذكر اسم فيكتور ريكوف ، أخبره روبرت أن فيكتور ريكوف,هو ضابط سابق في سبيتسناز. أصبح جاسوسًا روسيًا أثناء وجوده في أمريكا وكان هدفًا منذ فترة طويلة,لوكالة المخابرات المركزية ، لكن وكالة المخابرات المركزية واجهت صعوبة في القبض عليه. بناءً على معلومات من المخابرات المركزية الأمريكية ،,يختبئ فيكتور حاليًا في مورمانسك ، روسيا. مع العلم أن قاتل زوجته لا يزال على قيد الحياة ،,يعرض كيلي مساعدة فيكتور في القبض على وكالة المخابرات المركزية. على الرغم من الرفض في البداية ، يوافق كلاي على شرط,أنه عند اكتمال المهمة ، يجب أن يعود كيلي إلى السجن. كيلي مع كارين,وفريق وكالة المخابرات المركزية ، يستعدون للمغادرة على متن طائرة. وبعد بضع ساعات اقتربت الطائرة من الأراضي الروسية.,كان كيلي يستعد للقفز من الطائرة عندما تعرضت طائرتهم فجأة لهجوم من قبل,الطائرات الحربية الروسية. تسبب الهجوم في اشتعال جناحي الطائرة. ثم انزلقت الطائرة بسرعة إلى أسفل,وسقطت في بحر بارنتس. وقع الاصطدام عندما بدأت الطائرة والمياه فى دخول,مقصورة الطائرة. حاول كيلي وبقية الفريق الخروج ، وتمكنوا أخيرًا من البقاء على,قيد الحياة. باستخدام قارب زودياك ، اتجهوا مباشرة إلى الحدود الروسية. عند وصوله إلى منزل آمن ،,قال كيلي إن الهجوم على طائرتهم سيكون في صالحهم الآن بعد أن افترض الروس أنهم,جميعًا قتلوا. لكن في الوقت نفسه ، ارتاب كيلي من روبرت الذي لم يأت معهم.,يفترض أن روبرت ربما يكون قد خانه ، لذلك يعرف الروس بوصولهم. في النهاية ،,يجتمع كيلي مع روبرت في مورمانسك ، حيث شوهد روبرت وهو يتسكع مع بعض الروس. يهاجم كيلي الغاضب على,الفور روبرت ، متهماً إياه بالخيانة لكونه مخبراً روسياً.,ورفض روبرت اتهامات كيلي قائلا إنه كان في مورمانسك وهو يعلم أن الطائرة التي تقل,كيلي تعرضت للهجوم. لقد اعتقد أن الفريق بأكمله قد مات ، لذلك جاء مع اثنين من القتلة,لقتل فيكتور. كان يعلم أن فيكتور كان في شقة بهذه المدينة. عندما سمع روبرت,أقسم مرارًا وتكرارًا أنه ليس خائنًا ، يؤمن كيلي به أخيرًا. في المساء ،,اقتحم كيلي وكارين والفريق مخبأ فيكتور. لكنهم وجدوا أن فيكتور كان ينتظر,وصولهم بالفعل. الغريب مرة أخرى ، شوهد فيكتور يرتدي سترة ناسفة. قال فيكتور جالسًا ممسكًا بزناد قنبلة,إن كيلي وقواته كانوا مجرد بيادق صنعتها أمريكا حتى يتمكنوا من الدخول في حرب,مع روسيا. البيادق مثلهم سيتم التضحية بها لتحقيق رغبات الملك. بعد أن انتهى من,الكلام ، ضغط فيكتور على الزر. انفجرت القنبلة على الفور ودمرت الغرفة. فحص كيلي,على الفور جميع الأعضاء الذين نجوا لحسن الحظ. لكن فجأة أطلق قناص النار عليهم,وقتل أحد جنودهم. حتى أن القناص قتل شرطيين روسيين كانا في دورية,خارج المبنى. لذا فمن المؤكد أن روسيا ستتهم كيلي والآخرين بقتل,الشرطيين. واصل القناص إطلاق النار عليهم ، مما أجبرهم جميعًا على الاختباء في ظلام دامس,في أنقاض شقة فيكتور. ولكن بعد ذلك ، يتسلل كيلي عبر ثقب في الحائط بعد أن,علم أين يختبئ القناص. أخيرًا ، تمكنوا من القضاء على القناص. لسوء الحظ ،,حاصرت الشرطة والجنود الروس خارج المبنى السكني. أمر كيلي,قواته بالفرار عبر الممر الخلفي أثناء مواجهته للشرطة والجنود الروس.,تبدأ كيلي في إلقاء القنابل اليدوية على السيارة المتوقفة بينما تمكنت كارين وفريقها من الفرار. استمرت,الاشتباكات بين كيلي والجنود الروس. بينما كان كيلي في الطابق الأرضي ،,ألقى قنبلة قتلت العديد من الجنود الروس. أخيرًا ، تمكن كيلي من الهروب,من محاصرة الجيش الروسي بارتداء زي الجيش الروسي وتغطية وجهه,بقناع الغاز المسيل للدموع. سار بلا ثبات وركب سيارة ، ثم هرب إلى موقع فريقه.,في اليوم التالي ، وبإصاباته ، كاد أن يفقد وعيه أث

GREEN BERETS React to Tom Clancys Without Remorse | Beers and Breakdowns

speaking of that,Cheers Cheers buddy,are you ready to do this whats up,everybody welcome back to beers and,breakdowns in this video were doing,Tom Clancys without remorse Im pretty,excited about this one I like Michael B,Jordan yeah I think hes awesome I think,he crushed it in,um,[ __ ] uh,black panther black panther I love black,panther its so sad to me that that,actor passed away because really really,hoping for black panther two and three,and [ __ ] Im a huge Marvel fan I love,all those movies I wish they would just,keep coming out like I want Guardians of,the Galaxy 10. like it pisses me off,that,Fast and the Furious will make [ __ ],10 of them and those pieces of shits are,the worst movies Ive ever seen in my,life but they wont make 10 Iron Mans,they wont make 10 Guardians of the,Galaxy they wont make 10 Avengers they,always will stop at three well and its,like come on just keep making them we,love them they dont want to water it,down maybe you know you know how that,gets fast and furious its kind of,watered down a little bit but I remember,I love it I was listening to Joe Rogans,listen he was talking to uh CK Lewis,order and hes like yeah I made a movie,kind of an area hes like I made movies,like it wasnt an Avengers movie so you,know how that goes I dont like are you,[ __ ] hating on Avengers bro like its,just because its that [ __ ] good,those movies are [ __ ] incredible yeah,end game was one of the best movies of,all time I havent watched it yet,I havent got there yet Im not gonna,jump to the end when I havent seen most,of the beginning and middle of the,franchise,look Im an Im a Marvel newbie right,Im learning Im getting there,still here [ __ ],nope I try to respond to some of the the,Instagram comments are you blowing up on,yours on FNG yes FNG we get a lot and I,try to respond but sometimes it takes a,while and then but you gotta remember,that I was getting for a while I was,getting so many per day and trying to,respond to them that I now I have a,backlog yeah and it goes out to like,five months and a lot of a lot of the,questions that I kind of deep questions,so its like it takes a while to respond,so so when I respond to one you,understand that to respond to one is to,read an Instagram message thats,literally this long like page of page of,this the backstory of why which is cool,right but that one message takes me 10,minutes to like get through and then,think of a response right yeah and then,try to respond appropriately so that I,feel like Im giving that follower you,know a good response instead of being,like blowing them off right yeah and,then going to the next one so sometimes,I only get to one or two a day because,theyre all like this long and so I try,my best but man I am backlogged so when,I see a quick one where theyre like,real short Im just like oh thank God,yes and then I go answer real quick and,then I can move on and then Ill pick,one or two but so just get just know,that were trying to get to the the,messages but understand that we have a,mentor program for a reason because of,all those questions we decided to start,the mentor program so that way we could,have you guys meeting with us for an,hour long ask any questions you want,its like the perfect program and were,helping people Curse God people that are,three letter agency theyre guys that,are going Ranger you guys are going,Green Berets you got guys that um,Canadian Special Forces Canadian special,force is another one uh one of the,things about Special Operations is it,translates well throughout any different,culture Community uh different countries,soft its the same principles the same,mindsets just being applied to different,soft units we got some guys that arent,even like they they like the Special,Operations Community but theyre not,really that interested in going that way,theyre just looking for an Edge and,whatever theyre doing well yeah and,thats you know a lot of what we talk,about is like mindset type stuff and,things like that so so I dont know how,we got onto that but yeah anyway that,wasnt meant to be that started as a,Marvel conversation yeah all right lets,move on to this movie Tom Clancys,without remorse,thats where it started is Jordan uh,Michael B Jordan and talking about him,and uh Black Panther and then we went on,to Marvel and somehow got onto the,mentorship program lets jump into the,first scene and see what this things,all about,are you Navy Seals of course,[Laughter],oh this is your review oh my God bro you,cannot have a seal movie without a seal,reveal and theyre just like were gonna,open it up with the seal reveal so you,know what were doing we need a shirt,line of the seal reveal thats awesome,thats a good idea oh well just come,out it would just come out of the water,and its a clown,oh man you got a [ __ ] Ronald McDonald,clown coming out of the water like this,and its like hes got knives and it,says seal reveal thats awesome,coming soon holy [ __ ] they literally put,a [ __ ] pool in the middle of a,building just to do a seal reveal all,right so first off I didnt think about,that right,how the [ __ ] did the seals get into this,pool in the middle of the building in,the middle of the city all right so,theyre theyre in Syria right now and,you got a campfire so youve been,sitting here camping cooking up your,[ __ ] food and then at one point you,decided it was time to kid up and go get,in the water so you could do yourself,meal because you knew at some point a,fighter was gonna come try to wash his,face and you were like Im gonna be,ready for my seal review just wait just,wait its almost like those videos you,see from Africa where like the gazelle,goes to drink out of the water and the,alligator is like Roar the crocodile and,just grabbing them oh my God but Navy,Seals just you gotta have a seal reveal,in the movie you cannot have a seal,movie without that you cant they they,even did it in uh uh terminal list they,didnt have a puddle of water so they,just made a little waterfall so they,just like came out of the waterfalls,yeah I think its like an Unwritten rule,for this people can have a seal reveal,its like if youre gonna use seals in,the movie you got like youre doing it,youre doing the reveal right its like,yeah well find a way yeah I feel like,the director sit around like you didnt,have a successful Seal movie did you see,a reveal no,Noob [ __ ] idiot welcome to making,steel movies [ __ ] weve been doing it,for 22 years,gosh damn that was the most embarrassing,seal reveal and its not that it didnt,look cool I love the Watershed I love,the pan up but its when you take the,watch its so stupid hes in a building,in some like what at one point was,probably this like flamboyantly Rich,guys pool yeah with a campfire next to,the pool and why are you in the pool how,did you get there how did the scuba gear,on how did you why did you put your,scuba gear on when youre in a city and,youre in a building so theres why did,you bring it why did you bring it with,you why are you in a pool like at least,in um,what was that other ridiculous movie Act,of Valor yeah yeah so at least active,Valor the location was surrounded by,water so it makes sense that for an,infill you would have to do a seal,reveal but this guy literally found a,pool to do a seal review this is the,most like if we if we wanted to make fun,of silverview we would replicate this,scene wait do you think thats something,that seals just carry around with them,at all time like a mask or something,just in case they find water yeah they,take a dumpster and they fill the dump,pouch with their goggles and their,oxygen theyre walking one of the one of,those honing sticks that shows where,water is theyre like bro water 400,meters that way guys thats the wrong,direction theres water how are we gonna,do a seal reveal if we dont find that,[ __ ] water,youre right man Im sorry Im sorry,this is why new guys should never talk,oh man holy [ __ ] dude I love this movie,but I thought that part was just funny,

WITHOUT REMORSE Review (2021) Michael B. Jordan

i want you to hit me,as hard as you can,theyre gonna play by my rules now,no remorse after years and years of,being in development health tom clancys,without remorse has finally become a,movie,albeit one thats so far removed from,the original source material,one wonders why they tied it to tom,clancy at all in it michael b,jordan plays the character who becomes,john clark arguably clancys second most,popular protagonist outside of jack ryan,clark was previously brought to life by,willem dafoe in clear and present danger,opposite harrison ford is jack ryan and,then by leave schreiber as a younger,john clark,in the sum of all fears which starred,ben affleck as jack ryan in his one,and only take on the character many,stars have been attached to play clark,over the years with keanu reeves and one,time superman brandon routh being among,them,if jack ryans shadow recruit had been a,hit we likely would have gotten without,remorse as a spin-off with kevin costner,reprising his role from that film,and tom hardy is clark christopher,macquarie had been attached to direct,yet it didnt happen as jack ryans,shadow recruit was a flop with both,critics and audiences,and jack ryan took a turn to the smaller,screen with john krasinski,playing him on the current hit amazon tv,series ironically amazon is now,distributing without remorse despite the,fact that it was produced by paramount,pictures,as a theatrical release geared to,kickstart a franchise with jordan also,having signed on to star,in a proposed sequel based on rainbow,six,so how does the film fare without,remorse is a decent enough thriller with,a fine performance by michael b jordan,in the lead but i cant help but be,disappointed,for one thing this doesnt feel very,much like anything related to tom clancy,its a fast low key action thriller very,similar to jack ryans shadow recruit,and that both seem,quite modestly budgeted and low wattage,for would-be franchise starters,while keeps without remorse being as big,of a disappointment as jack ryans,shadow recruit,is michael b jordan obviously a star,jordan has megawatt charisma,thatll keep you watching and engaged,even if you do wish hed had more,clancy-esque material to work with had,they kept clark as,more of an anti-hero jordans clark is a,true blue hero a decorated navy seal who,shades of commando finds his team being,knocked off after an extraction mission,gone awry,when the hit squad comes to kill him,they must but kill his pregnant wife,leading him to uncover a plot that seems,poised to ignite another cold war with,russia hes alternately helped and,hindered by two government agents,one being jaime bells weasley cia agent,ritter the other being guy pierces,secretary of defense,clay hes also aided by his seal unit,commander played by joni turner smith,of queen and slim so where does the film,go wrong basically,everywhere but jordan to be honest,director stefano salima did a great job,with sicario day of the soldado,but doesnt seem up to the task of,making a big action movie whats doubly,disappointing is that,taylor sheridan had a hand in the script,and it certainly doesnt feel up to his,standards,with a co-written by will staples the,casting is so-so with pierce not having,much to do while bell seems,all too boyish for his part as a,high-ranking cia agent,the one who really sticks out is jody,turner smith as clarks commanding,officer,absolutely striking and a good actress,to boot in other movies and she does her,best here as well i have to say,she just does not seem credible as a,navy seal,its simply a case of miscasting,although her character,is obviously meant to recur with her,playing the daughter of james greer the,character played by james earl jones in,the films while wendell pierce,plays him on the amazon show i wonder if,this is meant to take place in the same,world,again turner smith is fine but a,grittier,and probably more physically threatening,actress was needed the action is,curiously low wattage despite jordans,physicality its frustrating the,gunfights are generic and one scene,where he sets a car on fire and then,climbs into it strains credibility in a,bad way,this is upsetting because theres a,brief hand-to-hand sequence in a jail,cell thats killer utilizing jordans,physicality and intensity,in a way that makes you wish a different,or more experienced creative team,in terms of action movies had been,involved heck even a director from one,of his creed movies would have probably,been able to pull off a better without,remorse,michael b jordan is physically very,threatening and that needed to carry,over to the film,when you have an actor like him with,that kind of intensity and that kind of,physical presence its got to be used,there are a few bright spots though,jordan as i said is great and he really,does give it his all,he cant help but be good as is brett,gilman funny enough,and a cast against type turn as a bad,guy the movie also has a really good,musical score by sagar roses,jonesy in the end without remorse will,likely disappoint tom clancy fans in a,major way but perhaps younger audiences,that dont care about the books wont,really care,it hits amazon prime this friday and,certainly thats a good enough platform,for a movie like this,had this been a theatrical release it,probably would only merit a 5 on 10 but,given that itll be streaming free to,subscribers,id say this just about ekes out a 6 on,10. while im mixed on it i really do,hope that jordan gets the chance to do,rainbow six,i just hope that for the next one they,pump some big bucks into it and give,jordan the a,quality star vehicle that he deserves,[Music],what we know senior chief kelly is the,third member to be attacked,[Music],three perps are dead,also killed was his wife,they better hope he doesnt survive,why is that he is more dangerous and,effective,than any man we have in the field,[Music],you took everything from me,these were foreign attacks on u.s oil we,have to respond,im gonna make it right,[Music],theres something inside of me that i,cant turn off,a part of me that wont stop for,anything,no remorse,has it occurred to you that perhaps john,kelly,has done something we cant,some situations why arent thinking,outside the box,[Music],give me your name he was supposed to be,dead give me a name,on your feet senior chief,john kelly,is more dangerous and effective,than any man we have in the field,the only thing he has more than kills,are medals,somebody would like to talk to you john,if youre done in there,we need you to get back in the field,senior chief kelly it appears you have a,common enemy with the united states,they took everything from me,my family i got nothing left,their plan is a series of strategic,attacks all over the world,we have to respond i need to be on that,team lieutenant commander greer,you lead the mission im leaving out the,playing field cia doesnt support any,further investigation into your wifes,murder,battlefield he had no right to take so,much from me,this is a gold missionary,whats the real mission,now,[Applause],thank you for watching this video if you,like what you see please click on the,bell to subscribe,were an independent channel and we,appreciate all of your support,you

Without Remorse (2021) – Movie Review (From Tom Clancy)

de ladys trailer beest of het ramp in,tsjernobyl metaal claymore stabiel zijn,en john prine this week and so lets,talk talk,[Muziek],model een moord is een moest er twee,zinnen op de bob op de same title bite,aan mensen die peter is john locke en,dit is een keertje disappeared in a,bunch of the share,ryan books and movies en hoewel er mee,ive been a fan of de jack ryan film,series ever since i was a teenager en,nam me mee op de kar tv-show star en,john krasinski ronde steen des eye,catchers drupjes een nummer the stories,is john gokt,zo in defarge de deur kon duwen,standalone john kort,story kleine kin gis origin ahh is al,aan boord wordt,wending in amste tailor shirt en de,screenwriter carrillo,we in de river hel er geen water was kon,view wims red de scrub en naomi leest,mij in triple choco directeur nam ook,tailles te zeggen,hoi charlie dubbel in de comment sectie,live i know your theepot met our most if,you seen it or ander jack ryan,tom clancy vers in general i love beauty,care 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