1. LG WM3400 Washer – Ratings / Reviews / Price
  2. LG WM3400CW front load washer overview
  3. LG Front Load Washer and Dryer Review | Are They Right for Your Home?
  4. LG WM3400CW front load washer sensing and start of sudsy main wash with BANGING.
  5. Full Wash: LG WM3400 Speed Wash, Extra Rinse, 11 Pair of Stinky Work Pants
  6. Review: LG WM3500 Front Load Washer I am SHOCKED
  7. Should You Buy The LG WM3400 Laundry Pair?

LG WM3400 Washer – Ratings / Reviews / Price

the lg wm3400 is one of lgs most,popular,and least expensive front load washers,in this video youll learn about,the wm3400s best features as well as a,few problems,you know before you buy you also see a,comparison to comparable samsung ge and,whirlpool washing machines,[Music],least expensive does not mean cheap or,lacking features,the 3400 is eight wash programs and six,options for almost every fabric type,the spin is even high for front load at,300 rpm,so the clothes are dryer coming out of,the washer the,3400 is 4.5 cubic feet so its average,size and its good reliability,less than nine percent repair in the,first year however lgs,best features its stepped at only 30,and a half inches,or about a inch and a quarter less than,the less deep,samsung so its easy to stack or fit,into tight closets,at 7.99 average price its the lowest,price model in this category,although availability is postponed some,promotions,look around holidays typically for,better pricing,lgs best-selling model is the wm4000,it has their turbo washer five high,pressure nozzles,to wash a medium-sized load in 30,minutes,you also have the steam cycle to loosen,up tough stains like grass and red wine,the allergen cycle removes 95 of dust,and pet dander,the cycles are great but the cost is,9.99 or 200,more than the wm 3400,samsung has similar features at a,similar price,in their models however lg has better,service and availability,whipple and g do have automatic,dispensers than their,better 899 and up models you can add up,to 40 loads of detergent at once,and the machine will automatically,dispense the right amount at the right,time,although the lg has the tub clean,feature it does not have,a comprehensive mold prevention package,like ge,ge has microban anti-microbial surfaces,as well as a fan in the washer,to dry residual moisture and reduce mold,mulch shouldnt be an issue if you wipe,down your machine especially,the gasket and leave the door open but,ge at least,has addressed it its popular for a,reason,it has a decent amount of cycles and,options along with good reliability,its shallow depth is easier to stack or,fit in tighter spaces,so you should consider the wm3400 along,with other models from brands like g and,whirlpool,as well as the more featured lgs click,the link in the description to download,our free,washing buying guide to learn about the,best washers and which one might be,right for you and your family,[Music],you

LG WM3400CW front load washer overview

hello guys my name is Maxwell from Max,bubbles welcome back to the channel so,Im at my grandmothers house,um heres the washing machine,here its a LG,Wim 3400 CW,frontal washer,that looks like heres the drum,this like this is the drum from the more,like the higher end models,with a different display and stuff like,that,um,like this one,would usually have a slightly different,drum I dont know why but,it doesnt matter heres the seal,um,or the Jets,um these arent real theyre just there,for show,because this doesnt have terrible wash,like the higher end models do,um Im warning labels,and theres the,down here is like the,um like little door so you can so if you,open when you open it the drain filter,is behind here,and then you open that and then,pull it off and then,itll dry out the water like if theyre,like if theres a sock stuck in there,you can just take that off pull the,filter off and you dont have to call,through,repairman,and pay a hundred dollars,so yeah,heres the dispenser drawer so Im,pre-washed heres the pre-wash dispenser,main wash fabric softener some bleach,and this if you take and this is the,liquid,um,compartment if you take it take it out,then you can put powder on there,but were gonna be using liquid,and now Im gonna go to the control,board so to turn it on you just press,the power button right here,does that and so it starts at normal,its a yeah tackle I guess cold here,warm,I got Im guessing this is extra hot and,then hot,its a normal,oh and also its all cold rinses right,here so yeah low,medium and high spin speed this is no,spin right here with the words,where none of these lights are on and,soil level,all that and you have cold wash the way,you wash,you hold it it goes up to,[Music],19 hours,um then yeah for instance its been here,you hold us for control off,one for three seconds but also if you,turn off,[Music],you cant do anything,foreign,State the control lock stays on even,when you turn it off,delegates 41 minutes,if it only goes to warm,no spin 36.,41 minutes,they cant go to High,48,30,and you have three experiences,its on the cycle each runs at an extra,one size seven minutes,yeah,51.,69 minutes,Im gonna be hold this,84 minutes,for a delicate cycle thats really long,but,permanent press,and these oh by the way these two like,lines mean that its a cycle that senses,so normal,burner press,towels,and heavy duty have those,um,permanent press,what,um,Speed Wash,pre-wash,oh you cant do it,34 minutes,its actually not that bad,and or if you do,cold wash here,it adds a few minutes,oh it removes it if youre changing,temperature,tub clean and TCL top coin,you cant,do anything here the towels,foreign,Im sure this would be a really long,cycle,betting,heavy duty,normal,and also if you turn it off,you turn it on,dont touch anything just press,hold this,um for three seconds,youll have a yeah,13 minute spin away cycle,one minute thats no spin,um then rinse spin,26 minutes,83 oh my,oh boy,so each rinse adds 19 minutes,oh my thats I dont know why you would,need that,but,yeah and also this is the um,10-year warranty on the inverter motor,um as it says right there,now Im going to Im going to show the,drawing

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LG Front Load Washer and Dryer Review | Are They Right for Your Home?

LG consistently ranks #1 for their front load washers and dryers.,Today we’re covering what makes LG so great, while giving you an in-depth overview of the,7 different models in their line-up.,Stick around til the end and we’ll give you our top expert recommendation on which,series we think is best for most people, as well the one reason LG might not be right,for you.,Hi this is John with Designer Appliances New Jersey and New Yorks premiere appliance showroom.,Finding appliances that fit both your budget and lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult, but,browsing the 100’s of identical looking options while cutting through confusing technical,jargon can be overwhelming.,That’s why as the experts we’re proud to have helped thousands of customers just,like you make a confident selection while helping you to avoid costly mistakes along,the way.,So what makes LG’s front-load washers and dryers so great?,LG is consistently one of the best when it comes to reliability and in addition to being,reliable, their washers and dryers range from large to huge.,Bigger is always better right?,Customers always ask us, can it fit a king comforter?,With LG’s largest model at 5.8 cu ft, not only can it fit a king comforter, you can,also wash the sheets with it at the same time.,While you might not do that frequently, extra capacity also lets you wash more at once.,At my house, my wife and I shove as much as we can into the washer and hope for the best.,Unfortunately sometimes we push it too far and the clothes come out smelling musty or,soapy.,Having the extra capacity would let us get more down without having to sacrifice on cleaning.,A really cool feature that’s unique to LG’s front-load models are their optional Sidekick,Pedestal Washers.,This innovative add-on runs independently of the main washer, allowing you to do more,than one load of laundry at once, saving you valuable time.,The sidekick is perfect for cleaning small loads and is gentle enough to handle even,your most delicate items.,All LG front load washers are compatible with the optional sidekick pedestal.,LG also makes standard pedestals as well if you just want to raise your washer and dryer,for easier loading without the extra washing capacity.,Another standout feature on select models is LG’s TurboWash technology.,This has the power to clean large loads in under 30 minutes.,Unlike some express cycles that are just meant for lightly soiled small loads, TurboWash,can handle a full load in a fraction of the time.To put this into perspective, the normal,cycle on most front load washers is at least 50 minutes.,Have questions yet or need help deciding?,Comment below.,Don’t forget to subscribe and check out the description below for more information,about our top picks.,Now that you have a better understanding of what makes LG’s front-load washers and dryers,unique, let’s break down the different series available.,Although model numbers can feel overwhelming at first, you can figure out what series an,LG washer or dryer belongs in based on the numbers in the middle.,The letters simply indicate other aspects of the model like washer type, color, and,special features.,LG has their washers and dryers broken into three different labels…,LG, LG Studio, and LG Signature.,As you go up in label, basically just the exterior and finishing touches like controls,get a little more luxurious.,Most people will likely wanna focus on just the standard LG label, but we’ll cover all,three so you understand the differences.,First up, we have LG’s standard lineup, which includes the WM3400, WM3600, WM4000,,WM4200, and WM4500 and their matching dryers,These models range in capacity from 4.5 to 5 cubic feet.,As you go up in series, you’ll get additional wash cycles, features, and programs.,All of these models can be installed either side by side, on standard pedestals, on pedestals,with TwinWash, or stacked with the washer on the bottom, dryer on top.,All of the models in this category come with LG’s TrueBalance anti-vibration system and,LoDecibel quiet operation.,You’ll notice every brand on the market has their own branded “anti-vibration”,technology.,None of them are perfect, but we find the LG does a pretty good job of minimizing vibrations.,The WM3400 is LGs basic entry level model.,This entry level washer and dryer pair typically retails for about $1600.,Keep in mind, prices fluctuate throughout the year and we typically have mail in rebates,that help you save money on certain items.,At 4.5 cu. ft. it’s large enough to fit a king size comforter and has 8 wash cycles,which performs 90% of the washing tasks that most people need.,They are only available in white and you’ll notice the styling is pretty basic.,If you’re just looking for something basic that washes well, or need a reliable set for,a vacation home or an apartment rental, this would be a good choice.,However we find most people typically upgrade to one of these next options.,Next up is the WM3600 which gives you a ton of great features that were lacking on the,previous model.,This pair retails for about $1800 and is available in both white and a gray color LG calls graphite,steel.,For an extra $200 over the previous pair, you get steam functionality in both the washer,and dryer.,In the washer steam is great for removing allergens like dust and dander, and in the,dryer steam helps to soften fabrics and remove wrinkles.,You also pick up WiFi technology which allows you to start, stop and monitor you laundry,remotely using an app.,At my own home we love getting notifications when the wash is done because it let’s us,quickly move the laundry into the dryer.,This helps us get more laundry done in less time.,Stepping up to the WM4000, you’ll pick up LG’s TurboWash and enhanced styling.,This pair retails for around $2000 and is again available in white and graphite steel.,You’ll notice LG added a nice styling touch with the rose gold cycle selector and the,trim around the door.,If you like this styling, it’s only available on this pair, so keep that in mind if you,are tempted to upgrade to the next step up.,The main feature you’ll pick up is LG’s TurboWash360, which we love.,It uses 5 water jets around the tub to quickly clean a full load in just about 30 minutes,,which is the quickest full load wash available on any front load washer that we know of.,Next up is the WM4200, which gives you extra capacity,This pair jumps up in price by $400 to about $2400.,With that you’ll mainly just pick up extra capacity.,The washer increases in size from 4.5 cu.,Ft. to 5 cu.,Ft., which is going to let you get more laundry done at one time.,Most washers in this category and size are huge and take about 29” in width or more,but LG has managed to keep the dimensions tight at a standard 27” width while still,giving you this huge internal capacity.,Just watch out for the depth on these models.,These are 3” deeper than the previous model we have talked about.,If you have a tight closet space that may be something you want to consider.,Also if you are like me, my laundry room has pull down stairs to access our attic.,My attic stairs literally clear my washer and dryer by about 1 mm.,Just something to keep in mind.,Any finally we have the WM4500 which can automatically dispense detergent and fabric softener, which,is one of my favorite convenience features in new washers,At $3,000 for the pair we understand this will be out of budget for a lot of people,,but if you have the money to spend this pair really has everything you could possibly want.,To start with, this is the best looking pair in this lineup, and has a large square door,with chrome accents.,It only comes in LG’s black steel color, which looks great, but if you had your heart,set on white you’re out of luck with this pair.,With the WM4500, you’ll get ezDispense, which is LG’s automatic detergent and fabric,softener dispenser, which holds enough for about 18 loads.,Just fill the reservoir and the machine will take care of correctly using

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LG WM3400CW front load washer sensing and start of sudsy main wash with BANGING.

so now Im going to put in a load of,laundry,um its just a small load of towels so,one,two,three,four,five,and six its a pretty small load,um,seriously detergent,Im using all free and clear,um,you put it up there,not up to Max,here we go,no no,theyre wrong so this is the settings,were using normal cycle,um warm water High spin speed normal,soil oval,and start,I dont know what that humming is but it,always does that yeah before it starts,yeah,sensing,everybody,its like I didnt know you hit these I,just I didnt want him,oh this does that mean its only,hot water board in there probably not,only No it should be a variety of no I,mean if you get 65 minutes,maybe warm on the final rinse,I wonder what its doing,oh,it just takes forever,foreign,its what you set your water heater to,yes,no the what the tank,so,um,so theyre going there now,foreign,I am Im just showing the,site Im just showing a little bit of,the wash,its getting kind of fogged up but,thats fine,yep,and use a dryer,Im dead,is,the skin oh yeah thats probably,yeah,whats going to counter so far,Im already really liking this machine,one of my still 64 though Im guessing,oh yeah,yeah they were just stop attacking,trying to figure out what it wants to do,water in there but,Id like it if there was a little more,water in there but,on the height if I were to get,an LG then I would get the top of the,wine bottle the 4200 which that actually,has a,a usable recirculation pump and turbo,wash the block display and steam all,that,because while I would have this low,water level it would still have the,recirculation pump and that would I feel,like that would just make up for it,you know what I mean,right thats true thats cool,I actually wonder if were buying or,its doing this because it looks kind of,unless,Ive been using the Ive already been,watching this for like five minutes and,its the first time Ive used this,machine and Im already super impressed,by it,oh,Its banging box,its just unbalanced,blobs on one side,its,its because theres only like six,towels in there so it does like it,sometimes it gets up to like a higher,speed where the items are clinging onto,the drum,yeah and it I only put it up to the this,but its because its a small load I,only put it up to the white thing,the white thing the up to the bottom of,it,right here is Max,um a little below that where the white,starts down here yes,but its because its a small load is,that why it looks like so soapy yeah,I never have more than three tiles,you know Im by myself Im already a,towel yeah,because sometimes it gets so like it,gets fast enough where the items are,clinging and it was just it happened to,be on one side and it was banging and I,was thinking that might actually happen,at some point,oh thats okay dishwasher its empty,really it is yeah,its a Bosch dishwasher,maybe I never heard that noise yeah,it wasnt as loud as I thought it would,be,this is actually a pretty adequate water,level I prom its probably the first,time Ive ever said that,for something its other than a Kenmore,[Music],I will try to have more videos of this,in the future,Ive been swimming all rolled up,thank you,this is gonna be a long video,thank you,its just oh again,less than an hour left,I broke the 60 Minute barrier,you can see a lot so,lets see,its warm because,I know my doctor,I probably Im gonna cut this up,but I and maybe maybe Ill post the,actual wash part the washing part,separate,the show,is,wash action this is an amazing machine

Full Wash: LG WM3400 Speed Wash, Extra Rinse, 11 Pair of Stinky Work Pants

this is the wm,3400 made by lg this is,lgs base model very very,entry level front load washing machine,this washing machine is really special,because it is incredibly large,but also very incredibly cheap to buy on,sale you could find these,for cheese as low as almost 550,or 600 depending on what time of year,that you buy them,but you could expect to pay you know 550,to 699 depending on,what time of year it is for this load,im gonna,wash my work pants,i think i have about six or seven pair,it might be eight,im not sure but lets load it up,okay well thats like 11 pair actually,so thats a pretty decent amount,as you can see theres still plenty of,room i could fit another five pair in,this machine,i have a wife and three kids and and,needless to say we have tons of laundry,to do,i still cant fill this machine up and i,only do my laundry once a week,see this is the one big big problem with,this washer is that it has incredibly,long,cycles theyre so long in fact that,my memory card on my camera doesnt,always have enough room to,capture an entire cycle if you pick,heavy duty and pick an extra rinse or,two this,washer could go north of three hours,for a wash cycle i mean its just really,its almost impressive,comical really so i think that im going,to,[Music],im gonna do the speed wash on this,machine,and i will say this that i ive used,this machine already,probably more than 30 times and i think,i found the perfect combination for,getting,excellent wash results with this washer,basically on any setting more or less,you just have to take advantage of the,extra rinse option,this washer if left to its defaults,does not do a very good job rinsing but,as long as you pick the extra rinse,cycle,which oddly enough only adds like five,or six minutes to each,uh cycle then at the end youll wind up,with some pretty,clean and fresh smelling clothes so i,think what im going to do,is im going to do kind of a,im going to do speed wash but im going,to pick it to heavy soil,which will put it at 25 minutes,allegedly,and then im gonna do three extra rinses,and im gonna throw one tide pod in,heres a couple microfiber towels just,so you guys could see something,okay so according to this this should be,a 34 minute cycle,um i anticipate that once it detects the,weight that it might bump it up a little,bit,uh once it does its sensing ill figure,it out as far as temperature goes,it defaulted to hot which would what,would be my,first preference but for the sake of not,fogging up the window,im gonna go just above tap cold so,its gonna be um kind of a cold water,wash in a way,if the results arent awesome i mean,its just for the sake of filming so,ill have to,take that into consideration when its,done so well here we go 34 minutes speed,wash,heavy soil three extra rinses,so,so,so,so,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],so,so,[Music],so,[Music],so,so,so,so,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],so,so,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],hmm,[Music],[Music],so im sure your first impressions with,this washer,is a definitely not enough water and i,kind of agree with you the way that lg,does it is that they step,in the water little by little in order,to keep that,concentration of soap the highest that,it possibly can be,the problem is is that theres a big,conflict of interest,when you are talking about washing,machines and detergent lg,is trying to make the maximum soap you,know,so that you put a small amount of soap,in and you get the maximum concentration,the issue is is that the tide pods that,i use,which personally i dont use them for,the sake of the videos i do use them,that one tied pod is enough to,properly suds up an old school top load,washer,so that one pod is enough to break 25,gallons of water and make it you know,ready for,for washing your clothes this washer,doesnt use anywhere near that so even,by putting one tied pot in,you have effectively overdosed this,laundry with so much soap that even,after,basically four rinses total it could not,get all of the soap out lets take a,sniff i guess,i i anticipate its going to reek of,tide during the last,extraction i looked at the drain sink,and it was,very sudsy,yeah i mean this is definitely like,and also i want to back pedal and say,that this is totally not the appropriate,cycle,for this load the problem that im,having with this washer,and this is not a problem with the,washer so much as the problem with me,filming this washer,is that the cycles are very long like,this the proper cycle for this,these pants would have been the heavy,duty with a few extra rinses,and ive done that cycle with my work,pants,and the clothes turn out wonderful i,mean,really really really wonderful that the,downside is is that it takes too long,and and i just cant film,a three plus hour cycle i dont have,the equipment to do it nor do i have the,will to do it to be honest with you i,just cant,i just cant do it im not gonna film a,three hour wash cycle,i ill try maybe one of these days for,the sake of this,series and this video im gonna show you,the videos the full wash videos of the,cycles that i could tolerate,filming but when i do my review video,ill be able to explain to you,how awesome this washer actually works,if you give it the time to do,what it was designed to do which is wash,clothes,ultimately it did do a really good job,cleaning i mean the the clothes are very,clean,the problem is is that theyre just not,rinsed properly,and i think with a heavy duty cycle it,would have defaulted with more water,and if i would have switched to my,powdered tide,which i i use on a day-to-day basis and,used a very small amount,it would have been a very effective,clean and with all the extra rinses it,would have done a fantastic job rinsing,but i i think to keep the level playing,field i always do,one tied pod with all of my washing,machines,and that definitely puts the front,loaders at a disadvantage,it puts the top loaders at a bit of an,advantage because the,uh soap dose is correct and they tend to,rinse a little bit better,this particular cycle im going to say,it was a fail,but it was operator error at this point,like i should have just used some,a small amount of powder tied and i,should have picked the,heavy duty cycle which would have been a,three hour cycle,after all said and done and then the,clothes would have turned out great so,the speed wash is for quite literally,people that just have a couple of items,you just need to do a glorified,rinse with very little soap,if any at all just kind of run them,through the rinse for 25 minutes,the washing machines of today are,just not designed to finish in 30 or 40,minutes anymore,i mean thats just a thing of the past,at this point,most from actually all front load,washers are going to be,a one hour plus cycle at this point and,theres just really not much to do about,it honestly,if these front loaders by just by virtue,of design they,need the time to adequately circulate,and and make that the best use of what,little,water that this machine is using and if,you give it the time to do it,it will do a good job you know a lot of,us are are used to,our old school top load washers where,theyre in and out in,32 minutes or 35 minutes and theyre,clean,well youre absolutely right and i dont,have an argument there i think,that old school top loaders are,generally speaking,wonderful machines although they are,kind of heavy polluters as far as using,a lot of water and,a lot of electricity so its not for,everybody i guess,anyways i uh i actually am going to,rewash,these clothes again im going to run,them through probably a normal cycle,with a couple extra rinses just to get,the soap out,so im not so itchy im gonna end up,doing a load of whites also,and then my colored shirts and im gonna,try a variety of different cycles like i,think im gonna do like the towel cycle,and see how that works out because those,usually default to a higher water level,and then thats really about it this,washer can be

Review: LG WM3500 Front Load Washer I am SHOCKED

I purchased this washer hoping that I,could tell you a very good reason why,you shouldnt buy the cheapest front,loader available but this washer really,disappointed me in such a great way for,those of you new to my channel I,basically buy these appliances and do my,laundry in them and then I tell you how,I feel about it afterwards theres,nothing scientific about my tests I just,do my laundry after Im done with my,laundry I take it out I smell it I let,you know if it either smells like soap,or it smells like a dirty locker room if,it smells like nothing then that means,that did a good job cleaning I usually,run about 20 or 30 loads through these,machines before I come to my opinion,this WM 3500 is pretty much the same as,most LGs the only difference between,this one and most other LGs is the,updated console and the fact that these,new front load washers have a DC drain,pump now instead of an AC pump which,probably doesnt make much of a,difference to you guys but the DC pumps,a lot quieter this washer is one of the,quietest machines Ive ever tested,looking at the console panel you could,see that this is a pretty stripped down,version of the LG it only has 10 cycles,and 10 options it does have the 6 motion,technology but thats really just about,it it doesnt have turbo wash or any,onboard heater underneath the hood this,washer is very familiar to most LG,washing machines its very basic,straightforward and pretty easy to take,apart and diagnose as you can see the,only difference really with most of,these new LGs is that they move the,computer board from the rear of the,machine to the front looking underneath,this machine you could actually really,appreciate the simplicity of the whole,thing once you get to the bottom of the,machine the only thing thats really,there is just the drain pump and a few,suspension rods this washer is very very,well thought out and very easy to,service so easy to service in fact Ill,show you right now how easy it is to,dismantle this washer I had nothing but,a,whoops drill although you can do it with,a Phillips screwdriver without any issue,this total process took me about four or,five minutes total and from this spot,you can access just about every part of,the machine lets go over some specs,this washer comes with a pretty standard,4.5 cubic foot tub it does have 10 wash,programs and 10 options to add to the,wash programs it doesnt have a water,level or water plus its all auto load,sensing so its gonna do all the,thinking for you it does have a,lightning fast 1300 rpm spin speed and,weighs in at about a hundred and seventy,pounds which is pretty beefy for a,washer the best part about this washer,and probably why youre looking at it is,because on sale its wholly about $5.99,this is one of the cheapest front,loaders you could buy and Im not saying,its cheap because its cheap its cheap,because its just a really good deal,some of the things I really like about,this machine the washer does have a 4.5,cubic foot capacity which i think is a,pretty large tub period for a washing,machine with 4.5 cubic foot you can,easily wash a king-size comforter the,washing machine is very effective at,cleaning this washer aced my ketchup,test this is one of the best performing,washers Ive ever tested with a ketchup,test it blows my mind how this washer,could clean such a dirty ketchup stain,towel so effectively with such a small,amount of water by virtue of it being a,front loader it does have a very,inherent gentle wash if you have a lot,of delicates you should generally be,looking at a front load washer just the,tumbling action itself is a little bit,more gentle than top loader with a pull,agitator front load washers are also,very efficient in general this washer,practically uses no water I dont,understand how it cleans but it does,its also very skimpy on the electricity,with a DC pump and a inverted motor,this machine will probably cost you,dollars per year to run one of the best,things I love about this front loader is,that it has an accessible drain filter,and this may not look like a big deal to,you guys or it may even look like an,eyesore but let me tell you if you get a,quarter stuck in your pump if you dont,have this access cover available to you,youre gonna be paying a service guy,like me $200 to come out and take a,quarter out of your machine itd be nice,if you could actually just do that,yourself every once in a while its also,great because if youre moving you could,drain the washer completely of all of,its water and prepare it better for,shipping one other thing I really like,about this machine is that it is easy to,service I know a lot of people they like,to gripe about LGs being difficult to,service and its just because they dont,know how to work on them these are,computers and you have to access it like,a computer you go on the on-board,diagnostics you test whats wrong with,it it tells you whats wrong with it you,changed a part you move on with your,life the things that I dont like about,this washer is the fact that it has,incredibly long cycles I mean its like,an hour and a half to do like a load of,laundry thats kind of unacceptable to,me another thing that seems to be a,growing complaint with this model washer,is that the options display screen is,kind of dim and I kind of know what,youre talking about when I dont have,my camera lights on the unlit part of,the display panel is actually a little,bit difficult to see did I also mention,that it has extremely long wash cycles,oh my goodness,anyways another thing I dont care about,is that I feel that it doesnt use,enough water I know I keep saying that,the washer is a very effective cleaner,and yadda-yadda and all that good stuff,but just kind of like from an emotional,standpoint I wish I saw a little bit,more water in there especially the,bedding cycle this was the one cycle I,was totally not impressed with in fact I,was a little disappointed I watched a,queen-size comforter in this machine,and although it did get it clean it did,kind of reek of tide afterwards I felt,like if theres a little bit more water,in this machine it would have done an,excellent job overall I think this,washer would be a good buy for the price,you really cant beat it,LG is a very good quality product and,you could expect this washer to last you,a reasonably long time if cost is a,major concern I definitely would,consider this washer if you could afford,a few extra dollars though buy one with,the turbo wash feature it makes a huge,difference if you liked this video dont,forget to leave a like and subscribe if,you havent already thanks for watching

Should You Buy The LG WM3400 Laundry Pair?

the lg 3400 is lgs most basic washing,machine,in this video youll learn the best,features of the 3400,and how it compares to other popular lg,washers,youll also learn about problems with lg,and how it compares to the main,competition,samsung ge and whirlpool so lets begin,[Music],[Music],as we said before the wm 3400 is lgs,least expensive washing machine selling,between,699 to 849 depending on when you buy it,however it does have eight cycles and,six options so it is a fully loaded,machine,oddly enough lgs best feature is its,shallow depth,its shallower by at least one and a,half inches with a depth of only 30 and,a half,this is important especially for,stacking laundry in tight spaces like,closets,yet its internal capacity is still large,at 4.5 cubic feet,now lets compare the 3400 to other lg,washers,the next tier of lg models are 899 to,1099,and offer steam to power out tough,stains like grass,and red wine and also offer wi-fi so you,control your washer from an,app on your phone along with more cycles,designed to remove,allergens lgs best models are priced at,9.99 to 11.99 offer even more cycles,as well as turbo wash which features an,additional six,high pressure spray heads to shorten any,cycle to 20 minutes,in some of lgs best models they offer,more capacity from 4.5 to 5 cubic foot,with the largest being 5.8 cubic feet,lg has been reliable since we started,publishing reliability reports,requires service only about 7.7 percent,of the time,or almost half the industry average for,appliances,and only slightly behind samsung,g and whirlpool for washers the problem,with lg,is finding service when there is a,problem so its important to inquire,about,service before you buy an lg washing,machine,how does lg compare to other brands lg,is reliable,however it is not at the forefront of,technology anymore,g and whirlpool will offer an automatic,multi-load detergent dispenser,normally you would think this is a,gimmick but an auto dispenser dispenses,the right amount of detergent at the,right time,in front loads people tend to put too,much detergent in like a top load washer,in a front load you only need a capful,that over sudsing,will end up inside the machine and,slowly sees the motor,auto dispensers prevent all that ge,also offers antimicrobial microban,coating,and a fan inside the washer to dry water,and prevent mold,should you buy the lg yes you should,definitely consider an lg washer,its the easiest to stack its,consistently a reliable product,but make sure you know who will service,your machine,before you buy it at the same time you,should also consider other washers,from ge samsung whirlpool,and other lg machines as well with more,updated features,for more information click the link at,the end of the video,to download our free washer buying guide

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