1. The Supplements I Use Daily! | KRISSY CELA
  4. Do You NEED THIS?! Supplements Explained | TRAINING TIP TUESDAY #5
  5. Pre-workout Review | Hit or miss? Worth the hype?
  6. Women’s Best Product Review | Bcaa & Preworkout | my first honest opinion | LaVon Annette

The Supplements I Use Daily! | KRISSY CELA

hi guys and welcome back to my youtube,channel so todays videos actually going,to be one thats so highly requested,Ive done this video before but I want,to do a little bit of an update and also,one of the fundamental reasons Im doing,it is because womens best is having a,humongous Black Friday sale and listen,you need to get your hands on,supplements if youve been unsure if,youve been hesitant before this is a,great opportunity youre gonna save,yourself so much money and also you get,to test something new out that youve,maybe like I said been on shore on so if,this video helps you make sure that you,give it a thumbs up and my link will be,in my BIOS it does help your girly out a,little bit so thank you so much if you,do use the link and Im so excited for,their Black Friday sale its gonna be up,to 70% off Ive used womens best,supplements for two years now if youre,an OG you will know that literally since,day one Ive started my youtube channel,and Instagram channel theyre the only,brand I have worked with that I loved,support and will always love and support,so that further ado lets get into this,video and Im gonna speak about protein,so first up were gonna go into is,protein I was actually fortunate enough,and so blessed to have my own protein,with womens best we did a collaboration,it was the chocolate brownie flavor,Krissi cella explorance best which I,absolutely love,I keep one bottle with it because its,like its such a proud moment but um I,actually takes it way or ice a way and,basically the level of concentration of,protein varies on both fit way and I,serve a higher concentration to pure of,the pool so when I take protein I do,take it every single day a quick,disclaimer you do not need to take,supplements to achieve your goals what,you do need to do is have a sustainable,training regime and wholesome,nutritional diet and then the,supplements are there to supplement what,youve already worked on and worked for,so thats a quick disclaimer also please,dont buy the products Im telling you,to buy just because I take,them find out what works for you this is,now what works for me and that I love,and it doesnt upset my stomach it,doesnt make me feel weird or gassy,anything like that,I know its powerful but you need to,know this works for me and Im happy,with this product and Im happy with,this blend so this is what I stick to,and I know best for me so I take I same,way and fit way really just a pen and,with the ISO way I always have vanilla,or chocolate and theyre just such,simple easy flavors for you to opt for,theyre safe as well in the morning Ill,have them with my oats I either do,overnight oats or warm oats I prefer and,then Ill add a scoop of protein into,the oats along with some womens best,protein creme its like you know an,alternative to Nutella so its good,stuff so thats what Ill do also Ill,have another shape after my workout,straight after my workout already have,it in my womans best shape Ill add,some water and then I just downed it now,on other people struggle to have protein,just with water which is absolutely fine,you can have it with some plant-based,milk or whole milk you can also blend in,a banana or add a tablespoon of peanut,butter or so depending on what your,goals are if I am bulking I will add,some oats peanut butter and banana after,and my post-workout shake and I,absolutely love it its filling its,noshing I love it so much,however when I am cutting I will just,help my protein powder with water so Im,just going to be reading over the,packaging so you guys are fully aware,theres 33 servings gluten free soy free,vegetarian and Im gonna try and,pronounce this word because Ive been,trying to pronounce over the past five,minutes Loki behind the scenes and I,cannot pronounce it but its aspartame,free if I got it wrong I got it wrong,and then on the back it recommends your,daily intake drink a shake after your,workout which I do or as a snack which,is a great alternative as well one two,three shakes a day I firstly take to a,mix 30 grams of powder which is,essentially one scoop to 200 or 250,millilitres of water the more water you,add the more you will dilute the,concentrate and flavour the less water,it will be thicker more like a milkshake,and the flavor will be much richer so,bear that in mind also a really quick,tip if you are adding protein into your,warm oats allow your oats to cool down,just slightly because it will go grainy,so you want to mix it in one this a,little bit of a heat quick tip so,protein for me every single day two,scoops two servings moving on now to,probably the one supplement that I just,literally Im hurt when I tell you Im,hurt you must believe Im hook,pre-workout and me go hand in hand were,best friends were soul sisters we belong,together,were gonna get married together I just,love pre-workout so much yes I only been,addicted to it you dont get addicted to,things like this by the way but Im just,saying me subconsciously I just hooked,on it so I had the pre-workout boost in,crazy fruit flavor which is this one,right here me and Holly nee because,Holly and I have started to train,together because she wants to get back,to the gym so Im like overseeing,everything she does so she should slowly,build her strength up she absolutely,adores the crazy fruit flavor it does,add a bit of tingle Im I know other,pre-workouts oh my god when I take,another P workouts when I havent had my,long as best I hate it I literally hate,it my body comes up in so much rashes,its red its itchy my face is itchy,she liked doing this in the gym I look,like insane so thats why with the,womans best pre workout I dont have,those side effects I know that you just,get a boost of energy as opposed to,actually feeling like I want to rip my,skin off my body so this is the one I,take I take one scoop only when,literally a shot of water and I shot it,back a lot of crazy people do this a lot,of crazy ass people I dont know how,they do it you know theyre gonna and,then they just put the water in teach me,your ways because I would actually choke,and it would come out my nose and that,will just be an actually big disaster no,thats scary so I just add it in with a,bit of water mix it its about and,youre ready to go I take it 20 minutes,before my workout so I take out home,when I get to the gym Im ready to go so,free workout for me love it so much,I also take branched-chain amino acids,BCAAs and this is not a necessity,none of the supplements are a necessity,this is just something that I like to,take it also makes my water taste better,hydration right train amino acid keeps,me hydrated about my workouts and you,know its just something that Ive,become so habited is that even a word,habit it will go with it I just add into,my water bottle and I sip it for a third,day as well not just throughout my,workout for out the day and I love it so,much theres different flavors that you,can opt for oh my god theres so many I,still love the Tami Hammer oh I need you,one when are you gonna bring that back,woman to this when youre gonna bring,that back okay for theres so many,flavors you can go for peach iced tea,is a incredible flavor it actually,tastes like peach iced tea especially if,its in the summer you can add some rice,into your cup water,sip it up youre good to go so the next,thing Im going to show you is kind of,like the bitumen side of things so I,have honestly never in my life taking,half Pitmans skin Pitmans I just dont,care for them but um my manager womans,best he was Im just gonna send you them,cuz I was like no I dont do have,vitamins dont care about that hes like,theyre just just try them out because,theyre actually delicious I was like,alright cool so I had the two ball hair,by amends which of these right here,honesty I let you just pop one and Im,like oh yeah in the morning,yep love it thats it think about it,chew it get some biotin in there you,know for your nails your hair for your,skin I say goes and they taste so good,they taste like strawberry


hi guys welcome to a new video today Im,going to tell you about my experience of,the womans best order,I been Bobs last week and today is the,day that Im going to tell you what how,I liked it or not so give this video,ready tums up make sure you subscribe,and then were going right into the,video by the way I know its not Friday,but Im recording this on Friday so for,me it is Friday but youre watching is,on front Saturday so sorry for shirred,this week I tried to BCAs amino acids,from low in fats and Ive tried the,pre-workout booster in crazy fruit,flavor so does do I can review and I,also have some protein chips and,vitamins where I can tell you guys about,so guess what Im going to do we start,with lets start with a pre-workout I,mean you always start with pre-workout,so before our I went to the gym I dont,do this every time I go to the gym,though but when I like if I have to go,right now to the gym I would be super,tired like a super man and in his slow,mode so that pre-workout is like the,best thing ever or its called,pre-workout booster crazy fruits what I,noticed is this is not the most summon,contain the most caffeine as you know,from other pre-workouts but I think that,is a little bit more healthy so besides,that I dont see any sugars in it well,there is there is some sugar in there,well point seven six grams and it is,actually really delicious I still need,to manage to not fail when shaking in,his with every sugar and has,problem with keeping everything in the,in the shaker so I think its just mine,its from every brand that I see that I,shake it and then my whole wall is like,pre-workout,so yeah super happy with this product,definitely gonna use it more often and I,dont want to use it too often like they,like every time I go to the gym because,I feel like my body is getting used to,the caffeine and then I just need more,and I dont want to have that so I just,gonna go Ill use this when I really,feel like I need a boost so thats my,review on this one,then were going like during during my,ab workout and mostly onwards I tend to,get it afterwards,its the amino acid I asked at my gym,what was exactly the difference between,whey protein and BCA amino FS and,correct me if Im wrong but they told me,that the amino acids are actively taken,up by your muscles so its actually,better to have CCS during your workout,or like immediately after and inspect,with protein like whey protein you can,take that after your workout with witih,shanks so do you notice that what I mean,so this is more like immediately or -,during your workouts or immediately,after so I have the BCAA amino in Cola,line and I am in a like I dont like,whey protein like I didnt found the,best way for Andy so far for me I cant,I dont like to drink this however this,is like a substitute for whey protein,and its not the same but it is have,some similar effect once group is,essentially not built to stop them,[Music],one good,right is leaky Oh,oh my god this tastes amazing tonight,things like clogged okay oh this is good, is good oh I think I actually,found my my protein shake which is not,protein its-a-me Nova this is good I,only need to make sure to close lips,properly this is just good stuff it is,good stuff I love it so much if its,just once its the best thing I have,ever like I actually like to taste more,than the pre-workout Cola its just like,youre drinking Cola,its like cheap Cola but thats how it,tastes like without without any,sparkling in it but love it I love it,really much Im so glad I have it and,this its never going to leave my,kitchen shelve anymore this is what Im,going to use every time I go to the gym,I will use BPAs because I will drink,the amino acids because its good and,its good for your muscles and however I,have a little pain this week and I was,like maybe you get less with these but,thats not what I have experienced but,maybe when I try that like next week,again maybe I do different exercises,maybe the muscle pain will be less but,very happy with this product as well so,so far we have two great great things to,have great reviews actually let me tell,you one thing Im not sponsored through,status this is just something,just take for these stuff myself plenty,to get it from them its just my odds,opinion and I love it I had for lunch,and dinner multivitamins and have to be,honest with you I dont,I always forget these so I have 1/2 them,three of them and theyre easy to,swallow for now I dont really see any,difference but I mean I think you have,to take this every day and then you will,see a better skin or better hair or,healthy hair anything like that,so yes I thought that I would review,this but I need a little bit more time,so give me two weeks and then I might,have a better review one days if you,really want to know let me know because,then I know that you guys are waiting,for a review of is that daily vitamins,or to multislice vitamin capsules so but,its easy to swallow and its not hard,and its just what your dinner but I,dont want to get get it without dinner,because I feel like its empty,if your stomach is empty and you put,vitamins in it that cant be good for,your stomach not how to piss mature or,better thats what I think then finally,I have these protein chips salt and,vinegar and as you see this one is so,full this one is empty so I have tried,it and I have to say it tastes ok so,maybe this flavor because normally Im a,big fan of salt and vinegar salt and,vinegar flavor ship chips but you just,see that it is a little bit more healthy,I mean there is let me see there is like,so not much sugar in it like 0.2 sugar,and I feel like I need a little bit more,sugar when I when I eat chips chips but,at the same time I also just eat shift,to eat something and then I think it is,perfect because sometimes I just I Im,bored and then Im gonna eat you know,that you know that feeling that youre,just bored so youre going to eat and,then I think this is a good solution be,it tastes good it makes you feel give,you this full feeling and its still,very enjoyable ah it doesnt compete,with real ships like tetrakis ships or,something in the Netherlands we have,that I dont think its thats a,worldwide thing but that is just my,favorite and its really hard for a,brand like a chips brand to actually,beat that so but it is how do you have I,didnt have like these notes this week,that I really want to go that was,grazing for food and I really need to,eat something so I still have one left,thats for probably tonight when Im mad,at my computer and then I realize yes I,need food and then I will reach for this,so DS for the products I stepped it this,week,and to be honest I have a very positive,feedback of these products Im really,surprised and Im going to order some,more web Im definitely going to do that,because these products are one of my,face so I hope you thought this video,was informative if you want to see more,of these stuff please give it a thumbs,up comment below what youre going to,order now after seeing this video and,make sure you subscribe to my video and,I will see you guys next time,hi,[Music]

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one year ago i sought out to try,pre-workout,for the very first time and what kind of,youtuber would i be if i didnt share it,for the internet i dont know,im definitely still tired but im,pushing through,the og in 4k it wasnt exactly,itchy but i did feel an urge to move and,i did kind of feel like my skin was a,little bit,more vibrant from my experience overall,benefits,a little bit more energized willing to,push through those final reps of an,exercise,and i also think it makes me a little,bit more competitive and,i am not a competitive person at all but,i think it just makes me a little bit,more,fiery i stopped using the pre-workout up,until about,five weeks ago when i decided to,humiliate myself on my own,instagram time and time again now im,taking,your suggestions to try and find the,ultimate,best pre-workout on the market and i can,finally put,this argument to sleep also a very,special thank you to todays sponsor,which is,thrive market all right i just put up,the instagram story please,send recent me your absolute favorite,pre-workout brands,and flavors because i think flavors are,actually pretty important,lets start with probably what is the,most,common response which is ilani nu now i,have to be completely honest with you,ive tried a lonnie new protein powder,before and i was 1 000,influenced it was what all of my,favorite influencers were telling me to,use,i thought ive never really tried,protein powder i might as well use it,and theres no nice way of,phrasing this but it was horrible i just,did not like it whatsoever,i used it because i didnt want to be,wasteful i think i tried,banana and then blueberry muffin and,both flavors were just not,up my alley but im going to trust you,all because this was probably the most,popular response that i got so lets,give her a go for one canister of their,pre-workout is,39.99 i feel like thats kind of high,i dont really know the standard but it,just feels high pretty much every flavor,here was recommended to me but i,actually think im going to go,with the breeze berry because that,sounds fresh,yummy delightful maybe a little,refreshing somehow,and lets just go for it boom thank you,taylor lets go,also after everything shipping,washington state tax and washington city,tax,it actually ended up being 49.59,i dont know i dont know it just feels,like so much money,avoiding that massive pile of clothes in,the corner,today we are testing the one,the only elani new brees berry,this literally just arrived in the mail,yesterday so,im getting quite lucky here with the,shipments this says,mix half of a scoop in six to eight,ounce water wait 20,to 30 minutes before your workout once,tolerance has been assessed you may use,one full serving,a slight tingling sensation is normal,and is due to the beta alanine,be sure to stay hydrated and have a,great workout i love that little caveat,kind of giving you that warning,if youve never tried pre-workout before,hey dont be alarmed,tingling well strange is normal if your,product has the beta alanine in it my,expectations for this,are actually fairly high just because it,comes,so highly influencer based pretty much,every gym goer that i follow on,instagram and whatnot,is somehow associated with lonnie new,this one smells like blueberry,cotton candy but the breeze berry is,very much,blueberry on ice,what does that even mean taylor theres,my half a scoop and in honor of,all of the dry scoops that i often see,im gonna give it one final go,just to have a laugh with you all heres,the thing,ive been told to put underneath the,tongue then ive also been told,water scoop water ive also been told,swish it around a little bit like,theres so many tips and tricks i really,feel like its all just,user based so ive never tried,underneath the tongue i think thats the,approach were gonna go with,today ugh just just dont laugh at me,okay thats all i ask,okay that was my final try absolutely,never again,half of that just went into the sink so,im gonna do a quarter of a scoop,right now its like my whole body takes,over,and as much as im telling myself drink,the flipping water,faster i cant like i cant move,[Music],i dont whatever i dont love the flavor,its pretty tart,oh my gosh i just gotta say,i really needed this pre-workout today,so im crossing my fingers,that ilani knew pulls through because i,was just about to take a nap,i kid you not 10 minutes ago i was this,close,to skipping out on everything,just reminding ourselves of what our,goals are why were wanting to do,something,did i really need that nap or was i just,wanting to avoid all responsibilities,perhaps in my case it was absolutely the,latter,[Music],back here to report for the pre-workout,feeling pretty energized,feeling like i actually pushed myself a,lot more with my weights today,even with bicep curls normally im not,that that strong but i feel like,i definitely did increase my weights,never felt any itches,shakes tingles etc feel pretty good just,overall,well caffeinated very balanced all right,miss alani knew,not disappointed really wasnt i think,the uh,dry scoop sort of shook me at first but,ended up being totally fine,it really just felt like an overall good,caffeine kick if you will,and ultimately it got me to the gym,which i wouldnt have gone,otherwise i can get behind the ilani new,pre-workout train,maybe its just the protein powders that,didnt sit right with me honestly,pretty good experience is it pes science,or is it pe,science i think its bes so thats what,were gonna say but im,so sorry that im probably butchering,this name their two different lines of,pre-workouts are either,based or caffeine free which i actually,think im going to lean towards the high,volume which is the caffeine free,pre-workout from the few that ive seen,it does seem a little bit more rare that,a pre-workout would be caffeine free,so i would love to try this and just see,comparatively how much the caffeine,affects you or not,i was really hoping for this and i,didnt see it on alani new,you can actually get one sample size to,try,which i think is the smartest thing any,company could do,with their protein with their,pre-workout it is so wasteful to buy an,entire container,if you dont end up liking it unless,they have a good return policy,and im going to do it in the cotton,candy flavor,gluten-free vegan keto friendly we love,to see it we love a sample,thank you so much oh yes that just made,me,so happy i dont have to spend another,fifty dollars,look what just arrived i dont know why,i made that voice,whoa p.s science baby i know im still,saying that wrong i,i dont we have our two scoop serving of,cotton candy awesome sample size the,select protein,and frosted chocolate cupcake flavor a,bcaa which i dont think ive actually,ever taken a bcaa supplement before so,excited to try that,a prolific pre-workout in melon berry,twist,another cotton candy and another fudge,chocolate cupcake so were going,with high volume cotton candy im stoked,for this im,trying to channel like my inner carnival,kid im getting ready to get my cotton,candy,but also go to the gym at the same time,love to see it intertwined,i was tagged in it by missy thank you,missy basically youre going to make,your own little shot lets say a,pre-workout which i normally do with,just a small amount of water in my cup,anyways but this feels more fun for the,record this says,consume half of the packet with 10 to 12,ounces of water,30 minutes before training so im gonna,do my fun little shot im gonna have a,whole bunch of water,wait my 30 minutes head off to the gym,oh yeah straight cotton candy that feels,about right that feels pretty good we,got our,shot baby there we go this feels so,silly i obviously dont have any smaller,container than this,so this is what were working with im,making a total mess,whatever this is gonna be really hard to,do from this glass im getting a napkin,im gonna try my best i dont think i,can shot this,so cheers,[Music],wow actually that was pretty dang,effective a little messy

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Do You NEED THIS?! Supplements Explained | TRAINING TIP TUESDAY #5

supplements arm not necessary to you,beertje fitness kost bij akkad,supplements for everything work to,stappen manager die zo first girdhari je,duim aan de control de kern rusty en,ehbo work out your team and then je kunt,zien waar ik verbleef valuable for you,to supplemented by g david sophie van,games van greens en denk je zo hard voor,clicking on this video,this video is een nieuw twee plus twee,en biscuit het is opgebouwd stoppen,quick disclaimer this video is just for,educational purposes,eerst nat en medical advice ik might be,that some supplements interfere with,short medication ze if you could be,under medication dan heb ik werk met,youtube first contact een held,confessional te zien wat er is oké voor,u,steek en die stoppen en er een land dat,de mens available and voor this video,and i talk about the most common,supplement in de markt en de mensen die,en you think of arm familie jori en rond,de stad priëne creatief ytc kritiek op,wie je team kan hel project increasing,your muscle strength and endurance als,het geld your muscles zelfstudie procent,je creakings dat moment een bril kans,een smile again in the first weeks of,youth in creating an ever its ability to,in proef je op vormend wil cancer oud,die temperatuur is advantage of the,increase your creatine is very well,researched in de zeef en ik wist she en,die om the potential dan sluit de using,kritiek is denk ik heb nootjes je kind,crème soda julia of je consume to large,van edo scout betekent voor die best,leuke tijd kritiek kritiek kritiek mono,hyver is dus een vorm of creating this,very well studie en de studies have not,found and other forms of creating a more,effective,kom per drie mannen harde werk even if,there more expensive auto zakken manager,te koop met cree team hyver die staander,daily dose for kritiek is 5 crèmes oké,nou daar awesome people een landmassa,said you stand kwamen cd en de perfect,voor make-up is claim is het folie,supported by reference,however if you take the times they can,het is het vijfde teken in tutu roos is,het uw tuin 5.de personally te steken in,my fair waar het loading screen and this,is basically die t een high dose for is,modder maanden time before moving on,toen we een smeekbede stones,dat is is een necessary for effecten,stoffen mijn tation zouden benefit my,papieren pester dat doe je zult voor,mama is elke regio niks mening werd er,is nul défense any more in the benefits,of kritiek compares to people who do de,gate and people moet je steak voor,kranten deeg voor tempel te reason why,te vaak mensen die en doen dat loofah,kritiek dus je spikkels is ietsje meer,glamour dan weer arthur people who,harcourt je 10 nam responders een,display screams dat ik quirinus unable,to baas van je blog to your muscles,in this case you might consider heading,er kritiek while reading your post op,pre-workout nieuw dekkend eens in dat,afkoop stand pro die ik jonger was,vanuit de q10 en je tong miljard worden,bij timing er in t cover ik haar het met,een nieuw binnen my blog with cup heb ik,een opzet standen,next up is pup die zo warm gt pro 10 of,waaide je even niet protein-protein eens,mee dat amino acid and middle uit,sittard afbeelding plaats voor your,muscles canterbury,zo nu al een nieuw fccu war i would be,able to built to repair om eventueel,mijn teen muscle mass echt jouw voet in,tank does not cover joop rood ely en je,kunt stoppen met je die je projecten, power to make sure you can of,brood inkom theorie pcs,mother id ik een soort of protein afs,van de to talk about difference between,wnk zien en de high protein is een paar,such as tien pro-10 mening daar is park,gyu to consume het duurde dijk,wanneer muscles arkin niet voor,prototype reis castien castien,is een slow dat hij sympathie zo this is,where the story of your pure body which,is ideal for consuming the for your,account therefore agree continuer p32 zo,een difference between week concentrate,en mooi aansluit en de main event is die,een maand of protein gaat en lepton,symbool powers and their de speakers die,we luisteren tanden kozen dicht om een,effect en processen beninca the level of,proteinen spitfire en de level of vet en,lactose is het blower,compared to the boy concentrate how and,why should i surely kosovo wil dit more,expensive,of your building het je spam in wil dit,mogelijk via paypal of fire budget ben,ik ik heb luister gewoon or you could,get the ice along if your concerns about,the lack troost in the powers of the,amount of practice is dit lower in die,voor juiste compare to the way,concentrate die vangen de fans aan van,het u dank u wel eens je die fans,bevriend,de lamp is fotohouders engine journal,protein powder zo lang is methaan lochem,by kan het,en die armband is not op je schiet zo,daar online amino acid essentieel voor,die groene body to function and protein,komt een speeldoos climbing adsense ben,er is concealer tekent liep rood ik weet,komt een sok als miami live chat,software voor ieders concert er teken 3,pro team however mannenstem obees,protein powder arm not because there you,go in one of the nicest en essentieel,zou hier best uit ik gewoon te koop voor,een plan bs protein powder is to make,sure you by glenn van der tuuk combine,kevin door mps protein sources,in order to view any potential nu,crystal kaars in een single source sprak,zo dit is een kasim protein dit is en,wie protein en dit is een absoluut man,dit is ons alleen whey protein het is is,mijn die,een mooie concentrate and then the story,of o arme beest proteins and this one is,een plan bs protein and this,combination of pea protein,bosch pro team en hem piti,ouder mijn youtube t-shirt choice of,protein powder en wat youtube goals en,wat zoeter die het best and not,necessarily,on the taste zo let me van whitby video,al haar voorpoot en check swing,xtar bbc en for the plans chain and,villas at sandd op een manier die twee,pc een scan van uw veel verstand,geoloog protein intake en zeekanaal,project verloning puzzle protein,synthesis fichier is al import en suyin,just om een grammy base is wat is je met,youtube consume en af protein and if i,matcher natuur capaldi naar de,cent-shop een nieuwe eisen skin van ptp,is een sapje manier die puppy een is not,necessary and small resources for where,i cant gamepc reis zoal moet je t pc,een wan heeft je twee vaste moet je zo,al is t clichés en zijn meest reach een,vaste,en dus help switch preventing muscle,preek taal cultuur,if you dont get all the mind essential,meer als het interieur taille,which can be the case if you marlieke,refectorium moreel en familie,pre-workout nou item classify workout,ijs is appel en de anode daar iemand,people with questions about pre-workout,moet je ze allemaal hebt sturing kleur,wit in deze video,daar al heeft je benefits to taking,verwerken ik kan helpen in quiz nieuwe,performance in de djinn en witcher,mental focus,however this nodelijk en zo effectief,beest of your heart rate en het kanaal,effector blood pressure,zo eentje waar planning om teken pure,cut and make sure you to research first,en je staat kwik en lood zo the main,ingredient simply workout armand ki voor,energy twee weken anoniem,dus wel een quiz je muscle endurance,voor goglio muscle fatigue and with is,ofzo oké 1302 chenin personally greed,and like its oude heeft met shared a,timeline viewer kan ze bellen kicks in,hoorn einstein julia files den haag oom,billy dood is het en natuurlijk,keuring maar warm up en uitjes mannen,rechtstreeks tot je snel en happen in,het geplukt lichaam dus ik ken keertje,werkindeling sensation,2 is 6 uur in n this will help the,increasing,bladvlo voor bee gees en haarolie,tastbare 5 er is kritiek en arbo,software,sunrise you find something in the lines,als een pro,priref plan om die in quint leert and in,that case al roerend will recommend you,to go voor dagmar het piekuur simply dan,noodzakelijk wordt in en en applicaties,dus uw shirt en graimans arme fellows,end and see how you beat van vandaag was,mijn video dus luc stranger to stay all,about suppl

Pre-workout Review | Hit or miss? Worth the hype?

hi guys welcome back to my channel,thanks for clicking on this video,um in this weeks video im gonna be,doing a review on,womens best pre-workout um i have,got two tubs ive got it in orange mango,dream and ive got it in,watermelon mints um i have never used,pre-workout before,so im just gonna do a little review of,a little bit about the brand so,about womens best um about what,pre-workout is and then im actually,gonna be trying it for the first time,so if this is something that youre,interested in um if youre considering,getting pre-workout or if you work out,but you just want a little bit of,something to help you basically and then,keep watching,so first off just want to say this is,not a sponsored video obviously my,youtube channel is very small itd be,very it would be very unusual if womens,best decides decided to sponsor me,um but you probably recognize the brand,um womens best from instagram its all,over the socials,loads of um you know like youtube,like workout people or on instagram,workout people,are sponsored by it um and they always,have like,quite good deals on so on black friday i,decided to,invest it wasnt even that much of an,investment it was so cheap because it,was 50,off so it was buy one get one free um,which was great,um so i purchased two tubs of the,pre-workout um so a little bit about,what pre-workout is i did a little bit,of research beforehand,and its basically its classed as a,dietary supplement but,i dont really see how it is but,whatever it is used to,increase um endurance energy and like,focus when youre working out basically,its going to give you a,boost of energy because the main thing,in it is caffeine,i think some of them have creo creatine,if i if i say that right but womens,best,doesnt um just has caffeine in it,basically,um to boost your,energy because i dont know if um other,people get this but,particularly when i go and try and work,out in the mornings i will feel like so,weak and sluggish because i wont have,time to have breakfast beforehand,because i dont really like eat that,much like,early in the morning um so ill go and,ill have a rubbish workout and ill,just be like there was literally no,point in me going,so i purchased some pre-workout to try,and,contract that so my aim for it is to be,able to go,and work out in the mornings have a,glass of this before i go,and then bam have a really good session,in the morning,so i purchased the orange mango dream,which looks like this and i also,purchased,watermelon mint um,each of these tubs comes with a little,scoop inside,a little scoop and the recommended,amount is,one scoop um i think for,extra oh it says intense workout mix one,scoop with a glass of water or if you,want an,extreme workout then you mix two scoops,of intense water,i am a little bit of a wimp because,obviously ive never taken this before,so i usually do about three quarters,um and then ill ill build my way up to,it im sure,each individual tub um has 30 servings,so if you go to the gym every single day,then itll last you a month,i aim to go to the gym minimum,three times a week so sometimes four and,because ive got two tubs,obviously these are going to last me,quite a while because i alternate,between them so yeah,i think that is pretty much it im just,going to get straight into,trying these now so were just going to,fast forward to me,waking up and going to the gym and we,can see what they taste like and if they,actually work,hello guys it is about 8 30 a.m so im,just about to go to the gym,i dont like to eat like a big meal,before i go see them in the mornings,because,one i never have time and two i just,feel like id be like too like heavy,so were going to be trying my,orange and mango flavor pre-workout so,lets put this in some water and taste,it basically,what you do is i dont have a shaker so,im just using a,spoon and glass,so you want to take so it says that,recommended seven is a one-hour scoop,because im new to this apparently it,affects you quite a lot so im just,gonna,have a little bit less than one,like that,come on and then you literally just want,to mix up,if you have a shaker then you would be,able to shake it obviously but,i just thought at the moment theres no,point in me getting a shaker,and yeah thats it then im gonna,drink this now im probably going to,down it because i have a little bit late,sounds so good already,oh no i brushed my teeth,i can taste toothpaste,it pretty much says whats on the tin,taste of orange and mango,towards the end you got some of the the,granules,i dont know if you would get that in a,shaker but,just mix it back up,so then that is that and then now im,going to go to the gym,so usually my workouts in the morning i,will feel like,really sluggish and i actually get like,quite,faint and like wobbly as well quite,easily like when im trying to let him,lift heavy weights,so this gal,should help me out so we shall see and,ill check back in,after im done with my workout,[Music],so i forgot to um record,what i thought before i got back from,the gym after i got back in the gym,so im just gonna huge it now i look,bald for some reason so im just trying,to,prove i have got some hair um but yeah,so far so good the flavor was so good of,the orange and mango one,and i could lift like the normal amounts,i would do in the evening when i go to,the evening,um whereas usually i would only lift,like light in the morning and my workout,would be shorter as well,um but yeah it was really good,i lifted like heavy and i stayed for,like 45 minutes,um so really happy with it so far and,it tastes so good im being a bit quiet,because my housemate is still asleep,this morning were doing watermelon and,mint,it smells so good,cheers,every time why do i brush my teeth,before i have them,you might have noticed yesterday i,usually leave,like the last tiny bit because,everything that hasnt evolved,and it stays at their bottom glass and,it is so so sweet that last month for so,ill leave that but yeah,its our fate lets go to the gym and,i mean i already know its gonna work,because yesterday was a great workout so,i will check in with you when i get back,okay so i lied i,i didnt flick back to me after the gym,because it was exactly the same as the,first time,it worked it made me feel good and it,tasted good so,there we go i could just sum that review,up right there couldnt i,quick and easy overall i really really,like this product,i it made a massive difference at the,gym for me particularly because i,felt so weak and wobbly in the mornings,when i didnt take this,um i basically just ended up not being,able to work out i just would,only go in the evenings which restricted,the amount that i can go so im so so,happy because now i can go in the,mornings,and i know i can have a good workout um,i can continue to like lift the amount,that i was usually lifting,and i put a couple of videos in just,before this,just to show you like sort of like the,amount that im lifting like im not,being like oh its so much but,thats the maximum i can lift at the,moment and thats the same amount that i,can do in the morning,and the evening now which would not be,impossible um without pre-workout,taste wise it is very very sweet,um it does actually say on a um,food supplement with sweetener,and i think the amount of sugar it has,each little scoop is 10 grams,so what you get in that is,100 milligrams of caffeine,um performance blend 7.2,protein carbohydrates is 1.5,sugars is 0.1 so i dont know if it,doesnt actually have that much sugar in,it just because,its got sweetener in it instead um,so thats that it is gluten free it is,lactose free and it is also,vegan which is great so each of these,tubs,individually comes in at 69.99,um aud so thats australian dollars so,69 out ran up 70 35 pounds basically,but i believe women best basically,always have deals on,at the moment for example theyve got 30,on,again not sponsored ive just had to,google how much they were because i,didnt know,and i can see they have 30 off um,i obviously

Women’s Best Product Review | Bcaa & Preworkout | my first honest opinion | LaVon Annette

this is freaking amazing,but aint what the video is about so let,me stop you – whats up EPG was about,family was what I do Im glad to have,you back on my channel back to my,channel if youre new please do me a,favor do yourself a favor and join the,BPG thats beautiful people game by,hitting that subscribe button right here,and also smash that build button right,beside it so I should know about,whenever I put another video BPG is a,beautiful people game where I family,with our crew that represent all,beautiful people,point-blank and period so go ahead and,do a lot to have you we are sales I am,myself and accept you get alright,without further ado let me go ahead and,get into the video because I dont want,this video to be extremely low and plus,I have somewhere to be,I want a clock so I want to do a product,review on this product that all my,fitness inspiration people on Instagram,Im using like literally every last one,that I look up to as my fitness goals,and fitness motivation Ill use this,product this video is not sponsored this,video was not given by a discount code,this video is done today its me when my,heart arent working money decides to go,and purchase this product to give it a,try now I mean you know big get halted,if you dont want to sponsor your girl,hey I hang on shut it down let me gonna,get into this I bought two products from,my miss best the first thing that I got,was the first hand account was the BCAA,BCAA stands for branched chain amino,acid and this is supposed to improve,muscle recovery time improves sore,muscles it also help intensify and,improve your breakout I bought this in,the flavor whoo watermelon one of,millions with my favorite flavors,hoppier you know what you cant really,go wrong with watermelon so let me go,and give it a try,so got in flavor watermelon I have not,opened it but I will be open it and,trying it for you all,Im gonna try today as I,Im doing a lot of cardio so Im gonna,try this product to see if it does just,what it says if it helps boost my,workout helps into the pot my workout,Im gonna be mixing this inside of my,blender bottle to proceed from room as,best as a gift for me purchasing these,two Im gonna make some pcan here and,drink this as I worked out like you,working at Gatorade power right or any,other drink to boost or get you through,your workout so Im gonna be trying,there and that you all know if that,product did what it said is gonna do the,other thing that I purchased is the pre,work out booster this is supposed to,increase your muscle pump its supposed,to help get you some lean muscle mass,Im supposed to help with mental focus,so that youre zoomed in to your workout,and its supposed to give you the energy,you need to get through your workout I,have not worked out in about two and a,half weeks so my cinema that I once had,built up its probably not where it used,to be but hopefully with this I can,power through and get through my workout,Im doing a lot of cardio today so with,this it says on the bottle that for,intent to workout I dont know if you,can see it but for intense work out you,can take one scoop in for extreme,workout you can take two scoops,I personally dont just take one scoop I,have it has caffeine already have a lot,of energy so I dont really need a whole,bunch and plus Im just not trying this,out I dont want to go into arrhythmias,or something like that you know so Im,gonna do one scoop and I am gonna take,it like that like Im just gonna take,the scoop now and take some water in and,Im doing that right now,the same thing goes with the BCAA you,can do 1 to 2 scoops depending on,depending on your anticipation into my,handy-dandy,bender bottom Im gonna go ahead and pop,this bad boy open and give you a little,taste of what it tastes like,I did buy the pre-work out and the,flavor sour peach candy just want to try,something I personally recommend taking,pre-workout 10 to 15 minutes before,youre actually gonna do your workout,just because you cant help give you,that boost to work out sometimes we lazy,dont want to get hurt but I feel like,every time Ive taken a pre-workout I,took it 10 to 15 mins before I worked,out I was pumped and to go ahead and get,my workout in so I would recommend that,so that is the consistency its just,powder but this is the scoop that it,comes with,I am only gonna do one scoop Mario,naturally hyper ADHD type of individual,so huh its all Im gonna do,[Music],you know Ill tell them in the best,sour is definitely selling this tastes,just like eat sour candy dice on my,mouth just watering with such sourness,that is good,that is really good I can mix that in,some water some ice cubes up in there my,little sippy-sip simple this is really,good this is really good this tastes,just like peach candy sour peach can is,definitely sour as in a good-sized mob,my palate is now youre like salivating,right now thats good Im gonna try this,right now the BCAA the watermelon is the,peach is good this baby it has to be,just as good,let me go look my water yeah so this is,the blender bottom of course thats,still the lid I have had saw some,reviews where they were saying no matter,how tight that tightened on the lid that,it was still leak around and whatnot I,dont know of course this is me I just,opened it look at that little detail,look at the little hard oh my goodness,gonna do it I have my heart represent,like a woman but the shaped like a heart,oh my god is so cute oh so yeah I dont,know if it will leak if this is new it,updated but Im gonna put my water in,here and screw this on I guess this,helps break down just powder I guess,thats the blender thing instead a,little ball I guess thats what it so,Im gonna shake it up real good but Im,gonna rinse it out grab it I have rinsed,out my cup,Im gonna be trying the BCAA watermelon,flavor and like I said BCAA is supposed,to help increase muscle soreness muscle,recovery and help improve the workout so,were gonna get this bad boy a try,I poured about 350 so Amy Im gonna take,one scoop my wanna building BCAA only,thing I dont like its my Dada the the,scoops be like at the very funny got the,dick you think all the way navigate it,okay got my one scoop scoop see if I get,the same effect that people were saying,about it leaking when they should get up,no matter how tight they should get my,shouldnt cap is snap it snap twice so,that may be a reason all right and its,nice and tight so Im having foggy so,far no leaking,[Music],well put up something,see that wetness,maybe its due to all the phone and it,makes pressure I just made that up and,so it looks all mixed up I dont see,well it is Lea good yeah it does leak,see,all right I dont know if you saw that,leakage just in but it was leaking why,is that I dont know but it was leaking,dont see any powder feel like its all,nice and mixed in so were gonna give it,a try,[Music],yeah I can drink it I probably would,like to drink it if it was a little bit,more cold it tastes good its not,something I would have to force myself,to drink its not as watermelon II as I,probably would like it but it does taste,good its not my sister I would not want,to drink ever again or its nasty its,just I will I just like more flavor I,will just fix it put in the freezer get,it more cold,now Im sure Ill be absolutely perfect,I just like my stuff cold Im gonna save,this for my workout so I can drink it so,yeah guys Im gonna be back whenever I,finished my workout and I try know if,the products did exactly what its gonna,do okay so okay so okay and were gonna,take a shower and everything my thoughts,on the products the pre-workout booster,in the BCAAs and this water bottle first,Im gonna start off with this bottle I,do seem for it mixed with this bottle,definitely mix well for for it not to,have that little ball but it do leap,like I have this bottle so tight but for,whatever reason it just tilted on this,side its gonna leak and thats one,thing that I dont like because if you,had in your gym bag,just on the side and it probably o


hey everyone welcome to my channel so,this is,the fourth episode i think so if you,havent seen the other ones those ones,are kind of going to give you a better,idea,of where this entire,thing is going where my entire little,series is going,i skipped last week because i was so,behind on my classes ive been doing so,much,with my master class and just like,everything so,here we are trying to catch up so if you,guys missed,the other ones i did ilani new i,did bloom nutrition i did,bomar nutrition i think i cant remember,i think it was but more,yeah that one got a lot of feedback but,yeah if you guys dont know who i am and,this is the first time youre coming,onto my channel,im healthy im a holistic health coach,and a personal trainer for about eight,years now,and i just got here because i was,feeling,really cruddy although i was very,physically fit i just kind of,felt like to say the least i was,fit and i felt like,so i started looking at the ingredients,that were in my food and my fitness,supplements and i realized that,a lot of the stuff that were in my,so-called healthy supplements,were actually making me feel terrible i,had chronic,gas and bloating and migraines,acne all of it it was just a struggle,and its taken me about three years now,to really get into a good schedule and,find clean products and be able to,switch everything out so,slow and steady wins the race finding,brands that i really love,now were here and hopefully i can help,you guys look at ingredients on your own,and know what to,avoid and what not to avoid and i hope,this series kind of helps you a bit so,that being said today we are going to be,reviewing,womens best,[Music],but here we are on the websites and i,will say,um i love their athletes right christy,cella is one of my,favorite athletes that i follow i still,follow and support her,i just dont support her in this way if,that makes sense,so although i love her i love her app,i love her um her new activewear line,which i buy a lot of her things,i just choose not to support her with,her womens best sponsorship if that,makes sense so,i dont hate the influencers that,promote these brands that i maybe,dont agree with i just find other ways,to support them thats it were mature,okay we try to be mature on this page,all right,so again here we are on the sites so,were going to go into nutrition because,i know they do sell,obviously sportswear,um whoa wow they have a lot of stuff,whoa whoa they literally did not leave,anything behind,jelly bean a multi okay this i have to,look at because,what even is this the one thing i will,say with womens best,that kind of irks me is because their,marketing is,for women women just gravitate towards,it and they think that theyre getting,something different like,supplements and things although women,and you know men biologically have,different hormones right or women are,born with a little bit more estrogen men,are born with a little more testosterone,thats like just biology the fact that,theyve all theyre only,really targeting women with this is,weird to me,because protein and fitness and eating,right and,eating healthy and just being healthy is,not,reliant on gender right you could be any,gender,and you could still be healthy and eat,and take supplements and to all these,things so the fact that they only,really branched towards women,is weird to me its just like its 20,21 like lets get it together so i will,say that thats nothing to do with the,review of their products im just saying,its weird to me,all right so lets look at the,ingredients here oh,okay this is the jelly bean,chewable so these are pretty much gummy,vitamins apple raspberry and orange,okay so lets see okay so multivitamin,blend citric acid,which is a derivative of mold if you,guys didnt know and a lot of people say,well like,molds like well cheese gets mold thats,not bad that is naturally occurring mold,this comes like from the cheese just,going bad,this is from black mold so its a little,bit different these arent even,bio-available vitamin c,these are synthetic vitamin c so your,bodys not even utilizing this,um then we have vitamin e we have,obviously all these vitamins right then,we have natural flavors right,so the issue i have with natural flavors,is the mystery behind it,so you will if you look in and do some,research,um it doesnt necessarily come from food,it can literally come from,anything in nature you can check some of,my previous videos,for that where i talk about how vanilla,can come from a beavers,secretions this is the same thing we,actually have no idea,how natural flavoring is made so if,were not really sure like maybe why we,dont feel good,when were eating these supplements or,taking these supplements,they do not have to disclose how the,natural flavor is made,so thats why i tend to avoid that that,is like a bit thats high up on my no-no,list,of what to avoid in like literally any,supplement so let me go into natural,food coloring which i totally appreciate,right because we dont want to see,dyes in our jelly beans and gummies or,pretty much anything which ive seen,with other brands,which black currant carrot radish,pumpkin apple spirulina extract tomatoes,thats great theyre using,natural food colorings as opposed to,synthetic ones,all right cool so we just have more,vitamins obviously and then we get to,this part,we have sugar and glucose syrup,so youre taking a multivitamins this is,this is another part so,most people and most fitness people,because they eat so clean theyre like,i dont eat sugar i dont get whats,happening and then they forget to look,at their,supplements so if youre taking this,multivitamin youre taking,sugar and glucose here which are,literally just sugar,rice sweetener and you are eating sugar,in this form,in the form of a supplement so this is,kind of one way that we are being lied,to,with our fitness and health supplements,so this i did not expect so this also,has shellac,if you guys dont know what shellac is,its used,to so the non-food gray version is,literally used to,glaze wood so like why the heck is there,shellac,in a womans multivitamin is really what,i want to know um,in the food grade version is i just had,to make a food grade version is,literally,strictly used to glaze food so obviously,in the case of these,multi-vitamin jelly beans from womens,best,its used to glaze the jelly bean so it,is literally coating,this jelly bean to make it look shiny,and appealing essentially,if you guys dont know where shellac,comes this makes this,this is why theyre vegetarian and not,vegan that makes a lot of sense because,you might say like oh i dont see where,theres any,um meat products its the shellac and,the beeswax,okay so the shellac comes from the comes,from a bug,and ill look this up because i just did,a post on it i want to get it right,because there was a protein there was a,pre-workout powder,from beyond raw lit that also uses,shellac and i want,that was on my ig story if you guys seen,this one,that i posted the other day so according,to the shellac,export promotion council 25,of shellac consists of insect debris,making this not vegan,okay so there is that,kind of gross its literally from bugs,so yeah we have to think that although,it is natural,how is this really affecting our bodies,and especially because if you are vegan,you cant take this supplement thats,crazy,also because of the beeswax but there is,a lot of waxes in there and that just,makes me think like,how thats going to affect our body,ingesting,wax and then of course we have and then,we have an acid regulator which im,really concerned about,but im glad they use olive oil they,dont use any inflammatory oils but we,do have to think about like,there are better than this right all,right sorry if the cameras off forgot,to charge it and i have to charge it and,now were back,okay continued um,so yeah if youre looking for a good,multivitamin,this is not it personally in my,experience i think there are brands that,are just doing a better job,th

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