1. Woodinville Straight Bourbon (Port Cask) Whiskey Review
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  3. Woodinville Bourbon Whiskey
  4. Woodinville Triple Barrel Blended Whiskey Review
  5. Kentucky Deluxe Blended Whiskey + Woodinville Straight Rye and Straight Bourbon
  6. Woodinville Cask Strength Bourbon & 100% Rye [Applewood Stave Finish] Double Review
  7. Woodinville Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

Woodinville Straight Bourbon (Port Cask) Whiskey Review

welcome to the whisky vault Im Daniel,hi Im Rex a boxing day what the hell is,Boxing Day on actual Christmas Day the,servants were serving all of the people,for Christmas yeah and then the day,after Christmas they all got the day off,and got to have their own Christmas what,do you do for your servants,I let them watch Lord of the Rings all,three in a row starting at 10:00 a.m. so,your children yeah actually held the,annual Boxing Day gathering at my house,every year Ive never once been invited,but youve totally have never once,youve even come to it once and we had,Lord of the Rings playing non-stop in,the court in the house but its come and,go stay as I want or was they it was my,house nope fine haha alright so both of,these are a gift from Gordon I dont,know if its a Kagura kegui alright you,yell like Aggie okay Ill yell like Im,working on this one these are like very,well shrink-wrapped oh well lets start,actually without with this one lets,store the one you opened whoa just now,so this is Woodinville on fire theyre,making their own stuff by the way so the,color under I know very very dark,theyre making their own stuff,especially old red too when you hold it,up to the light this is evidently a five,year old bourbon that theyve been,transferred into tawny port casks for an,additional six months hold it at five,years look at that red thats where the,red thats an insane see the red yeah,yeah theres that port thats showing up,for real so Im kind of excited about,this one they made this theyre doing,all the stuff themselves you know they,consulted with one guess,Nancy Fraley no Dave pickerel oh okay so,this is oral and Sorenson and Brett,Carlisle you had the nose on this though,or you kidding me with the nose no its,beautiful yeah may this might okay so,heres the thing the floral nough sunny,man intensely,hi honey that is just inner woven with,this floral notes,beautiful really really yeah and then,theres like this sweetened tea leaves,and that nose,yeah the hint of that eucalyptus is,still there and then Im finding like a,really nice sweet cherry oh God,dude this is port Cass bourbon this is,okay I was not planning on doing this,but I need to see if I can find our,bottle of angels indeed well because,thats a port and thats just its a,slow-motion unfolding of these,voluptuous papers oily clingy mouthfeel,concentrated whats the proof on this,cant believe Im doing this but since,all my Daniel did you see the proof 90,this is only 45 I know it does not just,like it raisi dude these guys the level,of flavor that youre putting in a,pretty low proof,heres think these guys have obviously,sold their soul to the devil like,theres no question right Wow the devil,is gonna collect for it,this is insane you know what okay Im,gonna pour it because remember this is,Kentucky Bourbon angels NV port cast,finished right yes another occasion so I,just want to see sure if cuz Ive always,thought angels Envy was the prettiest to,bourbon Id ever tried until this moment,okay and heres the thing it still is,pretty and notice it has all the same,notes whats the proof one forty three,point three I see I find much more,richness and vibrancy yes so if you want,angels Envy turned up thirty percent,yeah with the same direction of flavors,mostly yeah most theres a little more,eucalyptus in this one than there is in,the Angels Indy at forty five of this is,just that it doesnt ever get aggressive,or hard right but it does get loud,voluminous but worth it this is a,voluminous whiskey this is Woodinville,Washington the state of Washington no,you know whats funny is in Oregon and,Washington there are quite a few des,stories that I think are doing Gods,work up there mm-hmm like I think for if,I had to pick an area of the US right,that continuously makes some of my,favorite,its Oregon Washington its the,Northwest Pacific Northwest,Westland oh alright um who is it who,makes it emerald that I that Irish,whiskey thats not from Ireland Oregon,right like over and over the North,Pacific Northwest is kicking ass yeah I,think they could they have enough like,real impressive whiskeys coming out of,the the Pacific Northwest yes the,Pacific Northwest I think has enough,quality coming out of there and unique,Pacific Northwest,I think it has arrived I think it should,be a whiskey region that is considered,independently as its own thing too I,totally agree and not by state but by,the area that specific Northwest yeah,basically the whiskey you would have got,to consume if you had completed the,Oregon Trail ever if you hadnt have,done died of smallpox then you would,have been able to have this the oiliness,though right on that nose especially,okay but theres a second whiskey here,oh Im telling you right now this poor,bastard has no shot just looking at the,color the nose coming off of this the,flavor oh and I dont want to so going,back to this one more time I dont want,a completely gloss over the fact of how,much wood,bitterness is on that finish yeah its,just a layer that sits underneath,everything the whole time and then it,thats the thing that just stays but,its more subtle than I ever thought of,what finished was capable of being but,its definitely there you do know its,definitely that tannic buzz but it,doesnt it doesnt obliterate the finish,no it does its its nicely balanced,against these beautiful oily rich,luminous flavors alright they called,this a double barrel blended whiskey and,I think thats just because theyre,being so hardcore about the legal,terminology so but from what Ive read,what it is is they took a bourbon their,bourbon right and then after they took,it out of new oak and put it into used,oak and let it age a little longer okay,and then they bottled it we should have,started with this its more classic well,its so much more friendly and sweet,mm-hmm and easy Im on the nose though,but Im getting gleamings Oh like an,Irish whiskey sweet savory note,a little bit of a Canadian whiskey in,there yeah Im almost getting like that,vanilla normal vanilla crack,whats that they know what desert chart,at the top creme brulee and creme brulee,now this is why its possibly not fair,because we just just came off the heels,and has died staff report finished I,would want to come back I want to want,to circle back some day and see what,this is just straight out like its not,coming off the heels of that oh thats,so vanilla that is so vanilla especially,compared to the dark fruit ooh oh man,and then its almost Im like getting,like what is this wood note sound like a,Hickory theres some type of a special,unique interesting wood know thats not,just the stereotypical oak its like,this char is in this wood so much so,that its the kind of things its the,smell of walking through the Ozarks that,for taste yeah that musty right damp but,deep wood note its the Ozarks and then,you also have this vanilla sweetness to,soft caramel thats kind of akin to,Irish kind of Canadian but you have this,wood character in there that keeps it,interesting,damn Im really liking this ladies guys,yeah Wow,I mean this is gonna turn into a fan,video well this is like and I do want to,circle back to this fresh because I,never wouldnt do I never looked at this,and so you know youve got all these,bottles you look at the labels mm-hm and,you think oh you know who knows I looked,at these and when we originally got him,I was like oh Washington whiskey alright,well see you know what this is doing,this this has mass-market flavors that,are just so down the middle to home play,is like yeah Ive been there and done,that scores of times with mass-market,big brands but but there is that,heaviness with the wood char that the,other ones that lack you know the other,ones like thats it it gives a,presentation of those flavors that are,you know perfectly enjoyable and nice,and friendly but theyre just so common,that its kind of hard to get excited,about it this has those flavors but its,presented with this base of you know,what it mines the yard,Ozark wal

Woodinville Whiskey Co. Straight Bourbon and 100% Rye Whiskey

Washington state is making great whiskey,case-in-point Woodinville whiskey,company grown mash distilled aged and,bottled in Woodinville Washington lets,find out how this Washington State,distillery is becoming a standout in a,crowded arena of craft distilleries,across the country right now on the mash,and rum,[Music],[Music],wandering via Washington has a great,pedigree of creating sought-after,spirits sitting just a few miles north,of Seattle this small suburb is home to,more than a hundred winery tasting rooms,six breweries and five other,distilleries and is now home to its,largest craft distillery Woodinville,whiskey company window whiskey opened,its doors in 2010 with the help of,industry legend the late great date,picker old who has his thumbprint on,countless craft distilleries across the,country now working with founders Orland,Sorenson and Brett Carlile the dream was,to make the greatest craft whiskey in,the world by bringing the time-honored,traditions of bourbon production into a,craft environment using highest-quality,local grown grains the best barrels and,Coopers in the world and the most,technologically advanced distilling,equipment the goal was to eventually,have a pure Washington State bourbon,which had been aged in full-size barrels,to this end they waited around five,years to bring to market their first,straight bourbon whiskey as I mentioned,this is a hundred percent Washington,state made so to qualify for craft,distillery license Washington distillers,need to source at least 50% of their,grain from in-state growers now for,Woodinville that means they needed to,find a good source of local grain so the,corn rye and barley are grown,exclusively for them on the hablen,family farm in Quincy Washington,so the whiskey itself is distilled in,Woodinville Washington pot still style,proofed down to 55% ABV using Cascade,Mountain water now all the barrels are,seasoned for 18 months in the open-air,wind rain and snow prior to being,coopered and once filled with their new,distillate in Woodinville they are,shipped to their aging warehouses back,over the mountains to Quincy Washington,where more extreme weather conditions,produce a more flavorful whiskey the,temperature swings over there can be a,hundred degrees in a single day explains,distiller Mike Stein which means the,whiskey ages faster than it would in,temperate Western Washington what if the,whiskey company has been evolving,rapidly and in the beginning they were,known for its small barrel aging which,is a strategy that a lot of craft,distilleries use to get their distillate,aged up a little bit faster but over the,years theyve always had the goal to,move the production in two full-size,casts and thats what theyre doing now,and in 2012 wouldnt the whiskey outgrew,their previous facility and moved into a,bigger facility to keep up production,and create a more immersive experience,for their,Woodinville is now the largest,distillery in Washington State by a huge,margin and they are continuing to create,award-winning whiskeys and upcoming,experimental whiskeys with different,mash bills and finishes as well so today,were going to be exploring their 90,proof straight bourbon whiskey and their,90 proof 100% rye whiskey,so first the Bourbon there small-batch,bourbon is bottled at 90 proof and uses,a traditional Nashville of corn rye and,malted barley as I mentioned the greens,are mash distilled and barreled on-site,in Woodinville the barrels were then,slowly toasted and heavily charred,before aging for five years in Quincy,Washington now this sports a distinctive,bottle style and retails for about 55,bucks alright before we get started I,want to give a big shout out to Joseph,Rizzo and Christine deems a couple of my,viewers that helped me get these they,live out west and I was really excited,to try these and do a review with you,guys so lets get into the nails first,and so first thing I get on the nose is,like this cherry maple syrup type note,Im getting theres a bit of chocolate,in there now one attribute I get from,any whiskey I usually try thats from,out west is this this root beer note to,it and I think theres some terroir,involved in there basically where the,greens are grown it has this distinctive,type flavor profile so its really,unique and I absolutely love it yeah it,smells very creamy on the nose its,really a good mix of traditional bourbon,sense that you would get from a Kentucky,Bourbon you get your caramels your,vanillas but kind of underlying all that,theres that theres that Washington,State influence thats in there you know,root beer chocolate creamy vanilla,definitely get a little bit of cherry in,there too I could also explain it like,like almost like a fresh-cut wood type,scent to it that you get if youve ever,have ever been to a lumber yard and you,smell like a fresh cut of wood and that,Senate gives off you get that a little,bit in the glass too,its kind of really nice balance nose,like I said you get that really nice,balance of creme brulee vanilla caramel,but then its kind of mixed in with that,Washington or that western type whiskey,style with that rupee or note,a bit of honey just a really good nose,alright lets go for a taste and see how,it goes Wow very very fruity on the nose,I really like the fruit aspect on here,man its almost its like that cherry,its not so much cherry anymore its,kind of evolving to maybe more of a,strawberry honey type aspect to it,definitely get a little bit of that,fresh-cut wood flavor on there but not,in a bad way,mmm lets try up another sip yeah maple,syrup youre getting some oak influence,in there – has a nice oaky presence,right on the back end but theres a lot,of sweet it goes through one thing I,will say on the palate its very creamy,really good mouthfeel to it I think that,has to do with the pot still Ive talked,about pot stills before how using a pot,still can give the whisky a little bit,more of a creamier flavor profiles,definitely holding true in this whisky,lets go for another sip getting a,little bit more of that chocolate note,in there cinnamon getting some baking,spices in here a little bit too for a,five-year-old bourbon its bringing a,lot of flavor a lot of texture to it,its good I dont think its its overly,complex remember its only 5 years old,but I think for a five-year-old whiskey,what youre getting for a five year old,Behrman it is bringing a lot of flavors,that you normally wouldnt get from,something this young from a craft,distillery I really love the the flavors,its bringing which is why I think so,many people are impressed with it lets,go for one last sip of the bourbon,Cheers all right so front of the palate,this is honey strawberry a little bit of,maple syrup as it works its way back it,starts getting fruity Ill get a little,more that strawberry note and then the,chocolate root beer that peppery and,that oak finish kind of finish,everything off which is really nice just,a very well-balanced Pervin like I said,its its a really good balance of,familiar flavors and also something new,all right so lets try the Rye next now,the 100% rye whiskey is also bottle at,my knee proofing you guessed it 100% rye,growing exclusively on almond family,farm this uses the same barrel style as,the Bourbon the rise in mas but is a,they also aged for about five years in,Quincy Washington as well,this also retails for about 55 bucks,alright so lets go for the ride here on,the nose,Wow completely different nose this is,this is actually very fruity on the nose,but also some mint this is a darker,fruit Im getting blackberry and mint on,the nose really strong Im getting a,little bit of that fresh-cut wood note,on here too a little bit of that fresh,cut lumber but this one to me is,surprising its its more cream soda,type flavor whereas the Bourbon Im,getting root beer but this one Im,getting cream soda yeah it almost smells,like its gonna be effervescent almost,like it has like this cream soda quality,to it its really really cool in the,nose v

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Woodinville Bourbon Whiskey

welcome back to ADHD whiskey my name is,Matt and tonight,were reviewing a bottle that was gifted,to me by a super generous man a very,beautiful man,a very beautiful Southern gentleman man,who goes by the name of Bernie friggin,Deena,Bernie Dee thank you for Woodinville,whiskey,this is Woodinville straight bourbon,whiskey pot distilled 90 proof real,craft whiskey bigger dreams smaller,badges bigger dreams for real batches,[ __ ] this is homemade in Washington,State my wife thought that Washington DC,was in Washington State,thats not right but what is in,Washington state is Woodinville bourbon,whiskey wouldnt fit whiskey its got a,sweet sweet feeling on the side right,there Woodinville whiskey bourbon called,Woodinville whiskey company established,2010 its got a nice quark its got a,nice non non tainted cork pretty,beautiful made in Washington on the side,here that means America were gonna find,out after we popped the court on this,rectangled [ __ ],if Woodinville straight bourbon whiskey,is,good or not lets do it America,Bernie D thanks so much for this,Woodinville whiskey the hammer lets,dive into the label as we dive into the,nose the nose is citrusy citrusy orange,e mandarin oranges a little bit of lemon,like a lemon cake a lemon cake thats a,new one for me a lemony citrus cake a,VHD whiskey challenge coin topping the,glass while I read about this whiskey in,depth what a challenge coin details are,in the description below,handmade them Washington State this,truly small batch bourbon starts with,traditionally grown corn rye and malted,barley all of our staple grains are,cultivated exclusively for us on the,omron family farm in Quincy Washington,er shout out to that farm,in um one the almond family us some hot,the greens are mashed distilled and,barrels in our Woodinville distillery,then trucked back over the Cascade,Mountains sounds like a lot of work to,our bear private barrel houses where,central Washingtons extreme temperature,cycles promote the extraction lots of,big gigantic buzzwords here extreme,extraction trucked over lots of birds,but theyre working trapped back over,the Cascade Mountains to our private,warehouses where central Washingtons,extreme temperature cycles promote the,extraction of natural flavors from the,coke prior to being coopered which means,barrels the barrel would is way down,yeah the bare wood is seasoned in the,open air,rain wind the Sun and snow those are,like you know whether things for 18,months softening the woods harsh tannins,the barrels are then slowly toasted and,heavily charred to further enrich the,woods desirable flavors whoever wrote,this is a very good writer of stuff,because its making it sound so good and,like they just did so much to make it so,good oh and then okay heres heres a,magic trick adjective adverb adjective,herb,this meticulous process yields a truly,handcrafted spirit with aromas of creme,brulee and spice cabinet as well as,notes of rich caramel dark chocolate and,vanilla beyond a palette was a sweets,lingering finish well I shouldnt have,read that because those are the tastiest,le notes and I said citrusy and they,said creme brulee and spice cabinet to,each their own but I say and theyre,wrong Im right stuff this rectangle,bottle up your ass because Im right and,I didnt mean that,actually I did mean that but in the,nicest way to still bottle an aged by,Woodinville WA ski company Woodinville,Washington government morning according,to the Surgeon General women should not,drink alcoholic beverages and when,during the pregnancy smaller batches,bigger dreams theres a little monogram,I will call it thats probably never a,word but its an outline of the state of,Washington because they mean business,and their business resides in Washington,[Music],creme brulee spice cabinet just kidding,[Music],citrus fruits meat tobacco actually,like a chewing tobacco but like like,sour like a sour chewing tobacco which I,dont know if that exists the best I,smell theres some apples on there as,well a lemony bread with tobacco in it a,lemony tobacco bread,totally something easy to make in the,kitchen tomorrow because its quarantine,time and nobody gives a [ __ ] notice how,good Im swirling us its because the,more I drink the better I swirl this is,my third video of the night which means,Im swirling like a professional swirl,or with swirl in the world swirlies game,seven down the hatch,Cheers bingo,[Music],ha,ha,thats good the way I describe this is,there is a punch of flavor left jab left,jab left yeah and then its gone like,you like what just hit me,analyzing gone already Im fully,recovered immediately I liked it,although it hurts because it was a left,jab huh cinnamon roll like a cinnamon,roll punch to the face and then gone,they kept on like a pack an up a can set,him in roll look candy Conde pretty,drunk did you do this tonight probably,should have stopped after two videos but,I said what the hell lets make it three,and the third video get the third video,you get is drunken Matt reviewing wooden,bill whiskey because I had it on most of,things to review and when I get a little,bit Lambert I decide to review whiskies,that are on my list and that makes sense,because I connected the dots pretty much,correctly and its what Im doing so the,Woodinville whiskey is pleasing its,good its sweet its spicy Im getting,some barrel char on there and getting,maybe a little bit of oak which is weird,because I believe its pretty young,whiskey Wow,I would say that fer whatever the heck,theyre doing at Washington the rain the,snows on the cold the moon the Stars the,clouds the El Nino whatever the mother,theyre doing in Washingtons working,because this is pretty freakin good I,like it,consensus is that Woodinville,Woodinville bourbon whiskey is actually,really good,not every craft distillery is putting,out great products at all some of them,are printing out some total bad stuff,some [ __ ] we like to call it in the,industry and by the industry I mean in,my basement but other places are putting,out really good quality stuff so go buy,Woodinville if you see it supports some,small distilleries and this time of need,and just buy this its really good,my name is Matt so they engaged us feel,like I always say keep your head in the,clouds but your mind,Im not seeming to be as drunk as you,might be when you do a review of what in,the whiskey like comment subscribe let,me know whats your favorite craft,distillery,whats your favorites whats your,favorite craft bourbon out there right,now what do you think what do you got,what do you like I mean,the show or Ill kill you with a knife,a gigantic one made out of stone and,whale skin and dolphin feathers,[Music],you,[Music]

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Woodinville Triple Barrel Blended Whiskey Review

[Music],okay,welcome to the whiskey balls oh no,daniel said i took it,so i started the show yeah i let it see,you cant get this open no i left my,knife again on the table on my on my,desk,when i was opening boxes with zach i got,a sliver,wait oh this is now see thats why i,said,wait you got to go on the top here watch,out,ive got teeth now,we did it how many middle-aged grunt,aspen is no we didnt take to open the,woodenville bottle evidently more than,there we go thats the stuff,oh we need glasses too yeah man what are,you doing daniel hi just behind im,falling apart here ill help im still,recovering from the masters ball its,mooshfest oh man,what did you cut yourself yeah it really,does take more than two well look this,shut with a like a serious,uh,whatever what do you call it okay recoil,woodenville weve had woodenville yeah,its your time so im,i am not a functioning human being yet,im just not,im not its gonna take lets give them,this review lets make it lively and fun,yeah,oh,art,i feel like are you blood splattering,blood i am like its still going its,getting worse now,so wait lets just make this the,weirdest opening ever i stare off,awkwardly in the distance while you,bleed onto paper yeah,well thats a that would get me arrested,for murder for sure,thats very clear thumbprint,so,if i killed somebody,just take this with you just rip it and,do it rip out this one little piece of,paper and drop it on the floor,oh on the nose like for some reason you,left a perfect thumb print on a piece of,paper next to the body,okay this is a gift the dumbest calling,yeah whatever this is the gift of rob,and kimber shields,magnificent bastard robert rob and kevin,gives it blasters,[Music],this is,woodenville smells very good triple,barrel pot distilled whiskey so,technically this is a bourbon,but,they start in heavily toasted lightly,charred american oak,then theyre moved to used bourbon,and then theyre moved to isla scotch,barrels oh interesting but its a,bourbon mash bill well,okay but its not a bourbon,because of all the different things,theyre doing yeah,its not new oak yeah but damn it smells,good washington bourbon shouldnt have,the new oak requirement,just saying yeah this is up by um,this is seattle this is a beautiful nose,i love this uh really is magnificent and,i think that i mean i dont know what,isla distillery that is but it is it got,some smoke to that nose yeah it i dont,know if i would be able if i was blind,be able to pin it as pete,but theres definitely i wouldnt and it,is ashy theres an ashiness that is its,almost like the barrel chart got so,heavy that it got an ashy note to it but,the uh but the other flavors the sweet,flavors those are rich its because the,pot still,theres a rich quality too its like a,toasted like a you put sugar on,a,walnut and then you caramelize that,walnut so you crisped up the sugar on,there and you got this like,the dark molasses a little little,sprinkle of brown sugar,in there that i cant gosh i hope this,lives up to the nose,wow wow,there is a uh there is a strawberry just,flat out specifically a strawberry note,in there,thats what was catching me off it was,like a strawberry nutella strawberry so,every once in a while cut up,strawberries,and ill just open the nutella jar and,just like dip strawberries and nutella,yeah,and um okay thats what im getting so i,can get nutella im trying to get the,strawberries its a berry and its its,far back thats why i was sort of living,in there but its back behind all of the,big dominant notes all right i got it,going,ooh thats,whoa whoa,theres a,there is an asparagus asparagus note in,the dead middle surrounded by all these,sweet molasses strawberry cream and then,this ashy smoky finish,but i think the vegetal note in the cuts,its got vegetable you have vegetables i,didnt get vegetables theres a vegetal,nut in the cuts that is being absorbed,into the char finish,and so that the char finish is charred,and smoky but also green,what yeah,theres a green the color green,surrounded by char,and the finish of this im gonna tell,you my my version,because most of that stuff i didnt get,doubled down on the,molasses,and tea burnt marshmallow,wood burning kit like you had as a kid,thats the smokiness the smell of like,the wood in the wood burning kit and,then,yeah that caramelized,walnut,mm-hmm the wax finally ending with,im back at the campfire,and theres like a vanilla element i,could be back at the toast of walnut,again the yeah,thats complex wow thats super complex,i like it yeah dude apparently if you,pot still something pot to steal,something and then uh you put it in,three different barrels this is an,elaborate project yeah,and at any point it either was they were,trying to fix it and thats how they,ended up with so much complexity right,or they were really risky and it paid,off yeah yeah yeah like because weve,had things that weve re-barreled and,re-barred and re-barreled and when were,done its like this elaborate,work of art but the reason was because,it was bad at every step of that process,until we got to the end and then were,like,finally finally it came together just,had to put it on the short bus and take,the long way around it reminds me of the,reason why like like were going to be,doing that 43 year old whiskey yeah yeah,yeah right it reminds me of the reason,why barrels get to 43. yeah and its not,because,theyre that patient,this is,45.5,yeah and its a weird number and i like,that its a weird number because it,tells me,they really tried to dial in where this,lives,at its nicest,nicest quality it could also mean that,they were aiming for 45,but for 46.,and then they uh then they did the proof,down because 46 is like the chill filter,and then they did and then they just,went for accuracy,i dont know,i dont know im going to give them,credit for being weird do it you steal,their thunder yes because you hate this,whiskey and its mine well because im,slowly bleeding to death over here no,im just kidding it stopped a long time,ago,i win yeah oh 80 years,sachin king why is it,that exactly 46 percent you dont need,wow,talk about a timely problem,i didnt realize that was coming up yeah,why is it that at exactly 46 you dont,need to chill filter why is 46 percent,special i wrote up the answer for you,answer,did you write up the answer did you copy,face the answer i wrote it the answer oh,whiskeys under 46 this is original,content guys,whiskeys under 46 can get cloudy with,water or when cold with whiskeys above,46 abv the higher alcohol level prevents,cloudiness from occurring the cloudiness,is caused by the natural fatty acids,esters and proteins that are present,with fermentations as well as formed,during the distillation process and,during barrel aging,hey,this is from notes from when i was doing,my,research but re uh rewritten in my own,um,tim edmonds six minute episode question,mark thanks for phoning it in boys got,your back tim anytime on that note,heres the,you know what though what obviously,dans fault,oh yeah because we shot for like we,never shoot for less than 30 minutes per,episode the hell do you so when you get,a six-minute episode right dan is,trimmed off 24 minutes out of spite yeah,specifically for tim yep as a matter of,fact i think all we did was say nice,things about tim so if i remember,correctly everybody else knows that if,you had a,severely short episode the originator of,the entire blame its tim well,and its because dan hates tim and,didnt want him to get any credit so,its tim being tim you know tim you know,like can you blame dan but dan such a,tim move he participated,and then we all lose because tim and,then dan,heres to fighting stealing a drink if,you fight me a fight for a friend you,steal amazed you at your level and if,you drink,may you drink with us,you

Kentucky Deluxe Blended Whiskey + Woodinville Straight Rye and Straight Bourbon

[Music],welcome to the which can fall Im Rex,Im Daniel and theres were shooting,way ahead of time because these are the,days that Im on a motorcycle ride okay,or no no this is the is I just got back,were preparing for being out of the,country were trying to get ahead yeah,were gonna be in Ireland mm-hmm for a,while okay,so heres the thing were doing an,unbelievably budget whiskey called,Kentucky deluxe blended whiskey with,roofies Caleb black gave us a full-size,like liter 75 on one of these yeah hes,the patron saint,[Music],but also in the magnificent bastard Dale,Mosier gave us the Gerald mojo you,magnificent bastard and hes the one who,wrote a note hey a donation day extra,budget whiskey enjoy okay probably not,me here you go he also gave us another,one I think it was Kentucky tavern he,was hooking us up with but wait but its,still to be reviewed Darryl a question,about any whiskey in the history of the,world yes I want to know in the comments,because I cannot think of a single,whiskey that has the word deluxe in the,name that is in fact deluxe yeah me,either,have you had a whiskey called deluxe,anything anything to like I was Charlie,no like that wasnt a budget thing was,actually except this is a heaven hell,budget release if I remember correctly,and its its its blended whiskey which,in theory this is 20 percent straight,bourbon and the rest neutral grain,spirit Im not offended by the nose so,its eighty percent could be 80 percent,vodka,Im not put off by the nose theres,nothing it almost smells like a slightly,[Music],slightly musty like a Mike whiskey like,Im not like whiskey we tried yeah that,was like a 13 year old light was like,whiskey yeah it smells like that but,this little bit of a woody musty note so,its like a multi musty woody no with a,little bit of honey in there and vanilla,but the alcohol ding its very sharp yes,it is its very much like sniffing nail,polish maneuver whatever Im not gonna,do that extremely you know to this I,must say the alcohol note is the ding is,for real but the notes that accompany in,this ding theyre decent notes its when,youre on the notes when someone in the,car with you gets out nail polish,remover and you can sort of tell like uh,who did that you know what you should do,but its not right in your face you,usually drive right yeah this is what,you do you have control of all the,windows yeah you roll down the window,you grab it you throw it out their,window and they just lock eyes with them,so the taste has this really lemony like,alcoholic lemony kind of note,light and sweet one-dimensional yeah,its pretty boring yeah more there is,more interesting things happening on the,nose this is get rid of that because I,want to try to a couple of things that,should or have the potential to actually,be interesting okay Gordon okay Dee,Gordon Takagi you magnificent shirt so,this is Woodinville this is in,Washington just north of Seattle,okay and as we all know Seattle is,serious appearance the more that I I get,away from this Kentucky two looks the,more I dont like it yeah yeah the taste,on that its like wow that win all kinds,of when you first taste it youre like,no maybe I guess I could and then a,little bit after that yeah yeah um no,Ive had sickly sweet like so sweets,just all you got a you know pucker up,and you know Im dealing that hes,sealed I dont know I didnt know it was,ever possible to have a sickly thin,whiskey mm-hmm so thin I just uh its,like its like youve had a dog yeah hey,you want to go the part boy you a good,mark were gonna go for a walk yeah he,hops in the car you take me the bit yeah,like son of a– you need some help here,you know the already open out your porch,isnt right Im gonna work on the next,one okay this is Woodinville which is a,Washington spirit,oh right man theyre using a hundred,percent rye on this release pot,distilled yes I believe it then knows on,this the molasses on this and the cherry,and brewed and Darlas almost the big,notes cinnamon Wow,like the baking spice my last is dark,fruits like dude theres a theres a a,walnut in here mm-hmm,you know a walnut is a pretty light,flavor yep right but that flavor amped,up on the nose Im getting that and then,you theres still enough of like a high,high high sweet note thats not that you,know heavy molasses right its mixed in,with the alcohol now whats,smelled like its a fairly high per,visit in the low 50s – high 40s acts 45,45 well yeah much more much more packed,with the flavors on the nose than I,would expect from a 45 percent alcohol,this is a beautiful nose I wish that rye,I wish I enjoyed the taste of rice as,much as I enjoy the smell of right and,then you finally on the taste you,finally land in this tanning barrel,bitter finish but its not overbearing,oh man this might convert me Oh Kurt you,need a sample of this syllable finish,first finish is this barrel tan anything,and when the now its running into,cherries yes Im saying and then it,ramps bad guys you saw it you think its,finished with you I was like nope now,Im gonna give you a little chair just,for cherries yeah wow thats amazing,things are great with me okay,he left us a note and it says tribe on,it instead of Rex and Daniel hey guys,Im a working-class jerk in a warehouse,please stop reviewing the whiskeys that,only the trust-fund babies can afford,well it wasnt today was not that day,okay this is why I sent you craft,whiskey from the nerdy Northwest Im,sending these for the people much like,myself I find scotch to be once in a,blue moon beverage can I interest you in,some Kentucky deluxe yeah and now thanks,to you guys I found hedonism from,compass box and my credit card is my,credit card thanks you by the way please,enjoy these at your leisure and try and,find a heart and time for domestic,whiskey please,mm-hmm hey we do a lot of domestic,whiskey were just going through what,the people sends were going through,what you really are going through were,getting through it fast and furious not,fast but sometimes furious,what is man I just keep coming back to,it what is this high end note thats,mixed in with the alcohol here because,the alcohol is presenting more like a,45% you dont I just want an experiment,yes I had a picture of one time in high,school I got given a really fancy gift,at Easter okay and it was a wicker,basket filled with actual Hey okay right,and then filled with all of these,desserts and treats and candy but it,wasnt packaged candy it was like,chocolate yeah where you could smell the,chocolate okay and fudge and,butterscotch is where you could smell so,you picked up this basket smelled like,wicker fresh hay,and candies Im picking up what youre,throwing down yeah I like yeah Easter,its an Easter I get that Easter treat,right and then with like what were,saying earlier that heavy Malad you got,that dense walnut and then yall its,just a beautiful man I think Im bettin,they proved this to the perfect proof,because I think it would have been,probably too tan and he had a Harpers,yeah and yes or it might have been too,sharp but its not sharp its just yeah,son of a [ __ ] Woodinville all right,were gonna all so are you ready for,this we also get to try their bourbon oh,okay hes just bolt so before the thing,there we got LaPlante Sookie Ive been,around since single Daniel midday as,LaPlante ski was one of the first people,to comment on the YouTube channel and I,post this comment mainly because hey man,I recognize a name how are you back and,we had like six commenters yeah you were,one of them yeah its amazing how is it,just now that Ive realized neither one,of you to wear a watch yeah so you know,when I was in high school I that was,remember the band yeah everybody were in,the band it was this velcroed watch band,yeah and I wore it so long I had a,completely white tan line and dirt line,rock climbing and going outdoors with,squash yeah I quit were gonna watch,when I started drumming for a living,because I would always take it off when,I was playing drums right and event

Woodinville Cask Strength Bourbon & 100% Rye [Applewood Stave Finish] Double Review

[Music],another woodenville mm-hmm more,woodenville he has all the woodenville,welcome to the woodenville vault,yeah,wait a minute what what oh good good,good good good its good for a second i,thought this was not what i intended to,bring down but it is okay okay more,woodenvilles yeah scott pischer uh scott,paischer yes scott marshall,you paid transcentoff whiskey,[Music],now i did these because this this is,their rye,okay and their bird then we just did the,yeah,but how does it compare finished with,toasted applewood staves okay,so off the backs of that cask rye what,they did with this is they took their,ride they aged it here you do that one,ill do this one they aged it a you know,the amount of time that they always age,things right you have a knife now well,ive always had this multi-tool which is,absolutely,almost worthless for everything other,than except for this yes,thats weird,i think i just snapped the end off of my,blade on plastic,really yeah,kind of a weak-ass blade you guys i,dont know,ive probably been sloppy with it many,more times before now it was already,weakened,okay a lot of stabbing yeah a lot of,stabby stab,lets start with the rye because we just,have a fresh memory of that one yeah,and then ill get us glasses for the,bourbon,so,applewood,so what they did was they took it they,aged it and then they took applewood,staves charred them and dropped them,into the barrel to finish it into the,existing barrel so applewood is that,i dont know is that uh,just wood from an apple tree probably oh,you dont know either i dont know i,mean yes yes i would look at just apple,tree but we dont know which apple tree,theres a lot of theres different apple,yeah,and then how cool is that thats not oak,is it no,so well its not they didnt put it in,an applewood barrel right they just put,sticks,of applewood so,and then im very quickly going off on a,tangent but how much can you just cram,that barrel full of,sticks from different kinds of wood and,itll still be fine because the barrel,itself is oak,but i dont understand what so whiskey,needs to be in an oak grill yeah yeah,this is no longer a bourbon its,finished with you changed the category,by putting those applewood staves in,there okay,so its rye finished with and bourbon,finished with got it yeah,i cant bend there is a it is less so,than the wooden bill we did yesterday,but there is like this slight rubber,note on this one right here did you pour,yourself the same one uh this one this,one yeah yeah now it theres also a red,candy note,oh my gosh of some sort kind of like uh,artificial cherry flavored yeah,i wonder if thats the apple wood,oh its that other one but a little,simpler and sweeter yeah its simpler,and its got a,little bit thicker denser more,concentrated of a body they didnt have,any of these weird interesting,no its a hundred proof so they didnt,prove it to the floor but it drinks,really soft for 100 proof yeah soft and,you know what,it feels like ill get better at tasting,here in a second first approach though,it felt like a very generic whiskey,flavor,until yeah its almost like its it took,the complexity of the,a woodenville ride that weve had before,yeah and softened off all of the,complexities into a really,more simplified sweet predictable,direction,like the flavors congealed into this,thats very bizarre,it took it more down the path of a,generic rye,thats slightly sweet,yeah theres just,theres a few different flavors but its,all i want to put the qualifier of,slightly in front of each of these,flavors,its slightly,funny its slightly,i was gonna say grassy but it could be,citrusy,[Music],now im getting all that same mint and,im getting that same sort of like,grassy grainy cinnamon and baking,uh bread like a bready note yeah but im,also getting that hard red candy of some,sort,and,a sort of softened,it is interesting how a lot of whiskies,will have,so a a center of the flavor that just,lives right in here its kind of like,this dense kernel,and a lot and some other whiskeys,a lot of this is kind of category,dependent but a lot of whiskeys will,just have that dense kernel but then,also have all these other weird things,happening right like uh you know like,rings and satellite moons on a planet,and things thatll like swell up for a,moment and then fade off and then you,know itll unfold into a different,flavor and therell be like a thread of,something that shows up for a moment,halfway through yeah but the other times,its just,right there this is one of these thunk,whiskeys yeah just solid theres nothing,bad about it right but it is simple yeah,all right lets switch to the bourbon,this is a bourbon cask strength released,only at the distillery okay uh applewood,stave one barrel okay specifically,barrel two three four five oh huh one of,the odds so in this a b you put your,nose in there,a little bit of peanut yeah peanut dust,like the skin,and with all the sweetness its almost,like a peanut brittle,it really is,but a peanut butter thats more peanut,than brittle you know what i mean its,more actual peanuts than candy flavor,like a payday i dont know i think,thats the one i think its peanuts,thats all the peanuts i dont remember,actually,or its good years mr goodyear thats,peanuts,the peanut ones were always my least,favorite no i liked them because uh,theyre crunchy,yeah but you can get crunchy with like i,like the almond ones thats my go-to,almond juice no anything no almond dried,coconut and i dont like that,almonds anything with chocolate and,almonds im a fan of that or chocolate,and hazelnuts,but you like green spot a lot,and you always say i like the flavor of,coconut but theres a texture,and the almond joy has that gritty,grainy coconut texture so i really love,coconut uh snow cones,its like my favorite,flavor,so,uh theres a sponsorship that were,considering,for our other channel and they sent the,stuff and um,im gonna try it out today for the first,time,uh with brianna,because im looking at the sponsorship i,wont say what it is because maybe we,dont like it we dont do it,uh,and im looking at this its like,no were not going to bring daniel in on,this no theres no way hes like why,just ask him no texture texture he he,may absolutely adore the flavor but the,texture is going to throw them well off,yeah and then brianna was walking in the,room she saw the boxes shes like,oh my gosh so shes in yeah,well try if she thinks its good too i,know youre a crowd well do it yeah,yeah but,you want to get on daniels,uh,you know its easier to get on your bad,side,i was going to say if youre going to,get on a good side i dont know hes a,complicated and exotic creature you want,to get his bad side its very easy just,introduced a weird texture to him yeah,and or smell,hes just put off for the rest of the,day,so the flavor on this is not what i,expected from a bourbon,this is the most dramatic alteration of,a classic bourbon flavor from those,applewood steaks i will say,it does have that bourbon cherry note it,does it does have that same candy but,taste it and its that hard candy is,dominating,anything else that would have been like,a classic bourbon for me,it it does dominate,it is a very cherry hard candy i mean,its definitely not a ride definitely,more of bourbon but yeah its a very,cherry hard candy forward flavor,and then,you know what,across these,these two wooden bills and the one that,we did yesterday,i think theres one thing that i wish,was slightly different this is me,nitpicking because i dont think theres,a bad whiskey in the bunch,but the ethanol,texture the effect of it that dinginess,the elbow throwing of that ethanol layer,right seems to be just a little bit past,the flavor the flavor yeah yeah theres,just its its leading alcohol forward,yeah and like i feel instead of carrying,all these other things with it right and,i wonder if theyre thats not to say,that the flavors cant keep up the,flavors are right there almost theyre,just behind what the alcohol is thrown,at you and you feel tha

Woodinville Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

so why was Woodinville whiskey company,just awarded the 2020 San Francisco,Spirit Award competitions best straight,bourbon whiskey lets find out right now,hey everybody welcome back to the my,Bourbon journey whisky review channel my,name is Scott if youre new to this,channel and youre looking for reviews,of different whiskies such as Bourbons,Rhys american-style whiskies go ahead,and hit that subscribe button also make,sure youre hitting the bell,notification that will simply alert you,to when Im doing new uploads or live,streams so Woodinville whisky company,just won the 2020 san francisco world,spirits award competition double gold,for the best street bourbon whiskey so,congratulations first of all to them so,today what I want to do is get into this,and really kind of dive into why this,was awarded you know such a prestigious,award I mean its basically one of the,top whisky competitions in all of the,world so lets dive into it a little bit,today so again Woodinville whisky,company out of Woodinville Washington a,little bit of information regarding,their process so what they do with their,barrels is or there lets just back up a,little bit there would portion is aged,outside for upwards of 18 months so they,expose all of the wood to all of the the,elements let all of that kind of do its,magic which will help to ultimately,reduce some of the tannic or tannins,within the wood that can give it some,harshness so what they then do is take,that would send it off to Cooper they,lightly toast those and then well apply,a heavy char to the barrel so thats,just kind of starting out before the the,spirit is even put into the into the,barrel so again Woodinville bourbon,straight bourbon whiskey,this is pot still distilled bourbon,whiskey so comes in at 90 proof 45,percent ABV nonage stated mash bill was,undisclosed but its a conventional mash,bill of corn,rye in malted barley and MSRP on this is,right around that $40 range may creep up,to depending on where it is now there is,some some more distribution now which is,really nice for the brand itself really,getting that out there but anyways the,MSRP on this is right around again that,$40 price point so what well do today,is Im going to go through the,appearance well nose it taste it then,get into really anything else having to,do with the with the whiskey itself so,alright lets get into this here so as,you can see color wise its a really,nice deep dark or rich copper type of,color and again thats probably coming,from you know again that that heavy char,thats on there Im guessing at least,probably a char number four on those you,know with that kind of color thats,there so you know a couple other things,before we kind of get into the nosing is,you dont move these whiskies around in,the glass help introduce a little bit of,air to them let them open up a little,bit that will generally speaking kind of,help to improve the overall nosing and,tasting of the Bourbon itself so and,then secondly is to kind of see how oily,it is and this is really really nice and,oily again with it being pot distilled,you generally will get a lot of those,oils that are really remaining there so,this is really really showing some nice,oils on the glass I dont know if its,picking it up very well on the camera,but its clinging very very well to them,to the glass so all right more,importantly lets get into the review,and well get into nosing here mmm so,right away this nice rich like dark deep,like like dark fruit type of nose some,nice sweet corn thats there and just,going back to the dark fruit its very,like a cherry type of note and not like,a like a fake cherry like a nice rich,dark dark cherry on that,nice creamy caramel slight nutty,characteristic to it even a little bit,of like a herbal note I know some people,have have indicated like a like a root,beer note but it is its kind of that,that herbal type of note to it a little,bit of black pepper there and its,theres a really nice like vanilla note,but its like a like a creamy vanilla,like almost like a creamy like a vanilla,cream soda something along those lines,nice medium oak thats theyre not heavy,oak by any means it is a char number,four or a heavy char but its not over,oak by any means in a little bit of,chocolate thats there as well more of,like a like a bakers chocolate not,super super sweet or anything like that,more of that I dont want to say a,bitter chocolate but its not an over,sweet chocolate you have really nice,really nice nose on it so far so all,right more importantly lets uh lets,see how this one tastes Cheers,before we get into this Ill take,another sip this is my first really sip,of the day so I want to get that palate,a little more acclimated before I kind,of get into you know trying to describe,what it is that Im tasting so right,away great creamy mouthfeel thats first,and foremost coats the palate really,really well which is very important kind,of helps to allow some of those flavors,to really develop hit different parts of,the your cheeks side of the tongue the,palate all of that so it starts to coat,it really well get some nice flavors and,stuff in there but really really nice,like a rye spice right off the bat nice,oak presence to it this like buttery or,very creamy caramel note to it a really,nice almost like a like a Werthers type,of caramel very rich and creamy again a,little bit of that sweet corn starts to,come out a little bit in it,again some of that that little bit of a,black pepper type of note slight dryness,to it even a little bit of like a maple,nut type of note to it I got some of the,nuttiness before but then that maple,kind of kicked in so you get some of,that like maple nut type of profile on,this one very creamy sweet oaky very,well-balanced so far that chocolate kind,of pops back up and again its not an,overly sweet chocolate its more of that,baker that baking chocolate so youve,got a little bit more of the like like a,cacao type of note to it so theres more,its more kind of in-your-face chocolate,than it is sweet I dont want to say,bitter because its not bitter like in,an off-putting way but there is this,just nice like bakers chocolate note to,it,yeah Ive just well-rounded really well,put together creamy which is I keep,coming back to that but coats the mouth,really really well,those rich Carnales that baking,chocolate that oak that nice spice,thats there thats really really well,put together I mean I can see why people,have really been raving about the the,Woodinville its very exciting to see,you know some other distilleries you,know outside of Kentucky that are really,putting out some fantastic Bourbons you,know with this obviously being one of,them so even a little bit of a leather,note there I got on it so dries out a,little bit not not a whole lot so if,youre concerned about like the the,heavier oak which will have a tendency,to sometimes dry out your pal a little,bit this is not that theres a little,bit of dryness there but theres that,lingering caramel sweetness thats there,that nice kind of creamy vanilla soda,type of note nice oak nice spice just a,really really overall well put together,you know bourbon again itll be really,exciting to continue to follow them see,what they put out I believe not long ago,they released their own bottle and bond,so we know a minimum of 100 proof four,years old so theyre really starting to,do some some really fun and interesting,things and I believe they even have a,port finished bourbon that theyve,introduced not that long ago as well so,again itll be interesting to continue,to follow them along so give them a try,I mean as far as a buy recommendation or,just my overall recommendation I would,say definitely give this a try if this,is popping up in your area and you can,get it for around $40 I would say hands,down its worth all of $40 so its a,really really nice well put together,bourbon whiskey so going back to that,again finish wise as Ive kind of,continue to talk its all of a medium,you know you end u

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